and he did

  • Kuroo:You don't have to laugh out loud to mock someone.
  • Tsukishima:*snickers quietly*
  • Kuroo:You have done well.

161022 SNL Korea 8 Woohyun vs Myungsoo vs Seyoon PPAP Battle!

boyfriend hyunwoo (shownu)

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  • he is my big brother don’t hurt him or i will fight you
  • he’s so soft with you okay
  • you are so precious and everything to him and the way he looks at you wow he will never look at anything like that except maybe your kids
  • actual dad
  • in every meaning of the word
  • he will take care of you, be lowkey awkward about emotions, and will cheer for you even in the most inopportune times
  • you’ll walk in the room and he’ll start applauding and monsta x is like ??? okay ???
  • totally does the will smith thing on the red carpet because He Is SO PrOuD
  • adores having you in the practice room with him
  • definitely wants you to dance with him
  • always
  • he doesn’t care if you suck at dancing just having you with him while moving to the music is heaven
  • really likes your laugh and smile!!!
  • will do his robot façade and then whip out a weird ass face and you’re just like ???? who even are you ????
  • “hi hello 안영”
  • highkey cares about you so much !!!
  • calls you at least three times a day to check up on you
  • “have you eaten? when was the last time you drank water? have you stretched and walked around outside?”
  • probably the type to get you flowers
  • not huge bouquets
  • just little patches of beautiful blossoms every now and then tied with twine or something and they’re just sitting on the counter when you come home
  • he doesn’t even leave a note but the way he smiles at you when he sees you next makes you certain that he hand picked each and every flower with you in mind 
  • maybe it’s just me but i can very much see him being into domestic life
  • cleaning with you??? he makes a special playlist for it
  • cooking with you??? watch out he has a new recipe and he’s sure you two will nail it this time
  • hanging out with you??? you’re sipping warm drinks on a casual morning, watching whatever programs play with your legs draped over his lap
  • not really a pda guy in my opinion
  • definitely will always have his hand ghosting the small of your back to guide you places and keep you protected
  • when you’re alone, i can see him holding you or touching you in any way he can to convey his absolute adoration for you
  • there’s also something special and sensational about when he says “i love you”
  • every single time his voice takes on this different tone and you can feel the weight of each syllable because man that boy really really really loves you
  • get ready for monsta x to see you as their new parent
  • they will come to you with advice and literally anything they feel like
  • you’re just having a nice time reading or something and then minhyuk and hyungwon come to you asking your help to settle a dumb argument between them and you have to listen to both sides of the story with undivided attention while these overgrown children wait for you to make everything better
  • and once they are satisfied hyunwoo simply looks up from his phone and smiles “thanks for handling that babe”
  • really cute !!! especially for you !!!
  • it’s not even intentional you just give him butterflies
  • HiS LauGH if you’ve seen the fan heart attack idol tv segment with the telephone guessing game thing you know exactly which laugh i’m talking about
  • and you’re like how the hell did i end up with so many children so young
  • hyunwoo is precious and such a caring and hardworking guy like you will never have to feel scared again because he’s got you and he will make sure your life is as comfortable and simple as possible and oh man he just wants to make you proud please love him with all your heart and make him laugh okay