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here's a prompt: napping

it was a bright day, the sun high overhead, spilling down over the city and glinting off of the tops of cars and the sides of windows. that bright sun was making everything look more crisp and yet hazy, not hot enough yet that it felt truly like summer bit just a taste of what was to come. the city was busy, the bustle of traffic and people below trickling up, all the way up to the roof as magnus pushed the door open and stepped out and into the sunlight. it pressed into his shoulders like an old friend when he did, glinting off of the leaves of the ivy crawling over the walls and the trellis, playing with the edges of his potted plants, making everything look vibrant and utterly beautiful.

but he hadn’t come up to the roof to admire the skyline, or the stillness that this space provided, even with the city moving quickly below. he wasn’t there for the breeze that was blowing through, ruffling the spikes of his hair or the sun that was warming his back as he let the door close behind him. he had come up to the roof in hopes of finding alec, and that’s exactly what he had done. his boyfriend was hunched over the wall that lined the edge of the roof, staring off into the distance and for a moment magnus stilled, noting the way the sunlight was catching on alec’s shoulder blades and burning into his shirt. he couldn’t help but smile.

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Has Batman ever had encounters with Harley and Ivy as Bruce Wayne? Would he ever try using that part of his identity to help them or any other of his rogues, for things like trying to start a new life away from villainy and such?

Someone was in Bruce Wayne’s office, and there was no graceful way to avoid them without making it obvious that he knew they were in there. There was a smell in the air like mulch and roses.

He had no frame of reference for what would constitute a normal amount of things to notice, and so chose to err on the side of oblivious moron.

If there’d been a smell like marzipan dipped in bleach, he might have chosen differently.

“Heya, Mister Wayne,” Harley Quinn greeted, sitting on his desk. She waved as much with her feet as her hands. He closed the door behind him.

Bruce considered his response. Hopefully his momentary indecision with regard to his facial expression could pass for surprise, or confusion, or fear. “Hello, Dr. Quinzel.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m not with Jay no more.”

“She’s with me,” Poison Ivy said.

“Hello, Dr. Isley.”

“I really prefer Ivy.”

“Dr. Ivy,” he corrected.

“Doncha love the way he says doctor?” Harley asked Ivy.

“Charming,” Ivy said. She did not sound charmed.

“I told her we oughta come talk to ya,” Harley explained, “on account of you’re a real nice guy an’ all.”

“Thank you?”

“I was just going to kill you,” Ivy added.

“Thank you. For not doing that.”

“Isn’t he just like a puppy?” Harley asked, pressing her hands to her cheeks.

“You can’t keep him.”

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Relatives we all have, as told by the angels of Supernatural:

1.  The gay cousin:

In a conservative family, this is the last person you want to be, but someone had to do it, so he stepped up to the plate.  At best, he’s the one who gets the “We still love you, we just don’t approve of your lifestyle” talk from older relatives, the homophobic jokes from younger relatives, and has probably been banned from family gatherings at least once.  Is bullied in one way or another by literally his entire family, yet paradoxically probably the only decent person there.

2.  The family disappointment: 

If there’s anyone who gives the gay cousin a run for his money, this guy’s it.  He was probably at some point his parents favorite golden child, probably their first born.  The bar was as high as their expectations of him, and he missed both by a solid mile.  Is now the black sheep who shows up drunk to Christmas dinner.

3.  The overachiever: 

When the family disappointment fell from grace, someone had to rise to the occasion, and boy, did he ever:  Ivy-league college?  Check.  Sports scholarship?  Check.  High-paying job before he even graduates?  Check, check, check.  He’s the pride and joy of older relatives and the standard by which younger relatives are compared.  But beware:  all that pressure can easily go to your head, and sooner or later, he might fall just like the family disappointment did.

4.  The “funny one:”

This guy’s the Chandler Bing of his own family:  he tells jokes to diffuse tense situations, to convey messages, and to cope, probably to the point where it gets a little annoying to everyone around him.  At the end of the day, though, he just wants a little bit of peace and quiet and a happy family, though he rarely gets either.

5.  The cool uncle:

He’s the one that let you stay up late and eat junkfood when you stayed at his house, probably your favorite adult relative.  Generally gave zero fucks, and is probably looked down on by everyone else, for his promiscuity, drunkenness, or both.

6.  The creepy uncle:

Yes, he’s probably a cool enough guy, but you definitely wouldn’t get in a van with him.  The guy just gives off some weird vibes, has at least at some point been up to no good, and isn’t above using younger relatives as pawns in his schemes. 

7.  The vodka aunt:

Nothing is above her:  she’s weird, she’s inappropriate, she WILL get drunk and start sexually harassing your boyfriend.  Her skills include holding grudges, ruining self-esteems, and making Thanksgiving dinners super awkward, but everyone’s too scared of her to tell her off. 

8.  The overwhelmed single dad:

He’s supposed to be all-powerful and wise, but something tells you he has no idea what he’s doing.  He’s known for playing favorites, over-extreme punishments, and avoiding his problems, but you can see that he’s doing his best – after all, since he invented parenting, he’s literally making it up as he goes along.

‘dine and dash’ (stefan salvatore ft klaus mikaelson, part iii)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for a while in high school, but like most high school relationships, college got in the way. You wanted to move away and Stefan couldn’t find the strength to let go of his life and home in Mystic Falls. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Boston and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion.

Pairing: Stefan x Reader (previously), Klaus x Reader, Stefan x Ivy, Kol x Bonnie

Warnings: language, smut, oral (female receiving), first time, visual smut

A/N: once again, the flashbacks are in italic!! this bit is a little more emotional, so please tell me what you think! it revolves around the reader’s past with Stefan, with a little bit of everyone (Klaus) towards the end. I hope you guys like it!!!!!!! (also gifs aren’t mine) and I know it’s wierd that they’re in high school and are traveling abroad, but my school offered a spring break trip to juniors and seniors, so there’s that.


“Stefan,” you breathe, flashing your eyes up at him. “Do me a solid and tell her to please back off. It would be in all our interests.”

“What? You can’t tell me yourself? Scared I’ll maul you?” Ivy spits out, glaring at you.

“Sweetheart, you may be a vampire, but I will rip your head off before you lay a hand on me,” you whisper threateningly as you slowly walk over to a less-confident Ivy. “I will dig my nails into your eyeballs, pull them out, and feed them to you. Do you understand?”

“Ugh w-whatever,” she scoffs, rolling her eyes and walking away from the group.

Everyone else turns to look at you, wide-eyed.

“That! Was! EPIC!” Tyler whoops as he high-fives Jeremy, who’s holding back laughs only because Stefan is standing right next to him.

“Angel, can we talk? Now?” Stefan’s glare sticks to you and you know you can’t avoid this no matter how hard you try.

“Sure thing, bud,” you let out the last word sarcastically, handing the clipboard to Damon. “Let’s go outside.”

So you two head outside, standing at least five feet away from each other. You’ve got your arms crossed over your chest and Stefan’s got his hands in his pockets, both of you two stubborn to speak.

“Why are you being so mean to Ivy?” Stefan finally looks over to you and all you do is scoff.

