and he asked me to dinner for valentines day

The Date (NamjoonxReader)


Member: Namjoon


Genre: Fluff

Summary: Namjoon asks Y/N to help plan a special Valentine’s dinner date but she has no idea that it is actually all for her.

Word  Count: 1.2k

I locked the door behind me and walked towards the back convertible sitting in my driveway. It was February 14 and my friend, Namjoon begged me to spend the day helping him prepare for a date with the girl he likes. I was feeling a bit sad that I didn’t have someone to prepare for on Valentine’s day but on the other hand I was happy to help out a friend in the oh-so-much spare time I had being single.

Namjoon gave his horn a few beeps as I approached, something he always did when he gave me a ride. I got in the passenger seat shaking my head at his commitment to our tradition.

“So, where to first?” I ask, fastening my seatbelt.

“That’s thing about today. There is no ‘first’. There is only a singular ‘there’.” I smiled at Namjoon’s dramatic way of explaining our itinerary as he pulled out of the driveway. “A place where men and women can complete all of their errands. A place for families and hipsters alike. A place called….” He took his eyes off the road to raise an eyebrow at me.

“Target….” I said widening my eyes, mirroring the tone and expression of a person who had just had a shocking revelation.

Namjoon chuckled and of course I followed along at the sound of his laugh. I really did love his laugh. And his smile…. I pushed those thoughts away though, I couldn’t think about Namjoon as anything other than a friend, especially when I was helping him impress another girl.

I switched on the radio to fill the silence as we made our way to Target. I kept thinking though; Who is this girl we are doing all of this for?

“So how did you meet her?” I ask, looking out the window to avoid making eye contact.

“Meet who?” He asked.

“The girl we’re preparing for.” Who else?

“Oh, she doesn’t go to our Uni.” He replied vaguely. I wasn’t going to press any further. I realized that I really didn’t want to know about her.

We pulled up at Target and walked to over to the entrance. I reached to grab a cart but Namjoon quickly intercepted me. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.” He said. “I didn’t bring you here to labour around pushing a cart, Y/N.” I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever you say. But if you don’t buy me Starbucks at the end of this, I’ll know I’ve been exploited.”

Namjoon laughed, “I will. Caramel Macchiato with two pumps of hazelnut.” I tried not to act affected by the butterflies in my stomach when he said that. We had only been to Starbucks once together and he remembered my order..

We strolled down the aisles, me picking out ingredients for tonight’s special; Shepherd’s Pie. Namjoon had insisted I cook my favourite dish with him, saying that it would be the dish I cook best.

Grocery shopping with Namjoon was fun. We quizzed each other on our favourite foods and I almost died of laughter when he said he ate scrambled eggs with maple syrup. “What? It’s a delicacy.” He said but it was so obvious he was trying to fight a smile. We decided to grab Pillsbury cookies and some icing tubes instead of making the dessert from scratch. Plus, it would be hilarious to see Namjoon struggling with icing tube later.

We got to the flower section and I started to skim through the flowers.

“So, what should I get?” He asked, folding his arms across his chest. I thought about that for a while, looking through the different colored flowers and whiffing the aromas. “Well you haven’t really said much about her. What is she like?” I immediately regretted asking that.

Namjoon sighed, “She’s wonderful. She’s not introverted and not extroverted either so she’s just this beautiful mix, this in-between of the both. She’s really funny. She makes me laugh like crazy. She’s got this energy I can’t get enough of. It’s like when I’m with her, I want time to stop or at least slow down because it feels like I’m going a million miles per hour and I can never really appreciate the things she says, or the way she laughs, or the way she fiddles with her nails when she’s nervous or when she’s really believes in something and begins to stand a little straighter but never gets too loud, always collected but so strong…” Namjoon trails off and then he looks over at me. I quickly try to control my facial expression. He was so entranced just thinking about her. I’d never felt so jealous in my life. I shook my head. “She sounds amazing,” I say dryly.

I see these orange roses at the end of the row and pick up the bouquet. “Generic but different.” I remark. “I guess we have a winner.”

Back at Namjoon’s place, I’m decorating the living room and setting the table. Cooking with Namjoon was more wonderful than I had expected. He was quite clumsy so we did end up burning a rag or two and dropping a bowl of vegetables at one point which resulted in me trying to scold him without peeing my pants. The cookies are all iced as well. At one point, Joonie and I had a western standoff with the icing bags that left our clothes, faces and hair frosted.

I laughed to myself thinking back. I was standing on a chair hanging up some fairy lights along the walls but the wire was so long I tripped and fell from the chair. Just like out of a movie, Namjoon caught me in his arms. “I thought I was the clumsy one.” He said , still holding me in my arms. He looked into my eyes for what felt like forever and I felt theat rush to my cheeks. I quickly hopped out of his arms and said, “I should go now. She’ll be here soon.”

