and he brought me flowers

Spirit in the House - chapt 10 END

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 2,167

Warnings: Language, Mention of Depression, Mention of Suicidal Thoughts 

A/N: I was so moved by your feedback and I’m so happy to give you this final chapter. Thank you for everything! Hope you’ll enjoy it and… remember that I love you ♥ 

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It had been almost four months since you had left the hospital. Your apartment was oddly silent and you were starting to feel like something was missing. There were days when you would catch yourself staring into space, smiling, as if you were living another life in your head. A life you didn’t have access to.

Your therapist told you to be patient, you had to let your brain recover and adjust. It was a topic that even Peggy and Tony avoided. You realised the past few months had been hard on them too, so you decided to pretend everything was fine.

But you were not fine. You were sad and lost.

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Six Feet Under | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 5

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← Part 4

You punched the elevator down button and lucky for you, it was already stationed on your floor from when you came up earlier. You ran in, hit the lobby button and kept slamming the side of your fist on the Door Close button until you saw the elevator doors start to close. You caught a glimpse of Sebastian’s face as the door closed. You couldn’t read it. You gave yourself a moment to lean against the wall of the elevator and catch your breath. Once the elevator dinged, the door opened and you forced your legs to move underneath you.

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I went on a date with a guy today and i really like him. He’s not my type. He’s the nerdiest guy i’ve ever seen (fashion wise), but i just love his personality. I’m not really attracted to him (looks), but he has the dreamiest blue eyes i’ve ever seen and he’s a true gentleman. He even brought me flowers. I don’t wanna judge a book by it’s cover so i’m gonna go out again with him if he asks me.


My boyfriend brought me flowers last night because I’ve been struggling. He came to my house with a picnic basket full of tea cups from the thrift store for me to plant my succulents in and I almost cried. I love him so much 🌻

Carlos and I spent Valentine’s Day the way we always do. He made me breakfast in bed, brought me fresh flowers, and cultivated a petri dish of bacteria in the shape of a heart. I reminded him that I found his insistence on celebrating this terrifying day of carnage to be disturbing, but as usual he won me over when the bacteria began spelling out cute phrases like “I love you” and “be mine” and “we will destroy humanity”.

Today has been a waiting game. I can’t eat or drink because a test may be required. One result is a lovely pounding headache. While waiting for the headache to soothe I have tried focusing my attention elsewhere. Thinking of others who have been in worse situations like the individuals found recently in the back of a semi truck in Texas who are going through such a horrific situation.

Additionally, thinking of my favorite positive experiences like getting to hold my son (he brought me flowers yesterday 😀) and of gentle kisses on my forehead and laughter with one of my favorite people. The head still hurts, but I smell the flowers and feel the kisses.

The Office

AN//: hello dis is 4u. I made it. special thx to my friend @rogueimagination for givin me writing advice and givin me da courage 2 post. plss let me kno what u think !!! much love <3

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien + Reader

Word Count: 3364

Warnings: Swearing

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“I guess what I’m saying is… we should see other people.”

I bit my lip hard and held back tears. A million thoughts ran through my head at once, but nothing seemed to make sense. Weren’t we happy together? I guess not. Because here I am, getting dumped.

What did I do? Why doesn’t he like me anymore? Did he even like me to begin with? There must be another girl. No, he would never cheat.

I lifted the corners of my lips as much as I could without falling apart.

“Yes, I think that would be best too,” I lied. Not wanting to look pathetic by overreacting and breaking down, but also wanting to get the hell out of here as fast as possible.

I turned away but found myself glancing back at him one last time.

“Goodbye Dylan.”

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pairings: father!Dylan O'Brien x reader

warnings: none, just pure fluff. maybe some swearing.

word count: 904

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The Man in Apartment 43 - Part 2

Summary: Dean x Reader - Neighbours AU - Dean and the reader live next door to each other and can’t stand each other. Will things change once circumstances bring this bartender and business man duo closer together?

Triggers: Stalker, B&E, Fear

Y/N = Your name ¦ Y/L/N = Your last name   ¦ Y/E/C = Your eye colour ¦ Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Note: Sorry for the delay, editing took a bit more time than planned today!

Part 1 Part 3  Part 4


For a second, as the coffee cup warmed the palms of your hands, you were content just listening to the music. Everything that had seemed so bleak and scary the night before took a back seat for a moment as you let Stairway to Heaven fill your mind and keep you from reliving yesterday’s nightmare.

