and he freaked out and told his dad

“Growing Up a Winchester”  Sam/Dean x Sister Reader

Word Count: 3,867

Sam and Dean Winchester x Sister Reader, some Castiel x Reader

Summary: While on a long road trip to a hunt, you reminisce about your memories growing up with your brothers, from the best ones, to the worst, to the most awkward.

Warnings: Mentions of death, language, angst, light smut between Cas and the reader

Flashbacks are in italics.

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You’re sitting in the backseat of the impala, looking out the window at the scenery. Dean, of course, is driving, and Sam is sitting on the passenger side, sleeping. You have a hard time sleeping in the car, so on long car trips like this, you have a hard time. Thankfully, Dean is usually always awake as well, and serves as your entertainment.

Growing up as the youngest Winchester sibling was not always fun and games, especially being a teenage girl. As much as your brothers love you, they know absolutely nothing about teenage girls. You more often than not felt like you were raising yourself, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your brothers are your rock, and you would never leave them.

You can barely remember the first time you’d met Dean. Your dad, John, had gotten your mother pregnant and throughout the first four years of your life, he was very in and out of your life. He’d only show up at your house once a year, normally on your birthday. He’d call on holidays, but you were too young to hold a conversation. A little after your fourth birthday, your mother had passed away from cancer. You had nothing and no one else, and your dad John came to your rescue.

“Hey, kiddo.” John had told you, picking you up from the hospital. He looked tired, the bags underneath his eyes more prominent than you had ever seen them.

“Hi.” You say quietly. You didn’t really know what was going on. All you knew was that your mommy was in a better place and you were going to live with your dad. You remember being nervous, because to you, your dad was like a stranger. You knew nothing about him.

“Do you have your stuff? You’re comin’ to stay with me and your brother, Dean. Dean’s excited to meet you, you know.”

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Daddy Dearest-William Nylander

Anon request: Could you do a William Nylander where you used to date and a few years later he find out you had a kid belonged to him?

This one was hard to write and I started it over multiple times but I’m pretty proud of the final product! Also I love me some William Nylander so I was all for it. 

Warnings: none

Word count: 2058

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Yellow Submarine

142 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Jul. 17th, 1968
Country: United Kingdom
Director: George Dunning

Yellow Submarine is a 1968 British film inspired by the band The Beatles and their song ‘Yellow Submarine.’

Pepperland is a cheerful, music-loving paradise under the sea, protected by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The titular Yellow Submarine rests on an Aztec-like pyramid on a hill. At the edge of the land is a range of high blue mountains. The land falls under a surprise attack from the music-hating Blue Meanies, who live in or beyond the blue mountains. The attack starts with magical projectiles fired from big artillery stationed in the blue mountains. The Blue Meanies seal the band inside a music-proof blue glass globe, they render the Pepperlanders immobile as statues by shooting arrows and dropping giant green apples upon them (a reference to the Apple Records music label), and drain the countryside of color. In the last minute before his capture, Pepperland’s elderly Lord Mayor sends Old Fred, an aging sailor, to get help; he runs to the Yellow Submarine and takes off in it. Old Fred travels to Liverpool, where he finds Ringo and persuades him to return to Pepperland with him. Ringo collects his ‘mates’ John, George, and finally Paul. The five journey back to Pepperland in the yellow submarine.

The film features 12 of the Beatles’ songs: ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘Eleanor Rigby’, ‘All Together Now’, ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’, ‘Only a Northern Song’, ‘Nowhere Man’, ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’, ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, ‘All You Need is Love’, ‘Hey Bulldog’, ‘It’s All Too Much’, and ‘All Together Now.’

The Beatles were not enthusiastic about participating in a new motion picture, having been dissatisfied with their second feature film, Help! (1965), directed by Richard Lester. They saw an animated film as a favorable way to complete their commitment to United Artists for a third film, however. George Dunning, who also worked on the Beatles cartoon series, was the overall director for the film, supervising over 200 artists for 11 months. The film’s surreal visual style, created by creative director Heinz Edelmann, contrasts greatly with the efforts of Disney Feature Animation and other animated films previously released by Hollywood up until the time. 

The Beatles’ animated personas were based on their appearance in the promotional film for the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, with the exception of Paul being without his moustache.

Initial press reports stated that the Beatles themselves would provide their own character voices; however, aside from composing and performing the songs, the real Beatles participated only in the closing scene of the film, while their cartoon counterparts were voiced by other actors.

The film received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike, in contrary to some of the Beatles’ previous film ventures. Time commented that it ‘turned into a smash hit, delighting adolescents and aesthetes alike.’

In The Beatles Anthology, released in the mid-1990s, the three surviving Beatles all admitted that they truly liked the film; regarding their initial non-participation, Harrison, who considered it a ‘classic’, later admitted that he preferred that the group did not provide their own voices, feeling that the professional voice actors captured a certain ‘cartoonish’ element far more effectively than they might have done themselves. Starr also revealed that for years he was approached by children and asked ‘Why did you press the button?’, referring to when his character curiously pressed the panic button ejecting him from the submarine into the sea of monsters. Lennon also implied that his son, Sean, first realized his father had been a Beatle because of the film. After seeing Yellow Submarine at a friend’s house at the end of the 1970s, Sean came home asking why his father was a cartoon. Harrison’s son Dhani also claims that he had no idea about his father’s past life until watching this film. As Dhani said: ‘I came home and I freaked out on my dad: ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were in The Beatles?’ And he said, 'Oh, sorry. Probably should have told you that.’”



trans keith hcs

ft. lots of klance at the end

(this starts out really messy but it pulls itself together tbh)

- Keith having a huge surge of confidence when his voice drops after starting t, and he wouldn’t stop talking for like a week, which was the most conversation anyone had ever had with him, and the most happy Shiro had ever seen him. Even now, he still really loves his voice.

- Keith losing everything after dropping out of the garrison, pulling money from his father’s account to continue his t doses, but surgery seems like a distant dream.

- Because of this, Keith distracting himself from dysphoria and concerns about his future by focusing on the weird energy he feels out there in the desert and searching nonstop for whatever it is that he needs to find.

- Keith being relieved when he finds Shiro, who he thought was long gone. Keith’s desperate for a friend back that understands him and can help him through this all, but the other three kids that show up are an unexpected addition.

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She knows.

Pairing : Sam x Dean (Wincest) Sister!Reader
Word count : 2,229
Author : Mel
Warnings : Wincest!, mention of smut.
A/N : This Series contains WINCEST! Do not read if you are not interested in that. Only people who ask to be tagged will be tagged.

Part 1 of The Winchester Curse.

Stepping into the boys motel room, you put the bags down. You figured Sam was still out on his run, since you could hear Dean in the shower. You shook your head hearing his moans as you started to pull out the food. You were just setting up when you froze.

“Fuck Dean..”

Looking up towards the bathroom door you stood in silence. That couldn’t be right, could it? Did you just hear Sam? Was Dean out somewhere? You could of swore you heard Dean.

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Opposites - Jughead x Reader

Request — Anonymous asked: Could you please write something where (y/n) and Jughead have been keeping their relationship secret from (y/n)’s parents. Until one day they find out about (y/n) and Jughead’s relationship and disapprove because Juggie is from the wrong side of the tracks which makes Jug feel insecure about himself but (y/n) reassures him that she will always love him no matter what her parents think.

A/N — Thank you so much for 1k! I haven’t been on Tumblr for very long and all the nice stuff I get everyday is amazing and it means so much to me. Hope you enjoy this imagine!

Words: 2141

Warnings: Insecurities and strict parents

(Y/N) , (Y/L/N) , (E/C) , (S/C) — Your name, your last name, eye colour, skin colour

It’s been 6 months, 12 days and 15 hours since you’ve been dating Jughead Jones. Why were you counting? Because you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. A very long time, if you want it as a fact. Although you’ve basically grown up beside Jughead for as long as you could remember, you’ve never left his side and he never left yours.

It was only just six months ago when the two of you had the nerve to confess each others feelings about the two of you. He invited you to go see another one of his favourite cult classic movies at the Drive-In where he worked. That night he had the chance to make his move, cliche to be true, but he did the stereotypical ‘arm over the shoulder whilst yawning’ trick. Jughead wasn’t very good at expressing his emotions, or flirting in general. But he watched enough movies to learn the technique. From then on, the two of you were together 24/7. Whether it was dates at Pop’s, trips to the Drive-In, or even just spending time alone at school whilst working at The Blue and Gold. You couldn’t ask for a better relationship because Jughead was perfect to you. But the only thing that you wish was that your parent’s could accept him for who he was, a Southside.  

