and he ended up being a princess

okay but consider:

Link and Zelda going to live at Link’s house in Hateno Village and being all cute and domestic together. 

Like, them fighting over who gets the bed on the first night…. like Link’s like You take it, you’re the princess! And Zelda’s like But it’s your bed! I can’t make you sleep on the floor in your own home!! And then they just both end up falling asleep on the floor because they literally spent all night unsuccessfully trying to convince the other to take the bed.

Zelda trying to cook something nice for Link and being a terrible cook, but he eats that charred omelette or that lumpy onigiri anyways because she tried and that’s all that matters.

Link going to the river to do laundry and Zelda desperately chasing him to retrieve her undergarments because oh my god he can’t see that it’s embarrassing.  

Them climbing on eachother’s shoulders to clean high places come spring cleaning. 

Them going to the shop together for weekly groceries, oblivious to the fact that everyone around them thinks they look like a married couple.

Them sharing food across the table. 

Okay, this is in incredibly petty nitpick, but: if you’re writing a fantasy setting with same-sex marriage, a same-sex noble or royal couple typically would not have titles of the same rank - e.g., a prince and a prince, or two queens.

It depends on which system of ranking you use, of course (there are several), but in most systems there’s actually a rule covering this scenario: in the event that a consort’s courtesy title being of the same rank as their spouse’s would potentially create confusion over who holds the title by right and who by courtesy, the consort instead receives the next-highest title on the ladder.

So the husband of a prince would be a duke; the wife of a queen, a princess; and so forth.

(You actually see this rule in practice in the United Kingdom, albeit not in the context of a same-sex marriage; the Queen’s husband is styled a prince because if he were a king, folks might get confused about which of them was the reigning monarch.)

The only common situation where you’d expect to see, for example, two queens in the same marriage is if the reigning monarchs of two different realms married each other - and even then, you’d more likely end up with a complicated arrangement where each party is technically a princess of the other’s realm in addition to being queen of her own.

You’ve gotta keep it nice and unambiguous who’s actually in charge!

Brother’s Best Friend - Dylan O’Brien [Smut] (Teen AU)

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(S): Dylan O’Brien/Reader, Brother!Tyler Posey, Daniel Sharman

Word Count: 3153

Notes: Fingering, Oral (female receiving), shower sex, this is much shorter than my usual works - excluding my first two or three works - and it didn’t really take the direction I had originally intended, but it’s cute and I was in a cute mood, let me live. Huge thanks to @stilinski-jpeg​ for her help on proofreading this. She’s my #SinTwin and I don’t know where I would be without her, I love you, Nia!! We all know how much I love drummer!Dylan so lets go fucking overdrive.

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Nct 127's reaction to their s/o being upset because they don't kiss her

Request: NCT dream or 127 reaction to their girlfriend getting pouty and whiny when they don’t kiss her

A/N: my heart is weak for this, it’s so cute aw- and i decided to do 127 unit, i hope you don’t mind!



Would apologise right away and feel bad but at the same time, find it cute that you wanted his kisses so badly. You’d catch him smiling slightly to him when you pout, but he does it so lowkey you hardly ever notice. But he finds it super cute that you get clingy like these at times and becomes 10× more affectionate to you, often showering you with hugs after you start whining or pouting.

“aw someone’s whiny today”

“i havent seen you in a week, i miss you and your kisses :-(”

“come here, i’d give you all the kisses you want”

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Adores it A LOT, and likes to tease you about it. Ends up giggling and smiling to himself because he finds it cute how you get upset over these small little things, and he feels loved and appreciated because he knows you love his kisses. His teasing could go on forever but he eventually always gives in because he’s soft for your pouting.

“ooo someone’s upset she can’t kiss me”

“shut up johnny”

“well if you want kissed you must be able to reach me first”

“you’re so mean-”

“/leans down quickly to peck your lips/”

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Becomes a shy ball and would be a little flustered at first, but internally he’d also find it funny as he’s the pouty and whiney one most of the time. Softens right away and like Taeil, would become even more affectionate than before. Although he doesn’t show it, he loves it when you act like that because it shows how much you love him.

“aw babe don’t pout”

“but you ignored my kiss just now”

“come here, let me make it up to you”

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Teasing you 24/7 about it. He isn’t afraid to show that he loves it and he’d purposely avoid kisses so as to see that side of you. And would attack you with kisses at the most random times because he loves seeing your expressions. This guy seriously Smiles non stop and would get all fuzzy and happy because he feels loved by you, which at the same time, makes him more cuddly than he already is.

“you want a kiss? no hehe”

“yuta you suck”

“oh… then all the more you don’t deserve a kiss /sticks tongue out/”

“so mean”

five minutes later and he attacks you with a big hug and pecks your face all over with that bright smile of his

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Would act like he’s annoyed with you and probably whines back too but in fact he enjoys it and finds it cute and adorable. Would purposely frown and act like his mad, making you feel bad but then he flashes you his gummy smile and hugs you. Tries to act cool™ by always avoiding your kisses when in reality he’s weak for them and his heart is beating like crazy whenever you do it.

“you’re so annoying, why are you so whiney today omg”

“you know why doyoung”

“what? i don’t know”

and when you glare at him, he softens and leans in to give you a kiss

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Brightest sunshine!! Giggles to himself a lot and won’t stop smiling at your actions, calling you cute and adorable. At times he likes teasing you and making you pout more but other times he gives in and ends up showering you with kisses, hugs and pecks on your face. Loves it most when you act like that because he knows you truly love him and his kisses, and he’d be more than willing to give you more.

“babe you’re so cute”

“yeah if i was maybe you shouldn’t have ignored my kiss”

“aw someone’s upset”

“come im sorry, let me give you all the kisses i can right now”

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Another shy ball and wouldn’t know what to do, other than just giggle and pinching your cheek as he finds it super cute. Only teases you occasionally but still manages to be the sweet person he is. Eventually kisses you and you’d notice how he’d blush and smile brightly to himself, as his eyes stare at you lovingly.

“it’s been two days since i saw you :-(”

“do you miss me that much?”

