and he gets treated the worst

Dating J-Hope(Hoseok) Would be like

im gonna die okay jhope has been my bts bias for a long ass time end my lIFE

  • so this sweetie pumpkin pie delightful sunshine baby
  • dating him is a pleasure and a gift and u better be treating him right otherwise u are one of The Worst people 
  • do you like sunshine and constantly laughing and being full of joy?
  • if so, then that’s what you’ll get by dating Resident Sunshine Jung Hoseok!
  • he’ll make u laugh every second of the day bc it’s his favorite sound
  • he would be so proud of you and everything you do like
  • having such a beautiful and loving relationship that makes everyone around you 2 simultaneously jealous and happy for you its v conflicting 
  • he tries to teach you bts dances or just how to dance in general and at first you just goof off bc you l o v e hearing that beautiful laugh of his it’s like the sun is shining my crops are growing my grades are good my skin is clear and world peace has been achieved
  • anyways he’s teaching u how to dance
  • and while u goof off a little bit you really are trying your best to learn the dance bc it makes your man so proud of you and nothing feels better then making Hobi proud of you 
  • and when he plays the music after the 30th time of doing it you think ur gonna die but then u absolutely s l a y it and as the last note fades out you fall on the floor like how does your bf do this for a living while also singing like holy sh i t 
  • but Hobi is screaming and jumping up and down and he runs over and picks you up off the floor and spins you around in a hug and gives you kisses all over your face 
  • and he puts you down and you’re both sweaty and disgusting
  • and your hair is stuck to your forehead and you’re still trying to breathe and ur 99% sure you smell like armpit rn but to Hobi you’re the most beautiful amazing person in the world bc not everyone can dance BTS’s dances bc they’re hard as shit and you haven’t had any idol training and even tho it took a while you learned it and you did it and you didn’t give up and he couldn’t be more proud of you and he feels like his heart is gonna burst out of his chest
  • and suddenly you’re pressed against the practice room mirror and you’re kissing him as if he’s your only source of air and your hands are in his hair 
  • and his hands are going up your shirt and he’s pressing hot open-mouthed kisses against your neck and i can’t breathe 
  • when the two of you have finished you’re laying on the floor just holding each other basking in your accomplishment and the fact that you’ve just banged in the practice room for the 8th time without getting caught 
  • and suddenly he just sits up and looks at you with the most serious expression ever
  • and you’re really startled bc tbh you were almost asleep but now he’s holding both your cheeks in his hands and looking at you like you’re going to disappear and he’s just drinking in your appearance as if you’re water and he’s been in the desert for the past 6 years
  • he just grabs your left hand and kisses the palm of it and
  • being totally completely dead serious he asks you if you would ever consider marrying him one day
  • and you look at him as if he’s dumb bc of course you’ll marry him
  • as if there was every any question of not marrying him 
  • sometimes he gets insecure that he’s actually annoying you and you’ll leave him for someone else like his old gf did and you have to remind him that there has never been anyone but him in your eyes and there will never be anyone but him in your heart
  • his name for you in his phone is “Moon of my life”
  • and he changes his contact name in ur phone to “my sun and stars”
  • bc he’s a nerd but u love this nerd so u dont bother to change it bc its also v true
  •  you’ll stay at the studio and watch him dance as long as he needs to be there like you could be there until 3 AM and ur sleeping on the couch there and he tells u to go home and get some proper rest and u refuse bc u don’t sleep well unless u sleep w him
  • we all know this boy is a double threat 
  • u know the type, the ones who can rap and dance
