and he can sing really well

@fiftyshadesofstelena I will answer you here,ok?My answer is a little long lol.

If Justin and Selena both marriage with other people ,well,i will accept.This is their life not my.
But,be honest,can you really imagine Justin marrying with a random girl?Can you imagine Justin erase Selena’s tattoo from his body?Can you imagine Justin stopping sing about Selena?Can you imagine Justin loving another girl how much he did love Selena?Can you imagine this?No.I know you can’t.
Selena love Justin too. Even with people deny this,and sometimes even Selena deny,but she really care about him,and did a lot for this relationship work,remember the hate of the  Beliebers that she suffer  still this days?She faced it,only to stay with Justin.I doubt she will do it for another person.Selena never will completely love someone like she did with Justin.What Justin and Selena had was special and rare.What they still feel is one in million.This is why the time pass but yet they still can’t get over one another.This is love.We are talking about first love.No one can compete with that.First love will always be in your heart for your whole life.

People ignore the fact that Selena and Justin lived together,talked about marriage and kids.They was thinking about  future together.Share a future.

I believe that Selena and Justin are meant to be.But who knows,maybe they never come back together.But i know one thing:I don’t regret nothing lol.For real.All this time shipping Jelena,i don’t have regrets,because i know that at least i ship true love.

is been a long time since i’ve posted something about the musicians au but here i’m with more information and A FANFIC UHULLLLLL
yeah babes, a f a n f i c. You can read in AO3 or in tumblr and in fanfiction


now for the cool part:

- It will take some time until Marinette sing without being anxious in front of Adrien, because he’s pretty, new, and she don’t knows him very well.

- He will always try to take some time to sit with her and practice, while also tries to discover a little bit more of the beautiful girl that haves a awesome voice.

- I made a playlist for Adrien, and trust me, he have some really good songs, like: Sunset Lover, Knee Socks, Middle, She Will Be Loved. You can check his playlist here

- Marinette doesn’t know that Adrien can sing, yet. But when she discovers….

- After multiples jams, dates, conversations, Adrien and Marinette finally start being best friends, and having scenes like the one you seen on the drawing up here.


PJO Headcannon

Fuck it one more tonight. Singing.

Will can’t. He sounds like a dying whale when he tries he can play the lyre as every child of Apollo can but that is the extent of his musical talent.

Annabeth isn’t great. She can carry a tune, but she normally doesn’t care to.

Piper beat boxes. And she does it well. She can sing but after discovering the hard way that charm speaking as powerful as hers carries over she chooses not to.

Leo wails. There’s really no other way to describe it. And he does it whenever he’s working on something. The Hephaestus cabin has invested in earplugs.

Frank is shy about it but has a decent voice. He’s a baritone which surprised pretty much everyone but Hazel loves listening to him sing though most of the time he doesn’t know she’s there or he’d get too embarrassed to do it.

Hazel is a beautiful singer but much like Frank is very shy about it.

Jason caterwauls, and he doesn’t do it well.

Percy sounds like a freaking siren, most likely because he’s related to them. Unlike Pipers charm singing he can’t make people do things but he can make everyone within hearing distance stop whatever they are doing and listen and crowd around him while they are at it. He’s pretty much been banned from singing at the campfire because an Ares boy nearly walked through it to be closer to him when he sang. He’s ok with this because Annabeth doesn’t sing either.

Nico literally has the voice of an angel though it took months to discover this. The only people who know are Will and Lou Ellen who were doing cabin inspections and didn’t knock on the door of the Hades cabin. Nico was wearing Wills iPod singing along to the song Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. Neither of them interrupted him until the song was over at which point Lou Ellen started applauding and Will burst into tears. Nico thought Will was upset because he could sing better than his boyfriend and started frantically apologizing but Will explained through sobs that that song always made him cry and he’d never heard a more beautiful version of it. Lou Ellen never stopped teasing them about it. Nico never told Will that that song made him think of what could have been with Percy.

Ok I’ll stop torturing y'all now.

I just can’t stop thinking about Jack singing. Cause I am a *sucker* for good voices.

