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Cherry Blossom Boy|1|

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Genre: Fluff, romance, future angst and smut, tattoo artist reader, soft Jeongguk

Word count:2.3k

Pairing: Jeongguk x Female Reader

A/N: Thank you for the wait and all the cute comments💕I’ve been excited for this fic💕feedback is appreciated💖Shika💞

Jeongguk has to be going crazy, Jeongguk has to be insane. He can’t believe he’s doing this just to prove to his parents he’s not perfect. But Jeongguk is perfect, he’s got the best grades and has a promising future ahead of him. That’s all a guy needs, but no he just can’t let his pride down, can he?

Jeongguk scolds himself, breath hitching as his doe eyes gaze at the intimidating font on the shop front. ‘Chiller’ he notes and then mentally hits himself for knowing every single font from Microsoft word. He attempts to pull open the door and is confused when he gets a fed up look from a young man at the counter. In realisation he bites his lip and awkwardly pushes the door, almost falling in and tripping.

“What can I do for you?” Jeongguk’s eyes shoot up to look at the guy, he’s pretty, but his hairs too long for his face and one of his earrings is longer than Jeongguk’s fingers. But when the man gives him an unexpected smile, Jeongguk’s poor bi heart melts and his face seems to be in awe.

“Uh, um, I-I want a tattoo!” He claims, weakly stamping his foot. The man chuckles and Jeongguk flushes, embarrassed at his childish actions.

“I’ll get Y/N out in a second for you,” the man stands and Jeongguk catches a glimpse of his name tag, ‘Taehyung, wow pretty’ he thinks, fingers playing with the hem of his sweater. “You can have a look at some designs, love.” Jeongguk almost faints at the mans casual use of such a beautiful and lovely term of endearment.

“Oh, oh, um, thank you.” He stutters out, eyes staring as the tanned man walks away to another room.

Fuck’ is the first thing that comes to Jeongguk’s head as he watches two plump ass cheeks, unfortunately, covered by black skinny jeans. Jeongguk shakes his head and gets back to examining designs. But they’re all scary and ugly and something a six foot guy in a screamo band would get.

“Are you up next?” A feminine voice calls out from behind and Jeongguk wants to die because were all people that worked in tattoo shops this attractive?

“Uh, yes?” He looks around and notices he’s the only one there.

“You don’t have to sound so unsure, kid.” Ugh, kid, that word makes him feel, well like a kid, if it was anyone else he’d complain, but Jeongguk is infatuated with her eyes and lips and nose and everything.

She gestures for him to follow and rolls her eyes when he only stares in awe. “Follow me kid.” She sighs in an exasperated tone. Jeongguk stands and stumbles after her, trying to keep up with her fast strides. She stops and opens a door, the same one Taehyung had disappeared into. “Sit here kid.” She points at an intimidating black chair standing next to an even more intimidating table which has design sheets and tattoo guns spread over it.

“What you want kid?”

To kiss you’ Jeongguk is thrown out of his daze when she slightly shoves his shoulder.

“Uh, um, something big.”

“Big?” She raises her eyebrow and massages her temple in annoyance.

“Y/N, don’t get so annoyed. It’s his first time, he’s probably nervous.” That’s when Jeongguk notices Taehyung sitting behind a desk sketching in a book.

“You’re right, you’re right.” She nods and grabs his arm, Jeongguk flinches. “Do you at least know where you want it?”

“Uh, um, m-my arm?” She rolls his sleeve up and feels up his arm.

“And how big you want this thing?”

“As big as possible and I want something scandalous!” Jeongguk suddenly says.

“Scandalous? Good word kid.” She pats his head and giggles, the sound is so sweet. It sounds like fairies are singing and Jeongguk feels as if all the weight has been lifted of his shoulders.

“I want a lady.” Jeongguk blushes slightly as utters his next sentence, “I want a naked lady, with big, um, those things.”

“Those things?” The girl muses, looking confused as to why he was so red. “Oh, you mean tits. Right kid?” She snorts as he covers his face.

“Y-yeah, those things, sure whatever you wanna call them.”

“Come on, be a big boy and say it with me, T-I-T-S,” She sounds out shamelessly, cackling at the horrified expression on his face.

“Y/N,” Taehyung warns, “be nice.”

“I’m sorry, this kids too cute to be here.” She chuckles and Jeongguk brightens up.

“That’s exactly what I want. Right here, on my arm, really big.” She nods, still looking a bit unsure. She starts slipping on some gloves, humming a soft tune mindlessly.

“So what made you wanna get tits on your arm kid?” Jeongguk flushes again, rolling his sleeve to his shoulder.

“Just stuff, parents, people, you know.”

“I get it, you’re golden boy. Everyone treats you like a saint and your parents keep pushing you to aim higher, you want to show everyone your not so perfect, so you come here.” Jeongguk listens in shock as she basically repeats his life story.

“How’d you know?” He watches intently as she cleanses the needle on the gun.

“Look at you kid, you’re cute. You’re wearing circle glasses for fucks sake.”

“Please just get this over and done with.” He whimpers out and she nods walking over to him. The needle is pressed to his skin and Jeongguk’s mind is sent into panic mode, the word ’fuck’ is making an appearance.

“You don’t have to do this.” For once her tone is gentle and her eyes look kind, but Jeongguk shakes his head.

“I want too.” The words slip past his lips and before he knows it the sharp pain is everywhere.

“What the fuck! Why does it hurt so much?”

“There’s a fucking needle like a few centimetres deep in your skin.” Taehyung points out the obvious and Jeongguk lets out a girly scream. “I like his screams, you should give him a whole sleeve Y/N.” Taehyung teases, giving a cheeky grin to Jeongguk who is now suffering with a stroke from that smile and from excruciating pain.

“It’ll be done soon kid.” She says softly, free hand stroking his thigh, he tenses up, confused at her gentleness.

“Hang in there!” Taehyung grins, now standing up from his desk to look over the flesh of his arm. “Wow, those are big tits.” Taehyung raises his eyebrows and nods in approval and then Jeongguk starts regretting his decision.

“Can I get this thing removed?” He asks, choking out breaths and whimpers.

“Painfully, yes.” Taehyung smirks and gives him a thumbs up, “Y/N-Ah knows what she’s doing love, I’m sure you’ll love it when you see it.” Jeongguk doesn’t really think anyone but guys who were misogynistic, and like those sexist Instagram posts with women being called toys and dolls, could like the tattoo he is getting.


“It’s done.” She calls, hands pulling away the needle and standing up to stretch her arm. Jeongguk winces, fingers going to strike the raw flesh on his bicep. “Don’t touch it.” His fingers freeze and he pouts, watching as she grabs a wipe and starts dabbing at the sensitive skin.

“Fuck.” He whispers under his breath, eyes screwed shut and fingers clutching the arms of his seat. She finally starts to wrap a piece of bandage around his arm. “W-wait! Can’t I see it?”

“Just wait until you get home. I recommend two hours and then you can take it off.”

“How much is it?”

“It’s on the house kid,” she smiles down at him, “I’m doing you a favour, now go.” She ushers him out and Jeongguk smiles dopily at her retreating figure as he shuffles out the door.

Jeongguk can’t wait, he’s been trying to stop his prying hands and greedy fingers but curiosity is getting the best of him. “Fuck it.” He doesn’t hesitate to rip it off, chucking the wrap on the floor somewhere and taking in a breath to look in the bathroom mirror. “Wow.” He whispers in awe, fingers brushing against petals which seem to come to life and blow in the wind. Jeongguk falls deeper in love when he realises the girl isn’t as harsh as she comes off as, he sighs in absolute relief as he stares at the branches wrapping around his arm and the flowers blooming on his shoulder. Now he wishes he’d got her number, he’d like to thank her for not tattooing a cringy naked lady onto his arm, but instead an oriental and delicate cherry blossom tree. Jeongguk feels his inner weeaboo coming out and he feels sentimental as he remembers his trip to Tokyo with his ex-girlfriend. “Wow,” he finally says as he runs his fingers over his shoulder and down his bicep, “wow.”


Jeongguk wakes the next morning and his bicep is still throbbing and sore, he probably should’ve kept the wrap on. He is tempted to just lie in bed for another hour but he remembers the essay he needs to give in and all the classes he has lined up, he’s regretting staying up and watching reruns of the first season of Sailor Moon. The sunlight is bright and he feels warm inside as he lays his eyes upon the ethereal blossoms that are sprawled across his arm. “Yah, Jeongguk! You’re gonna be late to class!” Seokjin bursts through the door and Jeongguk rushes to cover his half naked body with the sheets.

“I know, I know hyung. Just give me a second.” He flushes red as Seokjin gives him unconvinced look.

“There’s no time to fucking masturbate you little shit. I can see your boner, get the hell up.” Jeongguk groans as he stands, ushering his hyung out the room in embarrassment. His hands feel the urge to slip into his boxers, but when he glances at the clock, Jeongguk is already in the bathroom shoving his toothbrush down his throat while trying to pull on his jeans and pee at the same time.

“Hyung! Hyung,“ he calls out, words muffled by the foam gathering in his mouth, “Can you make me toast?” He hears Seokjins distant 'yes’ and relaxes, chucking some water at his face and running out the toilet. Seokjin is buttering a slightly underdone piece of toast, but Jeongguk has no time to complain, snatching the bread and rushing to slip his shoes on. “Bye hyung!” He yells, toast stuffed in his mouth.

“Jeongguk, you still have five minu-“ the door slams and Jeongguk is already gone.


“Guk, you’re not late, why are you sweating so much?” Jihyo checks him up and down, fingers tightening her perky ponytail.

“I ran all the way here.” Jeongguk’s breaths are laboured and his palms are clammy. “I swear, Jin hyung is switching the clocks around to try and make me leave the house earlier.” Jihyo shrugs, now checking her reflection on her phone camera. Jeongguk spots her boyfriend creeping up behind her and he wants to roll his eyes as he covers her eyes and says a cutesy ‘guess who?’

“Jimin?!” Jihyo squeals and her boyfriend spins her and kisses her like boyfriends do. But Jeongguk feels like crying, his little feelings crushed and forced down deeper into his heart, he tried to ignore them, fingers clutching the straps of his rucksack tighter. He clears his throat and the two jump apart, Jimin sending him a wink and cheeky grin. Jeongguk feels his insides twisting and his heart is fluttering as he shyly smiles back.

“I’m gonna head to class.” He mutters, biting the inside of his cheek to hide the huge smile which could’ve slipped out. He turns and BANG! All his things clatter to the floor and his round glasses fly off his face.

“Ow, watch where your going kid.” He recognises the tone and his hopeless romantic mind instantly turns on a switch for possibilities of love, after all that how all romance books started, right?

“Y/N-“ he remembers her name and goes to apologise, cut off by some grumbling from her side.

“Noona.” She corrects, Jeongguk stops, surprised when he spies her looking down at her lap bashfully.

“Noona,” He copies, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there and since when did you come here? I’ve never seen you around before, have just joined? Because if so I’d be ha-“

“Kid, it’s my second year.” She looks amused as she stands up, automatically brushing her knees down. She offers him a hand, “I think I’m capable.” He takes her hand, she pulls him up a little too harshly and Jeongguk tumbles right into her, head smacking against hers. “Fuck kid, you need to be more careful.” She groans, rubbing her head.

“Sorry noona.” He says, looking so miserable that she has to give him a consoling shoulder rub.

“It’s okay kid, stop apologising so much.”

“Sorry, I mean sorry, shit I’m sorry, oh god, sorry.” Jeongguk stops his mouth from moving, annoyed at himself. She giggles and once again Jeongguk can feel his mind floating to heaven, the sound is so feminine and different compared to her usual manner. “I-I just want to say thank you, noona. F-for the tattoo, you really did me a favour and I owe you, noona. It’s beautiful and thanks for not listening to my stupid fucking words. Seriously, could you imagine if you actually gave me that tattoo? I’d grow old and, and wrinkled and there would always be this picture of boo-“

“Hey, kid, I get it. But you don’t owe me anything, I just don’t like giving cute guys ugly tattoos.” She winks and Jeongguk can practically see her hair blowing in the wind in slow motion with the song ‘Oh my love’ playing in the background.

