and he also makes the weirdest faces

Excuse me but Even loves to embarrass Isak!!!! It doesn’t matter if others are around or not [see: the Kitchen Dancing scene]

• Even texts Isak the most ridiculous cheesiest sappiest puns in the middle of class!!! Isak has to physically hold back reactions so the teacher doesn’t catch him!!!
• Even intensely stares at Isak when they’re hanging out with other people (ummm this is already canon) because Even doesn’t know the meaning of subtle and Isak gets flustered!!!
• Even always being a weirdo and making a giant fool of himself when they go out and Isak feels the weirdest combination of embarrassment, fondness, and SHUT UP EVEN BUT ALSO DON’T!!!!!
• Even leaving ridiculously romantic but sincere drawings in Isak’s locker or notebooks for Isak to find randomly and Isak has to go to the washroom for a bit cause he can’t be seen in public with his face split in half with grinning like a total loser he’s got a reputation to maintain dammit!!!!
• Even doing all this shit cause he absolutely loves how Isak reacts and Even can’t get enough of it!!!!!!

  • Probably gets dating advice from the members tbh 
  • You’d know that he’d like you for a really long time bc Hyungwon most likely told you 
  • He’d take forever to pluck up the courage to confess
  • But you’d probably just reply “I know" 
  • And he’d be so confused 
  • Then he’d realise how and would just turn around 
  • And would end up hitting hyungwon with a pillow
  • he’d always make the weirdest excuses just to hold your hand 
  • you’d be simply walking and he’d just be like 
  • “Jagi, my hand is cold, please hold it" 
  • With a little cute smile that would turn into a smirk once you place your hand in his
  • And let’s face it, you’d love it 
  • Also, he’d love to kiss every inch of your face 
  • Like he’d always just shower you in kisses 
  • It would be so cute 
  • Because you’d start squealing and scrunching your nose and then he’d just step back and stare at you 
  • And when you’d ask him what was wrong 
  • He’d just shake his head and smile, wrapping his arms around you 
  • Then he’d whisper "I love you" 
  • And anytime he said those three words you’d get butterflies
  • Not the type of butterflies that you get when you’re excited or nervous 
  • They’d be the type that made you know he was the one
  • Those butterflies would tell you that you love him more than anything else in the world 
  • And even though you wouldn’t realise it 
  • He’d love you even more than you loved him
  • You’d be his world

♢Credits to gif owners♢


Last but certainly not least, Jeon Jungkook aka Kookie (also for everyone that has been asking for it, tattoo artist yoon will finally be coming out tomorrow and I’m v v excited)

  • A bit of an interesting kid
  • Sometimes he’s the weirdest child in the entire class and everyone’s a bit ?? bc he’s literally sitting there making weird faces at thin air
  • Other times he’s just the quietest kid in class who’s super shy and can barely look anyone in the eye
  • There’s literally no in between he’s either bouncing off of the walls or hiding under his bangs
  • Depends on how much sugar is given to him tbh
  • His style is pretty much just all black
  • And yes he does own his infamous boots they’re just mini sized (I really like those boots)
  • The other kids last a few weeks wearing their new nice clothes their parents had bought them for the new school year but kook doesn’t even last a few days
  • It’s the third day when he ditches his lil dress shirt for a baggy t-shirt and his fancy lil pants get switched for jeans
  • His hair tends to be styled in the beginning of the day but by the end, it’s all over the place
  • You befriend him
  • You two had gotten paired up for cleaning up all of the puzzle pieces
  • It was one of his quieter day since he hadn’t been able to sneak in an extra cookie when the teacher wasn’t looking so he kinda just keeps cleaning and tries to think of ways to say hi
  • Bc actually he’d seen you with other kids and you seemed so nice and funny like people were always giggling around you and he noticed you had an Iron Man comic in your bag so like !!! ideal best friend but oh no kooks too shy to be the initiator he can’t do it 
  • He’s tried like he’ll get himself all prepped up with a plan and an extra juice box in hand
  • His plan is to sit next to you, offer you some juice and then ask if he can color with you but then you look up at him when he comes over and he's just nope n o gotta blast here’s your juice but bye
  • You’ve literally gotten like 5 juice boxes from him and that’s when you’re just like ight time to find out what he’s up to
  • You finally get to sit down with him while you two pick up the puzzle pieces so you jump at the opportunity
  • “Hey you’re Jungkook right? is there any reason you keep giving me juice boxes? I mean thnx but why?”
  • He’s just 0.0 and doesn’t say anything for like 5 minutes until he’s just gottA GO
  • You just laugh bc he’s lowkey kinda weird but it’s cute af and he turns from 0.0 to !!!! like whoa whoa whoa you think he’s funny
  • He then gets a bit bold and pulls one of his infamous faces and you just start cracking up and he just feels so proud bc you’re literally tearing up from laughter
  • From then on, he’s just glued to your side and voila you’ve got a new best friend
  • Fast forward to when you’re 8
  • He’s gotten reasonably taller and he already towers over you even though he’s yet to hit his major growth spurt and he’s missing two teeth, one towards the back of his mouth and one towards the front
  • You know that saying “he came out of his shell” yeah no he fucking broke out and demolished his shell
  • He’s just as weird as can be around you and you love it bc its kook
  • He shows up at your house one day and just hands you a Pikachu onesie without a word
  • And tbh you just put it on, no questions asked
  • You two end up running all around your house, making Pikachu noises and he occasionally pretends to be Ash bc how do you do Pokémon without Ash
  • You’re his anime buddy like the second he finds an anime that looks cool, he’s racing over to your house and is just so !!! bc Y/N YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT I FOUND
  • He just really likes playing with your hair
  • He has a habit of just absentmindedly reaching over and running his fingers through it or trying to braid it
  • He doesn’t even realize he’s doing it until he looks over to see you fast asleep bc all of the hair playing was just so relaxing plus he has this habit of humming under his breath so those two combined is just like where’s the closest pillow honestly
  • He’s the kid that doesn’t even realize he has a crush on you until he hears you talk about another boy
  • He gets really awkward after that and you just know something is up bc like kook hasn’t been this quiet around you since he lost his voice when he was 7 and even then he was trying to talk about the newest episode of your favorite anime
  • You get kinda concerned bc like you knew he’d been looking at the possibility of becoming an idol, was this his way of saying he was moving to Seoul for better opportunities??? was it just an intense episode of an anime that really got to him?? like what happened
  • He eventually goes back to normal with you and you forget about it bc yay kookie’s back
  • It isn’t until you two are 15 that he actually speaks up about it bc he’d mumbled it in his sleep and then you’d questioned him about it
  • He didn’t really know how to respond so he figures his best bet is just to kiss you
  • I mean it works seeing as ten years later you two are married with a bby on the way and it all started with a juice box
Just a couple of things about Chapter 22

