and he gets hit with clothes lmao

“You Cappin’, Shorty” - a short story

by Tanaé B

I would like to dedicate this story to my good friend Arnell, who is undoubtedly cackling after reading that title. Love you.

Let me set the scene. It’s 10:45pm on a Wednesday and I’m just getting off work, tired as fuck. As I’m heading to the elevators to go home, I turn my phone on and immediately see a notification from Snapchat. Imagine my surprise when I see it’s from an old boo I used to mess with in fucking HIGH SCHOOL. If yall read my post about the nigga that sucked my tiddys on the second floor while the rest of the school was in the gym watching the basketball game, this is that guy. The one who said my tiddys was Downey soft.

So I open the snap and he asking if he can pull up on me and using the thirsty emoji faces. I’m like hmmm….. I haven’t seen him in literally six years. We’ve spoken from time to time but it’s been a while. So it was shocking that he suddenly wanted to see me. But as ya’ll know, I’ve been like… in heat… ever since me and my boyfriend broke up two months ago. I’ve really just been waiting for the perfect person and opportunity to get some dick and I was starting to think THIS COULD BE IT lmao. I could tell it was probably one of those situations where he just seen me on snapchat looking good as fuck and started reminiscing, so he hit me up. But I didn’t care, it was just dick right?

Let me describe him though… he’s about 5′11-6′0. Medium brown to darkskinned. Athletic build. Long locs. Juicy lips. Big nose (yall know I love niggas with big noses). He a hood nigga, so he dress like the average hood nigga that love designer clothes. Anyway, he fine as hell. So I message him back asking what he tryna pull up for. He telling me he wanna talk to me and he gotta get some shit off his chest. Talking about “I miss you fr” and “Send address” lmaoo. He just kept begging me and rushing me, steady reminding me to let him know when I was home. It was funny as hell. 

So when I got home and had showered or whatever, I told him he could come. He kept asking if I missed him but I’m like I’ll decide that when I see him. I had to wait and see where his head was at and what he been doing with his life before I start flirting and shit. Cause if he pulled up looking dirty as hell or I found out he was a bum now or something, it wasn’t happening lmfao. But he gets there and when I get in the car, it is quite clear that he is drunk. Actually, he still had the drink in his hand. I’m like no wonder this nigga being so honest and all in his feelings lol.

But he was looking good as fuckkkk though. And he smelled amazing lol. But I’m playing hard-to-get and shit, just making conversation, acting like I didn’t know he wanted me. So we’re talking, catching up on everything over the past six years. I asked him how his mama and sister was doing, and we talked about his daddy passing last year and what he was doing with his life now. He sounded like he was doing good and trying to make moves towards a better lifestyle. I tell him what I been up to and all that good shit. He played some music for me that he did and it was actually good lol. So I’m like okay..okay…everything lining up so far lmao.

And THEN….he really got me when he started talking about my art. I ain’t even know he followed it because he never likes or comments on it, but he started referencing different details in specific pieces and just telling me how amazing and talented I am and all the things I could do with it and how he wishes me so much success and he went on and on and on about all this for a good 15-20 minutes. I’m just sitting there silently while he speaking all passionately about me and thinking to myself “Yep…I’m gonna ride his dick.”

After the art talk was over though, he started talking about what he REALLY had to tell me. He leaning in towards me looking me dead in my eyes , getting serious as fuck and telling me how much he miss me. I’m laughing it off telling him he crazy cause he was staring at me for a long ass time and it was making me nervous LOL. Then he started talking about my lips. (If you didn’t already know, my lips are kinda beautiful). And he asked me if he could taste them. I think by this point for sure, my thong was wet. And I had a tight dress on. I started rearranging myself in my seat so I wouldn’t leak onto his seats and shit lmaoo.

I’m still pretending I ain’t thinking about him until he asks me for a hug. So I lean over to give him a hug and he pulls me over to his side so I’m laying halfway on top of him and he just squeezing me and rubbing on my ass. But I was uncomfortable so I moved back to my seat. Then he asked if he could have another hug lmao. And this time he pulled me all the way into his lap and when I was there, he grabbed my chin and turned my face toward him hard as fuck and kissed me. That’s one of my turn-ons, when the guy just take control and puts me where he wants me. I lowkey love that shit.

