and having the same friendships and opportunities

hi guys!! i just wrapped up my first semester in college (thank the Lord), so i thought i should share some of the things i’ve learned with you.

  • make friends during the first few weeks!! 
    • participate in all the “welcome week” activities. step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to talk to anyone and everyone—everyone else is in the same position as you. find friends who have similar values as you. do not become too close with anyone who will influence you to do things that you do not want to do. befriend the people you sit next to in class—maybe they can become a study buddy. establish your friendships early on. from personal experience, it is harder to befriend people who have already formed their own friend groups. 
  • join clubs!!
    • join them early on in the semester.
    • join clubs that are specific to your major! not only will you meet people with similar interests and career goals, but you will also receive important information (opportunities, research programs, etc.) and get more hands-on experience.
    • if you are on a pre-professional track, join a club based on your program. i’m currently in the pre-dental health society club at my school!
    • join any club that interests you, but try not to join clubs that frequently overlap—it is better to attend clubs faithfully than sporadically. 
    • if you’re a person of faith, join a (or several) campus ministry/group to get connected with people who share your same faith. a majority of my friendships have come from doing this and it’s like having a second family. if you’re a christian, join cru!! cru is awesome!!!!
  • scheduling
    • only take 8 am’s if you are disciplined enough to go to sleep at a reasonable time and to wake up at or before 7 am. 
    • try to end your school day relatively early so that you have the rest of the day to do any studying that you have to do, while you’re still awake and alert. 
    • try to avoid night classes as they are very long and will probably interfere with a billion other things you want to do. 
    • if you are scheduling back-to-back classes, make sure you have enough time to get from one class to the other. 
  • coursework
    • exams are so important in college. there is homework, though, but it usually only accounts for a small percentage of your grade. you should still complete it. all of it. try to accumulate as many points as you can from homework and other assignments in case you don’t perform as well as you wish on the exams.
  • time-management is SOOO important!!
    • learn when to say no to social events. you can still do fun things, but know when you should refrain from it. 
    • managing time wisely significantly lowers academic-related stress.
    • create a skeletal schedule for your week–add your classes, when you want to wake up/go to sleep, any club meetings that you have, what time’s a good time for lunch, etc. 
    • determine what times work best in your schedule to dedicate to studying. 
    • schedule your free time so that 1. you have something to look forward to and are less likely to get distracted, and, 2. you can take a break from everything and feel refreshed.
  • dealing with professors
    • respect them (obviously). 
    • form good relationships with your professors, but, for the love of God, do not be a kiss up. they can tell when you are or aren’t being genuine. 
    • visit them during office hours for any questions you may have. make it known to them that you do care about what you’re learning and that you’re not only trying to get an A. 
  • reminders!!
    • sometimes you will try so hard and your grade will still not reflect the effort you put in.
    • learning > grades
    • grades do not always reflect intelligence. sometimes, a lower grade could be a result of something else, such as poor time-management.
    • your GPA does not define you.
    • you are here to learn.
    • rest!!
    • you can do this!!
    • i love you!!

disclaimer: this post is based on my experiences and things i have heard from people who i have interacted with. this advice might not apply to everyone who reads it. artwork by: paul antonson

i will be adding to this! just wanted to get some of it posted! feel free to message me with specific college-related questions and feel free to message/reply/reblog with any advice you think i should add. :)

love, melissa (@studenting

Being ADHD can go with being a good listener.

I may talk too much and too intensely, but I listen the same way.

I will remember the gist of your life story and emotional conflicts, but will probably forget your secrets before I ever have the opportunity to tell them.

Having ADHD can mean talking too much, too fast, and too impulsively, and forgetting what we already told you. But it doesn’t prevent us from being a good listener or a good friend.

anonymous asked:

I wanted to say that I love the posts you made about writing about siblings! Most of all when it comes to same gender siblings, very often in fiction I see the siblings having issues with each other or not getting along. Or the sibling is mostly absent during the story. I would love to see more of siblings being super close, I know some sets of sisters in my life who are super close like they are friends, and it is lovely to watchh. Why do authors tend to avoid close sibling relationships?

Thank you for your kind words! Siblings in stories are a huge passion for me, and close siblings in particular are relationships I want to see in more stories.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t stem from avoiding just close siblings but from avoiding close family as a whole. I don’t have any studies or papers examining the idea, no statistics I can report; what I do have are guesses based on observations and conversations with other writers about why they’re writing what they’re writing.

Myth: Main characters must have tragic backstories to be interesting.
Somehow, the idea that in order for a character to be interesting, their backstory has to be tragic has become an integral part to story-telling. Taking it one step further has been the growing idea that tragic = the loss of a person or persons close to them, and who closer than family? Family is an oasis of people who know where a character comes from and theoretically are hoping for the best for them. They’re the people who are supposed to accept a character entirely and are obligated to always love them. That loss writers are looking to capitalize on may be death, but it could also be those individuals rejecting the character, shredding that expectation of love. Having encountered plenty of folks in their own lives and others for whom those tenants and core qualities of family haven’t held up and the pain that comes from that, writers’ first thought when seeking out a tragic backstory often land in the alienation from or destruction of the character’s family. Destroying what may have been something happy for them creates tension and tragedy from which a character may find their drive for the story or send them to a state of being from which the writer wants to watch them grow. More to the point is that by destroying the family, the character’s background all of a sudden has a better ability to become fraught with mystery, the best, fastest way to make a character interesting.

What writers don’t take into account:
Writers must evaluate why they think their character has to have a tragic backstory. If it’s an interesting character they’re looking for–someone compelling that the audience is interested in getting to know–there are better, more compelling ways to do it than by destroying their family. If that’s is how a writer has chosen to hide the Family Secrets™, they perhaps need to rethink why that trope specifically is what their story hinges on and not on a thousand more believable reasons for the knowledge to be inaccessible. More importantly, writers must begin to realize that their character can still be tragic while retaining their family. Just because they’re close with their siblings doesn’t mean that the tragic thing that happened is negated by the joy they get out of being with, talking with, or in general interacting with their sibling. In fact, it might be an excellent relationship to use as a vehicle for the character’s growth.

Myth: Family members hold main characters back from their adventures.
Family is often thought of as this immovable stake in the ground of time and place. They are the constant in a character’s life, a place and people they can return to. They are the refuge, but also the people who have the character’s safety at heart. They’re more likely to ask characters not to go (for a variety of reasons including that the family needs their help at home, the family doesn’t want them to die, the family disagrees with the endeavor, etc.). Writers feel like if the character were close to their family, they might not actually get to participate in the story the writer has planned because they’d never leave those people behind or the family would never let them leave.

