and he doesn't approve


I love how Albert has like, these two tough looking guys in perpetual sunglasses who drive him around and just kinda stand behind him menacingly while he snarks at people and while they are referred to as “his team” they’re never actually around when he works, so it’s safe to assume they’re there specifically to help him make a cooler entrance 


Yeah, Sangwoo definitely knew those two were in the stall together. It’s obvious that he faked leaving so that one of them would come out and catch the other one in the stall.

I don’t know specifically who he was trying to weed out (probably Bum?) but he definitely wanted to catch them in the stall

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Yo O'Shea darling! We bet you get this a lot, but you are beautiful and perfect in every way. Could we hook you up with a single dad? He's lonely. No worries, he doesn't bite, much ;)

* Hmmmmmmmmmm…. Gonna need pics fo’ approval when it comes t’the twinks.

* I just installed a shag carpet so it’s easier fo’ th’hoe’s t’ hang on to. I’m eager t’put it thru a test run, so why th’fuck not.


Q: Dear Wen Junhui my child, you are truly very very very great you know, have more confidence! Here’s an early happy birthday for you ha! All right, I’m going to ask something that’s already been asked last year, if you were a girl which member below would you go out with? Why? (don’t you dare say yourself)
1: Wonwoo
2: Hoshi
3: Jeonghan
4: Joshua

J: Can I buy one get eleven kekekeke~~~

NOTE: OP stated that Jun said he likes Wonwoo, but asked if he could write down “buy one get eleven”, OP approved lol

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. The press conference confirming Luke's relation to Darth Vader would probably be pretty funny to those watching the press-corps reactions. There'd be a lot of "those rumors can't be true, Brad" turning into "how the kriff do you get a Luke Skywalker from a Darth Vader and a somebody else?", I think.

“-And welcome back, beings of the galaxy, to Last Word from Coruscant! I’m Lois, and we’re taking you live to Anthan Prime, where Lord Vader himself has called a press conference. Let’s go to our reporter on the scene. Miy’ra?”

 “Miy’ra Yson here, thanks, Lois. Earlier rumors have now been confirmed, the famous Rebel commander, Luke Skywalker is indeed here in custody. Looks like- hold on, hold on just a moment, I think that’s him. Brad, get the cam-bot over here!”

Now, my angle of the screen is a little odd, so you’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong. But Miy’ra, doesn’t it look like Commander Skywalker is walking around free? I don’t see any restraints on him. Don’t you think that’s unusual for such a high profile prisoner?”

You’re right, Lois, he’s completely unrestrained. Hold on- Lord Vader is saying something. Ugh, I’m too far from the stage. Move it, Brad! We need to get closer! 
Sorry about that, folks. Alright, I just caught something about Jedi Treachery and the chaos in the three days following the formation of the Empire.”

Not to worry, we’ll enhance the cam-bot’s playback on tonight’s broadcast to analyze the speech. Tell us, is Skywalker as at ease as he seems to be? You wouldn’t think a Rebel would be so calm standing in front of everyone with Vader’s hand on his shoulder.”

This is…I don’t believe this. Cambot, zoom in! Ladies and gentlemen and beings of all species and descriptions, Lord Vader has just announced that all hostilities against Skywalker are to immediately cease. That’s right, you heard it here first! Luke Skywalker has been pardoned – and I would like to remind our viewers that this is the man who destroyed the Death Star!”
“Kinda more like the boy who destroyed the Death Star. Geez, what is he, twelve?”
Shut up, Brad.”

Miy’ra, Skywalker is starting to look a little nervous there. Doesn’t seem like he’s defected, does it?”

Mother of Moons…did he just say what I think he said? Cam-bot, get up there, I want a quote.”

His actions against the Empire are, indeed…..regrettable. Yet the fact remains that young Skywalker has only acted thus far according to very specific teachings of individuals who wished to use him for their own ends. Individuals who took him from his father and raised him to hate the Empire.”

“Lord Vader! Are you saying that Commander Skywalker was manipulated, like some kind of secret Jedi-super-soldier-project?”

Sounds like that was pretty much what he was saying, Miy’ra. Ooh, I don’t think Skywalker liked that at all, look at him. But I suppose if that’s what he was raised to know, he’d feel obligated to defend it.”

Lord Vader, you mentioned that Skywalker was taken from his father, specifically. Is his father a member of the Empire? Why was Skywalker taken, why not someone else?”

