and he called it eating for george

Na, fuck it! Here’s a line-up! From left to right: Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, George, Percy, Charlie, Bill and Fleur. All the family is going to play quidditch in the garden.

You probably wonder why they are all in red, well, that’s because they’re FROM FUCKING GRYFFINDOR YEAH! 

Headcanon that George loves to wear Fred’s clothes so he can still be close to him and that sometimes, when he goes to the kitchen to eat his breakfast, Molly calls him Fred accidentally and when she realize it, she cries and George feels so sorry that he hugs her very sweetly because he knows she is the only one to have love him the most except him.
Oh, and I drew Hermione tan because I love the idea of a black Hermione and that considering she has french origins and that in France we have a strong black community, she may be tan because of one of her parents or grandparents.

I really enjoyed working on this one. Especially because of the lines and the shoes (good practice, good practice). Tell me if you ever want to see one of them from a closer look.

anonymous asked:

Mel why aren't there more NHL!Bitty fics? I mean, boy made first line of a D1 team, as a freshman, went to the Frozen Four twice, and all this after a few years of co-ed hockey. (Now I want scouts at the games, and people making guesses they're there for everyone BUT Bitty.) But of course there's only ever one team he actually wants to play for. :D

anon i do not know i really don’t!!!!!!! we gotta Remedy This but first we’re remedying it with some hcs bc i am SWAMPED with fics to write but like…. if anyone wants to write some nhl!bitty fics……. and like tag me……. that would be amazing

  • oooooookay so let’s establish that there are a lot of teammates in bitty’s year. we don’t KNOW any of them, but they’re there, trust me
  • so scouts start coming in bitty’s 4th year and there’s a whole POOL of people who they might be coming for so nobody knows (although everyone has their own opinions about who they’re there for)
  • samwell is going p far, they get to the frozen four and i have no idea whether they win or not idk not relevant rn BUT THEY GET TO THE FROZEN FOUR
  • i cannot decide if i think bitty would be captain or not? like he’d be a great captain but i could also see him not getting it, idk it depends. let’s compromise and say he’s an a and there’s a captain who is not him? but he gets a dolled up jersey so that’s fun
  • aNYWAY. most people think that the scouts are either there for the as-of-yet-unnamed captain or for chowder (who is pro material fight me) a year early (i don’t know how these things work but i’m pretty sure that’s possible)
  • aaaand maybe one of the scouts is there for the captain but like? most of them are there for bitty?
  • and a lot of the team is like ‘I KNEW IT’ or well, they didn’t but they’re not really surprised bc bitty is really good even though nobody (including him) has really envisioned him going pro after graduation

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Meant to Be - Part Ten: Stars

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

Tagging: @elenarte @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips @karenthepoop @hammytrashy @falling-open @bestfluteninja @urstupidmom @olympun @rebel-with-cause @mishaisakitten @depressionjoke @gemilton @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @regionallyblurredfaces @destiel-addict-forever @sxnyalxveshxrses@theinevitablesense @boiugotsmehalpless @rachurro @hamilton-of-issues @phantom10526 @feral-tomcat-hamilton @alonelynoodle @ilesserpanda@kyloslightsaberdick @msageofenlightenment @pentagramtardis @artisticgamer @smol-angery-bean @abbylikeschickennuggets @little-miss-vanilla @marquisdelargebagutte @cant-we-just-dance @commandergreysonpike @abbyg14 @ixhadbadxdays @iamindeedapotato @pipindaae @gad-jefferson @series-killerr @creepycute08 @viliantv@brienne-evenfall @sunshinerainbowunicorn @trickstrqueen @liv-livingafandomlife @gamzeenmakara @ham-for-ham @fruityfrootloops@canyoubemyfour @whimsicalfangirlthings @kakapo-the-owl-parrot @ssnips @iimnotyourson @theonethatscalledtay @k9effect@meagisnotamazing @lunahdeer @karoline-phantom @aham-threw-his-shot-away @arissanoddle @autistic-alien@aceplaysbass @bathtab @xthaynesxalcoholx @sovaiill @jamiltone @youreyesaretherealtruthtellers @artandshitposts @gold–cleaver @externallyandinternallyscreaming @iloveunicorns64

Word Count: 3228

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks

Dedicated to: @limpblotter @feral-tomcat-hamilton and @lafilton for beta-reading my trash <3

okay and aaaah @theonethatscalledtay and @canyoubemyfour for their gorgeous fan art!!!

A/N: yIKES enjoy the angst

Alex calmed down as the day went on. Once his attack was over and his anxiety had decreased, he found he was ravenous. He was so hungry, in fact, that he practically devoured his sandwich in one gulp, pleasing Laf immensely. After he’d eaten, they all lounged about and talked for a few hours, just trying to enjoy the warm weather and one another’s company, with one notable exception; John remained almost completely silent and subdued, staring off into space.  

“Hey, you know what we haven’t done in forever?” Herc asked suddenly, ending a silence in which both Laf and Alex were trying to nap. Alex sat up groggily, rubbing at his eyes with his fist.

“What?” he demanded, his voice rough from tiredness.

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“Wake up, love.” George spoke softly into your ear as he shook you gently. 

“I don’t want too…” you grumbled, rolling onto your back and lifting yourself into a sitting position. George laid his head on your chest, hugging your waist. Your finger slowly made their ways into his ginger hair. 

“Too bad.” he pressed a kiss to your jaw. “I’ve made your coffee and mum’s made breakfast.” he smiled against your neck, accompanying the cold air of the house in shivers across your skin. He laughed at your sleepy one-eye-open look. 

“Did she put chocolate in the pancakes?” 

“Yes!” he chuckled, growing impatient as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you off the bed. Walking into the dining room, you realized taking George word was a bad idea. Molly hadn’t made breakfast at all. He had made your coffee though and handed you a mug full of it. “Two spoons of sugar, no creme, just how you like it.” he grinned and lead you around the corner into the dining area, stopping before the two of you could enter. You face-planted into his back, some of your precious coffee sloshing onto the floor. He was beaming when he looked back, pressing his finger to his lips as he put his hands on your shoulders to guide you in front of him. 

Ginny and Harry stood near the dining room table… snogging. 

“Morning.” he tried hard not to smile as the two teenagers’ heads snapped away from one another and stood in horror, staring at the two of you. George hid his smirk in a sip of his coffee, which he took with more milk and sugar than actual coffee. 

“George,” you suppressed a giggle. “George, leave them alone!” you smacked his arm. 

“Why should I?” 

“Nobody interrupts you when you’re kissing me.” 

“We’re married!” 

“Oh, George, we stood in the kitchen doing just that long before we were married. Come on!” you try to pull him away from the mortified pair, sending them apologetic looks.

“They’re just having a snog right in the middle of the kitchen! People eat in here, you know!” 

