and having fun and there being no awkward moments


- Huh? Fun?
- That’s right! I was talking to Alisa about it. To have as much fun being school idols as μ’s!


I saved the more funny doodles I started bc i liked them too much, but I didn’t want to do a drawn answer for each bc that would add up to 20 things just to answer this, and as much as I love the messages and wondering what I think, they seem to be worded like ask blog type questions… and this isn’t an ask blog and I cannot guarantee anyone that I’ll draw every response. It depends more on which ends up being easier or more fun (and motivation/time/inspiration) ;w; Such as Dwights face for his answer on meg was extremely fun to do.

The rest of the answers will be under the readmore since it’s a LOT of text.

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10 questions tag~

tagged by @xbaepsae​!
ur questions are so interesting omfg, thanks for the tag qq

1. What would be the theme song of your life?
       - not today by bts (or not, it was the first thing that popped in my mind HAHA)

2. If you became a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d do?
      - donate to charity first qq then buy my family surprises hehe

3. Do you have an ideal type?
      - ngl, it’s park jimin LOL as much as i love taehyung, i see him more as a close friend and i see jimin as someone i’d love

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“I recently photographed Damon Albarn for the cover of Q Magazine. It was my third and probably most enjoyable shoot so far with Damon. Previously I’d shot him as part of features on Gorillaz and Blur so it was fun to just work this time one on one. That being said there was a slightly awkward moment about ten minutes in when a £1600 ProFoto light toppled over on its inadequate little stand and missed cracking him over the head by a couple of inches on its dismal decent to the studio floor. That. Would. Not. Have. Been. Ideal. So, apart from almost maiming my subject, all in it was a great shoot. We had a good chat about the nature of what constitutes a good ‘cover’ portrait/portrait and in our hour together we got shots in the studio, out in the street and on location in his rehearsal studio”. - Alex Lake 

I don’t even know Mystery Girl but I already ship her with Pearl so much I hope we get to see more of them, let Pearl be happy for once, also imagine all the awkward moments when Mystery Girl realises that NO PEARL WASN’T JOKING ABOUT BEING MADE OF LIGHT AND SAVING THE EARTH. 

I mean, Pearl was pretty much sad/grieving/struggling with trauma throughout 3 seasons, she deserves to have a cute, happy plotline for once! “Last One out of Beach City” made me so happy for some reason because I love Pearl, I identify with her, and to see her have fun and being bold and talking to that girl and getting her number … it just meant so much for me after all the sad episodes she had before (even though Mr. Greg ended mostly positive, but it still was sad). 

So, yes, please, I’m so in for a happy Pearl storyline. (It certainly will still be occosionally sad, let’s be honest, bc this is Pearl we’re talking about … but as long as its mostly happy, YES PLEASE!) I really, really hope that this wasn’t the last of Mystery Girl, because Pearl deserves some happiness for once, and that girl is really cute, and she gave Pearl her number so she obviously finds Pearl cute too and it would be such a shame if that storyline would go to waste. It’s definitely not to late to establish a new character in the show, and this would really contribute to Pearl’s overall arc and YES PLEASE JUST GIVE US MORE OF MYSTERY GIRL AND PEARL.

And I’m being incoherent but I really want to see more of Mystery Girl, and more of her and Pearl, and just … 

I really loved the last episode, it made me really happy for some reason, and … yeah … I guess I rambled enough. 



Ya’ll tho - this was really fun. Ori very kindly asked if Chelsea & I would help at the kissing booth put up in the threepatchpodcast room (thanks again for inviting us!!). There are other photos floating around, so I only have the ones from my phone & these are fucking golden. Also this amazing tweet omg

  1. Lestrade arresting Moriarty (scopesandskullties) AT LAST! I was afraid to snap the handcuffs all the way shut so it ended up being a failed arrest for NSY. 
  2. Um John & Sherlock, be serious please. 
  3. this is an important moment, wankers. 
  4. FINE. 
  5. The best awkward prom. johnfuckingwatson is genuinely confused. jupitereyed nailed the prom face. This turned into a full on awkward train a few seconds after this photo. 
  6. Moriarty wins again - Pirates of the Caribbean style. Lestrade can never catch a break. 
  7. Billy was looking dapper as fuckkk (the props were incredible!). 
  8. Sue Vertue (fffinnagain) taking care of her crew. 

I know I’m saying that each post is my favorite, but this one might be my favorite. I can’t pick.