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Give me the Layla and Warren conspiracy theories

Okay, listen up. First off, we have this rumor off of the TV Tropes website:

It’s since been taken down and isn’t exactly damning in and of itself, but bear with me.

A lot of the characters’ names in this movie mean something; of the central characters, there’s the Warren Peace pun, the obvious Will Stronghold, and Gwen Grayson, which a lot of people have pointed out may be a combination of Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and DC superhero Dick Grayson. The only main character’s name that doesn’t seem to mean anything is Layla Williams, which is weird considering she’s the female lead, and notably similar to supervillain Poison Ivy, whose alter ego is Pamela Lillian Isley, originally Dr. Lillian Rose, so they totally could have gone in that direction.

Now, remember the scene where they’re going through Steve and Josie’s old high school yearbook?

When they get to the picture of Warren’s father Barron Battle, Steve says “Always swore he’d have his revenge on me. And he totally stole the lead in Oklahoma!” and judging from Will and Josie’s reactions he still brings this up a lot.

Oklahoma! is a famous play in which the main storyline revolves around the male lead, Curly McLain, trying to convince the female lead, Laurey Williams, to acknowledge her affections for him. Spoiler alert: he succeeds and at the end of the play they get married.

Laurey Williams.

Layla Williams.

They just called her Layla because no one names their kid Laurey anymore (no offense to anyone named Laurey), and this is clearly foreshadowing Warren and Layla getting together: Warren’s father “stole” the lead in Oklahoma!, a role centered on a romance with Laurey Williams, from Will’s father; ergo Warren was going to “steal” Layla from Will in a future film.

To make the evidence even more damning, the secondary storyline in Oklahama! follows a guy called Will Parker and his quest to marry this girl Ado Annie. He doesn’t look twice at Laurey. I rest my case.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible that is just another one of those million weird coincidences that show up way too often in a medium where creators always claim they actually think about this stuff, OR

it’s. foreshadowing. Prove me wrong.



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A = Aftercare 
Ten is such an angel, he can’t rest after you’re finished until he knows you’re okay, comfortable, and happy. He’s out the bed faster than you can catch your breath and returning with a warm rag and some water because he ‘wore you out, you need to rehydrate’ before he will even allow you to cuddle up to him and go to sleep.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Ten has an almost unreal obsession with your eyes, I think he’s a pretty loving…lover…so he likes to keep eye contact, seeing the lust and affection in your eyes, knowing they mimic what you seen in his. Aside the fact he just thinks your eyes are the more beautiful thing he’s ever seen, he can read your emotions like a book, knowing he’s hit the right spot when your eyes widen or when you’re close when they flutter shut. We all knowaside from his noseTen’s dancer hips are where it’s at, and he knows it too. His hips are the main reason that he gets to see the look of pleasure cloud your eyes, his hips play a huge part in his dancing that he’s pretty proud of, why wouldn’t that carrying over to the horizontal tango, right?

C = Cum 
Ten’s a pretty passionate lover, he doesn’t voice this but he thinks it’s kind of degrading to just…jizz all over you for no reason, 9/10 he’ll cum in you/the condom #RubberUpForDanKids. Then it’s his unspoken job to make sure he’s cleaned you well before you carry on with your day, 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
Ten’s not a dirty boy by nature, he’s pretty sweet and innocent, and that’s how the majority of your relationship is; sweet and innocent. So the fact that he may or may not have had a rough night, and may or may not have jerked off to one of your completely goofy snapchat pictures is a secret he’ll take to his grave. How could he tell you he touch his dick to a normal picture of you with dog features, c’mon. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I’m 119% sure Ten is the most innocent baby you’ll ever meet, like this boy seriously gonna get all awkward and look away when some girl popper her booty like cmon…..he’s soft. Even his teacher said he was more interested in dancing than in girls, so I think he’s one of the boys that’s going to be a clean slate and you have to teach him a lot of stuff, mold him into your perfect match.

F = Favorite position
Again, Ten’s pretty much a clean slate when it comes to sex, and he’s the sweetest and most loving boyfriend you could hope to find, he rarely ventures beyond missionary. He likes the full on contact, and being able to look in your eyes, kiss you easily, it’s a comfortable position for both of you. If anything else, he’ll spoon you so he can still hold you, but on the norm, he’s just a missionary guy.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Because Ten is kinda awkward seeing sexy things, and he doesn’t seem like he really has any experience, I imagine he’d be full of nervous giggles the first few times, not really knowing what to do and more focused on listening to what you’re telling him to do than anything. But after he gets the hang of it, I’m sure he’ll still be a ball of fun, he’s kind of a meme too, he can’t even keep the dorky smile off his face while he’d dick popping to Hide And Freak, he’s a dorky mess in the sheets too.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Like Johnny, we’ve seen his tummy quite a few times and it’s pretty darn clean, not even a trail of hair, so I think he’s pretty cleaned down there too. Plus I think I’ve even seen pics where he had no pit hair either…like he waxed or shaved his armpits….so yeah, he’s a clean baby.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Ten is that boyfriend that is THE boyfriend you want, he’s got matching couple cases with Johnny, c’mon he’d be the cutest, sweetest bf ever. He’d treat you like royalty, after he may or may not have watched one too many romance movies, it’s not uncommon for him to at the very least have soft music playing and mood lighting, even candles decorating the bathroom when he decides you need a relaxing bath that he so happens to join. He’s not much of a PDA guy, so he goes all out with his love expressions here, to let you know how much he really loves you and appreciates you.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Ten’s a very good dancer, he practices a lot, so you’re not always around. As long as there’s a lock on the bathroom door, he will deal with his situation. Not that the lock helps much, Ten’s not very good at keeping his voice under control, whether it be with you or just his hand, everyone knows what’s going on when you hear Ten’s incoherent moaning.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
I don’t see Ten having many kinks, if any at all? I just think we hype his sexualnessthats not a wordup way too much, he really seems pretty vanilla to me. Not that that’s a bad thing, but Ten seems really basic and standard. If anything, praise might be a slight kink, adding to his motivation, but that doesn’t really qualify entirely.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Besides the comfort of your bed, the only place he enjoys doing the do is the bath, he takes full advantage of the bathroom having a spacious bath, and the sneaky way he pretends he just wants a bath to relax with his lover. We all know if you get in that bath, you’re going to end up dirtier than when you got in. And the best part about bath sex? You can just get clean again…and dirty again…and clean again…

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Honestly the thing that gets him going is just knowing how much you love him, when you purposely overdo the compliments and praising his looks or dancing or voice, he knows what you’re up to. You’ve slightly conditioned him that way, it was sort of your way of telling him you wanted some time alone with him.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Public sex is literally not on the menu. The thrill of public sex is the knowledge that literally anyone could see you, making it a game of being sneaky, but Ten cannot handle that. He’d be too paranoid of getting in trouble for public indecency or one of the members walking in on you in the living room, he made sure to shut down that idea instantly.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Like Johnny, he doesn’t really like isolating his pleasure, he wants to be able to please you the same as you do him, so when the act of oral comes up, it’s more often than not 69. At first he was kind of messy, not really know what he was supposed to do, or how to do it well, but by the end of your ‘lesson’, you turned him into a pro.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Ten’s dancing is very flowy, smooth movements like water. A perfect lover at heart, his pace leans more towards slow and sensual, he likes stretching out the pleasure for the both of you, making sure you’re both completely satisfied and that you fully feel his love.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
It’s an odd occurrence, but when the moment arises where you two don’t have the proper time to deal with it, he pretty much needs the quickie. Ten isn’t one that can just ignore his dick hard and ruining his life, it needs to be dealt with, and if you’re around, would you really reject some more fun with Ten?