I went straight to the door which was across the room and opened it up to leave. Upon opening the door I was greeted by a large red teddy bear holding a card that read, “Y/N, Will you be my Valentine?”

I was taken over by shock and confusion. I turned around to see Namjoon carrying the bouquet of orange roses and pulling out a chair for me. I hadn’t even noticed that he was no longer wearing the messy clothes but instead dark jeans and a leather bomber.

I brought my hand up to my mouth and gasped. “But-but what about your girl?” I stuttered.

“You are my girl.” He said, pulling out a chair at the table for me. He motioned for me to sit down.

I walked towards him and accepted the bouquet. I began to giggle, realization hitting me. “So wait, you made me PLAN our own date?”

Namjoon laughed sheepishly. “I wanted it to be exactly how you would want it to be. I also wanted to get to know what you like and dislike and of course spend time with you. I thought it would be romantic.” He was scratching the back of his head.

“It was.” I leant up to capture his lips for our first kiss. I pulled back after a few passionate moments. “Yes, I will be your valentine.”


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Aphrodisiac Part 2 - (Negan x Female)

Thank you all so much for the feedback on Part 1. I wanted to wrap things up in Part 2 and I hope this is as satisfying at its predecessor. I don’t intend to write a Part 3 as of now, and instead want to start work on a slow burn fic. 

Warnings: Smut and a lil’ fluff. 

Synopsis: After a romantic Valentine’s Dinner, she has an answer to his proposal.

I woke up the next day feeling conflicted as ever.  I went through my morning routine and once again Negan invaded my thoughts. The beautiful dinner, the way his hand lingered on mine, and the kiss

That damn man knew exactly how to tear down my walls and make me his. I had melted in his arms like butter and if he had asked me again to marry him, I’d have said yes. Instead he had sent me to bed and left without another word. I was supposed to sleep on it. So I had.

Now I was glad he had cut things short. It was a new day and my head was much clearer than it had been. I couldn’t marry Negan.

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said: Could you write something like Mycroft x reader valentine’s dinner, please?

A/N: This is so late and I am so sorry. x

“So where are we going?” You asked the driver of the limousine but was met with no reply. “Spoilsport.” You stuck your tongue out and was given a disapproving look through the rear view mirror. You finally arrived at your destination and you thanked the driver before exiting the vehicle.

“Dearest Y/N!” Mycroft smiled and kissed you on the cheek.

“Hello, Mycroft,” You replied. He had his best suit on and was carrying his umbrella. “I’m surprised you’re taking me out to dinner. I didn’t think you approved of Valentine’s Day.”

“I don’t. It just celebrates the brutal execution of St Valentine and is just a money grab for the shops. However, it’s a social necessity and you got me something so I felt an urge to get you something myself.”

“Oh.” You were slightly disappointed. You hoped he had done this mainly because he loved you. However, this was Mycroft, what did you expect? There was a pause as Mycroft had noticed something was wrong. He was the one to break the silence.

“Shall we go in?”



“How was your day?” You asked after ordering your meal. You were in a fancy restaurant with the food on the menu that could not be pronounced. Luckily, you had Mycroft to translate for you. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling and the furniture and curtains were vintage. You had hoped to go somewhere more simple and comfortable but Mycroft wouldn’t have known your desire. He wouldn’t be seen dead in places like those.

“Y/N,” He replied sighing. “Smalltalk has never been your strongest point, has it?”

“I only asked how your day was.”

“Yes…” He trailed off as his mind was obviously occupied by something else. You sat in silence while you waited for your dinner. He still wasn’t the best at communication, despite you both dating for two years. You loved the man with all your heart but he could be so difficult.



Finally, your meal came, which broke the awkwardness.

“Bon appetite!” The waiter said and smiled before leaving.

“He’s cheating on his wife with the manager of the restaurant,” Mycroft stated.

“Mycroft, can you not?” You asked. “Just for tonight. Please?” He nodded reluctantly.

“So…” Mycroft began as you began to eat. “How was your day?”

“Smalltalk has never been your strongest point, has it?” You smirked at him. He rolled his eyes. “But my day was okay.”

“How’s your food?”

“Delicious.” You knew he knew that already but you did just warn him to stop using his deductions. He began to eat.



“I’m stuffed!” You exclaimed. “I cannot eat another bite.” You had both finished desert. You knew Mycroft loved his cake. He asked for the bill and he paid.

“I’ll get us a car back to take you home,” He said.

“Can we walk around London for a bit?” You replied. “Please? Nothing fancy?”

