and he can't row!

doing research into minor star wars characters is the best because apparently mitaka graduated top of his class at the academy and all i can think of is what his valedictorian speech must have been like hahaha oh my god what a nerd


Feeling unsettled about not seeing each other. (x)


it has come to my attention that Jonathan Shew of Broadway’s Bandstand, understudies not only Donny Novitski but also Jimmy Campbell. Shew can play the piano, the sax, and sing like a fricking bird.

I don’t know what to do with this information.


280-288/? suga solo twitter selfies (in chron order)

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I came here to point out that the last gif from post 166309068714 could go in one of your posts about ovi always looking at nicke during cellies then I saw your tags and realised you beat me to it. either way it makes me feel a certain way!

Indeed, anon. As he does every time. And he did it again today. We should probably just accept that this happens every single time, every single game. 

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This may seem like on add question but do you know how tall Matt Miller is? In the 4th game he's the same height as the male boss right? In saints row 3 they have a height chart behind all the bosses, the default male boss being 6'6. So does that make Make Matt 6'6 in the 4th game? Sorry if this is weird.

Not a weird question at all! Matt’s height is super important to me. (I legit just had to play through the whole opening of 3 again though so I could refresh my memory on the boss’s canonical height).

Both the female and male boss models stand just under 6'6 at about 6'5. Thanks to the magic of mods we know that Matt’s SR3 model stands at about shoulder/boob height on the boss, which makes him about 5'5 or 5'4 at the time.

Now I’m only speaking from the caps that I’ve gotten from Lux’s SRIV game, but even in her heels on the ship Matt stands a tiiiiiiny bit taller than her. About an inch or so. I feel like I can safely assume that the canonical boss is 6'5 and Matt freaking Miller is canonically 6'6.

What’s the bet he’s a total smug twerp about that? xD

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Idk if you know about it but theres's a cut song from ITH's workshop called Hear Me Out, and in it, Benny says that when he was ten years old, he rocked corn rows, and now I just can't get the cute image of a small Benny with cornrows out of my head.

i cant believe i forgot this!!!!!!! thank you for reminding me,, these lil bennys can be your reward


Shia LaBeouf in Project Greenlight (2003)