Jeongguk is in love and he’s utterly screwed.

stronger ❖ jongin (5)

❝Can I kiss you?❞
❝Why are you asking?❞

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fluff, angst, dad!jongin au, ceo!jonging, daddy tbh, smut (in future/next chapter), age gap, if you don’t like, don’t read | velvet

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Two weeks had passed since you started working for Kim Jongin, the weather outside was getting colder and the Christmas vibe was starting to be more and more strong. All around Seoul people put their Christmas decorations, transforming the usually black and white city into a colorful flower. In your apartment building your neighbours hung their best lights, they even already did their Christmas tree and you started to pull out your decorations. Even the Kim’s Company adorned the building with beautiful red and white lights that looked very expensive.

We decorated a Christmas tree and❞ Taeoh jumped around you as you walked into the company building ❝and we saw a Christmas movie where Santa Claus, he put a gift under the tree

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Day 1

((Thank you for your kind response!!! I hope you all enjoy this part too!!

CW: mentions of neurological disorder, some cursing ))


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“…should we do? Logan?” 

“I told you, just give him a minute. I’m sure it was a shock to see us for the first time.” 

“Must’ve at least been a shock to see Roman.” 


“Virgil, that’s not helping.” 

“Wasn’t trying to help.” 

“Should I get the smelling salts?” 

“Only if he fainted in the 1920s.”

“Actually, more like the 1880s. Smelling salts were used most frequently when corsets were in fashion, due to the–”

“Aaaand there he goes.” 

“The point is, I seriously doubt he has smelling salts, Patton.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“I don’t even think those are a thing anymore.” 

“They most certainly are. They were traditionally composed of ammonium carbonate, though modern solutions often include things like lavender and eucalyptus, and–”

“Fascinating as this is, I think he’s coming around on his own.” 

“Thomas? Can you hear me? Open your eyes.” 

Thomas didn’t want to open his eyes. Thomas very much didn’t want to open his eyes, because he knew if he did, there would be one of two outcomes. In outcome number one, he would open his eyes and the room would be empty, and this would all have been a very strange dream. A good, if oddly disappointing and bittersweet, scenario. 

Outcome number two, on the other hand, was a good deal more…complicated. Outcome number two involved looking up and finding his Sides staring down at him–four identical copies of his own face, existing as if they had any right to do so here in the real world. And as incredible as that might be, outcome number two came with baggage; baggage to the tune of hospital visits, MRIs, CAT scans, Therapists, and a barrage of medication. 

And the closer his brain swam toward consciousness, the more likely option number two was sounding. Because those voices weren’t fading away like a strange and vivid dream. If anything, they were getting clearer. 

And then there was the fact that someone was touching him. 

Someone was touching him. 

There was a hand on his shoulder someone was someone was touching–

He yelped, eyes flying open, and four startled faces drew back from where they’d been leaning over him. Four faces that were completely identical to his own, save for the tiniest of differences (the glasses, for one; Patton and Logan both wore them and they were real, there were lenses, not just frames, and Patton really did have freckles, and Virgil’s face was gaunt and paler than the others’ and was Roman’s jaw a little more squarish than the others and oh my gosh why is he worrying about what they look like when he should be–)

“Don’t,” Virgil said abruptly, voice strong and almost commanding, and Thomas’s panicked train of thought screeched to a halt. He stared up at the personification of his own anxiety, and saw Virgil was taking deep breahts through his nose. 

“Don’t,” the side said again, softer now. “You’ll set us both off if you start on that.” 

“Start…” Thomas found he had to swallow, as his voice came out a mere croak. “Don’t start…?” 

“The panic thing,” Virgil explained. “Normally I’m all for it, but right now…”

“It’s not going to be particularly productive,” said Logan, and oh God, it was Logan, he’d know that sharp, shrewd expression anywhere, and–

“Am I…dreaming?” Thomas managed. 

“If so, I’m not doing it,” Roman said, sitting back a little with a sheepish shrug. His voice was rich,deep and full and somehow…regal, even though he looked like he felt anything but. “Not this time.” 

“Then…then how…?” 

“To be honest with you, kiddo, we’re all kind of wondering the same thing.” Patton, and was it Thomas’s imagination or was the paternal side a little…softer around the edges than the others…? 

“All we know is we were doing our thing, safely tucked away into your mind, and now…well, here we are.” Logan spread his arms to encompass all of Thomas’s apartment. All of his one bedroom apartment, Thomas thought suddenly, and the absurdly panicked thought about where he would put all of them surfaced along with an insane urge to laugh. 

The sides were looking at him warily, and Thomas wondered just how much of his thoughts and feelings they could pick up on. Were they still…his sides? Were they still capable of influencing his decisions and his thoughts and emotions? Was he still even him, without–

Okay, why was he thinking about all of this like it was real?

“I’m losing my mind,” he mumbled, dropping his head into his hands. 

“No; we’re all right here,” Patton said. 

Thomas peeked up at them in time to see Logan rolling his eyes and Virgil smirking. Roman had situated himself half-behind Thomas, and laid a supportive hand on Thomas’s shoulder. 

A supportive, real, solid hand. 

What the actual flipping fuck? 

“Okay,” he managed. “Okay. So. I, uh…” 

“Yeah,” Virgil said dryly. “That’s kinda where we are on the whole thing.” 

“How long have you been here?” Thomas asked, remembering that they’d all been asleep, sprawled out on his couch when he’d come down the stairs. 

“Since about midnight,” Roman said with a sigh. 

“The witching hour,” Virgil intoned, wriggling his fingers. 


“Did that have something to do with–?” 

“Heck if I know.” Roman shrugged. “The dragon witch is only a figment of your imagination. It’s not like she has any real power.” 

“Excuse me, but I was under the impression that all of you were figments of my imagination,” Thomas grumbled. “Yet here we are.” 

“Here we are indeed.” 

“We’re not imaginary,” Roman said slowly, as if he were thinking it through. “Not precisely. We’re part of you. We are you, just…you in pieces.” 

“Yeah, I know. I created you that way. For a youtube series.” Thomas climbed to his feet, agitated, and began to pace what little bit of his floor didn’t have a side on it. “You can’t be here. You’re not real.” 

“While I’d normally be inclined to agree,” Logan said dryly, “even I have to take empirical evidence into consideration. We appear to be very real indeed.” 

“How are you okay with this?” Thomas demanded, pausing to glare at Logan. “You’re supposed to be my logical side. I’d think this would be driving you crazy.” 

Logan tilted his head in a kind of shrug. “Logically,” he said, “there have to be plenty of things that are within the realm of reason and possibility that I simply do not know about.” 

“More things in heaven and earth,” Roman quoted softly. 

“And you’re just…okay with this being one of them?” 

“Thomas, I may not know what’s going on, but I’m quite capable of seeing that our current course of action is not getting us very far,” Logan said, a hint of sternness in his voice. “You have the evidence of your senses that we are real, and here. What more would you have?” 

“But you’re my characters,” Thomas exploded. “I play you. I put on make up or costumes or both and I read off the script that Joan and I–”

He froze, looking down at them, as the answer clicked into place. He saw it dawning on the rest of them, as they glanced at each other, then back up at him. And then, as one, they all spoke: 


“Thomas, that’s brilliant!” Patton cried. “Call Joan! They’ll know what to do!” 

“More importantly,” Logan said, rising to his feet, “they’ll be able to tell you whether or not we are really here. If they can see us–”

“Then I’m not having a nervous breakdown,” Thomas finished. 

“And if they can’t?” Virgil said. 

“Let’s cross that bridge if we come to it, kiddo,” Patton told him gently. “Thomas is freaked out enough already.” 

“And that is a very good sign,” Roman concluded. When the others looked at him, bewildered, Roman shrugged. “Well, think about it. If he were really having a nervous breakdown, this would feel…normal to him. Wouldn’t it?” 

“Putting that time you played Sigmund Freud in middle school to good use, I see,” Virgil said dryly. 

“He may have a point, actually,” Logan said. “Much as it pains me to admit it. Thomas, you’re aware we shouldn’t be here. Which means that you are, at least, still aware of how reality should function.” 

“And aware of the fact that it’s decidedly not,” Thomas said. He sighed, and pulled out his phone, thumbing in Joan’s number. “They’re going to have me committed,” he mumbled.Then, when Joan answered, their voice groggy, Thomas said, “Hey, uh…Joan? Could you come over, please?” 

“Thomas?” Joan’s voice sharpened. They sounded worried. “Is everything okay?” 

Thomas looked at his sides each in turn, then huffed softly, a not-quite laugh of bemusement. 

“I’m going to need you to tell me,” he said. 

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Prompt/au: Single dad // non idol producer au
Member: Woozi
Genre: Fluff after all that background info I swear
A/N: Literally no one asked for this I’m just really self-indulgent today after cutting and dying my hair again lol

