and have it called true destiny

It all points to you - pt.1

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader
Soulmate AU requested by anon.
One shot(x) or Chapter (x) pt.½ || (next part)
Word count:
Warnings: none
Fluff? Maybe a Tiny Speck of angst?
A/N: I’m tremendously sorry for all the tardiness!! University has started so it’s all gotten pretty hectic.. to make it to to you, I’ve decided this is gonna be a two chapter fic! The next chapter will be probably uploaded next week tho, as I have yet to finish it. Also, this isn’t some of my best work.. it really isn’t…so please bear with me. Sorry for any grammar/spelling errors!

The world seemed to work in odd, surprising ways. For every person existed another, tied together by an inconspicuous red string of fate. Those, no one could see, though they had no reason to. On each person’s wrist lay imprinted a compass, working restlessly all hour of every day of every year, hoping for the bearers’ attention to glance their way just at the right moment, just at the right second the string’s ends could intertwine.

At least half of the population was a result of this, of having been aware at the time their half crossed their path. They were, mostly, the married and the bearers of children.

Some say it destiny proven to be true. Yet in the back of most people’s minds flashed a thought very possible. That is, while they say that, one way or another, pairs will have more than one chance to meet, there are those who never stop wondering.

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There is so much in the show that suggests Ashi and Jack are meant to correspond to Yin and Yang, darkness and light, two halves of a whole responsible for balance and harmony. 

If I’m not mistaken, Yin and Yang have a push and pull relationship, interdependent on each other. Jack’s influence allows Ashi to grow and flourish as a person, while Ashi’s presence causes Jack to experience a few light hearted moments in the midst of his depression and trauma. 

What I love is that Ashi has been written and portrayed as someone who is both  similar and opposite to Jack. Jack starts his journey garbed in white with a straight edged bladed sword. He is shining with compassion and determination to save his family and his people. Ashi starts her mission dressed in black and wields a Kusarigama, a weapon meant to take someone’s sword from them with a curved blade. She shows no compassion towards her sisters. Ashi was raised to serve Aku, Jack trained to destroy him. Jack traveled the world, Ashi was confined to a single location all her life. Jack was raised by loving parents, Ashi was abused by her mother with her father nowhere to be found. 

(Trivially, Jack was an only child, Ashi has/had six sisters). 

Jack has darkened throughout his journey, Ashi has lightened. 

However, for all their differences, the two are startlingly alike. Both of them were trained to fulfill destinies tied intrinsically to Aku. Both are driven to help others and defeat any evil that plagues the world (this was true of Ashi even before she defected from Aku; in her rants towards Jack, she calls Jack ‘evil’ and Aku ‘kind’, indicating a large part of her desire to kill Jack, aside from being brainwashed into it, is because she wants to eradicate what she perceives to be the danger to the world.) Both show a natural kindness towards children. Both are skilled fighters in their own right. Both suffer hallucinations and have undergone trauma. 

(On another somewhat trivial note, both as children were enchanted by insects; Jack a cricket, Ashi a ladybug.) 

tldr: Jack and Ashi oppose and complement each other in many ways, which is shown in both their designs and their personalities. 

Mathematicians call them twin primes: pairs of prime numbers that are close to each other, almost neighbors, but between them there is always an even number that prevents them from truly touching. Numbers like 11 and 13, like 17 and 19, 41 and 43. If you have the patience to go on counting, you discover that these pairs gradually become rarer. You encounter increasingly isolated primes, lost in that silent, measured space made only of ciphers, and you develop a distressing presentiment that the pairs encountered up until that point were accidental, that solitude is the true destiny. Then, just when you’re about to surrender, when you no longer have the desire to go on counting, you come across another pair of twins, clutching each other tightly.
—  Paolo Giordano, The Solitude of Prime Numbers
Unusual Taste Manga

Recently, I’ve been into “not-so-much-of-a-typical-manga” manga. I know, I know, is that even a real thing you might ask. These manga does categorize into common genres (fantasy, romance, horror, etc.) but I just thought they are much more than just a comedy read or a shoujo type, you know. Of course, there are other trillion of manga that is “different” to you (depends on one’s personal preferences), so just considered as a good recommendation. With this, I will also be hunting for more, so wait for the update! Enjoy!  


Not so much of a human boy (What you would call a boy who can transform into a beast and have an incredible sense of smell?).  As if he though he can hide his true identity forever, he met a girl. Well, you know the rest. His new destiny started from there.

