and he did say he might do this again 'soon'

episode one :: Yuuri Katsuki is the most beautiful disaster that Victor has ever met in his entire life, and Victor has built his empire on beautiful disasters.

Victor isn’t sure he knows what he’s doing anymore by the time casting rolls around for season 22 of The Bachelor.  Okay, he knows what he’s doing, but it’s all autopilot.  He’s got a dossier of Chip Vanderbones and Tad Hardbeefs to look at, but is almost resigned enough to just give into Lilia and Yakov’s suggestion to cast Georgi Popovich, notorious histrionic Bachelorette season 10 runner-up, as this season’s lead out of sheer notgivingafuckness.  At this point Victor isn’t even sure whether he really wants to be in this game at all anymore, but what the hell else he would do besides sleep for a thousand years if he retired before thirty?  

And then Phichit Chulanont comes into his office to distract him during a conference call with Yakov to tell him a story about his friend who just crashed and burned at the Figure Skating Grand Prix Finals, and everything click click clicks into place: redemption narrative.  Twenty young men are going for the gold, but only one can win the heart of Yuuri Katsuki– he can hear the promos, see the character arcs unfold, and the narratives rush through him like they’ve always lived inside him and it feels–exciting.  

“Phichit,” Victor says suddenly, interrupting Phichit and grabbing him from across his desk.  “We have to get him.  He’s our next bachelor.”

“Oh my God,” Phichit replies, eyes widening, and then again, “Oh my God.

“Do you think you could get him?” Victor asks.  He’s seeing figure skating dates, thematic destination shoots in Chile and Finland and Iceland, “The Bachelor: Love on Ice” title screen flashing over two champagne glasses on the lip of an outdoor hot tub.  

“Do I think I can get him,” Phichit repeats dismissively, looking the closest to offended that Victor has ever seen him.  “What do you think you hired me for, Nikiforov.”

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I Just Want You All To Myself Tate Langdon x Reader

Words: 3,213

Request: @multihxe :Could you do a Tate imagine where he gets jealous because y/n was having a study session with some boy from school and the boy was getting a little too close to her??

Description: You invite a boy over to study and it starts going south, espcially with Tate.

Author’s Note: @multihxe I hope this is what you wanted!! I apologize if it is far from ehat you wanted! Requests are open! Enjoy reading. XOXO


I had just moved to the infamous Murder House in Los Angeles, California, a couple months ago. It wasn’t as bad as I thought moving across the country and starting brand new. The reason why my family and I moved was because my dad had an affair on my mom. My mom isn’t happy. I know that is because anytime my dad tries to hold her hand she takes her hand away from his. Also if he enters the room she has to be at the other side of the room so that there isn’t any arguments. I just don’t get why they don’t just get a divorce. I mean seriously they are both unhappy in their marriage. Even though my mom still says they love each other. I could actually care less. i have someone in my life who loves and cares for me. His name is Tate Langdon. He is one of my dad’s patients. My dad is a psychiatrist. I didn’t really care if he was crazy. At least he is seeking help to get better. It was all really fate how we met. I was just walking downstairs and I bumped into him while going to the kitchen. It was awkward it was just us staring into our eyes. He then broke  the tension by laughing. I muttered a ‘Sorry’ and he said ‘Don’t me.’ I guess what they say is true. Love at first sight is real, well for me and Tate that is. There was something wrong with Tate though. The thing is that he is dead. I don’t care though. He admitted to all the wrong things he has done and I couldn’t be happier.

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Anyways I was at school at Westfield and was getting my books to go to my next class. I closed my locker shut. When I did there was a jock right behind where the locker was.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Jacob said.

“Hi Jacob. Would you mind getting out of the way for me to go to my next class.” I said while rolling my eyes.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be like that (Y/N). I just want to talk!” He said.

“What do you want to talk about? You better talk fast because you have thirty seconds.” I said.

“Okay well you know that big science test we have?” I shook my head yes.”Well I was wondering if maybe I could go to your house and we could have a study session? Maybe you could help me ace it?” He asked.

“Okay. Meet me at my house at four, okay?” I said not really wanting to let him come over.

“Thanks (Y/N)! You’re the best!” Jacob goes to kiss my cheek but I put my hand infront of my face before he could. 

“Sorry but none of that!” I said then he awkwardly left. I went to my last period of the day, Science. Jacob was staring at me the whole time during class. “How am I supposed to help him study if he isn’t paying attention at all?” I mentally groaned. The bell rung and I rushed to get out of the classroom before Jacob could approach me. I arrived at my locker and I grabbed my science textbook and notes to help me study with Jacob. I quickly packed it in my backpack and I ran out the school doors before Jacob could once again approach me. I walk to my car and unlock it. I got in and drove to my house. I quickly got out of my car seeing that both my parents were still out of town for a day trip. I rushed inside to see what time it was and it was three fifteen. I let a sigh out of my mouth as I knew that Jacob wasn’t going to be here soon. 

“Hey babe!” Tate said. His voice startled me and I jumped landing in strong arms knowing that it was Tate. 

“Hey!” I said and turned around in his arms to see his face. He let go of the frip he had on me and put his arms around my waist while I put my hands on both of his cheeks. “I missed you so much today Tate. Why do you have to be isolated here?” I whined.

“I don’t know but it is worth it to see you come home and be able to be with you as soon as possible. I missed you too.” He said then kissed my forehead. He brought his face closer to mine and I stepped on my tippy toes and kissed him. We had a little make out session in the kitchen but I didn’t care. There was no one there to see it.  I broke apart and went to look at the kitchen timer and saw that it was three fifty-eight.

“Oh my gosh! Tate you have got to disappear like now!” I said.

“Why whats going on? Are your parents here?” Tate asked.

“No. I have a friend coming over for a study session.” I said.

“So? I would love to meet them. I think it is about time that you tell your friends that you have a boyfriend.” Tate said.

“Yeah and then whta would happen if they wanted a double date and NOT on Halloween, huh?” I said.

“And that is why you are the smart one in this relationship.” He said.

“Tate, can you PLEASE just disappear?” I begged.

“Okay. I love you” He said.

“I love you too.”I smiled and pecked his lips but then he grabbed my neck and started kissing me more.

“TATE!” I said by being muffled by his lips on mine.

“Okay fine. Bye.” He smiled and said.

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Then I blinked my eyes and he was gone. I heard the doorbell ring and I rushed to answer it.

“Hi Jacob.” I said while letting him in.

“Hi (Y/N)! How are you today?” Jacob said and smiled cheekly.

“Are we ready to study?” I said wanting to get this study session over with. 

“Yep.” Jacob responded.

“Alright. Follow me.” I said. I closed and locked the door and we walked up my staircase to my room. “Here you can set your bookbag next to my desk on the right.” I said.

“Okay!” He said while putting his bookbag down. I pointed to the two chairs at my desk as saying to sit down here. Jacob did but only after he pulled my chair out. 

“Oh, thanks.” I said while sitting down.

“Anything for the lady.” He said. I mentally prayed hoping Tate wasn’t lurking in the corner watching all of what was happening. Little did I know that that was exactly happening. I soon let that thought slip my mind  and that was the worst thing to do. I saw Jacob looking through his bookbag over and over again.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“I might have accidentally left my science stuff in my locker.” He said looking down embarrased.

“Okay. I guess we will just have to share.” I said 

“Okay. Sorry.” He said.

“It’s fine.” I said. I started to read section by section. When I was done with a paragraph I would ask him if I needed to explain anything to him and he would usually say yes.

“Can I say something before you continue reading?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said not sure of what he was going to say.

“You are really cute when you are explaining this stuff to me.” He said.

“Um, I think you should know that I have a boyfriend.” I said.

“Well he isn’t here so that means I can do this.” He said.

“That means you can do w—” I tried to ask but his lips met mine and struggled to pull him away from me. He put his hand around my neck and pulled me closer. I couldn’t escape. I started to kiss back. We parted and started to kiss again. My thoughts soon interrupted me. ‘(Y/N)! Are you kidding me? YOU HAVE TATE! STOP KISSING JACOB NOW!’

“Stop! I shouldn’t be doing this. I think it is a good thing for you to leave now.” I said standing up and taking charge.

“Why? I thought you liked me.” He said.

“No! I have a boyfriend! That I am happily with!” I said. Jacob stood up and started approaching me.

“Oh come on don’t be like that!” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. We were just inches apart when Tate barged in the door.

“HEY! HANDS OFF OF HER!” Tate yelled. Everything happened so fast. The next thing I know is Jacob is on the ground with Tate on top of him, beating Jacob to a pulp.

“TATE! STOP!” I yelled making Tate stop and look at me.”Run Jacob!” JAcob got up and ran for his life and I heard the front door slam shut and let out the breath I was holding.

“Tate! Why did you do that?” I asked yelling.

“He had his hands all over you! I wasn’t going to let him touch you like that!”

“Yes but I had it undercontrol! I was going to stop him until you barged in and trampled him!” I said.



“I AM NOT JEALOUS!” Tate said.

“YOU SO ARE! When my guy friend came over here you lurked in the corner and when he just reached over me you started yelling your head off at him. It’s like if a guy just looked at me then you would kill him!” I said.

“Oh I’m sorry that I can’t be protective of my GIRLFRIEND!” 


“I JUST LOVE YOU! Is that a crime?” He yelled but then started to cry. “I just love you!” Then he started to cry even harder. Then it made me cry.

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“Yes but what you do isn’t what I want. I don’t want to become your…property.” I said with my voice being choked up.

“Then what are you going to do then (Y/N)?” He said.

“I’m going to do something I never dreamed of.” I said while crying and shutting my eyes.

“No please (Y/N). Don’t do what I think you’re going to do.” He pleaded.

“Go away.” I whispered with my eyes shut. When I gained confidence I said it again but louder.”GO AWAY!” I yelled. I opened my eyes adn i didn’t see Tate anymore. I collapsed to the ground and tried to keep my body from shaking.

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“I’m sorry (Y/N). I love you.” Tate said but I couldn’t hear it. 

The next few days were awful. I didn’t have anything to look forward to when I came home. But i still didn’t want to see him. I want to wait for a little bit. I want him to rethink what he is doing that made me do this to him. My parents started to travel more without me. I was just home alone moping wanting to feel him around me but I knew that it was to early. I was doing this to save our relationship and maybe start again or begin where we left off.

October, Four Months After

I think I am going to let Tate back into my life now. I walked around my house on October 7 calling out his name. I went to the basement.

“Tate? I’m ready now. I’m ready to pick up our relationship. I miss you too much.” I said while walking around. I finally saw him come out of the shadows and I started to cry when I saw his tear stained face with a tear trickiling down.

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“(Y/N). Is that you? Really you?” Tate asked.

“Yes baby its really me.” I said. I start running towards him and he picks me up and twirls me around. “I missed you so much. I am sorry for doing that to you but I had to let you know what you were doing and how it bothered me.” I said letting him know the reason.

“I know the time you spent away from me allowed me to think about what was wrong with me. What I was doing wasn’t love it was crazy obsession jealousy. I am so sorry.” He said.

“It’s okay. I forgive. I thank you for protecting me Tate. I love you.” I pulled away from the embrace we found ourselves in.

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“I love you (Y/N). I care about your feelings more than mine and I am thankful that you gave me a wake up call if I continued what I was doing.” Tate said. I pulled his neck down to mine and we kissed. We kissed for a long time and it was full of passion and longing for each other.

After that day everything was back to normal. It was the day before Halloween and Tate had told me to go downstairs to the basement. I did.