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
I deadass think Ten would cry if someone walked in on your two, he’d be so mortified. I definitely don’t see him taking any risks that happen outside of the bedroom or bathroom, he’s very private with his affection to you, it’d kill him if someone saw you two doing something naughty. Although I don’t see him enjoying many things beyond typical sex(ie. bringing in toys or kinks or whatever), if you propose them, he’d try them out at least, but I don’t see him taking to anything more than just you and him together.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Ten is a damn good dancer, and he’s been doing it since he was a kid, so I don’t think he gets winded, he doesn’t get tried easily. As many rounds as you can handle, he’ll gladly give you them. Nana said he’s a ‘long fuck, he’s a go all night till you see the sunlight kind of fuck’, literally my 60+ year old grandma said that, she knows what she’s talking about.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
I don’t think toys have ever cross his mind, unless you brought it up. He’s more of a hands on lover, he-like Taeyong- enjoys the fact that it’s you and him alone that makes the sex between you two so pleasurable. That it’s your affection and love and desire for one another that takes you to nirvana, not some silicon toy or vibrator, I don’t see him dipping his toes into that pool.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s not much of a tease, Ten likes making sure you’re both on the same level of pleasure. Foreplay is a must, but once you tell him to get on with it, he complies easily.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I don’t think he’s very vocal, he doesn’t say much beyond whispering a few I loves yous during the act, but he’s a definite moaner, he’s not quiet at all, if you’re in the house, you will hear Ten, that’s a fact. And to his horror, is a reason for the taunting from the other boys after one of them heard him.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Your first time together, a story you liked to tease Ten over, stemmed from Ten having a wet dream. What other outcome could there possibly be when you’re woken up in the middle of the night by your boyfriend groaning your name and practically humping you in his sleep besides waking him up and dealing with his…situation?

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
In my Nana’s wise words, Ten’s ‘too pretty to have those weird, forearm sized wieners. He ain’t big but those hips…it’s all good shorty’. I agree, either he does a really good tuck job, or he’s just not on the bigger side, which really doesn’t mean anything. The boy makes up for everything with his pretty face and those goddamn hips will take you to another world no matter what.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
I don’t think Ten has a very high sex drive, I think most of his energy is worked off with his dancing, I’m think his drive is actually pretty average.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I think Ten is a lover than likes to cuddle and talk about your relationship and how much he loves you and how the universe works every night, it’s part of your sleep schedule so it certainly becomes part of the after-sex routine. He doesn’t fall asleep easily afterwards, he wants to stay up, make sure you’re okay, eat, talk, clean up, cuddle, and then maybe he’ll go to sleep. That is, as long as your post sex convos don’t dip into aliens, then he’s never going to sleep.

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My dad’s reaction to voltron,,


Me: this is Pidge

Dad: He looks like a young Shaggy from Scooby Doo

Me: She’s a girl,,

Dad: That doesn’t change my option


Me: Okay what ‘bout him

Dad: I dont like his smile, hes up to something

Me: He probably is tbh



Me: No, he’s Keith he sassy.


Me: This guy’s Hunk

Dad: Does he have cookies in that picture? He looks nice, I like him. But his name is weird…


Me: Shiro the space dad

Dad: Whats wrong with his legs? They’re too long I don’t like it.


Me: People ship Lance and Keith together, 

Dad: Are they in space or something, where’s their helmets? Are they both guys?

Me: Yeah

Dad: …What ever makes a cartoon happy, if they want to die without their helmets then its fine with me I guess.

((he completely ignored the gay ;)))

Got7: when you have a collection of their memes

Jaebum:  is highly impressed of the fact that you’ve managed to find so many unflattering pictures of him. Then ofc he’d rage about how you should delete them bc you’re supposed be supportive and not ‘betray’ him like that.

Mark:  his first thought would be that you might have them on your phone for revenge uses. He wouldn’t tell you that he found them, but he’s careful to not piss you off bc he’s scared you’ll show the other members, or the whole world for that matter lmao “I have an image to maintain.”

Jackson:  "I LOOK SHORT EVEN IN MEMES WTF" “WHY IS BAMBAM SO TALL HE’S LITERALLY SITTING DOWN LIKE-” “whoa lmao is that me and mark ;)” “send me those pics for um, reasons.” Insists on taking unflattering snaps of you, but he’s failing since he thinks you can never look bad.

Jinyoung:  he’s snickering and laughing at your collection of the other members memes, but he’s for some reason dead serious when he sees his own derp face staring back at him. Asks why you’re so obsessed with him, but he low key finds this cute and he’s planning on starting his own collection RIP.

Youngjae:  "ahahahahaha why is my mouth so big like am I always smiling??“ “oh nAAOOOO is that my nipple again” Laughs along with you and he won’t take it to heart, only bc he knows his fans probably are the same as you (ahem) and do weird stuff like keeping a million pictures of him (I wonder why they’d do that I ???)

Bambam:  "yo, do I really look like that? Bruh, I don’t understand why I need to call them hyungs when I’m like a foot taller than everybody. Me and gyeom rule got7 from now on.“ He’s cracking up and telling you he doesn’t care that you think they look weird, at least he’s slaying in every picture.

Yugyeom:  is really embarrassed that you went out of your way to find those cringy photos of him, but he’ll laugh at the ones that are funny. Thinks you’re such a dork for always replying with those memes instead of having a conversation, and he’ll probably send back pictures of Chris Brown just to piss you off.

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wanna one as boyfriends: ong seongwoo
  • alwaaaays making you laugh
  • his life mission is make you smile AT LEAST 24/7
  • pretends he’s good at everything
  • “babe, let me win that stuffed bear for you”
  • *four hours and a month’s worth of work money later*
  • “i tried, it was the thought that counted”
  • he says as he tries not to let his tears fall
  • the type to only send pictures of himself making weird faces instead of texting you back normally
  • gets comfortable with you right away, doesnt have that kind of awkward first phase during your relationship
  • is. not. afraid. of. skinship
  • butterfly kisses, eskimo kisses, casually draping his arm over your shoulders, head pecks, hair ruffles, etc hE IS UP FOR IT ALL
  • gives the same “YOU. DID. THAT.” reaction whether you’re dressed up or dressed down
  • down for movie nights inside as much as he’s down for evening events together
  • loves to twirl you around whenever he can so that he can pull you back into chest
  • wants to show off his leadership abilities to you by grabbing your arm randomly and guiding you on your dates
  • *ends up getting you two lost and has to google how to get home on every date he’s taken you on*
  • “look, that normally doesnt happen, okay? i sWEAR things just look different at night”

“Do you think fans ship us together?”

You almost choked on your drink as you looked up from your phone and to your boyfriend who was watching you silently. Jihoon’s been a little restless the past days as your group just made its comeback and the drama you were staring in was shooting through the rooftop. You and your co-star had an amazing chemistry on the set and you also matched well behind the cameras since your personalities were basically the same.

“Why would you ask that? I thought we agreed not to tell anyone about us since you barely debuted and your fans will basically kill me.”

You laughed a little at the last part thinking about Jihoon’s fangirls reaction when they would find out he was dating a noona from a very famous girl group. He sighed and tried to rest his head on your shoulder, but you flinched away before he touched you.

“Hey, not here.” you whispered motioning at the waiting room you were both on. “We talked about this, please.”

Your eyes were pleading and he just gave you a sad smile in return. Even though Jihoon was always so cheerful and supportive of you, you could see there was something bothering him. Your phone’s screen lit up and you scoffed reading the text message your drama co-star sent you. 

“What’s wrong?” Jihoon asked peeking from behind your shoulder.
“I didn’t tell him I’m in a relationship yet and he keeps texting me to come over his place for dinner or coffee.” 

He didn’t answer, just glared at the contact’s name in your phone before getting up from the couch and looking around the empty room. Everyone else already left and you remained behind excusing yourself because “you were feeling bad and needed some rest” which in reality for your manager translated as “my boyfriend is here please let me see him”. You let out a sigh and walk up next to him, placing your hand on top of his you raised it up and placed his gentle fingers on your right cheek. 

“I thought you said not here.” Jihoon said with a smile caressing the side of your face.
“I know. I just… I felt like I need that.” 

Silenced filled the room for a second before Jihoon looked up at you with a smile. Pulling out his phone from his back pocket he turned it to you. On the screen it was the first photo you took together when you officially became his girlfriend. It was a mirror selfie and Jihoon was backhugging and kissing your cheek in it as you had the biggest smile on your face. 