So I’m sitting cross-legged on his lap and his arms wrapped around my waist all tight and he tonguing me down. I don’t be joking when I say a good kissing is all I need to get me where I need to be lmao and man….then when we stopped kissing and I felt his wet tongue flickering all over my neck…. yooooo. The way his tongue was feeling had me wondering what it would feel like in between my legs. Because believe it or not, I’ve had some bad experiences with that because niggas tongues just don’t be wet enough? Idk about yall, but that has happened a few times to me. But his tongue was so wet and warm and doing everything right…

Then he pulled one of my tiddys out and started licking and sucking on it. He had tints on his windows so I’m thinking to myself “we could fuck RIGHT NOW if we wanted to” lol. He said I had him thinking about shit he shouldn’t be thinking about. I’m like what? And he said me bouncing up and down on his dick. Which is exactly what I wanted to be doing But honestly, I didn’t like the fact that he was drunk. I didn’t wanna fuck him when I was sober and he was drunk. And legally, that’s rape, idc what yall say lol. And I wasn’t tryna be that person. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to yall probably, but It’s the principle of the whole thang. I just told him right now wasn’t the time or place. 

We started talking about the whole tiddy sucking thing in HS lmao. And how he was the first guy I ever sent nudes to and how I had wanted him to be the first guy I had sex with. And how we used to be on the back of the bus messing around when the basketball team had away games because he was on the team and I used to run the clock and keep the book for their games. He started talking shit about how when he got home, he wanted pics of my tiddys in his snapchat. Talking about “They mine. They always been mine baby. They on you, but they belong to me.” And if any other nigga said some shit like that to me, I would’ve been like “BOAAA GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE” lmaoooo. But he was highkey just turning me on yall :(

He started rubbing on me and laying back in his seat saying he was tryna calm down lmfao. But he kept going back to licking on my neck and feeling for my zipper. I said “you ruining the mood” in my warning voice lol and he stopped. He started acting thirsty again, repeatedly telling me to let him know when I’m free so he can come get me. I’m like sooo you gone drive out here from Lansing to get me and take me back to your place, then drive me back out here? and he said yeah. And I believed him because I used to fuck with this guy who lived in Crestwood and did the same shit multiple times a week lol. My friend swore he wasn’t gonna really do it cause niggas don’t do all that just for some pussy. I’m like they do for this pussy

So I give him my schedule or whatever and he leaves. Texts me when he gets home and ask to see the tiddys. So I sent him my top three fave tiddy nudes lol. And he losing my mind talking how perfect they are and how he needs them and how much he miss them. Saying I was about to make him stroke it lmao. Anyway, I fell asleep soon after that. But when I woke up the next morning, I was like hmmm let me look at his facebook. I was just trying to look at pictures of him LMAO. I hadn’t been friends with him on facebook or ig in a year or so. So I just wanted to check it out.

What the fuck do you think was the first thing I saw?


I’m thinking to myself “nahh nahh nahhhh…. I KNOW this ain’t his child…. I know it’s not…….”

I had a bad experience with babymama drama before and I said I would never again fuck with a nigga that got kids because that was the only SURE way to avoid it lmaobs. And I know how niggas like to claim to be single when they got a kid on the way but they really still fuck with the BM or even be in a whole relationship with her. And like I said…he a hood nigga. I ain’t want no hood bitches coming after my ass cause I fucked her babydaddy. I’m in denial and shit though like let me check his instagram, this could be his unborn niece or nephew for all I know smfh lmaoo.

So I get on IG and it’s multiple ultrasound posts with captions like “daddy’s little girl” “My kid ain’t gone ever want for nothing!” blah blah blah. I’m PISSEDDDDDDD LOL. Like everything was going so fucking perfectly. I was bout to get some dick and I just knewwwwwww it was gone be good. I JUST KNEW! When I asked him about it, this nigga said “I thought you knew”. The fuck?? That long ass talk we had where I asked you what’s been going on in ya life and brought up multiple family members and personal shit and you didn’t think not once to tell me that you had a baby on the way fool????

