and he ended up being a princess

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Kou family headcanons?

Kou you’re up!

○ Let’s all get this straight Kou liked the thought of kids but did not want kids because of his career.

○ That being said he’s pretty protective once he has them though and likes to keep them out of the media as much as possible so they can lead a semi normal life.

○ Semi normal because their dad is still and idol

○ You two end up with a small family.

○ Your first go around you weren’t even trying and didn’t really want kids, but as time went on you two warmed up to it. Bless the mess that was Kou when he found out it was a girl. She has so many clothes and accessories and she is Daddy’s Princess. In fact she looks a lot like Kou and has your eye color. She’s really docile though, a complete contrast to the social butterfly that her dad is, and tends to have a lot of self esteem issues even if she is the most perfect thing Kou’s ever seen (move over S/O because your daughter has taken your place). School wise she is very good at her studies and spends most of her time in the library. She’s too shy to be in any clubs and Kou’s stopped pushing her to be in them.

○ Your next go was a boy, and this time you planned. He to ended up with a lot of stuff and is the chip off the ol’ block, literally. If you thought one Kou was bad then hell have no fury like two, which is what you got when your son ended up being a carbon copy even down to the personality. He likes school but mainly goes for the social factor since, unlike his big sister, he needs a lot of attention, and trust me he gets a lot since girls and guys are lining up around him most days. He also takes to the limelight like his dad and is the next up and coming actor for a few movies. Good luck beating off the fans!

actually imagine the rogue one crew being honored in the same way han and luke were at the end of a new hope. imagine a big ceremony with the princess and mon mothma and all the soldiers and they just lay forty medals on the steps, one for each rebel who died and for the strays they picked up on the way

imagine luke being there and seeing the force ghosts of chirrut and jyn as they are laid to rest finally, and he’s there to honor their sacrifice and understand that it wasn’t him who really took down the death star that it was the original rogue one that he is their legacy

han can sense the presence of the force ghosts but doesn’t know what it means. it’s that moment, looking at those medals given to the dead rebels that he really understands this cause is worth dying for

leia knows who these people are and has seen them leave for missions and return only this time they left and didn’t come back and to her the only way to truly honor that sacrifice is to see the last remnants of the empire destroyed which is why she is still fighting the first order in the force awakens

just imagine the rogue one legacy

the squadron named in their honor

old pilots telling the new recruits why there’s no “rogue one” that flies under rogue leader

because she already flew

and will never fly again

shiro is keith’s concerned older brother (he’s concerned keith isn’t getting enough sun and isnt going outside enough) and he forces keith to take his (shiro’s) fat dog out for a walk bc she needs the exercise and keith needs the sunlight. so keith is just like. walking this fatass dog in the dog park when suddenly the dog (her name is princess buttercup, i just deemed it so) just BOLTS in another direction and keith is like scrambling to hold onto the leash and is running and stumbling to catch up to princess buttercup and suddenly he hears this other guy screaming and yelling and before he knows it, keith crashes into this other guy (lance) who was also running to catch up to HIS dog’s pace and both their dogs just start like running in circles and making a complete spiderweb of the leashes and basically it ends up with keith and lance being pressed together and blushing furiously (and not looking each other in the eye) because their dogs got over excited and accidentally tied them together. 

once they get untied they started awkwardly talking and when keith learns lance’s dog’s name is bark obama he laughs for like 10 minutes and lance can’t stop staring at him and blushing bc holy hell he’s cute. and lance starts flirting and stuttering and keith can’t help but flirt back, he’s so smitten w/ the cute dark haired, freckled boy with the dog named bark obama.

in the end, they trade cell phone numbers and go on a coffee/dog walking date

I really want to write a fanfic where R2 just says, fuck this when Bail, obi-wan and Yoda plan to separate the twins. He then convinces C3P0 to help him kidnap the babies, reasoning that raising two children cant be that hard, humans do it all the time. 

They are like okay money wise because in this universe Anakin totally gave R2 his bank account info (which Padme made for him). R2 is a little confused about why there ends up being being so much money in it, seeing as he thinks Anakin is dead but ends up shrugging it off. So they just spend the next 10 years flying around the galaxy, raising the baby Skywalkers.

Luke totally spends at least one year speaking only in binary. Leia knows more languages then any one child should ever know. Both twins are highly offended by the existence of restraining bolts.

Then one year Vader has like a lackey like doing his taxes or something and the lackey is like “uh lord Vader do you know what these monthly withdraws from you bank account dating back ten years are about” and Vader is like what the fuck.