“What about this?”
“I was just… Can I use this as my phone background? It’s cute.” 
“Very cute and also intimate, what if someone sees baby? Your career would be at stake, you know… I don’t care all that much about what the haters will say, but you…” 

Jihoon interrupted you by kissing your lips in an unexpected flur of emotions. It was sweet and gentle, but the grasp he had on your waist was firm enough to tell you he wasn’t joking around. Breaking the kiss you pushed him away a little in fear someone will come in, but he just brought you back in return. 

“I honestly don’t care about anything else right now other than you and I just… I can’t stand seeing all the other guys eyeing you up and down on the stage, at rehearsal even that stupid actor hitting on you! I really want to go out there and yell Y/N IS MINE!”

“Please babe, just let me give them all a sign that you are taken, that you are mine. You’re so perfect and amazing and I am terrified at the thought of someone else stealing you away from me and even just flirting with you.” 

You let out a giggle and kissed his cheek taking both his hands in yours. He looked at you with pleading eyes and you could see that all he said was the truth. 

“Ok fine… but I choose the picture you will have as your background, I look weird in that one, what the hell Jihoon, you only have weird photos of me in your phone.” 

He laughed and put the phone back in his pocket getting ready to exit the waiting room as he heard your group members coming back. 

“Oh and babe?”
“Yes, princess?”
“No need to worry, I’m all yours.”

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hi! could you please do a GOT7 reaction where the guys react to you (their crush) uploading kind of a sexy pic to IG? thank u so much ♡


He’d keep it to himself, there was no way in the world he would be sharing the picture with the other guys he didnt care how good you look. He’d screenshot it and then contemplate confronting you to delete it, but in the end he’d just leave it, liking the picture and then shutting his phone off. 

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He’d look at the picture and bite his lip, shaking his head a how you knew exactly how good you looked. He’d like the picture and then continue to stare at it, only looking away when your named popped up to respond to the conversation the two of you had kept up since first meeting. He’d wonder if you had put the picture up for him to see, but he wouldn’t bring it up, just keep looking at it. 

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He wouldn’t be able to keep it to himself, everyone already knew of his crush on you so as he ran into the room saying ‘Look at her! How could she look that good!’ as he passed his phone around. He wouldn’t be shy to text you, but he probably wouldn’t bring up the picture at first, he didnt want to seem too eager. 

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He’d immediately text you asking what you were thinking about posting that picture, not really thinking straight and would immediately cover it up with a ‘lol’ incase you took it the wrong way. He’d smile every time you texted him and if you took longer than a minute to respond he’d go back to looking at the picture and how good you looked in it. 

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He’d smile and bite his lip becoming giddy at seeing how good you looked. He wouldn’t be able to look at it long though incase something else happened to him a little south of the butterflies that were already happening. If he was currently texting you he tell you that you look pretty, but immediately regret sending that text as he didnt know what you were going to say. 

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He would take no time in screens hotting it and sending it to you with the caption ‘how could you look so good?’ he didnt care if you knew what he was thinking, that was the point of posting it, wasn’t it? As the conversation between the two of you went on he wouldn’t hold back on complimenting you, telling you that he’s thought you were cute for a while. What not tell you know. 

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He’d kick his feet and roll over his bed, hiding his face and shoving his phone out when Jackson asked why he was acting so weird. He’d listen to the others give him advice on how to deal with this and he would take it, liking the picture and then responding to the conversation the two of you were having. 

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EXo Reaction to how they would plan their new house to live their wife (or husband)

Requested by Yixing anon :3 Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Let me see your phone! I know you have pictures of houses there! You are always looking for cute pics! How are we going to find a house if I don’t know what you want!”


*He would go to an architect office and hire them to do some weird galaxy design to surprise his baobei* “I’m being serious! I want a star room!”


*He would look on his own for good places and then show you the ones he liked the best* “I think this one would be perfect.. it’s big enough… kinda gives you the a lord lived here vibe… and has enough rooms for all the kids we’ll have”


*It would be an impossible discussion* “This girl.. we are having a Chinese style house! They are really pretty… fine we can add a pool… even if it doesn’t go with the style of he house”


“What am doing? Well… I was looking for some furniture and that.. you know… for our new house… I want it to look nice inside.. for you” *Adorable baby*


*Literally found the perfect house… with a family living in it* “Come here! Just a peek.. we can try to build something similar.. oh shoot! I think they saw me”


*HE would be the kind of boy that has built so many houses… in the sims.. and gets frustrated because he wants them all*


*If the house has a nice TV room, he’s in. That’s all he needs*  “What? I’m going to spend a lot of time here.. with the cats.. watching soccer games..”


*Has it all planned* “We’ll have a big house near the beach with four pools, a theater,  a bowling room… 10 rooms.. and four kitchens”


*He would ask you everything you want your house to have and then try to order the ideas you have with the ones you have so it’s easier to find  a place you two like* “It’s okay jagi, I have it all figured out. Leave it to me”


*Visits so many places with you and until you two like the same place, he won’t stop looking* “What do you say about this one.. it’s very spacious and has a lot of light.. it’s nice”


“You don’t have to worry about anything babe.. I already bought 20 houses.. but if you don’t like them… we can always buy a new one”

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BTS Reaction | you feeling insecure about your nose

request: “Could u please do a reaction to the reader being extremely insecure about her nose 😂 sorry if this is a weird request but on a serious level, it’s an actual really intense insecurity of theirs and they just feel very ugly?”

Kim Seokjin

“Should I take a photo of you?” Jin asked and he already pulled his phone out. “No. Not today.” “Really? But one together for sure, right?” You looked down to the ground and he would know what’s the matter. “You look beautiful today love. Don’t worry about your nose, it’s pretty as always.” He would hug you and take a photo of the two of you while kissing your nose. “Aren’t we cute?”

Min Yoongi

“Are you ready?” Yoongi called you from outside the room. He was already ready to leave the dorm and put his shoes on. You were still in his room, checking on your make up. He knocked on the doorframe before walking over to you. “What’s wrong? You look beautiful as always.” You turned around, away from the mirror. “It’s just -” “The nose issue again?” He would directly know what’s bothering you and kiss your forehead, take your hand and pull you close to him. “I like your nose, if you believe me or not and you look perfectly fine, don’t worry sweetheart.”

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon wouldn’t believe you at first after you told him that you think that your nose is ugly and it is a big insecurity of yours. “I don’t think so. I think it’s a cute nose and it suits you perfectly fine. You’re beautiful to me, even if you don’t like you’re nose.” He would give you a warm smile before wrapping his arms around you and kissing your nose. 

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would notice that you wear masks quite often, especially when you’re out so he asked you about it and you revealed your insecurity to him. “You know what. I don’t like my nose either. It’s ok but know that I think you’re beautiful just the way you are and you really don’t have to cover it.” He would take of your mask and kiss your nose. “See how pretty you are?”

Park Jimin

“Can I post this one?” Jimin held his phone up in front of your face, showing you the photo he just took of the two of you. “My nose looks weird in this one, we should take another one.” You shook your head and turned his phone down. Confused about your reaction, he looked at you. “Your nose? It’s perfectly fine. A cute little nose you have there.” He would give you a charming smile but would notice that you really don’t feel comfortable about it, so he leaned over to you and placed kisses all over your nose. “I like your nose, no matter what you say.”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook sat beside you as you two scrolled through your phones when Namjoon sent the group picture of last night’s movie night. “We really look so tired, how did we even manage to finish the movie without falling asleep?” Jungkook said while giggling to himself. “At least you just look tired. I look tired and weird.” He would put his phone away and pull you close to him. “You don’t look weird at all. You’re cute with all your imperfections.”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung got a message on his phone, so you looked on the screen to see that it’s form Hoseok and that his new screen background was a picture of you that he just took recently. “When did you take this picture?” You said while giving him his phone to reply. “Yesterday, while you were eating. I think you look super cute with your full cheeks.” “Could you maybe change it?” His expression turned imidiately. “Don’t you like it?” “No, my nose looks so big on this.” He would start laughing but understand that it’s your one big insecurity so he would change the background with another picture of you. “You’re so cute and pretty, even your nose is perfect but I will change it if you want.”