Just, imagine Jack actually enjoying like random chill indie bands, and really old stuff like the Beatles style as well as old country (he’s into softer, slower songs). Like everyone gives him crap for not know current pop figures, but he knows obscure bands and oldies. Like Jack probs uses BandCamp.

Anyways, this boy has a beautiful voice (and so do both of his parents). He doesn’t sing often, and he usually only does it alone cause thats the only time when he really listens to music that he knows and enjoys anyways. He also hums a lot an sings softly when he jogs at the asscrack of dawn.

SO because Jack is a private man, it’s not often that others hear him sing, or even know he sing. Lardo and Shitty both know, as Shitty is his roomie and Lardo is low-key too and knows when not to chirp Jack. They both share a love of chill indie bands and recommend songs to each other a lot. Like just a random text to each other will just be like

Lardo: “Daylight - Matt & Kim”
Jack: cool thanks

When Bitty and Jack start dating, Bitty doesn’t know about Jack singing, or his taste in music, but he finds out one morning when he pads into the bathroom in Jack’s *cough* their *cough* apartment and Jack is showering and he’s playing music and singing.

Bitty just like, his heart melts. And he just listens and stays there real quiet until Jack gets out. He jumps a bit and flushes when he sees the lovey look on Bitty’s face.

After that they have like a long chat about music taste and Bitty tells Jack they should listen to his stuff more, cause normally Bitty just controls the music cause he didn’t really know what Jack listened to, but now they take turns and Bitty actually likes that style a bit too sometimes.

To sum it all up, Jack being 110% himself around Bitty and very relaxed and being able to belt out songs in the cars with Beyonce on and also like have the sexiest, smoothest voice when calmer songs are on. Boyfriends just being cute and singing together and Jack serenading Bitty probably and slow dancing in the kitchen and ahhhhhhhh!

more jack headcanons
  • he can’t sing very well, but enjoys humming to himself when he’s alone
  • he doesn’t have a very large appetite and ends up giving most of his leftover food to the Scotsman (if he’s there)
  • if he stays in cities for a while he gets a trail of stray cats that follow him everywhere since he gives them scraps and pets them
  • his sewing skills are really good due to him having to stitch his own wounds and having to patch up his gi all the time
  • he gets embarrassed when he’s fighting half-naked and is grateful when his enemies don’t point it out
  • him and Aku have a similar sense of humor. neither of them know that, however
Good things to imagine

-amy wearing jakes flannels around the house

-jake wanting to cook a nice sweet dinner for him and amy so he facetimes charles the whole time for advice

-a sleepy amy in the winter, snuggled against jake in a cacoon of 600 blankets while they watch terrible hallmark christmas specials

-jake giving amy That Look when she starts talking passionately about a neat article she read

-amy and jake showering together, not even for the sexy times, but because they’re dorks and they really like bubbles and kissing in “the rain” and each other

-one day, jake has a day off but amy still has to go in to catch up on some paperwork so he honest to goodness considers going with her because he’ll miss her so much

-jake and amy knowing how each other likes their coffee

-amy can probably lowkey sing rlly well bc she’s musically experienced and shes always invinting cute little tunes when shes doing chores and they always sound like old do-wop songs and jake always sneaks recordings of her because wow he loves her

-jake and amy binge watching stranger things

-watching scary movies together, both acting tough at first but having to hide in the others shoulder by the end. Its a mess.

-couple’s cooking class that goes horribly south.

-they play that “watch me catch this random food in my mouth” game aaaaaall the time bc of their first date

-they never ever go seperate ways without saying “i love you so much” first

-jake being the little spoon and amy snuggling her face between his shoulder blades bc have you seen jake peralta’s shoulders?

-jake rarley ever waking up before amy but when he does he can hardly help himself from watching her sleep because god shes so soft and beautiful and amazing and he loves her so much

-when amy wakes up before jake, which is almost always, she likes to trace his face. His laugh linesm, his eyelashes, his /chin dimple/.

-they probably have so many cute stupid inside jokes its ridiculous

-they bet on everything but its bever an issue bc they are so solid okay?

-just…..jake and amy.