“of course, especially your kisses”

“hehe come here”

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This clueless bun actually thought you were genuinely upset with him, he’d apologise sincerely and it’s so adorable you end up laughing and giggling because how is he so pure??? But after time goes by he notices it a lot and finds it really cute, and as he’s shy, he doesn’t show it so he’d giggle to himself softly whenever he sees you pouting.

“goodness, im so sorry, i’ll kiss you now!!”

“really? aw”

“anything for my princess don’t be upset!!”

“im not upset omg you’re so cute-”

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Another one who would tease you for it and would also act like he’s mad but on the inside he’s all fuzzy and screaming because he loves it a lot. Would play hard to get like Yuta, but always end up failing because he gives in to your pouts- it’s one of his weaknesses. From time to time, he’d avoid your kisses so he can see you act like these, but most of the time he’s the clingy and affectionate one.

“someone’s being so clingy today”

“you’re like that too shut up”

“ooo there goes your kiss bye”

“i hate you”

“/giggles and pecks you on the cheek/ i lovd you too”

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What are some things that you seem to always include in your stories? This could be an interesting thread. It’ll help you see the things that are unique to your writing

I’ll start.

  • I live by the hills in real life so I constantly write about hills and mountains
  • I love trees and write about forests or magical trees or such often
  • Grew up in the Bay Area so I wrote about fog a lot
  • Rivers and lakes. Not the ocean so much…
  • There and Back Again/Into the Wild tales where the main characters adventure into far lands and return home afterwards changed.
  • Anything to do with flying in open air; steampunk sky ships, dragon-riding, etc
  • Swords as main weapons; or times when guns and swords are still used together
  • Sideshadowing: showing that the world of the story is a lot larger than the plot of the story itself
    • Idle dialogue of things happening in the world that aren’t touched on in the story; heroes of other stories (this is the real reason I have over two dozen novels, short stories, and series in queue)
  • The un-glorification of war and murder
    • I write a lot of war stories that show the graphic and extremely dark and miserable side of these things; losing loved ones, genocide, rape, famine, pestilence, PTSD. I really hate stories that glorify war and have a bunch of mindless killing. When people die or kill in my story, that weight is always shown hanging in the air.
  • Fellowship of the Ring casts:  several characters with different histories and relationships with one another, and a multitude of personalities that often clash at some point
  • The Princess Saves Herself/Dame in Distress: My favourite stories are ones with girl main characters that take care of their own problems; slay their own dragons. If there’s a male love interest involved, he usually tries to help and ends up getting himself in trouble, leaving her to kick dragon’s ass AND save male character’s ass.
  • Characters battling anxiety and depression

I think I’m actually gonna tag some people to get started. You can tag people if you want, or ignore this, or just do it without being tagged.

@pepsiryan @diatuckerwrites @iamwez20 @megiddojones @koalamuffins @kaylapocalypse @miricastor @mxmythy @ivegotstoriestotell @jxshamar @scripturient-manipulator

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Hello~ Could I ask what are RFA + V&Saeran's favorite romantic movies? And how they like to watch it with MC? At the movies? At home, cuddling? Thank you so much for creating this awesome blog! You guys are amazing! ❤️

This one is soooo cute:) Thank you~ Hope you like them.


  • The Sound of Music
  • He loves the classic sound of all the music, but also the fact that the main characters found love through music and overcoming the past
  • He’ll invite you over when he’s feeling especially cuddly
  • He has extra pillows and blankets on hand
  • He turns all the lights off except for the TV
  • You two find a comfortable position, which usually ends up with him spooning you
  • He’s usually really quiet and into the movie until the songs come in
  • And then he’s belting it out
  • Sometimes you join him, sometimes you don’t
  • By the end of the movie, his cheek is gently resting on the top of your head and he’s humming the last chorus softly while he’s slowly drifting off


  • The Princess’ Bride
  • It’s classic. It’s funny. It’s romantic. And he grew up with it.
  • He sets up a little blanket fort with his softest blankets and pillows
  • Inside, his computer is set up and ready to go
  • He brings lots of snacks and food and drinks inside
  • You crawl in with him and you two are legitimately watching the movie
  • You both quote the lines throughout and being silly about it
  • Yoosung tries his best impressions of the characters
  • Every time there’s a kiss scene, Yoosung is just like, “Oh, we should re-enact that…like now.”
  • You’re pretty strong until the credits roll, then you just let yourselves fall asleep


  • I Give My First Love to You (Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu)
  • You are watching this at home because you will need the tissues and the chocolate
  • You guys give your own commentary on what’s going on
  • Which usually ends up in you two laughing at inappropriate laughing
  • The guy is dying, why are you two rolling on the floor?
  • You both will make your headcanons about what happened after the movie or in between some scenes
  • There is so much food, and you two consume all of it
  • By the end of the movie, you have a food coma and you get into the sugar high faze where everything is funny
  • Overall, it’s a stress free night full of so many emotions


  • Pride and Prejudice
  • It’s a classic, and he likes the character depth
  • He has his own theatre, so of course you’ll watch it there
  • He has the chef make whatever snacks you want
  • You secretly always wanted Jumin to say the famous Darcy line (You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.)
  • He knew this, but held back on purpose…until that night
  • When Darcy said it to Elizabeth, he leans over and says the same in your ear in a low, husky voice that sent a shiver down your back
  • Let’s just say you two were too preoccupied and missed the next few scenes
  • For the most part, you rested your head on his shoulder comfortably and his arm was around your shoulder


  • The Space Between Us
  • It’s about a boy from space and a girl from earth. It’s self explanatory why he liked it.
  • He takes you to a drive in theatre in one of his babies
  • You two sit in the open trunk with blankets and pillows
  • He lied to you about the weather so you would end up being chilly which resulted in you snuggling
  • His little kisses end up becoming a make out session, but he’ll randomly pull back and stare wide eyed at the screen, “Wait, wait…this is my favorite part.”
  • When you ask for a snack, he pulls them out of these random pockets in his jacket 
  • “You know they allow food here, right?” 
  • “I know. I just wanted the feeling of sneaking them in.”
  • Dork


  • Kimi Ni Todoke
  • He related to everyone being scared of Sawako and judging her based on her frightening appearance…not that he’d ever admit that
  • He built a projector where you two can watch it outside of the bunker
  • He sets up a blanket on the ground with some pillows
  • You start out sitting far apart, but somewhere along the way you end up tangled together
  • He’ll give you absentminded kisses at random times of the movie
  • He always falls asleep near the end, but you never want to wake him up
  • If it’s warm out, you’ll just pull the blanket over you both and sleep outside


  • Wuthering Heights in black and white
  • He likes the dynamic between Heathcliff and Catherine, and how they loved each other even with their individual destructive states
  • He takes you to a classic theatre where they’re showing it
  • He gets really shy all of a sudden
  • He hesitantly puts his arm around you or takes your hand gently
  • He gets blushy when your hands brush as you both reach for popcorn
  • You put your head on his shoulder and he starts to relax 

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Hot Neighbor

Written for: Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 3

Prompt:  “Could you be any louder?” 