(Y/N)’s parent’s were similar to the Cooper’s. They helped out around town, they baked cookies and invited new neighbours over for dinner, and they disapproved of certain people, the Jones’ being one of them. Her mother knew Jughead’s dad, FP, since high school. Before he met her dad, the two were lovebirds and were similar to the relationship her daughter was already having with Jughead. The only thing that split them apart was when her father came into the picture. He was new to Riverdale, capturing the hearts and eyes of almost every girl there. Of course FP felt protective over her and was anxious that he’d loose her, to which that happened. Shortly after that, he joined the Southside Serpents, a gang a little out of Riverdale. From then on, (Y/N)’s mom changed the eyes of FP, and to most who were alive before the next generation. She got lectured on her first day of school to be careful of FP’s son, so she didn’t get hurt or betrayed, to which she thought happened to her when in reality she left him.

It’s been 9 months, 7 days and 4 hours since you’ve been dating Jughead Jones. A week ago, the two of you celebrated your 9 month anniversary with a burger date at the one and only Pop’s. The two of you laughed the whole night away before he walked you home straight after. Not in sight, he kissed you goodbye and ran off before her parents could notice. Earlier that day, she convinced her parents that she was staying over at Betty’s to complete a school project for the following day. Luckily, the two believed it, and that whole night turned out perfectly. Last night you were told that your parents were going away on a business trip to New York, giving you and Jughead a little more time to spend alone together. They left in the morning, giving you plenty of time to clean up your room and romanticise the atmosphere a little bit. After school, Jughead met you after class to walk you back home.

“So, what’s the plans for this evening, Miss (Y/L/N)?” Jughead asked in a posh accent, making you laugh.

“Well, Mr Jones, I was hoping we could binge watch Orange Is The New Black and eat our hearts out with popcorn?” She replied, mimicking the posh voice he used before. The two of you were hand in hand in the cold winter’s breeze. This was all you ever wanted when you got the chance to be with Jughead without overthinking about your relationship with him.

“Sounds divine, madame.” He said in his usual voice, a cheeky grin plastered on his face as he leaned against you, kissing the top of your head.

The two of you finally made it to your house. Jughead never got the chance to see your house, due to restrictions with everything from the past. You were nervous as you thought about what he’d think of the place. You fumbled with the keys, managing to unlock the door before walking in with him straight behind you. A satisfied whistle escaped his lips as he checked around the house, closing the door behind you as you stood in front of him shortly after.

“Is it bad? I actually tried cleaning up the place a little.” She chuckled awkwardly, a small blush dancing on her (S/C) cheeks.

(Y/N), what are you stressed about? The place looks fine from what I can see.” He reassured her, before turning his focus to her once again. She smiled at him, leaning up to peck his lips a couple times before slowly pulling away.

“Come on, I’ll show you my room!” She gushed, taking his head as she lead the two of them upstairs, Jughead rolling his eyes at the way she was acting. The two of them made it to the top of the stairs, her opening the door as she let him in.

“So this is where the magic happens! And by magic I mean nothing.” She mumbled, closing the door behind her. Jughead smirked at to what she just said as he crossed his arms now standing in front of her.

“Speaking of magic…” He said with his playful smirk still attached to his lips. He leaned down holding her cheeks, closing his eyes as he passionately kissed her. She smiled in between the kiss, closing her (E/C) eyes and got consumed into the sparks he just created. Every touch, kiss or movement he did made her heart flutter with joy and lust. His tongue managed to sneak its way into her mouth, deepening the kiss as he moved to sit on her bed, bringing (Y/N) down with him. She sat on his lap as she cupped his own cheeks, kissing back with just as much love. Jughead’s hands crept under her shirt, clinging onto her hips as he supported her balance. Suddenly, the familiar sound of her parent’s car drove its way to park inside their garage.

“Shit, Jug! I think my parents are home!” You frantically said as you pulled away from the kiss. You hopped off his lap, as you looked out the window. “I don’t know what to do! They’ll flip if they see you!”  FP never told Jughead about his high school relationship with (Y/N)’s mom, so Jughead was confused to why she was freaking out.

“..Why would they flip, exactly?” Jughead scoffed, standing up as he walked over to where she was standing beside her window. Since her parent’s were about to get out of the car and the window was open, she pushed him aside and dragged him to the corner of the room.

“You’d flip because she doesn’t want you dating me.” She mumbled quietly.

“Wait, you haven’t told your parents about us?” He rolled his eyes, about to grab his jacket and leave as she blocked the door for him walking out.

“Look, Jughead. My mom dated your dad when they went to Riverdale High. I don’t exactly know what happened between the two, but from how my mom told me and what her opinions are on you guys are like now, it’s not good. But God, Jughead, I love you. I’ve tried so hard to tell her on so many occasions about our relationship and everything. Jughead Jones, I will. I will tell her, and…  I-I will right now.” She removed her arms from blocking the door, still standing against it. Jughead slipped his arms through his jacket before he leant down to softly and slowly kiss (Y/N)’s lips before pulling away. The two of them smiled at each other before she turned around and opened the door. As Jughead sat at the top of the stairs, (Y/N) made her way down to greet her parent’s as they just walked in.

“H-hey, how come you came home early?” She asked awkwardly rubbing her arm as she looked up at her mom and dad.

“Well, our flight turned out it was suppose to leave tomorrow night so we are just waiting until then, sweetheart.” (Y/N)’s dad said, looking over at her beautiful daughter standing in front of him

“Besides, we heard about some shenanigans happening around the Southside and we just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” Her mother cut him off, standing in front of him as she now directly faced (Y/N).

“W-Why wouldn’t I be okay?” You asked, a scoff escaped her lips.

“Don’t act like we don’t know. Is he here?” Your mother’s face became stern and emotionless. Your mind rushed with thoughts, as she found out about her relationship with Jughead. You crossed your arms, staring up at your mother with a face matching hers.

“What do you mean?” (Y/N) tilted her head, a sarcastic hint in her tone of speech.

“That imbecile! That freak! That dirty gothic, Southside boy!” As soon as she said that, you felt your heart drop into your stomach. How dare did she think it was okay to say something so harsh to her daughter about the boy she loves.

“Excuse me? I’m sorry, what did you just say? I honestly can’t believe I’m related to you. But this boy, this so called “imbecile” is the guy I like. No, the guy I love. He is my boyfriend, mom, and I would never give up on him because you said so,” she paused, looking up at the staircase as she knew Jughead was listening in. She walked upstairs, grabbing his hand and brought him back down, the two of them now standing in front of her parents. “I love this boy with all my heart. Just because you still can’t get over your high school grudge over FP doesn’t mean you can go around dissing his family, especially Jughead. He’s going through so much right now, but obviously you wouldn’t care because of how selfish you are. This boy, this beautiful boy, is mine. And I won’t let anyone get in the way of us because I love him. I love him so much and God, if you could just open your eyes and realise it we wouldn’t be having this argument right now, mother.” Tears now escaped the corners of your eyes. You clenched your hand tighter around Jughead’s as you started shaking. Your throat was dry, your face was red and all your focus was on your mom.

“I-I…(Y/N), I’m sorry. This is my fault. I-I just, I’m sorry.” Your mother teared up too, now clinging onto your father’s arm as he escorted her out of the room and upstairs to their bedroom, shutting the door. You felt Jughead’s hand leave yours as he went to grab his bag that was sitting by the door. He picked it up, slung it over his shoulder, and reached for the doorknob, but he paused as he turned his glance to you, tears flooding his green eyes.

“She’s right. I am just some stupid Southside. Why are you still with me when you could go for Archie or Reggie? Anyone but me?” He said, trying hard not to break in front of her. A smile formed on her lips as she walked back over to Jughead, standing under his nose once again.

“Well, I can’t date Archie because he’s with Veronica, and quite frantically he’s not my type anyway. Reggie is annoying and only goes for girls appearance wise. And the rest? Well, they aren’t like you, Jug. You’re different, and that’s what made me fall in love with you.” She reassured him, placing her hands on his cheeks as she used her thumb to wipe away a tear that fell down his cheek. “I love you so much, Jughead.” She whispered softly. He smiled, lifting his hand as he wiped away another escaping tear. He closed his eyes, leaning in to kiss you slowly and softly, before the two of you pulled away. You removed your hands from his cheeks as he adjusted the strap that clung to his shoulder. He pecked your cheek before he reached for the door and left. You stood against the door before sliding down and sitting on the ground. Your phone vibrated, making you take it out of your pocket to read what was just sent.

Jughead: I love you too, (Y/N).

A/N — I’m so sorry this took so long to write, this is my last week of term and then I’m on school holidays which means more writing!