You hadn’t even noticed that you’d shut your eyes as you hummed along until Dean’s voice broke you out of your trance, making you open them to look over at where your neighbour had been standing only seconds earlier. Not finding him there you let your eyes wander towards the sound of his voice and over to the kitchen.

“You hungry?” Dean threw the words over his shoulder from where he was rooting through his fridge. The question accompanied with a boyish half grin and the whisper of a laugh that escaped with his words. Clearly he’d noticed your little jamming session on the couch.

Luckily, you were just too damned relaxed to even feel embarrassed as you stretched your legs with a grin before standing up. Careful not to jostle the coffee in the cup you were still cradling between your hands like the god damned treasure it was. You could, and had at several occasions, say a lot about your till then annoying neighbour, but he made a damn fine cup of joe.

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Nursey knocked on Dex’s dorm room door again.

“Dex!  Will!  I know you’re in there!” he yelled, “Just let me in!   I need to know you’re ok!”  He’d been there for at least half an hour with no response, and wasn’t sure he expected one.  Still, Nursey wasn’t giving up.  No one had heard from Dex since that morning, and he was worried.

He was relieved when the door opened, but that was short lived, once he saw Dex’s tear streaked face.

“I’m fine.” Dex snapped, and went to close the door.  Without thinking, Nursey stuck his foot in the way, and forced it open.

“You’re clearly not.” Nursey pointed out.  He expected Dex to disagree, to argue, to kick him out, but he just sighed, and walked further into his room.  Nursey followed, closing the door behind him.

“What’s up?” Nursey asked casually as he sat into Dex’s desk chair, and Dex curled up at the top of his bed.

Dex stayed quiet, playing with his sleeves and staring at his blanket.

“Will,” Nursey said. Dex looked up at the use of his first name.  “What’s wrong?  What happened?”  Nursey was worried he was being blunt, and harsh, but he needed to know what was wrong with Dex so he could fix it.

“I…it’s nothing.” Dex mumbled.  Nursey felt his heart clench at how quiet he sounded.  William Poindexter was many things, but quiet wasn’t one of them.

It was one of the many reasons Nursey loved him.

“Rubbish” Nursey said, trying to hide how he felt.  “That’s a lie Will.  What happened?  Why are you so sad?  Where’s Tanner?”

At the mention of his boyfriend, Will burst into tears.  He hid his face in his hands, shoulders shaking as he tried to hold back his sobs.

“Dex?” Nursey asked cautiously.  A million awful scenarios ran through his mind as to why that question would make Dex cry.  “Where is Tanner?”

“We…he….Tanner dumped me.” Dex managed to sob out.  “He dumped me and I don’t know why!  I thought we were great together!  And he broke up with me.  And I don’t know what I did, but he’s gone.”

Nursey felt like his heart was breaking.  Dex, brilliant, smart, beautiful, Dex, was hurting, and blaming himself for it.  He was sobbing his heart out, and Nursey didn’t know what to do to help him feel better.

“Dex,” he began, unsure what he was planning to say after that.  “Dex.  It’s not your fault.”

Dex shook his head, no.

“It’s not.  Just because Tanner couldn’t see how amazing you are-“Nursey tried, but Dex interrupted him.

“Stop, Nursey.  Just stop.  I-I don’t want to talk right now” Dex snapped.

“Ok,” Nursey said. “Ok.  How about I just sit with you, yeah?”

Dex nodded, and Nursey moved over to his bed.

“Could you-?” Dex asked quietly, before stopping.

“Could I what Will?” Nursey asked, knowing already he’d say yes to anything Dex asked of him, especially right now.

“Could you hold me?” Dex asked. “It’s ok if you don’t want to.  And I’m sorry for snapping at you.” He said in a rush.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Nursey assured, pulling Dex close to him. “It’s all gonna be alright Dex.”

“How?”  Dex asked, pulling away slightly to look Nursey in the eye.  “How’s it all going to be ok?  My first boyfriend dumped me. I loved him so much Nurse. How is it all going to be alright?!”

“I don’t know yet Dex,” Nursey admitted.  “But it will be.”

They sat in silence for a while, Nursey holding Dex close as he cried.


The next morning, Nursey called for Dex before morning practice.