“Sweetheart. If I was being mean to Ivy, you’d know. I’m putting her in her place because she doesn’t know where it is. She continues to question me and that last statement was a little over the line,” you sigh and turn over to face Stefan. “Have you told her about our past?”

“I did when we went cake tasting. She didn’t know before that, well she didn’t know it was you,” he sits down on the porch swing and pats the space next to him which you walk over and sit on. “I told her my epic love story. It wasn’t the one with Katherine or the one with Elena or Valerie, it was our love story. I wasn’t the best person when Ivy and I first started dating, and it was because I was so hung up on you. I’ve been in and out of flings for the past five years. Ivy was the first person I seriously started to date and I didn’t know what to do with that fact.”

You furrowed your brows, not knowing what to make of Stefan’s confession. To this day, you couldn’t hold a serious relationship because every time one came close, you’d think of Stefan. You’d think of how he’d feel and how he’d react.

“So when I started staying out late, not responding to her messages, only seeing her a couple times a week, she asked me what was going on. She wanted to know why. No one else bothered to ask why, no one cared. As soon as I started acting out, they’d leave. They didn’t want some guy with all this baggage. But Ivy did. Ivy wanted me. She cared,” he sighs softly and turns to look at you, eyes full of emotion. “So I told her about us. About the good times, the bad times, the sad times, the never-been-happier times. I told her about the epic love of my life. And she understood. She got it. She held my hand every step of the way, helping me cross the hurdle that our relationship left behind. So maybe that’s why she’s a little aggressive: she feels insecure, confused. She’s expecting the worst, Y/N.”

You don’t know what to say. Stefan has been pining over you for years. All those times you’d think of him, he was thinking of you too. All those times you picked up the phone to call him, he was doing the same. And now, here he was: finally, a step closer to getting over you with the one woman who cared. You couldn’t take that away from him, you wouldn’t.

“I had no idea, Stefan. I didn’t know she was such a special woman,” you smile softly, grabbing his hands in yours one final time. “I’m glad she’s been there for you. I’m glad she helped put you back together. Now go back in there, hold her hand. I’ll come in and apologize later.”

He smiles at you, opening his mouth to question your little speech.

“Just go in there. I’m fine, I just need some time alone from all the craziness,” you chuckle softly and Stefan does the same.

He kisses the top of your head and leaves, not hearing you tell him that he was your epic love. So you sat there with your newfound information and you did the one thing you’ve been doing quite a bit of since the second you got off that plane earlier: you remembered.

You remember your first ‘I love you’s.

“Stefan put me down!” You squeal and pinch his ass as he twirls you over his shoulder.

“Y/N, we’re in Paris!” He puts you down, smiling from ear to ear. “We snuck away from the rest of our classmates and have a small amount of time to actually live, so come on.”

“You’ve been free for over 100 years,” you tease and Stefan groans. “But this is my first time here in Paris, breaking laws. So let’s have fun.”

“You mean it?” His eyes twinkle as you laugh at his excitement.

“I mean it, babe. Let’s go get breakfast at midnight, run through the beach, take a carriage ride. Let’s do it all,” you smile up at him as he sobers up, looking you in the eye as though he’s seen you for the first time. “What? What is it?”

“I love you,” he whispers breathlessly, eyes growing wide after the fact.

“W-what?” You can barely hear your own voice as Stefan’s infectious smile lights up his face.

“I love you… I. Love. You. I love you! I–”

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You cut him off, crashing your lips against his. He’s still for a moment before reciprocating the motion. His hands wrap around your lower back as he pulls you flush against him, his mouth desperately moving against yours.

“S-Stefan,” you pull away for a second, slowly regaining your breath as Stefan placed his forehead against yours. “I love you, too.”

“Say it again,” his breath fans against yours, your eyes excited as you meet his.

“I love you, Stefan Salvatore,” you giggle as Stefan picks you up, twirling you around.

You remember your worst argument.

“Excuse me?” You stare at Stefan, tears streaming down your face as he tries to take a step closer. “Don’t come near me, Stefan.”

“Look, I can explain. I promise. I’m so sorry,” he whispers, practically begging you to hear him out.

“Stefan, you started dating me because of some stupid rivalry you’ve got with Tyler. We’ve been together two years and this is the first I’m hearing of it!” You place your hands on your forehead, turning away from Stefan before turning back. “I had to hear it from your ex girlfriend. Valerie. I had to hear it from that bitch Valerie.”

“I’m so sorry, I just–I didn’t know how to tell you. I didn’t know how to tell the girl I love that we never would’ve met had it not been for a stupid dare. I didn’t–”

“Wait it was a dare?” You whisper, eyes tearing up more than you ever thought possible as you feel a pang in your chest. “Someone had to dare you to get you to ask me out? What is this? Is it all some sort of joke to you? AM I SOME SORT OF JOKE TO YOU, STEFAN?”

“NO! No!” He raises his voice, shaking his head as he tries to find the right words. “Tyler only dared me because he knew that I liked you before I did. He knew that if I didn’t make a move now, someone else would steal your heart and it would kill me. He did it because I was stupid!”

You remember your first time… doing anything, really.

“Stefan? What is all this?” You whisper, a soft smile on your face as you take in the rose petals, the candles, the wine, and best of all: Stefan in an apron cooking up what could only be some of the famous Salvatore style spaghetti.

“It’s just, you know. Congrats on making it this far. It’s almost time to graduate,” he gives you a sweet, knowing smile. “I know how excited you are to be done with high school.”

“Oh, Stefan,” you smile and walk over to him, wrapping your arms around him from behind. “How did I get so lucky?”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” he winks at you as you laugh, pressing a kiss against his shoulder blade.

“Am I gonna get even luckier tonight?” You whisper, breath fanning against the back of his neck.

“You’re gonna get everything you want tonight,” he turns to face you, voice slightly huskier than before.

“Everything?” You bite your bottom lip, eyes lingering on his plump pair before you meet his eyes.

“I’m all yours, forever,” he whispers, closing his eyes and placing his forehead against yours as his hands grip your waist.

“Oh, Stef,” you hold back your moan as his lips travel down your neck.

“Do you want to take this to the bedroom?” He breathes against your earlobe, his tongue sticking out to trace the shape.

“W-would it be okay if we did this here?” He stiffens as the words leave your mouth. “O-or we can t-take it to the bedroom? It’s up to–OH!”

You mewl, your hands tugging on Stefan’s hair as he presses his hips against yours, the bulge in his pants evident against you. His hands grip the tops of your thighs as his mouth teases your neck.

“Jump,” he growls against your ear and you do as he asks, no questions. Stefan picks you up, his mouth moving to your collarbone as his teeth finally make an appearance. He places you on the countertop, eyes not leaving yours. “You want to stop this at any point, you tell me. Okay? Tonight is about you.”

“You make every night about me, Stef,” you gently cup his face and he nuzzles his face against your hand.

“You deserve every night, baby,” his eyes meet yours, a deep longing in them as you lean forward and kiss every inch of his face.

“I’m ready, Stefan. Please. I want to do this with you,” you press gentle kisses to Stefan’s lips after each little confession.

“Anything you want, baby,” he whispers, a smile on his face as his lips work their way down your neck to your collarbone. His hands rest on the hem of your shirt as his eyes meet yours again. “May I?”

