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46 w/ Luke please!😊

“Lucas!” You yelled, the frustration clear in your voice. You’ve been searching for the keys to the car for 20minutes and you  were about to be late to your interview. You had a feeling your best friend was hiding them from you once again. Storming up the stairs you pushed Luke’s door open. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” You froze as Luke pulled one of his pillows over himself.

“I thought you left,” he blushed looked down.
“I can’t find the keys.” You finally got out. All you could think about was the fact that you walked in on your best friend, naked, pleasuring himself.

“Oh..” Luke looked up at you slowly. “I thought I put them on the counter. I’ll help you look.” He stood up and dropped the pillow.

You couldn’t stop yourself from looking him up and down. “You’re naked Hemmings.”

“Shit,” Luke pulled his blanket off his bed and held it against him. You licked your lips, watching him carefully. “Y/N.” He whispered, trying to get you to look up at him. “Y/N,” he tried again, making his way towards you.

“I- I um,” you couldn’t get your thoughts together and you looked up at Luke, who was now standing right in front of you. “I’m gonna be late. I need the ke-” before you could finish Luke’s lips were on yours. You hands went to the back of his neck and you moved back towards the bed. He pulled your shirt off and tossed it across the room.

“God, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.”

You moved your hands down Luke’s chest and moaned as he kissed down your neck. You slid out of your jeans and smiled to yourself. Luke was the most amazing person you had ever met and you had felt something for him as long as you’d known him. “Luke,” you groaned as he rolled over so you were on top of him. You unhooked your bra and dropped it on the floor.

His eyes stared up at you in awe. “You’re perfect,” he mumbled, leaning up to kiss you again.

You felt Luke grow harder underneath you and smiled against his lips, you loved that knowing that you were the one that did this to him.

You woke up with Luke’s arms still tightly around your waist. You turned slightly so that you could see his face, and ran your fingers against his cheek. “I love you so much.”

Luke stirred awake and moved his fingers against your hip. “I love you too.” He leaned his head down and pecked your lips. “Oh and your keys on my dresser.” He smirked pulling you tightly against him.

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How do you feel about having multiple tattoos dedicated to the 1975 when matty basically (sort of) advised fans not to get any?

he advised younger fans not to, in that interview he said “if you’re a 23 year old person, fair enough, do what you want.” he’s seen all my tattoos relating to the band and told me he loves them :)

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Tbh I was kind of bitter after all the other (written!) interviews with Zayn but hearing him after this long and just talking about how he felt makes me feel better about him again. Cause this just felt honest and not mean or disrespectful. And I see how he might have said similar things in the written interviews but they spun it differently. I m interested to hear his own music.

you can never, ever, ever trust print interviews. we’ve seen them time and time again manipulate what has been said in order to make for a better story or because a team had something to sell. that benefit of the doubt should have always extended to zayn. the media and his team did have something to sell with some of the inflammatory comments that were made, as a feud sells better than anything else. but, it’s so easy to take things out of context or have things be misconstrued. and i’m sure, you know, there’s probably some bad blood there and i personally don’t believe that they’re all friends right now and it’s all one, big happy family. i think that zayn leaving when he did was the best decision for all parties involved. i think one direction was able to go on and make this album that they’re really proud of, and they really banned together after he left. i think zayn is also better off because he’s been so much happier than i’ve seen him in so, so long. he looks genuinely excited about what is to come, and i’m so happy to see him so happy. zayn has a very, very special place in my heart and he always has and he always will. i’m so excited to see what is next for his career, and i’m glad that you’re giving his music a chance. i’m sure it’s going to be amazing. he’s really talented. oh, jeeze, i’m so excited.

(also @zayn please follow niall back on instagram, that’s all i’d ask)

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Non of the writers publicly ship clexa. They're too afraid to. You people scare them. Look at poor Jason. He can only publicly ship Kabby even though we all know he's a clexa shipper true and through. You people just scare him so much. Yea they're the rude one's. {rolleyes gif}

LOL do you not have twitter?????? Have you not seen interviews????? It’s SO OPEN. And he is SO RUDE to anyone who brings up Bellarke. I’ve also never encountered anyone on tumblr that was more rude than most clex.a shippers… You guys are as toxic as your ship. I watch and follow a lot of shows. And clex.a shippers are the ABSOLUTE WORST. Sorry, not sorry.

