and he can't imagine life without her

headcanon: the evil queen watches over king henry in the wish realm. he is hell bent on vengeance against her, but she evades his traps and instead makes sure he is safe throughout his life. when his carriage nearly falls over a ravine, she saves it with magic. when a neighbouring kingdom challenges his leadership, henry finds the leaders suddenly compliant the next day. good fortune follows him around. the evil queen becomes his guardian angel, protecting him from afar. she can’t be his mother, but at least she’ll make sure he lives the best possible life.

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One shot idea?- Lance being so delirious that he thinks Shiro is his big brother, so he starts to tell him how much he misses him and all his family. How alone he feels sometimes. After hearing Lance everyone feels awful, but then he starts to brag about his awesome space family, and now everyone is a little embarrassed, shy and crying good tears.

s m a l l  f i c  t i m e

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This is right after Oliver gets Felicity back from Damien Darhk and I noticed Oliver has his eyes on Felicity this whole time.  In my mind, I imagine him thinking… that her chair could have been empty. He could have been alone right now without her. She could have died tonight. Don’t waste another moment. Life is too short. I need to make her my wife. 

Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 6 x 13 Deleted scene

Wu: If I lost any one of you, I think I would have just quit…everything.

Adalind:  I don’t even want to think about what that would be like.

I just can’t get over the way Nick is looking at Adalind. So intense. He can’t stop looking at her. She is talking about not wanting to even think about a life without him because it would be too much…Devastating.  And he can actually confirm it because he actually knows what it feels like to lose her and it broke him. He was lost without her. But he got her back. A second chance. A reset. She is the one for him. This is love. 

Waaah. I miss them! 

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imagine David somehow getting ownership of Camp Campbell and asking Gwen to run it with him because she's good at all the stuff he's not and he can't imagine pulling this off without her. he's prepared to pay her well and give her whatever will convince her to join him he just knows he needs her help to make this camp everything he wants it to be

Gwen would absolutely take it. And she’d absolutely complain about it for the rest of her life. She’d never try to get another job, but she’d sure as fuck whine about hating the camp every fucking day. David stops believing her when he stumbles on her crying in the middle of the empty counselors’ cabin when they finally get new counselors, once they’re too busy to do both jobs and need to run things full-time.

Also she’d be so fucking competent. David has all these grand ~*ideas*~ and she just drags him back to earth with the most blunt “we can’t afford that.”


I wouldn’t be doing this if I couldn’t handle being threatened by a super villain every now and then. 