  • those r the dangerous ones bc not only can they kiss HELLA GOOD 
  • but damn those dancer hips snapping into you at the speed of light
  • sex w Hobi is so hella fun like u thought Taehyung was fun boy howdy this guy is w i l d
  • less kinky then tae but still hella up for most anything once
  • his main goal is still to see you laugh and smile and have fun even during such an intimate and loving act
  • most of the time it starts out with him tickling you and it leading to hot makeouts where his mouth moves onto that one extra sensitive spot on your neck and his hands are still gently tickling your sides but in a different way then before 
  • not like ur much better tho w the way he fucks u into the bed face first
  • he had such nice ands and such pretty lips and he knows ur weak for both and he takes every opportunity to use that against u bc he is one hell of a tease
  • literally tho no place is safe no space is sacred to him he’ll bang u anywhere like sometimes ur watching a movie and u end up watching it upside down as he pushes into you while ur half off the sofa
  • or over the kitchen table
  • or on the counter
  • or the shower
  • or the floor
  • in the practice room
  • literally he’s so versatile and loves adventure and the way he makes love is just like that
  • sometimes while ur trying to screw on the sofa or on the side of the bed someting goes wrong and u end up in a tangled heap of limbs and u both make eye contact and try to register what happened before you just start laughing s o hard!!!!
  • hobi gets v v emotional when he can’t be w you bc he’s a very physical person like his love language is definitely touch 
  • he’s s u c h a cuddle he just wants to be touching you in any way anywhere
  • he always wants you to sit on his lap no matter where you are
  • he loves spooning and it doesn’t matter if he’s the big spoon or the little spoon as long as he’s holding/being held in some way
  • he likes to wrap his arm around your shoulder or waist when ur in public but he also think’s its hella cute to link pinkie fingers
  • so many inside jokes
  • Hobi tries to be happy n positive 24/7 and it takes him a while of being with you to realize that he really can come to you no matter how he feels and you’ll still love him it doesn’t matter if he’s not feeling to sunshiny today if there’s a cloud over the sunshine it’s okay, it just means the next time theres sun you appreciate it more
  • and you slowly teach him it’s okay to be sad bc it makes being happy so much better
  • always being there for him in the rare moments he does break down and just holding him and rocking back and forth until he cries himself out and feels better bc sometimes all u gotta do is cry it out and everything is better
  • he is a l w a y s ready to talk about kids
  • he can’t wait
  • like literally if u thought taehyung was jumping the gun Hobi has already bought a 2 bedroom apartment and is secretly decorating a nursery 
  • and he brings you over to see it and he gets really shy and nervous on the ride over bc he doesn’t know how you’ll react bc he knows he’s thinking waaayyy to far ahead but he can’t help himself he loves you so much and he just wants to show you that he may be goofy and he may have a hard time being serious sometimes and he might not be the strictest father in the world but he just wants to have a chance to have a life with you 
  • bc to Hobi having a family is the ultimate goal 
  • like BTS is his family and his actual family is beautiful but having something that is entirely his own is beautiful to him
  • he just falls asleep and dreams of a little girl with your eyes and his dance skills and your smile and a little baby boy with his sunshine and his smile
  • and he just wakes up and watches you sleep for a little while and he just k n o w s
  • no matter where he goes or how far away or for how long he leaves you or if he lives far away or close by or right next door
  • hobi always knows that his forever home is with you and that will never change
  • and that two bedroom apartment is waiting to be filled with happy memories of you two, and any extras you might have along the way.