“Please,” you nod, bottom lip caught between your teeth as Stefan’s eyes grow dark.

Stefan does as you ask, quickly pulling off your shirt and stopping in his tracks when he sees that you’re bare underneath. He lets out a low groan, moving forward to wrap his lips around your sensitive buds, quickly moving from one to the other. You moan loudly, throwing your head back as Stefan bites down on your now hardened nipples.

“You feel so fucking good,” he growls, biting down on the area between your breasts as his hands reach up and pinch your sensitive nubs. You whimper his name repeatedly, reaching up to tug his hair every chance you get.

You lift your hips up, hoping to subtly convey your needs to Stefan. Of course, that wouldn’t work for him. He lifts his heads up, taking a break from kissing your stomach to smirk at you.

“How can I be of assistance, my love?” He continues pressing leisurely kisses against your chest and abdomen.

“Stefan,” you whine out, practically begging him at this point. “Please…”

“Please what?” He gives you a cheeky grin, not stopping his assault.

“Stefan please touch me!” You pout, unable to hide the light groan caused by Stefan’s lips on the waistband of your skirt.

“Touch you where?” Stefan stands up and you whimper at the loss of contact. “Here?” He points a finger at your breasts. “Here?” His finger moves to your neck. “Here?” It’s now pointing at your thighs. “What about–?”

“Stefan please touch my pussy!” You blurt out, cheeks turning a deep red as you realize what you’d just said. You and Stefan had never used such… blatantly filthy words before. You’d never made it this far. He grows quiet for a second and you’re scared that maybe you scared him away. Maybe–

“Say it again,” Stefan’s husky voice interrupts your train-wreck of thoughts. “Say it again. Please, Y/N.”

“Please touch my pussy, Stefan,” you whisper, hooded eyes meeting his dark, hungry ones. “I need you.”

“Anything for my baby,” he lifts his head up, pressing his lips against yours passionately as his hands push your skirt off of you, tossing it to the side.

You’re left in nothing but your panties. Stefan kisses his way down your chest, your abdomen, stopping at the waistband of your panties. He looks up at you, asking again to make sure you were okay with this. In response, all you do is lift your hips up. But Stefan raises a brow, gently nipping your waist.

“Yes, Stefan, please,” you cry out, needing his touch more than anything.

Stefan snarls, ripping your panties off with his teeth. He sighs loudly at just the sight of your bare pussy, mumbling curses under his breath as he leans forward and brushing his lips against your slit.

You let out a loud gasp, not ready for the effect his minimal actions had on you. He teasingly parts your lower lips with his tongue as your hands move to grip his hair. He groans against your slit causing you to moan from the vibration. He smirks against your lips, using his fingers to widen your opening as he wiggles his tongue inside you. Your moans drown out his curses as his mouth wraps around your clit, teasingly sucking on it as you push your hips upward.

Stefan smirks, pulling away momentarily only to wrap an arm around your legs and hold you steady. He moves his tongue in quick circles around your clit, bringing his free hand up and gently inserting a finger inside you. He doesn’t move it at first, waiting for you to adjust. You move your hips a little, arousing yourself as you move over Stefan’s finger. He moans at the sight of you, gently inserting another finger as his tongue continues to rub against your bundle of nerves

“Stef, I think I’m–I’m so–” You scream his name as your walls tighten around his fingers. Stefan continues to please you as you reach your climax, growing more aroused by the sounds you make than anything he’d witnessed before.

He spent the whole night professing his love to you in different ways.

Stefan Salvatore was your epic love.

You sigh, breaking out of the daze. You look down, feeling a wet drop fall against your hand. You lift your hand and quickly wipe any tears that’d escaped. You take a second to pull yourself together: controlling your breathing, plastering a smile on your face, and clearing your head.

You then stand and make your way inside, not ready for the sight before you: an all-out ribbon war between the girls and the guys… Caroline and Bonnie included.

“Excuse me?” You raise your brows at the group who continued to argue and throw wedding ornaments at one another. So you walk over to the bar, grab a glass and throw it on the floor grabbing everyone’s attention.

“Thank you for breaking out of your barbaric daze, everyone. Now, someone tell me what the hell is going on before I turn green and suffocate all of you, bride and groom included. Anyone?” Your eyes roam all over the crowd, everyone scared and wide-eyed. Klaus sighs and steps forward.

“It was me. I started it, love. I’m sorry,” he shrugs, a hesitant smile on his face as he admits to something he clearly didn’t start.

“I appreciate your confession, however false it may be,” you raise your brows at him and cross your arms, a blush growing on Klaus’s face as everyone else looks guiltier than before.

“Look, I’m sorry, darling. We’ll all help clean it up!” Kol pipes up, a light smile on his face as he holds on to Bonnie.

“You’re damn right, you will. There are trash bags on the kitchen counter, brooms and vacuums in the closet, and I’ll have drinks ready for y’all when you’re done. Got it?” You look at everyone with a raised brow and they nod, quickly getting to work.

“Klaus?” You call out, stopping him in his tracks. “You come here and help me with the drinks.”

He walks over, stopping just in front of you.

“Did you two finally speak?” He whispers, brushing the hair out of your face as you sigh.

“Yeah. Is it that obvious?” You chuckle as Klaus gives you a soft smile.

“To me, yeah. You look fine, love,” he kisses your forehead and you wrap your arms around him in a much needed hug.

“Alright, thank you for that. We seriously need to clean, though,” you pull away and kiss his cheek. “I’m gonna grab the clipboard from Damon. You get started on the drinks and I’ll clean the broken glass when I get back. You’re the best!”

You blow him a kiss over your shoulder, mood officially lifted.

You didn’t notice the longing in Klaus’s face as you walked away, or the hurt in his eyes as he realized that Stefan will always be in your heart. You didn’t notice him leave.


By Dustin Nguyen.

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Shiro's S/O finds out that Shiro is cheating on her with another women.

This is a pre- Kerberos mission Shiro.

It was a peaceful night, you and Shiro were lying in bed together.  You love these moments and you knew they will soon be gone for a while. Shiro was going to be one of the astronauts to fly to Kerberos in a couple months. You knew he would be gone awhile, but once he comes back, you two are getting married. You quickly gave a glance to your engagement ring and then you turn to face Shiro, to try and talk to him, but he was already asleep. You smiled and laid there watching him. You stared at him for a couple minutes and realize you could not sleep. You went downstairs to try and make some tea. You made it down to the kitchen, but then a cell phone vibrated. You notice it was Shiro’s, he is always leaving his phone on the kitchen counter. Without even thinking twice, you picked up his phone. He had received a text message for someone named Ivy. The text message read “Can’t wait to see you again. You always know how to cheer me up”. You look at the phone screen for a moment, but then you notice Shiro came down stairs. “Hey babe, what are you doing up,” Shiro said with Smile. “I was going to make some tea, but then you phone vibrated. Who is Ivy” you asked with a slight concerning voice. He looked at the text message and then he spoke. “Ivy is one of the pilots at the Garrison. Her mother just dead.  So, I bring her coffee in the morning to try to make it easier for her dealing with her mother death”. You then smiled at Shiro. “Hey, why don’t you go upstairs and I make you tea and bring it to you,” he asked with a big smile. You nodded and went upstairs. Shiro then put the teapot on the stove and waited for the water to boil. He then checked to make sure you were not downstairs. He grabbed his phone and texted Ivy “How about I meet you tomorrow morning at our usual spot”. Shiro made a face after he sent the text message. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he was still going to go see Ivy at her quarters at the Garrison

The morning had arrived and you were getting dressed and brushing your hair. Shiro was not home, but he is never home in the morning because he must go to the Garrison very early. He told you that he goes there early to use their track. You got to sleep in this morning today because today you did not have work, but you wanted to complete some errands today. So, you still had to get up somewhat early. You were about to leave, but then you noticed Shiro left his lunch. “That man would forget his head if it was not attached to his body,” you said to yourself. You needed to go give him his lunch because you guys always pack lunches to save money. Besides, you thought it would be a great idea to go surprise Shiro at the Garrison.