“Tate?” I said and then turned to walk facing away from the stairs. I turned around I was met with a man in a black suit. “TATE!” I yelled backing away but the man just started walking towards me. “TATE!” I was pressed against the staircase as the man was infront of me pressed against me. All of a sudden I heard him laughing. He unzipped his cap and it was Tate.

“YOU JERK!” I yelled and pushed him.

“I scared you.” He teased.

“Did not.” He then leaned closer to my head and we kissed. 

“I really didn’t scare you?” he said as we pulled apart.

“I said no. When are we going to go on a real date?” I asked.

“On Halloween. That’s the only day of the year where I am allowed out of this house.”

“Okay!” I said and pecked his cheek. “What did you want me to come down here.” I asked.

“Oh right! I got you this rose.” Tate said as he handed it to me. I gladly took it. “I painted it black, I know how you don’t like normal things.”

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“I think this is the sweetest thing that a boy has ever done for me. Thank you.” I stood on my tippy toes and kissed on the lips. We broke apart. “Is that it? I have to go back to do my homework if thats all.”

“Yes thats it. I love you.” 

“I love you too. See you tomorrow for our date.” I winked and started to walk upstairs to my bedroom. 

Halloween Night

Tonight is when Tate and I were going to go on our date. I got ready for it. I didn’t know where we were going but I knew that anything was going to be perfect with him. A knock came on my door and I opened it to see Tate.

“Are you ready for our date?” He asked.

“Of course I am! Where are we going?” I asked.

“Somewhere that I loved to go when I was in high school, where i could let all the stress free from my head when times got tough.” 

“Okay! Do I need to bring anything extra?”

“Nope. If it gets cold you have me to warm you up.” He warmly smiled. We exited the house and started to walk. It was a good fifteen minute walk and then we reached our destination, the beach. We walked over to the lifeguard booth and I sat down on a concrete wall. When I had just sat down I felt my phone buzzing. I took out my phone and I saw that it was my mom calling. 

“(Y/N) where are you?” my mom said frantically.

“I’m just hanging with friends.” I said and looked where Tate was and he was fooling around on the lifeguard ‘porch’. “I’m sorry i should have called or left a note. Is this the part where you make me come home?” I said praying it wasn’t.

“Are you safe?”

“I swear.” 

“Are you having fun?”


“Was there anything that happened while we were gone?”

“There was some banging but I think it was just some little kids playing a prank.” I felt something on my neck and I realized that it was Tate.

“I want you home in an hour.”

“Okay. All right. Bye.” I tried to hang up quickly so I could spend more time with Tate. I finally hung up.

“Who was that?” Tate asked and stopped kissing my neck.

“My mom.” I smiled.

“Oh.” He said. Then he leaned closer to me and kissed me. We pulled apart and we walked down to the beach. When we reached the sand I layed down and he got on top of me and started kissing me again.

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We eventually stopped not wanting to get any further. He sat up with me and put his arm around me. He got up and light a fire. Then he returned and sat next to me, pulling me close. I rested my head against his.

“I used to come here when the world would close in and got so small I couldn’t breathe. I’d used to look out in the ocean and think, ‘Yo, scum bag, high school counts for jack. Kurt Cobain, Quentin Tarantino, Brando, De Niro, Pacino.” I looked at him as he turned his head to look at me. “All high school dropouts. I hated high school.  So I’d come out here and I’d look at this vast, limitless exspanse. And it’s like, thats your life, man. You can do anything. You can be anything. Screw high school. That’s…that’s just a blip in your timeline. Don’t get stuck there.” He looked at me and I leaned my head on his.

“Very knowledgable Tate. I love you.” I looked at him and kissed him.

“I love you too.” He said when we pulled apart. 

“Tate, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Anything.” Tate responded.

“Why would you get so jealous?” I said with my head leaning in his. He took in a deep breath.

“I would get so jealous because I saw what it did to my parents when my dad didn’t care. When he would just let go. They were so much in love until he stopped caring. I didn’t want that to happen to us. I love you too much but to be completley honest it was because I just want you all to myself. I don’t want to share you. I want you to be with me and only me.” He said and then kissed me deeply.

“I understand Tate. I don’t want that to happen to us either. I will love you forever.”

“I will too.” 

That night was filled with love. I didn’t want whatever happened to Tate’s parents to happen to us.  I wouldn’t allow that but I understand why he reacted that way and I can’t say I blame him. I will spend forever with him. No. Matter. What.

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Number 513 pt. 4 - Spider-Man

Word count: 2213

Summery:  You want to get away from your life, and joining the avengers might be the only way. You try to prove yourself to Tony Stark, before a young superhero starts to take up your attention.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

A/N: This is the final part of number 513! To me, the reaction from you guys have been insane. This started as a spontaneous idea. I had nothing planned for this, and I really didn’t expect that many people to like it, let alone follow me! So, thank you sooo much!

And feel free to send requests! I write every time I have the time (and when I don’t. I should’ve been making homework, but instead I did this)!. So yeah! Enjoy, and please tell me what you think!

You were back at the tower again, after a rather awkward incident. It was Tony, who had picked you up at the hotel. He had just walked in, without warning. Luckily you and Peter was only kissing, but it was still an awfully long way back to the tower.

“So, have long have you guys been a thing?” Tony asked standing on front of you. He had a very disapproving expression on his face.

“Seriously, Tony? They’re kids, let them be. It was you who sent them to a hotel alone” Natasha said from the couch, not even looking up from her book.

“I’m just very disappointed in you, especially you, y/n. This is something you should tell me” He continued, but Natasha interrupted him, before he could say more. “Tony. She’s not your daughter. She doesn’t have to tell you anything. This was not relevant. And if you really want to know, I encouraged it. And said telling you might be a bad idea, because. Well, look at how you’re acting now” She said with a smile, and looked at him.

Tony just shook his head, and went to the kitchen. “Thank you” Both you and Peter released your breath. “No need for that. But you both owe me one.” She returned her focus to the book.

“Oh, right. Y/n! I should properly tell you, that everyone in the organization is being locked up. They will never see the sunlight again, all thanks to you” Tony returned with a cup of coffee in his hands. He looked calmer now. Maybe he just wanted to know, because he cared. You knew Peter saw him as a kind of father figure, and maybe he just saw Peter as his son too?

“When you say everyone?” You asked. You knew there were others like you. There were kids’ younger than you. There were even some, who was already doubting the organization.  He couldn’t mean all of them?

“Every one of them. Every person who ever killed someone for them are getting locked up. You never have to worry about them anymore” He smiled, as he joined Natasha on the couch. How could he smile? He just said he locked up kids.

“They’re kids. The youngest is 10! You can’t lock up children” The words flew out of your mouth. You could feel the anger rising in you.

“They’re murderers! They killed innocent people. Don’t you think they should be punished for that?” His words hurt you, more than you expected them to. You were starting to respect Tony as a person, but you just lost the little respect you had for him.

“Then you should lock me up too. Because after all, I’m just a murderer, who deserves to be punished” Your voice was colder than ice, and from the corner of your eye, you could see that Peter was surprised by your strong reaction.

“Stop it, y/n. You know you’re not like them. Of course we won’t punish you. You didn’t know better” He tried to keep calm, but you could see frustration in his eyes.

“Oh, so because I helped you, I get a free pass? They’re kids. 32 is 10 years old. Why don’t she get a chance at having a life? Because I’ll gladly take her place. I’ve killed more people than her, so why should she be punished, when I’m not?” You asked harshly.

“What do you want me to do? I can’t save everyone” He sighed. “I wish I could, I really do. Most of them were ready to kill us, before we even found them. I don’t think they wanted us to help” It got harder for him to remain calm, but you couldn’t care less.

“What did you expect? They don’t know you, so you’re the enemy. That’s what we learn. Defend yourself, because everyone wants to kill you. How were they supposed to react? You know, for being a genius, you’re quite stupid” You could see Natasha grabbing the book tighter, and Peter getting more and more uncomfortable, as you spoke.

“And you could’ve done better? You’re a child. You don’t understand how it works. You can’t save everyone” Tony spoke in a harsh tone, only adding fuel to the flame.

“Don’t you dare call me a child! I know exactly how it works. And just for the record, you are not the smartest person in the room” You almost yelled. Peter grabbed wrist, and you turned your head to him. “Maybe you should calm down? Mr. Stark means well” He spoke in a soft voice.

“Calm down? While he gets to play the hero? No! He’s not a hero. His suit is. Without it he’s nothing! Anyone could build a super suit and call themselves a hero” You pulled your arm to yourself, glaring at Peter, before looking back at Tony. “You could at least give them a chance. You worked with me, and I turned out just fine, so why don’t they deserve a chance?”

“If you’re such a hero, why did you kill so many people? Is that what a hero does? Because than you’re right. I’m not a hero by those standards” His face was cold, just like his eyes. The guilt overtook the anger. He was right, you were no better than him. In fact, you were worse.

You didn’t say another word, before turning on your heel and walking towards your room. Maybe the others were better off like they were. If they didn’t understand what they did, they wouldn’t have to live with the feeling of guilt. You didn’t want anyone else to walk around with this soul crushing feeling.

“Was that really necessary? She’s just a child. She cries herself to sleep, whispering apologies. Don’t destroy her” You could distantly hear Natasha say. You didn’t deserve her standing up for you. You didn’t deserve any of it. Not this room, not Peter, not anyone. Maybe this was your punishment?

Everything was quiet for about an hour. No one said a word. You could them walking around, but no one spoke. You wanted to do something, anything, to prove Tony wrong, but you didn’t know what. What could you do?

There was a knock on the door, and no other than Tony walked in. You wanted to yell at him to leave, but the words refused to leave your lips.

“I came to apologize. I went too far, and I’m sorry. You’re right, they’re just kids. They don’t know better. We succeeded with you, and we can do it again. I am going to need your help. I think you might be able to help them more than I can. They know you, so you can bring them here” He sounded so sincere, you almost found it hard to believe.

“What happens then? When they’re here?” You asked. “We do like we did with you. Teach them to be normal. Teach them right from wrong. And I’ll look for their families. Somebody must miss them, and as soon as they’re ready, we’ll help them come home” You couldn’t believe what he was saying. Would he really do that? What had happened in the last hour?


A couple of days passed. The other kids had arrived yesterday, and the first thing to be done, was to take an DNA sample. Two had already gotten their names. You were taking things slow. Taking the time to explain everything, like Peter had done.

This morning Tony had given you some news you weren’t expecting. You parents were coming in just 10 minutes, and you were more nervous than you had ever been. Peter was sitting beside you, holding your hand tightly.

“What if they don’t want me? What if they don’t recognize me? What if they do? What if they expect me to be the same child they lost? I’m not, I can’t be” You looked into the calming brown eyes. “It’ll be okay. Just tell them the whole story. I’ll be here for you, no matter what happens” He assured you.

Your heart was beating faster than usual, and when Tony walked through the door with two familiar faces, everything froze for a minute. It was the faces you had seen in your dreams when you were younger. It was the faces that was in every flashback you had. It was your parents, and you recognized them instantly, and you could see that they did as well with you.

“Iris! Baby. You’re alive” Your mother started crying, as she ran towards you. You could feel the lump in your throat. You wanted nothing more than to let her hug you, but you knew you couldn’t do that yet. You knew it would hurt too much, if they wouldn’t accept you.