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

Weird family. That’s all I can say. And we looking through the youngest sister everyday misadventure. A good and relax yet weirdly read for a calm afternoon. 

Aku no Hana

Typical high school shoujo. Or is it? Well, maybe there is some twist and turn in this plot. The main character whom to me is some obsessive over his crush, the blackmail attempts, and the strange third girl. Oh, drama, drama. 

Mahou Tsukai no Yome  

Can of like those type of manga where the “slave” will become the bride of rich man through an auction or contest. But this time, her “owner” is not some typical master you can found. (Since I also think this genre is pretty rare, so I will probably do another list of recommendation with manga like this)

External image

Somali to Mori no Kami-sama  

Ok, so this is probably my favorite one out of all. The main character is so adorable, I just wanna pinch her little face >.<!! Anyway, it’s about a world full of spirits and strange creatures. One day, a golem met this human girl. And this is a story about their adventures. Such a cute manga~

External image

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau  

The plot sort of confused me at first. But after sticking through it, I find it’s really fascinating. The story focused on Chakuro, the main, and his friends travel across islands to islands to find a human trace. Until they spotted a girl…

External image

Sakamoto Desu ga?  

Ok, I might said earlier that I’ve already pick a favorite. But honestly, Sakamoto Desu ga? had always been one of my top read before I made this list so… (I just wanna give some room of love for the others uk T.T) Anyway, as for the plot, this is basically a life of the “isn’t just cool” but the “coolest!” Sakamoto who just can’t stop attracting everyone’s attention. Everything he do is just simply perfect. Is he even a human? Bonus fact, this manga had already have an anime so PLZ watch it. You never know what you missing out.

External image

So that’s all my current list for now. Just bunch of random recommended read but really worthy of your time and interest. Stay tune for more! <3

OCARINA OF TIME || starters

❝ Who are you ? How did you get past the guards ?  
The flow of time is always cruel … its speed seems different for each person , but no one can change it .
Heh heh heh … You want a piece of me ? ! Very funny ! I like your attitude !
It seems ____ has turned their eye to you  , too .
 I always knew that one day, this day would come .
My mother composed this song . Isn’t it nice ?
What would you like as your prize ? How’d you like to marry ____ ?
I have things I want to tell only to you .
By the way , what is your name ? ____ ? ! What kind of name is that ?
Do you see the man / woman with evil eyes ?
If only I knew you would become such a handsome man / woman .
My father is worried about me ? I don’t care !
How could you leave me behind ? !
You ! You looked cool … cooler than I thought you would .  
Pathetic little fool ! Do you realize who you’re dealing with ?
But now is not the time to talk about love …
❝  If you’re a man , act like one !
The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power & through it , you’ll know which way to go ..
I was scared … A little ! Just a little ! !  
Well , even with all that stuff , a wimp is still a wimp , huh ?
 I will never accept you as one of us !
No matter how hard it is , just don’t get discouraged .
Young children shouldn’t be walking the streets at night, go home & get to bed .
Man , I am SO bored . Things would sure be more interesting if there were more … troubles in the world 
I’m late ! I’m late ! For a very important date ! 
They say that there is no medicine that can cure a fool … I guess that’s true .
Now you & I are now true Brothers / Sisters !
Well , this must be what they call destiny .
You know , if I was as good looking as you I’d start another type of business .
The rising sun will eventually set , a newborn’s life will fade .
I beat all my challengers , man and beast .
You look like you might have a true killer instinct . 
What fun ! I’m so happy !
Don’t be alarmed … Look at yourself … 
I’ll come back to haunt you !
There’s no way they’re going to hold me back again ! This time , we fight together ! 
Time passes , people move . Like a river’s flow , it never ends .
 What the — Can’t a person get a little shut-eye around here ?! 
I’ll grant you the honour of carrying me .

