and he also makes the weirdest faces


happy valentine’s day mothafuckas ;)

  • i love jeon jungkook are u bitches ready
  • you first met jungkook when you heard the sound of a moving truck beep its way into the driveway next to yours 
  • now u were always a child of adventure 
  • ur parents worked a lot so it was basically u at home with ur grandparents and they were the most chill motherfuckers on the face of the planet
  • and the front door of ur house always seems to be unlocked so u were the poster boy/gal of “adventure is out there!!!”
  • cue me ugly crying that movie kills m e 
  • u loved the outdoors and being adventurous 
  • u were so tomboy and reckless it was hilarious
  • u drove every single member of ur family insane 
  • they got called into school one time to u staring at the ground in the principal’s office next to a kid with a missing tooth and bloody nose 
  • “he tried to hug me” 
  • to summarize, u loved causing trouble, but have fun in the midst! 
  • and yes, meeting new ppl!!
  • and at dinner, u would hear ur grandpops and grandma talking abt the couple moving in next door 
  • and how they have also have a 6!! year!! old!! son!!
  • and u could barely keep ur head on the pillow that night bc omg! you can’t wait to have a new friend the same age as u! 
  • so on that beautiful sunny saturday morning, at exactly 7am sharp, with ur scabby knees, bruised legs, ripped shorts, mismatched socks, run-down light up sneakers, and ur older brother’s hand-me-down power rangers sweatshirt, you marched on over to the driveway to meet your new best friend
  • and u see a middle aged man and a beautiful woman trying to carry in a couple boxes together and u guessed those were the parents 
  • and as u were marvelling at how pretty they were, “man, if they look that good, how good does their son loo–”
  • u have no idea what came over u but u almost tripped over the tall weeds trying to get into the truck and find the source of the voice 
  • you went straight to the yellow, flower-y sofa resting in the middle of the truck, with little boy limbs sticking out from under the cushions
  • u ran up and ripped them away and low and behold, u laid ur eyes on the most beautiful 6 year old there ever was 
  • and from then on, ur heart decided to plant its FUCKING BOTTOM with jungkook forever
  • from the first day he met u he literally believed u were the weirdest person he’s ever met 
  • but without a doubt, you became childhood friends 
  • like best friends
  • u saw him naked for the first time when u were 8 and just bursted into his shower at like 8am in the morning 
  • “omg it’s so smALL?”
  • he didn’t speak to you for two weeks after that 
  • your grandparents would always have him over for dinner 
  • you guys played make believe together and took naps in ur power ranger blanket together 
  • but it’s also a lot of bullying 
  • taking turns making ugly faces, whoever laughs first has to go and tell ur grandma they pooped their pants and needs help changing it 
  • “accidentally” slapping each other SUPER hard in the face
  • “you had a fly on ur cheek sorry!! couldn’t help it!!”
  • literally the purest and most innocent friendship ever ever ever 
  • everyday in first grade, when you had reading time, he would be in the seat behind you and fold a tiny little paper plane with a sticky note and throw it at you 
  • would keep folding them and throwing it at you until you noticed and turned around and yelled at him and got in trouble by your student teacher 
  • “i hate u jeon jungkook” 
  • you didn’t really
  • but it wasn’t until the third or fourth time he kept doing it that you realized there was a message on each of them 
  • and they weren’t really anything cute
  • they were just like 
  • “hey notice me”
  • “your hair looks greasy from the back” 
  • “what book are you reading”
  • “don’t ignore me”
  • “am i being annoying?”
  • “yea? good.”
  • but your favourite was
  • “i’m glad you’re in my class” 
  • because he would rarely ever show affection to you because your relationship was made up a lot of the “we don’t need to say anything to know it”, meaning you never needed to straight out express your gratitude to each other for the other to know that you’re appreciated 
  • main point is you grew up together 
  • however, after like the fourth grade
  • you both somehow decided that you were too cool for each other despite the fact that your crush on him was still there 
  • there was something so mesmerizing about the fact that 
  • he never truly ever demeaned you as a person??? like yes he was a tease and you guys always did those things to each other
  • but for a kid, he was always somewhat of a gentleman and would never make fun of you to deliberately hurt your feelings 
  • unfortunately doe, in middle school, your group of friends completely changed
  • and although you guys sort of had the same status in school of being popular but very, very laidback, and your groups of friends acquainted with one another, your interactions would be saying hi, making small talk when you were with a handful of other people and smiling at each other as you pass by the halls 
  • back then, you would walk home together every single day and spend time doing homework in the bedroom of one of you two 
  • but as the grades went on and the workload increased, you found music and student council and volleyball whereas he found track and basketball and dance
  • his family went through troubles and he found it difficult to talk to people at times 
  • and you were so busy with finding a job and saving up for post-secondary that you spent after school with your clubs or in the library studying
  • timing and interests for you guys were extremely unparalleled and eventually, things just grew apart before high school began 
  • and oh dear
  • high school
  • periods? check. acne? check. hormones? check. grOWTH SPURTS? check.
  • now, reader, entering high school, you only had one rule: forget. about. jeon. jungkook.
  • and it wasn’t like he was being a dick or anything to you, you just didn’t find any way that you guys would work out anymore
  • despite being best friends and literally showering together when you were 7 and your parents are best friends, you just never ever have proper conversations anymore, and things just naturally got awkward
  • and also life lesson for u guys omg so philosophical what it wasn’t anyone’s fault, you guys just happened to no longer have the same interests or the time to notice each other anymore - people drift apart. it happens. 
  • and you were so okay with coming to terms with that 
  • until
  • “oh my gosh is that jeon jungkook?”
  • “he… grew muscles?”
  • “giRL HIS HAIR”
  • “puberty hit him like a freight train???”
  • the morning of sophomore year, after a whole first year of properly avoiding him and being absolutely sure that he wasn’t going to get hot (jungkook is juST A LATE BLOOMER OK LEAVE HIM ALONE), you turned your head to the front doors and felt the wind get knocked out of you 
  • bc walking in with his friends, with the school uniform seemingly perfectly snug and hugging every one of his curves
  • was jungkook
  • and for some reason
  • yes he looked more mature and yes he got fucking MANLIER
  • but you were instantly reminded of something that clicked in you when you saw that 6 year old boy stuck in the sofa on the very first day he moved in next to you
  • was it that innocence? was it the charm? was it the hair-swept-away-from-face thing? you diDN’T KNOW 
  • but girl you were gone again 
  • and listen 
  • you dated people in freshman year and guys liked you, but you were never the type to chase or to fawn
  • you were just different from other girls like you would much rather be the type to be the one playing ball than the one in a miniskirt cheering on the team on the sidelines
  • that’s just who you are, heck you fucking punched a dude that wanted to hug you and say thank you, broke his nose and chipped his tooth like kk y/n
  • it was just difficult for you to grasp feelings, truly, but for some reason, this guy has just got you so weak???
  • and for some other reason, jungkook and the reminder and memories of you guys as kids just hits you like a truck and you’re already head over heels once again
  • and you go into first period to shake off the thought of him but ofc!!! he’s!!!! in!!!! ur!!! first!! period!!! literature!!! ihml!!!
  • so you take the seat diagonally in the front of him to make sure you don’t get sidetracked in ur favourite class and drool at him the entire time
  • oNE DAY
  • you were taking notes from the board, analyzing and reviewing the literary device and short stories before delving into the actual stuff in literature when you dropped your pencil and leaned down to grab it 
  • when you saw an arm reach down first 
  • and hand it to you 
  • you looked up 
  • and you guessed it 
  • biTCH IT WAS JUNGKOOK AND he had such a warm and friendly smile 
  • and you could barely say anything 
  • because on one hand you were like oh i’m glad he still remembers who i am??? like ffs? but your other side is like oh my god oh my god oh my god 
  • so weeks go by and every single day you feel such a burning sensation at the back of ur neck like fufufufuffufufu he’s RIGHT THERE
  • and jungkook isn’t that type to be extremely boisterous and loud and obnoxious even if he’s hot shit 
  • so you weren’t worried about him bothering you whatsoever after that like that was a fluke, he was being nice, whatever, it’s done 
  • a couple weeks go by and you’re starting to feel better now, thinking you’ve got this crush thing under control
  • until
  • silent reading time 
  • you were just assigned a new book by your favourite author! and you couldn’t wait to begin the book reports on these 
  • so you dove into the world of fire-breathing dragons and mystical knights and creatures beyond reality
  • when you felt a poke on your neck
  • and you had no idea what it was? you were so engulfed in the story that you just scratched and left it, not thinking twice
  • and then you felt it again
  • it took you a second, but it hit you
  • and it hit you hard
  • you turned your head around slowly and your heart was beating so fast
  • your eyes fall on a small pink sticky note, folded into a plane, dropped on your shoulder
  • so you open it, careful to make no noise in the silent classroom
  • and on the single sticky note it read:
  • “it’s good to see you again. i’m so so glad you’re in my class.”
  • you sneak a tiny glance back at the boy behind you, your face flushing with heat and memories 
  • and from behind his book, he looks up and gives you the tiniest, warmest smile you’ve ever received 
  • you folded the paper once more and fit it in your pocket and returned to your dragons and knights and witches, all the while smiling like a fool to yourself because maybe, just maybe, you didn’t really drift apart that much at all 