So Vader decides to go after who is committing Identity fraud reasoning that the only people who would have Anakin Skywalker’s bank info would be someone he wanted to track down anyway. Meanwhile poor Obi-wan has been trying to track the twins down for ten years, and is just so fucking tired.

Then both of them catch up with the group at the same time and shit goes down.

okay but consider:

Link and Zelda going to live at Link’s house in Hateno Village and being all cute and domestic together. 

Like, them fighting over who gets the bed on the first night…. like Link’s like You take it, you’re the princess! And Zelda’s like But it’s your bed! I can’t make you sleep on the floor in your own home!! And then they just both end up falling asleep on the floor because they literally spent all night unsuccessfully trying to convince the other to take the bed.

Zelda trying to cook something nice for Link and being a terrible cook, but he eats that charred omelette or that lumpy onigiri anyways because she tried and that’s all that matters.

Link going to the river to do laundry and Zelda desperately chasing him to retrieve her undergarments because oh my god he can’t see that it’s embarrassing.  

Them climbing on eachother’s shoulders to clean high places come spring cleaning. 

Them going to the shop together for weekly groceries, oblivious to the fact that everyone around them thinks they look like a married couple.

Them sharing food across the table. 

Dating Jonathan Byers would include:

-Him constantly taking pictures of you

- “please, one more, I swear”

-Sweet kisses all the time

   -Nose kisses. Can we just appreciate the thought of nose kisses

   -Forehead kisses when you’re cuddling

   -Kissing each others necks all the time because it’s your form of saying i     love you when words can’t say it

-Him walking you to your front door after dates because he’s such a gentleman

- “hey come listen to this song with me, you’ll love it”

   -you do love it every time

-buying him film for his birthday and him loving it and you

-everyone says he’d be really nervous when he finally does the sex, but I think he’d be really confident

   -he’d treat you like a princess the entire time

   -he would probably finish first the first time, but he would make sure you     finish too

-Him being nervous when he meets your parents

   -They end up loving him (obviously, who wouldn’t??)

-His mom and Will loving you

-Basically living at his house on the weekends

-Fluff all the time tbh

-Where can I buy a Jonathan Byers?

He Who Would Be King

(Negan x Reader)

Request:  Can you please make an AU Negan where he is a king and reader has and arranged marriage with him and at first they don’t feel anything towards each other and they just have to consume their marriage (pls some smut) and after some time he grows found of her? Sry it’s so long

Warnings: smut

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk

The throne room suddenly looked more intimidating than it had ever before. You had been here with your father before, travelling to other kingdoms was part of being a princess. This time though, you didn’t come as a guest.
Never had you thought you’d end up like this. Your father had always giving you every freedom possible and you knew if the political situation wouldn’t be so bad, he’d never have arranged for this. Still, you couldn’t help but feel angry and betrayed. From all the people you had to marry him! This whole thing wasn’t fair. The man was a brute, rude and savage and you absolutely disliked him in every way.  
“Your highness.” You bow down as the doors finally open, showing the king, your soon to be husband. Of course he was late.
“Y/N.” He nods, not showing much interest in you at all, “Simon will show you your room. The wedding will take place later this evening.”
One of his man escorts you out of the room, leading you along the cold, dark corridors until he stops in front of a room.
“Were here.” He says, pointing to the door before taking his leave.
You already hated everything about this place and had only been here for half a day.

You hadn’t been looking forward to the wedding but now you wished the celebration never would have ended because you dreaded what came after.
The room was clouded in darkness, apart from the light shinning through the windows. You lay in bed, awaiting your fate that was soon to come.
Your heart jumps when the door opens and you see the outlines of your husband, entering the room.  
The bed shifts when he sits down next to you, his cold hands moving along the side of your body.
“Are you ready?”
“No but it’s not like I have a say in the matter anyway.”
“Glad to see you’re as excited about this as I am.” He says sarcastically with a low chuckle, “I would have avoided this if it was possible…on the other hand I do like to fuck you even if I don’t like you.”
“You’re a disgusting brute!” You hiss, scrunching up your nose in disgust.
“So I’ve been told.” You can hear the smirk in his voice, clearly enjoying himself more than he should.
His hands move under your dress, grabbing your breasts and moving his thumbs over your nipples. You squirm under his touch, starting to get turned on by his touch even though he barely started. One of his hands move further down, pulling your panties down. His fingers move between your wet folds, lightly rubbing your clit for a moment before he pulls his fingers back. You almost let out a sigh at the loss of friction but know better than to make a noise. You didn’t want to let him have the satisfaction he’d get out of it.
“Do try to enjoy yourself darling.” He tells you before thrusting into you with force, drawing out a loud whimpering sound from you.
He moves his hips in a fast rhythm, his cock hitting a spot deep within you, that leaves you a moaning mess in no time. Not the way you had planned things to be but he made you feel too good. So good you didn’t care about anything anymore.
“Negan…” You whimper, warm feelings rushing through you.
“Fuck…” He groans and grabs your legs, moving them up to your shoulders. The new angle lets you feel him even deeper and you start moaning uncontrollably as he keeps pounding into you. He pulls out almost completely only to slam back in moments later, burying his cock balls deep inside you.
You clench around him, your orgasm finally reaching its peak until you can’t hold back anymore. He twitches inside you, spilling his hot cum deep inside you moments later with a groan. 

