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Zach x Reader: “Say You Won’t Let Go” (Prologue)

“Some people just sneak up on you and the next thing you know you’re wondering how you lived without them.”

I met you in the dark, you lit me up
You made me feel as though I was enough

It was a normal Friday night, in a normal party and of course Zach was tipsy. Zach looked around the dining room and everything seemed to go in a slow motion. The dancing bodies, the laughter, the distant chatters wherein everyone was talking too much and not listening enough: it was all too much for Zach. He pushed himself off the wall, quickly flashing an apologetic smile to the girls hanging around him, and started his march upstairs, barely giving another distant Jessica a glance as he pushed his way into a random room; away from the circus they called a party downstairs.

He dragged a chair towards the window overlooking the suburban neighbourhood it was in. Zach stared at the solo red cup in his hands and his face crumpled in disappointment as he threw the useless drink outside with too much force necessary and watched as it spilled and tumbled on the street. Zach didn’t want to be tipsy, he wanted to be drunk. He wanted to be drunk enough to forget his problems, to forget his sins, to forget that he caused a girl her life because he was an insecure and emotional asshole who is used to getting everything he wants. He scoffed, placing his face in his arms; it was all too fucking useless for Zach. Him being sorry would not take everything back, it would not heal everything he fucking destroyed and it will never bring Hannah back. Hannah is dead and it will forever be in his shoulders.

He was so confused, what should he do? What can he do? Is there any redemption in … murder? Zach shivered in this realization. It was murder, he murdered Hannah Baker: that was the silent, bitter truth.

Suddenly the door slammed wide open and a familiar stranger stumbled into the room. “Holy shit – I’m sorry – shit you’re Zach, I am so sorry! I didn’t—I wasn’t – “He watched as you tried to blabber your way out of the awkward situation the both of you were currently in. He watched as a piece of your hair fell on your face as you stubbornly tried to place it behind your ear in your drunken haze, the way your hands gestured too much as if to prove your point, the way your lips twitched every once in a while, and the pleading in your beautiful eyes as you explained yourself over and over again to Zach.

“Hey, hey,” Zach cut her off and tried to smile.”It’s fine.”

Your face fell, what’s up with him? You knew him, of course you knew him, who wouldn’t know the great Zach Dempsey, he was high school royalty. With his previous group into pieces, Alex’s suicide attempt, Justin’s sudden disappearance and Bryce’s transfer, he was the king of their school but in that moment you realized that sometimes being at the top can be lonely even for a king.

“Are you … are you okay?” You straightened up when you saw him look at you but he just chuckled, still staring at his hands as if it wasn’t his own.

“It’s that obvious, huh?” he asked, glancing at you.

“Well,” If you weren’t so drunk you would’ve known that this was the first time you have actually talked to him throughout your whole high school life even if you have at least five classes together every day. “This party is for your win this season and … um, for someone who was supposed to be the guest of honour you don’t seem very thrilled.”

Zach suddenly sat straighter, his walls automatically wrapping around his cold, dead heart, afraid of what you might know if you get too close, figuratively and literally. “Well, aren’t you observant.” He mumbled to himself but he immediately realized the small poison in his words when he saw your friendly aura fall. “Sorry, I’m … I’m not usually an ass.”

“It’s fine,” You tried to console him. You knew, from the way he handled himself, he was not in a very good place right now. With the awkward silence that followed you could almost hear the slow song playing below.

Zach decided to end that. “Wanna dance?”


Zach chuckled, standing up. This was his party; he might as well have fun with a pretty stranger. “You can’t say no to the guest of honour. It’s simple party etiquette.” He took two of your arms and placed it on his shoulders as he carefully placed his on your waist, making sure not to cross any lines. He’s crossed enough lines to last him a lifetime and he didn’t want to ruin this moment by being insensitive.

“I can’t dance.” You confessed already a blushing mess when you realized how close your face is to his and goddamn he was fine.

“We’re at a party,” he whispered, almost as if it was a little secret. He took one of your arms and slowly turned you around, wrapped his arms on your waist and dipped you a bit. You couldn’t help the squeal that left your mouth making Zach release a small laugh. He couldn’t believe he was actually having some fun trying to teach a drunk girl how to dance. “You are supposed to dance.”

He took your right arms in his, the difference of the size was remarkable, and placed it on his chest as you slowly swayed to the faint music on the background. You tried to study him, his careful movements, his barely-there freckle below his right eye, his strong jaw, and his tragically sad eyes. You wondered what broke this beautiful boy to make him so guarded from the world but somehow managed to crack himself open to a stranger.

It’s when people started opening up to strangers rather than their friends that you will know they’ve hit rock bottom.

He smirked and gave you a twirl again; probably realizing you were seeing too much. You decided to stop making him uncomfortable and decided just to enjoy the moment that you know will end the moment you will walk out of this room. When you return to becoming a nobody and he will turn back into being Zach Dempsey.

Zach realized that too and if he wasn’t so broken already he would’ve felt sad. For now, he was just thankful that he was given this sliver of happiness and tranquillity in the mess that was his life.

Your safe haven was disturbed by the ringing on Zach’s phone. Zach sighed, letting go of you, ignoring the pang in his chest as he took his phone from his pockets. “It’s my mom.” He said, looking at you.

“I’ll give you some peace and quiet then.”

He looked at you as you stood there for a moment, waiting for his response but when he said nothing to stop you, you opened the door you accidentally closed and started walking out.


Then you smiled over your shoulder,

For a minute I was stone cold sober.


“Wait.” You froze in your spot when his booming voice stopped you from disappearing from his view.

Zach could’ve sworn his heart stopped when the light from the hallway hit your face just right to make you look like a glowing angel.

An angel, Zach silently laughed, he didn’t deserve an angel.

“I’m Zach,” he winced when he realized you already knew his name and he literally just made a fool of himself in order to look nonchalant and cool. Typical Zach. “I mean, who are you – what’s your name?”

You could tell him, but you thought he was probably just trying to be nice. Plus, getting to know him would be tricky and might get you too attached to this broken yet beautiful boy who was living in a different world as you. This meeting was a mistake, you both knew that, that you weren’t meant to meet, fate did not plan the two of you to cross paths. You were supposed to be just two strangers that would be too familiar but also too hazy to be someone important. But somehow in a shitty party in the dark, wherein everything was too much but not enough you have become a source of safety for the other even for just the night.

You smiled sadly, deciding being strangers would be the road with less resistance.

“I’ll see you around, big guy.” You chuckled, slowly closing the door. “Tonight was wonderful.”


Shoutout to @jazminblake for the request love you xxx

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So there will be romance between bendy and india?

(Let me put it this way: do they have active romantic feelings for each other? No. *Could* they develop romantic feelings for each other? Yes.

I haven’t been like… Lying to you guys. Their flirting is legitimately silly and friendly, there’s no pining, no secret crushes, neither of them has been trying not to think about they other that way. Squigg said something like it ‘came across’ as though they were just friends who flirted a lot, and that’s that - but that’s actually true. They really *are* just friends who flirt and are affectionate.

(Does this look romantic to you?! It’s an attack!!)

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About Last Night

They shouldn’t have slept together. But they did. Now for the aftermath.

Also on AO3/FF.NET 

unbeta’d. All mistakes my own…


A prompt from @distant-rose: best friends secretly pining plus locked in a closet by other frustrated, impatient and exasperated friends. A baby ficlet dedicated to @nickillian

Emma Swan: expert at running away from shit. That’s what her obituary would say.

And by shit it would mean anything remotely resembling a situation where her emotions would be exposed and she would get hurt. Which was why she was currently hiding in Mary Margaret Nolan’s den.

“I’m failing to see the problem,” the brunette mused over a steaming cup of tea.

“Ms - I slept with Killian.”