Additionally, family as a main character’s greatest weakness is absurdly common. They are the ones to be abducted or killed first by those looking to lure a character somewhere or inflict the most pain on a character or force a character to step their game up a notch. Because of this, writers remove family before the fray even happens, intending to strengthen their characters in the process and make them immovable themselves, unable to be coerced.

What writers don’t take into account:
Family doesn’t have to mean helpless. Give your familial characters some agency! Writing close siblings will actually give a character a huge strength in that they always know they have someone who has their back. If they let their sibling in on what’s going on and what they’re struggling with, that sibling has an opportunity to help. The idea that a character’s adventure and struggles must be kept secret from their family has fed into this–the “I don’t want to make them worry,” conundrum. It’s another situation that writers need to examine about their story and find out what’s stopping them from writing in these characters. If the answer is ever “because it’s easier,” the writer has a problem.

Myth: The power of friendship is not the same as the power of siblings.
The power of friendship and love triumphing over the powers of evil and hatred is a theme nearly every story perpetuates, whether the writer intends to or not. In the same way that humans create categories and hierarchies of what’s more important or more worthy, they’ve also managed to create the idea that the relationship between friends and the relationship between siblings doesn’t hold the same amount or type of power. Love conquers all, right? But familial love doesn’t count because it’s a requirement between family members–it comes with being family. It’s not as authentic or impressive or whatever as love grown between unrelated individuals (whether platonic or romantic) because it’s perceived as being a “gimme,” something they don’t have to work for.

What writers don’t take into account:
I’m not sure writers have really, and I mean really, evaluated how hard it is to maintain a relationship with one’s siblings, let alone keeping it a good one. Seriously. When you’re growing up, you see each other all the time! You know what bothers them, and it’s actually mildly amusing to push those buttons and see them struggle with the reaction they want to have and the one they’re allowed to have because you’re family. You see each other succeed and do absolutely amazing things; you see what each other is capable of, but you also see them mess up and it’s easier to hold the grudge against them for it because they should have known better. As we become adults and move out on our own, ideas about what’s right and okay are expanded past what the family rules were, but those rules still linger and tinge our perceptions, even of each other, and maybe a style of living a sibling has grates on your nerves because that’s not how we were raised or whatever. Our schedules become so full that communication falls by the wayside and suddenly, five years down the line, you realize that this person you used to talk to all the time is a total stranger. Keeping that love and affection between siblings is hard work and it should never ever, ever be taken for granted. Unfortunately, it is. All the time.

Myth: Close siblings don’t have conflict and are therefore uninteresting.
Story is conflict, right? Events are happening that characters have to deal with, people with different ideas about right and wrong are blocking the way, friends are making dumb decisions, and family has chosen to never own up to the problem that runs in their veins. Writers have come under the assumption that close relationships that are healthy and benefit both characters can’t contribute to or create conflict and therefore are dead weight in the story. And no dead weight can survive to the final draft.

What writers don’t take into account:
Who says people in close relationships can’t have conflict? Who says siblings who love and support each other can’t support each other right into a bad plan? Who says close siblings can’t make dumb decisions? These are two separate characters who happen to have grown up together, which also means that while they can love and support each other, they can also see the flaws and dangerous leaps of logic they each make more easily than other people. They have plenty to contribute to conflict, including coming into conflict with each other. “Close” does not mean “perfect relationship.”

I’m sure there are other reasons, too, such as not having any experience and therefore not really thinking about it or not feeling confident in portraying that kind of relationship with accuracy. I think the biggest thing writers need to do is ask themselves why they think they couldn’t have a sibling in their story and evaluate their own reasons to see what’s holding them back. Understanding our excuses can help us better address them and face new challenges head on.

I hope this has given you some insight into the issue, Anon. Good luck! -Pear

She’s Muslim, but her best friend, another young woman who owns this small terrace, is Christian.

While traveling in Ethiopia, in February, I admired the way Christians and Muslims get along. I saw many beautiful friendships that go beyond religion.

But in the same country, there are dozens of terrible ethnic conflicts, based on other reasons than religion.

While traveling around the world I realised that is not the religion, the colour, or the ethnicity the real reason for conflicts and intolerance. But something else.

The truth is that some people always take advantage of these conflicts. They conceive them by raising anger among us, just to feed their pockets or their ego. It was always like that, but today I think we have more opportunities to make a change.

Our love can be stronger than their greed.

how shinichi and heiji act after realizing their feelings are so perfectly in character

Shinichi: hides his feelings for his best friend/significant other which he’s had since in preschool until high school and for that same length of time (presumably because he didn’t want to ruin their friendship), needs explicit confirmation (or at least hints) of reciprocation from Ran before deciding to Just Do It, and EVEN THEN, misses so many opportunities because he’s just waiting for that one perfect romantic moment (he doesn’t even have that much time to begin with bec. of his shrinking episodes). 

Heiji: the manga shows no hints that Heiji is aware of Kazuha’s feelings, but after realizing his, he decides right on the spot to confess, with no assurance of reciprocation or that the friendship will remain the same in case Kazuha didn’t feel the same way (NO WORRIES ABOUT THAT) but still goes and does it..or was about to anyway if he didn’t get caught up in making it as bombastic as Shinichi’s confession. 

These boys, haha, both so different and ultimately the same. 

ICYMI Pt 14--3x06

Ian is venting to Mickey about the group home and Mickey is listening, even giving him tips on what not to do there, playfully making fun of Ian’s simple complaints.

What I love about this scene is how naturally they communicate and how easy their friendship seems. It makes me wonder what amazing (and/or hilarious) conversations we missed. I think Ian probably tells Mickey most things going on in his life (though obviously Mickey was present for this particular development, I still see Ian being an open book with Mickey in general), but does Mickey tell Ian much? How much of that wall is left standing at this point?


It was pointed out to me that I missed this part…

While some people argue that this was Mickey’s way of asking if they were monogamous or exclusive (and there is some truth to that) I think this was more of Mickey genuinely looking out for Ian’s well being. It could be that this question was a double ended one where he was both trying to test the still unexplored waters of the “relationship,” and genuinely making sure that Ian didn’t get his ass handed to him by trying to fuck around or make friends. The reason I lean more towards the latter is because this would be a douchey time for Mickey to worry about something like that, don’t you think? Ian’s in a group home filled with dangerous guys and Mickey has first hand knowledge of the types of people in those places, and that they are scary (especially for sweet and innocent looking Ian). This shows further how much Mickey worries about Ian and cares about Ian’s well being. Ian is a pretty trusting guy so Mickey wants to make sure Ian knows how to handle himself because he’s worried about his safety.