I’ve always believed that we are all here for a wonderfully mysterious purpose
A purpose we’re meant to uncover throughout our brief days on earth
Like uncovering the petals of a timeless flower
To reveal a secret gift just for us
Each feature we possess
Each talent we carry
Each quick we display
They’re all beautiful brush strokes deliberately placed and carefully chosen
To create a gorgeously crafted painting of our lives
As children
Our lovely minds contain wondrous gardens of imagination and curiosity
Brimming with creativity and adventure
Anything is possible
We believed in ourselves to achieve greatness
We could do anything…
What happened?
Why do we allow weeds of age and worry
To block the sunlight from our happiness
Allow envy and reality to bleed a black strip that sucks away our youthful spirit?
What was once so carefree becomes imprisoned with self doubt and confusion…
We are all
so capable of
so much
More than we could ever dream of
And we hold the universe in our hands
Each one of us
Has the galaxy in our eyes
Stars in our smile
With youth comes bold fierceness that stares fear straight in the face
So why then, do we abandon our child-like optimism and replace it
With ordinary blandness and adapted aspirations
More “realistic goals”?
Why does judgment and gossip become easier
Than compassion and friendliness?
Bruised words slicked like oil
So easy to roll off our tongue
Tripping others so we’ll get ahead
The expectations we think are so permanently paved along our lives road
Is only ice
Masking our true call
Our genuine purpose
Causing us to slip on
Throw the curtains back and let the light in
Talk to that person sitting all alone
Overcome your fear of twisting your words into inaudible knots
Pick up that paint brush
Let your heart fall in love
Guide your life through warm joy instead of splashing in shadowy puddles murky with frost
That frozen ice will quickly flea
I know you’ve slipped once and your afraid to stand back up
It feels impossible to find your feet
They’re too heavy
The fog is too thick
Overexposure and cruelty is embraced in our world
Why not just stay in your lane and do what everyone else is doing
Sip that honey sweetened air and inhale the intoxicating scent of wild flowers
Dare yourself to open up
Jump on the true desires of your soul
You can’t hold back anymore, it calls to your blood
Thank your fears for challenging you to grow
To thrive in fields you thought were barren but really just needed more sunlight
Your sunlight
When you feel lost and alone
Think of all the blessings
Like stars
That freckle the face your life’s night sky
All the planets you have left to discover
You have so much to be grateful for
Dig deep and retrieve that young, forgotten, tattered heart
Reacquaint yourself with your innocent kindness
With your playful vision
Boldly take your destiny
It’s soft clay
Mould a future that you’ll be proud of
Then mould it again
And again
Don’t run from change, because it can’t be helped
The sun is within each of us
Take it
Melt that frozen fear
Like ice
Into nothingness
I promise you won’t regret it.
—  My valedictorian audition speech
Pluto in the 5th House

Pluto is one of the most complex planets in astrology. It represents the emotional darkness within us, trauma, things we kept repressed, regeneration, empowerment, fear, transformation, rebirth. It has been labeled as a dark malefic planet, one capable of great damage and destruction since it’s discovery and use in modern astrology. Isabel Hickey describes Pluto as possessing a dual nature; “If he so chooses man can use the line of least resistance and bring himself destruction and misery. When dealing with this most powerful radiation with wisdom and reason, the Minerva aspect of Pluto is in evidence, and the end result is a big step forward for mankind.” Pluto operates on a soul level, the core of our being, and only functions on raw and true emotions. It is representative of the emotions and things we do not want to deal with, for they are too painful for us right now, is what we would say. Pluto hurts us first, bringing forth transformation within the self, and causes metaphorical death of the individual, a rebirth of the self, shedding anew into a being more powerful, wise, and experienced for the world again. In great contrast, the fifth house is the house ruled by Leo - the sign of self will, creativity, romance. The fifth house rules these as well; casual relationships, children, self expression, sex (not to be confused with the 8th house of [intimate] sex, for the fifth house is not intimate on such a soul level), romance, hobbies, interests, attraction, what brings us pleasure/happiness/joy. The fifth house is where we go when we’re enjoying ourselves and letting the self create, indulge in flings and be free.

Any planet in the fifth house is directly tied into the self expression of the chart holder. Some astrologers have compared it to that planet being conjunct the natal sun, because it is so tightly incorporated into the chart holder’s life. We bring our Self into everything we do, and the fifth house doesn’t work without the planet inside of it, it’s always being put to use. Pluto here adds a very magnetic twist to such a sunny house. Those with Pluto in the fifth house, darkness covering the light of the sun, an eclipse is formed. The seriousness of Pluto can overpower the desires of the fifth house; the chart holder may struggle by taking themselves and their loves too seriously, backfiring on themselves creating a struggle to even want to be creative at all. There can be compulsive and ritualistic tendencies when it comes to Pluto due to it’s obsessive nature. Pluto rules our repressed fears and hidden desires; there can be a fear of other’s taking credit for their own work/interests, or of those that are able to easily go after what they desire. There can be much up-tightness with this placement for the chart holder.

