and have had in six different apartments

Oh Sehun//Love Thy Neighbor

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Summary: You move into a new apartment after your boyfriend leaves to go abroad, making your relationship long distance. You’re tired, stressed and missing him - and your next door neighbor isn’t making life any easier. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: neighbor!AU, slightly angsty
Word Count: 3,712

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I bet Victor goes back to Russia a few weeks before Yuuri is going to move there and he walks into his old apartment with Makkachin at his heels and immediately realizes it’s totally unlivable, like he doesn’t even have PLATES, he has only one couch and a double bed, this is not at ALL acceptable for his dear Yuuri to live in, he needs him to be comfortable living somewhere new so he basically goes on a crazed redecorating spree, fueled by his stress over how much he misses Yuuri in the first place, and drags the entire Russian skating team to Ikea on six different occasions, buys thousands of dollars worth of furniture, forces Mila, Georgi, and Yurio to rearrange the entire apartment four times ‘why did you buy two more couches if you ALREADY HAD ONE THEY DON’T EVEN FIT?!!’ ‘plz yurio this one is more comfortable in case we fight and I have to sleep on the coach and I just thought this one looked cool, it’s totally necessary’ ‘ARGHHH!!’ 

So basically when Yuuri finally does arrive in St. Petersburg the entire Russian skating team is overjoyed to see him

9 crimes

Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Reader

Summary: There are 10 things a person should never do under any circumstances. Throughout all your life you did 9 out of those 10. 

or the story of two little girls who fell in love and of two women who had to bury those feelings. 

Word count: 1,668

Time period: Hamiltime

Warnings: None (yet).

Note: This is a big work that’s going to be divided into three parts. Each one with 3 ‘crimes’. It may be confusing at the start as to what exactly are the crimes (or maybe it’s really obvious and I think is not) but at the end, I think everyone is going to get it. Also, I was experimenting with the narration again so… let’s see how that goes. I hope you like it, guys!  ♡

Extra information: I didn’t mention it in the text but the reader is the same age as Peggy, so is one year younger than Eliza and two years younger than Angelica. Oh and they’re neighbors. 

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You were seven when you felt the closest to hell, but God forbid your mother to heard you say that or she would take you to church every single day.

Heat pushed in on you, making you felt claustrophobic even though you were outside. The humidity was almost overwhelming; it was like breathing in bath water. Your cheeks were tinted in a beautiful red and sweat rolled down your forehead sticking strands of your bangs to your skin. It was not pleasant at all but the daisies surrounding you made it all worth it.

You wondered if there were daisies in hell. ‘Maybe if Lucifer was given some flowers he would smile and wouldn’t be as bad as people in church say he is’ you thought, playing with one of the blossoms in your hand ‘Or maybe he and God could go and have tea…’  

Somehow that line of thought ended with you making a flowers crown. It wasn’t perfect, the ones your nanny used to make were way better but it was good enough not to crumble at the touch and it looked pretty. You were proud of yourself.

And just when you were planning to go back home to show your creation to your mother and father someone approached to you. It was a girl. She was even redder than you, —you didn’t know if it was for the weather or because she apparently had been running— with her ponytail almost undone and her eyes full of tears.  

Both of you looked at each other with surprise, not having anticipated finding someone else.

“Why are you crying?” you couldn’t help to ask.

She sniffed, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her dress “I’m not cr-crying…”

“Yes you are” you pointed out, standing up and searching in your pockets for the handkerchief you always carried with you “But that’s alright” you assured her with a smile, handing her the white object “We all cry, even my mum does it sometimes”

She shyly accepted the handkerchief and softly wiped her tears away “But I don’t like it” she mumbled “Peggy makes fun of me”


“My sister. She says I look ugly when I cry”

You observed her again, thoughtfully this time. And noticed her long and still wet eyelashes, her button nose and how bright her eyes actually were. It was almost unbelievable that someone dared to say she looked bad.  

“I think you look more like an apple” you acknowledged and she frowned, not being pleased with your statement “B-but a nice apple! Like those my nanny uses to make a pie. They’re bright red and beautiful. Totally the best apples!” you explained yourself, maybe getting too excited about it because you somehow made her laugh. It was a soft sound, sweet and contagious. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips.  

“You could be the Apple goddess” you proposed, taking your flowers crown and softly placing it on her head.

“Why not just a queen?”

“I don’t know” you shrugged “I just think goddess sounds prettier than queen”  

She seemed to think of it for a moment, moving her lips to form the words in a soundless whisper. Then nodded and stared at you with a bright smile.

“Yes, it sounds prettier”


When you were ten, you heard the word for the first time in the mouth of someone who was not your parents: Love.

You were still young, a child with three friends who were playing in their father’s fields.

“Love is all mom talks about recently,” said Peggy, mouth scrunched into a frown.

“Such a nonsensical concept” Angelica added, stretching beside her “If I could be tempted to it, it would be for someone whose mind challenges my own, a storm in wit”

You tilted your head back, letting the sun brush gently down your face and feeling Eliza’s fingers still braiding your hair softly.

“I’d do it for someone who brightens my day and motivates me to be better,” you said with a little smile on your mouth “Someone who makes the stars seem to shine brighter”

Peggy looked at you, then at Angelica and laughed lightly.

“You’ve just said the same thing the fairy tales do” she teased, but then her eyes seemed to be filled with excitement and curiosity as she sat closer to you “It must be that you are already in love with someone!”

“She is not” Eliza blurted out and you could imagine the little frown on her face “If you love someone he needs to court you and ask for your hand to marry you. And (Y/N) is not being courted by anyone”

Angelica smiled and patted her sister’s head “What a silly notion you have of love, dear”

“Wait, is not like that?” Eliza asked, turning her face to Angelica with a confused expression.

“Of course not, you dumbo” Peggy said among giggles “You love someone when the stork leaves a baby on your door”

“What does that have to do with love?” you asked back, noticing how Peggy’s hand got closer to you hair to take one of the flowers that Eliza had pinned in it just to be lightly slapped away by her sister.

“Ouch!” Peggy cried, giving Eliza a grumpy look “Well, you have to love someone to have a baby!”