hi guys!! so sorry for the late update, hope you enjoy thisssss:)

also side note: just because it’s valentine’s day (i mean i dont celebrate this) doesnt mean that you need a significant other! buy yourself some hershey’s, make some tea, snuggle up with a teddy bear and a blanket, and switch on some netflix. today is any other day, so don’t demean yourself and your experience with this day because of your status! 

alsoooo don’t wanna get a little preachy but, in this au i kind of hint at the fact that the y/n or reader is someone very tomboyish and doesn’t really seem to find herself chasing after boys. in no way am i trying to vocalize the fact that just because you’re of a certain nature, your personality towards boys reflects that. this is just a fictional work of how one might feel (presumably me lolz) when realizing feelings for someone they truly loved at one point. just because a woman who is normally tougher on the exterior has a sudden soft spot for a boy does not indicate that she’s lost sense of herself or that she succumbs to a boy. just because a woman is a certain way because of a boy that makes her feel different doesn’t mean she is any less of a woman herself. everyone is obligatory to their feelings, and how women choose to express themselves sexually or emotionally to a man they love is their own personal choice as long as they are within consent and are safe. everyone’s decisions and behaviours in love are consensual and their own - that does not demean them as a feminist in any way, shape or form. remember that. 

have fun, y’all, uSE PROTECTION, and i love u!!!

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you mind doing the RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC being a YouTuber? Thank you and I love your blog!!

sure thing! and i’ll just drop my channel so that y’all check out my like.. 3 videos lmao


i’m doing this with the prospect of being a normal youtuber. like, not a big one, just a chill small channel with a decent following lol.


  • He’s actually so amazed!
  • You had yet to tell him because you weren’t sure if you were ready to do so.
  • You were a bit self-conscious about it.
  • But one fateful day, he came across one of your videos because they appeared in the suggestions.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • His s/o’s a YouTuber!? That’s so awesome!
  • He burst into the living room, where you were casually watching a movie while eating some snacks.
  • You shot up the couch, cheeks all red, and looked away bashfully.
  • I wasn’t sure you were going to like them…”
  • “Are you kidding!? I love them!!! Let’s make a video together one day! Let’s make a channel together!”
  • He was so supportive of you and your hobby/job.


  • He was pretty impressed because he’s a big personality in showbiz and tbh he would be pretty excited.
  • Waits for you to tell him, but you just… don’t. 
  • Eventually you guys are having take out (a miracle bcs that rarely happened) and he asks you about your channel.
  • You almost choke on your soup.
  • I-I… W-Well you see.. it’s just a hobby! Nothing serious. Not that good, to be hone-”
  • He cuts you off by pressing a kiss to your forehead and grinning. 
  • Will you include me in one of your videos?”
  • You were about to reply before he, once again, interrupted you.
  • Because I bet you’d love it if your channel had even more beauty on it, since it already has a delicious babe in every video.”
  • You grab the nearest throw pillow and chuck it at his head, your blush spreading like mad across your face.
  • I’ll think about it.”
  • But obviously you would let him.
  • You’d let him do your hair and he would let you do his, you’d actually been planning it after the first party ended. 


  • Tbh, she wouldn’t so impressed. 
  • She just thought it was unexpected, since she never even saw you with your cameras around. 
  • And she rarely had time to browse YouTube. 
  • But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t supportive of your dream/hobby/job.
  • When you told her, she asked you if you could please show her all of your videos.
  • Every time you turned around, there was a cute little smile on her face.
  • And a blush.
  • And she just looked so cute that you wrapped your arms around her and gave her a quick kiss.
  • So, do you like it?”
  • She pulled back from the embrace, a pink hue visible all over her cheeks, before fixing her glasses.
  • Of course I do. You look adorable in all of them, I even read the comments. And I think some people are a little bit too friendly for my liking.”
  • S’cute.


  • You had to show him your channel as well because he was such a klutz with technology.
  • When he noticed the quality of your videos and the size of your audience, he immediately offered to sponsor your videos.
  • He also noticed how good you were at what you did, he was surprised.
  • You knew better than outright refusing his offer.
  • To him business was something serious, and this was obviously business related. 
  • So, you knew that if you refused right away, without thinking it through, he would go and lecture you about the importance of rare business opportunities.
  • You were quiet for too long though. 
  • So? (Y/n), what do you think? Yes, no? I honestly think that it’s a great opportunity for both your channel and the company. YouTube is a great way of doing publicity and you would obviously benefit from C&R’s publicity.”
  • You noticed the fierce gleam in his eye.
  • He was serious.
  • He also looked very cute when talking about business. 
  • You couldn’t help but offer him one of the smiles that always and without fail made him melt.
  • You also felt guilty, because you felt like you were just taking advantage of him.
  • How about this, baby? You sponsor some of my videos? I just… I honestly don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of you. I hate the prospect. And I know this is business and that I should think logically, but I don’t care. I have a moral code I must follow and that’s that. What do you think?”
  • You were blushing. 
  • It always made you flustered, talking business with him.
  • It was overwhelming and also slightly hot.
  • He just smiled at you and grabbed your hand, his thumb brushing along your knuckles. 
  • We have a deal, my love.”
  • “And I have one more condition?” you continued.
  • He raised a single eyebrow, smile still present on his lips. 
  • He knew that tone of voice, you wanted to get away with something.
  • I… I want you to be in one of my videos!”
  • He was taken aback. 
  • Take it or leave, Mr. Han.”
  • Mr. Han… 
  • You were pinned against the couch in an instant, his lips hovering over yours.
  • Deal.”


