and he and the chief are friends now

YOI Thief/Detective AU


- Victor is the greatest detective the city of Moscow has ever grown, never missed a case and hasn’t ever let a criminal get away

- he can barely remember what his own apartment looks like because he’s at work so often

- his canine companion and sniffer dog Makkachin is his best friend although rookie cop Yuri is a close second

- Chief Inspector Yakov tells him that the Museum of Art has just been informed that the infamous cat burglar Eros is on his way to steal Leonardo Da Vinci’s prized sketches

- Victor isn’t troubled, only worried that Eros won’t live up to the hype

- he lives up to the hype alright

- Victor only caught a glimpse of him as he was escaping out a window that previously was known to never open

- he’s beautiful

- Victor, now emboldened with new purpose, makes it his mission to find and capture Eros, the only criminal to ever escape from him

- he nearly catches him the second time and the third time they even manage to exchange a few words

- Victor has never been so enticed in his LIFE from the words “so close but not close enough”

- Victor will win the game he has missed for years, the chase that he’s always strived for given back to him tenfold

- Eros should’ve gone home after his third heist but there he stays in Moscow for just one more, one more thing left to steal before he slips away again

- one morning, Victor receives a card in the mail that says “I, Eros, will steal the key to the strongest cage in Moscow”

- at the bottom of the card is the address to a famous bridge, one that all lovers know from the stories alone

- Victor goes alone because this card is addressed to him specifically and he knows that if he were to tell anyone then Eros wouldn’t even show up

- when they meet again, Eros simply tips his head back and says “I’ll see you soon, Victor.” And JUMPS OFF THE BRIDGE

- Victor goes into super detective mode and tries to locate him to no avail, and it makes Yuri and Yakov worry about this new loss in purpose

- everything changes once again when Victor is called up by a Japanese detective named Morooka who tells him “Eros has just left his card and we need the most experienced man here to help”

- with a new determination, Victor sets out to the Land of the Rising Sun to catch the only criminal to ever stump him

I legit just got out of the shower and thought of this AU and now I’m sold omg


- “Does the suit help with the sex appeal or does your sex appeal help the suit?” “I like to think it’s a bit of both. Although, I could do without having to reach for the zipper all the time. Would you like to help me with that?”

Reasons I like entertaining the idea that Ed is actually playing the double agent (even though I know it’s unrealistic):

-Ed telling Oz to remember he is his best friend takes on the meaning that Ed is going into deep cover with Babs to stop her power play and he wants Oz to know he is not plotting against him (at the moment).

-Ed doing it because now that Babs knows Oz is in love with Ed, Ed has become a point of exploitation. He already was, in that he was a valuable asset as Chief of Staff, but nobody kidnaps a business relation for leverage. A romantic one, though? Oh heck yeah.

-Rather than potentially becoming a ‘damsel in distress’, Ed uses his agency to make Babs think that he is playing her game, even though he is playing the long con.

-Once Babs trusts him and he gets all his ducks in a row (i.e. assures that she will not try to use him as leverage to get to Oswald in the future, and sets up a scheme to overthrow and outwit her) he will betray her with a clever trap that takes away all of her power and influence.

-Ergo the only person in Gotham who knows Penguin’s weakness can now do nothing to act on that weakness in order to control him. Her knowledge is not longer power, and I’ll explain why in the next point.

-She still knows Oz is in love with Ed, sure. But she will never tell anyone else with actual power, because then whoever she told would be the one to dethrone Penguin, and SHE wants to be on top. This is her dilemma: tell someone with power and watch them take control in her stead (in which she gains nothing except perhaps their ear or their favour), or keep her knowledge to herself, biding her time until she is strong enough to actually use it again. Obviously she will do the latter, the girl’s a smart cookie. But it will take her a while to rebuild, and in the meantime the boys are safe.

-Finally, Oz is now safe from Babs’ control, and Ed doesn’t have to worry about being used as a bargaining chip against his best friend.

