and he asked me to dinner for valentines day

Haikyuu!! Valentine's Day HCs
  • <p> <b>KageHina:</b> Hinata tries and fails to make an aesthetically pleasing chocolate for Kageyama. He's in tears as he gives it to Kageyama because it looks so strange, but Kageyama honestly only cares about how amazing the chocolate tastes. Hinata kisses Kageyama using the excuse that he wanted to taste his own chocolate.<p/><b>AsaNoya:</b> Nishinoya takes Asahi to a dinner date, wearing a sophisticated suit. He keeps trying to act cute in front of Asahi to make him all flustered, and believe me, it works. Little kids in the restaurant start to ask them what sort of relationship they have, and Asahi pulls out a cute ring saying, "He's my beautiful husband!" Nishinoya almost short-circuits.<p/><b>DaiSuga:</b> Suga makes chocolates for everybody in the team, but he has a special one just for Daichi. He keeps telling Daichi terrible puns "I'll be your Suga cube" and Daichi just sighs at him. Suga purposefully leaves chocolate on his cheek so that Daichi can kiss him. Mama is very crafty.<p/><b>TsukkiYama:</b> They go shopping together and Yamaguchi won't stop with the public displays of affection. Tsukishima is embarrassed at first, but he eventually goes along with it. Yamaguchi takes Tsukishima to the CD shop where they pick out albums and headphones for each other, before they exchange chocolates. Yamaguchi won't stop telling Tsukishima how cool he is, which leads to a very red-faced Tsukki.<p/><b>IwaOi:</b> Neither of them knew where to go so Oikawa just invites himself to Iwaizumi's place. Oikawa's chocolates look so perfect that Iwaizumi suspects that he bought them and didn't make them by hand, which leads to Oikawa pouting at him. Iwaizumi tells him he's trying way too hard to be cute, but kisses him anyway.<p/><b>YakuLev:</b> Lev drags Yaku to the amusement park and points to height limits just to piss him off. He tries not to go on too many scary rides, but he doesn't try hard enough and he ends up giving Yaku a piggyback. Lev takes Yaku to his house and feeds him his mother's warm Borscht and his handmade chocolates. His kisses tasted like beetroot because of this.<p/><b>UkaTake:</b> Ukai brings Takeda to watch a romantic movie, except that it wasn't really a romantic movie. At all. In fact, was Tarzan because there was a mistake with the tickets. Takeda still enjoys the movie, though. Takeda gives Ukai the ear piercing accessory he wanted and they go to a chocolate café to eat.<p/><b>HanaMatsu:</b> Matsukawa gives Hanamaki shop-bought profiteroles, because he attempted to make some at home and his mother banned him from the kitchen for the next three months after that. They both have a movie marathon at Matsukawa's house while snacking on the profiteroles, and have a dance-off to Disney songs.<p/><b>BokuAka:</b> Akaashi has been dropping hints that he wants to go on a date with Bokuto, but he completely forgets about the fact that it's Valentine's Day until Akaashi reminds him casually. Bokuto starts to panic because he feels like it's his job to make Akaashi happy, and literally every place they can think of is fully booked. They settle on taking a walk through nature while talking about how much they love each other.<p/><b>KuroKen:</b> Kuroo has everything planned out to perfection. They start off the day by riding a hot-air balloon, which was surprisingly well-liked by Kenma. They go on a small shopping spree and before Kenma gets tired, Kuroo takes him home and the two chill out at each other's houses for the rest of the day. Lots of affectionate bodily contact and hugs, mostly initiated by Kuroo.<p/></p>

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hellooo, update on the fake/pretend relationship please?? thanks💖💖


All the broken hearts in the world still beat by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 3,353 | PG13)

Stiles totally needs to make Lydia Martin jealous. Yeah. And his best chance is to convince star lacrosse player Derek Hale to (fake) date him.

Pretend by MadnessofVoid (1/1 | 3,683 | G)

This time, Stiles blurted out something utterly stupid.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll be coming with my boyfriend.”

It was a beat too late before he realized what he had said. He had to tamper down his horror as Headache Lawrence begrudgingly congratulated him. Followed by telling the entire building that Stiles had a boyfriend.

And then, and then, Georgina came up to Stiles, gushing and sounding so excited that her favorite had a boyfriend. She just couldn’t wait to meet the man that had won her Stiles’ heart! Give the man cookies and kisses on the cheek! Because Stiles was like a grandson to her, and this mysterious boyfriend would become like her second grandson!

This was when Stiles knew he had fucked up.

Date Me by cloudyskiesandcurlyfries (1/1 | 2,073 | G)

Stiles and Derek pretend to date to see how long it will take Scott to notice and they end up forming a real relationship along the way

It’s Always Been You by charlesdk (1/1 | 6,085 | PG13)

Stiles’ love life was practically non-existing, always had been. He was always terrible at picking up clues when people hit on him (it had happened, Erica had been witness to it and had been the one to let him know it was happening in the first place) because he never expected anyone to do so.

He wasn’t the most desirable guy around, he knew that. He was loud, extremely nerdy, never knew when to stop talking, not exactly much of a looker if you asked him, the list was endless.

Point was, he never did know when someone was flirting with him. Which was probably how he ended up in the fight that would change his life for the better.

Fight Me Valentine by smokesforsterek (1/1 | 7,846 | PG13)

“Who wants to go to dinner with me on Valentine’s Day and have a dramatic fight in the restaurant?” Stiles blurbs out of nowhere.
“I’ll do it,” Derek’s face is blank, Stiles might even dare to say nervous.

or the one where Stiles comes up with a plan to have a Big Dramatic Break Up™ at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Derek agrees to help.

May I Interest You in an Apology Muffin? by Leslie_Knope (1/1 | 1,478 | PG13)

“Wait, seriously? Who is it? C’mon, just tell me.”

“Uh…,” Stiles said, buying for time while he looked around as surreptitiously as possible. “That guy over there,” he whispered finally, jerking his chin toward the dark-haired guy three tables over, a guy so hot that Stiles’ only chance with him would most definitely be in an imaginary scenario.

Scott looked over his shoulder at the guy and got that determined glint in his eye that Stiles recognized, just about three seconds too late. Scott was gonna do something that he thought was heroic but was actually dumb.

“Scott!” he hissed, grabbing for his backpack and nearly knocking over their coffee cups in his haste to follow him. “Oh, holy shit.”

Valentine Me, Please

alexander hamilton x reader

prompt: alexander has finally worked up enough courage to ask you out for valentine’s day but instead of properly asking you, he says “valentine me please”

a/n: look at me actually writing valentine’s day prompts again. i’m so excited for the @hamwriters write-a-thon, i have the majority of my fics all planned out, i hope you all enjoy them when posted!!


You didn’t understand Alexander Hamilton.

Yes, he was your best friend and you understood more about him than most people did, but sometimes he could just say the most absurd and obligatory things that left your head spinning wild.

This was one of those times.

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The Date (NamjoonxReader)


Member: Namjoon


Genre: Fluff

Summary: Namjoon asks Y/N to help plan a special Valentine’s dinner date but she has no idea that it is actually all for her.