“Yes, but you have to love them before that” at least that was what your mother had told you, “I think loving someone is when you give them the last cookie even if you want to eat it too”

The youngest of the Schuyler sisters laughed again “That can’t be love!”

“Why not?”

“Because if it was, Eliza would be in love with you”

You stayed silent for a few seconds, analyzing different sceneries in your head to then finally turn your head to Eliza, whose hands had started trembling a little against your hair.

“None of you have a single clue of what love is” Angelica sighed, shaking her head. “It worries me that because of that you’d give your heart to someone who does not deserve it”  

“We won’t,” you said, and the three sisters stared at you with inquiry in their eyes “Because we now have a

love amulet

” you stated happily as you took off the small necklace you had around your neck. It was a simple gold chain with a gold heart hanging from it.

“A love amulet?” Eliza repeated as you gently turned around to place it in her hands.

“Yes, we just have to wear it when someone wants to courter us and somehow we will know if that person is the indicated”  

Eliza and Peggy seemed to believe it’ll work and nodded excitedly.  Angelica had a doubtful expression but finally nodded too. It was a sweet irony that she was the first one to wear it three years later.


You were sixteen the first time you felt it. It had hit you like a brick. Love.

Eliza was sitting beside you, her delicate fingers glided in circles at your hands.

“I can’t play like this” you whispered and she smiled.

“You don’t have to” was her answer, soft and melodic like the sound of the piano keys.

Dix begs to differ” you joked resting your head against hers.

“Hmm” with a loving expression on her face, she placed her hands on the piano and played the little melody again. You pulled apart slightly, just enough for her to reach all the keys “Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…”

“Dix,” you said.

Eliza shook her head in a “no” sign and took your hands again, motioning you to play the piece.

You rolled your eyes but indulged her anyway, brushing the keys with your fingers in a soft movement “Une, deux, trois—” Eliza leaned in closer and placed a light kiss on your cheek, you smiled “quatre, cinq, six—” another one, this time on your chin “sept, huit, neuf—”

Before you could add the dix Eliza pressed her lips against yours. It was just a touch, it didn’t last more than a second. A chaste affection that was as soft as the spring breeze.  

You tended to kiss a lot because that’s what children do, that’s what best friends do. You kissed on the forehead, the cheek, the eyelids, the nose, the chin… but never on the lips. Never like this.

You froze, she blushed, and the room was filled with silence. The soft and almost inexistent echo of the forgotten melody was the only thing you could hear. For the first time, the silence was not comfortable and it made your hands sweat and Eliza’s eyes to get glassy.

“I… didn’t…” her voice trembled, her gaze wouldn’t meet yours.

“Please don’t” you pleaded in a whisper. ‘Don’t say you didn’t mean it’.

She looked at you this time and you closed the distance between your mouths with another kiss. Tenderly and almost shyly you let your lips to brush against hers, slowly exploring the softness of the feeling and the taste of her breath. The movement was clumsy and innocent, slow and delicate… but then she kissed you back and it was perfect.

When you pulled apart, you were greeted with her flushed face and widened eyes. You to let out a little laugh.

I swear to God if the only reason why you kissed me was to shut me up before I reached ten I’m not going to forgive you,” you said, pressing your forehead against hers.

She laughed too “It was one of the reasons, but not the main one”

Eliza placed her right hand on your nape and started playing absentmindedly with your hair. You closed your eyes and sighed contently.

The sound of her voice gave you butterflies, her smile made your heart skip a beat, every time you were with her you felt so complete… You should’ve known it before; of course it was love.

Good Stories! (For a change)

Good Stories!

So, I usually post only negative things about my work, so I thought I’d take a break and share some good stuff that keeps me at this job while I wait for something bigger to come along.

1. We joke around on the walkies. A lot. My favorite instance was when Trolls was coming up and one of my senior managers periodically played Can’t Stop This Feeling over the walkie from her phone. But nothing beats when someone played “Hello darkness my old friend,” out of nowhere while I was checking a theatre and I had to choke on my own laugh to keep from disturbing the customers. Using the walkies used to scare me because I was self-conscious, but now I kinda love it because it’s hilarious to listen to everyone sometimes, especially when we’re slow and everyone is bored.

2. We don’t have morning meetings like some jobs do. Instead we have two mandatory meetings each year, one around Summer break and one around winter break. These are HELL because you have to get up at the butt crack of dawn because that’s the only time we’re able to fit it in, considering we’re a movie theatre and we need to use a screen for the meeting because there’s videos and shit to watch. It’s even worse if you close the night before, or you’re TTA and have to get there EVEN EARLIER to make sure everything works. Sounds terrible, right? How is this a good thing?

Well, someone always brings in snacks. Last meeting we had Krispy Kreme donuts. And my GM gives out prizes, which I know isn’t required because the last theatre in this chain that I worked at didn’t give out anything. But this GM will ask us things like what the mission statement or values are, or it might be movie trivia or something from the meeting’s videos or the month'e safety topic. I got $20 for knowing a crowd control acronym once, and sometimes it’s larger amounts of money or gift cards. Once someone got a portable phone charger, and last meeting someone got a Rogue One poster (which are in high demand when you’re allowed to request posters) for knowing the values. So the meetings suck, but there me something to look forward to. Plus all my managers are pretty good natured and most of us have a pretty good relationship, so you get us all in the same room together and things pretty funny.

And then once the meeting is over everyone sticks around to help open, so it goes really fast on these days.

3. I’ve learned my city is weirdly small. One of the TTAs knows my family because his dad is a cop and mine is a correctional officer, and our maintenance guy is dating my cousin so we joke around a bit. The weirdest, though, is my Cafe coworker, M.

We were a year apart at the same high school, but never knew each other. Which isn’t weird, until you consider that one of her friends and current roommate was also friends with the younger sister of one of MY friends, so we kinda knew the periphery of each other’s circles, I guess. So we’ve found out, years later, that we knew a lot of the same people. And yet never met. And then it gets weirder because years later we both went to SacAnime, same year and same season, and STILL never ran into each other, like we’ve somehow always barely missed each other.

BUT IT GETS WEIRDER because one day we found out that our ID numbers are only six numbers apart, and that we both go hired (at DIFFERENT LOCATIONS) in the same month and with our IDs being so close we figured we had to be entered at close to the same time. All this on top of us apparently having a lot of interests in common, liking the same video games and shows and having the same sense of humor and everything. She’s one of my best work friends now.