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Okay but what about after Yuuri finally wore himself out from all that dancing:
- Victor got away from him for all of maybe 30 seconds to catch his breath and sit down for a minute to try to process what just happened
- but Yuuri isn’t giving him a break
- oh no
- he comes right over and plops himself down on Victor’s lap and starts happily chatting at him in Japanese
- Victor doesn’t understand a goddamn word but holy shit this man is too cute even with the language barrier
- at one point Yuuri boops Victor on the nose and then lapses into uncontrollable giggles
- Victor almost cries
- oh fucking god this is too much for his glass skater’s heart
- eventually Yuuri starts really wearing out and is leaning his head on Victor’s shoulder and probably could have fallen asleep right there on his lap
- and Victor would be 100% okay with this
- but then Celestino sweeps in and apologizes for this drunk mess that’s draped all over Victor and tries to get Yuuri up, come on, time to go back to your room before you pass out on the leading champion of men’s figure skating
- Yuuri makes this more difficult because he latches on to Victor like a barnacle and almost has to be pried off
- Victor does not help at all
- really it’s okay, you can leave him here, i don’t mind
- Celestino thinks Victor is just being polite
- Celestino eventually does get Yuuri up and shuffles him out the door
- Yuuri blows Victor a kiss on the way out
- ‘well Mr Nikiforov it was kind of hard to make out because he was slurring so much but he was definitely talking about your eyes a lot. He, um. Also said some things that. Shouldn’t be repeated in polite company.’
- ‘um. He said he. wanted your. Um. A piece of your anatomy. In his mouth. Are you okay Mr Nikiforov. Why are you lying down on the floor.’
- Five minutes later Victor realizes that he didn’t get Yuuri’s number and tears the room apart trying to find someone who knows it
- but Yuuri didn’t have any good friends at that Grand Prix and he’s not very social at this point so no luck, no one has his number
- and Yuuri isn’t very active on social media so that’s another dead end
- god it’s like Cinderella showed up and got drunk and then just took off after stealing the prince’s heart and left his pants behind instead of a glass shoe
- Victor is so frustrated
- Yuri and Yakov have to deal with a sad mopey Victor all the way back to St Petersburg
- BUT THEN!!!! THE VIDEO!!!!!! ITS DESTINY CALLING!!!!!! time to drop everything and run off to japan to find his true love ❤️
- who still doesn’t remember shit 💔
- but it’s okay. love will win in the end


Gaming as a Girl

So, I’m just going to rant a little bit here about something that’s really bothering me as an avid female gamer.

This morning I was on Xbox Live playing ESO and chatting with some people in a party I’ve gotten to know through playing ESO. Most of the people in the party were indeed male gamers, most of them my friends online, but there was one who I didn’t know very well. I, all of a sudden, speak up about something, and he goes, “There’s a girl in the party? I don’t like it when girls are in the party.” To this I reply, “And why is that?” He answers, “I just don’t like playing with girls online because they’re not good at video games. Every girl I’ve played with online has been horrible.” Astounded at his remark I reply, “Woah, that’s so stereotypical. I for one am not the best at games like Call of Duty or Destiny, but you shouldn’t just generalize a specific trait with a gender.” He goes on to say how it’s all science because guys have faster reflex times etc., blah, blah, blah, and while that may be true, he shouldn’t be so sexist and dog a girl for doing something she enjoys just as much as some guys do. I have been discriminated against by many male gamers just because I am a female playing online. It sucks. I’ve been told that I’m probably fat and ugly and that’s why I’m a female playing video games, I’ve been accused of being a guy using a voice changer to sound like a female because there’s no way a female would be playing GTA V Online, I’ve been called just “the girl in the party” and not by my actual gamertag like most people go by, and I’ve been told what to do, how to do it, and the best way to do it because there’s obviously no way I would know how to play a game, right? I have loved video games ever since I was a little girl, and was probably the only one in my group of friends growing up who avidly played games, so yeah, at times I felt embarrassed when I would be asked about my hobbies and one of my top ones would be “playing video games.” Socially, it just didn’t seem normal for a girl, so yeah, even as today more and more people are accepting of it, there are still those assholes out there that think girls can’t and shouldn’t play video games. Well, I’d just like to say to them, kindly screw off…and to anyone out there who has ever felt that they’ve been discriminated against for playing any video games, to you I say, game on! :)


Personal headcanon: When heroic Edain are described as elf-like, it’s not meant literally. Human heroes don’t really look similar to elves, and can’t generally be confused with elves, unless you have never met both an elf and a human before. They look different, and they move differently. Also, beards. The few cases this might actually be true are when the human has elf blood. Legolas knows at first sight that Imrahil has elvish blood in him, for example, despite the many generations between him and his elvish fore-mother.