“C’mon Dexy!” he encouraged “We got pucks to hit!”

“I don’t really feel like it.” Dex said miserably. “I just wanna sleep”

“Sleep after practice man. I know you have a few hours off then.” Nursey said. “Practice might make you feel better you know.”

Dex stared at him a moment, thinking.


“Absolutely!” Nursey said with a grin.  “And I’ll bring over pizza later if you come.”

“And ice cream?” Dex asked, hesitantly.

“Of course bro!”

“Okay. Just…..gimme a minute” Dex said, and closed his door as he went to get ready.

Nursey smiled. This was progress.  He quickly text Chowder to let him know Dex was coming to practice, and not to mention Tanner.  By the time he received Chowder reply, Dex was ready to go.


Later that evening, Nursey called over to Dex’s dorm with pizza and ice cream.  He pulled up a movie on his laptop and they watched and ate in silence for a while.  It was nice.

By the time the movie ended, Dex was curled up against Nursey’s side, and Nursey had his arm around him.

“I just.  I really loved Tanner.” Dex said out if the blue. “And I know it’s dumb to be this upset over my first boyfriend but-“

“Being upset isn’t dumb Dex. You’re feelings are valid.” Nursey interrupted.  Dex looked at him considering, before he nodded, and then continued.

“It’s just. He was my first boyfriend. He helped me come out to my family, and supported me through everything with my brother afterwards,” Dex explained. Nursey nodded in understanding - he remembered how Dex’s brother had reacted to Dex coming out, and how it had affected him.

“And he helped me to feel more comfortable here.  I know this is Samwell, and there’s the whole “1 in 4” thing, but he helped me brave enough to go to Winter Screw with a date.  And it was such an amazing night.” Dex said, his eyes filled with tears. He was holding them back though, and Nursey realised how much he needed to get through this right now.  To get his feelings off his chest.

“It’s was amazing.” Dex said, “Our first screw together. He looked so good in his suit.  And he told me I looked handsome. No one ever said that about me before.  And he brought me flowers.  Plastic ones because of my allergies.  And we went to dinner first. He wanted to treat me but I argued and he let me split the bill.” Dex laughed at the memory, the sound surprising Nursey. “And then he bought us both desserts anyway. I was so stuffed by the time we got to the Screw; I didn’t think we’d be able to dance.”

“I can’t actually dance,” Dex continued with a sad smile “Tanner said he’d cover for me.  He led all the dances and I still stood on his feet like 10 times.  He just laughed every time.  Told me I was getting better, and I’d be a great dancer by our next screw.  An-and now we’re not going to be going together.” Dex wiped at his tears as they fell, but couldn’t stop them.

“I just. I don’t know why he dumped me!” he said angrily, voice hoarse from his tears.   He stood up, and began pacing the room as he spoke. “We were good together!  I was a good boyfriend. I talked to him about how I felt; I listened to him as well!  I helped him when he needed it, and did my best not to shut him out when I needed help!  I paid for dates just as much as he did!  I went to his swimming competitions when I could!  I didn’t pressure him to coming to the hockey games when he was busy!  I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS NURSEY!” Dex yelled. “I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I DID WRONG! WHAT DID I DO?” and then, quieter, looking at Nursey as though he might know the answer “What’s did I do wrong?”

“Will- you didn’t-. It isn’t because of you. Tanner just doesn’t see how great a boyfriend you were.” Nursey said, trying to comfort him.  He wasn’t really great at it though, but he was doing his best for Dex.

“If I was so great why’d he dump me?” Dex asked angrily.

“Because he’s an idiot.” Nursey said simply.  He surprised a laugh out of Dex, which he considered a good thing.

“Is he though?  I mean, he’s best in his classes.  He gets really good grades.” Dex said sadly.

“Yeah, but he dumped you. And that’s the dumbest thing ever.” Nursey said.  He wanted to tell Dex he would never do that to him, never break his heart into pieces like Tanner had.    But he knew now wasn’t the time.

“You’re too good for him Dex, and someday he’s going to see that and realise that dumping you was the dumbest decision of his life.” Nursey said instead.  Dex was quiet, staring at him in shock for a minute.

“You really think so?” he asked unsurely.

“I know so.” Nursey said confidently.  If he was Tanner, he’d be kicking himself right now.