EXO (ex): dating Luhan would include

•  no matter if you’ve known him before he left or not, he’d still reminisce about his time being in exo
•  and if you actually had been, he’d love you so much for always being there for help to help him through the toughest situations he could’ve ever been in
•  like this boy’s got so much love in his heart it’s almost physically impossible not to fall for him
•  he’d be aware that being more than friends might be tricky and he doesn’t want to make things awkward……….but did you honestly think that sticking by him for this long means just being friends ??????? Delusions
•  this kid’s been in love ever since meeting you and it’s obvious to everyone how you could effortlessly make him happy with just your presence
•  and things just kinda happened one night when yall were sharing noodles, and the rest is history :’)))
•  you’d have the privilege of watching him rehearse his dance routines
•  acting like he doesn’t know the effect he has on you smfh
•  “so, babe,,,,you liked that?” *is breathing heavily, drenched in sweat, looking like a whole meal*
•  “ummmMMM maybe a few less hip thrusts I mean???? Are they necessary or like???????”
•  sending you hella snaps throughout the day just looking innocent ‘miss u bb’
•  but you know what’s gonna happen as soon as he gets home AHEM his lips gon be stuck to yours for hours
•  and it may be your favorite or least favorite thing in the world, no in between
•  bc he’s such a fkin tease and will keep nipping at your lips, growling in the back of his throat and everything bc he knows EX ACTLY what he’s doing
•  but other times he’s hella passionate when words fail him, letting you know just how you make him feel with just a kiss and a look in his eye
•  tbh if you were into sports this would be a bonus
•  bc lord knows he’ll make you watch him practice and play soccer, and may or may not drag you into the field to play with him
•  you best believe he will not let you win, even if you were a pro yourself
•  knowing he’s totally not as innocent as he seems
•  but then again you swear you’ve never seen a bigger nerd when his cats are perched up on his lap as he’s playing video games
•  “wanna come join them?? :))))))” boi sign me tf up
•  him relaxing immediately when your hands find his tired shoulders after an exhausting day
•  and he’ll tell you, like he’ll go on and on and on about how much he loves this side of you
•  “y/n, you know exactly how to cheer me up and how to make me feel good. What the agsgsgdhhdguck did I do to deserve that, hmm?”
•  emo crybaby sleepy Luhan is emo
•  raiding the fridge as soon as he gets home from weeks away bc of tour
•  plus spending countless hours in bed with you, just holding your body tightly against his as he tells you everything you’ve missed
•  legit will blush when you call him deer or use deer-related puns bc he’s a dork
•  sometimes being unable to stop looking at him bc he’s so pretty and angelic looking
•  him not minding this one bit “mhmm you better be lucky bc this is aaaaall yours bb”
•  Luhan casually braiding your hair when you’re sleeping bc ???? He needs to keep himself entertained when you’re being a butt and not waking up to hang out w/ him
•  his weird friends fawning over yall bc apparently he tells everyone about how whipped he is w/ you
•  him telling you random and useless facts when you’re just chillin, sipping on a smoothie
•  “so did u know that if u licked someone’s elbow and they weren’t looking, they wouldn’t even feel it”
•  “hey y/n did u also know that chewing gum while chopping onions will keep you from crying”
•  ????? Don’t fight me on this he does this all the time
•  he’d find little weird things to compliment you on like your toes or kneecaps
•  and somehow make it sound like the most romantic thing ever bc he’ll be all sly and whisper it in your ear wow
•  kissing your forehead before he leaves your place bc he always wants you to feel safe and protected and it kinda lets you know that he’s always there
•  and it works every single time like the butterflies in your tummy don’t lie
•  speaking of your tummy omfg he loves kissing it for some reason
•  not even to be weird like “omg I can’t wait to have a baby” like it literally is where you find his head most of the time when you’re cuddling
•  and you’d have evidence on your phone to prove it lmao he’s oblivious when you take pictures esp with him cuddling his cats
•  overall you’d keep being besties and lovers bc nothing could compare 💛

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Red Velvet Reaction to: Meeting Their Crush On A Variety Show

Anon: Hi!!! Could you do rv reaction to meeting their crush y/n on a variety show together?

Irene: Like all humans, she makes mistakes sometimes. Except she keeps making them on the show with you. She finds herself forgetting the script or misspeaking and stuttering. Not than the fans mind. The crowd, MCs and you are all in awe of her, how human an inhumanly beautiful girl can be and how well she collects herself after messing up.

During the show, she tries her best to ignore you and focus on portraying a good image. As Red Velvet’s leader, she’s extra conscious of that. But afterwards, she’ll make a joke to you about one of her mess ups during the show, which sparks conversation and she can’t believe she’s actually talking. to. h e r. crush.

Originally posted by b-a-e-i-r-e-n-e

Wendy: Already someone that’s bright and funny, she doesn’t even need to try to make you laugh. When not making you cry from laughter, she makes sure to include you in activities and the MC wastes no time pointing that out.

“Well, I’m a fan of Y/N’s,” she admits, but hides her crush on you. The whole world knowing about it would be embarrassing but off set, Red Velvet tease her for it, with you around, so you don’t take long to figure it out.

Originally posted by fluffy-mark

Seulgi: She’s always kind and looking out for others so it didn’t seem suspicious when she looks out for you, or fixes your hair, or wipes food from your lip. If anything, the audience begin to ship you two and it becomes the reason why everyone tunes into the show and any other variety show you two appear in.

“Did you hear?” she’ll ask you. “Some fans think we’d be cute together.”

“Oh, really? They’re right, aren’t they?” you reply.

And she’s blushing but also melting and asdfghjkl she’s so glad SM finally gave her a schedule and let her go on that initial show with you.

Originally posted by yeowangs

Joy: Greasy yet shy. She’ll admit her crush on you, much to the excitement of the viewers. She’ll flirt with you a little but if you flirt back, she’s shy and pushes you away.

“A fan gave me this today,” she’ll explain, holding a picture of you and her together up to the camera. “Isn’t it cute? I’m happy to have such supportive fans.”

“It’s cute but you’re cuter,” you say.


Originally posted by fyeah-joy-blog

Yeri: She’s shy, at first. It takes a few episodes of interactions between you both until she feels comfortable around you. That’s when she’ll be more forward with her crush, not on camera but in private.

“You’re my ideal type.”
“I think we should date.”
“I’ll clean up the crumbs on your lips with a kiss.”

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BTS React To: Finding Your Sketchbook

tyriantales said:

Hey again! Hope you don’t mind me making another reaction request so soon after my last - but another idea popped into my head at random. ❤

I was wondering if you could do a reaction for all the members, where you haven’t told them  you like them yet… but they find your sketchbook and when flipping through it notice that almost all the sketches are of them.