Word  Count: 1.2k

I locked the door behind me and walked towards the back convertible sitting in my driveway. It was February 14 and my friend, Namjoon begged me to spend the day helping him prepare for a date with the girl he likes. I was feeling a bit sad that I didn’t have someone to prepare for on Valentine’s day but on the other hand I was happy to help out a friend in the oh-so-much spare time I had being single.

Namjoon gave his horn a few beeps as I approached, something he always did when he gave me a ride. I got in the passenger seat shaking my head at his commitment to our tradition.

“So, where to first?” I ask, fastening my seatbelt.

“That’s thing about today. There is no ‘first’. There is only a singular ‘there’.” I smiled at Namjoon’s dramatic way of explaining our itinerary as he pulled out of the driveway. “A place where men and women can complete all of their errands. A place for families and hipsters alike. A place called….” He took his eyes off the road to raise an eyebrow at me.

“Target….” I said widening my eyes, mirroring the tone and expression of a person who had just had a shocking revelation.

Namjoon chuckled and of course I followed along at the sound of his laugh. I really did love his laugh. And his smile…. I pushed those thoughts away though, I couldn’t think about Namjoon as anything other than a friend, especially when I was helping him impress another girl.

I switched on the radio to fill the silence as we made our way to Target. I kept thinking though; Who is this girl we are doing all of this for?

“So how did you meet her?” I ask, looking out the window to avoid making eye contact.

“Meet who?” He asked.

“The girl we’re preparing for.” Who else?

“Oh, she doesn’t go to our Uni.” He replied vaguely. I wasn’t going to press any further. I realized that I really didn’t want to know about her.

We pulled up at Target and walked to over to the entrance. I reached to grab a cart but Namjoon quickly intercepted me. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.” He said. “I didn’t bring you here to labour around pushing a cart, Y/N.” I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever you say. But if you don’t buy me Starbucks at the end of this, I’ll know I’ve been exploited.”

Namjoon laughed, “I will. Caramel Macchiato with two pumps of hazelnut.” I tried not to act affected by the butterflies in my stomach when he said that. We had only been to Starbucks once together and he remembered my order..

We strolled down the aisles, me picking out ingredients for tonight’s special; Shepherd’s Pie. Namjoon had insisted I cook my favourite dish with him, saying that it would be the dish I cook best.

Grocery shopping with Namjoon was fun. We quizzed each other on our favourite foods and I almost died of laughter when he said he ate scrambled eggs with maple syrup. “What? It’s a delicacy.” He said but it was so obvious he was trying to fight a smile. We decided to grab Pillsbury cookies and some icing tubes instead of making the dessert from scratch. Plus, it would be hilarious to see Namjoon struggling with icing tube later.

We got to the flower section and I started to skim through the flowers.

“So, what should I get?” He asked, folding his arms across his chest. I thought about that for a while, looking through the different colored flowers and whiffing the aromas. “Well you haven’t really said much about her. What is she like?” I immediately regretted asking that.

Namjoon sighed, “She’s wonderful. She’s not introverted and not extroverted either so she’s just this beautiful mix, this in-between of the both. She’s really funny. She makes me laugh like crazy. She’s got this energy I can’t get enough of. It’s like when I’m with her, I want time to stop or at least slow down because it feels like I’m going a million miles per hour and I can never really appreciate the things she says, or the way she laughs, or the way she fiddles with her nails when she’s nervous or when she’s really believes in something and begins to stand a little straighter but never gets too loud, always collected but so strong…” Namjoon trails off and then he looks over at me. I quickly try to control my facial expression. He was so entranced just thinking about her. I’d never felt so jealous in my life. I shook my head. “She sounds amazing,” I say dryly.

I see these orange roses at the end of the row and pick up the bouquet. “Generic but different.” I remark. “I guess we have a winner.”

Back at Namjoon’s place, I’m decorating the living room and setting the table. Cooking with Namjoon was more wonderful than I had expected. He was quite clumsy so we did end up burning a rag or two and dropping a bowl of vegetables at one point which resulted in me trying to scold him without peeing my pants. The cookies are all iced as well. At one point, Joonie and I had a western standoff with the icing bags that left our clothes, faces and hair frosted.

I laughed to myself thinking back. I was standing on a chair hanging up some fairy lights along the walls but the wire was so long I tripped and fell from the chair. Just like out of a movie, Namjoon caught me in his arms. “I thought I was the clumsy one.” He said , still holding me in my arms. He looked into my eyes for what felt like forever and I felt theat rush to my cheeks. I quickly hopped out of his arms and said, “I should go now. She’ll be here soon.”

I went straight to the door which was across the room and opened it up to leave. Upon opening the door I was greeted by a large red teddy bear holding a card that read, “Y/N, Will you be my Valentine?”

I was taken over by shock and confusion. I turned around to see Namjoon carrying the bouquet of orange roses and pulling out a chair for me. I hadn’t even noticed that he was no longer wearing the messy clothes but instead dark jeans and a leather bomber.

I brought my hand up to my mouth and gasped. “But-but what about your girl?” I stuttered.

“You are my girl.” He said, pulling out a chair at the table for me. He motioned for me to sit down.

I walked towards him and accepted the bouquet. I began to giggle, realization hitting me. “So wait, you made me PLAN our own date?”

Namjoon laughed sheepishly. “I wanted it to be exactly how you would want it to be. I also wanted to get to know what you like and dislike and of course spend time with you. I thought it would be romantic.” He was scratching the back of his head.

“It was.” I leant up to capture his lips for our first kiss. I pulled back after a few passionate moments. “Yes, I will be your valentine.”


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Monsta X reacting to you feeling unconfident about your body.

Summary: How Monsta X would react to their partner telling them that they’re unconfident about their body.

A/N: Dealing with some body issues at the moment and needed some Monsta X comfort

[Remember, if you’re unconfident about yourself or need someone to talk, my inbox is always open~]

You walk into the bedroom and sit down on the bed next to him, a concerned look on your face. Shownu puts the book on the bedside table and looks at you, smiling at you. 

“Am I ugly?” You ask, genuinely meaning your words and looking down, squeezing your body fat. Shownu ironically laughs at your words and opens his arms. “Come here.” He says and you take the place on his lap, his arms wrapped around you. He places his head down on your shoulder and kisses it gently. “To me, you are more than perfect princess.”

He’s sitting in his work room when he hears your violent sobs coming from the bathroom. He takes off his headphones and slowly walks through the apartment, worrying about you.

He opens the door to the bathroom half-way and peaks at you through the mirror, your redened eyes looking at him. He lets out a silent sigh before entering the bathroom and kneeling down in front of you. “I’m so disgusting. Why are you even dating me?” You whisper loud enough for him to hear. Jooheon laughs at your silly words and reaches out to wipe the wetness off your cheek before lifting your head slightly. 
“I’m dating you so we can be the most disgusting couple that exsists babygirl~” He answers, winking at you smugly.

When he walks into your shared apartment, he sees you looking at your reflection in the mirror, the remaining tears glistening on your flushed cheeks. You look at yourself with a disgusted expression, your eyes focused on your stomach fat. Wonho slowly walks over, wrapping his arms around your hips from behind and smiling at you from behind. “Tell me, Y/N. What’s bothering you?” He asks, knowing you’re upset.

