and he also seem like the coolest guy


The third season of Norwegian teen series Skam dismantled stereotypes, coerced schoolkids into skiving off classes and turned homophobes into rainbow flag-waving defenders—and it first began airing one year ago today. It was the “gay” season, charting the blossoming relationship of Isak Valtersen and Even Bech Næsheim, both coming to terms with their sexuality amidst a cutting background of teenage angst. Taking every fan poll I’ve ever come across into account, season three was by far Skam’s most popular. It broke streaming records in Norway, and television viewership records in neighboring Denmark and Sweden. Throughout its 10-episode run, it hardly left the list of worldwide trending topics on any given social platform.

With a short promo clip that could have been a stand in for a gay snuff film—jockish throbs in a locker room being showered with milk in slow motion—the series wasn’t afraid to shy away from explicitly homosexual subject matter. Or any hot button subject. Homophobia, bullying, mental health—nothing was off the cards for series creator Julie Andem.

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How Skam’s Isak and Even revolutionized teen TV

The third season of Norwegian teen series Skam dismantled stereotypes, coerced schoolkids into skiving off classes and turned homophobes into rainbow flag-waving defenders—and it first began airing one year ago today. It was the “gay” season, charting the blossoming relationship of Isak Valtersen and Even Bech Næsheim, both coming to terms with their sexuality amidst a cutting background of teenage angst. Taking every fan poll I’ve ever come across into account, season three was by far Skam’s most popular. It broke streaming records in Norway, and television viewership records in neighboring Denmark and Sweden. Throughout its 10-episode run, it hardly left the list of worldwide trending topics on any given social platform.

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Our Eyes Ch. 2 (Steve x reader)

Hello my loves. Before we get started, I just want to let you all know that you all are amazing and I love you guys so much. I hope this series gets somewhere good, and that my story line holds up. So, if you like it, let me know :) xoxo

Description:You’re a quiet girl who hangs around coffee shops, capturing what you see onto paper. You’ve always minded your own business, never getting involved with anyone in any relationship for reasons you’d rather not say out loud. He’s a super soldier who keeps to himself, never one to really talk to anybody that he doesn’t have to. He’s been through a lot, but never talked about it, always shoving it into the back of his mind. A chance encounter makes some sort of connection between you two and suddenly everything changes. Your eyes tell a story, as well as his, but will either of you find the courage to say it?

Warnings: None

Chapter 1


You walked through your front door, tossing your purse on the small chair in the living room. You were exhausted from work, the bags under your eyes were evidence of that. The sky was dark, no longer the bright, light blue you had seen earlier at the coffee shop. It was now replaced with a dark, navy blue, specs of white showing up here and there. You slumped against the wall, pulling your knees to your chest, and sighed, placing your head in your hands. 

“Another shift closer to getting the studio.” You tilted your head towards the ceiling, staring at the light fixture above you. The was a studio in the city that you had been looking at, hoping that you could come up with the money to purchase it. You wanted your own space to paint and sketch, and not cramping all your supplies into the corner. It was honestly the only thing motivating you to go to work these days. But, today was different. Ever since you left that coffee shop, Steve had been hanging around in the back of your mind, his kind and tired eyes blazing a trail through your memory. The small apartment was completely silent, the only sound was the sound of your breathing. You checked the time, 11pm. 

Oh my god, what if I creeped him out? What if I scared him off? Was I too straight forward? Damn it. You kept thinking to yourself as you slowly went from sitting against the wall to sprawled out on the floor. You were mentally face palming yourself for possibly freaking out the most gorgeous man you had ever seen. Drawn in by your own thoughts, you jumped at the sound of your phone ringing. You froze, still sprawled out on the ground. Figuring that you should probably pick it up because it might be someone from work, you crawled over to your bag and fished for your phone. 

It was a number that wasn’t in your contacts, but the area code was the same as yours. Probably someone from work. You thought to yourself as you pressed the answer button.

“Hello?” You pressed the phone to your ear, the screen cool against your face.

“Hey stranger.” It was him. He actually called. His voice sounded so smooth and you could practically hear the smile on his face. 

“Steve! Hey, you called.” You were so nervous, you couldn’t believe that he actually called you. You were just a girl in a coffee shop, for crying out loud. But, hey, you weren’t complaining. 

“Yeah,” you could hear him chuckle through the phone. “I thought to myself, why not call that talented and beautiful girl from the coffee shop?” Blood began to rush to your cheeks as you bit your lip, a smile reaching across your face. 

“Awh, well I’m glad you called. I just got home from work.” You plopped yourself on the love seat couch. 

“And how was that?” You could hear the roughness in his voice as he got more tired. 

“Don’t even ask, my job is literal hell.” You chuckled through your words, but the pain was definitely there. 

“What do you do?” Steve was interested in you. He wanted to know more. 

“I’m a bartender. And I’d just like to say that it’s not the most fun job when wasted men at trying to hit on you.” You smiled, looking out the window, watching the cars pass by. 