  • Obviously, he already knew about your videos.
  • He thought you were adorable and sexy and perfect. 
  • And he constantly created bots that left loving and supporting comments on your videos. 
  • Once Saeran settled in his house and was used to you, he decided to bring it up.
  • Why?
  • Because you had stop uploading videos ever since you joined the RFA.
  • He knew the reason. You were too busy with the organization and helping him. 
  • He loved you so much.
  • Huh? Oh…” you rubbed the back of your neck, a sheepish smile on your face, “Yeah… Um, I guess I do have a decent following and I’ve been reading the comments asking me to upload but… I’m pretty busy.”
  • “I’ll help you.”
  • You looked at him dead in the eye.
  • A video with Seven. Now that would be something.
  • A creative spark lit inside of you and a grin started spreading on your face.
  • Would be willing to wear a paper mask and be in one of my videos?”
  • That was easy.
  • A devilish smirk appeared on his face before nodding once, already plotting the weirdest most random video, fitting for your comeback. 
  • He’d help you blow up, just like he helped Zen. 
  • Of course, he’d ask you first. 
  • And you know… Along the way… we can make some other type of video.. In which we do thinks like fuc-”
  • You threw your slipper and it landed right on his face.


  • He also knew you were one.
  • He chose you after all.
  • (This is after Mint Eye btw, he’s on the road to recovery)
  • And I think that this baby would binge watch the videos he didn’t already while helping himself to some ice cream.
  • But he wouldn’t create supportive bots.
  • Instead, he’d look up at the negative comments, trace them, and suddenly the owner’s laptop would have a strange virus. 
  • No one messes with his angel.
  • He’d low key be your fan.


  • This nugget underwent surgery and when he watched your videos he was astonished. 
  • The way you handled the camera and edited your videos as A+++++.
  • He’d offer to help you with the filming process. 
  • And offer to pay him.
  • But he REFUSED. 
  • Why would you even offer that? 
  • “I’m doing this because I genuinely want to help and want to make you happy.”
  • Bless this sweet baby. 

I lost inspiration at Saeran and V aslfja sigh. sorry this was shitty.

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Can you do some boyfriend headcanons for Prussia and America?

Hello, hello darling~! :D How are you this lovely morning, hmm~? I love this request hehe but I’ve never done general boyfriend headcanons before so I really hope that this is alright?? D: I decided to go a very light and kind of silly SFW approach for this, so maybe it’ll make you smile a little regardless. :) Thanks for sending it in. <3 


  • BEER!! Lots of beer and drinking in general together. Sometimes this means drinking contests that end in you both passing out (which is why these are usually done at home). The mornings afterwards are always interesting …
  • Sneaking around with him to play pranks on his brother, Austria and Hungary. Laughing your butts off when the pranks are successful, because of course they are when they’re done by two awesome people like you. ;P

  • Attending to him after he gets smacked in the face with Hungary’s frying pan. Also running from Germany when he inevitably becomes angry. 
  • Playing with Gilbird a lot and helping to take care of him, the cute little birdie~ Buying the birdie stuff because you start considering him your pet too after a while. 

  • Gilbert wanting to train you to make sure that you can take care of yourself. Feeling like you’re going to die afterwards because he’s a tough teacher, but you do improve. ;P

  • Falling asleep at night with him, cuddled together. <3 Waking up the next morning in the weirdest positions because Gilbert moves so much in his sleep.  You’re gonna get accidentally kicked off the bed at least once, fair warning. 

  • Going over to his brothers place to hang out, especially when Gilbert is bored. This can go so many ways, honestly. Playing with his dogs and having Germany questioning your sanity because you’re dating his brother (but he’s actually quite happy for you two). Being the referee for the brothers when they inevitably end up in some competition of sorts with each other. 

  • Following along when he does any of his crazy antics and trying to keep him out of too much trouble. Alternatively, getting into trouble with him because it’s fun~ ;D


  • Having eating contests for just about any food and being in a bit of pain afterwards because you can never beat Alfred … but it’s amusing to try anyway. X’D

  • Playing video games with him and doing victory dances if you manage to beat him!! If not, laughing & rolling your eyes as he brags and gloats about his ~unbreakable winning streak~.

  • Random dance offs because yes that is absolutely essential for this relationship. Or being around Alfred at all really. :P

  • Cuddle attack! Being practically pile driven onto the couch or bed because your boyfriend wants to snuggle with you but doesn’t realize his own strength sometimes. Miraculously, you’re never hurt? 

  • Being dragged to the country meetings which you’re not even allowed to go to but somehow your boyfriend annoys everyone into letting you stay. Just get him to stop stuffing his mouth with hamburgers when he tries to talk!!

  • Feeling bad that Canada is left out so often and trying to include him. Sometimes he turns down the offer because Alfred is secretly giving him the evil eye, sometimes he hangs out with you two and actually manages to enjoy himself thanks to you. Everybody bonding!!

  • Having England constantly wanting the two of you to come over for dinner and being upset when both of you are hesitant to do so (because of his cooking). Maybe he could just come visit you two instead … ? 

  • Watching super scary movies with Alfred because he wants to hold you when you get scared. But you both end up terrified and clutching onto each other. Alternatively, you being the one that’s not scared and has to comfort him. ;P

-Mod Lily

things Hoshi does
  • Making a serious face before doing something super silly
  • tired lopsided smiles where his face isn’t as energetic as usual and his eyes get very soft but u can still feel the genuine kindness radiate from him
  • He’s everyone’s #1 fanboy…he literally claps when other members are showing their talents…before they even start doing anything…
  • showing he loves the members in both small and big ways
  • like he’ll gently pull Dino into a hug when they’re just chilling or when another member is talking
  • or full out throw giant hearts at Seokmin in the middle of a show
  • cringeworthy aegyo
  • the corners of his mouth always seem to be curled up; even if it’s just a little
  • his nose kinda crinkles if he smiles really big
  • puns. puns everywhere.
  • nervous giddy smiles 
  • he hops a lot. cute bunny Hoshi.
  • when he’s anxious and wants to present a good image he kinda rambles a bit with jokes bc he knows he’s funny and he wants people to like him but !! then it’s like Hoshi!! pls!!!!
  • there are no pictures of him wearing sunglasses with a normal facial expression/pose in existence 
  • He’s gr8 at a million things but he’s the proudest when he’s talking about how he can make his hands into a jellyfish
  • spoiling literally everything
  • when he dances his face is serious, he’s concentrated, and his moves are swift + precise
  • but then at the end he gets that look in his eyes and u can tell he’s rly happy but he’s trying to seem professional 
  • holding handheld microphones gently and close to the top
  • pouting while also somehow smiling
  • sometimes he gets this look on his face when he’s talking and u can feel how much thought he’s put into what he’s saying and it’s one of the rarer times he shows the deeper side to his personality 
  • dying his hair orange when he was in school
  • if the :3 emoticon was a person it’d be Hoshi
  • when he claps he kinda claps with his palms first and then the rest of his fingers if that makes sense 
  • when he cringes he balls his hands into little fists
  • accepting the weirdest fan requests with little to no hesitation 
  • encouraging fans to send in the weirdest requests with little to no hesitation
  • being the main choreographer for 17 but then going on andromedas and dancing like a 72 year old grandpa
  • that time he took a picture in a serious + dramatic pose…holding a purple plushie
  • Hoshi! in hats!!
  • and of course doing the naega Hosh pose on instinct 

anonymous asked:

hey! i'm kinda new to btob, and i'm still trying to get to know them. do u think u could give me a quick one sentence description of their personalities? i havent really been able to grasp them ^^; it's okay if u don't want to! u just seem like u know them pretty well :)