Shiro was in Ivy’s room and he was just sitting on her bed with his hand on his forehead. He is regretting what he just did. Ivy noticed Shiro looking upset. “Come on, I know it is not our best, but it was still pretty good,” Ivy said with a smile. Ivy was putting on her shirt and then she quickly passed Shiro his clothes. “You should get dressed before my boyfriend comes back, he will be here in an hour and I need to clean up,” she said with a smile. Shiro frowned even more after hearing Ivy’s comment. “What we are doing is wrong and we need to stop,” Shiro said when he took his clothes. Ivy looked at him and laugh at that comment. “You say that every time we sleep together, but you still come back,” she said with a smirk.

You were at the Garrison, you first headed to the track to see if Shiro was there. He wasn’t, but it was late in the morning and Shiro could be out doing something else. You walked around the Garrison looking for Shiro and saying hello to all the familiar faces. You then ran into Commander Holt and his son, Matt. “Y/n, what are doing here,” Commander Holt asked you with a slight smile. “I am looking for Shiro because he left his lunch. Do you know where I can find him” You said with a smile and slightly lifting up the lunch. You could tell by Commander Holt’s face, that he did not know where Shiro was, but Matt knew. “I saw him heading to the west quarters about an hour ago. He might still be there” Matt said. You then thanked both the Holts and then you headed to the west quarters. You walked through the hallway and you were coming around the corner, but then you noticed Shiro coming out of a room. He was fixing his uniform and his hair. Then another woman came out of the room. Both did not notice your presence, but you noticed something. The woman had a name tag on her uniform and it read “Ivy”. You hide a little bit more around the corner and just watched them. Ivy began to speak “Thank you for the quick pick me up,” she said with a smile. “Welcome babe,” Shiro said and then Shiro gave the woman a kiss. You knew now, that Shiro had been sleeping with Ivy. Your heart was broken and you needed to get away from Shiro fast.

Today you will not be dealing with any of your errands because you will be dealing with another task at hand. You grabbed trash bags and boxes. You then grabbed a beer and began to shove anything that belongs to Shiro in the bags and boxes. You were not careful and did not give a damn if something broke. All pictures of Shiro was taken down and shoved in a shoe box and you are planning to burn the shoe box later. It took you a couple of hours, but everything of his was packed.  You then started to throw all the boxes and bags into the front yard. You were putting the last bag in the front yard when Shiro was pulling up in his car. Matt was in the car also, but you did not notice and will not care. “What the hell are you doing,” Shiro said with an angry and scared look as he got out of his car and started to run toward you. “Throwing out all your shit, because we are breaking up,” You said with an evil smile. He had a shocked look on his face and he then noticed you were not wearing your engagement ring. “Babe, can we talk about this,” Shiro said trying to calm you down. Him calling you babe made you even more pissed. “Don’t call me babe. That is the stupid nickname you told that tramp you slept with today” you yelled at him with tears running down your cheeks. Shiro was speechless and Matt had his mouth wide open when you said that.  Shiro did not speak and minutes had passed. So, you started to speak again. “I was being a great girlfriend today and was bringing your lunch that you forgot. I wanted to surprise you but, of course, I caught you with another woman”. Shiro quickly grabbed your hand and tried to apologize, but you swiped it away from him. “How long have you been cheating on me,” you said crying. A tear ran down his cheek and he started to look at the ground. You then demanded him to tell you. “I have been seeing her for about three months now. Y/n please it was a mistake” Shiro said walking toward you. “Mistake my ass, you knew what you were doing” you yelled even louder than before. “Why would you do this to me? Why would you do this to us,” you did not yell that time, but you still said it with anger in your voice. “She was just there and I was very weak” Shiro answered you with a tear running down his cheek to the ground.  You then picked up a small box and handed it to him. In the box were your engagement ring and all the love letters he wrote you. “Find a new place to sleep because I never want to see you again,” you said before walking into your house and slamming the door.

Shiro stood there motionless but then he started putting bags and boxes in the back of his car. Each time he had to close a door, he would slam it. Matt came out of the car and started to help Shiro pack up. The two guys did it in silent and quickly. They both got in the car and Shiro then started to drive. He wanted to go anywhere far from your house. Matt was the first to break the silence “you are the biggest idiot and jackass I know” Matt said with anger in his tone. “I know,” Shiro said as he stared at the engagement ring in his hand. The car was silenced once more and Matt had to break the silence again “you can stay on my couch tonight” Matt said trying to help Shiro. Matt knew what Shiro did was wrong, but Shiro is still Matt’s best friend and Shiro was punished enough because he just lost the perfect girl. “It’s fine, I can stay in a hotel tonight,” Shiro said with an emotionless voice. Matt then had to ask Shiro questions. “Was Ivy worth losing y/n?” Matt asked. Shiro gave a quick look at Matt. Shiro was not angry at Matt at all for asking, but he was truly furious at himself. Shiro answered “no” to the question with a tear running down his cheek. “Are you going to break up with Ivy?” Matt asked. That question made Shiro even more angry at himself. “We were never dating, we just slept together and that makes me an even bigger Jackass, but trust me, I am breaking off my affair with Ivy” Shiro said. The rest of the car ride was silent.

Deals Part 3

Summary: It’s a give and take world. You and Jughead are going to have to make some deals to get to know one another.

Word Count: 1176

Warnings: N/A

A/N: I had to stop myself from going smutty. I’m saving it for a later date.

This was a typical horror film scene. Stupid girl opens the window, inevitably letting the killer in. You took a deep breath and opened the window. You barely dodged a pebble to the chest when the window opened and saw who was down there.

“Hey Rapunzel, let down your hair so that I may climb up it.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle at his cliché.

“What are you doing, here?” You kept your voice quiet so as not to disturb your parents. The horror it would be for them to see a boy in their daughter’s room after eleven.

Jughead motioned to his bag. “I owed you.”

“How did you find my house?”

There was a Cheshire cat smile on his face. It was an ‘I have secrets’ smile that made your heart stutter. You wondered how someone could be so mysterious, yet readable.

“If I told you all my tricks and trades you wouldn’t find me nearly as interesting as you do right now.”

His ability to know what you were thinking was equally as thrilling. Instead of betraying your wonder, you gave him an incredulous look.

“I saw your car from Archie’s down the street. I decided to stop by and say hi.” He mused with a smile.

You looked at the clock above your door,” You decided to say hi at 11:11.” Your brow rose.