You let out a deep, frustrating sigh and lock eyes with his. “Why are you dating this disgusting person when you can date so much more beautiful fans?” You ask, feeling tears starting to prickle your eyes again. Wonho kisses your ear gently and whispers into it “Because to me, you’re that perfect fan.”

You’re out for dinner on valentines day together when Minhyuk notices you barely even touching your food and just stabbing the meat with your knive.

You’re on your way back to your apartment, your fingers intertwined when he stops in his step. He has thought about your eating behavior all through the night and it was starting to worry him. He turns to look at you, his eyes glistening in the moon light. “Why did you stop eating?” He asks and you just shrug, cold to his words. “I’m already ugly enough.” You answer. Minhyuk pulls you closer, his words dropping by the harsh words that escape your lips. He shakes his head, feeling his heart ache. “Jagiya, please don’t ever call something you’re not. It might end up hurting more than it has to..”

He watches you muster your outfit in the shop, really liking the way it compliments your curves and when he’s about to compliment you on it, you turn to the sellswoman and ask her for a bigger size. “I think this makes me look even fatter.” You say, your cheeks burning with fire. 

His heart drops when he hears you admit your body insecurities for the first time and leans in closer, not being able to comprehent what you just said. On your way back, he pulled you closer to his body, tears filling his eyes. “If I had any idea about the way you feel about yourself, I’d have told you every morning what I truly think of you. That you’re the most breathtaking women I’ve ever come across.”

You walk into the kitchen with an oversized hoodie and sweat pants and sit down across from him, hiding your face behind your hair and leaning down on the table. “Babe.” You say, gaining his attention. He looks at you lovingly. 
“What made you think that I’m the one?” You ask, your voice calm and quiet.

Kihyun thinks about it for a moment, seeing by your heartbreaking face that you’re worried about yourself. He places his large hand on top of yours and gently circles the back, smiling at you. “That you’re still the most sexy woman even in sweatpants and a large hoodie.”

“God I’m fat.” You whisper, looking at your body in disgust and feeling anxiety raise inside of you. Changkyun looks up from his laptop, his eyes widening by your words. 

He quickly raises from his chair and walks over to you, shaking his head at you in the mirror. “If I told myself I’m ugly often enough, of course I’d believe it some day.” He explains, growling at you and rolling his eyes. “And also, if you’re actually fat, would I be able to do this?” He asks, picking you up and spinning you around.

Love, Youngmi~

Happy Valentine’s day

Got7 Yugyeom


gif not mine


6.30 am

I woke up and looked at my list of what me and Yugyeom should do today: ice skating, snowboarding, wall climbing, maybe bowling and mini golf inside and after that a nice warm bath and romantic dinner. 

7.00 am

I was doing my makeup, I had to go buy few things before our day could start. I heard Yugyeom’s phone ring and then it stopped, he probably woke up. Soon Yugyeom cam to the bathroom “Good morning my valentine.” he hummed and hugged me. “Hi Gyeomie.” I said and kissed him. 

“I have an awesome day planned for us…” I started but Yugyeom sighed loudly “What?” I asked

“It’s just that Jaebum just called me and told me that we have to have a dance practice.” Yugyeom said. Small panic rushed trough me. “But…It might not take long. I’ll be home as soon as possible. I promise” Yugyeom said, kissed my cheek and hopped into the shower.

1.00 pm

Yugyeom texted me and told that it might take longer than he thought.

4.00 pm

I ordered a pizza for myself, Yugyeom told me that they had to learn a new choreography and it would take time. 

7.00 pm

I was watching a movie alone, wearing my silky robe, I was alone at home I didn’t care what I was wearing. Then Yugyeom came back home. “I’m so sorry, I know this is not how you planned this day and I should’ve been there with you but…”

“Yugyeom relax, it’s your job, there will be other Valentine’s days.” I said. I was not ok ,but what was I gonna say ‘quit for me’ he would’ve and I didn’t want him to quit because of me.

“No, it’s not ok. I mean…You look beautiful.” Yugyeom breathed. I smiled, then I had an idea. I got up from the couch and walked to Yugyeom “We didn’t spend the Valentine’s day together but maybe we could finish it together.” I said and wrapped my hands around Yugyeom’s neck. I grinded my hips against his. “Maybe we could.” Yugyeom smirked and kissed my lips.

I started pulling his shirt off and walking to mine bedroom at the same time “Are you gonna spend the night here?” I asked and Yugyeom nodded. He kicked his pants off and played with the hem of my robe. “I like this. Is it new?” he asked and I nodded.

We fell on my bed and Yugyeom took off the robe. He placed a sloppy kiss on my bellybutton and then he kissed my lips. “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?” he asked.

“Never, you should say that more often.” I said with sarcastic tone. Yugyeom chuckled and took off his pants. I sat up and took Yugyeom’s dick in my hand. I pumped it few times before placing my lips on his tip. I started with the tip then I got little bit lower, lower, lower till I couldn’t take it anymore. I bobbed my head up and down slowly. Yugyeom couldn’t take it, he thrusted in my mouth, I smirked and stopped. I got up to kiss Yugyeom’s lips. I walked behind Yugyeom, he turned around and I pushed him on the bed.

I crawled over him and kissed his lips one more time before sinking on his dick. “I thought that…” Yugyeom started

“Shut up, for once in your life.” I said and kissed him again. I bounced slowly up and down, holding my hands on Yugyeom’s chest. Yugyeom held his hands on my hips, helping me bounce. After awhile Yugyeom got impatient and started thrusting. The pace we had got faster. Yugyeom moved his hands on my breasts and he played with my nipples. I started bouncing faster which made Yugyeom grunt. Soon I became a moaning mess.

Yugyeom came first. He lifted me up so now I was lying on the bed. He crawled over me and circled his tongue around my clit. I was already close, legs shaking. Yugyeom sucked on my clit making me moan as loudly as I could at the same time as I came.

Yugyeom lied down next to me and looked into my eyes. “If I’m not wrong it’s still Valentine’s day. How about round two in the shower.” he smirked

“I was thinking round two in kitchen and round three in shower.” I said, but as soon as I said that I hid my face from him. He kissed my hand and lifted me up. “Let’s go.”

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said: Could you write something like Mycroft x reader valentine’s dinner, please?

A/N: This is so late and I am so sorry. x

“So where are we going?” You asked the driver of the limousine but was met with no reply. “Spoilsport.” You stuck your tongue out and was given a disapproving look through the rear view mirror. You finally arrived at your destination and you thanked the driver before exiting the vehicle.

“Dearest Y/N!” Mycroft smiled and kissed you on the cheek.

“Hello, Mycroft,” You replied. He had his best suit on and was carrying his umbrella. “I’m surprised you’re taking me out to dinner. I didn’t think you approved of Valentine’s Day.”

“I don’t. It just celebrates the brutal execution of St Valentine and is just a money grab for the shops. However, it’s a social necessity and you got me something so I felt an urge to get you something myself.”

