and have perfect voices


Baekhyun lullabying Aeris to sleep - {{audio}}

Little Star lyrics: (the part Baekhyun sang)

Close your eyes and listen carefully to my story

Before my story ends, you will dream

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i first met you, you are so blinding

When i first saw your smile, it felt like i had the world

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i see you fast asleep in my arms, i can’t take my eyes off you for a second

You’re so pretty, i feel like my breath will stop, how can i fall asleep

My love, my everything, my angel from heaven

Kim Seokjin

That’s it. That’s all I had to say.

This hands down has to be my favorite picture of JB. He is serving Happiness, Joy, and Heavenly angel  all wrapped up in Handsome Beauty and I am left in awe.


#cat talking in nothing but water metaphors #wearing all blue #telling kara to dive in #via speech that sounds like a giant ‘embrace your sexuality’ allegory #… #listen i don’t make the rules

As sad as I am about my precious baby Damian growing up, something occurred to me recently.

Damian’s voice has to change at some point.

Damian is gonna have a squeaky puberty voice.

He yells at a villain or some street thug and his voice just leAPS three octaves in the middle of a threat.

And the thug just stops like ??? what was that ???

And Bruce takes down the dude while he’s distracted and is hiding his own smile the whole time.

Then some other time Damian and Tim are arguing and just when Dami snaps out what would have been the *perfect* comeback, his voice breaks like a plate against the wall and Titus flinches and runs out of the room and Tim is barely holding back laughter.

“It’s not fUNny!”

Tim can’t stop laughing. Damian is yelling. Bruce is in the other room pretending he’s not their father.

But the joke’s on them, when his voice finally smoothes out and he discovers he can almost perfectly imitate Bruce’s Batman Voice™.

…He uses it to scare Jason when he’s sneaking food.


Kaji Yuki (About his favorite character) It’s Mikasa, because I was threatened by Ishikawa -Mikasa’s VA- (we all know he’s being tsundere af, anyways lol) and I think Mikasa is purely an enchanting character. ‘My heart always throbs whenever I see her glossy lips’. 

imo all of the kids have some kinda musical aptitude but its different for all of them. like the beta kids can play instruments, but the alpha kids never learned how (i mean to be fair ¾ of them didnt have access to anybody that would teach them/an actual instrument to play)

same thing goes for singing. all of the strilondes can rap to some degree, the most proficient being the striders, altho the lalondes having some pretty good rhymes (see: rose’s sick jam about smuppet ass) but they cant sing. all of them are musical geniuses but are tone-deaf when they try to sing

whereas the crockengliharleyberts cant rap for shit and are all terrible lyricists but they have the voices of literal angels. jade has perfect pitch and can name any note on an 8-octave keyboard. jane has a rich deep contralto voice and a brilliant sense of rhythm and kills at jazz. jake can pull off a flawless soprano and loves acapella. 

john doesnt sing in front of people, but one day everybody is chillin in his house and they hear him belting “nessun dorma” in the shower. everyone goes silent. roxy looks like shes having a religious experience. dave cries


Your ol’ buddy Fell Sans here… I was given 4 tech demo keys for my birthday by @underfellfangame today, and I played it right away! I’m giving the other keys away to my girlfriend @warningsketchycontent, and my friends @alainaprana and @loverofpiggies (since all four of us are huge Fell fans).

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The tech demo was actually REALLY short, like I’m done with it already, but it was worth every second getting a tiny taste of what’s to come! It plays really well, I only had a minor issue with mouse clicks (I preferred using the keyboard), but OMG the voices by @crashboombanger *swoons* (I won’t spoil anything, but my heart practically jumped into my chest at one line). All the characters (except Frisk) have voices, and they are all perfect so far. Like… so so so perfect.  @crashboombanger if you can see this, you are so perfect, I love you.

Also, the artwork, hnnng LOOK AT IT.  It still has that feel for Undertale, but it’s like the SNES sequel :D Even exploring the ruins was so good feeling.

I really can’t wait for the full demo and game to come out… 

Which leads me to my next thing.  @underfellfangame needs your help.  They have a Patreon account that I just subscribed to, and they said that donations from their subscribers will go towards funding other awesome games! If you want this game to happen, and it needs to happen, GO HELP HUMANS!!

Thank you @underfellfangame for the demo keys <3 It’s was a great gift!

Concept: Slightly more Kryptonian Superman thinks that using a second different voice for superheroing is a good idea, but because Kryptonians have perfect muscle control and tonal inflection, Kal-El’s ‘Superman voice’ is this really alien multi-tonal thing that’s neither classically male nor female or human and honestly just really interesting sounding. Lois Lane avoids the whole gender subject entirely in favor of trying to find out if strange alien superhero pays taxes. 

After three interviews Kal-El still has not definitively confirmed gender at all. After being labeled “Superman” by the press, comments, “That’s a bit presumptive but okay.” And flies off to punch giant robots. 

The Feasibility of Peter Cushing in Various Gothic Roles

The Phantom of the Opera: This is so unfair.  He literally looked like a skeleton!  Why didn’t he ever get to play the Phantom???

Dorian Gray: I would cast him as Basil Hallward instead, but you know what, sure, he could do this.

Ambrosio, a.k.a. The Monk:  He’d be great in the early sections where Ambrosio is all sexy and conflicted and trying not to be evil.  Maybe less so by the end of the story.


The horrible doctor from The Great God Pan: I’d cast him here provided we altered the story so that Helen Vaughn found, seduced and killed him as revenge for destroying her mother.

The Invisible Man: It would be a shame not to get to see his cute face, but god, his biting voice would have been so perfect for this.

Jekyll/Hyde: Would he have played both these roles perfectly?  Yes.  Yes he would have.

Lord Ruthven: Just catch me right now, I’m already swooning.

anonymous asked:

Does Jack and Cinthya have a canon voice? If so wich actor do you think they will sound like?

Well, I find myself listening to their voices in my head sometimes. ahahha. I thought for both a smoky voice (these are only my fan theories, nothing official)

For Jack:

Initially I thought for him a hoarse voice, really adult, but then I realized he is tiny and young so I thought about these three (for him, my prerogative is an british accent):

Taaron Egerton

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Principally for his role in Kingsman, but he was too young and too “fresh” to dub a character like Jack so I abandoned him almost immediately.

Sam Clafin:

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I love him, his voice (EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM)….but he is too “lively” for Jack in my opinion. He would be perfect for Zac, no doubt.

Eddie Redmayne:

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he would be perfect, in my opinion. I like his voice, he have the right composure, maturity and he’s simply adorable. He oscillates between elegance and dorking (that’s why I think he would be perfect for Jack).

For Cynthia:

Initially I thought for her a smoky voice and I I was inspired by the black widow so I thought to Scarlett Johansson. But she dubbed pratically everything, ahah so I thought of two actress:

Amanda Righetti:

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and Charlize Theron (I was inspired by her too):

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When your back is up against the wall
Do you come out fighting, d’you come out at all