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the olicity q: [16/?]

Cupid’s Crazy Plan?

I really truly hate speculating and I don’t know why I’ve felt compelled to do it so much recently, but here’s a new thought. What if it’s not a trap…for a villain?

I don’t see Oliver as we know him now asking Felicity to do this unless it was HER idea. So then, what if Cupid traps them

Oliver chose Felicity. He loves her. There is nothing Cupid loves more than love. What if she too, fell in love with them and their love. After all, like Donna said - they’re a couple that EVERY ONE believes in. I wouldn’t put it past Cupid in her craziness to force Oliver and Felicity into marrying each other because she wants SOMEONE to have a happy ending, a happy ending she couldn’t have with Deadshot. 

(screenshot not mine!)

Afterall - that sure as hell is a lot of red. 

“We’ll have some surprises in terms of her actual ambitions beyond the relationship. I think she likes what they do”

Also can we talk how important this is. One of the main criticism about Olicity is how Felicity is dragging away Oliver from being a hero. In most of the hero love stories, that is the case. Girl gets too worried that the boy will die while being a hero so boy decides to give it up for a girl. In Oliver and Felicity’s case it’s completely opposite. She was always the one to push him towards being a better man and becoming a hero. Even after he chose her over Arrow, it won’t be enough for Felicity Smoak cause she is and always be a goddamned hero of this show along with Oliver Queen. 

Why Laurel Lance is not part of Team Arrow

In an episode where Oliver was most honest to his partners and team mates Diggle and Felicity, he chose to lie to Laurel again. What does it tell us about her status in the team? 

Laurel may wear leather and run around with the boys, but the original Team Arrow never really considered her part of the team like they did with Sara last year and then later with Roy. 

Laurel is in on the secret this season that Oliver is the Arrow but they still hide many things from her because they do not trust her. First, they did not tell her that Malcolm was alive, she found that out later than everyone else. Team Flash came but she was not invited to sit or eat sushi with them. Then the whole Thea being drugged while she killed Sara story was hidden from her. Thea later told her out of guilt, but Team Arrow never said a word to her even when she was in the lair with them all the time. Then there is whole Ray/Atom story line, she was asked to deal with him as an ADA but I don’t think she was in on the secret that he is the new player in town who wears a suit and flies and is the same guy Felicity brought as her plus one to Diggle’s wedding. The whole plot of Roy’s fake death to exonerate Oliver was kept away from Laurel and so was the real story about Thea being stabbed to death by Ra’s and going to Nanda Parbat for coming back from an almost death. If the photos of next week’s episode are any indication, she will not be attending the dinner at Diggles with Thea Queen and Felicity Smoak. 

The point is Laurel is NOT part of the Team Arrow and has not really been accepted by either Oliver or the rest of his partners. This is Team Arrow and the writers telling Laurel Lance and her fans that she will never be an organic part of Team Arrow. 

And if we go with this theme, then the last scene in 3x20 where Felicity visited her to tell her about Oliver’s decision seems a little out of place and does seem like a way to insert her in the episode because of contractual obligations.

Her status or lack thereof has nothing to do with Olicity, it has everything to do with the fact that Oliver Queen just cannot trust her and because everyone else knows her by association with Oliver Queen, they cannot trust her either. 

Arrow rant

I can’t believe some people seriously think that when Oliver told Ray that Felicity chose him, he meant she chose Ray over Oliver and that she had no choice but Ray. Like, have you guys been paying attention at all? Oliver simply meant that she was free to do whatever she wanted romantically. She could have gone out to a bar or something looking for a guy if she wanted to. Plus she knows at least two other single guys: Barry and Cisco. But she chose Ray. Simple as that. 

And no, it does NOT mean she isn’t a “strong, independent woman”. She knows what she wants. She clearly said, “I deserve to be with someone who isn’t afraid to be happy”. She wants a partner. So what? That isn’t “needy”, that’s normal. I don’t understand why people have a problem with that.