“Oh god, that does sound awful.” His voice made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, something that you hadn’t felt in a long time. “How about I steal you away for a night from all the drunk men? Would you give me the honor of taking you out on a date, doll?” 

You opened your mouth to say something, but the words were stuck in your throat. The pet name made butterflies go around your stomach. When you realized that you had paused for a long time, you finally said something. 

“I’d love to, Steve.” You were grinning from ear to ear. He just asked you out on a date. You were speechless. “I’m off Friday night.” 

“Great, I’ll pick you up at eight?” Your face was beginning to ache from all the smiling. 

“Sounds great. I’ll text you my address. See you then?” You couldn’t believe this was really happening. You were finally feeling happy again, which you hadn’t been in months. 

“See you then. Sleep well, yeah? Goodnight, beautiful.” 

“Goodnight, Steve.” You hung up the phone and squealed into the pillow. God, he was such a charmer. You felt like you were in high school again, fawning over the coolest kid in school. Steve seemed like a sweet guy, who also happened to be completely handsome. You wanted to see where this would go, you wanted to give the guy a chance. Turning off all the lights and heading to your room, you asked yourself if this was a good idea. As your closed the door to your bedroom, you finally came to a conclusion. You were going to let it happen, you were willing to let him in. Sleep tugged at your mind, one last thought releasing itself before your eyes flitted closed. 

I’m rooting for you, Steve. 

Ahhhh, how’s you like chapter two? If you want to be tagged, let me know. I don’t know how many chapters there will be, but I’m guessing there’s going to be at least as many as Battered and Bruised. Have a wonderful evening everyone, I love you all. xoxo


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voltron pokemon au part 374

ok heres the layout yall ready

  • lance and hunk are both alola natives, best friends since a very young age, who later adopted pidge as their honorary daughter/lil sis
  • keith just moved with his cool ass older brother who got an intern job with the pokemon professor samuel holt
  • lance doesn’t have a pokemon, but he loves to play with hunk’s raichu (still pretty low-leveled, bc hunk showered his pichu with so much love it evolved really quick) 
  • he, keith and pidge are offered pokemon by the island kahuna, hunk’s dad - lance is mad bc keith doesn’t seem to like him and now he’ll have to be his rival, but he has the unfair advantage of shiro, the coolest guy alive, as an older brother
  • pidge gets first pick because thats his baby sis and also ladies first. he has manners
  • but hes praying to all the gods he knows that she doesnt pick the little blue one bc thats his!!! he knows it!!! 
  • predictably to everyone but lance she picks the little owl, and he pounces on the popplio the instant she does
  • keith gets a tiny litten and. he’s in love. in a stroke of creative genius he names her red
  • lance claims he stole the color idea from him bc he wanted to name his baby girl blue first!!!!
  • keith reassures him that he cannot read minds but lance is still suspicious
  • anyways lance gets a gorgeous primarina and they get pampered together and keith gets a spitfire incineroar who trains with him and works out with him and purrs up a storm whenever he pets her and he and lance fall in love the end

anonymous asked:

goku, vegeta, piccolo

I want goku to be my mcdonalds trainer bc hes v kind and ultimately I need to stay there to make a livelihood

vegeta  would be the elevator for 10 hours guy. I feel like I can and would fight him in that time

piccolo for lab partner bc he seems like a smart guy. also wed be the coolest partners in class……..ones a cute but disheveled lesbian and ones…green alien

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both team avatars

Aang: Characters with good air mobility like Pit and Kirby. Can’t play very well tho, bless him

Katara: Rosalina because they’re both moms and she doesn’t have a very aggressive fighting style, she’s more defensive which Katara likes

Sokka: Greninja just so he can spam water shuriken at Katara while asking how SHE likes it, Ike when he’s being serious

Toph: Bowser because based on how he’s described he sounded like the coolest. She somehow uses seismic sense to play and plays very well

Zuko: World’s worst Charizard, who he only picked at Sokka’s suggestion because “you like dragons, right??”

Korra: Mega Man he’s a cool robot who can use multiple elements and because she loves to shout “SUPER FIGHTING ROBOOOOT! FIGHTING TO SAVE THE WORLD!!” while kicking Mako’s ass

Mako: Mario, because he’s boring as hell. “This guy shoots fire right? I’ll play as him.” Loses one match before saying he has more important work to be doing and sulking off

Bolin: Little Mac, because he thinks they look alike and he appreciate’s Lil’ Mac’s underdog tale

Asami: Likes the tactical challenge of characters like Shulk, but she’s actually a deadly Jigglypuff main. Undefeated

NOLA Comic Con, Day 2

Okay. So. How much do I love all things Captain America? Enough to wake up at a godawful time in the morning, in order to make sure I was in the theater for the Cap panel.

I am so not a morning person, you guys.

So the Cap panel was the first panel of the day, at 10 am, right when the con opened. They must have wanted to get it over and done with, or they figured having it that early would make it less crazy. I snagged a Mackie badge, so I didn’t have to stand in the general admission line (which was fucking loooooong and wrapped around the hallways), so I got in there pretty quickly.