Possibly from concern for Ian’s safety, possibly because he’s ready to test those new waters since they’ve opened themselves up to kissing, Mickey invites Ian over to his place.

And look at how nervous he looks!

Peeking up at him, like he’s maybe second guessing his offer, weighing the possible ways Ian could take this. And wondering if maybe this is pushing past the friendship facade too much, if this is opening himself up too much.

Trying to play it nonchalant, but probably knowing he isn’t fooling anyone…

Trying to play down what is actually a big deal because as much as we would love for him to be, Mickey just is not an externally emotional guy and he doesn’t like wearing his emotions on his sleeve (or lack of sleeves…) So we can’t exactly expect for him to be super romantic about the ordeal, but I definitely think I can see some excitement there. Some one-on-one time with his unofficial boyfriend that doesn’t have to include any sneaking around or shame.

Ian meanwhile is over the moon for their first night together because this is a HUGE step! Sure, it’s just going to be more of the same; hanging out, sex, hanging out, sex, but on top of it, Ian is spending the night which gives the whole thing a sense of domesticity on top of their usual hanging out.

There isn’t much to analyze per se about the sleepover, but I will break it down just for those who maybe missed their not so secret or subtle glances at each other which establishes just how smitten they each are for the other. This was actually the moment I think I fell in love with Gallavich because those looks at each other just said it all, man.

So we start off with some serious domesticity with Mickey donning the infamous oven mitts.

And then we see joking, friendship, chilling on the couch, splitting a cigarette, just watching a movie.

I will never get over the friendship aspect of their relationship because I feel too frequently in media in general, not just Shameless, we see romantic relationships explode from nowhere with no indication of a friendly love that backs it up. Take it from someone on the back half of a decade with her high school sweetheart, everlasting relationships do not come from passion alone. Here with Ian and Mickey we see how they are outside of the bedroom more than in, so we see them talk and play and joke which is SO important.

So we see another beautiful peek at their friendship, and out of nowhere…

That INCREDIBLE chemistry I’m always screaming about comes into play to change everything about this moment.

Not so casually checking this guy out, appreciating how beautiful he is and also maybe even this little sense of disbelief that this is happening?

Ian, doing the same thing, tickled pink that this is happening, that they’ve made it over this hurdle.

Sure, the director could have told them to look at each other while the other wasn’t looking… but that electric chemistry is what makes this moment what it is. I can feel how they are both waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump on each other… they can’t keep their eyes off of each other and I can almost see them both considering that maybe they’ll try out some of that kissing nonsense Mickey was so against before. Bottom line, the sexual tension and companionship is palpable with this scene and I pray everyone recognizes it and doesn’t try to deny it.

So, for the following part I’m throwing up a Trigger Warning. This trigger warning will cover abuse and rape. Please read at your own discretion because I will be including graphic gifs where necessary.

You have been warned.

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The pros and cons of dating NCT's Ten


Anon: Hi!! I absolutely loved the post about pros and cons when dating NCT 127, it was amazing! Funny thing that what you wrote about Jaehyun (my bias) it sounded like you were writing about me lol.. I would love if you could do Ten as well since he’s my other bias… Obvs I know he’s not in 127, but if you ever had the time, i’d love to read about him as well 💕💕 if you don’t have the time/want to, then ofc thats okay 😊🌼 love your blog!!!

Anon: for the pros and cons post with NCT 127 (which i absolutely loved so u kno i hadda hit u wit dis), is it possible that you can do it for ten? thank you in advance!!

Sorry if this is crap, I feel like this is a different style to my NCT 127 and I don’t like it😂🤧fuck it lmao. If you want more units or members, please do ask!

You can find NCT 127’s version here!

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i fucking love this gif dont fliPPING TOUCH ME ok


  • Family man - Ten clearly has a very big heart for his family and is very grateful and thankful for them. He’d always be calling his mum up to chat and gossip, be messaging his sister throughout the day about random crap or send photos to his dad of his food and things he’s bought. He’s probably a big mama boy too and has been brought up well, with an innate respect for women and chivalrousness. He’d know exactly how to treat a woman (or man!) right and be so helpful and patient with you if you were on your period/going through rough times/stressed. He’d love you to spend time with his family and to spend time with yours too; it’d be good quality bonding time and a side to him that was soft and fluffy. Loving your family means appreciating them and appreciating the value of the relationships you have created through that bond. It’s easier for him to value other people, you especially, and what they bring to his life because he’s had the same group of people bringing wonderful things to him since he was all young and tiny. He’d have seen the grave effects his human relationships have had on his life, and therefore he values all of his friendships and relationships
  • Your biggest supporter and #1 fan - Ten would be your biggest and only hype man in your life. He’d always be encouraging and supporting your decisions and opportunities, pushing you out your comfort zone a little just to show you what possibilities are available for you. He’d visibly very encouraging too, always being positive, cheering and showing you affection whenever you succeeded in something. It’d be embarrassing for his partner/you, but really, you’d appreciate it enormously. I guess being an idol would make him more hardworking and independent than the average person, so he’d always be trying to use this to help you. Although he’d be supportive and encouraging of his partner, he’d still be realistic and realise that sometimes things aren’t going to go to plan and things might fall through. Bearing that in mind all the time, he’d also not be intimidated or leave you if hard times were in store. For Ten, being with someone you love that much, doesn’t mean that you’re only there for the good moments in their life; you’re there for the tough times too, where your relationship is at breaking point and you’re at your lowest. Even then, he’d be so incredibly patient and understanding, helping you get through it slowly and at whatever pace you wanted. I think that’d be a very special quality of Ten in comparison to the other members. The other might get scared or worried if things started to get tough and possibly distant themselves subconsciously; but that wouldn’t be the case with Ten. 
  • Lively - I don’t think there’d ever be a dull moment with Ten. And depending on the person he was dating, he’d always be able to find something to please and entertain his S/O. He’d never push them into doing something that was unlike them or scared them; rather he’d pick activities and dates that suited their hobbies and interests perfectly. Even if it wasn’t something he was fond of or maybe have never usually liked, he’d always try taking an interest in it just so he could be able to enjoy it with them. He’d be so enthusiastic about it too, his heart warming to see the love of his life getting excited and having fun. His contagious animation would catch on to you quickly, regardless of how quiet or loud. Within months of dating, they’d be become more extroverted and probably more optimistic too, a lot of smiling and liking a bit of adventure in their lives. Ten would be a positive influence on their life and wouldn’t be overly-excitable or lively that it could get tiring. He’d know his limits, and yours, and wouldn’t even try pushing them. He’d know that there’d be moments where it’d be better to just calm down. And he’d know how his partner was feeling towards his liveliness (e.g. he’d stop if he could tell he was winding them up) He wouldn’t be unpredictable and out of control with it, but he’d still be spontaneous and charming with his excitement. 


