and having this


i looooove concept mercyyy he’s gorgeous and amazing and i’m so disappointed he’s not the mercy we ended up getting!!!!

anyways I love the idea of Angela and him being adoptive siblings. They both developed the Valkyrie tech together and she went to work with Overwatch while he decided to be a doctor in crisis areas, so they don’t see each other a lot but they write 

Also I love when people call him Angelo but I thought it would be kinda awkward if Angela is still in the mix hdfjdkf

I’m in a vampire mood lately all thanks to @blacksmiley-c 

Go read her fic and let me finish the 22h Anne Rice audiobook I’m listening right now 

anonymous asked:

okay but does this mean pidge is constantly wearing prescription glasses that she doesnt need? shes gonna mess up her eyesight

accidentally ruining the eyesight of your loved ones for the sake of a gag is actually a family tradition


sam holt: haha, honey come in here!!! look what i did to the baby!!

baby matt holt: (wearing his father’s glasses & squinting around) baaaaaaaaaah buh bluh

colleen holt: honey no