This is super cute and I’m gonna try it to the best of my abilities because I love my boys. Although, I don’t think that I can write just a quick sentence about them yikes. (Also they’re a super dorky loud beagle group I don’t think I can give a serious answer omG) 

Seo Eunkwang- (vocals) please don’t get me started he’s my ult bias, the tiniest leader you’ll ever see, his voice actually has the power to bring me to tears, literally one of the nicest voices i’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing?, tragic emo hot topic bird debut hair, super contagious nasty loud laugh, so so sweet, extra as hell

Lee Minhyuk- (rapper) cute hammo hamster boy with a body carved by angels, a super rough rap voice but also super soft singing voice, how does he do it, could punch me in the face, dresses like a dad, extra as hell

Lee Changsub- (vocals) an egg with the voice of a thousand angels, high key the weirdest but only for the laughs, a literal ball of sunshine, seriously he never fails to make me laugh, VISUALS THO, extra as hell

Lim Hyunsik- (vocals) a blinding eye smile that makes you fall in love immediately, so handsome, serves up the biggest boyfriend looks, lover of kermit the frog, composes the bops, lowkey extra as hell

Peniel Shin- (rapper) soft squish boy from chicago usa, kind of quiet until he’s not, needs more lines always and forever, has a dog named pennie and it’s the cutest thing, really loves to take photos, extra as hell

Jung Ilhoon- (rapper) inventor of The™ aegyo gwiyomi game, please don’t bring it up, king of comeback hair, thinks his british accent is Top Quality, a fashion god, looks normal but is probably one of the most extra as hell tbh

Yook Sungjae- (vocals) designated giant lovable maknae, lover of fishing, endearing speaker of english, actor of the century, somehow the most mature out of all of btob but respect? he doesn’t know her (esp. to changsub), still extra as hell

AnywAys I hope this gives you an idea of who btob are, literally just extra as hell and f u l l of passion. They love their melodies (fanbase) so so much and while I’ve only been a part of the community for a few months, they’re honestly one of the sweetest and funniest groups I have ever seen. Also if anyone wants to add anything else that’d be LIT I’m always up for a roast discussion about my boys

When you and Moonbin go on a park date

Thank you for requesting again! ^^ I hope you like this~

honestly, i’m so sorry about how this turned out T-T i tried my best but idk i’m not sure how i think about the result… sorry >< i promise i’ll write something a lot more fluffy for you in the future when i come up with a good plot ;-; i just had no idea how to make this fluffier ;-;

Words: 1013

Fluff more on the lighthearted side i think, not very heavy fluff in my opinion ><

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by moonha

Was it the sun that was shining brightly? Or maybe the scent of spring in the air? Or perhaps the boy who was lying down next to you on the blanket you two had laid down on the green grass? No matter what the reason, you were still feeling extremely happy. All the worries you had had only half an hour earlier had vanished thanks to the date Bin had arranged. He hadn’t told you anything before the date and you had realized it was a park date only when you arrived in the park.

“Look at that cloud,” Bin nudged you a little and pointed at a fluffy white cloud on the sky. You looked at it. “Doesn’t it look like a huge ball of cotton candy?” he asked and turned his head to look at you.

“A little,” you chuckled at his imagination. “It looks really fluffy. I wonder what it would be like to lie on top of it…”

Bin smiled widely. You were quiet for a bit and just stared at the blue sky. Then you sat up and grabbed the picnic basket your boyfriend had brought. Bin sat up too when you opened the basket.

“Uwaa!” you exclaimed when you saw all the small containers in the basket.

There were two bottles of water, sandwiches and different kinds of fruits.

You looked at Bin. “Did you prepare all of this?”

He nodded. “I know you had a rough week. I wanted to make you feel better.”
You put the basket aside and hugged him. He hugged you back with a smile and patted your back comfortingly.

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” you wondered and looked at him after ending the hug.

He ruffled your hair and chuckled when you shook your head, disliking his action. “Let’s just eat,” he grabbed the basket and started taking out all the containers. He laid the containers on the blanket and you opened them one by one. “Oh,” you looked at Bin, surprised. “You brought watermelon too?”

“Of course,” he said and opened one of the water bottles. He let you have some first before drinking it himself.

“Here,” you offered him a piece of apple. He ate it with a smile.

“Is it good?” you asked and he lifted a thumb up and nodded his head. You smiled widely and after that you two just kept feeding each other the fruits until there was nothing left. You also ate the sandwiches that were so delicious that you were a little sad when there were no more left.

“Thank you for the food,” you thanked Bin and he offered you a smile as a response.

After closing the containers and putting them back in the basket, Bin lay down and placed his head on your lap.

“What is this setting?” you laughed at his sudden actions. “Seems like a drama.”

He chuckled. “Do you like it?”

“Hmm,” you hummed as if you were thinking about it. “I’m not sure,” you lied.

“Ah why?” he whined with a pout, leaving you laughing loudly.

“Sorry, I was just kidding,” you couldn’t stop laughing at his reaction. When you stopped laughing, you looked at him. He had closed his eyes and was breathing calmly, almost looking like he had fallen asleep. You gently ran your fingers through his hair and his lips curved to a smile once again.

“What?” you were amused. “Does it feel good?”

He nodded cutely. “Why wouldn’t it feel good? A cute girl like you is running her fingers through my hair. I like it,” he said, overflowing with aegyo.

“Ugh,” you cringed at his cuteness but also smiled widely at the same time. “Stop lying.”

He opened his eyes. “You look good from this angle too.”

You raised your eyebrows at his statement and in a few seconds you were making the weirdest face you would pull off at that moment. Bin couldn’t stop laughing at your derp face and soon you started laughing too. The laughing continued for a bit and when you finally calmed down, you both had tears in your eyes from laughing so hard.

“It wasn’t that funny,” you said, wiping your tears away.

“Yes it was. I love your weird faces. They’re so funny.”

“You’re not bothered by them?” you asked with a smile and played with his hair.

“Never,” he smiled while looking at you.

You hummed as a response and kept smiling as you played with his hair. It was soft and the scent of his shampoo made you even happier. You loved the scent of the shampoo he used. You didn’t know what was so special about it but the scent just reminded you so much of the first time you two had met. Your first meeting had been quite weird. You literally fell on top of him the very first time you saw him.

“Hey,” you said after a silence.


“You made me fall on purpose, didn’t you?” you asked, referring to your first meeting.