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nsfw taz concepts

welcome to the post that nobody probably wanted or needed :’3c i’m so sorry

  • magnus having a huge daddy kink
  • taako just,,, reaLLY liking tentacles,,,, (kravitz too)
  • killian fireman carrying her partner to bed and being p rough with them but always making sure they’re okay and having a good time too because she’s both a Tough Ass Top and a total darling sweetie
  • carey being able to do some frankly amazing things with her tongue. enough said.
  • magnus hearing his partner moan and sigh when he touches them and going utterly red in the face because he’s never heard anything so goddamn hot in his life
  • taako’s partner kissing his neck and giving him hickies and him just absolutely Melting™
  • merle having just like,,, a little bit too much fun with plants sometimes,,, (bonus points for some sort of weird sex pollen business)
  • big buff tough boy magnus being shy and submissive in bed
  • small slight taako being wAY more dominant and forward than his partner expected and them being really into it
  • magnus loving it when his partner is much smaller than him like it’s just really cute
  • taako finding out the slightly hard way that he’s into temperature play (kravitz is cOLD and he sometimes forgets this)
  • taako being really fucking into oral (giving or receiving, he’s happy either way)
  • there being a lot of awkward moments involving the boys unintentionally walking in on one another taking care of business (sometimes by themselves, sometimes with someone else) when they shared a room,,, nobody really talked about it but it definitely happened and they definitely know more of each others anatomy than they ever really wanted or needed to (if anything happened between them beyond that well,,, nobody really needs to know that do they,,,??)
  • killian being rlly into biting so carey having such cute sharp little teeth is just heaven to her
  • krav being a huge bottom like. nobody could be a bigger bottom than this boy
  • krav blushing really easily when he’s in human form (and taako taking full advantage of this and making him blush as much as he possibly can + krav acting more annoyed by this behavior than he actually is)
  • hurley and sloane having passionate, rough (but loving,) adrenaline-fueled sex after races like… definitely more than once. (it was more like. many times. tbh. it sorta became a Thing with them.)
  • magic brian being the kink master supreme and it being like… honestly kinda intimidating like. this guy knows his shit. it’s wild. and pretty weird.
  • taako occasionally dirty talking in elvish and his voice getting so low and rough that his bedmates are usually so hot and bothered they don’t even realize that more than half the time he’s not even dirty talking, he’s just reciting recipes that he has memorized.
  • there being at least two drunken hookups at the BoB candlenights party every year, it’s basically a tradition at this point. there have been some truly wiLD matchups, including more than a few strange threesomes. beforehand some people make bets on who they think it’ll be.
  • speaking of drunken hookups, taako being the king of them in his younger days when he was still doing sizzle it up with taako. homeboy has major game
Holy Family Special!: Christmas With The Angels!

Hello~ I decided to write an special chapter for this Christmas! I hope you like it!

Supernatural and its characters don’t belong to me.

“So this house belonged to your grandpa” Gabe said.


“The one Luci killed.”

“Gabe, I didn’t revive you for this.”

“Right, it was an accident actually” he commented. “But just to be clear-

“Gabriel” Castiel cut him off.

I thanked Cass with a nod and he gave me a shy smile.

“Now,” I looked at Lucifer, who was sitting on a chair “you, move your ass and help me with the onions.”

“Me?” Lucifer put one hand on his chest and acted innocent.

“Yes, you!”

“Why not Cass? I know he’ll love to.”

“Because he didn’t try to kill me, now move.”

“I actually want to help” Cass spoke quietly.

“Okay” I sighed and smiled a bit. “Gabe.”

“Yeah, babe?”

“Can you look after Mike? He’s been sleeping a lot since he got out of the cage and lost a lot of power…”

“Sure.” Gabe winked at me and left the kitchen.

“Why didn’t take me out of the cage too?” Lucifer asked and I hid a smile.

I could have heard a bit of jealousy in his voice.

“Because you always manage to get out by yourself, honey” I smirked and he pointed at me.

I started making dinner with Cass’ help. I laughed a bit at Castiel innocent comments and hummed some Christmas songs while we stayed in silence.

“This is boring” Luci finally spoke.

“Then go watch Tv with Balthy”

“You know what would be great? Having our powers back!” He stood up behind Castiel and I.

“Not in this house!”

“Then I leave!”

“You can’t” I sang. “If you’re so bored, then help us.”


Five seconds later


“Y/N, I’m bored…”

“Cass, can you pass me the oil?”

“Of course.”

“Y/N, pay attention to me.”

“You’ve sauce in your coat, let me clean it.”

“Y/N, listen to me. I’m bored.”

“I heard you, Luci.”

“Then play with me… Y/N… Y/N! Look what I did with the glasses! Hey! It’s a tower! A fucking tower I ’ll break if you don’t look at me now! …….. Y/N!”

“Oh my Dad!” I exhaled “Now I know why you were kicked from Heaven! ‘Daddy, I’m bored!’” I imitated him. “'Daddy, pat attention to me’, ‘Daddy, you wanna play a game?’ ‘Daddy!!!’”

“…I don’t speak like that” Lucifer murmured.

“You do.”

“And what about you?” Lucifer said. “'I’m a good girl, I can change the world and save everybody.’” he talked girly. “'Dad is the best dad of the world!’, ‘he’s very handsome! No more than Lucifer, but…’”

“I’ve never said that!” I turned to see him and he was smirking at me.

“Now you’re paying me attention!” He got close. “You know all this is stupid, right? It’s a fucking joke! If we had had our powers, we would have killed each other! We are not this kind of-

“Of what?” I asked. “Family? Well, sir, I don’t think so! Even if we’re different, all of us, we ARE family! And old and wise man said Family don’t end with blood! He’s right! We’re a dysfunctional and weird family! And you like it or not, this is my way of getting on well; having dinner together, a beautiful and bright Christmas dinner!” I looked at Castiel, who was watching me in silence. “Sorry… I know we’re not exactly a happy family; we all had our moments… Lucifer tried to kill me… First time I met Gabe he threw me a shark…”

“I tried to kill you… twice” Balthazar spoke from the frame door of the living room.

“That too” I said sarcastically. “But… I really want-

“Mike is awake!” Gabe announced while he and Michael entered in the kitchen.

Michael walked to Lucifer and punched him right in his face. Everybody let out an “Ouh!”, and more than one was smiling.

“Michael!” I stopped him and took his face between my hands. “Calm down.”

“Hey” he finally said.

“Hi” I smiled and Michael hugged me. “O-Okay, this is nice. Now, go to the dining room, I’ll be here… And please don’t kill each other…”

“We can’t promise anything” Balthazar left with the other while I started mashing the potatoes.

I realized I forgot the milk so I turned to the fridge. However, someone grabbed my arm and handed me the milk. I looked up with a smile thinking that it was Cass, but I found Lucifer’s eyes.

“Thanks” I said hesitantly. “Are you playing soft now we’re alone?”

“Why did you revive Gabriel?” he avoided my question.

“Because…” I locked my eyes on the dish. “Because dad left and I felt lonely” I answered without looking at him. “And I don’t know… Gabe was really close to me.”

“You got me” he joked.

I didn’t respond; I just smiled a bit. Was he jealous? Or just curious? I really wondered what was going on in his mind. He never was the jealous type, he always annoyed me with questions and embarrassed me every time he could… especially when there were people around.

“What about Balthazar?” Lucifer snapped me to reality.

“I don’t know…”

“Why not Raphael?”

“I don’t know!” I finally looked at his motionless face.

“Zachariah? The others?”

“I don’t know why!” I realized he was trying to make me feel bad, and he succeeded. “I don’t know how to control my emotions, okay? I guess I have faith in you!”

“You have…faith in me?” he asked, almost whispered.

“Yes” I answered shyly.

“You little lamb, you shouldn’t” Lucifer smiled.

“Then why didn’t you kill me yet?” I asked. “Are you waiting my thirty third birthday?”

He laughed at my stupid joke and stayed silent for a moment. I could feel his eyes on me, watching every movement I did while his mind trying to find an answer to my question.

During dinner, I sat in the middle; Michael sat on the right chair and Lucifer on the left one. Cass, Gabe and Balthy sat opposite.

“Stop kicking me… Y/N, Lucifer is kicking me.”