  • Jihoon has a little girl named Soobin and she is literally his whole entire world 
  • Truth be told, when she was first born he was kind of a mess 
  • He didn’t expect to be doing this all alone, and while he had the boys and his mother whenever she came to visit from Busan,, he still figured that he’d have a s/o by his side,,, and now he had this little baby and no one to be by his side and help,,,
  • It was his first child and he was left to kind of just try and figure things out and balance all his old and new responsibilities,,, 
  • He had his mother, his pediatrician, and the boys who also had kids on speed dial for the longest time and was calling them every five seconds for every. little. damn. thing.
  • Listen he likes to think of himself as a calm guy and he’s not really known for freaking out,,,
  • But now he had this tiny little life who couldn’t tell him what was wrong and every small sneeze or long nap made him panic
  • There was one time his anxieties were justified,, 
  • Soobin had caught a cold when she was only a couple months and her fever spiked really late at night
  • And she was crying and coughing a lot and Jihoon was panicking because all these home remedies his mother and the internet had recommended weren’t working and his car had broken down two days ago and was still in the shop
  • It just,,, wasn’t looking good and Jihoon felt like he was going to throw up because he couldn’t do anything to make it better
  • Seungcheol swears that one of the scariest moments of his life was when Jihoon called him at 3 am, his voice visibly strained and breaking with emotion as he begged for a ride to the hospital
  • He was just,,, terrified of losing his daughter, and quite literally cried out of sheer relief when the doctor told him and Cheol that it was going to be fine and that she just had to rest in the hospital with the doctors on standby until her fever broke 
  • Cheol deadass had to like hold Jihoon in the waiting room because he was a complete mess and even called his mom for him because it was clear this boy needed some rest
  • After that disaster, he began working slowly on calming his fears about being a single parent but he hovered around his daughter A LOT 
  • Took an insane amount of personal days off work the first year of her life because even though he trusted Joshua as a babysitter he was still a worry wart 
  • The boys swear that having a kid softened Jihoon by like a million times and honestly,,, they’re right
  • Because from the moment he held that little girl in his hands, he knew he had to be a better person for her (even though he was already pretty damn great to begin with)
  • He knew he had to take better care of himself too, which meant sleeping as much as possible and eating better and little things that he didn’t tend to do 
  • Plus Jihoon holding his baby was so??? soft,, like he always got the sweetest look in his eyes when he was looking down at her
  • Although it meant a lot of late nights and stress,, he really did love that baby stage 
  • Soobin was just?? The cutest damn baby. She didn’t look exactly like him but there was definitely some similarities 
  • Literally a daddy’s girl from day one 
  • She always turned her head when she heard his voice and Joshua and anyone else who hung around her when Woozi had to work or go to an appointment swears up and down that she wouldn’t smile for that first year unless her dad was around 
  • Jihoon read parenting books and blogs a lot, often with her in one arm while his other hand held the book, her head on his chest while she napped and lowkey drooled on his shirt a little bit
  • Literally picture that for a moment,,, Jihoon with his black undercut and a book in one hand and his little baby in the other,,, what a good image
  • She was so easily entertained when it came to her dad?? Literally he’d made a face at her and she would react 
  • She LOVED peekaboo when she was that little, and literally Hoshi has so many pictures of Jihoon and baby Soobin smiling at each other while playing it and he pulls them out whenever he denies that fatherhood has softened him 
  • Wooz took pictures of as many milestones as he could tbh
  • The first time she held her head up on her own, when she started sitting up, all sorts of things
  • He has like 20 videos of her in this little infant swing he bought her and she’s just positively delighted in the damn thing
  • Whenever he needed to work from home he could put her in that and make sure she was close enough for him to be able to get to her quickly and she’d be perfectly fine for hours so long as he was in view
  • He sang to her a lot (and still does)
  • He discovered the song “Light” by Sleeping at Last via Joshua and literally it became her lullaby 
  • He sings her lots of goofy songs and more lighthearted ones as well
  • It’s so cute too like,,, Jihoon’s in a messy apron with a black t-shirt underneath, his hair in disarray as he stands in front of her high chair and singing little nursery rhymes with his stingray smile to make her relax and laugh enough to let him feed her some baby food
  • It was really fun when some of the boys came over too because they would all just sing and do little skits and doofy things for her and she’d laugh a sweet little toddler laugh and they would all just m e l t 
  • Soobin literally had them all in the palm of her tiny hand
  • He’s very good at ensuring her early development is good and within no time she’s taking shaky steps and starting to talk
  • Sometimes it’s hard to understand her but Jihoon understands what she means most of the time
  • Like one time she tried to talk to Chan and he was just “what” and Jihoon poked his head out of his office like “she wants you to play dolls with her” 
  • By the time she was two, Jihoon had the parenting thing down for the most part, and even nagged the other dads in svt about stuff 
  • He still asked for advice whenever he felt he needed to, and Soobin was never lacking in surprises, but fatherhood came much easier to him now 
  • It was also helpful that she was able to walk and talk now too lmao 
  • She always always always wants to find ways to help her daddy and she gets all excited whenever he says she can help him work
  • He doesn’t have her do too much, just press buttons or fetch something or give a listen to a track he’s working on, but she’s happy all the same and he thinks it’s fucking adorable so he goes along with it
  • He wants to be the best dad possible for his little girl, and as a result he asks the other members of what I like to call dadteen (I’m not funny I’ll excuse myself)
  • Jeonghan has twin 8 year old daughters (and also a baby boy) and is a hair EXPERT so he had him teach him how to do lots of hairstyles for Soobin
  • He always does her hair in the mornings when she’s sitting at the table like half asleep still and slowly chewing on her breakfast 
  • And he’s always so gentle like she only complains about it hurting once in a blue moon
  • He also made Mingyu (who has the LOUDEST son ever) teach him a bunch of recipes that are healthy but also things that she’ll like
  • It took him a few tries but he got it down, and purchased a million and a half cookbooks recommended by friends and other parents 
  • Has Joshua babysit a lot still, but as she’s gotten older he’s also recruited BooSeokSoon to help out as well because she thinks they’re funny 
  • One of Wonwoo’s younger kids is a little girl around the same age as her and they’re certified BFFs who like to garden and adventure together 
  • She LOVES going to the zoo and names all the animals she sees there after her uncles, aka the noisy boys in svt
  • She named a sloth after Wonu and Jihoon couldn’t stop laughing because that was his nickname in college
  • Named the giraffe Mingyu and he high fived her for that one
  • Although Woozi comes off as a rather serious guy, Soobin comes off as an animated and cheerful little girl 
  • She liked to run ahead of him a lot and he increased his stamina pretty damn quickly because he had to run up to her and remind her to hold his hand all the time 
  • She also is now in charge of all his hairstyle decisions and has made it so Jihoon has experienced a wide array of colors, from normals ones like blonde and brown to more outrageous ones like pink and tangerine 
  • He absolutely joined a single dad advice forum 
  • Soobin imitates him a lot like Woozi will be like “Soobin eat your peas” and she’ll puff out her cheeks and stick her hands on her hips and go crosseyed and in this fake deep voice go “Soobin eat your peas”
  • And he stares at her all sternly but she just laughs and spoons peas into her mouth but whoops she was laughing too hard and fucking launched like three across the room nice one Soobin 
  • You meet Woozi when she’s age four, rapidly going on five
  • You’re at a grocery store nearby your new apartment and just shopping for some general stuff cause yanno when you move all you’re gonna have in your kitchen is like a thing of salt, some cheap ramen, and a few spice containers you’re pretty sure have been in your cupboard for like 5 years 
  • You had moved from a pretty far place so like,, there were so many brands that you didn’t recognize and you were just debating between these two kinds of cereal that both had bizarre names 
  • You didn’t really register the rapid footsteps and child laughter until something smacked into your legs
  • You looked down to see a little girl stumble back and rub her forehead from where it had collided with your knee, her hair in pigtails and decorated with silver hair ties and a little moon clip
  • Instantly you were like oh shit and put the cereal down to crouch in front of her and ask “hey little girl, are you okay???”
  • And instead of getting all upset like some kids would, she just beams and in a polite tone goes “yes, I’m fine!! I was just running away from my dad because he makes a grumpy face when I do, and it’s funny”
  • You laugh when she tells you and hesitate before putting a hand on her head, checking for a bump as you say “well it certainly sounds funny when you say it like that, but he’s probably worried so why don’t we go find him??”
  • Soobin agrees and you stand up again and are a little surprised when she takes your hand, but she just leads you forward while chatting up a storm about how her uncle Mingyu is really tall and although he drinks the same kind of milk as the one you have in your cart, she prefers melon milk 
  • She asks you if you like flavored milk and you’re like “Um, yeah it’s pretty good!! But I just moved in so I’m only getting like,,, normal stuff right now”
  • “Moved in?” she tilts her head up at you and you nod and tell her you moved here from a far away place 
  • And she’s about to answer when you hear someone shouting her name and she goes “That’s my dad!!” 
  • So you both follow the voice and she calls him name when she sees him and he looks over with these wide eyes and jogs over
  • And he’s apologizing to you over and over but his eyes are on Soobin as he alternates between saying sorry and scolding her for running off 
  • And you’re like “Oh!! It’s,,, it’s okay,,,” but you’re a little taken aback because woah this dude looks young and like,,, really handsome 
  • “Soobin seriously you can’t keep running off like that,” Jihoon sighs as he crouches down in front of her, round glasses perched on the tip of his nose and his daughter uses the hand that’s not clutching your to push them back off
  • “But I made a new friend daddy!” she tells him and for the first time, Woozi looks at you fully 
  • And he’s immediately stunned by how,,, cute,,, you are and immediately stands up, clearing his throat nervously 
  • “Ah… sorry again, thank you for bringing her back to me,” he says quickly and you smile at him and tell him it was no problem
  • He introduces himself as Lee Jihoon and his daughter as Lee Soobin and you tell him your name and Soobin all matter of factly tells her dad that you’re new in town and insists that you shop with them
  • She tells you that his friends call him “Woozi” all the time and he’s like “Soobin Do Not”
  • And she just does her puffy-cheeked, hands-on-hips, fake-deep-voice impression of him and goes “Soobin Do Not” and it makes you and her both laugh
  • And it’s really cute because while Wooz is a bit shy to talk to you, his daughter as no problem keeping the conversation alive and asks you a million questions
  • But they’re all typical little kid questions like “What’s your favorite color?” and “What’s your favorite dog?” and “What’s your job?”
  • Every time you answer, she tells you her favorite, as well as Jihoon’s favorite too and like,,, she knows her dad so well it’s so cute,,,
  • When she tells you her dad is a “Pronumsher” and he gently corrects her and says it’s “Producer” you tell them both that it’s a very impressive career
  • And his ears turn a bit red as he looks away with a small smile and goes “ah,,, not really but thank you,,,” 
  • And after a few more questions Soobin is hmmmmming loudly as she tries to think of another one before she finally almost shouts “Ah! What’s your boyfriend’s name?”
  • You laugh a bit at her expression because it looks like she just had a revelation and kindly tell her you don’t have a boy or girlfriend and you don’t notice Jihoon side-eye you subtly when you say that
  • And after you finish your shopping and are saying goodbye, Soobin suddenly grabs your hand again and goes “I wanna play with you again!!” 
  • You look up at Jihoon a bit flustered and he hesitates before saying “Maybe,, since you’re new and all,,, we could give you a tour or something soon?” 
  • So you exchange numbers with Woozi and you go home and although you think about him from time to time the next couple days because he really was pretty cute you try to focus on unpacking
  • Besides,,, you doubted he was single and even if he was, he sounded busy,,, like a producer with a young daughter probably isn’t the guy looking looking for someone to date 
  • But after about a week, you see a text from him appear on your phone saying that he has a free day this weekend if you wanted him and Soobin to show you around
  • You paused for a moment, biting your lip and debating if you wanted to go through with it when you were certain you would just wind up forming a crush on the guy,,, but you agreed finally and worked out the details on where you guys were going to meet 
  • He lived in a small house about a block away from yours and you agreed to go meet him there the next day 
  • It was a sleepy kind of day, the sky gray (but you had checked three times to make sure it wasn’t going to left) and fog lingering in the hills, and you couldn’t help but feel nervous when you stood on Jihoon’s porch
  • You took a deep breath and knocked, smiling a little when you heard Soobin shout your name from the other side
  • Jihoon opened the door with Soobin clinging to his leg, a smile on her face as she looked up at you 
  • You greeted them both and stepped aside when Jihoon motioned for you to come in, and couldn’t help but grin a little when you saw the living room
  • It was clear that there was plenty of Jihoon’s personality in the room, a fireplace with the mantle decorated in photos and little statuettes, a TV hanging above that, little plants and ferns spread around to make the room smell a bit nicer, comfortable couches and a marble coffee table, big bookshelves lined with thick novels, a keyboard in the corner  a nice rug under all the furniture,,,
  • But there was definitely a child living here too, made obvious by the fact that the bottom two shelves on every bookshelf was full of children’s books, CDS, and movies, the photos of him and Soobin and some unfamiliar boys everywhere, the fact the one branch on both the ferns had a pink ribbon tied to it, the parenting books that took up an entire shelf, the toys on the floor, the princess blanket thrown on the couch, the stickers on the keyboard legs, the cluster of notebooks and dolls on the coffee table,,, it was too cute dammit 
  • “Sorry for the mess,” Jihoon apologizes and you wave it away
  • “You apologize to me too much, Jihoon,” you teased and found yourself completely charmed by the pink that formed on his cheeks. “Besides, I have friends who have kids too, this is clean compared to their houses”
  • He laughed a bit at that and told Soobin to go grab her coat from her room while he showed you the house
  • Just like the living room, although all the rooms showcased nice furniture and plenty of glimpses into Jihoon’s personality, it was still obvious that he was a dedicated father with a bright and enthusiastic daughter 
  • Soobin ran out with her red jacket on and took one of your hands and one of Jihoon’s and announced that she was ready to go and both you and him melted a bit at that 
  • With Soobin chatting up a storm again and demanding answers from the both of you, you and Woozi found that the air between you guys was much more comfortable that it was before 
  • Although you both turned bright red when a couple of older ladies complimented what a cute family the three of you made,,
  • But overall the day was just,,, so much fun 
  • You guys walked around downtown so he could point out all the good shops and restaurants, and Soobin insisted that you guys stop inside the bookstore so she could pick one out and she made you crouch down next to her as she stared at the bottom row of books because she wanted your opinion on what one to get
  • And when you all stopped to get some frozen yogurt she got a little on your nose and you wiped it off with a napkin and cleaned her hands up too and Jihoon felt himself soften at the sight 
  • When you went to the park, you and Jihoon were able to watch from a bench and get to know each other a little, and he told you about his tight knit group of friends that Soobin called her uncles and about his job
  • He casually mentioned “Typically one of them will watch them when I’m busy because they know being a single parent is hard” and you were like oh :) so :) he’s :) single :) huh :)
  • But you sympathized with him and he started asking about your job and where you moved from 
  • You two only stopped talking when Soobin called for you guys to look at her and when she finally ran up to you and grabbed onto your knees and said she was ready to go 
  • And when she was holding both your hands again, the three of you were off
  • After a long day of exploring, you guys decided to head back to Jihoon’s house, him offering you inside for dinner, and when Soobin gave you a hopeful look,,, you couldn’t say no
  • It helped that you really wanted to keep talking to Woozi too,,, he was just such an interesting person?? And so nice to you??? And really sweet with his daughter like,,,
  • When you arrived at Jihoon’s, Soobin sat in your lap and watched TV with you as Jihoon began to cook dinner, and it was clear she was starting to get a bit tired as she leaned her head against her shoulder
  • You caught Woozi looking over at the two of you with a smile from time to time and you always gave him a smile back, your heart fluttering a bit at the sight of him 
  • When he called that the food was done, you carried the sleepy Soobin to the table and smiled when she tried to wake herself up a bit to eat by shaking her head rapidly 
  • You and Jihoon did most of the talking during dinner, Soobin too tired and too busy eating to chime in very much
  • After dinner, Jihoon asked if you would stick around and wait while he put her to bed, and you agreed, returning to the couch to scroll through your phone and wait 
  • Jihoon returned once Soobin was asleep with juice boxes, saying he didn’t keep any wine in the house unless it was a brand meant for cooking so this would have to do instead
  • But instead of being annoyed, you laughed and tapped boxes with him while saying a small “cheers” and he found himself smiling to himself as you sipped from the outrageously tiny drink 
  • You guys talked for a long time after that, about anything and everything that came into mind, trying to keep quiet so as to not wake his daughter 
  • It wasn’t until the clock hit ten that either of you realized how late it was and you figured you should probably head home
  • As you were putting your coat on, you could see the hesitation in Jihoon’s face and asked him what he was thinking about
  • “Listen, (y/n)…” he said, taking a deep breath and you tilted your head. “I know we didn’t meet that long ago, and that me having a daughter complicates things for a lot of people I’m interested in, but I think you’re a really great person and I was wondering if you want to go on a date sometime?”
  • What else could you do but smile and eagerly say yes?