He let out a ‘ha’ of disbelief. “Haven’t we talked about this enough?”

“You keep saying it was an accident but the more I think about it the more unbelievable it seems. I mean, how did I just happen to miraculously fall on top of you like that? That only happens in dramas!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” he sat up, amused. “I swear it was an accident.”

“Don’t lie to me,” you gave him a look.

He chuckled and suddenly grabbed your shoulders. He made you lie down so that your head was resting on his lap. “It doesn’t matter if it was intended or not, what matters is that I managed to become your boyfriend.”

You still didn’t believe him but decided to let it slide this once. “Whatever,” you smiled and closed your eyes, letting him play with your hair.

“I might have done it on purpose,” he whispered after a bit. You opened your eyes and were greeted by his playful smile. “But it was worth it.”

a saeran hc post

i know there’s a ton of these out there and this is SO LONG im sorry i dont know how to shut up lol, i want to update my fics but im in the home stretch of getting through this week of classes before i go on break ;;;; so uh, have this post of some kind of general hc’s and some thoughts on how saeran feels about each of the members of the rfa + some vanderwood

spoilers of course, also mentions of smoking and vague notions at abuse and stuff, also this is just super long and ridiculous and im sorry aha

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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC who is deaf. Like, totally and completely, there's no hearing there at all and nothing to do to bring it back. She's been deaf her whole life, and it's not gonna change.


“What?!?!?!” – He says as he finds out.. Mc facepalms..
He from now on (almost) always keeps small notebooks on him.. Except when he forget.. A lot.
His apartment is filled with stickers, and small notes with cheesy loveydovey stuff.
Even in the bathroom..
He makes it a game to see who can put stickers the weirdest places. 

HOW CAN YOU.. SURVIVE?!?!?!?! WITHOUT HIS BEAUTIFUL VOICE?!Zen.exe has stopped working.
But in all seriousness, he loves you no matter what, and probably sees your deafness as a cool detail about you.
He keeps calling out for you because he keeps forgetting..
Still calls you babe, even though you cant hear it.
Also notes all over the place.
You put them on his mirror right where his face is with a narcissism joke..

Given she’s a very educated woman, I can see her knowing sign language.
So if MC also knows sign language, BONUS!
She also sometimes catches herself straight up just saying stuff like “oh, can you get me the.. Oh yea” 

.. It doesn’t matter if it cant be cured. He is still gonna try to find away.
MC has to sit his ass down and tell him to stop, with a real harsh tone before he stops. (maybe)
Since you can’t hear him, he likes to come up from behind and just hug you.
He probably at some point gave you a necklace with a bell on… Don’t tell me he wouldn’t, he totally would..

You two write on the phone all the times.. If you cant hear the memes he’ll write the memes!
But in all honestly he doesn’t care.. You two cling together like glue anyways, so it doesn’t particularly matter..

Oh no.. A deaf MC and a blind V. This isn’t good.. Haha
V is probably all romantic and says shit like “I will be your ears, if you will be my eyes”
In reality you two have doggos that help you.
Communication sometimes is a bit.. Wonky

I imagine Saeran after his many years of..Hell, isn’t actually all that talkative, so having a deaf MC might be really nice for him..
You two communicate either on paper or by making a lot of.. movements.. It works. (If it aint broken, don’t fix it)
You two just enjoy life together as silent people, who loves sweets and probably Mario..

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santi has the weirdest face but it's so nice? at the same time? how long did it take you to create him ?

LMFAO i know exactly what you mean, sometimes i look at him and i’m like “wtf are you” but then i also love his face’s weirdness and his weird expressions…all i can say is he’s leo rising 4 sure

i honestly don’t even remember making him or tweaking him lmao it just happened. i think i just experimented with certain things i hadn’t tried with sims’ faces before so that’s probably why he looks so weird lmao. i wasn’t satisfied with him for a looong time when i first made him because i was trying to stay maxis match but i always rly liked skin details so i was like :[ but then i said fuck it and just made him look how i always intended him to look and then i made his skin and here he is today. uglie


I am so in love with all of these photos <3 <3 <3

In the weeks leading up to the con I was so nervous about them and generally about Jensen even coming to the con, because I thought it was likely the twins would be born soon …. damn, was I right ^-^  We read the news on his twitter during Misha’s panel on saturday (gotta rewatch that on youtube, because the second half I couldn’t concentrate very well - sorry Misha!!!) and I was so happy for him but also instantly worried he wouldn’t come, which would have been more than understandable. An hour later we got the news that Jensen called to say he’s coming and we were ecstatic! He was in such a good mood and you could see the happiness radiating off him the whole day, it was truly the best part for me just seeing him like that <3

I wanted the hand holding pose so much ever since I saw a similar photo my friend (who I shared the rockstar!Jensen one with) did at JIB7, but I was afraid I’d make the weirdest face or simply die on the spot if I had Jensen looking at me like that. Well, I didn’t die and I think I look sufficiently happy and enchanted and in love in the photos, but I gotta say I was shaking so damn hard after the last solo op with him, even my legs felt completely wobbly. I did the hug photo first - AND GOSH LOOK AT HIS BEAUTIFUL SMILE - AND HIS ARM!! <3  I thanked him after the photo and said a quick congrats to him and nearly melted on the spot when he smiled at me so full of joy, you can truly understand the sentiment “it’s like staring into the sun” :D

Then I got back in line with my friend for the other two. I asked her if I can do my other solo op with him first, in order to prevent me from being a complete idiot again like at the photo ops with Rob and running off after the shared one, so I walked up to Jensen and asked if we can hold hands. He smiled and a second later I had my hand in his and he was looking at me and I was so lost in the moment, I didn’t realise there’s a problem until Jensen suddenly tugged me lightly to his left and I tore my eyes away from his to look over at Chris who was motioning for us to take a step to the left. So I let Jensen guide me into the right spot, him never letting go of my hand all the while, and then we looked at each other once again and I think the small panicky voice inside my head went like “AGAIN? HOW AM I GONNA SURVIVE?!” but it was the most wonderful moment, which I’m never ever gonna forget, and I can only encourage everyone (looking at you @perfmishka​ ;D ) to do a pose like that where you can look him in the eyes, see them crinkle from his smile, and feel like there’s only the two of you for like 3 seconds. … I feel like this report will get mighty long because I can’t stop gushing about Jensen. Sorry, not sorry.

After that it was time for the rockstar pose. I had wanted a photo with Jensen singing to me for a long time as well, but I had already decided on the hug and hand holding pose, so I asked my friend if she wants to share a third Jensen solo op with me and told her about my idea and needless to say there wasn’t much convincing to do - none, actually ^-^  I brought one mic from singstar with me to the con and we didn’t even have to say anything, once we held out the mic to Jensen he knew exactly what we wanted. He went into the rockstar pose so quickly and naturally, we had to hurry and drop to the floor (I felt like doing that anyway by then lol) and I absolutely love the way this photo turned out. This one is going to be printed as a poster and stuck on my bedroom door for sure <3

The last photo here is actually cut out from our shared J2 photo op (which I’ll post in a bit) and like I already said to @perfmishka​ once when she told me how intimate it looks, I almost have to cover my eyes when I look at this too long because it looks so intimate and affectionate, but then I just get lost looking at it all the time anyway <3  True story: When we were still sightseeing in San Francisco after the con on monday, we went to grab a drink and sit down for a few minutes and I looked through my photos on my phone and got completely stuck and lost in this one until @perfackles​ noticed me having zoned out and she was like, “Melissa is doing something important on her phone…” because apparently I looked deeply focused and the second I snapped out of it at the mention of my name, she realised I had only been staring at the photo again and we all just burst out laughing :’D

I’m gonna stop right here and stare at the photos some more and start posting the others I have left.

