and hayley feels safe with him


This is PART TWO. You can find PART ONE right here.

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Klaus X Reader (Best Friends pt. II)

Now that Klaus knows that you know about the supernatural, you’ve been introduced to the rest of his family at the Abattoir. 

Freya immediately adored you, especially when Elijah let it slip you thought she was the hottest Mikaelson. Rebekah was a little leery around you, Hayley was shocked Klaus actually had friends that weren’t compelled to stick around and Hope liked that her Dad had someone else to care about. Elijah, of course, found you amusing, and Marcel was surprised that a human could speak the way you do to Klaus and still get away with your life. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately as Klaus had joked, Kol was travelling so you didn’t get to meet him.

“All I’m saying is that it’s a bit suspicious,” Rebekah says. “You and my brother have been friends going on two years, in secret might I add, and you’re not shagging? Impossible.”

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A rescue mission - simple, clear as day instructions on the sole purpose of coming back to New Orleans. 5 years had gone, you had been living in a lake house overlooking nothing but trees and water. It was beautiful, it was home. It was meant for you and Kol. Unfortunately the only piece missing of the puzzle was Kol.

3 days ago Hayley dropped by unannounced but that didn’t matter when you saw Kol standing on the porch. The world froze, stopped at the sight of him. Running into his arms, no other feeling could have ever matched being in his embrace. They told you of the plan to rescue Klaus and save Hope, he had suffered enough and it was time to reunite the family - to make it whole.

Kol didn’t like the idea of you tagging along. He wanted you safe, away from Marcel’s grip, out of reach from any danger. But, you argued intensely that Klaus was your family too. Just because your last name wasn’t Mikelason, it didn’t mean you cared about him any less. Reluctantly and with much, much convincing Kol had no choice in the matter. You were going and that was that.

Returning to New Orleans an eerie feeling. Everything still looked the same, however nothing felt the same.

“Tell me again why I have to stay behind?”. You asked for the millionth time. Elijah along with Freya had already entered the tunnels leading to where Klaus spend the last 5 years. Kol was keeping watch over Josh, but found out that Rebekah could be in danger.

Cupping your cheeks, he was always gently with you. Even if his mood didn’t reflect that emotion. But Kol tried his hardest to not let you see him lash out, to not witness his unstable vampire side. “Because, darling. It’s too dangerous out there in those streets. I need you to remain here for my own peace of mind. I’ll come back for you as quickly as I can. I’ll always come back to you, Y/N”.

His touch, oh his touch. How you waited 5 long, excruciating years to feel it. “Be safe and hurry back”. Kissing him, it felt like the first time. He returned the kiss with such deep passion. “I love you, Kol Mikaelson”.

Smiling at those words, ones he hadn’t heard in a long time. “I love you too”.

Taking a seat at one of the chairs closet to you. Here you were again - waiting for the man you love to return to you.

Kol grabbed Josh and pulled him to the side. Listen very carefully. If Y/N so much gets a paper cut on her finger while under your watch, things won’t end well for you. I’m trusting you Josh, which is very hard for me to do right now, to protect the girl I love while I go help my family. Do you understand me?”

Josh frantically nodded. “Loud and clear”.

“Good. I sincerely hope you don’t make me regret my decision, Josh”. Kol vamp sped away.

And he didn’t.

Once Klaus was safe and more important free. Rebekah and Kol decided to go their separate ways from the family. Rebekah went wherever her heart desired, she sent postcards and the two of you spoke on the phone often. You and Kol? Ended up back at the lake house, back home to how it should have been all along.


Virgin Mary 2.0 PT.II//Elijah Mikaelson

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“Hardy har har.” You said sarcastically, looking up at who you assumed was Klaus.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Hayley shout. 

Turning around you say her running towards you at full force, arms wide open. She ran into you full force, her face buried in the crook of your neck. 

“I haven’t seen you in, what, 10 years?” You said, smiling at your sister. 

“I can’t believe it’s been that long.” She said. 

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hybrid family 4x03

talking about how hope see’s him

first break through, their painting together

his smile he’s bonding with his daughter

she is his daughter, will be the strongest witch and nothing iwll ever hurt his little girl

you can see how thankful he is

happy his daughter feels safe and cares for him, he never had that with his father

i love at teh fireplace while he looks at her painitng she calls out dad 

klaus calling for hayley when he see the blood

hayley looks to klaus when she hears more worrying news, i liked that. she has her partner back shes not alone. I know elijah is there but hayley has a bond to klaus too 

castle in the sky

a/n: based on the deleted scene discussed here. because the writers are selfish and don’t want us to have nice things, so I thought I’d play heroine and ‘fanfiction-it-up’ *throws shade*

He looks puzzled as he stands by the balcony, peering over the little forest as if it were his old empire.

But, Hayley knows far too much about fallen kings, knows that they circle their castle like an equally footed disaster. And yet, all he can do is stare. Hope’s first impression of him is nothing short of terrible. It’s nothing like Klaus imagined, nothing like anyone imagined really.

It felt like he had taken something so delicate and turned it dark. As if he’d murmured sin in to her, tainted the image she had him so early on that he wasn’t sure how to fix it.

“She’ll grow to like you,” Hayley whispers, with her attempt to console him. “You’ll see, with just a bit of time and love—”

“You must’ve said something bad about me,” Klaus mumbles, sounding cranky. “She can’t possibly have started to act so apprehensive on her own,” he goes on to say.

“Klaus,” the she-wolf widens her eyes in shock. “You know I wouldn’t do that,” she insists.

“Why not?” he asks. “You have every reason to hate me, to sabotage my relationship with her,” he reiterates, shooting her a dark gaze.

She knows that he’s referring to the months he had taken Hope away from her. But, she’s let go of that, even if she’d left claw marks on him in return. And he’d given her pain that goes beyond skin-deep. Besides, she got six years alone with their daughter. Hayley had no reason to hurt Klaus in such a way. He was just so shaken by everything around him. So he reverted back his usual paranoid self.

He went back to being the person who couldn’t even trust his own shadow.

“I want her to have a normal family, a normal life…do you have any idea what we’ve been through? What I’ve been through? How lonely I was?” She shouts, and she can’t help but think that he’s distant now. He’s changed over these years, become so bony and empty, like a starved wolf.

“I was stuck in a prison for 5 years love,” Klaus sighs. “If anyone’s going to be complaining, it’s going to be me,” he tells her.

She rolls her eyes. He was always one step ahead of her. And it drove her mad. There was only one way of making him understand her pain.

“Give me your hand,” Hayley orders.

He looks flabbergasted.

“What?” Klaus scoffs, laughing.

“Just do it,” she reluctantly told him.

He smirks at her request. “Are you that lonely that ‘Lijah’s affections aren’t enough for you? Must you have my touch as well, little wolf?” he jokes and she ends up taking his hand by force.

The vision Hayley offers him is like lighting and water. There are times where things are tragic. Where it’s her crying herself to sleep while Hope is wide awake and no else is there to help them. It’s all dingy and cheap motel rooms, dead end after dead end. However, there are also happy times, like the rainbow after a storm. Where it’s shielded laughter, and her telling their daughter stories about her family. It’s all blissful and tear-jerking, like the day Hope first learns to hold a pencil properly and Hayley hangs her first drawing on the fridge.

She reminds her of Klaus in more ways than she can count. And Hayley never forgot about the original hybrid, not for a second.

“Now, do you understand?” she questions, as she slowly pulls her hand away.

Klaus exhales, feeling absolutely speechless. “She thinks…” he gathers, “She thinks I’m a hero?” he finally realizes.

“Because you are a hero, Klaus,” she says, while offering him a firm nod. “You went through so much torture and pain just to keep us safe,” she reminds him, with a broken smile on her face.

His lips follow her gaze.

“I am forever in debt to you for that,” she releases with a shaky voice.

Her words feel like earthquakes, shaking and shattering everything around him.

“Well, I suppose what you went through wasn’t so nice either,” he acknowledges. “I’m sorry, for what it’s worth, I am truly grateful for everything you’ve given me,” Klaus admits, turning his attention back to the forest where he sees Hope picking at the flowers.

He feels the rush of being king come back to him. Even if his people had fallen, at least, he still had the ones who mattered most: his princess and his queen.

“I’ll be okay,” Hayley reassures him, “I have my family back now, I have…you,” she giggles.

“I’ll be with you,” he’s got a certain warmth to him, like a fireplace on a wintery afternoon. Like he’s saying ‘welcome home’. But, he says this instead: “Forever,” Klaus offers.

It’s a promise Hayley never asked for, but always dreamt of having.

Just caught up with the Originals. Well, Elijah is just getting more monstrous isn’t he? He’s taking take over old Klaus and I think Hayley and Hope needs to be kept far away from him. I love the Klopley storyline with the inclusion of big brother Marcel. And Klaus and Hayley bonding!

I love that he’s the one who gets to see Hayley’s baby and family photos while Elijah straight up just sucked at consoling Hayley when she was talking about her past and her family. He can’t relate to her like Klaus can. He can’t understand the wolf nature and the need to belong to a pack just like he just ignored the witch traditions and killed those four girls. Even after she said that she did terrible things to find her family, Elijah couldn’t understand. He wasn’t there to see it like Klaus was. He still places her in his ideal. Thank god for that phone call from Freya.

Anyways, there were plenty Klayley moments in this episode. Klaus telling Hayley that Hope’s restless and Hayley telling Klaus that Hope just wants someone to play with. (Hmm, can we get a round two of Control by Garbage?) Hayley asking Klaus to help sort through her family’s things to distract his restless mind and him teasing her. (They’ve come a long way these two!) Hayley asking Klaus to take more family photos. (You changing your mind about building a life with Elijah now, Hayley? After you saw the photos of your father and mother raising you? The parallel of Klaus touching your stomach to feel for Hope?) Speaking of Klaus, he totally can’t keep eye contact with her while venting out his frustrations about being trapped in the house and Hayley being firm on wanting him kept safe. Klaus sharing with Hayley about his time being imprisoned below the compound over the five years and Hayley reading his concern for Marcel being in his position. Klaus immediately vamping over to rip the heart out of the guy who snapped Hayley’s neck. The two of them sharing a smile at Hope calling Marcel her friend. Precious!

