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Oh wise vintagegeekculture, might I ask your opinion on Michael Moorcock's essay "Epic Pooh"?

I am American as all-get-out. Stranger Things is practically a documentary about my rural childhood; there were a million little sense memory triggers in that series for me. So there is probably a cultural context to that very very English essay that discusses a very very English relationship to lulling sentimentality and class and the countryside that I willfully concede that I am simply not grasping. The English seem to think entirely in terms of debating sentimental imagery: “Mother London” vs. the “Ploughman’s Lunch” and “Little Britain.” Althought it is a serious issue, listening to British debates on Brexit often felt like hearing to the “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” aliens from TNG having a loud argument about who’s Mom loves them more.

But…from my perspective as an outsider and foreigner, I think the general point Moorcock makes is correct: Fantasy was created by men like Tolkien and Lord Dunsany who were violently hostile to the modern world and so their work very studiously avoided talking about the modern world except in opposition to it (for instance, the only person to push industrialization and scouring the countryside is an asshole wizard; the only person who talks like T.S. Elliot’s Londoners is the despicable Sméagol). Lord Dunsany was a great writer, but seems like a thin-blooded aristocrat, like a Brit Ashley Wilkes from Gone With the Wind, who even in the 1970s, wrote his stories with a quill pen and wore an ascot tie to book readings.

Moorcock is right when he says that fantasy often avoids reflecting the world around us, and that being overly sentimental about the past serves the interest of reactionaries (note that he did not call Tolkien and Dunsany and the rest reactionaries…at least in a way that was visible in their work – he did say that about Adams and Lewis though). The most important quote in that essay is “Ideally fiction should offer us escape and force us, at least, to ask questions; it should provide a release from anxiety but give us some insight into the causes of anxiety.” I mean, fantasy as a genre was so detached from “real world” issues that when someone like Tad Williams started to include something as fundamental as economics into his fantasy worlds starting in the 1980s, people treated him like a total genius (Which Tad Williams IS, incidentally - these days, people only really know Tad Williams, if they know him at all, as the inspiration for George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones).

One of the great themes of Moorcock’s work is the way that authoritarians use sentimental imagery of the past to manipulate people. If you read Epic Pooh, also read his other book, “The Dreamthief’s Daughter,” the opening third to half is set in Nazi Germany. It’s actually more helpful to understand the point of this essay to read “Dreamthief’s Daughter,” since, in the words of Francois Truffaut, “the only way to critique a movie properly is to make another movie.” Dreamthief’s Daughter starts with a “Good German,” von Bek, who is horrified that his Germany was taken over by Nazism, how they replace “self respect with a kind of strutting self-esteem.” At one point, our hero has to hide in the German countryside, and he mentions how sinister the small storybook German towns he passes through seem, romanticized by fascists after Hitler came to power, as they were pushed front and center as the “true Germany.”

Of all the books ever written about the Nazis and arch-reactionaries, Moorcock gets it the most right in “Dreamthief’s Daughter.” They were boring failsons, not supervillains. Rudolf Hess was described as the most irritating person to sit next to on the bus to a con and who believed magic and ghosts were real; von Bek said that “in my many adventures, I showed true courage only once: in not throwing Rudolf Hess out of my car.” Von Bek’s comments on Hitler himself: “An evening with Hitler was like an evening with an extremely boring maiden aunt.” He was also the first person I can think of to point out how reactionary fascists often have really bad taste, too: drawing imagery from bad comic operas and American movies about Rome. That last bit should be all too familiar to people who notice how many American reactionaries love the hell out of the movie 300 (a movie I really like too, incidentally, but it’s okay to enjoy something if you understand it).

Also, “Dreamthief’s Daughter” had a great finale: imagine a flight of dragons coming out to fight the Battle of Britain.

The point, that fantasy can be infantilizing, is a good point, but Moorcock is the weirdest possible person on the face of the earth to make it. Moorcock got famous by writing about brooding angsty albinos who cry all the time for the benefit of teenage heavy metal fans and dungeon masters in Reeboks. I love his stuff but that’s who he is, that’s the stuff that pays his mortgage, that’s his audience. His stuff is good but it reminds me of those White Wolf games in the 1990s that look silly and dated in retrospect because they trowel on the angst and transgression and put on airs (White Wolf, incidentally, was named after Moorcock’s greatest hero, Elric the White Wolf…and in the 1990s, White Wolf’s publishing arm dedicated itself to reprinting some of Moorcock’s less widely seen novels, a service for which I thank them very much). I am actually legitimately surprised that Moorcock never wrote a “sad sexy vampire” novel. God, can you imagine the kind of satire that the anarchic MAD magazine of the 50s would do of the Elric stuff? Elric screaming his soul is black at the breakfast table, while threatening to kill himself over a hangnail.

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I just need more HC about Izuku throwing shade at Endeavour (in secret and in his face) and since you are good at this kind of stuff (I'm horrible when it comes to writing and hc), could you pretty please think of some?

well, izuku pretty much threw shade at endeavor’s face when they first met–and Todoroki isn’t you–so he’s probably more than willing to throw shade at his face and in secret.

izuku throwing shade in secret is considerably more entertaining and less tense, though. he would go into every endeavor fansite and troll tf out of them, leaving comments like dw #2 you’ll always be the #1 jackass and default #1. sometimes izuku would offer anonymous tips to hero conspirators so they would make the weirdest fucking theories about enji (feel free to think what you will of the rumours^^)

also, whenever the class watches tv together in the common room and an endeavor commercial shows up, izuku would automatically blurt “asshole”, much to the confusion to many of his classmates and the amusement/gratitude of shouto. it once happens while izuku is extremely sleep deprived–the moment endeavor’s face shows up, both his hands give enji the finger and he starts cursing up a storm. i like to think that izuku is slightly aggressive (meaning take-no-shits) whenever he’s sleep deprived, and enji, especially, pushes all of izuku’s buttons.

at one point endeavor tries to enter the dorms to have a conversation with shouto (we all know it’s not just a convo), and izuku is just. blocking the way. he’s not exactly barricading the way and screaming you shall not pass–he’s nonchalant, chatting amiably with endeavor, acting like he’s genuinely interested in endeavor’s presence, but there’s this underlying hatred and mocking in his tone that makes it hard to think anything izuku is saying is true. 

basically izuku is a passive aggressive fuck when it comes to endeavor, though that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love to punch his face.


happy valentine’s day mothafuckas ;)