“You were wishing for me, weren’t you?” He winked.

You rolled your eyes,” Sorry, Romeo, I don’t have a rope.”

He shrugged,” It’s a good thing I learned to rock climb at the YMCA then.”

Jughead took to climbing the trellis overgrown with vines of ivy. He did it with such ease you wondered on how many occasions Jughead found himself scaling walls to get into places. You hoped it had been for journalism and not to meet up with a girl.

He propped himself up on the window with a triumphant smile. He handed over his bag, which you took and put on your bed. He climbed in with stealth and grace.

“Cute pjs.”

You sat down immediately. You tucked your hair behind your ears and looked away trying to hide your blush. Amusement sparkled in his eyes. He liked the way he could shake you up.

“You could have warned me you know.” You asked from your bed.

He looked around giving himself a visual tour. Your bedroom was simple with lilac wallpaper. A vanity with a matching dresser on one wall with your matching bed set across from it.

“What’s the fun in that?” He smiled down at you.

You shook your head and patted the space next to you.

“Am I allowed on your bed?”

“You’re technically not allowed in my room at this hour.” It didn’t matter how many more rules you broke after letting him in.

He laughed quietly through his nose. Taking a seat in front of you, he slipped his laptop out of his bag. You watched him with silent admiration. Your breath catching when he finally looked at you as if he knew you’d been staring. He handed his laptop over to you. You propped it in your lap and began reading.

When you finally finished the manuscript you looked up at him. The kid’s own father. As if this wasn’t national news, a maple syrup drug cover up. Incredible.

“Juggie, this is crazy.” You looked at him,” There has to be more than just drugs.”

He nodded,” There’s a lot more to this than just murder and drugs. We’re still trying to figure it out.”

“Well, maybe some of the serpents were doing deals with Mr. Blossom. Some of them have to know something considering that one ended up dead in a motel room.”

You closed the laptop and put it aside. You were swept up in the excitement of the mystery unfurling. You could no longer sit still. You began to pace your room in your oversized Looney Tunes shirt and plaid shorts.

“I bet Mrs. Blossom knew about it. How could she not? But did she know her husband murdered their son?”

You rambled on as Jughead sat silently amused. You were unlike many girls Jughead had met. You were inherently good. He liked that you didn’t take everything so seriously. He liked that you were brainstorming a mystery bordering midnight in your pajamas.

He stood up and grabbed your hand. You stopped in your tracks and gave him a sheepish grin. He searched your face and your eyes. He looked like he needed to say something.

“What?” You looked at him.

He looked from your lips to your eyes. His hands held your neck and his lips found yours. Your heart nearly stopped in your chest. You were happily surprised by how soft his lips were. He led the kiss gently and passionately. You pressed your hands to his chest

You felt lightheaded. You’d be damned if you fainted right here and now.

He lifted you onto your dresser, knocking over a picture frame. You laughed breathlessly, tracing his temple. You brushed his hair out of his eyes. He pulled you closer, kissing up your neck. Your hands steadied on his shoulders.

“(Y/N)! Are you alright?”

The two of you stopped. You leaned your head back against the wall in disappointment.

“I’m alright dad.” You called back.

Jughead rested his hands on your hips. His thumbs stroking your hipbones.

“Sorry” You mouthed to him.

The corners of his lips turned up in a smirk.

“What was that bang?” You could hear your father from the stairs.

He helped you off the dresser. You ran to the door. You peeked your head out,” I saw a spider and had to kill it. Sorry dad. It was my mistake.”

Your dad was at the top of the stairs now. You bit your lip in frustration.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah dad. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you, goodnight!”

You shut the door and locked it again. You turned around and there was no Jughead. You looked by your closet where you hung his jacket on the nob. Gone. You leaned out the window to see him standing in the yard. You let out a sigh of relief.

“What was that?” You whispered loudly.

“I don’t know.” A lopsided grin lifted a corner of his lips,” You tell me.”

Unbelievable. You went from kissing to being ditched in your room.

“You better not leave like this, Jughead Jones.”

“Sweet dreams, (Y/N).”

He was stupid if he thought you were going to get any sleep after that.


“I’ll finish what I started.” He winked,” That’s a promise.”

He gave you a wave and disappeared behind the hedging of your neighbor’s yard.

You crashed onto your bed. You stared up at the ceiling in disbelief. What the hell happened tonight?

You touched a finger to your lips and smiled. Where did that come from?

Your phone buzzed on your nightstand. You rolled over and looked at the incoming text.

Close call.

You smiled, you owe me.

Monday, afterschool?


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Prompt: Lucas and Maya had a baby at 16 & 18 and Maya's late again, causing Lucas to freak out

i loved this so much that i accidently wrote 1.5k words?? i’m not sure if it’s exactly what you were looking for, but it’s something all right. thanks for the prompt!! 

“I’m late,” Maya blurts out as they walk into Abigail Adams High School.

“Late?” Lucas muses. He glances at his watch to check the time, then says, “We’re not late. Actually, we’re early for once. I think this is the first day we’ve gotten Matthew to daycare on time in months. We have plenty of time.”

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Happy Birthday, @natsusluce! I hope you have a birthday as lovely as you are <3

Enjoy this little fic that I wrote for you 15 mins before your birthday hit in my timezone hahah

pairing: nalu

word count: 1k

“It’s just through here! Hurry!” Ivy giggled as she held her father’s hand, practically dragging him across the field to a quiet forest. They had been on a quaint picnic with himself, Ivy, and Lucy all eating sandwiches in the park. He thought it would be a good first date for Lucy, who enjoyed fancy things but seemed to like just sitting beside him just as well.

It would be his first date since his wife died.

Natsu chuckled, swallowing back the sadness.  The girl had an adventurous spirit just like him, and he definitely couldn’t blame her for that. Following his daughter into the forest, he finally stopped when his daughter’s footsteps slowed.

“There! Found it!” she exclaimed with a huge smile reminiscent of her late mother’s. Natsu choked back a small tear as he was reminded of Elise. She always smiled like that, and now that their daughter was growing up he could see himself and his wife’s in Ivy.

“Found what?” Natsu questioned, his voice breaking for a moment before he steadied it. He didn’t want to upset his daughter on a day as nice as this one.

“Flowers!” Ivy grinned again as she pushed the flowers into her father’s hands.

Natsu looked at them quizzically. “For me?”

“No. You have to give them to Lucy. She’s going to be my new mommy, I just know it!” Ivy said, throwing her arms in the air excitedly, and Natsu blushed.

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Love Yourself // Tom Holland (Part 2)

Pairings: Tom Holland + Reader

Description: Reader leans toward her friend and finds comfort in a Starbucks Barista named Tom.

Warnings: Strong language (a few curse words)! This is the second part, there might be about five. I’m not sure (let me know if you want to be tagged in future parts!).

“Why do I hate myself?” I grunted, my back sore from the awkward sleeping position I managed to put myself in last night.

“Please don’t speak.” Ivy pulled the blanket over her head trying to shield the very minimal light that fled through the curtains. I looked around our living room, we must have decided the stairs wouldn’t have been a good idea last night. I held my head and felt it throb under my palm.

“I’m going out for coffee, do you want any?” Ivy groaned in response and waved me out the door.