They look for and want the same things and to give Hope what they didn’t get from their families. This is the Hayley I understand and a ship I can get behind, one that’s not forced down my throat and is truly about family not just the idea of it. If they continue like this until the end…well I can only hope. Elijah really needs to leave New Orleans before he loses himself entirely. (You’re focusing too much on your brother’s life when you should focus on yours. It’s sucking out your nobility and humanity.) He should go hang out with Rebekah and Kol as they’re the only ones who are OG vampires, they’d understand him. Klaus and Freya aren’t and they’ve got a reason to stay in New Orleans (Klopley and Freelin).

Klayley headcanons

• Hayley sings along to the radio for every car ride karaoke style, and although Klaus teases her about it he secretly loves the sound of Hayley’s voice

• when Hayley found Klaus’ letter to Hope she read it over and over again, keeping it with her own letter for Hope

• Klaus has a painting of Hayley and Hope and one of them each separately, but he keeps them extremely well hidden

• Klaus sometimes wonders what it would be like to have a normal human family life with Hayley and Hope

• Hayley always notices when Klaus is remorseful and tucks the memory away to remind her he still has humanity

• Hayley secretly goes into Klaus’ art studio to think, sometimes finding clarity in his chaos

• Hayley likes more of Klaus’ paintings than she’ll ever admit to because she understands them

• sometimes Hayley finds herself wanting to confide in Klaus above Elijah because she can never feel truly judged by him

• Hayley’s most vivid memories involving Klaus are always in extremes. They’re the worst and the best moments of her life

• Klaus has a wedding ring he considered giving to Hayley. It seemed like the most gentlemanly thing to do with her having his child, but he never gave it to her, knowing she wouldn’t accept it. However he still has it tucked away with his painting of her.

• whenever Klaus and Hayley dress similarly Hayley rolls her eyes knowing this must be why people call her his wife

• Hayley is the only person, besides his biological family, that Klaus can picture being in his life forever anymore

• Hayley is the only person who Klaus trusts with Hope (oops that is actually canon)

• When Klaus sacrificed himself Hayley wanted to feel relief that Hope would be safe, but all she felt was grief for losing the person who brought her a family

• Hayley tries to ignore how much Klaus means to her

• Klaus is confused by how much Hayley affects him


Hotch has a horrible nightmare about his girlfriend so he goes to her for comfort.

meh…I hope you like it!x-Ash

There was a loud knock at the door. Your eyes flung open and you glanced over at your alarm clock. 3.08 am.

“Perfect” you muttered to yourself before grabbing your gun and jumping out of bed. You grabbed Aaron’s FBI sweatshirt and pulled it on over your pyjamas. You crept down the hallway towards your front door avoiding the 2 squeaky floorboards on your way. You looked through the peep hole into the dark hallway but you couldn’t see anyone. You unlocked your door and opened it slightly, that’s when you heard him.

Aaron was sat next to your door sobbing into his hands. You didn’t know what to do, you’d never seen him looking so vulnerable and weak, and normally he was the strong one, the rock in your relationship.

“Oh Aaron” you knelt down to him and wrapped your arms around him, pulling his face into your chest “What happened?”

“I thought you were gone. I had a dream that you been kidnapped and then when you didn’t answer your phone or door I started to think it wasn’t just a dream. I was so scared Y/N!” he was sobbing.

“Shh, shh. I’m right here and I’m fine. Let’s go inside” you pulled Aaron up and into your apartment, laying him down on the couch.  “No-one is going to hurt me because as long as I’m around you I am safe. Just wearing your old sweatshirt makes me feel safer.” You laughed as you nuzzled into him.

“After what happened to Hayley I didn’t think I could love again, and then I met you and I thought I was the luckiest man in the world, so when I thought I’d lost you I felt like there was nothing to live for, how could I keep Jack safe if I couldn’t even keep the woman I loved safe.” Your stomach dropped but equally your heart fluttered.

“I love you too. And you have nothing to worry about, I’m not going anywhere” you kissed his forehead and laid with him “even if you get sick of me” you ran your hand through his hair and massaged his head until he fell asleep. Breathing in time with him you drifted back off to sleep, in the arms of the man you loved.

"More than you know"

also known as why Ashley is a hot mess of emotions after episode 12 and it will take her a good two weeks to recover 

sooo I know I’m not the only person besides themselves after this episode but I just had to get these really important thoughts out. I’ve finally gathered myself after this klayley goodness in this episode so now I can fully express how I feel about that transpired tonight and it’s implications. 

I’ll start with the first half of their argument which might seem less significant compared to the rest but it’s still super interesting because that whole beginning of the argument was about what defines Klaus and Hayley’s dynamic…control. 

Klaus and Hayley have always been two very dominant people who do not like to give up that much control to the other. The first half of their argument is all about that. Klaus wants to control Hayley and Hayley is not having it. He didn’t even think about discussing it calmly with Hayley. Off the bat Klaus came at Hayley’s neck like he was the one running the klopley show which makes sense given Klaus’s zeal to protect Hayley and the baby and his massive ego. Hayley on the other hand wants to have a real conversation about it. She wants to discuss it, Klaus wants to tell her it’s stupid and she’s not doing it. I really appreciate how Hayley handled Klaus initially. She didn’t go full bitch on him right away. I think she knew where his concern was coming from, since she had/still had some of her own so she didn’t see his initial words as a threat to her own sense of control, only as the reaction of a concerned father so she tries to rationalize with Klaus, she brings up Finn and the benefits of the marriage to Jackson even if she has to divulge her secret to him. She’s thinking about how it’s good thing even if it’s risky and Klaus is thinking even it it’s good it’s still not worth the risk. 

I loved Klaus’s face when she said she trusts Jackson, he’s like so done with her words. He looks at her and sighs and turns his head like “ I know she did not just say she trusts her werewolf fiance over me, I know she didn’t, what is life I can’t deal with this madness” Klaus was SO DONE with the notion of her trusting Jackson. He was like how dare you hahaha it tickled me because klaus is so narcissistic and I loved it because he really wants her to trust him, he really wants to be that guy for her, the one she has unwavering trust in especially when it comes to their daughter which is a whole meta in in itself tbh. Her statement about trusting Jackson and having the werewolf army to protect Hope really hurt him, especially his ego,  which is why he so fervently declared how he himself can protect their daughter. The way he said she doesn’t need a wolf army does something to me because it’s klaus reacting to feeling like Hayley doesn’t think he can get the job done. Klaus knows the benefits of a werewolf army, he knows it completely which is why he’s down for the wedding and why he wants the wolves himself BUT in that moment he don’t give a damn about a werewolf army, can’t nobody protect his baby girl better than he can. He’s the most powerful being on the planet and he can do what it takes to keep them all safe, he needs to feel that way right now, especially since things are really falling apart. i think Klaus was trying to convince Hayley and himself there but that’s just a personal klaus observation. In Klaus’s mind Hayley is so desperate to do this ritual knowing the risk because she doesn’t think they can get the job done without it, she needs jackson in her corner and those wolves and to Klaus it’s a slight because to him all they need his him,she needs to trust his judgement, she needs to trust him to handle his family, she needs to trust him to keep her and their daughter safe, over anything else Hayley and Hope just need him *sobs*

Hayley is not seeing it that way tho. She thinks this is her chance to get her baby back. She doesn’t not trust or believe in Klaus. she’s just a mother who misses her child and wants her back and she’s willing to consider any option to do so and this current option seems like a good plan because to her Jackson is a good guy. She wants to take the risk because she’s desperate, not because she doesn’t trust Klaus. That’s when she first starts to get angry with him. He’s making a lot of sense but he’s completely shutting down a real option for both of them and she doesn’t like it. She’s not even asking him to drop all his concerns completely or not voice them, she’s just asking him to not make this a one sided discussion, for him to not just look at his own perspective but her’s too and really weigh the pros and cons with her so they can make a decision. Instead he’s basically telling her that her feelings on the matter don’t even warrant a real discussion, they don’t warrant any consideration. he even point blank tells her that no other opinion matters in this situation other than his and that’s when she really get’s angry. now he’s not just a concerned father, he’s a shit co-parent and a stubborn asshole and he’s blatantly taking her control from her, he’s taking her own personal control over her actions away from her and he’s trying to take her control as a mother away from her and Hayley is not having that shit. Klaus wants her to bow down to his will and in typical Hayley fashion she out right refuses to do so. I like how she didn’t try to beg or rationalize with him after he ordered her to call off the wedding. She went all throwback Hayley on him and was like no one controls me, especially not you and she’s so right because Klaus has NEVER been able to gain a single ounce of control over Hayley no matter how hard he tries, he only controls her when she lets him and it drives him nuts because he’s still not used to it even though it’s been a thing with her for a while now. 

How he handles her going against his will is interesting tho. It’s always been interesting. It’s never made Klaus angry, frustrated yes but never angry, and it still doesn’t which is why the next part of their exchange is so awesome. Hayley is done, she’s like goodbye come holla at me when you wanna really talk about this then she goes off about how she not about to let him tell her what she can and can not do concerning her daughter. Her use of her instead of ours and his correcting her is important here okay. If you watch him he reaches out to touch her when he says our daughter. Like he’s not trying to grab her harshly at all in fact he’s doing the opposite. I think it’s interesting he tried to initiate that physical contact with her there. clearly she’s mad and she’s going off and his instinct is to reach out to her to her, to touch her to comfort and calm her but he pulls back and she moves. He is hesitant to initiate intimate physical contact with her and she is not open to it. This is important for later. When he’s unable to touch her and she continues with her anger completely ignoring him saying our daughter he looks almost exasperated, he get’s genuinely frustrated but not at her or her attitude but frustrated that he can’t get through to her like he wants to. He’s frustrated that she can’t see that they they are in this together right now and he’s only trying to protect what they share the only way he knows how. in his mind he’s not only protecting Hope he’s protecting her as well, because he doesn’t just not trust jackson not keep their secret safe, he also doesn’t trust Jackson’s general intentions with her, he thinks Jackson is playing with her emotionally, manipulating her, he thinks Jackson is using her for his own gains and that would hurt her and she could potentially be in danger herself because of him. He doesn’t want Hayley to be hurt and he doesn’t want hope to be at risk and that’s ultimately what he wants her to understand even if his method of conveying that sucks. He’s not trying to just run her life, he’s trying to do what he thinks is best for them,the three of them. and it’s that idea that sets Hayley off and finally makes her get out what she been holding on her chest all this time

it’s why I enjoyed this fight so much because they both got out some feelings they have kept hidden from each other. It’s two different types of feelings they are expressing to each other but it’s still somethings that neither one of them wanted to say before but the overwhelming nature of what they are currently facing with their daughter and the intensity of their fight draws it out of them. In Klaus’s mind it’s the three of them. It’s him Hayley and Hope against the world basically. They are a unit and they are supposed to stick together, face the trials together, they both share in the responsibility for handling what’s going on and their daughter’s life and while it’s great that Klaus has that view of them, he needs to see them as a unit, and that they have a shared responsibility, for Hayley that’s a difficult thing to buy into at the moment, because it’s basically saying his problems are her problems, his decisions are her decisions and for her that’s not the case and it’s never really been the case. Like she says herself there is no US in this situation, it’s HIM. It’s Klaus and then there is her and Hope. She and Hope are currently the victims of Klaus’s fucked up life. I’m glad she finally said it because I know she been feeling this way for a while now. She was just a young woman trying to find her place in the world who suddenly gets thrust into motherhood and this hectic life when she finds out she’s pregnant with this notorious psycho’s baby. She was just an expectant mother who couldn’t wait to meet her baby girl and hold her in her arms when her child was ripped from her arms and her life as she knew it was stolen from her because her daughter’s father has a psycho mother. she was just a hopeful mother finally getting over the grief of loosing her child when she learns that not only is his father that tried to kill her and her baby before back from the dead but so is is  his mother who wants her child dead and so his his brother with a axe to grind and he might also have an aunt lurking in the shadows to steal her child from her. All these things in her life have happened because of him. She has resented Klaus for a while now  and she needed to get it off her chest once and for all. 