  • i love jeon jungkook are u bitches ready
  • you first met jungkook when you heard the sound of a moving truck beep its way into the driveway next to yours 
  • now u were always a child of adventure 
  • ur parents worked a lot so it was basically u at home with ur grandparents and they were the most chill motherfuckers on the face of the planet
  • and the front door of ur house always seems to be unlocked so u were the poster boy/gal of “adventure is out there!!!”
  • cue me ugly crying that movie kills m e 
  • u loved the outdoors and being adventurous 
  • u were so tomboy and reckless it was hilarious
  • u drove every single member of ur family insane 
  • they got called into school one time to u staring at the ground in the principal’s office next to a kid with a missing tooth and bloody nose 
  • “he tried to hug me” 
  • to summarize, u loved causing trouble, but have fun in the midst! 
  • and yes, meeting new ppl!!
  • and at dinner, u would hear ur grandpops and grandma talking abt the couple moving in next door 
  • and how they have also have a 6!! year!! old!! son!!
  • and u could barely keep ur head on the pillow that night bc omg! you can’t wait to have a new friend the same age as u! 
  • so on that beautiful sunny saturday morning, at exactly 7am sharp, with ur scabby knees, bruised legs, ripped shorts, mismatched socks, run-down light up sneakers, and ur older brother’s hand-me-down power rangers sweatshirt, you marched on over to the driveway to meet your new best friend
  • and u see a middle aged man and a beautiful woman trying to carry in a couple boxes together and u guessed those were the parents 
  • and as u were marvelling at how pretty they were, “man, if they look that good, how good does their son loo–”
  • u have no idea what came over u but u almost tripped over the tall weeds trying to get into the truck and find the source of the voice 
  • you went straight to the yellow, flower-y sofa resting in the middle of the truck, with little boy limbs sticking out from under the cushions
  • u ran up and ripped them away and low and behold, u laid ur eyes on the most beautiful 6 year old there ever was 
  • and from then on, ur heart decided to plant its FUCKING BOTTOM with jungkook forever
  • from the first day he met u he literally believed u were the weirdest person he’s ever met 
  • but without a doubt, you became childhood friends 
  • like best friends
  • u saw him naked for the first time when u were 8 and just bursted into his shower at like 8am in the morning 
  • “omg it’s so smALL?”
  • he didn’t speak to you for two weeks after that 
  • your grandparents would always have him over for dinner 
  • you guys played make believe together and took naps in ur power ranger blanket together 
  • but it’s also a lot of bullying 
  • taking turns making ugly faces, whoever laughs first has to go and tell ur grandma they pooped their pants and needs help changing it 
  • “accidentally” slapping each other SUPER hard in the face
  • “you had a fly on ur cheek sorry!! couldn’t help it!!”
  • literally the purest and most innocent friendship ever ever ever 
  • everyday in first grade, when you had reading time, he would be in the seat behind you and fold a tiny little paper plane with a sticky note and throw it at you 
  • would keep folding them and throwing it at you until you noticed and turned around and yelled at him and got in trouble by your student teacher 
  • “i hate u jeon jungkook” 
  • you didn’t really
  • but it wasn’t until the third or fourth time he kept doing it that you realized there was a message on each of them 
  • and they weren’t really anything cute
  • they were just like 
  • “hey notice me”
  • “your hair looks greasy from the back” 
  • “what book are you reading”
  • “don’t ignore me”
  • “am i being annoying?”
  • “yea? good.”
  • but your favourite was
  • “i’m glad you’re in my class” 
  • because he would rarely ever show affection to you because your relationship was made up a lot of the “we don’t need to say anything to know it”, meaning you never needed to straight out express your gratitude to each other for the other to know that you’re appreciated 
  • main point is you grew up together 
  • however, after like the fourth grade
  • you both somehow decided that you were too cool for each other despite the fact that your crush on him was still there 
  • there was something so mesmerizing about the fact that 
  • he never truly ever demeaned you as a person??? like yes he was a tease and you guys always did those things to each other
  • but for a kid, he was always somewhat of a gentleman and would never make fun of you to deliberately hurt your feelings 
  • unfortunately doe, in middle school, your group of friends completely changed
  • and although you guys sort of had the same status in school of being popular but very, very laidback, and your groups of friends acquainted with one another, your interactions would be saying hi, making small talk when you were with a handful of other people and smiling at each other as you pass by the halls 
  • back then, you would walk home together every single day and spend time doing homework in the bedroom of one of you two 
  • but as the grades went on and the workload increased, you found music and student council and volleyball whereas he found track and basketball and dance
  • his family went through troubles and he found it difficult to talk to people at times 
  • and you were so busy with finding a job and saving up for post-secondary that you spent after school with your clubs or in the library studying
  • timing and interests for you guys were extremely unparalleled and eventually, things just grew apart before high school began 
  • and oh dear
  • high school
  • periods? check. acne? check. hormones? check. grOWTH SPURTS? check.
  • now, reader, entering high school, you only had one rule: forget. about. jeon. jungkook.
  • and it wasn’t like he was being a dick or anything to you, you just didn’t find any way that you guys would work out anymore
  • despite being best friends and literally showering together when you were 7 and your parents are best friends, you just never ever have proper conversations anymore, and things just naturally got awkward
  • and also life lesson for u guys omg so philosophical what it wasn’t anyone’s fault, you guys just happened to no longer have the same interests or the time to notice each other anymore - people drift apart. it happens. 
  • and you were so okay with coming to terms with that 
  • until
  • “oh my gosh is that jeon jungkook?”
  • “he… grew muscles?”
  • “giRL HIS HAIR”
  • “puberty hit him like a freight train???”
  • the morning of sophomore year, after a whole first year of properly avoiding him and being absolutely sure that he wasn’t going to get hot (jungkook is juST A LATE BLOOMER OK LEAVE HIM ALONE), you turned your head to the front doors and felt the wind get knocked out of you 
  • bc walking in with his friends, with the school uniform seemingly perfectly snug and hugging every one of his curves
  • was jungkook
  • and for some reason
  • yes he looked more mature and yes he got fucking MANLIER
  • but you were instantly reminded of something that clicked in you when you saw that 6 year old boy stuck in the sofa on the very first day he moved in next to you
  • was it that innocence? was it the charm? was it the hair-swept-away-from-face thing? you diDN’T KNOW 
  • but girl you were gone again 
  • and listen 
  • you dated people in freshman year and guys liked you, but you were never the type to chase or to fawn
  • you were just different from other girls like you would much rather be the type to be the one playing ball than the one in a miniskirt cheering on the team on the sidelines
  • that’s just who you are, heck you fucking punched a dude that wanted to hug you and say thank you, broke his nose and chipped his tooth like kk y/n
  • it was just difficult for you to grasp feelings, truly, but for some reason, this guy has just got you so weak???
  • and for some other reason, jungkook and the reminder and memories of you guys as kids just hits you like a truck and you’re already head over heels once again
  • and you go into first period to shake off the thought of him but ofc!!! he’s!!!! in!!!! ur!!! first!! period!!! literature!!! ihml!!!
  • so you take the seat diagonally in the front of him to make sure you don’t get sidetracked in ur favourite class and drool at him the entire time
  • oNE DAY
  • you were taking notes from the board, analyzing and reviewing the literary device and short stories before delving into the actual stuff in literature when you dropped your pencil and leaned down to grab it 
  • when you saw an arm reach down first 
  • and hand it to you 
  • you looked up 
  • and you guessed it 
  • biTCH IT WAS JUNGKOOK AND he had such a warm and friendly smile 
  • and you could barely say anything 
  • because on one hand you were like oh i’m glad he still remembers who i am??? like ffs? but your other side is like oh my god oh my god oh my god 
  • so weeks go by and every single day you feel such a burning sensation at the back of ur neck like fufufufuffufufu he’s RIGHT THERE
  • and jungkook isn’t that type to be extremely boisterous and loud and obnoxious even if he’s hot shit 
  • so you weren’t worried about him bothering you whatsoever after that like that was a fluke, he was being nice, whatever, it’s done 
  • a couple weeks go by and you’re starting to feel better now, thinking you’ve got this crush thing under control
  • until
  • silent reading time 
  • you were just assigned a new book by your favourite author! and you couldn’t wait to begin the book reports on these 
  • so you dove into the world of fire-breathing dragons and mystical knights and creatures beyond reality
  • when you felt a poke on your neck
  • and you had no idea what it was? you were so engulfed in the story that you just scratched and left it, not thinking twice
  • and then you felt it again
  • it took you a second, but it hit you
  • and it hit you hard
  • you turned your head around slowly and your heart was beating so fast
  • your eyes fall on a small pink sticky note, folded into a plane, dropped on your shoulder
  • so you open it, careful to make no noise in the silent classroom
  • and on the single sticky note it read:
  • “it’s good to see you again. i’m so so glad you’re in my class.”
  • you sneak a tiny glance back at the boy behind you, your face flushing with heat and memories 
  • and from behind his book, he looks up and gives you the tiniest, warmest smile you’ve ever received 
  • you folded the paper once more and fit it in your pocket and returned to your dragons and knights and witches, all the while smiling like a fool to yourself because maybe, just maybe, you didn’t really drift apart that much at all 

hi guys!! so sorry for the late update, hope you enjoy thisssss:)

also side note: just because it’s valentine’s day (i mean i dont celebrate this) doesnt mean that you need a significant other! buy yourself some hershey’s, make some tea, snuggle up with a teddy bear and a blanket, and switch on some netflix. today is any other day, so don’t demean yourself and your experience with this day because of your status! 

alsoooo don’t wanna get a little preachy but, in this au i kind of hint at the fact that the y/n or reader is someone very tomboyish and doesn’t really seem to find herself chasing after boys. in no way am i trying to vocalize the fact that just because you’re of a certain nature, your personality towards boys reflects that. this is just a fictional work of how one might feel (presumably me lolz) when realizing feelings for someone they truly loved at one point. just because a woman who is normally tougher on the exterior has a sudden soft spot for a boy does not indicate that she’s lost sense of herself or that she succumbs to a boy. just because a woman is a certain way because of a boy that makes her feel different doesn’t mean she is any less of a woman herself. everyone is obligatory to their feelings, and how women choose to express themselves sexually or emotionally to a man they love is their own personal choice as long as they are within consent and are safe. everyone’s decisions and behaviours in love are consensual and their own - that does not demean them as a feminist in any way, shape or form. remember that. 

have fun, y’all, uSE PROTECTION, and i love u!!!