Where do they go from there? I don’t know. The possibilities range from:
-back to the old bromance, everything is forgotten and forgiven
-a more distant, reserved friendship and camaraderie because Ed can’t quite forgive everything but is still fond of Oswald
-Ed seeking a more personal revenge against Oswald now that he knows no one is going to abduct him and/or try to use him against Oz like a pawn (Ed is nobody’s pawn).

Being Nick’s girlfriend would include…

  • Being best friends with Judy, and both of you complaining about Nick in front of him every day
  • “You ladies do know that I can hear you, right?”
  • Constant sass battles
  • You trying to make him wear something else than that ridiculous Hawaiian shirt
  •  “Nick, you look like an unripe pineapple, now will you please just try on the button-down?”
  • Unexpectedly jumping onto his back all the time
  • Surprise kisses when he’s busy sorting out police files
  • Playing pranks on Chief Bogo through the radio dispatch with Clawhauser at the reception
  • “Yes, Chief Bogo, we have a savage donut on the loose, I repeat, we have a savage donut on the loose.”
  • Always distracting him while he’s trying to work, whether it be ‘accidentally’ spilling his coffee, or simply draping yourself over his lap
  • Being the one who comforted him after the Junior Ranger Scouts muzzled him
  • Occasionally staring sadly at Nick from across a room, remembering the days when he was a care-free fox cub
  • Judy always pestering you for stories about Nick when he was younger
  • “Well. there was this one time he super glued his hands to his feet and-”
  • “Y/n, you swore that you would never talk about that again!”
  • Inappropriate comments. All day. Every day. Especially in front of Judy, just to see the young bunny all hot and bothered
  • Being surprisingly good pals with Finnick
  • Taking Nick’s police car out for joyrides without his permission
  • Judy squealing every time Nick kisses you
  • “Judy, it’s just a kiss. Honestly, woman.”
  • The entire police force (even Chief Bogo) shipping the two of you all the time
  • Knowing that without Nick, Judy, and everyone in Zootopia, life would be completely and utterly boring

I’ve suggested ‘Phoenix gets kidnapped/held to ransom instead of Maya’ plots before, but what about-

Phoenix is being held hostage, and the defence team is completely unaware. After all, Phoenix isn’t supposed to be in the are right now, is he? 

Until they start investigating and finding out that certain things don’t add up properly about their case.

Apollo goes into the courtroom only to realise that this is going to be his biggest challenge yet - he’s faced going up against former mentors and friends and going against the wishes of the agency, but this is the first time he’s ever had to do this, and it’s turning him into someone who’s at their first court session.

Because right there, at the prosecutor’s bench, isn’t any of the prosecutors he’s faced off adjacent before - and he’s faced off against a fair few, by now - but Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth himself.

Mr. Wright was able to face off against this man because they went way back, they were best friends. Mr. Wright didn’t see Mr. Edgeworth as a legend.

A legend that Apollo would have to defeat, if he were to declare his client innocent.

This, Apollo believes, is gonna be tough.

It’s made both easier (by a margin) and harder (by a mile) by the fact that Prosecutor Edgeworth is very determined to get his guilty verdict. Very. Every time they come close to a victory, it’s gone again. Farewell, my beautiful contradictions, indeed.

The slips start coming after the third or fourth recess.

Edgeworth calls Mr. Wright ‘Phoenix’, which can be let slide as a slip of the tongue, but still a noticeable one.

Apollo’s the one who sees the slight twitch of Edgeworth’s hands - less obvious when apart, and not much more together, but Apollo’s now nothing if not perceptive, and he sees the way the prosecutor is twitching his wedding band.

And Athena keeps saying that she’s hearing a lot of noise in his voice, but she can’t figure out what the source might be.

And that’s before Athena accidentally overhears someone say I’d always wondered what it might be like to have a Chief Prosecutor in the palm of my hand…

(The WAA pulls through. Just like they always do. And Miles Edgeworth isn’t ever fully in anyone’s hand; he never has been. He pushes the trial along for as long as he can. And Phoenix is very clever, really, letting Edgeworth know where he is with just a single in-joke that no one else would understand. Gumshoe is the one who finds him, and the entire courtroom heaves a sigh of relief when the call goes through on speakerphone.)