My earliest memory of my dad is probably him somewhere in a garden covered in dirt, somewhere hot, a tropical garden, in jeans, khakis, covered in dirt just continuously planting trees. I think that’s what I thought he did for the first seven years of my life. I was completely unaware that he had anything to do with music. I came home one day from school after being chased by kids singing ‘Yellow Submarine’, and I didn’t understand why. It just seemed surreal: why are they singing that song to me? I came home and I freaked out on my dad: 'Why didn’t you tell me you were in The Beatles?’ And he said, 'Oh, sorry. Probably should have told you that.’
—  Dhani Harrison about his father, George Harrison
A New Chance

 Requested by anon:  Hi, can you please write imagine about Eric and Y/N? Y/N isn’t your typical Dauntless, she is great fighter and shooter, but she’s super shy. She has older brother, who’s Eric’s best friend. Y/N has a huge crush on Eric who loves to flirt with her and makes her nervous, because he knows about it.

 Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

 Word count: 1.105

 “Two options, (Y/N). Come with me and have fun or stay here and do nothing at all.” Kevin sits by your side on the couch, struggling to convince you to go to the Pit. Again.

 “I’ll take option two.” Sighing, you watch your older brother roll his eyes.

 You’re shy. That’s all. Most of the Dauntless like being loud and crazy, but you can’t get used to it. Maybe this is who you are. You rather stay in than go to the Pit and have everyone’s eyes on you just because you’re not dancing.

 “It’s hard to take you out.” Someone knocks and Kevin gets up and heads to the door. “Have you ever tried to make friends?”

 “Hello, Kevin. Trying to take her out again?”

 You feel your body freezing. It’s Eric again. You should try and get over him because he’s being your brother’s best friend since you came here one year ago. But no. Every time he comes here or when you bump into him in the corridors you feel those butterflies in your stomach.

 “Yeah. Guess what? She said no.”

 “I’m sure she’ll say yes if I ask.” Eric’s eyes lay on you as you struggle to take your eyes off him. “Would you, (Y/N)?”

 “No. I said I don’t wanna go and that means I’m not going.” You stand up, heading to the kitchen in order to run away from Eric.

 “I think she likes you.” Kevin whispers but you can hear every word he says.

 “You’re her older brother and you’re not even sure?” Eric giggles and you start feeling sick. How he knows? It’s not like you let him notice. Actually, you do your best to avoid him.

 “Well…” Kevin is thinking. He’s not very smart so sometimes he needs to take a break to put his thoughts in order. “(Y/N)! Come here!”

 Great. You didn’t see that coming. Taking a butter knife, you slowly walk back to the living room.

 “What? I’m going to make me a sandwich.”

 “Eric wants to take a small test. To see if you’re still as good as you were through the initiation.” Kevin playfully punches Eric’s shoulder, and you notice that Eric doesn’t like it a bit. “He’ll take you to the training room so you two can be alone. And take the test, of course.”

 Wide-eyed, you stare at your older brother. You know he’s lying but you just can’t manage to say anything.

 “Let’s go.” You barely hear Eric calling you before walking out. You need Kevin to literally push you out your apartment for you to start following Eric.

 “Look, you don’t have to do this.” Quickening your pace to reach Eric, you swallow your fear. “My brother is an idiot and I bet you have something better to do.”

 “Actually I do.” He keeps walking fast, turning his head a bit to look at you. “And I always wanted to get to know you.”

 “This is going to be a long night.” You mutter to yourself, your heart racing in your chest.

 “I hope so.” You jump when you hear his reply.

 When you get to the training room, it’s all dusty and dark. Nobody cleans it when there’s no initiation. You slowly walk towards the targets, caressing the many holes in it.

 “Let’s fight.” Eric’s calls you, but you barely hear him.

 “I miss it.”

 “You miss what?” He comes closer, checking on the target as well.

 “The feeling that I could be someone else. Someone… new.” Your voice is no mere than a soft whisper, your fingers writing your name on the dusty target.

 “You are someone new.” Eric takes your hand in his and suddenly you’re both writing his name next to yours. “You’re an excellent fighter. You’re brave and I’ve never seen someone hit the targets like you do.”

 “That’s not what my brother thinks.” Slowly you turn to face Eric, his eyes locked on yours. “He wants to throw me to the Pit so he can spend some time alone with his girlfriend but I never go to the Pit and… I’m just a weight on his shoulders and…” You get lost in your words thanks to the pain in your chest.

 “Well, I don’t mind you being shy. Why don’t you ask for an apartment?”

 “Kevin wants me to live with him. He thinks that our parents would want it to be like this.” Rolling your eyes, you stare at your feet. It’s weird, but a good kind of weird. Eric is better than you think.

 “Oh my Gosh, (Y/N) is chatting with you without stuttering. I really… ”Your brother walks in, wide-eyed. “Eric, how did you…?”

 You quickly turn to the door, waving at Kevin with red cheeks.

 “Kevin, I’ll ask for my own apartment.”

 “Why? I mean… It was Eric’s idea, right? I don’t know… Mom and Dad…” He comes close and you can notice that he’s confused.

 “Mom and dad aren’t here.” Eric looks down at you, a small smile on his lips.

 “Yeah…” Kevin spins around awkwardly, looking for the right words. “I hope you have a good… life? Oh my God, (Y/N), I know how our parents felt when we choose Dauntless.”

 “Kevin, I’m probably moving to the next corridor. Don’t freak out.”

 Eric takes my hand, making me forget about my brother. “Would you go out and have dinner with me? I promise we’ll pick an empty table.”

 “Uhm… You wanna go out with me?”

 “Yes. I told you I’ve been trying to get to know you.”

 “Are you for real? I mean… I’m a good fighter but I’m a couch potato.” You have second thoughts. The last thing you want is to disappoint Eric and ruin whatever this is.

 “Don’t worry about this.” Eric ignores you brother and slowly walks you to the cafeteria. “I’ve been trying to get to know you since I laid eyes on you.”

 “Don’t lie.” You mutter, looking at your feet.

 “You look beautiful when you blush.”

 Lifting your head to look into his eyes, you let out a sigh. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe this is the chance you’ve been trying to get.

 “Thank you.” You whisper, admiring Eric’s wonderful smile.

 “Anytime, (Y/N).”

So, I’m not saying Lucien is trans. But Lucien is trans.

Lucien was 6 when he told Ernest he’s a boy. He was scared to tell him. Very scared even. He didn’t want their relationship to change.

“So, you aren’t a girl anymore?” Ernest asked and Lucien felt nervous, he fidgetted, not sure how to explain the situation to the other boy. “Well…I wasn’t a girl to begin with, I think. I just….didn’t realized it.” He wondered if what he said even made sense.

“Oh.” Was the only response he got before Ernest made himself comfortable under his blanket. “Oh? What’s that suppose to mean?” Lucien felt his tummy twist, Ernest was his best friend, he really didn’t want them to stop being friends. “Well, it’s good to know I guess? It’s not like it changes stuff, right?” The other boy looked confused, as if Lucien being worried was ridiculous.

“I don’t know?” He admitted. “A lot of people didn’t like my dad anymore after he realized he’s a man.” Ernest made a face, “That’s stupid. Why would they stop being friends with him? Your dad’s like the nicest person.”

“I don’t know.” Lucien felt lost, there were so many people angry with them when his dad realized it, even within their family. The only one not mad at them was Nana, his dad’s grandmother, who died two years ago. She always talked about hexing people who would hurt his dad and even showed him how to do it. Lucien missed her.

“So you still want to be my friend?”

“Well duh. If I wasn’t your friend anymore I couldn’t sleep in your super comfy bed anymore. Honestly though, my home is a dump dude, I need you.” Lucien snorts and Ernest gave him that huge grin he always had when he makes him laugh. Lucien covered himself with his blanket, following his friend’s example.

“Ernest.” He said as the other boy was drifting into dream land, causing said to blink at him owlishly, “Let’s stay together, forever.” Ernest smiled at him again. A smile that made butterflies flutter in his stomach. Lucien hoped non of this will ever change.
“So he freaked out because you told him you are trans?” Ernest asked, his head was lying on Lucien’s lab as if it was his own personal pillow. “Yeah, can you imagine? He hasn’t been around for over 12 years and he has the nerve to make a scene and to calim dad ‘infected’ me.” Lucien seriously was pissed. “What a dick. I’m glad I stuffed that potato into his car pipe.”