4. I’m not particularly attached to a lot of our regulars, except for this one couple. I started seeing them every week when I worked Podium, and they started realizing that I was the same person who tore their tickets every time they came in for date night and it happened so often that we’d all start laughing as soon as we saw each other. I guess when I was moved from Floor they were wondering what happened to me, until I started seeing them while I was working Cafe or in Concessions. And every time they see me they ask how I am, and seeing them always makes my shift a little better and cheers me up. I don’t even know their names, but they’re always so nice and I love them.

Imagine finding out that Rafael sometimes worries about your age difference

(A/N: In honour of Raúl Esparza’s birthday. Fair warning I made him a bit younger in the story because I don’t know if him and Barba are the same age. Bit either-way I hope you all enjoy this. Also do you guys like the re-vamp? Yay or nay?) 

Imagine finding out that Rafael sometimes worries about your age difference

When you started dating Rafael Barba you were twenty-five years old and he was thirty-seven years old.

A twelve year age difference.

You were only in your first year as a Detective and your transfer to Manhattan’s Special Victims Unit when he became your departments ADA. You were a new, bright-eyed but gifted and talented detective with an infamous last name to live up to, at that point. He was a seasoned attorney at that point, who was well-versed and experienced in the law with an impressive reputation.

You hit it off straight away. You found each other amusing and almost instantaneously developed the typical ‘old married couple’ esque relationship. You were both heavily sarcastic and your verbal sparing sessions were legendary. What you liked was that he was never scared to challenge you or insult you for that matter. He wasn’t scared of your last name unlike most who had to get to know you before getting comfortable around. Granted, that hadn’t been a problem at SVU. You very different but at the same time, you both had a lot in common.

It took six months after meeting for your relationship to turn into a banter and flirty filled friend/colleague relationship to a romantic one. You’d been physically attracted to him from the start but in a way, you were sort of glad that you had taken so long to act on your feelings. You developed a deeper more meaningful attraction and liking. You had waited because you never thought that he would like you the same way you liked him and you had assumed that he had waited so long for the same reason. Back then you would never have thought it would have also been because of your age difference.

It took six months of sexual tension and one length trial to bring you two together and you hadn’t been apart since. From their lead to what is now a three-year relationship. You’d moved in with each other after a year and he had proposed to you on your third anniversary a few months back. You both couldn’t be happier. You were now twenty-eight years old and he was approaching his fortieth birthday.

The age difference rarely came up. In fact, since the day you had met, you’d only actually ever thought about it handful of times. If you were honest, you never really felt it. You and Rafael had so much in common that you never ran out of things to do and or talk about. You’d always dated older men, granted none of them twelve years older. It didn’t really bother you. The way you saw it was he was the same age as your older sister Erin, who wasn’t that old despite all the jokes you made at her expense and he wasn’t closer in age to your Father than he was to you so you didn’t see the problem.

You loved him and he loved you. Twelve year was nothing really. What was twelve years compared to the lifetime you’d get to spend together? You had always assumed that Rafael felt the same way about the issue, despite never really talking about it. Maybe, you should have and that way you wouldn’t have been so surprised when it was brought up.

“And where are you going?” Rafael asked, curious, looking up from his book as you stepped into the room.

“An impromptu bachelorette party.” You informed as you smoothed out your shorts and shirt as you quickly glanced at yourself.  

“For who?” he asked, putting the book down and looking directly at you now by turning his head to the side.

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sad Kakashi scenario

I thought this was good, but I don’t know now. 

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Gazing at his reflection in the mirror, Kakashi inhaled slowly, taking the deep breath in with the hope of displacing the heavy weight that was had been bearing down on his chest for the last four days. Though he knew that all of his attempts would be in vain, he still tried, well aware that he was going to have to be presentable for at least the next six hours, and the sharp pain in his chest was not going to help him one bit in these following hours. Right then, he was at a point where he wish he had become numb, where he couldn’t feel the heaviness of the reality that he was now living, but he was still very much in a state of shock with every little moment that passed bringing upon a different pain, each worse than the last.

Straightening out his tie, the man worked on his appearance, trying to ignore the fact that his entire world had fallen apart in a matter of mere hours. Everything still felt surreal to him, like he was just stuck in some strange sort of Purgatory where he couldn’t move forward and escape the all these terrible things. Kakashi had run through the last four days over and over and over again, but nothing felt right; nothing felt true. He knew that he hadn’t come to grips with it all just yet, but by the end of the day, he was going to have face everything whether he was ready or not. Still as he stood in front of the mirror, making sure that he looked his best for this funeral, he couldn’t get over the fact…

He couldn’t accept that you had been killed in a car wreck and now he had to carry on and raise your nine year old daughter all by himself.

It didn’t make sense to him. How could everything have gone so wrong in such a short period of time? He remembered seeing you call his phone, though he hadn’t been able to pick it up at the time, but still, you left a voicemail saying you and Karina were coming home and that you would meet him at the house for dinner. You even left the familiar phrase at the end, the one that he was now just learning that he had been taking for granted the last 15 years, “Alrightly, well I’ll see you soon. Remember, I love you, okay?” It all seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, but then, not even twenty minutes later, he got a call from the hospital, saying that both his wife and his daughter had been in a fatal collision and that he needed to come immediately.

The rest of that night was just a complete blur of memories in Kakashi’s mind now. There were bits and pieces that he remembered, but a lot of it just didn’t stay with him; truth be told, he only remembered two main moments from that night. He recalled the doctors handing him Karina, because by some miracle she had only sustained a minor concussion and some various bruising. But in that moment, she didn’t even look like his child; she was completely terrified, clutching onto him for dear life, too afraid to even loosen her grip on her father for more than a second as they waited in the emergency room. She was a far, far different child than the one he had raised and come to know. And then he remembered an exhausted surgeon coming out in the middle of the night and telling him that you didn’t make- that your injuries were too great and your heart couldn’t within stand them or the surgery. They tried to save you, but you were too far gone when you arrived at the hospital, and that they sent their sympathy to him and Karina.

And that was it. That was all Kakashi could recall from the night you died.