When I think of “Edgeworth helping Phoenix studying to get his badge back”, of course it’s really sweet, but I think it can also turn very angsty.

Just hear me out.

For Phoenix, Edgeworth was always a genius. He was so smart as a child, he won awards for all kinds of things, like speech contests, essays, playing flute, golf tournaments. Then he became a prosecutor at an early age and kept winning all his cases. He was fluent at five languages in his mid-twenties, studying international law, and solving international cases with Interpol.

Phoenix always admired Edgeworth for being so talented. This was not a bad thing when they were both lawyers. But after spending seven years as a hobo, losing his pride and wallowing in self-pity, now he felt downright inferior to his perfect friend. Edgeworth was a successful international lawyer and the new Chief Prosecutor, while Phoenix was still playing poker with criminals. He felt like a useless trash compared to this man who used to be his “rival.”

But Phoenix didn’t know that Edgeworth thought of him as a genius too. Edgeworth saw him taking totally hopeless cases with very little time to prepare for it. But somehow he pulled a miracle and discovered the truth every time in the end. Phoenix defeated Edgeworth and both generations of Von Karma, broke the perfect records of all three of them, when he was still only a rookie lawyer. Christ, now THAT should be called the real genius.

Just like Franziska who confessed “I am no genius” in JFA, Edgeworth never actually thought of himself as a genius. Even though he achieved many things in his early age, that’s because he always tried ten times harder than other people under the strict education of Manfred. No, the true genius was Phoenix, not him. Edgeworth thought it was the greatest tragedy that Phoenix didn’t have a chance to practice his God-given talent in court for seven years.

So when Phoenix finally decided to take the Bar again to get his badge back, Edgeworth was thrilled and offered to help his study.

It didn’t go well.

Thanks to Manfred, Edgeworth was quite used to study like crazy every day since childhood. What Miles Edgeworth considered “normal” amount of study was certainly NOT normal in ordinary people’s view. It really didn’t help that Phoenix spent last seven years as a piano-playing-hobo-daddy so didn’t have any habit for sitting at a desk and studying. So when Edgeworth gave Phoenix his first assignments and told him to finish them in a week, he thought it was a bad joke. When it turned out to be real he was shocked and confused. What does Edgeworth expect from me? He must know that I really can’t do this! Is he trying to make fun of me? Torture me? Show off that he can write all of these papers so easily while I can’t?

Phoenix actually tried, but he couldn’t possibly follow the amount of study Edgeworth “normally” expected from him. Edgeworth couldn’t understand. In his point of view, he was going actually SLOW, being extremely generous compared to what Manfred expected from Franziska when she was like nine years old. He was perplexed how could Phoenix be always slacking off when Bar Exam was only few months left. How can Wright be so relaxing and carefree? Is he even worried about his exam like I do for him? Does he think that he can pass without studying? Well, he actually DID won his case without remembering anything thanks to amnesia. Talk about genius…

Then one day, Phoenix didn’t finish his work again, and when Edgeworth visited the Agency to check, he saw Phoenix playing magic tricks with Trucy instead of studying. Edgeworth calmly told Trucy to go outside and help Apollo with his case. As soon as Trucy slowly shut the door from outside, BOTH Phoenix and Edgeworth finally exploded and started yelling at each other. You are too lazy, you are a stuck-up jerk, you are the one who’s taking the exam but you’re not caring about it, who said I don’t care about it? They yelled about many things, including all those mistakes they made and the moments they hurt each other, for last seven years and before. They screamed in unison “Sorry, I’m not a genius like you!” and then “WAIT WHAT?”

So it turned out that they need a lot of talk. When Trucy finally came back, she saw her daddy and Uncle Edgeworth were busy sobbing into each other’s shoulders while blabbering some apologies about the things she couldn’t understand. She thought it would be best not to interrupt them.