A lot of people get on Sehun for his singing/rap skills, and I’m not here to claim that he’s amazing or anything. But I think he adds so much to EXO as a group. You can tell they all adore him because of all the shit they let him get away with as maknae, and I think he really strengthens the group and their dynamic, while being quietly supportive of all the members. Even though he’s not the most talented member, I think he’s integral to EXO functioning as well as it does and I love him for it.

Fetus Ashton

Let’s continue with Ash (he was my first fave on 5sos and ok this is going to be really painful)

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Those sexy moves (ft. Mike)

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Ok yes this is painful

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This shirt was my fave shirt on him T-T I used to draw him wearing it all the time

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Oh people remember to put your sunglasses on, a ray of sun has jsut appeared

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Fetus Ash is just so f* adorable :c

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Also a big weirdo… I miss the keek era a lot

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So beautiful…

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Ash: I can’t sing *sings*

5sos fam: Is that an angel singing?

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This interview is just THE interview

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And fetus Ash with glasses… Well if you want to find me I’ll be just there in that corner… crying…

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Ok this one is the last one seriously this hurts a lot :c

Drunk Headcanons- Gentlemen

“Alcohol does not change you, it just makes you lose control of your inhibitions. What those people did–it was inside them.” -Dan Howlter


  • Pre-cyborg? Definitely the sexual predator drunk. Can’t keep his hands off anyone, cat-calls, making offensive comments, and much more likely to make a move on you and wake up with you the next morning with no memory how he got there.
    • Liked all kinds of wild, new cocktails (Sakura martinis, Niagara Grapes, even Grasshoppers)
  • Even though he drank a lot back then, this pretty boy could never build up a proper tolerance. Two and a half cocktails in and he’s singing ebarassingly at the kareoke bar
  • Now, well, I’m not sure he can process alcohol in his new body
    • I mean, it hasn’t been explicitely said if he can eat and drink or not anymore, but I’m assuming not
    • This has actually been really bugging me, in one of his voice lines, he says “Ramen! *sigh* It’s just not the same anymore.”
    • Which raises the question if it’s just that he can’t eat or if things taste differently or don’t taste at all for him
      • Which then makes me wonder if he has a mouth, which I think he does uuugh, I’m so confused
    • And in the newest lines with him and Angela exchanging chocolates? Angela would know whether or not he can eat, so she either knows he can eat the chocolates or is just giving them to him as a kind gesture to show that even though he’s a cyborg, he still deserves the same courtesies given to regular humans
  • BUT for now, I’m going to assume he can’t drink anymore
    • Although he still has a brain, so that means his brain can still be intoxicated, so saying that he was somehow intoxicated through some other means…
  • He would be very unaccustomed to the feeling, after all, it’s been so long since he’s been tipsy or drunk
    • Gets very quiet and ponderous, examining himself curiously for any reasons why he feels buzzed (think Legolas after the drinking contest in Lord of the Rings)


  • As he says in the game, he prefers alcohol with more of a bite to it
    • So I’d say he prefers tequila, whisky, gin
    • Back in his Deadlock days, when he turned 16, the members probably gave him a little “initiation” involving a bottle of tequila, a lemon, Kosher salt, and a worm (look it up)
  • Drinking is a common part of Jesse’s life, and he almost always sipping on a glass of whisky in the evenings
    • Gets wasted at least once every two weeks
    • Not the most healthy lifestyle
  • But he’s pretty good at hiding that he’s drunk
    • Sure, he gets louder, sillier, maybe a little grope-y with his s/o, but when it comes to drunk tests, as long as there’s no breathalizers, he can walk a straight line like it’s nothing
    • Years of experience
  • He has a pretty high tolerance, he is a cowboy after all, and he can drink most anyone under the table
    • But after about 10 shots of tequila, he’s gonna get drunk