I decided right then that I wasn’t gone fuck with him. But I got to talking to my friends about it and they kept tryna convince me I was thinking too much and his BM wasn’t my problem and I was blocking my blessings and shit lmfao. And lowkey, I had been thinking lately that I be cockblocking myself sometimes cause I be too worried about the wrong things. Like when I was on that date a month ago and me and dude were in the car kissing, I was READY AS FUCK but I kept saying I needed to go in the house cause we couldn’t be out in the middle of the street like that. Instead of just saying “let’s go somewhere” lmfao. And I been regretting that shit ever since. So I thought it over and was like okay… he didn’t have no pics of his BM or any other woman up on his page so maybe he really not fucking with her anymore in that way.

Clearly in denial. I hit him up anyway and ask if they still together. This how the conversation went:

Me: are yall still together? -__-

Him: We cool :(

Me: yall were in a relationship?

Him: That’s my bm I won’t lie to you I got to cuz of my daughter (????). Yes.

Me: but yall dont fuck with each other in that way huh -__-

Him: *says nothing*

Me: That’s a yes.

Him: that’s a ……..

Me: if you can’t say no, it’s yes.

Him: *eyeroll* *sad face* stop it

Me: *getting pissed cause he beating around the bush* why did you even do all that yesterday if you know you in a relationship and bout to have a baby with someone lol like what was the purpose in even coming to see me


DO YOU KNOW???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS NIGGA SAID “you cappin shorty”. 

Yall…I lost it. I was looking like Lois Griffin after everybody ruined Christmas and then it wasn’t even no paper towels left. I was minding my own damn business not thinking bout yo ass, then you gone come over and seduce me just to tell me you still with ya babymama?? And then when I find out, you gone tell me I’m trippin???!!! Is this real life??? I told his ass bye. He sent some sad faces but fuck him lmao. I was so mad. Playing with my pussy’s heart like that. I couldn’t believe he was 25, still acting like he did at 18 when we was in high school. That shit is crazy. I hope he find out the baby ain’t his.

Just joking. 

But only sort of.


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Request for RFA + Saeran when MC goes out with them somewhere but gets harassed/ hit on by random guys,, nothing reALLY serious but still uncomfortable?? (this happened to me the other day and i was like ??? why me ?? treat women right ???) THANK YOUS <3 ^^

A/N: This happens to me aLL THE TIME GOD I HATE IT I’m sorry it happened to you nonnie!!! I almost gotten in a few fights over this 10/10 do not recommend, stay safe y'all  ~Admin 404


           - YANDERE YOOSUNG


           -No but honestly, he gets uncomfortable right alongside you!

           -Like?? This guy walked right up to you and started using pick up lines?

           -He completely ignored the fact that Yoosung was right there!

           -The only thing he could think to do was get you right out of there

           -He’ll grab your hand and drag you very far away from that guy

           -If he tries to keep you there though?

           -That’s when Yoosung gets s c a r y

           -His face will get dark, his voice will get quiet, and his stare can rival Saeran’s resting bitch face. You can bet that this guy will n e v e r hit on you again


           -You were waiting for him after the show when this guy came up to you

           -He kept trying to use pick up lines like, “Hey, can I get behind the scenes of your clothes?”

           - that was lame im sorry lmfao

           -This guy just wouldn’t let up???

           -When Zen walked up behind the guy, he heard all of the vulgar things he was suggesting


           -He’ll turn this guy around, and….

           -PUNCH IN THE FACE!!!!!

           - is this sounding familiar? good bc it is lmao, whAT ELSE WOULD HE DO?!?!?!?

           -Makes sure this guy knows that you’re off the market breaks his nose, never sees him again


           -Why is this guy hitting on you can he not see you’re obviously not interested in him?

           -Or, like, interested in men at all?

           -You’re literally holding hands with her, walking down the street when this guy just walked right up to the two of you

           -Not only did he hit on you, but he hit on her too?

           -Disgust clearly written on her face

           -She’s ready to just drag you away and ignore him

           -If he lays a hand on either of you though, juDO JAEHEE

           -She’ll check on you multiple times throughout the rest of the day to make sure you’re really okay

           -She didn’t like that he made you uncomfortable!!!