“Oh.” You were slightly disappointed. You hoped he had done this mainly because he loved you. However, this was Mycroft, what did you expect? There was a pause as Mycroft had noticed something was wrong. He was the one to break the silence.

“Shall we go in?”



“How was your day?” You asked after ordering your meal. You were in a fancy restaurant with the food on the menu that could not be pronounced. Luckily, you had Mycroft to translate for you. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling and the furniture and curtains were vintage. You had hoped to go somewhere more simple and comfortable but Mycroft wouldn’t have known your desire. He wouldn’t be seen dead in places like those.

“Y/N,” He replied sighing. “Smalltalk has never been your strongest point, has it?”

“I only asked how your day was.”

“Yes…” He trailed off as his mind was obviously occupied by something else. You sat in silence while you waited for your dinner. He still wasn’t the best at communication, despite you both dating for two years. You loved the man with all your heart but he could be so difficult.



Finally, your meal came, which broke the awkwardness.

“Bon appetite!” The waiter said and smiled before leaving.

“He’s cheating on his wife with the manager of the restaurant,” Mycroft stated.

“Mycroft, can you not?” You asked. “Just for tonight. Please?” He nodded reluctantly.

“So…” Mycroft began as you began to eat. “How was your day?”

“Smalltalk has never been your strongest point, has it?” You smirked at him. He rolled his eyes. “But my day was okay.”

“How’s your food?”

“Delicious.” You knew he knew that already but you did just warn him to stop using his deductions. He began to eat.



“I’m stuffed!” You exclaimed. “I cannot eat another bite.” You had both finished desert. You knew Mycroft loved his cake. He asked for the bill and he paid.

“I’ll get us a car back to take you home,” He said.

“Can we walk around London for a bit?” You replied. “Please? Nothing fancy?”

He contemplated. “I suppose.” You both left hand in hand. You found yourselves walking down Southbank. It looked lovely at night when it was less congested. You enjoyed moments like this with the man you loved and you could tell he liked it too. He hated the thought of it but he loved it. You stopped him suddenly and you kissed him. He was surprised at first but quickly found it pleasant.

“We didn’t need anything too fancy,” You said smiling.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” He replied. “But that’s not how I do things.”

You giggled. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I Don’t Celebrate It  ~Andre Burakovsky Imagine~

Summary: You and Andre have been dating for almost a year now. When the holiday of love comes up, you forgot to mention that you don’t celebrate it. 

Author’s Note: I always see Valentines day imagines so why not do an Anti Valentines Day one? I don’t celebrate the holiday anyway. y/f/c means your favorite color. 

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You had recently just came home to your sweet loving boyfriend, only to not find him anywhere in sight. 

“Andre?” You call out. You walk into the bedroom to see a y/f/c dress on the bed and a note. You walk over to the dress and pick up the note.

Where this and meet me at the park, love Andre

You take a quick shower and put on your make up. You did your hair and put on the dress. You stared at yourself in the mirror before sighing. You walk out of the apartment and left to the park. 

Once you get there, you see Andre sitting on the swings in a suit. You shake your head and smile at his adorable cuteness. You walk over to him and he smiles up at you. 

“Hey,” He smiled. 

“Hey,” You smile back.

“I have a big surprise for you,” Andre said excitedly. He stood up and held your hand.

“Great,” You falsely smiled. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked frowning. 

“It’s nothing,” You tell him. You could last one Valentines day. Especially for Andre.

“Y/N, you made your fake smile,” Andre said. You sat on a swing and he sat next to you.

“I don’t celebrate Valentines Day,” You tell him.

“What?” Andre asked surprised.

“It’s a stupid holiday. I’ve been single for a long time and it got me to hate Valentines day. Every Valentines day, I choose to stay home and watch movies instead of going out and dress up fancy,” You tell him.

“Why haven’t you told me about this?” Andre asked. 

“I forgot to mention it,” You tell him.

“Oh. I can cancel the dinner,” Andre suggested. 

“Don’t do that. You probably thought about this last week. I don’t want you to stop everything just because I hate Valentines day,” You tell him.

“But I wanted this day and night to be all about you,” Andre said. 

“Andre, I love you so much that I could sacrifice one Valentines Day all dressed up and not in pajamas,” You tell him. 

“Really?” Andre asks. You nodded and give him a small kiss.

“Alright, let’s go. I had Tom and Michael be our servers for tonight,” Andre tells you.

“Really?” You asked surprised. 

“Yes. Do want to be surprised or do you want me to tell you what I have planned?” Andre asked. 

“Surprise me,” You said. 

“Okay,” Andre smiled. You give him one more kiss before you both start to head off. 

The date was beautiful. Tom and Michael were dressed up as waiters and they brought out a teddy bear and some roses Andre got for you. Once you reached home, you both weren’t tired yet.

“That was nice. Do you have anything else planned?” You asked him.  

“I have something in mind,” Andre said. He played some romantic music and you raised your eyebrow at him.

“One dance,” Andre said. 

You shrugged and kicked off your heels. You and Andre start to dance around in your living room. 

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“Still hate Valentines Day?” Andre asks.

“Yeah. But you made it a nice night. I’ll celebrate Valentines day if I’m with you,” You tell Andre. Andre flashes a smile that showed his dimples. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


[listen to ‘make it rain’ by Ed Sheeran]
happy valentine’s day.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was surprised when Shawn Mendes, my ex-boyfriend, asked me to dinner on Valentine’s. He and I dated for two and a half years before we both mutually decided to split. I couldn’t deal with cheating rumors in the tabloids and he couldn’t deal with our fights. Of course, he wrote a song about it and hired some wannabe look alike to play me in his video. But it didn’t bother me. I was busy with my singing career, as well.

“How have you been?” Shawn asks me as we walk down the pavement of his gated neighborhood. He gave me his jacket and it hangs on my shoulders. It actually looks nice with my medium length, silk champagne dress, with a hem that stops a few inches past my knees.

“Good. Busy. But over all, I’m good.” I answer his question, my hands holding onto my gold clutch. “How’s you’re album coming along?”

“It’s coming.” He says. “Almost done.”

“That’s good.”

Shawn clears his throat and I look at my feet. “Are you seeing anyone?”

“Why do you need to know?” I ask.

“Because I want to.” He replies. “Are you?”

“No, I’m not.” Even though the break up was four months ago, I still didn’t go back out in the dating scene.

We walk for five more minutes in silence. I listen to the noise my heels make against the pavement. I stop walking once I realize we’re in front of his house.

“Do you want to come inside?” Shawn asks me. “For a drink.”

I raise my eyebrow slight and smirk. “I’ve always been a fan of your bar.”

“Come inside.” Shawn says. He places his hand at my lower back as we walk up the walkway to his house. He unlocks the door and let’s me inside the house first.

The house felt so odd to me. I remember gathering my things and leaving when we broke up.

Shawn enters the house and closes the door, locking it in the process. I take the jacket from my shoulders and place it on the coat rack by the door. I follow Shawn out into the back room where his bar was. I take a seat on one the copper stools and rest my elbows on the granite bar top while Shawn goes behind it and takes out to glasses.

“Do you want your usual?” Shawn asks me, his hand already on the bottle.

I shake my head. “No, thank you. I’ll have what you’re going to have.”