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you are so adamant about the truth of dates for RK marriage and births of their children that i will share with all the tabloids as they should really start printing the truth. Its time dont you think--and then they can ask Kristen in interviews about her girls and I'm sure she would giggle with pride about them

If you do that than congrats on being a fucking CUNT!

But if you don’t think they’ve come here and seen my blog your a fucking delusional CUNT!

Interesting that they just ignore me. They either do so cause they think I’m crazy. Or they do it cause they know I’m right but that the truth wouldn’t sell the way their lies have.

They know ppl like me don’t read their crap cause we aren’t interested in their BS! They know it’s only ppl like you that feast on their feces filled filings.

But one good thing, Kristen never does interviews with tabloids except the TV kind at events and they are too smart to waste their 10 secs on BS she’s never going to respond to.

So you are just a CUNT, delusional and STUPID!

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How can we tell when writers are being honest & when they're "trolling"? I'm sure you saw CD's itw with TV Guide, what she said about Valerie continuing to be Stefan's confidante doesn't make sense, we have not seen her be his confidante at all. Also, I remember an itw with her earlier this season where she said I think it's clear in Stefan's eyes he still has feelings for this girl who took his virginity, which obviously was a lie.

Well for me the only writers who do interviews like this are Julie Plec and Caroline Dries so I’ll just focus on them. Julie is usually pretty truthful and if she wants to hide something she’ll dodge the question or answer the question with another question. Caroline on the other hand will straight-up LIE if she wants people to believe something, she also loves shit-stirring and genuinely doesn’t seem to care about riling up shippers, she is a troll.

For example, here’s Julie describing Steroline in the upcoming episodes

She’s certainly not going to have the world’s most glorious pregnancy. There are two witch babies inside of her. There are definitely going to be some hurdles that she’ll have to cross before she gives birth. I can’t guarantee that the birth is going to be the easiest thing in the world. I think that Caroline wants everything to go perfectly and as such, anything that goes wrong is going to shake her. And shake Stefan because of course even though they’re not his, he’s there to support her and he cares for her so deeply that seeing her in any kind of jeopardy is going to be a profound experience. But that’s all stuff that we get to play with in the next chapter.

And here’s Caroline

Valerie is going to continue to be Stefan’s confidante moving forward, as Stefan starts to struggle to keep Damon’s sanity in check. So Valerie becomes this third wheel in the Caroline-Stefan relationship because she’s the most knowledgeable about everything that’s happening with Damon. As a side effect of that, Stefan and Valerie are finding reasons to get closer and closer… So Stefan can’t really hold a grudge against Alaric, but at the same time Stefan is beginning to feel like a third wheel. Not to mention, his relationship with Damon is always kind of pulling him away from Caroline’s needs, so that’s just anther obstacles in their relationship. Stefan has a lot on his plate.

Now the biggest issue is that Caroline Dries doesn’t get Steroline the way that Julie does, Julie legitimately loves Steroline and she gets their emotional core whereas I don’t think Dries does. So whenever Julie talks about Steroline she always speaks about them in a way that she knows what people like them about and its about them as a couple not love triangle/third wheel bullshit. Now that we have the synopsis for 7x13 we can also see that Dries was trolling and Julie was right (a few leaks also confirmed what Julie was saying) Valerie is only Stefan’s confidante to help him SAVE CAROLINE (and she never was before IDEK what Dries is trying to sell sometimes.)

When complications from her supernatural pregnancy leave Caroline’s life hanging in the balance, Stefan and Valerie take extreme measures to try and save her and the babies. 

I’m also thinking whatever extreme measures Stefan takes to save Caroline is why he ends up with a scar on his chest and a huntress running after him so he has to find a safe haven in NOLA.

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when you realize that louis actually is that messy, somewhat immature human being who is a bit of a selfish asshole at times and isn't always perfect and has made mistakes but is still genuinely a decent person at heart but a person who is not in a gay relationship with Harry and never has been will you still support him? Despite all your lies and delusions the truth is staring you in the face when you get out of your cult bubble and Louis actually is the person that did those things you listed

Then please, if shipping Larry is totally useless since they’re not together, explain to me why Louis and Harry suddenly stopped hanging out in public? Why haven’t they had separate interviews like zouis, lilo, narry, and lirry have? Why is there a huge troll that is a stuffed bear who posts things, why was there security and a spotlight around them during the concerts? Why did Harry say during it “so you’ve obviously seen the Bears” or something like that. Why wasn’t Harry super thrilled that there was going to be baby with them? He was certainly happy when he saw pregnant women. Why do they say certain things that himt that, maybe, just maybe, they could have something more? Please explain the careful caressing, interest word choice, song lyrics and gentle touches that they share, if they’re nothing more than just “friends”. Why on earth do they conveniently have more than 5 matching tattoos that go perfectly together? Please explain and then maybe, maybe I’ll rethink about Harry and Louis.