Since then, he had played that last voicemail at least a hundred times, just listening to that soft hum of your voice, knowing that there was a gentle smile upon your lips as you spoke it. It used to be a common practice everyday between the two of you, but now that quiet little recording was all he had left of you- and that was something he was just beginning to face.

With a glance to his watch, Kakashi knew that it was time for him and Karina to begin their way to the church. He wanted some time to prepare your daughter for the things she might hear; he knew she was suffering too, and facing a crowd of people offering their condolences was not something was going to help her in her healing, but it was something that had to be done, and so he called out to her, “Karina, sweetheart, where are you?”

Though no answer came.

His daughter had never been the loudest, but Kakashi had noticed that within the last few days she had been especially quiet, only speaking to him, and even when she did, it was soft and short. What was he expecting though? She had just lost her mother, one of the few who had molded her into the child she was. There were many ways to grieve, and maybe Karina’s was just to keep silent, and for the while being, he was going to allow it.

Knowing that his best chance was to go and find her, Kakashi made his way down the hall, which was now illuminated with sunlight as the morning broke through the small windows scattered throughout the home. It brought a warmth into the house that had been missing, and for a moment made him feel as if he wasn’t about to experience one of his hardest day of his entire life, though it did last only a moment. As he walked down the hallway, he remembered that it was you who fell in love with this home, because of this brightness that these little windows delivered into the house, but now it was a memory that he pushed away, not wanting to get caught up in everything right before he had to leave. And so, reaching the back of the house, he took a second to just look out the large glass door and to the porch, where his daughter sat nearly motionless save for a few ginger hand motions. There on her lap was one of the small stray neighborhood cats curled up, relishing in the morning sun and the attention from Karina. There was a part of Kakashi that didn’t want to bother her, knowing that this was as close to normal as she was going to get, but they also needed to be getting ready to go, so he slowly opened the door.

As she heard the door slide, your nine year old looked back to her father, and tried to give a small smile, but one never came.

“How are you?” Kakashi asked, more as a ritual greeting than a question as he came and sat down next to her.

She just shrugged, her frown still evident. Kakashi could tell that she was struggling, but she was also his child, so she was going to hide it as much as she could. Brushing her bangs out of her bloodshot eyes, she spoke up to him, “I’ve got to make sure that she’s fed- we’ve been kinda slacking on her and the others the last couple days, so….” your child trailed off a bit as she glanced back down to the stray in her lap.

“Well, I’m sure the other neighbors are helping them- making sure they’re fed and everything.”

Karina just shook her head for a moment, “I know, but…” she stopped herself, “Mom always said it was our job to make sure they had just a little each day, because we never know if they’ll get another meal, and we can’t let them go hungry…” she spoke, trying to focus on one of the more mundane things about her little life, staying as far away from the reality of everything for a long as she could.

A small smile came upon Kakashi’s face for a moment, seeing his child’s empathy, but as almost everything that morning, it quickly faded as the truth needed to come out. With a glance to her, he did his best to be gentle, “You know it’s about time for us to leave. We have to make sure that we get to the church on time.” the father’s voice was soft, not quite sure on what his daughter’s reaction would be throughout the day.

Though at that moment, Karina didn’t even give him a reaction. She simply fell silent and looked out into the backyard.

Immediately, Kakashi took note of her avoidance, “Baby girl, I know it’s not going to be easy, but…” he faltered, wanting to give her something that would help her through all of this, but not really having an answer.

Still, she said nothing.

“Karina, it’s time.”

Looking away from him, she just shook her head, fighting back tears with every fiber of her being, “No, I don’t want to go, Dad…” she admitted. Letting her hair fall back into her face, she just continued to shake her head, “Please don’t make me go…” she cried out quietly. “I-I don’t want to go to Mom’s funeral. I-I….” she began crying harder, tears beginning roll down her little face and onto her black dress.

Instantly, Kakashi felt his heart break even more than it already been. “Shh, shh, c’mon here,” he offered up gently as he pulled her in close to him and hugged onto her. As he held onto her, he could her breathing quicken and her chest heave as the tears never seemed to stop. Trying to calm her down, he kissed the top of her head, “Karina, I need you to take a deep breath.”

She just continued to shake her head, still very much in denial about the whole thing. “N-no.” she breathed out as she balled her fists in his jacket, “I-If we go,  then that means she’s really gone, and I don’t want her to be gone. I don’t want Mom to be gone; I want her to come home and be with us….” she continued to cry. “I want Mom, I want to change what happen- W-why can’t we change it? W-why couldn’t the doctor’s save her? They saved me, why couldn’t they save her?” the questions just flooded out as the child finally broke.

Almost at tears at this point himself, Kakashi just continued to hold on tight to his daughter, knowing that this right here might have been the hardest moment of everything. “I know you miss her and you just want Mom to come back, but sometimes we don’t get what we want, no matter how much we wish for it. We can’t change what happened, Karina, it’s not how things work…”

Looking up from his chest, she asked a question that finally broke him,“But, but how are we going to live without her, Dad…?”

Frowning, he shook his head as he admitted the truth, “I don’t know yet…” he trailed for a moment, “But, we will, and we’re going to be just fine. I promise, Karina…”  

Strangers ~ A Byun Baekhyun Series

Not requested

Genre: Angst // Romance - in later chapters

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

{Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five} {Chapter six} {Chapter seven} {Chapter eight} {Chapter nine} {Chapter ten} {Chapter eleven} {Epilogue}

You slowly walk up to the front door of the condo you’ve been sharing with Baekhyun for the past two years. For the past year and a half, it had been amazing. Waking up next to him, while he sleeps with a slight pout on his face. From morning kisses and spooning in bed, to back hugs in the kitchen. Secret dates out in public as you both tried to keep you identities hidden. Group dates with the rest of EXO as they made fun of your relationship while both being happy for you and jealous of Baekhyun. But for the past six months, things went downhill. Your relationship went downhill. He started spending more time at the dorm for late night working. With promotions and touring, he barely had any time for you. He started ignoring your calls and text messages, then throwing you a quiet “sorry, I was busy” when he actually did come home to your questions about him ignoring you. Sure, he still slept next to you, ate with you (when he actually was home) and gave you kisses, (rarely) but something was different about him. It seemed like he stopped caring. It seemed like the two of you were married, but out of love. Like a married couple who only stayed together and pretended to be happy for the sake of their children. 