           -He should have brought you up to his office with him

           -He’s not sure why he didn’t, perhaps because he was in a rush to get out of there?

           -Just wanted to go home and spend some time with you!!!

           -When he got back down to the bottom floor, however, he saw one of his workers flirting with you

           -Did this guy have his lips…on your hand?

           -Did he NOT know that you were his???

           -He’ll walk up and wrap his arm around your waist, and pull you closer

           -This guy immediately straightens up and freaks out

           -No second chances with Mr. Trustfund Kid

           -Fires him on the spot, apologizes to you for leaving you alone and vows to never do it again also lowkey announces to everyone in the business that you’re his don’t touch his MC


           -You took him grocery shopping because???

           -You can’t just live on chips and soda

           - i dont care what you say saeyoung its not possible

           -He didn’t even have to look away for this dude to walk up to you and start flirting

           -Um?? Hello?? Literally standing with my boyfriend??? Go away

           -This guy refused to believe this Saeyoung was your boyfriend and just kept going

           -So, since he was so fixated on you, Saeyoung stole his wallet and literally hacked his bank account right in front of him

           -This guy never noticed??? Like wtf?? How do you not?

           -He had enough and finally just turned you around, and put you in between him and the front of the cart

           -Steered you down the aisle and away from the other guy, dropped the matter but at home he definitely was clingier than he normally was


           -Isn’t sure why there’s another man’s hand on your shoulder?

           -Maybe you know this guy

           -When he sees the discomfort on your face, however, he realizes

           -‘Oh wait maybe MC doesn’t know them’

           -He’ll come over and secretly pull you close enough to him that the other guy’s hand drops off of you

           -Starts a conversation with the guy so he doesn’t notice this happening, though

           -He knows you’re very attractive, but that doesn’t mean he enjoys others touching you

           - Don’t touch his MC please

           - Also please don’t confront him he doesn’t like it

           -He’ll tell the guy off but he does so in such a subtle, roundabout way that you can’t tell what even happened


           -Death Stare

           -Don’t look at his MC, don’t touch his MC,

           -Don’t even BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS HIS MC

           -The only way someone would come up and hit on you is if this guy was stupid, had a death wish, or you were alone

           -You just so happened to be sitting, waiting for Saeran to come back from grabbing some drinks

           -When some guy came up and decided it was a good idea to hit on you

           -The pickup lines left you cringing

           -Saeran could see the disgust and how uncomfortable you were from a mile away

           -Literally R I P S this guy out of the chair and away from you, throwing him to the ground

           -Pays literally no attention to him after that, if he tries to start something he’ll glare at the guy, and he goes RUNNING NOT TODAY SATAN

Please do not forget that Akaashi Keiji:

-is vice captain of his team despite being a second year, and is the only known character to be so

-is pretty much Bokuto’s baby sitter

-probably likes to eat a lot

-eats two onigiri at the same time

-changes clothes very quickly

-talks with his mouth full

-tried to hit Lev in the leg with a ball when he wasn’t looking and was shocked at his own pettiness

-can translate Bokuto’s ideas when everyone else is confused

-can be manipulated and doesn’t like being a loser

-refuses to give Bokuto massages lmao

-can put his pride aside if it means not losing

-konks out on the floor after an intense game of cards

-is very beautiful:

-smirks when he gets the upper hand:

-makes these faces: (shoutout to @akashispants for the pic)

Please do not forget that Akaashi is very cute and must be protected at all costs. This has been a PSA. Feel free to add on if you have anything else and this post will be updated if/when we learn something new about the owl prince. 

False Alarms and Revelations

Fist spideychelle headcanon!!! it’s gonna be kinda spideychelle and kinda not at the same time but more subtle???? anyway, i hope you like it cause I’m really excited about this!!! ENJOY

Originally posted by yellow-sunflowers-red-roses

(ALSO: not my gif, all credit goes to owner)


-Everyone is at the decathlon practice (shocker, even Peter), bright eyed and read to answer; while Peter sat there, hand under chin, mind somewhere else

- Michelle stood front and center, white flash cards in hand, while her honey brown eyes scanned over the classroom

- Michelle looks at Peter, happy to see that he’s here as it took a lotto blackmailing to get him here for one practice 

- Reading one of the questions, “Which of the following explains the vast variations of traits in organisms on Earth?”