“Carry on.” you blush, pulling your husband from the scene. “As you were, good morning.” you call behind you as you push George with his coffee up the steps. 



request: “hi ! i love your writing so so much, and i was wondering if i could request a george weasley imagine where the reader is muggle-born and someone calls her a mudblood, and she has no idea what it means so she asks george and he gets all defensive ? idk, i just think he’d be really protective and passionate when it comes to that type of stuff. you can take the prompt however you want, though ! thank you so so much, and i love your writing ! 💝” — by @danisnotonfuego

a/n: ah, i love george weasley so much that i should thank you for this request! thank you also for your kind words and i hope you like this imagine. x


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anonymous asked:

Not to knit pick but... "There are no non-parody examples of Superman changing in a phone booth; he just never did this." but it seems ON OCCASION he did in fact... (this page won't let me send a link so just a cursory google search of "did superman change in a phone booth)

Superman never changed in a phone booth. This is a personal quirk that was falsely ascribed to him. 

In the comics, he usually had a supply closet in the Daily Planet in he ran into and changed. In fact, the first time he ever changed in a phone booth was in 1942, and even then, he mentions it’s an awkward place to change in. In other words, this was already a thing by then and the first mention of it in the comics was to talk about how awkward it was. 

Superman never changed in a phone booth in the radio show, he never changed in all seasons of the Adventures of Superman series with George Reeves that introduced him to the 1950s, and he never changed in any of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies (though there was one little joke about it).

There is one - one - occasion he changed in a phone booth, in Max Fleischer’s cartoons, in the Mechanical Monsters. But it’s amazing how this piece of lore was attached to Superman with only one real example.

It’s like if a friend saw you eating a club sandwich one time, and then started calling you Clubby for the next 25 years. 

Worry Part Two (Washington x Reader)

AN: here’s part two!

Requests: @emily-ily2 @the-a-ham

Word Count: 1,607

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Masterlist

You woke up later in the morning than you would have preferred with a party to attend to, and George still wasn’t back. He usually spent every moment he could with you when he was home. What had Emma told him? Best to worry about it later. You got up as quickly as you could after last night. There was a knock on the door before George let himself in. You avoided looking at him as you went to get your dress for the day as well as for the party from the wardrobe and laid them out on the bed. 

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The CRONCH: a Dear Evan Hansen fanfiction

(Quick note before we start:
@dearevanhansenheadcanons hey! I was the anon who submitted that headcanon [i had to use anon cause my main blog, the one I’m using to submit rn is actually for study stuff. This fic is also on my secondary blog @justamusicalobsessedkid] about Jared inventing a new edible bath bomb at Lush and I actually wrote an entire story on it!! Thus, The CRONCH ~ a Dear Evan Hansen fanfiction was created. Anyway, hope you give this a quick look. Thanks!!!)


Jared Kleinman was a strange boy.
Strange, yes, but no one could deny the fact that he was intelligent in a way, particularly in anything technology related.
In his own words: “I’ve got skills, son.”
However, Jared wasn’t limited to his skills in the digital world. No one ever expected the young man to have a talent for innovation, as well.
Evan Hansen stood in the midst of shelves filled with bath bombs at Lush, waiting for his friend to finally finish his shift for the day.
“What time do you even end? Mom said for me to be with you by six-thirty. ”
“I get out of this perfume-scented hell hole at six. Why does your mom even want you to hang out with me?” Came the reply from Jared, restocking a shelf full of green and blue bath bombs.
Evan shrugged. “Because you’re my friend, aren’t you? I mean, you did tell me after we made up when the whole Connor thing was over that I wasn’t just a family-friend anymore. Also my mom’s taking the night shift again and she doesn’t want me to be lonely so I gotta stay the night over at your place, now.”
“Fine then.” Jared said, just as he finished placing all the small spherical bath bombs unto the shelf, leaving one to slip into his jacket pocket.
Evan’s eyes widened.
“You steal bath bombs?” He screeched.
Jared hurriedly made a ‘shush’ sign at the other boy and turned his head towards the room behind the main shop, checking to see if his boss was anywhere around.
He breathed a sigh of relief upon not seeing George, his boss, anywhere in earshot. He was far out the back of the shop, taking a phone call. Jared glared at Evan, fixing his glasses momentarily.
“Shut up, will you? If Cranky Old George finds out, I’m out the door.” He hissed.
“I save them for myself and sometimes even my mom likes them. Besides,” the sarcastic boy added half jokingly, “they almost look good enough to eat.”
Evan stammered, staring at the his sneakers. “S-sorry. But I-I-I mean, why don’t you just buy them?”
“Says the guy who only paid me twenty bucks to make fake emails.” Jared shot back.
“Point taken.”
The clock struck five-fifty.
Jared brushed the bath bomb dust off on his jeans.
“Stay there, I’ll just go out back and see if I still have something to do. If I don’t, the old one’ll let me go early.”
Evan nodded, turning to examine the Lush products that filled the entire shop.

Within minutes, he heard loud, angry talking coming from the back room. He gulped nervously, even considering just getting out of the shop and going to the Kleinman residence on his own, just when Jared came right out of the back room.
He had a slightly worried expression on his face as he took off the uniform all Lush employees wore, leaving it in a messy heap on the counter.
“So,” he said. “good news is I’m getting let off early today. Bad news—a customer called, complaining to Cranky Old George about me.”
Evan’s eyes widened. “What did they say?”
Jared snorted, speaking in a high-pitched voice that Evan knew he used when imitating elderly women while making flamboyant gestures. “'Hello, you know that laddie who works in your shop? The one who’s name tag says his name is Jared Kleinman? Well, you see, son, when I asked that young man for one of those water bombs of yours with hearts in them the lad laughed at me and asked if I was going to use it in the hot tub along with my hubby, as he—oh, what did that boy say, again? Ah, yes—sticks his di–'”
"Okay let’s stop there Jared.” Evan said, his face flushing bright pink.
“First of all,” he said, in horror. “you made ‘those’ jokes to a customer?”
Jared rolled his eyes. “Yes, brilliant observation from my small reenactment, Hansen. Do I really still need to repeat everything in that old lady voice to confirm for you? And don’t call them ‘those’ jokes, they’re my jokes and frankly, I’m quite proud of them.”
Evan sighed. It was very typical for Jared to be this way, but it did tend to get inconvenient from time to time.
“So what did your boss say?”
Jared scrunched his eyebrows, obviously thinking about what George had told—or more accurately, yelled at—him.
“Something about me having to do extra work or else he’ll fire me by next week. I gotta think of a new idea for a bath bomb in three days or something like that.”
“You what?” Evan rambled, his eyes as wide as plates. “That’s incredibly pressuring Jared, you know you could come up with a bad idea or not even come up with anything at all and then you’ll lose your job.”
“I know,” The other boy mumbled. “And this job is giving me my car insurance money. Can’t lose that now.”
The two reached the Kleinman household, with Evan in a state of mid-panic and Jared in worry for the future of his car insurance.
Mrs. Kleinman smiled at Evan the moment he stepped into the door with Jared. “Hi Evan, dear. Your mom called, said you’re supposed to stay here for the night.”
Evan nodded just as he and Jared began ascending up the stairs that led to the house’s second floor.
The worried boy dropped his bag on Jared’s bed, pacing around the room nervously. “What are you gonna do? You have, like, three days to just suddenly come up with some brilliant idea or you’ll get the boot.”
“Calm yourself, Hansen. I’ll think of something sooner or later.” Jared replied.