What happened?

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Alone (e)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one

Chanyeol, where are you?”

You were perched on the edge of a swinging chair on the porch of Chanyeol’s family home, staring down at the waves of soft silk that made up the beautiful gown you were wearing. In ten minutes, you were supposed to be walking down the aisle in the beautifully decorated garden in front of so many guests.

I’m like one minute away babe, stop panicking!” Chanyeol’s voice replied softly in your head, like a warm caress against your cheek. It had been nearly six months since you bonded and yet every time his voice echoed around in your head, your heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. His effect on you was still so strong.

Rolling your eyes, you pushed off the swing and got to your feet, wobbling a little in the heels you’d been forced into. “You know if you’re late to the wedding, your whole family is going to be queueing up to kill you,” you told him, leaning against one of the pillars to hold yourself up on two feet.

I’m not going to be late,” he insisted quickly in your head and you could imagine the innocent smile that went with it.

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anonymous asked:

For the prompts 1-150, can you write number 40 and 97?!?!? For nessian, please and thank you! Reading your stories makes me so happy and they cure the need for this ship that needs more fanfic! Thank you once again!

Okay 40 - “Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it.”  and 97 -  “I don’t need a hero, I need a husband.”

Thank you anon, I am so grateful for the incredible response I’m getting to my writing!! It’s unreal! Thank you. <3 

(Also this is going to be small they are supposed to be drabbles not full fics hahahaha - but of course I always get carried away) 

“Where the hell were you?” 

Nesta’s words were as harsh as she could muster. She channeled all her worry and despair and turned it to anger. 

Cassian had been gone. For a week. Not one sign from him to her, or to anyone else, not even Rhysand. He had just disappeared for an entire week after saying he was going to “attend to a problem” in the border. Whatever the fuck that meant, she knew it was dangerous, and that he should not have gone alone. She barely slept all week, didn’t work one day, and she knew the rest of the Court of Dreams weren’t different. What had gone into his head that he would do something like this, she didn’t know, but she was damn pissed at him for it. 

She had been waiting, sitting in their living room, just like she had done in the past six days. She sat on the armchair facing the door of their apartment and waited for him to come home. He looked like he was dying, but he was walking just fine on his own, so she didn’t get up to help him. 

“I was…” 

“I hope,” she said, her nostrils flaring, “That you’re about to tell me you were unconscious for the past week and couldn’t get in contact with us.” 

“I was at the border. There was - a problem.” 

Nesta hissed.

“And how important was this problem that you couldn’t tell me you were alive once a day?”

“There was a group of spies trying to get here -from the continent. I had to find and kill them all. I couldn’t risk using magic to reach you and have them track where anyone was.” 

He talked like there was nothing wrong with what he did, like it was natural and normal. 

“I can’t believe you did this, Cassian. That isn’t even your job! Shouldn’t Azriel handle these things?” 

He shrugged. Shrugged. Nesta’s blood boiled in her veins, and she didn’t care that he was beaten up, she would make him listen. He sprawled on the couch once he realized she wasn’t going to get up. 

“You can sleep here tonight,” she said, getting up and walking toward the bedroom. 

“I’m sorry, Nesta.” 

“Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it.”

Cassian sighed, like he had any right. She bared her teeth. 

“Do you know how I was, how we all were, while you were out playing hero?” 

He snorted. 

“I’m sorry,” he said, raising his voice. “If I am a hero, Nesta. If I went there alone to keep you and everyone else safe.”

“I don’t need a hero, Cassian, I need my husband! Here, alive and with me!”

She was outright screaming, and when she was done talking, she was panting, her hands shaking fists on each side of her body. Cassian’s eyes went from her eyes to her hands, and then back. He got up and walked to her slowly, his shoulders falling in defeat. 

“I’m sorry, Nes,” he daid softly, and she knew he meant it. He hugged her, and she resisted for a second, but his warmth close to her, so here and real… She couldn’t not hug him, smell him, kiss his cheeks. He was smiling lightly when she pulled back to look at him. 

“Don’t fucking do this again,” she said, pointing a finger to his face. He laughed.

“No, my filthy mouthed love, I won’t do it again. Promise.” 

She was satisfied with the answer, and hugged him again. 


Requested by @ deannanovakwinchester 

Warning: violence, kidnapping, torture etc

Summary: The reader is kidnapped and Merlin goes off to find her without Arthur knowing.

A/N: I really like this prompt. I’m trash, bye.

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Since this will likely affect my blogging in some fashion, I want to give everyone a heads up about it.

As some of you guys know, I started a new job at my company this year that’s a lot more demanding and is located much further from where I live, hence my recent scarcity.

Yesterday morning I came into work and found out that thanks to changes in my contract and job position, my current apartment will have to cancel my lease and make me sign a new one, which would entail spending almost an entire paycheck’s worth of money just to keep living in my current, not-so-great place.

I had wanted to shoot to move to a new apartment in the same area this fall after I had a chance to save up some cash, but unfortunately I need to make a decision soon since my current apartment’s rent is paid up through the end of June, and then I’ve gotta cough up the money or gtfo.

Basically, I’m looking to move within the next six weeks.

Now, this is both good and bad.


  • bigger place with cheaper rent!
  • the ability to get good internet without having to share with the whole building!
  • slightly thicker walls!
  • still close to friends and my usual haunts!
  • won’t lose my apartment if I change to a job at a different company!
  • can still get a seat on the train to work in the morning!
  • with the move finished, I can save more effectively to build my new PC!
  • I wanted to move anyway!


  • move out and move in fees
  • will have to buy a bunch of new appliances
  • have to contact all of my utilities and get them stopped and restarted
  • my internet bill will go up
  • will have to find time to go see open apartments
  • need to find/pay for a guarantor
  • my shit will actually need to be physically moved
  • will have to let immigration, my insurance provider, my employer, the post office, everyone who sends me mail, basically the entire world my new address

Ideally I’ll be able to take the open apartment at a building really close to my current one so that my dear friends the Nates can help me carry my stuff the one block to the new place, but we’ll have to see how things go.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about what’s going on in case down the line I fall off the map for a bit or something.