I like how Klaus just took her rant tho. Like he tried to argue with her at first when she brought up Finn and his mom. He was like I will handle that. He understands her frustration but he want’s her to know he can handle his screwed up family but then she hits him with a real hard truth that even he knows and he can’t say nothing. Hayley calls him what he his, the notorious hybrid killer with a 1000 years worth of enemies that will always be a threat to her child. He can’t say nothing back because it’s true, he knows it true and it eats away at him every day. Then comes the final blow, she looks him dead in the eyes and tells him that it’s him, he’s the threat and his face is just 

it hurts, it hurts me and it hurts him so much and he tries to keep it together but it’s all in his eyes that she’s hurt him. In the way they widen and just stare at her. It’s like all the life suddenly got drained out of him. He’s taken back that she actually said but he’s not shocked. He doesn’t look at her like omg I can’t believe you would say this or feel this way. He looks at her like wow you really said it, you really do feel this way, it is true that I’m the threat here. He’s still relatively collected tho at this point. she’s just really hurt him and she’s still going in on him with no sign of stopping, she calls him paranoid and once again says he can’t see that this can help. Klaus knows he’s paranoid. He accepts that about himself but he thinks his paranoia is a strength to him, not a weakness. That’s why when she yells at him when will it end he finally looses the composure he was trying to maintain while she was going off on him. To Klaus his paranoia will never end because that’s how he protects himself, that’s how he protects his family, that’s part of his strength, trusting makes you weak and he refuses to leave himself vulnerable in that way. all he’s trying to do is show her that there is no risk that is worth Hope or her and he’s had it with her making it seem like he’s the bad guy here, that he’s not doing whatever it takes to bring their daughter home when he is. 

So he brings up his father. Which is the a testament of how far he’s willing to let his paranoia take him for Hope. He killed Ansel because the risk of him knowing was too great. His paranoia would not let him trust Ansel even though he wanted to. It was his greatest sacrifice as a father outside of giving up hope and it was made because of the very thing she is lambasting him about right now. He expects Hayley to understand that because she knows how it feels to long for a parent, how it feels to grow up missing a part of yourself they way they both did not knowing their birth parents. Hayley should take Klaus’s murder of his father and ending his only chance to ever know that part of him he’s always wanted to know as a testament of his commitment to protecting their child. She’s supposed to take that as a reason to put unwavering faith in Klaus and as a reason to value his paranoia not despise it. He thinks it’s his trump card to her criticism. He’s like should I remind you of what I’m willing to do for our child. but Klaus makes a mistake, a mistake he’s made with Hayley in the past. Hayley is well aware of all of those things about his father and I don’t think she has ever been mad he did it, but Hayley knows how to read Klaus like a book. She knows that even if he wants to delude himself and other people into thinking something he can’t fool her. She knows the real reason he killed his father. The reason he wants to conveniently omit to make her forget about her criticisms and bend to his will.

This part is omgggg everything because if you notice this is when Hayley gets the most emotional during the entire exchange and I find that so interesting. She’s upset the whole time but it’s not until this moment that she finally gets on the verge of tears, her eyes hadn’t watered that entire time even though her voice broke on occasion. All of a sudden all these really intense and real emotions come out of her and she boldly challenges him on his real motives for killing his father while she’s starting to basically come undone. Her entire tone changes with him. She’s no longer raising her voice or angry, she’s completely calm and yet really emotional. She’s looks him dead in the eyes while she’s about to freaking cry and then actually invades his space when she calls him out on being so terrified of letting someone, anyone in. Hayley knows Klaus is deathly afraid of letting people in. He’s afraid of love, he’s afraid to care, he’s afraid of intense emotions. He hides behind paranoia, mistrust, and anger when it’s really his intense fear of having people affect him in a way that is beyond his control that really drives his actions. It’s part of what made him kill his father and she knows it but listen to what she says tho…she said someone, anyone.

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oh my gosh what a good episode

  • FREYA MIKAELSON YOU GORGEOUS BAD ASS! I just can not get over how eager she was to kick ass.
  • Ultimate bad guy out to kill you and your family, Klaus Mikaelson logical: hunt him straight down with no chance of killing him! I know its been said but you gotta think if Klaus just had to been nicer to people none of this would have happened but no he had to be a little shit. 
  • Never thought I would say it but I missed Aurora, she is so unpredictable I love it. I would love it if the Trinity survived because I don’t think they done them justice yet, they are such good characters and there are so many stories they could do with them *prays* 
  • Cami and Hayley teaming up to take down one of the oldest and craziest vamps though 
  • Kolvina - When will Kol Mikaelson catch a break, why is the universe against him?! The way that these two try to protect each other and the fact that he was going to leave to keep her safe *FEELS*
  • Lucien sighhhhhhhhhhh Why you got to set up romantic settings and offer everything to Aurora and be all cute when it’s so obvious she don’t like you, but then his face when he was watching the video! Poor baby, honestly maybe he just needs a hug and he’ll realise this whole murder the Mikaelsons plan doesn’t need to happen. When he showed up at Cami’s though…. intimdating much 
  • Klamille - my heart, I don’t even know what to say, but the fact that she just rushed to rescue him, how terrified he was that she was going to die, if only she had come home with them 
  • Hayley Marshall promoting herself to Queen Klamille Shipper and not realising she actually talking about her and Elijah 
  • Every time Klaus & Elijah protect each other, I get such a rush though, see nawww they do love each other naww
  • And its about time we actually got to see Marcel with Davina and Kol. I feel like he should have probably given her a dad speech at some point but anyway

Surprisingly even though Cami’s life is now in danger this episode didn’t leave me feeling stressed and dying like the last few. I only have that “I’m desperate for more” feeling which is nice to have back

Why are they like this?

But why does no one ever discuss the parallels going on with Klayley and their love lives

First back in mystic Falls, Hayley wanted Tyler and Klaus wanted Caroline and they were scheming and trying to break them up. Hayley liked Tyler’s noble character traits and his strong will and Tyler was probably the first guy who maybe gave a damn about her, not romantically, but he was friendly towards her and she liked him, even though he wasn’t interested. Klaus saw Caroline’s “light’ and was instantly infatuated even though she wasn’t interested at all.

Now its like some weird love triangle each of them has.



But the funny thing is both of the relationship they’re caught in between are both basically the same type of relationship dynamic.

Jackson and Elijah are both good guys with a hero complex and who Hayley feel safe and loved and and that’s what attracts her to both of them. She never had love before and really she just wants affection from anyone who gives it to her. I don’t think she’s really in love with either of them, its why she can’t decide between either of them, because they both represent the same exact thing for her.She loves both yes, but in love? NO

Its the same story with Klaus’s relationships with Cami and Aurora. He even said so himself in his letter to Aurora that there’s a light in her so bright it makes him feel like the man he wishes he was, and he crying with her confessing his secrets, and Aurora was emo and crying over things that weren’t really her fault,claiming to understand Klaus better than anyone, human Aurora was just like Cami to me and her relationship with Klaus was a direct parallel to Klami, who knows when Cami becomes a vampire she might become a crazy bitch too.

My thing is why has no one called out the obvious parallel between Klaus and Hayley and their relationships right now, but they’re caught between people who are just the same, but honestly they’re not in love with either of them.

Hayley doesn’t have to stay married to Jackson if she doesn’t want to. She’s not really gaining anything my staying married to him, nor is their pack because already her being connected to the Mikaelson’s has and will continue to put them in danger. I’m pretty sure at this point, the pack is just like fuck it, we were better off before this wedding. So what’ even the point of staying married to him?

She staying married to Jackson because she wants to stay married to Jackson.

Then when he dies she’ll go straight to Elijah,not because she’s in love with him but because he’s the only other one who gives her affection.

Same shit with Klaus, for the past 2 episodes since Aurora arrived Klaus has not thought about Cami not once.Homegirl, was locked in that hotel with Lucien for days. Cami was sitting there waiting for Klaus to realize she was gone and come save her and be her knight in shining armor like he usually is, but Klaus was not thinking about Camille not at all. He was too busy reminiscing about his tragic supposed to be epic love story with Aurora, and oh yeah having sex with Aurora for days and claiming his love for her and showing her his painting of her he kept buried underneath the wall to hide his pain (like really just shoot me). Now that Aurora took Rebekah and took Cami now all of a sudden he remembers Cami exist (once Lucien had to remind him Cami exist) and wants to go all out to find her? Yeah yeah yeah, next thing you know Klaus will be confessing his epic love to Camille, when not only 2 days ago he was confessing that to Aurora, but then what about Caroline? He promised to be her last love..

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No honestly just shoot me

Klaus is not in love with any of them either. He’s possessive, infatuated, and is attracted to them all due to his own low self-esteem and brokenness and he wants someone to save him or whatever. That is not being in love. He may feel he’s in love, but he’s not. 

