and he clapped bc his food was there

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Hey MAHM! Hope you're having a good night ><~ loves Could u do a SHINee reacting to it being rainy and they were supposed to go out? Like thunder and lightning rainy xD

hi baby~ i love this prompt bc shinee’s known as the rainy men literally they bring clouds to whatever event they perform at


  • squints at sky 
  • hoe don’t do it 
  • sky: *begins to pour*
  • OMG not again
  • and the wind is blowing so hard that the rain is going sidewAYS 
  • they’re staying inside 
  • plans are cancelled 
  • this day in general is cancelled 
  • the last time he went out in this kind of weather his umbrella flipped and dragged him down the street while he struggled to maintain his dignity (jong: looked like a v harassed mary poppins / onew: helpful, thanks)


  • ah the weather matches my stormy poetic heart 
  • but also scowling and calling the weather app a liar bc he chECKED the forecast maybe once an hour yesterday and it said that it was supposed sunshiney af all day today
  • that’s why there’s no trust in this family 
  • looking forlornly out the window 
  • do you think that someone put a curse on them
  • how does this always happen
  • ?????????


  • i can wear my jeremy scott raincoat~~~
  • therefore was voted the one to go out and buy groceries bc they are out and are in need of food 
  • damn his fashionable practicality 
  • when he came back he’s dripping and his bangs are plastered to his forehead (minho: wow did jonghyun cry on you / jong: *was minding his own damn business* hEY) 
  • jong: where did your umbrella go / key: i don’t want to talk about it / onew: *pats his shoulder* i feel you
  • shakes his hair like a dog @ all the members 
  • like father, like sons 


  • v rudely awakened by a clap of thunder 
  • he bolted up so he found himself in a sitting position with his fists up  (onew: it’S ALIVE!!!!! ALIVEEEEEE)
  • laughing at himself bc you can’t fight the sky minho
  • (yet) 
  • covers his head again with his blankets bc clearly the universe hates them and don’t want them to go out 
  • making everyone ramen (taemin: i’m helping / minho: absolutely not) so that they could eat while they grumble at the sky like old men 


  • guys they could totally still go out
  • after key headbutts him with his still wet hair: 
  • nvm 
  • everything is terrible 
  • why must they live like this  
  • he busyeoed  the ramen (ot4: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO RAMEN) 
  • ~popping~ 
  • he put on sunny day video from youtube so they could pretend that it’s nice out (ot5: wow this is a next level of sad)

Worth Telling Facts: facts that aren’t exactly true but they might as well be.


  • Only owns Christmas movies 
  • Gives everyone nicknames like buddy, champ, or sport. 
  • Makes a wish every time he sees the clock turn to 11:11 


  • Never lets his electronic devices go lower than 32% battery life. 
  • Cant™ bc he getting #too_old_4_this_shit 
  • When he’s tired, he can only speak in metaphors 


  • Can eat a whole tub of Ben&Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream in one sitting 
  • Has a secret collection of stickers 
  • Doesn’t actually like to workout 👀 shhhhhh…


  • Can communicate with crows 
  • So he actively attends murders lolol 
  • Talent: can read backwards 


  • Never learned how to read 
  • Claps like a seal whenever he sees food 
  • Likes to sit by windows and pretend he’s in an Adele MV. 

Yeo One: 

  • Puts cereal before the milk 
  • Is afraid of falling down stairs but laughs every time he thinks about it happening 
  • Secretly thinks edawn might be the devil. 


  • Has an affinity with ladybugs 
  • Cried when he watched Cars 2 
  • Hogs all the fans in the dorm 


  • Whenever he dislikes something he says “nah fam" 
  • Changed his name in the group chat to The Black Night 
  • Tells wooseok a new conspiracy theory every week 


  • Once nursed a bird back to health 
  • Actually made from cupcakes and sprinkles 
  • Calls the moon a “she" 


  • Thinks chocolate milk comes from brown cows 
  • Cries when he listens to drake 
  • Each week he gets wrapped up in a new conspiracy theory.

kent parson headcanons part 2 (part 1 here):