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Words: 1517

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Dean being awesome. 

A/N: Week three down. Tags are at the bottom. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: Trying to collect her stuff from her exes apartment proves difficult until the hot neighbor next door helps her out. 

    You banged again on the door, “Arthur, open the fucking door right now!” Still, no response so you hit it again. All you wanted was to get your things and get as far away from your boyfriend as soon as possible. Well, technically he’s your ex now based on the compromising position you found him in the other night. Not to mention with your sister of all people. You banged again harder than before, “Let me in!”

    The apartment door behind you swung open and you turned trying to wipe away the tears from your eyes to face his neighbor. Your mouth dropped at how gorgeous his neighbor was with his sparkling green eyes, freckles, and his strong arms. The man was wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants with a tight white T-shirt stretched across his broad shoulders and looked like he was pissed, “Could you be any louder, Princess?”

   “God I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking I just want my shit back from this asshole and he won’t open the door. I know he’s in there,” you spit out falling back against the wall and sliding down as you felt another wave of hurt. “I’m sorry.”

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(about that Disney princess Dean art) imagine a fic where Dean is a prince and thinks he's part of some big story, so he's all alone and waiting in some tower for a sign that it's time to start his journey to 'rescue a princess' and then Cas shows up & is like 'I'm here to rescue you' and dean's like???? I'm not the damsel in distress??? who r u & then they fight about who is the prince and who is the princess being rescued, turns out Dean is the princess but BOTH of them get rescued in the end

Castiel: I’m here to get you out of this tower!

Dean, offended: Dude, I can leave any time I want!

Castiel, frowning: Well then why haven’t you?

Dean: I’m, like! Waiting for a sign! Or something!

Castiel: …….

Castiel: …………………

Castiel: *gestures to himself*

Dean, nodding: You’ve got a point.

And they lived happily ever after <3

Can we talk about how Noctis treats Prompto during fights ?

I haven’t seen any post about this yet (maybe I just missed it). Yesterday as I was doing one of the secret dungeons with high level daemons I couldn’t help but notice that Noctis does treat Prompto differently than Ignis and Gladio.

Gladio is basically never in danger (0 HP) for me because his HP are so high it is difficult for him to get his ass kicked. But the few times it happened, Noctis would just pat him on his back and have a “Thanks” from Gladio.

Ignis was down a few times. And - I have never noticed before - Noctis tends to scold him. When I’d make him help Specs, the brunette would say something like “You’re the one supposed to help me/lift me up !” or just sometimes say nothing.

But Prompto, when he is down (and damn this happens a lot because this boy is so low on HP!), always has Noctis to be worried for him or concerned. Noctis will ask him if he is okay, tell him that it’s fine and to not worry (when Prompto says he “screwed up again”) or would scold him “I told you to be careful!”.  

The both of them will even flirt with Prompto comparing himself to a princess being rescued by his prince ! 

And I also would like to mention the combos.Have you guys noticed how Noctis almost never fails to say Prompto’s name after a combo with him ? (btw I am playing with the japanese dubs, maybe it’s different for other versions). But Noctis will always end the combo saying something like “Well  done Prompto! Nice one Prompto! ” and the blondie will reply “Of course!” or just have a shy laugh. 

The more I play and the more I feel like Noctis is somehow very protective toward him, whereas Prompto is supposed to be the one protecting him (just like Gladio and Ignis).  And this is just so cute, showing how deep their bond is and how much Noctis care about him. I would also think that he knows his friend has self-confidence issues and that’s why he is encouraging him.

And I’m not saying he doesn’t care about Gladio and Ignis, don’t misunderstand me. They are so important to him and I’d have more things to say about these two amaazing men but I want to keep it short.


Being Jokers daughter would inclube:

▪batman thinking he’s saving you from your father

▪batman kidnapping you to use against your father

▪ getting kidnapped a lot

▪learning how to shoot a gun at a earlier age

▪ your father always saying ‘your gonna take over the family business some day kiddo’

▪harley is ya mama

▪being born with ya father’s brown hair and blue eyes before he dyed it green

▪being spoiled, a lot

▪hanging out at your father’s club

▪ “No boyfriend’s until ya 76 princess”

▪robbing banks with your dad

▪getting a diamond gun

▪being guarded at all times by your father’s henchmen

▪frost being there for you a lot

▪worrying about your father when he goes out every night

▪putting your father to bed when he’s bat shit drunk, tugging him in and kissing his head

▪making sure your father eats something in the morning so you cook him breakfast and leave a note on it

▪getting him out of trouble

▪seeing frost as a big brother but most likely falling for him when your older

▪ending up with frost and your dad is pissed, but don’t worry he trusts frost

Ass ID

Genre: smut, fluff.

Summary: Phil and dan run into each other at the grocery store and phil recognizes dan as his favorite pornstar via his ass

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warnings: none that I can thinking of? Cursing?? As per usual. A small moment where phil thinks dan wants to stop?

Ass ID :

“Please, god please Phil, yes, you fuck me so good! Hmph, god love your cock, so good to me.”

4 hours earlier ;

“Cereal, milk, brea- oomph!” I stumble back and quickly grab the closest thing to me which happens to be a boy about my age, steadying us both. He looks familiar and I cock my head to the side, not so subtly checking him out, where do I know him from?