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I've seen a lot of larries saying that 'Louis and Harry' lied to them if it turns out Larry isn't real (which it isn't). And I'm just like.. They have said it isn't real in interviews on Twitter etc their friends and family have also denied Larry. Not their fault you have a stupid mind and chose not to believe them

These people have been telling them directly that Larry isn’t real, through more means and in more ways than in should be necessary. They chose to ignore their words, so accusing them of lying is ridiculous. They did this to themselves by choosing not to believe them.

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Whenever I come across a post about Eric & Dylan the only parent I've seen that speaks about the incident is Sue Klebold. Have Eric's parents and Dylan's dad ever publicly commented or gave an interview about them or the shooting?

Sue Klebold is admittedly the most vocal of the four parents, especially in light of her book coming out soon (for which she will also give an interview). Her husband Tom did speak out about Dylan and the shooting as well. Both Tom and Sue spoke at length with author Andrew Solomon and appear in the pages of his wonderful book Far From The Tree. If you scroll down on this page, you’ll be able to read excerpts from it.

Eric’s parents have never once spoken about it in the media. They did speak with the Mausers after the massacre, which you can read more about here. Other than that, the Harrises have kept to themselves and refused to speak about their son or about the massacre.

I’m watching a bunch of interviews about the movie Carol and I already found two of them where the interviewer (who, in both of them, was a man) was like “but Richard is such a loveable guy and it’s great that the movie didn’t make us hate him” and like??? have we even seen the same movie??? he’s as much a jerk as everyone else. He’s controlling Therese and makes her feel guilty that she’s not marrying him just because he’s like, nice to her sometimes. You can’t just decide that Harge is The Big Villain of the movie and try to find a good guy to root for, that’s not how it works.

S.Coups Imagine for Anon <3

Summary: Due to S.Coups’ busy schedule, and you temporarily having to leave town in order to deal with a sudden family issue, you and S.Coups haven’t seen much of each other. So, when you make it back, the other members of Seventeen contact you, wanting to plan a surprise for their leader. Without him knowing, you plan to show up unannounced on set in the middle of an interview, which ends up earning a surprisingly emotional and heart warming reaction from S.Coups.
((Note: When writing stories/imagines, I usually like to use their actual names, so I apologize if it confuses anyone who isn’t familiar with them!))


