and he apologized for taking away her choice

A Fine Line

@rhysand-darling based on her post requesting that someone, anyone write a post acowar fanfic where Feyre and Tamlin talk. He apologizes to her and all this stuff. I hope that it meets a few of your needs.

- - - - - - -

He was ashamed to admit that it took him a better part of a decade to stop being angry with her. One night and many bottles of wine later, his ever loyal sentry Bron had shared with him what those few years were like. In the haze of his intoxication he remembered something his mother once told him. Hate and love were a fine line, you chose which side of the line your heart resides. The next morning he went to her old room, he expected the thorns, what he did not expect were the paintings.  

He knew deep down that she did not paint these before or during the war. Five paintings sat as roses amongst the thorns.

An enchanted willow tree. Lucien laughing while sitting on a blanket with a bottle of wine. A pool of stars. Two beings dancing to the song of will-o’-the-wisps. A beautiful male playing the fiddle.  No, not a nameless beautiful male, him. Not the monster he saw in the mirror, had seen for decades, centuries. The memories came cascading down upon his soul and that is when he cracked. He fell to his knees, he did this, he had chosen hate. Even before her, he let the monster within rule his life.

- - - - - - -

Every solstice after he found those paintings, he told himself that he would talk with Feyre. Every year he said he would apologize. And every year he made up an excuse not to reach out to her. In the end he always told himself that he was the one that needed closure, not her. She was happy. 

She had no idea that he had moved the paintings to various places around the manor. They helped remind him that he was not his father, he was not the beast that prowled beneath his skin. The paintings reminded him that he had a musician’s soul.

- - - - - - -

It had taken decades, but his court and his soul were healing from his father’s reign, a reign he had allowed to continue in the name of tradition.  Since the day he leashed the beast, each tradition was evaluated for what it brought to his people, to his court. He was about to cancel the upcoming centenary Jubilee, another pointless tradition of the Spring Court, when his advisers told him that the people needed a celebration. More importantly the Jubilee was a chance for other courts to visit.

- - - - - - -

The night of the Jubilee ball came, as he descended the stairs his breath caught. She was still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her gold brown hair cascaded down her back in waves. She wore a fitting dress of midnight blue that complimented her skin tone and her tattoos. 

Her attention was on the painting he had hung in the foyer, her painting of two souls dancing to the song of will-o’-the-wisps.

“I was wondering if you ever found them.”

He swallowed the knot forming in his throat, “I found them a decade after the war. Thank you.”

It had been too long since her voice echoed off the walls of this manor, “I was so angry with you. I felt like I had given everything for our love and you never saw it. Never valued what I gave.”

He couldn’t look into the eyes of the girl he had abused, he instead looked at his toes, “you had every right to be angry with me. You gave your life for me, for this court, for Prythian. I repaid you by locking you within this manor, letting the grief and despair eat you alive. I did not see you and I will always regret that I didn’t find a way to help you. That is why I hung this painting here, as a reminder.”

He finally looked up and saw silver lining her blue-grey eyes. He only then realized that they had both needed this. They both needed closure. And for all the things he had never given her, the one thing he could give her was closure.

“When I came back I wanted to burn this place to the ground for what you had done to me, for taking me away from my mate and my family. I am sorry for the part I played, for the destruction I caused.”

He nodded, “I was angry at you for a long time for that, but you have nothing to apologize for.”

She looked at him, and for a briefest moment he saw the shock at his words.

“During that month, you gave me choices. If I would have chosen my sentries over a high priestess, my court would not have fallen as easily as it did. If I would have choose to listen to Lucien instead of Ianthe,” he spit out her name with a level of venom that had not passed his lips in decades, “my court would not have been starving.”

He took a deep breath, “I made many bad choices, the moment I made that deal with Hybern, I should have evacuated most of my court, instead of letting countless souls die at the hand of that monster. After I received your letter, instead of running to Hybern, I could have requested a meeting with you. After Lucien came back from the Illyrian steppes and said that you were healthy and you made the choice to stay, I could have listened to him.”

They looked at each other for what felt like an eternity. Each of them trying to silently convey everything that they had ever felt for one another, happiness, love, regret, loss, anger, forgiveness.

“I’m sorry. I am sorry for every painful moment you felt because of me, either from my inaction or from my actions. No matter what I did, it always seemed to hurt you and that will always be one of my greatest regrets in this life.”

Her hand reached up to caress his cheek, “There will always be a part of me that loves you and I will always be grateful for what you have given me.”

“Thank you, Feyre,” he swallowed the sob that wanted to leave his throat, “thank you for seeing the male behind the beast and loving me.”

She didn’t need to hear that there would always be a part of him that loved her as well. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, a silent goodbye to the girl he loved. With a smile, he left her in the foyer.  

Before he entered the ballroom he turned around for one last look at the girl who changed him. In that moment he knew the monster that had once ruled his heart was gone. Instead of feeling jealousy and anger, he felt awed by the sight before him of the High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court.

He knew there would be another time for the apology that he owed to a male that had given him friendship when no one else had. He would need to tell him a story and beg his forgiveness for his inaction.

There’s one thing about Dracula adaptations that always bugs me: the reincarnated wife plot. Dracula is haunted by tragic death of the love of his life, usually from before he became a vampire. (In Francis Ford Copolla’s fever dream Vlad the Impaler is so sad about his dead wife that he yells at God and stabs a cross and that turns you into a vampire, apparently). Then, he lays eyes on Mina. He immediately knows that she is his dead wife reborn through oceans of time or whatever. Their love is destined and he must have her. 

I’m particularly thinking about Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula (which is a ludicrously inappropriate title; I’ve decided to go with BS Dracula instead). The NBC Dracula series also jumps on the dead wife bandwagon. Dracula Untold too, though as far as I can tell that movie has less than one percent to do with the novel. (I get the feeling these adaptations are playing follow the commercially successful leader). For an interesting change of pace, there’s also the 1973 Dracula starring Jack Palance where Lucy is the reincarnated wife. 

I hate this cliché with every fiber of my being. I don’t want it anywhere near my favorite novel. Honestly, I don’t think I’d want this story anywhere. But, it’s particularly awful in the context of the original novel. Let me just sort of spew my rageful thoughts out here, particularly with BS Dracula in mind.

Firstly, this plot completely takes away Mina’s agency. Dracula is the only one who remembers their connection. He has to tell her that they’re supposed to be soulmates. And, he starts pursuing her before she knows any of this. There’s some hefty entitlement going on here. She was with him before, so she’s going to be with him now, even if she has no memory of it. He lost his lady, he was sad, he spent hundreds of years moping and murdering innocent people, and then he gets a replacement. She takes away his sadness and brings out his better nature (not that he attempts to make any restitution to his victims; apologizing for eating babies just wouldn’t be romantic, I guess).

Mina isn’t presented as having any real choice in the matter. She has to be same woman as she was in her previous life. She has to love him back. Her previous life up to this point doesn’t matter. It’s like that bit from Daria: without knowing it, she’s just been waiting her entire life for him to show up and now her life can really begin. She exists to be in love with him.

Yet, this relationship is supposed to be positive for both of them. Being with Dracula fulfills some need she wasn’t even consciously aware of before. Because, you see, Victorian society is repressing her sexuality and individuality. So, she needs a man to come along and liberate her. Of course, she can’t be really fulfilled with Jonathan. I mean, come on, he’s a kind, naïve, well-mannered, generally nice guy. How boring is that? He needs to be a complicated, ambiguous, dangerous, mysterious, dark and brooding loner who murders people, but he feels bad about it so it’s okay. 

That brings me to the second thing that enrages me about the dead wife cliché: how it stands in comparison to the canonical relationship between Jonathan and Mina.

Dracula and Mina’s love is supposed to be based on destiny. They’re in love because they’re soulmates. They’re in love because they’re in love. It’s a grand romance that was always meant to be. But, it doesn’t feel like it’s based on anything about them as people and how they relate to each other on a practical level. 