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking at where I was going.” He smiles, deep dimples digging into his cheeks and god, I know those dimples. Fuck, he’s so cute.

Without thinking, I stick my hand out, “Phil, sorry for running into you.” I feel my face heat up a little as he puts his hand in mine.

“Dan.” He turns around, spotting a loaf of bread on the floor behind him and bending down to grab it, and that’s when it clicks. If you had asked me two weeks ago, that’s I’d be recognizing my favorite porn star from his ass, I would have laughed in your face. But here I am, in the grocery store next to the star of all my wank fantasies, DanIsNotATop. Jesus Christ, only I could end up in this situation.

He straightens up and turns to me with a smirk, “Like what you see?”

I blush furiously, “I’m so sorry, this isn’t at all what I’m like, uh, I- nevermind, I’ll just be going now.” I quickly turn around and head in the opposite direction of the bread, great.

“Hey! Wait up!” I curse my luck as Dan catches up to walk next to me.

“Excuse me if this is forward, but you’re hot and I’m free all day.” I gaped at him, mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

The dimpled boy blushes, “Yeah, that was probably weird, I mean, we’re in the middle of a grocery store for god’s sake. Sorry, I’m a little too forward for my own good sometimes.” I’m so shellshocked that it seems my brain and mouth have stopped communicating and the words fall out of my mouth before I can think it through.

“Not surprising with your profession, I’m sure you gain a lot of confidence for that kind of stuff, what with everyone wanting to fuck you all the time.” My eyes almost pop out of their sockets, and I’m internally wishing for god to come and take me, for the ground to swallow me up, maybe even aliens abducting me would suffice. Of all the reactions, I do not expect Dan to start hysterically laughing.

“Oh my god! Well yeah I guess you’re right, aren’t you? So you watch me?” I nod dumbly, too surprised to even form words, probably a good thing at this point.

“Just have one question…when you say ‘everyone’ wants to fuck me, does that include you?” He’s looking up at me through thick, dark eyelashes and I’m swallowing before speaking up,

“Well, I mean, yes? Who wouldn’t wanna fuck you?” He giggles and I’m instantly endeared,

“There are a few people I can only hope don’t want to have sex with me, for example, my grandma.”

“Oh my god, Dan! That’s disgusting! Why is that the first example you think of?!” I let out a roaring laugh, my tongue poking out between my teeth and my hand coming up to cover my mouth.

When our laughter dies down he takes a step closer, getting into my personal space and whispering in my ear, “Offer still stands, if you aren’t secretly my grandma.”

I hum, “I guess I’ll just spend my night alone baking cookies then, too bad, I’d really thought this disguise would get me through.”

We giggle and I place my hand on his hip, traveling slowly to his back pocket and drawing out his phone before typing my number in, “Text me your number.” He does and I send him my address.

Leaning in till my lips brush against his ear as I begin to talk, breath hot and heavy, “7pm, don’t be late, princess.” I slip my tongue out to lick at the shell of his ear, watching goosebumps arise and feeling him shiver under my hands. I pull back, wink, and turn and walk towards the bread.

Current time ;

So that’s how I ended up in bed with the idol of my sexual delusions, being straddled by thick thighs, cock absolutely throbbing in my boxers. We had both already stripped to nothing but our boxers, or well, panties for dan. “Good god, Dan, you’re so hot for me, babe, gonna let me have you, yeah?” He nods eagerly into our kisss.

“Please, phil, touch me I want you to stretch me, please.”

“Mm, yes baby ‘course, c’mon let’s get you you out of those panties.” I flip us over, pulling off the black lace in one quick motion as dan lifts his hips up, before reaching for the lube lying next to me and popping the cap. Squirting a copious amount onto my fingers and warming it up between them, I kiss dan passionately distracting him from my hand wandering to his sex. I swirl my index finger around his rim before pushing in slowly, letting him adjust before thrusting it into him.

After a bit of stretching, I begin to search for his prostate, crooking my fingers at a different angle at every entrance to him, until I found it, well at least I think I do, since Dan lets out a series of pornstar moans (funnily enough) and pushed his ass back onto my fingers.

“Take me, I’m ready I promise, I swear it phil lease take me I’m begging you please!” Who could deny that? Certainly not me.

“I got you, baby, I’m gonna take real good care of you, don’t you worry.” I shed my briefs, grabbing the condom package next to me and ripping it open clumsily, about to roll it onto myself when dan’s hand comes up to catch my wrist, effectively halting my movements.

I look up, my eyebrows scrunching together. Did he want to stop? Before I can ask he shyly looks up at me, “Wanna do it.” I nod and hand over the condom, moving my hips closer to him so he can grasp my thickness, slowly pumping me before rolling the condom onto my shaft, grabbing the lube bottle, slathering it onto my length, and guiding my to his entrance. I push into the confining heat of him, groaning at the right grip, hovering over him, and breathing hot shallow breaths onto his sweat glistening neck.

“So good for me Dan, taking me so well, huh? Look at you, so nice. Such a pretty boy you are, princess.” A loud whimper escapes him, before he’s grinding back onto my cock.

“I’m good, I’m so good, you can move, move please please,” he rambles into my ear, pushing his onto into my hips, making my breathing stutter in pleasure. I pull out till only my cock head is inside him, before for slowly pushing back inside, watching his hole stretch so filthily around my thick rod, like I’ve daydreamed oh so many times before.

“So good on my cock, god, you’re so tight around me, fuck, dan shit,” I pull out, only to slam in a again and again, setting a hard and fast pace and angling my hips to slam into his prostate repeatedly, his legs wrapped tightly around my waist, face in the crook of my neck, fingernails absolutely tearing up my back, and groans falling shamelessly from both our mouths.

“Please, god please Phil, yes, you fuck me so good! Hmph, god love your cock, so good to me.” I can feel him tightening around my shaft, can physically feel him approaching orgasm, pushing me along as well. “C-close, phil, gonna cu-cum.”
I reach between us to fist his swollen cock, alerting him to my similar state, I’m losing pattern, heat pooling in my abdomen, before I feel Dan clench around me so fucking tight, my hips stutter and I can hear dan yelling his release as I spill into the condom, thrusting shallowly to ride out our orgasms.