fUIkINg destroy me i cried writing this fuck hormones okay jus t end me

~Admin Hedgehog who is emotionally drained from this 

There are parts of me that won’t ever get over him, no matter how badly he treats me now. That’s the worst part, not being able to give up a bad habit that you know is slowly killing you inside.
  • Draco: A confirmed racist who has actually wished death on Hermione twice, fully supports a hate group that targets her kind and takes every chance he can to call her a racial slur.
  • Ron: A confirmed muggleborn supporter who throughout the series gets over his prejudices towards house elves and werewolves, over came his WORST fear just for a chance to save Hermione,looked a Death Eater who was a known torturer in the face and asked to be tortured in Hermionie's place and can admittedly be insensitive, but always tries to make it right.
  • Fandom: Death to Ron, Yay to Draco! Draco is such a better choice for Hermione.He would treat her right. Ron doesn't appreciate Hermione, Draco does! They would be perfect together forever and ever.Dramione for LIFE !!!!!!!!
  • Me: !?!?!?
Jason and Roy's friendship

- You know those two friends who no one can see without the other one around, yeah thats them.
- If Oliver or Bruce hasn’t heard from either of them in awhile they call each other up. Like yeah Roy is fine he blew up some items but he is all good.
- Lian calls Jason uncle. If something ever happened to Roy, theres no one else he’d trust to raise her like he would.
- They like to play who’s life is worse or had the worst mentor.
- Black Canary treats both of them like sons, which means they are both getting the lectures when doing stupid crap.
- Roy has gotten himself banned from Wayne manor, but he and Jason are a package deal so he can still come over.
- Lots of late night shenanigans. Its a miracle no one has called the cops on them.
- Jason being there to help Roy with his addiction even going as far as to keep booze out of the apartment. Roy helping Jason when the nightmares get bad.
- They know that no matter what the other will never judge them.
- Being old farts and retelling stories of all the crap they did together


Greg’s friend loves Dippy. He was having a tough day so we did a photo shoot. Dippy is the worst with costumes because even though she tolerates them she looks like she wants to die. She gets a serious face looking at the treat. Ed and Jiggles know to smile because they get treats.

tony’s wanda-induced nightmare being watching His Friends die and watching him make the team smoothies and seeing his interactions with the team before the end of CACW breaks my heart bc like!!! it’s so one-sided!! oh my god!! they’re living in his home and he’s been considering them his friends for years and then the second things get tough, every single time, it’s everybody vs tony and i just. oh my god. my son deserves better than this and i am so sad!! i’m so sad!!! when will marvel let me rest when will i know peace!!!!

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Would you be alright with writing general Oikawa relationship headcanons?

Buckle up, buttercup ;)

-Admin Asahi

– Oikawa is the BEST and the WORST boyfriend!
– Reason for being the best: he will spoil you rotten. You are his precious and beautiful favorite person, and as such he will treat you like royalty. 
– Reason for being the worst: one word… fangirls. Oikawa loves the spotlight, so while he may be less flirty with his fangirls, he will not completely abandon them for your sake, so be prepared to share sometimes and establish yourself as the alpha.
– Oikawa gets very jealous very quickly.
– His favorite date is anything that forces his s/o out of their comfort zone, because it means he’s getting their genuine reactions.
– Honesty and vulnerability is important to him. He wants his s/o to share their thoughts and troubles with him.
– On the flip side, he’s uncomfortable sharing his own true feelings, so it’s up to you to help him break out of that shell. 
– The quickest way to his heart is through praise. Show up to all his games and cheer the loudest and he’ll love you forever. 
– It’s also important to him that you’re friends with his team.
– Expect a lot of dates to be dictated by volleyball conversations or interrupted by official volleyball-business. Oikawa’s number one priority will always be the game.
– He is considerate of your feelings though, and he tries his best to set aside time dedicated just to you.
– You have to believe in aliens. You have to accept the aliens. There is no getting around this. 
– Sometimes it feels like Oikawa has three partners: you, Iwaizumi, and his fangirls. Just remember that you are his true boo.

I have to get this off my chest after watching that episode. 

I get that the Mary we were seeing was in John’s head. I get that. But what kind of weird arse writing is it that when she finds out that her husband of a very short amount of time who she has a small child with was very seriously on the road to cheating on her and would have liked to, she just smiles fondly and wishes him well???

I am sorry but at best this is realistic writing with John being an arse and trying to save himself from guilt (which really ruins my view of John because I used to like him a lot and I think he’s the sort of man who would realise he’s majorly fucked up), and at worst it’s just a case of failing entirely to get into Mary’s head from the actual show writers, because lord above what sort of a reaction WAS THAT? 

Why was that revelation treated like something totally normal, like some human mistake, like John’s just on a path to being a better man and that’s okay? Good people make mistakes all the time, true, but the presentation of that situation made it all seem so normal and that made me so uncomfortable. 

I’m not gonna get all deep about Sherlock because I’m not super into it anymore, but I do care about the characters and that was just weird for me. 

