and he discovered this whole other magical world

Some Klaroline fanfics

I was looking at my follow up list in fanfiction and I noticed some of the ones I’m passionate about, but it has not been updated for a long time. God, I just want to get a notification saying that it has been updated, that it has a thread of hope that the story will continue! So here’s a list of wonderful Klaroline stories that have not been updated for a long time (almost centuries), but which totally deserve a little love and a sign that is still alive: 

The Contract by Desi44 Resume: When Klaus Mikaelson, CEO of Mikaelson & Co., needs a wife to remain in the US, he turns to the best friend of his best friend and the games begin. This is a Klaroline story but with lots of love with Stefan, Kol and Katherine, too! 

 If you’ve never read this fanfic, you should read it (review, perhaps the incentive will reach the author)! For me it’s one of the best arranged wedding history ever!I really enjoy reading, Caroline and Klaus to the point that they practically crouch on the ground because of how much they hate each other. Caroline is strong, smart, successful working with Klaus that seems to take pleasure in pissing Caroline in each moment, getting to be really petty and mean! Obviously we discover throughout each chapter that it is not everything as it seems. But, it stopped being updated at a turning point and I confess that I catch myself trying to understand and find out what happens next! So many relationships, how they develop. I wanted to understand why Caroline was so motivated the Foundation, the depth of how what happened to Henrik affected the Mikaelsons and Klaus mainly. I would love to see the sparks coming out of the Klaroline relationship turn into a fire that consumes them inside. Anyway, this story is written so beautifully, with many endearing characters and, despite being slow burn, it has an excellent (and engaging) plot, I just wish it could be updated and finalized at some point.

Demeter’s Daughter by AmericanWordsmith Resume:  When Caroline Forbes is forced to turn off her humanity she doesn’t stick around her friends from Mystic Falls. She heads south, to the one and only city of true decadence and debauchery: New Orleans.

Caroline Forbes without a humanity here is a force to be recognized. She handles and manipulates everyone so well around her. And even when she kills someone is smart! She’s so damn amazing that she leaves us all and even our Big Bad Hybrid at her mercy. I love how the dealings were handled in this fanfic, she did not forget what Hayley did with her and the other hybrids (on those days, people seem to have taken amnesia tea on the fact that who Hayley was before going to New Orleans), they will never be friends, but will have to learn to at least be civil with each other, The awakening of Caroline related to her friends is also wonderful to see. A fanfic of Caroline without humanity so well written, with many Klaroline moments, surely deserves an update!

Fixing Mistakes by clairegleek Resume:  Caroline and Klaus connect in the forest in Mystic Falls before parting. That was never how their futures were supposed to go. Caroline is sent to the past to fix the mistakes of the future. Can she fulfil their destiny?

Two words: Time travel. Some people (kind of a top council) who see the future of Klaus and Caroline apart, send her back so she can go correcting some things through the centuries, so that they can have a future together. And we’re falling in love (even more) with Klaroline while Caroline is discovering the layers of Klaus falling in love with him too. While some people are working for Klaus and Caroline to be together, some other people are getting into the spell and disrupting the operation. I still do not know how it ends, but I particularly hope that the whole plot of the unicorn magical baby of hell is corrected and the evil witches of the west of New Orleans are treated.

Fair Slivers of Us by  Miss.Full.of.Light Resume: He feels it as soon as she is born, that tug at his heartstrings that says his mate has finally come into the world. It’s beautiful and terrifying all at once, but most importantly what he has been unknowingly waiting for all along.

This one is about mates, I love fanfic with Klaroline as mates! He discovers that Caroline is born and is accompanied by her growth, so that he can protect and know her better. I really like how the whole original family is involved! The moments Kol and Caroline are wonderful! I look forward to seeing Klaus and Caroline relationship grow and to become strong and enduring!

So just to be clear, I know that the authors of fanfics have lives outside of this wonderful place that is Fandom and it is not always that they can write and give us beautiful chapters. I have  a live myself  outside too. I tried to pass that although they have not updated for so long, they are still appreciated and some people still think about them. This post is more for enjoyment and a dream list of updates! Because one of the best things that exists in this fandom, is the range of stories for you to dive in and get lost along with the wonderful OTP that KLAROLINE is! I hope you like it

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The Girl From The Bookstore (Stiles x Reader)

A/N: hey guys! I’m new to tumblr but not to writing, so this is pretty much all I do. I’ve written this one for a friend who suffers from depression and social anxiety.