You leaned back against the wall, watching the glowing read sign on the opposite wall as it read “on air”. The group Seventeen had an interview on the same day you came back to town, and instead of your boyfriend Seungcheol being the first to know of your return, he was the last. Behind his back, you and the other members of Seventeen planned to surprise him today during this interview. He shouldn’t have any idea of you being here, to his knowledge, you weren’t supposed to be back for another week at least.
You smiled to yourself, nearly bouncing with excitement. You’d missed him so much, even before you’d had to go on the trip, you hadn’t been able to see much of Seungcheol anyways. He’d felt guilty for it, and was always apologizing to you, but you were understanding of his life style, and so you always tried your best to make sure he knew that and didn’t beat himself up over it. Still, you couldn’t deny that you felt somewhat empty when you weren’t able to be around him as much as you’d like.
While you were gone, Wonwoo made sure that you were aware of Seungcheol’s “constant whining” about how much he missed you and how worried he was about you traveling alone. That struck you as a bit surprising. In public and around his bandmates, you got the impression that Seungcheol tried to keep himself pretty reserved and didn’t typically like to get overly emotional. You still found it cute that he seemingly missed you as much as you missed him.
You were pulled from your thoughts as the “on air” sign in front of you blinked. Once, twice, three times now. You straightened up, recognizing that it was your cue to enter the set. You crossed the short hallway, resting your hand on the door handle and drawing in a deep breath. You weren’t exactly nervous per say, more excited than anything, and you could already feel butterflies in the pit of your stomach.
You pushed open the heavy door, nearly blinded by the brightness of the studio lights. As you made your way into the room, still out of view from the interviewers and the group. You heard the interviewer direct a question at Seungcheol. “So, S.Coups, we have a question sent in by a fan. Uh… @17lovelyfan asks "Oppa, I was wondering, how have you been feeling since Y/N-eonni has been gone? I know your relationship is very close. Have you been doing alright? Hwaiting!”“
You stopped in your tracks, feeling your stomach flip as you waited for his response. Was this apart of Seventeen’s surprise as well? You hadn’t been told about it.
“Ah…” Seungcheol straighted up at the mention of Y/N’s name. He ran his hands over his thighs, thinking. “Eh… That’s… That’s a loaded question, actually.” Seungcheol laughed, scratching the back of his neck. “Yah, well… It’s very hard. It’s hard for me, but I try my best to not dwell too much over it, because I know she wouldn’t want me to do that. However, if there’s one thing I do struggle with is missing her bright smile everyday.”
You felt your heart soar at his words, and you heard a chorus of awe’s from the crowd watching on. You lifted your head, walking fully onto the set with more confidence than before. Some viewers from the crowd and some Seventeen members had already gotten a glance at you from the corners of their eyes. Hansol’s hand flew off his lap and in your direction, pointing a finger at you. The crowd and the other members gasped at your sudden appearance, and Seungcheol’s head snapped towards you.
He stood, his expression stuck between shock and happiness. "J-jagiya-” He said hoarsely, before he ran to you, pulling you into a tight hug and lifting you off the ground. You squealed slightly, flinging your arms around his neck as he buried his face into your hair. You could faintly recognize all of the commotion happening around the two of you- the audience roaring with cheers and awe’s, and the boys of Seventeen cheering along with them- but you barely took much notice to it right now. All that mattered was him, and that you were finally in his arms after what seemed like forever.
The two of you hugged for a minute or two more, savoring the moment, before he pulled away, furiously rubbing at his eyes. “Seungcheol- are you crying??” You questioned, a wide smile spreading across your face.
Seungcheol dragged a hand down his face, trying to get any tear streaks off his face. He took in a deep breath, turning his face away from everyone else and putting his palm on his forehead. He took a long, shaky breath before looking at you and resting his hand on the side of your face. “I missed you so much…” He said before tugging you close to him so he could place a light kiss on your lips.


Hope you like it, anon! I’m not the most experienced with writing fluff, but I hope this is good enough for you, and thank you for requesting. <3

- Kyoul Alpha


Red Velvet featured in ELLE Korea November 2015 issue where they were interviewed and had photos taken of them. Without further ado, let’s look at what the members are wearing!

1) Joy’s half sleeve clean shirt and faux leather black apron one-piece are both from Korean brand Arachne.

2) Irene’s sweater is from J KOO F/W 2015 collection and her Maxi-Flares Trousers are from Bimba Y Lola

3) Seulgi is wearing the Fendi Fur Eye Wool Sweater (sold out). You may have seen this already on G-Dragon in BIGBANG’s ‘Sober’ MV.

4) Wendy is wearing the Mickey Crop Knit from Korean brand 8Seconds. Her skirt is designed by Kwak Hyun Joo but I cannot find a runway/stock photo of it.

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Sticky, you NEED to see this: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=vAtqmhpPRf4 It's ADORABLE and DYLAN CALLS HER HIS LOVE INTEREST YAAAAAAAAS I'M GONNA FAINT. Oh, girl. Oh, girl. And we finally know where that gif of the two of them quickly holding hands comes from, yayyy! And also, you were right about the Atlanta crew having black women in their hair and makeup team!

Of course we’ve seen that!  We posted it a few times after we interviewed our fave


She’ll be on the podcast in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Mainland: A Bit Out of Time...But in a Good Way

There’s a noticeable sense of power, rhythm and catchiness to the music of New York quartet Mainland that you’ll notice the minute you hear them.

If it were a different time, you’d swear they were the stars of some John Hughes movie you’ve never seen.

They have charisma, they have good songs, they have a fine new EP called Outcast, and they have a label in 300 Entertainment that will likely make them very well know somewhere down the line.

Between the four of them—Jordan Topf (vocals, guitar), Corey Mullee (synths, guitar), Alex Pitta (bass) and Joey Sulkowski (drums)—they combine the tunefulness and swagger of the Strokes and Interpol, combined with some odd ‘80s permutation of Modern English and the Teardrop Explodes, and yet they sound noticeably, excitingly fresh.