Jonathan and Mina’s love is shown in their actions as well as their thoughts towards each other: simple things, not always grand gestures. Jonathan takes recipes home for Mina. She memorizes the train schedule to help him out. They learn shorthand together. They have common interests (“Trains are so cool.” “I know, right?”). They supported each other in their careers. They set up a household together. They deal with day to day issues. I can’t imagine Mina and Dracula working on a budget, doing taxes, discussing schedules with the serving staff, giggling at each others dumb jokes, complaining about the latest changes in the train schedule or just getting ready for bed and chatting over the boring minutiae of the day, like I can with the Harkers.

And even in more extreme situations, their relationship is far more meaningful. Jonathan faces off against vampires and bloodthirsty wolves to see his fiancée again. Mina travels to a strange country on her own and marries Jonathan while he’s in his sick bed. She supports him through is grief and trauma. As I’ve said before, she puts together the group, and is ultimately the one who is responsible for stopping Dracula, because she wants to get to the bottom of what’s wrong with her husband.

Even through the grief of losing his second father and the lingering trauma from his ordeal at Dracula’s hands, Jonathan wants to take care of Mina. To the point that he inadvertently harms her by agreeing to keep her out of the investigation. And he regrets his actions. When Mina says that she’s “unclean,” Jonathan embraces her, reassures her that there’s nothing wrong with her. He tries his best to comfort her as her condition worsens. He will stand by her in life, death, or undeath.

What does Dracula concretely do for her? He feels bad about the countless people he’s murdered. He offers her generic “love.” He fills some need she didn’t know she had, that in the movie comes off primarily as just sexual. She has to be with him. In trope terms, she exists to be his morality pet and replacement goldfish.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy love at first sight, love that persists across time, reincarnated soulmates. I’m a romantic. But, there needs to be something behind that. I need to know that these people work as friends, as partners. The reincarnated wife plot in BS Dracula and its imitators isn’t romantic. It’s soaring strings, staring into each other’s lives, sex, and vague destiny trying its hardest to tell me that its romantic.

Why would I want to see that when I have Mina and Jonathan’s love story? When I have a personal, real, human love story?

Hell, consider Jack and Lucy’s relationship: a lonely, complicated man with a dark side (and, yeah, a strain of self pity) who is turned down by the woman he loves who is in love with a more traditionally romantic hero. And? He respects her, accepts her choices, supports her even if he’s still hurt by the loss. He doesn’t force the issue, he doesn’t think that she needs his love to make her life complete. He’s a good person. He’s likable despite, maybe because of his faults. We want to see him overcome his demons and live a better life. I don’t want to see Dracula redeemed. I don’t see him as a dark, gothic rebel saving Mina from those stupid, Victorian preps. I don’t want Mina to be reduced to an object for his redemption arc.

He’s a terrifying villain because he’s an abuser, a manipulator, a sadist, who violates people physically, mentally, and emotional to take away their power. Dracula is something fundamentally evil in an unsettlingly real way. There’s nothing sympathetic about Dracula. Rewriting the story to make him an antihero only reflects that the author thinks that Dracula, dark, tortured, dangerous, powerful, is a figure we should identify with, above someone like Jonathan. And popular culture seems to by and large agree that this is the story we want to see. And that doesn’t reflect well on the popular psyche.

The reincarnated wife plot isn’t more interesting than the love story in the book. Jonathan and Mina Harker aren’t boring. They’re a romance we can really aspire to. 

Mary shot Sherlock, lied to John, and all he asked, ALL HE ASKED, was to at least name their daughter. Not an apology, not anything, just, somehow, that. And Mary didn’t even felt sorry enough to let him be part of this important choice at all. I absolutely don’t mean she should have let John name their daughter alone, rather that they should have chosen together (because no matter what it’s not ok to take that away from her either) but, damn, that’s all he asked.
I’m gonna repeat myself because it says a lot about who they are: that’s all he asked after Mary wronged him bad, and she denied it totally without making any concession and without ever saying “sorry”. Wow.

alliemackenzie28  asked:

Lance with a really high fever. Bonus points for: being confused and scared by a necessary treatment, getting carried or dragged, fainting, shaking/trembling, slowly becoming incoherent during a conversation.

I’m combining this one with @wonderingwhereileftreality‘s suggestion:  “ (i’m a multishipper in a shance mood) Lance overworks himself trying to catch up with everyone else (Bonus points if he’s secretly wants the praise of a certain sexy Space Dad) and Shiro finds him and takes care of him because “I care about your you, Lance!" 

I hope it’s okay!!!

It was movie night for the Paladins. Lance had instigated it, which is why Keith didn’t understand why he was being so moody now. 

“You got to watch your film last week; it’s my turn to choose, so stop pouting,” Pidge chastised. Lance looked up blearily, as if his mind hadn’t been anywhere near the topic of movie night or Pidge’s (admittedly, gorier than anyone cared for) film tastes. 

“What are you waiting for; press play,” Lance instructed softly. He seemed almost asleep. His head kept falling toward Hunk’s shoulder even through just the opening credits, and by the time the actual film had started, he was out cold in the yellow paladin’s lap.

“What’s with him?” Keith whispered to Hunk.

“Shh,” Pidge shushed. “This part’s important.” She seemed upset when she turned around to see that Lance had fallen asleep. “Hey,” she said, indignant, “I stayed awake through your crummy cowboy movie; you don’t get to doze off through my choice.” She kicked him lightly from her place on the ground, and he startled awake. 

“S’goin’ on?” Lance asked blearily, blinking heavily. 

“You fell asleep,” Shiro replied.

“Oh, sorry, Pidge,” Lance apologized sheepishly. She nodded and turned her attention back to the screen, but Shiro didn’t take his eyes away from Lance. The blue paladin rubbed his face tiredly and pulled his jacket tighter around his torso. Shiro himself was a little warm in the heat of the crowded common room, so he pulled off his hoodie and tossed it to Lance. 

“You can borrow it,” he whispered, and Lance looked grateful. 

The truth was, Lance was exhausted. He’d created Paladin Family Movie Night™ before things had gotten so real. Now that he spent most of his nights awake, worrying about comparing with the other paladins, worrying about what might happen if he couldn’t compare with the other paladins–well, he usually woke up in the middle of the night and found that he couldn’t fall back asleep unless he got up and trained. So he spent most nights sparring a punching bag instead of sleeping, and most of his sleep was spent thinking about how he should be sparring a punching bag. 

It wasn’t Shiro’s fault. Not in the slightest; in fact, the opposite. No one had ever made Lance feel more important or worthy than Takeshi Shiro. And that’s why he had to do this for him. He would become the best he could be, for Shiro’s sake.

Lance dozed for most of the movie. He’d managed to keep his eyes more or less open through most of it, but his focus was bleary and warm. It came as a genuine shock when the film ended and the rest of the paladins sat, looking quite pale and queasy, and Pidge asking them excitedly what they thought of it. 

“It was… graphic,” Shiro said. “Lots of blood.”

“It was Hershey’s syrup!” Pidge gushed, “but you can’t even tell because it’s black and white!”

“The plot was lacking,” Hunk offered, “but I liked that they didn’t kill the dog.”

“The special effects were awful,” Keith commented. Pidge’s face fell, realizing that they had not liked her film choices at all.

“What did you think, Lance?” Pidge asked. 

Lance stirred and looked at Pidge, blinking confusedly with his teeth chattering. “Super good,” he sort of shot in the dark, having missed the whole thing. He guessed that was the right answer, because she looked excited.

“At least Lance knows quality films when he sees them,” she boasted. 

“Next week, it’s my turn,” Shiro said uncertainly, “But I don’t know what to choose. I haven’t seen a lot of movies. Lance,” he called, trying to perk the sleepy paladin up and get him involved in what used to be his favorite part of the week, “What’s your favorite movie?”

Lance looked confused and muttered something under his breath.

“I didn’t quite catch that,” Shiro informed. Lance just shook his head and buried his face deeper into Hunk’s shoulder.