“Balthazar, Lucifer is not kicking you.”

“Then who is?!”


“You’re a party pooper.”

“This turkey tastes funny.”

“Then don’t eat it, Luci.”

“I think it’s really good!”

“Awe, thanks, Cass!”

“Can I punch Lucifer again?”

“No, Mike.”

“You don’t understand!”


“The things he made me do in the cage!”

“Becoming friends wasn’t one of them…”

“I’m not kidding, Y/N!”

“Michael, calm down!”

“Yes, calm down, big bro!” Lucifer hugged me.

“Don’t touch her!” Everybody shouted.

“Wow” I said. “Guys, can we just have dinner, I promise I leave you alone! I just… I just wanted us to be together, having fun and… being happy at least for a moment…”

Nobody answered.

“The onions are fabulous, Cass” Gabe spoke and I smiled.

“Thanks!” Castiel looked at me proudly.

“Good boy” I muttered.

“I supervised” Lucifer joked.

“Yeah, you did!”

“I looked after Michael!”

“You poked at me until I woke up, Gabriel.”

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“You slapped my ass!”

“I would have done the same” Lucifer commented.

“Me too” I said.

“I guess me too” Cass added.


“You’d have done it too, Balthazar, don’t deny it.”


I laughed along Gabriel and the others joined us. We talked for a long time and after dessert we decided to watch TV.

“I heard there’s a Dr. Sexy, M.D marathon” Gabriel sat on an armchair and took the remote control.

I sat on the couch and rested my head on Castiel’s shoulder. I felt warm, like home… I didn’t even hear what Balthazar and Gabriel were talking about; I simply couldn’t stop feeling happy. I sighed and hugged Castiel’s waist.

“It wasn’t that bad, uh?” Castiel told me. I nodded. “The spell thing was a good idea.”


“We should’ve invited Dean and Sam.”

“Yes, they’re family, too.”

“Maybe next time.”

“I love you, guys” I yawned.

“We love you, too” Balthazar spoke sincerely and my heart melted.

“I guess we should get going” Gabe stood up.

“You can stay if you want to” I said.

“It’s okay, baby girl” Gabe kissed my forehead. “You should rest… after removing the spell, of course!”

“I removed it like six hours ago,” I said “the trick was on you, trickster.”

“You got me” he joked.

“I actually knew it” Lucifer sat next to me.

“Really?” I looked at him and he shrugged. “Then why did you stay?”


“Alright” Balthazar stood up too and walked to me. “Sweet dreams” he winked at me and disappeared.

“I should go too, in case Dean needs me.”

“Run to your boyfriend” Lucifer joked and I hit him on his shoulder.

“Good night, Cass.”

“Good night.”

Cass left and Michael just went to sleep. Good Lord, that guy was devastated after some time in the cage. I wondered how Lucifer…

“If you hurt her, I’ll kill you.”

“I killed you once, Gabriel” Lucifer smirked. “Don’t threat me.”

“Call me if you need something” After kissing my cheek, Gabe vanished.

“We’re alone” Lucifer looked at me and I giggled.

“Aren’t you leaving?”

“Christmas isn’t over. Besides, I have nothing more interesting to do…”

“Would you like some cocoa?”

“Just if you pay attention to me now.”

“It’s a… deal?”

“Oh, dear, you shouldn’t make deals with the devil.”

“I’m not bidding my soul, Luci” I joked and he barely smirked. “Right…?” He didn’t answer. “Right? Lucifer, stop smiling!” He smile went bigger. “Luficer!”


“Stop smiling! You’re scaring me!”

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Hi admins! Can I get the “how they show physical attention, PDA” and all that fun stuff for 1p Germany and 1p Prussia?? Please and thank you!

Of course! Here you go! -Admin Jay

Ludwig is very conservative with his affection in public…and somewhat in private. It is not that he doesn’t feel affectionate or lovey, but he just struggles to show it. Ludwig would keep a hand on them somehow in public, whether it be on their shoulder as they walk with him or around their waist…sometimes he would hold their hand but that is a little more rare. In private, Ludwig would be more open to giving them kisses on the cheek, temple, forehead or lips. He would always love to hold them against his chest or just be near them. Despite being awkward or a little distant with his affection, Ludwig means well and would try his best to show them how much he loves them. 

Gilbert loves to show off. He would always be holding their hand in public and giving them kisses on the temple or on the neck. He would probably end up backpack carrying his s/o at least once, just because he could. Gilbert is all about having fun in the moment, so he wouldn’t be trashy about his affection in public, but would enjoy showering them with affection every once in a while. In private, Gilbert would be a little more cute with his affection and would love to cuddle and nuzzle against them. He would still be as lovey, if not more. Gilbert would love to trail slow kisses all over their body and be close to them…though if the mood ever switched…he would be more than ready. 


It’s equal parts frustrating and wonderful that the Counselors in the Friday the 13th game have very little established personality, because while on the one hand it means nobody sees them quite the same… on the other it gives you free reign to develop fun, quirky details about them. And somehow, perhaps because I play Deborah almost exclusively and it’s something both myself and my sister have used when being camp counselors in real life… I can’t help seeing Deborah deliberately giving people the wrong middle name to get their attention. The more ridiculous the name, the more frustrated she may be, or the more she wants their attention. And sometimes it may be a very awkward attempt to flirt, who knows.

It does bring a lovely picture to mind of her wearing Pamela’s sweater and scolding him with a fake middle name too! (Who knows, it might work for a moment even!)

As for the blushy picture… well I just couldn’t help myself. XD Not sure if the cute blond guy she’s swooning over is Chad or maybe even Tommy (he IS sort of an ash blond in the movie, after all!) I can kinda see either or even both; Chad’s cute even if he’s about as smart as a rock, and Tommy’s not too hard on the eyes either, plus he’s canonically quite good at tech things like repairing machines. They can bond while repairing the phone, maybe!

Day 3 - Don’t Forget Mom Gwen

I sadly wasn’t able to participate yesterday but here is my one-shot for today! Hope you enjoy! (This can also be found on Archive of Our Own and!)

*MAXVID shippers don’t interact*


Max finished the present by signing his name with the purple sharpie he found on the floor. David stared down at him, smiling as he took it.

“Oh, Gwen is going to love this!” David told him, placing the present onto the table, “Now remember the plan, Max?!”  

Max nodded and recited what David had been telling him for the past days, “Yes I do. First, I’m going to make Gwen take me to the store to buy some groceries. I must also make sure to stall for a while, before asking for some food. I will choose a restaurant that is, relatively, far away, and once done there, pretend to need to go to the bathroom and last an hour in there. After that, I should just stall in any possible way, that does not end up involving the police.”

David grinned, “You’ve got it! Now put on your shoes, Gwen will arrive any minute now!” Max did as told and quickly put on his shoes. As he headed back into the living room, he watched as David placed ingredients onto the table and take out birthday decorations. They had agreed that while Max was out with Gwen, David would cook a meal and decorate the apartment so when they got back they could celebrate Gwen’s birthday together as the small family they were.

“Alrighty, Max! Gwen is outside, now remem-”

“Don’t come back till 5. I got it, David. No need to say it again.” Max finished, as he walked towards the door. David smiled, “Exactly! Now! Make sure you both have fun!” He watched as Max got into Gwen’s car and even gave her a small wave. As soon as the car was out of sight, David began preparations.

As for Max, the moment he got in the car he felt how tense the air was. Gwen had mumbled a greeting and waved back at David. As soon as she began to drive, it became silent. It was awkward and unnerved Max, who would normally enjoy any silence he got.

“H-how are you?” Max asked, stuttering a bit. He wasn’t very good at starting conversations. After years of being the edgy and silent type, it didn’t fit him well.

Gwen raised an eyebrow but answered. “I’m fine, and you Max?” Max shrugged and kept looking at Gwen, who kept her eyes on the road. Her finger tapped the wheel continuously and she had a prominent frown that seemed like it wouldn’t go away. Max would normally care less, but today was Gwen’s day. Even knew he should respect that. Not only that, but he has seen her nearly every day for the past year. Even he could say, maybe when she wasn’t around or in his room alone, that Gwen was the closest mother figure he had.