Blind AU extras
  • Ritsu fusses
    • “need anything else nii-san? If you want to use the bathroom I can help you walk to-” “I’m fine, Ritsu
  • the first week or two mob isn’t coping well with having to accept he’s gonna be this way forever and gets anxiety attacks from not feeling in control
    • his powers make everything around him worst with floating/ flinging random objects
      • its just a lot of shaking and crying for mob till he realizes what he’s doing 
  • mob gets a little more snappy/ willing to pull away from people treating him like he’s someone with a problem instead of a person
  • he yelled at ritsu when he tried grabbing his arm to help turn mob’s direction since it shocked mob mostly
    • when he grabbed mob without warning he was already kinda spaced out, he didn’t even notice anyone was near and it threw him off
    • it reminded him of feeling what little control he had during his anxiety attacks when someone was moving him and he couldn’t identify who 
  • ritsu just feels awful after that
    • that all was very unlike his brother and felt like the source of that snap/ built up of stress was because of him which he’s purposely been extra careful to avoid since they were kids
      • “I was too much he thinks his little brother is babying him i’m horrible”
  • Mob feels bad too 
    • they have a talk and both apologize
    • mob offers advice to help keep this from happening again and says “if you think i need help just ask and ill hold on to you”
      • this is so he’s just more aware and less likely to have a stress induced freak out 
      • ritsu agrees to stick with that from now on
  • mob has kept his room lights off for like a week until someone points it out bc he forgot all about them
  • he picks up braille and has his textbooks in them
    • he still uses speech softwares and likes those more at times
      • his phone now has one on
    • hc when mob stays at spirits and such for a while he’d bring homework and sometimes ask reigen for help 
      • now he has to read it out to reigen if he wants help which reigen finds a hassle for both of them
  • reigen tries learning braille too now on the side
    • he isn’t as fast a reader as mob but its the effort that counts
Being an Idol~Chanyeol Fluff

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*GIF is not mine credits to the owners*

Prompt:  ~i wondering if i can request a exo scenario where chanyeol see how she get hit and beeing bothered my her idol group but shes every strong and smile anyways so he falling in love with her (and she also do) and they have Typical idols relationship problems but really ended up loving each other sooo much~

Word Count:1.5k

Most people would think that being in an idol group is a great thing because everyone forms great relationships with each other. For you though, being in an idol group was the worst thing that happened to you. 

 You envied other idol groups because they were close to each other and they treated each other like family. Your group did anything but treat each other like family. At first you thought it was because you were the youngest in the group that they treated you a little more harshly than the others. 

As the years went on though you realized it was because they just didn’t like you. You had no idea why they didn’t like you, you were always respectful and nice towards them. 

 Today your group had a comeback stage to perform. Other groups were also scheduled to perform their comeback stages. Sistar, Got7 and Exo were the other groups. You were excited to see the members of Exo again. You always admired Exo. Your group was up next to perform your song. 

You waited backstage, and took a deep breath to try and calm your nerves. As your group’s name got called onto the stage your nerves got worse. You always got extremely nervous before a show. Your group performed the song without any mistakes. You and the members all bowed to the staff before heading off stage. You sighed in relief as you got off stage. 

Your relief was soon washed away as the leader of your group came up to you. She walked up to you and stood right in front of you. You looked up at her not backing down. “Yes?” You asked her. She glared at you, and pushed you with her finger. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your little mistake on stage.” She snarled. 

You looked at her with confusion. “What do you mean mistake? I did everything the same as everyone else. I didn’t make a mistake.” You told her as you looked her in the eye. After years of being tormented by the members of your group, you were getting fed up with it. 

 Your leader glared harder at you. “Don’t try and talk back to me. I lead this group, and what I say goes. So if I say you made a mistake, you made a mistake.” She told you with a cold tone. 

 You rolled your eyes. “I’m sick and tired of everyone bashing on me for no reason.” You breathed out. All the members of your groups eyes widened. They weren’t used to you sticking up for yourself.

 All of a sudden you felt a stinging sensation on your cheek. Your eyes widened. She hit you. “How dare you talk back to me.” She snarled. You were about to speak up when someone came over.