A/N: Let me know if you guys wanna see more single dad Jihoon, or anything else really because my requests are currently open!!

babies that Sunday has rescued (so far):

a messy, paranoid little raccoon named Lucifer (name picked by Felix - he is afraid of raccoons but did eventually come around “just this once”)

a loyal black fox named King (if Sunday picked favourites, he’d be the favourite, but she does not pick favourites)

and a grouchy little old Sphynx named Ozymandias (Maverick picked that name out. Felix holds strong in his belief that he is grouchy because he has no hair)

all once found injured or sick in some way, but nursed back to health and given a home. the local vet has started calling Sunny the owner and operator of brindleton bay’s first zoo.

The first candlenights without Magnus

he’s always on wood chopping duty for the fireplace because sure, they could magic it, but it’s more fun to watch him, and for safety reasons they make his dogs stay inside, so that first year all of his dogs are waiting by the door for him to come back from the cold and stomp the snow off his boots and make the house warm, but he doesn’t

instead, they get kravitz who’s always kind but distant to them and they don’t understand why he is here and their magnus is not but they take the food he gives them and accept the gentle pats he gives them on the head and then return to their post at the front door, which is where they still are the next day when davenport resolutely cleans up the morning breakfast still turning to mould in magnus’ sink and sits in the chair beside the empty one that smells of pine sap and hot metal and says things none of the dogs can quite understand, except that he says the name that means home to them

the third day of their guarding the door is when lup comes, and despite their worry they wag their tails because lup means treats and running through the snow and a much needed lightness, and they’re confused at the way she takes them out to run through the yard but stays perfectly still herself, and there are tears in her eyes when she kneels down to let them lick her face, and although she seems a little better when barry who remembers all of their names comes the next day, it’s beginning to dawn on the dogs that something has gone wrong

angus comes the next day, and they can’t jump up to his shoulders like they could before but he still has just as much time for them, in between methodical unboxing of decorations and conversations held just a little too loudly for the old house and while the dogs lie in the coat room together the house transforms around them, and the smell of magic hangs in the air alongside the beautifully carved candlenights decorations. they don’t move, not to eat or stretch or sniff around, not even the pregnant dog their magnus called Daisy, until lucretia comes, because they understand on some level that this human ought to be treated gently, the same way their magnus treated some of them who could no longer manage stairs or playing like puppies could. they rest their heads on her legs, when she sits down in the filling up living room, and she scratches them behind the ears and the people around her keep her there when she moves to help, which suits the dogs just fine

it’s been a week since they started waiting for their magnus, when the door opens in a rush and little dwarven hands tug their tails while larger ones bat them away, and merle’s familiar beard brushes up against their noses as they greet him and all his little grandchildren, and the house feels active, and there’s a smell of all kinds of tasty things as lup rolls up her sleeves and gets to work alongside her little kitchen helpers, and a few of the younger dogs curl up by the warmth of the stove and watch, and as the day wears on they grow to understand that this is an Important day to the friends of their magnus, and that there are meant to be more hands helping, another voice in the din

the lights from outside grow long and dim around them, and the door opens on the elf who gives them all the best table scraps and they haven’t seen him since their magnus started falling asleep in his chair rather than climb the steps to bed, and although he lets them sniff at his fingers and lick at the burns and cuts that cover them, there is something markedly changed in his eyes, his voice. He doesn’t bend down to pet them, and he doesn’t move from the little coat room, not even when the other elf comes in. He stiffens as she speaks, replies with barks too loud and sharp, that make the dogs whimper, and then the both of them are shouting, and by the time the dogs look up again the front door has been left open to the howling dark cold. the dogs know this much; their magnus is not inside with them, and must therefore be out there in the horrible chill. they know, too, that he would never leave one of them behind, and so those of them with the keenest noses, even Daisy with her belly full of pups, venture out to find him

taako stays outside, letting the tips of his ears go from cold to painful to numb in the snowy dark and shaking with words he is not ready to say, until he hears a howling in the snow. he follows it, half looking for an excuse to yell at the others, to be angry at himself, to put all of this somewhere, until he finds them. four dogs in all, three gathered around the one lying down in the bitter cold, and she’s breathing so strangely and- oh. he doesn’t have time to call merle, he’d left his stone of farspeech inside along with his cloak, doesn’t have his bearings well enough to run there and back, and like it or not this dog is ready to give birth. so, he rolls up his sleeves and gathers up everything in his head and forces himself to focus on what’s in front of him

angus is the one who notices the dogs missing, barry is the one who does a quick headcount to confirm it, kravitz opens a rift and checks their home, the school, the caravan, lup paces with restless energy, davenport plans as the snow outside turns to a storm, merle keeps everyone calm, and lucretia opens the door to taako, slightly covered in blood and leading with him four very much alive dogs. he lets his head drop into the crook of her shoulder as the others gather around, and from underneath his shirt he pulls out a little lump of shaking and heat and the wettest little nose, and he barely has time to announce that he’s decided to name it Magnus before he starts to cry, and he doesn’t stop. in the end, the goose turns out a little overcooked, and he teases lup about it while they’re all sat in the little living room. she teases him back, one hand wrapped around barry’s and the other holding a glass of the Famous Burnsides Eggnog. it’s too quiet for any of their liking, and the room is cold without the firewood, but they’re gathered as much as they can be, and when the room falls silent taako rises to his feet, and clears his throat, and opens his mouth when he is interrupted by a little howl coming from the dog bed under the empty chair, and before he can think to clamp his mouth shut he finds himself muttering ‘figures he’d ruin my kickass speech about him even from the grave’ and they find themselves laughing in relief. the rest of the night is equal parts candlenights and eulogy, each of them exchanging a gift for a story about their favourite things magnus did, or the strangest, or the most embarrassing, and as the storm rages on outside they laugh and cry and hold each other the way he’d have held them all, and feel like maybe, even without him, it’s going to be alright

anonymous asked:

Hi I’m the anon where you replied and said if we send a sentence you could see what au fic you good do... “I’ve been in love with you for so long” Don’t know if you can do anything with that. Xx

The thing is, Robert’s not in this situation because he wants to be.


It just happened and he couldn’t stop himself.

And it didn’t help that Aaron was the way he was, the broody unfeeling type with heavy shoulders and smouldering looks and the inability to say what he actually thought.

So, here Robert was, finally moving on and preparing to propose to his girlfriend, attempting to forget the fact that he has loved the stupid idiot for the last ten years of his life.

He’s presses a hand down on his suit and gulps hard as he sights himself in the mirror. He’s a mess of a man really, cheeks flushed and eyes wide and his hair is all over the place.

He should be happy, should be certain that Chrissie is the absolute one. But she’s not *him.

She’s not the lad who he was supposed to hate when he was a teenager yet ended up becoming infatuated with.

She’s not the boy who punched a bully in the face for teasing Robert about having no mates.

She’s not the idiot who stuck around and wouldn’t leave and then went and came out as gay and made Robert watch bloke after bloke leave him heartbroken.

Robert hitches a breath and remembers all of them, not one was actually worthy of him and he remembers the nights he spent telling Aaron the exact same thing.

It all fell on deaf eyes though, and then Aaron would do something daft.

He had a real bad habit of doing that.

He’d get wasted, really out of his head, mind numbingly drunk and he’d kiss Robert on the mouth and say things.

He’d say mad things, things Robert used to fucking dream about.

It happened three nights ago.

Some shitface called Alex just so happened to have a boyfriend already and neglected to tell Aaron. So they’d had this massive fight and Aaron had somehow landed on Robert’s sofa and cried his eyes out.

“Maybe, maybe I should stop trying.” Aaron had slurred, thick black hair curling from sweat and his eyes falling over Robert’s. “They’re not as amazing as you are they?”

And it made Robert feel like he couldn’t breathe, sitting there with low joggers on and no top and a mess on top of his head called hair.

He didn’t say anything, almost couldn’t and then Aaron was leaning towards him and he was smelling the alcohol on his breath and he knew it wasn’t honest.

Nothing was when Aaron was like this.

“Aaron, just sleep it off.” He told him, had to as he tried to move off of the sofa. But Aaron grabbed his arm and then placed a hand on Robert’s chest and let out a soft sigh and then he was dragging Robert down and looking at him.

“You’d never hurt me.” Aaron whispered, looked so sincere as he shook his head and then he was pressing his face against Robert’s. “My best mate.” He said, and Robert was a coward, a fool, an absolute mug for letting it happen, but he let Aaron kiss him.

And it wasn’t like it hadn’t happened before, it had happened a total of three times actually, but -

This was different.

Because Aaron was so much more tender, so much more soft and delicate and Robert closed his eyes for a second and just let it be.

Aaron was moving his hands up and down Robert’s chest and making him shudder and Robert -

He just let himself almost be wanted and it felt good, until Aaron was pulling away and smiling softly and then laughing about it and Robert felt his heart crumble a little.

“You taste nice.” He mumbled out lazily and then frowned because yeah Robert couldn’t hide the way he felt like Aaron was mocking what just happened, and then he was holding his hand. “Love you.”

And Robert was back to not being able to breathe again. ’

Robert reminds himself that what happened was in the past already, it was boxed off and he couldn’t touch it.

Because, he is with someone. Chrissie White, gorgeous, talented, what he needs really and he is jumping the gun with the whole proposal thing but it would work out in the long - run and he’d be happy.

Robert hears the door click open and in he walks. He’s not expecting him, but Aaron’s never cared about formalities and nods at Robert before coming towards the kitchen where he’s standing.

Aaron looks at him up and down and smiles. “You got a hot date with fancy pants then?” And that’s what Aaron calls her, even though he’s fully aware of who she is now. He’s met her, well accidentally had, bursted in whilst Robert was in the middle of having sex with her and cut everything short.

Robert doesn’t like to think he did it on purpose, because that’s hopeless.

Robert adjusts his cufflinks and Aaron sighs.

“Look, if this is about the other night then -”

Robert raises his head, he’s been here before too. Aaron denying almost everything, telling Robert that he was blind drunk and not responsible for his actions and treating it all like some massive laugh. It worked when they were nineteen, not now, not when Robert’s nearly thirty years old.

“You had no clue what was going on? I could have been anyone? You’re not responsible for your -”

Aaron’s eyes widen, “Hey, will you chill out?”

Robert huffs out a breath, “No. Not really.” He says, isn’t even aware of how angry he really is. Aaron steps forward and Robert hates how sorry he’s made him feel, because Aaron -

He’s the best bloke in the world.