  • Back in his Overwatch days, probably went out drinking with Jack quite a bit
    • These two would usually have some cold beers, but on special nights, martinis or margaritas
    • I’d even headcanon that he used to make the martinis and margaritas for the two of them
    • Can probably still shake up a potent drink even now
  • Used to have drinking contests every now and then with Torbjorn, Jack, and Reinhardt. He had a friendly contest with Jack, but always resented Rein for winning 70% of the time
    • He came close to beating him once, but…
  • He has a pretty good alcohol tolerance even today, it’s just that he doesn’t drink much anymore (not sure if he even can in his ghostly form)
  • But even if he can drink as Reaper, he probably avoids drinking simply because it interferes with his work
    • Doesn’t want to look unprofessional
  • But before the fall of Overwatch, when he and Morrison were butting heads, he probably drank quite a bit to calm his nerves
    • And some nights he’d just drink, and drink, and drink…
  • A mix of the angry, emotional, and tired drunk
    • Starts off really pissed, maybe throwing things, complaining about how much he hates Overwatch
    • Then gets really emo and mopes. Back then it’d be about how he lost his friendship with Jack. Now it’d be about living as a literal ghost
    • Then just collapses and falls asleep

Soldier: 76

  • Back in his Overwatch days, probably went out drinking with Gabriel quite a bit 
    • These two would usually have some cold beers, but on special nights, martinis or margaritas
  • Used to have drinking contests every now and then with Torbjorn, Gabe, and Reinhardt
    • Almost always the first one out. Though, he has a decent tolerancy
  • Was probably still professional with his alcohol before the fall of Overwatch
    • He was the Strike Commander, after all
    • Only drank off-duty
  • Now, he’s a little less of gentleman and will drink beer and whisky whenever he feels like it
    • He’s a grizzly, war-worn old man, you think he cares?
  • He’s an angry and emotional drunk
    • He won’t start fights, but if someone says even remotely offensive about him or his friends, he’ll be up in their face!
    • But towards the end of the night, he’ll get really sad and will start to monologue about the “good ‘ol days”


  • Prefers sake or any smooth, sophisticated drink. Nothing with a “bite” to it like McCree likes
  • Has always been very responsible with his alcohol. He had an image to uphold after all, and that sense of duty has never left him
    • Slowly sips his sake, taking into account how much he’s had and when to stop
  • But he’s such a kill-joy when he drinks with friends or significant others
    • Always reminding them when they’ve gone over their limit, being dubious of whether or not they can handle certain drinks, and sometimes cutting them off entirely!
  • Very much like Symm when it comes to drinking. He’ll drink, but he doesn’t believe alcohol should be drank for the sake of getting drunk. It should be savored for its taste and history. Only drinks it to unwind
  • But he can still get drunk. Once he’s hit a nice buzz, his responsibility will begin to waver, and he’ll lose track of how much he’s had
    • Probably the emotional drunk, mumbling about how the Shimada empire was to be his, how horrible he was to kill Genji, blah blah blah…


  • Ooooh boy…Oh dear….
  • There is NOTHING this boy won’t drink (but it has to be confirmed alcohol. He will not drink turpentine or boot-shine just to get drunk)
  • But this boy won’t even shy away from moonshine!
  • For him, alcohol was MADE to get you drunk! Jamie doesn’t drink unless he is seriously aiming to get wasted!
    • But he’s not a total alcoholic. He never drinks when he’s on a heist because he knows it’ll affect his work
    • Only drinks when he knows he doesn’t have anywhere to be in the next 12 hours (this does not exclude day drinking)
  • Usually just drinks plain old amber fluid (Aussie slang for beer) since it’s the cheapest
  • Always makes sure his friends have something to drink along with him. Coldies for everyone!
    • But who said he was paying? Who said he didn’t steel the coldies?
  • Not sure what Jamison’s tolerancy is since he chugs his drinks too fast to keep track of. He wants to get on that high fast!
  • A loud, silly drunk who laugh maniacally and catches the bar on fire!