 "That’s no way a leader should treat her members. You’re one of the worst leaders I’ve ever come across.“ A male voice said. You looked over at the voice, and your eyes widened. It was Chanyeol from Exo. 

 Your leaders eyes also widened in surprise. “O-Oh Chanyeol oppa, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be around.” She said in an innocent tone, causing you to roll your eyes. 

 Chanyeol scoffed. “I’ve been watching you fight with y/n for the past ten minutes. I saw everything, so don’t try and act innocent.” He said. Your leader looked down at the ground in embarrassment. You smiled slightly. No one had really stuck up for you before, so it was kind of nice. 

You looked over at Chanyeol and smiled at him in gratitude. Chanyeol smiled back at you. You gently touched your cheek and winced in pain. It was definitely going to swell up, maybe even bruise. It was going to hurt a lot tomorrow. ‘Was being in an idol group really worth all of this?’ You thought to yourself. ‘Yes I’m living my dream, but I’m also being tormented on a daily basis, by people who I’m suppose to care about.' 

 As you were lost in thought, you didn’t notice that the rest of your group had left back to their waiting room leaving you alone with Chanyeol. You were brought out of your thoughts by someone touching your shoulder. You looked over and saw that it was Chanyeol who was looking at you with worry. 

“Are you okay?” He asked you. You smiled and nodded. “Yes, thank you for helping me back there.” You told him softly. Chanyeol smiled as he scratched the back of his neck. “Have they always treated you like that?” He asked in curiosity.

 You looked down and nodded. “Yeah, ever since we debuted, I’ve been tormented by them. They never even gave me a reason why they pick on me. They just do.” You bit your lip. “Personally I think it’s because I’m the youngest, and they don’t expect me to stick up for myself, but I’ve had enough of it. It gets to a point where you just don’t care about the consequences, you just want it to stop.” You said as you looked up at the ceiling trying not to cry. 

Talking about all of the years you were tormented get you easily upset, but you were tired of being everyone’s punching bag. As Chanyeol was listening to you, he frowned. “I don’t understand why they do that to you. My members always treat each other with kindness and respect. Honestly this is the first time I’ve ever saw anything like this, but the way you handled it was very courageous.” He told you as he smiled at you once again. 

 You blushed at his words. “Thank you.” You whispered softly. Chanyeol chuckled. “I was wondering if you would like to go on a date?” You quickly looked up when you heard his question. “You want to go on a date wit me?” You asked him in bewilderment. 

 He smiled and nodded. “Yes you miss y/n, who courageously stood up to her band mates. I would like to go on a date with you.” He chuckled. You blushed and nodded quickly. “Sure I’d love to go on a date with you!” You giggled out. Chanyeol’s smile widened. 

He took a step closer to you and gently cupped your sore cheek. “I still can’t believe she hit you.” He mumbled out as he stared into your eyes. You blushed once again. “It doesn’t hurt as much anymore.” You whispered out. Chanyeol bit his lip. “Are you sure?” He asked. You nodded and smiled. “I’m okay now.” You told him as you stared into his eyes. 

Chanyeol smiled back at you and pulled you into his arms. At first you were shocked, but you slowly relaxed into his arms. Snuggling your head into the crook of his neck. “Thank you again Chanyeol oppa.” You mumbled into his neck. 

Chanyeol tightened his arms around you. “I’ll always look out for you.” He replied back. After a couple minutes you both pulled away. “Exo is up next, so I should get going.” He told you. You nodded. “Good luck!” You cheered. Chanyeol laughed. “Thank you. I’m looking forward to our date!” He said as he began walking towards the stage. 

 As you watched him leave, the smile didn’t leave your face. “Me too.” You whispered out. 

 It’s been a couple months since the incident backstage, and it’s been a great couple of months for you. 

You finally had enough of the way your band mates were treating you, so you left. It was all over the news. Many people were wondering why you left, but you didn’t say anything. You may not like your band mates, but you loved the company you were in, and you didn’t want to tarnish their name. 