After that day, Edgeworth let Phoenix study on his own. He decided that he could trust Phoenix to take his study seriously in his own unique way. Phoenix sent the result of his study to Edgeworth every week, to show that he is actually trying, that he haven’t forgotten his “special request” to put an end to the Dark Age Of Law together as lawyers.

They still thought of each other as geniuses.

And they believed that two genius lawyers could change the history together.

Casablanca AU-Part 2

Part 1.  I just kept going.   Couldn’t stop. I wasn’t planning on writing today.  

However…. I have my Lazlo now.  *cackles*


“Well Miss Hawkeye! It looks like you found Roy after all!”

Hughes.   King of perfect timing.   Roy took a deep breath and composed himself.  Hughes didn’t need to know his weakness.  They rivals not friends, despite their cozy arrangement.   “I’m not a hard man to find.”

Hughes slapped Roy in the shoulder. “All the same, I thought I should be as helpful as possible when  a pretty lady was looking for you.”

“Hardly a mystery when we’re standing in ‘Mustang’s Bar’.”  Roy countered and feeling confident his emotions were in check he turned to Hughes.  

“I appreciate your help, Chief Hughes.”  Riza said and could see Roy was on the defensive now.   She wasn’t upset, she wasn’t here to try to take advantage of him, she just knew it would be harder to talk when he was guarded.  

“Perhaps I can get you two a drink?” Hughes asked and Roy continued to give him that 'Fuck off’ glare.

“You don’t work here.” Roy growled.

“I work for the people of this fine town, you happen to be one of them.”  Hughes winked.  He turned and stole a wine bottle off another couple’s table and sat it down on theirs.   Then he swiped some glasses off  a passing waitress’s tray and sat them all down on the table.   “You know Roy, she was asking about you earlier in a way that kinda…made me a little jealous.”

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United States’ absolute fucktrumpet of a president doesn’t seem content with destroying his own country from within. Now he’s not committing to the two states solution for Israel and Palestine, thus dragging both under the wheels of his ghastly monster truck of a presidency.

Dear President Fuckface: Israel and Palestine need a mediator akin to a responsible adult, to keep them from destroying each other. By supporting their desire to “do whatever they want”, you are fucking everyone over. Fuck you for endangering my family and friends with your irresponsible bullshit.

Why Will Byers being the main antagonist for season two won’t work:
  • Will: Mwahaha, I have gained the power of the Upside Down!
  • Mike: Will, NO!
  • Lucas: TRAITOR!
  • Eleven: he's 'bad' now? I thought he was 'friend'?
  • Joyce: *enters the room and starts pulling Will by the ear*
  • Will (voice distorted to sound demonic): But mooooooooomm, I was about to unleash the fury of a thousand-
  • Joyce: -you're not unleashing anything while I'm around! Now stay in your room...unless you want me to bring Chief Hopper in!
  • Will: *runs to his room, crying*
  • The D&D gang: ...
Enough Vs Good

So, today is @madam-lit-nerd‘s birthday so I thought I’d write her a little something. Since you wrote such a cool omegaverse, I figure you’d have nothing against it :)

If you have time, drop by and leave some love on her blog!

Dean is a mechanic.

Now, that’s nothing new, and he loves his job. But it means that there are… certain things he can’t do.

For example, he can’t design an airplane. Not that he minds. He hates flying.

But he can’t. He also can’t represent anyone in court, like his little brother. And he can’t cook like his friend Benny, who’s a chief in an up-and-rising restaurant in the best part of town.

He doesn’t mind. That’s just how it is.

But there’s this one other thing he can’t do, because – well, he’s a dumb mechanic who dropped out of school.

For example, he can’t meet Castiel Novak as an equal. He’s Sammy’s colleague, and according to his brother, one of their best lawyers.

He’s also hot as hell, smarter than anyone Dean has ever known (well, except for his brother, but it doesn’t really count in this context), inherited a fortune from his parents and has this weird, dry sense of humour that Dean has really learned to appreciate at Sam’s and Jess’ parties.

He’s also an omega.

And Dean’s an alpha.

But, as before stated, there are some things that Dean just can’t do, and, well –
Courting someone who’s so far out of his league he might as well live in another dimension is one of them.