So yeah, the gifs of the panel are already all over Tumblr at this point, so I probably don’t have to go into great detail about that, but I just want to say that Joe and Anthony Russo seem like the coolest guys, and at the end of the day, they are nerds just like us. They just happen to get to direct these movies. Also, Anthony Mackie stole the fuckin’ show. I mean, it was his hometown after all, but that guy was HILARIOUS. He just has such a charisma about him, ya know? He lights up a room.

I think my fave Mackie moment (besides talking about Bucky interrupting his and Cap’s hand job) was when some jerk decided to ask a question about politics, and Mackie just took control of the stage and was like NOPE MOVING ON SERIOUSLY MOVING ON NEXT QUESTION NO YOU SIT DOWN NEXT QUESTION.

I decided right then and there, that Mackie is now my fave human ever.

There was also a girl at the panel, who completely stumped the Russo bros with her question. She asked how Zola could’ve attached Bucky’s metal arm, if he had already been captured by the US. They could not answer her. The whole stage was like O.o

That tells me what I’ve suspected is true, that sometimes WE think about these movies more than even the directors and writers do. Sometimes.

I saw the same question-girl later waiting in line, and the whole time she was trying to come up with more questions with her friends. Plot holes. Things that don’t make sense … like Skinny Steve being able to ride the Cyclone at Coney Island, since he was so short. I mean, she was VERY proud of herself for stumping everyone. As for the Cyclone? Hell, it was the 40′s. They’d let anyone on that thing at the time.

Anyway. During the panel, I was texting with @leftylain and @polkadotsocks93, which was awesome, because I needed a distraction from some of the SERIOUSLY awkward questions that some people asked. PACKED WITH OODLES OF SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. I honestly wish they would screen these people. Before each question, I had to fight the urge to put my fingers in my ears and be like lalalalalalalala, but I sat there instead like, “please don’t be weird, please don’t be weird GODDAMN IT THAT’S WEIRD.

All of the actors handled everything very well, though. Chris and Haley were great, of course. Anthony stole the show. Everyone kept making fun of Grillo. And Renner maybe said a few sentences, though when he did speak, he was very funny. I also get the impression that Grillo is a bit of a dick, so that’s why they were messing with him. You can really tell that all these people are actually good friends IRL.

And so here are some other highlights of my day …

Hanging out with Tumblr homie @polkadotsocks93! (follow her, she’s awesome!) And oh yeah, that Mackie guy ;-)  Me and Polkadot met up at the con and totally geeked out and had a beer, which p.s., NOLA Comic Con is the only con I’ve been to, where beer and wine are sold. I mean, it’s New Orleans. And I fucking love this city. And the three people in that pic are NOLA people, y’all. Who dat. 

Anywho. Anthony Mackie was the kindest and coolest dude ever. I am in total love with him at this point.

Another great part of the day was hanging out with my stepkids later. My stepdaughter went as Spider-Gwen and damn was she was popular. Spider-Gwen is the cool kid right now in the comic world. Any Spider-Man we ran into wanted their pic taken with her. She ate it up, felt famous. It was pretty awesome. She even got a Spider-Gwen comic signed by one of the artists. Another amazing thing, is that I was seeing young girls dressed up as their fave characters, strong and fierce women, who are also not scantily clad all the time. I saw several pint-sized Peggy Carters and Reys (Star Wars) and my heart just MELTED. I love that young girls now have these popular main characters to relate to and love and want to be like, because they’re just like them. Ladies. We got the girl power.

And then of course, this was all kinds of amazeballs. Except my poor stepson got confused and wore his Star-Lord mask for the pic. Sigh.

Renner surprised me, I thought he’d be more aloof, but he loved the kids. He told my stepson that he loved his costume. Mackie was like, oh HEY the red-head, and Chris was the quietest, though a seriously nice dude. In his grandpa sweater.

My stepdaughter could NOT get over Captain America’s beard though. She was totally thrown by it and talked about it non-stop on the way home. I told her that when she gets older, she’ll probably love beards on dudes … if she has good taste, that is. She only gave me a strange look, like … yeah, no. Beards are gross.

She’ll learn.

As for the couple of questions I was asked, for to bring back the answers to my Tumblr homies … yes, @wheresarizona, Chris smells divine. I made sure to try and get closer to him than the others so I could tell. However! Mackie ALSO smelled divine. Like, they were both the Mountain Lodge candle, but Mackie also smelled minty. So he smelled like A Very Mountain Lodge Christmas.

Also, @concavepatterns, I don’t know what Chris or all these people are talking about because he was PLENTY big ;-) The first thing in my head when I met him wasn’t “I thought you would be bigger.” The first thing in my head was HOLY SHIT IT’S BEARDY STEVE. But yeah, he was nice and tall and broad. Plenty big. I was, however, expecting Renner to be shorter, like my height, but turns out he’s taller than me. Groovy.

So yeah, in closing, It was a good day (queue the Ice Cube)

A great fucking day.