He smirks and instead grabs his bottle of Scotch, twisting the cap off and pouring us both doubles. I take a sip, as does he. The alcohol goes smoothly down my throat.

“Smooth.” I say.

“Just how I like it,” Shawn says, a small smirk on his lips.

I take another swig and set the glass on the counter. “I have to ask: why did you ask me out for dinner, four months later?”

Shawn takes a drink and sets the glass down on a coaster. “I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Bull,” I say. “Tell me why.”

“You want to know? Really, want the truth?”

“Give it to me.”

“Because I missed you.”

“And it took you four months to call me?”

Shawn perks his head up and looks at me. “Are you saying you waited for my to call?”

“I’m not saying that I didn’t.” I shrug. “So why didn’t you?”

He shrugs, pouring himself some more Scotch. “I don’t know. I thought you just didn’t want to hear from me.”

“What made you think I didn’t?” My finger traces around the rim of the glass, making a small sound.

“Seeing how good you were doing. Watching you smile at award shows, dance and drink and have a good time. I thought if I tried showing up, you would lose your smile.”

“That’s the stupidest lie ever.”

Shawn chuckles. “You always knew when someone was lying.”

“So why’d you lie?” A small smile tugs on my lips.

“Because I like watching your nose scrunch up listening to someone lie.” He says. Shawn sits up and rolls the sleeves of his white dress shirt up to his elbow.

“Then tell me the real reason. Why’d you call?”

“Because I missed you.” He keeps his eyes on me as he takes another drink. “Do you miss me?”

I shrug. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” His fingers tap on the side of his glass.

“What would I be missing?”

Shawn casually places his hand on my thigh. I glance down at it and then back at him. “My touch.”

“I don’t think so.” Shawn stands up and leans against the bar, his fingers running up and down my thigh. “Your touch was never that great.”

“You may be able to tell when someone’s lying, but you suck at lying.”

His hand reaches up under my dress and I feel his fingers at my underwear. I look up at him and remove his hand from my thigh. I stand up and place my hands on his shoulders, running them up and down his arms.

“I called because I really missed being inside you.” Shawn hums in my ear. When he pulls away, I seize the moment and attack his lips. He spares no time opening my mouth and placing his tongue in mines.

He grabs me from under the thighs and picks me up, carrying me to the nearest surface - the pool table. He sits me on the ledge and I assist him in unbuckling his pants and Shawn takes off his belt.

My hands wander to his shirt, but he stops me. “Uh uh. Give me your hands.”

“What?” I ask.

“Hold them together.” He says. I put my arms together and Shawn takes his belt, tightly wrapping around my wrist before pushing me back on the table.

He grabs my legs and pushing them apart to take off my underwear. Shawn reaches into his pocket and takes out a condom, opening the packet and putting it on.

Without any warning, Shawn slams his whole length in me.

I arch my back a bit and spread my legs wider a bit more. “I fucking missed you.” Shawn grunts as he pulls out and thrusts himself back in.

“Shawn!” I gasp as he places his hands on my hips, pushing my body down in his length every time he thrusts into me. Each thrust causes my breath to hitch, making me want to run my hands through his hair. As much as I love the tied arms-I’m in charge thing, I wanted so badly to hold him, touch him, feel him.

I pant as Shawn brings his body on top of mine. His lips attack mines once more. I want so badly to rake my hands through his hair, touch his skin. But instead, I wrap my legs around his waist, as some approach to get closer to him.

“I missed you.” He grunts in my ear. “Did you miss me?”

“Uh huh,” I pant. And I really did. To the public eye, we were seen as the perfect shy, sweet, wholesome couple. But behind closed doors, we were extremely sexual with one another. How our photos and videos to one another never leaked was beyond me.

“Shawn,” I moan. My back arches and he places his left jeans under my back, his right hand on my thigh, opening my legs more. He knew my body like the back of his hand. Shawn knew what made me squirm, moan, orgasm, beg him for more. He knew all my spots. And he was hitting them.

“Oh, Princess, you feel so good.” He groans.

“I-I want to touch you.” I say. He looks at me and bites his lip, leaning in and kissing me, biting my bottom lip as he pulls away. Shawn reaches up with his right hand and manages to untie the belt from my hands, all while thrusting into me. He tosses the belt on the floor and my hands rest in his face, holding it as we kiss.

My hands roam his skin, feeling his touch and he slows it down. “I missed you.”

“Shawn,” I moan.
“So much.” He kisses me. “So, so much.”

I rake my fingers through his hair, pulling at it as he brings his head down to my chest. He kisses lightly at my skin, nibbling here and there.

“Shawn,” I pant.

He picks up the speed slightly, but goes in more rough and more deep. Having gone four months without sex with Shawn made me forget just how big and gifted he was. His thrusts caused a slight pain, but a good pain. A pain that adjusted into pleasure.

The feeling of him inside me prompted me into turning us over. His back was now on the green felt of the pool table while o straddled him.

My hands rested on his abs, his hands at my hips as I started to ride him. He shuts his eyes closed and bites down on his lower lip.

I grind my body slowly against his hard erection, moaning as grunts and small profanities escape Shawn’s lips. “Uh, fuck.” He moans under his breath.

Watching Shawn practically wrapped around my finger made me smirk in delight. Shawn was always this sex god and to see him react to me made me feel like I was doing it right.

He opens his eyes, but still bites down on his plump lip. Moving a bit faster, I start to bounce up and down on him.

“Baby girl,” he moans. “Fuck.”
“Shawn.” I moan his name, tossing my head back and then looking down at him.

“Cum for me.” Even though I was on top, he always found a way to still be the dominant. “Cum for daddy.”

I grind harder against him, only for him to quickly turn us over, making him on top again.

He grabs my leg and hitches it over his shoulder. It causes my dress to rip, making a high slit on the side. Shawn pulls out all the way, and takes both of my hands in one of his and lifts them above my head. He slams his whole length in me in a quick, yet slow and rough motion. My breath hitches and my body twitches as he does this repeatedly.

“Sh-” he thrusts in again “-awn.”
“Say my name.” He demands.
“Oh, Shawn.” I moan.

He pulls out again, and slowly enters me. Once in, he pulls out slightly and starts to thrust into me in a fast motion.

The sound of our skins echoes through the room, along with Shawn’s grunts and my soft moans. Sweat forms along Shawn’s forehead. I wrap my hands around his neck and lower his head down to mine as I kiss him again and again and again.

He pulls his lips apart from mine.

“Come for me.” He whispers against my lips.
“I’m almost there.” I reply, kissing his lips.

His forehead rests against mine and he looks down at himself going in and out of me. His hands roam my body, squeezing at my thighs, breast, and ass to get me to come faster.

“Shawn…” I pant.
“Come on.” He persuades.
“I…oh, fuck.”

As I orgasm, Shawn thrusts into me harder, making my orgasm stronger and better. He comes a couple of seconds after I finish.

Shawn collapses his body on mine, still in me, as his head rests against my chest. My chest heaves up and down as we both try to catch our breath. I lightly scratch at his scalp while he gingerly kisses at my neck.

“Can we get back together?” Shawn asks.
“If we fuck like this,” I reply, “then yes.”

