and have gorgeous children

A New Chapter

Request! :) The reader and Damian have been married for a year or two and Damian tries to bring up the topic of having children. Your writing is absolutely gorgeous!

Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

You never felt more content in your life, everything had seemed to be getting better for you. Life was great.

Damian and you had been together for years and you loved him. He let you see a side of him that few others have seen, you had opened up to him as well and showed him who you really were. The day you married Damian was a magical splendid memory. It was a rather small gathering, family and close friends, oh and that includes the Justice League of course. Everything had went smoothly besides your few Bridezilla moments.

Even though you were happy it didn’t mean that you didn’t want something more and you weren’t the only one thinking about this, Damian had been pondering for weeks about this subject matter. He felt like he was reading to take the next big step, after two years of marriage he thought it was time. But there was one problem. He had no idea how to talk to you about it. Every time he tried he ended up flustered and told you to forget about it. Damian had never been this nervous in his life, as he looked down at you he knew this was the perfect moment, so he decided to gather up all his courage and get on with it.

“Y/N?” He said in his husky morning voice, you looked up at him confused. It was odd for him call you by your name, he was more of the type to call you by pet names.

“Damian?” You moved your head slightly from his shoulder to get a better look at him, he stared up at the ceiling a slight blush creeping up his neck.

“I-I’ve been thinking- no I mean…” Damian groaned, frustrated.

“Just come out with it already.” You demanded, it was too early in the morning for you to put up with his shenanigans.


The words flooded out his mouth, his eyes widened after he finished, surprised by his aggressiveness.

“Oh… wow.” You giggled at him, he looked down hesitantly at your curled form. You placed a chaste kiss on his neck and took some time to admire his anxiousness. The slight furrow in his eyebrows and the panicked gleam in his eye.

“I would love to have a baby with you.” You replied with a grin on your face, suddenly you were flipped over as Damian peppered kisses all over your face.

“I love you so much.” He halted his actions, his eyes looked down lovingly at yours, your nose touching his.

“I do too.” He leaned in and captured your lips in a sweet kiss, one to mark a new chapter of your life.


Dynasty Warriors Meme

Most Attractive Male (Shu): Fa Zheng

Doesn’t Matter To Me {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Nope. Just a personal imagine I’ve been wanting to write :) 

Warnings: None. You are safe, I have cookies. 

NOTE: This goes out to the WOC and diversity-chickadees who love them some Peter Pan/ Robbie Kay! And thank you to all the people who reached out to my notice and gave me some very helpful information to make this whole thing possible, you guys are beautiful! Now, if some of this sounds ignorant, I apologize, I made it the best way I could, and hope you guys enjoy it no less! Sorry this took literally FOREVER, I’ve kinda been a little under the weather for a while :P 