  • Despite his size, he can drink a lot.
  • In his drinking contests with Rein, Gabe, and Jack, he’d win occasionally
  • A very loud drunk who will do drunken jigs on the table


  • Good luck getting this man drunk. He’s drank some bars clean before
  • He’s seven feet tall, after all
  • Loves a good drinking contest since he knows he’ll usually win
    • But just like battle, he lives for that rush of competition as he swigs down another glass of beer, staring his opponent dead in the eyes
  • Prefers German beers with the occasional schnapps
  • IF somehow you got him drunk, I’m sorry
  • He’s loud and VERY unaware of his size and spatial relation
  • He’ll teeter around, knock things over, collapse into tables (breaking them), and knock people flat on their faces when he pats them on the back
  • And if he passes out, you’ll have to call a tow truck to haul him out of there


  • Doesn’t like to brag, but he has a tolerancy level to rival Reinhardt’s
  • Can often be caught day drinking on the couch with a coldie, even when he has somewhere to be that day (he can handle a few beers before then)
  • But usually doesn’t drink in front of people except Junkrat, since it requires him to lift up his mask or take it off entirely
    • If he were to brag about his drinking capabilities, then someone would try to get him to prove it, and he doesn’t want to take off his mask in public…
  • But then there’s Junkrat, bragging for him, “You wouldn’t believe how much my friend Roadie here can drink!”
    • “Mrrghh…” he grumble, “Shut. Up.”
  • The biggest, hungriest, sleepiest drunk. It’s hard to get him drunk, though
  • But once he is, he’ll suddenly start making drunk food decisions and ordering hugs amounts of food at once!
    • Then he’ll scarf it all down, let out a monstrous burp, and pass out…
  • You should have seen how much he ordered during Chinese New Year! Where do you think that highlight reel came from?


  • He likes a good drink as much as the average guy, but he’s always sure to be careful
  • An all-around wholesome guy who looks out for his friends too when they drink. Reminds them when it’s time to take a break, have a snack, or maybe stop all together
  • His favorite drinks are Jell-O shots and he loves drinking if it involves a drinking game
  • When he gets drunk, though, he’ll pull out his tunes and start playing them really loud!
    • Eventually he’ll dig up some irritating meme music and start blaring that, laughing hysterically to it
  • He’s been booted from a few clubs early in his career for playing annoying music. Now he knows when it’s time to be responsible.


  • Zenny can’t drink, but I’m sure there’s a way to screw with an omnics circuits and recreate a drunken feeling for them
  • And he’d be such a silly drunk! He is only 20 after all–sassy little college student…
  • The next morning he’d be so apologetic for anything he did. He’d say that he just wasn’t himself.
Christmas Eve with Newt would Include

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Christmas Eve with Newt Would Include…

  • Waking up to a cold snowy day in New York.
  • Eating a quick breakfast with Newt and then going to play in the snow, Newt surprisingly loves the snow.
  • Exploring the beautiful city of Manhattan under a blanket of snow, while holding hands with Newt.
  • Listening to people sing Christmas carols, and Newt decides to join in with them.

  • Newt surprising you and the other carolers that he can sing really well. Especially when he sings the higher notes, it gives you shivers.
  • Newt bashfully asking you if you thought he sung okay, because he can be a little self-conscious. And you kiss him on the cheek and tell him it was wonderful.
  • Eating hot popcorn and corndogs from a street vender.
  • Going ice skating with Newt.

  • Falling a whole lot, like a WHOLE lot, but Newt catching you and always helping you up.
  • Newt buying you hot chocolate and some gloves, because you didn’t have any. He specifically chose gloves that had black and yellow on them, because Hufflepuff, that’s why.
  • Visiting the mall and observing the mad rush of people shopping for last minute things. Newt was one of the people rushing around, because naturally he forgot about gifts. So you helped him buy gifts for Tina, Jacob, and Queenie.
  • Newt telling you to leave him alone while he searches a gift for you.

  • You walking around a huge Christmas tree, marveling and inhaling the smell of Christmas and taking in the joy of Christmas Eve.
  • Newt finding you and the two of you decide to go back home and relax.
  • You burning the pie, and having a mini breakdown, but Newt comforts you and tells you everything is alright.
  • The two of you making a new pie together, while Queenie and Jacob make strudel and Tina cooks the main course.

  • All of you eating and laughing together and telling Christmas stories from when they were little.
  • After dinner, you make Newt hot chocolate, and put extra marshmallows in it, because he always asks for extra marshmallows.
  • The two of you cuddling on the sofa, listening to Christmas music and enjoying each other’s warmth.
  • You dozing off, trying to fight away the sleep.