Thank you to both of you for the request and for your support! I hope this turns out to your liking. These requests and scenarios are always so enjoyable to write. :D

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Current Text Requests *UPDATED 8/09/17*

These are the requests I currently have! :) If you don’t see your request here send it in again! Requests are still open for : NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream, BTS, Jay Park, Wu Yifan, Got7, F(x), Seventeen, Shinee, Bigbang, Ikon, and new groups: Monsta X and Exo! (bc i’m now a wonho landfill whoops)

Seungcheol x Reader // Smutty Daddy x Kitten!Reader texts

Yunhyeong x Reader // You doubt the way he feels about you because he sometimes seems disinterested and other stuff (angsty ending or fluffy ending)

Boyfriend!Jackson x Chubby!Reader // Fluffy and cute everyday boyfriend texts (i’m assuming this person wanted no sexy texts please correct me if i’m wrong thanks)

Mark x Chubby!Reader // Fluffy everyday boyfriend texts (once again I’m assuming no sexy texts plz correct me if i’m wrong)

Daddy!Jay Park x Little!Reader // He takes care of you while you’re in little space (this sounds s O CUTE IM C RYING)

Youngjae (Got7) x Chubby!Reader everyday texts (some nsfw stuff whoot whoot)

Jaebum x Chubby!Reader // part 4 to the matchmaker series where they are dating (lowkey just saw this reply on that post whoopsie)

J-Hope x Reader // everyday boyfriend texts

jaehyun x reader // he texts you for the first time in ages after you guys broke up because of his work without even trying to work things out

Hyungwon x Chubby!reader // everyday boyfriend and sexy texts (hELL YEAH WE GETTING SOME MONSTA X UP IN HERE)

Jay Park x Reader // You tell him you’re pregnant and he isn’t necessarily happy about it because of his career (dude this would so be him I can vividly imagine it)

bf woozi x chubby reader // you’re insecure about your height and weight, the reader is 2 inches taller then him (he’s 5'5) and he comforts you on both (THIS IS CUTE AND I LOVE THE IDEA OF WOOZI WITH A CHUBBY GIRL OR PERSON IN GENERAL HE WOULD DIG IT DONT FIGHT ME ON THIS)

bf chanyeol x short chubby reader // the reader is about 5'1 and chanyeol finds her shortness and chubbiness adorable but they dont (YALL I IDENTIFY WITH THID REQUEST ALLOW ME TO SQUEE AND SOB AT THE SAME TIME)

Minhyuk X chubby reader // minhyuk wants you to come over and cuddle with him, your having one of those days where your really insecure about your weight

Johnny Seo x Chubby!Reader // boyfriend texts with a chubby italian reader

Yoongi x Chubby!Reader // he sends you pictures of holly sleeping on your tummy and thighs and you get embarrassed

wonwoo x Chubby!reader // nsfw texts (👀👀)

mingyu x Chubby!Reader // Friends to lovers text (YES I LOVE THIS KDKSNS)

Jungkook x chubby!reader // you get caught trying on his shirt and he finds it cute and you get really embarrassed because you thought you could fit into it (I AM PRESENT FOR REQUESTS THAT TALK ABOUT THIS BECAUSE PEOPLE MAKE IT SUCH A BIG DEAL IN FICS ABOUT WEARING THE BOYFRIEND’S CLOTHES AND NOT EVERYONE CAN DO THAT)

Onew x Chubby!Reader // nsfw texts (fun fact onew is (one) of my bias wreckers in shinee yep-yep-yep)

T.O.P x Chubby!Reader // He is away and you guys miss eachother (yall alright i think of him in a relationship with a big girl all the time and i have some thoughts on tgis too dirty to share here so I’m just gonna keep it to myself ahem 😂)

Best friend dino x chubby reader // the members know you and dino like each other and try to get them together (YEP-YEP-YEP I LIKE THIS)

Rap Monster x Chubby!Reader // Anything but Daddy Kink (i can do that bby

best friend!Joshua x chubby!reader // your going to an anime Convention together and your trying to find the best cosplay outfit to wear, so you send him pics of the outfits and he starts realizing he loves you

Suho x Chubby!Reader // he’s taking you to an aqard show for the first time (BIG BABES IN DRESSES AND SUHO THIS IS ALL I WANT)

Jaehyun x Chubby!Reader // You accidentally send a picture of you in lingerie to the nct hyung line groupchat (F ME UP THIS IS MY FAVE TROPE)

yongguk x chubby!reader // everyday boyfriend texts with a hint of sexting (yep-yep-yep bap is my guilty pleasure)

Jooheon x Chubby!reader // He wants to introduce you to his members but you’re shy and not sure cause you’re insecure. he’s low-key ready to defend you against the members tho because jooheon showed them pictures and they adore you already (jealous jooheon BONUUUUUS)

jay park X fat!reader // you’re helping him sub his god forsaken videos and he confesses to you in the midst of all your memes, and you get self conscious because it’s jay fucking park and you’re lucky you’re allowed to be his friend and he tells you otherwise because damn it he’s gonna make you feel wanted if it’s the last thing he ever does (i love the way this person worded their request LOLOLOL)

chubby!reader x sehun // friends to lovers texts (YEP YEP YEP)

jay park x fat!reader // he tells you you were his muse for yacht in an attempt to get into your pants because he doesn’t know how to just tell you he actually likes you

boyfriend!jungkook x fat!reader // she’s bothered by the fact that she’s not only bigger than him, but younger than him too because she knows he likes older women

Chanyeol x chubby reader // chanyeol wants the reader to meet his parents and toben (his dog) and the reader is really nervous because they think his parents will hate them because of their weight

Daddy!Minhyuk x Chubby!Reader // She feels really insecure about how she looks and he conforts her, turns nsfw

wonho/shownu x Chubby!reader // everyday fluffy and sexy texts (i’ll probs do these for shownu bc I don’t have anything for him yet)

Bts x Reader // You’re a witch and you accidentally turn yourself into an animal hybrid, the members reactions to you telling them. (Might do a set for wach member or I might just pick hyung line or maknae line. I ALSO LOVE HYBRID STUFF SIGN ME UP)

Minho x Reader // he’s dating a 5’ girl and people are kind of weirded out about a giant dating a really short person (YES I LOVE MINHO AND SHORT PEOPLE YES)

minho x reader // he finds out hes dating one of the members younger sister

mingyu x chubby!reader. You accidentally send him a sexy picture (I LOVE MINGYU)

Jihoon x chubby!reader //reader is being extra affectionate and getting her boyfriend all flustered with cutie pictures (YALL OKAY WOOZI IN MY MIND HAS A DADDY KINK BUT HE WOULD GET SO FLUSTERED WHEN HIS PRINCESS WAS IN LITTEL SPACE BECAUSE OF ALL THE AFFECTION HE WAOULD GET I CRY)

daesung x chubby!reader // He’s taking you to the beach but you can’t fogure out what bikini/swimsuit to wear, so you ask him

jungkook x chubby!reader // the reader is insecure because jungkook always talks about how IU is his ideal type and the reader questions why they’re dating if a skinny girl like IU is his ideal type and he comforts her

Johnny x Chubby!reader // you recieved your uniform for your job at a bar but it’s really tight on you and you’re uncomfortable 

yixing x chubby!reader // he’s filming a movie in china and you miss him

jay park x chubby african american!reader // reader gets hate for having a differenr skin color and he comforts her

jiyong x Chubby!reader // he’s a fuck boy (I HAVE BEEN LITERALLY DYING TO DO SOME FUCK BOY TEXTS YES)

kyungsoo x chubby!reader // everyday fluffy texts

Scoups/Jay Park/Yifan x Chubby!Reader // he starts working out and lifting weights because he’s upset they cant lift their chubby s/o. And when the s/o finds out they comfort them and tell them it’s fine (IM DOIN AL THREE)

Boyfriend chanyeol x chubby reader // chanyeol wants to get couples hoodies and he ask for your hoodie size, you get embarrassed because of your size

Best friend chenle x chubby reader // some people are bullying you at school and you get very upset over it and he gets to comforts you (MY BBY CHENLE AWWW YISSSS)

Ten × Chubby!reader // Literally anything (and sexy yes)

ten x chubby!reader // she is insecure about her chubby stomach and thinks she isn’t sexy (like everyone only calls her cute and stuff) so she rants to ten (her best friend) (YALL I LOVE TEN)

Jisung x chubby reader // you guys are best friends and have feelings for one of another and the others try to match make you guys

best friend!chenle x Reader // he confesses to an insecure reader

Poly!Johntae x Chubby!Reader // if anyone has a specific idea for this let me know 

Pornstar!Yuta x Chubby!Reader // She’s actually super confident and he says something mean and she breaks up with him and he realizes that he actually kind of loves her and needs her in his life and tries to get hr back and it ends in smutty romantic sexy texts (I AM ALL FOR THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA)

t boyfriend!kihyun x chubby!reader texts // reader sends him the lyrics to TLC’s No Scrubs as a little joke and he freaks out and asks if she thinks of him as a scrub and if she wants to leave him and she has to try to comfort him and tell him it was just a joke, that they were lyrics to a song.

this is not proof read at all so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might have made :)

Divulge // Grayson

Summary: Grayson and you are secretly dating and decide to announce it in the latest video but how will your protective older brother, Jc Caylen react to the news?