“You really think I’m too good for Tanner?  Tanner, captain of the swim team?  Tanner, who everyone wants to be with?  Tanner, who’s funny and sweet, and kind, and -?” Dex stopped, as he felt tears coming on again.  “You really think I’m too good for him?”

“You really are Dex.” Nursey said. “You’re smart, and kind, and honest, and hardworking, and witty, and helpful, and.  And Tanner’s the dumbest man alive if he doesn’t see all that!” Nursey practically shouted the last part, and Dex stood looking at him.

“That-.  That’s …. Um… Thanks Nursey.” Dex managed after a while.  Nursey couldn’t read his thoughts from his face, but he hoped Dex didn’t know how close he’d just come to revealing his feelings for him.

Nursey sat uncomfortably on Dex’s bed, trying to change the subject in case Dex was about to ask him about that.

“Want to watch another movie?” he asked quickly.  Dex nodded, and sat next to Nursey on the bed again.  Nursey put on the first movie he saw, not really watching it, but watching Dex instead.  Dex, who looked sad and confused and angry and like he wasn’t watching the movie either, but was too deep in his own thoughts and feelings to even call Nursey out for staring at him.

Nursey was worried about him.


“You haven’t been to a kegster since you started dating him.” Nursey pointed out.

“Because they’re for drinking and hook-ups, and Tanner and I were exclusive.” Dex argues back.

“Just come for an hour, walk around with some tub juice, talk to the team, complain about Holster’s taste in music with me, eat something Bitty baked, and if you hate it, we’ll leave then.” Nursey tried.  Dex hadn’t been out of his room much apart from meals, class, and practise, and he was worried about him.  The whole team was worried about him.  Nursey would only be able to keep them all from arriving in Dex’s dorm in well-meant concern for so long.

“Half an hour.” Dex bargained.

“40 minutes.” Nursey responded, and Dex nodded his agreement.

“And no more?”

“And no less.”

This was a great idea.


This was an awful idea.

At first it had been good. They’d played pong, talked to the team, had some pie, and chirped Holster for his music taste.

Nursey had decided he needed some air, and Dex had come with him to the porch.  It was full of people, some talking, some drinking, and some making out.  They were mostly strangers, except for the girl with green hair from his poetry class, and her girlfriend, a guy from his crit group and his datemate, and


The guy he was making out with was a stranger though.

Nursey turned around, hoping to steer Dex back inside before he saw but it was too late.

“Tanner?!” Dex froze on the porch, shocked to see him.

Tanner pulled away from the guy he was kissing, and threw a look at him over his shoulder.

“Oh, hey Will.” he greeted casually.  Nursey wanted to punch him in the face.

“What….what are you doing?” Dex managed to ask.

“I’m just enjoying the party.” Tanner said, and turned back to the guy he was with.

“It’s our 6 month anniversary.” the guy he was with said happily.

“Your what?” Nursey choked out.  As far as he knew, Dex and Tanner had been dating for the last 7 months.

“But.  But you can’t be….Tanner and I were.  We were.  We.” Dex stuttered out in shock.  “We were together.”

“We were good friends, yeah man.” Tanner said.

“Good friends?  We were…..we were good friends?!” Dex said in shock.  “Tanner I-“

“Yeah, I’ll see you around man.”  Tanner said, and turned back to his boyfriend.

Nursey needed to get Dex out of there.

“Why don’t we go back to your dorm Dex?” he suggested, guiding him off the porch and away from the Haus.  Dex nodded and walked with him quietly, still in shock.

They were about halfway back to the dorm rooms when Dex stopped.

“He was cheating on me.” Dex said.  “He. He started dating someone. He.  Tanner was dating someone else.  He.  Nursey he was cheating on me.”

“Dex….Will.” Nursey had no idea what to say.  “I’m sorry Will.  He shouldn’t have done that to you.  He didn’t deserve you.”

“But he…I didn’t…I’m so stupid.” Dex said.  “I actually believed he loved me”

“You’re not stupid Will. You deserve better than that.  You didn’t deserve that.” Nursey tried. “You deserve better than that”

“I don’t.  i. I don’t know Nursey.  I.  I trusted him so much.  And he did this.   I…I- UGH.” Dex shouted, throwing his arms up in frustration  

“Hey, Will.  Dex.  Will.” Nursey said again, pulling him close to him.  “You’re ok.  It’s ok.” Nursey assured him.  “Tanners an idiot and you deserve so much better than an idiot.”

