and have wanted to bring it to life for WEEKS

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For the head canon thing, Teppei? and maybe Midorima? Oooh an Murasakibara? I can send them all seperately if you want!

Omg hello your icon gives me life yas blind bb Tooru. Thanks for the request! And that megane carrot is so loveable yaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAS


  • The most pure and gentle cinnamon roll. He just wants you to have a good day. He’s the guy that brings you flowers every Monday so you start your week off with a smile.
  • Even if he isn’t particularly interested in something you are, he’ll always be there to listen to you talk about it. Bugs? For sure man. Different types of computer fans? Alright then. Marker qualities? He’s there for you.
  • Whenever you’re excited, he gets excited too, even if he doesn’t know what you’re excited and smiley about.


  • Literally doesn’t lay a finger on you in public whatsoever. Zero PDA. Absolutely none. When the two of you are alone though, he always seems to be holding your hand or sitting closely to you.
  • His favorite kind of dates are study dates. He wants to impress you with his intelligence, so he’s motivated to work harder, but when you ask for a break he’s completely alright with smooching for a few minutes.
  • He’s really shy during the really intimate moments, but one way to get him to be fearless and dominant is surprising him by wearing his jersey and nothing underneath.


  • He’ll complain about it, but he secretly loves the moments when you’re napping together and you rest on his chest.
  • Bring the boy snacks and he’ll do whatever you want for the day. As long as you’ve got snacks in your possession, he’ll go wherever you want to go.
  • Our gentle giant is truly scared of hurting you during sex. He’ll constantly ask if you’re okay no matter how much you assure him.

i’ll see you on my next rounds
Revenge Sketch | Nolan & Emily undercover visits 3.12

Hey Sherlollians,

I have something pretty important to share. One of our own is going through a rough time right now and a large quantity of us already have assembled to do two things which you can find out more out about below.

Not that you do have to do anything but we come from a place of support and love and it would mean a lot if you wanted to you could.

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Temporary hiatus notice.

[ If you saw my last post…I’m in a bit of a slump. I really feel like I need to take a break from Tumblr in order to get my life back together, especially with real world things I want to get done…

I honestly don’t know how long this is going to last. It could be days, weeks, months. But I’m just so drained from RP and from my other stresses that being on here is no longer productive. I just spend hours staring at the Tumblr screen and hitting people up on Skype, and I can’t get anything finished.

I want to thank you all for the fun I’ve had here and especially for putting up with me when I crash and burn and start yelling crazy things, but I have to take a step back from Tumblr for a while so I can bring some balance back to my unbalanced life. If you want to catch me on Skype, my Skype is liberatiing and the screen name is “franz motherfucking liszt.” I may come back onto this blog to check for messages, but it will be unlikely since I will be trying my darndest to stay away from Tumblr as far as I can. See you all on Skype, my friends. Tian out. ]


Hey everyone, it’s a wet and rainy evening where I am in England which means I can do a little bit of housekeeping on the main! Over the next 24 hours I will be transferring all of our wanted connections to this blog — Why? Because I feel that it is nicer to have everything on one blog, rather than spread out on others. 

Plotting Messages.

One issue that I wanted to bring up was that of plotting messages! As I have experienced myself, it has now been brought to my attention by a few members that quite a few of you are not responding to plotting messages. How can anyone expect to make connections with other characters if you actively ignore / forget to reply to their players? The answer is that you don’t get connections. 

Understandably a lot of us are busy with real-life issues, but that isn’t always an excuse! I know for a fact that I put replies before messages because my working week can be nothing less than insane. If I manage to get to my messages two or three times a week, I’m doing well! Everyone is busy and sometimes we forget things, I understand. But there’s a worrying trend amongst some players and their lack of willingness to respond to other people in the group.

All I’m asking is that you go to your inbox and open your instant messenger. Have a look to see who has sent you plotting messages and respond to them! Choosing to not reply to someone because you “don’t like” that player or character is rude. Forgetting to respond is lazy — Trust me, I’m someone who is guilty of this too. What we have to remember is that Lanford is not an indie platform. When applying for this group, you agreed to adhere by the rules and regulations of Lanford which includes being inclusive.

Ignoring messages is not inclusive.

If you think your messages are being ignored / have been forgotten about, please let us know! We will quite happily send reminders out to those we are concerned about. And if they are ignored, further action can be taken if we feel it’s necessary. Basically RESPOND to your plotting messages! You can’t complain about having no connections if you don’t make an effort to make them.