“How’s your day been going?” Max said, trying, again, to start up a conversation.

Gwen sighed at his question, “I…It’s…decent.” Her lack of words and attitude stopped Max from questioning any further. Knowing well that he, himself, might bring out an attitude that would make the situation worse.  

The rest of the ride was silent and Max knew he needed to do something to break it. They arrived at the grocery store and Max guided Gwen around, placing the things they needed in the cart. He placed an item in the cart and watched as Gwen picked it up.

“Max, what is this?” she asked. Max looked at the baggie of dinosaur shaped marshmallows. “Oh, that? Those are David’s. He loves those damn marshmallows.” “Hm.” Gwen simply said, surprised. She pushed the cart into the next section of the store. “What’s next on our list?” she asked.

Max looked down at the list he had in hand. The last sentence simply said ‘Make things up, Buddy!’. Max looked back up at Gwen and then at their surroundings. They had exited from the food section and were now surrounded by cooking utensils.

“David says we need…some knives!” Max quickly said, pointing at the array of knives next to them. Gwen raised an eyebrow and looked down at Max, “You’re kidding? You still have loads at home and they still work.” Max shrugged, “Yeah I know, but David wants more! Don’t be surprised if it turns out he murdered someone!”

“Haha very funny, Max, let me see the list,” Gwen told him, reaching down for the paper. Max pulled away, shaking his head.

“No can do, Gwen. It’s mine and you can’t see it.”

She placed a hand on her hips. Max was acting rather childish. Which wasn’t usual for the kid.  


“Sorry, Gwen, but if you want to see the list you have to catch me first!” With that, Max began running away. Gwen reacted slowly, in that she first had to comprehend that he had left.

“Oh no, you don’t you little shit!! Get back here!!” She yelled, pushing the cart, after him. Meanwhile, Max headed for the gardening department. He tried to think of more items to place in the cart. Suddenly, he heard as Gwen yelled his name, but he didn’t stop. Max made it to the department, fast and safe, and watched how Gwen turned to corner to reach him.

Her chest rose and fell, quickly, as she took in various breaths. She ran a hand through her hair, before asking Max, “What the hell was that for Max?!”

Max cringed, mentally, at the time of her voice. She sounded angry and annoyed, which was not what he wanted. He had thought that by doing what he did he could’ve at least made her smile or even laugh, but it seemed to have gotten her in a worse mood.

He looked down and kicked the air, “I thought it would’ve been fun…you seem so fucking tense and depressed that I decided to try to make you feel better and relax. Now, I know I should just mind my own damn business.”  

At his words, Gwen’s features softened. She sighed, “Max look, I just…it’s been a tough morning and all I want to do is be in a bed asleep. No one has called me and, well, why would they. They probably have better things to do than to congrat- I mean talk to me. So, it’s just been affecting me, you know. I’m sorry, for lashing out at you.”

Max shrugged but noticed how she didn’t want to reveal it was her birthday. He felt the need to tell her that he and David had this whole thing planned out for her, but he kept his mouth shut. It was a surprise after all. For now, though, he needed to lighten up the mood.

“It’s fine, you never were a morning person.Maybe you just forgot to drink some coffee,” Max responded. Gwen rolled her eyes, “I’ll let you know that I’ve been avoiding coffee, Max. Maybe you should too.”

“As if I wanted to become an ass, like you, in the morning,” He said, with a smile. Gwen pretended to laugh, and responded, “That’s because you already are one, Max. Now let’s hurry up so we can finish.”  

Max followed Gwen and noticed how a smile tugged at the end of her lips. He turned around to look at the nearest clock. They had only been there for, about, an hour. He needed to stall more. Max stopped and fell to his knees, just as they arrived at the cashier. He began groaning and wrapped his arms around his stomach.

“Shit! Max, what’s wrong?” Gwen asked, crouching down and placing a hand on his back. Max shook his head and groaned more, “My stomach hurts…ugh. I think…I think I need to go to the bathroom fast.”

“Here,” Gwen said, helping him up, “Go to that bathroom right there. Do what you need to do, and I’ll finish paying the groceries.”

Max did as told and entered the bathroom. He entered one of the few stalls there and sat down. He had managed to convince her he needed to go. All he had to do was stay there for a while.

Max realized he had, in fact, changed the order of the plan, but he knew it was better like this. As he sat, he thought of a restaurant that was far away to choose from. Minutes passed and men entered the bathroom and left, ignoring the fact that he was there. After a while, he began getting impatient but didn’t get out. Max groaned and hid his face behind his hands. Out of boredom, he began counting the tiles on the ceiling and got to 127, before getting interrupted.

“Max?” Gwen called, “Are you done?! You’ve been in there for half an hour! Do I need to call David or the hospital?” Max scrambled off the seat and out of the stall, “Gwen, what the hell are you doing in the guy’s bathroom!?” She crossed her arms, “You were taking too long! I was starting to worry.” “Oh really? Wow, Gwen, that…that was kind of you…to worry that is.” He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Well, there’s a first time for everything.” She responded, and then guided him out of the bathroom. Of course, after he washed his hands. With that, they headed back to Gwen’s car, and he noticed how she seemed much calmer.

“You know what?” Max began, catching her attention, as she got in the car.


“I’m hungry.” He finished. Gwen laughed, “You read my mind, Max. But I promised David I would have you back once finished.” “I know. Which is why I told him in advance.” Max pulled out a small baggie with money. On the baggie written in black sharpie were the words, ‘Only use if hungry.’ “You’re kidding me.” Gwen laughed, “Does David manage your money?” Max frowned, “Yeah, ever since I bought 5 marshmallow guns on eBay he decided he would take care of my money.” Gwen snorted, as she pulled out of the parking lot. She held up her hand in a fist bump directed towards Max. He returned the bump and listened to what she continued to say, “You know, we can invite Nikki and Neil over one day and have a marshmallow fight.”

Max, quickly, turned to look at her, “Really?!”.  “Of course!” Gwen responded, “Just imagine David’s face when the apartment is covered in marshmallows. He’ll be furious but he’ll forget about it once we give him the last gun.” “Glad we’re on the same page.” Max smiled. “Well, when you’re dealing with David, it’s good to have a partner in crime. Or partners in your case. Now, tell me, where would you like to eat?” Max thought about it. Restaurants and Fast Food places ran through his mind, but all of them were, too, close. Yet, he continued to think and soon he got it.

“How about that new Thai restaurant in the mall?” Max asked. Gwen frowned, “I don’t know, Max, it seems a bit far away.” Max shrugged,”I’m sure David won’t mind! C’mon Gwen it’s your b- I mean - it’s our day, without him. Let’s enjoy it!”  Gwen sighed, but smiled, “Alright, let’s do it.”

Gwen began driving in the direction of the mall. She even turned on the radio, and Max knew she was beginning to cheer up. Once they arrived at the mall, they got out and raced to the small restaurant. Gwen won and received a playful punch to her side from Max.

“That hurt you little shit.” She told him as they took a seat. “Yes, because my small pubescent arms are made of steel.” He said as he rolled his eyes. They ordered their food and began to create a conversation about a Spanish tv show they began to watch together.

“I’m telling you, Alexandra is going to end up pregnant,” Gwen told him.

“But the doctor told her she couldn’t have any more children after her accident with the train.”

“Max, you’ve haven’t seen these novellas man. Everything that is impossible happens. It crazy, but oddly entertaining.”

“Yeah whatever, she might get pregnant but then that would ruin her Aunt’s plans for the ranch.”

Gwen clapped and threw finger guns at him, “Bingo. If she ruins her Aunt’s plans Carlos gets to live, and you like Carlos.”