“M’too tired to watch another,” he moaned, “I’m sorry.” He sounded way more upset than he should be for just thinking about movie choices.

“Lance? Are you feeling okay?” Shiro asked. The boy’s teeth were still chattering despite wearing Shiro’s too-big hoodie, and he hadn’t taken his face out from the crack between Hunk’s arm and the back of the sofa. 

Lance muttered something about being fine, tired. 

“Something’s not right,” Shiro observed. “He’s been off all evening.”

Hunk pried Lance’s face away from the couch and tried to get him to sit upright, but Lance’s body was limp and hot. He dind’t want to cooperate.

Shiro took Lance’s face between his hands and was alarmed by the heat radiating from his skin. “Keith, find a thermometer,” he instructed, “he’s got a fever.” Lance stirred a bit to look at Shiro’s face.

“Don’t be mad,” Lance pleaded. Shiro’s heart broke.

“Why would I be mad at you?” he asked gently.Lance knew that he was only so ill now because he’d been running himself into the ground, but his fevered brain didn’t understand that Shiro wasn’t following.

“S’my fault,” he replied. “I ruined movie night, and m’not even a better fighter than I was before,” he muttered. 

“What are you talking about, Lance?” Shiro asked desperately.

Keith returned with the thermometer. “Coran said you have to swipe it across his forehead,” Keith explained. 

“Okay, Lance, I’m going to take your temperature,” Shiro said patiently. Lance flinched away from the thermometer as it approached his face, but Shiro had his flesh hand securely around Lance’s neck and it made him feel safer. The machine beeped and Shiro cursed. 

“He’s got a fever of 104.2,” Shiro informed, “This isn’t something he can just rest off.”

“He sat through the whole movie like that?” Pidge asked. “And we didn’t notice?”

Shiro supported Lance’s back as he helped him sit up. “Hey, buddy; you’re sick. Did you know that?” It was entirely possible, he thought, that maybe the bug had struck so suddenly that Lance hadn’t even had time to register what happened. 

“Yeah,” Lance admitted, “M’sorry.” 

“Don’t apologize,” Shiro scolded. 

“You’re mad.”

“I’m not mad, just worried. I care about you,” he explained, “And I don’t want to see you sacrificing just because you think other people expect it.” 

Lance nodded.

“We should get him to the med bay,” Shiro announced, and the rest of the group, quietly and guiltily, carried him there.

The Flowers We Speak

A/n: something for Marichat May: copycat. Gahhh. Flowers and a prequel to retrouvailles essentially. Can sort of stand alone?

There’s a hardly a star to be seen beyond all the golden lights of the city. The sounds have all become a vaguely muted hum, wrapped up in the petals of his hurt.

(There’s such a strange quiet in the aftermath of a farewell. He is still numb from where she’d kissed him goodbye just two days ago.)

He can feel the ache of loss thud harshly in his chest, boring jagged roots through his memories and affection.

He’d tried to laugh. He’d tried to smile after she said she wanted to keep her secrets. He’d tried to leap high enough into the sky, that he just might touch the cold stars in the distance.

But trying to catch a star is like trying to hold a ladybug. It’s thing that happens to a lucky few and he’s not necessarily the luckiest cat in Paris.

His tears are blurring the way. The city lights distort into starry flares that are useless to him. He can’t make wishes on them.

(And for once he’s glad he blends in so well to the night. Because an official statement has already been made. Ladybug and Chat Noir have officially retired.)

The quartier he arcs over is vaguely familiar. Beyond all the smell of smog and dirt and vague smell of sugar, there’s something intangible and sweet.

Familiarity pierces dully through his thoughts as his next jump takes him into the roof across the street from a strange corner building.

The gilded letters of the boulangerie glitter dimly in the lamplight. He’s not sure why he’s ended up here of all places. He’s not sure why, but he’s hurting and the smell has flowered into something freshly wonderful in his haze.

His keen eyes spot a splatter of color on the terrace. An orang lawn chair nearly creaking with the weight of all the potted flowers place haphazardly on it.

The closer he looks, the more he realizes that the entire area is covered in blooms. Here, a clutch of peach colored roses flutter delicately in the breeze. A brief smattering of lavender that curls against the railing. Creamy cyclamen flowers ringing the small table that rests closer to the back.

Curiosity gives him his last prompt. Makes his legs tense and aim for the little terrace that belongs to one of his good friends.

He lands quietly, enough that’s he’s sure he wouldn’t wake up anyone.

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Fic: Wishful thinking (isn't good science)

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: Kabby


Set right after 3x06. Marcus couldn’t stop thinking about that cheek kiss. And then he found himself behind Abby’s door in the middle of the night.

Pike wasn’t very surprised by the outcome. 

Marcus couldn’t sleep. 

This was no surprise for him, his mind was still preoccupied with Jaha, Pike and Bellamy. The constantly shifting weather conditions were also a factor. A heat wave had tormented the camp the last few nights and Marcus hardly remembered what it was like to lie in bed without his shirt sticking to the skin.

But now one more troubling memory had taken residence in his head and prevented him from falling asleep — the memory of Abby’s lips. The feeling of them on Marcus’s skin, to be exact. Marcus could still feel the faint, tingly sensation. He propped himself up from the bed, absent-mindedly brushing his cheek.

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A ‘Passengers’ Rant

Would you like a completely accurate summation of the movie Passengers in one image? Here you go.

What the ever-loving fuck did I just witness? I mean, I’ve seen some offensive or problematic movies before, but Passengers is genuinely baffling me because of the artistic choices that were made. First off, I want you to understand above all that the problem is not the actors’ fault. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence actually do have chemistry and it should have clicked and fit well. Hell, the reason I was gonna give this movie a try on my own before the epic backlash hit was because those are two actors that I love who are charismatic and likable and I’d have certainly enjoyed a film with them exclusively together.

However, this is going go down in history as one of the most offensive bait-and-switch situations between a misleading trailer and the actual product. Now, I can give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that maybe after the finished product was done and the initial reactions from the test audience came back, the movie studio panicked and decided to market it in a way to hide the utterly disgusting choice that Jim makes that actually creates the conflict in the film. Well, too bad, so sad. You let this psychopath write this script and make this movie with this horrifying theme and if you thought it wouldn’t do well, then you should have pulled the plug. I don’t know what kind of problems they might have had during production, but this is unacceptable.

Let me paint you the picture of what you would have had to endure, should you have seen this film.

There’s a ship flying to a new planet. The trip takes 120 years, so everyone is in hyper-sleep. About thirty years into the trip, a huge asteroid hits the ship and causes small malfunctions, one of which is a single pod opening. The passenger, Jim, races around trying to find a way to either fix it or go back to sleep, but he can’t. He spends a year or so alone and hits a low point before stumbling across the pod of Aurora (*cue massive fucking cliché eye-roll*). He looks up her info and finds her interesting and does that gross thing in movies where he falls in love with the sleeping woman and suddenly his needs mean more than hers, so he decides to wake her up. He omits the part where he woke her up so that she can die with him and courts her, but eventually she finds out and is of course furious. Meanwhile, the ship’s larger functions start failing one by one and one of the crew members accidentally wakes up as well. The crew member tells them which systems to try and fix before he dies and they fix the ship. They also figure out that there is a medical pod that can basically induce a type of hyper-sleep for one of them, but in the end they both choose to live the rest of their lives out on the ship together.

If you’re feeling vomit climb up the back of your throat, that’s great. That means you still have a conscience and a soul. Hold onto that, please.

Is that not the most disgusting fucking thing that’s ever been positively portrayed in a film since the faux-relationship between Leto!Joker and Robbie!Harley in Suicide Squad? It’s fucking heinous. It’s inexcusable. It’s completely not okay, and yet the movie seems to think that it’s romantic and they were overcoming the odds to be in “love” with each other by the end of the movie.


Absolutely not.

This is not okay.