365 Days of Olicity: Day 14

(The Talk) Part 2 of 2
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Ava walks to Auggie's closet and puts on the owl detective costume. She shines Auggie's lamp on Farkle. She starts pacing back and forth in front of Farkle.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Can you stop doing that?<p/><b>Ava:</b> Why? Does it bother you?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Yes.<p/><b>Ava:</b> Good. Then I'm not going to stop. When I'm through with you, you will be crying like a baby.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Let's not get crazy here. It's just supposed to be a couple questions to see if he's good enough for Riley.<p/><b>Ava:</b> What's the fun in asking questions if somebody doesn't cry?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You're a weird kid.<p/><b>Ava:</b> Look who's talking.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Are you going to ask me questions?<p/><b>Ava:</b> Don't rush me. (Looks at Auggie) Can I make him cry once?<p/><b>Auggie:</b> No crying. Stick with the questions I give you. Don't go off topic.<p/><b>Ava:</b> (stomping her foot) Fine! (Looks at Farkle) You said you love Riley, right?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Yes, I love her. I always have and I always will.<p/><b>Ava:</b> But didn't you say you love Maya the same?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I love Riley and Maya equally but not the same way. I love Maya like a sister. We will always be there for each other but I will never love her romantically. With Riley, every time I see her, she makes my heart skip like ten beats. She makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.<p/><b>Ava:</b> I know that feeling. That's a good feeling. Auggie, get me some candy.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Yes dear.<p/><b></b> Auggie walks out of his room.<p/><b>Ava:</b> Now I'm going to make you cry.<p/><b></b> Ava starts kicking Farkle.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> What's wrong with you?<p/><b>Ava:</b> I don't know. Alot of things.<p/><b></b> Auggie walks back in with candy.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Don't leave again.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Was she trying to make you cry?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Yep.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Ava!<p/><b>Ava:</b> He's lying.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Is he?<p/><b>Ava:</b> (looks down) No.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Ask questions. No crying.<p/><b>Ava:</b> You take the fun out of everything. (Looks at Farkle) Next question, how long did you realized your "feelings" for Riley?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I always knew that Riley and I shared a special connection. We been through alot together. When we were younger it was more of a crush, but as we got older, I seen the amazing woman Riley's become, I fell in love with her. I can't imagine a life without her in it. She makes me feel BOYLALALOU.<p/><b>Ava:</b> What the heck was that? That was the stupidest answer I ever heard. I was just looking for a when. I didn't want a long answer.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Sorry.<p/><b>Ava:</b> What are some of her best traits?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> She's smart. She knows how to hold her own in a debate. She passionate about everything. I love how she believes in people. She's goofy. When it rains outside, she likes to dance in the puddles. She makes me feel alive. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. She's great at making everyone feel special. She can talk about anything for hours. It doesn't matter-<p/><b>Ava:</b> Ok, I'm bored. I was looking for one word answers, not a essay.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Ava!<p/><b>Ava:</b> What is Riley's worst trait?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I don't think she has one.<p/><b>Ava:</b> Really? There's nothing you can think of. I can name at least 10.<p/><b>Farkle and Auggie:</b> HEY!!<p/><b>Ava:</b> Answer the question.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> The only thing that I can think of is her insecurity. She doesn't know the amazing woman she has become. She always doubts herself. She cares what others think instead of what she thinks. Once she has more confidence in herself, she will be unstoppable.<p/><b>Ava:</b> This is really boring. Since I can't make him cry, I'm going to go. I can make Doy cry.<p/><b></b> Ava leaves.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> She took my costume. Sorry about Ava.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Well, it's Ava.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> I have couple more questions.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Ok.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Can you promise me that you won't hurt Riley?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I can promise you that I will never intentionally hurt her. I love her and I will always do what's best for her. I want her happy.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Do you see a future with her?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I do. I never love anyone the way that I love Riley. I want to show her everyday how much she means to me.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> I approve of your relationship.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Thank you. That means alot to me, Auggie.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> I think it will take a little time for my dad, though.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I know. But I'm not going anywhere.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Good. Because me and Riley would be upset if you left.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Thank you. I would be upset too if I left you and Riley.<p/><b></b> Auggie hugs Farkle.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Go to your girlfriend.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Thanks.<p/><b></b> Farkle walks to the door.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Just don't kiss her. It's disgusting.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I can't promise you that.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Farkle, you're good enough for Riley.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Thanks.<p/><b>Auggie:</b> Is she good enough for you?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (smiles) She's perfect.<p/><b></b> Farkle leaves.<p/><b></b> The end.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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are you guys gonna try to make your wives an immortal goddess at some point??? like what the heck, you say you can't live without her and you guys are just gonna let her grow old while you stay eternally youthful???

“B-But… we aren’t even married yet. However…”

“When I do marry her someday, and the years go by, of course I would do everything in my powers to keep her by my side for eternity. I…couldn’t imagine life without her now…so if the King would allow it… I hope he grants my wish- my only wish- that she would become a goddess, my goddess, and be with me forever. If not…I have no reason for living anymore and I worry I wouldn’t be able to control my emotions…she is the only thing keeping me sane; she is my everything.”

“You better believe I’d do something. I won’t just idly stand by and watch her die before my eyes without trying to save her. I don’t care if shes human and I am a god; I can’t let her die. ….My life would be meaningless without her; she taught me what it truly means to love someone. If it came down to it and there was no other way, I’d even give my own life so that she may live; maybe it will even get that foolish King to act and step in before that happens.”

“Life without her? …Unthinkable. I refuse to ever let that happen. I know that as a human she will grow old over time while I will not… but it doesn’t mean I will just let her die. I couldn’t think of living my life without her, I’d rather die than having that happen; our heart are connected, if she was to die it would be as if dying myself. Someway, somehow, I will find a way that we can always be together, forever; even if it means we are no longer part of this world… ”

“Of course I’d do something.”

“Only a fool would believe I’d just watch her die. If there is one thing I can’t bear to lose it’s her. I’m not sure how I would do it but I sure as hell will do everything possible. It might be the only time in my life I disobey the King… I can only hope he recognizes my deep love for her and grants my wish to be with her forever. I don’t want to have to do something reckless but I will if that’s what it takes to save her. I don’t care if it costs me my life or even my godship; we either die together or live together. I refuse to live a life without her in it.”