“I’m not the same girl, as I was when you last saw me. I don’t want to get my hopes up, before you know everything. I don’t want to join your family, if I have to hide parts of my life. I don’t want to lie to you. I don’t want to live with you, and having you learn it all later, only so you can reject me. So please” They sat down across from you, and you felt Peter giving your hand a gently squeeze.

“I was tortured to 2 years. Then I was trained to be a cold-blooded murderer. When I got here, my name was number 513. The number of people I have killed. I didn’t understand what I doing. It was all I knew. They messed with my brain, and I’ve got a perfect memory. I remember everything that happened in the 2 years. I remember every life I have taken” You started out, before you started to explain everything to them, carefully watching as their expression went from love to horror.

“There are others like me, and I’m trying to help them, so they have a chance of getting a life. A normal one. It’s going to take some time, but hopefully more parents can be reunited with their children” You finished, as you anxiously waited for them to respond. You saw them looking at each other, and they turned to you, you felt your heart sink.

“I’m sorry. For everything. You shouldn’t have been through that. I can see that you’re a wonderful young woman, who just wants to help others. I can tell that you regret what you did, and that you’ve really changed. We just can’t be a part of it. We buried our daughter a long time ago, and I think you died the day we lost you. I’m sorry Iris, but you’re not our daughter anymore. I wanted you to be, I really did, but too much have happened to you, and I don’t think it would work for any of us” Your mother said, tears streaming down her face.

“You’ve grown into a beautiful woman, I think it’s for the best that we go home alone. You’ve been through so much, and we would never be able to understand you. I’m sorry, but we’ll leave now” Your father’s voice cracked as you watched your parents stand up. Tony followed them out, and as soon as they were gone, you felt you heart rip in two.

You knew it would happen, but you had gotten your hopes up. Your parents didn’t want to be a part of your life. It felt worse than not knowing they existed. You started sobbing, and Peter quickly pulled you close to him. His arms held you tight, as your heart was breaking.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, and looked up at Tony. You closed your eyes to clear your vision, and you saw him standing with a comforting smile. You got a hold of yourself, and even though you were still hurting, you were calmer. For the moment, the shock was over. You knew it would come again later, but you also knew that Peter would stay with you the entire night, comforting you.

“I’m sorry. I know this is very sudden, but I’ve signed a document, making me your legal guardian. It’s just formal paperwork, but if you want, we can arrange an adoption” He said calmly. It took a while for the words to sink in.

“You want me? As your child?” You tried to hide the hope in your eyes, but the smile on his lips told you that you didn’t succeed.

“Yes. As much as I hate to admit it, you’ve been like a daughter to me, since I sent you to school. I’ve been so proud every time you made progress. When you yell at me, as angry as I got, I was proud that you had the courage. You’re helping others find their families, so it’s only fair you get one too” The tears were forming in your eyes again. You were grateful for everything he had done for you, but you never expected this.

A couple of months ago, you would never had thought this day would come. Your boyfriend had his arms around you, and someone had just offered to be your family. You couldn’t help but laugh. You broke free from Peter’s arms, and hugged Tony.

“Thank you. I would love a family”

Me at the Howl At The Moon


I was an exotic for sure. I’m a tall, bearded guy with not much hair left. And although I’m only 38 years old, it’s almost completely gray already. So I stood out from the crowd. Disadvantage: Some strange looks. Advantage: I was easily recognized by the actors and the staff.
So I stood there with my Theo & Deuc T-shirt, my comic book under my arm, a bag on my side, surrounded by younger girls. I’m a high school teacher and so I felt sometimes like I was still in school :D And hell, I got deaf after some time. The screams! Panel opening: “Bienvenue à Shel…” EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!! - “Please welcome Rya…” WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
The staff was always VERY helpful, all questions I was asking were answered in a very polite and helpful way. I really want to THANK YOU for your work, you did a great job!
So here are my impressions of the actors:

Cody Christian

He was the first I went to when the Autograph sessions started. He always had very long queues in front of him. I planned to introduce me as “The Theo & Deuc guy” but when there were only two girls in front of me, he already saw me, pointed at me with a wink and had the broadest smile on his face. Some minutes later, when it was the turn of the girl in front of me I could witness a scene that was so typical for Cody: The girl started to cry, overwhelmed by emotions when Cody hugged her. She sobbed really hard and Cody immediately took care of her, stood up, walked around the table to comfort her, talk to her, hug her again until he was sure that she was fine again.

And for me, this was the most impressive thing about Cody: The intensity with which he cares about the fans who came to him. When they are in front of him, he is totally focused on them, talks to every single of them, takes his time, never in a rush as if it was the only fan present and not a long queue waiting. This positivity and care are truly overwhelming. The signing session on Sunday morning was scheduled to last 2 hours and it took Cody over 4 hours to do all his autographs. Sure, his queue was one of the longest but mainly because he interacted with the fans in such a heartwarming, caring and lovely way. I could have watched this for hours.

But back to my experience: When it was my turn, he jumped from his seat, grabbed me and pulled me halfway over the table to give me the warmest welcome, hugging me and patting my back, excited and happy to finally see me. I told him how difficult it was for me to be in Paris this weekend (had the prom of my class the night before so I had to hop on the plane Saturday morning) and he shook my hand thanking me for coming. He explained where he got my books in his apartment and that he already reserved a place for the third issue. We talked a little while but I didn’t want to make the people behind me upset so I let Cody sign my issue of Theo&Deuc then. He did write a wonderful, incredibly long text into the book and again shook my hand, expressing his gratitude. Whenever we met during the convention, and it was several times, we exchanged fist bumps or he just grabbed me to pat my back. During the meeting room I was attending, he even introduced ME to the people around! He was in a very good mood, making jokes all the time and we even got to hear one of his songs. Not lying, I’m not a fan of rap. It’s just not my kind of music. But I really liked what I got to hear. It had a good rhythm, a very nice vibe, melodic elements in the background that made it - as someone who doesn’t listen to rap - a really good song. He explained to us that it’s not his goal to have a music career. He just loves to write and develop songs, to get into the flow when he works on one over several hours, it’s a hobby, a passion. And the result is definitely a professional one I truly would enjoy to listen to, though I’m not the right guy to judge.
The second day was kind of stressful, the schedule got messed up a bit because of Cody’s long signing session. I still had two autographs and two photoshoots with him. I managed to get the autographs in the morning but it was already 17h when Cody started his photo shoots and I had to leave at 18h to catch my plane. And I still had the meeting room for Linden that started at the same time! And here I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the staff again. One of them just grabbed me and pulled me into the photo room right to the photo booth with Cody. I had a special pose in mind - the cover of the Theo & Deuc book with Theo flexing and Deuc standing behind him with sunglasses, making a funny face. Cody said he loved it when we shot the pose. The staff in the background was telling the people not to ask for hugs because of lacking time but Cody just ignored it for me, hugged me and shook my hand again to say goodbye… So many fans were waiting and I was already so grateful that the staff made the shoot possible that I didn’t want to upset the others - and I still had to get into Linden’s meeting room. I was in such a rush - later, when I was in the plane, I felt so sorry and sad about it since I literally had to pull my hand out of his and cut the goodbye from my side which I’m very very sorry about.
Cody is a phenomenon. Even after a hell of a day, signing, panels, photos here, photos there, he hugs, smiles, is focused on every single fan and just shines. This guy deserves the world.

Holland Roden

I really really loved Holland. I caught a quiet moment during the autographs and she took much time to see through my book, reading some of the comics. She was so sweet and had to laugh about many of them. She said that Jeff Davis HAS TO see it and I could tell her that he received his very own issue already. Finally she signed comic one of my Lydia comics, the one where she gets hit by a snowball. Unforunately I didn’t book more stuff with her because when I planned Paris I thought that I would see her in Amsterdam and Brussels too but she had to cancel Amsterdam. I definitely would love to see her again!

Linden Ashby

Oh man is this a good guy. I told him my story about being a high school teacher who draws TW comics and later when we met again in the meeting room he immediately recognized me, saying: “The teacher.” And because I was late (had a photoshoot with Cody before) he added: “Always late.” He was reading the comics he was part of and enjoyed them quite much. I just love Linden. He’s such a gentle, reflective guy, so full of love for the younger actors and always praising their talent and passion.

Susan Walters

I had an autograph with her and oh my god is she sweet! She quickly discovered the photo of Gideon holding my book and was so in love with it that she drew a little heart on it. I deeply regret to not have booked a photo or meeting with her, if I ever get the chance I HAVE TO see her again.

Tyler Hoechlin

Damn is this guy charismatic. He has such a genuine smile and he was in awe seeing the comics and especially the Michelangelo adaptation (the creation of the chimera pack). I apologized that I didn’t make a comic with him yet since Theo & Derek weren’t interacting in Teen Wolf in any way. (Signature next to Susan’s in the picture above!)

Dylan Sprayberry

Since I will see Dylan in Brussels, I only booked one autograph with him for Paris. He recognized the printed issue because he has seen it in Cody’s apartment and this made me very very happy :) I was sorry that I didn’t have more comics with Liam (I have one planned though but he is SO HARD to draw) so I couldn’t show him more but until Brussels I will have more stuff to offer and I’m looking forward to meeting him again! I let him sign my Raeken Ball comic then.

Ryan Kelley

I will see Ryan in Amsterdam and Brussels, so I didn’t focus on him. But damn, in real life he looks really, really handsome, he is in a great shape and is quite charismatic! I didn’t expect it. He had to laugh hard at my hellhound comic in which Parrish ends up as a camp fire replacement for Theo’s and Deuc’s BBQ, so he did sign that. I definitely have to do another Hellhound comic to have something new for him until Amsterdam!

Ian Bohen

Ian was very cute! I got two autographs with him on different days and he remembered my name! I said: “Hey, it’s the comic guy again!” And he looked at me and said without thinking: “Chan.” So this was the moment he conquered my heart. I had to apologize I never did a comic with Peter. And I promised him to do one very soon. I think I might already have an idea…

Shelley Hennig

Shelley couldn’t stop saying “this is amazing”, she also loved my special Maleo T-Shirt. I should have talked to her more but when I was doing the autograph, I wanted to give her time to see through the stuff but she gladly accepted my business card with my Twitter / Instagram account so who knows?

The Carver Twins

Again, I will meet them in Amsterdam and Brussels and I didn’t have any time left so I didn’t get to meet them. So nothing to report :(

Meeting you

Whoever did come to me to talk to me about my T-Shirts or if you already knew me and decided to say hello: THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was so funny and such a pleasure to meet people who love my stuff. I even got to record my own “please record a video for our friend where you say hi to her” Video :D I felt SO HONORED.
Can’t wait to meet you all again!

I was drawing… Eri… and I had to take a break and wrote this. It’s not good or anything but I really want Eri to be the cause of Sir changing his mind about Deku…

Eri after she’s rescued and is currently at Sir’s hq-

It was just a few days since her rescue, it was actually one maybe two days. Though to her it felt like an eternity, since all she wanted to do was see her savior, Deku, she was quietly sitting at the far corner of the room. Distancing herself from Sir who was typing away. Though he was randomly sending Bubble Girl messages to bring Eri food, toys, or something to do. He just wasn’t very good at that kind of stuff, no matter how he tried. But he kept hearing her mumble he asked Bubble Girl to check what she was saying, seeing as she seems friendly and approachable, he had hoped it would help, but no. As soon as she came into the room Eri stopped.

Sir wanted to help Eri, even if he might scare her at first, especially with his tall build. He walked over to her with full confidence, knelt down, and waited for her to say it again. And she did.

“I want to see him. I want to see him. I want to see him,” she repeated.

“See who?” he’d ask.