First of all, the reasoning is not strong enough for Jim’s horrifically selfish decision. Yeah, being alone for 90 years on a ship with only a robot for a friend would be a hell no one should endure, but guess what? There is no reason for you to drag someone down with you. I’m not saying that this kind of ethical dilemma hasn’t been done before, but I have never seen a movie that puffs out its chest and acts like the ends justify the means. In the movie Interstellar (spoiler alert) Matt Damon’s character couldn’t stand dying alone on a barren world and so he called the other astronauts down to save him, but the movie makes it 100% clear that he was WRONG and he paid for that selfish act with his life. Hell, that was one of the most satisfying uses of the F-word in a PG-13 film that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. (“You fucking coward.”) Furthermore, even Matt Damon’s character admits he was a coward. Owen apologizes, but it never hits home because there is no sorry. There is no apology for literally murdering Aurora for his own selfish reasons. She is rightfully furious when she finds out, but the fucking movie actually has her forgive him and choose to spend her life at his side as his wife.

Fuck. You. Sideways.

How dare you take her choice away. How dare you try to redeem this character. It doesn’t matter. The second Jim makes that choice, the audience mentally checks out because there is no redemption at that point. No one cares that he ends up saving the ship. It would have been better for them all to die on that ship together than for him to choose one person to die against their will because there was no way to put them back in the pods. It’s not possible to redeem that character.

And the baffling part is that this didn’t have to happen. The premise is actually fine the way it was presented in the trailer. If it had just been two random people waking up and having to accept their own deaths, but then they come together to fix the ship and save 5,000 people, then it would have been a fantastic movie. It could have been a deep character study and a subversion of the “fated to be together” trope. Imagine it. Imagine a sci-fi movie where two people are isolated together, and they start to like each other, but then encounter the natural conflict of a relationship. Imagine that they break up, but they’re all each other has. Imagine that they break up for simple reasons that people do. That could have been extremely interesting, to see the relationship start from scratch and then develop over time, fall apart, but then when the ship is in danger, they forgive each other and start anew. That could have been a fantastic movie.

Alternatively, if you’re a cynical person, then I have an acceptable way to keep the premise the way they wrote it without that foul ending. So Jim does wake up Aurora and she finds out the truth, and then the whole rest of the movie is her trying to murder him out of revenge. How fucking great would that have been? It would have given her agency, it would have given her excellent characterization as she unwound with rage and revenge, and it could give her the chance to redeem herself as she chose whether or not to kill him or let him live and just accept her fate without becoming the piece of slime that he was for waking her up.

What a fucking waste. That’s what Passengers is. A waste of time, talent, and an utterly reprehensible message that it’s okay to doom someone else for your own selfish reasons, and that you will in fact be rewarded for such actions.

I’ve tried to theorize if this movie would be less of an eye-sore if the genders had been flipped, but no, it’s just insulting either way. Granted, it might have been slightly more interesting if it had been Aurora who woke up Jim because it seems like the film leans on the “men are lonely and horny” trope pretty hard and I wonder if she would have held out longer with the decision to wake him up, but the fact remains the same. This is a blight on cinema. You cannot make a movie like this where a despicable act is portrayed as something positive. That is not love. There was no consent. There was no choice. And it’s worse because it involves two actors that I adore and I want to see them in projects that are worthy of their time. This movie is unworthy of anyone’s time or interest. It’s frankly one of the most offensive things I’ve seen in years and while I am sad that Pratt and Lawrence will have a box office flop, I am glad this movie is in the shitter because that’s what it is. A foul-smelling turd that should be quickly and quietly flushed down the toilet.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Magical Negro trope they played completely straight with Laurence Fishburne.

Avoid this movie at all cost, chilluns. Don’t look back. You deserve better.

Kyo out.

Falling In Love

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K+

Genre: Pure fluff

Lucy tapped her foot as she gazed at the sherbet painted sunset from where she was sat on the hilltop. She was becoming impatient with each second that passed as she waited for a certain someone to arrive. He was already ten minutes late, the food she had prepared was getting cold, and at this rate they would miss getting to watch the sun set together. A frown settled itself on her face at the thought and she glanced down at her feet with her hands crossed over her knees. She let out a small sigh and closed her eyes.

 Quick footsteps and the sound of crinkling paper caught her attention, and she twisted her head to look behind her. There stood the panting form of her now very late date, one hand on his knee, the other behind his back, as he bent his head down to catch his breath. A soft smile found its way to her lips as she took in the unsual sight. He was wearing something rather out of the ordinary, a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt, and he’d even taken the time to put on a tie.

 The woman stood from where she had been seated and walked over to the man before her. “Wow, look at you all fancy, mister”, she said with her arms crossed over her chest and bright smile plastered on her face.

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anonymous asked:

“I don’t like when they touch you.” with Haldir!

Shaking hands with diplomats and faking smiles was not how you wanted to spend your night. In fact, you sneak a glance at Haldir, you had wished to spend your night in other ways. You quietly huff before returning your attention to the Rivendell diplomatist in front of you.

Even since The Ring had left Rivendell, tension had been high among elven folk. Debates raged on about whether the correct choice had been made, and where elven people would go now. In order to ease hostility, the Lords and Ladies of your realm, forced their people to associate. Hosting large celebrations to signify friendship and peace. Boring. 

The diplomats hand rests on your forearm. She’s speaking in a gentle tone, reassuring you that Rivendell holds no ill will for Lothlorien. Apologizing for the misunderstanding between your realms. You smile, taking her hand in yours. “Please, refrain from apologies. Your people have done nothing wrong. You have made the best choice in light of a terrible decision.” She smiles fondly, and starts talking again. But your attention has been drawn away. Standing just behind her, only a few feet away, is Haldir. His eyes are dark and he stares at your joined hands with envy. Before you can politely excuse yourself, he takes long strides over to you. Muttering something to the diplomat about needing your help with something, he places a hand on your waist and leads you into the hall. 

Once far enough away from the party, you’re hastily shoved against the wall. Held still by Haldir’s body pressed to yours, his mouth hovering dangerously close to your ear.

“I don’t like it when they touch you.” He whispered, warm breath fanning over your ear. You shiver slightly, but regain your composure in moments.

“Well, perhaps we should have stayed home then,” You respond, voice dripping with tease. You flash a devilish smile before continuing. “And then, it could have just been you.”

His eyes widen, staring at you unblinkingly. Though when his confusion melts, his eyes darken dramatically and he takes a rough hold on your wrist. You wish to say something, but the words get stuck in your throat. His eyes are scanning you over, and the gears in his head are whirring at top speed. Glancing you over you one last time, he makes his decision. Haldir turns and drags you down the hall, towards your room. 

 You grin widely. Boring gathering averted. 

Written by @thebattleunderthestars


Modern AU where Solas and Lavellan are grad students who get pulled into Varric’s tabletop roleplay campaign in which they play themselves from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Fluff, angst, and meta ensues.

If you’ve enjoyed Solas Romance D&D, it’s a fanfic now.
[Ch 2]

If her tall beautiful ears don’t give her away, the vallaslin on her face certainly does: elven, Dalish.

Her chocolate eyes meet his, and she waves at him from the checkout line. He smiles and joins her, blocking out the stares and whispers from the humans around them. Perhaps it was naive of him to think after their first term at the University of Orlais the humans would have gotten over the token elves.

She gives him an enthusiastic one-armed hug. “It’s so good to finally be meeting you properly.”

“It is,” he agrees as he pulls back. “Strange we haven’t done so before now.”

“We’ve passed each other enough times in the Magical Studies building, you’d think we would have.”

They move up in the line and place their orders at the campus bagel sandwich restaurant. She orders something with turkey and pesto on an everything bagel. He goes for smoked salmon on pumpernickel.

“So how do you know Varric?” she asks as they wait.