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Can you do some boyfriend headcanons for Prussia and America?

Hello, hello darling~! :D How are you this lovely morning, hmm~? I love this request hehe but I’ve never done general boyfriend headcanons before so I really hope that this is alright?? D: I decided to go a very light and kind of silly SFW approach for this, so maybe it’ll make you smile a little regardless. :) Thanks for sending it in. <3 


  • BEER!! Lots of beer and drinking in general together. Sometimes this means drinking contests that end in you both passing out (which is why these are usually done at home). The mornings afterwards are always interesting …
  • Sneaking around with him to play pranks on his brother, Austria and Hungary. Laughing your butts off when the pranks are successful, because of course they are when they’re done by two awesome people like you. ;P

  • Attending to him after he gets smacked in the face with Hungary’s frying pan. Also running from Germany when he inevitably becomes angry. 
  • Playing with Gilbird a lot and helping to take care of him, the cute little birdie~ Buying the birdie stuff because you start considering him your pet too after a while. 

  • Gilbert wanting to train you to make sure that you can take care of yourself. Feeling like you’re going to die afterwards because he’s a tough teacher, but you do improve. ;P

  • Falling asleep at night with him, cuddled together. <3 Waking up the next morning in the weirdest positions because Gilbert moves so much in his sleep.  You’re gonna get accidentally kicked off the bed at least once, fair warning. 

  • Going over to his brothers place to hang out, especially when Gilbert is bored. This can go so many ways, honestly. Playing with his dogs and having Germany questioning your sanity because you’re dating his brother (but he’s actually quite happy for you two). Being the referee for the brothers when they inevitably end up in some competition of sorts with each other. 

  • Following along when he does any of his crazy antics and trying to keep him out of too much trouble. Alternatively, getting into trouble with him because it’s fun~ ;D


  • Having eating contests for just about any food and being in a bit of pain afterwards because you can never beat Alfred … but it’s amusing to try anyway. X’D

  • Playing video games with him and doing victory dances if you manage to beat him!! If not, laughing & rolling your eyes as he brags and gloats about his ~unbreakable winning streak~.

  • Random dance offs because yes that is absolutely essential for this relationship. Or being around Alfred at all really. :P

  • Cuddle attack! Being practically pile driven onto the couch or bed because your boyfriend wants to snuggle with you but doesn’t realize his own strength sometimes. Miraculously, you’re never hurt? 

  • Being dragged to the country meetings which you’re not even allowed to go to but somehow your boyfriend annoys everyone into letting you stay. Just get him to stop stuffing his mouth with hamburgers when he tries to talk!!

  • Feeling bad that Canada is left out so often and trying to include him. Sometimes he turns down the offer because Alfred is secretly giving him the evil eye, sometimes he hangs out with you two and actually manages to enjoy himself thanks to you. Everybody bonding!!

  • Having England constantly wanting the two of you to come over for dinner and being upset when both of you are hesitant to do so (because of his cooking). Maybe he could just come visit you two instead … ? 

  • Watching super scary movies with Alfred because he wants to hold you when you get scared. But you both end up terrified and clutching onto each other. Alternatively, you being the one that’s not scared and has to comfort him. ;P

-Mod Lily

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Hey! Do you mind doing the RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC being a YouTuber? Thank you and I love your blog!!

sure thing! and i’ll just drop my channel so that y’all check out my like.. 3 videos lmao


i’m doing this with the prospect of being a normal youtuber. like, not a big one, just a chill small channel with a decent following lol.


  • He’s actually so amazed!
  • You had yet to tell him because you weren’t sure if you were ready to do so.
  • You were a bit self-conscious about it.
  • But one fateful day, he came across one of your videos because they appeared in the suggestions.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • His s/o’s a YouTuber!? That’s so awesome!
  • He burst into the living room, where you were casually watching a movie while eating some snacks.
  • You shot up the couch, cheeks all red, and looked away bashfully.
  • I wasn’t sure you were going to like them…”
  • “Are you kidding!? I love them!!! Let’s make a video together one day! Let’s make a channel together!”
  • He was so supportive of you and your hobby/job.


  • He was pretty impressed because he’s a big personality in showbiz and tbh he would be pretty excited.
  • Waits for you to tell him, but you just… don’t. 
  • Eventually you guys are having take out (a miracle bcs that rarely happened) and he asks you about your channel.
  • You almost choke on your soup.
  • I-I… W-Well you see.. it’s just a hobby! Nothing serious. Not that good, to be hone-”
  • He cuts you off by pressing a kiss to your forehead and grinning. 
  • Will you include me in one of your videos?”
  • You were about to reply before he, once again, interrupted you.
  • Because I bet you’d love it if your channel had even more beauty on it, since it already has a delicious babe in every video.”
  • You grab the nearest throw pillow and chuck it at his head, your blush spreading like mad across your face.
  • I’ll think about it.”
  • But obviously you would let him.
  • You’d let him do your hair and he would let you do his, you’d actually been planning it after the first party ended. 


  • Tbh, she wouldn’t so impressed. 
  • She just thought it was unexpected, since she never even saw you with your cameras around. 
  • And she rarely had time to browse YouTube. 
  • But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t supportive of your dream/hobby/job.
  • When you told her, she asked you if you could please show her all of your videos.
  • Every time you turned around, there was a cute little smile on her face.
  • And a blush.
  • And she just looked so cute that you wrapped your arms around her and gave her a quick kiss.
  • So, do you like it?”
  • She pulled back from the embrace, a pink hue visible all over her cheeks, before fixing her glasses.
  • Of course I do. You look adorable in all of them, I even read the comments. And I think some people are a little bit too friendly for my liking.”
  • S’cute.


  • You had to show him your channel as well because he was such a klutz with technology.
  • When he noticed the quality of your videos and the size of your audience, he immediately offered to sponsor your videos.
  • He also noticed how good you were at what you did, he was surprised.
  • You knew better than outright refusing his offer.
  • To him business was something serious, and this was obviously business related. 
  • So, you knew that if you refused right away, without thinking it through, he would go and lecture you about the importance of rare business opportunities.
  • You were quiet for too long though. 
  • So? (Y/n), what do you think? Yes, no? I honestly think that it’s a great opportunity for both your channel and the company. YouTube is a great way of doing publicity and you would obviously benefit from C&R’s publicity.”
  • You noticed the fierce gleam in his eye.
  • He was serious.
  • He also looked very cute when talking about business. 
  • You couldn’t help but offer him one of the smiles that always and without fail made him melt.
  • You also felt guilty, because you felt like you were just taking advantage of him.
  • How about this, baby? You sponsor some of my videos? I just… I honestly don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of you. I hate the prospect. And I know this is business and that I should think logically, but I don’t care. I have a moral code I must follow and that’s that. What do you think?”
  • You were blushing. 
  • It always made you flustered, talking business with him.
  • It was overwhelming and also slightly hot.
  • He just smiled at you and grabbed your hand, his thumb brushing along your knuckles. 
  • We have a deal, my love.”
  • “And I have one more condition?” you continued.
  • He raised a single eyebrow, smile still present on his lips. 
  • He knew that tone of voice, you wanted to get away with something.
  • I… I want you to be in one of my videos!”
  • He was taken aback. 
  • Take it or leave, Mr. Han.”
  • Mr. Han… 
  • You were pinned against the couch in an instant, his lips hovering over yours.
  • Deal.”