  • Too easy-going - Although Ten would be quite animated and involved in a relationship, there’d be times where he’d literally abandon it and put no effort into it. Sometimes, he’d be far too relaxed about things, not bothering to patch up little arguments or reconcile with you after a misunderstanding. He just wouldn’t put the effort into the relationship; he’d lack the enthusiasm to even try. Thinking things would just “sort themselves out” or “it’s not that big of a deal”. It’s really hurt your feelings and doubt his love for you when he was like this. He’d be like another person, who didn’t care about anyone else and would only react if there was something in it for him. He’d be able to go days after an argument without talking to you or go days after an argument acting like he hadn’t just told you that he “doesn’t care if you leave or not”. During arguments and heated discussions, he wouldn’t even bother looking at you or showing any sign that he was listening, remaining seated on his bed, just browsing clothes stores on his phone. His voice would be calm and soft, but would have this tone that sounded patronising and as if he was intentionally trying to wind you up. If you stormed out or started crying or packing a suitcase, he would even look up at one. He wouldn’t try to stop you. He would call after you. He wouldn’t try getting you back. Only after weeks of being apart, would he finally come to his senses and try to win you back. This side of Ten would be rare, maybe only occurring once or twice for every year of your relationship; but the effects and consequence of it would be dramatic and pretty damn serious.
  • Oblivious to signs and hints - Another painfully irritating characteristic of Ten, would be how oblivious and clueless he’d be to your hints and signs. For some reason, he’d be an expert at noticing you were upset or disheartened by something concerning friends or family, but whenever it came to things about him or maybe things like stress or work, he’d be utterly clueless. If you wanted affection or skin ship, he wouldn’t understand why you were clinging on to him for dear life, playing with his hair and trying to lace fingers with him. He’d brush your hands away hastily, trying to get on with whatever he was doing. If you were in the mood if u get what i mean lmfao, he’d literally have no clue or realisation that you wanted him unless you blatantly said “hey, let’s have sex”, otherwise you’d be left deprived. If you were mad at him, on the other hand, or stressed, he wouldn’t realise that you were giving the cold shoulder or silent treatment. He wouldn’t be doing it to wind you up, he just genuinely would be unaware of your anger towards him. Attempting to smother and cuddle you, he wouldn’t be disheartened by your groans and heavy sighs, your complaints and moans at him. Eventually, you would end up snapping at him, physically pushing him away from you and telling him to leave. Because of his laid-back nature though (as mentioned above), it wouldn’t end up in a fight but things would be tense between you and it’d be very awkward. Likewise, if you were trying to play a prank on someone or jokingly lie about something, giving Ten a hopeful look as if to say “please play along”, he’d completely misinterpret your singals and accidentally tell the person what you were doing lmao.
  • A people magnet - Like Johnny, and Jaehyun I guess too in fact, Ten would just naturally attract a lot of people and attention to him. He could walk into a room and people would instantaneously gravitate towards him. It’d depend on his partner about how annoying this would be to them (in general) If they were the kind to be laid-back and chill like him, not really caring about a lot of people around you, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal; maybe if he was to completely ignore, would you begin to get annoyed. If they were the type to get a little jealous or self-conscious about the amount of people near you, it could start some little arguments and then feeling very low and self-conscious (which Ten would hate, and would hate himself because of too) Normally, Ten attracting this amount of attention wouldn’t be a problem; yeah, it could be annoying or irritating at first, but over time you’d just learn to grin and bear it. There could, however, be times or moments where Ten could be inconsiderate about the attention and basically wind you up about it as a result. In front of you, he could be off flirting with someone else, touching their arm or playing with their hair, your hands on his biceps trying to pull him away just being impetuously pushed away. He would sometimes just ignore your calls or texts, be late (or not even turn up) to dates, pick other people over you without even thinking twice. His ignorance and insensitivity towards you would be the most common reason as to why you’d have fights and arguments. There’d be phases where these fights would be very often, and your relationship would be pushed to breaking point; and then phases where him acting like this wouldn’t ever occur. It’d be a bit odd honestly; you’d never be sure whether he was just obvious to the effects or his actions, or whether he was intentionally doing this to upset you. 
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Request: “hi bb :)) i would like to request a fluffy/ implied smutty poe fic. Where like the reader is coming back from a dangerous mission and poe has been suPEr worried about the reader and once the reader gets back he’s totally like shook¿ and then i guess u can work your magic and make it sorta smutty¿”

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: Implied smut!!!

As you exited your X-wing, your knees almost gave out to the hard concrete runway. The mission had been tedious to say the least, and although you had spent most of it sitting down in your ship, the mental toll the constant danger had taken was starting to drag your body into a similar lethargy. Fantasizing about falling into bed was the only thing motivating your feet to step in front of each other, barely registering a worried Leia telling you how glad she was that you had come back safe and successful. All the relief and support of your comrades came in murmurs, your ears still ringing from the explosion that had almost taken out the right wing of your fighter. However, you were alive, your hearing was coming back, and your bed was a mere hallway away. Everything was going to be okay, and coming to realize this fact brought a tired smile to your face. That was until the door to your quarters opened to reveal a frantically pacing Poe Dameron. You should have realized he would be waiting here, since your best friend failed to greet you upon landing.

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The Speed of Christmas Lights (Secret Santa Fic)

Summary: No one else seems to be in the Christmas spirit, so when you’re feeling a bit down about that, Pietro surprises you with a beautiful display.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: ~3500 (WHOOPS)

Warnings: Language, Christmas fluff, and SMUT - unprotected sex (be safe everyone & wrap that like a present). Also, probably crappily written smut. 

Recipient: @justapieceofgeekytrash (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays - I hope you enjoy cutie!) 

Prompt from @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit ’s Ficmas: Christmas Lights

A/N: This is my first Pietro fic so I’m kinda nervous?? But I promise you that I did try because I love that little speedy sucker. I hope this is still enjoyable for you all and I hope you’re having a happy holiday! 

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Daily Reminder Part 2

You can be mad about Vaylin not being redeemed while still liking Arcann’s redemption.

You can be upset that Vaylin, a powerful young woman who was feared by her family and locked away and tortured, was treated unfairly by the game creators. You can be upset that Vaylin didn’t get the same opportunities as her brother to redeem herself, to find friendship, to find love. That the player was not given an option that would result in Vaylin’s redemption.