Lucien smiled, thinking back to the total mess that stunt caused. He was met with a familiar looking grin. Lucien stared for a moment, it’s been a while since he last saw that grin. It’s weird, now that he thinks about it, how long they have been friends now. Lucien didn’t really talk with any of his old elementary school friends anymore. Most of them started to abandon him after time, not all of them because of the fact that he is trans, but quiet a few had a reason related to it.

Ernest however, as he realized now, always stuck around.

“Like what you see?” His friend said suggestifly while wiggeling his eyebrows in a joking manner. Lucien felt his cheeks warming up, embarrassed about being caught staring like that. He shoves Ernest off of his lab, causing said to fall off of the couche. Ernest made a pained sound as his head meet the carpeted floor, “What was that for?” He asked, glaring up at Lucien. “You were being stupid.”

“Well gee. And here I thought we were having a moment.” The other teen pouted, Lucien felt another smile tugging on his lips. He looked at Ernest, actually looked at him, something he hasn’t done in years. Ernest, he realized, had changed a lot but somehow still stayed the same. He was still wearing a lot of orange, it was his favorite color since Lucien made him a orange hat when they were 8 and 9 respectively, but the things he wore are different now.

Instead of big sweaters and overroles there were hoodies and sweatshirts. He still always had something on his head, no matter the weather, but it was more out of fashion reasons or because he didn’t bother to brush his hair that day rather then it giving security like it used to when he was little.

His face was still round, he never really got ride of the baby fat, but now there was acne and little hairs above his upper lip. Puberty was a bitch, to both of them really. Lucien doesn’t think it really makes him look bad if he was honest. Ernest was still smaller then him and honestly, Lucien was pretty sure he would always be, but Ernest was stronger then him now. Lucien remembered when he used to protect him from their bullies, now Ernest is known to throw the hardest punches at school. Lucien was half sure the other boy could carry him.

His personality probably changed the most. He was bolder. More aggressive. Ernest was always a troubled kid but the last few years were pretty rough for him, having to accept that his parents wouldn’t try to make it work again, puberty really didn’t help the matter. However. He still was Ernest. He still would eat those disgusting pizza roles. He still would cry over cheesy romcoms, he still would pet every dog they come across only to immediately take off his shirt to shake the hair off.

Ernest was different and yet he was still Ernest.

“Hey dude, are you okay?” Ernest asked, probably noticing Lucien’s stare. Lucien thought, was he okay? Today should be one of the most shittiest days ever. His dad’s ex-boyfriend showed up, his biological father, he called him slurs and was just as shitty as his vague memories of him let on. But yet. He didn’t feel bad at all.

Not while Ernest is around.

When Lucien was 6 he hoped his relationship with Ernest would never change. Now he wasn’t so sure anymore as the familiar butterflies he was so used to feel suddenly became stronger.

“It’s nothing. Just….I’m happy you are with me today.”

Ernest gave him another smile. Lucien was done for. That much was clear to him.

ep 68 spoilers

something i loved in the new episode:

when taako told merle he saw his boyfriend, aka the one responsible for him losing his arm, he didnt get mad or freak out or even act surprised, he was just like “oh yeah i like that guy”

because he’s happy that taako’s happy and regardless of their history he likes kravitz because he makes taako happy

brb guys im just crying at merle’s character development and how he’s taako’s dad

Imagine the fans celebrating your anniversary with Jensen with tweets and your father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, doesn’t miss the chance to join in.

Prompt: YN is Jeffreys daughter and she plays the Winchesters sister on SPN.Her and Jensen are now married with kids,and the fans always makes fun of him becuase they know how nervous he was to talk to Jeffrey when they started to date. what do you think?

“We literally took Wincest to a whole other level.” you giggled as you showed your husband the tweets that came along with the trend, #SixYears(your shipping name).

Jensen chuckled as he read the tweet “Those guys are seriously more excited about our anniversary than we are.”

You put on a fake pout “What? Are you not happy that it’s our anniversary today?”

Jensen stopped immediately what he was doing and cupped your face, kissing you fully on the lips “Do you doubt that woman?” he asked in a low growl and you broke into a big grin.

“I don’t know, maybe? I mean, I still haven’t seen you prove me otherwise so far…” you trailed off with a shrug and he narrowed his eyes at you.

“Sweetheart, don’t challenge me.” he pressed himself closer to you, trapping you between him and the kitchen counter “We have a long night ahead of us.” he said in a gruff voice, bringing his lips closer to yours not kissing but biting them.

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“And Then She Ran” Daryl Dixon

Words: 2,023

Summary: After Daryl’s daughter dies, he finds her diary and learns more about her than he wanted.

Warnings: This is dark. Death, some swear words, angst

A/N lol I cried writing this

Link to part 2 here!


Daryl can still remember his daughter’s death like it was yesterday.

It was her on her eighteenth birthday. Daryl, not one to show his emotions, had gone out of his comfort zone that day to make sure it was a special one. He’d had Carol over to cook her favorite breakfast (at least, her favorite out of the few options they had), and while on a previous run, he found her a beautiful diamond necklace in a house that was still in good shape. He managed to find some paper to cover it with. He had everything ready to go. It was not often that she got to feel like she was special.

They had a fight that day. This was not just any normal fight, not like the ones that they usually had. And they had fights often. This fight was different.

Everyone had noticed that she had been acting differently lately. Nobody brought it up with her, but everyone knew something was wrong. Daryl was the last one to catch on, and when he finally convinced her to tell him what was going on… It turned into the worst fight they’d ever had.

She had run off after that fight, but Daryl didn’t pay any mind to that. She had a habit of “running away” for a few hours. The first few times she did that, Daryl freaked out. He looked for her up and down until the minute she came home. Usually she came home drunk, which would just piss Daryl off more, but at least she was ok. So after a few times of her pulling that act, Daryl stopped worrying.

“She’ll be back soon.” Daryl told himself that day, not bothering to run after her.

She didn’t come back. As a matter of fact, she never came back. A few days after her disappearance, Rick, Daryl, and Glenn went out looking for her. In her place, they saw something they wish they never saw.

She was dead. She was a walker.

Daryl broke down after that, crying harder than he had in his entire life. He just lost his little girl. When he got back to their house later that night, he grabbed the necklace and threw it out the window, sobbing.

It took Daryl a while to be okay after that. In reality, he knew he’d never be okay, but he was okay enough to move on. It took almost a year before he could even go into her room again. It smelled like her; he could almost feel her presence in there. That was comforting for the first few days, until he realized he was never getting her back. She was gone.


This was the first time he’d been in your room since that night. Daryl took in the surroundings- it was a mess in here.

‘She was definitely not a tidy person.” Daryl thought to himself, laughing softly. He sat on the bed, taking a deep breath.

“I shouldn’t be in here.” He said out loud to himself, getting up to leave. But something stopped him. He noticed a notebook nudged in between the mattress and the floor. Hesitating, he picked it up and opened it to the first page.

‘I’d been caught with Carl more times than you could imagine.

At first it wasn’t anyone important catching us, only people like Maggie or Glenn who I knew wouldn’t say anything. Then, Rick found out. Rick was pissed, and told Carl to stay away from me.   “She’s too much trouble, Carl. Don’t get involved with her.” Rick had told him. I know he doesn’t like me. He only tolerates me because I’m his best friend’s daughter. I know he’d kick me out of the group if he could. So when he promised me that he wouldn’t tell my dad if we stopped while we were ahead, I agreed. I cried, and told him I’d keep it friendly between the two of us.

Carl didn’t listen. I didn’t either. I just played it up so he wouldn’t tell my dad. We just found other places to sneak around to and have sex.

But, oh boy. The look on my dad’s face that day when he saw me on top of Carl, clothes scattered everywhere. I hadn’t seen him scream that loud at anyone in his life. Daryl Dixon is not a man to piss off. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to write in this but I’ll try to as much as possible. Don’t exactly get too much free time around here.’

Daryl knew he shouldn’t be reading his daughter’s diary, but he couldn’t stop himself. Despite the conditions of the world forcing them to be together all the time, he knew absolutely nothing about his daughter except that she and Carl were together and that she was good with a gun.

A part of him knew it didn’t matter anymore. She was dead.

He turned to the next entry.

My dad is keeping me on a leash now. He’s mad at me. I don’t care. Carl’s the only person that genuinely makes me happy. My dad doesn’t make me happy. He just wants to control me.

I know this put a damper in his friendship with Rick. Rick’s saying it’s all my fault because I’m a bad influence. My dad stood up for me, but I know deep down he agrees. I’m a “problem child.” I have attitude. I’m dramatic. I like to venture out on my own and go explore, sometimes bringing Carl with me so we can have alone time.