He’s got the biggest heart and the best hugs and the softest smile. It’s just when it comes to Robert, it’s almost like he can’t say what he wants, what he *feels.

Aaron clicks his jaw. “I didn’t come here to have a go?” He’s saying, “I wanted to clear the air.” He’s saying and Robert just nods, and then he’s asking Aaron to leave and it’s clear that Aaron doesn’t want to go anywhere yet he does, he turns towards the door and Robert feels something frazzle inside his chest.

“I’m asking Chrissie to marry me Aaron.” He blurts out, and Aaron stops dead.

He has his head towards the floor and he doesn’t move for a good few minutes before he’s raising his head and frowning at Robert.

He looks perplexed, angry almost but the hurt is there, it’s punched right across his face and Robert latches onto it.

“What?” Aaron chokes out. “Her?”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s - she’s not right for you.” Aaron shrugs his shoulders, and pulls a face. “You must know that.”

“So who is?” And he’s suddenly brazen about things, he’s not the geeky teenager who followed the popular kid around school, the one with mates and the title of captain of the football team. He’s older, he’s braver and Aaron’s almost reversed.

Aaron suddenly looks towards the floor and Robert knows he has to speak now, has to say everything otherwise he’ll never get the chance to again.

“Aaron,” Robert whispers, has a hand in his pocket and gulps as Aaron meets his eyes. “I - never wanted to tell you this, never thought it would make a damn difference, it probably still won’t but -” he shudders and Aaron’s eyes are wet. “But I need to try, I need to know if - if you feel the same.”

And the air is so heavy.

“I want to know, I - need to know if you feel this too. If - if seeing me makes your heart feel like it’s about to *burst or something, like - I don’t know,” he’s babbling and Aaron’s just staring at him wide eyed. “I’m the only one who properly understands you and -”

Aaron steps even closer towards him and Robert apologises for going on.

“I’ve been in love with you for so long.” He blurts out, “And before I go and really try and forget that then I need to know it’s just me, it’s just been me for years and years and that you don’t mean the things you say when you’re drunk and -”

Aaron just doesn’t say a word, just like he can’t possibly say anything back and Robert waits for a second, and then drifts off, stops speaking, stops *trying and he ignores the way Aaron’s got tears in his eyes.

He’s done all he can.

Robert clears his throat and takes a step back, “I’ll - I’ll let Chrissie know to meet me at the restaurant.”

And then he’s wiping at his eyes, feeling this odd feeling course through him because he’d dreamt about this happening, about rejection, but they’d always been this glimmer of relief to not have the feelings all to himself anymore.

He doesn’t feel relief now.

He thinks about it all as he heads for the door, and then he’s hearing Aaron say something.

“I’ve always been scared of loving you too much.”

And Robert turns his head.

Aaron’s standing there, tears streaming down his face and voice shaky. He’s holding his hands up and pulling them through his hair.

“Always. Always knew it would land me in trouble, and I’d end up hurting ya. So I tried to stop it but - sometimes I couldn’t and it’d pour out.” Aaron looks utterly devastated suddenly. “But I wasn’t strong enough to let you know what was really going on in here.” He points to his head and sighs.

“Tell me.” Robert whispers heavily, eyes wide.

“It’s too late.” Aaron shudders, shakes his head slowly. “You really deserve someone who isn’t - isn’t like me. Who can just - love you without being terrified of what it might mean.”

Robert frowns, bites his lip. “What are you afraid of?”

“It’s you, you’re - you’re everything that everyone else isn’t. And I’ll only let you down, I’ll only muck it up and ruin us.”

“You wouldn’t.” Robert says hastily, eyes wide as he comes towards Aaron.

Aaron scoffs, “I would.” He whispers, “It’s too late anyway.”

And Robert, he comes closer and he looks straight at Aaron and he shudders. “It’s not too late.”

Aaron suddenly looks like there’s this ray of hope and his eyes glimmer with something. “Yeah?” He says, like he can’t believe it.

Robert nods, blows out a breath. “Just kiss me you stupid idiot.” And Aaron does, almost pounces on Robert really and he’s actually sober and it’s actually light outside and the sun is shining.

It’s sweet and soft and then passionate and filled with something Robert only ever imagined.

When they pull away Aaron has a hand over Robert’s chest, “Can you ring posh knickers and tell her that you’re going to be busy for a few hours.” He says, slithers a hand down Robert’s chest and makes the older man smile. “And then even more than that, for as long as you’ll have me.”

“For as long as I want you?” Robert whispers, and Aaron nods like he’s a flipping child, eyes gleaming and the heavy insecurities he just blurted out seem to have fucked off for a minute or so.

Forever then, Robert seals the thought with a kiss and everything else is forgotten.


Why do I tear up every single time we get footage of Team Peach clearly so smitten with each other. There is so much love and warmth and affection between these sweet, intelligent, talented people and they’re so lovely together. Argh ❤️

i’ll be holding on to you [stenbrough]

pairing; bill denbrough & stan uris

fandom; it (2017)

word count; 4776

prompt; The losers are dying to see just how long it will take two of their closest friends to crack and finally admit that they’re dying to be together. All it takes is a little meddling and a bet to make things interesting.

the losers are 17.

(Hi!! This is my first fic for this fandom and as you can see, I went a little overboard. This is the longest one shot I have ever written and I am really proud of it! If the characters are a little out of character at some points I apologize but I’m learning and hopefully I can get them right eventually. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!)

The last day of their junior year came with many conclusions. The losers would soon have to start thinking about the more important aspects of their futures like college and finally moving away from the fucked up town they called home.

They had mutually decided that the best way to kick off their summer vacation would be to relax and kick back at the quarry. Their boisterous laughter could be heard from a hundred yards away, but they didn’t care. They had been free of the darkness for a little less than two years and they would be damned if they couldn’t have a little bit of fun over their summer break.

Mike, Ben, Beverly, Richie, and Eddie sat up on the cliff of the quarry, four of the teens carefully observing the two boys relaxing in the water. Bill threw his head back in laughter as Stan splashed him, the water hitting him square in the face. Smiles graced the faces of the two teens splashing about in the warm water of the quarry. Richie sighed dramatically in the silence on the cliff.

“What?” Ben asked from his place beneath a nearby tree, a book lying flat in his lap.

“It’s so sad.” Richie said as he leaned against a boulder nestled deep in the soil, Eddie settled next to him with Richie’s arm thrown around his shoulders. Bev looks over from her spot where she’s sun bathing, catching the glare of the sun in the lenses of her sunglasses.

“What is?”

“They’re so in love but they don’t even see it.” He dramatically places a hand over his heart and observes as Stan turns to start swimming back to the shore, Bill immediately taking this as an opportunity to dunk the smaller boy underneath the water.

“Yeah. They’re practically Romeo and Juliet, Richie.” Eddie retorts, turning his head to glare up at Richie who only smiles in return.

“Eds, look at them! You can’t fake that kind of chemistry!” They sit in wonder, watching as Stan shoves Bill backward when he resurfaces, making his way toward the shore again. Their joyous laughter can be heard from up on the cliff and a smile is now found on the rest of the loser’s faces.

“First, don’t call me that, you know I hate it. Second, let’s assume you’re right. Let them figure it out for themselves.” Richie shushed him, placing his free hand over Eddie’s mouth. The younger boy wriggled next to him and desperately pried his hand away from his face, screeching about the germs Richie must have on them.

“Sh. Guys listen. We’ve known Bill and Stan for a while, right? We all—well, most of us—can see how in love these two are with each other! Someone has to crack eventually, right? So what I am proposing here is that we place a little bet to see just how long it takes them to crack. Who’s with me?” Richie had shot up onto his feet whilst giving this over dramatic speech, the rest of the losers watching him with an eyebrow raised.

“How is this supposed to help?” Mike inquired from next to Ben beneath the tree.

“Mikey, my man, listen; no one said it was supposed to help. It’s a classic bet. We all choose when we think they’ll finally give in and whoever’s closest wins. Losers pay up five bucks each.” He could hear the other two getting closer and he was running out of time. “The clock’s a-ticking, people. What’ll it be? In or out?”

The rest of the losers all shared a glance, mutually deciding what the hell, might as well see where this goes. The nodding he gets in return causes Richie to triumphantly pump his fist through the air. “Place your bets, losers. I’m gonna go ahead and say… two months.”

“One month.” Bev said.

“Two weeks from today.” Mike.

“By next Friday.” Ben.

“Tomorrow!” Eddie exclaimed, caught up in the excitement, four pairs of eyes falling on him. “Damn.”

“Alright, and there will be no meddling allowed. May the best loser win!” Richie finished just as Stan and Bill could be seen hiking up the path the reach them again, hair drenched from the salty water of the quarry.

“Wh-what are you guys t-talking about?” Bill asked, shaking his hair out much like a wet dog would, Stan right behind him. Stan let out a shriek, shoving Bill away from him, grinning all the while. Beverly shook her head at her ex-boyfriend and the pair decided to shrug it off.

“So in love.” Richie whispered to Eddie, nudging him in the side with his elbow.

“What?” Stan and Bill asked in unison, identical expressions of confusion etched onto their faces.

“What?” Richie shrugged, turning away from them and returning to his place next to Eddie in front of the boulder.

The first of the losers to break the only rule was, no surprise, Eddie. He supposed he was desperate, having estimated the first and only time frame he could think of, so he assumed desperation would be his best friend for the time being. It was Saturday, the day immediately following the placing of the bet, and Eddie was running out of time fast. He could easily envision that tiny hourglass in his mind, slowly but surely, draining itself of the golden traces of sand. Tick tock goes the clock, Eds.

Eddie Kaspbrak was a lot of things; a hypochondriac, a loser, an asthmatic, nervous, but a quitter he was not. Which is why when Stanley offered for him to join him while he went bird watching the day before, he agreed ecstatically, but he had a plan brewing.

Eddie had showed up on Bill’s doorstep at noon the following day, knocking with newfound pride. “HHey, Eddie, wh-what’s up?” The stutterer asked, stepping outside and gently closing the door behind him.

“Oh, you know, the sky. Listen I need a favor. Yesterday at the quarry, Stan asked me to go bird watching with him and I agreed but shoot! I forgot I have an appointment today!” Eddie chuckled, sitting on the porch steps and looking back at the taller boy with his chin resting in his hand.

“A-An appointment?” Bill asked in disbelief, Eddie nodded. “What for?”

“Well, you know me, hypochondriac and all. It’s something new every day. What do ya say?” He slapped his palms down on his shorts and stood abruptly, turning to face Bill fully, leaning against one of the wooden beams coming down from the roof.

“Yeah, I-I-I can do th-that.” Bill’s cheek seemed to heat up at the realization of what he’s agreed to and Eddie saw it, smirking slightly.

“Thank you, and give my regards to Stanley, please!” Eddie shouted, already running back down the path and toward where he threw his bike on the ground. He waved back at Bill who still stood on his porch, watching the smaller teen pedal away, nearly crashing into a wooden post as he did so.

An hour or so later, Eddie could be spotted crouched behind various trees and bushes, spying on two of his best friends. He rested his chin in the palm of his hand, watching the two so called ‘lovebirds’ from a distance. He observed the grin that would stretch across Stanley’s face as he leaned against a tree trunk, pointing out various winged beauties and describing them to Bill. That was when Eddie saw what Richie had been talking about for himself.

Each time Stan looked away to watch the trees again, Bill’s eyes trained on his face. Even at first glance, anyone could tell just how much adoration Bill held for the other teen. A soft smile played at his lips and each time Stan looked back at him, he would turn away fast enough to snap his own neck, cheeks burning. It was then, when he looked away, that Stan’s eyes would glisten in the midday sun, a small smile resting on his face.

Eddie would admit to feeling a little odd about spying on his friends to no one but himself. Although, his only prayer at that moment was that somebody would break the tension between them. Then, he could rub it in the other loser’s faces when they met up again, but only if the pair in question were the ones to bring up the news. He wouldn’t dare let anyone know he was cheating.