Warning: TRIGGER WARNING! This fic may be triggering to those who are depressed/have suffered abuse. Contains images of self harm and attempted suicide.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles makes a new friend, and falls in love with her without realizing it.


If he was being totally honest with himself, Stiles Stilinski could admit that he was a complete bookworm.

At first, he’d started with the basic, cheap, children’s books you could buy at garage sales. Admittedly, he didn’t really think about the stories all that much.

Then, one faithful day at a secondhand bookstore, he picked up the first Harry Potter book.

To him it was like he had discovered a whole new world, albeit at the tender age of eight. It didn’t matter that it was fictional because in this world he could be a wizard and go to a magical school, or he could be the son of a Greek God and meet others just like him, or he could find a beautiful new world in his closet and talk to lions, or could cure his mother of her dementia. In this world, he could be anything he wanted to be.

He’d admit that after his mom died, he didn’t find as much fascination in the beautiful stories anymore.

But then, along came high school and with it assigned readings. Stiles wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that he very much hated the idea of falling back into a book. Of course he would, after he’d been so lost in them the first time around he didn’t notice his own father turning into a drunk.

However, no one could be exempted and Stiles was forced to pour himself into Oliver’s Twisted tales, and write a report on it by the end of the month.

Of course he fell in love with reading again, and of course he began to swallow up any book he laid his hands. There was just something different about it now. Now he could appreciate the beauties of literature. He wasn’t a kid anymore. He understood the irony of foreshadowing, relished in the thrill of predicting the plot, and gasped in horror at his favorite characters deaths.

*cough* Sirius Orion Black *cough*

And at the end of the day, his love for reading was pretty much the only reason he could help the pack. He knew it was nothing personal and it wasn’t his fault, but the truth remained. Stiles was just human.

Anyway, back to the story.

It was his love for reading, his passion for the written word that had gotten him into this little predicament. Of course, he couldn’t blame every single thing on the books. It had a lot to do with teenage hormones and a girl who was just too damn beautiful for her own good.

A girl by the name of (Y/N).

A girl who didn’t want to take care of herself.

Stiles saw the signs, of course. He remembered the way his psychologist had explained them. Stiles first met her at the secondhand book store. She didn’t eat, at least from what he could see. She had glasses but Stiles saw the way her eyes continued to strain to see clearly. She didn’t sleep as much as she should have (he was completely aware of how hypocritical he was being) and she spent the hours that he was in the shop pouring over books that were becoming increasingly worrying.

Books like Freaks Like Us

Books like It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Books like The Impossible Knife of Memory

Books like Me Before You

To name a few. If Stiles was being completely honest with himself, he didn’t know why he watched her. He didn’t know why he cared. He should have just left it as it was. If she wanted help she would get it, right? Why should he care that she looked like a small gust of wind could blow her over or that she wore long sleeved shirts in the blazing heat?

He should have just let her be, but Stiles was never one to do what he should have done.

It started out pretty simple. He’d call her over to ask for some book or the other, make small talk and offer her whatever he was eating at the time. (Over the past few weeks his food became healthier because he noticed she would cringe at the fries and burgers). (Y/N) was too polite to refuse and she took one or two cherries or maybe an orange slice. Stiles watched the books she read and made certain to place little notes in the ones he thought she’d like. He smiled at her and offered to help stack the shelves and just tried to keep her company in general. He was just being a decent human being, you know?

But then, things started getting worse. Stiles quickly became attached to the cute, little lady behind the counter and her lovely, albeit rare, dazzling smile. Soon, he’d come to the store every day after school, when he knew she’d be there. He’d bring along his homework and whatever the pack needed and sit at the tiny desk in the corner for hours just to keep her company. He’d come up with stupid questions to ask that he totally knew the answers to, just to hear her tiny voice laugh. He’d invite her to dinner (Platonically, he’d say) and bring roast beef over when she said she had to close up.

Afterwards, when it was just about closing time, she’d playfully yell at him to leave and tell him to stop bothering her because ‘I’ve got work to do, Stilinski’, but the smile on her face would contradict her completely. When she closed the store and he was forced to leave, he’d throw his arm around her in a casual side hug, and feel the way she’d relax under him, as if all the tension just drained out of her.

He would pointedly ignore the way she instinctively swerved away from him, before practically tucking herself into him.

He would ignore the way she shuddered when he let go after walking her home, which was just a few blocks away.

He would ignore the way that he too began to find comfort in the small amount of intimacy they shared.