My only question is how is no one calling out the obvious parallels between Klaus and Hayley and their love life. They repeat the same pattern over and over, and simultaneously might I add. 

Klaus and Hayley NEED EACH OTHER! if that’s not obvious I don’t know what to tell you, but Klaus and Hayley NEED EACH OTHER! Its the only relationship that could give the other some much needed growth, some much needed self-esteem and learning to accept and love themselves for who they are. 

Really why has no called out Klaus and Hayley’s parallels? If someone has sorry I must’ve missed the post, but I’m really done with klaus and hayley and their obvious parallels showing how much they actually need each other more than anything and just how alike they are and it going unnoticed.

I have never posted a rant about The Originals because I have always believed this fandom is respectful of each other and doesn’t get involved in petty ‘ship wars’. While that may be true because I saw a comment that really pissed me off. It was something about Camille always being second to Klaus’s life. Of course she is she’s second to Hope his daughter and also his sister but as a woman? I completely disagree.

Let me start off by saying that I have absolutely no problem with klayley. I don’t ship it romantically anymore because I just don’t see the chemistry they had when they first got together. I see mostly mutual respect because they share a daughter and of course the care about each other because they’re family. However if the writers decided to give it another go showing how klayley could be romantic I wouldn’t be too angry because I don’t hate the ship. I also really love camlijah and the possibility of it because it could be interesting and they have so much chemistry, but I have a problem. My problem is people ignoring what it is literally canon to prop up both these ships.

I want to know how Camille would play second fiddle in Klaus’s life in any way? In this show in canon Camille is one of the people that Klaus trusts and respects the most and actually values her input which is HUGE for Klaus. What is she to him? Not his sister, or the mother of his child. So for Klaus to put this much trust on a single human there has to be more. She has to mean more to him than he lets on.

So in canon how would Camille come in second behind Hayley or even Caroline? Camille the girl that Klaus has trusted with his innermost thoughts, his fears. The girl he’s shown the things he went through when Mikael abused him. Yes, he compelled her in the beginning because we all know how paranoid Klaus is but after he stopped nothing has EVER stopped him from talking to Camille and from seeking her advice. When has he done this with Hayley? I love Hayley and she’s one of my absolute favorites but I’m not blind! I think at this moment in canon Klaus doesn’t see her as more than the mother of his child and he values her friendship and wants her to be safe and yes he does love and care for her because she’s now part of his family but it doesn’t go beyond that. Like come on Klaus teases her about Elijah I’m 300% positive there’s is no yearning from his part and same goes for Hayley. Again that’s how I feel it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how everyone should feel.

Camille is one of the few people that actually has the power to get through to Klaus. When he was prepared to kill Mikael she told him there was more to life than all the awful things he’s done or been through. What does Klaus do? Decides not to kill Mikael. Mikael the man who has tormented him for centuries one of the people responsible for who Klaus is today. How many times has Camille gotten through to Klaus when he was set on killing Davina for going against him when he has killed people for less! Klaus was going to kill Jackson because he did not trust him with his daughters secret and was going to go against Hayley’s wishes. He then was going to kill him again and not even threats from Elijah made him reconsider. All it took was a few words with Camille and he changed his mind. Not because she changes him because that’s bullshit but because she inspires him to be a better man for himself, for his daughter.

Klaus not only trusts Camille but he prioritizes her life and her emotional state. When her uncle was dying because of the hex he put everything on hold to be there for her and with her. NOLA was falling apart and where was Klaus? Being there for Cami. When he had just met her in the beginning he promised to make those that harmed her brother pay and as fucked up as it is that’s how Klaus shows he cares. He kills for you. When Genevieve even threatened her he put her in her place. When Mikael took her he spent all night looking for her worried sick because he NEEDED her to be safe. When Finn seemed to be a threat to her life where did he send Camille? To the safe house where his daughter is. Klaus can’t fathom the thought of anyone knowing about Hope but he’s sure he can trust her like there is no doubt in his mind. He couldn’t even trust Jackson because Hayley trusted him with the secret of their daughter like come on. He sent Camille to be protected with the most important person in his life. His daughter. How is that not huge? He could’ve offered his protection in any other way but he cares so much about her that he sent her to the one place he knew 100% she would be okay. I could go on all day tbhh and this is ALL canon.

It’s pretty hypocritical to say Camille has nothing to offer Klaus and then go and ship her with Elijah when Elijah is as fucked up if not more than Klaus. Then use the excuse that Camille will 'always’ come second to Klaus. When it’s canon that Elijah loves Hayley and she Feels the same way too even if she’s decided to let him go. When Elijah pushed Hayley away in the beginning of the season because she lost her humanity which was tied to her wolf side. So I’m sorry if Cami is going to come second in anyone’s life that’s Elijah’s because HE IS IN LOVE WITH HAYLEY. No matter how anyone tries to erase canon to prop both camlijah and klayley this is what’s canon.

Don’t think Klaus does anything for Camille’s development either. She trusts him too and she knows she can trust him because he has shown her with actions not words. When the show first started Cami was this person that saw everything black and white and couldn’t see it any other way. With Klaus in her life she’s learned that the morally gray area exists. She’s learned that there are monsters in this world that you can’t reason with. When Mikael was going to kill Klaus this fearless girl told a thousand year old vampire she will kill him herself. When she was protecting Hope from danger she threatened to gouge anyone’s eyes out. The brave bartender did that. She’s learned to live and accept that she lives in a world where vampires, witches, werewolves, and hybrids are real. She’s accepted the role she and her family play in everything. She’s embraced it. So let’s stop acting like any of you care about her so you’re doing her this amazing favor to her by not shipping her with Klaus.

So if klamille were canon, Camille O'Connell will come second to NO ONE in Klaus Mikaelson’s life. She doesn’t try to kill his demons, she runs with them.

"A woman to mess his life up a bit" pt.1

Ya’ll already know what this is so no explanation needed Imma just dive right on into this here gloriousness. 

so first let’s take a stroll down memory lane a bit. The last time we saw Gia and Elijah around each other was just before Elijah was taken by Esther. They had this intense fight scene where Gia pinned him against the wall then proceeded to shove her hand into his chest and wrapped her hand around his heart sending elijah into a damn near frenzy. She felt the heat elijah felt the heat but Hayley strolled her ass into the room and killed the vibe so that was that. So again, last time they had any real on screen interaction one on one they were staring into each other’s eyes and sparks were clearly flying. 

We know that Gia was the one who first noticed that something was off about elijah not returning and that she was hard up to find him once she heard that he was really gone. So it’s safe to say that Gia was feeling elijah after their brief encounters. She respected him, she cared about him, and she felt some sparks. Even after elijah returned tho he went MIA and whatever. In the meantime Gia bonded with Marcel and stuff. 

So now here we are and we finally these two one on one again. I feel like this wasn’t the first time they had been together since elijah moved. They just seemed a little too comfortable for this to be their first time around each other since elijah came back, I think this is the first time we’ve seen it. It was always gonna be interesting to see how they interacted because of how they left things off and I was happy to see how interesting and relaxed their dynamic was. Apparently Elijah needs Gia’s help with getting into the good graces of a very powerful old ass witch that he needs to help him so that he can help Rebekah. Apparently he’s getting his chance to meet with her because Gia has been promised to play for her. Of course Gia is like why do I have to do this. She can’t help herself from literally questioning elijah and giving him a hard time over everything and I freaking love it. We learn that Gia isn’t a fan of beethoven and I also think she’s still not all the comfortable in her playing ability. We know she struggled with it after her transition and elijah was supposed to help her but well he was preoccupied of course so I think it’s safe to assume that she had to wing it on her own and though she can play again she still might not be all that confident in her playing like she once was. 

okay then we get to my first highlight of the night. Elijah is all look Gia this is all depending on you, I need this to help someone I love and if it doesn’t work because you want to be a brat I’m going to be upset now let’s go I don’t have all day. This fool literally snapped at Gia and started walking away like she was his pet that was supposed to obey him. Elijah is so full of himself and he’s so used to just commanding a certain respect and attention and having authority over people that he doesn’t even think about the fact that Gia might not listen to him. He just knew she was gonna fall in after he told her how he needs help to protect someone he loves and when he did that Gia proved why she’s my absolute fav and just the right speed for elijah when she straight up told his ass No. Gia was so unfazed by his little speech, she just sat there looking like IDGAF and when he tried to play her and boss her around she was like no fuck this why don’t you do something else. The way Elijah quickly turns around and looks at her almost shocked just cracks me up. He turned around like umm excuse me? He thought for sure that she was bout to listen and when she didn’t he felt so played like how dare she tell him no but he didn’t get mad. Because Gia told him no he’s forced to actually explain to her why he wants her help and what his plan is. I don’t get the sense that elijah is the type who likes to explain his reasoning to people, he will give you a little bit and expect you to fall in and that’s that but that shit wasn’t gonna fly with Gia, if he wanted to get her on board he was gonna have to put in more work that this. 

what I liked about his reaction tho is he didn’t get condescending to her or really try to make her do it and he took the complimentary approach. HE CALLED HER HIS DARLING GIA THEN HE CALLED HER A GIFTED MUSICIAN. Likeeeee I didn’t even know what to do with myself when he called her his darling Gia. I can’t remember the last time Elijah referred to a woman like that tbh and it seriously fucked me up because he spoke to her in such an affectionate way then he complimented her when he could tell that she was only fighting this whole thing because she was not confident in her playing abilities. He was so comfortable with her and it showed in the way he handled her. Elijah is really impressed with Gia as an artist, he genuinely thinks that she’s an excellent player and that makes me feels all sorts of things because elijah has probably heard all of the greats in person, he prolly played with the best of the best and he has this vast knowledge and could totally find a street violinist to be nothing compared to the music his ears have head but she’s a true artist and a gifted one in his eyes and that’s so special to me okay.After that he explains the whole thing about the lady despising vampires and and how this will require a certain breed of vampire, a certain breed of sophisticated vampire to win her favor. 