She paused and bit her lip. Was it okay to say? But she really wants to see him. She took a deep breath and said, “The hero… the one that makes you feel hope with just his smile. Like… sunshine,” she muttered with a pleasant smile, just remembering him made her feel safe.

When Sir heard this he smiled though with a hint of sadness in his eyes. The hero she described was All Might, who else could it be? But he isn’t a hero anymore. He pointed to his poster, “Him?” he asked more to confirm that anything else.

She shook her head and smiled at him, “Deku,” she said, remembering when he told her his name and in her head, his voice overlapped her own.

Sir was shocked, Deku? How could he be a hero like that? He’s not that great. He’s not… like… All Might… right? “Are you sure you mean Deku? Perhaps you are thinking of Lemillion,” he told her.

Again she shook her head, she remembers the one called Lemillion. Yes, he helped rescue her, and yes he was great and also has an amazing smile but Deku was the one, who she felt, saved her long before she was rescued. The reason she was able to keep going. Deku had been a ray of hope when she was stuck, in that place.

She then looked through the pile of stuff Bubble Girl brought for her and she found what she was looking for. A simple drawing of her and Deku.

In that picture, Deku, seemed so much like All Might. His ears, the smile. It was the way he was able to make Eri smile, even after all she had gone through, what made Sir realize… Maybe…

Maybe he is worthy after all.

The tipping point

This is sort of the second half of my ramblings about Oliver’s Christmas visit. (The first bit was here.)

The more I think about it, the more I think that this little scene, in Elio’s room during Oliver’s Christmas visit, is the moment the whole thing hinges on.  This is the point where Oliver is about to choose a parallel life, when Elio does nothing to stop him.

Oliver says ‘want to talk?’ which is important because, before, everything happened without talking. Before they sleep together Oliver expresses his concern about this- “We haven’t talked.”  But Elio “shrugged his shoulders, meaning, No need to”. And the next morning Oliver says “we should have talked.”  But they didn’t and they never put a label on what any of this means, or what any of it is, because at the time it didn’t feel necessary, wrapped up as they were in their little summer bubble.  

Someone should have said something- what is this thing we’re doing?  Are we a couple?  Is this a relationship?  

I’m sorry, I know I tend to ramble on so the rest is below the cut:

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“I’ve heard about the shirts from Murasakibara, Kise and a very reluctant Midorima." Can we please see the actual conversation between these MIracle dorks? *MY CROPS NEED WATERING PLS* HAHA THANK YOUUUU!!! :DDD

“And! And you will never believe what I found in his dresser! He has a yellow shirt declaring he is a Miracle boyfriend! Can you believe how cute that is?? Senpai must love me so much to have a shirt like that!”

Akashi is not entirely sure why he took this video call. Apparently he and Murasakibara were the only ones stupid enough to answer when Kise was calling. (He had been laboring under the fallacy that Kise would not try to group call them unless he had something very important to report. Akashi makes a note to himself not to make this mistake again. He is not sure why Murasakibara took the call, and in all honesty, is very surprised he has not hung up yet).

“Oh yeah, Murochin has a shirt like that,” Mursakibara drawls. “A purple one. He wears it all the time.”

There is a very pronounced pause, long enough for Akashi to reflect on the fact that throughout Kise’s exuberant bragging he had never actually said that Kasamatsu Yukio wore the t-shirt.

“You know, Murasakibaracchi, sometimes I hate you,” Kise sulks.

Murasakibara does not actually respond, and it is very hard to read him. On any other person, Akashi would think Murasakibara had also been bragging, and making a deliberate dig at Kise, but…surely not. (Surely…)

“Sometimes only the shirt,” Murasakibara says, still in that lazy, hard-to-read way.

“I really hate you,” Kise says, and hangs up.


Akashi thinks this matter is worth pursuing. He debates calling Kuroko and instantly rejects the idea. Kuroko would not tell him if he asked. There is a chance Aomine would not qualify, so that just leaves Midorima.

With little preamble into this phone call, Akashi asks, “Does Takao possess a green shirt that says something about being a Miracle boyfriend?”

“That is none of your business!” Midorima sputters.

All of the sudden, Akashi regrets not making a video call for this, because he suspects the other man must be blushing and he finds that hilarious. “Oh, really?

“I mean—it’s—I am not having this conversation with you, Akashi.

“I was only asking about a t-shirt, Midorima,” Akashi says. “Apparently Kasamatsu-san and Himuro-san both have one matching their respective boyfriends. I don’t see why that should be a source of embarrassment for you. Unless there is something embarrassing about the way Takao was wearing the shirt…”

There is a disgruntled silence and then, “…No. No reason at all. Yes, Takao has a green shirt. I believe he is responsible for making them for the others.”

“Is that so?” Akashi says, thinking about who else might own a shirt. He hangs up and decides this is something he needs to verify for himself as soon as possible.

A/N: Hahaha, thanks, anon-friend! I wasn’t planning on doing a follow-up to that short so I was a bit stalled on this one, but it was a lot of fun so I’m glad I did =) Hope you enjoyed! I’m also going to once again direct attention to @furihatacookie‘s art, @z-hard‘s comic and @mist-me‘s art who have all done wonderful and amazing depictions of the shirts, because I feel like all of these amazing works of art are glorious and should have attention directed to them as often as humanly possible =D

I Know (Tommy Shelby Imagine)

“I don’t want you to leave,” she whispered, shivering as the cold breeze touched the back her her neck as she buried herself in his warm arms, breathing in his scent, trying to memorize what he felt like, as though she was trying to make sure she would never forget. She had spent hours the night before and the night before that tracing her fingers over his body, lightly drawing circles as her eyes gazed over him desperately trying not to forget. Tommy let out a small sigh, squeezing her a bit tighter as his palms pressed flat against her back, holding her flush against his front.

People all around were doing the same, saying their goodbyes and giving last tokens of hope, but a group of women a a few small boys watched the two almost exclusively. Everyone else had said their goodbyes to the Shelby boys, letting Y/N say hers last since her hugs always last longer and so often Tommy would have to pull himself away. He did want to, hated the idea of pushing her away from his arms when he knew he might never see her again. But he also knew what was happening, what he had to do, and saying goodbye wouldn’t be the hardest thing he was going to do in his life.

“I’ll be coming back soon. You can’t get rid of me that easily,” Tommy assured her, his voice low and husky from unshed tears as he felt her burrowing further into his coat, trying to be as close to him as she possibly could before she would have to wait for years to hold him again.

“But you can’t promise me that! What if you never come back? How could I live my life without you?” she sobbed, her tears staining his uniform causing little drops of dark green to appear as Tommy bent his head down to place a tender kiss against her hair, rubbing his hands soothingly over her back.

“You could, and if need be you will,” Tommy promised, closing his eyes as he allowed himself a moment to relish the feeling of her dwarfed against him, her head on his chest and her arms wrapped just above the small of his back. He almost shuddered thinking about it, never having this again, never seeing her smile or hearing her call his name. Never waking up to find her wrapped around him or touching the silky smooth skin of her neck or kissing her red lips again. The thought alone was almost too much to bear.

“I don’t want to,” she whimpered rather pathetically as she pulled her head from him to look up at his icy eyes, his softened gaze running straight through her and captivating her attention as he reached up to cup her cheek.


“Please,” she whispered as he leaned down and placed a soft kiss to her lips accompanied by another to her forehead as he ran his fingers through her hair, feeling her own fingers curling in the fabric of his shirt before he pulled away and looked down at her one last time.

“I have to go Y/N. I love you,” he whispered as he began to pull himself away, distracting Y/N with his gaze as he carefully put space between them.

“I love you. God, I love you so much. Come back to me Tommy, please God just come back,” she pleaded, grabbing onto his hand as he grabbed the government issued duffle bag from the ground and swung it over his shoulder.

“I’ll see you soon,” he promised once more before turning sharply and walking to the

Train. He turned to give her one last smile before ducking away from her view, his figure vanishing into a car of other men dressed exactly the same. She watched with red eyes, a few tears rolling down her cheeks as the train began to move. She was so caught up she didn’t hear the approaching footsteps or noticed the presence behind her until two soft hands fell upon her shoulder.

“Good God, please let him come home,” she whispered, reaching up to place on her her own hands on the lanky one that squeezed her shoulder before pulling her to turn around.

“It will be alright dear, come on, let’s head back to the house,” Polly gently wrapped her arm around the girl’s shaking shoulders leaning down to whisper comforting words into the girl’s ear as she lead her away from the train, away from the station and walked back slowly to the house they had all left together only an hour or so ago.

Then of course Tommy had his arm flung over Y/N’s shoulder, it was him leaning down to her ear and whispering sweet nothings as they all walked to the station. Now here eyes were downcast, staring at the murky puddles that littered the cobblestone road as Polly turned with her down Watery Lane to the house that did nothing but remind her of Tommy and the Shelby brothers. Without them there, the street was colder, the chill breeze was hostile as it bit at her cheeks. Polly’s comforting arm provided some shelter though it wasn’t enough to stop the cold from setting into her bones. When they ducked into the Shelby house, Y/N let out a easy sigh, shrugging off her coat as Polly bustled around the house, Ada and the rest walking into the house as well with little Finn beside her.

“What am I to do without him here?” Y/N asked, her voice small as Polly and her stood alone in the kitchen, Polly messing with the kettle while Y/N mindlessly opened tea bags. Polly glanced at the girl with sympathy in her usually stony eyes as she placed the kettle on the stove.

“Survive. So when he comes home he’ll have you here waiting for him with open arms and a bright smile. All you can do is live and pray for God to bring him back,” Polly answered, grabbing onto Y/N’s hands as she gave the girl a small, hopeful smile.

“I miss him already Poll,” Y/N confessed as Polly moved to pull the girl into a tight hug, patting her on the shoulder as the girl sniffed and wrapped her arms around the older woman’s waist.

“I know. I know.”

Gif Credit: neither gifs belong to this blog nor do we many any claim to them

- I know no one requested this I just wrote it today on my trip. I was in the car with nothing to do but look at pics of Tommy in my phone and cry while imagining him cuddle with me.

I just read this fic that completely betrayed me so I’m a flaming pile of anger and frustration today. Therefore, to heal myself, I decided to write this thing.

It was, undeniably, the stupidest idea he has ever heard. And he has heard a lot of those! Being Hinata’s friend (and vide captain to his captaincy) made him privy to all the stupidest ideas Hinata has ever thought, and yet. This was even worse than all of those, combined. He could not believe it was coming from Yachi, who was undeniably the smartest one out of all of them.

“Please?” Yachi placed both hands together in a gesture of plea. “Shou-chan really needs it.”

Kei felt his eye twitch in annoyance. If Shou-chan needed help, why didn’t he just ask Yachi for it? They were clearly closer than anyone in their batch. Even though it was Tsukishima who goes to the same college as him and is on the same volleyball team. “No,” he said, resolutely. “If he needs help, you do it.”

“I can’t pretend to be his girlfriend! I’m already going with my-” She choked on the word, suddenly frozen like a character on TV. “I meant, I was already going with Kiyoko-san. Hinata needs your support.”

He paused and replayed her words back, feeling lost in her panicked bumblings. “Wait.” Okay, something was definitely off in what she said. “Pretend to be-”

“Yeah! Pretend to be his boyfriend!” Yachi nodded encouragingly. “Hinata wanted to ask if you could help, but he’s embarrassed to do it.”

He scoffed. “Hinata? Embarrassed?”

Yachi looked away and stuttered, “It’s- it’s complicated, Tsukishima-kun.”