“True, but James is going to stop her Aunt isn’t he? And he’ll do that by - oh my god - she’s going to get pregnant.” Max groaned, sliding down the chair. Gwen laughed, “I’m telling you after awhile you get the hang of these shows and you can tell what will happen in many of them.” “I thought James would’ve like you know, burned up the town or something!” Max complained. Gwen shook her head, smiling. She was going to respond to his statement before her phone rang. Max watched as her eyebrows furrowed together and her frown came back. “Hold on a bit please.” She told him and answered the phone, “Hey?…Oh, hi,mom…yeah…mhmm..wait? Is that why you called me?” Her voice filled with anger, but she took a deep breath. “No, it’s fine…Of course, there’s no other reason you should call me…I mean it’s not like today I came out of -” Yet she didn’t finish because she took in a deep breath. Her eyebrow twitched and her finger tapped on the table. “Yeah, it’s nothing, mom…Just forget it..I’ll send the information over…yeah…yeah I…I love you too…mhm…bye.” Gwen hung up and hid her face behind her hands.

She took a deep breath and looked up at Max. “I’m going to go pay and then to the bathroom. Stay here…I’ll be quick.” Gwen stood up and hurried over to the cashier before running to the bathroom.  

As soon as she was out of sight, he reached for the leftover money in his bag and ran to the shop beside the restaurant. He bought what he needed to buy and arrived in time for Gwen to be out of the bathroom. Her eyes were, slightly, puffy and red, but you wouldn’t be able to notice it at first glance.

“Well, kiddo, let’s go,” she said, making sure they didn’t leave anything behind. Max followed her back out to the car and they sat there for a few seconds as Gwen stared numbly at her phone. She placed it down next to her and that’s when Max handed her what he bought. “Here you go. I think you need it.” He said looking away.Gwen looked at what he had placed on her lap.

It was an entire ice cream tub of her favorite flavor. On the lid, a post-it note with Max’s handwriting read,'Happy Birthday.’ Gwen’s eyes widened in surprise, and she looked over at Max. “How’d you know?”

“Well, when you have someone, like David, to reminded you every single detail, you kind of can’t forget.” Max told her, “Besides…you’re like…the closest thing I have to a mom who cares about it me…and I also know what it’s like to have a shitty family…plus you’ve done a lot so the least I could do is repay you.”

Gwen smiled and looked back down at her ice cream. “Good thing I carry spoons around in my car.” She said and pulled a bag of spoons from the compartment of the car. She handed one to Max and opened the container. He raised an eyebrow and pointed at the ice cream.

“C'mon do you really think I could eat all this ice cream?” Gwen asked. “Knowing you, yes.” Max nodded. Gwen punched him playfully, but he simply grinned.

So, there they sat in the car for an hour, eating the ice cream till nothing was left. They stayed for another 30 minutes as they let it sink in. By that time, Max was sure David was done. Gwen drove him back home and together carried the groceries to the door. Max knocked and they both heard as David walked towards the door. David opened the door and let them both in. Max entered and heard how Gwen gasped behind him.

David had decorated the wall to spell out, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY GWEN!’ and had placed the dining table in the middle of the living room. On the table was a decent sized cake, and surrounding it various snacks. The air smelled delicious and they all knew it was David’s cooking.

Gwen turned to look at David and Max, having pieced the puzzle together.

“You little fuckers set me up didn’t you!? You made Max stall, and everything, while we were out for this?!” she said, trying to contain her smile. David grinned, “Happy Birthday Gwen!!” And hugged her ignoring her question. She laughed and hugged him back, tightly, as tears streamed down her face. She only pulled back to drag Max into the hug. “Don’t think you’re getting out of this.” Max, reluctantly, hugged back, but he meant it when he did.

“You know I love you guys right?” Gwen said in between tears. They both nodded, and David rubbed her back. “There now! Why don’t we wipe away those tears and have some cakes! I made some lasagna and rented various movies to watch!” David told them, pulling away from the hug.

“Hell yeah,” Gwen responded as she wiped her face with a tissue, that David had handed her. She followed them and plopped down on the couch. Max beside her as David began cutting the cake.

“You know…” Gwen started, getting their attention. “Life sucks sometimes…but at least I have you guys.”

The Perfect Family//Part 8

A/N: So excited to continue this series it’s a personal favorite. Thank you for all your requests for this, and kind words. 

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Spencer watched as you paced back and forth in the living room he was unable to keep his eyes off of you. “Hey, it’s going to be fine.” 

You looked into the mirror adjusting your dress, “You look great” Spencer said trying to put your mind at ease. You gave him a small smile he had been nothing but a gentlemen, always making you comfortable, getting any last minute goodies you asked for. Giving into every single one of your requests, somehow making it to every single doctors appointment you’d had, and baby classes. 

Tonight the team had invited you both a dinner at Rossi’s which was why you we’re so nervous. A side from small talk, or communicating for work you didn’t really talk to any of them. There was always a weird tension, which you could understand. You knew they we’re concerned, and just wanted the best for Spencer. 

The team didn’t know much about your relationship, especially not how it began. Which would probably just make things even weirder how do you explain that Spencer offered to be your sperm donor and then you lost the baby, then you hooked up, and got really pregnant and now you we’re together. It was weird to even think about it.

Spencer opened the door to the car, extending his hand to help you get you get out. You held on to Spencer’s hand as you walked up the Rossi’s door, before ringing the door bell Spencer looked at you, “Ready?” he said with a huge smile on his face. 

“Sure” you nodded and he rand the door bell. The door opened revealing Garcia’s bright smile, “Welcome, come in come in!” 

Rossi, Hotch and Morgan we’re all gathered in the kitchen, “All us girls are in the back, come on” Penelope said leading the way. As you walked closer you saw a big white table with different pastel colored balloons, the table was filled with bags and different wrapped boxes. 

“Surprise!” Penelope said excited, you could feel JJ and Emily’s eyes watching for your reaction. 

“Spence mentioned no one was throwing you a shower, so we decided to do a little something” JJ said as you sat down. 

“Wow, thank you guys, you didn’t have too” you said still in shock. 

“We wanted too, we love Spencer and we’re so happy to see him happy” Emily added. There was an awkward pause of silence, “So have you guys discussed names it must be hard not knowing the genders” Emily asked. 

“Yeah it seemed like a fun choice to make in the moment but sticking to it has been hard, names have been harder” 

“I wouldn’t have had the patience to wait nine months to know” JJ said as she took a sip of her drink. 

“Well we just care about them being healthy really” We it seemed like a strange thing to say around them. Suddenly there was an awkward moment of silence Penelope quickly picked up on it and started rambling about how amazing Rossi’s food was. 

While Garcia continued to ramble quickly going through different topics of conversation you could see JJ continuously chugging her glass of wine. 

“I need more wine” JJ said abruptly getting up and grabbing the empty bottle was in front of her. 

“She hates me doesn’t she” you said watching her as she stumbled into the house. Emily and Penelope both looked at each other, “No” they both said. 

“JJ and Spencer are very close, best friends really and he hadn’t told any of us about you. Which we understand if he wanted to keep it private but it’s been hard for her to wrap her head around” Emily tried to explain. 

“Yeah I mean one thing is him hiding he had a girlfriend but another is hiding he had a pregnant girlfriend, that’s a lot. But it’s not you, she wouldn’t hate you. None of us hate you, no one hates you. We don’t want you to feel like we hate you” Penelope was sincere. 

“Spencer should’ve said something but in his defense things happened quickly, kind of, so maybe it was the timing.” Or maybe it was you. 

JJ came back with two bottle of wine, “I don’t think Rossi will notice these are gone” she said during her self another glass. “So what did I miss” she said looking at Penelope and Emily. 

“They we’re just reassuring me you didn’t hate me” 

“Why would you think I hate you” You couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol but JJ sounded incredibly annoyed. 

“It just feel weird and–” you tried to explain but she immediately cut you off. 

“What’s weird is my best friend not telling he was a girlfriend, a pregnant girl friend, that’s pretty weird” JJ said chugging the glass of wine she had just poured. 

You flinched at the comment, trying to hide the fact that you had obviously been hurt. While trying to decide if you should stay or leave Spencer walked out the house followed by Morgan, Hotch and Rossi. 