Now I need to take a brief moment to talk about this because I feel like this was overlooked far as quotes in this episode but I feel like this line was so indicative of Elijah’s POV about things and something really important. He thinks that to win over a woman who despises vampires you have to put on an aura of sophistication, you have to have drape yourself in class and civility, charm and politeness. You have to dress up in fancy clothes like you take yourself seriously, present yourself in a prim and proper manner and by doing so you can use that as a shield, as a cover to hide your true nature underneath it all. You gain acceptance as a vampire by being a smart sophisticated controlled vampire and If that’s not the Elijah mikaelson life motto then idk what is. That’s EXACTLY what he does. That’s why he wears his suits, that’s why he puts on his armor of nobility. It’s why he keeps his hands clean, why he’s controlled in his blood thirst and his actions, why he’s conscious of etiquette and proper behavior, it’s the reason why elijah carries himself the way he does. He presents himself as a completely different breed of vampire, a civilized more sophisticated version of a vampire because that’s how you have to be to be seen as more than the bloodsucking monster that you are. He’s talking about this with Gia to explain to her how they have to show this lady that their community is made up of a different kind of vampire but he’s really explaining why he presents himself as a different kind of vampire. He is basically telling he about the beliefs that drive the way he carrie himself and he probably doesn’t even realize it….but Gia does.

She’s like oh we have to be classy okay *eye roll*. She’s not really buying the fundamental beliefs behind this whole speech because she knows it’s a charade. Aint shit sophisticated about them vamps and nothing will ever be sophisticated about those vamps  but she’s now down for the cause so she’s like fine do you want me in a fancy dress. I loved the way she said that part and it’s my head canon that in that moment elijah said in his head no I want you out of a dress. I peeped how he was looking at her when we was talking about being sophisticated. Anyways, so I think it’s SO important that the first thing that came to mind when elijah told her the speech was the way you dress. She equated this sophisticated breed of vampire to her wearing a fancy nice classy dress which was key because the way you dress is the first symbol of Elijah’s flawed belief system. She made that connection between his suits and the flawed belief system that makes him wear those suits. His suits are the ultimate symbol of his sophistication and his civility. They are what represent who he thinks he is and who he wants to be. Elijah mikaelson is the vampire in a suit, set apart from other vampires, different superior, less monster-ish. His suits are literally the symbol of his psychosis and Gia recognized that shit which is why the thing that came to her mind that Elijah would want to change about her to symbolize her shift towards this new breed of superior vampire was how she dressed herself. He would want her in a dress to carry out her charade just like he wears his suits to carry out his. From the very beginning Gia saw straight through the armor that Elijah puts on and that’s one of the very first reasons I truly started shipping them, because she was one of the few around him who did that and she did it before she even fully understood his armor. 

When she mentions the dress Elijah tries to make it seem like the dress isn’t about that. The yeah sure he would want her in a dress but because you have to adapt to your audience you know, the dress isn’t about hiding how you are on the inside or anything deeper it’s simply that you can’t go see this classy lady in come combat boots and a leather Jacket you need to dress up. He’s trying to subtly disassociate attire from the sentiments that he expressed earlier because he knows that she has made the connection between his suits and his issues. To he pretends these two things are not fundamentally connected they are merely connected today by chance, because of the audience. Gia knows that’s bullshit which is why she makes fun of him next, she’s like okay sure I’ll wear a dress today to “adapt to my audience” but what about you? Which one of the suits that are the only thing that make up your wardrobe are you going to wear today? The black suit on the right side of your closet or the black suit on the left. She’s pointing out that her wearing a dress for today might be her adapting to her audience briefly but Elijah wearing his suits is not about him adapting for his audience. It’s what he puts on everyday it’s the idea he lives by, this false idea. She might be wearing her mask for today but he wears his mask everyday and he’s almost incapable of letting that go even a little bit. Elijah nows for sure she’s made the connection then and he knows he’s fucked so he’s like no I like the dark suit in the middle actually to be sassy because he doesn’t like that she’s figuring him out lol. Like real talk the way Gia gets Elijah and doesn’t mind picking at him for his problems just gives me life because usually the only other person you see actually making any sorta remarks about elijah’s suit wearing and his grand charade is Klaus and usually Klaus is harsh and malicious when he brings it up. It’s not to help him it’s to throw it in his face just for the sake of throwing it in his face or knock elijah down a few notches. Gia is making bringing it up because she finds it amusing and also a little bit endearing I dare say. I think she finds the way he puts on this show and the way he doesn’t think people notice his bullshit to be both problematic and charming. Like he REALLY believes that people aren’t capable of seeing straight through him and in her head she’s like “aww you’re really that delusional Elijah that’s so cute” lol

When he quips back at her about how he prefers the one in the middle she smiles and laughs at him and that’s when she says hands down the best gilijah quote to ever be created. 

“If anyone ever needed a woman to mess his life up a bit it…”

Gia basically summed up my meta on why elijah mikaelson needs Gia in his life with that one sentence tbh. She walks towards him all cute and shit smiling and staring him in the eyes and tells him he needs a woman to mess his life up a bit. Of course she’s talking about herself here. That’s the first sign that she gives him that she’s down for whatever the fuck this electricity is between the two of them and she does it so brilliantly though not smoothly, she actually fucked her own game up a bit but it was so cute. So why does she say that is the most significant question that needs to be answered here. Why does Gia think elijah needs a woman to mess his life up a bit and also what does she mean my mess it up? She says it because she can tell that Elijah is hiding parts of himself behind this carefully constructed facade that he does not want to let go and from her POV he needs someone the come in and mess that shit all up for him to he can let loose and let those parts of himself out. She thinks Elijah exercises too much control and he needs to let loose. Elijah is “stiff”, precise, he has a very hard time letting loose, he’s too controlled. She’s read him exactly right tbh and I think she knows that elijah would hate mess but mess is truly what he needs. Elijah and mess aren’t things that usually go hand and hand with each other. Mess is the antithesis of who he is. Mess is a symbol for his inherent flaws that he does not want to face, mess is the symbol for his lack of control, for his lack of civility. Mess is the symbol of being a vampire, a blood sucking murderous vampire that is disconnected from humanity and unable to function in a way that he deems is acceptable. He’s so convinced that by not being messy he can be superior, that he can be different, he can overcome his inherent flaws that he makes sure to limit mess in almost every part of his life, even the smallest part. The only part always mess is  his family and that’s exactly why it bothers him so much, because it’s so damn messy and he can not control it at all no matter how hard he tries. I think his messy family makes him want to control his own mess even more tbh because it’s a constant reminder of his and he doesn’t like it so he works overtime to make sure he controls what he can control to overcompensate for what he can not control.

 Everything is “clean” with him, even the way he murders. He’s precise, he’s controlled, he doesn’t make a mess typically, at least not like klaus who sometimes will kill a bitch in the messiest way possible just because he feels like it. Elijah doesn’t leave evidence of his depravity, on his body or in it’s surroundings unless he’s trying to make a point. He doesn’t make a mess like other vampires do, like monsters do. In elijah’s mind a messy vampire is a vampire that is unable to control his bloodlust around the woman he loves so he sinks his fangs into her neck brutally and drains her of every ounce of blood she has leaving her covered in blood and himself in it as well.That vampire is a monster. A non messy different breed of vampire which he thinks he is, strategically pulls out hearts in a swift manner to minimize blood spatter and who quickly cleans his hands afterwards. Where there is mess their is chaos, there is darkness, there is violence and everything he does not want to be so he keeps the mess at bay in almost every single part of his life and by doing so it has stifled him for centuries, leaving him unable to truly bend and be free and be in the moment and truly live. 

That’s why Gia thinks he needs someone to mess his life up a bit. He’s so controlled and that it makes him keep whole parts of himself, really great and funny and charming and beautiful parts of himself tucked away and life passes him by every day while he is unable to truly enjoy it and enjoy who he is. So he needs someone who will bring mess, who will knock a few suits off their hangers, who will leave paper scattered across his floor, who will leave a trail of blood from his living room to his bedroom. He needs someone to bring a beautiful chaos to his carefully constructed and controlled environment that will force him out of his comfort zone completely and make him re-evalaute everything he thinks and knows and believes about his life. To gia there is beauty in mess, there is life in mess, there is passion in mess, there is fun and happiness and peace in mess and Elijah is someone who needs a good mess in the form  of a woman, a rebellious, challenging, messy but perfectly okay with her mess kinda woman, to sweep into his life to help him break away from a lot of the things he holds on to and start truly living. And that is basically why I love the idea of Gia and Elijah. There is nothing like facing a person who has the same mess that you have and is okay with their mess. Who lives and thrives in your kinda mess while you yourself are unable do so. It holds a mirror up to your face and forces you to stare at your own mess and if it’s effective it challenges you to face it head on and dive right in instead of running away from it and cloaking it in a shield to hide it. It forces you to start to become comfortable with your mess and abandon everything you use to keep it carefully swept under the rug. When she said that line I screamed out loud. I was like THAT’S IT. that’s exactly what elijah needs in his life right now, a good ass dose of mess that challenges everything he thinks he knows and believes about himself, about life, about love, about family, about relationships, about everything. He need someone that will fuck his whole world up in a good way so he can finally come out of this shit he’s been in for 1000 years. 

Esther understood this very principle of mess and how it applied to her son’s problems. She understood why elijah was the way he was and she knew that get to him she needed to make him messy. She needed to rip open is red door and show him his hidden away mess. She wanted to show him how messy he really is, how dirty his hands really are and how chaotic and dark he truly is on the inside because of this vampire nature that he tries to carefully dress up. And she wanted to do that in order to break him, she straight up told him that she wanted to break him mentally in order to make him see why he should completely abandon this nature and take her offer to be human,it was the only way to get him to see that she knew what was best. If he could be confronted with the mess he’s hidden away for 1000 years, if he could see the extent of the chaos he’s caused and could cause in the future he would see that the only way forward was to abandon what caused the mess in the first place and what will always cause the mess. The only way he can truly be the person he so desperately wishes he was is to disassociate himself from the cause of his mess completely and that cause was vampirism. He wanted to fuck elijah’s whole world as he knew it up and she almost did but she wasn’t truly successful because elijah’s delusions run so deep and his ability to compartmentalize and hide his problems away is so that he appears functional and feels functional is so masterful that he was able to still hold on to his grand illusion and his delusions after her attempt to break him. It might be slipping through to his fingertips but he somehow still manages to keep a death grip on it most of the time, that’s how programmed he is. Esther’s approach to bringing mess to Elijah’s life wasn’t completely effective because it was the wrong kinda mess and with the wrong intentions. Her form of mess was highlighting everything wrong which brought nothing but hurt to Elijah and made him fight harder to counteract it and keep it tucked away

