and have perfect voices

I have a feeling Isak is going to bring up the convo that Sana completely ignored, that he didn’t get beaten up by the balloon squad. It was probably a accidental punch, which just to Sana (and us) seemed like Isak had been targeted some way. I truly hope that tomorrow they’ll have a real talk about what’s going on, because Isak is Switzerland right now and Sana needs a friend like him.

who wouldn’t be concerned about a big hairy monkey just. wandering around


Kaji Yuki (About his favorite character) It’s Mikasa, because I was threatened by Ishikawa -Mikasa’s VA- (we all know he’s being tsundere af, anyways lol) and I think Mikasa is purely an enchanting character. ‘My heart always throbs whenever I see her glossy lips’. 

Reaper76 spiderman-esque AU where Gabriel and Jack have known each other since forever and during their college days Gabriel gets this super cool powers but he doesn’t fucking know what to do with them, so he trusts Jack with this because Jack’d know what to do since he’s the nerd with all those superheroes comics and shit.

Gabriel: *gives Jack a sketch that seems drawn by a child of his costume* So what do you think?

Jack: …Gabe, no.

Gabriel: Why not? What’s wrong with it?

Jack: What’s wrong with it? Gabe, this looks like a supervillain custome! You’ll confuse people! Criminals won’t know if you’re an ally or what.

Gabriel: So? That will give me an advantage over the enemy. 

Jack: No. Draw it again. And i don’t know why you need all those guns. 

Gabriel; It’s the american way, Jack.

Kim Seokjin

That’s it. That’s all I had to say.

❝ I fell in love with you. ❞

Plot: Tsundere!Yoongi that, suddenly, falls in love with you.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Romantic, Fluffy ending. 

Words count: 1,3k+

For Anon, I hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

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Trying to do the make up on Jimin is one of the hardest things ever. First; he never stays idle for more than five minutes. Second, his eyes have a strange shape, very closed eyelids and you cuss mentally every time you see a different shade on both of his eyes.



Yoongi’s laugh fills the air and you throw at him your killer gaze, returning to focus on Jimin’s face. They must be ready in 20 minutes and Yoongi still refuses to get the make up. You hate him, you haven’t ever stand him and his behaviours.  

You haven’t stand him because, MAYBE, when you just reached Big Hit you had a crush on him, but Yoongi had decided to break up any hope of yours, making you understand that HE DIDN’T LIKE YOU.

“Y/N, maybe you should change jobs.”

“Maybe you should go to hell.”

“Ouch.” He replies, hiding behind his smile an incredible fun.

Jimin smiles displeased at you and you smile back, being able to finish your job, satisfied with yourself. You give him a slight pat on his shoulder, turning and face, with killer look, towards your ultimate goal. Min Yoongi.

Min Yoongi who’s having fun playing with his phone, snubbing you completely.

Like every day, every week, every month of the last two years of your life.


Seokjin is yelling in desperation, you’ve just beaten him at his favorite game, while you’re laughing at him with Taehyung and Hoseok. They’re friends before people for whom, indirectly, you work and they always treated you like one of the “family”.

Suddenly you feel a cold sensation behind your back and turning you find out that Yoongi has just spilled ice under your shirt, then winked at you and going to hide into in his room.

“YOONGI!” You scream getting up, pissed off, rushing to his door and began to knock violently. No one can treat you like this, let alone him.

“There’s nobody, bye!” He replys, making you upset me even more.


“Please, try again later!”

Namjoon opens the door and let you pass, so without hesitation you cast a shoe against Yoongi, that looks at you, completely shocked. You wink at him, a defiant gesture that “sexy” winking, leaving the room and slamming the door.

-This idiot - You think, back to sit on the couch, trying to shake off the feeling of annoyance that he was always able to provoke you.


“Do you put on weight?”

“As much as you’re dumber.”

“You know you shouldn’t talk to me like that? I work for Big Hit and I cou–”

“I work for Big Hit too. If I wanted too, I could turn you in for verbal harassment. ”

“I’m curious to see who wins.”

“I, Min Yoongi.”

“Try it.”