  • Obviously, he already knew about your videos.
  • He thought you were adorable and sexy and perfect. 
  • And he constantly created bots that left loving and supporting comments on your videos. 
  • Once Saeran settled in his house and was used to you, he decided to bring it up.
  • Why?
  • Because you had stop uploading videos ever since you joined the RFA.
  • He knew the reason. You were too busy with the organization and helping him. 
  • He loved you so much.
  • Huh? Oh…” you rubbed the back of your neck, a sheepish smile on your face, “Yeah… Um, I guess I do have a decent following and I’ve been reading the comments asking me to upload but… I’m pretty busy.”
  • “I’ll help you.”
  • You looked at him dead in the eye.
  • A video with Seven. Now that would be something.
  • A creative spark lit inside of you and a grin started spreading on your face.
  • Would be willing to wear a paper mask and be in one of my videos?”
  • That was easy.
  • A devilish smirk appeared on his face before nodding once, already plotting the weirdest most random video, fitting for your comeback. 
  • He’d help you blow up, just like he helped Zen. 
  • Of course, he’d ask you first. 
  • And you know… Along the way… we can make some other type of video.. In which we do thinks like fuc-”
  • You threw your slipper and it landed right on his face.


  • He also knew you were one.
  • He chose you after all.
  • (This is after Mint Eye btw, he’s on the road to recovery)
  • And I think that this baby would binge watch the videos he didn’t already while helping himself to some ice cream.
  • But he wouldn’t create supportive bots.
  • Instead, he’d look up at the negative comments, trace them, and suddenly the owner’s laptop would have a strange virus. 
  • No one messes with his angel.
  • He’d low key be your fan.


  • This nugget underwent surgery and when he watched your videos he was astonished. 
  • The way you handled the camera and edited your videos as A+++++.
  • He’d offer to help you with the filming process. 
  • And offer to pay him.
  • But he REFUSED. 
  • Why would you even offer that? 
  • “I’m doing this because I genuinely want to help and want to make you happy.”
  • Bless this sweet baby. 

I lost inspiration at Saeran and V aslfja sigh. sorry this was shitty.

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dating baejin scenarios please??

Originally posted by winkdeep

shoutout to carina ( @imagineproduce101 ) for helping me w this u the real mvp bless u — aka please go follow her, thank u!! she also writes pd101 scenarios and they are really good!!

and also, combing boyfriend!baejin w this too!! 

- a cutie who loves to show a lot of affection!!

- constant hugs 

- especially back hugs

- once u tackled him into a back hug and jinyoung just,,,stopped functioning 

- ‘’are u ok???’’

- ‘’…’’

- ‘’ jinyoung?” 

- ‘’…you’re so cute stopmfeimflsndfndsl’’ 

- cue him covering his face in order to avoid eye contact w u lol 

- ok cuties anyways

- sometimes talks to u about the weirdest things that don’t even make sense LMFAO 

- but even if it doesn’t make sense, u enjoy listening to him anyways 

- bc he looks so cute and u don’t mind listening to him bc his voice is soothing too bless 

- matching phone charms!! 

- also giving u random gifts even if u tell him not too 

- ‘’i thought of you when i saw this so i had to buy it!” 

- buys u cute plushies and charms and probably little trinkets that are cute 

- likes crafting things so diy projects lmao 

- arcade dates 

- u two like to have a competition on who can win the most tickets

- but in the end, the two of u combine tickets to get random stuff at the ticket store whatever idk 

- also,,,

- did i hear karaoke dates??? 

- invites basically everyone LMAO 

- but when does happen, he clings onto jihoon more than u :(( 

- aka u pouting every time u see them together 

- eventually at the end, he would reassure u that it meant nothing and cuddles for the rest of the night!! 

- dating bae jinyoung would include:

-cuddling every time the two of u just want to relax

-  fingers running through each others hair bc u both like people playing with ur hair and it relaxes the two of you

- tons of aegyo that u have video recording of lMAO

-  cue baejin cringing right after doing aegyo bc he found it so embarrassing but u found it sO CUTE

- ‘’please do gwiyomi !!” 

- ‘’ no!” 

- ‘’please!!!’’ 

- ‘’…okay’’ 

- because he never could say no to u and seeing u fawn over him was worth it

-  cheesy jokes and pick up lines, 

- ‘’do you know what my shirt is made out of? boyfriend material.’’, 

- ‘’…’’ , 

- cue embarrassed jinyoung and u just laughing LMFAO 

- omg he does the dad jokes LOLOL

- ‘’jinyoung, im hungry’’ 

- ‘’hi hungry, im dad’’ 

- ‘’…’’

- ‘’HAHAHAHA- please stop hitting me,,,,’’ 

- ok anyways 

- going out on late night runs to get food

- basically buying out the whole store once the two of u go out at 4 am 

- ‘’should we make grilled cheese or brownies??” 

- ‘’why not both?? wb getting tomato soup and ice cream w the brownie?” 

- ‘’,,,u rite lets get both’’ 

- but its ok bc once u get home, u two make sm food to last the whole week 

- so u invite over the pd101 trainees to help u finish the food 

- but they just eat all of it, including food that u didnt make bc they r poor hungry boys pls feed them :((

- aka u guys going out on 4am runs again bc ur so hungry 

- and the store owner is just like ‘’u guys again???” 

- lol save ur guys

- and support baejin pls my fav 

I know we all love the children of BNHA, but I want to take a moment to appreciate the teachers, too.

I mean:


Aizawa is stern as one can be, expelling whole classes, but at the same time, he would risk his life for his students

He isn’t a sore loser when Izuku surpasses his expectations, but is all but happy about it.

Logical ruses with that dumb face to accompany it. Do I even have to say anything about that?

Chews out All Might without hesitation for almost playing favorites with Izuku – startles the poor dork pretty much with that.

He loves cats. Enough said.

Even though he is badly injured already, he flings himself into the fight to protect his students.

He comes to school looking like a mummy because, hey, he’s got a job to do, okay.

Still looking like a mummy, he accompanies Mic to commentate on the sports Festival – and complains about it the whole time. (He still does it pretty well, though)

He even basically made a mistake on purpose to let Shouto and Momo pass the midterms.

At the same Sports Festival, he picks apart a guy in the crowd for calling Bakugou something bad.

Even though he is worried, he lets his students fight against the villains at the trainings camp because he can’t be everywhere at the same time, and he trusts them to protect themselves pretty well

Let’s injured Izuku fight and carries a little child to safety, but vows to chew out his reckless student in the same breath.

He hates the press and formal attire, but he dons a suit and goes to a press conference to distract the villains while All Might is on a raid.

Startles like a cat when Miss Jokes proposes to him

s all proud dad for his students, only to say “This is where they will fail” a few minutes later.

He goes full mother-hen mode when two of his students beat each other up.

He complains about loud, noisy and flashy people, but is friends with Mic and came to be something like friends with All Might.