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that ain't Jk being jealous that's literally a dude taking food out of his teeth... i'm all about jikook, they're my first OTP but this is highkey too delusional. Sure u can believe in whatever u want, but c'mon, so u saying that if jk take food out of his teeth while looking at jm he's jealous? wht abt all the times he made that face when he's near no one, u saying he's jealous of the wall too? imagine if he started to floss while looking at jm then, tht'd be the ultimate proof of jealousy

read this

i have to disagree with you , it’s not delusional , sure it might seem to be like it is , but it has happened too many times repeatedly for it to be considered a coincidence. i’ll give you a few examples

 watch the whole thing and focus only on jungkook ,   x

now did you notice that he only did the” tongue in cheek “ thing when yoonmin happened , and stopped doing it / never did it again as soon as their scene ended ?

could it be another coincidence ?okay

now here and here (start watching from 5:20 and focus on jungkook only) as soon as taehyung and jimin started intracting he did it .

here  look at him in the bg btw you need to watch the whole thing , you might as well notice that he only did it when taehyung complimented jimin another coincidence ???

here as well , he only start doing stuff with his mouth when it’s jimin’s turn to talk to jhope

here well he didn’t do the mouth thing but he literally bushed the man away 

how could all of these be just some random coincidences ?

i can keep going on and on

plus , that’s not “ a dude taking food off his teeth” , in body language 

[Tongue in cheek displays tend to be displayed one side in the context an alpha/positive scenario (e.g. sexual context, I gotcha/I just won/you were caught, an outright alpha display) and on the opposite side if the meaning is beta/negative (e.g. sadness, lying, anger). These right vs. left sided tongue in cheek biases are idiosyncratic to the person and should be normed with this in mind. ]

Picture Perfect - Chapter 16 SNEAK PEEK

No.  Your eyes do not deceive you.  This is me, posting a sneak peek for the new chapter of Picture Perfect that should be up soon!!  It’s still a work in progress, but I thought you might like the following glimpse into my plans.



Needless to say, he did a few more sets before he picked the phone back up again to deal with his growing issue.  Luckily, his muscles were screaming at that point, so the extra repetitions did their job effectively. When he picked his phone back up he saw he had more messages from her.

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Graduate’s Escape

Chapters 1-27 are here

Chapter 28

You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face as you returned to your flat in London. Christmas was so far away from what you’d planned and imagined it to be this year, but you wouldn’t change a single second of it. Getting a few days to yourself before seeing Taron, Emily and the rest of the gang to see in the New Year was exactly what you needed. You finished off another canvas, blasted out a few of the records Taron had given you for Christmas and took a long soak in the bath, making sure to send him a few cheeky snaps knowing full well they would be received at the most inappropriate of times. Taron had meetings with his next director, new producers, current publicist and a full script read through so chances are he’d get your photos in the company of others.

Taron: It kills me to say this, but please stop! You’re driving me wild and I really need to be concentrating on the script right now. T xxx

Y/N: Just reminding you of what you’re missing ;) Xxx

Taron: No reminders needed, G. The image of you wrapped up for Christmas won’t be leaving my mind for a very very long time. I don’t want you lifting a finger for NYE, you’re the VIP guest. Look fierce and get to mine for 8. T xxx

That’s exactly what you did; threw on your favourite little black dress, went to town with the glittery eyeshadow and black liner and stopped off at Emily’s on the way to pick up the rest of the gang and take them across London to Taron’s apartment. As you approached the entrance you spotted Joe, Jack and Calvin waiting outside. They said they’d buzzed up to Taron’s apartment but not had a response so after a quick round of introductions you entered in the key code and unlocked the door yourself. As the doors to the lift opened at the top floor you could hear the bass from Taron’s music blasting out along the corridor. It instantly excited the group and the boys rushed out to knock loudly and constantly against Taron’s front door.

“Yes boys!” Taron called out as he pulled the door open and invited them inside, pointing through to the stash of beers on the table. “Oh hey Emily… has everyone arrived together?”

“Looks like it! This is James, Hannah and Chris.” She introduced the rest of her housemates. “and you should recognise the one bringing up the rear.”

“Oh I’d recognise that rear all day long.” Taron flirted as his hand reached round to slap your arse as you entered his apartment.

“I should hope so after the amount of time you’ve spent with it recently.” You pulled Taron in close as you replied into his ear. “You look especially hot tonight.” He was wearing a crisp white shirt with the sleeves pulled up, his tight fitting black jeans and more unusually his glasses.

“I was going to say the same to you.” He planted a kiss to your lips, moments away from slipping his tongue in, when Emily interrupted.

“Drinks?” She offered simply.

“Let me get them!” Taron replied “I know you two can’t resist doing your job sometimes but this is your night off. I promise me or the boys will get you drinks all night. What are you having?”

“I take it the champagne is for later?” Emily asked.

“I need to put that in the fridge actually! But yes, hopefully we can open it after midnight.” Taron cast you a quick cheeky glance.

“Anything with vodka in it then.” You and Emily agreed at the same time and started to giggle as Taron disappeared off into the kitchen.

“What’s he got planned then?” Emily was quick to ask.


“I saw that look he gave you when I asked about the champagne!”

“Naaah, he won’t have anything planned. He just meant we’d probably be too drunk later to remember we even have champagne!” You were quick to bash away Emily’s suggestion.

“You sure? He’s all dressed up too, got all your closest friends here… I’d watch out if I were you!” Emily planted the thought in your mind and then moved off to join the others leaving you to ponder over the situation. It was highly suspicious, but you were confident he wouldn’t. It’s far too soon for anything like that. If anyone’s going to be putting a plan into action tonight it was you.

“I need your help tonight.” You announced to Taron as you joined him in the kitchen and collected your drink. “We need to get Emily and James together.”

“What are you thinking? Drinking games? Spin the bottle?… Truth or dare always works pretty well!” he shot you another knowing glance.

“Mmm, maybe as a last resort. They just need a bit of persuasion to talk to each other. I’ve tried with Emily but she won’t do it as she’s convinced James isn’t interested. If I talk to him will you give her a poke, build up her confidence a bit?”

“Of course! I love a good plan.” You followed him back out the kitchen and found his words echoing in your mind. Shit. He did have his own plan.  


Working your persuasive magic on James was surprisingly easy, then again he was already 4 beers into the night and would agree to anything if you offered him a 5th. Furniture had been pushed to the side of Taron’s living room to make space for dancing and he’d made a cheesy playlist filled with all the best hits. Nothing was going to stop you and Emily from jumping around and singing along to Mr Brightside, and when The Spice Girls shuffled up straight after you pulled Hannah in between the two of you and launched into your dance routine. You saw Taron was filming you on his phone so you pointed straight at him and gave him a wink. He nudged James in the ribs and leant in to whisper something, drawing James’ eyes back to Emily. As soon as the track had finished James handed Emily her drink and pulled her over to one side.

“What did you say to James just then?” You asked Taron as you collected your own drink from the side table.

“Oh nothing much, just that I might get you to do that routine again in the bedroom for me later.”

“Taron!” You pushed the side of his arm playfully.

“It clearly worked though!” He nodded across to the opposite side of the room where James and Emily were and as you looked over you saw Emily closing the final distance between them as they shared their first kiss.

“Well then I can’t complain, and my job for the night is done.”

“Does that mean I get you all to myself now then?” Taron’s arms slid around your waist as he leant in to kiss you.

“Nearly.” You replied in between kisses. “3 minutes until the New Year, can’t miss the countdown!”

Everyone gathered at the full length windows to watch the big firework display above the London skyline and waited for the countdown to begin. Drinks were topped up and you shared a simple I told you so look with Emily as she stood next to James with her arm around his waist. You turned back to see where Taron had got to and saw him closing the bedroom door behind him, his other hand tucking something into the tight back pocket of his jeans. Shit. He smiled sheepishly back to you as he collected his glass and moved in behind you.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!” The whole group counted down and cheered together, glasses raised high in the air. You spun round to kiss Taron despite the rising nerves in the pit of your stomach. He reached a hand up to your face and softly rubbed his thumb across your cheek as he gazed into your eyes before kissing you again, so tenderly this time. You could hear the loud bangs of the firework display starting and noises of excitement coming from the group around you.

“Come with me.” Taron spoke softly as he took your hand and pulled you away from everyone else and over to the back of the room.

“Can’t we watch the fireworks?” You asked him quickly as you looked back at the windows in search of more time. If he was about to do what you thought he was then you desperately needed more time. This hadn’t even crossed your mind until this evening and you genuinely didn’t know what you wanted. How could you answer him?

“I’ll be quick, promise. I just need to ask you something…”  SHIT! You could feel Taron’s hand in yours growing ever more clammy so you let go. You looked up to his face and felt the urge to pinch his cheeks so you just went with it.

“You look adorable tonight.” You added for good measure, hoping you could play it off as being more drunk than you actually were.

“Y/N, stop.” He took hold of your hands and lowered them down, giving you a pleading smile. “You ready?” he asked nervously. You nodded your head back to him as you felt your heart start to pound against your chest. Shit.

Okay so I might have fallen a little bit in love with my own fic, so here’s the follow-up to yesterday Lilo fairy fic. Still very PG, but there’s some kissing this time!


Living with Liam is great.

Not that Louis lives with him, of course, he just happens to spend most of his time in Liam’s house. It’s just convenient. You don’t have to worry about a great hulking bird eating you, and at night it’s even warmer than sleeping with squirrels.

At first Louis comes in the evening when Liam’s back from work, keeps him company in his human form while Liam makes dinner, then eats half of what Liam’s cooked just so Liam doesn’t have to eat alone. He’s selfless that way.

And when it becomes clear that Liam likes having him around and that he’s sad when Louis leaves, well, Louis decides to stay.

He likes Liam’s little house. It’s not very big at all, in fact it’s just one large room and a smaller one where Liam washes himself, but it’s got a lot of nook and crannies where a tiny fairy might hide (being tiny is a good thing when you’re a fairy. Louis is the tiniest of them all), and he doesn’t waste time in making himself a little nest into a discarded shoe box at the top of a bookshelf, just in case.

But what he likes most of all is Liam’s bed. It’s huge and it’s got pillows and a very pretty patchwork comforter that apparently was made by Liam’s mum when he was a baby. A few patches have images on them, ducks and bunnies and even fairies (none of them are as pretty as Louis, but they’re not too bad), and Louis likes to trace them with his fingertip when he listens to Liam tell him about all these weird human things Louis’s never really bothered to learn about.

He also likes to transform into a cat and go to sleep curled up against Liam’s warm belly, scratching Liam’s hand until Liam gets the hint and pets him. Then in the morning when Liam gets up to go to work (Liam’s tried to explain “work”, but it mostly sounds boring to Louis and he’s not quite sure why humans waste time on it), Louis-the-cat curls up under the covers, right in the hot spot where Liam’s body was, and goes back to sleep.

It’s a lovely way to live, and Louis’s already set on doing this for a good few years when Liam comes home from work one night and tells him to leave.