- Seeing the confused faces, as they tried to recall the answer

- Ned rang the bell in front of him and Peter

- “Ned?” Michelle said in a monotone voice sighing 

- “Natural selection”

- “Very good Ned”

- Looking at his partner, Michelle noticed Peter was not in the zone 

- Michelle wanted to walk over and slap the boy for just sitting there

- His brown eyes staring blankly at the wall, his soft chubby face squished from his hand resting on his face; ‘he looked cute’

- ‘Ew, did I just say Peter is cute?????’

- Shaking that thought from her head. Michelle spoke up

- “Peter, the least you can do it pretend to participate, or you can get up and leave; your choice”

- Peter snapped from his blank stare as she started to scold him

- ‘she looked so cute while she was mad’ he thought

- “Sure MJ” he simply said 

- Michelle’s heart skipped a beat (??) when he called her MJ

- Clearing her throat, she looked back at the cards and read over the next question 

- “According to the article, “Jurassic Genome”, what is “junk DNA”?”

- And of course, Peter being the smart ass he is, he rings the bell before anyone else even had time to think

- “DNA that does not code for proteins” he says in an innocent tone

- Michelle and Peter stare at each other for a moment 

- Michelle raises her brow at him 

- Looking down at the card again she looks for the answer

- ‘Shocker, Peter got it right’ she thought to herself

- “Correct” Michelle simply said

- Peter being the cute son of a gun he is, he gets all giddy in his chair

-  Michelle fights back a smile looking at him 

- Behind her, Flash sat, his feet propped up

- “Penis Parker, being his know is all self, as usual”

- The class snickers at his remark and Peter’s cheeks flush

- Michelle turns around and shoots Flash a mean look and he rolls his eyes

- Looking over the next question Michelle starts to read aloud

- Peter tries to stay focus but a chill runs up his arm

- Soon his whole body has goosebumps???

- Confused, is Peter

- After the goosebumps, the hairs (or what little hair on his body he has) on his arms and neck stand up

- Peter looks around the room, but it seems to be moving in slow motion

- Looking to Michelle, he doesn’t hear her talk

- Instead, all he hears is white noise.

- Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, he looks to Ned

- “Dude, something is off”

- “What do you mean?”

- Michelle hears Ned talk, shooting them a look 

“Girls, yeah hi, save you gossip for later okay?”

- Peter looks at Michelle then back at Ned, just as Ned speaks, the same feeling washes over him and the white noise comes back 


- Standing up from his seat ready to say something the intercom goes off

- “Yeah hi, uhh, so not quit sure whats going on, but there is a man here with a gun and the police are on their way. SO, lock the doors, and hide until further notice”

- The intercom went silent and as soon as it did everyone seemed to loose their shit




- Flash chuckles

- “Aw Abraham, don’t worry, you’re still going to die a virgin

- Abraham and Flash start to bicker, some shoving going on

- “Everyone needs to relax” 

- Michelle looks at all of them annoyed

- Peter looks at Ned and brings him to the side

- “I need to go, I had a feeling something was off” 

- Ned nods and looks back to his classmates

- “What do you need me to do?” 

- “Just distract them, and ill sneak out that window and try and calm everything down”

- Nodding, Ned ran off and distracted them

- Peter looked to see a window and rushed towards it

- Climbing on the walls outside the school, he went back inside through another opened window

- Standing in the classroom, he strips from his regular clothes to his blue and red spandex

- Leaving the classroom in a rush, he hurries down the hallway to another open window to the front of the school where he can hear the wee woo sounds from the police. 

- Watching the police move in, he started to come up with a plan to go down there and take down the bad guy

- Michelle, Ned and the other students were visited by the principal, and were moved t the library

- OBVIOUSLY Ned being the guy in the chair slipped off to go find Peter

- And Michelle being the OBSERVANT girl she is follows behind him

- Cause i mean, why the fuck not????