However, it wasn’t until during dinner when Jared finally got a good idea, which—strangely—came to him mid-sip of a glass of Kool-Aid.
His eyes widened as he jumped up from his seat so quickly he nearly knocked his glasses off his face.
Evan looked at him in concern. “Jared, what are you—?”
“Mom, do we still have Kool Aid?”
Mrs. Kleinman looked confused. “Yes, why?”
She received no answer from Jared, instead the boy rushed into the kitchen, grabbing an unused bowl from the side of the table.
Mrs. Kleinman looked at Evan, who looked as equally perplexed.
“Excuse him,” she chuckled, tilting her head to try and catch a glance at what her son was up to in the kitchen. “Jared really is rather… Odd.”
Evan managed a small smile. “I know.”
Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Jared was acting completely on impulse. He pushed the thick-framed square glasses that framed his eyes up his face, flinging open the doors to the Kleinmans’ small pantry. His eyes scanned the shelves packed with bags and boxes, reaching out every once in a while to rapidly grab an item from inside. Once he decided he had everything, he set to work.
Eventually, Evan popped his head into the kitchen, checking on Jared.
“Your mom’s wondering what you’re up to.” He said, watching Jared press a sand-like mixture into spherical molds.
Jared shook his head in reply, tossing his head to the side for a moment in an attempt to brush away the few strands of hair that fell on his face without using his hands, still busy packing his creation.
When he had finished, he tossed the bowl and the spoon he used into the sink and flashed a mischievous grin up at Evan, who had been watching his friend the entire time.
“What did you just—?”
Jared chuckled excitedly. “Patience, Hansen. You’ll see.”

The next day, Jared Kleinman stood in the back room of Lush, facing his boss a little too confidently.
He brought a paper bag with him, filled with the little things he had spent around an hour making and a water jug.
Jared stuck one hand into the bag, gripping around for one of the spherical bath bombs he had made.
He beamed at George, who had began scrutinizing the young boy the minute he stepped into the shop on that day.
“May I present to you, Sir, my creation—a revolutionary breakthrough that will surely make our sales skyrocket.” He said enthusiastically, holding the bath bomb in front of George.
The older man laughed, almost in pity. “A bath bomb? Mr. Kleinman, Lush has plenty of those. I simply don’t see how this’ll be able to be 'a revolutionary breakthrough.’”
Jared laughed cockily, to George’s annoyance.
“Sir, you don’t see how my bath bomb can can be insanely cool,” He paused, chuckling, before adding “much like me.” under his breath.
Jared raised the red bath bomb to his mouth, grinning at George.
“You have to taste it.” He said, before taking a huge bite out of the bath bomb.
If Jared hadn’t caught George’s attention earlier, he certainly had now.
“Edible.” He chuckled, offering a new bath bomb to George. “They’re edible.”
George sniffed the bath bomb tentatively, before taking a small bite out of it.
It tasted wonderful, not to mention the sound it made when bitten into it was loud, noisy… Just like biting into a wafer bar but much louder. Just like crunching on trail mix, but instead of just a soft crunch, the sound was more of a loud cronch.
George was amazed. He had never seen or tasted anything like such in his life. “What—what is it made of?”
Jared smirked, seeing the amazement on his boss’ face.
“Baking soda, corn starch, powdered sugar, and critic acid for the base.” He said, taking another bite of his bath bomb. “I added Kool Aid in different flavors to give it that color and the way it tastes. Finished with rock fizz candy and edible glitter, too.”
Jared placed the water jug on the desk and uncapped it.
“Oh, and did I mention—” he said, dropping another bath bomb into the water, watching as it slowly dissolved just like a normal bath bomb would.
“You can also make a drink out of them” Jared concluded, taking a sip out of the now purple colored drink.
George shook his head in bewilderment.
“Mr. Kleinman,” he started, in pure disbelief. “This is… Amazing. You have made such a wonderful contribution to our store. I will pitch your edible bath bombs as an idea—with all credits to you, of course—and hopefully in a month or two we’ll see your bath bombs soon lining one of our shelves.”
He smiled up at his employee, reaching out to shake Jared’s hand. “I really cannot believe you created this… Figured everything out all by yourself.”
“Well,” Jared allowed himself to admit. “I still haven’t decided on what to name it. I was thinking to just sell the pink ones and name them Kinky Pinks but I felt am unavoidable shame for the other flavors that customers might also want to try.”
Luckily for him, though, George had it all figured out.
“Not a problem, Mr. Kleinman. I have a name that might just be fitting for your product…”

A month and a half passed. Lush was booming with new customers.
On a display in the middle of the store, bath bombs in every color stood out from the rest, accompanied with a sign that read:
”NEW!! the CRONCH: an edible bath bomb experience, brought to you by Lush, concept developed by our very own employee— Jared Kleinman"
To this day, Jared works at Lush, dashing around the store to attend to customers. A certain proud habit of his that developed over the days was that while assisting people, Jared would make his way over to the Cronch’s shelf and grab a bath bomb from it, taking a huge bite of it in front of the customers, who would look at him with expressions of disbelief and amazement.
This certain effective 'marketing strategy’ (as George called it) did cause Jared to be the victim of many jokes and pranks, though. A notable prank his coworkers pulled on him was done during April Fools, when they decided to switch up bath bomb displays without informing Jared—placing his edible bath bombs on a different shelf and actual bath bombs on the one his product used to rest on.
Sure enough, Jared didn’t notice the switch and just as he was entertaining a customer, he took a huge bite out of a real bath bomb as his coworkers—looking on earnestly from the counter—all burst out laughing.
He couldn’t deny the fact that he may have enjoyed the actual bath bomb, however. Even though he wouldn’t quite admit it to many.

On a particularly busy day at Lush, Evan dropped by to check on his friend again.
He smiled at Jared, who shot him a quick smirk as he took a bite out of another edible bath bomb.
“Loving the cronch, Jared?” He asked jokingly.
Jared grinned mischievously, winking. “You gotta love that cronch.”

(Small note: the recipe for the edible bath bombs [tHAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!] came from my amazing friend– who can literally search for, and successfully find, anything on the internet. You know who you are. Thanks, buddy. Sincerely, me, A)

Meant to Be - Part Nine: Sunshine

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well. 

Tagging: @elenarte @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips @karenthepoop @hammytrashy @falling-open @bestfluteninja @urstupidmom @olympun @rebel-with-cause @mishaisakitten @depressionjoke @gemilton @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @regionallyblurredfaces @destiel-addict-forever @sxnyalxveshxrses@theinevitablesense @boiugotsmehalpless @rachurro @hamilton-of-issues @phantom10526 @feral-tomcat-hamilton @alonelynoodle @aceplaysbass @ilesserpanda@kyloslightsaberdick @msageofenlightenment @pentagramtardis @artisticgamer @smol-angery-bean @abbylikeschickennuggets @little-miss-vanilla @marquisdelargebagutte @cant-we-just-dance @commandergreysonpike @abbyg14 @ixhadbadxdays @iamindeedapotato @pipindaae @gad-jefferson @series-killerr @creepycute08 @viliantv@brienne-evenfall @sunshinerainbowunicorn @trickstrqueen @liv-livingafandomlife @gamzeenmakara @ham-for-ham @fruityfrootloops@canyoubemyfour @whimsicalfangirlthings @kakapo-the-owl-parrot @ssnips@iimnotyourson @theonethatscalledtay @k9effect @meagisnotamazing @lunahdeer @karoline-phantom @aham-threw-his-shot-away @arissanoddle @autistic-alien

Word Count: 3458

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, refraining from eating

Dedicated to: @limpblotter @feral-tomcat-hamilton and @lafilton for their fantastic beta skills, and @lafilton again for their BOMB ART

also @ilesserpanda for snapping their many buckles

A/N: have fun y’all!!! *cries*


BEANIE BABY: what’s wrong babe?