The mundane explanation is that humans and elves are both bipedal and similarly formed, so confusing one race for the other occasionally is understandable. It could easily be caused by poor visibility, long distance, having the face obscured, having their back turned, having a particular hair color, dressing like an elf, speaking or responding in one of the elf-tongues, or being unusually tall.

For example, Nienor disguises herself as an elvish marchwarden by putting on a matching grey cloak and being tall enough to blend in (she is so tall that only one marchwarden is taller than her, which is pretty neat). Mîm confuses Turin for an elf “by your speech and your voice.” This makes perfect sense if his speech has the cadence or accent of the Sindarin he spoke during his fostering, or if he is in fact speaking Sindarin.

Turin must be considered separately thanks to this quote, “he was in truth the son of Morwen Eledhwen to look upon: tall, dark-haired and pale-skinned, with grey eyes, and his face more beautiful than any other among mortal men, in the Elder Days. His speech and bearing were those of the ancient kingdom of Doriath, and even among the Elves he might be taken at first meeting for one from the great houses of the Noldor…and many called him Adanedhel, the Elf-man.” Now, the text tells us that Turin could be confused with an elf, but it doesn’t actually show this. His coloring, and height would account for being confused as a Noldor elf as long as he’s clean-shaven, but none of the characters who meet him, like Gwindor or the Falathrim ambassadors, seem to have trouble doing it. Turin was fostered by elves, which would give him knowledge of elven customs and practices that would make it easier to confuse him with biological elves. Calling him elf-man might equally well refer to his elvish habits and upbringing, but I’ll classify Turin as a borderline case.

His cousin Tuor is even weirder, a special case where we have direct proof of a Man being frequently confused by elves as an elf, but Tuor is frequently spiritually grouped with the elves and kind of an outlier. Tuor is cloaked, wearing the armor prepared by Turgon, and standing on a high terrace when Voronwe at first takes Tuor to be an elf. Tuor is confused a second time for an elf while wearing Ulmo’s cloak, but I am explaining that as Ulmo’s magic being the cause, and that something relating to ‘magic’ or the Unseen can cause misidentification. So I’m putting Tuor in a third category labeled ‘who knows.’

Beleg is the only case I know of where an elf is confused for a Man, and again environmental conditions are the contributing factors, “In the dim dusk of a day in midwinter there appeared suddenly among them a Man, as it seemed, of great bulk and girth, cloaked and hooded in white. He had eluded their watchmen, and he walked up to their fire without a word. When men sprang up he laughed and threw back his hood, and they saw that it was Beleg Strongbow. Under his wide cloak he bore a great pack in which he had brought many things for the help of men.” So Beleg’s outline and size are distorted by his clothing and bag.

The other strong possibility is that the description of heroes as elf-like is more of a poetic epithet, and all of the ‘look like elves’ superlative bits are just unfamiliarity with elves or hyperbole and propaganda by the Dunedain. The Silmarillion in-universe has a textual history, and the version we’re reading has been passed down by the scribes of Gondor. Those scribes have a clear motivation for making their ancestors look heroic.

Stories shift and change as generations of storytellers repeat them, and exaggeration of a hero’s characteristics makes for a better story. Ancient epics in our world are full of heroes and villains described in superlatives (god-like Achilles etc.), and I find it reasonable that the same is true of Tolkien’s ancient Edain. Tuor, Turin, Morwen (called Elfsheen for the light of her glance and the beauty of her face) are all characters with high destinies and who are described as elf-like and whose traits could have been exaggerated for narrative effect.

Elvishness also has a thematic context as shorthand for goodness, beauty, and behaving according to tradition and natural law. Even if we know this isn’t an accurate shorthand, it is one that seems to hold weight to an in-universe acculturated reader. In the beginning of the story of Erendis and Aldarion, for example, Erendis is frequently noted to have qualities reminiscent of elves and is also described as looking like an elf. These descriptions disappear entirely in the text as the tale winds down it its unhappy conclusion, culminating in the dismissal of the elven birds when she and Aldarion reject each other permanently. Loss of elvishness correlates to a loss of virtue, alignment with morality and ‘right’. 