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SonAmy Week 2016: 
Day 1: Protect 

I’m actually going to try and do all the days, unlike last year I was super lazy then ;_;; But I haven’t written fanfics in forever! So I apologize if this sounds a bit iffy, it feels weird writing fanfictions again after spending so much time writing my novel. ^_^; 

“Sonic!” Amy shrieked, warning him just in time before the robot’s hand squashed them both. It was so fast there was no way Sonic could’ve avoided it with Amy in his arms. He had no choice but to leave her to one side, if it meant keeping her away from harm that was a chance he was willing to take. His feet screamed to a stop, gently settling her down, he made a gesture with his hands that told her to stay put.

 “Stay here and don’t follow me.” He said in a stern voice.

 Amy shook her head, lifting her hammer once again and began storming back the way they came. “I’m not leaving you to fight that thing on your own.”  

 Suddenly his hand jolted forward grabbing her wrist, as he roughly tried pulling her back. “It’s too dangerous for you, just do as I say and stay here–”

Gunfire detonated from nowhere just as the blue blur leapt, somersaulting away. The robot hurled itself in his direction, Sonic skidded between its legs. He continued dodging its sharp, clawed hands swooping down to grab him. Then he summoned up as much willpower as he could, spin dashing into the robot’s shoulder.

And accomplished nothing.

The machine didn’t move. Hell, it crossed his mind that it might not have felt the blow at all. It twirled around, still maintaining its stoned expression, within seconds Sonic was smacked hard by the robot’s mechanical hand and was thrown roughly into the wall several feet away. A wave of dizziness washed over him, and he realized the idiocy of fighting someone - or something - vastly stronger than him.

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Geronimo (Kurt Wagner x Reader)



Originally posted by claracivry

Raven opened the door for you to enter in the School. You had recently discovered that you were a mutant and Charles had sent Raven to help you move to the School.

You heart skipped a beat and your breath was caught in your throat.

A pair of, oh, so familiar eyes was looking at yours. He wasn’t in a better state.


“Hey, (Y/N). Are you ok? It’s like you saw a ghost.” Raven asked, oblivious to the situation.

“I may.” You muttered, your eyes fixed on his. Neither dared to make a move. “Do you guys know each other?” Raven finally took hold of the situation. At her words, Kurt sped towards you and in seconds you were in his arms.

“I’ll take this as a ‘yes’. You catch up, I shall put your stuff in your room. Kurt, give her a tour around, too.” Raven took your luggage and walked away.

“(Y/N), Liebling! I cannot believe my own eyes.” Kurt broke the silence between you.

“Kurt, I missed you so much.” You buried yourself deeper in his arms, as he nuzzled his nose to the top of your head.

“I am sorry I left. I am really sorry.” He apologized and hugged you tighter.

“They were hunting you down, Kurt. It’s not like you had a choice.” You forgave him.

Kurt was you childhood friend and first love. He had to leave your town, in your early teens because people were after him, believing that they could make money by making him their puppet.

Weeks passed and you were fully accepted in the School. You had made friends and your crush on Kurt had returned, only stronger.

He had grown up to a handsome young man, while he remained kind, sweet and loving. You couldn’t believe it when he invited you a night to watch the stars with him.

He covered your eyes with his hand and teleported to the place you would spend together the following hours. He let go of your eyes and you gasped at the sight.

He had really outdone himself. Fairy lights were wrapped around the trees and between them, there was a table with a rose and dinner ready.

You looked at him, more lovestruck than ever. “I wanted it to have at least a fraction of your magic.” He said as he placed a kiss on your cheek and guided you to the table.

He gave you the rose, “Auf die Schönste im ganzen Land (to the fairest of them all)!”

“Oh, darling. You don’t know how happy I am that you still have the feelings we shared back then.” You said cupping his face, looking at the eyes that you loved the most.

He smiled at you, rubbing his cheek softly on your hand as he closed his eyes. The sight was too much for you to resist, so you gave in and kissed him.

He eagerly kissed you back, all of the memories you had flooding your minds, as your lips moved at sync.

“They will never tear us apart again, Liebling. Never.” He promised between your kisses.

“Ich liebe dich.” You said softly, your love evident in your voice. “Ich liebe dich.” He repeated, with the same loving tone.

anonymous asked:

no legit reasons, huh ? damon killed s shitload of innocents, he pursued elena even when she was with stefan, he turned vicki, he raped and abused caroline, he tried to forcefully kiss elena, and when she rejected him, he killed her brother. he slept with her mother. he waited until the last second to tell her she was sired to him, and used her. he killed alaric numerous times. also, if elena was a whittemore, he probably would've killed her by now. perfect boyfriend, yea

I said actual reasons and I asked you to cite actual instences…not your own delusions and assumptions. But here is a counter to your bullshit:

Claim 1: You claim that Damon killed a “shitload of innocents”…but you actually don’t know exactly how many a shit load is…nor have you seen him kill a shit load of innocents on the series…your claim isn’t cannon. We know that he was a serial killer to get ID’s during the 70’s, in 4x17 because his humanity was off…but you don’t know what he did when his humanity was on. What we do know, and what is cannon is the “shit load” of people Stefan killed because it was written on a wall that the viewers saw. His journal has also been read in which it stated that he woke up surrounded by blood and dead women. If you are going to excuse Stefan’s behavior with his humanity off, than you have to excuse Damon as well.

Counter to 1: Many of you SE’rs tend to forget that Stefan killed loads of innocents with his humanity on. In 3x1 we saw him brutally and psychotically kill 2 women in their own home…this scene was so sick, when Damon came across the scene to cover his brother’s tracks, the viewer saw hand blood prints on the wall and heads ripped off and put back. Then, later on to prove a point, he killed Andie in front of Damon by making her walk to her death. And we know that Stefan had his humanity on because he called Elena later on, and in 3x5 he mentioned that she was the only thing keeping him from shutting it all off. This is all in cannon…so who exactly is the real psycho killer?

Claim 2: You claim that Damon pursued Elena when she was with Stefan.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. In 2x8 when Damon told Elena that he loved her, he compelled her to forget because he couldn’t be selfish with her…and he said that he didn’t deserve her, but his brother did. To further my point, in season 4 after Elena had made her “choice” Damon actually pushed her toward Stefan, in 4x6 he told her that she should have called Stefan..and then he call Stefan. When Damon found her in 4x6, and Elena woke up, she started holding his hand and coming on to him…he let go and tried to keep his distance from her. While Damon has been in love with Elena the entire time, he has actually supported Stefan and Elena’s relationship…this is cannon.

Counter to 2: Stefan actually stalked Elena for months, watched her interact with her family, researched her background, and enrolled in the same school with the same classes. He had to get to know her…this is in the opening of the show for a reason. To further his stalker-ish tendancies, he lied about it..he kept the fact that he was a vampire and everything he knew about her from her, and released the information when it was most convenient for him and his agenda. It is cannon that Stefan pursued Elena..he even chased her when she found out what he was.

Claim 3: You claim that Damon turned Vicki. You are right, he did. And Damon, who never apologizes for anything, felt bad about what he did and told Jeremy that he was sorry. Because Damon has evolved and changed from the person that killed Vicki because he felt bad for her. 

Counter to 3: Stefan killed Vicki. She is dead because he sucks at teaching what it is like to be a vampire, so she ran off the second she had a chance, and then he killed her. And after Jeremy witnessed another death, and Elena wanted Stefan to take his fears away, Stefan couldn’t do it because of his lifestyle choice…his CHOICE! So, Damon came did it. So in this whole scenario…Damon was the only one that actually helped.

Claim 4: You claim that Damon raped and abused Caroline. This is strictly head cannon and based off of an assumption you are making without any actual basis. Damon did not rape Caroline…ever. He slept with her, and by the way her back arched, she enjoyed it. To further my point, it was never mentioned and Caroline isn’t one to mince words…if it had happened, she would have said something by now…what she did reference was that Damon had abused her, fed off of her, and manipulated her…this is all cannon and something that we saw Damon do. But he has made up for it time and time again by saving her life over and over and defending her to her father and her mother.

