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Oui (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 1561 (ugh, short. I know.) Request/Summary: This one wasn’t requested either (I should probably get to those), but it’s a teacher AU set on valentines day. They’re both middle school teachers, reader is a language arts teacher and Lafayette is the french teacher, and John is one of the counselors. (: Warnings: None I believe (:

A/N- Yet again, I was assisted with french by my lovely friend (who am I kidding, we’re practically married at this point) @whatdimissmotherfuckers. Thanks much mon chou. Finally got my valentines fic out! I hope you guys like it <3 Feedback is always appreciated. (Dis gif is how I like to imagine he’d dress if he were a teacher, hair up of course.)

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Things Mademoiselle L/N Loves.” You nearly dropped the stack of manilla folders in your arms at the sight of the large heart diagram scrawled across the dry erase board that spanned the wall. You stepped closer to the drawing and examined the slanted cursive writing scattered amongst the inside of the hastily drawn heart shape : “Writing.” You beamed at the word and turned your eyes to the next few, “Rainy Days. Good Books. Musicals.  Gilmore Girls. Good Hair Days.  Happy Students. French Teachers. Kitte-” Wait. You let a small smile turn the corners or your mouth up at the sight of it. You did have a bit of a “thing” for one particular french teacher. Your smile grew into a grin and remained on your face as you walked over to your desk, setting down the folders and placing your messenger bag on the floor.  Surrounding you now, were several, mostly red colored, balloons and an insurmountable amount of glitter thrown across your desk. “Too much, Gilbert.” You giggled as your gaze caught on a large box of chocolates on your desk, something french that you couldn’t understand was printed on the top in fancy lettering. You lifted the lid and surveyed the assorted chocolates inside. Immediately, the smell of them wafted to your nose and you couldn’t help picking one up and popping it in your mouth. With a glance at the clock you suppressed a groan and picked up your laptop to head to your meeting.

“Ah! All the color! I’m going blind!” One of your students had entered the classroom quite overdramatically. You rolled your eyes but stayed silent, deciding that you were in too good a mood to interact with the particular young man. Another followed closely behind, her long wavy blonde hair flowing down her back. Several more students soon trickled into the classroom as the bell rang through the room.

“Alright-” You began, finishing up attendance and stepping out of your desk, but your were soon interrupted. “What’s all that stuff for?”

“I don’t know.” You answered absently, staring at the decorations. “I showed up this morning and there it was.” You smiled. “It looks like the Marquis’ handwriting.” Somebody voiced, the entire class ‘ooh’ed teasingly at the prospect and you couldn’t help a blush sneaking up on your cheeks. “Alright that’s enough. Let’s get to class,” You called over their conversations. You began to speak again but this time you were interrupted by a smiling face peeking into your doorway. The smile instantly spread to your own face when you saw him. “Mademoiselle L/N?” He called, quirky smile still shining on his features. “Yes?” You raised your eyebrow at the tall Frenchman across the room. “Do you mind if we borrow the… the uh…” Lafayette pointed at the cart of Chromebooks and snapped his fingers. “Computers?” One of your students provided. “Oui. Thank you. May we borrow the computers for the day?”

“I’m not using them,” You shrugged. “Go ahead.” He smiled gratefully “I’ll have them back by the end of the day.” The Marquis strolled over to the cart and reached down to unplug the cord connected to the wall that was charging all the computers. He popped back up and began pulling on the cart, his biceps straining against his shirt due to the broken wheel. You could imagine that worn down jacket hanging over the back of the chair at his desk. You meant to ask him why he’d never invested in a new one. “Enjoying the view ?” He smiled slyly, interrupting your thoughts. You blushed and turned your gaze downward, shifting your weight from foot to foot. “I will speak to you later.” He chuckled. “Bye .” You answered forgetting to ask him about the display on your board. He lead the cart out of the door and there was a breath of silence before the students erupted into conversation. “Quiet!” You shouted. They silenced themselves and nearly thirty delinquent faces all turned to to you with mischievous grins. “Get out your books.” You sighed.

You’d finally reached the end of the day and were just finishing up some grading when an echoing sound brought your attention back to the door- Lafayette knocking quietly against the doorframe. You smiled up at him, the familiar fluttering detonated in your gut. “Hello.” You greeted. “What can I do for you?”

“I just stopped by to say hi before you left, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to, um- how you say?- Chat.” His famous wide grin was enough to make you swoon at your desk right then and there. You were suddenly reminded of the display surrounding you and you slapped your palm to your forehead in realization. “Was… this…” You gestured to the room around you. “You?”

“It was.” He nodded, charming you again with that winning grin. “Did you enjoy the chocolates?”

“Well I haven’t eaten them all yet, I may be a pig, but not that much.”

“I didn’t assume so.” He held up his hands in surrender. “I did have one and it was absolutely ambrosial, so thank you.” There was a beat of silence between the two of you before you made your way over to the white board and tapped against it where the words ‘French Teachers’ were written. “And what does this mean?” You raised your eyebrows expectantly. “How would you know?”