“Can I get two, uh, large? Yeah, large white chocolate mocha’s? Iced.”

“They’re called Venti’s.”

“Right, yeah,” I nodded at him half-heartedly as I couldn’t help the small smile growing on my face the longer I looked at him.

He smiled at me and nodded his head. “Name?”

“Excuse me?”

“Your name? You know, for the coffees.”

“Oh, yeah,” I felt my face get a little warm from embarrassment, “(Y/N).”

“Cute. Just like you.”

I put my head back down to hide my smile, searching for my debit card as he scribbled my name on the cup. “Cute. Is this how you hope to get more tips?” He looked up suddenly, his eyes as wide as his smile. I smiled back before taking out my debit card, “Tom, is it?” I asked, looking at his nametag then looking up at him catching him nod, “Can you, like, charge me already? I’ve got a major hangover and I’d love to get my coffee sometime this morning.” His face flushed a pale pink before telling me that I could swipe, asking if I wanted the receipt but I waved him off and walked toward the back, waiting for my name to be called.

I got a phone call from Jeff but I declined it while rolling my eyes. Nothing he said could make what he did go away.

“I’ve got two Venti’s for a very cute girl who doesn’t tip very well?”

I kept my eyes on my phone, ignoring the name until it was called a second time, this time with a slight cough at the end. I looked up seeing the guy who took my order smiling at me, holding two cups with my name sprawled messily across it.

“Oh, was that ‘cute girl’ compliment meant for me? You’re adorable.” I said, grabbing them from him, placing them on the counter and grabbing two straws.

“That’s what I was going for.” He winked at me and I smiled in return, grabbing the drinks again and walking out of the coffee shop and to my car.

“Who’s Tom and why does he want me to call him?”

“What?” I walked over to Ivy and sat on her bed.

“Tom wrote his number on this cup along with a ‘use it sometime’. Is he cute?”

“I think that’s my cup. He was the barista at Starbucks.” She looked at me more intently until I rolled my eyes and answered her question, “Yes, he’s cute.” She hummed and handed me her cup while I handed her mine.

“You better use that number.” I snorted as I watched her make her way toward the kitchen. I pulled out my phone, taking the number down, just in case I did decide to use it.

“Hey, I almost forgot to tell you,” Ivy walked back into her room with toast for you both, you gladly accepted it as she sat next to you and put her head on your shoulder, “the market two blocks down is hiring. Since we’re both jobless losers, I thought it’d be great for us.” She saw the hesitation in my face before adding, “You know, considering we’re grown women with actual bills to pay.”

I sighed before nodding, grabbing my computer and printing out an application for each of us to fill out. She gave me a satisfied smile before going back to sipping her coffee and beginning the application. I decided to follow suit.

“So, you ready for this?” I stood outside of Jeff’s apartment. I hadn’t spoken to him since I found out what was happening almost a week and a half ago. I dodged his calls and avoiding anywhere he might be able to find me, but I needed my stuff so I decided I needed to try to be civil.

“As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.”

“That’s the spirit!” She patted me on the back roughly before knocking on the door and obnoxiously ringing the doorbell right after. Jeff answered with an annoyed look but immediately dropped it upon seeing me.

“(Y/N)? I thought I wouldn’t see you again, you’ve been ignoring me.”

“Yeah, well can you blame me?”

“No, you’re right.” He looked down at his feet, the air silent for a while. “(Y/N),” he picked his head up to look at me again, his eyes and smile wide, “I’m so glad you found you way back. I missed you.” He leaned in to hug me but I quickly intercepted, setting my hand on his chest. He looked at me in confusion before slowly setting his arms down, realizing that the reason he thinks I’m back here isn’t the actual reason at all.

“That’s touching, really,” I pushed on his chest lightly to indicate I wanted to pass through, which he allowed Ivy and me access to do so, “but, you cheated on me. So, I really don’t give a shit how you feel, especially if it’s toward me.” He looked at me with sad eyes, but I had already braced myself for this exact reaction so I kept my look hard. “I just came to pick up my stuff.”

“What? You’re moving out?”

“I haven’t been here in almost two weeks, I already have. I’m living with Ivy. She gave me my old room back.”

“Wait, (Y/N), don’t you want to talk about it?”

I rolled my eyes before dragging my feet toward the bedroom that he and I shared, hearing his footsteps close behind me. “What’s there to talk out? You cheated on me. I have no place here, I have no place with you.”

“You’ll always have a place with me, (Y/N).” I looked up at him as he watched me gather around the very minimal clothing I had in his closet, him watching me with the best solemn expression he could manage. It looked so artificial, it made me sick.

I wanted him to hurt without me the way I imagine it’ll hurt me when I finally realize this is over. I want him to beg me not to leave as I stand at the doorframe ready to go. I want to laugh at his poor excuse of a promise to change and I want to tell him that he missed out. I knew I wouldn’t get the chance. I was much more invested in him than he was with me; I was in love with him and he tricked me into thinking he was, too. I then focused on his facial expression again and decided that the expression itself didn’t make me sick, he in general did that to me.

“Ivy? Where’s my suitcase?”

“(Y/N), you’ve been it for me for six years-.”

“No, Jeff,” I stood up to face him fully now. “You’re all I’ve had for six years. You’ve obviously had other company.” He looked down, allowing me to continue stuffing my suitcase with all the things I’ve kept at his apartment for the past year. “You don’t get to play the victim when you’re the one who messed everything up.”

I stood up from my place on the floor in front of his closet and walked toward the bathroom to grab the things I had put in there, I shut the door upon entering to prevent him from following me in. I leaned against the vanity with one arm supporting me as my right hand came up to my mouth in attempts to stifle my cries. They were loud and obnoxious, and I knew I shouldn’t have been crying over this asshole, but I couldn’t help it.

What was wrong with me? I wasn’t good enough, that’s what was wrong. I wasn’t good enough for Jeff, even having been there for six years for this asshole, and I wasn’t good enough at work, another home I had established seven years ago. My left hand flew off of the countertop and I slammed my body on the door, sliding down it as my knees gave out. My hands went to my hair, brushing it out of my face and pulling it back, my obnoxious crying never ceasing, not even with the heavy hits to the door on the other side. Jeff begged me to open the door, but I couldn’t. I wanted to be alone – hell, I was alone.

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Cheating Shiro part 2

Part one  *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this

Intro: Things have been going well for team Voltron. Pidge found her brother a couple months before and now Matt is part of team Voltron. But, for the past couple of months, team Voltron has been working twice as hard as they ever worked. Everyone is tired and want a break. Lance had the great idea to visit Earth for a couple of days. Visiting Earth would help relax the team and the team can go see their families and friends. The Team only took the black lion to earth because they did not want to make any militaries on Earth freak and it would be easier to hide one giant lion on Earth than five. Keith decided to go hang out with Lance and his family on Earth and Hunk wanted to go see his family. So, Shiro was dropping off Matt and Pidge.