Baekhyun - Play (II)

Originally posted by parkchny

Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, ?

; i know you’re looking at me, but you’re not looking at me.

meet the heartbreaker himself.

masterlist // get to know me

     Days have gone by since you’ve first met Nana and though it seemed Baekhyun had left you to catch up with her, nothing changed after that. Baekhyun still called you late at night and allowed you to have a spare key to his luxurious apartment. Heartbreak most definitely cured by a few intimate moments with him.

     Sleepless nights where he called you with that sweet voice of his would continue on in a different bed that was as familiar to you as your own. The pillow and sheets had your scent all over it, the soft and teasing perfume you knew Baekhyun liked to inhale in when he placed kisses on your body.

“I’ve missed you,” Baekhyun says as he kisses you.

     Both of you were in bed, naked and tired from the aftermath of great sex. You aren’t surprised when Baekhyun starts to leave ghost like kisses on your face. It soothes you, giving you butterflies in your stomach. Baekhyun continues to kiss you as he sees your heavy eyes start to close.

     Right before he leans in again and you fall into deep sleep, Baekhyun stares at you for a long second. Eyes bearing into your soul with something that wasn’t lust, something indefinable, something you’ve never seen before. At the moment he places his lips, you fall asleep, but you feel his lips against yours moving slowly and sweetly, deadly to your emotion. Sleep is unbeatable as you struggle to stay awake and enjoy this moment. Before you could lose all memories of his meaningful kisses, you taste the faint flavour of his favourite mints.

     He kissed you and not in the way he would when you made love. It was somewhere lost between love and confusion; somewhere Baekhyun may have lost himself just as you had with him.

     Sleep engulfs you whole, erasing the very last thoughts on your mind; what does his kiss mean.

     It was quite unusual to wake up next to Baekhyun after a passionate night. He would often wake up early and head to the gym or just stay somewhere else in his huge apartment.

     He had an angelic and pure aura to him as he slept. It was hard for you to keep your own lips away from his, seeing how adorable he was, but you couldn’t keep yourself away from touching him in some way.

     You move close to him, letting go of the blanket and allowed it to show your naked body.  Baekhyun was sound asleep as you brush away his messy hair from his forehead, his soft brown locks falling through your fingers. You were pushing back his hair away from his face when his hand stops you.

“You know I can’t ever resist a head caress, dear,” Baekhyun says, voice slightly deeper and groggy from sleep.

“I… I just wanted you to sleep well,” you stutter as you see Baekhyun looking at you.

     You were both still naked from last night, but before you brushed his hair back, you uncovered yourself from the blanket, fully exposing your naked body. You immediately grab a blanket and hide your body from him, embarrassed of what he could have seen.

     Baekhyun chuckles, “I’ve seen the whole of you before, babe.”

“Yeah, but not in light,” you tell him, looking away from him.

     There is a silent moment after you speak. He brings his hand towards your chin and faces you towards him. An endearing look on his eyes as he slowly tries to remove the blanket from your body.

“I bet it’ll just make you prettier,” he says, making you drop your hold on the blanket, showing your body to him.

“You don’t ever have to be afraid of me,” Baekhyun whispers, “I’ll love every part of you.” He leans in and kisses you once again like last night. Which one from last night you don’t remember, but the feeling is familiar yet different like as if it was lost in between.

Love Me//Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, I don’t know call it what you will

Summary:  You drank a little too much and couldn’t help but confess what you were thinking.

Author’s Note: I just love bambam im sorry

xoxo Sara

If it were the first time, you would have been fine.

If it were the third time, you would have been okay.

But as what was the eighth time rolled around, you were well passed the point of accepting the fact that he had given you up.

Maybe you were too sensitive. Maybe it was all in your head. But for some reason, you couldn’t help but think of all of the times that you and Bambam would sit on the couch, cuddling under the dim light while a movie played in the background, his hand tangled in your hair while yours rested on his chest.

You thought he liked you. After the other six had convinced you of it, you finally felt positive that he liked you.

But when he came into the apartment with a girl wrapped around his arm, you knew you were wrong.

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Kol Mikaelson & Kai Parker | Imagine

Request: (Y/N) has a child from both, Kai and Kol. They try to convince her who will be the better partner and father.

A/N: Yeah, Kol can’t have kids actually. But what’s impossible in the TO and TVD universe anyway? ;) And sorry that’s so long. I drifted of a bit. 

Warnings: insulting (a bit/ kind of) | slight “dirty talk” (not really to be honest)

You weren’t sure if this was a good idea. But, whatever you’d choose to do, it would end in chaos anyway, so why not trying to get along with it?

Kai and Kol were your former love interests and both of them got you pregnant. Thinking about it, it was quite weird, but you had a thing for this type of men. 

To top this state of weirdness, both of them suggested to have a day off with both of your sons. You’d love them to spend time with their dads, but at the same time? You weren’t certain if this was a good idea.

Isaac and Zac were actually raised as brothers, they didn’t know they had different dads since there were only three and six. Plus, they’ve either never met one of them or, in Zac’s case, were believed to be just a friend of yours. It was so complicated.

You sighed as you got all the stuff you’ll need. Zac, the older one, chased Isaac through the small apartment. The latter started screaming, but fortunately it sounded rather joyfully. You couldn’t need another fight between the two, it would be tensed up between Kol and Kai already. You wouldn’t want to take care of two pairs of kids.

You just wanted to call for them as the door bell rang. Nervously, you opened it, seeing both of them in the door frame made your heartbeat pacing faster. Kai smiled cheekily, pulled you into a hug. Kol was more reserved. He came closer slowly, smiling somewhat tricky. The next second some beautiful flowers came into your view. 

“Crawler”, Kai muttered but Kol ignored him. “I remember you adored them”, Kol smiled. “Uh, thanks”, you said and blushed. “I’ll get a vase.” As you dealt with the flowers, the boys recognized someone just arrived. 

“Uncle Kol!”, Zac called. They’ve seen each other before, but you didn’t bring it to telling the truth. How would you intodruce them properly anyway? Kol was dead a while ago and Kai was caught in a prison world. How do you explain that?

“Well, look at you. You’ve grown so much.” You couldn’t help but smile at Kol’s behaviour with his son. Isaac was a bit more shy - nothing like his dad actually. He took hold of your leg, shying away at the sight of a stranger. 