“Well a man can hope, can’t he?” You smiled at the floor, that was an outright confession, complete mastery of the subtle-not-so-subtlety, a clear as day admission, and you weren’t about to let it slip through your fingers.

“If I’m hearing correctly, you’re saying that you’re hoping I-”

“Ah! Y/N, Lafayette, just who I was looking for.” You both turned to the school counselor with perhaps far too clear irritation on your features. Laurens ignored it and stepped into your classroom. “Can you guys come for beer with the guys this Friday?” The freckled young man asked, running a hand over his wild curls that strained against the hair tie as if at any point they would break free. “Yeah. Yeah, sure, fine.” You nodded, dragging your hand down your face exasperatedly. “Oui, I can come.” The aristocratic french teacher next to you drawled. “Great!” John smiled widely, sending the pair of you a thumbs up before ducking out the door. “As I was saying, “ You began, but before you could finish, your eyes caught on the clock. “Oh shit! I have to go. Dentist. I’ll talk to you later.” You spoke urgently, picking up your bag and throwing your coat on. “See you tomorrow!” You called as you flew through the door.

“As-tu un bonne reste de la journée!”(Have a good rest of your day!) He answered from the hallway as you made your way down the stairs. “You too!” You internally high-fived yourself for having known what he’d meant.

“I want love.” Isabella ’s voice crackled just slightly  on it’s way through the phone. You chuckled, “Who do you have in mind?” You asked amusedly. “I don’t know…” She sighed. “Oh, how about that hot french teacher who works at your school? Is he still single?” You frowned immediately. “Yeah…” You answered reluctantly. “He’s still single.”

“You don’t sound too excited.” She pointed out. “No. He’s still single.” You cleared your throat, shifting uncomfortably in your spot on the couch. “Oh… you like him.” she realized. “I don’t.” Your brow furrowed deeper as she spoke, “You do. I’ve seen it.”

“You have not.”

“I definitely have. Petite Y/N est amoooooouuuuurrreeeuuuse!” (Little Y/N’s in love)

“How do you even know any french?” You sighed, dragging your hand down your face in exasperation.”You’re not denying it.” She teased in a sing song voice. “Shut up.”

You stepped into the classroom expecting the drawing to still be there, you didn’t have the heart to erase it. But instead you found something new. Your brow furrowed in confusion and you walked over to your desk to drop off your things. After doing so, you surveyed the board again, “Est-ce que tu veux rendez-vous avec moi?” was written in careful cursive letters. You whipped out your phone and pulled up google translate, it may eat ass but it gets the job done. You typed in the words and smiled when you saw what came out. You crossed the hall to Lafayette’s room but before you got there you spotted John in the hallway. “Oh! John!” You hissed. “Is Lafayette in there? Can you check for me?”

“Go in there and see for yourself.” John shrugged. “Please.” You begged, “I’ll give you a chocolate during my lunch break.”

“FIne.” He sighed. He moved over and peeked into Lafayette’s classroom. “You’re clear.”

“Thanks.” You grinned. “Love you.” You kissed his cheek quickly before walking towards the door. “Nice try hon, I’m taken and gay.” He called after you. You giggled as you stepped into Lafayette’s classroom. Instantly, his lavender scent filled your nose, you always liked that about his classroom- you could never walk in without being surrounded by a lavender aroma, but never to the point where it was sickening. You strolled over to the whiteboard and picked up the dry erase marker that sat on the sill protruding from the wall. You then wrote three large letters that spanned the entire board: “Oui”.

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Once, my friends and I decided to cosplay as Disney villains for a convention and vote who was the best. We all worked really hard on our costumes and were complementing each other about how good they looked when my bf (ex- now) Japheth showed up dressed as a hunter w/ a double barrel. We didn't say anything. later when we got back to the hotel I asked why he didn't dress as a villain like the rest of us. He gave me this exasperated look and said, "I'm the hunter that killed Bambi's mom" he won.

oh my god that’s awesome and totally unrelated but yes

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Ok but Shirogane just happened to dress up Saihara as a neko maid now what;)

*Stares*~ ………

I’d definitely take pictures, lots of them, that would be perfect blackmail material and if he’s being forced to dress like a maid, then he should act like one, I would make him obey my every command~ Nishishi   

Based on the prompt by @cs-prompts: ‘It’s two am and we’re standing outside of our apartment building because someone pulled the fire alarm. You look cold and haven’t got a coat - do you want to share my blanket?

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Killian Jones had the worst bloody luck.

After he got home from a tiring day (and evening) of work at the docks he’d only just managed to take a shower and throw on some flannel pants before collapsing on his bed and falling alseep.

Now, he found himself standing out in the bloody cold across the street from his new appartment building, surrounded by his fellow residents. The building’s fire alarm had send everyone outside in the dead of night. Killian, as he’d been drilled to do by his brother, did not waste any time on getting dressed or gathering his valuables - it’s not like he was so sentimental anyway. However, he did make a stop at the appartment next door, where he knew a woman, a beautiful woman to be exact and her son lived. Finding that the door was slightly open, but that his worries were not quite yet setteled, Killian knocked on the door and took a quick look inside. Satisfied that his neighbour and her lad had obviously fled the building, Killian found his own way outside.