  • Newt singing along softly to the radio, his lullaby making you even more warm and sleepy, and you eventually fall asleep in his arms.
  • Newt carrying you bridal style to your room and tucking you into bed, making sure you’re all warmed up.
  • Newt kissing your forehead and whispering, “Sleep well, Christmas Baby.”

BTS Taehyung and Jungkook were imitating this talented man on Show Champion

His name is Greg and He has such a beautiful and soulful voice 😍 I can see why they like his singing so much especially Taehyung :’)
He was also on another Korean show, he is a fan of Wheesung and sang one of his songs really well 👏

Who would win in a sing-off?

 The Flash cast is soooooo talented. I’m wondering, who do you think would win in a sing-off: Grant, Keiynan or Carlos? (I know about Jesse and Rick and Tom, but I’m focusing on the younger guys.)

I liked Grant’s character on Glee, but those songs did nothing for his voice. Here, you can really hear his range, dramatics aside lol

Keiynan’s voice was made for R&B music, in my opinion. Love. Love. Love. 

And Carlos, his voice is amazing as well, though I don’t care for the song hes singing. He needs to do more music!!!

I love them ALL, but Keiynan wins hands down, in my opinion. 

the thing is: i love all SHINee members nd i really think they r so damn talented nd have improved a lot through all these years. so thats why i want SO badly that everybody sees that TAEMIN is more than a dancer this kid really sings well; that MINHO is not just a pretty face he can sing not just rap nd his acting skills r becoming better; that KIBUM isnt just a fashion guy for gods sake he can dance sing act is there anything this boy cannot do?; that JONGHYUN is more than a cry boy (or a sexy guy) he makes art he writes composes and produces his own songs he even wrote a book!; that JINKIs occupation is NOT break things with his finger (!!!!!!!hELp) his voice is pure honey his acting is amazing wth is wrong with those tv shows?! idk… i just wish ppl could hv more respect for who they r nd what they do. is there any sense in what im saying? whatever~

Headcanons regarding what goes on in the Morty Daycare

*Every Morty who goes in is given a free Zelda 3DS and a variety of games. A lot of them love Animal Crossing.

*Although Storage Rick runs the place, other Ricks will often volunteer to help take care of the Mortys. Super Fan Rick is the most frequent volunteer, for obvious reasons.

*Sometimes the Mortys use dream devices to enter Asleep Morty’s mind. He has really nice dreams, too. They don’t call him the happiest Morty on Earth for nothing.

*They’ve also tried to enter Sleepy Morty’s mind to help him with his nightmares. It didn’t end well, and none of them slept for weeks afterwards.

*Because the Mortys are all horny as all get out, they will often “experiment” with one another. They think the Ricks don’t know.

*Test X72 Morty is intelligent, but his mouth can’t form words. He communicates primarily through singing. Mermaid Morty acts as a translator for those who can’t understand him.

*Cold Morty was once caught warming his hands over Flaming Morty. Fortunately, Flaming Morty was understanding and allowed Cold Morty to continue doing so.

*Crazy Cat Morty likes to hide under Spooky Morty’s sheet.

*Whenever one of the Mortys has a panic attack, Rabbit Morty will let them pet him to calm down.

*Skeleton Morty can play his ribs like a xylophone.

*Flaming Morty and Frozen Morty are best friends, but they can never touch because doing do will hurt them.

*Mini Morty likes to ride on the brim of Cowboy Morty’s hat.

*Greaser Morty and Hippie Morty use slang from the 50′s and 60′s, respectively. The other Mortys find this annoying.

*Old Morty comes from a universe where he is Beth’s father and Rick’s grandfather.

*Sometimes the Mortys annoy Flaming Morty by roasting marshmallows over him.

*Spoon Morty really likes Yogurt. I mean, REALLY likes yogurt.

NCT 127-Reaction to them discovering that you can sing really well.

-Main Admin, M.

Taeyong: He would be really shook by the fact that you never told him and he had to discover it while he hear you singing in the shower.