“I remember the King telling me, that the reason I didn’t die when I healed my goddess, with what I thought to be the last of my powers, was because I had a reason for living so the shadow of death couldn’t approach any closer. If my girl were to die whether it be from an accident, health problems, or old age, my reason for living would vanish and I too would die in mere moments of her death. If it were her wish I could give up my godhood now to be human with her, and if she were to wish to be immortal like me I would do everything I could to make it happen. If it is to be that she cannot become immortal I will forever be with her. Not only in life, but also death.”

Where Did We Go Wrong? (Luke imagine)
  • Perfect. Everything was absolutely perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong- or so you thought. Dating Luke was nothing but smiles at first, but now, now it was a totally different story. He was a completely different person from when you first met. He would come home later every night, never telling where he had disappeared to. Not to mention, when he was home, he never acknowledged you, not even the slightest glance in your direction. As much as you hated to admit, Luke changed, and you didn't know if he would ever be the same again.
  • <br><br>. . . .
  • <br><br>One morning, you were drinking your daily cup of coffee when Luke stumbled in, clearly hungover. You rolled your eyes, and chose to ignore him, done trying to fix something beyond repair. You decided to text your friend, asking her if she was busy and if she wanted to hang-out. She replied quickly with a short, "yes." You placed your mug in the sink, still avoiding Luke, who was searching for pain-killers.
  • You ran up the stairs two at a time, soon arriving at your shared bedroom. Taking a quick shower, you couldn't help but think about Luke. What happened? Did he still love you? Does he want to break-up with you? Shaking your head, you got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around yourself. After dressing yourself and applying make-up, you walked downstairs.
  • Luke was seated at the dinner table, not even looking up when you arrived. Why would he? You grabbed your keys and your phone then left the apartment-not saying a word to Luke about where you were going. Not that it mattered to him, anyways, he hates you, you were sure of it. For some odd reason, though, it didn't bother you.
  • While out shopping with your friend, you managed to keep your mind off Luke. She told you Luke wasn't worth your time and that you deserved much better. You began to believe her, and came up with an idea. You were going to leave Luke. Simply pack your belongings and go. He would be out all day, doing God knows who, so it was perfect. It was clear he didn't care if you left or not, you saw that this morning when you left for the mall. Leaving Luke wasn't something you thought you would have to do, but you had to- before you got deeper in the hole than you already were.
  • <br><br>-
  • <br><br>Arriving back at your apartment, you went straight upstairs with your friend following behind. You began packing your clothes into boxes while your friend packed everything else. She tried to comfort you, but in all honesty, you didn't need it. You were ready to forget about Luke as he has with you and go on with your life.
  • You finished packing, not leaving a trace of you behind. Not any pictures you hung up, any clothing, nothing- not even a letter telling where you ran to. It wasn't important, Luke will get over you easily- if he hasn't already moved on that is.
  • You took in one last look at the place that used to hold so many memories. Everything from late night cuddles to movie nights on the weekends. That's all they were now, is little memories from a perfect life long ago. You shook your head as your friend put her hand on your shoulder. You looked at her and nodded, showing her that you were ready to go. Ready to live a life without Luke and simply be another woman in his life.
  • <br><br>Luke's P.O.V
  • <br>After another night out, I decide it's time to go home. Flashbacks from tonight play in my head over and over as I drive home. She was beautiful, but there was something wrong, something that wasn't quite right.
  • As I pull up to the driveway I feel something wrong.I push off the feeling as I walk up to the front door and push my key in.
  • Right when the door closes behind me, I am hit with the extreme feeling of emptiness. I make my way to the kitchen and there on the counter is a pair of keys. The keys to the apartment to be exact. What is going on? She never leaves her keys in the kitchen, they're always in her purse. The emptiness on my chest grows as I get closer to the bedroom. I pause at the door and take a deep breath before proceeding to open it.
  • Opening the door, I am left to see an empty bed. That's when the weight on my chest is unbearable. The apartment is like a ghost town- I feel half alive. The walls are stripped bare of all of her pictures, the closet only filled with my clothes, and her half of the bathroom naked. Where did she go? She couldn't have just left, she loves me- doesn't she?
  • I begin to freak out so I decide to call her, only to be disappointed to be greeted with her voicemail. I call her once again and much to my surprise, she picks up.
  • "Is this some kind of sick joke?" I retort.
  • "Does it sound like I'm laughing, Luke?" She whispers, her voice broken.
  • "Why did you leave? Sweetheart, you can't leave, come back." I plead her.
  • She sighs and replies,"Luke, you're never home and when you are, you completely ignore me. You've made it pretty obvious that you don't love me anymore, I've seen the love bites. Don't assume that I'm that clueless, Luke. I know that you've changed and you would rather have one night stands than an actual girlfriend. So I left before I could get more hurt than I already am."
  • "I do love you, though baby."
  • She laughs, but not her genuine, happy laugh, but rather a bitter one. "You sure do have a weird way of showing it, don't you?"
  • "Baby, come home please."
  • "No Luke, you should've thought about the consequence before you made your decision."
  • "Don't you love me?"
  • "I do Luke, I really do, but it's obvious you don't love me anymore. If you did you would try to spend time with me, or tell me where you've been all night. I mean, how can you love someone if you don't even look at them? Where did we go wrong, Luke?" I didn't know how to respond, so she took it as a cue to continue. "Luke, I don't know what's been going on with you. You say you love me, but I know you honestly don't. Which is exactly why you've been with other girls every night. It's fine though, really. I guess we weren't meant to be. You'll move on and so will I, you just have to let me go. This is for the best, Luke, and you know it."
  • "Give me one more chance."
  • "I've given you too many, and you've wasted them all, Luke."
  • "Just one more is all I need, (y/n). I'll show you what you really mean to me. Just please, don't leave me. I can't live without you, babe. I love you. I love you, baby, and only you."
  • "I'm sorry, Luke, but you're much too late. Goodbye."
  • The line went silence and Luke broke down. Uncontrollable sobs were leaving his mouth as he just realized he made the biggest mistake of his life. He let his sunshine, his world, his everything leave him forever, and he didn't even try to get her back before it was too late. He couldn't help but think about what she said, where did they go wrong?
  • -
  • Hey sweethearts! This is my first imagine and I'm very proud of it. I would love your feed back on it, too. Part two? Thanks for reading! Ilysm.~Emily