Present Mic

Talks English – or more like, yells in English

Looks like a cockatoo  

Manifested his quirk right after being born, rather than as a four years old

Hosts a radio show next to being a teacher and a hero

Calls audiences “listeners” even when he isn’t hosting right then

Is flashy and loud and noisy, but also funny

Is friends with Aizawa who is the exact opposite of him

Ready to beat up reporters because their being annoying (not doing it because Aizawa says so)

Goes all “Yeeeeahhh!” often as if he were a rock star or something

Only gets really angry when his friends are in danger or hurt – see the point where he yells a bunch of villains away for attacking Aizawa and his students

Somehow manages to drag Aizawa along to commentate the Sports Festival with him and then doesn’t let the other get a word in

Makes the weirdest and funniest faces while commentating

Is all confident and loud until he sees bugs

Doesn’t hesitate to call All Might sensitive or call him out for letting his feeling get in the way (“Cut it out, Mic” doesn’t seem to face him, either)

According to the character book and the Wiki, he is one of the smartest characters and also one of the most cooperative


Is confident and beautiful, but once you mention her age, she goes berserk

She has a whip, knows how to wield it and she will use it on you

Especially when you mention her age

Shows an excited and sadistic side during the Sports Festival and Midterms

Let’s Ojiro step back from the Festival while proclaiming that she liked the explanation for it even though it didn’t make any sense.

Talks over All Might’s catchphrase “For I am here!” and smiles sheepishly when he looks at her with utter betrayal

Has a really cool quirk and knows how to use it very well

Is the only one to point out that All Might’s ringtone (his own catchphrase) is kinda lame (even though she only thinks it)

Seems to be the only character at U.A who points out the Number One’s dorkiness repeatedly and talks over his catchphrase

Which is funny since I always pictured it would be Aizawa pointing that dorkiness out


Has one of the funniest and cutest character designs ever

Is that his face or a mask?

Is serious when needed and super cute and soft the next moment

“Soft” being slightly funny, since he is literally a cement-human

Is a fanboy of All Might

Also reacts super quick to protect All Might’s secret identity

Did he get an autograph of his idol? I sure hope so

I wonder how he reacted when he heard that All Might would come teach at U.A.

Likes round things (and is square himself)

Gets worried when his colleagues (almost) get hurt (look at him flailing around in worry when All Might almost got hit by a rock)

Teaches Modern Literature and I can only imagine how a book would look between his large hands

Want to see him with reading glasses


Looks like an astronaut

Again – is that his face or a mask / costume?

Yellow boots to a space suit. Only he can wear it.

Has an extremely powerful quirk, but teaches that those powers we wield are not meant to cause harm to others

Gets all but ripped apart while protecting his students

Still gets up again to stop the villains from getting away that easily

Likes museums and self-learning documentaries, according to the character book 

Is powerful, skilled, intelligent and cooperative, but comes across as super harmless

He could suck you into a black hole, though

He wouldn’t. He’s a gentleman


Should probably look scary with those teeth of his, but comes across as super cool

Lost his legs to a villain, wears prosthetic legs

He is a pro hero even though he lost his legs. If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is

Can clone himself. Try to find the real one because I can’t. Well, you can, if he combines the clones to a super large one. That’s a dead giveaway. He is not the large one

Let’s himself – or one of his clones - be wrapped in tape for Sero to train, no matter how silly it looks

Is the one to say that Izuku is already doing “Really good” when All Might says Izuku should stay at U.A and train his shoot style What a supportive teacher

Likes Karaoke and wants to go there (Seriously, go to Karaoke with him) 

Seems to be the oldest out of all the teachers, Recovery Girl not included. Which in my head, makes him the dad of the staff (Mic is the problem child, I’m telling you. And Aizawa is the one who wants “five more minutes” every morning.)

Blood King

Extremely funny hero name

Sounds like something Bakugou would chose, especially the “King” part

Is caring towards his students and sees Class 1-A as their rivals

Protects Aizawa’s students and his own from the villains at the trainings camp

Is incredibly fast and strong even though his quirk is not strength enhancing

Accompanies Aizawa to the press conference so that he can calm the other down should he snap at the reporters

Backs up his colleague even though their class are rivals – in the end, friends and colleagues and the safety of all their students are more important to him than rivalry

Has a dog and likes dogs. Opposite to Aizawa. They’re basically like Cat and Dog then


Even though most of them are side characters, they are incredibly detailed and diverse and make the whole story so much livelier. I love them all.

things Hoshi does
  • Making a serious face before doing something super silly
  • tired lopsided smiles where his face isn’t as energetic as usual and his eyes get very soft but u can still feel the genuine kindness radiate from him
  • He’s everyone’s #1 fanboy…he literally claps when other members are showing their talents…before they even start doing anything…
  • showing he loves the members in both small and big ways
  • like he’ll gently pull Dino into a hug when they’re just chilling or when another member is talking
  • or full out throw giant hearts at Seokmin in the middle of a show
  • cringeworthy aegyo
  • the corners of his mouth always seem to be curled up; even if it’s just a little
  • his nose kinda crinkles if he smiles really big
  • puns. puns everywhere.
  • nervous giddy smiles 
  • he hops a lot. cute bunny Hoshi.
  • when he’s anxious and wants to present a good image he kinda rambles a bit with jokes bc he knows he’s funny and he wants people to like him but !! then it’s like Hoshi!! pls!!!!
  • there are no pictures of him wearing sunglasses with a normal facial expression/pose in existence 
  • He’s gr8 at a million things but he’s the proudest when he’s talking about how he can make his hands into a jellyfish
  • spoiling literally everything
  • when he dances his face is serious, he’s concentrated, and his moves are swift + precise
  • but then at the end he gets that look in his eyes and u can tell he’s rly happy but he’s trying to seem professional 
  • holding handheld microphones gently and close to the top
  • pouting while also somehow smiling
  • sometimes he gets this look on his face when he’s talking and u can feel how much thought he’s put into what he’s saying and it’s one of the rarer times he shows the deeper side to his personality 
  • dying his hair orange when he was in school
  • if the :3 emoticon was a person it’d be Hoshi
  • when he claps he kinda claps with his palms first and then the rest of his fingers if that makes sense 
  • when he cringes he balls his hands into little fists
  • accepting the weirdest fan requests with little to no hesitation 
  • encouraging fans to send in the weirdest requests with little to no hesitation
  • being the main choreographer for 17 but then going on andromedas and dancing like a 72 year old grandpa
  • that time he took a picture in a serious + dramatic pose…holding a purple plushie
  • Hoshi! in hats!!
  • and of course doing the naega Hosh pose on instinct 

anonymous asked:

hey! i'm kinda new to btob, and i'm still trying to get to know them. do u think u could give me a quick one sentence description of their personalities? i havent really been able to grasp them ^^; it's okay if u don't want to! u just seem like u know them pretty well :)

This is super cute and I’m gonna try it to the best of my abilities because I love my boys. Although, I don’t think that I can write just a quick sentence about them yikes. (Also they’re a super dorky loud beagle group I don’t think I can give a serious answer omG) 

Seo Eunkwang- (vocals) please don’t get me started he’s my ult bias, the tiniest leader you’ll ever see, his voice actually has the power to bring me to tears, literally one of the nicest voices i’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing?, tragic emo hot topic bird debut hair, super contagious nasty loud laugh, so so sweet, extra as hell

Lee Minhyuk- (rapper) cute hammo hamster boy with a body carved by angels, a super rough rap voice but also super soft singing voice, how does he do it, could punch me in the face, dresses like a dad, extra as hell

Lee Changsub- (vocals) an egg with the voice of a thousand angels, high key the weirdest but only for the laughs, a literal ball of sunshine, seriously he never fails to make me laugh, VISUALS THO, extra as hell

Lim Hyunsik- (vocals) a blinding eye smile that makes you fall in love immediately, so handsome, serves up the biggest boyfriend looks, lover of kermit the frog, composes the bops, lowkey extra as hell

Peniel Shin- (rapper) soft squish boy from chicago usa, kind of quiet until he’s not, needs more lines always and forever, has a dog named pennie and it’s the cutest thing, really loves to take photos, extra as hell

Jung Ilhoon- (rapper) inventor of The™ aegyo gwiyomi game, please don’t bring it up, king of comeback hair, thinks his british accent is Top Quality, a fashion god, looks normal but is probably one of the most extra as hell tbh