The description of men-like-elves by their contemporary Edain can also be explained by the context. When elvishness has social capital, applying this label has power even if it isn’t strictly true or accurate. And being like the elves was a powerful concept among the Dunedain for a long time, both out of genuine admiration and for more pragmatic motives. It was deliberately invoked for political reasons by the three houses of the Edain, the Numenoreans and the Elendili, and their Dunedain descendants in the Third Age.

Zutara Week 2017: Fire Lady

Another year, another Zutara Week, another set of oneshots for my ZKWeek story A Life, Together, which you can find in its entirety here.

This year is the same as last year, with a new story being added to it every day - hopefully this is the start of a tradition!


ZKWeek Day 1: Fire Lady
Words: 1463
Read it on AO3

There was a time, not so long ago, when waterbending brought Katara nothing but pleasure. The knowledge that she had risen to mastery in just a few short months, coupled with the sinuous push and pull of her element, the flowing rhythms of her qi, made her daily practice a delight. In the eerie tranquillity of Ba Sing Se and through the stressful days cooped up at the Western Air Temple, it had been a balm, and even here, in the Fire Nation, waterbending by the turtle-duck pond was once an activity solely for her enjoyment.

Now, however, she can feel the hostile eyes on her back, can almost hear the whispering behind pale hands that follows her everywhere. Each move she makes is a political statement about who she is and what she intends to be. After all, the scandalised ministers proclaim, nobody ever heard of the Fire Lady being a waterbender. Part of her enjoys flaunting her powers, just to irk them with her presence. These old men who dragged the war on for their own profit, who remained too shrewd to be discarded in favour of more progressive minds. They’ve made an art of pestering Zuko, running him in circles, and this is the only diplomatic form of petty revenge she can take.

Still, she misses the anonymity she had before she and Zuko announced their engagement.

She’s getting married. Growing up, Katara had never had time to think about marriage, let alone the person who might one day be her partner, because the only other person her age left in the village was Sokka, and even thinking about it… ew. And then there was the war and the avatar and the mission to save the world, and since then it’s been one thing and another, perhaps a destiny she’s been running from all along. She still doesn’t know how to feel about it.

That last part isn’t entirely true, she chides herself as she sweeps into Pentapus Stance. She loves Zuko, and the thought of marrying him, being joined to him as Tui and La are joined in the heavens, makes her giddy in a way she doesn’t have words to describe. No, it’s the enemies they’ve made along the way that has her worried, the conservative factions in court, the warmongers, whispers of a group calling themselves the Talons that stir in the underbelly of the city.

All these thoughts cloud her mind, however, and make the water shiver between her arms, so she forces them away. There’s a change in the air behind her. She allows herself a grin, but doesn’t pause the flow of energy from one hand to another as she hears Zuko settle into the roots of the gingko-willow by the pond. He always has had a knack for turning up when she least expects it.

She rises into her final stance and sends the water back into the pool, opens her eyes. Zuko smirks at her, though she can’t tell whether the appreciation in his gaze is for her figure or for the show of bending skill. Perhaps for him, respect and desire go hand in hand.

“Don’t stop on my account,” he says. “I was rather enjoying that.”

She flips her hair over one shoulder and steps into the cooling shade of the willow. “It’s getting too hot. Besides, I’ve been told it’s the height of impropriety to turn your back on the Fire Lord.”

With a low chuckle, he grabs for her hand and pulls her into his lap, onlookers be damned, and presses a kiss to her temple. She leans into the gesture, tilting her head in an open invitation he all too gladly accepts, leaving a trail of soft lips and nipping teeth down the length of her neck, little kisses that trace a line he knows off by heart. Her giggles turn breathy when he laps at the sweat beaded on her collarbone.

“Don’t tell me you came out here just to have your way with me,” she says.

“No,” Zuko replies, “but maybe you can take me inside later and have your way with me.” Tucking his arms around her waist, he leaves off his teasing and nuzzles deeper into the scent of her hair. “I found something I wanted to show you.”


It’s black silk bundle embroidered with phoenixes and pomegranates, the golden thread under-sewn with a rainbow of other colours that spark when the light catches them. For a few moments Katara simply stares at the craftsmanship, still overawed that such regalia can exist when she grew up in a world where beauty came only second to necessity. But Zuko is waiting for her to open it, so she delicately unknots the twined silk cords that hold it closed, and peels back the protective folds of material to reveal a necklace made of gold-chased jade beads, simple enough to look at, but very finely made. With Zuko’s help, she lifts it from its wrappings and lays it against her neck, holding it in place so he can fasten the clasp to keep it there. For a while they sit, admiring the lightness of the green stone against the dusky shade of her skin.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmurs eventually.