Shawn laughs. “Good. Because I plan on not letting you walk from now on.”


again, sorry this was late! My laptop crashed and I had to start from scratch so it’s a bit different and somewhat sucky from what I originally had.

You don’t have a date for Valentines Day and he has a crush on you (BTS)

Rap Monster: -Smiling he tried his best to get you spend it with him- “well guess who won’t be alone anymore then. You got me to take care of you”

Jin: -he couldn’t believe it he was sure you would have someone for that day of all days- “you must be lying because anyone would be lucky to have you”

Suga: -he was very confident after hearing the news- “you know what I’m taking you out for dinner and movie then. You and I will have a good day”

J-Hope: -he began flirting with you right away after you told him about it- “I guess you can give me those sappy Valentines Day cards to just me. I’ll give you a nice kiss”

Jimin: -he blushed as he began to think of how he could ask you- “I could take you somewhere and spend it with you if you would like”

V: -he pulled a sappy move to get you to laugh- “you can spend V-Day with V. Yes? I’ll treat you nicely”

Jungkook: -he smiled largely he was glad you no longer were in a relationship with that loser- “you know what I’ll get you things for Valentines day I know I can treat you much better”

anonymous asked:

20-27 selina/harvey

20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive?

harvey thinks hes dominant but he also knows that no man alive can tell selina kyle what to do

21. Who has an obsession (over anything)?

selina has her cat obsession but harvey and his thing about the number 2 is also a thing…harvey has to hold Two Cats at once

22. Who goes all out for Valentine’s Day?

harvey does but not bc he wants to its bc selina wants him to and if pampering selina and eating chocolate is all he has to do then hes fine

23. Who asks who out on the first date?

selina “asks” aka says “harvey youre taking me to dinner tomorrow, got it?”

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener? 

neither of them are massively talkative but theyre both good listeners so if one of them has something to say the other will for sure listen

25. Who wears the other ones clothes?

selina doesnt just steal priceless cat shaped artifacts, she steals every article of clothing harvey has ever worn that isnt painfully tacky. his old university sweatshirts? hers. his two tone suit jacket? hers to wear over lingerie. harvey really doesnt mind

26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food?

selina eats…semi healthy, harvey is trying to live on hot dogs and chips

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?

selina has been in the shower for like 40 minutes. shes singing the meow mix song from the commercial. at least three cats are meowing along with her. someone, please save harvey dent

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Maybe usuk w/number 4? thnks!

(A little note: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! If you’re like me and single then you can take comfort from knowing that your OTP is together in ur dreams. This is the final request so with this I am finished. Thank you so very much to all who sent in requests and to those who read my ffs. I honestly never expected to receive so many requests but I’m very grateful all the same and I hope you have enjoyed at least some of these stories. And thank you as well for bearing with me through them. : ) 
On a side note: I will not be taking requests for a while, however, this Friday I will be posting chapter one to a multi-chaptered fanfiction I am writing.
Once again, thank you! 

4 - teacher/single parent au
Rating: SFW

“Mr. Jones,” Peter said, looking up at his teacher with wide eyes similar to his father. Not that Alfred ever thought about his father’s… Arthur’s eyes or how doe-like and green and beautiful and endearing they were. Never.

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One Night

NSFW holiday prompt with tim drake x reader pls? They enjoy a nice Thanksgiving with batfam but the reader wants to go to Black Friday sales but Tim just really wants to spend time with his s/o so he seduces her

pairing: Tim Drake x reader

@whovianayesha @inn0centkidz @civilwarkilledme @lovekenya24 @too-many-fandoms666 @jadedhillon @insideoflit @tamanamohain @dragonempress123

“Are you ready?” You said as you kept your nose in your phone.
Your stomach, bag and pockets were stuffed with food from the Wayne’s Thanksgiving dinner and you were ready and itching to go wait in line for the shops to open.
“Do you have the First aid kit?” You called out as you assumed his silence meant he was readying himself. “Tim?!”

“You called?” You heard him drawl out and you looked up at him from his bed.
“What are you doing?” You asked as you noticed his hair was slightly wet and his collared shirt was now unbuttoned.

“Nothing.” He said playfully as he approached you and sat down next to you.
“Okay.” You said carefully before returning back to the phone “I’ve made a list-”
You continued but stopped as you felt his lips on your neck. 

“Tim - we’re about to go out.”
He groaned in arousal and continued before you pulled away from him. 
“Can we please just stay home?” He whined as you turned to face him.
“Tim - we need to go.”
“Just one night.” He pouted over at you and you shook your head.

“Why is it that when Gotham or Bruce needs something, you’re right out of the door, no matter how undressed i am. But now i want something?”
“Black Friday is the worst Y/N and you know it. It’s ugly and i don’t want to be involved. Did i tell you about the time i got stabbed?” Tim shook his head as you raised your eyebrow at him.

“That was Damian, and that was at dinner two years ago.” You sighed “Tim, it’s not like we can keep ripping up shirts when we need minor fixes anymore, and your fucking feathers shed. This sale, is necessary and the worst i’ll get is run over by a mobility scooter.” 

“Just tell me. Is there any way i can convince you otherwise?” He asked as he bit his lip in an attempt to be sexy.

“Tim my stomach is about to burst, but - if you stay home on Valentines day i’ll stay home tonight.” You said causing a smile to appear on his face and he flopped back onto the bed “And i swear if you break that deal, you’re doing my Black Friday shopping for me next year.”

“Tim?” You called out after he didn’t respond, and looked over to see him fast asleep on the bed. 

early valentines day

you x bobby

a/n: i have been having really fluffy feels for him right now and plus it’s belated valentines day :)

          “Can you stop that?” you ask, putting your fork down. He blinks a few times before he shrugs his shoulders. 

          “I don’t think that’s possible babe,” he says, staring at me.

          “Jiwon, don’t you think it gets a bit weird sometimes?” He laughs, and reaches over to wipe the bit of food left by your lip.

         “Baby if it is bad for me to look at the most beautiful human in the world, then I’d rather be blind,”

          “Ugh you’re so cheesy,” you say as you clean up the dishes. He laughs as he attempts to toss his spoon and fork into the sink from the drain. You roll your eyes as you begin to rinse off the leftover dinner down the drain.

        “Hey babe it’s okay if I hang out with the guys tomorrow? Like we haven’t had a day to just hang out for a while,” he asks. You glance at the calendar on the fridge and frown internally. Tomorrow was Valentines Day, and you hoped that you would at least spend the day with him.

         “I- I mean yeah. Do what you want!” you say, trying to hide the sadness in your voice. You knew that Jiwon is a free spirit and does what he wants but you still wished he would just spend the day with you.

         “Babe,” he says.


         “Do you think Im being serious?” he asks. You finish wiping off the counter before turning around to look at him.

        “N-No… Well yes,” you mutter looking down at your feet. He laughs out loud, scrunching his nose.

        “You are so cute,” he says, giving you a hug from behind. You pout and back up so you are closer to his chest. He hugs you tighter as he rocks back and forth. 