If you want to use/edit anything, please let me know and credit me. Thank you!

Sam’s Sixty June Jobs #46(College Professor)

Words: 1772
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Written for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog‘s challenge :D It was fun and I apologize if I got anything wrong but I know nothing about this, just thought it’d be fun and yeah :D

Originally posted by hunterchesters

“Have you heard about Professor Winchester?” I hear a student of mine quietly ask. “Word goes around that he’ll attend that big case with his students, The People Vs Alastair.”

“Isn’t Alastair a serial killer?” Another student asks as I do my best to ignore the quiet whispers.

“Yeah. The Professor is going to take his students so that they can learn about how to prosecute and defend such a criminal.” A third student intervenes, making my patience blow.

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Clint Barton’s Pizza Shop for Wayward Souls

@orbingarrow asked for someone to write a Clint Barton Pizza Shop AU based on this post. I threw in a little WinterHawk just for some fun. It’s a little rushed, so brace yourself for typos.

“He left.” Natasha swirled the straw in her diet coke around. The ice clinked against the glass. Natasha did not look up as she stirred.

Clint paused in the middle of wiping down table 32. His heart ached for his best friend. “I’m sorry, Nat.”

Natasha shrugged. “Not surprised. Nice guys and me: we don’t mix.”

“Hey.” Clint threw his rag over his shoulder and slid into the booth next to Natasha. “I’m a marshmallow, and we get along fine. That socially awkward nerd? Obviously not a nice guy if he just ran off on you.”

The corner of Natasha’s mouth quirked in a small smile, but there was still a sadness to her eyes.

Clint wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in so he could kissed her on the head. “You know what will fix this?”

Natasha snorted, already amused. “What?”


“You’re just saying that because we’re at a pizzeria and you just closed for the night.”

“So?” Clint raised an eyebrow.

“So, you need to get rid of the leftovers.”

Clint grinned. “Doesn’t change the fact that pizza—like coffee—is a magical cure-all.” Clint stood up. “Come on, I’ll get you a slice. Just tell me what you want.”

“Everything,” Natasha joked.

“You got it, Nat.”

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No but nadh’s thing about demora totally gets me thinking about this: what if when shes in her teens demora spends her summers in the enterprise??

Oh god just imagine her getting along with the crew and everybody completely adoring her and doing their best to comply with her requests

Imagine her with uhura, who teaches her how to bring herself and how to use her words like weapons and how to use her gender to her advantage, how to not give a shit about people who say she cant do things just bc shes a girl and just ahh uhura teaching our lil dumpling on women’s empowerment and making a feminist out of her (also imagine demora talking with her aunty nyota in some weird alien language as sulu gives her this disapproving frown like ‘goddammit uhura what r u doin’ im tryna get her to be a helsman like ME)

Imagine her spending time with spock in his lab doing little experiments with him, imagine spock answering her questions with no sarcasm at all even the most ridiculous ones, making her love science in general and indulging her when she asks things like “yea uncle spock but can we make it EXPLODE THATS THE QUESTION” and when they do make it explode the crew just goes “what” and demora is like “i can explain” (and also imagine her picking up spocks sass bc damn that vulcan is the absolute master of sass, hikaru questions his life choices the first time she sasses him)

Imagine her spending time with jim (who has the weirdest most ridiculous stories that make her laugh and give her weird nicknames like dumpling or puffball bc her face was puffy when she was a kid and he wouldnt let that go), jim ruffling her hair even tho demora tells him shes not a kid anymore but jim just goes yea sure dumpling and pinches her cheeks, hIM TEACHING HER HOW TO RIDE BIKES TBH and lets her sit on the captains chair when no one is looking, plays chess with her (occasionally accompanied by spock who points out holes in the captains defenses and tells her how to win), HE ENCOURAGES HER LOVE FOR VIOLENT SPORTS TBH BCOZ HE GETS TO DO THEM WITH HER (sulu having a heart attack when he hears demora is going wind surfing with the captain), jim teaching her how to be a good leader and how to charm people and just ahh jim completely adoring demora and her adopting his ‘i dont believe in a no-win scenario’ motto

CHEKOV WOULD PRANK PEOPLE WITH HER AND TELL HER THINGS WAS INWENTED IN RUSSIA, DEMORA. at first she believed him but as she gets older everytime he tells her that she rolls her eyes and goes “of course, uncle pasha, /of course/ soy sauce was invented in /russia/” “but demora i am telling u the truth see” and it goes like that, chekov would be the ultimate older brother tbh bcoz doesnt he have like 5 siblings or smth, chekov whos a genius telling her cool facts about science and theyre like Nerd Buddies (as opposed to spock who is more of a teacher and a mentor to her in science), and cmon guys he would so teach her russian and hes the one who teaches her how to drink (with jim probably)

BONES GRUMBLING WHEN DEMORA SITS ON ONE OF THE BIOBED BUT LETS HER WATCH HIM DO ~MEDICINE THINGS~ bc she looks absolutely amazed by alien anatomy and she keeps asking him questions about xenobiology and ‘what if’ questions about weird diseases, he totally teaches her how to First Aid properly, and totally uses her against jim (“demora can you tell your uncle jim to get down here so i can properly scan him for brain damage, please darlin’?”) And also sulu (“demora can you please tell your dad to stop using his katana for one damn day so his wrists can properly heal, honey?”). WHO BOTH HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCE AGAINST DEMORA’S WIDE EYES AND QUIVERING LIPS (thanks to uhura who ofc taught her a few tips and tricks about manipulations), and also, who do you think taught her how to swear? (Dr mccoy, with all due respect, sir, plEASE STOP TELLING THE 15 YEAR OLD DEROGATORY WORDS)

Scotty whos absolutely smitten with the kid, letting her mann the engineering console with keenser, TEACHING HER ABOUT THE ENTERPRISE’S TECHNOLOGY and one day when scotty is down bc of smth and smth is wrong with the warp core or something somebodys like “HOW DO I DO THIS OH GOD SOMEBODY GET CHEKOV” but then demora starts listing off the things scotty told her from all the hours she spent down there in engineering (im sorry nadh im in love with ur demora as an engineer thing) oh god imagine the nicknames he’d give her (“aye, thats a good wee dumpling” or “come here wee sulu” , “thats a good wee lassie”)

Just imagine demora learning from all these wonderful people and picking up their quirks and habits and one day sulu sees her sassing like spock or evading questions like uhura or charming someone like jim or going off on a tangent about nacells (did i spell that correctly?) or speaking in russian or in weird, complicated southern metaphors and he just goes pale and thinks “what did i get myself into how did my child turn into soMETHING LIKE THIS” and ben just shakes his head and laughs in the background

Just,, the enterprise alpha shift with demora sulu,,

Little Pink Plus Sign - Rose POV - Part 9/?