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Favor || Jungkook ||

Jungkook is coming home from his 4 month tour today and I want the place to look spotless. I’m washing dishes in one of Jungkook’s shirts that he left with bright red underwear and a matching bra. Jungkook isn’t supposed to be home for 3 more hours but I feel warm arms snake around my waist with warm breathon my neck. “Kookie?” I heard a hum come from him as he tightened his grip around my waist, pulling me against his body. I immediately felt his boner against my lower back. “Jagi, can you do me a favor?” He whispered in my ear as he started to grind against me. I let out quiet moan as his hands went up my shirt. “Jungkook, I’m busy.” I whispered as he started to kiss my next as he started to grind against me harder, squeezing my breasts under my bra. “Come on baby. I missed you and you’re beautiful body. It’s been 4 months. Please? If you don’t,” he bit my neck and grabbed my butt hard, “daddy is gonna take measures into his own hands.” He growled as he wrapped his hands in my hair. I’m a little excited and scared at what he might do so I kept ignoring him and continued to do the dishes. I felt him tug at my hair but I ignored it and acted like nothing happened. Next thing I know, he pulls me by my hair and forces me on my knees in front of him. He unbuckled his belt with one hand while still holding my hair in the other. Once he got his pants and boxers down, his dick sprung out from its clothed prison. He shoved my face closer to it. “Suck it.” He growled. I looked up at him and smirked as I used my hands to slowly pump him. “Use your mouth!” He barked as he pulled my head back by my hair. Jungkook then forced his dick into my mouth. I slowly started to bob my head as his grip on my hair loosened. “Fuck Y/N, your mouth feels so good.” He groaned as he threw his head back. I hummed, sending vibrations up his dick making him moan. I went faster as I felt his dick twitch inside my mouth. Suddenly, he has ahold of my hair again as he pulls me up to my feet again. “I’m not ready to cum just yet baby. Daddy wants to wreck that pretty little pussy of yours.” He growled as he lifted me up onto the counter. He kissed me roughly as he ripped, and I mean ripped like ripped in half, my underwear off my body. He slowly inserted himself, not even prepping me. “Ahh..” I moaned as his went to my neck and started to suck at my sweet spot, clearly leaving a mark. As soon as all of him was in me, he slammed into me not letting me adjust. Tears ran down my cheeks as he kissed me, trying to distract me from the pain. Soon the pain turned into pleasure and I started moaning, louder than before. “Jungkook….ahh…” He went harder and faster. “What did you just call me you whore?” He yelled as he flipped me so I was bent over the counter. “I-I’m sorry daddy……ahhh…..i-it won’t happen again.” I cried as I felt him go deeper inside me, hitting my g-spot. “OH FUCK……YES DADDY…..RIGHT THERE………PLEASE DONT STOP!” I screamed as he continuously rammed into my g-spot. “Say my real name.” I didn’t say anything, afraid he might do something worse. “SAY MY NAME!” He shouted. I whispered and did as he said. “Jungkook….” I moaned with tears in my eyes. I felt an unfamiliar knot in my lower stomach as I felt my walls tighten around his dick. “Baby I’m close.” Jungkook groaned as his breathing got heavy and his thrusts got sloppy. “S-So am I……Jungkook….” I moaned as I came with him. White and red liquids mixed on the floor. Jungkook looked at the mess then at me. “Y/N, you should’ve told me. I wouldn’t have done anything if yo-” I cut him off by kissing him. “It’s fine Jungkook. I wanted you to take me anyways.” I whispered as I hugged him. ——- a/n: so uh….this happened. i have no words. i apologize for this. why am I still breathing? i need serious help.

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SL: Todoroki Route Chapter 9

IMPORTANT: You are currently reading Chapter 9 of my series Shared Light. If you have not read Chapters 1-6 of the General Route, please start at Chapter One! (Click here!) Those six chapters contain the build-up/back story to your quirk, your life, etc, etc.

If you’ve read Chapter 1-6 but haven’t read Chapter 7 of Todoroki’s Route, Click Here! (For Chapter 8, Click Here!)

If you already have, by all means, continue your journey!

You jolt yourself awake in the middle of the night because your skin was about to freeze over. You look all around you and see that Todoroki’s entire room is covered in ice. Looking over at him, he is tossing and turning, breathing heavy. His breath is icy and you reason that’s why it’s so cold.

You go over to him, “hey, wake up.”

He doesn’t hear you and continues tossing and turning. What’s strange is that he’s sweating.

Then it hits you.


You gently press your hand up against his forehead and it shines bright. His body slowly calms down and his eyes open.

“Oh,” he looks around and sees how iced over his room has become. “Shit.”

Todoroki puts his hand against his bed and slowly everything heats up. Then he takes your hand and slowly your body warms up too.

“Sorry…about that,” he lays back and sighs. “Sometimes I just can’t help it.”

“It’s alright,” you tell him. “What were you dreaming about?”

“Nothing,” he shakes his head.

“Well that can’t be true,” you lean your back against his bed frame and sit on the floor beside him.

“That’s just it,” Todoroki turns to face away from you. “I see nothing. It’s this darkness and…I feel trapped. I can’t ever get out until my alarm wakes me up.”

“That does sound frightful,” you look down at your left hand, feeling the darkness dancing inside of your veins. “But without darkness, you can’t appreciate light. Sometimes it takes conquering the darkness to see the light.”

He turns back towards you, “what do you mean?”

“It’s something my parents taught me,” you put both your hands out, “there is no light without darkness and there is no darkness without light. Each side needs the other.”

You smile and look at Todoroki when you say the next line.

“Much like fire and ice,” you project your light and darkness into your hands. “Together, they can form something magical.”

You push your hands together and a dark cloud appears, with dashes of light glistening inside and throughout. It was like the night sky with its stars, floating in Todoroki’s bedroom.

“You can’t appreciate one without the other,” you tilt your head and grin.

Todoroki looks down at his hands and a fire lights in one while the other has a cool puff of air in it. When he presses his hands together, a mist of water forms, sparkling the air with a shimmering effect. You take this opportunity to put your hand under the mist, projecting light against the water. A rainbow effect appears and you and Todoroki look in awe at the spectacle you both created.

“It’s beautiful,” he says, looking back at you. “Did your parents show you that?”

“Yeah,” you move your hand away and blow away the mist, letting it spread throughout the atmosphere of the room. “They would do that trick together. It was magnificent.”

“It sounds like your parents really loved you,” Todoroki tells you kindly. “They taught you a lot about your powers.”

You nod and look back down at your hands, clenching them tight, “definitely. With quirks like mine, it takes a lot of training and control to get where I am today.”

“Do you think you’ll ever see your father again?” He asks.

You shrug, “if Stain is out there, our worlds will collide again soon. I pray it’s for the better.”

“So you’d forgive him? For all the things he has done?”

You get up from the floor and stretch then look back at Todoroki, “I suppose I have to. He is my old man. And I understand why he did what he did. I don’t agree with it but in his mind he was doing the right thing. I can’t say the world understands but he might feel thankful someone does. That’s what my father needs right now. Someone who understands him.”

Todoroki looks at you like you’re the coolest person alive. Because you stand there, strong. You were willing to accept your father despite all the mistakes he has made because you understand things from his point of view.

“I hope someday,” you look away from Todoroki for a second then turn back, “that my father will return. The father that cared about me, who showed me how to use my powers for good.”

Todoroki nods, understanding, then says, “speaking of fathers, we should go back to sleep. I don’t know what my old man has planned, but I’m not excited about it. Thank you for waking me up. Hopefully you won’t need to anymore.”

“Anytime,” you give him a hearty thumbs up and he returns it.

When you lay back down on the futon, you fall straight back to sleep.

Your mind wanders off, remembering when your parents used to be together. When your mother used to be alive. Your father’s smile haunts you.

Oh, how I miss that smile.

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Title: Once Was A Lost Girl ( Part 4 )
Pairing: Pan X Reader / Henry X reader 
Requested: Part 2, 3,4 was requested 
Plot: you were close to pan, but never dating. Basically were but never talked about it, but when he died it tears you apart. A while after you and Henry start becoming closer. 
HINT: Henry is older in this story
I hugged Henry
“ does anybody know your here?” I asked Henry. Emma ran in “ Henry! You can’t do that! ” Emma exclaimed. I felt pan walk up beside me. “ pan ” Emma said, kinda glaring at him. “ Emma ” he replied. “ so can he come back?” I asked her. “ how? We have to replace his with a living ” Emma told me. “ I’ll do what your doing with hook, we will share a heart ” I told her. “ are you sure? ” Emma asked me. “ I’m positive. ”

“ I’ll leave you and pan to talk about it, come on Henry ” Emma and Henry walks out.

“ what if this kills you? ” pan asked. “ I’ll be in the underworld with you ” I told him. “ are you sure about this? ” pan asked me, grabbing my hands. “ I have never been more positive in my life ” I said and smiled. “ so when do we do this? ” pan asked. “ probably when we find hook, so I have no idea” I told him. “ thank you Y/n for still believing in me ” pan said to me and I hugged him. “ I always have, nothing will change ”

*Henrys POV*

I walked with mom(Emma), “ she loves him doesn’t she? ” I asked her. “ well kid, she always have. You knew how hard it was when she lost him but you never know ” she told me. “ but I love her ” I told her. “ you do and I can tell and all you know she loves you, she hasn’t seen pan in a long time but you were always there for her so who knows? Maybe she doesn’t even know ” she told me. “ I don’t want to loose her to pan, mom ” I say looking at her. “ maybe you won’t kid ” she told me.

*Y/n POV*

Rumple walked in, “ give me a minute Y/n? ” pan asked me. I nodded my head and walked out, I saw Emma and Henry so I walked over there. “ I’ll let you guys go look for hook, I’m gonna go see mom ” Emma said. Me and Henry were walking in silence. “ how’s pan? ” Henry asked. “ good he just misses the world above, and I can’t blame him. Look at it here ” I say. “ agreed” Henry replied. “ he won’t try and kill you again I promise ” I say with a little chuckle. “ I know ” Henry said and laughed. “ do you think we will find hook? ” I asked him. “ we have too, like you had to find pan and you did ” Henry replied. “ yeah I did and soon enough were gonna share a heart ” I say. “ yeah.. And I have to tell you something ” Henry said.

Sorry it’s short but there might be only like 2 more parts and you find out who she picks 🙈 who knows what will happen? But a lot will happen in the next part;)

True Love’s Kiss

Pairing: DaeJae

info: A.U, college A.U, Fairytale inspired, Daehyun is cursed.

Youngjae works at a coffee shop to pay his way through college. Daehyun is a transfer student who comes in everyday, orders the same thing, but never says a word.

“I’m cursed.” The paper read. “I can’t speak a word until I receive true love’s kiss.”

Chapter 1. The Cute Silent Guy   

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Video chatting with JB but SOMEONE *cough, Got7 cough* keeps interrupting.

“I miss you way more then I should.” You say to your boyfriend of 2 years while he’s off doing stuffy stuff with his group.

“Yeah I know, but when I get back we are going to have a wild movie night and we are going to do fun stuff and go ou-”

“Or we could just lay in bed and enjoy each others company, dont need you moving around too much” you said laughing at his plan.

He nods. “Sounds like a date” he gives you a adorable smile and laughs.

As you too were just talking and enjoying life, a disturbance in the force comes along: the rest of Got7.

How did you know?

Jackson yelling.

“BUT ANYWAY I WON THAT ROUND AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME OTHERWI- guys he’s talking to her again, quick get him so we can meet her!”

Everyone ran but your boyfriend was quicker and found an empty room were you guys could be alone…..until.

“HYUNG” Junior yells and hugs JB from the back.

All three of you laugh. “How long have you been in here? You didn’t leave with the guys?”

“Since this morning and nope because I was still sleeping” he says looking at you. “She’s pretty. Is this your mystery girlfriend?”

JB looks at you and smiles.

“Yeah (y/n) this is Junior, Junior this is (y/n).”