        “Do you know what we’re doing tomorrow?” he asks softly, tucking your hair behind your ear. You shake your head ‘no’ encouraging him to tell you the plan. “Welllll,” he says, dragging it out. Your expectations were high, as you anticipated a lovely day of enjoying-

        “It’s a surprise,” he whispers. You groan out loud and push him off and go back to washing dishes. It was your turn to tease him. Each time he tried to get you back in his arms, you pushed him off or ignored him. Once you finished and turned around, he opened his arms wide, expecting you to finally give him the hug he wanted. To his dismay, you walk right past him, and plop down on the couch. two can play this game, you thought. Maybe you were taking it too far but it was cute to see him whine for attention.

        “Baaabe,” he whines from the kitchen.

       “What’s up, Jiwon,” you say casually flipping through the TV channels. He flops down on the couch next to you and wraps himself around you. You could not help but smile at how cute he was being and gave in, giving him a hug back. He wrapped his arms and legs around you tightly.

         “I’m never letting go,” he mutters into your neck. 

         “I wouldn’t allow you to,” you giggle, turning off the Television.

         “Can we start valentines day early?” he asks quietly. You look at him and he quickly pecks your lips.

        “With what?” you ask, lying on top of him.

        “Just like this,” he says. You lie your head on his chest and listen to his heart beat. You smile to yourself yet again as you both sit in silence, enjoying each other’s company.


Sanrion Modern Valentine:

Tyrion had never paid attention to all this romantic stuff as he wasn’t particulary interested and none of his previous girlfriends were either. But Sansa? Oh she loves it all! So he’ll make something for her something great, and if Jaime helps him plan it, well she doesn’t need to know (though he suspects she knows anyhow). If Sansa wants flowers and a Valentine dinner she’ll have it! He’d buy the whole damn flower shop if she asked him.

So, girls, what are your Valentine's Day plans?
  • Usagi: I'm going to spend the whole day with Mamo-chan on a romantic date with an amazing dinner and lots of gifts, just the two of us with no annoying pink-haired kids!
  • Ami: Nothing in particular, I was going to finish my math revision... but, I guess if someone asked me, I wouldn't turn them down right away.
  • Minako: I'm going to ask Hiroto on a romantic candlelit date!! And if he already has a date, I'm going to ask Aichi! And if HE has a date, I'm going to ask Joseph! And if HE has a date... I have a lot of rotten eggs and free time
  • Makoto: I'm going to make hand-made chocolates for all my friends! And, ah, um... t-the boy in the year above me...
  • Rei: ANARCHY
Russian Doll

It was that time of year where Val took his grandma out for a day of shopping and a nice dinner. He loved his grandma more than anything, well he loved her equally to mama and papa. He brought grandma new sunglasses and new scarves and skirts and whatever else she wanted. She didn’t actually want much, Val just kind of insisted on most of the clothes. Ok on all of it, she actually only wanted a $5 t-shirt a street vendor was selling on their way to Nordstroms. 

After their day out he took his grandma out to eat and a fancy restaurant he called 6 months in advance to book. Grandma wasn’t one for frills, but she deserved everything in the world. She worked just as hard for him and Maks. 

While waiting for dinner, Val had a few things on his mind. 

“Grandma?” he asked. 

“Yes my sweet Valentin?” she rose her warm eyes at him. 

“Do you remember back in 2013, my season with Zendaya?” 

“Of course, oh my little Zendaya, what a sweet kind girl.” 

“You gave me Russian Dolls to give to her… and you said keep her close and I did. As my sister, but why? You didn’t give any of my other partners dolls, an the only other time I’ve seen you give one, is to Maks for Peta.” 

“A grandmother knows, Valentin.” 

“Know what grandma?” 

“When her children have met the loves of their lives.” 

Val was taken aback. What? Well he loved Zendaya a lot, like a lot, but he was kept it brotherly.. or at least he tried. Besides he was too old for Zendaya. Z was young and free and she had her pick of any guy in Hollywood. Even the ones she hadn’t met yet, she could meet a guy in 1 minute and he’d be head over heels for her the next. She didn’t do it on purpose either, she was just..a goddess. 

“Grandma,” he sighed “I’m too old for Zendaya. She can do a lot better than me anyway.” 

“Says who? Did she say that? or did you say that?” 

“I uh, well.” he stuttered. 

“Did she ever make you feel like you were too old?” 

“Well no, teasing every once in a while, but she always said she felt the same, that when we hung out she didn’t really think of age.”

“Then Valentin, you owe it to yourself to find the same happiness your brother has. From the day you came home and told me and your parents about Zendaya, going on and on, I knew she was the one for you.”

“I’ll think about it Grandma.” 

“Don’t think too long. It took 35 years for me to get a grandbaby out of your brother.” 

“Grandma!!!” Val would have to do some thinking and call Z later, right now he had to explain to his grandmother why his apparent 19 year old “love of his life” couldn’t have a baby right now. 

Valentine's Special - Chanyeol ♥

“Yeol… Where are you leading me to?” You asked as you could barely see anything ahead of you but it seems like Chanyeol knew where he was walking considering he was the one leading you around here. After a lazy Valentine’s day at home, you had officially thought that it was it.

Like, a day at home with Chanyeol on Valentine’s – that was it.

But no, definitely not.

Chanyeol had planned out an event that took up the night fully. The two of you went for a full course dinner in a romantic restaurant that was out by the balcony of the building – it was only for the two of you on this very special day. Need you complain more? Certainly not. Right after the dinner that easily took up most of the night, he was now leading you around in the park where he had something planned out.

Of course, something being something you didn’t know what was it because Chanyeol hasn’t said a word since he was leading you around aimlessly – to you, that is.

“Yeol, do you even know where we’re going?”

“Shh.” He hushed you, making you snicker as you could’ve sworn that his confused face would’ve been the most epic thing you’ve seen in your life – period. You smiled a little at him when he made you sit down on a stool in the middle of the park. “Perfect!” He exclaimed, making you gasp as suddenly, there were lights shining down on you, making you blush as the people passing by in the park had now turned their attention to you. With a gulp, you uncertainly looked at Chanyeol, “Y-Yeol, what’s going on?”

He smiled genuinely, flashing his perfect set of teeth as he strode up to you to plant a kiss on your nose, “You’ll see.” His deep voice echoed in your mind, making you feel uneasy when people were gathering around at the sight. Chanyeol walked a few steps away, making you whimper as you held a hand out to reach for him with you still seated. He smirked at you over his shoulder, but he faced forward, continuing to walk until he was gone from your sight considering it was dark. You gazed down to your fingers, playing with them as you waited for what was to come.

The shock of your life came when suddenly sounds of lights being switched on could be heard, a spotlight shining down on Chanyeol where he was on a mini platform, sitting down on a stool where he held a guitar on his lap.

“This Valentine’s day, I dedicate this song to you. I’m really bad at planning everything but I think… I think this year I did pretty well.” He laughed in the end when you shook your head at him with a small grin. Indeed, he was really bad at planning surprises considering you would always figure it out but today it seems like he passed.

“Ah, is this working? Oh, it is.” He tested the microphone childishly before he gave you one last gummy smile. His fingers gripped onto the guitar expertly before he started strumming a beat – a song, to be exact that made your eyes widen as you stared at him attentively.