Emma Swan was pissed. You would think that people would know better than to pull the fire alarm for no reason at 2 am. It’s illegal, annoying and most of all, a very stupid thing to do in the appartment complex where the town’s deputy lived. Emma Swan was not on duty tonight however, which is why she found herself waiting until Storybrooke’s fire department finally cleared the building so she could go back inside.

‘So mom, are you gonna arrest the bad guys that pulled the fire alarm? Maybe it was that grumpy looking man from downstairs’  whispered Henry. ‘I don’t know kid, I don’t think Leroy is usually awake this time of night. But I’m gonna let your uncle David handle this one. As soon as we can get back inside, we’re going back to sleep.’ Seemingly satisfied with that answer, Henry nodded and looked around for a bit. ‘Hey mom, isn’t that our neighbour Killian?, he looks cold don’t you think?’. Emma looked over to who Henry was referring too, the hot british guy, who’d been greeting her with a series of ‘goodmorning love’s ever since he moved in two weeks ago.

He definitely seems like a decent guy, which is good, but Emma decided that she does not have the time for anything as distracting as her hot neighbour. Now mister piercing blue eyes was standing there out in the cold, shirtless, and with the most adorable pyjama pants on. Not realising she’d been staring, Emma quickly turned her head & attention away from him when he sent her a smirk and a raised eyebrow, as if to say ‘See something you like, love?’ After a few moments, Emma came to her senses. ‘Wait, how do you know his name is Killian?’. ‘I introduced myself’ said Henry simply. ‘According to aunt Mary Margaret we should be nice to our neighbours. Besides, he and Mary Margaret know eachother’.  

Emma hadn’t know that piece of information, but it didn’t change the fact she doesn’t like her son talking to strangers, seemingly having picked up on Mary Margaret’s & David’s tendency to only see the good in people.
Emma couldn’t deny that it was awfully cold though. It was wintertime in Maine after all. Figuring her hot neighbour, Killian, at least didn’t deserve to catch hypothermia, Emma made a quick decision and made her way over.


Killian startled when he suddenly heard a soft, ‘uhm hi’ coming from next to him. Standing there was his beautiful, blonde and usually though looking neighbour, wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket. ‘Hello love, are you quite alright? I’m glad no harm has come to you or your boy’
‘Yeah, we’re fine. Actually, Henry noticed you must be pretty cold without a coat and all, so I figured we can share my blanket. Just for warmth though, don’t get any ideas. - And I’m not your love’
A bit surprised, but none the less touched by her offer, Killian replied ‘Why thank you love.. eh lass, if it’s not too much trouble, I could certainly use a little warmth. You don’t have to worry about me, I am a gentleman after all.’

‘I’m Emma by the way. Emma Swan’
Swan, I’m Killian Jones, at your service’

Killian Jones had the best bloody luck

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Baller alert put a pic of Odell and I was dying at the comments about his outfit someone said he's got to much money to be dressing like an 11th grader, someone else said he dressed like a thot and someone else said he been wearing the same outfit for the past month like why they gotta do bae like that 😂

Lmao but they ain’t lying 😂😂

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no photos of marc dressed like a philosophy professor from 1982 when he received the lleida city international award (who cares about world championship trophies and sportsman of the year awards when you get a piece of scrap from lleida!) on here? what.

*Hangs my head in shame* This completely passed me by anon, I’m so disappointed in myself. :(

That is a look only a few people could pull off, and Marc is one of them (because of course he is). I think we are all the guy in the glasses here. *Heart eyes for days*

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*slides in heelys* Sycamore probably haves an awful taste in fashion and S/O will help him get nicely dressed for any important event (either for some kind of symposium or meeting with other researchers)


This is the kind of man who cannot be trusted in a thrift shop alone bc he will come out looking half ready for the roller rink, half like your dads weird friend ya gotta call uncle, all with a ugly brown knit sweater vest thrown over it

Lbr this man is a menace and probably tries to wear V necks that are way too deep to everything, you don’t just ‘forget’ to button literally half of ur shirt
Also when he finally stops acting like a gottamn heathen and dresses up in a suit or smthn, he doesn’t know how to wear a tie sooo like he probably makes his S/O do it for him just so he can flirt with them in close quarters so they end up fudging the tie,
maybe not even going to the cool thing bc…reasons, just bc he didn’t want to go in the first place and managed to romance his way into just staying home

(I am tired of this Mans!! ANTICS!)

His S/O is just doing their best to keep him clothed let alone fashionable, they should be given a medal for their work 👏👏

I hate it when I say something about a character but then I sketch them and they’re like ‘nope Imma be like this instead’.

Raphael decided he wanted to look like this instead of having two forms. Dresses rather well for a Giratina, holy shit.

Gothitelle/Bisharp hybrid instead of them separate I was originally going for. Nothing worked until I did this haha. Markings on his face are subject to change.