When you woke up in the morning he was gone, which left you feeling a slight sting but it wasn’t like you had expected him to stay and cuddle with you.
Being alone and bored you took a book from one of the shelves and plopped down on the couch, easily getting lost in the words.
“I didn’t knew you read.” The voice startles you because you hadn’t heard him come in.
“You don’t know anything about me if we’re being honest here.”
“True…” He sits down next to you, papers in hand and starts going through them, “Don’t let me distract you.”
You had gone back to your reading, almost forgetting Negan was even there until you felt his hand in your hair, softly twirling your locks around his finger. Curious, you look over to him but he’s still focused on his paper, probably not realizing what he’s doing.
“Hmh… not now baby, I’m busy.”  
You blush at the nickname but thankfully he’s not looking up to see your bright red face. Since he is still playing with your hair, you move closer, resting your head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around you, letting you cuddle up to him, nestling into his side.
The warm fuzzy feeling you felt deep in your stomach was hard to ignore. Something had changed. You weren’t madly in love but your initial disdain for the man was gone, replaced by something else. What exactly that was, you weren’t sure yet.

Please take a moment to imagine Vegeta in the next few episodes.
  • Imagine him constantly making sure Bulma’s comfortable with her aching body and pregnancy pains
  • Imagine him being nervous about making the right choices so she feels relaxed
  • Imagine Bulma making him talk to the baby and he isn’t sure what to say but makes an effort and it’s just awkward for him, but he’s really trying
  • Imagine him reading parenting books because he wants to show Bulma that he cares
  • Imagine him trying to set up a crib for the baby but ends up making more pieces than there already were
  • Imagine him explaining to Trunks that he has to take on responsibilities as the older brother to protect his younger sibling
  • Imagine him making promises to himself that he won’t fuck up on another relationship with his child
  • Imagine him finding out it’s a baby girl and buying pink dresses and bows for her to wear
  • Imagine him during Bulma’s labor terrified of her screaming and yelling and just being nervous throughout the entire thing because he hates seeing his princess in pain
  • Imagine him holding Bra in his arms for the first time
  • Imagine Bra smiling at him and he has this rush of emotions going through him that he can’t explain
  • Imagine him being that overprotective Dad that will do anything to keep his baby girl safe


I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want from the Kingsman sequel (too much), but here’s a dream theme: 

At the end of the first film, we saw Eggsy seems to have it all: a new house and life for his family, an exciting job of being part of an independent spy organization, fancy clothes and gadgets and gizmos, and even a princess. 

But is he happy? Truly happy? 

The second film starts with Eggsy being the archetypal male spy: drinking martinis and whiskey and gin bitters, roaming around parties with a smirk on his face, blowing up buildings, kicking ass and taking names, flirting and bedding attractive ladies, and just being a damn cliche. He does everything with a cheeky one-liner and a wink, and comes back to an empty house and a workplace that is still pretty elitist and there are about…four people who genuinely like him as a person. 

Michelle’s worried because she sees all the injuries Eggsy’s accumulating, but doesn’t quite know how to confront him about it; Roxy tries to get Eggsy to see what he’s doing to himself; and Merlin knows his agent is going to crash, but Kingsman can’t really afford to have an agent out of commission, even months after V-Day. Besides, Eggsy is the perfect gentleman spy: cool under fire, deadly and quick, and really, if he gets the job done, who can call him on it? 

And then Kingsman goes to shit. 