“Y/n, Why didn’t you tell me you had such an angelic voice?” 

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Johnny: This boy would be so amazed of how talented you were as a singer that he would want you to sing for him forever.

“Sing for me Y/n”

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Yuta: He would be just like Johnny wanting you to sing for hi at every moment occasionaly would ask you why haven’t you audition for any company yet but he would be kind of selffish and tell you to only sing for him.

“Is that how heaven sounds like?” 

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Taeil: Would immediately want to show to everyone expecialy his members how good and talented his girlfriend is, would also like  the way you would sig randomly at the house and even more when you sang his songs.

“It’s time to work on a duet, Y/n” 

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Doyoung:  Last week it was the fact that you could play the drums, a few days ago was the fact that you were good at drawing and now he discovers that you are really good at singing.

“Y/n, just tell me all the things you are good at so i don’t have a heart attack every week, Ahh, You are so amazing” 

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Winwin: He would get really amazed of whatever you did but when he heard you sing one day when he came home after practice he really couldn’t control how happy he was, that he told you  to sing for him evey night after that.

“yahh, you are so amazing”

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Jaehyun: He thought that he was good at singing but when he heard you that totally changed for him, he was your number one fan.

“Y/n, is time to sleep, come and sing me a song”

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Mark: you and Mark had been daiting for a while but he actually didn’t know that you could actually sing so when he was done with practice and you were waiting for him outside the studio he heard you, he loved the sound of your voice.

“I got myself a talented girlfriend”

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Haechan: He would hype you so much and would sing with you sometimes, he was just so impress by your singing voice.

“But you still know I’m the talented one, right?”

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There is a severe lack of art of Hunk so here is some drawings I did of Hunk just doing Hunk things uwu~

He feels like the kinda guy who genuinely likes academics and studying (that particular book is an irl physics book – thanks @cdromeoandjouleiet xD). Of course, the second drawing can go without explanation.

For the last two, I actually noticed how well my neo-80s/sythpop/vaperwave playlist  just really matches Hunk (at least to me) aesthetically? I realized that he would totally be that guy who listens to 80s electronic rock and sings along, out loud, badly and off-key with a screwdriver as a microphone, and using his still-working cassette player/Walkman that has been stuffed in one of his pouches this entire time shhhhh

So then with the last one,  I took the idea to an extreme because he would unironically wear vintage 80s fashion and rock it so hardcore and no one can tell me otherwise.

Seokjin Singing Appreciation
Seokjin Singing Appreciation

Jin is such an underrated member. I compiled almost all of his singing parts from 2 Cool 4 Skool up to 화양연화 pt.2. I was a bit disappointed when I was collecting all his parts, because there was either only 2 or 3 lines or 1 chorus/pre-chorus that he had in each song. Although the songs aren’t in order, if you can tell which song is which, you can really hear how much his singing and stability has improved. Jin has such a lovely voice; it sounds really sweet… like honey? He works continuously works hard to improve his dancing skills as well as his singing. He’s so much more than just a handsome face. I hope he gets to showcase his voice a lot more in the future. Please appreciate Seokjin.

Hoseok appreciation

Things that we forget about our Vernonie

1. HE CAN DANCE REALLY WELL!!! LIKE throwback to pre debut and their money money money dance video. LIKE Hansol can break it down!!!!!

2. He can actually sing despite him always saying that he can’t and cracking his voice when asked to sing. Vernon can really sing and his voice is so smooth and sweet😳😫💕💕

3. Vernon probably still has it hard and did have it hard during and even after debut. He’s even confessed that he’s carried burdens and regrets being “greedy”. Some fans have said that he seemed so selfish and standoffish but Vernon in no way intentionally wanted to harm the groups work and his own work. Yet, some people continued to point it out and probably to this day he wishes that he could take back a lot of things.

4. Moving to Korea at age five was a big change and people looked at him differently. He said that adults and kids looked at him as “the white kid that can speak Korean”. As it may seem that he gets praised for his looks for sure he has to face things and we can’t expect that he was so easily accepted or is easily excepted within society.