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When light meets darkness...

OK, the load of Reylo canonness that shoot our heads off this week (Rian, I love you, really) finally pushed me to write their first night together. You already know the first part of the story…it is set up in Thea, aka @kylorenvevo‘s Landscape with a blur of conquerors, a space opera of galactic proportions. I want to thank her again a million times for her support and the great heads up she gave me : you are a most generous soul. ♥♥♥

For the sake of coherence, I am putting the first part again here. 

The rest is after the cut, with a massive NSFW warning! 

The wedding day has arrived.

Rey appears in the doorway of the massive celebration hall, where she is to take Kylo for husband. For husband. Kriff. Thousands of eyes suddenly turn back at her. She has never felt so nervous. She holds her father’s arm a little too tight. But her minds is elsewhere…it drifts back to the day before, when she and Kylo fought bitterly. The past weeks had been a torment. She had lost her temper and felt guilty after spatting dark words at him; words she didn’t mean. Even is he had been such a jackass to her, she had hurt him, and deeply ; she knew it, by the way he had tried to approach her then, shaking and livid, words dying on his tongue before he could formulate them. He had cast her a sad and almost desperate glance before retreating in his quarters like a wounded animal…

Suddenly, she drifts out of her daydreaming to look at Kylo who is standing before her. She hates to admit it, but he looks as Royal as ever, with his dark hair, piercing brown eyes and pink regal lips.

At her sight, Kylo swallows heavily. So much beauty slightly hidden under that long, embroidered veil, he thinks. Their gaze meet. On his pale face, she reads a mixture of awe, but also, carefully hidden behind his mask, pain. He stands, looking as proud and self-confident as he could ever be, before the thousands of people that are gathered at the ceremony. He knows how to hide his feelings from everyone. Except her. His force signature is transparent and through the force, she feels his utter sadness. She could think it serves him well, after all he has done to her, but the weirdest part is that she doesn’t. She would have preferred not to be the reason of that pain. It means only one thing…he cares. And she doesn’t know how to deal with this insane truth.

Her father passes her arm to him. He takes it and she settles herself next to him in silence, not daring to look at him anymore. Both of them vaguely listen to the priest’s word, his eyes sometimes wandering over her, trying to catch her gaze again.

For protocol, she knows Kylo has to kiss her. As they exchange their rings, he doesn’t let her hand go, and keeps it in his. He lowers his gaze towards her and it is so intense, it almost hurts ; she cannot take her eyes of him. He carefully lifts the veil and then, ignoring all kind of protocol, he places his strong, warm hands on both sides of her face and takes her mouth. She shivers. All his secret passion pours into her through the force at once…but there is something more, something unexpected, that he is begging though his kiss: forgiveness. His lips are so soft and pouchy, it wakes up something feral and unknown in Rey’s spine. She opens her eyes slightly, meeting his gaze again. They both look each other, and she lost for anything to say.

At night, the celebration and ceremony is over. It had been made pretty clear by everyone that they should share a bridal room together, because of, you know, customs. Rey is without her ladies. She is alone with Kylo, who enters  the room and without a word, sits on the huge sofa, as if determined to no walk into her personal space. He looks at her from behind his piercing, dark eyes.

Rey tries to ignore him, and goes strait to the bathroom to change. Better get into that bed and not move for the rest of the night. Nevertheless, after a first attempt, she encounters a slight problem. Her dress is way too tight and she cannot undo it herself. Her throat is dry at the sheer though of what this means. Gathering her strength, she goes back into the room.

“I’m sorry, I can’t…” she says in a weaker voice than she would have wanted, pointing a finger at her back.

Kylo, who, she instantly remarked, had terrible timing and already had discarded his coat and was left only with his silk shirt which showed just a little too much of his broad, muscular figure, only managed to say is “oh”…before standing up and slowly walking towards her. Acting on instinct, she turns over and put a hand on the wall before her, offering her back.

If Kylo had taken off his coat, he hadn’t taken off his beloved gloves. With a instant of hesitation, he bites one with his mouth, and takes the other one off, throwing them both on the floor.  He then looks at her back, and let out of low growl. He wants to protest about how in heaven women wear such complex garnement, but finally decides against it. In silence, he starts unfastening the laces of her very-well adjusted corset, which slowly reveal her naked creamy skin.

