and having the same friendships and opportunities

Dear Gleeks ...

The 2-hour Glee series finale is tonight! I’ve had the time of my life playing Santana these past six seasons. Glee allowed me the opportunity to explore the 3 things I love the most, all at the same time: singing, dancing, & acting. I have so many amazing memories, have built beautiful friendships, and most importantly Glee has introduced me to the sweetest fans in the world!

I am forever grateful for Santana - she will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you all for the love through the years. While I’m sad to hang-up Santana’s pompoms, I’m excited for this next chapter of my life!



THE FACE IN STONE || A conversation between an old man and his younger self.

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But seriously I need Linda and Iris to find their way back round to friendship. Why wouldn’t you? it’s unacceptable you have these 2 great ladies working in the same place and the first choice is to saddle them with drama. Worse that they’re both WOCs, we rarely get this kind of abundance, sharing a screen, such an opportunity for them to be great but nooo make it about a boy. Give me Linda joining Iris on Mason’s searches for the truth, and give me them having coffee and writing sessions together and going out into the field. Since they are finally starting to develop Iris’ personal story with her investigative skills, it would be nice for Linda to recur there. @writers pretty please

New beginnings usually come from an ending of something else. You just have to be able to let go of the past to make way for the new opportunities. If you don’t, they will hold you back and keep you bitter and unhappy. It’s just like a new day, there’s no point dwelling over the negatives of the day before, that day has ended and has brought a new day with it. The same goes for relationships, friendships, jobs, etc, there’s a reason why it ended, and I assure you it was for the better. No one should live in the past, there’s nothing good left there for them.
—  workitawff

anonymous asked:

Tellin about my crush. He's been my best friend for 3 years and our friendship has never gone anywhere past a friendship. It's on both halves, he keeps asking me to hang out with him and tells me we should have sex and I've sent him nudes but we've never done anything. He said he never wants us considered just fwb but I can never tell if he wants something more than a friendship and I've lost so many opportunities because I'm the back of my mind I can't picture myself with anyone else but him.

"He doesn’t want us to be considered FWB" but yet, you’ve sent him nudes but at the same time, nothing happens? Then, what does he want? If he doesn’t want to be fwb then ask him how he feels about you guys dating, or move along because you can’t keep missing out on those opportunities because of him.
Good luck to you. xx

mightbeinlatin asked:

❦ like the way i see these two going is either they are gonna HATE THE HELL OUT OF ONE ANOTHER or be like the best of bros so really it could go either way tbh


I could honestly see them as hating each other initially and then coming to be reluctantly respectful of each other before forming a teasing sort of friendship. And giving others the opportunity to tease them as well because they have basically the same wardrobe in different sizes. Although honestly both are skinny twig men (especially when I use my Adrien Brody fc), Lucas having a bit more muscle I think than Ben. But I still see that after they can get over any initial distrust/dislike of each other, they would enjoy being snarky mean friends to each other. 

on “partner”

I’m curious about how the term “partner” has come into use among my friends—and people in my generation in general—when referring to the dearest person in their life. I can’t use it when referring to my lover.  It sounds so…unattached.   “Partner” is gender-neutral—but if the person you love identifies as a certain gender, why not refer to them as that gender?  

In life, we have many opportunities for partners, most of which don’t involve romantic love: business partners, class partners, office partners…

and yes, sex partners, too, partners in fun—but not always in friendship or in romance.

It’s a very German thing, using a vague noun that could refer to anything in an intimate context.  My beloved is where I go to escape the myriad partners of modern life: bus seat partners, co-pays, inheritance…I couldn’t group him in the same chunk of linguistic variables as money and anxiety.  

“Partner” is the Helvetica of romantic terms.  Unoffensive, calming.   I can put it anywhere.  But I still have trouble believing this is the right word for my lover.  As a poet, I’m always looking for the right word.  “Partner”, for me, isn’t it. 

I think there is also in my generation a fear of sounding needy: “my boyfriend”, as if the “my” denotes ownership, as in “my clothes”, “my house”, “my laptop.”

But what about other uses of “my”?  My earth.  My water.  My family.  We do not own our earth, water, or family any more than we own our lovers.  “My” in this case reads reciprocally: We give to our earth, our water, our family—our lover—and these entities give back to us.  