I know my dad wishes he had a better daughter. Sometimes I wish I was. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born, and that my mom gave birth to a different kid. A kid that wasn’t me. I bet my dad would love that. He hates me.

My 18th birthday is in two weeks. I don’t know if legalities matter anymore in this world, but I’ll be an adult. I want to be treated like one. I want off this leash. I want to be allowed to be with Carl without being told no.

I won’t stop seeing him.’

The more Daryl read that, the more his heart broke. He never knew that she thought he didn’t care. Tears starting forming in his eyes, but he wiped them away quickly. He refuses to cry about anything anymore.

‘I’m sick. I can’t stop throwing up everywhere. It’s odd, because I feel fine other than when it just hits me out of nowhere, and no one else is sick beside me.

I refuse to even think about the other option. I’m sick, that’s all.

I got to kill a lot of walkers today. I haven’t got to do that in a while. It felt nice to hold a gun again. Carl is sweet with me. He’s always making sure I’m okay, being protective and all. He loves me, he told me that today. I think I love him too.’

Daryl didn’t know Carl and her were that serious. He thought they were just hormonal teenagers, doing things that teenagers done. He didn’t know there was feelings there. That was an odd thing for Daryl to imagine, love. He hadn’t ever felt it for a girl that wasn’t family.

‘It’s confirmed. I’m pregnant. I did something to piss off my dad, so then it would start a fight, and I ran off without him trying to find me. If I ran off without a reason he’d be suspicious.

I found the tests in the town over. It wasn’t a long walk, but the coldness was getting to me. I ran home, and hid the box in my coat.

My dad didn’t even look at me as I walked past him.

I don’t know how I’m going to tell Carl. God, how am I going to tell anyone? My dad? Rick? I don’t understand how this happened. He pulled out every time. We didn’t use condoms, they’re not exactly easy for either of us to obtain, but I thought pulling out worked, too. I guess I was wrong.

I suppose I didn’t really have anyone to teach me this stuff.

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I’m sitting here writing in a diary like a little girl for God’s sake.’

Tears spilling, Daryl slammed the diary shut. He couldn’t read anymore. He stormed off the bed, and punches the wall near him.

“Daryl?” Rick appeared. Daryl turned his body to face him, ready to break at any moment.

“She thought I hated her.” Daryl says slowly, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

“I doubt she thought you hated her. She knew you loved her. You wouldn’t have gotten so protective of her if you didn’t love her.”

“Rick, I foun’ her diary… I shouldn’t have read it, but I did. She said she wished she wasn’t born because she thought she wasn’t a good enough daughter for me.”

Rick could see the man in front of him, broken to pieces. He felt for him.

“I’m going to finish reading it, I think.” Daryl said after a few moments of silence. Rick took that a que that he wanted to be left alone, and made his way out of the room.

Daryl’s hands shook as he reached for the small, brown notebook once more. Turning it to the last entry she made, he took a deep breath and continued reading.

‘I told Carl.

He took it okay. We were in the middle of eating breakfast that Carol had made for the group when I pulled him outside to talk. He was mostly freaked out. I don’t know if he was more freaked out at the fact that he was going to be a father, or the fact that he would have to tell HIS father. But in the end, he knew his father would be supporting regardless. He gave me a real big kiss and told me we would get through this together.  

I told him I didn’t want to tell anyone until I told my dad first. I’m telling him today. It’s my birthday. I figured it’s as good of a day as any to tell him.

I found the necklace he got me. The paper he had it all wrapped in was torn and it was falling out. It was beautiful. I’ve never seen anything to beautiful in my life. I don’t think my dad’s ever gotten me a gift. It makes me happy. Not because its material, but because it’s meaningful. I don’t get attention from him like this. It makes me want to cry.

Stupid pregnancy. Makes me emotional.

I can’t wait for him to give it to me. I feel like maybe it’s his idea of trying to open up to me. If he’s willing, I’m willing.

I have this idea that if my baby turns out to be a girl, I want to give the necklace to her when she gets older. I want to keep it in the family. If we live long enough for that.

I love this baby so much already. I’d do anything for him or her, I can already feel it.

I’m going to tell him whenever he gets back from doing whatever he’s doing. I know he’s going to kill me. I’m getting anxiety about telling him. I considered just not telling him at all, letting him figure out on his own that he’s going to be a grandfather. But I need to tell him. I’ll write in this later and-“

It stops mid-sentence, not continuing. Daryl notices stains on the side of the paper, a puke-ish color, like she got sick while writing that and forgot about it.

He slowly closes the journal, mind numb. He knew the rest of the story.


He had home early from checking out a possible un-scavenged pharmacy with Glenn when he saw her sitting outside, deep in thought.

“How did it go?” She had asked him, attempting to build up a conversation with him before dropping the bomb.

“Overrun by walkers, but mostly un-touched. Rick’s sending in a team tomorrow to clear the place out.”

“Awesome,” She had said blankly.

“Look, I know we’re not the perfect example of a father daughter relationship, but if somethings wrong I need you to tell me.” Daryl told her, taking a seat next to her.

“Dad, I’m pregnant.”

Daryl looked over at her in shock. Her eyes were rimmed with tears, and her stomach felt nauseous, although she wasn’t sure if that was from more morning sickness or the anticipation of waiting for his response.

“You’re jokin’, right?” He looked at her dead in the eye. All she could do was stare at him.

“Fuck.” He cursed, getting up from next to her. “How could you do that? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“It’s not like we wanted this, dad!” She was angry.

“I’m gonna kill him. I’m gonna rip his head off.” Daryl was fuming.

“Dad, please-“

“God, I don’ understand, why couldn’t you have just been a good kid? Why do you gotta run around causin’ problems for everyone. I shouldn’t even be surprised.”

He had hit a nerve. She looked at him, no response. He looked at her one last time before storming into the house, slamming the door shut.

“I’ll never let anything happen to you.” She talked to her baby, rubbing her stomach. She was so angry that she forgot to grab her gun.

And then she ran.



Request: Can u do a salvatore brothers + child!salvatore!reader where she is their descendent? Her dad just commit murder-suicide but she got saved at last minute. Child service listed the brothers as her only relative. Damon reluctantly took her in, being pressured by stefan who doesnt want her to end up in foster care. Idk whatever happen next is up to you. Thanks in advance.  A/N: srry it took so long im rlly bad at getting imagines done quick. also Y/l/n = your last name. 

A/N: i suck ass i know. im sorry i havent posted in forever but dont worry, ive done a lot of writing over the past few days and i should be stocked up for the next few weeks. also, i know my transitions are shitty so i apologize for that but i am working on improving. love ya

Stefan’s POV:

“Come on Damon, you know that you don’t want this poor kid to go into foster care,” I exclaimed. “I don’t give a damn about that kid Stefan and you know it!” I let out a sigh, tired of fighting with Damon over this. “Damon she’s family, we have to take care of her,” I persuaded. “For all we know she could end up like her father and try to murder us,” Damon shot back. “Damon! Just because she came from a bad family doesn’t mean that she’s bad too, you of all people should know that. And I’m going to the Child Services Building and picking up Y/n whether you like it or not.“

Y/n’s POV:

“I’m sorry to say this Miss Y/l/n, but if Stefan and Damon Salvatore do not want to take you in you will have to be put in the foster care system,” the social worker told me. I felt my heart skip a beat in my chest, instantly speeding up rapidly. “W-what,” I whispered hoarsely, “I mean, do I really have no other living relatives?” “Yes, there are no other living relatives we know of,” she stated, exasperated. I nodded my head, my hands suddenly shaking. ‘Oh god, what if they don’t like me? Or worse, what if they hate me? Oh no, they’re going to hate me and I’m going to be stuck living with strangers who do drugs and don’t care about me at all-” My thoughts were interrupted by the front door of the Child Services Building opening. I saw two men, one with light brown hair and blue-green eyes and the other with raven hair and bright blue eyes. ‘What if that’s them?’ The social worker looked up and waved when she saw them. “Mr. and Mr. Salvatore,” she asked. “Yes,” the brown haired man answered. My heart started beating even faster, if that was even physically possible. As soon as this happened the raven haired man looked at me, his eyes narrowing as if he were annoyed by me already. “My name is Stefan, and this is my brother Damon. You must be Y/n,” the brown haired man I now know as Stefan introduced. “Uh, yeah I’m Y/n,” I confirmed. “Right, so we’re here to discuss the matter of you legally adopting and being the legal guardians of Y/n,” the social worker told Stefan and Damon. “Yes, yes, let’s get to it then,” Stefan replied. The social worker proceeded to ask them questions that would determine whether or not they were fit to be my legal guardians or not. After a brutal hour she finally found them fit to be my guardians. 