Characters: Grayson Dolan x Caylen!Reader, Ethan Dolan, Jc Caylen, and Kian Lawley.

Words: 3385

Disclaimer: I do not own any images used, songs or YouTube.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff and angry Jc Caylen

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end.

A/N: This is a long ass one but I hope whoever requested this really enjoys and apparently the fics aren’t showing up in tags. I apologize for that.

Master List

Prompt List


Originally posted by thedolangifs

It was hard to date someone well-known on YouTube; you were doing so secretly for both your safety and not wanting to hurt his fans. Grayson was always going on about how they would be happy for him being in a relationship with someone that respects his dedication to his fans. It caused a rift between you guys until he finally saw how passionate you were to being kind to his fans given that you were a fan too. Ethan was one hundred percent standing behind your relationship especially since he shipped your relationship from the beginning.

“Do you want pancakes?” Grayson asked from beside you on the couch. You lived in LA like him but you didn’t live with him even though you were over a lot.

You lived close by them with your older brother and his roommate, having moved roughly around the same time as the twins. Your brother and his friend had a YouTube together with a following that came mainly from their time in O2L before they broke up. Jc Caylen was your brother and Kian Lawley had grown to be your older brother too.

“No.” You wrinkled your nose. Both Ethan and Grey were confused as you shared a love of pancakes like them.

“You love pancakes.” Ethan said staring at you.

“Not since Jc pranked me. He wiped off my whip cream and managed to trick me into believing that it was whip cream but it was toothpaste.”

Both Ethan and Grey blinked before laughing in sync imaging the sheer disgust you would have displayed. They were right because you had viciously smacked your brother once you got the awful taste out of your mouth. Jc was brilliant and hilarious pretty much everyday since you could remember.

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BTS React To Your Habit (Sleeping With Your Hands Balled Up)

Request: BTS when their gf having a weird sleeping habit of balling their fist?

Namjoon: Namjoon would look over at you and saw that your hands were balled up. He thought it was super cute because it looked like you were about to fight someone.

Taehyung: Taehyung would ask you about it but, of course, you had no clue as to what he was talking about. He found it weird how you would automatically ball up your fist.

Hoseok: Hoseok would find it cute and even take a picture of you so he could show you later on. You’d call him a creeper for taking a picture of you while you sleep missing the whole point of you balling your fists while sleeping.

Jin: Jin would find it alarming. He’d wake you up and ask if you were feeling ok. You would be oblivious to what he was talking about and it’ll take a while for him not to worry.

Jungkook: Jungkook would tease you about it. Telling you something along the lines of,”Even in your sleep you’re ready to hit someone.”

Yoongi: Yoongi wouldn’t mention anything to you. But he’d lowkey find it really adorable seeing you curled up in a ball with your hands balled up.

Jimin: Jimin would be similar to Jin. He’d be worried as to why you were balling up your fist and checked to see if you were pressing down hard enough to break the skin. Once he saw that you weren’t harming yourself he’d be less worried.

Got7 Reaction To Their S/O Losing Too Much Weight

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

can I have a got7 reaction to their s/o losing weight (in an unhealthy way- becoming very skinny kind of thing)? please

Mark: *I think Mark might not know how to react because I imagine he’s kind of used to people around him losing weight a lot because many idols diet in relatively unhealthy ways. I think he might try to be more subtle and just work to make sure when they’re together they eat good food and enough food and if his so is getting weird about eating, he’d probably take it up a notch and confront them about it*

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

JB: *I can see JB not being the most tactful one about an issue like this, I can definitely picture him going ‘hey, you need to eat more.’ in his monotone voice and leave it at that. It’s not that he wouldn’t care or wouldn’t want to be tactful, he just is a pretty blunt person.*

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Jackson: *I feel like Jackson would actually have one of the most serious reactions out of the members because he’s dieted and worked out to the detriment of his health before and that’d be the last thing he’d want for his SO, I can see him having a frank conversation and having all kinds of resources and tips about handling underlying issues that cause unhealthy weightloss.*

Originally posted by ikon-maniac

Jinyoung: *Jinyoung is another one I feel would be kind of slow on the draw and would not know really what to do. He’d definitely wait to ask his so about it until they were alone and he’d probably do some research about the weightloss but initially he really wouldn’t know quite what he should do*

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

Youngjae:  *Youngjae definitely wouldn’t want to do. I picture him definitely trying to bring his so food and make sure they ate together, leaving fruits or snacks with them. But he wouldn’t know if he really had the right to talk to them about it until he spent quite a really worrying about it on his own.*

Originally posted by got7official

BamBam: *BamBam I can picture being the type to invite his so over for homecooked meals (I’m guessing he can cook at least on a basic level) and then probably ask them about the weightloss as tactfully as he could. He’d want to know what was going on.* 

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

Yugyeom: *I can picture him being kind of tactless like JB in that he’d basically just bluntly ask what was going on before he’d go into how concerned he was. He’d definitely be the type to look up at his so and go ‘you’ve been losing an awful lot of weight, what’s up?’*

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boyfriend changkyun

A/N: all right so i love monsta x and my babies don’t get enough attention so i’m making boyfriend!monsta x posts like this for all the members!!! this probably won’t be coherent so i hope it’s at least cute!!! masterlist!!!

Originally posted by kihyeun

  • this is going to be a shitpost please enjoy
  • omo this weirdo please love him he’s just a kid
  • you know that person who randomly shows up in your life and completely changes it? that’s changkyun
  • he has so many sides 
  • soft changkyun
  • sassy changkyun
  • genlteman changkyun
  • childish changkyun
  • extra changkyun
  • he’d be a weird romantic
  • none of the romantic stuff you expect oh no
  • it’s your birthday? he’s jumping out of a cake
  • you tell him about your favorite show? he binge watches it and then whispers lines of it out of nowhere to scare you late at night
  • okay but ever since i saw the episode of “right now” in which he kept a straight face for 88% of the ride i expect him to just try and make a game out of keeping a deadpan expression for everything
  • “i bet i can keep a straight face while cleaning the kitchen that’s how a real man does it” “okay changkyun don’t forget to wipe water off the counter when you finish the dishes” “-_-”
  • he be interesting to cook/bake with because it could go from 0 to a 100 to 25 so fast
  • i don’t think he’d really be into pda other than simple handholding but you’d share this really special intimacy with him
  • like the warmth you can feel when he’s next to you would be so !!! because it’s just between you two
  • i also see him lying his head on your shoulder and looking up at you while you talk or just staring forward into space
  • i dunno every time he touches you you’ll be able to feel how special you are to him
  • dates with this kid ??? they go from “wait we’re on a date” to “who are you and what did you do with changkyun this is so well put together”
  • he seems like a casual guy so i expect his dates to go the same but don’t be mistaken he does put lots of thought into it because he really wants you to be comfortable and happy
  • okay but his voice…….just…….remember you’re blessed to hear how wonderful and calming it is all the time especially when you’re hanging with monsta x and changkyun leans to whisper in your ear because he wants to have a conversation with you without everyone hearing it
  • changkyun !!!!! coming !!!!! home !!!! after !!!! practice !!!!! and !!!!! rapping !!!! to !!!!! show !!!! you !!!! what !!!! he !!!!! did !!!! in !!!!! the !!!! studio !!!!
  • the look on his face will be so precious after he finishes rapping
  • he just wants you to be proud of him 
  • please be proud of him
  • he’s trying his best and always does the most
  • get ready for lots of competitions between changkyun and jooheon and having to be either the referee or changkyun’s number one fan
  • seriously there will be tons of freestyle rap battles between these dweebs in your home i’m warning you now 
  • changkyun would be such a lowkey hype man for everything you do like you reorganize your place? “holy shit!!!! my love is so skilled!!!!” 
  • traveling with changkyun !!!
  • honestly changkyun would have lots of chill adventures on vacation 
  • and then you’d be walking around the city and he would pretend to know where he’s going and you’d both get really lost but who cares when you two are taking aesthetic pictures together in front of the nighttime cityscape
  • grocery shopping with him is probably really relaxed and fun and he always knows the best snacks to buy
  • so many boyfriend material pictures (that you take of him or he takes himself)
  • highkey think he would use gifs/derp pictures of you as reaction photos in text conversations (with you and everyone else he knows)
  • he is probably the type of person to have lots of inside jokes with himself so expect a lot of your laughter together to be received with weird looks from everyone around you because no one understands
  • changkyun speaking english randomly
  • like he’d just say “what’s up” to the sofa or something who is this kid
  • his surprises for you would always be something he wouldn’t draw attention to but it would be sO tHoUgHtFuL like he would learn how to cook your favorite dish if you were feeling down and you’d be like ??? who is this boy and why is he so perfect ???
  • petnames !!! not anything like “fluffy-kins” more like nicknames that are useful in any environment but are individual to your relationship
  • he would make you so many mixtapes you can’t even fight me on this they would be compilations of songs he thinks you will enjoy/knows you like or ones he wrote
  • get ready for lots of subtweets in monsta x lyrics because changkyun loves you
  • i think he’s the kind of person who just does awkward stuff or says something that makes no sense and whenever it happens you just look at him and laugh and then he does his weird aegyo and the world is normal again
  • “why are you like this?” “i.m. who i am” 
  • expect a lot of sighing. from you. you’ll probabl sigh at him a lot and he’ll just grin.
  • you get to make fun of all of monsta x so please take this opportunity and run with it 
  • (also be prepared to run away because monsta x is a lot to handle they are insane)
  • rap all of his parts in songs. just do it.
  • honestly this boy is warm and weird and you won’t really expect falling in love with him but it will hit you and it’ll feel so natural you won’t even question it because the way he makes you laugh or furrow your brow in confusion is the realest thing you’ve ever known and when he smiles at you man oh man you know that’s true love