You both wave and share hellos.

“I CAN SMELL YOU IN THERE!” you hear Jackson yell. *dramatic music for dramatic person*

“Wait a sec.” You hear Juinor whisper to you guys.

He goes to the door, opens it and leaves you both.

“Well I finally met one” you say smiling.

“Yeah I just want to wait until we are all face to face to introduce you more better” you says winking at you

You look at the clock and see you have to go to work in 15 minutes.

“I have to go my love” you say causing him to pout at you.

“Why baby”

“That dreaded thing called work” you say and pout causing him to laugh at your cuteness and give you a kissy face.

“Awee okay jagi, I have to calm these losers down anyway.” He laughs and you can hear Yugyeom and Jackson screaming in the distance and them demanding entry.

“Yep that’s my que by-”

“Wait a sec Jagi”

You stop what you were doing

“What’s wrong?”

JB pulls out a little purple box.
“I wanted to give it to you when I got back but I can’t wait.” He says scratching the back of his head.

He sighs

“Jagi I-”

“THEY ARE COMINGGG” you hear Juinor scream and see you both in a moment.

“Oh…was….did…I…just…gonna…bye” he goes back to the door.

Your boyfriend sighs again and as soon as he opens his mouth again.

“You might want to hurry up though” Juinor says once again.

“OKAY BYE!” JB yells to get privacy with you.

Once again *sigh*

“Jagi the past two years have been amazing and I love you so much and you have never let me down in anyway and you have made me so happy and I hope I have done the same for you and you mean so much to m-”

“AWEEE” Juinor screams around the corner.

JB looks at you then at Junior annoyed


“…..sorry continue”

“Since I love you so much I decided to get you this” he pulls out a silver promise ring with a small lavender butterfly crystal on it.

You cover your mouth, tears forming in your eyes.

“Baby you didn’t-”

“Yes I did, just to remind you that I’m always going to love you an-”

“WE’RE IN!” you hear the rest of Got7 yell.

JB looks back at them then at you.


You both kiss the camera quickly and before the rest of them come you end the call.

Staring at a blank screen trying to process everything that just happened, you get a text from your boyfriend.




You put your phone down and hear another ring.

JB: This is Jackson. I will find out who you are and I will meet you Jb’s mystery girlfriend mwhahahaha

Then you get a call…..from JB…

Or is it…


*le Got7 at dinner*

“Soooooo what’s her name?” Youngjae
asks causing the rest of Got7 ( Except Jackson hmmmm I wonder) and Coco to look at JB.

He looks up to see him being stared at by 12 eyes. Then Jackson walks in on the phone apparently waiting for someone to answer it.

“Fine I’ll tell you that much” he swallows his food.“

“It’s (y/n)” he says smiling at the thought of you.

“You guys have been dating for … what 2 years and we never got to even hear her name until now?!?!”


“WHY” Yugyeom asks.

JB shruggs and the everyone’s attention is on Jackson.

“Hi, hello is this (y/n)?”

JB looks at him confused. “What are yo-”

“Shhhhhh he’s on the phone” Mark says.

Youngjae moves to Jackson to over hear the conversation.

“Hi I’m Jackson Wang rapper for Got7, no big deal, kind of is, BUT ANYWAY I hear from a little birdie that you and JB have been together for 2 years, and surprisingly we never even knew you existed, my feelings are quite hurt since I will be the best man at the wedding……….yes I’ll hold” he taps his foot and waits and puts you on speaker and sets the phone on the table.

“Hello?” JB can hear you say on his phone that Jackson clearly took.

Before he could say anything BamBam came up.

“Hi this is BamBam also from Got7” he says laughing.

“Yes, yes the one that can dab and whip” you say and they all laugh.

“ YES THAT ONE” he screams.

“How are you?” He asks.

“I’m good and you”

“Great, just peachy”

JB gets up to grab his phone but Junior grabs it.


“Yes, yes my competition”

“……yes, I absolutely am your competition.”

JB grabs the phone and runs into his room and locks the door,all the guys run and bang on the door.

“Hey baby girl it’s me” he whispers and goes to his bed.

You laugh “Hey, that was…. something. ”

“I’m sor-”

“No don’t apologize, its okay trust me, best phone call ever.” You say laughing.

“LET US IN” you hear the rest of the guys yell and Coco scratching at the door.

“I got to let you go baby but I love you, soo much” he says and kisses you through the phone.

“Love you too babe bye” you say and hang up and place the phone on the bed and smile at how lucky you were to have Jb in your life, and how unlucky he is at the moment probably being attacked by 6 people and 1 dog.

AN: The ending was pretty bad because I don’t know how to end such chaos but….ANYWHALES. I hope you guys like it.


You really get to know someone when you’re trapped together for so long

got7′s Jinyoung│idol!au│3k words │warning: anxiety attack

A chill hits you as you lock the door to your apartment. You wonder if you should grab a thicker jacket before you leave, but decide against it. It might be snowing outside but you don’t want to have to deal with a giant coat while in the club.

You didn’t really want to go out, but your best friends really wanted you to show. They are always desperate to get you to come out of your shell.

So, you gave in and headed out.

You hadn’t lived in Korea for long, you were here teaching elementary school children English. You jumped at the opportunity as soon as you finished college, desperate for a drastic change.

You hit the red down arrow to call for the elevator. You would normally take the stairs but walking down 12 flights of stairs in heeled boots did not seem like a safe option for you at the moment.

The elevator dings, it’s sliding doors opening. You get in and press the 1 button with your knuckle. The elevator heads down but immediately stops on the floor below you. The doors open and in walks a guy, around your age.

You give him a small smile and a nod – aware of elevator etiquette. He nods and smiles back to you, and then faces front.

Your mind drifts to the prospects of the night, you don’t plan on staying out too long…You want to have fun but you have your limits, a couple of hours and then you’re back home and on your -

The elevator comes to a halting stop, jerking you into the guy. The lights flicker and then half of them go out.

“Sorry!” You say, before you stand up again. You realize that the elevator hadn’t started up again.  

“Are we….Stuck?” he asks you, a look of confusion spread on his face.

“Shit…..I think we are” You say before going and pressing the emergency button. This causes an alarm to go off, before an automated voice takes over, robotically saying something that you can’t fully understand.

“I..I don’t know what it’s saying” You say, looking to the guy for some help in possibly translating.

“It’s saying the elevator has stopped for some reason, and not to panic….But it also said that help will be arriving as soon as it can.” He says, mirroring your face of anxiety.

“Great!” You say, pulling out your phone as you do, to dial your phone.

You call your friend to tell her that you are stuck and that the odds of you making it out in time to meet with them were slim. Your friend interrupts you to say that they were just about to call you – A blizzard was heading right for the city and they didn’t want to risk getting caught in it. More fear sets in as you tell your friend you will keep her updated on your situation before hanging up.

You rub the your temples with your hands before sitting down in one corner of the elevator.

“My friend just said that a massive blizzard is headed towards us…Do you think that’ll effect the help coming to fix the elevator?” You ask him, wide eyed and searching for answers he probably didn’t have.

He sits down in the corner opposite you, sighing deeply.

“I texted my manager when you were on the phone. He said he’d do his best to get help here as soon as possible but yeah…the blizzard might keep us here for a while” He says, looking down at his phone again. “I should have left my friends house earlier…or at least should have taken the stairs”

Curiosity takes over for a brief second.

“….Did you just say manager?” You ask him.

His face suddenly turns a light red and he clears his throat before speaking.

“ manager. I’m kind of in a K-pop group so..yeah..”

Surprised by his answer you stare at him. K-pop was all you heard here, but you still hadn’t had the time to learn about any particular group.

“Oh. How cool, you must be a good singer then” You say, trying not to acknowledge the fact that you were trapped in an elevator with a dude that must have thousands of fans.

“I’m alright” He says, shrugging. “My name is Junior, by the way. I should have introduced myself earlier”

“I’m Y/n…It’s nice to meet you…Well kind of, aside from the fact that we’re stuck here.” You say, letting out a small laugh.

You stare at him while he sits awkwardly. You can tell that he wants to have a conversation, but for some reason he seems to timid to talk. Maybe he thinks you don’t want to talk, or maybe he is just deep in thought. You decide to make the first conversation move.

“Well…if we’re going to be stuck here. We might as well talk? I mean if you want to? I just don’t want to sit here awkwardly, you know” You say, lifting yourself up a little.

His face changes a little, to show some interest in you.

“Sure..yeah. So…You’re not from around here, are you?” He asks, smiling.

“Is that your attempt at a pickup line?” You ask him jokingly.

“No! I mean it’s just that -” he quickly says.

“I’m kidding!….yeah you’re right I’m not from Korea. Are you from here?” You ask him, regretting your sarcasm earlier because of how flustered it made him.  

He tells you that he is from South Korea. You ask him more about the group he is in and he tells you briefly about it. You go on like that for a while, before the conversation starts to die a bit, the both of you running out of small talk.

An awkward silence sets in again when you think of another question.

“Okay..So I’ve got another question…but it might be too personal.” You say, leaning towards him some more.

He rubs his palms together and then opens his arms

“Ask. I’m an open book”

“So how does a guy that lives with 6 other dudes, having thousands of fans, keep a girlfriend?” You ask, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

He crosses his arms at your question, and purses his lips, thinking about how he might answer.

“Some of the guys have had girlfriends…it’s an adjustment at first, but if you find the right girl, everything is worth it…I have yet to find the right girl so I haven’t had to deal with that yet” He says, rubbing his hands together as he talks.

You flinch a little at his maintaining eye contact, but you smile at him anyways.

“And you?” He asks, turning the conversation around.

“I haven’t found the right guy.” You say, smiling, mimicking what he had previously said.  “That’s actually one of the reasons why my friends wanted me to go out tonight – to find me a guy…or at least try” You continue.

“Instead you got stuck with me” He says, smiling. “Sorry about your night being ruined”

You: “Honestly being stuck here with you is more appealing to me than a loud and noisy club”

Jr: “Awe, I am flattered”

You: “You should be I’m missing out on tons of hot dudes!”

Jr: “Well, you’re going to have to settle for only one hot dude tonight, y/n!”

You: *giggling “I am completely okay with that”

You can feel your face going red because of the sudden flirting. He readjusts himself, sudden tension filling the small space.

Your face is still warm but the rest of you is cold. You rub your arms with your hands, a chill skirting through your body.  You look down at your legs, only covered in thin fleece tights underneath a black skirt. You flashback to your thoughts of grabbing a coat before leaving your place. Hindsight is 20/20.

“Are you cold?” He asks, taking notice of your sudden shivering.

“….Yes. The one day I leave my house in anything but sweats and a hoodie and I get trapped in a freezing elevator!” You say, exasperated by the whole situation.

He nods in agreement, his eyes staring up at the ceiling. He rubs his arms with his hands too, as if your acknowledgment of being cold has set his off too. You brought your knees up to your chest and hugged yourself, hoping for warmth.

“You know…I don’t mean to be presumptuous but I think we’d be warmer if we were closer…” He looked down in regret as soon as he said it. He was a bit presumptuous but you had to admit he was right.

You scoot closer, answering him by sitting next to him. He moves his bag out of the way, and takes a deep breath. You can feel his nervousness because of your close proximity to him.

You try and break the tension.

“So..should I wrap my arm around you? Orr do you wrap yours around me?” You say, sarcastically.

He turns to look at you, his face much closer now.

“I wanted to..I just didn’t-” He sputters

“I’m only joking! Goodness….I know we just met and all but you don’t have to be so nervous around me, Junior.” You say.