Counter to 4: Stefan actually woke up surrounded by women he didn’t know..dead…and lots of blood. He also played a sick version of bloody Twister, where the girls didn’t go back to their dorms with head aches…they were just dead. But since you seem to care about the treatment of women, let’s look at Stefan’s treatment of women. He lied about what he knew and slept with Elena…he accused Damon of using the sire bond to his advantage..essentially saying that he raped her, which couldn’t be further from the truth, because the moment Damon found out about the sire bond, he kept his distance. He also slept with Katherine and dumped her, even though he knew that she was dying..and he manipulated Rebekah multiple times, slept with her, and snuck out of her apartment…so in cannon, Stefan is the one who treats women horribly…not to mention he tried to fix Elena…which is something that I cannot even fathom how you’re side thinks that that is okay.

Claim 5: You claim that Damon tried to forcibly kiss Elena. Are you talking about 2x1? He was drunk and heart broken..and he never actually kissed her…he backed away…so how is that an argument for why SE is better than DE?

Counter to 5: Stefan forced himself into Elena’s life and started a relationship with her under false pretenses. He never told her he was a ripper that killed her ancestors…didn’t even tell her he was a vampire until she figured it out…and when she did, he chased her in her home…and let’s not forget about the time Stefan force fed Elena his blood and psychotically almost drove her off the WB, because he knew it would get a reaction out of her and he could get revenge on Klaus..and then when she had the nerve to be upset, he left her on the bridge alone without her phone. All of this in cannon….with his humanity on.

Claim 6: You claim Damon killed Elena’s brother. He didn’t actually kill Jeremy because of the Gilbert ring, and Damon has actually grown from this and evolved. He tried to make up for what he did…he tried to make it right, He apologized for it and Elena forgave him…and so did Jeremy…and since then he has protected Jeremy.

Counter to 6: Stefan turned Jeremy into a hunter so he could fix Elena. He set a murderous vampire on Jeremy, forced him to turn him and kill him…thereby making him Connor 2.0. He compelled him when Klaus kidnapped him and Stefan allowed Klaus to kidnap him. Also in 3x10, when Elena went to Stefan because Klaus came after Jeremy, he said that it wasn’t his problem and he didn’t care. Also, Jeremy likes Damon better than Stefan and has formed an actual bond with Damon…while Stefan only cares about himself and going after what he wants.

Claim 7: You claim that Damon slept with Elena’s mother. Damon never slept with Elena’s actual mother…Miranda..he slept with the biological parent that Elena never knew about and obviously Damon didn’t know that that was her mother…so I am still confused as to how that is a legitimate argument. Even Alaric didn’t hold this against Damon, because he knew that Damon had no idea who it was…plus Damon has actually grown from this person…so…still confused how this is an argument for why Elena is better off with Stefan.

Counter to 7: Stefan was the one that actually knew Elena was adopted and had a biological parent other than the one she thought she knew. This is information he withheld from her, to be revealed at a time most convenient to him. This is pure deception and manipulation, and actually relevant to Elena’s current life.

Claim 8: You claim she waited until the last second to tell her she was sire to him. Actually, Caroline told her, so Damon never really got the chance to tell her. And Damon went to New Orleans with Stefan to figure out what was going on, and to see what he could do to fix the situation….so your claim is invalid.

Counter to 8: The sire bond is based on real feelings for the sire before they turn. Elena had real human feelings for Damon, so when she turned she was sired to him. If she didn’t have strong human feelings for Damon, than she would have never been sired. And the moment Damon found out that she was sired to him, he kept his distance, even when she pursued him. Stefan was the one that accused Damon of using the sire bond to his advantage, and in front of Elena, he told him to control her. Stefan being an insulting dick is cannon, Damon waiting until the last minute to tell Elena and used her is complete bullshit and your own asinine interpretation of what happened.

Claim 9: You claim he killed Alaric tons of times. Actually he killed Alaric twice. Both events Alaric forgave him for, because as Alaric says, there is something human in Damon…plus they were best friends. Damon has actually formed bonds with the people in Elena’s life…the people in Mystic Falls. He is friends with Carol, Jeremy, Alaric, Bonnie, Liz, and Matt. All of these people love Damon…for Damon. They see how much Damon cares about Elena…they see the humanity in Damon. I have not once seen Stefan bond with anyone without wanting something in return…not once have I seen Stefan play video games with Jeremy…or help clean up at the Gilbert house…this speaks volumes.

Counter to 9: In 3x10, when Alaric ran in front of the speeding vehicle to save Jeremy, Stefan didn’t care..even when Elena begged him to help…he turned the other way for revenge, he doesn’t care about other people unless it benefits himself and what he needs. There is a reason Matt went to Damon with information on the explosion at the Young farm, there is a reason that Elena and Alaric were there when Damon compelled Jeremy to go to Denver…because Damon cares…much more than Stefan…which is why we never see these types of scenes with Stefan in them. To further my point….Stefan didn’t even go to Bonnie’s funeral…even though he had no memory of her, he knew that Caroline loved her and he couldn’t even be there to support her…there is a reason this is shown…that way…because he is a self absorbed ass.

Claim 10: You claim that if Elena was a Whitmore, Damon would have killed her. This is head cannon…and is not a legitimate argument. Also, we don’t know if Damon did kill the Whitmores…because it hasn’t been revealed yet.

Counter to 10: Stefan did kill Elena..twice. He literally let her go when she was about to be sacrificed on an altar for blood…and he let her die at the bottom of a river. Yes, it is cannon that Stefan let Elena die twice.

Nice try Anon…but you you know what’s funny, unlike you, I don’t have to make anything up…all of the reasons Damon is better for Elena is in cannon….right there in the script…right there in the subtext…which is why Delena is the endgame.

anonymous asked:

How would the MSB guys react to someone punching MC?

I spent a good amount of time thinking but it’s hard for me to imagine that the guys will allow someone harm MC physically. I think most likely MC will be hit by crazed fangirls or terrorists. Sorry for taking a while!

Sora: Sora was close to a lot of girls before he met you.

            One day, as you went on a date with him, one of the girls saw you with Sora and got into a fight with you. Most likely her saying bad things about you. Sora bowed to apologize to her. He said he won’t be seeing her again in the future and the girl went berserk, trying to slap you but Sora stepped in and let her slapped him instead. It made the psycho girl more mad and as she raised her hand to do it the second time, Sora grabbed her hand. “Stop it. If you want to hit someone, you should just do it to me but never laid your fingers on her,” his eyes were earnest. He bowed until the girl left them alone.

            Another scenario: If the girl really punched MC, Sora would focus on MC instead of getting angry. He would be saying something like: “Why are you doing this?” and then busy examining how bad your face look. Sora left the girl and asked you to sit on a park bench. He then ran to the nearest convenient store to buy an ice cold water or soda to cool your swollen cheek while asking, “Does it hurt? I’m sorry this happened to you because of my past.”

Kaiji: Kaiji will be the guy who is very protective to you. Considering his strong background in martial art, he will be tempted to use it to protect you from being harm but he also knows when to hold back.

            Kaiji was in your rescue team when he saw you were smacked by the man that kidnapped you. You groaned because eventhough you’re a girl, the kidnapper did not hold back on how hard he hit you. Kaiji’s hand clenched into a fist tightly on his sides. He was boiling inside but he knew one wrong move would ruin everything. He waited until the right moment to surround the kidnappers. He cut the rope that bind you and then lifted you up. You said you could walk on your own but he quietly took you to the car. Daichi gave an instruction to bring you to the hospital.

            Kaiji was frowning the whole time in the car.

You asked why and he said with a pain in his voice, “I’m sorry I let you got hurt again although I said I vow to protect you with my life.”

You unbuckled your seatbelt and Kaiji turned slightly to you, “What are you doing?”

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we call this bravery

Because the pieces of this started falling into place when I thought about this Anita Ofokansi poem. And because it’s so easy to forget that the little things can be grand moments, too.