He contemplated. “I suppose.” You both left hand in hand. You found yourselves walking down Southbank. It looked lovely at night when it was less congested. You enjoyed moments like this with the man you loved and you could tell he liked it too. He hated the thought of it but he loved it. You stopped him suddenly and you kissed him. He was surprised at first but quickly found it pleasant.

“We didn’t need anything too fancy,” You said smiling.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” He replied. “But that’s not how I do things.”

You giggled. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

So, girls, what are your Valentine's Day plans?
  • Usagi: I'm going to spend the whole day with Mamo-chan on a romantic date with an amazing dinner and lots of gifts, just the two of us with no annoying pink-haired kids!
  • Ami: Nothing in particular, I was going to finish my math revision... but, I guess if someone asked me, I wouldn't turn them down right away.
  • Minako: I'm going to ask Hiroto on a romantic candlelit date!! And if he already has a date, I'm going to ask Aichi! And if HE has a date, I'm going to ask Joseph! And if HE has a date... I have a lot of rotten eggs and free time
  • Makoto: I'm going to make hand-made chocolates for all my friends! And, ah, um... t-the boy in the year above me...
  • Rei: ANARCHY

Imagine Jared asking you out for Valentine’s Day

I finish writing the last email as Emma enters the room, I see her pretty happy while returning to her work and I can’t help but ask what’s going on.

“Do I seriously look that happy?” She asks me with a dorky smile, I nod laughing at her face, “Well, I have a date for tomorrow. I just got a call from this guy I met a few weeks ago and he asked me out; dinner, and all that sort of stuff, you know. Aren’t you doing something nice tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?” I ask, getting back to my work, I notice her looking at me amazed, “What?”

“Tomorrow is 14th, Valentine’s Day. Where do you have your head?” Emma replies, giggling at me.

“It is always a pleasure to entertain you, partner”

“So you’re not doing anything then? ”

“Nah, I’m alone and I also don’t like Valentine’s Day, all the people suddenly remembers they have a significant other and go mad trying to find presents and flowers”

“You’re such a killjoy”

“I know” I say laughing, “Believe me, I know”

I print some copies of all the emails I just sent so Jared can check them later, and I start working on something else, Emma does the same while we wait for Jared to return home from meetings at the record label.

An hour later, Emma leaves so she can get her “beauty sleep” and I stay to wait for Jared, I need to hand him the emails and papers that he needs to sign and send. I use the extra time to clean the studio, Emma and I can be really messy sometimes.

Jared appears a few minutes later while I’m selecting what needs to be thrown to the trash and what is still useful. He looks tired and greets me as he sits on the couch.

“You ok?” I ask him, getting back to the cleaning.

“Yeah, just tired of the same old conversations with the same big old fish” He gets comfortable on the sofa and lays eyes on me, “I’m really sorry for leaving You and Emma all the work today”

“It’s alright, it wasn’t that heavy” I answer with a smile, “I’ll take the trash out, I’ll be right back”

I see him nod as he rests on the couch and get out of the room, I leave everything on their respective containers and head back inside. Jared it’s still in the same position, so I get to my desk and grab all the paperwork. I sit in the coffee table and leave everything on Jared’s belly, he opens his eyes a bit surprised and chugs getting back to his prior position.

“Most of them are emails we sent today, so you are informed of everything, the others are about locations and venues, Emma wanted to sign them, but we thought it was better for you to read them first, we didn’t really knew what they were about”

“Ok, I’ll do it quickly, hand me a pen”

I grab one from my bag and hand it to him. I receive the papers that he finish reading and wait for him to finish.

“Are you doing something tomorrow?” I ask him to make him think on something else that isn’t work, he just shrugs.

“Maybe, I don’t know, I haven’t asked her yet”

“So, who’s this year’s lucky lady? A model, actress, singer?”

Jared stays silent and I deduce it is because he’s reading, but the paper on his hands it’s blank, just some paper that got in the middle of all the rest. He finally looks up at me and I wait for him to talk.

“I was actually going to ask you out”

“Nice joke, Jared” I laugh, leaving all the papers on the table to get my bag and jacket.

“Hey, wait” He calls me to grab my arm and stop me from getting to the door, “I’m not joking, do you see me laughing?”

“No, but it is actually a good joke. Anyway, I’m done here, I’ll see you on Monday”

I take his hand to remove it from my arm and get out of his house. When I get into my car I analyze the whole situation, he was joking, right? I grab my phone to call Emma and tell her about what just happened, and when I finish talking she sounds more surprised than me.

“He wouldn’t joke with something like that, he’s not that kind of guy, but… Why? I thought he was going to spend it with some model, or some other girl with perfect body” I mumble.