“Not everyday you get trapped in an elevator with a beautiful girl…and actually, can you call me Jin Young? Junior is my stage name, I feel more comfortable when people use my real name”

He says, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into him. You feel your stomach suddenly drop at his touch. You scoot into him more, resting your head on his shoulder, and wrapping your arm across his stomach.

“This was a good idea…I’m warm already” You say, breathing in the faint scent of his cologne.

You didn’t know if he knew that he was doing it, but he started rubbing your arm slightly. You can feel your body go rigid at this new sensation, but your force yourself to relax, trying to not be awkward.

You lift your head up, and look at him.

“Do you think you can sing for a bit?”

You ask him. He gives you a wink before he begins. You don’t understand any of the words he’s saying but his voice is beautiful. You can feel the vibrations of his voice in his chest as his song jumps of the walls of the metal elevator. You close your eyes and listen to him belt out for a bit, before he stops.

You look up at him again and lock eyes him

“What were you singing about?” You ask, curious again.

“I was singing about a girl…a girl who is different and intriguing.” He said, staring at the wall in front of you.

“You’ll have to send me the link to was beautiful.” You say. He lets out a chuckle before looking down at you again.

“There is no link, I just made that up right now” He says, his eyes crinkling as he smiles.

Suddenly aware that he was probably singing about you, you can feel your face growing warm again. You were about to respond to him when you heard it.

The sounds of fierce winds nipping at the building. The blizzard had arrived. The two of you pause and look around the elevator. The lights begin to flicker again. Then they go out completely.

You are suddenly surrounded by complete darkness. You hug Junior tighter, the fear of the dark gripping you.

“Hey, it’s alright…The lights just went out” Junior says, rubbing your arm some more, trying to calm you down”

You can feel your breath begin to hitch. You never liked the dark, ever since you were a kid. You sat up,  making Junior release you. Sensing something is wrong he pulls out his phone and shines the light on you.

“Hey, y/n calm down it’s alright. I’m here” He says, reaching for your hands. He takes one and holds it in his, rubbing your fingers with his.

“I know I just – I don’t like the dark. I really don’t like it. I never have. I’m sorry if I’m freaking you out but I just need to avoid a panic attack right now” You say, as your breath begins to grow more and more labored.

You can see his concerned face through the dim light.

“Tell me what to do to help you, y/n” He asks.

“Just…Just hold me again” You say, hoping the comfort will help alleviate the oncoming attack.

At your command he puts his phone down and grabs you, wrapping you up tighter. He rubs your hair with his palm, and begins to sing again. You focus on his voice as your breath begins to get steady again. You reach your hand up and graze his chin, letting him know that you’re alright.

He stops. You can feel his head move down.

“Are you okay?” He asks, giving your arm a squeeze.

“Yeah. I am now. Thanks. I normally deal with those by myself but your singing helped me.” You reply, smiling even though you knew he couldn’t see it.

He is still rubbing your hair and you can hear him breathe a sigh of relief at you telling him you’re alright.

You start to think about how you would be reacting if you were stuck alone in the elevator.

You: “Thanks, Jin Young”

Jr: “For what?”

You: “For getting stuck in here with me….I would have freaked out if I were stuck in here by myself.”

Jr: “No problem…Jokes on you. I was planning this the whole time”

You: “Ah how cunning. Get a pretty girl in an elevator, swoon her with your good lucks and amazing voice, get her to cuddle with you and boom”

Jr: “Plan perfectly executed”

That nervous butterfly feeling returns and you can feel his face close to yours. You feel his warm breath grow closer. You breath in and feel his lips on yours, gently grazing before he pulls away.

“Sorry…” He whispers “I couldn’t take it anymore”

“Don’t worry about it” You say, before pulling closer into him. He leans into again, his kiss more intense this time.

You stay like that for some time the elevator no longer a freezing tin. You don’t remember falling asleep, you just remember the feeling you had when he kissed you.


You are woken up by loud banging noises. The bright lights of the elevator sting your eyes as you sit up. You turn slightly, not being able to move a lot due to having Junior laying behind you, spooning you, his arm draped loosely across your waist.

Another bang jerks him awake. You shimmy around underneath his arm, your faces so close your noses are almost touching.

“Good morning?” You say, not knowing exactly what time it is.

He slowly kisses your forehead, another bang interrupting your moment again.

“That must be the help” He says.

You purse your lips in a pout. You hadn’t thought of what would happen once you were free again.

“y/n…I never thought I’d say this but I’m not ready to get rescued yet” He says before engulfing you in another kiss.

After a few more loud bangs, the elevator lights get brighter, and the familiar ding interrupts you two. You separate and notice that the elevator began moving again. Not wanting to get caught intertwined, you both jump up. You smooth out your hair, and he does as well.

The elevator arrives at the first floor. The doors swing open, and you are met with a stranger. Junior goes to him and gives him a hug, assuring him that he is fine. You assume that this guy must be his manager. The manager starts steering Junior away from you, with Junior being too busy in telling him what happened to notice.

The reality of the situation hits you. He is a celebrity. He would never be with you. The elevator was a small little slice of what you both had wanted, but now in the real world, you could see that he would never give you the time of day. 

You start to sulk away when you feel a hand grab yours. Junior spins you around to face him.

“Where are you going?!” He says, worried. You look past him and see that his manager is gone.

“I was going to go back up to my apartment…” You say, avoiding eye contact.

“You were just going to leave like that? After everything?” He says, looking hurt.

Confusion begins to set it.

“I just…being stuck in there with you was one of the best nights I’ve had here. But where do we go from here? I’m just a normal person, Jin Young and you’re far from normal with your job. I just assumed…I don’t know. My body isn’t stuck anymore but now my brain is” You say, a headache growing.

“Y/n….we were thrown together and we shared a lot with each other. I don’t want to just let that go. I was kind of hoping that you would willingly hang out with me after this. We don’t have do anything like what we did in there….But I want to be around you more” He says, his cheeks turning a dark shade of red.

You were surprised by his confession. Surprised, but happy. You didn’t want to leave him either. Butterflies flurrying in your stomach again, you lift your head up to his and plant a small kiss on his lips.

“I would love to willingly hang out with you, Junior” You say.

He returns the kiss before taking your hand in his.

“How about we start with breakfast?” He says, leading you out of the building.

“And then later we can come back here and get stuck again” You joke

He looks down at you, smiling before opening the door outside

“Y/n, from now on, I don’t care where I get stuck, as long as I get stuck with you”

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Birthday Surprise (Jin birthday Scenario) (Jin X Reader)

Short: You go and visit Jin while he’s on tour since it’s his birthday. This is the first birthday out of the 4 years you have been together that you were going to “miss” little does he know, you’re already at the dorm

Jin just finished performing on stage.Satisfied by the roaring of the fans he gives one last smile and wave before he exits the stage. He thought of you being in the audience and smiled to himself. But only then he realized you were still back at home. Oh how he wished he could go home and see you. Especially since his birthday was coming up in less than 24 hours. This was the first birthday out of the four years you have been dating that he didn’t get to see you. He was beyond sad. Pulling out his phone from his bag he saw texts from you. Quickly opening them he read your words over and over again to relieve the pain of missing you.

You on the other hand have been planning a surprise for Jin’s birthday since a month ago. He was a way for three months and it was the perfect time for you and the guys to make a group chat and discuss what they should do for the eldest member. Together, you planned to go and visit him at the end of the tour. His birthday was a week before he was supposed to come home and that’s why you wouldn’t be spending it ‘together’ this year. You did however give him subtle hints about the plan by saying things like “We’ll see each other soon” or “Your wish might come true” whichever one you said would still make Jin’s heart warm because he couldn’t wait to hold you in his arms again. Everyday he would read your messages and tell you about how much he missed you and that he was sorry that he couldn’t spend his birthday with you this year. It wasn’t his fault, you knew this. He was busy, he was a star and many people loved him, including you. You were glad that he still stayed with you for this long.
You were on your way to Korea at this time, you texted Jin about your regular day as if you were still at home. You took pictures of your home ahead of time because he asked for them whenever he felt homesick. It was around 10 o'clock at night when you arrived and you were quickly catching a ride from Yoongi back to the dorm. Yoongi said he was gonna go and grab some drinks as an 'excuse’ to get out of his house to pick you up. “Jin is going to flip when he sees you. He talks non-stop about you. Now that you’re here, can you please shut him up?” Yoongi said as he turned onto the driveway of the dorm. You laughed, “I’ll try Yoongi”
“Anyways, it’s nice to see you y/n” He went back inside with the drinks and you could hear Jin’s voice of worry coming from inside. Oh how much you wanted to just burst in and give him a hug. But you couldn’t, it would ruin the plan you and the guys had set up for a month. You looked at the time, “perfect” you say to yourself as you go onto the skype app on your phone. It was the usual time you and Jin would skype during the day (or night in this case). You hear the ringing, soon to be picked up by Jin. “Hi princess!”
“Hi Jin” you smiled
“Where Are you? Are you outside..? You better be wearing a jacket. I checked the weather there for today and it’s pretty chilly.. Hey, that tree looks familiar.. Are you in a park or something?”
You try not to smile too much when you try to change the subject, “don’t worry about me Jin, it’s Your birthday and yes I’m wearing a jacket. Anyways how are you? Are you holding up okay? You don’t miss me too much, do you?” You teased.
He made sure none of the boys were around before he answered, “I do!! I miss you a lot!! I almost cried yesterday! Man.. I wish I could spend my birthday with you..”
“Oh? What do you miss about me Jinnie?”
“Well.. I want to be able to hold you in my arms again.. I miss your food and the way you look in the morning. I miss your lips, your hugs, and everything about you. I miss the way I would kiss you before I fell asleep and the way you cuddle into the crook of my neck. We have been dating for four years but even the simplest smile from you can still make my stomach flip”
“Aww… Jin..”
“Ah! Sorry.. I got a little carried away” he said, rubbing his neck.
“That’s perfectly fine.. I miss you too Jin.” You saw Namjoon walk up on the driveway. You quickly put the camera aside and gave Namjoon a quick side hug. “Y/n? What’s happening? I can’t see your face anymore”
“Ah it’s nothing, just had to go and throw something out, anyways, you should open the door for Namjoon, he has a lot of stuff for you”
“Ah okay- Wait What? How do you kno-” he heard the knock on the door and opened it up to see Namjoon’s hands full of bags. He brings them in and quickly checks outside, no one was in sight. He turned back to his phone, “y/n what’s going on?? How did you know about Namjoon??” He saw you Ended the call and he didn’t know how to feel. Then you snaked your arms around his waist, “Happy birthday Jin!” He spun around at the voice and covered his mouth at the sight of you before hugging you tightly. Once he pulled away he pinched your cheek, “Why didn’t you tell me?!?! I hate you!!” He said hugging you again.
You pouted at him, “do you want me to leave then?”
“N-No! Of course not!” He turned to your face and cupped it. “Is this real? You’re here right? I’m not dreaming?? I’m not supposed to see you for another week!”
“I know, but I wanted to surprise you Jin”
He was almost in tears, “I love you so much. You are the best girlfriend (soon to be wife) ever”
“I love you too Jin. Now, let’s go and join the other guy-” You weren’t able to finish your sentence before Jin kissed you deeply, “sorry y/n. But I have been waiting for this moment for Three months. There is No way I’m letting this go so easily. We can join the boys later. I want you right now” his devilish grin made you feel chills up your spine. And all you could do was nod at him.

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