  • once bought a rolex just to toss it in a fountain and make a wish bc he’s ridiculous
  • has tried to like fancy rich people things like caviar but he honestly just does not like them
    • as someone who grew up eating the store-brand mac & cheese that was 18 cents per box, i cannot handle rich tasting foods now. it’s too much. my mouth is used to the garbage.
    • kent’s the same way he’s like “yeah fancy dinner time!!” and then gives up 3 bites in bc ew and goes to burger king (he feels bad for being wasteful so he gives his very fancy meal to a homeless dude)
  • definitely has a clap-on disco light
  • is scared of thunder; when there’s a storm he blasts pop music super loud and shouts “I’M NOT AFRAID” and kit meows along with him bc she also hates storms
  • misses new york real real bad (vegas winters are stupid and not cold and he misses having real seasons)
  • is close friends with multiple celebrities including taylor swift, kristen stewart, zac efron, and the entire cast of gossip girl (listen it’s his guilty pleasure.)
  • has pollen & hay fever allergies so in spring & summer he is Suffering
    • when he moved to vegas at 18 he was like “cool! a desert environment! this’ll help!” and it did for like 2 years before his allergies got worse and now he feels cheated
    • the aces chirp him relentlessly about his constant runny nose in allergy season and he tries to chirp them back but he’s all congested so his voice sounds funny and then they chirp him for that too. double chirps. it’s endless
  • has a closet specifically for hats
  • decent gambler; he’s not bad at math and he’s very patient (at least when it comes to gambling games lmao)
  • can and will drink anything you put in front of him with a completely straight face. straight rum? sure. kombucha? you bet. a whole glass full of barbecue sauce? his eyes might tear up a bit but he’ll still look generally unaffected. 
  • has a motorcycle and loves to ride around on it bc he Loves Danger and Has No Regard For His Own Life
  • isn’t aggressive on the ice (this is canon) and the only time he ever gets in fights is if people 1. talk about his mom/sister 2. shit-talk jack 3. use slurs against him or anyone else on his team
  • IS A REALLY GOOD CAPTAIN! fight me!! he’s so dedicated & he’s always working (he has no life so it’s not like he has much to “give up” to hockey in the first place) - he’s always watching tape, spending time with the rookies, giving others advice when he can, listening when the guys have legit complaints/ideas, working on plays, keeping everyone on track and motivated and joking around to keep morale up
  • is one of those people who drunk shops. he has a hard time sleeping so he watches tv until it’s just all infomercials and it’s 4 am and he’s drunk and he gets enticed by the infomercial lady and is like “FUCK IT I’M RICH!” and then when 4 huge boxes of moon sand show up at his house a month later he’s like “what the fuck”
  • his sister is obsessed with anime so for her 14th birthday he took her and his mom to japan and it’s one of the best memories he has
  • tbh bad boi? nah more like just a little trouble maker who loves to dance and be a little shit bc he thinks he’s cool.he gets into battles.. dance battles and u’re not gonna lie he’s really good. and u’ve seen him dance and he gets so happy whenever anyone compliments him but half the time he’s asleep or practicing dance in the courtyard where u’ve sneakily seen him dance 
  •  one time he caught you sneaking in and you tripped so badly ur hurt your knee and he ran up to you and picked u up and helped u get to the buses and asked if he should come along but u declined bc it’d be more awkward and u were embarrassed enough and next day he asked if u were alright and u were blown away that he cared so much even though u hardly knew him.
  • he sat next to u and he was never still always shaking his leg or mumbling something and shaking his head.. he was known as the “Second Michael Jackson” of the school bc of his smooth moves and u agreed bc he was really good.
  • is always knocked out on the back of the class with a little bit of drool on the side of his mouth but he looks so adorable that you once took a pic but he woke up as he heard the sound of it and the asked. “did u just take a picture of me sleeping”? and u ran out of the class at the speed of light and never came back.. well actually u did bc u had class but u avoided him and he didn’t push u asking about it either. 
  • so one day you see that ur school is keeping a competition on dance and u already knew dino would be joining it as his name was first one written and a few others as well, and there were choices wht kind of dance it was duet or solo and other genera’s etc. so u knew if dino was there nobody else could win and u were glad bc he deserved it as he practiced all the time after school and even in lunch.
  • one day he sat next to u and asked “hey! Y/N u coming to the dance competition next month”? and u were like “nahh, i don’t think i’m interested to watch it”. and he smiled and said so nicely that u couldn’t refuse “come watch me.. and you could cheer me on since nobody else will”. and u went red on face bc he laughed and said “i asked u to come cheer me not marry me Y/N.. although i wouldn’t mind if u want to”. so u quickly say.. “um i’ll see if i can”. and he gets up and says “i’ll take that as a yes then! see u there.. u better be there or u’ll break my heart” and holds his chest and closes his eyes as if he’s in pain
  • and then gives u a quick wink and leaves the class and u wonder if u should go and cheer him on… it couldn’t be that bad.. so at lunch u go to find him where u knew he would be and there u saw from the entrance he looked so determined and serious.. something u hardly saw as he was always smiling or laughing like a dork but u just stood there watching him until he caught your eye and stopped and turned around smiling all big and walked over to u.