anonymous asked:

could you please do a reaction to being stuck in an elevator with bts but you're really hungover and kinda a hot mess? tia xx

You really, really wanted nothing more than to get to the breakfast bar downstairs and drown yourself in some OJ, because it worked wonders for your hangovers. Ugh, why did your friends decide to book a room on the 12th floor of all places too? You pressed the elevator button and slipped right in, ignoring how fancy the decor was of a bloody elevator.

You groaned, your head was pounding. You slammed your finger on ‘Ground Floor’ when you realised the elevator wasn’t moving. The movement of going down made you feel drowsy, nearly making you fall asleep until you were startled by the sudden jolt of the elevator. You mewled, and would probably regret that but you had such a bad headache and wanted nothing more than to eat, go back upstairs, sleep and then wakeup to sight see when your friends woke up from their hangovers. You would have stayed upstairs and ordered room service, but you knew moving around would probably help you balance out. Your hangovers were the worst.

You could tell some people had filtered into the elevator, some Korean voices too, really deep ones but you kept your eyes shut and huddled yourself against the corner of the elevator.

“I’m jealous of her sleeping. I want to sleep hyung.” You heard a voice say. It was familiar, but you didn’t think about it too much. You just wanted a 10 second nap to refresh your brain enough for food.

You were strangely comfortable in your little huddle right at the corner of the elevator, until somewhere in your senses it hit you that it shouldn’t take 5 minutes to get down to the ground floor.

You peeked an eye open.  

You were met with panicked faces, really really good looking panicked faces that belonged to none other than BTS.

You opened both eyes. Wow. You thought. I’m in an elevator with BTS. BTS! Your friends would never believe you, unless you took a picture- but wasn’t that a privacy thing, considering you were stuck in an elevator with them too.


Jin would be shocked at the state of you unkept appearance. Hot mess indeed, your hair was all over the place and your eyes were dark from make up smudges. He kept his gaze on you for too long, because you looked kinda hot like that. 

“You know, hangover soup is the best cure for what you’re having.” He would say after finally snapping out. 

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Hoseok would have the same reaction as Jin, kinda weirded out but intrigued. He also wouldn’t ask why you were like that but he tried to make the situation of being stuck in the elevator lighter. 

“Don’t worry, BTS will protect you.” He joked, and you cracked a smile.

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Namjoon would be the most supportive and open, probably asking you if you had a good night last night to break any silences. 

“I’m so sorry everyone, you shouldn’t have to see me in such a mess state.” You said slightly embarrassed. 

“No, no, we don’t get to do what you do so much. It makes us feel a little more like our age seeing you like that. Our friends must also be like that the morning after a party.” He said in understanding. Namjoon also thought the hot mess vibe you were giving off was attractive, he was low key debating if he should start making conversation with you just to get to know you. 

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Your appearance didn’t really bother Yoongi, he figured out you were probably hungover and waiting to get something in your system to feel better. He was low key jealous you could go out, because it was one thing knowing that’s what people his age did, another thing to actually see it. 

“Did you have fun then?” He’d ask.

“I did, but it doesn’t feel like that now. Especially now we’re stuck here for a while.” You’d say shyly. 

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Jimin would be the most attentive to you, realising that you had decided to get to the ground floor to get some fluids in your system after a night out. 

After a while of getting to know them, Jimin would offer you some water. 

“Thank you, you’re a star.” You’d graciously accept, and Jimin had a soft spot for caring. 

He’d be asking you if you felt okay all the time, and probably form a little crush on you guys spoke some more. 

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Bored Taehyung from being stuck, would want to know more about your life. Your current state made him think you had a fun party life. 

“Do you go out often?” He’d ask, sitting next to you as he planned to make a new friend.

“Not really, It’s seriously sometimes. I’m not a party animal. My friend Eli invited me over after he found out he was staying here.” You explained. Taehyung would ask more about you, where you live, what you do, what do you like and would cheekily ask if you have a bias in BTS before being shut up by Jin for being even more embarrassing than him in Sweden.

You’d make a new friend for sure. 

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Curious bunny. Jungkook, seeing someone of the opposite sex around his age looking all hot mess like from partying had him curious. He’d follow what his hyungs were saying and probably join Taehyung in knowing more about you. As probably known, Kookie doesn’t mean too many people his age. So, for him this is super interesting and endearing. 

You bond inside the elevator an make a friend like Taehyung, but with Jungkook it’s much more subtle. He shys away but then comes back again with curiosity. 

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At the end of the elevator fiasco, you make some new friends and make plans to meet up with them in their hotel room again this afternoon. 

AN: This was fun to write, possible fic material too! (ps- my requests are currently open people :) 

BTS Reacts to Seeing Your Nipples Pierced

Request: NCT/BTS reaction to you having nipple piercings ;)

(I chose BTS since there are way more gifs for them)


Jungkook: “That looks painful!” Jungkook thinks your piercings are pretty weird, but he soons grows to like them a lot.

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V: “Did you get them just for me, hmm?” He smirks cutely and you blush. He loves them a lot and he’s happy you got them.

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Suga: *rushes to get home* The picture you sent him of your newly pierced nipples made him instantly horny for you. He will rush home to see and do things to them in person.

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Jin: “I’ll put them in my mouth and suck just like this.” He chuckles at your bewildered expression and smiles. “Don’t act like I haven’t sucked on them before, jagi.”

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Rap Monster: He takes the lollipop out of his mouth and stares at your nipples. “This is what I’ll do to your nipples.” He smirks hotly and you blush as he rolls his tingue around the lollipop. You can tell he really likes them and he’s going to pay lots of attention to them from now on.

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J-Hope: “Just wait til I get home baby.” Hoseok locks his phone and puts it in his pocket. Your nipples with the piercings are so enticing to him. By the time he leaves work, he’s sexually frustrated and ready to take it out on you.