You can, at the same time, love that Arcann had the capability and opportunity to find redemption. You can appreciate that Arcann, a young man who was abused physically and emotionally by his only present parental figure, overcame the violence put on him as a child and chose to be a better person. That, given the opportunity, he can do the right thing and show kindesses to the galaxy that were never shown to him.

These two thoughts are not mutually exclusive. 

Abuse is not a competition. Being worthy of redemption does not have anything to do with how tragic your backstory is. The only thing that makes someone “worthy” is whether they’re willing to put in the work to change their worldview and therefore, actions. 

American Money [Nathan Prescott x Reader]

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Author’s Note: This is titled American Money because I listened to that song on repeat the whole time I wrote this LOL. I’m uncreative. It’s a nice song though, I suggest you give it a listen. Also the end probably took me the longest to write, but I mean… at the end of the day, Nathan is an artist, and thinks like one. So. (PS: mad creds to the beautiful Alex Turner for part of Nathan’s little speech thingy at the end there ha ha)

Word Count: 2,837

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What are good scenarios where rivals or enemy's would be able to connect and fall in love?

There are few kind of specific ones in the masterpost. But first I should ask, what kind of enemies are they? Like is it that they’re rivals in a company or because of some long lasting thing, or have they been horrible to each in the past and that’s why they’re enemies? I mean there’s room for reconciliation but you have to be careful with how their relationship comes about and how they treat each other. Okay, that’s my little warning, now here some scenarios.

  • Two employees fighting for the same promotion are tasked to work together on a project meant to see how their cooperation skills are for the promotion and end up falling in love. 
  • Rival CEOs or managers or something that sort that come together to discuss some business opportunities but they are supposed to be upholding their company’s secret agenda. 
  • Chefs/restaurant owners on the same block trying to out do each other to get the most customers but meet each other everyday at the market and slowly building a friendship and then romance.
  • A scientist is sent to go undercover to work at their rival’s company to steal their secrets but the person they are stealing from has known all along and is feeding them false info. Eventually they figure everything out but they’ve spent a lot of time together working and have really built a bond.
  • Enemy soldiers who were both conscripted and trying to lay low find themselves finding out in the same barn during a messy attack. They both refuse to hurt the other and just try to ride out the battle.
Accidentally In Love

Request: Hey! I love your imagines! Could you do one where the reader is close to all of the buttercream gang but the reader and Joe have feelings for eachother but won’t say anything until the reader gets into a serious accident. Lots of protective, worried Joe please! Xx

Smut: No

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A/N: It’s a bit of a longer one because for some reason, I just kept writing…oops?

I hope you like it :)


You didn’t see it. You were paying attention. But you didn’t see it. How could you not see it? You were always so careful when driving because you knew how much of a responsibility it was and how no matter what, the smallest thing could cause the biggest outcome. Unfortunately, being careful didn’t really stop anything from happening.

“Are you comfortable?” Oli asked you, as he tried to fix the pillows you were resting your head upon. 

“Oli, I love you but relax.” You laughed.

As soon as you woke up in the hospital, you knew Oli would be the one to call. The boys have always been there for you and would drop anything to do so but you knew Oli would go into it with a level head and stay calm.

“Have you spoken to the others yet?” Oli asked, causing you to shake your head.

“It’s not that big of a deal.” You said, nonchalantly.

“Are you joking?” Oli retaliated. “(y/n), you’re lying in a hospital room with a broken arm, ribs and a concussion. Please tell me again it’s not that big of a deal. You’ve at least got to tell Joe.” 

“No!” You repeated. “Don’t you dare call him.”

Your relationship with Joe was complicated. You loved him, he didn’t love you. He loved you, you didn’t love him. Things never seemed to work out at the same time and everything in your lives seemed to get in the way. It also didn’t help that neither of you were willing to admit your feelings for each other. He was first buttercream boy you met and you consider him to be the one you’re closest to, so the fear of rejection and awkwardness was really affecting your decision on whether or not to tell him exactly how you feel.

“When are you going to tell him? You could have died tonight and he would have never known how you felt…” Oli explained. 

That was something you had thought about since the minute you woke up in the hospital. What would have happened if you didn’t survive? You would have never known how Joe felt about you and if there was really something between you two. But every time you thought about admitting it to him, the fear creeped back into your mind and caused you to suppress it once again.

“I’ll be back.” Oli said, standing up and exiting the room. He had been hanging out with you for hours now and you knew he was starting to get a little bit bored.

“(y/n)…” You opened your eyes as you heard a new voice and was face to face with Joe. “Oli said you fell asleep as soon as he left to call me.” He explained, his hand connected with yours. 

“I told him-”

“Well you shouldn’t have. You should have called me.” 

You could tell by the look in Joe’s eyes that he was worried about you. He had always looked after you and you knew it was killing him to see you like this, which is one of the main reasons you didn’t want him to know. You knew he would blame himself for not being there for you and that’s not what you wanted.

“I’m so sorry.” He said, brushing the hair from your face but he laughed once he saw the confused look you were giving him. “I’m sorry I waited until now.”

“Alright, I know I’m concussed but you’re really confusing me now.”

Joe let out a chuckle as he sat back in his chair, his hand still holding onto yours. You watched as he looked towards the ground, taking deep breaths. You were unsure of whether or not he was okay and if he was the one who needed to be in the hospital. 

“Joe…” You encouraged.

“Alright, when I got the call from Oli, I couldn’t breathe. The thought of not having you in my life is the scariest thing to me but being so close to not having you on the planet anymore…I can’t even begin to describe how I felt. You mean so much more to me than you probably think and I’m sorry I waited until now to tell you. The entire time I was coming here, I thought about what it would be like if I lost you without ever telling you how much you truly mean to me.”

Joe looked up from the ground and tightened his grip on your hand.

“I love you and I know our friendship is really important to you so I understand if you don’t want to risk it but knowing I could have lost you and never have the opportunity to tell you everything…I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself.”


“Just think about it…please. Don’t say anything now.”

“But Joe-”

“(y/n), please-”

“Joe!” You said, raising your voice to cut him off. “Just let me speak.” You laughed as Joe’s face became nervous and his hand loosened on yours, causing you to tighten yours. “Waking up in this room…I thought the same thing. It scared me knowing I could have died without you ever knowing how I feel. Joe, I love you.”

You watched as Joe’s face lit up in surprise and you couldn’t help but laugh for two reasons. One, he was so incredibly happy and that made you so incredibly happy. And two, you couldn’t believe you both had waited until a life-threatening situation to tell one another how you really felt. You both had been wasting so much time.

“Thank God.” He breathed, placing a small, soft kiss on the back of your hand.

Don’t you hate it when straight people try to write a friendship and a romance separately, and the romance is forced to all hell but the friendship is SO natural? I’m not just talking about “these two same-sex characters have better chemistry than the lead pair” I’m talking about how they do it to Herero Friendships as well!