In America, in Kentucky—both the home base of the Statesman and where Harry got shot—Eggsy breaks out of his facade when he has to confront his feelings about Harry’s death. The audience has seen lingering hints of it while Eggsy’s at home—lingering shots of the wall filled with headlines, Eggsy mixing a drink from Harry’s liquor globe, sitting alone in a house, brushing off concerns from his family and friends, looking a bit out of place at the Round Table, taking a look at Mr. Pickle before he goes off to work—but Eggsy just snaps out of his shell and spills what he can to someone who will sit by his side and listen to him. 

I just want the Ultimate Deconstruction of James Bond and the Untouchable Spy, okay. 

Royalty AU

I want a royalty AU where Lusamine is the queen of the Aether Kingdom and she has two heirs to the throne. (Obviously Gladion and Lillie). 

Lusamine wants to have married to some random prince from the Skull Kingdom for benefits of her own and Lillie is like saying yes because she’s still a princess at this point. When Lillie has meetings with Sun (Prince), he says that he honestly doesn’t want to marry her and she’s like agreeing with him “same actually.” Gladion finds out why Lusamine wants Lillie to marry be married so then she will use Lillie’s princess powers to summon Ultra Beasts and win the war of against every kingdom. 

Gladions is just like, “NOPE.” So he decideds to run away with Lillie and he accidentally loses his sister when running away. (She must have been too scared to swim or something I don’t know). Lillie comes across a baby dragon and names them “Nebbie.” She travels with her tiny dragon and Gladion ends up being the “Headless Knight” of Skull Kingdom. 

Moon is a normal girl who switches places with Sun because Sun’s like “I don’t wanna be a knight and hurt people, you do it for me.” And Moon’s like “HELL YEAH BRO.” So Moon gets to be a knights and goes on a mission in the outskirts of Skull Kingdom. She meets a bard named Hau and they travel together. Then she just encounters Gladion and challenges the headless knight to a duel and she wins. So she then hunts him down to find out his identity and Gladion is now forced to tell the truth about EVERYTHING. 

Gladion’s like, “I am trying to find my sister because she’s a princess, but I have to avoid my mom too.” Moon decides to take off because she doesn’t want to do missions to become a knights and leaves Hau with Gladion. 

Moon meets up Lillie who is like “save Nebbie please.” Moon is just okay with it because she gets bored and whatnot. Whe she finds out that Nebbie is a dragon, Moon gets like, “my type of girl are the ones with dragon hot damn.” They go on an adventure to find some sacred sword or something and Moon doesn’t realize that Lillie’s actually a princess the entire time (lol). 

I don’t know what to do with the rest of this AU actually… 

Lillie just crashes into the castle with a giant dragon named Nebbie and she gets to have the throne and marries Moon. 

Title: who are you to make me feel so good?
Rating: M
Warning: Smut, jealousy, and getting it on in a natural spring. Yeah, this escalated quickly.
Character: Keith Alford
Alternative Moment: Main Story, Chapter 6
Song: cardiac arrest
Summary: His country’s economy is on the verge of collapse. His father sent him away like a child to play nice with the other princes. And now, he’s stranded on a goddamn deserted island with no way to contact a rescue party. There are bigger problems to deal with than how his butler’s flirting with her, so why can’t he stop thinking about it?

Requested By: The two anons that wanted to see a jealous Keith, and something to do with the plane crash. Enjoy!

He has to admit, and oh my is he utterly loath to do so, but the island is beautiful.

The sand is a crystalline, off-white hue that contrasts starkingly against the hypnotic blue of the sea. The trees are full and green, the underbrush peppered with colors of the natural flora. The sun is hot but the ocean breeze is crisp, making the weather humid but not unpleasant.

Had he been here under any other circumstances, it would have been a nice vacation spot. But no, instead he is forced to sit idly while they desperately try to make contact with a rescue team.

It shouldn’t be taking this long, he thinks. He’s been missing for nearly sixteen hours now, he can’t imagine they aren’t at least curious as to where he’s gone.

Even at gunpoint, he would never admit how overwhelming he finds this entire scenario. He’s powerless, hopelessly so, and in his weakness he is panicking. He’s never felt so vulnerable in his entire life, and that doesn’t sit well with him.

He notices movement out of the corner of his eye, and is greeted by the smiling faces of his useless butler and the woman who doesn’t seem to know when to shut her mouth.

They’ve spent a majority of the day off searching the west side of the island. And though he got curious enough to wander after them initially, just in time to catch her stupidly trying to climb a tree and catch her before she broke that slender neck, he quickly conceded defeat. He had done his part, by getting the fruit from atop the tower branches. But no, those two were determined to scour as much of the island as they could before sunset.