He couldn’t help himself from becoming attached. He liked her, really. She made sharp, witty conversation when she was in the mood and aways had a sarcastic side comment to mutter under her breath when she thought no one was listening. She had read the most beautiful of books and could pick them apart word by word for hours on end. She was, in general, a beautiful soul trapped inside herself.


The teenager jumped at the sound of his friends voice. He didn’t bother to look towards where he was sure Scott was staring at him in confusion. It was like someone had strapped him down and forced his eyes open; he couldn’t look away.

Stiles stood with Scott next to him, staring at the scene in front of him with his mouth agape. The Sheriff’s department had sent out a couple deputies to keep the scene under control. No one was allowed forward. He heard the sound of people gasping in horror and the ambulance sirens calling out in distress, but to him it was just background.

The medics rolled out a gurney with a body strapped onto it.

Stiles moved on instinct. He pushed his way through the crowd and towards the front ignoring Scott’s confused calls. The deputies saw him and made a weak attempt to stop the teen from getting through. Maybe it was the worried, crazed look about him that stopped them from doing anything.

He made it right to the front of the scene before he was pulled back. He could see the gurney being pulled into the ambulance truck, and looked at see who had come in his way.

It was his dad.

“Wha-?” was all Stiles could manage through the lump in his throat. He looked over his dad’s shoulder to see the doors being closed and the ambulance speeding away. Noah Stilinski let out a sigh and Stiles’ attention snapped back to him.

“Neighbors called when they heard screaming last night. Deputies only came in this morning when there the girl’s guardian couldn’t wake her up.” Stiles’ stomach dropped. “She’s got a history of mental illness. PTSD is one of them. She was on the suicide watch list until a few weeks ago. They thought she was getting better.”

He felt as though a knife was trying to cut its way out of his stomach. His eyes went wide and his body began shaking. “Wh- When? When did all this happen?” It took everything inside if Stiles to keep his voice steady.

“About a half hour ago.” The Sheriff looked at Stiles, confused. “Did you know her?” Suddenly, his tone was worried.

“Y-Yeah.” Stiles managed. “I- I, um-” he didn’t know how to finish the sentence. In all truth, he knew what he felt for (Y/N). He knew that it was more than just interest and curiosity. He looked at his father, and was sure that he had tears in his eyes. “I care about her, a lot.”

That, apparently, was all that the Sheriff needed to hear. He nodded to a deputy and clapped Stiles on the back, leading him towards the Sheriff’s Department Vehicles.

“She’s at Saint Bartholomew’s.”


It was more than five hours later that Stiles got any news. Her guardians weren’t there, and the teen suspected that it was because they didn’t actually give a fuck. The Sheriff’s persuasion and Stiles’ mad looks were probably the only reasons that the Doctor had divulged the details of (Y/N)’s condition to them.

“She attempted to overdose on sleeping pills.” The doctor told Noah and Stiles, sounding apologetic but looking cold. “We managed to get the drugs out of her system before any long term effects took action, but only barely.” he looked to the Sheriff. “You got lucky.” He said in an unprofessional manner, one that showed emotion. “I don’t think that you’ll be so again. I don’t know what your concern is with this girl, but I strongly suggest putting her in to a new home. The bruising patterns on her arms and stomach suggests she’s being abused by someone close. She needs help.”

Noah nodded, looking extremely grief stricken. The way he saw it, this girl was his son’s age. She was just another teenager that no one cared about. What if she had been Stiles? He read her report and knew that she’d gotten this way after her mother died and her father abandoned her. He shuddered at the parallels.

Stiles looked horrified for a completely different reason. He knew that she was suffering and he did try to help, but he never asked why. His dad explained the details of her case to him while they waited. If only he had known. He would’ve tried harder. He would’ve been braver and just asked her out. He would’ve brought her home to meet his dad and he would have shown her the love that she’d so desperately deserved. He would’ve convinced her to turn whoever was doing all these horrible things to her in.

Stiles had known her for months, *for months* without really knowing her at all.

“Can I see her?” The question fell from his lips before he could process it. Stiles looked up at the doctor, knowing just how he appeared. He’d always worn his heart on his sleeve and never bothered to hide his emotions. He knew his face reflected all the grief he felt within.

He suspected that to be the only reason the doctor nodded.

“She’s been awake for about a half hour.” the doctor said, looking at Stiles with pity. “I suspect that she’ll still be a little drowsy. Try not to agitate her or make her any more stressed than she already is.”