How am I he supposed to do this? he thinks to himself. He is a man, after all. She is now his wife, Force sake. Temptation creeps under his skin.

Without a word, he gently put his fingers on her bare, soft skin. She shivered and tenses.

The feeling sent like an electric current through Kylo’s whole spine.

That’s where he looses it. And hell breaks loose.

Slowly, he approaches her from behind, his lips finding her neck and brushing it, laying a soft, delicate kiss. She let out a small gasp. Her whole body tenses. How dare he?

But the feeling is so intense. His lips are hot and humid, betraying his most secret need. She closes her eyes, not daring to move. Kylo softly brushes more of her neck and rises to kiss her ear. Rey’s pulse is racing, her lungs searching for air, eyes still shut. Is that pleasure she is feeling? How in heaven can this man, of all men in the galaxy, achieve such a thing?

Sensing her inner conflict, Kylo whispers in her ear : “One word from you… and ever will I touch you again” He means it. If she rejects him now, he swears to himself he will never be so foolish again. He has his pride, after all.

An internal war is raging in Rey’s mind. Her head wants to turn around and slap him. But Oh! her whole body doesn’t want him to stop. She breathes heavily but says nothing.

His kisses get more passionate as he feels completely intoxicated by her. He looses himself in her scent, and wouldn’t have noticed even if Snoke himself  entered the room. He licks her neck, and lays his hands on her shoulders, caressing her arms from top to bottom. There is a small hot spot down in Rey’s body that wakes up from an unknown place, something she knows she has never felt in this fashion. Desire.

Suddenly, with a flick of his hand, her dress drops to the floor, revealing her body. On instinct, Rey covers her chest. He caresses her back, but she slowly turns around, her cheeks redden by both her own prudishness and desire. She looks down, too ashamed to look at him. He places a finger under her jaw and delicately lifts it up. Brown eyes meet hazel. His eyes are dark, almost feral. She stares at him and what lays simmering behind them. Lust.

Their gaze devour each other in silence. There is no need for words. Kylo approaches his lips to kiss her but she draws back, as if suddenly scared, only for her back to meet the wall behind her. He moves towards her, and pins her on the wall between his two way too strong arms, and his face is dangerously close to hers.

“I want you, I need you” he says with blatant honesty, in a low, rash voice…before whispering in her ear, in an oddly familiar fashion “Don’t be afraid”.

She almost can’t believe what she is hearing. But through the force, she feels him, his need, his lust…and also, deep down, his caring for her. And she knows he feels the same from her. There is no lie. Through the force, they are one.

Her eyes moves from his gaze to his soft pink lips, which are begging for hers. His maleness is utterly intoxicating ; his scent is driving her mad. She breathes heavily, gasping for air. She puts her arms around his strong neck and surrenders to him. If this is surrendering to darkness, then be it. Kylo takes her mouth with ardent, burning passion. She lets him play with her tongue and reciprocates. He kisses her neckline, lowers to her breasts, his hands finding treasures he would never have dreamed of. And the world goes blank.

Where unspeakable stuff happens… NSFW warning. 

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fellowshipofthegay  asked:

Glorfindel and Ecthelion for the shuffle meme Bee?

Haven’t had a dream in a long time, haven’t been able to sleep
Are you coming back, are you coming back
I’m waiting

Daylight comes with idle things to draw his mind away, some balm for the restless wonder that has settled so deeply in his bones. Daylight, where the why me’s and the what for’s can fade.

(Where he can count every dark-haired stranger passing through, where none of them have the right sort of bright blue eyes or the right smirking set of lips.)