“Like who?” Dex asked, “Who do I deserve?”

“Me.” Nursey said, regretting it instantly.  Now was not the time.  

“You?  What?” Dex spluttered in shock.  He pulled away from Nursey and stared at him.

“I’m sorry, Will. That was inappropriate.  I’m so sorry” Nursey apologised, but Dex cut him off.

“You like me?” Dex asked.

Nursey nodded, holding his breath for Dex’s reaction.  He hoped against hope he wouldn’t be mad, or upset.

“I.  Derek” Dex ran his hand through his hair as he spoke, a nervous habit he’d picked up since starting at Samwell.    “Derek, I can’t right now.  This is too much.”

“I know.  Will I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.

“I just.  Can we talk about this tomorrow?” Dex asked, “I…I just want be alone for a while.”


“I’m going back to my dorm. Can we talk tomorrow?” Dex asked.

“Yeah.  Of course.  Anything you want.” Nursey said “I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Okay.” Dex said, and nodded to himself.  “Okay, I’ll see you then”

“Will you be ok getting back to you dorm?” Nursey asked.  

Dex nodded, and left, heading back to his dorm quickly.


Nursey showed up at his dorm at 10 am the next morning, hoping it wasn’t too early.  He stood outside for another 5 minutes, debating whether to knock now or not.  Steeling his nerves, he knocked, and Dex opened it immediately.

“Hey” Nursey said quietly.

“Hi” Dex said, “Um, you wanna come in?”

“Yeah, sure.” Nursey said, trying to sound casual.  He followed Dex into the room, and sat on his desk chair, as Dex sat on his bed again.

“So…” Nursey started after an awkward silence.

“So.  Um. About last night.” Dex started awkwardly.  “About what you said.”

“Listen, Will, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said any of that.” Nursey apologised again.

“It’s ok.  It’s just.  I can’t be in a relationship right now” Dex said.  “I’m sorry Derek, but after everything with Tanner…” Dex stopped, swallowing back a sob.

“It’s okay, I understand Will.  I’d never push you into a relationship when you’re not ready.” Nursey said.

“Can we still be friends?”  Dex asked quietly, looking worried.

“Of course.  If you want to be.  I want to still be friends.” Nursey said.

“Yeah.  And.” Dex stopped, looking at Nursey nervously. “Maybe someday we could… maybe we could date?  I don’t know yet.  But maybe.”

Dex smiled at him nervously, and Nursey smiled back at him.

They were gonna be okay.

Dinner with the Swedes- Andre Burakovsky

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(Omg this GIF works so well!!!)

I LOVED this prompt anon! I love the Caps (if any of you missed that) and I got to include a BUNCH of them! Ahhh!!! I love how this one turned out! And I know you like how I incorporate languages, so I used some more Swedish, and a Swedish dish (for dinner with the Swedes) so translation is at the end and I hope you like it!

Warning: None that I can think of?

Anon request: hi there!!! i love your blog, and you’re a really good writer! i also love how you try to incorporate other languages like swedish into it to make it more realistic! can you write one where andre takes his new gf to dinner at one of the swedes’ house and shes like super nervous but then they LOVE her and end up teasing andre in the locker room the next day about how heart eyes he is about her and embarrass him in front of the whole team?


              “älskling, you ready?” Andre asked, stepping into the kitchen.

              “Yeah just needed to put the cake on a plate.”

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show me the stars {a shallura fic}

“i’m going to write some fluffy prompts” i said, and then i got sucked into an angst black hole, but then @millennium-queen drew {this amazing adorable shallura pic} and suddenly i was all about that fluff once more! so this is a sorta 1000-followers-special-thing with just fluff and cuteness. also for @braincoins, who wanted Shiro giving Allura flowers and Allura not understanding what it meant. enjoy and thanks for following!

“Shiro, come on, I want to show you something.”

“Just a second.”

He was so engrossed in the screens in front of him that he barely registered her request - until her hands closed around his arm and she physically dragged him away from the workstation.

“Come on - you can work later,” she insisted.

He fought the blush that rose in his cheeks, and failed miserably, because she still had both hands on his arm and she smiled up at him with a playful glint in her eyes and it took all his concentration just to remember how to breathe. What was he working on again? Probably nothing important. Not important enough to say no to Allura, anyway.