Yeah, they’re very good.

Though there have been a few EPs so far—the indie Girls Unknown in 2013 and its 2014 follow-up Shiner—the songs on Outcast point to a band growing by leaps and bounds. And a full-length album is still to come; they spent some time in LA last year recording much of it.

Photo: Lisa Aileen Dragani

“It’s definitely one you’re going to enjoy listening to from top to bottom,” promises Topf of the forthcoming set. “We put out EPs early on because we wanted to take our time to find the identity of the band. And right now we’re building up steam, so that when we put out the album, it has the right amount of impact. I don’t think that we live in a generation where it’s important to rush an album.”

Already on the road with Atlas Genius, and starting out this year with Marianas Trench, the highly likable Mainland crew stopped into Yahoo’s Santa Monica studio and provided two excellent performances, a memorable interview, all on display here, and promises of more to come.

“We strive to make timeless rock n roll songs,” says singer Topf, and that is no small ambition.

It would appear, so far, that they are on the right track.

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Hi! First of all I just want to thank you for all of your theories, fics and words of support. I love reading everything what's yours. I admire every single kabby shipper and their work. It's really amazing and I'm glad that I'm in it with you guys. This little fandom (which becomes larger everyday) is like family to me. In this community I feel safe. Thank you guys for it. Thank everyone of you. You make my days. 1/2

After seeing Wanheda part one I have so many feelings as you surely. Hiatus was a hard time, but we’ve survive and we got this beautiful, genuine and intimate scene. It’s really good to see them sharing moment like this. I mean he’s working and she’s napping, right? In the same room, next to each other. Speaking of room, do you thing is it Marcus bedroom or one of the Council room? I’ve seen Ian’s interview but I think I didn’t get it. 2/2

Thank you so much, you lovely sweet person!  I love this fandom so much.  I’m so proud of this community we’ve created and honored to be a part of it, and I’m grateful for you all.  I’m so happy that you feel like family here!  I’m grateful for every one of you.

I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THE PREMIERE!  We earned that beautiful domestic Kabby moment.  From Kane trying to float Abby to her peacefully napping on the couch while he works, like they’ve been married for years.  I think that room is like the Chancellor’s office - there’s what looks like a desk in the corner, across from the couch, or maybe a conference table; I don’t think this is Kane’s bedroom like Ian mentioned in the interview.  He described his bedroom as “dark and Spartan,” and the room with the couch is too bright and cluttered to fit that description.  So I think we still have Kane’s bedroom to look forward to!

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Have you seen that EBR\KC interview? Talk about awkward lol Em did her thing though and was as always eloquent and sweet

I did see it! I love EBR, but I gotta be honest, it was hard to watch. What struck me was how hard someone was trying. EBR is so natural, she just exudes enthusiasm for her character and for the show in general while KC…just doesn’t. Of course putting them side by side in the same interview doesn’t help. I thought it was extremely rude of the interviewer to ask about the romances on the show, but Emily handled it perfectly. KC just needs to move on. She not doing herself any favors by still claiming Oliver is the love of LL’s life.  

Thanks for the message :)

Today @guardianmusic premiered @sviib’s “Ablaze” and it’s a beauty.

It’s the opening track on SVIIB and, despite the context surrounding this record, it’s defiantly jubilant in its nostalgia. (It also sounds a hell of a lot like New Order, probably because they’re Ben and Alley’s favourite band. Considering that SVIIB have always seen themselves as a “pop” band, it really makes sense when you hear this song.)

Alley looks back on her first meeting with Benjamin as a transformative event for them both as two separate people, and as a single entity. They first formally mentioned “Ablaze” in an interview in August 2012 where, giggling over their “backlog” of songs, they thought it would end up as a B-side. I’m glad it’s finally getting the attention it deserves.

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Hey! You've never seen the prequels then? From you commenting about Hayden's acting I'm assuming you've never seen them? His acting is subpar but at the same time, that's kinda how he talks, as seen by all his interviews at the time. He's like some nervous kid idk

no i watched the prequels in theatres as a kid i’m just revisiting them for the first time

he was a bad choice for the role i can’t help but wonder if these movies would have been any better with leonardo dicaprio at the helm b/c apparently he was lucas’s original choice