The entire cause of this comes down to how they portray the connection. So often people focus on the love, they don’t focus on the like. These characters LOVE each other and they CARE about each other!! It’s destined!! Here let me show you how much they matter to each other in big grand ways!!

But these characters are never given the opportunity to LIKE each other. Best friends make the best lovers, and while you can have MANY best friends, most people choose only one lover. So why don’t you write several friendships, then develop one into a romance?

Hell you can have one or both characters crushing on each other and still write a good friendship between them. I guarantee, more canon-relationships would hit SO MUCH HARDER if they just take that tiny extra step.

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Hey, can you explain your ideas on Ginny and Luna, but with Ginny's three kids to Harry. Like, I like looove Ginny and Luna together. But I can't ignore the fact that she has three kids with Harry. How do you think about that?

Good question, so I’ll try and give a good answer.

If you want to stay close to canon and have Ginny and Harry married with three kids, but also linny, then you either have to either kill Harry (Don’t. Just don’t. Also don’t kill Ginny for Drarry purposes. Just no. Nope. Not under my roof) or divorce them.

As a child of amicably divorced parents, I’d pick the last option. People can love each other to the moon and back at one point, but after years of busy careers, children, etc. you can grow apart. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and though most divorced couples don’t stay close friends, they don’t have to hate each other either.

My headcanon for the split of Harry and Ginny is that, at some point they realise that they clung to each other for comfort and safety. They loved each other so much, the step from friends to more than friends was easily made. Thing is that after a while, when the kids leave for Hogwarts, Ginny realises that while they love each other, they don’t have the *spark* books keep talking about. When they got married they didn’t need anything fancy like that, because in their grief and trauma processing period they needed a stable safe space.

With the kids gone though, and the trauma processed for the biggest part, that ceased to be enough. It got boring, the tension was gone, there was no adventure in her marriage. Hadn’t been for quite some time now, and they both knew it. Then one day, Ginny comes across a slightly sunburned Luna, who’d just returned from a field trip researching graphhorns, and they talk again, and they talk for ages. With every word leaving Luna’s lips Ginny feels a slight tug in her stomach, and when she goes home that night she wonders, is this the spark everyone keeps talking about? Is this what I’ve been missing?

But she doesn’t act on it . She regularly meets up with Luna, and sometimes even stays the night (as friends), agreeing with Harry that they need to spend some time apart from each other before they drive the other up the walls. (Meanwhile Harry spends his time away with a different blond, but that’s quite another story). The tugging sensation, the need to do something Ginny has only thought about a handful of nights in sixth year, doesn’t fade. It grows stronger with every accidental touch, every friendly hug, every flower crown and every movie night.

But she ignores it, for Harry, for the kids, for Luna who obviously has more attention for nargles than her. (Because that’s the only reason she keeps touching Ginny. Every brush of fingers or knees is always followed by a signed “nargles”).

Until she does act on it. They were watching some stupid muggle movie, and at one point Luna laughed, and she just looked so pretty and perfect. It made Ginny feel like a schoolgirl again. Dauntless, brave, not tainted by war or burdened by a lifeless marriage. And she leaned forward, breathed in the mild lavender smell of her long blond hair and kissed Luna Lovegood.

She captured her lips, pushes her back into the pillows of the couch, lets her hands roam that body she’s been staring at for months now. The sparks shooting through her body from the moment they lock lips, the pleasantly surprised noise Luna made, her flustered face underneath her, it was too much. too perfect.

But though she has never felt anything better than this, she’s also never been more scared. Because now that she knows how amazing kissing Luna is, she can never go back to kissing Harry. Can’t keep up the pretense any longer. What would Harry say? What would her parents do? How would her kids react? Would they hate her? Kick her out? Despise her?

So she doesn’t say anything. She mumbles an excuse and runs until there is nowhere left to run. And when she calms down a little, she goes home, where she belongs, with Harry. But she isn’t there, not really. She barely notices when Harry keeps talking about the new History of Magic professor Draco Malfoy, or how Neville glances in her direction with pity in his eyes when she visits her kids at Hogwarts, how her eldest son is suddenly very mad with his dad. How Harry suggests they might need to take more than just a break.

“What?” With immense effort Ginny drags her attention back to the conversation at hand, away from memories of flower crowns and cheap red wine.

“I said we might need to take some real time apart. A break.” Harry was looking at her with an utterly miserable expression on his face.

“A break?” She thought back to the friends episode, where Rachel and Ross had been on a break. Luna hated that episode, she just wanted all of them to be happy. Luna was such a sweetheart….

“Ginny are you even listening?” Ginny gave herself a mental slap in the face. What kind of shitty wife doesn’t even listen when their husband is clearly telling something important? Not her, that she knew for sure.

“You’re suggesting we take a permanent break, because we need to find each other again. Then we’ll go back to being together and have sex once in a blue moon while trying to let our kids believe we still love each other like that, even though we don’t.” Harry bit his bottom lip. Ginny stepped closer to her husband, her attention caught by a silver glinter in his black hair. Was Harry greying?

“You’ve been shagging someone with blond hair.” She carefully plucked the tiny silvery thread from his head. Harry’s hand shot up to go through his hair, and he cursed lightly under his breath.

“I’m so sorry Gin. So sorry. It just.. happened. And I didn’t even try to stop him, I wanted him to-” Ginny didn’t think she’d ever seen Harry look so guilty. “I’m so sorry Ginny.”

“Don’t bother.” She’d spent the last weeks holding back, keeping together a marriage that was way past it’s glory days, thinking of her children and her parents and Harry. Harry who was now telling her that he hadn’t held back, hadn’t ran off for the sake of family, hadn’t thrown away a lifelong friendship with one stupid half drunk kiss. 

“Ginny plea-”

“I said don’t fucking bother.” Maybe her husband didn’t deserve the glare she shot at him now, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was the spark and fireworks between her and her own blond. About the opportunity she’d thrown away for this man who hadn’t done the same. 

She took a hasty step back and wiped her hand off on the table cloth. She prayed to Merlin it came from someone’s scalp, and not Harry’s head. “I’m leaving. I have my own mess to fix.”

She stalked over to the fireplace. It was wednesday, meaning movie night, meaning Ginny might have a shot at a second chance if she promised Luna to sit through the entire length of Titanic. If she was home. Please let her be home.

“Ginny, please! Let me-”

“Have fun with Malfoy. You get to tell the kids.” The flames flared up green, and then she was gone. She’d have enough time in the morning to tell Harry she didn’t blame him for killing their lifeless marriage, but first she had to find Luna. And she wouldn’t be holding back this time.