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Jimin: “I want you to go braless for the rest of the day.” Jimin loves your piercings and he can’t wait to have his lips wrapped around them to feel the cold metal against his tongue.

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Everyone knows that Yoongi hangs out with Jimin way too often (henceforth, the ship name YoonMin that fans gush over so much) that even the staff knows. Sometimes, people would speculate that they are dating one another but no one can actually bring it up because what if they are really just good friends? There’s nothing wrong with being fond of your friends.

That of course makes him a bit jealous. A bit. Jin isn’t the jealous type, far from it. Not even possessive, he knows that Yoongi has friends that he likes be around with but it hasn’t reached to the point that ALMOST everyone knew that they hang out.

Jin doesn’t question it and neither do the others but the members noticed that their eldest hyung doesn’t smile as often when he sees Jimin joking around with other members (particularly, Yoongi). They think that Jin is just tired, I mean, practicing for 14 hours a day hurts like hell.

Everyone knows Yoongi write songs. Not just for BTS but sometimes for others as well. Yoongi write songs for Jimin the most in particular. Namjoon doesn’t care anyway because its not his songs nor does Hoseok. If anything, that’s the twos business.

When Jin hears Jimin sings in the dorm with a bunch of paper in hand, the hand writing is obvious, its Yoongi. Doesn’t make his feeling any better but at this point, why does he bother caring? Its just a s o n g.

If the song is for bangtan and Yoongi happens to give more lines to Jimin than anyone then, isn’t it for the best? The ~fan favorite~ and the ~body of the group~ gets the most lines then. Killer combo if you ask Jin.

Everyone knows that Jimin went to Yoongi’s house already. Not just once or twice, multiple times. Maybe even fucked, who knows.

Jin felt like his stomach churned at the thought. He’s acting like a junior high student who has a crush on a stoic senior high student, how sad. He shouldn’t be even sad because its not his friend(relation)ship. It shouldn’t be even bothering him but it does.

When Taehyung and Jungkook were looking around for Jimin in the dorms, they found Jin instead. On the couch and is holding his phone. The two noticed and asked Jin but Jin just shrugged as an answer hoping that the two gets the point. And they did. Taehyung and Jungkook just nods and returns to their video game.

Everyone knows that Yoongi stays up late in the studio if he’s feeling inspired. This night in particular, he is feeling extra inspired. Its already 12 AM and he’s not back yet. Not like Jin is waiting, he just happens to be still awake from reading a comic.

Hoseok woke up and exited the room he’s in and heads to the kitchen till he notices that the two oldest shared still has a light on. Hoseok went inside the room and sees Jin, wide awake.

“Hyung?” Hoseok said and carefully walk towards Jin’s side of the bed. Its rare to see the bed split apart since everyone knew that Yoongi and Jin watch movies together.

“What is it?” Jin smiles at Hoseok and gestures his hand on the bed to let Hoseok know that he should sit down.

“Nothing, just wondering if you’re staying up for Yoongi hyung again.” Hoseok says and yawns.

“I’m not. Just finished what Taehyung recommended me to read.” Jin then ruffles his hair and smiles a bit. Hoseok has always been cute with his messy hair and sleepy eyes.

“Oh, okay. I thought you are becau- Oh, shit.” Hoseok says and covers his mouth right away. His eyes gaped in shock and just stares a Jin for a while.

“You thought?” Jin asks.

“Ah! Nothing, hyung, I swear!” Hoseok says and is obviously lying.

“Jung Hoseok, you better tell me or your are going to be roommates with Namjoon and good luck sleeping with that snoring mess.” Jin says firmly. He rarely uses the eldest pros of changing up the roommates. (only used it when Taehyung was his roommate and he couldn’t get a wink of sleep because that boy is loud as hell)

“Okay! Okay! I thought…you and Yoongi hyung are…in a relationship? I’m sorry that must’ve sounded weird.” Hoseok says and bows his head.

“Huh? I thought you guys knew about him and Jimin?” Jin asks, equally confused as Hoseok’s reaction.

“No, hyung. Jimin is always nice and if he has a lover of some sort, I think it would be Namjoon. They always have those eye fucking moments and I’m glad not so many had noticed it. Well, me and Taehyung notices and even Jungkook at this point.“ Hoseok says and does this thing with his hands when he’s explaining something he thinks that’s obvious.

“Yoongi literally makes a song for Jimin, has pictures of Jimin lying around, and shit, he even makes songs for him. Tell me that they aren’t at all dating and I’d make you anything you want for a year.” Jin says seriously and looks Hoseok in the eye.

“I’m serious, hyung. Yoongi hyung made you a song too, did you forget that? Jungkook has pictures of Yoongi lying around too. Even I have pictures of you. And Jimin picked up something in Yoongi hyungs house and they got into traffic so they didn’t head home ea- Oh, I see. Hyung, I see you.” Hoseok says and smiles like a little devil at Jin.

“No, Hoseok. No.” Jin says (in denial) to Hoseok who’s clearly smiling ever so brightly at him.

“You like him, you like Yoongi hyung!” Hoseok practically shouts inside the room but quickly covered his mouth so he won’t disturb the others.

“I don’t and you don’t have to shout!” Jin says, obviously red.

“…then you l o v e Yoongi hyung!” Hoseok says and this time, he keeps hitting Jin’s leg with excitement.

“Shit…” Jin says and covers his face that is now beat red. Hoseok keeps on squealing and Jin groans in despair. They hear the door unlock and they both sit up straight all of a sudden. A small shadow appeared closer to the room and its Yoongi.

“What are you two doing?” Yoongi asks and its obvious that he is dead tired.

“Nothing, hyung. I’ll go back to my room now. Good luck, Jin hyung and goodnight.” Hoseok says and smiles at Jin. He probably even wriggled his eyebrows but Yoongi didn’t noticed it.

“What’s wrong with him?” Yoongi asks and Jin just shrugs in return. Yoongi sat on his bed and removed his sweatshirt.

“Hyung?” Yoongi asks and Jin is taken a back when he noticed that Yoongi is right in front of him.

“What is it?” Jin asks and looks up to Yoongi.

“You okay? You look put off these days. I’m surprised Namjoon hasn’t said anything.” Yoongi says.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything about you and Jimin as well.” Whoops, that wasn’t to come out but it did.

“Huh? Do you think me and Jimin are actually dating? Not you too.” Yoongi sighs and groans.

“Even Bang PDnim thought so too. I can’t believe this.” Yoongi says and sits next too Jin.

“Everyone thought you liked him and even I did. Geez, its just that you two hang out so much. If you want to clear the speculations up with everyone, just tell them you like someone else.” Jin says and pats Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Everyone doesn’t have to know I like you.” Yoongi says and faces Jin. Yoongi closed his eyes and prays to whatever is listening to him that Jin doesn’t hate him after kissing him. He holds his face and presses his lips onto his.

Yoongi lets go of Jin’s face and just stared at Jin. Pretty, very pretty indeed. “Hyung, I don’t know what shit runs through your mind but just because me and Jimin are friends doesn’t mean we are fucking.” Yoongi says with a stern voice.

Jin just smiles and hugs Yoongi. Burying his face onto his neck and Yoongi putting his arm around Jin’s. They stayed there until morning.

Everyone knows that Jin and Yoongi slept like that. Body against body and Hoseok probably taking way too many pictures.

“I thought Yoongi hyung would never admit his feelings. He was even complaining about it when I went over at his place.” Jimin says and ruffles his hair. Namjoon puts his arm around Jimin and asks him, “His feelings?”

“Yep, he was even afraid of going home early because he’d have to see his muse.” Jimin chuckles.

“No wonder why Jin hyung has been off lately, I thought it was just him being tired. Wonder, who cracked in first.” Namjoon says.

“I knew it first, ha! I can’t believe that it will only take them a bight to realize they want to be more than roommates.” Hoseok says and takes Yoongi’s camera now and takes a picture of the two sleeping. The click sound was enough to wake Jin enough and he posed a peace sign and Hoseok is more than happy to take a picture of his hyung and now, his boyfriend.