“So fucking good, better than I ever imagined.” Dan giggles breathlessly, swatting my slick chest playfully as I gently pull out of him, careful not to hurt him, tie off the condom, tossing it into the bin, and falling onto my back beside dan. Our breathing synchronizes, sweat and cum drying uncomfortably on our naked bodies, and yet dan rolling over onto my chest, curling into my side, his arm draped around my midsection.

“This ok? I don’t usually get to like, uhm, cuddle? After sex I mean, so yeah sorry if this is weird, yeah.” I wrap my arm around him, holding him to my side when I feel him start to extract himself out of embarrassment.

“Shh, gonna sleep, yeah? S’nice. You’re warm.” And something feels right, as dan shifts to get more comfortable and then lays his head on my chest, his hair tickling my chin, legs tangled with my own. Something feels right, and I have a little feeling this won’t be the last time I find myself with an armful of tan skin and warm brown eyes.

Anticlimactic (Taehyung/Reader/Mark Tuan)

Prompt: “Do you guys do cross fandoms? Cos I really need some Mark (GOT7) and Taetae smut”

Genre: Smut

Words: 2.9k+

Author: Admin Meyg

Summary: Hanging out at Mark’s place with your boyfriend Taehyung takes an interesting turn. 

Tags: Threesome, Edging, Oral, etc.

Originally posted by mvss

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just take an minute to imagine being calum’s girlfriend, i really believe he would treat you like an princess especially if he was in love with you and just he would take you out of dates and buy you things and you’d be like noooooooooooooo now i feel bad and end up just hugging him and being like i love u baby

Voltoron Theory: Where in the Galaxy is Shirogane?

So I re watched Blackout, again, and again, trying to figure out when Shiro vanished. Now the only time this could have happened was at the point between Zarkon’s mecha exploding and the lions falling apart. This means it happens when we’re at the distance Shot.

(Apology for the play button in the middle of the picture)

So at this point one has to wonder what the heck is going on there and why this is significant.

What we know is a few things.

1. We know that Allura showed off a strange pink energy magic that 

Haggar recognized right away and seemed shocked over her being able to wield it.

2. Said magic seemed to rip through the whole ship.

3. This same magic color seems to be coming out of Zarkon when he grabs Shiro.

4. If this is the corrupted Quintessence it seems weird that Zarkon can wield it. (Which I’ll go into in a later post) If it’s not, then it’s a form of Altean Magic (which I’ll go into in a later post).

5. Zarkon’s mecha explodes in that color when he is sliced by the flaming sword.

6. Zarkon and Shiro have a mind meld in the Astral plane again, and this time he is able to physically take the bayard from Zarkon.

7. It’s also important to note that Shiro and the Black Lion share a moment of connection when entering that plane and that both eyes glow yellow.

8. Shiro’s arm is made of Galra tech, thus making him partly Galra.

So why did I make that list? Well I think it’s important to know the events that led up to Shiro vanishing and that those moments may connect to how he got transported and where.

During the battle with Zarkon we see him take to his ship, this is significant because it’s not yet tested but we know it runs on energy like Voltron. Voltron’s energy comes from Quintessence which comes from both the Paladins and the internal workings of the lions themselves. The lions are, given what we see with the black lion’s creation, pretty much spirits that have become part of the lion. It’s why the Paladins have to bond with them and why they seem to have personalities.

In the original Golion the lions held the souls of five warriors, who were placed inside Voltron and were going crazy due to various reason. Something similar may be going on here, which is why I’m suspecting that for Shiro there’s a chance that the lion sent him away from the fight.

We see this pink color cover Allura during her battle with Haggar and Haggar’s reaction to it shows that she knows what’s going on and is shocked by it.

“Impossible” she says and proceeds to attack. This is formerly noticed by Allura who doesn’t seem to understand where the energy is coming from. Now it’s kind of important to note here that this isn’t the corrupted Quintessence since it’s not the same as the blacker energy that the Druids were making, so this is a new form of Altean magic, and something that Haggar recognizes is more powerful than her own dark magic.

This magic, I’m guessing, is probably connected directly to the lions and possibly to the spirits that reside with them. Another important point in the time table of the battle is that Shiro manages to connect directly with the Black lion and pull together to expand the wings, allowing him to use the ablity to phase through the astral plane (or teleport) and take the Bayard from Zarkon. Shiro doesn’t get how it happened but it did.

Lastly, during the end fight with Zarkon, right before the flaming sword occurs, we see him reaching out with his mecha hands, grab Shiro and infuse the cabin with that same pink energy. This in turn prompts Shiro to stick in his bayard, turn and we get the flaming sword. It’s followed by the pink explosion of Zarkon.

Now there’s something about the color core there that I’d like to get into when I talk about Lotor, Zarkon and Haggar, but again I have to save that for later.

It’s at this point I believe that Shiro vanished. Right when the white explosion ripped apart the Lions. But why would that transport Shiro. Well, as I said before with Haggar’s reaction. This is some sort of magic, and Shiro tapped into it when he bonded with the Lion. Rather than keep him there where he would be wounded by his connection to Zarkon, the lion sent him somewhere else.

Now there’s a few places I can think of that he would go. So I’m going to start out with the most impossible and then traverse to the most likely.

Option 1. Shiro is being transported through Time and Space into the Past

We’ve seen that the Black Lion has a deep connection to it’s past, as it was showing Shiro through a mind transport about the past of the Galra home world, back when Alfor and Zarkon were friends and worked together in creating the Black Lion.

So given that it has this mind-scape skill could it be that it pushed Shiro back through time in the blast as a means of protecting him? Making him go and learn more about the lions in this way would be something rather different and would certainly keep him out of the picture. However, the problem with this would be the fact that the series has never had a case of time travel before, and also it would probably have the same issues that Batman had when DC decided to send Bruce Wayne back in time after he got zapped by a really powerful device from big Bad of DC Darkseid. So this one is probably out in general.

However I do think that the astral plane will come into play in how he’s moving and also probably in him witnessing events during the course of the series.

Which brings us to…

Option 2:  Shiro winds up with the Rebels and Matt.

