and have terrible haircuts

BTS reaction to their GF dyeing their hair an awful colour or getting an ugly haircut

Request: Can I request a Bts reaction to their girlfriend dying her hair an awful color or doing an ugly haircut and panicking/crying (sorry for my English, but I think I make sense, I can’t think straight bc I just died my hair and destroyed everything doing it 😔)

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A/n: Okay I know I said im on a hiatus until after my fianls but like i finished most of the work already so 😂 I dont have to do much so im off my hiatus now lol i couldn’t stay away

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Here we are, on the brink of adulthood, getting ready to take the next step in our lives. But before we look ahead, I would like to take a moment to look back.
We are millennials. Kids who grew up in 2 different centuries and were the first generation to grow up in a completely technology immersed world, while still learning about the dewey decimal system and how to write in cursive, and other things that have become trite. Unfortunately, this has changed the way people look at as.
For years we have been beat down and criticized, called lazy and narcissistic. Every type of media you can think of has mocked us and adults look at us and shake their heads, all while muttering about how the world has gone down the toilet. To them, our opinions are invalid.
We are guilty of it ourselves. We have been brainwashed to think that we are bad, that for some reason a girl holding a dunkin donuts iced coffee in a hot cup is worth less than a businessman or that a football playing boy is as dumb as a rock. We believe that we are surrounded by good­for­nothing pot heads who are tainting society. We constantly wish that we lived during the 50s and 60s and 70s. We wear clothes that are meant to look vintage and filter our instagram photos to look straight out of 1974.
But the reality of the fact is that we really haven’t done anything wrong. Last time I checked, we weren’t the generation that ruined the economy and the environment and political integrity. We didn’t oppress women or african americans. In fact, we are the most open minded generation yet. We are the generation that stood up for lgbtq rights, and we’re the one’s bringing change.We’re smart too, because we had to be. It’s the only way to make it in a world where getting into college is cut throat, but you have to do it to create a life. Chances are, we will be the ones who fix the economy and the environment; the problems that we didn’t even create.
To call us lazy is just pure ignorance. Never before has a generation had to work as hard as we have to just to live a successful life. We have to take AP/Honors classes and participate in 20 afterschool activities. We have to volunteer and have a job and still maintain a social life. It’s a constant juggling act that we don’t get credit for.
So yeah, maybe we are superficial, and by that I mean that our fuck ups are superficial, at least in comparison to the people who came before us.
So what are we going to do about it? Are we going to fulfill the prophecy that society has created for us or are we going to change the world? The past four years flew by, a blur of schoolwork and heartbreaks and mistakes and laughter and the best memories of our lives, so I’m positive that the next four years will go by just as fast. Use them to your advantage. Take from them wisdom and the feeling of success, because some days of our lives will be failures, and that is okay.
There is one thing I know for sure, when we get to the “real world”, we will prove everyone wrong. We will go from the selfie generation to the generation to left a legacy on the world. Because we have to. We are the next wave of doctors and nurses, of lawyers and firefighters. We are going to be lawmakers and maybe one of us will become the president one day. Things are going to change, and we are going to be the ones who bring it. And I personally, cannot wait to be a part of it.
Here’s to us, class of 2014. Here’s to our selfies and our obsessive tweeting. To the kids who party every weekend and to the kids who don’t. To girls who wear shorts that might be a little too shortand to boys who have terrible haircuts. To great nights with your best friends and to the bad ones. To never having to wake up at 6 AM to go to a school where your opinion means nothing. To the sports that don’t get appreciation or recognition and to the arts for giving kids, myself included, a home. To the kids who have already tried to make a change and had their voices heard. Here’s to us, class of 2014, the kids who are going to change the world. Thank you and congratulations.
—  we had to write valedictory addresses in one of my classes idk

because @portgohell​ are back at it again and wow i love their comics and their art and just everything they post! here is… their most recent comic in the form of a very tiny drabble. love you guys yikes!!! <3

“God, can you believe how much we’ve grown up?”