You could easily say you didn’t feel well and Spencer would instantly leave. But you wanted him to stay with his friends, this was more for him than for you and that was clear. “Hey” you said grabbing Spencer’s hand, “I’m really tired, I think I’m going to head home.” 

“What, are you okay? We can go if you like” Spencer quickly suggested. 

“No, no you should stay have fun. Cassie is coming to pick me up, I just need to rest” you said trying to sound as convincing as possible. 

“Are you okay?” Spencer was serious this time, his eyes full of concern. 

“Yes, all three of us are just fine.” 

Cassie insisted on keeping you company but all you really wanted was to be alone. You stripped down to your underwear and put on a shirt that barely fit you. With the TV on as background noise, you laid on the couch going over what JJ had said. So much for her not hating you. 

Once you had finally managed to doze off, you heard the door open and quickly close. Spencer dropped his keys on the table, you heard his foot steps as they got closer. He leaned down placing a kiss on your forehead before sitting on the floor. 

“Emily and Penelope told me what JJ said” he waited giving you a chance to respond, but you really didn’t have anything to say. “I’m sorry, she shouldn’t have and it’s none of her business” 

“It is though, she’s your friend. They’re all your friends. It is their business and they’re just looking out for you.” At this point you we’re unable to contain your tears. For the first time you we’re suddenly unsure if this was really the right thing. 


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Come As You Are

Genre: Fluffy Smut

Summary: PJ and Chris have always wanted Phil and Dan to get along, well, mainly because they thought they’d be good friends. They’ve hated each other ever since they were first introduced to each other in elementary school. But when PJ gets drunk and thinks of a sick and twisted way of making them get along, a game of gay chicken ensues.

Warnings: Smut, swearing, begging, top!Phil/bottom!Dan, blowjobs, and alcohol mention/underage drinking

Word Count: 4.3K

A/N: This is literally the first smut fic I’ve ever written and it has to be about this pairing. Golly gosh. I’ve sinned, committed a crime, and I just need to lie down after writing all this.

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I auditioned for the role and went through the call all back. I then had a chemistry read with Allison Scagliotti and our chemistry was really great and we vibed pretty hard with each other, so they brought me on for the season!  

I have one scene where I get to meet the team. It’s a little awkward because of all the drama going on in their own circle, so it was fun to work with everyone. 

I am so excited for fans to see the finale. I don’t want to do any spoilers, but Allison has this beautiful moment where she is being really artistic and serenading Amanda. I was crying the entire time, but of course we shot her coverage first, so when it came to my coverage I was all out of tears. But she’s [Allison] so talented and her band is so good and getting to have her sing directly to me was so beautiful and I can’t wait to see that come across on camera.

anonymous asked:

Can we get a scenario where Qrow is at the bar with his female s/o and they're talking casually until he brings up having kids completely forgetting she can't have then because of past injuries? Sorry if requests arnt open I love the Qrow one you did

The bar was loud, as expected of a weekend night. It was a cacophony of shouting drunks, laughing revelers, and friends come to catch up and get absolutely plastered together. The noise didn’t bother you so much, though. You were at your own private table, your boyfriend, Qrow, seated across from you. You had been here a couple of hours, not trying to get drunk, though Qrow seemed to be on his way.
He laughed, a faint  blush on his cheeks and a mostly empty glass of whisky in his hand. “So he kept- he kept teasin’ me for not knowin’ that uh, that the skirt wasn’t parta my uniform, but the jokes on ‘im. See, I noticed the second I walked onto campus that the men’s uniform included pants, I just thought my legs looked damn fine in that ‘kilt’.”
You joined him in his laughter, the alcohol only really giving you a slight buzz at this point “Oh, I’ll bet they did.”
“Mhm, I work hard to keep myself in shape, I feel like I did everyone a favor wearin’ that, specially durin’ our landing strategy.”
The mental image flashed through your mind and your grin widened “Wish I could have seen that.” You said.
Conversation for a moment as you both took a drink, not awkwardly, though, it was never awkward between the two of you. The lull lasted until you said, “Did you and Tai ever get along completely? Or have you always had this little rivalry?”
Qrow set his now empty glass on the table, the ice clinking softly. “I wouldn’t call it a ‘rivalry’, and he used to be cooler. I guess life jus’ happens, y’know, things changed. Ha, maybe becomin’ a dad just instantly took away some of is fun.”
“Oh come on, being a dad doesn’t instantly make you lame.”
“Maybe just some people. Just hope I can keep my cool if I become one.”
Something in your gut tightened at that “Oh? If you become a- if you become a dad, hm?”
He seemed to be staring into his empty glass now. “Yeah, it might be cool to have my own little tiny hunter running around. Our own tiny hunter, perhaps.” He gave you a lopsided grin, and you tried to return it, truly you did, but your hand instinctively went to your abdomen and the scars that ran across it.
Conversation lulled again, and you wanted to take back your previous thought about it never being awkward between the two of you. Qrow ordered another drink, and for a while he seemed to drunk to notice the slight tension lining your body now. Eventually, though, the silence cut through the noise around him, and he saw how you were slowly sipping your drink, how you seemed to have retreated into your own thoughts.  
“Y/n?” He prompted.
That seemed to startle you out of your trance some, and your eyes flickered to him.
“Y/n did I- did I say somethin’ wrong?”
You shook your head slowly. “No, uh, no it’s nothing. I’m just gonna go to the bathroom real quick.” With that, you stood and made your way to the door at the back of the room. It wasn’t till you had disappeared from sight that a memory tickled the back of his mind and his eyes widened in remembrance.
Ah shit.

You stared at your reflection in the mirror, the restroom blessedly empty save for a few stumbling ladies.
Your hand pressed against the scar tissue on your lower abdomen. Your father had told you how wonderful it was to have a child, that they were bundles of joy. You had always agreed, figuring you’d have one or two of your own someday. When your mother left for good, after already being absent most of your young life, you resolved to be better than her, to someday be not only a better huntress than her, a better person than her,  but a better mother as well. Any plans for that last goal had had a major wrench thrown in them six years ago.
Beowolves were the most common grimm type, usually the first grimm any hunter took down. It was easy, that only made the fact you had let one past your guard more embarrassing.
You were tired, there had been much more grimm to clear out than expected. Separated from the group, you were surrounded by the largest pack of beowolves you had ever seen. The worst part is you almost got out of there unscathed with just a sliver of aura left, you almost made it. Then, as you severed the head of what you thought was the last beowolf, one final wolf lunged from the tree line. You barely turned before it’s claws knocked you aside and you felt your aura shatter. You still tried to fight, you still raised your weapon and even got a few solid hits in, but you were tired. The grimm reared back and you could only stumble back a step as you felt a sharp pain and a tearing sensation as its claws left four gashes in your flesh. That step back saved you from being killed right then, but as you fell to your knees it seemed this was it.
Had it not been for another huntress stepping in and carrying you to safety, you wouldn’t have survived. As it was, though, those gashes left some deep internal harm. Three of them had been mostly healed, only leaving prominent scars on your skin, but the fourth had gone deeper. Long story short, it ruined any chance you had of having your own biological kids.
It didn’t bother you most of the time. Sure, it sucked and it hurt sometimes, but  you could still hunt, everything was mostly the same, you knew you could just adopt one day if you wanted. Something about what Qrow said bothered you though.
His own little hunter. Our own little hunter.
Did he mean he wanted his own child, one he helped make. If so you couldn’t give that to him. Had he forgotten? Maybe he was to drunk, maybe his wish to have a kid suppressed the memory of her telling him that story in his current state. You didn’t know if he was fine with adopting, you wished you had talked about it more. Though it didn’t bother you most of the time it was still a bit of a sore subject.
Splashing some water on your face, you figured you should head back. You didn’t want to worry him. As you opened the door though, you saw he wasn’t at your table. No, he was leaning against a nearby pillar, gaze cast downward in concentration. As soon as he heard the door open his eyes snapped up to meet yours, and they stayed on your face as you made your way to him.
“Qrow, why are you just standing here?”
He sighed “I uh, I realized my comment might have been a uh” he hiccupped “a bit insensitive. I- I wanted to make sure you weren’t, that you weren’t upset er anything.” There was still a blush on his cheeks, though now you thought it might have more to do with shame than drunkenness.
“Oh, Qrow.” You couldn’t help the soft smile on your face. He was so cute, even when drunk of his ass. “I know you didn’t mean it, it’s okay.”
“Still, I, I um,” He swallowed heavily and looked around. “Look, I don’t know if a bar is the best place to discuss this. I just, I don’t know if you want kids, it’s- it’s fine if ya don’t want ta adopt or anythin’, really I shouldn’t ‘ave said anything.”
You placed a hand on his arm, you weren’t used to seeing him stammer like this “Qrow really, it’s okay, I think we do need to have a talk, though. But, you’re probably right about a bar not bein the best spot, also we should wait till neither of us are buzzed.” You wrinkled you nose “Plus I would like to get away from the smell of these restrooms.”
You smiled at each other, and as you and Qrow waited for your cab, you felt a sense of peace wash over you.