Don’t worry, acceptances aren’t changing days again! This is just a quick notice to let everyone know that we will not be accepting on Saturday 16th & Tuesday 19th July because the Lake Munroe Festival will be ongoing. This means that after tomorrow (12th July) our next acceptance will happen on Saturday, June 23rd.

You will be more than welcome to submit applications, but they will not be accepted until then! And yes, activity checks will still be done throughout the event. If you go inactive then wish to re-apply for that character, you will have to wait until after the event is over to take them back.


That should be just about it, I think! I’m 90% sure I am getting a cold from being rained on all day because I didn’t take a coat. As always, a like is appreciated to let us know that you have read this! Feel free to message us if you’re concerned about anything, I’ll be online most of the evening.

before i go lurk on mobile for the rest of the night and just completely pass out from a wonderful and exhausting day, i just really have some kind words about two people i follow, ok.

before i begin, i’d like to point out that in the past, i’ve never really opened myself up to following duplicates because of a horrible experience i had about four years back, but when i started writing rafe about, what, a week ago?? i decided that maybe i should try and move from this comfort zone i created myself because i began to realize i could be missing out on so much. i always see some bond with their duplicates and maybe i want that for once, maybe i want to cry about my muse with others who write the same.

but anyway, enough of that, i wanna just talk about the two other rafe’s i currently follow at the moment, who have begun to bring joy to my life while i read from the other side of a screen. a few days ago i mustered the courage to finally follow @foolsgvld & @ruthlessthief back, and honestly, i’m glad because both of these people bring their own unique qualities to how they write rafe. they both write him beautifully and in their own magnificent ways. i honestly love just sitting back and reading when they do post a reply, and i’m sure that’s what everyone truly wishes for.

as i’ve seen so far, both of these beautiful beings are wonderful people, and they are such talented writers as well. honestly, astonishing.

i just, i really felt like saying this, i have no clue as to why, but sometimes, i feel this is needed at times, to kind of throw out your love for people and your admiration.

anonymous asked:

Where did you disappear? 💔💔

I received a lot of messages asking if I’m okay and what not and I want to thank everyone for their concern!

I’m fine! Very busy with work and friends but really loving life. Unfortunately my father has been diagnosed with cancer… Yup I’m going 2/2 with my parents right now. Nonetheless doing good and having fun when I can…

I’m just trying to stay active and focus on the things in my life that bring me the most positivity and happiness and distraction. When Tumblr/The Timeline become those things then I’ll devote time to it more majorly. Right now it’s sort of just been friends and family and reading. But I’m taking it day by day and I know there may be a day where I wake up and I just want to write.

My laptop’s hard drive has also crashed. It’s been about a week now. I have everything mostly saved on an external hard drive *i believe* but I’m honestly so nervous that it won’t work that I haven’t even tried restoring it yet. I pray pray pray that I didn’t lose my original novel :(((( I am doing my best to have faith in my hard drive.

And there you have a life update from me.

Good afternoon, lovelies! All tags and pages have just been updated, and Beauregard Bank values will be tallied in the next day or so. 

Now - the good news! With some real life commitments having lessened, I plan on dedicating the upcoming two weeks to rejuvenating roleplaying and bringing in new characters and plotlines to freshen things up here at TAT. It’s time to put our heads in the game! With the upcoming effort from our end, we fully encourage players to consider taking on second characters if they’re able, and as always, are open to feedback and ideas for what to do next - events, plot drops, you name it. We want to make the dash a wonderful, exciting place once again, and would appreciate any and all help.

In the meantime, the final portion of the Four Winds heist will be posted tonight after acceptances. Once again, we’ll be changing the roleplaying format to encourage as much interaction as possible. To all our current players: we’re counting on you to participate and make this revival a success, so please give us all you’ve got! To new players who are joining us: we can’t wait!

Lastly, as mentioned in an earlier ask, I hope to write a few new bios this summer. I want to prioritize roles with the highest demand when writing, so would love feedback from players and possible applicants both. Currently, the list of eligible characters (from my families) is as follows. If any of these upcoming roles have caught your eye, please let me know through the askbox/IM/replies! I’ll choose a few every week to work on. 

Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing back from you all!

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Person of Interest Appreciation Week: Day 2

Favorite character.

Wow, this is awkward.

I’m not sure I have one.

This is where I want to make an Attack on Titan comparison, talking about how stories that fully utilize their strength as an ensemble work make it difficult to pin down one favorite–but yeah, I’m not fooling anyone there.