Lol idk where that came from 

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Hey, Sian. I just debated about TV Michonne and Comic Andrea with some guy on YT (I really need to stop doing this to myself). He said they are "nearly identical" and send me a link to TWD page from where he took the statement. IMO, TV Michonne had very unique experiences that changed her into someone that is not Comic Andrea or Comic Michonne, even though the storyline since Alexandria is similar. In your opinion, what are the main similarities and differences between them?

Hi @gizasousa. So sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. I agree 100% with you and you put it so well.

My issue with people (like this guy) saying that Michonne is taking Andrea’s story line from the comic books, or that Michonne is the ‘New Andrea’ is that it takes away from who Michonne is as a character in her own right. It detracts from her TV story, background and who she is.

I’ve heard people say Andrea’s scenes with Rick from the books were played out by Richonne on screen. No. That’s a simplistic way of looking at it, and quite frankly, disrespectful to Michonne and her background as well as her development. For example, the ‘We’re the ones who live’ speech. That was not a ‘We don’t die’ remix. That was Michonne being KEY in getting Rick to see that they needed to fight. That scene worked because of WHO MICHONNE IS to Rick and their journey as best friends to lovers. NOT because Andrea said something to Rick about not dying so they did the same for TV Richonne. Also, Michonne’s language was more positive and the more I analyse the scene, the more I see how it was specifically catered to Michonne and not a remix. That scene was important to Richonne and worked so well because of who they are, what they went through, and what they mean to each other.

TV Michonne does not need to take any other comic book character’s story. The way she relates to others is because of her journey. I don’t see similarities between her and Andrea the same way others claim there are. Honestly,  there is also not a lot in Michonne’s arc now that even reflects her comic book counterpart (with the exception of being close to Rick).

TV Michonne has been afforded the opportunity to heal, love, and be loved; something that was kept from her in the books. She is in a healthy, stable relationship with Rick that developed from their close friendship (something that RK did not do in the books, regardless of how much sense it would have made).

The only similarities between TV Michonne and comic book Andrea is that their significant other is Rick. TV Michonne is a far better character than the others, in my honest opinion. Comic book Michonne still had more build-up in her friendship with Rick than Andrea had, yet Andrea ended up being his romantic partner. TV Michonne had comic book Michonne’s arc with being Rick’s best friend. The difference is that Scotty G had the good sense to build on their closeness as friends and pair TV Richonne romantically, where RK did not.

Now, there are some instances where the plot has been adapted from the books to suit what is happening on-screen. that is because the show is still an adaptation. But I don’t believe Michonne is anyone other than who she was meant to be. Rick and Michonne got the best friend narrative on TV and it progressed naturally to where it should have been i.e. them being canonically romantic and in love.

While the narrative is at points similar, because it is based on the source material, Michonne is not the ‘New Andrea’ just because they are both Rick’s lovers. Their stories are most definitely not ‘nearly identical’. Richonne on TV is what Richonne in the comic books should have been. Michonne is a leader in her own right. She is her own person with her own story arc, but certain fans out there just cannot help themselves and try to take that away from her.


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Hello! Could you conjure a fire dragon and ask them about their culture? Could you ask them how they feel about humans?

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience and your experience with the species that I call might be different. Also, the information that I receive in these conjurings is not the one and only truth.


A large dragon with red-orange scales steps forward. He growls at me though it sounds more like the noise an alligator would make than a growl. My companion prepared an astral lamb for him which he pounces on and begins to shred. “How voracious,” I comment as I watch him eat. “I haven’t eaten in a while,” he snaps between mouthfuls. “I’m not judging,” I clarify, “that’s how I eat haha”. He finishes scarfing down the lamb and then walks back in front of me before speaking, “Well human, what did you call me for?” I tell him that I have some questions. “Very well, ask them.”

I first inquire as to what his culture is like. “My culture? What kind of question is that?” he retorts. I say that many people are interested in the culture of those that aren’t in their own. “These questions are for someone else?” he asks. I say “Yes”. He sits down but then straightens up his neck, “I am solitary, the majority of us are. We hoard and hunt, we pillage and fight. Some of us are wise, some of us are brutes. We do make good friends with those who are worthy.” I ask him about what he hunts. “Meat. Prey,” he answers. “Fair enough,” I reply, “So when you fight, do you ever fight in, like, wars? Cause helldragons-”

He cuts me off, “I do not know what hell dragons do and I do not care to know about those demons. I can only speak for myself and my race.” I apologize and say that I only meant to give an example of something. He goes ahead and answers the question, “We can fight in wars if the warmongers have achieved our alliance, but rarely will we go out of our way to fight someone else’s fights for them unless it directly threatens us.” 

I next ask him about where fire dragons usually reside. “Mountainous places. You’ll find a lot of us in places with mountains and fields, but also in deserts.” I inquire as to what separates a desert dragon from a fire dragon. “Your error comes when you think that dragons can be separated from that. We are all dragons, just adapted to live in different areas. Our adaptations may be different be we are all still dragons.” I nod, “So what separates the adaptations of a desert dragon from those of a- No wait, what separates the adaptations of a dragon that lives in the desert from those of a dragon known for its connection to the fire element?” 

“Boy you sure know how to get on nerves,” he says when I finally finish, more exasperated than annoyed. “A desert dragon, or a dragon that lives in the desert as you more acutely said, would have scales to resist the sunlight and ways to cool off from the heat. They also are more adapted to burrowing in sand. Their wings are not as powerful as ours for we fly up to high mountains.” I move to my next question, “Are there any prevailing morals within the community of dragons that are known for their attunement with the fire element?” He quickly replies, “Okay first of all, just say fire dragon. I’m going to explode if you say that long thing again. Second, what?” I explain what I meant and he mentions how they have a strong sense of honor and respect. He then goes on to explain that further:

“Honor: We do not tolerate cowards. People who bait on fights and then don’t finish them or run away with their tail between their legs when they start losing. Accept your failure with dignity. And don’t start fights just for the intention of starting them. Pick fights for a purpose. Don’t lie to us and we won’t lie to you. There’s more to be said but the concept of honor is important to us and shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

“Next is respect: We expect to be respected and we will respect you. If you are a rude fool, we will treat you as a rude fool. If you are kind and agreeable, we will treat you in turn. We expect to be given the same treatment. I’m not going to say that all dragons are honorable and put stock in respect. Many dragons are scoundrels and I’d feel sorry for any human that subjugated themselves to a [censored] dragon. Expect to be treated how you treat others, isn’t that the childhood saying for your kind?”