The type of mess that Gia is talking about is mess that could bring healing. Mess that will highlight the good and the not so good and show you how the not so good is actually okay sometimes and that if not so good that isn’t okay it can be fixed if you confront it and want it to be fixed. It’s the kinda mess that makes you feel good, that wakes up your senses and makes you feel so alive that you wanna keep diving head first into in. The mess that makes you wanna cloak yourself in it and roll around in instead of running far far away from it because doing so is true freedom. He doesn’t need to disassociate himself from all the things he views as flaws and deficits,  he needs to embrace them and figure out how to balance it out. And that’s why I always knew that a relationship with Gia, any kinda real relationship with Gia could be just what elijah needs, that he literally needs this woman in his life because Gia is messy and unashamed. Gia ass dived head first into this mess. She wanted to be turned , she wanted everything that elijah doesn’t want to want. She was tired of running from a certain life and decided that her place was with this community of unsophisticated unapologetic vampires and that is the anti of everything that is elijah mikaelson is and Elijah actually LIKES that about her and doesn’t view her like he views himself and his flaws. I always felt that by being around her and having her challenge him and point out his shit the way she does and by seeing straight through his facade and refusing to buy into it from jump she could be someone that opened elijah’s eyes to who he truly is and help him see that who ii is okay so it helps him embrace himself. Just being around her the couple times that he was brought out a different side of elijah that felt more full of life and authentic than he’s ever felt to to me. Gia wouldn’t change him but she wouldn’t place him in this box and enable him in his problems and by doing so she would help facilitate a shift in how elijah views himself and vampirisim and that’s what he needs. I’m going to stop here since I have more to say about this topic later on but yeah I just have a  lot of feelings about these two okay lol 

I liked how bold but just not tactful gia was in her blatant thirst for elijah there at the end tho. She was like you need a bish like me to fuck your life up and you could tell when she was saying it in her head she was like “oh good job gia way to be smooth girl” and then when she realized how she may have inadvertently triggered his feelings for Hayley she was like “ahh shit gia you fucked it up girl now it’s awkward he about to be thinking about his old bitch great” and elijah was so funny, he got all awkward too like “oh yeah great I was actually feelin this but you totally just reminded me of how how my heart just got stumped on thanks a lot gia now this is weird” lol I thought it was so cute how she stumbled over her words and he finished her sentences for her while staring off into space. He was like make it stop please lmao. Gia had a good recovery tho so I gotta give it to my girl. She gone bring up how she thought her and Marcel would had a thing but it didn’t really pan out like she wanted to. she was like hey it’s cool you just got done with this woman and was unlucky in romance I understand bae, I was just unlucky in romance too so we’re in the same ocean ya know even if our situations aren’t the same. I loved Elijah’s expression when Gia brought that up, he was already like oh God make it stop why is Gia doing this to me but then she gone bring up how she had a thing with Marcel and he got all wide eyed like “oh for real what kinda thing and why are you telling me this gia I thought you was feeling me fuck I don’t wanna hear about you and marcel having a thing whatever the tf that is” haha. Then he just watched her walk away from him and watched her leave and his expression was everything to me because I feel like he was legit left so confused internally by the whole thing. He didn’t know how to take that whole conversation or her. She hit his sore spots more than once, she figured his ass out effortlessly, she challenged him, she blatantly flirted with him and basically spelled it out that she wanna fuck him and his world up and then she just peaced out on him and he’s just left standing there like “What is a Gia and what is she trying and succeeding at doing to me? Ion like it but I dooooo”. 

I’ll save the rest for part 2 bye lol 

tagging my elijah loving homies because I’m curious to know what ya’ll think! 

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Haylijah Appreciation Week

Day Seven: Free choice.

I had another post planned for this last day, but it was taking so long for me to make it, and this last episode had so much Haylijah content, and I saw some things people were saying (especially regarding Hayley) that I don’t necessarily agree with, so I decided to write a little something about this episode instead - specifically that scene. Yes, you know the one. The one everyone would like to pretend never happened (although, personally, I think the scene where Elijah told Hayley that he’s moving out is more heartbreaking, but that’s neither here nor there). Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on Haylijah in this episode.
It took me a while to understand what Elijah was thinking when he went to see Hayley for that scene, and the conclusion I came to was that even though they had their goodbye time together a couple episodes ago, Elijah never really, truly believed he and Hayley were over. There was some part of him, probably a big part judging by his hopeful, soft, lovey-dovey expressions before that scene (his body language reminded me of their domestic kitchen scene, when Elijah was nervous to be around her), there was some part of him that was convinced there was still hope for them to end up together - that, somehow, the wedding wouldn’t actually happen, that everything would work out.
This confused me at first, because Elijah is so smart, a strategist who can’t breathe without thinking twenty steps into the future, so how could he have missed something as huge as the end of their relationship? Let’s think, for a moment, about the life he’s lived. His family cheats death repeatedly. Someone dies, they come back to life. People jump from body to body. Elijah’s world, from the time his parents invented vampires, has been comprised of endings that aren’t absolute. Someone’s dying? Whatever. Vampire. Problem solved. Someone’s dead? Okay, let’s bring them back, because there are clearly so many ways to do it. The love of your life is getting married? No problem.
Except the love of his life is Hayley, and Hayley didn’t grow up in this magic world. She grew up in a world where if someone died, they stayed dead. If someone became a hybrid, there was no going back to being just a wolf. If someone ended a relationship, that relationship was over. Remember that Hayley is a doer, not a planner like Elijah. She doesn’t spend so much time in her head. She said goodbye to Elijah, and he let her leave, and as far as she was concerned, that was the end of it. There was no going back. In contrast to Elijah’s expressions prior to that scene, look at Hayley’s. She’s accepted their circumstances, braced herself for them, resigned herself to them. She is completely prepared to move on with her life. Look at her smile when she sees Elijah in the doorway. She looks sad, bittersweet, because in her mind Elijah’s already become her lost love. And, in Hayley’s world, lost loves don’t come back from the dead.
But Elijah, in the mindset of someone who grew up in a world where anything is possible, who’s just gone through an emotionally-draining ordeal that left him in less control of his feelings, who’s just spent the night with the woman he loves for the first time and has just begun to envision what it would be like to actually be with her, refuses to give up on them just yet. And it’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking, and tragic, because Elijah walks into that room so open, soul laid bare, willingly wearing his heart on his sleeve. He went into that room the way someone in our world gets ready to propose. All his love was on his face and his tragically sweet googly eyes.
And you can tell that Hayley could see it (and how could she not? he wasn’t even trying to hide how he felt anymore) by how she immediately closes off. What’s important to note here is that she had already said goodbye to him. She had already felt that pain, mourned what could have been, and sealed those feelings away in a box to ignore in willful ignorance for the rest of eternity, like any normal hybrid entering into an arranged marriage would do. What Elijah was about to say (and, let’s be honest, we all know what he was about to say) would just open up that box and bring out all those painful feelings again, for no reason, because there is no going back in Hayley’s world, remember? In her mind, she and Elijah had missed their chance, and him bringing this up to her again, now, when she had already prepared herself to be married to someone else, was completely unfair. And hearing those words he’d never said to her, but she’d always known he felt? That would an equisite kind of torture, and Hayley chose to opt out of that.
So she tells him not to say what he had intended to say. She tells him not to keep living on false hope, to accept what she’s already accepted, not to cause both of them more unnecessary pain. Look at how she’s shaking her head at him. She’s denying the idea of hope, the idea that maybe there’s still a chance for them. She isn’t saying no, I don’t love you, she’s saying no, Hayley, don’t get your hopes up, keep it together, you know that this is not going to happen. Do not let yourself believe in the possibility of a happy ending with Elijah.
Let’s take a minute to look at this from Hayley’s perspective. From the very beginning of their relationship (I’ve said this before and I stand by it), Hayley’s been the one pushing for more. Granted most of the time it ended up being more of a gentle nudge than a push, maybe even just a couple pokes really, but it was always Hayley being the first to dip her toes in the “what if we were more than friends?” water. And what happened? Elijah said no. She went to hold his hand, he pulled away and said it’s not safe, then he held her hand, and then he left. She kissed him first, and he left. She gave him the opportunity to give her a reason to not marry Jackson, and he literally told her to marry someone else. So many of their conversations were basically just Hayley silently daring him to give them a chance, urging him to give her any sign that there was hope for them, and regardless, she did hold out hope for a very, very long time. Despite Elijah’s mixed signals, his backwards way of keeping her safe, his ‘noble’ tendencies, she kept putting herself out there for him, and for what? To have him tell her to marry someone else. He had so many chances to do something about his feelings for her, and he chose not to. It was his decision. And then, after Hayley has finally said goodbye to that relationship, finally committed herself to life without him, finally started to move on, that is when he decides to do something? No. No, it’s not fair of him to do this now. No, it’s too cruel. No, no, no.
The thing is, if we take away all the werewolf army/protecting Hope/ruling New Orleans whatnot, if the choice is simply Elijah or Jackson, period, and if Hayley chooses Jackson, she isn’t really choosing Jackson. She’s choosing easy over hard. She’s choosing stability over uncertainty. Her life was incredibly difficult and lonely, and then miraculously, she found two amazing men at the same time. One was a great love - passionate, intense, painful. Like Hayley said, since the moment she met Elijah, she has felt everything for him. And everything means everything. Love, hate, sadness, anger, everything. He makes her feel so much. But he is also uncertain. He’s spent most of their relationship pulling away from her romantically, setting up boundaries between them. He’s changed his mind now, sure, but who’s to say he won’t change his mind again? Hayley has no way of knowing. Choosing Elijah would be choosing intense feeling, love more intense than she’d ever known, but it would also be risking her heart more than she’d ever risked it. And then there’s Jackson, about whom she cares very much, but he doesn’t make her feel everything. When she told Elijah she thought that Jackson could make her happy, she was telling the truth, but the only happiness she’ll find with Jackson is a calm, peaceful contentment. When Hayley’s heart is on the line, Jackson is safety. Elijah is dangerous. Jackson is to Elijah what a soft breeze is to a hurricane. He’s pleasant, and she’ll always be grateful he’s there, but will she ever hate him? Probably not. Does he have the potential to destroy her? Not so much. But he also doesn’t have the potential to be as exciting, as wild as Elijah is. She’ll never feel as alive with Jackson as she does with Elijah.
And that’s what she wants right now. She’s been through so much pain in her life, choosing the calm summer breeze over the wild storm seems like a smart idea. Keep in mind that Hayley’s number one priority right now is keeping her daughter. All she wants is to spend time with Hope, and that will be so much easier if she’s linked to a man she trusts to be steadfast in his feelings for her.
What we need to keep in mind is that this is very much a right now decision. This is not a lifelong commitment Hayley is making. If Jackson were a hybrid and she were faced with spending an eternity with him, I don’t think she would have gone through with it as easily as she did. But, as it is, there’s an expiration date on this marriage, and when that time comes, she will have spent enough time in that stable relationship to have healed her heart enough to be willing to risk it on that storm again. Not that I think Hayley is planning on getting together with Elijah after Jackson dies. I don’t think she’s thinking that far ahead. She’s just thinking about how to keep her daughter and herself safe, and this is the best way to do it.
But that’s not the reasoning Hayley gave Elijah, is it? No, she told him that it was because he could never tell her how he felt. Like I said, he could never fully make that commitment. She gave him so many opportunities, but he never said the words. She probably thought he’d never say the words, maybe even began to doubt that he felt them at all. And for some of us, it might be hard to understand why it’s so important that Elijah never said “I love you” while Jackson did, freely, without coercion and with no expectation of hearing it in return. It’s even hard for me to understand, because it’s so unlike me, but in trying to understand these two characters, it’s vitally important to realise that it is essential to Hayley that she surround herself with people who show her affection openly, who are honest about their feelings. She needs to know, at all times, where she stands with her family. If I had to guess, I would say that this comes from being so alone throughout her life, from never really feeling as though she belonged anywhere or as though anyone truly valued her. But, regardless of the why, the fact is that Hayley needs the person she ends up with to be able to communicate with her about his feelings. She needs that in her life. She needs the reassurance of someone choosing her above everyone else. She needs to know, absolutely, to hear it in words, that she is loved. And from her experience with Elijah, he is not a man who can do that (and Hayley, as always, respects his character - instead of trying to change him, she tells him that it’s okay for him to be the way he is - which is the truth, because that’s the man with whom she fell in love, after all) no matter what his actions may indicate. Can Elijah become the sort of man who is open about his feelings? I have no doubt. He’s already taken significant strides in that direction, in this episode alone, and I think that in time, he’ll be able to give Hayley what she needs. But, right now? Not quite.
I applaud Mr. Gillies for his wonderful performance here. Since this scene is essentially Hayley rejecting Elijah, his reactions are what make it so heartbreaking, and he did a wonderful job. Stabbing myself in the face might be less painful than literally watching Elijah’s heart break. But I think that Elijah needed this, because he’s been under the assumption that Hayley would always just be there, waiting for him, and all he would have to do is change his mind and voila, they’d be together. No. No, he needs to contribute, too. The thing is that Elijah, like Hayley, has suffered a great amount of pain in his life and, like Hayley, he’s responded by closing himself off. The difference is that loving Hayley is what inspired Elijah to start to open up again - not a lot, just a crack in his armour, but it’s a start. He’ll get there. Hayley, on the other hand, closed off because of Elijah, because saying goodbye to him forever was too painful for her. So while Elijah was just beginning to allow himself to believe in the possibility of another love, Hayley was determinedly shoving that possibility as far out of her mind as possibile, because Elijah never gave her any hint that could see a relationship with her. Hopefully what Elijah learns from this is to seize opportunities, to spend less time weighing options or worrying about consequences. I want to see him evolve, develop, improve. He deserves that. He deserves better than remaining static for eternity. But I digress.
His face when Hayley tells him that he never said those words is so important. That’s his 'I messed up’ face. That’s the face of a man who is realising, in one sickening, horrifying instant, that’s he’s made a horrendous mistake that he may never get the opporunity to rectify. That is the face of Elijah realising that he has lost Hayley, and the worst part is, he could have prevented it. He had every opportunity. He was perfectly capable of preventing this from happening. But he didn’t.
I’ve seen people calling Hayley cruel in this scene, and in a way I agree with them, though I’m not sure there’s a way to break someone’s heart without being cruel. But we have to remember that Hayley has struggled for a long time. And she’s young, probably younger than some of you reading this. She’s been through a lot, and she’s been incredibly unhappy, and been in so much pain. Her life has been so hard. She just wants things to be easy. She just wants to wake up able to hold her daughter and be happy. She deserves that. She deserves to put herself first. And I will never fault her for standing in front of the man she loves and telling him, as kindly as she knows how, that pursuing their relationship at the moment would just be too painful for her. All she wants is to be happy, and all Elijah wants is for her to be happy - or, at least, that was all he wanted. Now he’s open to being a little selfish every once in a while. Now he wants more.
But he’ll settle for giving Hayley any happiness he can, even if it murders his feelings-place in the process, because he too knows that Hayley deserves it.
Do I think this is the end of Haylijah? Not even a little. They’ll live forever, they have time to find their way back to each other. But for right now they need to focus on healing so that, when they can finally be together, they’ll be able to make it last.