She’s beautiful, he notes not for the first time, when her face is alight joy. Hell, even when she’s insulting him and giving him a piece of her unfiltered mind she is stunning. The way her eyes flame up and her indignant stare burns into him makes his heart race and gives him the same adrenaline rush he gets from athletics.

But she’s never smiled at him like that. He’s only ever seen the annoyance, up until now. And that bothers him more than he’d care to admit.

God, if she isn’t the most infuriating woman he’s ever had the displeasure of meeting.

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Aim To Please - L.H

In Which, Luke is horny after a show

Rating: R
Warnings: This is straight up smut. Like its fucking disgusting.
Word count: 991
Written by Missy

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Okay but Yona of the Dawn will continue to end me. 
Like the romantic build up between Hak and Yona. Jae-ha not interfering with the relationship even though he has feelings for Yona. The dragons being hella supportive of Yona and Yona destroying the Princess stereotype and learning how to fight and progressing naturally as a character. 

LIKE FUCK MAN, re-reading this manga was a great idea. 


ziam au: zayn’s royalty, a rebellious, enigmatic prince who hates the spotlight and prefers for his sisters, the princesses, to protect their family’s name and reputation through their royal duties. he likes smoking and being alone far more than he likes being the Prince, but soon he’ll be King, and he’s down to his last few months of independence. liam is a uni student who would never have dreamt he’d meet royalty, studying and partying with friends. He’d expected even less to have a one night stand with a soon-to-be king and end up being courted by him to become the consort of his kingdom.

Bellamy’s use of “Princess”

“I don’t want Bellamy to call Clarke ‘princess’ ever again because it represents a time when he disliked her. The nickname originated from him mocking her. I don’t want Bellarke to move backwards in their relationship, only forwards.”

You do know… the meaning behind phrases and nicknames CHANGE as a story progresses? Yes, originally the ‘princess’ nickname was a way for Bellamy to be nasty, but it EVOLVED. It’s a metaphor of the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke… something that started in a bad place but ended up being endearing. Do you really think Bellamy was being sarcastic when he said “Looking to you, princess” in 1x10?

‘Princess’ was originally a way for Bellamy to be snarky, but now it is almost a pet name. When he says it towards the latter half of season 1, he is not being mean about it, he uses it FLIRTATIOUSLY. It’s his verbal ;) to Clarke. And in 1x10 it isn’t even flirtatious, it’s just dropped in there casually as hell, like a couple calling each other “babe” in casual conversation.

I still don’t understand why there are people who want the show to trash to phrase. If Bellamy ever used it again, it would be an incredibly nostalgic and touching moment. And I’m sure it would make Clarke smile.

#14 Dating EXO would include: Kai’s Edition:

-Spending so many lazy days together.

-Him buying you a dog on every damn occasion.

-Taking so many naps together, like literally you two would spend half of the day sleeping when you have nothing to do.

-Like honestly you two would just have woken up in the morning, you’d take a nap after breakfast, and another one after lunch.

-Him being flustered when you complement him about his looks or dance, or anything really, he’d start giggling like a school girl and become all shy and it’s so freaking cute.

-Him calling you “princess” or “honey” or “jagi”

-Him acting tough infront of the members and on stage, but become a cute little puppy when he is around you.

-You feeding him because sometimes he is just pure lazy.

-You cleaning up after his mess.

-Like sometimes he’d try to help but it always ends up with a disaster, he’d either add to much soap to the washing machine and floods the laundray room, or he’d burn the eggs he was trying to make for breakfast.

-Him asking you to choose his outfit for the day.

-Couple shirts, couple rings and couple everything, though he wouldn’t be that much into wearing them outside.

-He’s not into PDA, like he’d keep it on the lowest when you are outside surrounded by people, he’d just lightly hold your hand in public and that’s about it, but he’d let go when you two are just around the members.

-He’d get jealous when you are approached by a guy in public, but he would make a big deal out of it in public, he’d wait until you get home,where he’d show you who you belong to if you know what i mean.

-Cuddling, cuddling and more cuddling, you’d cuddle in every damn position, spooning with you as the small spoon or vise verca, craddling etc..

-When he’s trying to tease you he’d give you a lap dance ayE.

-Him stripping when the weather gets hot like it is the most normal thing ever, even if you had people over he’d take his shirt off if he’s feeling hot.