“It was my mother’s.”

Katara’s eyes snap to his. “Your -? Zuko, are you sure you want me to have this? I…”

“She would have wanted you to have it,” he informs her, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “And I for one think it looks better on you than gathering dust in the family vault.”

“You know, you’re still having trouble with those compliments,” she teases.

“Pesky things,” he answers. “But I am getting better at them, oh most radiant blossom of my life.”

“That’s just overkill.”

Their fingers trace absent patterns along each other, their silence filled by the splashing of the fountain and the cheeping of the turtleducklings as they hunted for insects.

“I wish I could have met her,” Katara voices eventually, though she doesn’t add all the questions she would ask, all the doubts she might share only with another woman who knew what it was like to be treated more like an icon in a temple than a person.

Zuko squeezes her hand. “She would have loved you.” He plants another kiss to the temple.

“The ministers don’t seem to think so.” The words are bitter. She can’t help it. “They’ve found a new sport in making comparisons between now and ‘the good old days’.” When the fire lady was everything she was supposed to be. Zuko tenses beside her, but he says nothing. He knows better than most that she needs to let out the things she been bottling up, without judgement, and only strokes her back, calm, long passes from shoulder to waist and back.

“Are we doing the right thing?” she asks, when she finally musters her courage. “I’m still worried it’s a step too far, too soon. It’s not that long ago our nations were at war with each other.”

“Katara.” Zuko’s voice is firm and warm, like the soft light of embers. “Listen to me. You will be an amazing Fire Lady. You’re not my mother, but then, the Fire Nation back then was a very different place.” For a moment, his expression darkens, and she brushes a gentle hand against his scar, still grieving for him, still angry for what his father did.

“There’s nobody better suited. You’re already my partner –” kiss to her cheek – “my advisor –” to her forehead – “the love of my life.” The final kiss is delivered to the tip of her nose, and it makes her chuckle. “This is just going to make everyone else in the world know that. But…” And here, his voice drops, and because he treasures her, “If you’re having second thoughts, if you want to –”

“No!” There’s never been a decision she’s more sure of than wanting to be his wife. She takes his face in both her hands, turns it to stare him straight in the eye. “Zuko, I am marrying you. I said yes, and I don’t regret saying yes, not for a minute. And that’s not just out of spite for all those crusty old men who like to grumble every time I walk into a room.”

His grin comes back. “Well, I’m glad we cleared that up.”

She laughs again, sighs as she rests her forehead against his. It will be hard, she knows, but she’s blazed a trail before, and they’ve come through worse.

“I’m just worried.”

“I know.”

“I love you.”

“Good.” And he takes gentle hold of her chin and angles her head so he can kiss her properly, propriety be damned.

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, at the funeral of her late husband King George VI on 15 February 1952. 

I want to send this message of thanks to a multitude of people - to you who, from all parts of the world, have been giving me your sympathy and affection throughout these dark days. I want you to know how your concern for me has upheld me in my sorrow, and how you have made me by your wonderful tributes to my dear husband, a great and noble King. No man had a deeper sense than he of duty and of service, and no man was more full of compassion for his fellow-men. He loved you all, every one of you, most truly. That, you know, was what he always tried to tell you in his yearly message at Christmas; that was the pledge he took at the sacred moment of his coronation fifteen years ago. Now I am left alone, to do what I can to honour that pledge without him. 

Throughout our married life we have tried, the King and I, to fulfil with all our hearts and all our strength the great task of service that was laid upon us. My only wish now is that I may be allowed to continue the work that we sought to do together. 

I commend to you our dear daughter: give her your loyalty and devotion: in the great and lonely station to which she has been called she will need your protection and your love. 

God bless you all; and may He in his wisdom guide us safely to our true destiny of peace and good will.


“If there’s something called destiny out there… The fact that he showed up in front of us… One who was the same type as the Generation of Miracles but didn’t become part of it. The last to awaken with the same talent as the Generation of Miracles. A "miracle that isn’t a miracle,” and… the true light that met the shadow of destiny.“

Aomine Daiki

V: “I Don’t Need Your Saving”

Genre: Angst

Summary: So many MCs around the world want the V route. But what if V didn’t want MC’s help?

Warning: I wrote this one sitting, I’m sorry if it’s awful. Also, MC is evil oOPS

“I’ve seen what you can do. As you make each member fall in love with you, you help them work out flaws. I’ve watched what you did. I’ve watched as you chose the choices that lead to my death.”