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This is an AU where everybody is an adult instead of a youth.Everybody is happy hahaha!!!They don’t even look fucking old.

Lewis and Vivi were married each other.They has a child called Lily.Mystery lives with The Peppers junior,and Lily love him so much.The couples has a good friend called Arthur,he helps them a lot.(I still don’t have a clue for Lewis and Vivi to choose them jobs,but Lewis just looks good in a wise style.I don’t want to let him be chief yet!)

Arthur is now the boss of Kingsmen Mechanics.He took the store over his uncle,Lance.With Arthur’s effort,Lance finally appreciated him.He’s a excellent mechanic in people’s opinion!

Mystery is now a 9-tailed kitsune.After years’ change,he finally got strong powerful abilities like a real 9-tailed kitsune.We still don’t know anything about him with Shiromori yet.its a mystery

i gotta tell you Jane, maybe the Saints did rob the casino, maybe my old friends who now want me dead did kill a load of people and rob the place, but if i’m being honest, i dont fucking care. going back to this job lets me protect my friends but now all of them hate me, all of the cops hate me, im more depressed than ive ever been and i care so fucking little about this that im wearing a name badge with the wrong name on it. whos Troy Johnson? i dont know, maybe hes someone who gives a shit.

“Chief Bradshaw youve been staring into space for a full thirty seconds”

“yeah whatever we’re investigating who cares” 

eachainn  asked:

Crack theory: Zeke is everyone's dad. Somehow, someway, he managed it.

He was a man of few words. Conversation simply wasn’t necessary as he wandered the world. The language he spoke best was universally understood. It consisted primarily of breathy sounds and wordless vocalizations. 

Technology, too, was unessential in his life. He had his tent and his coffee. His boots were sturdy. They stood in stark contrast with his shirt which was flimsy and soft and often dematerialized in the presence of others, revealing the six-pack abs that rendered women helpless. 

None of it mattered. Nothing mattered except travel. And women. And keeping his abs strong and magical. He never aged. He never stopped moving. The walls did nothing to halt his conquests. He slipped between them like water through fingers.

In a span of forty years, he fathered the majority of the children on both sides of the conflict. When he was called by his village elders to lead the battle, he knew that many of the people he’d encounter would be his flesh and blood. He learned some of their names: Erwin, Annie, Reiner, Armin, Historia, Grisha, Eren, Jean, Hanji, Mikasa, Ymir, Bertoldt and Moblit. He knew many of them would die. This knowledge didn’t trouble him. He had many more children. So many more. And once the conflict was over, he’d begin again. His abs would remain strong, and magical and ageless forever. 

Combeferre, ladies amd gentlemen. This time it’s not some new style, technique or something like that. Now battles, no symbolism. Just Combeferre and his hobbies. 

And, to make up for my words, which might be a little infair - I’m actually like Combeferre a lot. He’s actually my second best friend of the ABC. I’m admiring him for his point of view on revolution and on the human progress in general. He’s very well-minded=) And I like his relathionships with Enjolras. And the fact that they are different in many ways but still get along pretty well. He’s the best chief assistant (someone’s been watching Star trek too much)

I’m waiting for your comments) Come on, tell me, who’s gonna be next) 

gotham: season 3, episode 12, Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin

character commentary:   without question, Oswald Cobblepot iz a complicated man.   however, Nygma knows exactly how to magnify his insecurities and manipulate his mind.   for example, Nygma knows how much Penguin loves and admires his parents so he resurrects Elijah Van Dahl.   Nygma also knows that his absence from the Mayor’s life would throw Oswald off balance – both personally and professionally.

now consider this – Nygma’s approach to life iz to look at everything as if it’s a puzzle.   therefore, given his close proximity to Oswald, Ed figured out Penguin a long time ago.

bottom line, if there’s anybody who can mentally-anguish Penguin…  it’s close friend, trusted adviser, love of his life, Mayor’s office Chief-of-staff, Edward Nygma.   in fact, Penguin never stood a chance.   Nygma had already breached Penguin’s defenses before the battle ever begun.   and IMO, betrayal iz the ultimate revenge.