“Dimitri! Hurry, come here!”

Almost running into the door frame, Dimitri came sprinting into the bedroom. Panic filled every feature of his face. “Roza, what’s wrong?”

“Come here!” I urged smiling widely at him.

Cautiously, he walked towards me.  I reached eagerly for his hand and placed it on my small swollen stomach. Watching his face, I waited.

After a few seconds, I felt it, a tiny kick, and I watched as Dimitri’s face lit up. He excitedly placed his other hand on my stomach as well and splayed his fingers.

We deserved this little moment of happiness after the two months of apprehensive doctor’s visits that basically left us living our lives on eggshells. Not to mention all of the new rules I had to follow. I couldn’t drink coffee anymore which was a real tragedy, but as I felt the tiny kicks, I decided it was all worth it.

With my stomach clearly showing, I could hear the whispers in the hallways. Not everyone exactly believed our story, but luckily for us, there was bigger news at Court.

The story of Lissa’s pregnancy had spread like wildfire. Court was buzzing with excitement for the Dragomir baby. There were already bets on what gender the baby would be and what Lissa and Christian would name their first child. Lately, the names Rhea and Eric had been floating around quite a bit.

Though Lissa would never let it show, I knew the extra attention added much more unneeded stress to her life, and bless his heart, Christian did his best to shield her from it.

Gingerly, Dimitri leaned his ear up against my stomach. He whispered something in Russian and smiled up at me. “You’re so beautiful.”

Rolling my eyes, I smirked back at him. “Yeah, yeah, help me up, will you?”

Getting out of bed was becoming a daily struggle. My center of gravity was completely off and my once perfect balance now failed me in the simplest of ways. I swear Dimitri caught me from falling over at least once a day. His eyes were always watching me, preparing for my next klutzy moment.

“Hot chocolate?” he offered.

I thought for a second. “Yeah, that’d be great.”

He nodded and went to work heating the water. While he did that, I searched the fridge. I grabbed the dill pickles from the door and put a few in a bowl, completely aware of Dimitri’s eyes on the back of my head.

“Pickles? And hot chocolate?” he asked, making a face like I was the most disgusting person he’d ever met.

Pointing at my stomach, I raised my eyebrows at him. “You did this, Comrade. Now you have to live with the consequences.” He chuckled and shook his head.

Sitting down on the breakfast bar, I rested the bowl on my stomach. Honestly, these were the best pickles I’d ever eaten. I wasn’t going to let him bring me down. Also, it wasn’t the weirdest thing I’d eaten in the last few months. He was on duty the night I decided to put potato chips in my ice cream. It really wasn’t a bad combination to be completely honest.

Slowly and almost reluctantly, he slid a mug of hot chocolate my way. “Double chocolate?”

“What else?” he said shrugging.

Taking a big sip, I smiled blissfully at him. “Dimka, will you grab the oreos while you’re up.”

Scrunching his eyebrows together, he complied. I enthusiastically shoved an oreo in my mouth before chasing it with a pickle and a sip of hot chocolate.

“Alright, I’m going to go before I throw up,” he said simply kissing the top of my head.

“Training again?”

He nodded. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” I said stuffing another oreo in my mouth.

Lately, he’d been training my temporary replacement. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea, but Lissa needed someone to help out over the next few months especially since Dimitri was spending less and less time guarding her as he was opting to spend more time with me.

I leaned back and rested my hands on my stomach. The twins were still kicking slightly. “Just five more months guys. Hang in there with me.” They stopped moving at the sound of my voice. “I love you two already.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Groaning, I pushed myself up and made my way to the door. Pushing up to my tiptoes, I glanced out the peephole before opening the door eagerly.

My dad stood there awkwardly holding a present. “Rosemarie.”

“Hey, Dad!” I hugged him…well sort of hugged him trying to maneuver around my belly. “What are you doing here? Where’s Mom?” Now that she’d transferred her guardianship to him, I rarely saw them apart.

“Right here, Sweetie,” she said peeking out from behind him. She kissed my cheek and handed me a bag of In-and-Out.

“Oh my God, Mom. You’re a saint.”

She laughed. “Now I wouldn’t go that far, but I know that I always craved In-and-Out when I was pregnant with you.”

Taking a fry from the bag, I invited them inside. We sat down on the couch, Abe and my mom sitting adorably close together. She laced her fingers with his and nodded to me.

“We got you a little something, dear,” she said as Abe handed me the gift.

Wiping my hands off, I took it. “You guys didn’t have to get me anything. Really the food was enough.”

“Call it making up for the first eighteen years of your life,” Abe said simply. He kissed my mother on the forehead and I had to smile. He’d changed a lot since they got back together. Zmey was gone forever, replaced with a soft, loving father who I could almost, almost see as a grandpa.

Slowly, I removed the tissue paper and glanced inside. Pregnancy products. There was some soothing skin lotion, a couple of bella bands, and some weird walkie-talkie looking thing.

“It’s a fetal doppler,” my mom explained. “Put the wand to your stomach and it’ll let you listen to the babies’ heartbeats.” She moved over towards me and helped me set it up. Within minutes, we were listening to two tiny heartbeats thump-thump-thumping against all odds.

Wiping a few stray tears away, I smiled at my mom. “Thank you so much. You have no idea…”

Hugging me tightly, she whispered, “It’s going to be okay, Rosemarie. I love you.” She wiped a tear away and glanced back at Abe. “Well, Sweetie, we should get going.”

He nodded and stood up. Kissing my cheek lightly, he said, “If you need anything, Rose, you call. Okay? Now that we’re back at Court, we’re never too far away. Alright?”

“Thanks, Dad. I will.”

Helping me up, he guided Mom and I to the door. Lifting my chin up, Mom kissed my nose. “You use that lotion, Rose. Trust me.”

“I will, Mom. Thank you guys. Really.”

“You’re very welcome,” Abe replied. Placing a hand around Mom’s waist, he closed the door behind them.

Eagerly, but carefully, I half-jogged back to the couch. I grabbed the doppler and laid back carefully finding the magic spot on my stomach. Relaxing for the first time in months, I allowed myself to drift off to the sound of their little heartbeats.

Guys, I watched Shia LaBeouf movies yesterday while sitting right across the aisle from Shia LaBeouf yesterday for six hours and let me say it one of the most magical experiences of my life.

Highlights of the night after waiting almost seven hours and change to get in the theatre: Transformers actually bores Shia, Shia also fell asleep during Transformers, he laughed a lot at/loved Surf’s Up (no, seriously, this was the time he smiled/laughed the hardest and showed the most emotion), and he was also amusingly mortified about everything in Disturbia/how corny it was (at one part when he tells the girl he’s been basically stalking her and she says “that’s either the weirdest or sweetest thing I’ve ever heard” and they make out, he BUSTED OUT LAUGHING).

He also stopped his “performance” to take pictures with people (with a serious face and thumbs up) at one point when a bunch of people asked him, he’s been surviving off of candy, soda, popcorn, and other movie food for the past day and a half, but at one point, he ended up caving and buying pizza and sharing it with people in the theatre.

But forreal, once you see Shia LaBeouf watching Surf’s Up and laughing and eating sour patch kids you realize he’s a sweet cinnamon roll, too good for this world, 2 pure.