TURTLE BOY: laf why the fuck are you awake at this ungodly hour

SMOL ANGRY CHILD: john it’s 9 am


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Double The Pleasure

Originally posted by moon-leviosa

Characters: Y/n (MALE!READER), Fred, George

Pairing: Fred x Y/n x George

Warnings: Smut, blowjob, anal, fingering, threesome, unprotected sex!!!

Word Count: 997

Summary: When Y/n tells the twins he likes them both, he doesn’t get the reaction he was expecting, but instead something that he’s been craving.

A/N: Ok, requested fic by anon- Hello wanted to say big fan! :) also can you do a Fred Weasley/male reader/George Weasley……where the the twins try to get y/n to chose who he likes more and he chose both, with smutty goodness at the end. If you don’t do smut anymore then that’s ok just fluff, but I always love your smut fics..There u go!! Hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage @chelsea072498 @the-latina-trickster @aingealcethlenn @lucifer-in-leather @p–trick @crackedclown @kumaartz @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @mogaruke @aiaranradnay


“Oh come on, y/n! Just tell us!”

“Yea, tell us!”

You rolled your eyes, halting to a stop and sighing.

“Neither of you. Ok!”

You tried to storm away but Fred and George simply ran up to you, grabbing you by your shoulders and stopping you.

“Oh, come on! Just pick. Me or Fred. Who’d you like better?”

You grumbled, knowing they weren’t going to let it go.

“Fine. I like you both. You’re both hot. I like you both. I can’t choose!” you rambled, just wanting to leave and get back to the common room.

The twins stared at you for a second, making you feel anxious, before they looked to each other.

There seemed to be a silent conversation, before they both burst out laughing.

You scowled at them, grumbling.

“What’s so funny? You asked. I answered!”

“We…we didn’t mean who you liked in that way! We meant as friends!”

You began blushing, face red and ears heated.

Dammit! Did you really just admit that you wanted the both of them? Fuck!

You didn’t want to hear the teasing or either of them laughing at you, so you simply stalked off.

“Come on, y/n! Wait up!”

“Yea! If you like us so much, why’re you running away?!”

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Prompt #21. “No! That popcorn isn’t for eating, it’s for decorating!” “How can you expect me not to eat the food if you put it in front of me, honestly it’s like you don’t even know me!” With George Weasley.

For: Anon

You string up the lights on the tree in Grimmauld Place, it was your last year at Hogwarts and everyone was meeting at Sirius’ house for Christmas. Mrs. Weasley was at the hospital, getting ready to finally bring Mr. Weasley home, so you were in charge of decorating for Christmas.

“George! Fred! Get over here and help us!” You call to your boyfriend and his brother. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were helping you decorate, while George and Fred worked on new products for their shop.

“Fine,” they groaned in unison. They walk over and you hand Fred a box of ornaments, and give George a bowl of popcorn and string.

“What do I do with this love?”

“You string the popcorn onto the string and we put it on the tree, sweetie,” You say, dropping next to him to help him.

You focus on your side on the string, and when you look back at George, you notice that George’s bowl is twice as empty as yours is and string isn’t even half as covered, “Georgie! Are you eating the popcorn?!”

“Maybe,” He singsongs chucking popcorn at his twin, who catches it with his mouth.

No! That popcorn isn’t for eating, it’s for decorating!” You complain, everyone is turned towards you at this point, even Remus took his nose out of his book and is watching over Sirius’ shoulder.

How can you expect me not to eat the food if you put it in front of me, it’s like you don’t even know me!” George says, throwing some more popcorn into his mouth and passing some to Fred, “Honestly woman, you call yourself my girlfriend.”

“Those boys,” You overhear Remus mutter to Sirius, “Remind me of you and James.”

A/N: If you can’t already tell, I ship Wolfstar so damn hard.

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King of Prism Pride the Hero Detailed Summary/Review/Analysis

I am going to start off by comparing how this is different from the first film, then go right into the plot scene-by-scene. THIS IS SO LONG I AM SORRY. I TRIED TO CUT STUFF I TRIED. I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOO.

So yeah this is going to contain ALL THE SPOILERS, so if you have a specific question but don’t want to wade through everything you might want to send me a direct ask. 

Also, this is probably just my first draft second draft! and will likely be edited the more I see the movie.

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Meant to Be - Part Four: Oh No

All Parts

Pairing: jamilton (Hamilton x Jefferson)

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

Tagging: @elenarte @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips @karenthepoop @hammytrashy@falling-open @bestfluteninja @urstupidmom @olympun @rebel-with-cause @mishaisakitten @depressionjoke @gemilton @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @regionallyblurredfaces @destiel-addict-forever @sxnyalxveshxrses@theinevitablesense @boiugotsmehalpless @rachurro @hamilton-of-issues@phantom10526 @feral-tomcat-hamilton @alonelynoodle @aceplaysbass @ilesserpanda @kyloslightsaberdick @msageofenlightenment @pentagramtardis @artisticgamer @smol-angery-bean @abbylikeschickennuggets @little-miss-vanilla

Word Count: 3140

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks

Dedicated to: @falling-open for their AMAZING art holy guacamole

PS this behaviour is HIGHLY encouraged. I. WANT. ART.

(PPS no pressure tho ily no matter what)

A/N: yIKES… i love you…. have fun <3

Alex’s eyes flashed open, his tiredness forgotten. Had he heard correctly? Had he imagined it? He glanced up to peek at John’s face. He had a small, sad smile on his face and his eyes were closed. Peaceful.

Alex silently wondered what he should do, his mind racing a mile a minute. He really didn’t need any more drama today, but he also didn’t need festering tension in his friend group… He closed his eyes again, already regretting what he was about to say next.

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Lovers and Food

 Pairing: Washington x Reader with Platonic!Hamilsquad x reader

Prompt: #20 “Passion! Romance!” “…Food”

Words: 767

Warnings: cursing and some awful attempts at humor?

Triggers: none


Only two people know about your crush on George Washington, the class president of your school. Those two people also happened to be on the student council and some of your best, most annoying friends.

Hamilton and Lafayette.

Currently they were pestering you about how to confess to him. They thought it would be best to do it on his birthday. They just didn’t have any idea on how to do it.

They were currently sitting across from you trying to come up with an idea.

“How do you know that he’s even interested in me? If he doesn’t even like me what is the whole point. This is all just a waste of time,” You said to them stuffing your sandwich in your mouth.