Yook Sungjae- (vocals) designated giant lovable maknae, lover of fishing, endearing speaker of english, actor of the century, somehow the most mature out of all of btob but respect? he doesn’t know her (esp. to changsub), still extra as hell

AnywAys I hope this gives you an idea of who btob are, literally just extra as hell and f u l l of passion. They love their melodies (fanbase) so so much and while I’ve only been a part of the community for a few months, they’re honestly one of the sweetest and funniest groups I have ever seen. Also if anyone wants to add anything else that’d be LIT I’m always up for a roast discussion about my boys

When you and Moonbin go on a park date

Thank you for requesting again! ^^ I hope you like this~

honestly, i’m so sorry about how this turned out T-T i tried my best but idk i’m not sure how i think about the result… sorry >< i promise i’ll write something a lot more fluffy for you in the future when i come up with a good plot ;-; i just had no idea how to make this fluffier ;-;

Words: 1013

Fluff more on the lighthearted side i think, not very heavy fluff in my opinion ><

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by moonha

Was it the sun that was shining brightly? Or maybe the scent of spring in the air? Or perhaps the boy who was lying down next to you on the blanket you two had laid down on the green grass? No matter what the reason, you were still feeling extremely happy. All the worries you had had only half an hour earlier had vanished thanks to the date Bin had arranged. He hadn’t told you anything before the date and you had realized it was a park date only when you arrived in the park.

“Look at that cloud,” Bin nudged you a little and pointed at a fluffy white cloud on the sky. You looked at it. “Doesn’t it look like a huge ball of cotton candy?” he asked and turned his head to look at you.

“A little,” you chuckled at his imagination. “It looks really fluffy. I wonder what it would be like to lie on top of it…”

Bin smiled widely. You were quiet for a bit and just stared at the blue sky. Then you sat up and grabbed the picnic basket your boyfriend had brought. Bin sat up too when you opened the basket.

“Uwaa!” you exclaimed when you saw all the small containers in the basket.

There were two bottles of water, sandwiches and different kinds of fruits.

You looked at Bin. “Did you prepare all of this?”

He nodded. “I know you had a rough week. I wanted to make you feel better.”
You put the basket aside and hugged him. He hugged you back with a smile and patted your back comfortingly.

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” you wondered and looked at him after ending the hug.

He ruffled your hair and chuckled when you shook your head, disliking his action. “Let’s just eat,” he grabbed the basket and started taking out all the containers. He laid the containers on the blanket and you opened them one by one. “Oh,” you looked at Bin, surprised. “You brought watermelon too?”

“Of course,” he said and opened one of the water bottles. He let you have some first before drinking it himself.

“Here,” you offered him a piece of apple. He ate it with a smile.

“Is it good?” you asked and he lifted a thumb up and nodded his head. You smiled widely and after that you two just kept feeding each other the fruits until there was nothing left. You also ate the sandwiches that were so delicious that you were a little sad when there were no more left.

“Thank you for the food,” you thanked Bin and he offered you a smile as a response.

After closing the containers and putting them back in the basket, Bin lay down and placed his head on your lap.

“What is this setting?” you laughed at his sudden actions. “Seems like a drama.”

He chuckled. “Do you like it?”

“Hmm,” you hummed as if you were thinking about it. “I’m not sure,” you lied.

“Ah why?” he whined with a pout, leaving you laughing loudly.

“Sorry, I was just kidding,” you couldn’t stop laughing at his reaction. When you stopped laughing, you looked at him. He had closed his eyes and was breathing calmly, almost looking like he had fallen asleep. You gently ran your fingers through his hair and his lips curved to a smile once again.

“What?” you were amused. “Does it feel good?”

He nodded cutely. “Why wouldn’t it feel good? A cute girl like you is running her fingers through my hair. I like it,” he said, overflowing with aegyo.

“Ugh,” you cringed at his cuteness but also smiled widely at the same time. “Stop lying.”

He opened his eyes. “You look good from this angle too.”

You raised your eyebrows at his statement and in a few seconds you were making the weirdest face you would pull off at that moment. Bin couldn’t stop laughing at your derp face and soon you started laughing too. The laughing continued for a bit and when you finally calmed down, you both had tears in your eyes from laughing so hard.

“It wasn’t that funny,” you said, wiping your tears away.

“Yes it was. I love your weird faces. They’re so funny.”

“You’re not bothered by them?” you asked with a smile and played with his hair.

“Never,” he smiled while looking at you.

You hummed as a response and kept smiling as you played with his hair. It was soft and the scent of his shampoo made you even happier. You loved the scent of the shampoo he used. You didn’t know what was so special about it but the scent just reminded you so much of the first time you two had met. Your first meeting had been quite weird. You literally fell on top of him the very first time you saw him.

“Hey,” you said after a silence.


“You made me fall on purpose, didn’t you?” you asked, referring to your first meeting.

He let out a ‘ha’ of disbelief. “Haven’t we talked about this enough?”

“You keep saying it was an accident but the more I think about it the more unbelievable it seems. I mean, how did I just happen to miraculously fall on top of you like that? That only happens in dramas!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” he sat up, amused. “I swear it was an accident.”

“Don’t lie to me,” you gave him a look.

He chuckled and suddenly grabbed your shoulders. He made you lie down so that your head was resting on his lap. “It doesn’t matter if it was intended or not, what matters is that I managed to become your boyfriend.”

You still didn’t believe him but decided to let it slide this once. “Whatever,” you smiled and closed your eyes, letting him play with your hair.

“I might have done it on purpose,” he whispered after a bit. You opened your eyes and were greeted by his playful smile. “But it was worth it.”

Baekhyun: As your Best Friend

Originally posted by iyeolie

  • Your ear drums are gonna be tested ok be ready
  • Scary movies? Nope, Baekhyun’s gonna beat out the female lead without a doubt
  • The boy doesn’t have a quiet bone in his body when it comes to hanging out
  • But also expect a lot of laughter. ya know the kind where you almost snort?
  • You know what, he’s gonna aim to get you to snort. Baekhyun waits for the moments that you’re drinking something just for this reason
  • Having a bad day? Baek has snacks and a puppy and the internet to offer for comfort
  • Baekhyun’s that friend that everyone thinks is your boyfriend and he milks it so much before he finally denies it
  • When people meet him for the first time they scold you for being mean to your poor cute boyfriend like
  • “honestly, how can you hit him for trying to make you smile?”
  • But they don’t see him behind them making faces and grinning wickedly because he made you look bad
  • And then they turn around and Baek’s got those puppy eyes that strangers haven’t learned to see through yet
  • He’s a little shit
  • But he’s also your biggest supporter
  • He cheer’s the loudest at every event
  • Can’t see him in the crowd? It’s ok give it a second and you’ll hear Baekhyun screeching from somewhere in the middle section
  • And Baek’s also somehow the weirdest but most effective wingman???
  • Baekhyun knows immediately when you like someone and after the obligatory embarrassment period he becomes your biggest hype man
  • He’s gonna walk up to your crush and casually tell them about that time you saved a kitten from a tree
  • And about the time you aced your way through the entire Bohemian Rhapsody like a boss
  • Tbh he’s gonna make up the most convoluted stories that he thinks are cool but are really not and run with them
  • Your crush finally talks to you cuz they’re trying to get Baekhyun to just stop omg I got it they’re amazing
  • And then you bond over Baekhyun’s weirdness and he preens under the attention cuz damn he’s an awesome bff right??
  • He expects pizza as payment now thanks
a saeran hc post

i know there’s a ton of these out there and this is SO LONG im sorry i dont know how to shut up lol, i want to update my fics but im in the home stretch of getting through this week of classes before i go on break ;;;; so uh, have this post of some kind of general hc’s and some thoughts on how saeran feels about each of the members of the rfa + some vanderwood

spoilers of course, also mentions of smoking and vague notions at abuse and stuff, also this is just super long and ridiculous and im sorry aha

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Teaser: A Game Show Love Connection

So, it turns out we’re allowed to post little teasers for the bang as long as they’re not too long. I figured I’d give you all a little taste of my goofy Jeopardy rom-com 😊

A little snippet from the beginning of the fic in which Bucky is very annoyed by what he thinks is a prank is below the cut. I hope you enjoy it!