His hopes burn out when he notices Stan and Bill walking in his direction. “Shit.” He hissed, standing abruptly and jogging back up the way he had came, hopping on his bike. It’s a good thing he already knew what being a loser felt like.

The second of the losers to break the one rule Richie had set in place was Mike. He waited the appropriate amount of time, he thinks, to devise his plan. Delivering meat doesn’t offer much in terms of a social life but occasionally, he’ll hear certain things that catch his attention. This particular piece of information he had overheard had been about a party on the other side of town. He decided it was the perfect time to set his plan in motion.

“Do I have to go?” Eddie asked, leaning his head on Richie’s shoulder as he pouted. Mike smirked from across the room, arms coming up to fold over his chest.

“Yes, we’re all going. It’s just a party and it’s summer, live a lil’.” He sat down on the loveseat next to Bill.

“Fine. Who has a party two weeks after school gets out, anyway? And on a Thursday? What kind of world do we live in?”

“Come on, Eds. I think it’ll be fun.” Richie grinned, leaning down to press his lips against Eddie’s cheek. The teen smiled softly and glanced up at Richie.

“Don’t call me that, Tozier.” Eddie said, tucking his legs under his chin as they sat on the sofa immediately adjacent to the loveseat, Stanley at Richie’s other side, rolling his eyes.

“I’m with Trashmouth on this one,” Beverly spoke up from her place in front of Ben. “When was the last time any of us were invited to a party?”

“Stan’s Bar Mitzvah.” Eddie said.

“That was definitely not a party.” Richie chuckled, wincing when Stan punched him in the arm.

“You didn’t have to go, Richie!” Stan replied defensively as he crossed his arms, huffed and turned away from the pair.

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Bev pointed out, sighing dramatically. “I’m just saying, I think it might be nice to go out and have a little bit of fun. It’s summer, let loose.” The group collectively shared glances with each other, coming to a somewhat mutual decision.

“Wh-When do we leave?”

The seven teens arrived at the unfamiliar house later that night, Mike and Beverly practically skipping up the sidewalk from the truck they had arrived in. They had their arms locked, joy in their eyes as they watched the lights that flickered from inside the house. The group had been anticipating this moment ever since Mike had brought it up earlier that day, and some of the antics a few members showed had been mistaken for excitement. All except for Eddie’s, he had made his opinion on the get-together known numerous times.

“I still say this is stupid.” Eddie said as he walked beside Stanley who he knew had mutual feelings about the situation. “I mean, who knows. Somebody in there could be sick and they could sneeze on me and I’m very prone to that shit, you know? … I think maybe I’ll stay out here. In the nice, fresh, clean air.” The large house was overflowing with people, a vast amount of them gathered outside in the front and backyards.

The immortal words of Eye of the Tiger flowed out to where Stan had been standing, feet planted on the ground. He assumed he was frozen out of fear and anxiety. This party was his biggest fear come true. He hadn’t realized he’d stopped moving until something touched his shoulder.

“A-Are you okay?” Bill asked, smiling sweetly at him and Stan felt his cheeks grow hot.

“Y-Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. I’m fine. Great, even. How are you?” Stan asked, turning his body to face the other teen, pushing a few curls away from his eyes for better vision. Bill’s hand fell from his shoulder, sliding down his arm until he reached the other boy’s hand, lightly grazing it.

“I’m good.” Bill chuckled, a soft smile on his face. Stan smiled back and lowered his head, staring at his shoes. “I-I’m gonna head inside, wanna c-come?” Stan nodded, following the slightly shorter boy up the lawn, shaking his head as if to rid himself of the thoughts swirling in his head.

As Stan and Bill travelled up the span of grass and into the house, the other five standing off to the side, observing the interaction. “I think tonight’s the night, fellas.” Mike said from his place propped against the side of the house. “Might as well pay up now.”

“Not so fast, Micycle.” Ben spoke up, pointing an accusing finger at the older teen. “Bet’s not over until someone makes a move or they tell us they’re together. You haven’t won shit yet.”

“Yeah, we all have to see it.” Richie informed as if it weren’t obvious enough at that point, throwing his arm around Eddie’s waist and pulling him closer, pressing a lingering kiss to his cheek, jawline, and neck making the smaller boy blush noticeably.

“Get a room, you two.” Beverly snickered at the pair and began making her way up the porch steps, squeezing through the crowd of people with Ben at her side.

“She’s just jealous she’s not as happy as we are, Edward Spaghedward.” Richie grinned, moving in to mold their lips together only to have Eddie dodge his lips, arm dropping from his waist.

“You’re revolting.” Eddie snarked, trying his best to portray annoyance but the smile on his face gave him away. Mike rolled his eyes at the couple, watching Richie follow Eddie around the side of the house, and then making his way into the house to seek out the other four losers.

“Mike!” Beverly shouted to him when he was able to track her down, her voice barely audible over the music. “I was wondering if you were ever going to make it inside! This was your brilliant idea after all!” She said, nudging him with her elbow as she took a swig from the beer she was clutching. Ben came walking through a doorway a few seconds after that, a beer matching Beverly’s in his right hand.

“Where’d you get those?” Mike asked and followed Ben’s hand as he pointed toward the doorway he had just come from.

“Through the doorway, down the hallway, last room on the left. In the kitchen.” He informed the other teen, sending Mike to trek in the direction he carefully laid out. As he made his way down the hallway, the music seemed to grow softer and softer until it was a gentle hush, the beat humming through the floors. An obnoxiously loud ‘ha-ha’ erupted from the room to his left and he peered in.

Bill had positioned himself on the counter, a hand slapped over his mouth as he tried to suppress the cackle threatening to rip through him. Stan sat at the table, a shit-eating grin covering his face as he rearranged the flowers in the vase. “St-stop, o-oh my God!”

“What?” He asked innocently with a smile, eyes twinkling and stood up, walking toward the fridge. He fidgeted for a moment before deciding to organize the magnets plastered on the surface.

“Don’t play so innocent, St-Stanley,” Bill remarked, pointing an accusing finger in Stan’s direction. “You know wh-what you did.” And he did but he was slowly forgetting it by the second, the light buzz clouding his thoughts. Bill slid off the counter, walking toward the table and grabbing another beer out of the cooler that had been set there.

Stan finished rearranging the alphabetical magnets back in the order that they belonged and turned around, a fond expression on his face as he stood in front of the fridge and watched Bill dig through the ice for a bottle of beer. Mike still leaned against the wall, peering in slightly from the doorway, careful to go unnoticed by two of his closest friends. He felt a bit odd watching his friends from behind a wall, peering into their love life like this, but in his eyes it seemed to be a necessary evil.

“I think they’re all o-out over here, are there any i-in the fridge?” Bill turned around, locking eyes with Stanley. Stan lowered his head, gaze dropping down to stare at his feet, the lip between his teeth now his main source of concern as he chewed it nervously.

“I-I don’t know.” Stan stammered with his feet still planted firmly on the floor. It wasn’t until Bill had come to stand in front of him that he finally rose his gaze. Bill was smiling at him now and Stan felt as if he could collapse against the cool metal of the fridge to bring him back to reality. He thought he might be dreaming with the way Bill dropped his gaze down to his lips for a split second. It happened so fast Stan briefly thought he may have imagined it, but then he did it again and seemed to lean closer to him.

Suddenly, Bill’s hands are on either side of Stan’s face and their lips are being pressed together gently. Stan concludes with this that he is either dreaming or dead because there was absolutely no way that this was real life. Bill’s lips are warm in his and just as soft as he’d imagined but Bill had been drinking, the proof lingering on his baby-soft lips and leaving a disturbing taste in Stanley’s mouth.

Stan is the one to break the kiss, using his better judgement to decide for the both of them that this was just the alcohol, leaving Bill standing in the middle of the kitchen as he walked from the kitchen to the hallway. Mike had taken it upon himself to move to another room so as to not get caught spying. Given the way the events played out before him just moments ago, he decided that this shouldn’t be taken as a victory.

They all come to a mutual decision to leave the party within the hour.

Beverly decided that the best way to meddle was to not meddle at all, but to tell them straight away to 'cut the shit and work it out’. It was notable that the pair hadn’t been seen hanging out since the party two weeks earlier. Whenever one of them entered the room, the other would make an excuse to leave it. 'I just remembered that my dad said he needed to talk to me about something’, 'I should probably get home not it my parents will worry’, 'I forgot to feed my hamster’ or something along those lines.

The new development was beginning to put a strain on their group and Beverly was slowly starting to get annoyed because why couldn’t they just act like normal human beings for one minute? Why can’t they be civil and stay in the same room or vicinity for longer than three seconds? She finally decided that enough was enough and teamed up with Eddie to set a plan in motion.

“Hey, Stanny.” She chirped one afternoon at the quarry while they sat up on the cliff above the water. Neither one of them wanted to swim that day, and after a while the others had come up to join them.

“Hey, Bev.” He replied from his place on the boulder that he was sitting atop of. Beverly kept a close eye on the clearing, waiting for a certain stuttering 17 year old to make an appearance. Beverly decided that it would be Eddie’s job to convince Bill to come to the quarry with them (on the condition that Stan wouldn’t be there, which was an obvious lie), and he felt proud that he was successful in his task.

The unmistakable grinding of Silver’s chain as Bill came to a stop brought Beverly away from her thoughts as she smiled at the boy who was hopping off his bike. He wore a bright smile on his face as well as a pair of khaki shorts and the pale blue shirt that Stan had once said brought out his eyes, it was his favorite. The smile on his face had dropped noticeably as he approached his friends, Stan’s mouth hanging open as he slid off of the rock.

An awkward silence fell over the seven teenagers immediately, all conversations coming to a halt. As Richie had once remarked: “It’s almost like a terrible car crash. It’s awful and you know you should look away, but you just can’t.”

“I should rea—” Stan began just as Beverly threw her hands up and cutting Stan’s sentence off even though it was no surprise where it was headed.

“No!” Bev shouted causing the other six teens to jump slightly. “I don’t know what the hell is going on between the two of you. You were friends two weeks ago and then you just stop? Shit like this doesn’t just happen for no reason, so what is it?” She demanded, her gaze shooting from Bill to Stan, her hands planted firmly on her hips. Bill shoved his hands deep into the pockets, staring down at his feet, glancing up at Stanley. Beverly’s patience was beginning to wear thin in the silence that surrounded them.

Stan turned sharp on his heel, gathering the books he had brought along with him. He stood straight up and stared directly in front of him at Bill who now had his bottom lip between his teeth, gnawing on it. “Look, you have been pining after one another for months now and frankly I’m tired of waiting for someone to make the first move. So would you please just cut the shit and figure it out?” Bev asked, exasperated. Stan had his eyes fixed on her, surprised by the sudden burst from the girl and that she and all of his friends knew how he felt about the stuttering boy standing just ten feet in front of him.

Stan regained his composure seconds later, explaining that he needed to leave due to an obligation he had made to his father early on, which Beverly knew was crap but she rolled her eyes and waved him off. Eddie and Richie soon resumed their conversation, smiling awkwardly at each other while they did so since Beverly’s outburst had set an awkward tone, the same went for Mike and Ben.

As Stan marched past Bill he felt their shoulders brush together and tried to ignore the fluttering that enveloped his heart, shoving his books back into his bag and zipping the bag closed. He threw the straps over his shoulders and got on his bike, starting to head down the path they had come up. Bill hesitated for a moment before heading back over to his back and following Stanley.

Stan braked hard when they reached a clearing far enough from the rest of the losers, Bill pulling up next to him, getting back off of his bike and he watched Stan do seconds before him, letting his bike fall to the ground next to Stanley’s which was propped up on its stand. “What do you want from me?”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Bill asked innocently as Stan paced across the dirt floor of the woods, the white sides of his shoes becoming noticeably caked in the dirt he was mixing beneath his feet, ruining the cleanliness of his outfit.

“Oh, cut the bullshit, Bill! First you kiss me and then it’s like you can’t stand to be near me!” Stan asked and turned to face Bill fully, fists clenched at his sides. Bill could see the frustration burning behind his eyes, begging to be let free. “Just, help me understand, Bill. What is going on?” Stan was breathing heavily, the heat mixing with the fire that already sparked beneath his bones, his curls beginning to stick to his skin. It’s silent for a few moments before Bill speaks again.