Kai went to his knees. “And you are?” “’zaac.” He murmured into the fabric of your jeans. “No, love. That’s your brother. Your name’s Isaac.” He nodded in agreement. 

“Oh, what a wonderful name. To you like some magic tricks, Isaac?” Kai asked which earned an eager nod.

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Title: Soup

Pairing: Daisuga

Warning: Omegaverse, and everything that comes with it.

Notes: I got a few people requesting I do another daisuga omegaverse fic, and so I did. Here is the first one [x]. I’ll probably write a few more, longer ones, and let me know if there is something you want to see and I’ll try my best to make it happen! :D Thanks.

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Untitled for now

MC got it! Her happily ever after with Yoosung and life couldnt have been better. Its been six months since the hacker incident and everything had been going great for so long that she almost forgot how bad things could turn.

Getting ready to leave the apartment to run a few errands before Yoosung got back from school MC went through her checklist.

“Hair brushed, teeth brushed, house keys, wallet… I think that’s everything,” locking the door on her way out she set off at a slow pace.

The store was only a few blocks away and the spring weather made it extremely pleasant to walk. Passing by different stores she could see and smell all the amazing fruits and flowers that were in season.

After stopping by a bakery that sold the sweetest pastries MC decided to surprise Yoosung with his favorite dinner tonight.

Before MC even knew it she was at the grocery store and getting a basket to pick up the things she would need. A few aisles later though she started to feel the tingling sensation of the hair on the back of her neck begin to stand as if someone was watching her. A quick glance around showed nothing out of the ordinary, just a couple arguing over the price of tomatoes; an old man flipping through coupons; and a younger man with a ball cap and jacket looking at the salads but she couldn’t shake that feeling away.

While pretending to brows the oranges on the shelves MC tried to discreetly look for her phone to text Yoosung to pick her up but came up but no matter how many times she checked every pocket she couldn’t find it.

Getting more distressed since the feeling of being watched only seemed to grow the longer she was in the store MC decided to just leave her basket on the ground and get home as fast as possible.

The streets were even more crowded as she left and the people were so congested they felt like they were pressing into her from all sides. The fear of being stalked made it even harder to breathe in the crowd and the smell of so many people wasn’t helping either.

Just as the light turns green someone bumps into her but stops her fall by quickly putting an arm tightly around her waist. As MC turns her head to say ‘thank you’ she notices exactly whom has their arm around her and as she is about to scream in terror Saeran leans his whole body against her back and quietly whispers into her ear “ Make even one facial expression that you are scared of me and I will shoot you now and then go wait for your pretty boyfriend to come home from school and cut him up until all of his blood is drained.” A little louder he says “Hey babe, sorry to startle you but class ended early and I wanted to surprise you.”

After getting a small nod and smile from MC Saeran startes leading her to a parked car. Saeran puts on a show for the people around talking the whole way about how happy he is to surprise her and making it look like he’s a dutiful boyfriend steering her around with and his hand in her hip hard enough to bruise, opening the car door for her and making sure she is tightly buckled with a stern look that definitely means not to make a sound or move an inch before getting in himself.

As soon as his door is shut Saeran hands her a rough blindfold, “Put this on, give me your hand and dont forget to smile.” Doing as he says MC gives him the best smile she can force out while holding down her pastry and putting on the blindfold.

Reaching her hand out into the air MC feels Saeran slip his fingers into hers and squeezes her hand painfully to pull her hand to his mouth to gently kiss her knuckles and leave it around the back of his neck as if she were playing with his hair.

Feeling to car start to move MC pulls her courage together and timidly gets her throat to open up enough to ask, “Where are you taking me?”

Before I write anymore I would love to know what anyone thinks of this so far. From here in out I have a lot of extremely graphic ideas but im not sure if this is something anyone would be interested in to begin with. Please let me know your thought no matter how harsh.

Originally posted by jimin-nim

Seokjin - 

Your storytelling was what caught the attention of Big Hit. You made everything flow together and for Seokjin, he was glad your skill was getting recognized. He did his best and asked that the others do the same. When each scene was shot, from the dancing to the acting you were always encouraging instead of harsh. He knew they were probably getting special treatment but he was glad. And when they watched it and saw how you made the story unfold, he didn’t know you did music videos and not movies.

Originally posted by dangerously-jamless

Yoongi -

You were renown for your concepts. You could read through a sheet of lyrics and already have six different ways to present them. You were directing for a song that he helped write and he noticed you were being a lot more involved than you normally would. It made him proud that his lyrics could inspire you like this. The concept was sharp and attention grabbing. It was something he wasn’t sure anyone had done before and he looked forward to seeing your praise.

Originally posted by wonhobe

Hoseok -

Your stylized use of lights and effects set you apart from the majority of directors. Your work always had a distinct feel. You were never a harsh director but you did have standards. He wasn’t worried about that but had some fears about being able to show off and handle what a good director you were. He’d do his best though, he wanted to make you proud and show you what an amazing dancer he was. He struggled a bit with the acting up you knew how to handle that. When he got to watch the music video he was in awe of what you could do and hoped this would spark a partnership with his company.

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Namjoon -

Your cinematography was inspiring. You made it like a dance all on it’s own. When you directed, there was a grace to you that no one could quite copy. Namjoon found it to be an absolute pleasure to work with you. He wanted to see the professional side of you. He loved seeing the differences in your normally smiling persona versus someone who was there only to work and give your partner some of your best work.

Originally posted by itsvanillish

Jimin -

You didn’t play around and exploit your cast when you were directing. It would have been easy to have your boyfriend acting sexy but you weren’t using him like that. Your music videos were often mature and had a solemn feeling. Some critics outright called them depressing but you never cared. Watching your MVs was like watching a movie and it could bring just about anyone to tears. You made use of his contemporary dance background instead and when recording came to a close, he found himself excited to see the finished piece.

Originally posted by parkjmxn

Taehyung -

You made actors out of musicians. It was your talent to draw out the skills hidden beneath what they already knew they could do. Taehyung was excited to work with you, you knew about his desires to be an actor and you did your best to show off his natural talent and the skills he built. He was the main character in the theme and you were both surprised at how well you could bring out his talent. When the group watched it for the first time, everyone was silent. You made each of them look like seasoned Hollywood actors and it felt like you had opened a new door for the group.