“Y/N how could he not like you? He’s always looking at you when you are reading or doing something else. He smiles around you more and relaxes. I think that says something obvious,” Alexander replies.

“Yeah! You just need to pay attention more! Now come on, we need to think of a way for you to confess!” Lafayette says in addition to Alex’s statements.

You rolled your eyes and walked away, throwing your trash as you went and walking to your next class.

“I got it!” Laf cries as soon as you are out of sight. “We need a setting of passion! Romance!”

“…Food,” Alex replied.


“They both share a love of food and culture. Make a treat and then force Y/N to give it to him. And you have to make it, because I can’t cook for shit,” Alex steadily replies, already getting on his phone to look up dessert recipes.

“Yeah okay, I hope this works,”


It was the day of George’s birthday and Laf and Alex had been acting sneaky all morning long. Hercules was giving you a look that was a cross between pity and amusement.

John seemed oblivious to anything going on. Friggin nerd.

Anyway you were at your locker getting your notes for Physiology when those two trouble makers came up with shit eating grins on their faces.

They held out a small container of mini cheesecakes? At least that’s what you thought it was.

“Listen up Y/N. You are going to put this onto George’s desk and he is going to read what the cake says and then you to are going to go on magical date and live happily ever after. Got it?”

“What does the cake say?” you respond trying to take the lid off the container.

“Gracious! Just put it on his desk!” Laf replies thrusting the container in your hands. “And I have this call with you and George so you are going to do it whether you like it or not. No let’s go before George beats us there.”


Walking into the classroom you were the only two there. You plopped the container onto his desk and walked to yours, throwing your head onto the desk and shutting out the world.

You noticed when George walked in going over to his desk in confusion. You stole a glance at Laf, who was trying to look natural but failing miserably.

Shooting a quick glance at George you noticed that he was opening the container and looking inside.

You grabbed your book and started reading before he could look at you. You could feel him staring at you, and the heat started to rise up to your face.

You shot the quickest glance over to him. He looked like he was about to walk over here and talk to you, but then the teacher walked in and started class.

You would have to wait to see what happens.


After class you left quickly as possible. Anxiety was filling you and all you wanted was a drink of water.

George was walking towards you looking a bit nervous. You gulped and looked at him.

“Y/N thank you very much for this delicious looking cake. I know this may seem really forward, but would you give me the honor of taking you out on a date tonight? Maybe at the cafe on 47th street?” He said standing in front of you.

Oh my glob.

“I would love to go out with you tonight George. Would seven work okay for you?” You asked him trying to control your blushing and shaky voice.

“That would be wonderful. I shall see you at seven,” He looks extremely relieved.

After he walked away you went to your locker and saw Laf and Alex standing there.


“Food is always the answer to anything.” 


I hope you all like it! And please give me some feedback on what you think! Requests are open!

The Dursleys - Fred Weasley

Requested by me! I’ve had this in mind for a while.

You walked up the driveway of Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle house. You looked around for the Wealseys. You were suppose to be meeting them here so you all could go to the Quidditch World Cup together. 

You thought that they might of been inside, but were worried because they didn’t understand Muggle traveling. You were friends with many Muggle born students, and they had taught you about a few Muggle things. You knocked on the door and a boy who looked around Harry’s age answered the door. 

The boy had light colored hair, and was quite fat. He looked at you with his mouth agape. 

“Hello, is Harry here?” you said politely. He didn’t move at all, continuing to stare at you. 

“Y/N!” you looked around the boy in the door and saw Harry running down the stairs. 

“Harry!” you said. He pushed past his cousin and opened the door, giving you a hug. 

“It’s wonderful to see you,” he said, letting you come inside. “I see you met Dudley,” he said, nodding to his cousin. 

“Hello,” you said again, but he had already run back up the stairs. You looked at Harry confused but he only shrugged. 

“His diet makes him a bit irritable.” You laughed at Harry and saw his aunt and uncle appear. 

“Hello,” you said, stepping forward and holding out your hand. Neither of them took it so you awkwardly put it back down. “I’m Y/N, you must be Harry’s aunt and uncle." 

"I thought there was more of you coming,” the woman sneered. 

“Well yes, they should be here. Perhaps they got lost." 

"So you’re one of Harry’s classmates?” His uncle said.

“Well, actually, I’m a grade above him. We met through our mutual friends, the Weasleys." 

"You’re friends with those people as well?” his aunt said, with a look as if she was smelling something bad. Apparently, she thought you looked ‘normal’.

“Actually, I’m dating one of 'those people’,” you said. You felt a little bit angry, and Harry saw that. He touched your shoulder, and you softened a little bit. Since meeting Harry, he had become one of your closest friends. 

“Y/N, why don’t you help me grab my things,” Harry said, pulling you away. You followed Harry up to his room and walked by Dudley’s room. He saw you and let out a squeak before closing his door. 

“Your family really hates wizards,” you said as you flopped down on Harry’s springy bed. 

“No, I think he’s just afraid of you. The diet brings out his hormones.” You snorted. “He just thinks you’re pretty." 

"Shut up, Harry,” you laughed. You stood up and looked out the window. “Where are they?" 

"I have no idea. But I’m worried about them.” As if on cue, a large thud was heard from downstairs and screams from Dudley and Harry’s aunt. 

“Shit,” you said, following Harry down the stairs. When you walked into the living room you saw the grate that was covering the fireplace on the other side of the room, and soot everywhere. Four redheads were strewn about the floor, covered in soot themselves. 

“Hello, gorgeous,” Fred said when he noticed you. You helped him up and he wrapped an arm around you and kissed your head. “What were you doing upstairs with my girlfriend, Harry?” he teased. You laughed and slapped his chest. 

“Girlfriend?” Dudley snorted from behind his mother. Fred turned with a smirk on his face, as you tried to pull him back. 

“Freddie,” you said, holding his hand, making sure he didn’t do anything stupid. He laughed slightly and looked at you mischievously. You looked at him concerned and shook your head. Fred smiled and put a hand on your face, pulling you close, and kissing you deeply. He slipped his tongue into your mouth and you tried to pull away, even though you were really enjoying it. 

“Fred!” Mr. Weasley said. Finally, Fred pulled away and smiled like he just won. He walked over to George and started whispering. Harry looked at you worriedly. 

Mr. Weasley began talking to the Dursleys and you noticed the twins still whispering. You walked over to Ron and he looked at you. 

“What are they doing?” you asked him.

“I don’t know. Something to do with Weasley Wizard Wheezes.” You nodded, knowing what he was talking about from the multiple owls you received this summer. 

“We have to stop them.” Ron nodded. 

“Freddie, dear,” you said, walking over to him, grabbing his hand. 

“Yes, love,” he said over dramatically. You rolled your eyes but continued. 

“Why don’t you help me grab Harry’s things,” you said, trying to get him away from George. 

“Oh, I’m sure you can get it,” he said, dismissing you. You flared your nostrils and tried to compose yourself. 

“Really?” you said. He nodded and turned back to George. “Dudley,” you said suddenly. Fred turned to you confused. “Help me get Harry’s things.” You looked back at Fred with a smirk as Dudley jumped up to help you. 