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Cherry Blossoms [IV] - a chanyeol story

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I start school in a little over a week and I haven’t been working so much, so it’s looking like I’ll have this series done in a week or two 😅  Hope you all enjoy! -S 🌸

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Five

Plot: You finally admit to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you aren’t over Chanyeol yet.

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Time stopped as I stood firmly in place, attempting to do anything but look at the man standing directly in front of me. He was close enough for me to touch him, and oh, how I ached to do so. I had just dreamt of this face, and yet the face in front of me wasn’t the face I had seen in my dreams. His skin looked worn, his hair was shorter and darker than I remembered, and he looked far too thin for his lengthy frame. Before I could stop myself, I slowly reached my arm out to bridge the gap between us. His face looked uncertain, and I saw how his gaze never left the ring on my finger. I took one step, then another, until I was close enough to wrap my arms around him.

I immediately felt home

Home was Chanyeol, his warm arms and raucous laughter, his velvety voice singing me to sleep. I had missed this feeling more than I remembered. How had I let so much time pass without feeling his arms around me? His worn fingers gently cupped my jawline, and I flinched, but then melted into his rough hands. I closed my eyes and basked in the feeling of his hand on my cheek, his fingers tracing gentle shapes on my skin. I listened to the sound of the waves breaking, the seagulls calling, children laughing over tall ice cream cones. 

Chanyeol looked at me as if I were going to disappear out of thin air, and a creeping thought in the back of my mind told me that disappearing would be an excellent idea. I hesitantly pulled away from his caress, and as I did, I felt whatever spell we were under break.

I am engaged. I am going to marry another man. I care about him, I trust him, and I know that my life will be simple and stable with him. I am not in love with Park Chanyeol, not anymore. I was once, and it was the best, worst, most heartbreaking ten years of my life. Those days are long gone. Just standing here in front of him was enough to bring back memories of waiting for someone who wasn’t going to call, who didn’t care enough to be here for the big stuff. I looked at him with unintended spite and finally opened my mouth to speak.

“Chanyeol, what are you doing here? What are we doing here?” His eyes opened wide at the cutting tone of my voice, and he began talking quickly, too quickly. “I have been looking for you for years, and I had just given up, but then I had a dream about you. And I knew I would find you soon, and now here you are, in front of me! God, you have no idea how much I missed-“
I scoffed at these words, interrupting his nervous chatter. “Chanyeol, I do know how much you missed me. I missed you just as much every time you left, every time you hung up the phone, every time I waited for you and you never showed. I stayed up for three extra hours that last night. I made the popcorn, I set up Netflix, I lit candles. I ate every single piece of popcorn myself and watched the candles burn until the wax dripped to the floor. I know what missing someone feels like. And you are the one who caused me that pain.”

He stepped back, shocked, as if my words caused him physical torment. He cast his gaze down, unable to look at me. I had never seen him like this. Perennially happy Chanyeol couldn’t even paste a smile on his face, and I was surprised by how uneasy that made me. I sighed and swallowed, beginning to feel the dark haze slink back over me once again. I spent so many months missing him so much that I could hardly breathe, physically feeling his loss in more ways than I cared to remember. But now, I am okay. I’ve been okay for a long time, and here he comes, with the absolute nerve to interrupt me when I am trying to have a perfectly peaceful day at the beach to myself. No, he was not going to have me back that easy; not that he could have me back, anyway. I couldn’t let this happen.

“Chanyeol, I can’t do this. I’m engaged, I’m getting married early next year. You shouldn’t have come up to me, and I shouldn’t have spoken to you. I really hope you’re doing well.” I felt his hand gently clasp around my wrist, and from behind him I saw his friend Minseok running towards him, shouting his name as he wiped away sweat. 

“Listen, (Y/N). I completely understand why you feel the way you do, and I know that I do not deserve a minute of your attention. Minseok and I are staying the night in town, and if you want a drink, or you want to talk, I’ll give you the address to my hotel.” I frowned as he pulled a business card out of his front jacket pocket, and shook my head as I snatched the card from his hand. I walked backwards, not ready to break our eye contact, feeling tears well up in my eyes. 

“Goodbye, Chanyeol.”

I turned around and started running as fast as I could.