- Sleeping Yashiro is utterly gorgeous. And Doumeki standing in the rain angsting for an hour while Misumi’s dudes watch him and wonder is hilarious. This is probably the weirdest job those two goons have been on in awhile.

-Well all know Ryuuzaki can be an asshole but when he wishes my precious Nanahara dead I want to jump into the manga and slap him.

-Sugimoto makes some killer faces. Also, I love when he calls Yashiro all upset and Yashiro is half-asleep/dopey and has no idea what’s going on or what he’s talking about.

-When the raws came out more than a few people were Very Upset about what happened to Ryuuzaki’s woman. It’s indeed dispicable but remember, this is the yakuza world. And it’s happened to both Yashiro and Aoi so this isn’t new material. Yoneda Kou is just reminding us to not get too starry-eyed. A lot of these men kill people; it’s a dangerous line of work. Things like this are realistic and scary and drive home how fucking serious the whole situation is.

-Now about naked Doumeki. I mean, I knew he was packing under that suit but damn I could stare at his muscles all day, I mean, he can carry Yashiro like nothing *whale noises*  I also love how Doumeki goes outside to get the medicine with his pants half-on; I want to be his neighbor.

-The fact that Yashiro makes Broken Arm Chesnut Lover say “You’re better than Hirata” three times is exactly why he’s my Flawless Son.

-Yashiro telling Doumeki he wants to lay in his lap and Doumeki not understanding him and Yashiro getting cranky? It makes me see how wonderfully domestic and cute they’ll be when they finally get their shit together.

-The brutal sad faces throughout the entire exchange in Doumeki’s apartment. From the moment Yashiro tells him he’s not part of the group to Doumeki trying to hold back his hard-on but he can’t because he wants Yashiro so much, and he hates that he isn’t strong enough to resist. urghl i will never live again. Especially the moment that Yashiro realizes that it’s been a long time since Doumeki started feeling things, and you can see the fear leaking through his mask:

No wonder he grasps at the one thing he knows and offers sex; it’s what he goes to for safety. And all of a sudden, Strong Reliable Doumeki is changing before him. After scanalating this I’m with the “don’t want them to have sex yet” party because the whole experience will make me want to rip out my heart and spit on it. But I believe that Yoneda Kou will have something completely unexpected happen in chapter 23 so I’m not terribly worried.

queentyna  asked:

👌 Also, i can imagine her making fun of his child naming choices and reasons for it, but going with it anyway. Headcanon of mine.😎

I’m yelling, oh my god. Can you imagine him coming up with the weirdest names though?? Like he’d have that dumb smirk on his face like, “Yeaaaah, I came up with that name,” but it’s a cooky one, omg. He’s so dumb, I can’t handle it.

– Cass