He calls her sweetheart, and she nudges her nose further into the collar of his jacket. She keeps a toothbrush in his bathroom cupboard, and he has a designated mug and seat at the dinner table at her parents’ loft, and she’s caught Henry tipping his chin up at Killian in David’s bro-nod when he ducks out to meet Grace Jefferson for a project.

It’s not supposed to be this easy, she thinks, carding her fingers through his hair as he rests his head in her lap, eyes closed under the sun. Isn’t she supposed to be afraid? It’s not supposed to be so simple to fall into a life with him, without having to clear extra space and time for him to fit. He opens his eyes and grins lazily up at her, and she rubs at his stubbly, sun-warmed cheek with her thumbs, and when he reaches up to pull her down to him in a sweet, upside-down kiss, the warmth in the pit of her belly is so natural, so familiar. So painless it’s bizarre.

There’s a certain rhythm to their days— the lull when she wakes to his lips on her shoulder blade, pulling her up to exchange a kiss for the press of a mug of coffee into her hands. The slow build as they dress and make breakfast, and he nuzzles at her neck while she has her hands elbow-deep in soapy water. The rushing out of the house with flushed cheeks and skewed buttons as she mutters about how waking up on time won’t be enough if they keep getting distracted, the hasty kiss goodbye and the sleepy hello again kiss when they come together again that evening. And the soft, quiet of the night with her head tucked under his chin, her lips pressed against the space between his collarbones as she drifts to sleep against warm skin and hard fingertips rubbing soft circles over her waist.

She’s lived a life of running, of taking off without schedules or road maps. It’s the simplest pleasure to make plans with him, to know that tomorrow they’re going to dinner with her family and the next they have Henry, and the next, they’re alone. It’s so wonderful to just be.

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Open Doors and Manual Locks

A/N: Speculation for 3x19/20-ish. Title credit goes to The Lumineers because they get me. Also on ao3. (ETA: a read more break! Sorry about that!)

Felicity remembers the first lie her mother ever told her, sitting on their kitchen floor in the dusty light of a setting sun. She remembers the way her small hands curled into fists, the way her nails bit into the skin of her palms. She remembers the sound of a fading engine, the scent of day-old rain on hot pavement carrying through the window on a stale breeze, the way her heart seemed to just barely rattle out a beat inside her ribcage.

“Oh, sweetheart, he would be here if he could,” her mother had whispered soothingly, her lips glistening with salty tears as she pressed them to Felicity’s temple and cradled her within shaking arms. “He didn’t have a choice.”

She remembers the numbness of ice-cold abandonment morphing into white-hot anger the minute the words left her mother’s mouth, because she knew, even at eight years old, that there was always a choice. The anger, small and hard, nestled just below her sternum.

Growing up, Felicity didn’t live a privileged life. As a kid, her decisions were between meals or books, new clothes or fresh toiletries, heat or electricity. As a teenager, things got more complicated. Community college or student loans, ten miles of distance or a thousand, being trapped inside a world where she would never fit or breaking her mother’s heart.

But she made them—choice after choice, broken heart after broken heart; she made her choices, and she lived with them. The small ball of resentment for her father swelled, a small balloon behind her rib cage, and stuck. Maybe her choices sucked, but they were always there; they were always hers to make—black or white, right or wrong. Her father had a choice to make, and he had chosen wrong. She refused to follow suite.

Even now, it is a morality she holds onto with every fiber of her being, tucked right into the center of that little balloon. She had carried it with her throughout high school, throughout college, and all the way to Starling City. It is so ingrained in her, this sense of right and wrong and the accompanying need to choose wisely, that it’s a physical blow to her chest when, suddenly—one day—the balloon bursts.

As so many things in her life do, it starts and ends with Oliver Queen.

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anonymous asked:

💰 reverse @project-n-e-m


💰 reverse: My muse buys yours as a slave.

IT was rare that cookie would go into town, Especially when the roads to town from the ruins were so busy the past couple of days. But she was running out of milk, eggs, and good candles so she decided to risk going into town. 

The middle of snowdin was busy, way more busy than it ever should be, and it made cookie nervous, but also curious. Why were there so many of these violent monsters all together in one place? Was Undyne Executing someone? In snowdin?  

her soul contracted when she realized what was going on. 

Someone had caught about 20 monsters, low level or just timid, and were selling them as slaves. Most looked terrified, others empty looking. And they were all going fast. The jeers and under the breath comments of the monsters around her made her fear for all of them. Maybe she could save some, at least one? 

Her eyelights caught the eyes of one of the captors and she felt her soul reach to them. She would try and save them. 

She wormed her way to the front and pulled on the pantleg of one of grimy salesmen. She put on the straightest face she could pull and pointed to the monster she made eye contact with. 

“How much? I need a Pet.” her own words made her want to spit bile. 

“300g.” He smiled back. Ugh. His breath was worse than his clothing choices. 

“For that? 150g.” She tried to bargin, Promising to apologize to them later, when they were safe. 

“What do you take me for?!” He growled. Cookie flinched slightly, but stood her ground. “250 gold. No more. ITs not like anyone else will buy them not after this long and all your o-other pets are gone..” 

“Fine! whatever.” He turned to unlock the large cage behind him, remaining monsters crowding into corners away from him as they reached out for the one cookie intended to save.

Make Up or Breakup?


“I’m just saying that I don’t know if I want to team up with AwsomnessTV. I know other Youtubers have, but I feel like it might change me and I’ll have to be someone I’m not.” Connor tells you. You work with AwsomnessTV and they offered him a short series on their channel.

    “Connor, I promise you that it won’t. This is a big opportunity.”
    “But it won’t be my own videos. They’ll be scripted. They won’t be my ideas.”

    “Just think about-” You start but Connor interrupts you.

    “No! I’m done talking about this! You just want be to take the offer because you’ll get the raise!”

    You are offended. You and Connor agreed before that work won’t get between you guys. This is a very delicate subject for you two.

    “Connor! How could you say that!”

    You and Connor were now screaming at each other in an argument that you know won’t go anywhere. Then the other 2 guys in the house, Ricky and Kian, come running into the living room. “Why are you guys screaming?” Ricky asks.

    You know they will understand your side. “Please tell Connor that joining AwsomnessTV will benefit him. And that it won’t change who he is!” You tell them.

    Then Connor argues back, “No! Would you please tell (Y/N) that this can change me into someone I’m not and that this could really hurt me and my fans!” Now you and Connor wait, looking at them, waiting for them to choose a side.

    Kian answers with, “Connor, I’m sorry but (Y/N) is right. Not everyone get to be apart of AwsomnessTV. Your lucky if you even get offered.“

    Then Ricky adds, “And it won’t hurt your fan-base. So many Youtubers joined and they only benefited from this.”

    Connor looks outraged. “Why are you guys taking her side!?”

    “Because she’s right.” They both say simultaneously.

    “I can’t believe you guys! You guys wouldn’t be on her side if you knew why she is working for AwsomnessTV!”

    “Connor!” You yell at him. You’re afraid that he is about to tell them your secret.

    “What are you talking about?” Ricky asks.

    “(Y/N) is only for AwsomnessTV because if she gets other Youtubers to join, she gets a huge raise every single time she gets someone to join. That’s the only reason she got you guys to join! She didn’t care about you guys or if it will hurt you or not, she just wanted the money!” Connor just told them what you never wanted them to know. But he made it seem worse than it actually is.

    Then Ricky asks, “Is that true?” Now he seems mad,

    “No! That’s not how it’s like!” You tell them.

    “Okay. Well tell us, do you get a raise for signing someone up?” Kian asks.

    They seem to be on Connor’s side of the story now. “Okay, yes, but I didn’t convince you guys just for the money! It was more than that-”

    Ricky interrupts you. “Save it. You convinced us without telling us everything. Yes we did benefit, but a small part of out audience didn’t like it.” Now the three guys are standing on one side the room, all against you.

    Now you are speechless. You just can’t believe that Connor, your boyfriend, convinced the guys against you. “I can’t believe this.” You say as you walk out of the door. 