Matt put his hand on Shiro’s shoulder to get his attention. “Hey dude, you can come to our place,” Matt asked. Shiro then looked at him and then looked at Pidge. “I think your mother would prefer if only you two come over. She hasn’t seen you guys in a while” Shiro answered nicely. He really wanted their mother to have family time and it is going to be a hard time already for them because Commander Holt was still not found.  “Shiro, if you are not coming to our place, are you going to go visit anyone else” Matt ask. He was worried about Shiro because Shiro was not a real social butterfly and Matt could not think about anyone Shiro can visit. Pidge noticed the two guys talking and thought it would be a good opportunity to play around a little with them. “What, no cute girl you want to go see,” Pidge said in a playful tone. Matt almost choked on his words and he was quickly about to say something to his sister, but Shiro beat him to it. “Know what, I think I will go see a pretty girl,” Shiro said with a smirk. He then turned to Matt and asked him “Do you think y/n still live at the same address” Matt really did choke on his words that time and his facial expression showed that he was stunned about Shiro’s comment. “That is a terrible idea, she hates you” Matt screamed. Shiro made an annoyed look and Pidge made a confused looked. “Whose y/n and why does she hate Shiro” pidge ask because she can’t think of any reason anyone would hate Shiro.  “Shiro’s ex- fiancé” Matt answered while keeping eye contract with Shiro. “She was my best friend before she was my fiancé,” Shiro said to add on to Matt’s answer. The flight to the Holt’s house was silent for at least twenty minutes after their conversation. Pidge felt awkward and really wanted to know what Shiro did to make someone hate him. “So, what did you do to this girl to cause her to be an ex,” Pidge asked with a sarcastic tone in her voice. Matt was about to say something to her about asking those types of questions, but again, Shiro beat him to it. “I was an idiot, okay. Can we leave it at that?” Shiro answered toward Pidge while trying to ignore Matt’s death glare.

One awkward flight later, they had made it to the Holt’s household. Shiro parked his lion a couple blocks away to try to not freak anyone out. Matt asked his sister to walk ahead for a moment and then he waited till she was out of earshot to speak with Shiro. “You are an adult and can do whatever you want, but remember, you broke her heart,” Matt said, trying to give Shiro friendly advice. “I know, but I need to tell her how sorry I am. I don’t care if she hates me forever, but I need to apologize for hurting her” Shiro said trying to convince Matt. “Fine, but if some things go very wrong, call me,” Matt said with a slight smile. He then said his goodbyes and ran toward Pidge. Shiro then got back in his lion and flew towards y/n’s house.

Just like at the Holt’s house, he parked a couple blocks away. He started to walk towards your house. So many thoughts came into his head. He thought about his arm and he thought about his scars. He looked different and he also acts a little different. It had been a least two and a half years since you guys spoken last. He had many negative thoughts come into his head. He could not stop thinking about them until he got to your house. He noticed a blue colored bird feeder in the front yard. It looks like it had been weathered down, but it had been awhile. He knew that this was still your house. He walked passed it and then came to your front door. He was about to knock, but he didn’t. Shiro turned around and started to walk the local town. It was a couple of miles away, but he did not care. He knew a bar that was probably still opened. It was named ‘Tipsy Angle’, he and you used to love going to this bar and it is where you guys celebrated your twenty-first birthday. He sat at the counter and ordered a couple of beers. Shiro stayed at the bar for two hours.  No one in the bar noticed him… except for this one woman, who just walked in. 

“The dead man lives,” the woman said. Shiro could recognize that voice from anywhere. “Go away, Ivy. Not in the mood” Shiro said trying to make her leave. What Shiro did with Ivy was his greatest mistake and he already felt terrible for not knocking on your door. He really doesn’t need to be reminded how truly awful he was to you. Ivy took a seat next to Shiro and had this giant smirk. “why are you so happy” he asked her. Shiro was a little drunk and did not give a crap. She pouted for a moment and then smiled “I’m single and y/n is completely out of the picture and so, I’m pretty sure you can put two and two together” she said with a giant smirk. Shiro gave a big sigh with her comment. “Us as a couple will never happen again and y/n is not really completely out of the picture,” Shiro said with an even bigger smirk than hers. She made another pouty face and got out of her chair to leave, but then she stopped at the door and had this big smile. “It’s hard to date a dead girl,” she said before leaving the bar. Shiro’s face turned white. He quickly slammed money on the counter to pay for his beer and ran after Ivy. He caught up to her and he had tears in his eye. “what do you mean by dead girl” Shiro asked. Ivy smirked and said “She was part of the rescue mission to rescue the Kerberos team. The Garrison said she is dead because her shuttle must have crashed” Ivy smiled and then walked away.

Shiro quickly ran, he was running to your house. Once he got to your house, he started to bang on your door and he called your name. He could not her response and so, he quickly used his Galra hand to push in the door. He looked around at your house and tear ran down his cheek. Dust and cobwebs were everywhere and it looked like no one lived her for a while. He walked around the house a little bit, but then he noticed an old shoe box. It looked like it had been burned on one corner. Someone tried to burn it, but change their mind at the last minute. He opened the box and then the real tears came out. The box had pictures of both of you guys together. He wanted to call Matt but decided not to. He stared at the picture until he noticed that the sun was coming up. He grabbed the shoe box and started his way toward his lion. He needed to go pick up the others, but before he does, Shiro needs to pick up one more thing.

Matt and Pidge were waiting for Shiro to pick them up. He was an hour late and they were getting worried. Matt was about to call Shiro, but then his lion landed in front of him. Shiro came down and was trying to apologize for being late. Matt noticed that Shiro had been crying. Pidge did not notice. Matt then asked Pidge to go on the lion for a moment. He made sure Pidge could not hear him and then he asked Shiro about what happen. Shiro could not speak for a moment and then looked up at Matt “She’s dead” Shiro said with a tear running down his cheek. Matt was shocked and wanted to know how. “How did she die, if you don’t mind answering,” Matt said trying to be considerate about Shiro ‘s Emotions. “She was on the rescue mission to save us, to save the Kerberos Mission,” Shiro said with sorrow in his voice. Shiro then made a smile to try to mask his emotions. He did not want the other paladins to see him like this.

Everyone was picked up and they were on their way to the Castle of Lions. Everyone was talking about their break and the fun they had. Lance was listing to Pidge story but then he noticed two boxes behind Shiro’s chair. Lance picked up the boxes without Shiro noticing and then opened them. He opened the slightly burnt box first. “Wow Shiro, this girl in these pictures is pretty hot,” Lance said. Pidge quickly grabbed a picture and asked Shiro “Is this girl in the pictures y/n?” Shiro was about to speak, but Lance cut him off. “in the other box is love letters and a ring. Oh, my god! Shiro, are you going to propose to her” Lance asked with an excitement in his voice. Shiro’s eyes fell to the floor. “Yes, it is y/n and no, I’m not proposing to her. So, please leave those boxes alone” Shiro said with a sorrow tone in his voice. Lance got the memo and quickly put the stuff back in the boxes and then set the boxes back where he found them. Keith slightly punched Lance’s shoulder and whispered to Lance “Next time, leave other people’s stuff alone”. Keith said it so, Shiro could not hear. The ride went silent for a moment and Lance then tried to lighten the mood again and conversations about their visit to Earth started up again.

Southern Girl - Ch. 10 {Roman Reigns x OFC}

Author’s Note: This chapter is a little heavy.  Leave me comments pleeeeeease. I thrive off of them and it pushes me to write the next chapter. Also, here’s the link to Joe’s Pensacola Gulf home. 