Soon after you left you debuted as a solo singer. Many people liked your debut song, so you were excited about living your dream again. Ever since that incident backstage, you and Chanyeol have been dating. The public doesn’t know about it yet, but both of your companies do and they’re both okay with it. So things are looking good for you. 

Speaking of Chanyeol, you have another date with him this afternoon. As you finished getting ready you heard a knock on your door. You smiled and rushed to open the door. Your smile widened as you saw Chanyeol at your door. 

You rushed up to him and hugged him tightly. Chanyeol chuckled. “I take it you missed me?” He said. You giggled and nodded into his neck. “I missed you a lot.” You sighed out. Chanyeol pulled you back and smiled leaning down towards you. You blushed as you stared into his eyes. You always got lost in his eyes, you could stare at them for hours if you could. “I missed you too babe.” He told you as he leaned down and kissed your lips. You smiled into the kiss. 

 Right now, your life was amazing. Hopefully things would only look up from here.Being in an idol group may have not been the greatest thing in the world but you were still grateful for being in one. Because if you weren’t in an idol group your life wouldn’t be the way it is now. 

So in a way you were grateful for being in an idol group.

*Hopefully you like this, and I did it justice! Thank you for requesting it!*

All those things about Keith being too impulsive, some savage animal who is so mean, heartless, would fight anyone; Voltron season 2 is a huge fuck you. 

  • He was so calm, gentle even; he helped an unknown galra in that weird alien worm.
  • Gently tried to convince that maybe not all galras are bad to Allura.
  • After the mission, he compliments and reassures Hunk because he said he always gets worst tasks.
  • Save the innocent or figure out who you are? Easy, save the innocent. No hesitation. Even though he may not get another chance to figure out who he really is.
  • Doesn’t hold any grudge or gets angry at Allura for misjudging him and is understanding.
  • Just met Thace. “No way! I am not leaving you here!” “It was an honor meeting you…

idk i just. out of all the women in naruto i think karin gets treated the worst. her entire backstory is like trauma porn for the viewer. 

nothing about it is ever directly addresed or rectified. we don’t get to see her heal. we don’t get to see her overcome years and years of being used like a fucking toy. she barely even gets to have a voice of her own. everything we see about her is all revolving around sasuke and whatever he’s doing at any given time. it’s honestly disgusting. 

you can’t just give a character such an awful and traumatic backstory and just fucking leave it at that. that’s not ok. 

i’ve got to say out of ALL the things that anger me about naruto, the way karin gets treated probably angers me the most. 

kitty headcanon
  • so i have this kitty ( kit and ty ) headcanon
  • obvi it takes place when they’re like 16/17 cause 15 is a too early for this 
  • ty’s training and he has his earbuds in 
  • and kit sorta just?? startles him?? 
  • ty spins around and has his blade to kits throat
  • and kits all like ???? it that any way to treat your boyfriend young man???
  • and ty takes his earbuds out and smiles at him 
  • kit just picks him up and spins him around and kisses him 
  • tys all giggly and kit takes advantage of him not paying attention kinda???
  • he just pushes him up against a wall and ty just??? shrieks??? 
  • he’s so surprised and he’s just all blushy and giggly
  • julian bless his soul picks that time to walk in 
  • jules bb u have the worst timing
  • i mean seriously he probably walks in on them a lot after this
  • ok getting off topic
  • he’s sorta just all oh my god must protect my brother 
  • so he just grabs kit and basically throws him to the ground 
  • and he’s just yelling and he doesn’t realize that he’s upsetting ty 
  • until ty my child, yells at him to shut up and he’s like??????
  • ty what??? what he was doing to you was bad and???? 
  • and tys just mad and upset 
  • “im not a child,” ty informed him, his voice cold. “i know what he was doing and i liked it. you’re not allowed to yell at livvy’s boyfriend so why do you yell at mine?” julian opened his mouth, but ty only glared at him. “you’re not allowed to yell at people i love.” at this, kit’s lips parted in surprise, and he got to his feet, making his way to ty. ty looked up at him and gave him a shy smile. kit grinned and pulled ty into his arms, kissing the top of his head. the tops of julian’s cheeks had gone a bright red, and he wasn’t meeting kit’s eyes.“ 
  • kits sorta in shock
  • ty is too like wow did he really just say that 
  • julian literally stays away from kit for the next week and it’s so funny ok

So here’s why I love Science Bros and Science Boyfriends and really Tony/Bruce in any capacity in the MCU.