This one’s a little more logical and keeps true to the idea of possibly the Black Lion sending him off to a safe place. In this case the lion is reading Shiro’s mind and taking him to where Matt is.

Now the reason why this could be a logical next move is that it firstly brings the Rebellion a strong leader as Keith would now be taking over the Voltron Force. As such Shiro would be a great leader for the Rebels in general, unless Matt has become that? (Which would be cool, no lie.) Also it would position Shiro to rejoin when Pidge finds Matt and a joy filled reunion, allowing the rebellion to help fight Lotor.

It’s an easy thing to see also because Matt and Sam are the second part of Shiro’s mission. He wants to help Katie find her family and he feels guilty about them being captured in the first place as it was part of his job to protect them. If the Lion read this then sending him to Matt would put him in a safe place and an easier to find location for the team later in the season.

However if they want to make it where Pidge and Matt meet in a different way without Shiro then they may not have him show up here, because it would make the meeting between Katie and Matt that much more significant if Matt then joined in in the hunt for shiro.

Also if Matt is going to be seen as growing stronger since his time with Shiro then having him be the leader of the Rebellion would be a better bet than giving it to Shiro.

So if it’s not with the rebels then who? Well that drags us to…

Option 3: Shiro is going to end up where Sam Holt is

We know that Sam is not with Matt, as we saw in Season one when Shiro remembered what happened at the gladiatorial pit. So the question is, exactly where is he? We know that he’s a scientist and probably as smart, if not more, then Pidge. So it would be more than likely that Sam would be taken in to work on something for the Galra at a secure location.

Like before with the idea of Shiro being taken to Matt, in this case the Lion teleports Shiro to a location where Sam is. Again, it’s part of the reasoning behind Shiro’s mission to get his team back as well as help Pidge find her family. Sam, in the meanwhile, is probably on a planet that is not as hostile as some of the others and is probably taken care of for the most part. They want his mind to be busy on building something. What that something is, I can only guess at right now. My own theory is that Lotor stole the scaultrite from Keith in order to create lenses for a Telladove device to transport something from one location to another.

It’s kind of important to note that the Galra show no magical abilities. The only characters that have used Magic is Allura and Haggar. While they have wielded energy weapons, not one has used any form of magic to attack any of the Voltron members. Leaving me to speculate that they can’t wormhole due to the lack of Magic to power the tech to do so. But if they have Sam there, he may be being forced to find a way to get a warping device to work.

This would mean that the story line from the original story about Romelle needing Sven to help her get out of a sticky situation could translate to Sam and Shiro escaping. Allowing Shiro to have his own adventure with Sam and probably discover more about himself and the galaxy at large.

While having Shiro play big damn hero to Sam would be really nifty there’s another option here that could connect with this one.

Option 4: Shiro is going to end up on Pollux and meet Princess Romelle

While Romelle’s name isn’t as famous as Allura’s she’s still a very important part of the Voltron story and has always been at least mentioned if not shown in the series proper. As the daughter of the Royal family on the planet Pollux, Romelle was given to Lotor in the original to be his wife to solidify the alliance between Galra and Pollux. However she rejected him and was sentenced to death until Sven (Ryou Shirogane) helped her escape after she helped him get over his guilt in failing Voltron (or in the original losing his brother Takashi).

Pollux would make for an interesting location for the Lion to shoot Shiro too for two reasons. Firstly it was one of the few planets that wasn’t over run by the Galra due to the fact that it had an alliance with them, and would be a mostly safe place for an injured Shiro to hang out. Second, Pollux would be a great place to have Sam Holt work on a project. Not only is the royal family Altean –and possibly most of the people are as well –but also its, again, a safe place where there’s an alliance and no one’s going to try to kidnap Sam or break him free.

I’m going to take a large leap of logic here and theorize that there’s a high probably that Pollux is where Shiro ends up. It’s an easy jump to tell a story where Romelle or Bandur finds an injured Shiro and has him taken to the castle where he’s bandaged up. Here they discover he’s a member of Voltron and try to cover it up so that Lotor (who hasn’t yet gotten word about his father’s injury) doesn’t know. Romelle’s older brother could play a part as a morally gray person, he at first offers to help Shiro, but in the end turns on him as a means of protecting his people.

Romelle in the meantime could take on Sven’s role, and help Shiro and Sam escape from Pollux on a ship to find Volton. This could be used to show what’s going on outside of what Voltron has been doing and also help cover the issue of the aliens that are actually for the galra and feel that they’re benefiting from the empire. This could also help in dealing with the Altean plot and what happened to the rest of Altea and if anyone else is still alive.

So those are my four options, I wonder if anyone has other ideas. I’d love to hear them.  

Dating Jonathan Byers would include:

-Him constantly taking pictures of you

- “please, one more, I swear”

-Sweet kisses all the time

   -Nose kisses. Can we just appreciate the thought of nose kisses

   -Forehead kisses when you’re cuddling

   -Kissing each others necks all the time because it’s your form of saying i     love you when words can’t say it

-Him walking you to your front door after dates because he’s such a gentleman

- “hey come listen to this song with me, you’ll love it”

   -you do love it every time

-buying him film for his birthday and him loving it and you

-everyone says he’d be really nervous when he finally does the sex, but I think he’d be really confident

   -he’d treat you like a princess the entire time

   -he would probably finish first the first time, but he would make sure you     finish too

-Him being nervous when he meets your parents

   -They end up loving him (obviously, who wouldn’t??)

-His mom and Will loving you

-Basically living at his house on the weekends

-Fluff all the time tbh

-Where can I buy a Jonathan Byers?

Have You Learned Your Lesson? (M) // Jay Park

Originally posted by hpfanaticinfinity

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: Jay knows all of the games you play to try and tip him over the edge - and it works like a charm each time.

A/N: No build up. Just pure smut, p.s - I’m going to hell.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut, daddy kink, BDSM, spanking and dirty talking.

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Originally posted by its-foley

Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “8 - Justin Foley”


8. “What do you think? Let’s give it another shot?”

Word count: 1.294

Posted: 13th of May 2017

A/N: This is one of my lovely Aja’s request. I am my way through her list of requests and I completed like four over eighteen of her prompt requests. I love you so much Aja, but keep an eye out for my revenge! Thank you.