Fred looked livid as you and Dudley walked upstairs. Dudley didn’t say anything the whole time as he grabbed Harry’s trunk. He carried most of it down and you followed behind him. 

“Why are you forcing my boy to do work?” Harry’s aunt asked. You turned around and looked at her. 

“I’m sure he’s fine. You clearly don’t have him do anything around here. You make Harry do everything.” She looked taken aback while Harry looked like he could cheer. Mr. Weasley stepped in again and gave you a stern look. You walked back to your friends and Harry smiled at you. You looked at Fred and he looked genuinely hurt. You were about to say something when you saw him drop a piece of candy. You felt a hand on your mouth, and saw George standing behind you, keeping you from interrupting. 

Dudley also noticed the dropped candy and his eyes lit up. So did Fred and George’s. He lunged at the candy before you could stop him and swallowed it whole. At first nothing happened, but soon Dudley’s eyes widened and he started moaning. Harry’s aunt looked over and rushed over to him. 

“What did you do?” she spat.

“Your son really needs to work on his self control,” George said. You snorted, but stopped when you saw Dudley’s tongue. You looked at Fred, who was only laughing. His tongue was growing enormous, but Mr. Dursley wouldn’t let Mr. Weasley shrink it back.

“Fred,” you said, holding his arm. “Put his tongue back to normal,” you pleaded. Fred’s face softened a little bit and looked at you. 

“Why? Can’t make out with him with his tongue like that?” he said. Your eyes widened and you slapped his arm. Before Fred could react, Mr. Dursley through a tea cup close to your heads, causing you to duck.

“Please, if I don’t help him, he’ll suffocate,” Mr. Weasley pleaded. Finally, Mrs. Dursley allowed him to help. Once Dudley’s tongue was back to normal, he laid on the ground trying to catch his breath. Mr. Dursley looked at the group of wizards and his face grew red. 

“Out,” he said, specifically to Harry. You all piled into the fireplace and arrived back at the Weasleys. When you landed on the hard floor you saw a hand outstretched for you. You looked up and saw Fred smile at you. You ignored his hand and got up yourself. You shot him a dirty look and headed up to the girls room. 

“Y/N!” he called after you. 

“Fred and George Weasley!” Molly shouted when she came downstairs. “Hello, Y/N, dear. Hello, Harry,” she greeted kindly before turning back to her twins. You escaped upstairs and came into Ginny’s room. 

“What you aren’t going to try and sleep in Fred’s room?” she teased. You rolled your eyes and sat on her bed. Hermione came out of the bathroom and saw you.

“Hello!” she said as she hugged you. “What is Mrs. Weasley yelling at them for now?” she asked. You filed them in on what happened at the Dursleys, including the sort of fight that you and Fred had. 

“Wait, what kind of candy was it?” Ginny asked.

“I don’t know, it looked like toffee, but it made his tongue swell.” Ginny stood up and walked to the twins’ room. She pushed open the door and revealed all of the different pranks that the twins had been working on.

“Oh my god,” you said, taking in the room. You saw different candies of every color, and different silly prank items. 

“I wouldn’t eat anything,” Ginny said. You all continued searching until Ginny finally called out. You went over to where she was standing, holding up a box.

“Ton-Tongue Toffee,” Hermione said.

“One of our best inventions so far.” You all jumped and saw George standing in the doorway. He took the box out of your hands and smiled at you. “Y/N here saw our work in action. Spectacular wasn’t it?”

“You mean the part where you almost killed that boy? Yeah that was really cool,” you said sarcastically.

“We didn’t kill him,” Fred said, appearing in the doorway.

“You would of if Mr. Weasley hadn’t interrupted.”

“Glad he did, are you? Wouldn’t want anything to happen to your boyfriend,” he said, walking away. You huffed and followed him. 

“Fred!” you called after him, but he wouldn’t stop. He walked out of the house and kept walking, ignoring your shouts. He didn’t stop until he reached the field where he and his brothers practiced Quidditch. “Are you insane?” you asked when he stopped.

“We didn’t mean to hurt him. We weren’t even going to try it out, but I saw the way he was looking at you and-”

“Fred, are you serious? You were jealous of Dudley? Did you see him? I only asked him to help me with the bags because you were pissing me off.”

“I didn’t help you because I was trying to get at him for his comment on you being my girlfriend.” You sighed and ran a hand through your hair before sitting down on the ground. Fred joined you and you sat there in silence for a few minutes.

“You know I’m crazy about you, right?” you asked. Fred laughed and looked down.

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that I could be with someone like you,” he said. You grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He looked over at you and smiled. 

“There’s no one I’d rather be with. I love you, Fred,” you said, standing up and helping Fred up.

“I love you, Y/N,” he said, leaning down to kiss you. “We should probably head back, my mom is still really angry.” You nodded and began walking. Fred came up in front of you and let you climb on his back, piggyback style. You laughed and crawled on, leaving a kiss on his cheek. He began sprinting back home, making you bounce a lot.

“Slow down, Freddie,” you laughed, as he continued running.

Hallway Kisses

     George Weasley x Reader

Key - 

Y/n = Your name

B/f/n = Best Friend’s name

Y/h = Your Hogwarts house

F/h = Favored Hairstyle

      “Y/n would you get your butt up and ready for class?” B/f/n’s voice screeched inside your left ear as you laid comfortably in the plush bed of your shared bedroom. “No go away.” You grumbled as you turned to see the bright light shinning in your eyes. “Ew turn it off.” You slightly cringed the sight of the light. B/f/n’s laugh was heard in the bathroom where they were probably getting ready, which was what you were currently avoiding at the moment. Begrudgingly you got up and slide on y/h’s robe and looked in the mirror and put your hair in F/h strolling out of the bedroom with B/f/n right behind. You guys had been inseparable since first year and some people even thought you  were siblings thanks to how much time you spend with each other. That and considering you called her parents Mum and Dad and she did the same with yours. “Y/n were going to be late…” She mumbled as she looked over in the common room to see their crush waving at them. “No don’t get distracted I want food.” You grabbed their hand and set out in look for the Dining Hall. You had passed numerous people who waved, but none you really cared about. That was until you walked into the Dining Hall and George Weasley turned and smiled and called you over to him. “Go get him tiger.” You heard B/f/n say before they pushed you over to George.

    “H-hey.” You said and then turned to leave. “Wait Y/n!” George’s arm wrapped around your wrist and made you turn towards him. He then let go of it, a blush dusting across his cheeks “Nevermind.. Just wanted to say good morning!’ George then quickly rushed over to his twin brother leaving you in confusion. “Well that was cute.” B/f/n mumbled from behind you as you sat down to eat. You continued you on with breakfast, but little did you know that George was making eyes at you the whole time only to be teased by Fred. “George likes you, ask him out.” B/f/n just randomly said whilst you drank your strawberry smoothie causing you to almost choke. “Uh yeah sure, I’m just going to go ask out Ge-” “Hey Y/n.” George’s voice sounded behind you turning you to lead. ‘No no no..’ Your mind raced with scenarios and all of them ended bad. “Do you fancy going on a date?” He then proceeded to ask me which completely caught me off guard allowing me to turn around to face him. “S-sure.” I smiled lightly and B/f/n face palmed. George just did a spin and said ‘hooray’ as he sped off to to his brother Fred.