It’s night when the ache takes hold, when the bed is just too big and too cold and when he stretches out his hand blindly it always comes up empty. Night, where it is too quiet and the pillows have never held his scent and the why’s and the what’s and the how much longer’s are never answered.

anonymous asked:

1,2,3,4,9, and 12 for pt 4 of the lesbian ask game

1) daytime lesbian or nighttime lesbian

2) girls like girls lesbian or Gravel to tempo lesbian

3) pro sprinkles lesbian or anti sprinkles lesbian

4) Cola lesbian or Sprite lesbian like if i must…if i have to

9) mermaid lesbian or witch lesbian

12) scented candle lesbian or incense lesbian

A Package Marked “Return to sender”

Story by reddit user manen_lyset

My neighbor is one of those annoying wannabe YouTube personalities. Over the years, I’ve seen him cough out cinnamon, lay flat on the hood of his car as it slowly creeps down the driveway, and douse himself in lukewarm water, all the while screaming epic win, epic fail, or, fuck, epic maintenance of the status quo, for all I know. It can get tiring to watch him go about his shenanigans in the pursuit of viral fame. So, when he knocked on my door the other day, told me he was going away for a few weeks, and asked that I get his mail, honestly, it was a relief. I can’t explain the peace of mind I had knowing I didn’t have to brace myself for any of his stupidity for a while. I was always afraid his stunts would wind up bleeding over into my life.

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Everyday Witchuals for a more magickal home

Some discreet tips for you broom-closet witches, some lavish tips for the full-fledged witch, and some of my favorite in-betweens!

  • Sweep with a broom (besom) regularly. To the mundane eye, you’re clearing away dust and crumbs, but any witch knows you’re really spiritually cleansing and charging your home.
  • Put a line of salt on your windowsill for protection.
  • Forage fallen sticks to tie into a pentacle with twine. Hang as a wreath on the front door.
  • Candles in every room. I have great luck finding totally unused candles at thrift stores around town!
  • Call it “aromatherapy” if you’re still a secret witch, but utilize scent as the powerful thing it is! Burn insense. Have athsma? Try essential oils and scented candles. Budgeting? You can always put herbs and teas into the wax of a melting pillar candle to release the scent (I love doing this with chamomile and lavender, it doubles as an anointing of the candle).
  • Bake bread. Knead it with intention, cut a sigil in the top before baking, indulge in the act of creating.
  • Open windows to bring in the element of air and purge your home of bad or stale energy.
  • Collect and display little things from nature: pinecones, stones, crystals, dried flowers, acorns, feathers (if you’re permitted). Altars don’t need to be obvious, they can just be things that make you grounded and glad.
  • Live. Always remember that anywhere a witch lives is magical, whether you feel it or not. Do these little things for yourself, to cherish feeling connected, but witchcraft is not about pressure or conforming.

Enjoy 🔮🍂🍁

Who Do You Love

Many of us, like hounds with a scent, have honed in on that one part of the Qstiel line: “I know who you love…”

But there’s a problem with taking a single line out of context: it’s easy to mold it into whatever we want to believe. Non-shippers can make a convincing argument that that one line is about Cas’ platonic love for several people just as easily as a shipper can argue that line is about singular and romantic love. 

No matter who you are, what you believe, we HAVE to rewind and look at the FULL CONTEXT. And the full context is whittled down to romantic love. From what we know from canon and from the symbolism, we can easily surmise that Qstiel is referring to a singular and romantic love. 



Qstiel: “Oh save it.”
            Qstiel is calling bullshit. What has the narrative of the show been trying to define? Singular versus plural. Romantic versus platonic. And here’s Cas using the excuse that the brothers, as a unit, need him in order to get Qstiel to send him back home.

            Qstiel wants Cas to stop lying to himself. This isn’t about Sam. And Cas has no idea if he’s needed. Now Cas does want to be wanted, but only by one human (which we gather from the rest of what is said). It’s time for everyone to appropriately use we/I, us/me, them/him. 

Qstiel: “I have tiptoed through all your little tulips.”

            Let me save some time and space: read the lyrics to the song here. Flowers are a major symbolic tool in Supernatural. Out of all the things Qstiel could liken Cas’ thoughts to and it’s about TULIPS. Tulips represent true/perfect love with a mythology based on star-crossed lovers, one of which SAILS OFF A CLIFF… uhhh… Dabb? Is that a toss to: “So what, I’m Thelma and you’re Louise and we’re just gonna hold hands and sail off this cliff together?”.

            So basically, out of everything Qstiel could glean from Cas’ mind, he picks apart Cas’ ROMANTIC THOUGHTS. He doesn’t pick up on power-hungry Godstiel and use that against Cas. He doesn’t talk about Cas’ life before the Winchesters or even about being an angel. Nope, he brings up the tulips (true love) and in the next breath: memories and feelings.  

