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Calling it now: we’re watching the history of the Fn/Ry fandom play out again in real-time with Fn/Rse re: open hostility to multishipping 

Stage 1: Reylo shippers start liking the thing

Stage 2: Antis hijack the thing and declare that Reylo shippers cannot touch it

Stage 3: Gradually, Reylo shippers give up on trying to interact with/create content for the thing due to overwhelming vitriol and hostility

Stage 4: “Have you noticed that Reylos NEVER have anything about the thing on their blogs? I WONDER WHY HMMM" 

Stage 5: Some intrepid multishipper tries to make a Reylo-friendly space to enjoy the thing, gets burned to the ground 

Stage 6: The last few holdout multishippers start to give up 

Stage 7: "See, we told you the Reylos never cared about the thing." 

(BONUS) Stage 8: "Why don’t we have more content for the thing?”

Empty Walls Part One

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Summary: Dean Winchester is a mob Boss. He runs Lawrence, Kansas in tight quarters after the deaths of his parents. His brother, Sam leaves off with a girl he met, leaving Dean to run the city by himself. Can Dean handle the stress or will it cause him a terrible loss in the long run?

Word Count: 1092

Warnings: a few swears, mentions parents deaths

also, I have a marvel blog @caplanbuckybarnes in case y’all wondered why you got tagged in this fic lol

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I just need to say that you are awesome and thanks for support Jared the way you do. Knowing that he is not perfect and he not always gonna take the decissions we like. Still focus on the positive, on his kind soul. These couple of days watching how people judge him just because he decide say or not Say something, i mean... Ughhh. I just want him fine and safe. So glad i found your blog! And you have a wonderful and equal talented group of Friends that I of course admire and follow too.

@patiletoproblems this is such a lovely, nice and kind message! Thank you so much for it!!! 

I wouldn’t know a reason to show my admiration in a different way. There is so much I get out of following Jared. He gives me music that helps me to deal with pretty much any emotion. I can blast for example Attack when I’m angry at something. I can listen to Alibi or the acoustic version of A Beautiful Lie when my world crushes again. Although I already knew all the things he says, it’s good to be reminded, to hear someone speaking about it aloud, to get told, take the next step if it’s bad and if it gets worse, take another step and that after every valley there must follow a high-point. It’s the law of life. I never thought, I would get all these things out of a singer, a band. And the least I ever expected was to make friends that understand me better than most I know physically. I feel barely alone anymore thanks to my girls @mars-avenue, @avaj99 and @thepromiseofanend! But also because of all those lovelies like you or others I have talked to. I can’t criticize Jared for being a human with a head of his own on his shoulders. True, not everything I would do the same way myself, but so do friends and family of mine not always things the way I prefer and I would never think of looking down on them for their choices. I feel nothing but gratitude to have Jared, Mars and fellow admires in my life! It makes it so much richer! Thank you to all of you!

… oh and this smile is the best therapy ever! It makes you instantly feel better, your heart lighter and to this day, it never failed to lift the corner of my mouth as well.

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Hi, thank you so much for your blog! It's such a wonderful resource. I have a question, I always wanted to make one of the costumes from the show but I have very little experience. Which of the following costumes (Elissa, rooftop, star princess, aminta, sylvan glade) do you think would be easiest to make? Thank you for your time <3

Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you find it inspiring :)

Of the costumes you mention, all of them have a corseted or stiffened bodice and bell shaped skirt (usually supported by a fluffy netting underskirt and/or hoops). If you know some sewing basics, I would probably rate all of this about the same in terms of being “easiest” - easiest as in, they all have complicated bodices and ornamental skirts, but some demand less decorations. 