“Because Luke Skywalker is my son. And any further attempts to use him against me – by anyone – will fail.”

Lord Vader, will we be allowed to ask Comma- er…your…son…any questions?”


“Just one? Better make it count, Miy’ra!”

I don’t know what to ask!”

Miy’ra, ask him this: Commander, were you aware that you were Lord Vader’s son? Did you join the Rebellion knowing?”

I think that’s two questions in one, but I’ll try. 
Commander Skywalker, did you know you were Lord Vader’s son when you joined the Rebellion?”

“Eh…no. No that’s a, um. That’s a recent development. I was not informed until very recently, and he had to be the one to tell me…Kinda explains why he’s been trying to find me for so long though, doesn’t it?”

This is truly history in the making, viewers! And remember, you heard it on Last Word from Coruscant first! We’re going to take a break here for a word from our sponsors, but we will resume coverage of the press conference momentarily. Stay tuned.”


Be next to the people who need you. Save them, heal them. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re a good doctor.

Okay, so I’ve been hearing a lot about Camp Camp lately, so about a week ago I looked up a description of it. It seemed like the generic “Oh, some kids at camp go on cool adventures with their kooky friends!” type thing, so I wasn’t gonna watch it. But then a few minutes ago I decided to watch it anyways, just to see.

And I start up episode one, expecting some cartoon for young children created to teach them about the powers of friendship or some bullshit.

And then I hear

Max: “Well, it’s definitely not because the bus only comes in from the city to drop off and pick up campers, and so far seems to be my only reasonable method of escaping this fucking nightmare of a camp. Definitely not that.”
David: “Heeeeyy… language.”
Max: “Suck a di-”

And now I’m fuCKIN DEAD, I spewed my Pepsi everywhere, I scared my cat, my dad and papa are concerned because I just randomly started laugin really loud.


Someone please help me

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#onlyingotham can you get catcalled by some assholes then get to watch the Riddler beat them down with his cane. Apparently he doesn't approve of men catcalling women, and afterwards he bought me a coffee. #Hesactuallyreallycute #andwasntanasshole #iwonderifhessingle


oh mercedes, deniably eager to please … :’0


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i legit could never bring myself to hand over fenris, so i decided to watch a youtube video of it, and i couldnt do it, i had to stop the moment you saw fenris' face, im tearing up

It’s honestly a heartbreaking moment????? Like he doesn’t even fight it and it’s horrifying. Also if you fucking have Anders with you he GAINS APPROVAL IF YOU HAND FENRIS OVER AND I JUST….

I don’t care how much you can argue than Anders is a good person or if he was right in what he did to the chantry, just that onE ACTION. I will never like Anders for many reasons but bitch. That’s numero uno as to why.

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What if Star's parents find out about her crush on Marco and don't approve because he's not a Mewman? I know River doesn't care, but what about Moon?

If they start seeing some parallels with Eclipsa (with Marco being an alien/part-monster because of the tentacle arm), I’m pretty sure they’d both be very concerned about it, almost as if some kind of prophecy is unfolding…



Reiner: *moves an inch closer to Annie’s face*
Annie, literally: “CAN U NOT”

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I'm reading what you say about your boyfriend, and you two are so cute. Please continue to be happy, because I hope I can find a relationship like yours. Best of luck to you two!

We’ve been through hell and high water both apart and with each other. Do you know that the first day we met, it’s because he literally flew across the country to get me out of an abusive situation that I felt I could not leave on my own? I hadn’t seen or talked to him prior to that day I packed up all my things and never looked back at something that had been a part of my life for 7 years.

Then half a year later, I got him out of his similarly abusive situation. Only way to return the favor, fam. lol

He’s seen me at my absolute worst, and vice versa. We’ve most def had our ups and downs like any relationship. There have been times that neither of us thought that our relationship would survive it. BUT WE STILL HERE, DORKY ASF

(Not a great pic of us but it was on Halloween and he made my Cleopatra costume for me)

… and here’s one that LV was like “OH I SEE OLDER!GLADIO” and I was like “…look, he was pissed when older!Gladio appeared cause he ain’t want his least fave chocobro to look like him at all”

His hair is longer than mine and I’m salty about it, but lemme stop before I gush forever about mah mans

I don’t like to be trite and say corny things like “everyone will find their soulmate someday!” But I do trust that you’ll stumble across something fulfilling and life-changing when you least expect it, anon. Because that’s how it seems to always happen. May your kind words and blessings given to me help expedite your fortune.