It’s not just that Tony is the only person since Betty to treat Bruce like he’s a person, like there’s nothing wrong with him. 

It’s also that Bruce is also the only person to treat Tony like there’s nothing wrong with him. Pepper and Rhodey love Tony, but they’ve always had to manage him. Steve is hesitant to embrace Tony’s irreverence and recklessness. Natasha met Tony at his worst. Even Thor thinks there’s ”nothing that can’t be explained, except for this one.“

But Bruce? Bruce embraces Tony’s eccentricity and flaws wholeheartedly from the start. When Tony pokes him, he doesn’t get exasperated–he smiles. He trusts Tony after Ultron when no one else does. It’s a perfect complement to Tony’s fondness and trust in Bruce, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.  

anonymous asked: andreil and the cats? 

im sorry i dont know how add tags to asks when you post them (does this make sense pls someone help me)

  • it is my religion that neil and andrew fight over the cats a lot
  • not in the “i want to hold him” “fuck off, i’m holding him right now” kinda fight im talking the “neil, cats are only meant to eat two times a day (is this right I DONT KNOW i dont have cats), he’s not like your fatass. stop giving him treats. neil i said stop-”
  • neil never stops giving the cats treats. the cats are fat. neil is the worst. omg he also sneaks them people food bc he feels bad bc.. he might’ve.. tried some of the catfood once.. and it was shit (only him and sir know)
  • andrew has never been rough with the cats physically but it isn’t past him to snap at them to “get the fuck out of my way” or “get the fuck off of that” or even “stop fucking purring it’s annoying”
  • “andrew, stop, theyre just cats they don’t know any better, just leave him alone.” or “don’t be mean to him, he just wants you to pet him”
  • cue andrew looking into the camera like its the office bc he’s in love with a emotionally and physically damaged man child who comes to the defense of their obese cats (who are doing things that him and neil both agreed they weren’t supposed to do like be on the counter or go in their closet)
  • here i go i got carried away again smh

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I love Tim. I really do. But I'm getting of all this character shilling over him and constant mention of his death (when nobodies doing anything about it). N!Tim's character hasn't been well recieved by anyone because they did very little to establish his importance (tell not show I guess is the motto). It's the worst in TT where they call him the best Robin ever (w/o examples) and everyone's big bro or uncle (I thought that was Dick? Uncle to who exactly?). He's being treated better dead. =/

Honestly he’s being treated not that well dead either. All we get is “he was a good Robin” or “I miss Tim” which is so fucking flat and has zero emotion behind it. I have more feeling when I curse myself for forgetting the grocery list in the car. Shock value death doesn’t work if you don’t add any value to it

I cannot wait to get a new fucking job. There’s a guy at my work I had an issue with for so long, but today it all just came to a head. my issue with this kid began when he was very vocal about his support for Trump, and his interviews. I just ignore him and continue to treat him with civility, considering I still had to see him every day at work. He had the worst attitude of anyone, never wanting to do any of his work, late almost every day (but we are severely understaffed so he hasn’t been fired) and just generally shitty attitude about everything. He constantly says the N-word, despite being white as the Pillsbury dough boy.

The other day, he was saying the N-word in the kitchen. We have cooks who are black, and other people who work with us were people of color. I brought it up to him that it wasn’t OK. The conversation escalated into politics, in which he started justifying Trump, just to find the Muslim ban, and talking about how many jobs Trump has already created and how he’s the best president we’ve ever had. I’ll admit, I did lose my temper with him after he began to raise his voice at me but I knew I would never even get my argument across to someone so ignorant. I clocked out, and took my break. I hosted at night, but continued to treat him with civility because I am a professional person. He is very lazy and absent-minded so I told him every time he got a table, and helped him with his tables since I normally serve.