Sleepy dex hc because we all need em

  • this lil ray of sunshine isn’t about mornings unless it’s bc he hasn’t even gone to sleep yet (i’ve never pulled an all nighter bc of school but i’m assuming this shit would make dex feel super accomplished that he got shit DONE)
  • he’s also on moderately tight sleep schedule other than finals/midterm week
    • look, i’m not talking like jack’s schedule tight but like he won’t wanna stay up past like 12 if he’s got a morning class or a practice which, yes, he does
    • i’m also saying he has high functioning anxiety? so like this schedule is p important bc what if he can’t fall asleep? good thing he went to bed at a semi-reasonable time to at least have some time to calm down/relax
  • this is the kid you all know about - the one that CONSTANTLY moves when he sleeps and like, he’s not a light sleeper he just moves all. the. damn. time.
  • so like when nursey is in the picture (yes nursey is in the picture who do you think i am) the boy can barely get a restful night bc his wriggly bf is either trying to burrow under him for warmth or trying to climb to the top of the million pillows and blankets bc he’s getting warm af and wants that fan
    • constant. cycle.
  • dex is the type to always be put on reserve driving duty for road trips bc someone reliably almost falls asleep at the wheel/is too tired to drive for their shift he is the type that will be taking a nap in the backseat but will wake up without a problem to drive if someone can’t
    • (nursey is the opposite this boy will fall asleep anywhere he can, including while driving bc it’s just too boring for him so Dex always sits shotgun w nursery bc it WILL lead to him driving, but hey if he can sleepily stare at his ginger’s beauty of a profile so be it) 
  • dex doesn’t nap? it’s not even that he doesn’t like them he just never does? like dude you’re in college get your act together and nap like the rest of us
  • has the weirdest dreams and only ever tells people at breakfast when nursey actually witnesses it and makes him tell the rest of the team 
    • (ex: when dex once woke up and was suuuuper confused because he thought he actually had a sandwich in his hand and was hype to eat it nursey laughed for a good four minutes bc of the look on his face///also many many MANY dreams involving lobsters)

so that’s all i have for now but believe me there’s plenty comin

Excuse me but Even loves to embarrass Isak!!!! It doesn’t matter if others are around or not [see: the Kitchen Dancing scene]

• Even texts Isak the most ridiculous cheesiest sappiest puns in the middle of class!!! Isak has to physically hold back reactions so the teacher doesn’t catch him!!!
• Even intensely stares at Isak when they’re hanging out with other people (ummm this is already canon) because Even doesn’t know the meaning of subtle and Isak gets flustered!!!
• Even always being a weirdo and making a giant fool of himself when they go out and Isak feels the weirdest combination of embarrassment, fondness, and SHUT UP EVEN BUT ALSO DON’T!!!!!
• Even leaving ridiculously romantic but sincere drawings in Isak’s locker or notebooks for Isak to find randomly and Isak has to go to the washroom for a bit cause he can’t be seen in public with his face split in half with grinning like a total loser he’s got a reputation to maintain dammit!!!!
• Even doing all this shit cause he absolutely loves how Isak reacts and Even can’t get enough of it!!!!!!

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I dunno if you're still taking fluff prompts or not but if you are could you please write nalu + 3 or 57 ? (also adore your writing - the nalu with twins fic had me squeeing it was so cute !!)

3: I’m here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses

57: This is probably a bad time, but marry me?

Word Count: 1362

A/N: I can do you one better nonny, and do both. This was also adorable and just a little sad. Ya’ll got me doing all these proposal pieces, the fluff rotting my teeth ;D


Natsu was lying on his bed, throwing a red ball at the ceiling and catching it, Happy curled into his side. The small blue cat was more subdued than usual, something Natsu could relate to as he caught the ball in his left hand for the 50th time. And then he caught it in his right for the 51st time. The world seemed quiet outside, the traffic hushed and nature silent, as though it too were in mourning.

It had only been three days since the funeral.

Natsu supposed that it would make sense that the world would react so strongly to her emotions, Lucy always managed to light the room with her smile or bring everyone to tears with a trembling lip. While she had not been close with her father, Natsu still understood the sting of becoming an orphan. Even if Lucy wouldn’t call herself that at the age of 20. 

He didn’t even look over when he heard the door open and soft footsteps pad over to his bed. A small smile lifted one corner of his mouth when he thought about how Lucy had come into his studio apartment like she owned the place, which she might as well have considering she used her key more often than Natsu. Hey, he liked her bed and her place more, with all it’s loving touches and homey feeling and love. 

Lucy continued to be quiet until she crawled into his side, hugging him tightly and throwing the blanket she had wrapped around her shoulders over him, managing to trap his cat under the dark blue fabric with bright yellow stars. Lucy had always had this blanket, and it made his smile turn more melancholic as he lifted an arm and pulled her into a strong embrace in his side, their legs tangling subconsciously as Lucy rested her head on his chest.

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Just a couple of things about Chapter 22

- Sleeping Yashiro is utterly gorgeous. And Doumeki standing in the rain angsting for an hour while Misumi’s dudes watch him and wonder is hilarious. This is probably the weirdest job those two goons have been on in awhile.

-Well all know Ryuuzaki can be an asshole but when he wishes my precious Nanahara dead I want to jump into the manga and slap him.

-Sugimoto makes some killer faces. Also, I love when he calls Yashiro all upset and Yashiro is half-asleep/dopey and has no idea what’s going on or what he’s talking about.

-When the raws came out more than a few people were Very Upset about what happened to Ryuuzaki’s woman. It’s indeed dispicable but remember, this is the yakuza world. And it’s happened to both Yashiro and Aoi so this isn’t new material. Yoneda Kou is just reminding us to not get too starry-eyed. A lot of these men kill people; it’s a dangerous line of work. Things like this are realistic and scary and drive home how fucking serious the whole situation is.

-Now about naked Doumeki. I mean, I knew he was packing under that suit but damn I could stare at his muscles all day, I mean, he can carry Yashiro like nothing *whale noises*  I also love how Doumeki goes outside to get the medicine with his pants half-on; I want to be his neighbor.

-The fact that Yashiro makes Broken Arm Chesnut Lover say “You’re better than Hirata” three times is exactly why he’s my Flawless Son.

-Yashiro telling Doumeki he wants to lay in his lap and Doumeki not understanding him and Yashiro getting cranky? It makes me see how wonderfully domestic and cute they’ll be when they finally get their shit together.

-The brutal sad faces throughout the entire exchange in Doumeki’s apartment. From the moment Yashiro tells him he’s not part of the group to Doumeki trying to hold back his hard-on but he can’t because he wants Yashiro so much, and he hates that he isn’t strong enough to resist. urghl i will never live again. Especially the moment that Yashiro realizes that it’s been a long time since Doumeki started feeling things, and you can see the fear leaking through his mask:

No wonder he grasps at the one thing he knows and offers sex; it’s what he goes to for safety. And all of a sudden, Strong Reliable Doumeki is changing before him. After scanalating this I’m with the “don’t want them to have sex yet” party because the whole experience will make me want to rip out my heart and spit on it. But I believe that Yoneda Kou will have something completely unexpected happen in chapter 23 so I’m not terribly worried.