“It is,” I reply, “How do you feel about humans then?” He adjusts himself, “I do not feel. Many humans come to my kind for answers and friendship. I myself have been the companion of humans that are many years passed. It is a nice opportunity to work with someone outside of your kind, especially when the kind is as exciting as humans. You are all so fun to watch go about your daily lives. It definitely seems more interesting than ours sometimes.” I ask him how one could contact a fire dragon. 

“There are many ways, I will give you the best one that I know”: 

Note: I have never attempted this call and I cannot vouch for its efficacy nor safety. If you choose to do it, you are doing so at your own risk and I’m not responsible for anything that happens to you. I’m going to take out the “conversation aspect” so it’s easier to follow.

Prepare an offering for the dragon. Good offerings include: dragons blood incense, meat, chocolate, sugar, gold, jewels, money (cannot be fake), a red or gold candle, pyrite, tiger’s eye, red jasper, red agate. 

Once your offering is ready, say:

Dragon of fire, Dragon of land

Wings outstretched and jewels on hand

Come to me, I ask of thee

For I have prepared these generous gifts for you

I wish to speak and to meet

So may you grace me with your presence

And I will be eternally grateful

Dispose of the offerings as you wish once the meeting is over. There is no guarantee that a dragon will answer. 

The dragon continues his instructions, “Do this chant and you will meet a fire-attuned dragon. But that doesn’t mean that you’re done. Treat the dragon with the respect and honor that we discussed earlier and you will be fine. Be disrespectful and you will get the boot. Will a dragon attack? No, he’ll just leave. I can’t imagine a dragon that would be so concerned with the pettiness of humans to attack them for being a bad host. If ones does, consider them to be a [censored] dragon that you wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyway. If you’re very bad then you may provoke the rage of the dragon, but you wouldn’t be asking how to contact a dragon if you planned on being very bad, no would you?”

“I have shared the amount of my time that was equivalent with the gift that you gave me. Procure me another gift if you wish to continue this conversation,” he demands. I tell him that I’m finished with the interview. “Then farewell humans,” he says as he turns for the portal, “Use the information that I shared with you wisely.” He speaks not just to me but also to the readers of this interview. 

salazarastark  asked:

What do you think about Elbert Arryn? We know surprisingly little about him considering he was Jon Arryn's heir, died with Brandon, and was presumably friends with Ned and Robert, or at least raised alongside them. He should be a major part of the background history of the story, at least through Ned's POV, not a minor character and a trivia question.

Elbert Arryn is one of the question marks of that era that we do not have any answer to. His status as Jon Arryn’s heir should have granted him a more prominent role in the pre-rebellion history beyond the knowledge that he existed and died with Brandon. The Southron Ambitions bloc was planned as a generational alliance with Ned’s generation being the linchpin grounding it through fostering and marriage so Elbert’s conspicuous absence in those plans stands out like a sore thumb. He wasn’t completely shut off by any means: the fact that he was a part of Brandon Stark’s wedding entourage and that he later accompanied him to King’s Landing to seek out Rhaegar suggests that Elbert had a good relationship with Brandon, and he was dispatched by Jon Arryn to attend Brandon’s wedding to Catelyn as a representative for his lord uncle which also helps to integrate him in the network of personal relationships the elder statesmen were building between their children. However, that seems to be the extent of Elbert’s involvement in the older generation’s plans. We do not hear of any marital plans for him, and he is mysteriously absent from any of Robert’s or Ned’s reflections on this period. While Elbert was hardly the only unpromised person within the SA bloc, he was 1) the only marital pawn Jon Arryn had to use for alliances, 2) heir presumptive to a family hard-pressed for male heirs, and 3) almost certainly a man grown when he died, so the lack of mention of any marital designs for him that serve Jon Arryn’s purposes strikes me as weird. But since absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, it might very well be that Jon did have plans for Elbert but we just haven’t heard about them due to the lack of a PoV on the Arryns, and because these plans were rendered moot anyway with Elbert’s death. The fact that there was no brides left within the bloc prior to the planned betrothal between Jaime and Lysa falling through might have also contributed to the lack of info of Elbert’s marriage prospects.

(I do keep wondering if perhaps Jon Arryn had his eyes on Cersei for Elbert, or even if Elbert’s journey to Riverrun had an additional purpose in making him meet with Lysa. The latter would be entirely too ironic but also parallel the Brandon\Catelyn\Ned situation to an extent.)

What really puzzles me when it comes to Elbert, though, is that we do not know what relationship, if any, he shared with Robert and Ned, which weirdly does not fly with the objectives of the SA bloc. The elder statesmen were obviously keen on promoting friendships and bonds among the next generation; Rickard Stark seemingly went one step further in encouraging his heir to form friendships with sons of prominent families in the Vale and Riverlands, not only with Elbert Arryn but also with Jeffory Mallister and Kyle Royce, so how does Elbert’s absence in Ned’s or Robert’s recollections figure in that? Shouldn’t Jon Arryn take care to encourage a friendship between his heir and his foster sons?

It might be that Elbert wasn’t actually raised in the Eyrie but rather resided with his mother, but he was still heir presumptive to the Vale and Jon Arryn must have taken some measures to train him as such, necessitating Elbert’s presence in his lord uncle’s court, and exposure and at least a degree of familiarity between him, and Robert and Ned. I honestly do not see how Jon Arryn, invested as he must have been in encouraging personal relationships among the next generation, could neglect to promote a three-way friendship between Robert, Ned and Elbert to ground the alliance between the three kingdoms even after Jon himself passed. Perhaps there was simply an age difference between them that made forging a bond between the three harder, but Elbert was one of Brandon’s companions, and Brandon was only one year older than Ned and the same age as Robert, so age can not account for that. Could Jon have thought that the connection to Brandon was sufficient enough? I doubt it. Encouraging a friendship between Elbert and Jon’s two wards would be a natural progression of affairs, not to mention infinitely easier and possible to encourage when all of them were children making for a stronger bond. I do not imagine that Jon would pass on the opportunity of making his heir personally dear to Robert in the way Ned was as well, considering how important a card Robert was.

So yeah, Elbert Arryn is one of the curiosities in the series as far as I’m concerned. I don’t really know if we’d ever get some info on him, though Sansa’s presence in the Vale and the plot about the Arryn inheritance might allow for a mention or some tidbits. I’m not holding my breath though; Elbert was more of a plot device used to frame Jon Arryn’s urgent need for a proven fertile wife to provide an heir, and to show how the rebellion was personal for Jon as well, first losing his nephew to Aerys’ brutality, then being ordered to execute his two foster sons to satisfy the king’s paranoia. So I’m not sure GRRM is all that interested in giving us more about Elbert.