So, those of you choosing to use the word “partner”: Why?  I’m fascinated how language augments our interactions, and I’d like to know when you began calling your boy / girlfriend “my partner” (perhaps because it sounded more mature, less junior high French class?  But aren’t we all crass children in love?  Or perhaps you didn’t think about it at all, it just slipped naturally into conversation.  Either way, I’m curious, and would like to hear from you all).

The use of school uniforms

Hello, dear students!

Today we want you guys to think about one important topic - the use of school uniforms. School uniform came to us from England more than 200 years ago and still is maintaining in many schools. The school uniform topic causes a lot of debate and that’s why we want to see your opinion.

  1. School uniforms help to promote equality amongst students. You can’t face with people in expensive clothes and you’ll have more opportunities to make friendships. But does it really work? We can still buy affluent phones, bags etc. Students still know that they are not equal. 
  2. School uniforms are the same for everyone. But often it’s not comfortable and not beautiful. Schools should create different types of uniform for each season and it might be expensive for families to buy all these types. What can schools do? 
  3. School uniforms reduce our individuality. And it’s very important for teenagers to find their own style, isn’t it? What about self-expression?
  4. School uniforms create an atmosphere of unity. Students can wear the uniform before and after school. It makes students proud of their school. But if they don’t like school uniforms at all, which feelings do they really get and which reputation will this school receive if its students hate the uniform?
  5. As many teachers think, school uniforms can improve student performance. But have you ever been distracted from your studies by clothes of other students? Maybe it is just a fiction of our teachers?

Now think about these questions. You can write your opinion or discuss it on the next meeting of our organization. 


Last week, I had the opportunity to chat with Henry Yeung, Professor of Economic Geography at NUS for 45 minutes after class.

I hope that this is the start of a long and fruitfulprofessional friendship, one that I hope will extend beyond my undergraduate days here in NUS. I simply have not been inspired, (and at the same time, challenged) to this extent in a long time. I imagine that it would be a truly humbling experience to have Prof. Yeung as a thesis advisor – his PhD supervisor is none other than Peter Dickens, who is one of the most influential economic geographers ever to grace the field. In fact, if you have ever heard or come across the term ‘global shift’ in your studies or in your newspaper of choice, you are in fact reading material drawing on Dicken’s work (all the way back in 1986!).

Writing a thesis under Yeung would mean being ‘plugged into’ this transnational network of knowledge created by these two great thinkers.

Another week back I met Muhammad, a Year 4 Geography student who really altered my perspectives on geography and undergrad life. I wish to thank him for being so warm and genuine. Beyond that, Muhammad is incredibly generous and forthcoming with his knowledge. Always eager to engage us intellectually in discussion despite knowing that I and the rest of the Geo-Trail group at Bishan-AMK Park are not as able and intelligent, he is a rare soul that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I can only wish that I can be as sharp and wise by the end of my undergrad journey in NUS Geography. I wish him all the best in his career as a police detective.

Further back, I met Xuan Kai, another Year 4 Geography student who despite his unassuming, kind and soft-spoken demeanor, possessed an incredible ability for Economic Geography. He wishes to be an academic.

In between the morning and afternoon Captain’s Ball matches at this year’s Arts Open, we talked about life and about Geography (this is what geography nerds do, okay). From him, I learned about the concept of subjectification of financial subjects, which is one of the central concepts I am critiquing in my essay assignment for my economic geography module. It is beyond the scope of my module, so thank you Xuan Kai for the inception of this idea.

There were couple other conversations that I really enjoyed (and needed) recently, but what I want to say is this.

I’ve learnt, and continue to learn, time and time again that you can gain so much as a person from talking and getting to know the people around you, some of whom will be more distant and difficult to reach than the rest.

I’ve tried to apply this little philosophy of mine to my travels in Tembusu College. (Open Day 2015 was the perfect opportunity for this, too. hahaha). I can say without regrets that I have done this. But life is also more than just about the orientation groups and college houses that you belong to. I recognize that talking to others beyond the social circles that you are ‘placed’ into is difficult, but it can yield so much.

So, if you have the time, and energy, strike up a conversation. You never know what could happen. You might learn something new, or make an indelible mark on someone’s life. 

I know this is not the last photo that we will gonna have, weve been bonded together like we came from the same blood. I wouldnt be staying if I dont have you guys, through ups and down were always there for each other. On this day as another opportunity opens for one of us, I know this will even make our friendship strong. “Things happen for a reason” as what they say we will know the wisdom of it once were there too. I honestly dont want to cry but now I am alone, I find myself in tears. #farewell #FriendsForever #AtpiForever