“Can we take Y/n home now,” Stefan asked. “Of course go ahead,” the social worker told him excitedly.  “Where are the rest of your bags,” Damon asked irritably. “This is all I have,” I told him quietly. “That tiny bag is everything you have,” Stefan asked, concerned. “Well yeah, I didn’t have much to begin with and a lot of my stuff the cops took for evidence,” I explained. “Well we’ll have to buy you some stuff then, right Damon,” Stefan said. “Yup,” Damon answered emotionless, popping the ‘p’. “You really don’t have to do that,” I protested. “No, We don’t mind,” Stefan replied. I decided to keep my mouth shut and then we continued to walk to the car in silence. 

 “This is our car up here,” Stefan said, pointing to a car in front of us. I looked up from the ground and saw an old red car and was instantly mesmerized by it. “She’s beautiful,” I muttered, practically gaping. Stefan smirked. “Yeah, she is isn’t she?” I got in the backseat of the car and leaned my head against the window. “So Y/n, are you excited to go to your new school next week,” Stefan asked, attempting to make small talk. I felt my heart rate pick up for at least the millionth time today. “I-I guess. I mean, at least I might finally make some friends,” I whispered. My eyes widened a little as I realized I just made myself seem like a weird loner girl in front of my new family. “You mean you didn’t have any friends at your other school? Makes sense,” Damon said. I felt my face drop and I looked down. “Damon!” Stefan hit the back of his head making me smile. “It’s fine. It does make sense that the daughter of a serial killer wouldn’t have good social skills,” I piped up, hoping that if I defended Damon he would hate me less. “You don’t have to defend him Y/n, he’s just being a jerk,” Stefan told me. “No, it’s fine. I really don’t care,” I replied. “You can’t just not care,” Stefan said. I shrugged my shoulders and looked out the window. While staring at the trees passing by I felt my eyes begin to droop. I leaned my head against the window and let myself asleep.

I woke up gasping for air. I looked around me, making sure I was safe. “Woah, Y/n are you okay,” I heard Stefan ask. I looked up at him and nodded my head. “I just had a bad dream,” I explained quietly. I saw both Damon and Stefan’s faces soften. I looked down, ashamed that they had witnessed me in such a weak state. “If it makes you feel any better, I have nightmares too,” Damon told me. I looked up at him in surprise. “Really?” “Really.” “Do you want to talk about it,” Stefan asked me gently. I shook my head quickly. “I’m fine,” I assured them. I saw Stefan give Damon a look of worry before looking back at the road. 

We got to their house, which might I mention was huge, in two hours. “Woah,” I whispered when I got out of the car. Stefan chuckled and opened the trunk, reaching for my bags. “It’s okay Stefan, I can get my bags,” I told him jogging over to get my bags. “It’s no problem, I need to show you where your room is anyway,” he replied. “Are you sure,” I asked. “Yes I am Y/n.” “Sweet Jesus, stop being so polite and one of you hold the damn bag,” Damon exclaimed. I flinched at the volume of his voice, instinctively stepping back. His eyes snapped towards me and he looked horrified. “Why did you- Did I scare you,” he asked me quietly. I shakily nodded my head yes. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “It’s okay,” I whispered back, “it’s just that my dad used to yell a lot and it still freaks me out a little.” He looked even guiltier and I put my hand on his shoulder, silently assuring him that I was okay. Suddenly Damon pulled me into his chest. “Y/n I swear to god I will protect you from everything that comes your way, I promise you,” he told me. I felt Stefan join the hug too. “I’ll protect you too Y/n, I will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe.” I can tell I’m really going to like it here with my new family.

a bullet point fic (pt. 1)

that I don’t have time to write. If someone else wants to write it, you have my blessing.

aka, that time Luke traveled back in time to tell Obi-Wan that he had to bang Anakin in order to save the future

  • it is a nice quiet day in the middle of the Clone Wars. The Team™ has the day off and they are all getting lunch together. Obi-Wan and Padme are chatting mildly about the war and the crazy nice weather Coruscant has been having while Anakin and Ahsoka are in line to get second lunch.
  • (They eat like hobbits, and it’s not military food hallelujah so they are going to eat their fill, thank you very much)
  • Then, out of nowhere, Luke Skywalker descends from the heavens in a fabulous outfit, and has a seat at Obi-Wan and Padme’s table.
  • (No one else around seems to notice this)
  • He introduces himself as LUKE SKYWALKER, Anakin and Padme’s son, having traveled from the future to bring them a message of warning. The future sucks, he tells them. There’s an evil emperor, and Dad fell to the dark side, and Mom died and Obi-Wan was sad a lot, and Luke was an ORPHAN and basically it was the Darkest Timeline.
  • but it’s okay now! Because Luke talked to Anakin and Obi-Wan’s ghosts, and they told him how to fix everything and they sent Luke back in time to deliver this message.
  • “Obi-Wan,” Luke says with 110% seriousness. “You need to have sex with my father.”
  • what, says Obi-Wan
  • what, says Padme
  • Luke takes both of their hands and squeezes them gently. “I know, it sounds weird, but that’s what your ghosts told me. They said there were a lot of unrequited feelings that, if they’d known were requited, would have changed the future”
  • Obi-Wan looks #offended at the concept that he might ever have a feeling ever
  • Padme looks…well. She doesn’t look unhappy, I guess
  • “Basically, Dad had a vision that Mom was going to die and had no one to talk to about it and really freaked out, hence his fall to the darkside.”
  • Obi-Wan wants to say “I’m fairly certain I can get Anakin to talk to me without sleeping with him” but he doesn’t get the chance to because Luke is Chatty
  • “Anyway, the point is I’d rather have three parents than zero parents, so fix this pls k bye” and then Luke is gone, and Anakin and Ahsoka are back with their deep fried whatever, and take his seat.
  • “Are you guys alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” 
  • To which Obi-Wan responds that he has to go iron his dog, and Padme says that there is a Senate meeting she forgot about so bye, and then suddenly it’s an empty table with only Anakin and Ahsoka there.
    • They shrug. More deep fried bugs for them, then.

can someone please tell me why archieronnie is not the most popular ship in the fandom? or at least second to beronica??? (still holding out hope) like literally archieronnie has so much potential to be a good couple, for example;

-they are the most developed couple having had moments since episode one

-they literally have amazing chemistry and would be one hot couple because kj and camila are 🔥

-**they are both beautiful poc (still bitter they whitewashed kj but in my head he’s still poc) lead characters that deserve as much attention as the white hetero couple**

-they are not afraid to talk to each other about there problems and if anything archie seems comfortable being vulnerable in front of ronnie

-ronnie doesn’t judge him for his mistakes (i.e. grundy situation) and when he’s hard on himself, she just reminds him that he’s human and that everyone messes up, including her

-ronnie is archie’s #1 fan (besides his dad) when it comes to his music

-archie obviously cares about her because he told her about the blossoms and her dad, and seemed to notice when something was wrong with her at jughead’s party

-and when she didn’t want to talk about it, he changed the subject and was comfortable enough to tell her about his parent situation

-which led to her ranting and freaking out about her dad, and archie cutting off the ranting to hug and comfort her

-they are both messed up people, but that’s okay because they have each other and like veronica said, everyone is a little messed up

so rant aside, i just feel like archieronnie doesn’t get the attention it deserves in this fandom and deserves much better because if beronica ain’t happening then i hope archieronnie is endgame

Two's Company - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.

I usually don’t do summaries on my imagines but I feel like this needs one. Stiles and Y/N find out that she’s expecting.

Originally posted by sarcasticallystilinski

You’d lost your virginity to Stiles. It was your one year anniversary and you’d been planning it. You knew he wasn’t a virgin and that didn’t bother you, and it didn’t bother him that you were a virgin. It went about the way you’d expect your first time to go, it wasn’t great but it was special. Had you used protection? You couldn’t remember. Did you use protection the last times you two had sex? You remember you did at least once.

“Y/N..?” Scott approaches you at your locker.

“Hey, Scott.” You smile as you grab your books.

“Can I talk to you?” He asks awkwardly.

You grab Stiles’ jacket from the hook in your locker and you put it on before closing it. “Of course. What’s up?”

“Follow me.” He was acting weird. You followed him behind the stairs and he scratched the back of his neck.

“You and Stiles have uh…had sex right?”

You look at him oddly. “He told you didn’t he? I told him not to make it a big deal..” You blush.

“Yeah, he told me.” He chuckles. “Did you guys…cover up?”

“Why?” You look up at him.

“Just tell me.” He says.

“Why, Scott?” You push.