How to Get to Know of Your ISFP

This is a post I promised my fellow INFP, @dhiyaulmahya​, to write about. As an ISFP, I’ve come so far and went against a few of MBTI stereotypes and overcome my demons, turning my weaknesses into a strength. I’m so sorry that I won’t tell those stories here and I feel a bit compelled if I have to write it in an ISFP point of view.

Please note that this is based off of my previous personal experience and how I exactly see the world as an ISFP. And may this be useful to other types of how they should understand and take care of their ISFPs, according to subjective view of mine being one of the 8%. Buckle up!

  1. ISFPs are a gentle creature, please take a good care of their heart! Your ISFP often find themselves in trouble between standing their ground or pleasing the people in front of them. Our too-good-to-be-true kind heart are often taken for granted for people’s own advantage and pleasure. Your ISFP is good at some certain foreign language? Don’t forget to wait for their arrival at the threshold of a classroom and melt their heart by praising their grades and skills at the subject, at the expense of breaking their heart and making them disappointed by your true intention of doing so.
  2. We are extremely independent and need a lot of personal space to reflect on our lives or to brainstorm for ideas. If you have an ISFP friend that loves to be alone, please ask for their permission first before breaking into their personal space. We hate to be bothered by the sudden presence of a stranger or an acquaintance that might destroy the comfort of our solitude. But, if you’re someone that we cherish so much, the empty space beside us will always be open for you, whenever you need it.
  3. We are so sensitive with loud noises. If you want to keep your ISFP calm and controlled, consider not using a loud speaking voice in front of them or burst out your stereo volume into a rather intolerable audibility. It might intimidate and irritate them, because we generally speak in a soft voice you might mistaken it as a passing wind or maybe someone else talking in the distant background and our ears are not that deaf. We ISFPs cannot tolerate any kind of noises, except our favorite music we put to our ears. We can stand even the most riot metal, only if it’s the song of our choice.
  4. We display a cold front, while in fact we have an intensely beating heart, ready to love anyone who capture our rare eyes and fragile heart’s attention. I might have gone dramatic there, but you read that right, my friend. We might look like we don’t radiate emotion in our face, but don’t you ever take us at a face value, well, no pun intended. We will love so hard, you will never expect us to be able to be so passionate, but pardon us if we started to act a little clingy. We’re just too afraid to lose you.
  5. We might appear quiet and reserved, but don’t underestimate us! Once you turn our switch into ‘go berserk mode’ by pushing us to the very edge of the cliff, well, we just want to warn you. There’s no turning back. I repeat. There’s no turning back. Any attempt at attacking us will be heartfelt retaliated back and it will leave you a remarkable scar. The most hurtful way we can do is to walk away and disappear from you, ever so slightly.
  6. We are a very private type. So, don’t feel down if we don’t tell you our secrets right away. We need time to open up to someone and our trust will not be given that easily. We just want to make sure that we don’t pick the wrong person to trust our secrets with. Once we’re certain that you’re putting a genuine effort, that you’re truly concern about us and you’re trustworthy, we won’t hesitate telling you everything there is to know about ourselves.
  7. Don’t sugarcoat or lie to us. Really, or you’ll regret it. Be genuine and honest with us, whatever it might costs you. We will accept you the way you are, just like we want you to accept us the way we are.
  8. We are a sensitive and loving creature by nature. And we can’t stand feeling lonely, despite the fact that we love solitude and need a lot of personal space. Yes, we are introverted, but not in a sense that we don’t need anyone elses’ existence. We love the balance between being alone and being with someone we value their existence so much to carry on with life.
  9. Play along with us! It’s been known quite well that ISFPs are a fun-loving and living their moment to the fullest. If you are also a fun-loving and enjoy living the moment, then we will consider you are in the same bandwagon as us ISFPs! We love to sing, to dance, to play our musical instrument, to write our own composition or poem, or whatever that stimulates our intellectual mind and poetic soul into a creative use.
  10. Most importantly, please accept us the way we are. ISFPs cherish being who they are. We might have our fair share of flaws, a little bit awkward and out of place sometimes, but that’s just ISFPs are. They love people, but hate it when they criticize us for being ourselves. I mean, who are you throwing tantrum at us without even taking the effort to understand our standing point?

That’s it. And I realize that I missed a lot of things and that there may be some things that wouldn’t fit into another ISFPs, and for that I apologize.

kctehbishop  asked:

what is critical role and should i get involved in it???????????

I’m gonna answer this one publicly because I’m semi almost qualified to answer it but real other people can take a swing at it to because 1) critical role is great! so good! a unique entertainment experience with a lot of heart and laughs and action! and 2) something I’ve resigned to never finishing because I got 30 episodes in and then there were still like 60 more and they’re all three-five hours long, and I’m at a point in my life where one episode of Miss Fisher’s every other week is my TV attention span. So if people who have Done the Whole Dang Thing want to weigh it, please feel free! 

But Critical Role is a bunch of voice actors who are also very good friends livestreaming (and then archiving the videos) their long running D&D game. If you listened to The Adventure Zone and you were like “this is pretty cool but they edit out all the moments where they painfully try to do some basic calculations and also argue about the rules” then Critical Role is the show for you, which I say with love. It’s a lot like watching your friends play D&D because that’s literally what it is, a bunch of people playing in real time as you watch, except they are extraordinarily better at voices and acting than your average friend. I watched through the first two arcs before I just got overwhelmed by the amount of episodes, and I had a lot of fun. (And pain! There’s a moment where one character is confessing their love to another character by a tree and it’s LITERALLY THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, I AM STILL SCARRED AND DELIGHTED AND HORRIFIED BY HAVING TO WATCH WHAT WAS ESSENTIALLY AN INCREDIBLY AWKWARD REAL LIFE CONVERSATION ROLEPLAYED BY TWO FRIENDS WHO ARE PRETENDING TO BE FANTASY BEINGS)

The Trial of the Take is a good standalone two episode arc if you would like a scant seven hour intro (look I got A LOT of knitting and general tidying done while I watched Critical Role), and there’s loads of clips on youtube that show off the show pretty well (this animation for example is six minutes long and I watch it start to finish every single time it comes up on my dash) 

It’s a lot of fun, it’s pretty time consuming (hence why I can no longer keep up with it) but if you can wholeheartedly embrace Earnestness (Liam’s roleplaying and also real personality will be the death of my Cool Detached ass), it’s a hell of a good time 




He takes his responsibilities seriously and JYP has mentioned that was one of the reasons why he felt like JB would fit into  a leadership position well. He is described by the members as being serious, and had a cold first impression. He is extremely loyal to people whom he becomes close to and his advice can often come across as scolding because he’s blunt with his words. 


Has this deep-in-thought look on his face most of the time and he likes to contemplate how he fits in with the rest of the world and what his purpose is. Yugyeom has mentioned how he’s the type of person to often say deep thoughts that leave people speechless. He’s very caring and is pretty reserved, having few close friends. 