    A week goes by of you and the guys arguing and ignoring each other. You guys talk to each other through Jenn, a mutual friend of you guys. She didn’t want to choose a side, so she just didn’t choose. Now both sides fight over her.

    Today, Jenn called you over because she said she needs help with shooting  a video. So you drive over there in no time. When you ring the door bell, she opens it and says, “Hey (Y/N)! Thanks for coming over to help.”

    “Yea. No problem.” You say.

    She gestures you to walk inside. “Okay. I’ve been having a problem with the lighting in this room.” Then she suddenly opens the door to one of her rooms and pushes you in and closes it behind you. Then you see that Connor is in the same room. You don’t say anything because you are still mad at him. 

    So you bang on the door and say, “Why the hell did you lock me in here?!”

    Then Jenn yells from the other side, “I’m tired of being in the middle of this fight you guys are having! So you guys are gonna stay in there until you guys make up! And trust me, I don’t care how long it takes! It’s your choice if you want to pee your pants or starve to death before you guys make up!” Then you can here her walk away.

    Crap. You tell yourself. You don’t really feel like making up with Connor. If he apologizes, sure. But there’s no way that you are going to say sorry first.

    An gruesome hour passes by. You and Connor have just walked around the room. Doing nothing more than just staring at each other. Not saying a word. And now, you really have to go pee. But you’re not caving in. You’ve been holding it in for so long that you have to continually be tapping your foot.

    Then you are surprised when Connor says, “You have to go to the bathroom too, huh?”

    You don’t want to show that you are going  to cave first, but you don’t want to give him the silent treatment anymore. So you say, “Yeah. For like the last half hour.”

    Silence for another few minutes and then Connor says, “What are we doing? Why are we fighting like this? We really let our jobs get in the way of our relationship?”

    Once he said that, you realize how stupid that sounds. He’s right. Fighting over your jobs? “I don’t know. I don’t know how we got here. Oh wait, that’s right. You told Ricky and Kian something they didn’t need to know just so they can be on your side.”

    Connor looks down to the floor, realizing that your right. “I’m sorry. I should’t have done that. I was…. I was just too caught up in thinking about my YouTube career and my fans that my unsureness got the best of me.”

    Now that you think back to last week, you were kind of badgering Connor too much to take the job. I'ts not that you wanted the raise, it’s just that you didn’t want Connor to pass up the offer because you had a surprise for him. “It was also my fault. I was trying to convince you so quickly, but you needed time to think.” You now think about telling Connor his surprise about taking the job. “And when I told you about me getting the raises, I thought we made it clear that it wouldn’t come between us. That you knew that I wouldn’t use it against you guys.”

    Connor walks closer to you. Really close. “You’re right. You’re right. I did agree, and I used it against you. let it get between us.”

    Now you see that Connor is feeling bad about what he did. But you like how you guys are working this out. You are going to tell him now. So you walk closer to him and wrap your arms gently around his neck. “Do you want to know why I wanted you to take the job so much?” You ask him.

    Connor doesn’t look to excited. “Why?”

     "Well it was suppose to be a surprise if you took it, but… this offer wasn’t just any special offer. It was a Connor offer. If you took this job, the creators at AwsomenessTv were gonna let you make up your own ideas and help create it and everything. They knew you were going to be sketchy about it.“

    Connor’s face lights up and he can’t help but smile. "Oh my God! Really?!”

    Then you say, “Yeah really. I was going to surprise you when you took the offer, but I guess this time is as bests as any.”

    “You are amazing. I’m so sorry I made a big deal about this. I should have known that you weren’t doing this for the money.” Then Connor wraps his arms around your waist.

    “So now will you take the offer?”

    “Yes! Of course!” Then he leans in, about to kiss you.

    Then Jenn quickly opens the door and says, “Yay! You guys finally made up! My plan worked! You guys-” Then she realizes that she interrupted something. “Oh….sorry… I’ll just close the door… yeah.” Then she slowly and awkwardly closes the door.

    Then you lean back in and kiss Connor as you move your hands around his head.

I know i always make these kind of long but I can’t help but put in so much detail! I hope you liked it!

Perspectives – Outlander Episode 201 (Frank /Jamie )

There is continued discussion on Frank being depicted as a “Saint” in the first episode.

However, when I looked closer at the episode (I watched 5 times, LOL), I was left with the feeling that Frank’s words and actions demonstrated such a stark contrast to Jamie that the difference in Claire’s relationship with these two men was made even more apparent.

And Frank is definitely NOT a “Saint”.

Frank sees his wife again after 2+ years of separation and instead of encountering someone who is relieved, thankful, elated or overjoyed to be back with him, he finds Claire resistant of his touch, grief-stricken, withdrawn and saddened.

Even after Claire explains her ordeal, we do NOT see Frank

·        Empathizing with her grief over lost love

·        Acknowledging her feelings

·        Desiring to understand her as she is now

·        Dignifying her as a woman in mourning

Instead, we see Frank

·        In his rage, nearly physically assault a pregnant woman

·        Pleading with her to return to the former life they had; to make HIM whole and happy, never mind her feelings on the matter

·        Ultimately tell her she must forget her feelings for her lost love (even though she just lost him days ago).

·        Making plans for their future, without her input

·        Burn her clothing, without her permission; a gesture meant to emphasize his demand that she forget everything that happened

Claire tells him that she will abide by his conditions NOT out of profound love for Frank and a desire to get back to the life they shared before her ordeal BUT because she promised Jamie she would. This statement and Claire’s emotion, should have prompted Frank to realize Claire’s relationship with Jamie went much deeper than he may have initially realized. But Frank dismisses it. He embraces her as a man who wants to claim her, fix her and mold her back into the wife he once knew.

(Note: I think Claire making the gesture of attempting to remove Jamie’s ring was because she thought that was what Frank would’ve wanted as part of his conditions. I also thought it worthy of note that Frank tells her “when you’re ready”. In other words, eventually he wants the ring gone but she doesn’t have to do it this very moment.)

In summary, Frank gives NO validation to the pain Claire is feeling. He does not attempt to understand it or empathize with it. He wants her to suck it up, forget and move on. Frank cares that he has his wife back and as a sterile man, he can now have a child to claim as his own.

I couldn’t help but contrast that to Claire’s relationship with Jamie.

·        Jamie never asked, never demanded and never inquired on why Claire still wore Frank’s ring after their marriage. It was her choice whether to remove it and when she did not, he said nothing about it. He never sought to have her forget her husband or the life they shared. It was a part of who she was and he never demanded that she erase the love she had for Frank.

·        When Claire told Jamie the entire truth of where she came from and her life with Frank, Jamie immediately apologized for beating her when she tried to run away. Then, although Claire is his wife now and he has every right to keep her, he gives her the choice of whether to stay with him or return to Frank. Without Claire asking him, he takes her to the stones. He then leaves her alone to make the decision on her own. As much as it pained him, he was willing to let her go if that meant her happiness.

·        Jamie includes Claire’s in their plans for the future. He talks to her as companion, his partner, his equal.

·        In their biggest argument to date, we do not see Jamie raising his fist to hit Claire in anger. We see him trying to walk away from her, to calm his temper. Even while she’s slapping him, pushing him and getting in his face, Jamie never raises a hand to her, in anger.

·        Jamie always validates Claire’s feelings; he always gives her the dignity of choice. This is ironic considering that Frank lives in an era where women are considerably more dignified than Jamie’s era. Yet, once again we see Jamie breaking away from cultural norms and being more progressive than Frank.  

·        Even the ‘transition’ scene was telling. While Frank has to tell her to take one more step to join him in their new life, Jamie silently extends his hand, not in demand but in invitation to Claire. Frank demands, while Jamie invites.

So although on the surface it may appear that the episode was making Frank into this “saintly” creature, I think when his words and actions are truly analyzed, it’s becomes more evident that it really didn’t cast Frank into this perfect light at all. He is in actuality,  more flawed than Jamie, primarily for his refusal and inability to see life though Claire’s eyes.