“I-I was scared.” He begins, digging the toe of his shoe in the dirt, hands shoved back into his pockets as Stanley’s eyes burned holes into his head. “You pulled away, I thought I had ruined o-our friendship, I’m still not completely sure that I ha-hav-haven’t.” Bill said, stumbling slightly over his words. Stan’s eyes soften with this confession, taking a small step forward. Bill doesn’t seem to notice this new development, though, since his eyes are glued to his feet yet again. “I guess it was just the beer making me think you liked me back.”

“You’re joking, right?” Stan asks in astonishment. He takes another brave step forward, the tips of his shoes hitting Bill’s. “Are you seriously this dense?” Bill lifts his gaze at this, his face suddenly very close to Stanley’s. “I’m absolutely crazy about you.” Bill is smiling softly at the boy in front of him, the gentleness he displays is causing his heart to soar higher than he’s ever know before. Stan has a hand at the base of Bill’s neck, his thumb brushing lightly across the cheekbone on the left of Bill’s face, gulping visibly as he leaned closer to bring their lips together.

It’s a gentle brush of their lips at first and Bill feels his heart stop momentarily, limbs going numb before Stan pulls back slightly and the movement is enough to send a jolt through Bill’s body. He then has both of his hands on either side of Stan’s face and he’s pulling back in for a proper kiss, lips slotting together perfectly and meshing together as they move backward, Bill’s back hitting a tree and Stan swears he’s never felt more alive in his seventeen years of living.

Bill’s hands are cupping Stan’s cheeks while the latter’s hand make their way into Bill’s hair and he’s curving into him slightly and Bill swears he must have died at that moment. A gasp escapes him and he reluctantly pulls away from Stanley, resting their foreheads together. Stan has his eyes shut, brows furrowed slightly and Bill swears it’s one of the cutest things he has seen in a while. They stand there, pressed against the harsh bark of the tree for a minute or so before Stan breaks the silence.

“We should probably head back, and definitely do that again. Soon.” He grins and Bill nods, pressing another quick kiss to his lips.

A month later, the losers are sitting in Bill’s living room discussing their mutual hatred of the next school year that was rapidly approaching (well, all except Ben), and the only thing that had changed since before was the development between Stan and Bill. Stan still sits next to Bill only now their hands are linked together and the smiles on their faces are brighter than before.

They’ll share the occasional kiss and Richie can be heard gagging from across the room. “I won’t lie, I liked it better when you two were miserable and pining. At least then none had to suffer through watching you eat each other’s faces.” Richie had also won the bet by default. Beverly lost since the rest of the losers had mutually decided that what she (and Eddie) did was meddling at its finest.

“Like it’s any better when you and Eddie do it.” Bill defended, pulling his boyfriend closer with an arm around his shoulders and pressing lips to his hairline.

“Eddie and I save our face eating for the bedroom, thank you very much.” Richie explained and Eddie didn’t hesitate to punch his arm and scoot away from him, although he did my complain when Richie was wrapping his arms around Eddie’s waist and pulling him back into him, peppering kisses down Eddie’s neck and causing the smaller boy to squirm. Stan scrunched up his nose at the other couple, turning his attention back to Bill.

When all was  said and done, though, their friends were happy that the two teens no longer needed to wait for one another. They were content in living their lives just the way they were right then.

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bichie hcs???

yesss (they’re in high school for this)

- arcade boyfriends !

- richie used to beg bill to go to the arcade with him but bill thought it was kinda dumb and that they were way too old for it 

- when he eventually caved tho they literally spent hours there, they were basically glued to the street fighter machine because they’re both so competitive and will Not let the other get away with a higher score

- bill had the higher score at the end of the day (richie is such a sore loser he was p i s s e d) 

- bill kept kissing him all over his cheeks until he stopped pouting

- now like every second date is to the arcade (the staff all lowkey hate them because of all the swearing)

- since eighth grade-ish they’ve been the same height

- like, exactly the same height

- every now and then one of them would shoot up by half an inch and be so smug that they were taller, but then the other would grow the same amount

- seeing as EVERYTHING is a competition between them it became this whole thing- they would stand back to back and get the other losers to see who was taller this week

- eventually when their growth spurts kinda stopped and they hadn’t seen much change in a while, richie was taller by the tiniest amount

- they all made the verdict that richie was the tallest and he started calling bill ‘shortstack’

- bill full on ignored richie for two days afterwards

- richie is all for pda but bill’s not so big on it -he’s chill with hand holding and small kisses but he hates it when people are full on making out against the lockers- so it’s this constant battle of richie being all over bill at school and bill trying to shove him off

- ((he makes up for it later ifuknowwhatimean ;)))

- ((i mean they probably make out in the back seat of richie’s car))

- richie is ready to Step The Fuck Up whenever someone makes fun of bill’s stutter (he’s way more bark than bite though)

- the rest of the losers are their impulse control so when they’re alone to make they’re own decisions it can be dangerous

- “hey bill do you dare me to do a backflip off the roof?”

- “… i do”

- *stan yelling from two streets away* “NO HE DOES NOT”

- they borrow each other’s clothes without even asking, it gets to a point where half of richie’s clothes are at bill’s and half of bill’s clothes are at richie’s and everything’s just mixed up together

- that’s fine tho because richie’s at bill’s house a lot anyway 

- every time they try and sleep in the same bed one of them ends up on the floor because they both move around so much in their sleep 


- whenever bill’s parents are out for a night or a weekend, george demands that richie comes over (which he does without hesitation because he loves georgie as well) 

- richie is a bad influence and gets him hyped up on sugar and they roughhouse in the living room while bill is trying to cook dinner

- sometimes richie takes georgie on drives in his truck and they listen to his rock music and they get icecream or go play laser tag

- bill gets really confused when he walks in on georgie in the living room singing acdc and rocking an air guitar

- he tells richie off but he actually thinks it’s pretty great that his brother likes his boyfriend so much

- ONE TIME they’re watching a movie and georgie is cuddled up in between them and he tells richie that he wants him to marry bill and !! they both laugh and blush like crazy it’s so cute !!!

- they said ‘i love you’ to each other for the first time that night and !!

- bill was super nervous and was stuttering so bad he couldn’t get the words out and he looked like he was about to cry so richie just kissed him and said ‘i love you too’ and hsdfhja

- they just have so much fun!!! fun boyfriends !!!

I Know

My first Byeler fic! General warning for some period typical internal homophobia. Aged up characters. Romance. Jealousy. Coming out. 


Will was halfway back home when he decided he’d had enough. With a scowl on his face, and a tiny huff of frustration, he made a sloppy u-turn on a gravel drive and headed back in the direction from which he’d come, the Wheeler’s house, pedaling as fast as his legs could handle. By the time he’d made it back to their clean, middle class suburb (nothing like the run down, outskirts of town that Will called home), the sun was beginning to set and the lamplights and porch lights began their lazy parade of firing to life.

He wasn’t sure what he was going to do exactly, only knew that he was pissed off, his shoulders tense underneath the collar of his now sweat-soaked shirt, and he was either going to end up laying into Mike, or fleeing in terror at the first sight of him. If his past history was a factor, then it was a high probability for the latter.

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give us some streddie hcs b****

alright b****

❥ i headcanon this for stozier too but matching stick n pokes!! they have to get eddie very very drunk to have this occur but eddie learns to love his little bird and smiley face!! (richie has a little bird and a pill while stan has a pill and a smiley face)
❥ stan has the coldest feet and constantly is putting them on the back of richie and eddie’s legs when he’s annoyed that they hog all the covers
❥ !!! richie is a cuddler. he’s stan’s little spoon and eddie’s big spoon. but his favorite is probably between eddie and stan because then he gets both of his boys!!
❥ they argue over what pet to get. richie wants a dog, eddie wants a hairless cat, and stan wants a parakeet. eventually they settle for the dog because who can say no to richie?? and richie also paid from his own pocket to get the dog and it’s supplies
❥ their dogs name is spaghetti. i wish i was joking. that’s the only name the puppy ever responded to, so they stuck with calling him spaghetti.
❥ stan is the best whenever they makeup from a fight. he buys his boys flowers and balloons when he knows he’s in the wrong but oh my G-D is he a diva when it comes to him being right!!
❥ eddie and richie don’t really care that he’s a diva though because they love stan and buy him a little gift bag filled with his favorite candies and sometimes small things like fuzzy socks (he’s a SLUT for fuzzy socks) or a new bird book.
❥ eddie is hella sentimental. for their one year anniversary, he bought richie his first (professional) tattoo (which ended up being an alien head on his upper arm) and stan a necklace with a silver bird on it.
❥ stan buys eddie new baking books because he LOVES to bake and try new things now that he’s free from his mother and her controlling ways and he can make whatever he wants and he buys richie ANOTHER tattoo. richie gets loser tatted on his ankle, because he wants to remember his friends and his boyfriends forever.
❥ so when it comes to richie buying his gifts for stan and eddie, richie isn’t very sentimental (he tries to be) and kinda ends up buying them knickknacks that they decorate the house with. but when it comes to christmas/hanukkah you better believe that he buys and makes the best gifts for them!!!
❥ eddie can bake, stan can cook, and richie just sets fire to simple things like ramen noodles
❥ so romantic dinners from richie to his boys are usually either take out or nice restaurants
❥ richie’s got this job as math tutor for all these kids at local high schools and eddie’s training to be a nurse while stan is kind of stuck? he doesn’t know what he wants to be, which alarms him sometimes, but his boyfriends assure that it’s ok and he can take his time finding his calling.
❥ so stan was the one who proposed to both of them. he proposed to them in the middle of a movie at home. he just stood up in front of the tv and said “richie, eddie..i wanna get married.” and the other boys were so confused?? because how would that actually work out? but then stan gets on one knee and produces two ring boxes and eddie bursts into tears and richie just kisses all over the both of them
❥ their wedding isn’t actually too complicated but they can’t find anyone to ordain it, so they go to the courthouse and get legally married with all of the losers club by their sides. bev is richie’s best man, mike and ben are stan’s, and bill is eddie’s. spaghetti is the ring bearer at the small ceremony they have at home after the legal one.
❥ they fall asleep for the first time as the tozier-uris-kaspbrak’s and they couldn’t be happier.


So basically, Ackee darkskinnedprivilege starts vaguing Grayson Hueno about him being disgusting or whatever. Then Ackee proceeds to vague lil ol me for having been friends with Grayson until it was cool to be his friend, apparently missing that me and Grayson had a public showdown because I had to go against him because of sexual abuse. Irl rape while I was drugged xd. Ackee doesn’t apologize for this its not his fault he vagued me when the last fucking posts on graysons blog are about the rape and ackee cannot connect the fucking dawts here and apparently believes every out of context screenshot sent to them. So after dragging up drama and painting me just as bad as grayson for not dropping him for things that only surfaced after things exploded not that long ago, he starts claiming I wrote a song about him.

I’ve searched tirelessly for the link to this song, mainly because I’d hope my singing voice is like a cross between Taylor Swift and Logic, but I cannot find it because it doesn’t exist… until now.