“You say you can save me, but at what cost?” Jihyun’s voice was grave. His eyes looked as cold and distant as a sheet of steel. 

“Not just me, there’s so many people that want to save you from your fate,” MC gave him a soft smile, extending a hand in a friendly gesture. Jihyun turned away from her, completely ignoring her hand. 

“Leave me out of it.” 

“Is death really better than accepting our help?” her smile suddenly seemed to have a malicious hint behind it. 

“We both know my death is part of the true ending, is it not?” he grumbled, shooting a glare at MC. 

“The others and I could change your destiny.”

“By doing what? Making me fall in love with you in four days?” 

“Don’t you want to fall in love again?” her eyes were not visible, but Jihyun could feel the taunting gaze through her bangs. 

“I’m not another collectible for you to collect. I don’t need you to call me throughout the day and try to get hearts with me.” he snapped, spitefully enunciating every word. 

“What if we just wanted to help instead?” 

“The sun does not need help. And I am Rika’s sun, Therefore, I will not not accept help from you.” 

“We’ll see if you can refuse, shall we?” she giggled, gently touching his shoulder as she left the room. 

When she left the room, Jihyun sighed. He knew he wouldn’t be able to go against the wishes of MC. After all, they were the Main Characters. And no matter how much attention was focused on him and Rika’s story, they were always just side characters. Minor decorations for MC’s fleeting pleasure.

A Wanderer’s Tale: The freezing breeze of Winter

((Disclaimer: This is just a funny OOC tale that I crafted for my and @celestial-opposition ‘s costumes for the All Saints Wake hahah))
((Song, and this is an important part, is: Lost Love ))

“I am here to tell you a story, a story about love.

You are all aware of the legend of the Lady of Snow? Yuki-onna, the woman that appears on hailstorms, blizzards and the foggy night of a winter day, aye? She would drive men lost in the cold to a trap, promising shelter and security. Then, she would freeze them to death, collecting them like statues preserved to life.

However! It is said that the Yuki-onna sometimes fall in love for their potential victims… they even marry with them and have children. They find happiness… do you believe this?

And, my friends, you see. There’s this lone warrior, seeking for his ultimate challenge. Seeking to prove his mettle and his power. Another spirit, resting on a sword, that also collects his victims as trophies. You all know that I’m telling you about Zantetsuken.

But… What if the knight in Ebon Armor could melt her heart? And what if Yuki could see the true face of the Zantetsuken? Would they fall for each other?

I’ll tell you, my mateys, even if they found love, they would someday be called by their own destinies and natures, she by the winter blizzard, and he, by the challenges ahead. 

Should the wind settle, and another year pass, could they still bear their love? Some say that even a youkai and an oni can love. Some say, that their natures are stronger than their passion. The truth is, I want to hope they really could have found happiness, at least for one day.

Cheers… for the hope that love can find his way.”

  • Me: Petyr Baelish legit turns me on more than any other male on Game Of Thrones.
  • My mom: Am I supposed to be shocked here? You were in love with Draco Malfoy when you where 10 why should your taste in men have changed now at 26?
  • Me: You are not wrong.
The Midnight Star Quotes
  • “You think me cruel,” I say. “No,” Magiano replies. He hesitates for a moment. “Maybe a little.”
  • “He brought her gifts from the living world, rays of sunshine bundled in baskets, fresh rain in glass jars.”
  • “Everyone knows that to openly show any disrespect for Magiano means instant death at my hands.”
  • “I take a step back so that her blood doesn’t ruin the hem of my dress.”
  • “It’s Teren, both hands gripping the hilt of his sword tightly, standing over him like a strange guardian.”
  • “He could imagine that he was staring at a younger version of the Queen of the Sealands, before she turned her back.”
  • “I sleep poorly when you’re not around,” I finally mutter, irritated. “There are…voices that distract me when I’m alone.”
  • “Raffaele withdraws his hand. ‘Get away from me,’ Magiano snaps at him. I’ve never seen him so upset.”
  • “ ‘Was I not clear?’ I call out. The corners of the space turn dark, and a haunting wail whips through the air.”
  • “I wish it were me Violetta turns to for comfort.”
  • “ None of us are saints. We can all do better.”
  • “ 'Are you painting me into a saint?’ Magiano murmurs. 'Because I aligned with Greed solely to prevent that.’ “

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