  • “what’s up? wht are u doing here”? and u answer “i will come to cheer u in the competition” and he even smiles more still breathing hard “well of course u would. i mean i am ur crush right?” and u freeze bc wht did this little shit say?” and u start to stutter bc ur too shocked “wht.. wht do.. you meAN?” and he comes forward trapping you between him and the wall behind u putting his hands on either side of you and whispers “u took a pic of me sleeping.. why else would u do that?” chuckling as he couldn’t hold back his laugh.
  • and u push him back and run once gain bc.. god he makes u so embarrassed! and u hear him laughing him more behind u as u’re running away and then when u’re going back to class u get a text from a unknown number saying “bring me food i haven’t eaten since morning… pls” signed dino and u sigh bc this kid will srsly hurt himself he keeps this up.. so u go to the school’s small shop which had a few snacks for him and walk back to where he was.
  • when u enter he’s laying down and then looks up when u enter and sits up clapping his hands and you hand him the bag of snacks but he pulls u down along and u have to sit with him as he starts to much on the food u brought him and offers u and when try to take a bite he quickly puts it back in his mouth and laughs through a mouthful of food… and u feel so betrayed but he offers again and this time actually gives u a bite and soon u have to leave for class so y’all go back to class
  • and everyday u have to bring food bc he doesn’t bring his own and u wouldn’t want him to faint or anything so until the day before the competition u to see him after school so u can wish him luck for tomorrow but u see he’s isn’t there?? u look around but u don’t see anybody.. so u look around and try to find him but only see empty hallways and ground so u think he might have left and decide to go home.
  • while going out you notice dino but he isn’t alone.. but he’s been surrounded by a bunch of older kids that aren’t from ur school as they have diff. uniforms.. u see from the back watching carefully making sure they don’t do anything do bad or u’ll kick their ass! well.. try to.. and u watch until one of them grabs his collar and he looks scared so u walk up to them and push them apart and say “we got a problem here?” trying to sound tough but it came out a little weak.
  • they all look at u up and down and the one who had been rude comes forward and says “someone so small like u should stay away or u’ll get hurt” chuckling and u say “i might be smol but i can fight” and u try to stall them as u keep hearing dino whispering “Y/N.. go away or we’ll both die”. but u ignore him and keep pretending to be strong until the other boys says “let’s  see how strong you are” and u agree and pull dino behind u and say “run when i tell u to” and he nods agreeing.
  • and u get ready to fight one of them and u’re about to charge when u look up and scream “OMG!! principal ma’am!! …we’re just playing!!” and when the other boys get surprised looking up u turn back and grab dino by his collar and pull him along with u running as fast as possible and he runs after u following where ever u were going and soon u guys reach a small shop and hide in there.
  • while u were hiding behind the shelf’s u hear one of them come in and u push dino even further in the small sapce and hold ur breath scared to death and he too holds u tightly close and when u think it’s safe to come out u slowly come out of the small space and sigh in relieve and look at dino who looks lost and u ask “wht? why are u looking at me like that?” and he simply answers “that was the most brave thing i’ve seen anyone do.. u could have gotten hurt”. and u just laugh saying
  • “well somebody had to save ur ass and i guess it’s safe for u to go home.. so are u still coming tomorrow?” and he smiles brightly and says “ofc! and u better be there too!” and gives u a tight hug before leaving and u too leave after him waiting for the next day and when the day of competition comes the school is hyped af. the entire day is spent watching others  practice and preparing for it.
  • so at 7:00 when it starts u enjoy it to the fullest and wait for the last performance since it was dino who would go last so u waited until the host announced it was time for the last performance u watch as he walks in and starts to dance and u’re amazed once again as to how smooth he is and the crowd keeps cheering him on and on and at times he’d catch ur eye and send a wink and when u winked back he couldn’t help but laugh while doing a stunt.
  • and after it’s done the crowd goes crazy with cheers and shouts and you cheer as well and then the time for announcing the winner comes and u’re hoping he’ll win with all ur heart and he does!! the judges announce his name and ur literally heart jumps out of ur chest and u watch him get his trophy and he looks so happy. and when he comes down the stage u come through the crowd and run up to him and tackle him in a hug, and he hugs u back and u stay like that for while until u pull back.
  • and he smiles saying “i won!!” and u say “ofc, u won! u had to.. i mean u were best” and he nods and garbs ur hand and pulls u along with him to meet someone?? and u see a old couple talking and when they see u guys they pull dino in a hug and congratulate him and u’re wondering who they are?? and then dino turns to u and says “Y/N these are my parents and mom and dad this is my GF??” excuse me? punk wht da fuk u say? and they both smile sweetly at u and say “oh my she is PRETTY.. no wonder dino talked about you all the time”
  • and u just blush and are frozen but u manage a “thank you”. and then y’all go to dinner with his parents and when he later comes to drop u off at your house he says “i.. i hope u’re not mad that i called you my gf.. “ and u just laugh bc he looks so scared so u just ruffle his hair and say “it’s alright and maybe i agree with u”. and get out and wave him bye and he still looks shocked.
  • and then y’all become the dancing couple bc he’s always dancing and making do the same at first u were shy af but soon u got used to it and whenever u were going to class together half the time u’d be dancing but then realize that u’re getting late and then run to class and come crashing in at the last moment right when the bell rang and sit in ur seats trying not to laugh bc it was both dangerous as u always almost got detention for being late all the time but it was super fun at the same time so whatever!.