I quickly fished in my beach bag for my keys with one hand while I wiped the tears from my face with the other. God, I really fucking wish I hadn’t seen Chanyeol today. I wish I hadn’t dreamt about him and I sure as hell wish I hadn’t heard his damn voice when I was trying to shower. I was furious; angry that the person I had been running away from came waltzing back into my life as if he had never left. As if I had never made him leave.

I collapsed into my armchair, extremities shaking from the effort I exerted. I should have yelled at him, I should have told him how I suffered without him when he was supposed to be by my side. I needed a dose of reality. I pulled out my phone and dialed Jin Woo. I knew a phone call with my fiancé would bring me back to the way life was supposed to be.

For the first time in our relationship, he did not answer the phone.

I cursed as I threw my phone on my couch in indignation. He was supposed to be the reliable one. He knew what I had been through; at least, the fact that my ex boyfriend broke my heart. I needed consistency. He knew how important it was to me that he answers his phone, and he had done it every single time… until now. ‘I guess even perfect people aren’t perfect, huh?’ I spoke aloud even though I was home alone, with only my cat to listen to me.

I picked up Snowball and began combing her long fur with my fingers. I couldn’t get Chanyeol out of my mind. He was still in my head, still in my skin, and still in my entire being. Distance couldn’t keep him from being the best part of me, the part of me I had been missing since the day I told him to leave. I had only been in his presence for five minutes, and already I was once again consumed with everything about him.

I forced thoughts of my former love out of my life, and thought about Jin Woo. He brought me flowers to our first date, picked me up precisely on time, and dropped me off before eleven PM. In our first spring of dating, he didn’t want to walk through the park after dinner. He said the cherry blossoms had a sickly smell, almost like cough syrup. Where Chanyeol was daring, he was tentative. His life wasn’t consumed by art, or music, or new horizons. Our life was simple, black and white. There was nothing questionable about it.

But there was no excitement, either. If life with Jin Woo was monotone, cocktail parties and volunteer work, life with Chanyeol was in brilliant technicolor. It was a constant adventure, filled with spontaneity. Sure, he wasn’t reliable, and that damn boy couldn’t be on time if his life depended on it. But he was color, and I was greyscale, longing for even a hint of bright blue.

I couldn’t live the rest of my life with this doubt. I put down my cat and walked deliberately to my jewelry box. I carefully slipped the diamond ring off my finger, feeling a twinge of guilt as I shut the box closed.

I stood in front of a dark brown door, palms shaking, asking myself over and over if I were making the right choice. Catching up couldn’t hurt, right? But I needed to be sure. I needed one more sign.

I heard a song emitting from behind the door; a sorrowful song that I knew, somehow, was intended for me. I listened to it and heard the agony behind every note. It sounded like an wish, it sounded like it was begging for someone to hear it. I closed my eyes. I knew without question what I needed to do next. I needed closure, I needed to know why I couldn’t shake this man from my mind. Why I still, after all of the years, felt him so deeply that I ached in every single piece of me.

I timidly reached out a hand and knocked on the hotel room door.

“Irresistible” Chapter 5 Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 2,886

Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, smut, oral sex (fem. receiving), fluff, gun use, threats of being shot, angst

a/n: omg im sorry it took me forever to get this chapter out but ITS WORTH IT I PROMISE

ch. 1  ch. 2   ch. 3  ch. 4  

“Oh my, fuck,” You moan out, tangling your hands in Dean’s hair as he moves his tongue up and down your clit.

“Dean, yes,” You start to roll your hips. Dean grabs on to your thighs to hold you down, flicking his tongue at a faster pace. You can feel the familiar heat rising up in your lower area, indicating that your orgasm is near. You bring your hand up to your breasts, playing with your nipple as Dean now enters two fingers inside of you as well.

The pleasure is almost too much to handle. He really knows what he is doing.

“I’m coming, oh god, yes,” You yell out, and release yourself over him. Dean gets up from between your thighs, a smile plastered on his face.

“I will never get tired of this.” Dean smirks, bringing himself up on top of you.

It’s only seven in the morning, but Dean recently has been waking you up more often than not quite pleasurably. Whether it be sex or him eating you out like you’re candy, mornings have proven to be amazing with this man.