“Y/N, just please answer the question!” He yells and you step back from him.

“I don’t remember. There. I answered your incredibly invasive and unnecessary question.” You spin on your heel and start to walk away.

Scott grabs your arm. “Y/N, I think you’re pregnant.”

You stop dead in your tracks. When was your last period? You think back, counting on your fingers. You hadn’t even noticed when it didn’t come. You turn to face Scott. “What do you mean?”

“I…hear two heartbeats.” He extends his hand towards your stomach. “May I?” You nod, in shock. He places his hand on your stomach, biting his lip. “Y/N…I’m sorry.”

You shake your head fiercely. “No. It’s not true.” Scott looks at you, biting his lip. “Scott, you’re lying.”

He looks at his feet. “I’m sorry. I just…I’d tell Stiles soon.”

You let out a big breath, running up the stairs to your first period class.

Thoughts run through your head. Is this why you’d been stealing all of Stiles’ clothes? You’d noticed your clothes were a bit tight so you’d been wearing your boyfriend’s things. Is this why you’ve cried so much? Is this why you’ve thrown up? You’d thought you’d had the stomach flu. Is this why-

“Hey, babe.” Stiles interrupts your thoughts and you jump a bit. He kisses your cheek as you sit beside him.

“I-uh..hey.” You say quietly.

He drums his fingers on his desk. “I was thinking we could go to the drive-in theater tonight. I know you said you’d never been.” He smiles at you, planning your weekly Wednesday night date.

“That..that works, yeah.” You look at your hands.

“You okay?” He leans over and rubs your back.

“I’m fine.” You give a small smile. “I’m just nervous about the test fifth hour.”

“Oh. Yeah, I guess we should’ve actually studied when you came over yesterday.” He chuckles.

You just smile and look up at the teacher.

At the end of class you leave quickly, trying to beat Stiles.

You make your way through the day, only speaking when necessary. By the end of the day you’ve decided against telling Stiles immediately.

“Hey, Y/N. You coming watch to lacrosse practice?” Kira asks.

“Yeah, I’ll be right there.” You nod and she heads outside to the field. You follow soon after, sitting in the bleachers with your friends.

Your eyes land on Scott and Stiles talking, it looks serious.


“I wanted to wait for Y/N to tell you but I don’t think she will.”

“Scott what the hell are you talking about?”

“Stiles, Y/N is pregnant.”

“I don’t believe you. She would’ve told me.”

Scott shakes his head. “I’m sorry man.”


You spot Stiles headed your way. He grabs your arm. “We need to talk.” You stand up and he leads you to the locker room. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asks.

“Tell you what?”

“That you’re pregnant, Y/N! What the hell else?” He shouts and you flinch. “Babe, I’m sorry. I’m just…” He runs a hand through his hair. “I’m hurt that you didn’t tell me, and I just..I’m freaked out.”

“You don’t think that I’m freaked out? Stiles, Scott told me this morning. I haven’t even taken a test, he just said he heard two heartbeats! I could have an arrhythmia for all he knows!”

“My dad won’t be home for awhile…lets go back to my house and we’ll take a test.”

You scoff. “And it won’t be suspicious for the sheriff’s son or his son’s girlfriend to pick up a pregnancy test.

He rubs your arm. “I’ll ask Scott to get it.”

“No! Scott’s done enough.”

“Babe…” Stiles looks at you.

“No. He didn’t even give me a day to tell you. He’s gone too far. I’ll ask Lydia.”

You walk out of the locker room and text Lydia. When she gets there you look at her, biting your lip. “Can I ask you a huge favor?” You ask.

“What’s up?” She smiles.

“Will you go get me a pregnancy test?” Stiles comes out of the locker room and stands behind you.

Her mouth drops. “A pregnancy test?”

You nod and sigh.

“Of course.” She rubs your arm. “It’s no problem.”

“Thank you for not making this a big deal.” You smile. “Meet us back at Stiles’?” She nods and takes off.

Stiles kisses your head. “Let’s go.”

You get to Stiles’ a few minutes before Lydia. She hands you the test and she smiles. “I’ll leave. Just call and let me know okay?”

You hug her. “Thank you so much.” She leaves and you run to the bathroom, taking the test. You cap it and sit it on the counter, walking into Stiles’ room.

“What’s it say?” He asks nervously.

You shrug. “I have to wait two minutes. I set a timer.” You show him the timer on your phone. You sit on his bed, playing with your hands. You glance at your phone? It has 10 seconds left. You stand up and bite your lip. 8 seconds. You start to walk towards the bathroom. 6 seconds. Stiles follows you, holding your hand, 3 seconds. You exchange a look and Stiles nods. 1 second. The alarm goes off and you sigh.

“I’ll stay here.” He whispers and you enter the bathroom.

You uncap the test and read it, a loud sob falling from your lips, you slide down the counter, crying.

Stiles runs into the bathroom and looks at the test on the ground. “Babe…” He whispers. He sits beside you and pulls you onto his lap. You bury your face in his neck, crying loudly. He rocks with you and kisses your forehead. “We can do this, y'know.” He whispers.

You hit his chest. “Don’t act like this is okay! You’re leaving next semester! You get to go to college you get to do big things! I’ll be stuck with a baby! So don’t you dare act like this will be okay.” You stand up and wipe your eyes, leaving his room and going downstairs.

He runs after you, chasing you down the stairs. “Babe, please!” He pulls you into his arms and sits his head on top of yours.

“I’m sorry.” You whisper. “I don’t think I can do this.”

Baby Blue

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: When the reader discovers they’re pregnant, they worry about how Ethan will take it.

Pairing(s): Ethan x Reader

Warnings: Probably some swears.

A/N: This is my first post with a specific gender, so I apologise to all my male and non-binary readers. Also, I am not familiar/keen on the idea of pregnancy so if I get some facts wrong then I’m sorry. I REALLY ran away with this one, it was supposed to be about 500 words tops. Oops!

Originally posted by etan-nestor

“Shit,” you hissed, staring down at the plastic stick in your hands. “Shit, shit, shit, shit.”

“Y/N, you almost done in there?” Amy called from the other side of the bathroom door.

“I-I’ll be right out.” You hid the pregnancy test behind your back and opened the door, revealing your best friend.

“Hey, you okay?” She asked, grabbing your arm as you tried to escape. “You don’t look too hot.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired, it’s been a long day,” you lied, edging further away from her as she scrutinised you.

Amy crossed her arms and glared at you, her eyes flicking over your form before frowning. “What are you hiding?”

“Nothing, I’m not hiding anything,” you said a little too quickly.

“Bull crap,” Amy snapped. “Tell me what’s going on.”

You sighed in defeat and held out the pregnancy test for her to see. “It’s positive. About three weeks now.”

“Woah,” she breathed. “That’s not what I was expecting.”

“ Me neither. I just- I don’t know what to do.” You fiddled with the white plastic and chewed your lip nervously.

Amy draped an arm around your shoulders gently. “Come on,” she said. “We have a lot to talk about.”

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #26

My Dog Was Just As Confused As I Was

I was home alone with my dog. I went into my bedroom and sat on the floor to play fetch for a few minutes. I tossed the tennis ball a few times, and he brought it back as usual. The next time I threw it, it bounced off a wall back towards me and hit the door frame. I never actually heard it hit the second time. I never saw it bounce or roll away.

My dog eagerly went to that spot to retrieve it, but when he got there, he paused and looked around. I went to see if the ball was there because sometimes he will suddenly stop chasing the ball. It was not there. I figured maybe it bounced off so quickly that neither of us saw it, so I went into the living room to see if it stopped on our super fluffy rug. It wasn’t there either. I looked under the couch. Nope. I couldn’t figure out what happened to it.

I went into the kitchen a few minutes later, and there it was, behind the bar. I was extremely puzzled because for this to happen, it would have had to roll across my rug, under my couch, and around the bar. In all, it would have had to roll about 25 feet. The rug is super fluffy (too much friction), and I know for a fact I did not toss it with enough force for it to roll that far over the rug.

Maybe it bounced across the living room after hitting the wall? If so, I would have had to throw it pretty hard.

I still have no idea what happened or how the ball got where it did. I know my dog didn’t find it and bring it to the kitchen because he was next to me the whole time. I’ve been trying to come up with every possible scenario and remain stumped.

Credits to: valyrianqueen

A ‘Glitch’ That Happened To My Dad And My Sister

The other day I was at my parents’ house and we had been talking about the Mandela effect, as my dad and I have become quite obsessed with the topic lately. Well, that conversation eventually turned toward some creepy childhood things that happened to my dad, that he likes to tell me about from time to time. This thing in particular is something that had slipped my mind until he reminded me.