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Hi Marc, I have a question about S2 finale. Did Felicity know about ruse? Was she part of it? From what we know, it would make sense because Oliver sees her as his partner, he relies on her, listens to her and knows that it's her life, her choice. So I can't imagine him doing it without her prior approval (or her insistence that she will do it). But if it was so, why he gave her syringe in front of cameras? Thank you for amazing show you guys giving us, in particular Team Arrow and Olicity. :)

Many, many, many people have asked this question and I’ve decided not to answer it because, either way, there are going to be a segment of people who are not happy with the answer and they’d be vocal.  So I’ve decided to spare myself that…

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Random question, but in the musical how do you think the Phantom forced Christine into the wedding dress during Final Lair? I'm currently writing a musical-based fanfiction that involves that moment, and I can't imagine how he would've forced her into it without her running away or fighting back.

This is an excellent question. I’ve never thought about that at all, which is weird, considering it’s a significant event. And you’re right—she absolutely would have fought back. She’s spitting mad when she comes out onstage wearing the dress. (That’s actually one of my favorite parts of the show—“Have you gorged yourself at last in your lust for blood? Am I now to be prey to your lust for flesh?” Gahhh, so good!)

Hmm…I do wonder if he may have threatened Raoul’s life in a way that convinced her he wasn’t messing around. He may have reminded her that he was responsible for the murders of Buquet and Piangi and countless others from his past. He had to have said something that frightened her into putting it on, and I mean something that she truly fears and that she knows he’ll act on if she doesn’t comply.

By that point in the story, Erik has grown quite literally mad with desperation. He’s no longer just frayed around the edges—he’s coming apart at the seams. I think his pain and anger would be so raw at that point that he’d reveal something absolutely horrific about his past to frighten her. He’d switch into villain mode because he wouldn’t know what else to do. He’d be aware that the world refused to consider him as anything other than a monster and he’d be exhausted from trying to prove them otherwise. And so he’d pull a Richard III:

But I, that am not shaped for sportive tricks,
Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass;
I, that am rudely stamp’d, and want love’s majesty
To strut before a wanton ambling nymph;
I, that am curtail’d of this fair proportion,
Cheated of feature by dissembling nature,
Deformed, unfinish’d, sent before my time
Into this breathing world, scarce half made up,
And that so lamely and unfashionable
That dogs bark at me as I halt by them;
Why, I, in this weak piping time of peace,
Have no delight to pass away the time,
Unless to spy my shadow in the sun
And descant on mine own deformity:
And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover,
To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
I am determined to prove a villain
And hate the idle pleasures of these days.