That day is worse than the others. Suffering from severe migraines has always had its drawbacks and you should be used to it, but you don’t. You are locked up in your room in the dark, trying to clear your mind when the doorbell rings twice.

With difficulty you get up out of bed and drag you to the door, only to groan when, opening it slightly, see the unpleasent Yoongi’s smirk in front of you.

“What do you want?”

“You weren’t at work.”

“You’re really good as Sherlock..” You talkin’ trying to lower your voice as you can.

“What’s the matter?”

“Anything that interests you. Have a nice day, Yoongi. ” You bow at him, closing the door into his face and turn to back on your way to get your sick ass into your comfortable bed.  

You let yourself fall onto the bed, without dwelling on what just happened. You don’t wonder why he was there and why, strangely, when he saw you he seemed mostly worried and not arrogant as his usual.


The makes-up are ready on the table, you’re cleaning brushes and expect them to be there. They’re in for a long and heavy night, then you’ve got the layout to do a particular make up in order to have perfection.


Joyful voices greet you and you greet them with a bright smile, completely ignoring Yoongi. You’re used to doing it, it’s the same treatment you receive from him.

You talk for a few minutes with your coworkers, “splitting” the boys and you’re going to start your work on Seokjin, when Yoongi sits on the chair, looking at you waiting.

“You’re with JunYa, get up.”

“I’m comfortable here.”

“Y/N, I got Seokjin!” Tells your partner excited, while you shake your head resigned and start to apply a coat of primer on his pale skin. Neither of both say a single words while you accurately transform his face.

“What a waste..” A whisper lets your lips and he raises an eyebrow, not understanding what you mean. “Forget it.”  

“I’m curious.”

“It doesn’t make any sense to do the make up, when you’re already good-looking without it.” You stammer out without look at him in the eyes, twist out and taking the brush for blending eye shadow, trying to stay calm.

“It’s me you’re talking about” He mumble shrugging and wrinkling his nose, into that expression of feigned astonishment that you saw him do many times.

You look up at the sky and give him a slap behind the neck, making him understand that his shift is over.

Could you, sooner or later, spend a day without the desire to kill him?


Your brother looks at you and you can see the concern on his face, you don’t sleep well for days because of work but it doesn’t make a big deal for you. You lay your face on his shoulder and together look at the photos of his last trip, when you wince at hearing a thump on the coffee table.

You raise your gaze only to see Yoongi, although much of his face was hidden by a black mask.

“We need to talk.” It was an order, his voice oddly cold.

You shrug your shoulders without understanding and strikes a kiss on your brother’s cheek, smiling because he’s completely shocked by the intrusion of the boy.

Your brothers shyly smile and you follow Yoongi out of the café, clutching into your jacket and trying to ignore the cold temperature of that day. You two walk for almost five minutes and you’re about to screw everything, when he tightens your wrist and takes you in a hidden alley.

“Yoongi what the heck?!?”

“Who is he?”


“That guy!”

Your eyes open wide as he lowers his mask and you just notice that he has shortness of breath, as if he was holding back from screaming or had just made a run.

“Yoongi… Why? ”

“Because… Because… ” He stutters and begins to look around, intentionally avoiding your eyes.

You lay your hand on his cheek, turned his face and watching him finally in the eyes. His are full of doubts and fears, you acknowledge those feelings because you often see them into yours, so you wait for him to say something while keeping your hand on his cheek.

“What’s up, Yoongi?”

“I fell in love with you.”

He’s straightforward and you instantly think of bad joke of his, but his look isn’t the usual. He doesn’t look at you with arrogance, not looking like you’re horrible, he doesn’t look at you like you’re invisible. He sees you and that awareness makes you tremble. 


“Who is that guy? Please.. I need to know. If he’s your boyfriend, just pretend I didn’t say anything. ”

“If he is?”

“It would be a nice suck.” He admits, biting his bottom lip.

“If he isn’t?” You ask hiding, or rather trying, the fun to see him flounder in attempts to get out of that situation.

“I’d ask you to hang out.. Maybe you could give me a slap seen as I’ve been with you, I would deserve it, but I would still ask you a date until you say yes. ”

“He’s my brother.”