-You being flusterred, he wouldn’t even notice what he is doing to you, “why are you red?” he’d ask being a clueless tease, you’d scold him until he put a shirt on, but not after whinning “why? but it’s too hot” with pouty lips and wide eyes.

-He is a big tease, intentionally and unintentionally, everything he does is just a turn on for you.

-He is a love making member, who is into cute yet sexy lingerie, and costumes like maid costumes and police costumes and so on and would like handcuffs and ropes.

-You giving him lap dances, and grinding against him and him grinding back against you, with two pairs of lustful eyes staring at each other and heavy breathing, challenging each other and competing wou would be the one to give in first.

-Everything is a damn competition and bets, “hey wanna see who can finish eating 10 pieces of chicken first?” “Let’s play a video game, and the loser has to buy the other dinner?”

-This relationship would be so much fun, like he’d adore the shit out of you, and you’d get to see him blush and giggle a lot, he’d love you and protect you and give you all of his attention and spoil you, and call you my girl and i am kinda crying right now because he would be a perfect boyfriend.

tykira45  asked:

Now i have to ask! How will the suitors react to the princess being pregnant? XD

Besides the obvious, “Wait, what?!?” Lol … I think this has been done before… I may have seen one floating around…. thanks @nijigendiaries for your input as well XD

May contain spoilers … ? ;)

Nico - the most excited “WE’RE GONNA HAVE A BABY!?!?” *jumps on MC*

Byron - in his EA Royal Ending ;)

Albert - *fiddles with glasses* seems like he’s upset, then, “I’m so glad we get to share this together” *lotsa hugs and super protective of MC*

Louis - he’s super quiet …. *stares at the ground* very long silence, *looks up with tears and a smile* “This is amazing.”

Sid -*gets that serious look on his face* “You mean, we’re really having a baby?” *wraps MC up tight in his arms* *also secretly fetishes pregnancy*

Giles - *grins a big broad cheesy grin* “I knew it - you’re absolutely glowing my lovely.” *spoils MC*

Rayvis - *gets all blushy faced* *whispers* “Come here.”

Alyn - “Oooooo” *wide eyed deer in the headlights, then grins* “Awesome” *sheepishly hugs MC*

Robert - *gives MC a gentle smile* “This is wonderful …and I’ll always be there for you no matter what.”

Leo - *high pitched screaming*


So girl meets once upon a time falls into another world, this time the setting is Russia (Cold war 😅)

 And of course Mj had to use a character called Anastasia someone who always dreamed of reuniting at home in Paris, someone who forgot who she truly was , a princess.., More of all Someone who ends up falling in love with the guy who was not meant to be part of the story (My dimitri 😘😘 My first cartoon crush 😍😍) sounds familiar?

 Who uses logic to almost cost him self his opportunity, manipulating everyone’s mind, training Anya to go back to her original role where in reality he wanted The riches and gold at first
“Don’t keep the dollar Farkle” 

 And of course Rasputin who sold his soul to get Anya dead, with every try, to get revenge on the Romanovs
Sooo many parallels huh 😉

Seems like Farkle training Riley to be the princess he’d thought she was for his own gain “I payed my dues” and also ends up being hurt by that same thing as Dimitri when he realisises the real truth, hes in love with her

 The wizard Farkle being uncovered is not goanna be an easy thing sadly but if Dimitri got the girl after giving up everything for her, I think Farkle will be ok 😃

This also is a square dance for Lucaya
Same as Lucas training Maya to gain hope but his inferiority pushes her away too, Maya is also as much as Anastasia as Riley hence Anastasia bulangerie was wearing the red and black combo 

Both couples and their stupid stupid Inferiorities and their personal Rasputin’s In this case Bmw assumptions 😘

This was an official brain dump 😃😃

Okay obviously this will never happen but

Concept: VLD Lotor is like his 80′s womanizer self
+ We have two ladies in the Voltron Cast

Imagine Lotor kidnaps Pidge and Allura because they’re the ladies on the team, but they break out and wreck his base on their own, feat. Pidge as the brains and Allura as the brawn. Bonus points if Pidge was taken by accident and found to be a girl later. DOUBLE bonus points if the guys on the cast go to rescue them but ultimately get caught and end up being rescued by Pidge & Allura.


Imagine Lotor assumes Princess Allura is with an all-male group (he can’t help it, that’s his intel) and, looking for a princess, kidnaps the first female he sees with the team

which is Pidge

and, after playing the part a bit (or rather attempting to but failing miserably) to get some information, Pidge promptly smashes Lotor’s face in