I had yesterday off. This morning, he was in over an hour late as usual. he already had a terrible attitude. I began hearing from my coworkers that he is been talking about me in the argument we had, in belching everything I said and conveniently not including the fact that he was saying the N-word. After hearing this, I just stayed out of his way. But the issue arose when I was cut (done taking tables for the shift) and he sat a table in my section. Normally, this means that it’s somebody else’s table if you are already cut. I was having issues with another order, so I was in the back trying to get it straightened out. I went out, and the table is gone. They had probably been there for six or seven minutes tops. I went up to an asked him who’s table it was, since it was my table he should have opened it on my screen since that’s part of his job as a host. He told me it was my table and they had been there for half an hour. He continued to tell me I fucked up. I could ask anyone else they knew I fucked up. He went on saying other nasty things about me about how I clearly don’t know what I’m doing, even though I literally have to babysit him when he serves.

he refused to do his job, which simply entails cleaning off tables and opening peoples seats.
he wouldn’t tell me when he knew I had a table, even though I clearly did not know it was mine. He refused to clean off my tables and skipped me in the rotation so I had less than anyone else. So after I extended my civility and courtesy to him even after a heated argument, he decided to proceed to fuck me over.

but it gets worse! I went to my manager about the situation and explain to him why I was so upset in a calm fashion. But then, my manager asked me “well did he say the N-word with an A at the end or a hard R?” I told him it was an a but it shouldn’t matter either way. But, my manager proceeded to tell me that if it wasn’t an A, it wasn’t bad.

he still said he wouldn’t schedule me with him anymore. but I can’t wait to leave this fucking place. The place I work is so filled with drama and corrupt from the inside out, the company is fucking terrible untreated employees awfully, and I have to deal with this horrible ignorance. I don’t care if someone stupid and ignorant talks about me, because I don’t care about their opinion of me. But when it goes beyond the line of affecting my work and affecting the way I make my income, that’s fucked up.

this boy is my age but he is simply a child. This is his first job, he lives with his mom and pays no bills, and knows nothing about the real world enough to be informed. He is a disgustingly ignorant human being and I can’t stand seeing him every day along with the rest of the people I work with, who most of them are equally as ignorant and racist. Half the people I work with are obsessed with supporting Trump and see no problem in saying racist or problematic things.

having to laugh it off every day at the sake of losing my job is getting to be too much for me. I can’t stand working here. I need the income but I truly can’t do it anymore. I have another job interview tomorrow so please just pray that I get it because I cannot stand to be around these people anymore and I’m going to lose my job soon enough because I’m going to lay my hands on one of these ignorant motherfuckers one of these days.

I’m gonna come out and say it, Real Madrid must be the worst team in the world to play for. The way they are treating Keylor Navas is terrible. The man just had the greatest season ever for a goalkeeper in the champions league and has been a rock at the back of the defense. Every mistake he makes get magnified and he’s never had the support of management. I don’t understand how you have a world class keeper like Navas, and yet every chance you get you talk about how you want to find someone else.
Keylor Navas doesn’t deserve this.

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Hamilton for the ship meme!

THANK YOU, MY LOVE (tbh this is the one i was really hoping to get)


  • otp- ⭐️LAMS⭐️
  • favourite canon pairing- Hamliza.  Even though it completely contradicts my otp.  These two are so cute I was determined to make them my otp and then I learned some things about Hamilton and Laurens and it was downhill from there.
  • worst pairing ever- King George/anyone (you heard the song; he’d treat them like garbage).  Also I really hope no one ships Maria with her husband.
  • guilty pleasure pairing- Marliza
  • a pairing you want to see more- I think the pairings I like all have a healthy amount of material.  I don’t think I can say this about any other fandom, honestly.
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”- JAMILTON. I tried to like it but…I just can’t.  I’m not really that into any Jefferson ships frankly since tbh I only like him ironically.
  • favorite non-romantic pair- Hamilton and Angelica + Hamilsquad ot4