“He’s your bro–really?” He asks completely shocked, cupping your face in his hands and approaching dangerously to you, so you feel his breath brushing your lips.


“Yes or no?”


“Will you go out with me?”

“Ye–No. You’re not going to win so easily, Min Yoongi. ”


#cat talking in nothing but water metaphors #wearing all blue #telling kara to dive in #via speech that sounds like a giant ‘embrace your sexuality’ allegory #… #listen i don’t make the rules

The Undertale Fandom Needs To Chill (Rant)

Hi guys, I know I’m not on here much but I have something  to say about the Undertale fandom…

You guys need to fucking chill. As you may know, MatPat just uploaded a new Game Theory about the theory about W.D. Gaster which I’ve personally been looking for. In the beginning of this video he discussed his fears of making another Undertale video for the HATE he received from his first two videos about it. He said it crushed him, it hurt him that he had sleepless nights because of it. 

Does that make you guys happy? Does bullying an amazing content creator make you happy? Cause that’s what you fucking did, you cyberbullied MatPat because he made a video you didn’t like. You know those words at the end of every episode? “But hey, it’s JUST a theory.” FUCKING LISTEN TO THOSE WORDS. Like jesus h christ, calm down. And this is only one example of this.

When the game first came out, Markiplier started playing the game, but once again everyone got fucking mad at him for his voices. Who. Fucking. Cares. If it bothers you that much, don’t fucking watch it watch another YouTuber but chances are no voice will be as perfect as the voice you have in your head but fun fact; YOUTUBERS WILL DO WHAT THEY WANT AND WHAT THEY THINK IS FUN.

That’s why, when Markiplier did play Undertale again he played it how he wanted with Tyler and he had FUN. Imagine that.

Now, I love Undertale and this isn’t calling out all of the Undertale fandom I don’t believe for a second that all fans of the game are like this, trust me I come from a fandom that receives notorious hate (MLP) but there are a large majoirty of people in this fandom that are nothing more than cyber bullies. This game stands for mercy and love, and you’re being fucking assholes. Leave YouTubers alone, let them make the content they want, the way they want. Their channels are not here to listen to our every beck and call, they want to please us but at the end of the day: it’s still their channel and content. They will make what makes them happy.

All I want to say to end this is, please respect YouTubers. They put blood sweat and tears into content for us and the best thing we can do for them is support them. Not bully them into making what we want and slandering them when they make something we don’t like.

Respect YouTubers. 

Northern Downpour (Cover)
Panic! at the Disco
Northern Downpour (Cover)

this is my attempt at covering one of Panic’s most beloved and, i believe, most emotional song. I’ll never be able to make this perfect either because, well, I don’t have bren’s voice. but ya know. i did my best. hope you enjoy!!

past covers || request a song!!

(you can always send me an ask/message if there are any of my covers you want to download!!) 


Baekhyun lullabying Aeris to sleep - {{audio}}

Little Star lyrics: (the part Baekhyun sang)

Close your eyes and listen carefully to my story

Before my story ends, you will dream

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i first met you, you are so blinding

When i first saw your smile, it felt like i had the world

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i see you fast asleep in my arms, i can’t take my eyes off you for a second

You’re so pretty, i feel like my breath will stop, how can i fall asleep

My love, my everything, my angel from heaven

As sad as I am about my precious baby Damian growing up, something occurred to me recently.

Damian’s voice has to change at some point.

Damian is gonna have a squeaky puberty voice.

He yells at a villain or some street thug and his voice just leAPS three octaves in the middle of a threat.

And the thug just stops like ??? what was that ???

And Bruce takes down the dude while he’s distracted and is hiding his own smile the whole time.

Then some other time Damian and Tim are arguing and just when Dami snaps out what would have been the *perfect* comeback, his voice breaks like a plate against the wall and Titus flinches and runs out of the room and Tim is barely holding back laughter.

“It’s not fUNny!”

Tim can’t stop laughing. Damian is yelling. Bruce is in the other room pretending he’s not their father.