Lately, Dean’s been staying at your house while he was in town, which was not very often anymore. He basically moved in- he even has a key to the house and extra clothes for when he stays over. He’s been extremely busy with work lately, so anytime he had at home, he spent it with you. Whether that be at your house, or out going on dates, you’re spending almost all of your time together.

You love him, you know this. Who couldn’t love this man? He’s perfect in every way possible. He’s treated you better than any man has ever treated you before. You know there are things about his past that he is keeping from you, but you know that it’s for a reason. Ever since that talk you two had a few months ago, you haven’t brought it up since. He’ll tell you whenever he is ready.

“Don’t go to work today.” Dean breathes out, lying down next to you in bed. His hand is playing with your hair, and his other hand was rubbing circles on your stomach.

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A/N: I’m trying to work my way through a writer’s block, so I’m really sorry if this sucks. Also, no hate towards Jensen and his lovely family, this is fiction.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Wordcount: 426

Originally posted by queenofhelldarlin

As the doorbell rang, you turned off your stove and put aside the frying pan with the half cooked pancake in it. It wasn’t every morning you had the time to make a proper breakfast, so you were mildly annoyed at the person on the other side of the door, not to mention the fact that you were still in your PJ’s. You peaked through the little hole in your door and saw Jensen on the other side of it, both hands behind his back, looking gorgeous as ever. Did you have a crush on him? Hell yes, he was Jensen Ackles after all, but you were too shy to ever act on it, so it really didn’t matter. You tried telling that to your racing heart and the butterflies in your stomach, but to no avail. Besides, you had known him for a while now, and he had never shown any interest in you, at least not in that way.

“Jensen, what are you doing here?” you asked as you opened the door with a smile.

“I wanted to give you these-” he smiled, pulling out a little bouquet of flowers “-and see if you wanted to come have breakfast with me.”

“Uhm… yeah.. Sure..” you stumbled over your words. You tried not to let your brain make any assumptions about what this was, but he never showed up at your door unannounced and he never brought you flowers. “Just give me a minute  to change will you?”

“Of course. These are for you,” he grinned, handing you the flowers.

“Thanks Jay, they are beautiful.” You took the flowers and headed for the kitchen to get them in a vase before changing your clothes.


A few minutes later you joined Jensen back in the living room where he had waited for you. You searched through your purse real quick to check that everything you needed was in there before you told him you were ready to go.

The next seconds was a bit of a blur as he made his way over to you, searching your face with his emerald orbs before softly pressing his plump lips to yours. Before you even registered what had happened it was over and he was pulling away from you.

“Just so that there is no confusion about what this is,” he said.

You were lost for words, you didn’t even know if you knew any words, or how to move, or even breathe.

“You coming?” he asked from the doorway, a cheeky grin plastered on his handsome face.    

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He brought me diamond flowers
A teddy bear with diamond eyes
Chocolates sprinkled with
Diamond dust (ow, my teeth!)
A diamond encrusted convertible
(How quickly that was jacked!)
A house with diamond windows
On a diamond lined street
(And installed high security
To thwart would-be thieves)
—  He gave me diamond everything
Except what I most wanted: a ring

It occurred to me today that I’d never asked my dad if he liked flowers. We’re so pre programmed to think of flowers as “girly” that it never even crossed my mind until today.

But he brought me flowers at work on my birthday, so I decided to return the favor. Found some carnations with his birthstone colors on them and decided to heck with outdated societal conventions, imma buy my dad some flowers.

Turns out he loves flowers. Which I never knew. And I’m kinda mad that I never even thought to ask before.

anonymous asked:

Tonight, as an aro/ace, I went on my first date since 2014 (mainly just to see if things have gotten better). And it wasn't a bad experience. My date brought me flowers, me went bowling, had dinner. He gave me a big hug after the date was over. But I didn't feel anything for him or the date in general. He was a very nice guy. We had great conversations but I didn't feel anything was there. I didn't feel anything for the flowers or hug. I just don't feel anything? How am I supposed to know?

I think you know by wanting to spend more time with them. Maybe it’s just the demi side talking but like if I’m like “guess I’ll never see you again oh well” then I know I’m not into the person. I rarely will I ever have day one I have a crush on you vibes. But I at times will have I wish I could see them tomorrow, or for longer, etc. And sometimes if there’s to much of the flowers or hugs I’m get standoffish because I’m like whoa dude you don’t know me, I don’t know you, stop projecting some grand vision you think you see here.