P.S: I am not accepting part 2 requests as I am trying to finish my requests. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt List

Warning: a little bit of swearing, sorry.

“Justin, what the hell is this?” Your eyes grew wide as you saw the amusement ride that you were falling in line for. It was a high roller coaster full of loops and you knew what might happen after it.

“Babe, it will be fun!” Your boyfriend, Justin, excitedly exclaimed and a knot was formed in your stomach as you heard the defeating shouts from the current passengers of the ride.

“I am backing out!” You pulled your hand from Justin’s grip and you turned around to get out of it, but the line was already long and crowded. “Damn it!”

“C'mon, (Y/N)! This is fun!” Zach exclaimed as he adored your terrified and scared face.

“Dude, I’m shitting on myself during this ride.” You honestly said and your friends, that stood in front of you and Justin, laughed loudly. You playfully pouted at them to let them show that you were offended because of their actions.

“I’m by your side, love.” Justin assured you as he held your hand tightly, intertwining his fingers with yours. “We can do this together.”

“Jus, you love these extreme rides. It’s easy for you to say that!” You debated and you felt a little more nervous and anxious as you saw the line moving forward, you were getting near, little by little, to the entrance.

You’ve never loved feeling the adrenaline rush kissing your skin and your internal organs, but your boyfriend did and he would always drag you to different amusement parks with his friends. You would hate him whenever he would force you to ride something that you didn’t like, but you would end up loving it, because he would whisper sweet things to you and he would embrace you tightly to assure you that he would always be with you.

“I know, but I can assure you that you will love this one too.” He pressed a quick kiss on your lips as you forcefully pulled a fake and terrified smile. “You’re brave, right?”

“Yeah, whatever!” You rolled your eyes and you gained some laughs from your friends. They teased Justin and he just laughed at them, still being excited for the ride. “I hate you, Jus!”

“I love you more, my princess.” Justin winked at you to vex you even more and you rolled your eyes once again. You playfully nudged him and he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He gave you a kiss on your temple and it seriously made you smile.

You loved Justin so much and you couldn’t lie about it, because he wasn’t just perfect, but he was also a complete dork and goofy. He was also fun to be with, although he would force you to do something adventurous and scary.

“Ready?” Justin smirked as you he buckled your seatbelt tightly.

“Jus, you know that the answer would always be no.” You unleashed a heavy sigh and he gave you another kiss on your lips to assure you. He buckled his seatbelt too and then he wrapped his arms around you.

“I love you, my princess.” Justin said before the ride had started. You smiled at him widely, shaking off a little bit of your nervousness and taking out your braveness.

“I love you too, Jus!” You replied to him as the ride slowly started its engine. “Oh My God!”

“We can do it!” Justin grabbed your hand and he held it tightly. You seriously felt safe by feeling his touch, you bit your lip as the rollercoaster reached its highest point. “Ready?” Justin smirked playfully to tease you and you tightly closed your eyes.

“Fuck you, Justin!” You sassily swore and you tightly sealed your mouth, trying not to shout for the anxiety that you were having that moment. Justin just laughed as he adored your scared facial expression.

Justin’s laughter suddenly vanished and an enjoyed and happy holler was heard in his voice. You felt your heart falling in your stomach as the ride fell down and sped up, following its track with its maximum speed.

The heavy and harsh cold wind kissed your smooth and soft skin as you had your highs and your lows. Your hair was flying everywhere and it followed you as the ride took some of its high loops. You tightened your grip on Justin’s hands, scratching a little bit of his skin with your nails, and you shouted uncontrollably to expel the terror that you felt in your bones. You fought back with the dizziness that you felt as you took some curves and you kept on hoping to reach the end of the ride quickly.

“Thank God!” You shouted loudly as soon as the ride stopped on its end. You earned some laughs from the people around you and you quickly unbuckled your seatbelt as you tried to dismiss your dizziness and the empty feeling in your stomach.

“Babe,” Justin called you as you walked towards a tree limply. He was worried for your state and it was obvious in his voice. “shit!”

You suddenly felt sick and empty, your senses were everything but enthusiastic.

“Are you okay?” Justin asked you as he rubbed your back. You felt like you were about to expel the food that you had earlier in the morning, but it was quickly stopped as you drank from the water bottle that Jessica gave you.

You somehow felt better and you finally had a chance to breathe without any problems.

“Sorry, Babe.” Justin pouted as he felt guilty by seeing you in that situation. He wanted for you to have fun and not to feel sick. It wasn’t his intentions to make you feel bad.

“It was okay, babe.” You weakly smiled at him as you handed him the empty water bottle. “Sorry for scratching your hand, instead.”

“It’s fine, baby!” The group laughed as they saw Justin’s a little bit red hand, still with your nail scratches and shapes. He helped you to balance your weight as he wrapped his arm around your waist.

“Good job, (Y/N)!” Jessica cheered and you gained some hollers and claps from your friends. You laughed at them as you slowly felt better, your dizziness faded and the terror was already flushed.

“Are you feeling better now?” Alex asked you with a worried expression on his face. You knew that your friends cared too much for you and you thanked them for that.

“Yup, thanks Lex!” You cheerfully nodded and your body was filled with the energy that you lost during the ride.

“Really?” Your boyfriend happily asked and you nodded in response. “So…” He cheekily smirked at you and you corrugated your forehead as you were curious to know what was in his mind.

“So?” Your friends asked in unison, also curious of Justin’s plans.

What do you think? Let’s give it another shot?” Justin excitedly asked and he quickly received some judging face from your friends.

“Fuck you, Foley!” You playfully slapped him several times and he just let out a loud laugh as he noticed how annoyed you were. “Seriously, fuck you!”

“I love you too, my princess!” Justin winked at you as he held his stomach for his contagious laughs. You couldn’t help but smile as you shook your irritated expression off and playfully shook your head in disbelief.

“Asshole!” Your friends jokingly insulted him and you all let out noisy chuckles, being happy that you were all together.

Honestly? You felt lucky that Justin was there to guide you and to teach you how to be brave by taking some risks. He knew that life was like a rollercoaster ride, it had its ups and downs and Justin wanted you to be an independent woman, nevertheless he would always be by your side.