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anonymous asked:

RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC who is deaf. Like, totally and completely, there's no hearing there at all and nothing to do to bring it back. She's been deaf her whole life, and it's not gonna change.


“What?!?!?!” – He says as he finds out.. Mc facepalms..
He from now on (almost) always keeps small notebooks on him.. Except when he forget.. A lot.
His apartment is filled with stickers, and small notes with cheesy loveydovey stuff.
Even in the bathroom..
He makes it a game to see who can put stickers the weirdest places. 

HOW CAN YOU.. SURVIVE?!?!?!?! WITHOUT HIS BEAUTIFUL VOICE?!Zen.exe has stopped working.
But in all seriousness, he loves you no matter what, and probably sees your deafness as a cool detail about you.
He keeps calling out for you because he keeps forgetting..
Still calls you babe, even though you cant hear it.
Also notes all over the place.
You put them on his mirror right where his face is with a narcissism joke..

Given she’s a very educated woman, I can see her knowing sign language.
So if MC also knows sign language, BONUS!
She also sometimes catches herself straight up just saying stuff like “oh, can you get me the.. Oh yea” 

.. It doesn’t matter if it cant be cured. He is still gonna try to find away.
MC has to sit his ass down and tell him to stop, with a real harsh tone before he stops. (maybe)
Since you can’t hear him, he likes to come up from behind and just hug you.
He probably at some point gave you a necklace with a bell on… Don’t tell me he wouldn’t, he totally would..

You two write on the phone all the times.. If you cant hear the memes he’ll write the memes!
But in all honestly he doesn’t care.. You two cling together like glue anyways, so it doesn’t particularly matter..

Oh no.. A deaf MC and a blind V. This isn’t good.. Haha
V is probably all romantic and says shit like “I will be your ears, if you will be my eyes”
In reality you two have doggos that help you.
Communication sometimes is a bit.. Wonky

I imagine Saeran after his many years of..Hell, isn’t actually all that talkative, so having a deaf MC might be really nice for him..
You two communicate either on paper or by making a lot of.. movements.. It works. (If it aint broken, don’t fix it)
You two just enjoy life together as silent people, who loves sweets and probably Mario..

Surprise! (Ushijima x Reader)

Ushijima scenario when his wife is pretend like she doesn’t remember his b'day and trying to ignore him all day. Honestly she’s just prepares for a big surprise and confess that she’s pregnant? Thankss

A/N: Dude, sorry this took me a while! Depending on the topic, I really have to wait until I’m in the right mindset to write em. :* hope you aren’t too mad bb

Ushijima was not a skeptical man. Usually, he let you carry on with your antics, not keen on interfering. However, today was a different story.

It’s his birthday…yet you haven’t done anything special for him. And honestly, he’s a little bit hurt. This morning, you just greeted him with a yawn and a quick “mornin’” before carrying on with your regular routine, not even acknowledging the fact of the important day it was. Then, you went to work before him, rushing out the door with a fervor that made him a bit apprehensive for the upcoming moments. Had something happened? Did he do something wrong? He didn’t know. And honestly, this had been really messing with his head all day. A lot more than he’d like to admit. He didn’t expect something HUGE from you, but he had to admit, he at least wanted a little recognition.

Ushijima sighed as he trudged up to the front door of your shared apartment, running a hand through his short brown locks. Whatever you had in store, he was a bit apprehensive of the results.

He opened the door, immediately being hit by the sweet aroma of…what was it…cake? Intriguiged, he shut the door quickly and made his way to the source of the scent-the kitchen. He ambled in, only to find you standing in the middle of the room, putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece. Ushijima’s mood brightened at the sight. Was that for him?

You turned around, a look of surprise flashed on your face, most likely at your husband’s sudden appearance, but it soon turned warm and welcoming.

“Happy birthday, baby!” You stated cheerfully, walking towards him with bright smile. “I’m sorry for kinda, ignoring you today? I just really needed a way to not sound suspicious. I really wanted to surprise you today.”

Ushijima felt his usually stoic face melt into a soft smile. You were always so thoughtful, even in the weirdest ways.

“Thank you…can I try some?”

You laughed at the eagerness of his tone, the bubbling sound filling his ears and making him just elated as you were.

“Of course.”

Ushijima briskly made his way to the cabinet, fetching himself the utensils to grab a slice of the delicious pastry.

“Um, hon…I also have another surprise for you.”

Ushijima brow rose, and he turned around to face you again. What else could you possibly have in store for him? Haven’t you already caused enough stress for him today? (Not that he doesn’t find it amusing.)

You seemed…nervous. It was a look he didn’t believe fit you at all. Ushijima watched carefully as you pulled out a small, blue box and handed it to him.

A present? In his opinion, just the cake and your presence were enough.

“You really shouldn’t have…”

“Just open it, goober.”

Ushijima scoffed amusingly at your childish name calling and opened the box.

A positive pregnancy test lay on top of some soft blue gift paper. Wait, were you…?

“I’m pregnant…we’re having a boy!” Your smile only grew as you explained to him, the pure joy in your face was evident, and it quickly spread to his body.

He was very, very thankful he hadn’t gotten a piece of that cake yet, because he definitely would’ve dropped it.

He felt a rush of emotions, all jocular and festive. He couldn’t really process them in any way other than enveloping you in a tight hug, stroking your hair and smiling uncontrollably. Nothing could take this moment away from you two.

He was definitely marking this day down as the best birthday ever.

What is mine ( Zen fanfic ) part 1

Warmth. I feel hot, as if I’m burning. It feels as if I’m on fire.
Eyes. people are looking at me right now. Eyes piercing through me, looking right into my soul. They’re judging me, whispering, laughing.
Dizzy, am I going to pass out? I can’t I’ll look like a failure and I don’t want them to think I’m some weakling.


Did someone say something?


Wait what was I doing again?

Suddenly I’m back to my senses. Oh right. I have to introduce myself to all of these new people. I look at the teacher, he looks at me with an awkward smile. For how long has he been calling my name? Well I guess these kids already know that then.

“ yes my name is Sophie as you might have noticed. I moved and because of that I switched schools.”

Whispers. Here they are again. Like what the fuck I’m right here.

“ also if you have something to say about me say it right to my face. I’m pretty straight forward and I don’t take shit like that”

I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to succeed and build a good life. I couldn’t care less about what they think about me.

“Lolololol I like your purple hair”

Ah yes how couldn’t I have known. My appearance isn’t what you call usual I guess. I’m dressed fully in black, Face covered in freckles, bright green eyes, and to top it all off I have purple hair. The little prick who asked me that question had red hair himself. He also had the weirdest glasses I’ve ever seen, if he gets cheeky I’ll definitely make fun of them. But before I could do that he continued.

“Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean it in a mean way, I actually think it looks great!”

Hm I’m not sure if he’s genuine but I’ll play nice for now.

“Why thank you I dyed it myself”

And with that I sat down next to the window. The whispering continued but I guess it can’t be helped. I stared outside, I might seem like I don’t care and that I’ll fight anyone who annoys me but the truth is that I’ve never been good with people. I don’t like them and I don’t want to be near them but for some reason I care what they think of me. I’m insecure and a mess. But I don’t want people to look at me that way.