“You should have said yes, I would have, Jared is fun and you two have this weird love and hate friendship that it’s quite funny, you would have spent a great Valentine’s Day”

“But he’s my boss, I like this job, I don’t want to lose it over something like this”

“You must be the only person in the world who doesn’t want to go out with Jared, anyway I have to go, I have this weird thing on my face and it’s getting harder to talk”

I hang up the phone and leave it on my purse. I’m still outside the house, I could just get back inside and accept Jared’s invitation, or I could just go home, return tomorrow and act like nothing has happened.

“Ugh, fuck it”

I get out of the car as fast as I can before I regret what I’m doing, and I don’t even have to knock for Jared to open the door. He looks surprised to see me still there, but does not say a word about it.

“You’re going out?” I ask him, even though he’s obviously going somewhere.

“Yeah, Shannon called, he invited some friends for dinner”

“Sounds nice” I mutter, before an awkward silence fills the air.

“Did you… um, forget something?”

“Kinda” I giggle, running my hand through my hair, “I forgot to say yes”

His eyes widen as I notice my cheeks blushing. A smile appears all of the sudden and I can’t help but smile too.

“Really?” He asks, still surprised, “Are you sure? I mean, I don’t want you to think that I’m doing this because I’m your boss and I don’t want you to feel compelled because of that too, or maybe…”

“Jared!” I interrupt him, he stops talking and I laugh at his nervous smile, “Calm down, alright?”

“Yeah, sorry” He apologizes, playing with his hair.

“Where do you wanna go?”

“I was thinking we could hang out downtown for a while and then have dinner, I know this really cool new restaurant in Beverly”

“Whatever you want to do will be alright with me” I answer, shrugging, Jared laughs while giving me a quick hug.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow after lunch” I nod before he adds, “You don’t have to dress fancy, or something like that… Just think about this as two friends who are single and want to have a great time together”

“Don’t be so paranoid, I know that” I roll my eyes as I laugh, “I’ll see you tomorrow then”

I walk back to my car, and I expect Jared to do the same, but he just stands in the porch with a big smile on his face waving at me as I drive out of the house. Tomorrow was gonna be fun.

Easter Sunday

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Gen, Mark
Words: 1041
This is the next installment to  Christmas Party Embarrassment, New Year’s KissI Love You, and Just Kiss Me

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           You woke up on Easter morning to the sound of your alarm. You were excited to go to Easter service at church with Jensen and you were excited about the Easter dinner you were planning with the group.

           You walked downstairs with Edgar at your feet. He was growing quickly since you had gotten him for Valentine’s Day.

           “J?” you walked toward the kitchen.

           “Good morning, Sweetheart,” Jensen smiled.

           “Good morning,” you walked into the kitchen, “What are you doing up already?” you asked.

           “Got up to get the coffee on,” he said, “And to put a little something out for my sweet Easter Bunny,” he pointed to the Easter basket that he had placed on the table much like he had your bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day.

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Imagine being a werewolf and married to Chris, so to surprise him on Valentine’s Day, you get a tattoo of the Argent Crest on your thigh.

——— Request for anon ———

“What is it that’s gotten you in such a Valentine’s mood?” Chris asks, crooked smile on his face as he lets you drag him further into your home.

“Well, I got you a present, but I couldn’t exactly show you in the middle of the restaurant,” you refer to the dinner you’d just had, and Chris’ brow quirks in curiosity.

“Really?” he asks, and you turn to face him as you shimmy the edge of your shorts a bit higher, making his eyes go directly to your thigh at the sight of the dark marks there.

“Surprise!” you grin as you watch his own smile widen. “It’s a tattoo of our crest!”

Chris looks back to your eyes, teasing, “Should I be worried about who you got to burn that onto your thigh?”

You roll your eyes, “It was only Derek!”

I was about to delete and remake my tinder for the billionth time when I came across a familiar face.  I swiped right and messaged him saying, “I think I met you in (my dorm) with my friend, (friend’s name),” he said, “yeah I thought you looked familiar,” and we ended up talking back and forth for a few days about dogs, memes, food, where we were from (turns out our hometowns were about 20 mins apart), etc.  He asked me if I wanted to get lunch but I told him I couldn’t because I work during the day, then he asked if I wanted to get dinner on that Friday, but I already had plans.  I said sorry if it seemed like I was blowing him off, and we eventually decided on getting lunch on that saturday.  Saturday came around and we really hit it off.

We had so much in common.  We got dinner later that week and went on another date the day before valentine’s day.  He texted me after that and said “I really like you, as more than just a friend.  you’re attractive and awesome and really funny and I just like being around you.  I hope you feel the same way about me,” I did.

It’s been two months since our first date,  I’ve gone out to eat with his family, he’s met my mom and my dog, and it’s going really great