[Izaya iDubbbzofficial Evilfriends:]

Calling all units, shots fired
Shots fired in front of kin tumblr
There’s about to be a 261 in progress
Send all available units
Send in the back-up
Send in the big guns
Send in the callout unit
Send in the… fuck

I wanna be FAKE ‘cause you’re rage and I wanna savor it!
But it’s cool, after smashing you I’ll donate you 2K
Oh, no! You getting mad?
Gonna call the phone right out of my hand?
That shit was fucking absurd
You’re a “blogger” who can’t resolve shit with words?
Talk like you copy and paste, ayy
Is that your wikia or your about page? Ayy
Say to your audience face, ayy

How I know how Grayson Hueno tastes

Ayy, another vague, must have got screens from a ghostwriter
Well, ditto, little bitch, but I’m not scared to show mine



You’ve been pretending
Ever since your little pleb blog ascended
Let kids think you did it all
When you weren’t capable of making up playground insults!
That’s bad, but then I heard you try to vague
I was more disappointed than when I found out
Cato femt0 didn’t have femme toes
Boy, gotta, vague
Gotta vague, vague, vague

Because when you’ve got no personality
Replace it with a new page
You really don’t see your followers rolling their eyes?
Hoping to die, they’re so tired
Of you throwing vague posts in their face
No, no, no, no, you think they’re gonna say

[Izaya iDubbbzofficial Evilfriends:]
“Oh my God, you’re such a legend
You look so brave with your reckless vaguing
You gained my respect and you’re oh so funny
Please, tell me more about how Izaya’s raging!”
You’re fucking delusional
So try your best to remember
Grayson is not a joak
He is a borderline sex offender
Diss boy a flavor of the month
But which is it, huh?
A whiny passive wanna-be kinnie
It’s salt and bitterness
You’re like Amar without the breakdown
Like Izaya but a little faggot
Like Minty Medchild but…
Actually, yeah, you’re exactly like Medchild

Say you don’t want Izaya to say retard
But, dude, you’re gonna be crucified
There’s not much left to do

[Izaya iDubbbzofficial Evilfriends:]
Little fake, I did the most
Read this 7.3 verse post
Admit that you just got pounded
I’d say “send me a dm” if you could pronounce it
(Get it, because you’re vaguing)
(That’s what you wanted, right?)
(Hey, let’s make fun of the vague blogger with his funnie vaguing posts)
Jesus Christ, you’re as predictable as a room tour
To call you surface level would be an insult to the ground floor

Whoever you’ve promised to follow, you’ve quit
You can’t persist for shit, you narcissistic prick
Your audience is fickle, here’s what I predict
Your blog’s bound to crash down to rubble (oh, no!)
How the fuck can someone called Traumatizedofficial
Not realize 

But let me guess, I’m irrelevant, right?
Isn’t that your excuse?
When you’re too stupid to explain your posts
‘Cause you’re as basic as a one-dimension Hypercube
You’re an insecure, unoriginal little plebby and that’s that
So, come to think of it
You’re actually the dog filter on Snapchat

[Izaya iDubbbzofficial Evilfriends:]
Got fame, fame, followers and the views and the clicks
And yet you’re always going to be whitesaviourcomplex

Now I’m finished as planned

It was just three minutes so it wasn’t that bad

But I got one question to ask you before this bores me

Did it look like the guards in your story?

Asa looked around, her starting to get scared. She tried finding their scents but due to nimbasas air, it was all fuzzy. She begins to run across the streets, her eyes showing odvious fear….She was in a human city, she doesnt know where she is, and the risk of being caught that she wasnt domesticated was high. 

Some humans who were walking in the late night looked over at the giant scrafty, keeping their distance. Asa saw them, and tried not to act hostile, until they all began to stare, reaching into their pockets and bags, they grabbed something. That seemed to set Asa off.

Her fists began to burst in electricity, the humans all odviously shooken up were about to summon their pokemon till..

…A human called out to asa as if they knew her, she looked back in caution. Her gaze apon him was more than threatening ,but he walked twords her calmly. The human reaches his hand out, asa was about to react before he touched her arm.

…What stopped her? Why did she suddenly stop her hostility? “What the hell?” She thought…

“Shh…im here to help you, my friend.”

strangereddie  asked:

Do an Australian Christmas hc with the losers pls pls pls and also pls

  • It’s a year after they all graduate and all the losers decide to save and go to australia for Christmas
  • They’re all so excited to experience a different season and different weather during the festive season, but when they step off the plane in Melbourne they are blown away by the heat
  • “Welcome to Australia, Mr. Tozier” “is it always this fucking hot in your country? Where’s the air conditioner?”
  • On Christmas Eve they go to this supermarket they’ve never heard of called Woolworths because Ben, Bev and Stan want to cook a big Christmas lunch
  • Bill buys them all one of the leftover advent calendars of their choice when they are going down the lolly aisle
  • Eddie freaks out at the amount of people walking around the supermarket with no shoes or socks, so he holds Richie’s hand in comfort
  • They all decided to save for the trip instead of getting each other presents, so on Christmas day they all sit inside with the air con on, scoffing their advent calendars and watching Christmas films
  • When they were at the supermarket, Mike bought Da Kath and Kim Code for them to watch because they’d never heard of it before, but none of them understood any of the humour
  • “Who’s John Howard? Why are they always blaming him?” “If you don’t know, Eddie, then how are we supposed to know?” “Well I don’t know, Beverly! Maybe you’re more educated on Australia than I am!”
  • They decided to try and make a traditional Aussie Christmas lunch and cook prawns, but none of them even know what a prawn is, let alone how to cook it
  • It’s safe to say, they ditch the expensive prawns they bought and just cook some chicken and make some salads
  • Mike ends up jumping in and taking Ben’s place in the kitchen, because Ben’s a terrible cook and he really starts to make Stan angry
  • “Look, either learn how to make food right this second, or get out of my kitchen. The choice is yours”
  • After they eat lunch they all go and sit out on their verandah and enjoy the warmth
  • They get eaten alive by mozzies, but their all too happy drinking beers and enjoying each other’s company to care
  • Because their Airbnb is in a bushy area near Melbourne, they see a couple kangaroos around their backyard
  • “Hey, Ed’s, check out the tail on that one! It’s almost as long as my di-” “BEEP BEEP RICHIE!”
  • On Boxing Day, they all wake up to see their entire bodies are sunburnt, but they couldn’t care less because they are just so happy that they got to travel to this amazing country together
Tags: @oheds @serendipity-y @richiescigarettes @notagoodplace4gods (If you’d like to be tagged in anything I write, just send me an ask!)
Harringrove Mechanic

(I can’t stop writing these two because ughhhhhh i gots too many ideas) 

Summary: Steve is a businessman and Billy is the mechanic who works out the kinks in his car.

Damn it, damn it, damn it! Steve hit his steering wheel multiple times and leaned his head on the dashboard, letting out a frustrated sigh. Of course! Today of all days his car decided to break down on him. This was his first big meeting after getting out of high school. His dad was breathing down his neck about getting this agency to partner with them. 

Steve put a hand through his hair and closed his eyes. 

“Fuck!” He went inside his small apartment to call the mechanic. While he waited for someone to pick up, he thought about the past year. He graduated and started working for his dad. However he couldn’t live in his parents house anymore and found an inexpensive and tiny apartment in the city outside of Hawkins. The commute was hell, but it was worth it to have his own place. 


“Oh hi, yeah um… my car won’t start. I think the battery is dead or something. But i really need to go to work. So, if someone could hurry down. That would be great.” He talked so fast that he forgot to breath and had to take a huge gasp after he finished. His hand kept going through his hair and he felt super nervous. 

“…” Steve groaned in exasperation when no one responded. 


“Yeah ok, address?” 

“534 Oak Avenue apartment 3B. It’s a 1981 BMW, brown. ” Steve heard a small grunt of acknowledgement and then the line went dead. 

“Rude.” Steve muttered. He walked outside to his car and waited 10 minutes for any sign of the mechanic.  This couldn’t possibly get any worse. He closed his eyes and tilt his head back towards the cloudy sky to calm himself before the mechanic arrived. Hearing a screech of tires, he opened his eyes and scanned the street. He saw the crappy tow truck and started walking towards it. 

Watching the drivers side door open, his breath caught in his throat. He stared at the man until he turned around. 

“Well, if it isn’t Steve fucking Harrington!” 

“Fuck me” Steve muttered to himself. Billy Hargrove was standing in front of him, lit cigarette in his hand. He wore a dirty wife beater and those stupidly tight jeans. 

“Well, well, well…” Billy looked Steve up and down. He smirked, which caused Steve to flush slightly. Steve shook his head to get out of his stupor. 

“Billy…How are you?”

“Shitty, but it seems like my day is turning up.” Billy stepped closer to Steve and puffed smoke into his face. Steve closed his eyes and breathed in, choking on the smoke. As he bent over coughing, Billy chuckled and opened up the BMW’s hood. When Steve stopped coughing, he turned around to watch Billy. He couldn’t help but admire the view in front of him. Billy bent over in those jeans really made his ass look-Shit! Ever since he moved away from home, Steve felt more comfortable with himself and started to feel different towards men. He was looking at his sports magazines differently than he used to. Admiring muscles with lust rather than envy. Steve wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he was starting to feel like he might like guys… in a sexual fashion.

Billy slammed the hood down with a  loud bang, breaking Steve’s train of thought. Steve jumped a little and moved to smooth down his hair. He felt incredibly flustered. Wiping his hands with a towel, Billy turned around to smirk at Steve.

“Well, your battery is dead.” 

“Oh ok, then can you just jump start me?” 

“No,  pretty boy. It’s dead, fried. I need to replace it.” Steve cocked an eyebrow at his old nickname, first said in the locker room showers. His pants tightened when he recalled that moment, with Billy’s golden naked body practically leaning over his. Steve shuffled on his feet to cover up his visible arousal.

“I need to take this back to the shop.” 

“Fuck… well, do you know how long this might take?” Steve asked, practically pulling his hair out. He was already late and his dad was going to kill him. 

“Calm down Harrington. Come on, let’s go.” 

“What do you mean? I go with you?” Steve asked as Billy started connecting the car to the tow truck chain. 

“Yep.” Steve looked at Billy confused. Billy rolled his eyes and sighed. 

“If I can fix it today, then you could probably make it to wherever you are in such a rush to get to.” Steve’s mouth opened into a silent ‘ooh’. Billy chuckled and got into the drivers seat of the truck. Steve hesitated, contemplating whether he should get into the truck and be stuck alone with Billy Hargrove. 


“Coming.” Steve hopped into the passenger seat and put his seatbelt on. He tried not to look at the guy next to him, but he felt eyes staring into his head. 

“Are we going or what?” Steve blurted out. Billy chuckled and started the car. 

“Right away, your majesty.” One boy sighed, while the other smirked and drove the truck away with the BMW in tow.

(This is Part 1, hehe)

anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the character list thing can we get some Yubel from GX? :p

Ohh, I can do that.

favorite thing about them

Yubel is literally a dragon ok. Also they’re responsible for offing Amon.

least favorite thing about them

Didn’t off Amon soon enough.

favorite line

Yubel snarking Judai during his duel against Darkness. Also, calling out Amon on his bs. You *know* you’ve fucked up when an insane spirit is calling you out for being worse than them. 


Johan, b/c I love the idea of them being awkward friends later on. Manjoume to seeing how he can see spirits as well.


Judai! All the way. Also, Judai and Johan for an OT3

random headcanon

Yubel taught Judai the language the spoke back in the original life and they(plural they) use it for private conversations, usually of the ‘whispering sweet things to one another’ kind.

unpopular opinion

Hmmm….I dunno if it’s unpopular but, Yubel being referred to as ‘she’ just, bothers me. Esp when you watch the subbed version and it’s clear that Yubel is, not.

song i associate with them

A while back I found a link to a ‘GX season 3 the musical’ playlist. And this song was on it and, it’s such a Yubel song. Yandre!Yubel specifically.

favorite picture of them

I always liked how Yubel looks in this shot

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anonymous asked:

A bit more on the Henry resucing them all au. Henry calls Linda before-hand but she is still shook about all of it and she is kida like a mother to them . They learn sign language to communicate with Norman. Linda and Henry actully had a pet cat and dog (Yorkshire terrier x Jack rustell terrier) both rescues and a buxh of chickens and ducks since they like on the out scirts of a town . They love the animals!!! Boris Sammy and Susie love feeding the ducks and chickens . 1/2

Boris quickly becomes packmates with the dog. Henry’s pretty sure he thinks it’s his brother but he doesn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.


This is Shiro’s little adventure on the island. He ran all over the place…well, he fell all over the place. 

He didn’t run away, but Shiro has the independent trait. So he has the option of just “letting him out” (after of course you walk him down the stairs… thanks ea…now all of my new builds are going to have no stairs ever…cause constantly picking them up to take them out and getting them back inside is… tiresome. Not to mention the anxiety of not having them come right home when you call. He kept falling asleep. I panicked and cheat teleported Shin to him to pick him up and run him back into the house. )