Before I know it it’s lunchtime. Since I haven’t had a conversation with anyone except the tomato guy I’ll probably end up sitting all alone. But not that I care..right? At my old school you got really gross food so I thought that was the case here as well but apparently you have to bring your own lunch, which I didn’t do. And if things couldn’t get worse all the seats were already taken. There was this really loud blonde girl sitting at one of the tables. Next to her was a guy with blue hair, she was clinging onto him for life and he looked very uncomfortable. Across of him was a guy with black hair, he looked very fancy but for some reason he had a weird cat backpack… Well I’m not one to judge. I guess you could say that’s the “popular table”. The table next to them was filled with edgy people. Not gonna lie they looked cool, but probably because I can relate to them I’m an edgy egg myself after all. There was a guy with pink hair, have I seen him before? While trying to figure out if I’ve seen him earlier we made eye contact, and if looks could kill I’d be dead. God I know school sucks but he looked at me as if I killed his dog or something.

“ hey Sophie!!! Heeeey!!!!”

What the heck. Before I could turn around someone bumpt against my back.

“For fuck sakes watch where you’re going will you? Oh it’s you” I should have known there’s only one tomato guy at this school after all.

“ Yay you remember me lololol. Do you want to sit with us? You look kinda lost lololol”

I roll my eyes. “Who’s us?”

“Me and Yoosung! Do you see that blonde guy over there? That’s him. OH also I’m seven lololol”

“Okay tomato boy” I was walking towards a blond guy he didn’t see me coming so when I sat down he looked shook

“Uh sorry is this your table? We’ll sit somewhere else sorry!!” He looked panicked.

“Tomato boy told me to sit with you, you’re Yoosung right? I’m Sophie, I’m new so I don’t think we’ve met before sorry if I scared you” He looked like a lost puppy so let’s be nice to him.

“Oh I’m so sorry you don’t look scary at all! Believe me there are guys at this school who are terrifying as hell… Speaking of the devil here comes one of them!”

As soon as Yoosung said that the whole cafeteria went quiet and Yoosung hid his face in his hoodie. I looked behind me and I saw a big guy with hair longer than mine, red eyes and he had a fierce look on his face. He was wearing a black leather jacket and it kinda reminded me of those gangs I’ve seen on tv. He didn’t look impressed, until our eyes met. Something in his eyes changed it was as if he was surprised, probably because he didn’t know me. I wanted to stop looking at him but for some reason I couldn’t. It felt like I was getting sucked in those bright red eyes. After what felt like 10 minutes he stopped looking at me and he sat next to that edgy pink haired guy who gave me death glares earlier. Of course everyone started whispering again I sighed, what just happened?

I look at Seven he saw the whole thing happen, “who was that?”

“ I don’t know his real name but everyone calls him Zen, he’s trouble if I was you I wouldn’t try talking to him, that’s what I do” Sevens eyes were dark it gave me chills.

“ If you don’t talk to him how do you know he’s trouble? I didn’t take you as someone who listens to rumors”

“ He’s my brothers best friend, he’s the reason why my brother turned into what he is now. Everything Zen touches gets ruined and once he’s done with it he dumbs it as if it’s trash. If you don’t want to get your feelings hurt I suggest you stay the fuck away from him”

Seven sounded angry I assumed it was the best to not ask about his brother anymore. Meanwhile Yoosung was eating he looked very uncomfortable, maybe I can talk with him and find out some more information about that Zen guy.

Maybe this school isn’t so boring after all.
Sooo here it is the fanfic some of you have been waiting for!
Please let me know what you think I personally think it’s very cliche haha
Also what do you think of Sophie ? She’s my own OC and I kinda like her since I relate to her so much
Anyway I hope I didn’t disappoint you and I hope you’ll look forward to part 2 :) - Tess

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mars imagine Mike and will getting drunk and they literally end up crying laughing over an image of hiemlich from a bugs life because I just spent five minutes unable to breathe bc it's 830 and I'm still at school


imagine mike 3 shots deep and will a glass and a half into his mom’s wine (it doesn’t take much to get will tipsy, he’s a small person and he rarely drinks, okay?!) 

they’re sitting right next to one another but will’s a dork so he still sends a text to mike and it just says ‘heimlich dot jpg’ and all the sudden THAT MOTHERFUCKER UP THERE loads on his phone screen

they’re both laughing so hard they literally go blue in the face, mike leaning over the railing of the byers’ family porch to vomit around his laughter

there are tears in their eyes as they head back inside and mike presses a kiss to will’s temple and will says that’s gross and calls him vom mouth but it’s okay bc he still loves his gross drunk bf

Nathaniel Buzolic and Steven R. McQueen Imagine

Being best friends with two crazy, yet sweet actors can be fun and also very stressful. It was stressful when they did something you never expected for example pull you and a stage when they are doing a panel for their show. 

Both Nathaniel and Steven wanted you to come with them. One of the reasons for that was, they for got your birthday. You knew there was going to be a chance they would forget since they were filming season final. You weren’t mad but they still didn’t believe it. So you let the boys take you on this trip. 

“Are you ready?” Nathaniel jumped around you. He was very excited, for you at the moment there weren’t any big emotions. The plan was to hang out while they do theirs press and then you all thee would go out to dinner and explore the city, that was the part you couldn’t wait for. 

“Yes” you said and laughed as he kept dancing “Did you let him drink coffee?” you asked Steven who was walking next to you like a normal person.

“No, I think his blood is just made out of coffee by now anyway” 

Turns out sitting and hearing them answer all those questions and make so many jokes was fun. You even heard stories you hadn’t heard before.  Other cast mates told stories about those two crazy best friends of yours who would always find a way to prank each other. Then out of no where your name was mentioned, making you sit up straight and lose the smile you had before. No one ever mentioned you in these stations. You weren’t an actress, you used to work on the set but it was just for few days and that was a long time ago. 

“Wait Y/N helped you prank me?” Steven asked Nathaniel, then looked you with a glare. You gave him back an innocent smile. 

“Yeah she did. She came up with the idea” Nathaniel kept talking telling the whole story. 

“Who is Y/N?” one of the fans asked. You really hoped they would ignore that question, but no. There was no way they would miss such a great chance. You watched Steven and Nathaniel give each other a nod, then turn to you with two very devilish smiles. In response you shaked your head and looked for a way out, but there was no chance you would get out of it that easily. 

“We’ll show you” Steven said in the mic and ran off the stage to you. He came to you started to help you up.

“No, Steven no” you tried to protest but he was too strong for you. You knew, if you won’t go with him yourself, he will throw you over his shoulder and carry you onto the stage. When you and Steven walked back on the stage Nathaniel was already standing up with opened arms. They both gave you a big bear hug right then and there. Nathaniel lifted the mic he had taken from his table and spoke into it

“This is our best friend Y/N. She’s such a sweetheart and also very single” you slapped him on the chest. Everyone around you were laughing and watching the three of you make faces at each other. Some people might thing you were just 3 little kids who hit puberty very early in life. 

“These three people right here” said Ian pointing back at you all “are just the weirdest, funniest but also the crazy closest group of friends” all three of you laughed but also agreed. Ever since you all became such good friends people can’t pull you a part. There have been talks about getting a place all together. 

“So yeah, this is our best friend Y/N.” Steven said in the mic Nathaniel was holding. “we love you” they both yelled and kissed you on both of your cheeks. The whole room echoed in awws and so cute. 

After that sweet but also awkward moment you sat back in the audience just to be met with many questions of their fans. You answered all of them as good as you could. It surprised you how nice they were, you did expect them to freak out, finding out they have a girl best friend.  To you those two man were your family, and you accept them the way they are: weird, but then again you are just like them, that’s only one of the reasons you are such good friends. 

Sam’s Sixty June Jobs #46(College Professor)

Words: 1772
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Written for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog‘s challenge :D It was fun and I apologize if I got anything wrong but I know nothing about this, just thought it’d be fun and yeah :D

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“Have you heard about Professor Winchester?” I hear a student of mine quietly ask. “Word goes around that he’ll attend that big case with his students, The People Vs Alastair.”

“Isn’t Alastair a serial killer?” Another student asks as I do my best to ignore the quiet whispers.

“Yeah. The Professor is going to take his students so that they can learn about how to prosecute and defend such a criminal.” A third student intervenes, making my patience blow.

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