Originally posted by dream-bts

Jungkook -

You were a new director on the scene, hot blooded and driving your seniors up the wall. Your skills had surpassed anyone’s expectations and so Big Hit scooped you up as quickly as possible. You made working on the set fun and recording was lighthearted instead of severe. That didn’t mean you weren’t serious about it by any means. Jungkook found himself falling in love again when he saw how passionate you were.

Welcome to LA

by mldrgrl

Rated NC-17

Pairing: Hank Moody/Stella Gibson

Summary: Stella takes Hank up on his offer to look him up if she’s ever in LA.  A sequel to The Adventure of The Lady Detective and The Writer and will probably make more sense if you’ve read it first.

The Porsche crawled up Pacific Coast Highway at a snail’s pace.  Hank downshifted restlessly, coming to a full stop behind the line of cars trying to move north.  Southbound traffic breezed by.  His cell phone rang and he lifted his hip to pull it out of his back pocket without bothering to check the number.

“Talk to me,” he said.

“Hank Moody?” asked a quiet voice bearing a hint of an English accent.

“Who dis who ask who dat?”

“Come, Watson, the game is afoot.”

Hank grinned into the phone and relaxed back in his seat.  “That you, Sherlock?”

“Good of you to remember.”

“I never forget a woman of beauty and mystery, such as yourself.  Especially one with magnificent tits.”

“I’m quite sure you’ve said the same to many women.”

“Only the ones with magnificent tits.  And they have to call six months later and ask me first.  What can I do you for, Sherlock?”

“As it happens, I’m in LA for the weekend.”

“And you looked me up?  I’m flattered.”

“Perhaps you’d like to meet for a drink.”

The car in front of Hank inched forward and he held the phone with his shoulder to reach for the stick shift.

“Where are you staying?” he asked.

“The Sofitel on Beverly.”

Instead of moving ahead, Hank leaned his head out the window to check for oncoming traffic and then quickly pulled a u-turn when it was clear to head to Beverly Hills.

“Give me forty-five minutes,” he said.

“I’ll be in the lounge.”  She hung up and he slipped his phone back into his pocket before shifting into third.

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Arcade Fire’s Win Butler: ‘I still feel like the next thing we do could change the world’

In the excellent documentary The Refkletor Tapes (in theaters now), famed indie band Arcade Fire open up about making their smash 2013 album and touring the world. Below, frontman Win Butler, EW shares behind-the-scenes stories with EW, and talks about what’s next for the band.

Why did you want to make a documentary at this point?
The Clash is one of my favorite bands, but they broke up long before I could see them. So I had to cobble together a sense of who they were as a live band from weird promo footage and snippets of documentary. People come to groups at different points in their career; it’s something I’ve always been acutely aware of. If someone watches this in 20 years, they’ll get a sense of our world.

Tell me about the decision to work with [director] Khalil Joseph. This is his first feature-length film.
We got into his work while we were recording in Jamaica, at the beginning of the process of Reflektor. He’s got such a strong point of view, and he makes these music videos that exist really outside the parameters of the traditional video. They always capture something about the record or the world around the artist. He wasn’t familiar with us as a band before, but that ended up helping I think. He was able to come at it from a much more alien perspective.

One thing I loved from the recording sessions was that the band wore the face paint from tour even when the tracks were being built.
Even when we went to Jamaica we had ideas of what the album art could be or what the stage show could be. Part of the whole process was bringing the whole world of our vision into existence. It’s kind of like you’re developing those ideas at the same time you’re developing the music. I’m extremely into the digital era of music, but I miss album artwork. I feel like that’s a really essential part of the whole thing. I know there’s been a trend to do surprise releases and its cool and everything, but for me, as a fan, I like the lead-up. The promo of an album — you’ve heard snippets of music and you’re willing to go there with a band and see what they’ve gotten into — is a sense of possibility that I love.

The Reflektor promo certainly played into that. You guys did street-art campaigns, booked shows as the Refkletors…
It probably would have been the shortest promo campaign of 1991 but by today’s standards it felt really long. And it was really the first time we’d done it as well. Normally we finish a record and jam it out a month later. But we sort of knew from the outset of this project it was going to be something different, so we had to do it a little bit differently.

The film focuses on performing at Carnival in Haiti. How did people there connect to your style of music?
Six or seven years ago, we played a show three hours north of Port-au-Prince and realized the crowd didn’t have the same [musical] touchstones. They didn’t necessarily care about the Beatles; they responded to songs differently. We’d been playing some songs for so long they’d become muscle memory, but suddenly they felt new. And we met these kids who we now see whenever we go. Recently I went to their apartment and it looks like mine did when I was 19: drum kit in the corner, guitars everywhere. They played their music, and it has an Arcade Fire influence, it was like a Caribbean Weezer—it was profound. There’s a potency to music that’s unlike anything, it cuts right to the spirit. Haiti reminds me of that and that relationship with Haiti will continue to inspire me in the future.

You played an entire tour as the Reflektors, playing only Reflektor tunes. How was that.
It was really cool. We would do these shows and people weren’t like, “Play ‘Wake Up’!” at the end. The show was over when the material was over and, for me, it was extremely satisfying. It felt like one of the most complete things we ever did as a band. As you get older as a band sometimes you start feeling like people want you to shut up and play the hits but we’ve always wanted it to be where with every record, if that’s all we had, that could be enough — each album can be its own world and be compelling.

The band isn’t actually on screen for a fair amount of the film.
That’s less about mystery and more about trying to explore the world around a project. There’s so much in celebrity culture that’s focused on the selfie. Our band has never been about that. Most of us can walk down the street and people don’t call out our names. I feel very lucky to have some anonymity. I’ve seen the other side of it and it doesn’t hold much interest for me.

How is the next Arcade Fire record coming along?
I have to live a little to have something to sing about, so usually we take a bunch of time. I’m pretty proud of how far we’ve made it. A lot of the great bands we started with haven’t. No drug problems, we’re happy, and I still feel like the next thing we do could change the world.

An version of this story appeared in Entertainment Weekly issue #1383, on stands Friday, Sept. 25.