Beauty and the Beast Parenting Headcanons

Inspired by this post here I’ve come up with some headcanons for how everyone in the castle handles the new arrival(s)…

- When Belle first finds out she is pregnant, she is really nervous about telling Adam. She’s just not sure how he will react. Sure, he’s great with kids but he’s never shown much of an interest in babies. If anything they seem to make him uncomfortable. Given his relationship with his own father, she is worried he might panic at the mere mention of fatherhood. When she finally does sit him down and tells him, he is so overjoyed that they both end up crying. Is he terrified? Sure. But somehow in that moment it doesn’t matter. They’re going to be a family.

- Adam is instantly overprotective of Belle once he knows she is expecting, insisting that she shouldn’t be doing even the simplest tasks in “her condition.” She insists she is fine and continues to try and do what she always would. Adam will not have it. He carries her books that he deems “too heavy.” Sometimes–even in the first few weeks–he carries her when he thinks she has been on her feet too much. He even tries to convince her to take a break from teaching at one point during her pregnancy (he quickly gave up on that one. Arguing with Belle when she wasn’t pregnant was hard enough.) If he doted on her before, it was nothing compared to how much he wanted to take care of her while she’s pregnant. 

- Adam starts talking to Belle’s belly way before she starts showing. He wants his child to know his voice. To know him. Sometimes when Belle is asleep he’ll talk to her belly and tell the baby just how lucky they are that they’re going to have Belle as a mother and how wonderful she is. He also promises to read them better stories than Romeo and Juliet (he usually saves these comments for when he knows Belle is awake.) 

- He thinks feeling the baby kick is one of the coolest and strangest things and can’t get enough of it. He does lovingly tell the baby to be gentle when Belle feels an especially hard kick.

- While Belle is pregnant, Adam spends a lot of time reading up on medical books and infant care. Some of the medical information is review (when he was younger he had spent a few months solid studying medical books as a way to cope with his grief/ survivors guilt when his mother died. He always wondered if there was something that could have been done to save her.) The baby information is all new to him. He wants any insight he can get. Mrs. Potts insists that most of it is nonsense and that he will just have to learn as he goes along like everyone else.

- Happy and excited as he is, Adam is still a bit of a nervous wreck at times (Will he be a good father? What do you do when they cry? What do babies need? How do you even go about changing a diaper?) Lumière often teases him for this. That is until a few months later when he finds out Plumette is also pregnant. With twins. He doesn’t tease Adam much after that. (More on  Lumière and Plumette as parents here)

- Plumette and Belle end up acting as a support for each other, both during their pregnancies and after their children are born. It is nice to know that they can rely on one another when there are multiple toddlers running around the castle. 

- Belle gives birth to a baby girl on the first day of spring. Adam ends up holding their daughter for hours while Belle rests, marveling at how beautiful, how tiny, how perfect she is. He counts all of her fingers and toes, subconsciously checking just to make sure there weren’t any lasting effects from the curse he could have passed on. She looks so much like Belle. But she has his eyes. (I definitely feel like a “Dear Theodosia”-esque reprise of Evermore would be fitting here…(UPDATE: I am a sap and I wrote one. You can read it here if you like)

- Adam and Maurice end up becoming much closer after Adam becomes a dad. They got along well enough before, but they end up bonding over the trials of fatherhood. Adam is reluctant to accept direct help from any of the servants, insisting on doing the dirty work himself. But he values any and all of Maurice’s advice and encouragement. He did raise Belle, after all. 

- Maurice is impressed by Adam’s dedication to being a hands on parent, doing just as much work as Belle. He never imagined he would see his put together, perfectly quaffed prince of a son-in-law looking sleep deprived, covered in spit up, changing diapers like a veteran midwife. He did his best to encourage Adam when he noticed he was looking especially worn out or unsure, or when those first noxious diaper changes came. They have a good laugh over the antics of his granddaughter and stories of Belle’s childhood.

- Agathe ends up appointing herself as fairy godmother to the little princess. She bestows a gift for language on the child, allowing her the ability to understand and communicate in any language she encounters. It takes a little while for her to understand that others don’t pick up on foreign language as quickly as she does. Adam finds her reading one of the Greek volumes in the library at the age of 4. This gift ends up being very helpful for diplomatic relations as she ends up translating for foreign dignitaries who visit the castle, and subsequently charms the pants off them by being an overall adorable child.

- Adam often takes their daughter with him on several of his royal meetings when Belle is busy (or just needs a break.) It is not uncommon for him to show up to a meeting with his baby girl on his hip. He believes in giving her plenty of learning opportunities early on on how to be a good leader. 

- Adam and Belle often take their daughter to the village. They believe it is important for her to know her people and understand different walks of life than her own. The villagers love their princess and she adores them.

-  Lumière and Plumette end up having a boy and a girl.  Lumière is an incredibly proud papa and dotes on his children. The sounds of their imaginative adventures can be heard all throughout the castle. They end up inheriting some of Lumière’s showmanship, putting on little plays for the castle with Belle and Adam’s daughter.

- These three end up being the best of friends and grow up together in the castle. Belle makes sure that they are all given a proper education, feeling that  Lumière and Plumette’s children deserve the same opportunities as her own.

-  Lumière’s twins adore Cogsworth. He often puts on a gruff act when they “bother” him while he is working, but he (not so) secretly loves it.

- Chip becomes like a protective older brother to the twins and the little princess. They follow him around the castle like little ducklings.

- Lefou becomes a favorite with the younger generation of the castle. He makes up funny songs to make them laugh or cheer them up when they’ve had a bad day.

- When the princess comes of age, various suitors start to call on the castle much to Adam’s displeasure. Not only is he protective of his baby girl, he isn’t the type of monarch who is going to force his daughter into anything she doesn’t want to do. He allows them entrance to the castle begrudgingly until she comes to Adam and Belle with a box of love notes from Lumière’s son. Belle thinks it is sweet. Adam is just glad he has a reason to stop allowing strangers into his castle. Being a polite and gracious host while simultaneously watching any newcomers like a hawk was exhausting. 

Feel free to add on! I love batb fluff