i’ve been thinking of thel’s mental stability a lot lately ever since gravemind-official pointed this out in their post about the interactions of gravemind and thel.

everything he’s ever previously believed in has been shattered. A vast amount of his species were murdered by the Brutes, being branded that left him emotionally, physically, and mentally scarred, being betrayed by the Prophets and the only religion he full heartedly believed in, the sangheili civil war. And now Locke. Not to emtion Thel’s face after he mentioned to Locke that they were friends. 

he knows, what it’s like to be betrayed. And by betraying his friend, Master Chief, now. I think Thel is at that very instantaneous moment, that it became a deep moral and complex issue for Thel considering all he’s gone though and experienced.

Imagine what thel could possibly be thinking after experiencing such life altering events. I can imagine that he probably talks to Lak and Rtas a lot, the only two other Sangheili who stood by him even when he was Arbiter. But even so, Thel must be (not saying he always is or currently is) at a constant argument with himself about choices such as to help Locke find John and probably many others. 


X-wing pilot, and son of Resistance General, Hiccup Haddock, unexpectedly uncovers someone from his past…and discovers secrets about himself too.

Help. I’m falling in love with this au. 

Hiccup is the son of Stoick Haddock, a Resistance General and Chief of the planet Berk, in the Barbaric System. Hiccup is an extraordinary pilot–the best x-wing pilot in the Resistance. He and his best friend, the custom droid Toothless, are key elements in the struggle against the mysterious Drago and his army. He never knew his mother, who disappeared shortly after he was born, and could never learn anything about her from the people who apparently knew her, including his father. Turns out she was a Jedi who fled a massacre 20 years ago, and his identity as her son was kept secret for his own safety. Now that he knows, and is becoming aware that he is force sensitive, what is in store for this young pilot?

Ugh I still can’t handle this

Dave really just needed some unconditional love from someone who though he was worthwhile and good and worth supporting. He needed it from anyone, really, but he especially needed it from his brother, because Bro pounded the idea that he was worthless so far into his head that Dirk was one of the only people who could really dispel it.

Dirk wanted a lot of complicated things, but chief among them was for someone to really acknowledge how terrible he could be and love him anyway. He has friends who love him without really understanding the depths of how bad he can be, but that’s hollow, so what he really needed was for Dave, who actually knows how much he can hurt the people around him, to like him and rely on him for validation anyway.

And now they’re hugging, and they’re still clinging to the vestiges of their Strider hypermasculinity that abhors displays of emotion, and Dave has definitely never had the chance to hug his brother before, and Dirk has at most touched three people in his life and probably less than that, and I’m jut really hopeful that this talk helped them and that they are on the very slow road to liking themselves and each other.

Coming in February 2017: Beneath the Stars by Lynn Charles

Beneath the Stars by Lynn Charles

On the cusp of launching his clothing line for transmen and butch women, Sid Marneaux gets a life-altering phone call. His father, who raised his family alone, is in failing health. As he heads home, Sid fears he could lose the business he has spent most of his adult life building.

What Sid could not have anticipated was meeting Eddie Garner, the city’s new fire chief. After a heroic rescue, their romance sparks hot, launching into a swift affair. But Eddie is harboring his own burdens: the painful death of his best friend, and the responsibility of raising her young son—their son—Adrian.

Through the wisdom of a child and the connection of mothers-now-gone, Sid, Eddie, and Adrian venture and fumble to define family, career, and most importantly, love.

About the author:

Lynn Charles’ love of writing dates to her childhood where thoughts, dreams, frustrations, and joys poured onto the pages of journals and diaries.
She lives in Central Ohio with her husband and adult children, where a blind dog and his guardian cat rule the roost. When she’s not writing, Lynn can be found planning a trip to New York or strolling its streets daydreaming about retirement. Her previous novels include Chef’s Table (2014) and Black Dust (2016).

Connect with author Lynn Charles at

Cover art and design by C.B. Messer.