I might say that the Star Princess costume is the easiest of the lot. Not because it is a particularly easy costume to make. Rather because it has a slightly easier skirt than the others. To compare some of them, the Elissa skirt is highly ornamental and decorated, and demands yards and yards of fabrics and trims, and a huge waterfall backdrape:

The Rooftop skirt has an overskirt with lots of decorations, and underskirt of various glittering lace layers:

The Sylvan Glade has a “plain” tulle skirt with a richly decorated overlayer and draped apron, which might not be hard per se, but time consuming:

The Aminta skirt has multiple scalloped lace/embroidery layers, which takes endless time and also demands a good construction:

The Star Princess, on the other hand, is “just” tulle and eventually some silk layers with star decorations:

In fact, the star decorations can be harder to get right than the general skirt construction, cause it’s so hard to find the right silver stars. Though you can do like they do for the US costumes: bead stars of silver and blue tube beads.

As for the bodice, it’s a sleeveless corset construction, which often is easier than those with sleeves (Rooftop, Aminta). The killer when making a Star Princess costume is the tabs in the waist, and the bead decorations on the bodice overall.

But if you have the will and time, go for whatever you really want to make. Cause, as I wrote, none of these are particularly easy, and it depends on what you’re best at. Beading? Embroidery? “Tutu” tulle skirts? Corseted bodices? I guess it also depends on what materials you might find. So go for it! Just take your time, and build the costume slowly. And have fun while making it!

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why do u keep cropping Misha out of your edits

Um… because my blog is 99.87% about the two leads of the show: J2 / Sam & Dean. I actually have that written on my blog - in case people are wondering. :)

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I'm not gonna do it on annon case I honestly don't lie it ;-; But you are an amazing person, always kind to others. :we startes talkin when I was just starting with the rREAL tumblr shit and you didn't care if I was a noob or not, you were nice and kind to me. You always showed your love torwards me adn you're like one of my tumblr mommys!

[Aww thank you so much, Andre! You’re a wonderful person and have super nice blog! I’m glad you slowly but surely moving towards your goal!:) ]

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thank you once upon a time seasons 1-6 and it’s fans for instilling us all with a little hope and magic.


Figure Skating Jumps With Yuuri and Viktor

This blog started out as a Yuri!!! on Ice trash blog, but somewhere along the way, my love for figure skating was rekindled. My blog now doubles as a figure skating… trash blog, lol! Yeah, I have no life.

Anyway! Jumps - wonderful to watch, confusing af to recognize. If this is your usual sentiment, then you have come to the right place! Let Yuuri and Viktor show you the different jumps done by figure skaters, as well as tips on how to recognize them.

Jumps are actually fairly easy to recognize once you know what to look for. The first thing to look for is how skaters propel themselves off the ice. Was there a toe pick assist - meaning did the other foot’s toe pick help the skater push off the ice? Or was the skater propelled solely by their knees? The former is called a toe jump, because the toe pick was used to lift off the ice. The latter is called an edge jump, because the skater jumped off directly from an edge of their skating blade. This is most recognizable through a deeper bend in the knees, because without a toe pick assist, the strength of the jump comes solely from the knees.


Right, so we also need to understand edges first. If you search for close ups of skating blades viewed from the back, you will find that there is something like a hollow on the bottom of the blade so that there are two edges. If you were to stand with your feet just slightly apart, the inside edges would be the edges in line with your inner thighs (and calves, whatever). Conversely, the outside edges would be the edges that are facing the outside world.

Now, the great thing is all jumps are landed at the back outside edge. Which foot depends on the skater. Yuuri and Viktor both seem to favor landing on their right foot. Most skaters have a preferred landing foot, but to help you visualize, a skater who prefers landing on his right foot, for example, would always land tilted slightly to the right, because he is landing on his right outside edge.

So if it is not the landing that differentiates the jumps, what does? Yep, you got it - the entry.

Now that we have the basics down, time for the fun part: the different kinds of jumps!


Loop: Entered at the back outside edge of the same foot. You land exactly where you started, hence the “loop”. Example of a loop is the first gif, which is a loop done by Yuuri. The knee bend is not very clear, but see how his right foot is tilted to the right and slightly back? Clear back outside edge, landed also on his right foot.