   “Finally time. Took you two long enough.” B/f/n grumbled as she got up with you behind her completely joyful. “B/f/n George Weasley just asked me out. Like actually asked me out.” B/f/n just went ‘mhm’ as you both made your way to class with your enthusiastic talk. You sat down in Defense Against the Dark Arts and slowly drifted off into what you liked to call ‘Weasley World’ in which you imagined George and your date. ‘Y’n..’ George ran his hand up your face gently caressing your cheek. “Y/n! It’s time to leave!” B/f/n cut into your imagines pulling you out of your seat and through the door only for you to be face to face with the one and only George Weasley. Just your luck. “G-George..” You bit you lip as he grinned eye to eye. “Y/n my beautiful girlfriend, would you do me a favor and kiss me to prove to Lee over there that were dating?” He asked making my mind go into panic. ‘Kiss him!’ I felt the need to kiss him then and there even with my mind racing and B/f/n standing next to us. I grabbed George’s Gryffindor tie and pulled him onto me allowing his warm and refreshing lips to meet mine. He smelled of the pine trees near the Quidditch area and manly cologne which quenched my nose. It felt as if eternity couldn’t make this moment any better until we finally had to break apart. “Well that’s pretty dank and all but Y/n and I have class.” B/f/n laughed as I stared into his hazel eyes closely. I then grabbed B/f/n’s hand and waved to George and his posse leaving for class in the best mood possible. “Hey Y/n?” “Yeah?” “I got that on film.” Que the redness.

cuddle? - a fluffy george harrison one-shot

a/n: heyy loves this is for my friend @ringo-im-sixteen-deactivated201 but she deactivated :(( or something, but here is the imagine she was really craving (and made me crave it too) yaaah enjoy!!

based on: Okay… so like i was just craving cuddling w george / YES OKAY i mean nothing too specific but just like in a ton of blankets and pillows and like in a cocoon and with your head on his chest and he is just like stroking your hair and talking and maybe there is a thunderstorm or something maybe or youre just eating and watching movies in bed in the dark and ugh all toasty and SPPOONING JIAIDEBF / This makes me so happy thinking about this / I guess like late 60s early 70s george at friar park

warnings: cuteness

“george love?” y/n called out after hearing the entrance door close with a bang. the girl had to make sure it was george who had walked in the house, although maybe it was just an automatical thing. she heard a ‘yeah?’ from the stairs and footsteps coming towards the room she was in. soon she saw her favourite person in the whole world stepping through the door of their shared bedroom. the top half of his quite long hair was put up in a messy knot - by himself - and he wore a slightly dirty and worn out white button up shirt.

he stopped once he saw his girl. she was laying in bed, her legs tied together and exposed to the warm temperature of an early summer that reached the indoors. her back was resting on the bed’s matress between white sheets and her head was lying in the pillows, her hair sprawled out around her head.

y/n smiled lazily at george and somehow felt naked because of george having his eyes focused on her body. “hi.” she said. george hung his head back and smiled widely at her, his movements slow.

“‘ello, love.” he replied.

“tired much?” y/n raised an eyebrow while speaking. george slowly nodded. y/n shifted onto her side and stretched her arms out to george, motioning with her hands for him to come and join her. george immediately detatched himself from the wall he was leaning on and took a few steps to the bed and fell down next to y/n. moments later, he shrugged off his trousers and was only left in his shirt and boxers, just like y/n.

george’s tired eyes watched y/n’s orbs for a few moments and then he kissed the top of her head and turned her body around by holding her waist. he then pulled her slightly on top of him and they both looked out of the window in the wall before them. there were clouds in the sky and the sun was nearing the end of setting, as much as y/n and george could see.

“have they called yet? about reichen?” george spoke, disrupting the comfortable silence that had set in the whole house. y/n shook her head slightly.

“not yet.” she replied. george moved his fingers into y/n’s hair and softly carressed her roots, which made y/n sigh softly in happiness. “i hope she’s okay.” y/n spoke.

“she will. i know she likes you more than me,” george stated, “and don’t worry, she’ll be okay.”

“it seems funny to me how much a cat can mean to a person.” y/n admitted. “but i can’t imagine the past few years without her.”

george was silent, his fingers getting carried away in y/n’s soft hair. suddenly, there was a sound of a guitar playing through a record player. both y/n and george jumped at the sudden playing of the record player. george almost fell out of bed. both of their heads turned to the direction of the player and, sure enough, it was on and playing a tune. y/n furrowed her eyebrows, as did george, just not as intense.

“why is it playing?” he asked slowly and quietly.

“i don’t know…” y/n trailed off and sat up in the bed and then got on her feet on the carpeted floor of the bedroom. george almost whined at the loss of contact, he felt so peaceful and heavenly just seconds before.

he watched as y/n walked up to the record player and watched it. “ah!” she exclaimed a few seconds after. then came a fit of giggles from her. george smield to himself. “the vinyl was stuck for a while and now it started playing again.” y/n said and laughed again. she turned back around to lie in the bed cuddled up to george again as the smooth and deep voice of elvis sung through the room. it felt for george as if he was a magnet that y/n - a small piece of metal - was slowly reconnecting to again while she made her way back to him on the bed.

y/n was again close to george, her back against the matress, george laying on his side and watching her face and eyes change emotion while she played with one of their kittens, that had found them in their bedroom, in her hands. y/n starting humming along ‘love me tender’ that was playing in the background and george sighed out.

“you know,” he started to say, “i think it’s funny how anything or anyone can mean very much to a person, really.” george paused, looking out the window. y/n turned her head to him, watching his eyes get lost in his thoughts. it was very much visible physically. “and how little time it takes. it can be just seconds, minutes or hours.” he said and looked down at y/n and the kitten again. “then again, that’s how much time it takes to completely lose care or interest for anything.” george admitted. “time’s such an interesting thing, although, i think, very misleading.” george paused again to yawn. “you know, for some people, it’s money or cars or houses they care about. that seems silly to me.” he admitted. “but to me, it’s people. or you, if we are presise.”

y/n felt her cheeks blush a deep shade of red. she still got blushes from beautiful things george said to her. “oh, george,” she said, “your words are making me blush.” she let the kitten rest on her chest as she hid her rosy cheeks from george. he smiled as wide as ever, all his teeth and fangs showing.

“aren’t you glad it’s me?” he teased.

“what kind of question is that?” y/n managed to say between her laughs. george just shrugged and pulled her body closer to his again, her back against his chest. “ah, you always like to be the big spoon, don’t you?” y/n spoke as she pet the small kitten that had fallen on the matress due to george’s movements.

“well, i do need to show the manly side of me somehow.” george said. y/n laughed again, her body slightly shaking against george’s while doing so.

“i think you’ve showed it, haven’t you?” she asked. “you let me be the big spooner only when you’re feeling down.” y/n whined. “but that’s alright. i have to show my strong side, too.” george chuckled. “anyways, did you do much in the garden?”

“it’s eden.” george corrected.

“oh, right, sorry.” y/n said and chuckled. she lately forgot how george had preferred their enormous garden to be called ‘eden’. “but did you?”