Stiles nodded and got the room number before taking off. He caught sight of a social worker in the waiting room and felt a small amount of relief. He knew his dad would take care of it. As Stiles approached the room, something in the gift shop caught his eye and he quickly bought it before going in.

“Hey.” he said softly from the door, closing it behind him. (Y/N)’s head shot up and she looked guiltily at Stiles, turning her face into her pillow. “Come on now, none of that.” The teen said immediately, walking to her in three quick steps and kneeling down at the side of her bed.

(Y/N) looked up at him in shame. This was the first time Stiles had seen her without makeup on. He saw the bags under her eyes that she tried desperately to conceal and the sadness within them that were usually hidden behind he glasses. He thought she looked tragically beautiful and he hated it.

“I’m sorry.” she said, a tear rolling down her face. Stiles held her gaze.

He didn’t say anything. He simply took her hands in one of his and used the other to wipe away the stray tear. Honestly he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to cry with relief because she was okay, *she was fucking alive*. He also wanted to scream in anger because how could she? How could she think so little of herself and truly believe that she could just *leave* and it wouldn’t matter?

He didn’t tell her this, of course. He knew what it was like to want so desperately for the pain to end; to truly believe that death would be better.

Stiles brought her hands, which were still wrapped up in his his, to his mouth and pressed a soft kiss to her knuckles. “You’re okay.” he said, and whether it was to remind her or himself he did not know. “You’re fine. Everything’s gonna be just fine.”

In all truth, Stiles didn’t know this. How could he? He was just a teenager who had fallen in love. But that didn’t matter. When he down at her, her body looking absolutely tiny against the huge hospital mattress, he knew it would be. When he looked into her eyes and saw the hope that shone through them, he knew that it was true.

Everything’s gonna be just fine.

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Any wolfstar soulbonding fic recs?

Is soulbonding the same as soulmate AUs? If it’s not, feel free to send me another request explaining what you’re looking for, but for now: 

Soulmate AUs!

Note: some of my favorites on this list are marked with a star (*), but they’re all good fics :)

  • *The Electric Fizzing Prick Pistols, or Whatever by whitmans_kiss– 4k, T, MWPP era. “Everyone is born with Words on their arm that connect them to their Soulmate. James finds his, Sirius had everything figured out back in First Year, Peter doesn’t talk to girls anyway, and Remus thinks he’d very much just like to put his earmuffs back on and disappear.” Lovely fic, so much fluff but also creativity and characterization.
  • *I just didn’t know it yet. by genderisasocialconstruct– 1k, G, MWPP era & post-Hogwarts. “Sirius comes to realise that the time waiting for his soulmate was well worth the wait.” AU in which then name of one’s soulmate is written on their wrist from birth. Trans!Remus. Super super cute. 
  • Our countdown by asongofshipsandfeels– 2k, G, MWPP era. AU in which everyone has a countdown on their wrist showing the time until they first meet their soulmate. Very sweet.
  • Bandages by FreakishWhale– 1k, G, MWPP era. “A world where everyone is born with the First Words their soulmate will ever speak to them inked onto their skin, to be kept hidden until they are spoken and burn black.” Aww, little Sirius is such a cutie.
  • *the voice in his head by Sonata Appasionata– 2k, G, pre-MWPP & MWPP era. “Sirius had always had that voice in his head. Sometimes, it comforted him after those long, endless sessions of his father’s remonstrations…Other times, it berated him for doing something stupid…Whatever he did, it was always, dependably there.” Little Sirius is too cute to handle omg.
    • Companion fic from Remus’s POV: the voice, louder– 3k, PG, pre-MWPP & MWPP era. “Of course I’ll be your friend, Padfoot said, inside his head, and six-year-old Remus found it easier to breathe again.” Read them both for double the cute!
  • Written in the Stars by Rose Garden Fairytale– 1k, PG, MWPP era. “Sirius Black wakes up on the morning of his seventeenth birthday and discovers the name of his soulmate. Nervous with who it is and how they will react he tries to hide it for as long as possible.” AU in which your soulmate’s signature appears on your wrist at age 17.
  • I Guess Luchino’s Wasn’t Open by tiltheendoftheoneliner– 3k, G, non-magic AU. “In which Lily decides to spice up her life and go to a different café, James tests out pick up lines on suspecting victims and Sirius has a great idea for an app while Remus strongly disagrees (for now anyway).” [Jily with background wolfstar] AU in which soulmates have matching marks on their wrists.
  • Hourglass Soulmates by mani, StairsWarning– 6k, G, pre-MWPP & MWPP era. “Sirius doubts in the system of hourglasses ticking down until you meet your soulmate. Maybe he doesn’t want to know when he’ll meet that special person.
  • Sirius’ Soulmate by NeonDomino– 4k, T, MWPP era (mostly). “Remus is determined to prove that Soulmates and past lives don’t exist, but he finds himself proven wrong when a spell lets him and Sirius see that both are very real.” Interesting idea. 
  • Wilting Roses by ExquisiteRose– WIP~ so far 11k, M, MWPP era & student-teacher AU. “The flowing cursive letters that had appeared to him exactly on his sixteenth birthday told Remus many things. He’d have to get a wrist cuff, for one.. but it signified something much more important: a soul mate. A Dom.” Looks abandoned. 
  • Cosmic Intervention by hato-ryou-chan– 4k, M, non-magic university AU. “Remus never believed in fate or destiny or any other divine plan. Then he met Sirius…Now, Remus will find his belief system in doubt…Perhaps there are such things as fate and destiny and maybe even soul mates.” **Not a true soulmate AU but talks about fate, etc.
  • Coffee Marks by The Krystal Cat– 1k, T, non-magic AU. “Remus never believed his parents’ stories about soulmarks. He’d always thought it was a made up story. Boy was he wrong.” People have marks on their arms that burn at a soulmate’s touch.
  • *The Door Through the World by Amuly– 96k, M, non-magic (ish) AU.  “Growing up under the stern hand of Walburga Black was nothing less than torture for young Sirius. Until one day, he found a small, forgotten door, hidden in a store room. It was through this door that Sirius discovered a whole other world, and a whole other life.” Thanks dogstar-mcwerewolf for the suggestion!