Qstiel: “…your memories, your little feelings, yes.“

            This is the second time he says ‘little’. Little tulips = little feelings. Of course, they’re not actually little, especially to an angel. Feelings are a big deal! Using the word ‘little’ is a mockery to Cas’ love. It’s another way to try and make Cas himself feel stupid for thinking his love could be returned (Qstiel mocks Cas’ intelligence several times). 

            Listen to Qstiel’s tone, too. He’s airing out Cas’ dirty little secret, in a mocking tone and with exaggerated facial expressions. There is no reason to taunt a platonic love. Qstiel is the bully dangling Cas’ deepest secret to use as a weapon against him. He’s mentally, emotionally and physically abusive to Cas in their scenes.

            And I don’t know about you, but when I had a secret love or crush, I kept it close to my heart. I would have been mortified had someone violated my mind and treated me like Cas is being treated here. Any other loves (familial, friendships) aren’t a secret and aren’t taboo. If just friends, just bros, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Qstiel: “I know what you hate. (whispering) I know who you love. What you fear.”

            Qstiel didn’t say, “I know you love them.” He didn’t say, “I know those you love.” Everything in these statements is singular and yet packed with complexity: Cas hates not being with Dean, whom he loves, and he fears his love is unrequited. What fear is there in love unless it is a love with great risk to one’s heart?           

Qstiel: “There is nothing for you back there, no.”

            How can Qstiel get Cas to shut up, lay down and go back to sleep? Why, show him all of the horrible things he has gone through in the name of that (singular) love, of course. Make him believe it is one-sided and not worth fighting to go back to, make him believe his worst fear is truth. Qstiel is lying to Cas here. 


After Cas mentions Sam and Dean, it isn’t, “Oh I know you love them but they don’t love you back.” No, it was, “You think you can fool me into thinking Sam and Dean need you? We both know the truth because I saw inside your head and I saw the ONE you love but it’s a shame he doesn’t love you back. Just go to sleep and forget about him.”

This entire scene was also another, “You have to choose: us or them,” moment for Cas, which of course is also in the singular. Cas can choose himself or he can choose to go back to Dean.  

Just as Cas faced Metatron, Naomi, Hannah and other angels, he also faced Qstiel, a cosmic entity masquerading in his God-given body/image and told him to FUCK OFF.

Despite the shit he’s gone through, despite the pain and sorrow, despite possible unrequited love… he still chooses Dean. His LOVE for Dean PIERCES THE VEIL OF DEATH so he can return to him.

It’s always been about one human.
Dean is Cas’ weakness.
It is all canon and it’s gorgeous.

I wholeheartedly believe this LOVE Qstiel is speaking of is singular, romantic and about Dean. 


The Kindness of Strangers

Square Filled- In heat

Rating- Explicit

Tags- Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader, being in heat, dom/sub undertones, smut

Word Count- 2800ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo. The reader is in heat and needs an Alpha to take care of her. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Everyone is downstairs, trying to catch a glimpse of anything happening inside Mrs. Miller’s apartment. You feel bad, you really do. No one deserves to be murdered, let alone in their own home. And the fact that it seems to be a completely random, nonsensical murder in your apartment building is unsettling.

But you can’t join the rest of your neighbors outside her door, peeking in over the caution tape and straining their ears to hear the police talk. Not when you’re sweating and cramping and curling your toes at a very ill-timed heat.

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  • *Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw Potions*
  • Molly: *setting up her cauldron*
  • Sherlock: *watching her*
  • Sherlock: *annoyed* How much shampoo did you use this morning, Molly?
  • Molly: *confused* Sorry?
  • Sherlock: Bit excessive, don't you think?
  • Molly: *frowns* The usual. Why? What's wrong with it?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Nothing *setting up his work* It's distracting.
  • Molly: *offended* Distracting? What about you? You smell like you slept in a coffee shop.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I've had one cup. Don't you like it?
  • Molly: *scoffs* Whatever. Shut up.
  • Professor Slughorn: *enters* Settle down, class, and direct your attention to the front of the class. More specifically *taps a cauldron* Amortentia! The most powerful love potion in the world.
  • Sherlock & Molly: ...
  • Professor Slughorn: It is said to have a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive
  • Sherlock & Molly: *glance at each other*

i didn’t think they could shock us like that. i didn’t think that they wouldn’t spoil it, that we wouldn’t get a preview shoving that glorious wonderful moment down our throats with big capitals letters and a flashing neon sign we couldn’t ignore.