“yeah, there were some parasite greens growing next to the roses you planted, so… i got those out.” george said. “and i just watered some of the others.”

“you dug all parasites out?” y/n asked with raised eyebrows.


“so that’s why your shirt is looking nasty?” y/n chuckled. george smiled.

“probably. and my face, too.” he admitted.

“well, you could do a shower maybe.”

“mm, yeah.” george said. “and i’m probably real sweaty. and my hair is dirty, too.” he added, trying to get to his point. “and my back probably needs some washing, right where i can’t reach it.”

“oh.” y/n acted innocent, but she knew what george was getting at. “then we could both use a shower, huh?”

george congratulated himself inwardly. “yes, yes of course.” he said, clearing his throat.

“let’s just cuddle a little more, and then shower.” y/n said with a wide smile threatening to stretch across her face. such a nice day.

To the Four of Us (Part Twenty One)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
soundtrack song: You and Me - Lifehouse
full soundtrack: x
words: 2,825
warnings: swears 
a/n: i lov u all so here’s a nice happy fluffy christmas chapter :-)

all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey@anitheunicorn@newyorkyoucanbeanew@lafbagxette@justafangirlwithanavy@iamgrayfox@ordinaryornate@schuylerjoon@angelica-peggy-eliza@trashyperson101@crazydragon15@but-if-you-had-to-choose@geespilots@marvelous-hamilfan​ @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers​ @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships@schokoobananaa@allthegoodurlshavebeentaken​ @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships@aham-threw-his-shot-away@hesitantcat@nonstopspook@hamrevolution@writethewayout@passmethegoddamnball@allthegoodurlshavebeentaken@sun-tree@angelizaandpeggy@isis278​ @idk-destiel @engulfedinstars

dedication: @l0vedoesntdiscriminate for the soundtrack rec and also everyone who sent me a kind message when i posted my lil coming out thing earlier tonight, u all made me V happy!!!!! :-))

“ALEX! JOHN! Santa came last night!”

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Sick at Work

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: “Fred or George (either works haha) goes out or something and meets a girl and they both like each other but neither will say anything and then he finds out she’s sick and alone so he brings her to his house so Molly can help make her better and they end up confessing they like each other and just cuteness.”
A/N: It’s not really a romantic Imagine, more of a fluffy story/cannon/whatever you want to call it :) and also, if you think I’ve proof-read this, you are so wrong
Squicks: None

George burst into the kitchen of the Burrow, covered in snow and still puffing from running outside,

“What’s your problem?” Fred asks from his spot at the dining table, not caring enough about his brother’s worn out state to stop eating his cereal,

“I met a girl” George signed, taking off his scarf and beanie and sitting opposite Fred,

“About time, where’d you find her?” Fred asks, paying more attention now,

“She works in the Muggle town, in one of those little food shops,” George replies, resting his chin in his hands and smiling at nothing in particular,

“You’ve got it bad, Georgie,” Fred says, rolling his eyes and taking another spoonful of cereal,

“She’s beautiful Fred,” he says standing up, “She’s got this gorgeous (H/C) hair, and her eyes are so bright, and she’s always happy and she’s nice and funny and sweet… She’s super hot as well,”

“Blimey, she sounds alright…” Fred started,

“Don’t even think about it”.


After a few weeks, George had memorised Y/n’s work roster off by heart, being sure to walk into the Muggle town whenever she was working so he could see her, and today was no different.

“I’m heading into—”

“The Muggle town sweetheart, yes, we know, it’s Friday 3pm,” Molly finished, kissing her son on the cheek while Ginny laughed,

“Bye Mum, I’ll be home in a few!” George called out from the door, walking out into the crisp winter air.

Once George had reached the small shop where Y/n worked, he smiled to himself and stepped into the cosy warm room, his eyes searching for Y/n.

He spotted her behind the counter serving an old lady, but she didn’t seem as bubbly and vibrant as usual.

“Hey George,” she smiled weakly, her voice croaky and quiet,

“Hey, you’re not looking too good, if you don’t mind me saying,” George said, worried that she might take offence.

She chuckled, “Don’t sugar-coat it, I look dreadful, and I feel it too,” she smiled again,

“You’re sick? Why are you here if you’re sick you should be resting,”

“I can’t, I need the money, and plus I wouldn’t want to miss on seeing my favourite customer would I?” she teased

“How about when you’ve finished up here, you can come back to my place, it’s not too far from here,” George offered hopefully,

“That sounds really lovely, thanks George,” she smiled, “I’ll be finished up in a few minutes if you want to hang around,” and he did.

—— At The Burrow ——

“I’m home,” George said as he opened the door into the kitchen,

“Right on time, 5pm,” Molly teased, Ginny and Fred snickering to themselves, “How’s Y/n?”

“Ask her yourself,” George replied, stepping aside to let Y/n walk in.

All three of them froze in their spots, looking absolutely horrified.

“Oh God, I didn’t think I looked that bad…” Y/n said awkwardly,

“I don’t know what’s going on… Mum? Why are you looking at us like that?”

“George you blithering idiot, she’s a Muggle!” Ginny whisper-shouted.

George realised what the problem was. He has just brought a Muggle into a house where the pots were cleaning themselves, the food cooking itself and Ginny’s Pigmypuff was sitting on her shoulder.

While Y/n was looking around the house at all the interesting things, the four Weasley’s continued to argue,

“George how could you be so daft?!”

I’m feeling kind of light headed…

“Fred, don’t call your brother names, but really George, what were you thinking?!”

Everything’s swirling around…

“Mum, she’s sick, and I forgot all about how we’re different,”

I can’t see…

“How could you have possibly forgotten, you literally moved your broomstick away from the door before inviting her in!”



“She’s waking up…”

“Oh thank God,”

“George you were right next to her, how did you not catch her,”

“Boys, stop squabbling! Ginny dear, would you go and grab another wet cloth for her head?”

You were lying on a couch by the fire, with a whole family of redheads crowded around over you. As soon as your eyes opened, a sharp pain ran through your head, and you groaned in agony.

“How are you feeling sweetheart?” Molly asked, putting her hand on your head,

“I’ve felt better, Mrs. Weasley, thank you,”

“Y/n I’m so sorry,” George began,

“Are you really a wizard?” You blurted out,

“Why dear nooOOOooOOoooo, of course not! Why would you think such a thing! My, that must’ve been a rather nasty fall for you to think of an idea like that! Golly, wizards, of all things!” Molly rambled, laughing as if this was the most hilarious joke ever told.

“I am too,” you say simply, smiling at the sudden change in Molly’s facial expression hearing this, “also, Muggle houses don’t have Floo powder on their night stand, nor self-knitting needles,” you say, inclining your head over to the chair. “And also, George, if you’re going to go for the Chudley Cannons, then we’re going to have problems…” you say, looking from Ron’s Cannon’s scarf hanging over the chair to George, “I’ve always been more of a Holyhead fan personally,”

“I like her,” Ginny piped up, and George smiled.

While Molly went back to the kitchen to finish dinner and the other Weasley’s have all left, you sat on the couch with George, talking for what felt like hours, and you felt like something more was sure to blossom from this friendship.