Also– a couple of tumblr posts: (1)(2)(3)


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Hey Ali! I was wondering if you have any wolfstar fics you'd recommend (other than yours or those mentioned before on your blog). I thought I'd ask you as I think you'd have good taste, what with your own amazing writing and all xP

Anon you are the sweetest, oh my goodness. *hugs and confetti and very yummy cupcakes*

This is by no means a complete list, but if I were to list every single one of the fics I enjoy we’d be here for hours. I’ll probably add to it as time goes on, but this should get you off to a good start. Also if you haven’t yet go check out wolfstarwarehouse and remussiriusetc, both of them are a huge resource for wolfstar blogs and are super nice and helpful!

Okay, here we go!

Highland Fling by picascribit

2004: The summer before college, Sirius goes backpacking through Scotland in order to escape his family’s expectations. In a small village in the Highlands, an unexpected flirtation turns his whole world upside down. Alternately, the story of how Scotland loves Remus and wants him to be happy.

A Cure For Nightmares by picascribit

1976-78: There’s a mysterious new boy at St Godric’s boarding school, and Sirius can’t stop thinking about him, but the secret Remus is keeping might break Sirius’s heart.

TransVerse by picascribit

Canon-divergent AU in which Remus is a transgender boy instead of being a werewolf.

starts with one by zitzgerald

A strange cat runs into Remus’ apartment one day.

Guess who it belongs to.

Text Talk by merlywhirls

Sirius is in boarding school, Remus is in hospital, and they don’t know each other until Sirius texts the wrong number.

ennui by elliotasterion

Sirius is cleared of all charges after the events of Prisoner of Azkaban, but Peter escapes anyway. Remus and Sirius have to find a way to come together all over again, while keeping Harry out of trouble.

Synergy by remuslives23

Synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

shift by malapropism

In which Remus Lupin is a extraordinary boy in an ordinary world. A non-magical, modern AU account of how the Lupin family navigates the childhood of their trans son, from birth to eighteen.

The Sickness Unto Death by oliverdalstonbrowning

University AU. Sirius is not keen to take notes for the sick, sweater-wearing boy in his Gender Studies class. However, he soon becomes fascinated by this lonely creature, and does everything in his power to show him that he is more than just his illness.

The Door Through the World by Amuly

Growing up under the stern hand of Walburga Black was nothing less than torture for young Sirius. Until one day, he found a small, forgotten door, hidden in a store room. It was through this door that Sirius discovered a whole other world, and a whole other life.

Coming Down by JackNSallyGal

“Lily realizes that she is the dumbest sort of asshole for making a promise to Remus about things getting better.” Adulthood is a group effort, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get easier any time soon. modern marauder non magic au

Our hearts are a herd by JackNSallyGal

They can almost believe they aren’t lost if they just stay together.
High school/modern au.