Outgoing and friendly, the type of person who laughs at other people’s jokes and gives the mother vibe. He can be seen constantly supporting the other members upfront due to his dominant Fe, and often says things with consideration of how it may come across to others. Loves reminiscing about the past and all of the memories he’s accumulated. 

Youngjae- ENFP

He can easily be seen as an INFP, but people tend to forget that ENFPs are constantly mistaken as introverts because of the Ne/Fi combination. He is known for being extremely loud and playful, with a 4D sense of humor that people have a hard time grasping. He has sort of a random thought process that people find confusing. Fi comes from being really sensitive and gets personally offended when his morals are questioned. 

Yugyeom- ISFJ

Sweet with the typical Fe-smile. Known for being introverted but very understanding. Diligent and hardworking, helps the other members more with his actions behind-the-scenes rather than upfront. Also tends to talk about the past and about learning from his mistakes often. 

Mark- ISTP

Took the longest to type, but finally cracked him! Se comes from his sharp sense of his surroundings, which allows him to live in the moment and appreciate what life has to offer in the present rather than worrying about the future. His awkwardness comes from not knowing how to use his Se to express his Ti. Known for being logical and loving puzzles (mental challenges).

Jackson- ESFP

So freaking obvious, man. He’s literally friends with everyone, has the easiest time conversing with strangers or keeping the conversation going. Easygoing and warm-hearted with tons of love to give away. Just wants everyone to have a fun time which is why he is so comfortable on variety shows, because he knows exactly how to use his charm to his advantage. 

Spring Day [4]

Pairing: Jimin x Reader, (new pair) Namjoon x Jin 

Genre: Fantasy, Vampires, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: Jimin and you were best friends since you were little kids, never leaving each other’s side, but one rainy day of spring you left him, asking him to forget about you. You were trying to protect him from yourself, but he didn’t know that. What will happen if fate got you two back together?

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

“You shouldn’t say that to a vampire, I could kill you.”

“I will be pleased to die if it’s because of you”

You let your hand drop to your side, staring at him. Without saying a word you got through his door, leading the way in, which he gladly followed. Closing the door behind him, he stood at the back, not saying anything. It was in the moment that you turned around when he started talking.

“I love you”

(4 months later)

Jimin pov

“Sir, there’s someone wanting to see you” My assistant said as she opened the door after I told her to get in.

I groaned “I don’t want to see anybody, don’t you get it? Tell them I am busy, or that I have an appointment.” Not even getting my eyes away from the computer as I felt her laughing. Slowly I turned my head to her with a confused expression.

“Sir, it’s y/n.” She giggled a little bit more seeing my expression as it changed from annoyance to happiness in a second.

“Oh, tell her to come in, I just finished what I had to do, so I am free…” I nervously said as I saved my ‘still in process’ work and turned the computer off.

“As you wish” she said and with that she went outside my office, closing the door.

Not a minute passed by before y/n got through the door, not knocking at all, which I have stated before she was the only one allowed not doing so. Her smile made mine grow more as she walked to my desk.

“Sorry did I interrupt your work, baby?” She asked me as I got up to hug her.

“Please, I love to be interrupted by my beautiful girlfriend” She smiled and placed her arms around my neck. Our faces got close together as we stared at each other before connecting our lips.

Her hands started moving to my hair, my neck and lastly staying at my chest. Mine didn’t stay just at her back, as they crept down to her hips, bucking her ass. We continue like that for some minutes until her lips left mine just to leave a trail down my neck, finding a spot and licking it.

“Are you hungry, honey?” I asked her as she continued to lick the same spot.

“I am hungry and horny, is that a good combination?” She left my neck as she stared at me.

“Just when I am right in front of you.”

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VIXX on 'We Got Married'

If they were on We Got Married.

N – You would see Hakyeon pretty much the same as you see him on all shows: bright, smiling, and cordial. He’d talk a lot and enjoy doing the fun things that are set up by the staff. It would make for good television and be what everybody expects of him. But that’d be a performance of sorts. It would be behind the scenes where he would most be himself. He’d frequently check with the other participant to make sure she was okay with the direction things we’re going. If she was nervous he’d squeeze her hand under a table or something to show her support. Basically there would be the ‘N’ that he utilizes for TV appearances and the secret Hakyeon that doesn’t want his small acts of kindness and consideration to be aired. Not because he’s shy but because he’s a caring guy who keeps those kinds of things private.

Leo – Witness the great melting Leo! Not really thrilled with the idea of participating, he’d only do it under duress and threat of bodily injury by N. Or perhaps a lifetime supply of meat. Even though he’s getting more comfortable in front of the cameras, this would be a big setback for him. Especially in the beginning of the show he’d be very stiff and almost look like he was angry. He’s not, he’d just be miserable. The ‘wife’ would have to do a lot to set him at ease but even so he wouldn’t be that lovey-dovey. That kind of affection is for private and with someone he loves. Not for entertainment of the masses. And good lord if the producers wanted them to kiss or something like that he’d try to dig a hole to escape. He can do it for a performance on stage but not this kind of pseudo-reality show. The crown of Taekwoon’s head would probably have more airtime than his face.

Ken – This guy is going to give you whiplash as you watch him go from happy fun guy to absolute charmer in two seconds flat. Jaehwan would give new meaning to bouncy and perky because he’d be so excited. He LOVES being on variety shows and this would be one he’d really have his heart on doing. His main goal would be to make it fun for all involved (even the crew) and smooth out any awkwardness that may arise from the situation. After he has the fun ball rolling he’d stop and make some kind of cheesy pass with a smoldering gaze just to see her blush and giggle. Those would be his two most common modes but when his ‘wife’ did something thoughtful or sweet for him he’d be very moved. He’d sing little snippets of songs for her here and there but on the final show he’d sing a heartfelt song to thank her for her kindness.

Ravi – First of all, Ravi is going to dress to impress. He wants to make a good impression and show everyone he has class and style. At the introduction he’d be all suave and chic looking until he had to speak. Then he’d be a shy, blushing mess. His words would get tangled, he’d be clumsy, and maybe even accidentally set something on fire. He’d be an absolute gentleman, very protective (maybe overly so due to cameras and nerves), yet easy going with suggestions and tasks to be performed. Of course it’s part of image management but also how he feels a partner should be treated. He’d have fun spoiling her but his good intentions would backfire sometimes, so get used to him collapsing from laughter and embarrassment.

Hongbin – Smiles. Smiles everywhere. For two reasons: he’d be nervous as hell and he’d be tickled that he’d get to do ‘couple’ things. I don’t mean matching t-shirts, but holding hands, being affectionate with someone. He’d be kind and try to take the lead but there would be awkward moments aplenty. Bean is not a natural at things. So when he hasn’t been exposed to something he’s kind of a fish out of water. But give him a chance to adapt and he comes through every time. The beginning would be a little rough, but by the end of the show he’d feel comfortable enough to let some of his quirkiness and sass show. The most amusing thing throughout would be his facial reactions. It’d be worth watching for that alone.

Hyuk – He’d be nervous but trying hard not to let it show. If he didn’t know how to do something or if it was a situation he hadn’t encountered before he’d wing it and hope for the best. He’d come across as capable and confident but as soon as people weren’t paying attention he’d turn his back and do a silent scream, covering his face in embarrassment. All to turn back and act like nothing happened. Also to keep tension down, he’d be a bit of a jokester but there would be times his sincerity and kind heart would shine through. So he would do well, with only a few moments that would make him blush due to his inexperience. He’s got this. For he’s ManHyuk! Ruler of hyungs!​

RWBY Musings: Not gonna lie. Chapter 7 was surprisingly another not-so-personal favourite episode. Still better than Chapter 6, in my opinion and at least fans got to see more of Oscar this episode, even if it was mostly Ozpin.

… At least I got to see my precious farm boy this episode. That’s the saving grace of this chapter for me. Still, I gotta talk about the  Mammoth Grimm in the room for this with this episode. So let’s address my issues with this episode.

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