Hugo snorts and takes a long drink of his beer. “Seriously. Remember that awful song I sent you when I was like, fourteen? Shit, dude just how-,”

“Shut up,” Porter cackles. “I’m having war flashbacks to my teenage haircut. Fucking terrible.” He pauses to take a shot and Hugo leans back on the couch, stares up at the ceiling of Porter’s hotel room.

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I Am No Longer Defined By All the Wreckage Behind

“Carmilla?” Laura asked timidly, her voice was hushed as the two girls lay in Laura’s bed in their shared dorm room together. Mid-afternoon light filtered through the window and cast a warm, golden glow over the two girls’ entwined bodies. Carmilla’s pale fingers breezed through her girlfriend’s light brown hair making the smaller girl shiver at the contact. The vampire hummed lowly in the back of her throat to signal that she had heard her. “You know how you always change your name whenever you come back to Silas?” The vampire craned her neck slightly so as to look at the 19 year old who was snuggled comfortably into her side, one arm laid leisurely across her stomach tracing small patterns onto the skin.

“Cupcake where are you going with this?”

“Which is your favourite? Name I mean.” Carmilla was taken aback by the question, no one had ever asked her it before “Because I know you were born Mircalla and I didn’t know if maybe you wanted me to call you that or if there was another one you preferred cause like people always have a favourite of something you know? Like favourite foods or a favourite colour and I thought maybe you have a favourite name and I’d want to know what it was so I could call you it and-” Carmilla silenced her babbling with a kiss. She would never admit it but she loved it when Laura babbled, it was cute how she just kept going but sometimes even Carmilla, who had all the time in the world to listen, needed her to stop.

“Carmilla is just fine, Cutie.” She smiled down at the brunette who was looking up at her with those beautiful eyes and Carmilla couldn’t help herself but to lean down and steal another kiss.

“Are you sure?” Laura asked

“Positive.” She replied with a smirk “Besides, Carmilla’s my favourite name anyway.”

“Really, why?” the vampire should have known Laura would ask that, it was in her inquisitive nature and Carmilla should have known better by now.

“Well I was born Mircalla and that was over 300 years ago, I’ve seen too much and experienced so many things that I’m just not her anymore.” The raven haired girl shrugged “She’s just too far away from who I am. I have to say Cirmalla was my least favourite; I was a newly turned vampire with the world at my feet…she’s someone I’d much rather forget.” Laura laced her fingers with Carmilla’s as a gesture of comfort, encouraging her to continue, the vampire smiled “Then there was Arcillma. She…she was when I met Ell, definitely one I wish I never had to think about again. I think my second favourite is definitely Millarca- it was the 1970s and punk rock was born, I will admit to having a terrible haircut back then but it did bring forth my excellent fashion sense.” She smirked and Laura slapped her arm playfully. They remained laid in silence for around twenty minutes, an occasional caress or kiss caused one of them to make a noise of content but other than that no words were spoken until Laura asked:

“So why is Carmilla your favourite then?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” by the confused look on Laura’s face Carmilla guessed not. “When I was Carmilla was when I met you.” At this confession Laura’s cheeks turned a fetching shade of crimson as a blush crept across her features, Carmilla smirked again but suddenly turned serious. “No but Laura…meeting you was the best thing to ever happen to me; you make me want to be human again, to feel my heart beat faster when you’re close, to shiver when you touch me, to be the moral mortal I was when I was alive. You make me better and I never want to lose that…lose you.”

“You won’t lose me, Carm, that’s a promise I can keep.” Laura pressed a gentle kiss to her girlfriend’s lips before returning to her position, snuggled into Carmilla’s side a short while later Laura murmured. “Softie.”

“Shut up.”

trying to figure out what the fuck is going on and why mc suddenly stopped all the frankie hate and what he’s trying to say with that olive branch tweet and why zach’s parents have seemingly disappeared from twitter and how this all may or may not relate back to the greatness we received from zach today