The situations are similar, though. I love the entire cast of this show, and I love the stories that bring them to life, but I don’t have a standout favorite because they’re all so unfairly magnificent.

That, and because the team dynamics are so fantastic that all of the parts of the characters I love are shown best through the people that bring the best out of them. As much as I like these guys as individuals, it’s when they’re playing off each other that they’re the most fun.

Still, I do have a specific grouping of favorites, so let’s give this a shot.

The Machine’s my favorite because Her love for the team turns into a top priority even when Her programming says otherwise.

Root’s my favorite because she goes from unhinged to hinged without losing the chaotic spark of joy she takes in her work.

Shaw’s my favorite because being indomitable wishes it could always look so cool.

Reese is my favorite because he’s a brooding badass who does almost as much saving as he needs.

Bear is my favorite because Bear is a dog.

The fact that that doesn’t automatically make Bear the whole subject of this post says all it needs to.

**TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY** 1️⃣Highest weight 75kg (2012)
2️⃣Start of first prep, 62kg (2014)
3️⃣End of first prep, 51.5kg (2015)
4️⃣Start of third prep, 55kg (this week)
Progress takes time & effort, but it’s bloody worth it 💪🏽 Feeling so great about where I’m starting from for this prep, ready to bring it in tighter and improve on my last stage condition to present my best package to date! I love tracking progress via photos and I encourage my clients & Bootcamp gals to do the same, hold yourself accountable and work hard every single week to achieve your goals! Want to have amazing results like this? Contact me today to find out how I can help you change your life!! -
Online Transformation Program/PT client enquiries: 📧
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14/07/16 - 21.00

You’ve all probably noticed that things have slowed a bit around here. Sherlock and I have been taking a lot of time to ourselves, both on our own and together. It’s helped with everything that happened a few months ago. We’re not as shaken anymore. Scars are healing. Life moves on.

He’s proposed something of a vacation - Sussex, to look at what may be our future loveshack once he’s retired. That, among other things, is going to be our plan in the next few days and weeks. We have a belated marriage anniversary to make up for, anyway.

He made it sound like he wants to be there for at least ten days, if not longer. We’ve both decided not to bring our laptops and we won’t be posting from our phones. We still need to focus on each other. Matter of fact, he and I have been playing with the idea of not blogging much at all. Not that we’re leaving this thing for good. We just may not be around as much. It can be surprisingly draining, sometimes. In a good way, and a bad way, like most things. And we won’t be deleting this, either. He and I are a bit too fond of all the good things that have come from your lot’s nosing around in our business.

It’s not just here we’re going to be quieter. It’s everywhere. No more conferences with the media alongside Lestrade - he’s going to be the one saying everything, not us. We’re staying out of the public eye as best we can. It’s gotten better, and we know we’ll never really escape publicity, but at this point we’d like a little more quiet. A private life.

There have been times when I’ve come home and found him reading back on everything. My first blog, his first blog, and this one. It calms him down, I think, when he gets too in his head. Grounds him. At least, that’s what it does for me, sometimes. It makes me realise how much we’ve grown and how lucky I am to continue growing with him.

It also makes me realise how lucky he and I are to have readers like all of you. Good fans, mostly. In a weird way, friends, almost. (Don’t look too into that.) Confidants. You all have offered advice and encouragement. You’ve made us laugh, roll our eyes, actually talk to each other when we couldn’t figure out how to. You’re all the reason we have a chameleon., for God’s sake. You’ve all played a role in this, too. In his and my being together, being married, being happy.

So - thank you. Thank you for your support all these years. Believe me, you’ll probably be hearing from us again someday, even if it’s just a quick update or a case I’ve just got to share. Just because he and I are going private doesn’t mean we’re keeping everyone in the dark. Doesn’t mean we won’t be working on cases you may or may not hear about on the news. We’re still going to be here. He’s still going to be trying to help make this infuriating, questionable, crazy world a little bit better. And I’m still going to be helping him.

And isn’t that how you all like it? The two of us against the rest of the world. Both, or none.

He’s calling me back to bed. I’m never going to get tired of hearing his voice from that bedroom. I’m never going to not be grateful to walk in there and see him on his side of the bed. Never.

Take care, all of you. And thank you, from both of us.

Until next time,


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The universe wanted me to stop by and give you a message... You are strong, beautiful, and amazing, and you bring happiness into the world!

WOWOWOWOOWW who is this wonderful being on anon???? I feel your love. You are so amazing. Thank you so much for this message, this week has been very difficult and I’m struggling with life decisions. You have made me feel better. stay wonderful and strong as well