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Please make more Dominican Lance hcs IM BEGGING

  • his full name is nicolás lance nuñez-martinez
  • he was born in boston actually 
    • his parents met in new york thru work and moved to massachusetts to settle down after getting married 
      • not relevant but he’s the second oldest of four
  • lance visits dominican republic with his family for the first time when he was like 14 and he just  
    •  "and i thought we were loud back home"   
    • also cats??? there’s cats fuckin EVERYWHERE in dominican republic and rip lance is allergic
    • while he’s there he discovers that he’s really good at dominos! he watched his tia play then tried himself and tOTALLY DESTROYED HIS TIO’S, PRIMOS, HERMANOS Y SU PAPÁ TAMBIÉN 
      • the only one he can’t beat is his mom she’s the unspoken agreed master of dominos in their family 
      • “WH y,, whO would juSt lEAVE THIS HERe”
    • he loves walking down the street from his tia’s house to a bodega for snacks
    • the most dominican thing he’s ever eaten - rice with scrambled eggs bc they didn’t have any meat in the house
    • tbh he’ll take los tres golpes over eggs and bacon any day 
    • one word: suspiro 
    • he also learns that these people will eat sancocho ANY day of the year not just in winter like they do in his house but A N Y time there is no concept of a bad time for sancocho here 
      • he considers this amazing and demands they begin doing the same when they get back home
    • lance got really into novelas while he was there and started watching telemundo when he got back
      • it also, amazingly, strengthens his spanish
        • after that he starts secretly using duolingo or some other language learning app bc he genuinely wants to regain his fluency 
  • lance was that kid that was always excited for baby showers growing up JUST for the pastelitos (they’re literally his favorite food)
  • of fuckin course he uses dominican slang 
    • dique is probably his fave
    • he also uses chevere a lot
    • lance’s phone: *rings* / lance: *picks it up* dimelo 
    • shiro: lance can you help me with this / lance: *while walking away* si si ahorita *never comes back*
  • the dominican clap 👏🏽 always clappin when he excited
  • lance: i’m not religious / something: *almost goes very wrong* / lance: quiero dar gracias a jesús por mi vida 
    • something exasperating: *happens* / lance: ¡por el amor de cristo!
    • something: *actually is going very wrong* / lance: *really frantically* por favor padre, perdóname de mis pecados en el nombre de el padre, jesús y el espíritu santo, amén
  • by default, any time he greets someone, he’ll hug them and kiss them on the cheek
    • he’s done it to each of the paladins at least three times 
      • it’s considered an honor among them to be kissed by lance no one says anything and lance never notices anymore so it just keeps on happening, they have a tally board goin and hunk is winning
    • without really realizing, he did it to both allura and coran one time too and they just stood there confused/borderline offended until shiro explained it’s part of lance’s culture
  • from the age of nine, lance takes it upon himself to Educate people every once in a while bout how when christopher columbus sailed his ass to the america’s, he colonized DOMINICAN REPUBLIC not anything considered part of the usa today lmao
    • it pisses him off that they don’t even teach that in school
  • he celebrates the dominican mother and father’s days!
  • anytime he learns an actor is dominican he cries
    • he just loves seeing himself and his culture recognized okay

edit: original headcanon post here