- Ned quickly finds Peter

- Michelle not too far behind

- Peter got the weird feeling again and quickly turned around

- Shooting a web behind him, He shot Ned



- *Michelle is laughing in the background*

- Peter then focuses his attention to Michelle

- Clearing his throat he looks at her and Michelle slowly stops laughing 

- “It looks like you caught yourself a snack for later Spider-Man”

- Peter starts to chuckle, forgetting his friend is behind him struggling to get free

- “UM HELLO!!??11″

-“Sorry , Ned”

- *Tries to help Ned get the webbing off before remembering Michelle is there*

- “Ned, why did you bring Michelle?????”

- Peter gets freaked out and Michelle simply chuckles 

- “Oh i don’t know, WHY DONT YOU ASK HER?”

- Michelle looks at Peter and chuckles

“Come on Parker, Im not an idiot like these other people we go to school with,I notice the subtle changes, and the fact Spider-Man is always there when we go somewhere and you’re not, like DC”

- Peter stares at her with his mouth open, but obviii you cannot see it for it is covered by his mask

- Peter pays his attention to the situation at hand

- Stopping the gun man

- Thinking again, he tries to come up with a plan to save the day

- Deep in thought a loud THUD  booms through hid ear drums 

 - “Im just going to swing down there and check; make sure everything is okay” 

- “Go get em’ tiger

- Peter swings off, the nickname she gave him ringing in her head

- Following where the wee woo sounds were he found the police

- Landing beside one of the officers 

- “Psssst”

- “Hm?”

- The cop turns to face Peter a little confused that he was there but not really at the same time???

- “What’s the situation?”

- “We got a call from the school about there being a gunman on campus walking from the theater”

- Ready to go in, he was told to wait since there was people already in there 

- Soon the doors open and his theater teacher walks out?????

- “False alarm” 

- Word quickly gets around to the police, and it turns out it wasn’t even a real gun

- Someone called the police on the drama teacher bc he had the prop gun for the play in his hands and it looked real

- (Lmao, this is based on a true story)

- ANyway

- The police get to the office and everyone that was in the school was released

- Peter texted Ned to meet him behind the band room

- And to bring his clothes

- Swinging to being the band room he waited for Ned

- Playing around with his webbing he pushes a button that changes the setting 

- “What does this do?”

- *causally shoots a web grenade*


- ned…obvii

- “Peter, I’m going to kill you”

- “… Ned….”

- Michelle burst out laughing, pointing to him and laughing

- “Man, you guys ARE losers”

- Michelle pats Ned’s shoulder, touching the webbing and gets her hand stuck

- Looking at Peter, all amusement was gone, and was now replaced with annoyance as well

- “Fuck”

- Peter snickers

- Michelle takes her free hand and flips him off

- Fast forward and the three of the are at Ned house

- Michelle’s hand still glued to Ned

- And the boys are building the Millennium Falcon

- “ So…”

- Michelle and Ned look at him

- “Wanna get some Thai food?”

- Ned and Michelle look at one another and stand up and leave the bedroom leaving him alone