Salchow: Yuuri’s bane of a jump is entered at the back inside edge of the opposite foot. The fun thing about the Salchow is that apart from the usual clues (knee bend and tilt of the foot), the nature of the landing is such that the entry leg sweeps into a wide arch once the skater lands on the opposite leg. Example is the second gif, done by Yuuri. See how Yuuri bends his knees? That is an obvious edge jump. See how his left foot tilts slightly inwards (inside edge take-off) before jumping off? Another interesting thing about this gif is Yuuri’s entry on the Salchow – it looked like he jumped from both feet. Two-footed Salchows are right or wrong depending on who you ask, but the idea is that the skater should still be taking off from the correct foot and the correct edge when entering the Salchow.

Axel: Yuuri’s favorite is also a common favorite among fans because it is easily recognizable AND it is the jump type with the highest points. The Axel is the only jump entered facing forward. Because of this entry, however, to land on the back outside edge (where all jumps land), you have to make an extra half rotation. That means a triple Axel is actually an Axel with three-and-a-half rotations, and this is also why it is given the most points. Also because of this, a quad Axel is the only remaining possible quad jump that has not yet been landed. (Can you imagine having to do four-and-a-half rotations?) Example, of course, is our boy Yuuri nailing that triple Axel in the third gif.


Toe Loop: Arguably the easiest jump, it is basically a loop with a toe pick assist. With the extra assist, it is usually the first quad landed by most male skaters, and in the show, this is the only quad Phichit can land. The fourth gif is a triple toe loop done by Viktor. See the way his left toe pick helps him off the ice? See how cleanly he takes off (slight outside tilt of his right foot) and lands on the same foot (same outside tilt)?

Flip: Viktor’s signature quad, the flip jump is entered by the back inside edge of the opposite foot. Enter on the inside edge of one foot, land at the outside edge of the other foot - hence, you flip. You can also think of it as a Salchow with a toe pick assist. The fifth gif is a triple flip done by Viktor. I chose his triple flip because the animation is clearer here. See how his right leg swings for that toe pick assist? His left entry foot is tilted slightly inwards to jump from his inside edge, and he then lands on his usual right landing foot (tilted slightly outwards to the back outside edge). (Bonus: The quad flip in particular is interesting to watch out for because for some reason, the skaters do a full turn before the jump, which is not as obviously done when skaters do a triple flip instead. It makes the quad version look dramatic, at least especially in the show when Yuuri and Viktor do it with that solemn look on their faces and all, but it’s also fun to watch when real-life figure skaters like Shoma Uno - who was the first to land the quad flip - also does that full turn before jumping. Somebody explain this to me, though. What physics is at work there? Idk.)

Lutz: Chris’ signature jump and my personal favorite is the Lutz, which is entered on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. The interesting thing about the Lutz is that because it is entered from the outside edge of the opposite foot, it is counter-rotated - that means the skater goes one direction then spins the opposite direction. It is a high difficulty jump and so gets the second highest base score after the Axel. The last gif shown here is a Lutz done together by Yuuri and Viktor, and I slowed the gif down a bit to better show the characteristics of the jump. Viktor actually gives the more consistently clear example of Lutzes in the show, but see how Yuuri enters the jump on the first few frames? That is typical Lutz entry, where the skater’s entry foot crosses over to the opposite side to give it that tilt it needs so they jump from the back outside edge. See how Viktor’s left foot is slightly tilted so you see underneath his skate? He is tilted slightly to the left, but he then jumps counter-clockwise, even if with that tilt, his natural spin would have been clockwise. He then lands on his right foot on the outside edge.

And there you have it! The six types of figure skating jumps. I hope that was helpful to those who are interested in learning to recognize these awesome jumps. The more figure skating fans, the merrier, I say!

(Any questions on these jumps? Leave me a message and talk skating to me. I would love to answer your questions! ♡)


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I actually had a dream about them?? doing this?? last night?? I mean it’s not very funny but. there u go

hope you feel better anon!! ;v;

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