This song, it… it was your anniversary song and he was playing it now. Your eyes widened slightly at the way he was playing and it was taking your breath away each strum he made. The stares that were surrounding you and Chanyeol were gone from your mind and heart as you focused on Chanyeol and him alone.

It was like only the two of you existed.

You felt your heart swooning and fluttering when he switched up the lyrics – he had made it into his own just for you.

“Saying I love you, is all the words I want to hear from you,”
 It’s cause that I want you, just to say but if you only knew,
 How easy it would be to show me how you feel,
 More than words is all you have to do to make it real,
 Then you wouldn’t have to say that you love me,
 Cause I’d already know,”

When the instrumental break came up as he continued strumming the guitar, faint rounds of applause came from the people surrounding you two, making you give him a smile as you let yourself be free in this song – to listen to his heart as he sang the words to you. It felt like he was telling you a message with the song, and he was doing it in a very nice way.

“What would you do if my heart was torn in two?
 More than words to show you feel,
 That your love for me is real,”

During this instrumental break, he had to ask, “It’s real, isn’t it?” He teased you, making you nod once with you getting teary eyed from all of this and it made him shake his head as he continued singing,

“What would you said if I took those words away,
 Then you couldn’t make things new,
 Just by saying,”

“I love you.”

When the eruption of applause came up, you had noticed that you had clapped along to for Chanyeol who was currently making his way towards you. He stood in front of you, dipping down where he planted a hand on your cheek to wipe a tear that rolled down, “Don’t cry, silly girl…”

You sniffed, shaking your head, “Thank you, Chanyeol. That was beautiful…”

“Not as beautiful, as you.” He leaned in to give you a kiss, in front of the people who were watching and that caused another round of applause to be sounded when he smirked against your lips, still continuing with the lip lock before he swiftly planted a box in your hands that were shaking. You frowned a little against his lips and that made him lean away to look down on you. You narrowed your eyes and managed to tell that he was holding onto a match box. Your eyes widened slightly but relaxed when he came to you and handed you the box. “W-What’s this for?”

He smirked, pointing at the  message written on it, “Read it.”

You brought it up closer only to read,

‘You light up my world♥’

You gave an embarrassed laugh, thankful that no one could read this apart from you and Chanyeol, “Yeol…”

“I’m serious,” He laughed a little, pulling you up where he made you stand in front of him. “Light up a match and bend down to light this up.” He pointed at the string on the ground. You gulped and looked over your shoulder, “What’s going to happen?”

“Just do it.” He ushered you to do it, nudging you a little on your lower back and it made you crouch down, swiftly lighting up the match just to light up the string. You shot up from the ground, stumbling backwards into his arms when he had balanced you the moment hissing sounds could be heard – fireworks.

The hissing got more evident as it was reaching the end and the moment the string all was burnt up, the fireworks shot up into the air, making you squeal but Chanyeol made you face up into the dark sky where there were actually messages being spelt out on the sky.

First your name was spelt out, along with a heart that was matched with Chanyeol’s name after that. You gasped at the sight, heart pounding from this moment as the sounds of fireworks bursting added the delirium. Chanyeol held you tight in his arms, kissing down on your head as he kept his eyes on you, and your reaction. The way your eyes stared at the fireworks in awe, the way you squealed at the sweet messages he had spelt out in the sky – he wanted to keep you forever.

“I love you.” He whispered into your ear, the same time the fireworks on the sky had spelt ‘I love you’.

Your eyes widened and before you could even reply Chanyeol with what you wanted to say, with how you wanted to thank him, he had stolen your lips again for another kiss. Your words were jumbled up before you stopped talking just to kiss him back, thanking him silently through this kiss and it made him smirk into the kiss – feeling proud of being able to make you feel this way. Of being able to show everyone that you belonged to him, and there was no other way he would rather let this day go.

“Happy Valentine’s day, baby. You, light up my world. I love you.” 

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Im Jae Bum/JB:

JB had known he had feeling for you. He loved the way you laughed when he did his victory dance and your voice was like music for him. When he would meet you outside your house he would flash you big smile. He kissed you and said before you could react to what just happend “y/n i like you and well do you wanna be my valentine?” you nodded and JB would do his victory dance, which would make you laugh.

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Mark Tuan/Mark:

Mark had it all planned out to the moment you would see him to the minute he would ask. He smiled when he saw you in your dress and hair curled, he gave you a hug and said with a small smile and confident voice “y/n so today is Valentine, and i was wondering if you wanted to be my valentine” he gave you a rose, and when you nodded he would giggle for himself before kissing your cheek and wink.

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Jackson Wang/Jackson:

Jackson would be so hyper that he could barley stay still, when he saw you he just wanted to hide himself. He gave himself a pep talk before literally ran to you and said “will you be my valentine” and handed you a rose. When you nodded Jackson would be so happy and just smile at you. He would spend the rest of the day with you and make sure he vooved you even more.

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Park Jin Young/Jr:

He had a checklist of what he was supposed to do. Roses *check* romantic candlelit dinner *check* and courage *nope*. He was so nervous that you might say no, but he had no other choice when you came inside the room, before you would eat he went one one knee and asked “y/n will you do me the incredible honor to me be my valentine” when you nodded he would give shy smile and you would hang out the rest of the day.

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Choi Young Jae/Youngjae:

He would have prepared your favorite song, even though it was in English he would do this as good as he could. When the room became dark he knew that you had came, he cleared his throat and started to sing “Let me be your wings” from “Thumbelina”. Even though he was nervous he managed to sing it perfect, he would then ask you “So y/n will you be my valentine?” when you nodded he would smile and give you a hug.

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Kunpimook Bhuwakul/Bambam:

He had invited you to the carnival. When you showed up he would win you teddy bears and buy tons of candy. He would buy you heart balloons and heart shaped candy before asking you the big question he was so nervous for. He looked at you and smiled “y/n you know its valentine so i was wondering if you would want to be my valentine” when you nodded he would simply blush and smile for the rest of the evening. 

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Kim Yu Gyeom/Yugyeom:

He would be the most nervous one with thought that he had never confessed in this way before. He was nervous that the promise ring was to cheesy, but he had no other choice as he saw you walking towards him. He would wave and say with a light blush on his face “hey…y/n i just wanted to ask you something…” he took a break before breathing heavily out “will you be my valentine” he said with a small smile and handed you the ring. When you nodded he would be so relived and smile to you.

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Headcanon for Frazel date on valentines day?

  • Frank in a suit and tie kill me 
  • he surprises Hazel with a fancy dinner under the stars
  • complete with apple cider, soul food (Hazel was always talking about how much she missed good soul food) and a jazz band made up of Apollo kids from both camps 
  • after they finish dinner he asks Hazel for a dance
  • he had been practicing for a couple months in secret 
  • he was still kinda bad, but not as bad as he had been
  • and eventually Hazel just stood on top of his feet and he glided them around for a couple songs
  • Hazel gets Frank tickets to the San Francisco Zoo which he is over the moon for
  • they end the date with another dance and they share a kiss, with Hazel using the mist to make sure that the moment was just for her and Frank