- Looking down he picks up the Millennium Falcon 

- “… Pew Pew…


  • unironically vapes and has like 12 fidget spinners ofc, but also unironically says lit, coolio, cool beans, and every other internet phrase even after they’re no longer said
  • totally a musical theatre nerd and hides it from all his friends because he has to keep his cool punk aesthetic (even though only eddie thinks he’s cool and even that’s rare lmao)
  • hitting up shows with bev all the time, getting stoned before hand then dancing their way into the pit
  • loves his soft boyfriend eddie and dies whenever eddie wears richies clothes, especially because richie is so much taller
  • has a lucky pair of boots that he got for $3 on ebay 
  • works at the vinyl/guitar shop in town and spends his shifts pretending to work but actually practicing since he is saving for his own bass
  • conspiracy theories are his shit and he’s constantly going on to ben and mike about theories and trying to get their input but they’re both like “no richie we dont think ted cruz is the zodiac killer???” 
  • he also 100% believes in the illuminati 
  • him and stan have game nights where richie literally eats nothing but pizza and drinks mtn dew and stan is just like ?? judging you ?? but also cant argue because richie is bad at most the games stan suggests they play
  • lets bev pick out his clothes when they shop for new clothes but most of his stuff is from thrifting because he wants that grungy hardcore vintage look
  • his twitter is literally memes and he has a feud with stan who has an entire account dedicated to tearing down richies memes
  • at one point before he started getting more serious about music his goal was to be a youtuber
  • his snapchat is literally all pictures of him and eddie with snapchat filters and when people point out how soft that is he is like okay and i love my boy so?
  • all he brings to the gc is tons of lame jokes and ugly pictures of everyone of them that he managed to snap over the years
  • has like 6 pairs of glasses and most of them are kinda broken but he still wears them all
  • he’s trying hard to start a band but all he’s got right now is mike and himself
  • rants to bill about how he thinks he’s not good enough for eddie all the time but bill always tells him how he’s literally the kindest soul and deserves eddie and happiness and richie is just a happy mess because what a pal and that pal is his
  • he has bev take 90% of his photos for his instagram so it’s as candid as possible
BTOB: overprotective

Eunkwang: I can’t see this sunshine being too overbearing with their s/o. I think from afar he’d always be on the lookout for them, but he wouldn’t interfere with anything unless he needs to. He’ll always remind you to be careful and makes sure you’re safe 24/7 even when he’s not with you. The perfect medium. 

Minhyuk: it’s hard to tell with him bc he’s always fussing over you but he also knows his limits. Would never let anyone talk about you when you’re not there to defend yourself (as mentioned in another post) and would definitely stand up for you. But he wouldn’t baby you. He knows you’re capable of handling yourself and he’s there by your side only if you need him and it’s the same with you. 

Changsub: definitely not the type to be overprotective. He’ll go as far as keeping you close and tucked under his arm in public, but he wouldn’t smother you for no reason. Mostly he’d call you every couple hours to make sure you’re doing alright. He also wouldn’t expect you to treat him like he’s unable to handle himself, so it’s only fair if he does the same for you.

Hyunsik: he’d be overprotective just bc he doesn’t want you going anywhere and bc he sometimes can’t help it. He’d play it cool like some things don’t matter to him bc he’s a “cool guy” lmao but you could tell he cares very much. Also the jealous type and will do anything to defend you and his ego, no matter the situation.

Peniel: this could go both ways as he’s sometimes bipolar. He’s more overprotective when he’s not actually with you tbh like he’d always remind you to wear warm clothes even when it’s summer just bc he doesn’t want anyone hitting on you. He wouldn’t mother you tho and knows when he’s gone too far.

Ilhoon: sometimes he’d go as far as pretending he doesn’t care just to get a reaction out of you, that’s only way he’d know his boundaries when it comes to you. This might start some fights and arguments from both sides bc you know he cares, he just won’t show it often. Over time he’ll become more aware of what he needs to do and not do.

Sungjae: idk I see him as the perfect bf so ofc he’d only be overprotective of you when he needs to be. Not the type to go overboard and mother you like some of the others, but he’ll definitely always let you know that he’ll be there when you need him.

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All right. Regarding my last post. Jin actually said “you’re discriminating me!”
And later he continued (this is not included in the gif set) that he’s human too so jimin should hit him too. Lmao. And that what makes Jimin hit him repeteadly after that.
About JK comment in the last gif, he said 왜요!! Which ofc literally translates to “why” but by context it can also means “why? What about it” because I believe he was looking at Jin when he said that and his tone kinda gave it all. He was complaining cutely too I must add.

Next the manggae comment; JM was explaining why he don’t like mangoes (scandalous I know! How can people hate mangoes!) he said he just don’t enjoy eating mangoes. Jin then said that JM looks like a mango (probably because of his cloth idk) and JK suddenly pipes “so that’s why he’s a manngae!” (Get it ‘cause manggo –> manggae) it’s basically a lame pun lmao. Which then makes JM smacked JK. And leading to Jin “discriminating/biased” complaint because JM ONLY hit JK.

Welp. I’m sorry if I cause major confusion to some. I didn’t mean too! I swear!