But the joke’s on them, when his voice finally smoothes out and he discovers he can almost perfectly imitate Bruce’s Batman Voice™.

…He uses it to scare Jason when he’s sneaking food.

Dating Amber Would Include

HI can you please do a dating Amber Liu would include? Tnx😊

Note: I am so glad that you asked for this! Amber is my bias of f(x) so I’m really happy this was requested! I hope you enjoy it~ ♥

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

In the Daytime

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  • Okay so first of all, Amber is going to be the best girlfriend in the entire world.
  • She’s going to be understanding and passionate with you 24/7.
  • Like, if you don’t like makeup, or tattoos, or you don’t like dying your hair. That’s cool. If you do, that’s also cool. Like, this girl gives zero shits, she loves you exactly for who you are as a person. 
  • Always loving and kind, but she is going to tease you sometimes and become the sass master, because we all know Amber can be super hilarious 
  • Her always doing her best to make you happy because she loves you and never wants to leave you. 
  • You and her taking care of JackJack together 
  • And her even trusting you to take care of her dog while she’s away on tour.
  • But when she’s away she makes sure that she texts, calls and skypes as much a she can to see how you’re doing and making sure you’re okay. 
  • She knows how much you miss her when she’s away, and how forgetful you can be when she’s not around to remind you, so she constantly makes sure you’ve remembered to eat and go to bed at a good time. 
  • Her helping you to speak English
  • A lot of selcas
  • Her having a selca of you and her as her phone lock screen right now
  • Singing and rapping all the time
  • In the shower
  • Cooking dinner
  • When you have guests over
  • She doesn’t care, and you love listening to her perfect voice, because honestly, who could ever get enough of it?
  • Her teaching you how to ride a skateboard
  • You standing on the skateboard and her holding both of your hands while walking sideways making sure you’re balanced. 
  • “You look so hot right not, Jagi. I can’t even deal.”
  • You and her being savage together
  • And pranking the other members of f(x)
  • f(x) teasing you and Amber pretty much on a daily basis
  • But Amber doesn’t really care, because she loves you regardless.
  • “God guys, get a room.”
  • “Sure Krystal, give me your bedroom key and we’ll get right out of your way”
  • Her teasing you, but always affectionately
  • “Jagi you’re so tiny, it’s adorable.”

At Nighttime

Originally posted by bexweallbex

  • Long talks at night about the universe and how amazing life really is
  • Talking to each other until stupid times in the morning because neither of you want to stop talking just yet
  • Cuddling all the time
  • Mainly with her leg hanging over your waist
  • Because she likes to hold you close
  • But sometimes she’s not so innocent
  • Her being passionate
  • And loves hearing you loud
  • Her getting annoyed when f(x) accidentally walk in
  • “Guys, when the tent is rockin’ don’t come knockin’”
  • But yes
  • Amber would be the best girlfriend in the world
  • And would wonder what she did to deserve you on a day to day basis
  • And you would think the same about her. 
In The Middle.

Originally posted by balorsource

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader x Finn Bàlor

Word Count: 2170

Warning[s]: Cursing

Summary: As long as you can remember, you’ve had a crush on Finn Bàlor. The problem is, he doesn’t seem to like you back or notice you at all. Dean Ambrose, your best friend, is firmly against you pining after Finn’s affection. He pushes you to come on from him, but you aren’t too sure you can. One day, Finn does take the initiative and asks you out on a date. You agreed since you have a crush on him after all. When you tell Dean this, he flips. It turns into this huge argument, and Dean admits his feelings for you.


A/N: This came to me out of the blue. I hope you like it, Anna!

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Le Chat Noir

SInce exams are over it’s time for me to write again! yaaay!! I missed this!!!

Since it’s Marichat May I decided to Get In On The Action and so here’s a fic for day 19 - identity reveal - which I’ve been planning for ages and it was pretty fun to write tbh

The title is a lazy reference to Le Chat Noir in Montmarte, which was one of the first cabarets. Titles are not my strong point, but eyyyyyyyy it’s doubly relevant

Also feel free to pop to my ao3

Le Chat Noir - a reveal fic with a bit of humour amidst the fluff (1959 words)

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