lindaf5367  asked:

I personally think in ep. 5 its going to come to a situation where Mikael will have both Cami and Hayley held hostage and its going to come to a point where Klaus will have to choose to save one and I think he'll choose Cami. I mean him and Hayley really aren't that close and from what we know Klaus values Cami's life very much, and he also has strong romantic feelings for her. I just don't at all see him choosing Hayley and I ship Klayley, but that's my opinion.

ehh I don’t think that situation will come to that really and Marcel will be there as well seems like so I don’t think it would come down to that but we’ll have to agree to disagree on who klaus would save. If Mikael had cami and hayley’s life in his hands klaus would hands down choose hayley in my opinion, even just by default because like how could he look his daughter in the face when she grows up without her mother. Like oh sorry sweetheart you mom is gone despite the fact that I could have saved her because well there was this woman that I liked there as well and she was gonna die and me liking her was more important than you having a mother at home. By not choosing hayley he would be basically sentencing his daughter to grow up without a mother and I could never see Klaus doing that not for Cami who he cares about but doesn’t love and isn’t even involved in a romantic relationship with. He wouldn’t do that for anybody if you ask me. I mean Hope comes before everyone and if it’s within his power to make sure she has her mother around then that’s what he’s going to do without question. Klaus would sacrifice himself if it meant keeping hope safe and making sure she has a good life so I can never see him willing to sacrifice her growing up with a mother for anyone. If it’s out of his hands then that’s one thing but if he has the power to either make sure his daughter has her mother or save a girl he has feelings for he’s choosing hayley all day everyday, and again that’s not a slight to cami or her importance, that’s a testament of the lengths Klaus would go for the most important person in the world to him, his daughter. 

Like I said I don’t think it would come down to that so it’s all probably moot anyway but yeah We’ll just have to agree to disagree. 

so I was sitting here thinking about klaus and how adamant he is that he can save his daughter, how he just has to save her and how he feels he’s the only one who can save her. I talked a lot today about why he would feel that way but while I was thinking about something else a little while ago I realized something else that might be on his mind and factoring into his feeling that only he can save her and why he’s acting the way he is about keeping Hayley and Hope close to him so that he can. These are just random thoughts that I hope make sense 

If we go back to the season premiere Klaus was VERY broken over loosing his daughter. He knew she was alive but still he grieved not having her and a major part of his intense grief he felt was because of his guilt over what happened, over what his actions lead to and how he wasn’t able to stop what happened to Hayley and almost to his child until it was too late. It was eating away at him, he couldn’t even be around Hayley and could barely look at her in the eyes when he finally had to face her because she had died, she had died after giving birth and their child was taken and was seconds away from being sacrificed and because of the mess they had to send her away. He felt such guilt over that whole thing even though he did everything he could to get to hayley and hope and save them before the witches did anything. technically he failed to save Hayley and he almost failed to save Hope. 

I thought about this because that whole situation in the finale happened because Klaus took his eyes off of Hayley and didn’t know where she was. When the vamps attacked the compound he told Elijah to get Hayley to safety, that’s it and Elijah didn’t do that but HE DIDN’T KNOW. not only didn’t he know that Hayley hadn’t gotten away from the compound but he also didn’t know where she really could have been until it was too late. By the time he had realized Genevieve’s treachery his power had been drained and Hayley was already gone and in the hands of the witches leaving him completely unable to save her and hope. 

That can’t happen again in Klaus’s head. He can’t make that same mistake twice he just can’t because it would be too costly. So that’s why he feels like he needs to keep them close to him and he needs to have as much control over there whereabouts as possible, because last time he relinquished that control Hayley ended up dead and his daughter almost did too and that guilt tore him apart. At the safe house he knows where they are and that they are for sure safe for the time being even if he’s not watching them every second. There is no doubt there since the spell is still working and Dahlia cant come in there. At the compound he would know where they are, he would get to them in time, he has a chance to do something in time. Last time he had no idea where Hayley was until he instinctively picked up her screams/howls and once he did get there it was too late, she was in labor already and there was nothing he could do because he had no strength. That’s why he wants them where she has control, next to him of at the very least where he knows how to find them anywhere else he doesn’t have that control. Any other alternative threatens to have history repeat itself because if Hayley is out there without him, where he doesn’t know where she is exactly and can get to her and hope then he will for sure loose her and his daughter, two things he can not handle.If Dahlia finds Hayley she will kill her, Hayley will die and his daughter will be taken AGAIN and by the time he finds them, by the time he gets there it will be too late to prevent it AGAIN  and it’s even scarier this time because If Hayley dies she’s not coming back and he will feel the devastation of her death again and even greater this time and if Hope gets taken he’s not gonna get her back, as skilled of a witch Dahlia is she could hide her forever if she wanted too so he will feel the devastation of loosing his daughter again and it will be an unbearable. He can not loose Hope, he can’t, he can’t loose Hayley either. 

Klaus is terrified of his own potential failure and history repeating itself in a more devastating fashion 

Things klaus has done for hayley and the baby

since I saw so many posts that completely downplay any and everything does or has done in order to prop up elijah I felt the need to make this post. I’m all for legit criticism of klaus and some of his actions but the complete disregard for what’s he’s done is just bothersome to me. This is in no way saying anything klaus done has been better that elijah or to downplay anything elijah has done or to compare and contrast the actions of the two. This is just so talk about what klaus himself has done for the benefit of his child and her mother. So let’s get started shall we! 