Hard To Find by accioromulus

The air conditioning is already broken, Sirius’s back has been effectively glued to the leather seat via sweat, and this road-trip may have been a Very Bad Idea.

Time is a Fine Invention by bluepeony

Sirius Black expected university to be simple; a medley of moonlight trysts and Good Times. What he didn’t expect was the yearning for home, the strains on his friendships, or falling for the hot-tempered History student Remus Lupin.

Finest in Fairford by bluepeony

Remus Lupin’s job in a Fairford coffee shop is always uneventful, until an exotic new customer begins leaving messages with his tips.

Long Live Living (If Living Can Be This) by excaliburned

It’s the final summer before university, and Sirius has a sneaking suspicion he’s missing something. A summer of pillow-forts, drinking & numerous re-watches of Dirty Dancing ensues. Non-magical AU set in Warwick Castle.

Another Day in the Sun by REwrites

Is it haunted? I suppose that depends on who is telling the story.

In Other Words (I Love You) by REwrites

When Sirius wakes up the morning after Frank and Alice Longbottom’s wedding, there are several thoughts vying for attention in the early morning fog of his brain. I am never drinking again, weddings are utterly insane, and fuck I would kill for cup of coffee right now are discarded, however, when Sirius’s eye lands on five inky-black letters scrawled on his forearm.

Stealing Harry by copperbadge

In an alternate universe where Sirius Black never went to Azkaban, Harry divides his life between the Dursleys’ house and Mr. Black’s bookshop – until Sirius realises what the Dursleys are doing to him, and takes him away from their care.

Our Private Universe by busaikko

Watch Remus, Peter said, look for evidence; but what Sirius found was something different. Christmas 1979.

The Maddest House by busaikko

After the events of Halloween 1981, Sirius Black finds himself raising Harry, with the assistance of Remus, in a world where Voldemort never disappears for 11 years.

Evenings, Mornings, Afternoons by illittorate

Sirius is a librarian who doesn’t read, Remus is a barista who prefers hot chocolate. At least they like each other. Eventually. Probably.

House of Cards by nerakrose (and it’s sequel House of Love)

Remus Lupin is a journalist that eyes an opportunity for a scoop and a promotion when he discovers that world renowned rock star Sirius Black is in the closet. He initiates a relationship with him and gathers data– but will soon realise that staying out of love is quite hard…

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Hi! Could I ask for your top 5 favorite Wolfstar fics of all time? Thank you very much!


Seriously though, I had like 15 on here and I just kept thinking of more and I felt so sad every time I got rid of one to narrow it down. Do check out my personal favorites tag for more if you’re interested! 

In no particular order:

  • The Door Through the World by Amuly– 96k, M, non-magic/fantasy AU.  “Growing up under the stern hand of Walburga Black was nothing less than torture for young Sirius. Until one day, he found a small, forgotten door… It was through this door that Sirius discovered a whole other world, and a whole other life.” Amazing writing, fosters a deep sense of love for Remus and Sirius as they grow up as well as a sense of wonder at the fictional World that brings them together. So imaginative and emotional. 
  • The Dating Disasters of Sirius Black by Kabeyk– 84k, M, mwpp era.  “For some reason unfathomable to Remus, Sirius always likes to tell him in excruciating detail about his various romantic problems.” I don’t think I’ve ever laughed more at a fic than I do at this one every time I read it.
  • Text Talk by merlywhirls– WIP~ so far 114k, NR, non-magic/modern AU.  “Sirius is in boarding school, Remus is in hospital, and they don’t know each other until Sirius texts the wrong number.” What can I say, it stole my heart, along with the heart of the entire fandom, as well as inspiring a whole host of other texting AUs. I’ve re-read it so many times that I couldn’t not include it. 
  • Masked Revels by copperbadge– 8k, M, mwpp era. “There are good rituals to be done for the Maying.” Just. So incredibly magical and I am in awe of the writing. It defies description.
  • Highland Fling by picascribit– 38k, E, non-magic AU. “The summer before college, Sirius goes backpacking through Scotland in order to escape his family’s expectations. In a small village in the Highlands, an unexpected flirtation turns his whole world upside down. Alternately, the story of how Scotland loves Remus and wants him to be happy.” I love the characters, the story, the setting, the writing, just everything.

Now I’m going to cry over all the amazing fics I couldn’t fit on this list.