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I just had the weirdest and best dream ever omg so what if MC was from the southern U.S and was feeling homesick so they try to make her feel more at home... aka dressing up in rodeo/cowboy clothes and hats and start dancing and singing Cotton Eyed Joe cause they thought it would remind her of home (and lowkey impress her) because these dorks just want to make us happy lmao you dont have to write this i just thought youd get a kick out of it omg 😂

This is absolutely the greatest thing ever lmao, you hit the jackpot with dreams 😂😂😂 The funny thing is I’m from Texas so I’m just,,,picturing it lol.



Seven would be all up in it lmao, you just know he’d get highkey into it

Zen’s the only one that makes it look natural tho 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

Jaehee’s just like “I,,,m not doing that but how about we eat something from your home?” Or something like that

Yoosung’s not as into it as Seven but he does try to make it fun lol

I can’t get over the image of Jihyun and Jumin omf I’m crying

Bless you and thank you so much for sharing this with me : “ )

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Similar to another ask,but can you please do the Gom+kagami+hanamiya caught cheating on their s/o by none other than the s/o herself and she runs off but they follow her only to see her get hit by a car and they quickly go by her side (Sorry if this may seem long I just really wanted to give a really detailed scenario)THANKS<3

You guys… you love angst just a bit too much… and I am the same..

There might be some grammar mistakes in this post since I am using mom’s laptop and she has settings set on native language not English. Like there aren’t any grammar mistakes in other posts and missing words lmao

When he first saw her, he wondered why she looked so familiar. The clothes she wore were somehow not the type his girlfriend would wear, yet you could never know. But that didn’t mind. He was captivated by her and he wanted her.

They way she kissed him was enough to stop thinking about anything and just go in the way things were going. His hands were tightly gripping on her waist, pulling her closer.

“You haven’t told me your name yet…” She whispered against his lips, smirk slowly making its way on her lips.


He never expected that the person he was kissing was no other than his girlfriend. His blue eyes were wide as he stared at [eye colour] eyes of his girlfriend. He opened his mouth, wanting to say a word, but before he could, [Name] ran away.

“[Name]-san” called Kuroko and followed after her.

[Name] ran on the road without realizing that the cars were driving fast. “[Name]” She heard her name being called and soon after his blue hair and eyes, filled with worry. “It is okay,” He said and felt her hand being taken. “You will be fine.” He looked around, yelling for help.

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throwback to when i was 11 and we went to the town hall for this party (in my town the mayor hosts a party where he greets all the 5th graders idk why idk if its even a thing anymore we get donuts and there is some band playing, that time it was one called the giant leap) and our teacher instructed us to dress up real classy and nice “because its an official meeting so wear your best clothes” and i showed up wearing my moms leather pants that she wore in the 90’s and an old oversized worn out something wild shirt.

I didn’t even remember this whole thing it just hit me last night when I was going to sleep lmao


Smol synth Shaun is up really late and he decides to go into Sole’s bedroom. Sole shows up with romanced companion(s) but doesn’t see him because the quick little bastard managed to hide under the bed before they noticed (He hides because he doesn’t want to get in trouble.). Seconds later he hears smooching (To which, of course, he goes “groooooss” in his head), then moments later clothes hit the floor and then he’s just confused because the bed’s creaking and there’s moaning and shit. The next morning he blows his cover and asks sole why they were shouting with [x] and Sole just looks at companion(s) LIKE: 

External image

Eat This Pt. 4

AN: Alright ladies! The time has finally come, I would have let kneekeyta read over it before I actually posted, but it’s sort of late and I couldn’t wait. XD Maybe pt 5 can be proofread! It’ll be just as hot and heavy, so if you like this one be on the look out for the next one. This one is a little longer than the other parts but I didn’t have the heart to break this one up, (for obvious reasons.) As always feedback is always appreciated, if you’d like to be added or taken off the tag list just let me know! My ask box is always open, just remember that this is my first time writing smut for a large audience so go easy on me! I do have a few graphic details in this one, but I feel the next will have more, as I get more comfortable writing for my audience I see it getting more vivid. lmao. But!  With that I give you ladies, part 4!

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