  • agreed to go along with the witches plan thus saving hayley’s and the baby’s life- He didn’t react well to the news and it took some convincing and he may not have even done it for the right reasons initially but he ultimately made a decision that only he could make and he made the right one. He could have said fuck it all but he didn’t. He agreed to it and because of that hayley and the baby are still alive and breathing 
  • opened his home to her and provided her with every thing she needed- now in an effort to be objective I will say this isn’t a solely klaus thing. That home is shared by him and elijah and they both opened it up at her and provided her with everything she might need. 
  • continued to open up his home and protect her while elijah was gone-this one is a big stickler for me because klaus could have legit kicked hayley out the house and not given a fuck about her after he daggered elijah. People say he never protected her or kept her safe but she was at that house safe and sound for 3 whole months. Not a single hair on her head was harmed and not a single need she had wasn’t met. Even her smallest complaints seemed to be met like her complaint about the heat keeping her awake. He cared about her comfort and saw to it that the problem was addresses immediately. He didn’t have to do any of this, he could have been a completer jerk to her, he could have kicked her out but he didn't 
  • He went to her personally and told her that elijah was going to be returning- he knew that she really wanted him back and how much it met to her so he went and told her that the plan to get him back was successful and that he would be returning. There was nothing to gain by him telling her this and he did it solely to make her happy . 
  • immediately abandoned his shenanigans with davina and tim at the church to go find her when Rebekah told him she had been attacked in the bayou-I added the abandoned his scheming part because that’s something that rebekah pointed out on the show, even she was surprised by klaus’s actions. He went to that bayou to look for her when he heard she was in danger and he was upset that she was gone  when he finally got out there and spoke to Rebekah
  • practically shoved rebekah out the way so that he could get to her when he saw her stumbling towards them-When he sees her in IMMEDIATELY runs to her aid. He’s was concerned about her well being and the child’s and he desperately asks her what happened while he checks her injuries. When he sees that her injuries have healed he’s confused and doesn’t even believe it. He can’t understand how she’s okay after what she went through and continues to check her for injuries even after it appears she’s completely healed thinking that she still might be hurt. He didn’t relax until Rebekah pointed out that the baby healed her. 
  • Threatened to do something to sophie and kill every witch in new orleans because of what they did to her- some people might forget about this but I haven’t. He is livid that the witches who were supposed to be holding up their end of the bargain while he upholds his were the ones behind this. He falsely thinks it’s Sophie at first and threatens to harm her, when hayley points out that it’s was agnes behind the whole thing he doesn’t even care. All he knows is that the witches hurt her and the baby and he wanted them to pay, he didn’t care who it was, he wanted to kill ALL of them.
  • Listened to her when she says that she was tired and wanted to go home and caught her when she almost fell-I said another time before that I wouldn’t give him a big pat on the back for catching her because only a real jerk would let a pregnant woman fall BUT… I think it’s noteworthy that when she says she just wants to go home to sleep he doesn’t put up any kinda fuss and takes just takes heed to her request. Hayley wants to go home we going home, hayley wants to sleep she’s going sleep. Whatever she wants whatever makes her comfortable once again. As she’s getting up he never let’s his eyes leave her for a second and because of that he’s able to catch her when she’s about to fall. He was still watching her, he was still making sure she was okay. Rebekah was right on side of her yet it’s klaus who see’s her stumbling and catches her and it’s because his eyes never left her that entire time. 
  • He made arrangements with sophie so that nothing about hayley led back to marcel- Klaus has a conversation with sophie after the bayou incident where he explicitly states that he doesn’t want anything leading back to marcel about hayley or the baby. The werewolf left bodies of witches scattered in the bayou and sophie wants to go get them to consecrate them. Klaus knows that marcel has eyes on her and everything and he’s concerned that one of marcel’s informants will somehow find about hayley and the baby and put them in harms way which he doesn’t want to happen. He’s also still very upset that the witches attacked hayley.
  • Enlisted the help of father kieran and the human faction to find agnes- after klaus finds out what agnes did to hayley with the needle and what it does he knows he needs to find her. He goes to the father kieran and the human faction so that they can use their resources to snuff her out which is what leads to them finding her. Father kieran finds her and wants to kill her himself but klaus, who wants to talk to agnes in hopes of figuring out a way to undo what she did and save the baby convinces him not to. He even goes as far as threatening Cami’s life to make father kieran bring agnes to the church so he can confront her and figure out a ways to reverse the curse. Agnes tells him there’s nothing she can do which angers him and he is determined to kill her for what he did. He explicitly says do not touch my family aka  how dare you harm hayley and my child. He’s going to kill her when…well ya’ll know the rest of the story. Point is NONE of that would have been possible if it wasn’t for klaus and his actions. 
  • He panicked when he found out that marcel has figured out where he lived and most likely know knows about hayley, he then really panics when he finds out that she’s gone. He proceeds to attack a vampire to get marcel’s attention and he and elijah question marcel to find out if he’s taken hayley.  
  • He didn’t hesitate to give sabine his blood for the locator spell to find her- The only way to find hayley is to do a locator spell and since she’s carrying his child his blood is the only blood that will work. He already knows this and Sabine doesn’t even have to ask for the blood he immediately gives it to her so she can find her and he paces back and forth anxious to hear her location so that he can get to her. 
  • He figured out that tyler was the one who kidnapped hayley and goes after him-Klaus and elijah both go out to the bayou looking for hayley but it’s klaus who picks up on tyler’s scent in those woods and put two and two together about what’s happened to her. He then tells elijah that he’s going to kill tyler lockwood himself and when he finds tyler he gets on him for harming hayley and whips his ass. I would also like to add that although this isn’t a compare and contrast thing with elijah, klaus actually does the most work to find her and avenge her here. Hayley saved herself in this situation so neither klaus nor elijah did that BUT klaus’s blood was the reason they found her location, klaus was the reason they found out who had taken her, and klaus was the one who confronted her attacker. 
  • He told had her at the dinner to welcome the new vampires and told them to pay her the appropriate respects- First off he doesn’t have to have her there and he doesn’t have to say ANY of the things he said about her. He tells the vampires that as the mother of his child she is owed the proper respects. He joins her on her side of the table and puts his hand on her shoulder in an effort to sorta show tenderness and to show a sign of solidarity between them for the vampires. Again he didn’t have to tell them anything about her. He could have taken her to the compound locked her in a dungeon, forced her to stay in her room. He could have not given a damn about how the vampires treat her but he did care. He cared enough to tell them that she’s off limits and that they better respect her and her place in his life and in his home. 
  • He ordered the slaughter of all the werewolves- not I know it may seem odd to include this one because it actually endiing up hurting her. Klaus’s actions were very misguided in this situation BUT his intentions were good and only to protect her and please her. What some might not notice is it wasn’t actually the vampires remarks that prompted him to order the slaughter of those wolves. When he addressed the hybrid rumors not a single vampire in the room said a thing. Hayley was the one who made a slick comment indicating that she didn’t believe him. He did that to earn HER trust not to earn the trust of the vampires and he did it to keep her safe. Klaus didn’t feel the need to offer a demonstration of how much he didn’t want to make hybrids until hayley made her comment THAT’S what prompted his rash decision. He figured she wouldn’t be that upset because she didn’t really know her family and they had abandoned her. Of course he was wrong and she did care but he was right when he said that if there are no werewolves none of those vampires would have a reason to hurt her or the baby. That was a very real threat at the time because in the previous episode we saw tyler trying to convince them that they needed to help him get rid of the baby so that klaus couldn’t make hybrids. Rebekah came and shut that down but that was still something they could have decided to do in the event that they didn’t believe klaus when he said that wasn’t what his intentions were. Again his order was extreme but he didn’t do it just because he wanted to werewolves and her family dead, it was coming from the right place and it was to protect her and the baby.
  • He gave her her own body guards for her protection at the compound-it’s another one of the things that makes klaus , well klaus but he’s concerned about something happening to hayley and the baby so gives her her own people to keep watch over her. Was it unnecessary?, probably not but it’s was out of concern for her safety and the baby’s safety. 
  • He’s was worried when she wanted to go out during hurricane davina to help the wolves and he get’s concerned when he sees she’s upset over elijah- He see’s that she’s attempting to go out during the storm which is a bad idea so he, in a very klaus like way, basically tells her that it isn’t the best idea and he wasn’t about to let her put herself and his child in harms way like that. He recognizes why she wants to do it though. She’s worried about her family and she’s upset about her fall out with elijah. That moves him and he takes her along with him to the church where he knows that she can fulfill her desire to help the wolves while still being safe.While he’s there he also offers her advice about how to repair things with elijah so that she doesn’t feel bad anymore. He cared about her physical and emotional well-being here. 
  • Klaus was concerned about the threat the suddenly resurrected papa tunde posed to his child
  • Klaus told rebekah that he wants to raise his child in new orleans and create better stories for her than the ones that he and he’s family has written do far.
  • Klaus told elijah that if there is going to be peace then he needs to start with the werewolves- He tells elijah the same thing that hayley does when It comes to the treaty, he can’t leave the werewolves out. He knows that not giving hayley’s family a seat at the table is unfair and counterproductive and he advocates briefly for her cause. 
  • He respected her wish to be in the bayou- Episode 8 klaus practically made hayley come with him to the compound, he could have done the same thing when his thing with Rebekah was done but he respected her wish to remain in the bayou. He recognized that is what she wanted and that she was safe with her family so he made no fuss about it and not once tried force her to come back just so that she can be under his thumb at all times. He cared about her physical safety but knew that wasn’t at risk with her fam out there so her emotional well being one, she was happy there, that’s where she wanted to be so he respected that. 
  • When he see’s that the treaty will inevitably collapse he decides to be proactive to protect hayley and her family and the baby-He approaches Jackson with the plan for the moonlight rings so that he can help them regain their position in new orleans leaving then less vulnerable to the other supernatural species. He specifically tells Jackson that he’s doing this because the safety of that family unity is what he wants for his child. His goal is to help hayley’s family and his family so that the werewolf community is strong and able to defend themselves against the other factions. By doing so that helps to give hayley’s family what they lost back and it gives them more power to protect themselves so they will no longer be at the mercy of vampires and witches, they no longer have to fear being cursed or attacked. They can begin to thrive once again. He wants all of that because that’s what you be most beneficial to Hayley and that’s what would be most beneficial to his child. Its to protect her and to somehow give her and her mother a stable life. 

These are all things that Klaus has done and is currently doing to help his child and hayley. It’s all from the episodes, none of this is made up or spun to make klaus look good. All of this ACTUALLY HAPPENED. So tell me again how klaus hasn’t done anything and has never cared?