Warnings: If anyone is sensitive to domestic violence or sexual assault, please skip this chapter. Ivy reveals a past attempted assault and I don’t want to trigger any survivors. Definitely smut. Daddy kink.

Word Count: 5,383

Chapter 9 

Chapter 10: Ghosts

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The soft chime of his cell phone woke Joe up the next morning. He smiled and gently pulled Ivy closer. Her body was tangled with his, her leg brushing against his morning wood. He reached over and grabbed the phone, wanting to make sure it wasn’t something important. In his sleep-fogged brain, it took him a second to realize that he’d grabbed his girlfriend’s phone and not his own. There was a missed call and a text, both from an unknown number. Joe frowned as he read the message on the screen: 


Joe glanced down at Ivy before quietly sitting the phone back down. Who the fuck was texting his girlfriend?

“What’s wrong, baby?”

Lost in his thoughts, he hadn’t even realized that Ivy was no longer asleep against his chest. She stared curiously up at him with sleepy green eyes. 

“Nothing, baby girl. I heard the phone and it woke me up.”

She reached up and stroked his cheek softly with one finger.

“You’re frowning.”

Ivy reached over him and grabbed her cell, wondering what had him so worked up. She felt the blood drain from her face when she saw the text message on her screen. Nausea built in her belly as she blocked the number and tossed the phone back on the dresser.

“Baby, who was that?”

“No one.”


She sat up, clutching the sheet against her bare breasts, running a hand through her hair in frustration.

“If it was no one, you wouldn’t be reacting to a text like this.”

He watched emotions flicker across her beautiful face, his arms crossed across his broad chest.

“If I tell you, you’ll look at me differently.”

Her words were whispered and pained, and she refused to make eye contact with him.

“I won’t, baby. I hate seeing you like this. What’s wrong??”

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Oswald’s stans can throw hate at me but he was mean to Ivy and treated her like trash so he got what he deserved. Just people, stop defending him and saying he wasn’t guilty for what ed did to him because oswald DID kill Isabella (that was actually  irrational, i can’t believe that such an intelligent character did that), he WAS mean to ivy and both ed and ivy just responded to that. i’m not saying that i hate oswald, but it’s the truth, you can’t hate other characters just because oswald kind of did it to himself, he was being selfish. 

At The Top Of The World

Felicity rolled off Oliver and fell back on her sleeping bag. It was spread out next to his and she stretched out on it, panting as the orgasm that went through her moments before still  hummed, as if she was a live wire exposed by Oliver’s touch.

Through the opening of their tent, Felicity saw moonlight casting a pearl glow over their campsite, as if she and Oliver were bathed in an ethereal spotlight on a stage of erotica. Oliver moved next to her, then he reached out and clasped onto her hand, his fingers entwining with hers. Both of them lay there as their rapid breathing began to even out. A sheen of sweat covered their bodies like a caul, adding to Felicity’s desire as a soft breeze wafted into the tent and touched them like a caress.

“Hey,” Oliver spoke softly to her. “I wasn’t too rough on you, was I?”

Felicity squeezed his hand. “Well, I wouldn’t use that word. Intense is the one that comes to mind.”

Oliver rolled onto his side and looked at Felicity as if she was a wild mountain flower. Her beauty always did and always will give him an appreciation and gratitude that brought her intensity into his life. “Felicity, I could lay here for the next ten years and not need anything else in my life. I could give up the Green Arrow and resign as Mayor and leave it all behind me.”

“Oliver,” Felicity replied as she too rolled over to face him. “I don’t want to burst your happy bubble or anything, but…uh, didn’t we try that before, in Ivy Town?”

“Yeah, we did,” he answered. A pensive look crossed his face. “I thought I was ready for…what did Thea call it…domestic bliss? I thought I was ready for that then.”

Felicity leaned into him and kissed his bare shoulder. “Oliver, what we do together is what makes us work—separately and as a couple. Ivy Town or Star City  or here in the mountains—I told you that geography is not important to me and no matter where we are or what we’re doing, I’m going to be happy.”

Oliver nodded, but a sudden frown dampened his visage. “I know, Felicity. But…what about William? What about…”

“Oliver,” she softly admonished him. “We made a deal before leaving the city that you, we, were not going to bring all that with us. William…well, that poor kid is in an upside down world right now since Samantha…he will be okay with Quentin until we get back. John, Thea—the whole team; they will keep everything on point while we’re gone.”

Oliver enfolded her in his arms. He kissed the top of her head and the smell of lavender cleansed his senses. “Felicity, you’re right. Of course you’re right. I’m sorry.” He kissed her again. “Maybe we should get some sleep. We’re going to need rest before our hike tomorrow.”

Felicity snuggled into his embrace and rubbed her leg against his. “Oliver,” her voice dropped to a husky, enticing tone. “Uh, I don’t think we should waste all this beautiful moonlight. What do thing about…to go another…”

Oliver’s lips found hers. Passion filled the tent as he rolled over onto his back again, pulling Felicity with him. Their synchronicity was natural, and love spread out and carried them away.


Oliver paused at the top of a steep rise and looked back at Felicity as she climbed up behind him. They had already ascended 5000 feet. They woke up this morning, satiated and content. Oliver brewed them some campfire coffee and made them breakfast; then they donned their hiking clothes and backpacks. The brisk mountain air not only enhanced their appetites for adventure, it also propelled them up the mountain to the top of the world.

Felicity moved up next to Oliver, her breathing was elevated from the excursion of keeping with the pace he set.

“Do you want to rest for a few minutes,” Oliver asked her?

They were standing near the edge of a deep drop down the mountain side. “I forgot how steep this is from the last time we were here,” Felicity panted.

Oliver smiled at her. “Felicity, we’re not in any hurry.” He looked over the edge of the trail at the view stretching out over the valley below. The air was thinner up here. The sun was climbing into the sky like a galleon sailing across calm, blue waters. Oliver grabbed a water bottle attached to a Velcro holder on his belt and took a long pull from it.

“It’s so beautiful up here,” Felicity said to him. She also took a few swallows from own water bottle. “So, what do you think? Another hour to the top?”

Oliver nodded. “Yeah, about that,” he told her.

Felicity took another drink then secured the bottle back onto her belt. “Oliver,” she said. “How about I lead for a while?”

Oliver looked at her and nodded. “Okay Felicity, lead on.” He stepped aside and gave her room in front.

Felicity shrugged her backpack further up on her shoulder and stepped around Oliver. Her pace was slower than his, but he followed her, watching the contours of her body move, giving him another view to admire.


Just before Felicity slipped on some loose rocks, Oliver had been recanting the tale of his climb up another mountain, when he went to face Ra’s.  He had fought the cold chill of the wind, biting into him like the teeth of winter.

Felicity listened to his voice, a soothing monologue that helped her keep to the pace she was setting. They were no more than maybe 500 feet from the crest of the climb. They came around a bend in the trail and Felicity saw the boulder jutting out, partially blocking their way. Felicity began to maneuver around it. Her foot stepped onto what looked like solid rocks at the edge of the trail.

The rocks broke loose from her weight, and then Felicity was over the edge and spilling down the mountain side…

(To be continued…)

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