i didn’t think that they would do it - of course, we all hoped the heist was going to end up this way, but i was convinced that it was never going to happen, that it was too early, that it would happen in the 99th ep if it happened at all. i thought fucking hitchcock and scully we’re going to win tbh. i didn’t expect us to all win.

i didn’t think that they could completely just surprise us, and have it be literally the most perfect and well, them proposal and - holy shit, i literally just realised it happens in the evidence lock-up, fuck fuck fuck fuck i can’t deal

and then to have us seeing their first meeting, and seeing the exact second that jake peralta realised he wanted to marry amy santiago, and see how radiant and happy these two are.

i didn’t think they could shock us like that.

i have never been so happy to be wrong.

Warm Asks🧣🧤

Sweater: What’s your favorite article of clothing?

Blanket: What do you do to relax?

Hot Chocolate: What’s your favorite dessert?

Mittens: Do you like to play in the snow?

Beanie: What do you think about the most?

Scarf: Can you sing?

Fuzzy Socks: Do your feet get cold at night?

Fireplace: Have you ever had a s’more?

Bubble Bath: What’s your favorite scent?

Flannel: Do you like plaid print?

Soup: What’s your favorite food?

Boots: Are you an outdoorsy person?

Hugs: Do you like to show affection?

Slippers: Can you dance?

Tea: Are you a gossip?

⟶ that tuesday night | jjg | (m)

pairing: jeongguk x reader
fluff, smut
wordcount: 5k
a/n: this is a dumb pwp i have no explanation for except the support of like seven different people that encouraged me to write it. enojy a somewhat college!au jeon.

↳ your best friend finds out how much you love horror, yet you are so goddamn easy to scare. it holds the promise of an entertaining night.

“So, part two tonight?”

He grins at you over the rim of his glass filled with white wine, the usual bunny grin with his nose crinkled and eyes shining that is so incredibly hard to resist. Or maybe, it’s just the wine that you yourself have already running through your system that makes you think that way. You just shrug at him.

“I mean, sure. Why not.” He grins even wider at that, ignoring the faintest trace of hesitation that is laced into your voice. You don’t even get to sigh at his eagerness before he is already turned towards his laptop, opening google to pull up a stream that is high quality enough for his liking.

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Written for the first day of Sterek Week ‘17: Alpha and Emissary! I hereby present to you 1.5k of werewolf speed dating :D

It’s that time of year again: no, not Halloween. It’s the weekend of the Great North Atlantic Supernatural Mixer.

Or, as Erica likes to call it: speed dating for overpowered Alphas and snooty Emissaries.

Derek has been going since he became an Alpha, and each and every year he came home alone again, much to the disappointment of his pack. He’s not really feeling much hope for this year either.

The connection between Alpha and Emissary is the most important one in the pack. They have to be able to trust each other implicitly as neither can just order the other into submission for the pack structure to uphold. The Alpha Emissary relationship does not have to be romantic in nature, but it often tends to be, given how close they have to be to work together seamlessly as a team.

And Derek just hasn’t ever met anyone he had been able to even remotely imagine building that kind of relationship with. There have been a few Emissaries who approached him, drawn in by the weight that the Hale name still has in the supernatural world, or by the sweet call of money. Some were obviously just after a sexual relationship, attracted to Derek’s body and not interested at all in his mind or heart. It always takes all of Derek’s control to get through the weekend without starting a feud with an easily affronted Emissary. And never has he ever felt inclined to approach anyone himself.

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Living Armor Boyfriend

This is part of a trade with @loverofmynight and in part inspired by this post by @francisxie 

“Now stay here,” he tells you as he pats your shoulders. “Stay still, keep your head down, and don’t say anything.” His voice and stern and cold as always, but you can hear the fear hidden inside it.

“I will,” your voice timid.