When my dad was a child, he lived on quite a large chunk of land. There was around an acre of just land, and then around back and to the side were acres and acres of woods. This land is still in my family to this day, and I love it there so much. I used to visit there every weekend with my siblings and lots of strange/creepy things happened there. Anyway when my dad was a kid, he used to play in the woods all the time with his brother, until all hours. There was this one area deep in the woods that was void of trees, that they used to visit often to play in. This was one of their favorite areas of the woods to visit.

One night in the summer before the sun was completely gone, they were headed toward their spot to play. But as they got nearer they started hearing crows and people’s voices. When they got to their spot.. It wasn’t empty. There was a huge, old house there with a wrap around porch, and crows hung around in cages. The lights were on in the house, and there was a woman in a rocking chair on the porch, and a man with a gun standing next to her. They were having casual conversation like nothing was amiss, even though just the day before they didn’t even exist.

Naturally, my dad freaked out and shouted “They weren’t here yesterday!!!” The man noticed them, got really angry and started to walk toward them. My dad and his brother ran away and went back home. He told me the next time they found the courage to visit that spot, the house was gone. And this is something that continuously happened to him and his brother from time to time as they were growing up.

Now, this story sounds made up. It sounds like something that he would just tell me to scare me and I wouldn’t have believed him.. Except I know he wasn’t lying. I know he wasn’t lying because my sister and my half sister experienced the same thing.

When I was little, around 6 or 7, when we used to visit my dad’s old house, my older sister and my half sister (Who I thought was my aunt at the time) used to go out and play without me sometimes while I watched Disney movies in the living room. My half sister lived with my grandparents at the time, so naturally we spent a lot of time there. Anyway that day I spent my time at the house because they just wanted some time alone.

That night, around 7 or 8 (I don’t remember that well), my sister and half sister came in through the door in a rush. My sister had tears in her eyes and my half sister was extremely excited. My sister told me that they had been playing in the woods, and come across a house that was never there before. She said it was a big house, with a wrap around porch and crows all around in cages. She was really scared and I know she wasn’t lying, she’s always been a really bad liar.

At that point in time, neither of us had heard that story from our dad. I was too young to hear about things like that, and my sister was easily scared, so our dad didn’t tell us anything like this until a lot later in life. So my dad and my sister both experienced the same exact thing, and neither of them have mental problems so I’m almost certain it was no hallucination.

Credits to: punchtheneko

Sometimes I Feel Like I’m In 2 Places At Once

For example, when I woke up this morning I felt as if I was in a New York apartment several stories up, even though I’m in California. I had visuals too, there was a window in front of my to my right that didn’t have any curtains on it, and I could see the people below walking and hear all the cars passing by.

Another example, sometimes I will be walking down the street or sitting on my porch and feel that I’m in another country, it’s different countries every time. When I say I “feel” somewhere, I mean I feel it in my soul or something, along with feeling a different way, like the vibe and atmosphere changes around me. It’s really cool though, since I do want to travel someday.

Credits to: EvanSt19

Something I Hallucinated Is Real

First let me qualify this by saying that part of this story is influenced by powerful psychoactive substances. But that is not the glitch part - well, it is related. What moved me to write this post occurred totally sober. In fact, I have not taken any drugs in years since this particular experience.

In 2011 I had just started college and met a new crowd. I was inexperienced with drugs, but started smoking weed with some new friends I met. A few months into the semester and my buddy comes over one day and mentions that he is about to be getting a bunch of really strong Salvia. I had never done anything other than weed and drinking, but researched Salvia a bit and decided it seemed like something worth trying. It seemed pretty harmless since it supposedly only lasted a few minutes and was even legal.

I had no fucking clue what I was getting myself into. If you are not familiar with Salvia, it is powerful stuff. Not “make you feel goofy” kind of stuff, but mercilessly run the fabric of your reality through the inter-dimensional wood-chipper kind of stuff. I watched my friends smoke it and do stupid shit: they’d look freaked out and say weird things, go a little bonkers for a few minutes, returning with stories of weird hallucinations of “LegoLand” and strange distortions of their reality.

Being the newb I went last. I went gung-ho and took the fattest hit I possibly could. I held it in until I felt like my lungs were about to burst encouraged by my friends jeering. By the time I exhaled the smoke I was no longer in my body. I remember watching the cloud as it left my lungs and thinking how huge it was. I am not entirely sure what happened next. I felt myself beginning to cough and then I had this intensely strange and unpleasant sensation down the middle of my body, like I was being sawed in half.

The next thing I knew I was standing in line at a movie theater waiting to buy a ticket with my two daughters. They were young, maybe 8 and 12. Both blond. I think we are waiting to see an animated movie. I am a middle-aged man, my name is Jerry. Overall, it is a pretty normal day.

I would figure out most of this later. In the moment I didn’t bother to question it. Nothing was out of place. I was Jerry, and I was just going about my day, treating my daughters to the movie theater. I experienced the totality of being another person. There was no thought in my (Jerry’s) mind of my former self, of the hit of Salvia I just exhaled or anything else. I was just standing in line, waiting at the movie theater.

I can remember what I estimate amounts to about three or five minutes of being there, waiting in that line, looking around the theater. Just as I got up to the counter to buy a ticket, I felt that horrible sensation in the middle of my body again, like a buzz-saw making its way through my sternum. Then I lost contact with Jerry. There were more hallucinations after that, but they aren’t really relevant.

It took me a long time to cope with being Jerry. When my friends asked what happened I just told them about the horrible feeling and the weird colors and shapes I saw on the tail end of the experience. I didn’t say shit about Jerry to anyone for months. I was sure they would all think I was fucking crazy. None of my friends said anything remotely like this when they finished their hits. I still to this day wonder if we all had intense and inexplicable experiences and were just too afraid to talk about them, instead settling on descriptions of “LegoLand” and other garbage. But then I was also pretty afraid I was crazy.

I actually went through a period of depression after this but eventually overcame it, especially after finding some experience reports of Salvia users who had somewhat similar experiences to mine, including an account of a man who smoked a pure extract of Salvinorin A and claims to have experienced living as a tree for seven years. OK - so at least if I’m crazy I have some company.

So far this is all background information, and I know this is getting lengthy. But here is where this turns from a trip report into a glitch.

Last week I ran into Jerry and his two girls in Target. Prior to this, I had never assumed Jerry really existed. I was quite sure that he was entirely confined to my hallucination. But there he was, precisely as I remembered him, and his little girls looking just the same. They have not even aged.

Now, I never seen Jerry’s face. I never heard his name either. But there were two layers to this experience: I was looking around having a normal day, but I also was just totally another person. I can’t explain exactly how I know what Jerry looks like or what his name is, but I have no doubt in my mind what my name is, and a decent mental image of what I look like, and I was Jerry, and I’m not about to forget those things for either one of us.

So when I seen him in Target looking at cheap cheeses, I had no doubt. It wasn’t some dude who looked like Jerry with his two little blond doppelgangers. There was no fucking way. I just stared at them for a long time, trying to confirm it was them. I followed them around for awhile trying to get a good look at all of their faces. Eventually I got too freaked out and decided to leave. I’m not terribly subtle, and I’m pretty sure they knew I was watching them. I thought about talking to him but I had no idea what to say. Or if I’m crazy.

Credits to: streetsaheadlikeshia

My earliest memory of my dad is probably of him somewhere in a garden covered in dirt, somewhere hot, a tropical garden, in jeans, khakis covered in dirt just continuously planting trees. I think that’s what I thought he did for the first seven years of my life. I was completely unaware that he had anything to do with music. I came home one day from school after being chased by kids singing ‘Yellow Submarine’, and I didn’t understand why. It just seemed surreal: Why are they singing that song to me? I came home and I freaked out on my dad: 'Why didn’t you tell me you were in The Beatles?’ And he said, 'Oh, sorry. Probably should have told you that.’
—  Dhani Harrison on his father, George, Living in the Material World

Dean Ambrose/OC: Your baby isn’t so much a baby anymore, and she has some news to tell you. FLUFFFF. Sequel to Late Night Chat and Meet the Roster.

I wrote this for my lovely anon who’s been so helpful and lovely and nice and I love them a lot and they love my cute lil domestic Dean series so….Here we go. It’s a lil bit different than the other two lmao anyways, here it is.

Y’ALL I DEADASS FORGOT TO TAG PEOPLE LMAO AIGHT SO HERE: @lavitabella87 @screamersdontdance @omgmissmillie @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @fuckyeahbulletclub @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @bizclizbaybay @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @meaganottiz02 @karaboomhower @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00

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