He touches your cheek and you feel no affection there, but that’s nothing new. He slips away and you hear his footsteps go back to the carriage. You listen to him leave, snapping the reins as the horse goes from cobblestone to dirt.

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ask away ♥
  1. what’s your favourite memory?
  2. what song(s) describe your mood right now?
  3. tea or coffee?
  4. sunsets or sunrises?
  5. vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?
  6. rain or sun?
  7. is your first language english? if not, what is it?
  8. do you like your ice crushed or in big blocks?
  9. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  10. who are you closest to, your father or mother?
  11. what time period would you like to live in other than your own?
  12. is it hot or cold right now?
  13. what is your accent?
  14. has anyone ever saved you from a situation? if so, what happened?
  15. who did you last hug?
  16. who are your top 5 fictional characters?
  17. how have you changed in the past year or two?
  18. biggest regret(s)?
  19. biggest fear(s)?
  20. is your room messy or clean?
  21. have you ever had a near death experience?
  22. favourite scent?
  23. would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
  24. what lyric(s) do you love?
  25. what do you like about yourself?
  26. what would you change about yourself?
  27. do you like your handwriting?
  28. how do you like to style your hair?
  29. what time is it?
  30. what time did you wake up today?
  31. what are your bad habits?
  32. what was your first fandom?
  33. burger or pizza?
  34. do you have any unusual talents?
  35. when did you last feel infinite?
  36. when did you last cry?
  37. who was the latest person to see you cry?
  38. best movie?
  39. best tv series?
  40. have you ever wrote fanfiction?
  41. are you happy?
  42. do you really relate to your zodiac?
  43. what year was you born in?
  44. do you often find yourself jealous?
  45. are you a fan of 80′s music?
  46. what has been your most vivid nightmare?
  47. what has been your most vivid dream?
  48. have you ever had your first kiss?
  49. what has been your most intimate moment?
  50. do you usually start conversations?
  51. are you superstitious?
  52. what do you believe in most, ghosts or aliens?
  53. what song(s) do you hate?
  54. turn ons?
  55. turn offs?
  56. are you comfortable with talking about your flaws?
  57. what are your otp’s?
  58. do you have any bizarre experiences?
  59. do you have a night/morning routine?
  60. do you have a bittersweet memory?
  61. are there any friends that you miss?
  62. do you have an enemy?
  63. are you a night owl or an early bird?
  64. what is your dream job?
  65. if you had to pick a fictional universe to live in forever, which one would you pick and why?
  66. do you know any form of self-defence?
  67. favourite planet?
  68. do you consider yourself to be more masculine, feminine or a mixture?
  69. do you rely on others or do others rely on you?
  70. what do you think happens once someone dies?
  71. are you a leader?
  72. what question do you hate answering?
  73. do you believe in guardian angels?
  74. can you rap?
  75. how do you stay warm?
  76. do you want to be in a relationship?
  77. how was your day?
  78. are there any fictional universes you would not want to be in?
  79. what fictional character do you relate to the most?
  80. who hurt you last?

glitch tree foxes
(this was kind of a placeholder name but it stuck in my mind)
casual species info (you can completely ignore this, or pick out the bits you like. these are just idle thoughts i had while drawing)

  • these foxes are on a continuum of ‘nature’ and 'technology’. most have a blend of features:
    -nature traits: flowers/leaves, defined paws & noses, etc
    -tech traits: data/pixels, glowing/blank eyes, less defined features
  • data trails leak off their bodies, leaving behind information that can be read. they will eventually fade. if you encounter them you might get a glimpse of a memory, or flashes of images from the fox’s life
  • the data looks like glitching floating specks of light (pixels), or petals/leaves that can be physically picked up, or something in-between. the petals/leaves have information that is more scent-based (pheromones). animals with better senses of smell would be able to glean more information from them than humans could (i don’t know if humans exist in their world though)
  • the foxes generally have a easier time understanding foxes with features similar to them (the same 'interface’) but as most have a combination of features, different ones are not completely incapable of communicating
  • they can exchange information by passing their tails through each other–though it works better if the tails are more data-like. the ones with 'natural’ tails are more likely just to smell each other

i’ll add more information to this post as i think of it