Being Light skin/Dark skin

  • Due to the lack of sunscreen, you wouldn’t spend that much time in the sun, using the explanation “I attract more sun than you, honey.” 
  • Peter didn’t care about the pigment of your skin, there was a wide variety of lost boys that were tanned or caramel or even chocolate. Being the only colored girl though is what made the situation (in your opinion) much more challenging. 
  • Him touching your natural hair, picking out twigs or leaves that made their way into it. 
  • “It’s so soft…and fluffy. Like a…”
  • “If you say a dog, imma punch you in the face.
  • From back home, you would teach Peter about hip-hop and R&B, showing him a few moves that he found kinda…interesting.
  • “The bloody hell is ‘The Whip’?”
  • “So I just raise my arm in the air, and sway side to side?”
  • Him sneezing into his arm, and you replying with “DAB!”
  • Peter looking at you with a raised eyebrow, completely confused
  • “????”
  • “Never mind.”
  • Him wanting an afro one day.
  • “Uh, yeah no. You would look ridiculous.”
  • “Why you got to hate on all dis, shawty?”
  • “…please don’t ever say that again.”
  • Him listening to Fetty Wap ONCE. 
  • “Baby, won’t you come in my direction?”
  • “It’s freaking ‘Way’, Peter! He said ‘Way’!”
  • Him non-stop touching your large/small ass. 
  • After constant tries to get him to stop, you start to like it.
  • “Y/n, I must say your lower half is quite amazing. It’s so squishy!”
  • Frightening the lost boys when you would turn full black woman.
  • Turning Peter on when you would be really loud, seeing the power you held against the lost boys. 
  • Him always making you mad on purpose just to get a reaction out of you. That reaction turning into angry/rough sex.
  • “You just love pushing my buttons, don’t you?”
  • “It keeps me going, love.”
  • Having doubts about Peter dating you because of the color difference.
  • Him reminding you that he will love you constantly, no matter what you look like.
  • “You’re skin color means nothing, love. I don’t care if you’re a primary color. All that matters is your love for me, and mine for you.”
  • Him thinking that you would make some BEAUTIFUL mixed children. And you would.
  • “Love, they would have your skin and my eyes! And possibly your hair, and smile! Can’t you just imagine?”
  • You thinking that it was a cute idea to have kids with him someday, thinking about the little bugger or buggers having his beautiful green eyes, and your gorgeous hair. 
  • Having children with him, and them being the wonderful mix you both were happy to have. 
  • One of them having your deep(light) brown eyes, will the other having his forest green eyes, both having black(brown) and curly hair. 
  • “Can you believe we made them? The mixture of colors is amazing! Look at their shade of brown, they’re absolutely stunning! We did a great job.”
  • You once coming out of the water, and your hair being more poofy, and Peter and his lost boys teasing you about it.
  • “Oh my God, she can store an army in that hair!”
  • “She looks like a black sheep!”
  • The teasing sometimes going too far to where you would stop talking to them altogether, or them having to catch these hands, or take they L and get to steppin. 
  • “Say it to my muhf*cking face!”
  • “Call me a sheep one more time, I dare you, you little f*ck!” 
  • “Bald-ass, having-ass, ashy-ass looking son of a donkey head-ass-!”
  • Peter having a field day with your sharp tongue, loving the snappy comebacks, and sass that radiated off you. 
  • You not having any of Peter’s shit when he want to start a fight you know he’s gonna loose.
  • “Who the hell you think you talking to like that? You better rethink your life choices and put some respek on my name, and calm it!” 
  • “You gon learn today, Mr.Tight-Pants, you got the wrong one.” 
  • The lost boys loving when you two would fight, loving how animated and straight up petty you were.
  • “OH, so you got a problem? Well, I had a problem about three days ago, when you decided to lock me in those damn cages, just for dancing too ‘sexually’, like dafuq?? Excuse me, did I miss that meeting on who the f*ck you think you are? You not my mama, not my daddy-”
  • “Oh so now suddenly I’m not ‘daddy’? That’s not what you said last night, sweetheart.”
  • That goddamn smirk winning almost every argument, melting you from the inside, having your knees weak. 
  • You loving the fact he doesn’t care about color, he cares about you. Taking care of you, protecting you, being his ride or die for life, because he ain’t ever gon get rid of you. 
  • “You my one and only, you know that right?” 
  • Him loving to have such a vivacious woman in his life, not making a single day of his life boring.
  • “And you are mine.” 

Being Hispanic/Latina

  • Cooking your favorite dishes from childhood for Peter.
  • Him actually liking them, loving how its spiciness burns the inside of his mouth.
  • “What is this delightful tingle in my mouth?!”
  • “That would be the jalapeno peppers, mi amor.”
  • Him smirking at the nickname. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Making the lost boys keep their tents tidy, hating messes with a passion.
  • “Make sure every dirt spot is clean!”
  • “There is dirt all around us, for Christ’s sake, Y/n!”
  • The lost boys being terrified of you whenever you were angry, but Peter absolutely adoring when you got mad.
  • Teaching Peter curse words in your language.
  • “Es una bruja cuando tiene hambre.”
  • “WHAT did you just call me???”
  • The lost boys never wanting to get anywhere near you when you’re mad, you throwing everything in sight, and cursing at anything around you in your language.
  • Not taking lip from either Peter or the lost boys, shutting down any attitude that’s given. 
  • “EXCUSE me. Who do you think you’re talking to like that?”
  • Going out with the lost boys when they go hunting, getting the most caught.
  • “Well, my little warrior has brought home the most bacon. Muy bueno.”
  • “And my chief has been practicing his Spanish. Muy MUY bueno.”
  • Him getting chills every time you would speak in your language, begging you to keep speaking it, even during sex.
  • “Aye, Papi!”
  • “Holy shit, say that again.” 
  • Peter replacing the drums for the bonfire with maracas.
  • “Was this really necessary? The drums were fine…”
  • Not all that confident in yourself, thinking you weren’t good enough for Peter.
  • Him caressing your face, making you look into his eyes.
  •  “Yo siempre te querré.”
  • You and Peter showing PDA ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Literally taking his breath away on how passionate the kiss turns, leaving him breathless and in a daze when you would pull away. 
  • When Wendy came, you would be all over him, showing the flirty girl who Peter will ALWAYS come back to, no matter what. 
  • “I’m gonna say this once and only once, understand? Don’t touch him, don’t look at him unless he asks you to, don’t you even so much as think about my man, comprende?” 
  • Peter teasing you whenever you would get possessive or jealous over him.
  • “Whoa, down chica. No need to go all loca on our new guest. You know I love my enchilada more than my white bread.” 
  • Letting Peter treat you like a flower, but also with respect and loyalty.
  • “Love, be careful, let me-”
  • “I can handle myself, niño perdido.” 
  • During bonfires, you would show off your moves, impressing both the lost boys and Peter.
  • “There’s no bloody way you can move your waist like that! It’s like you don’t have a spine!”
  • “These hips don’t lie, baby.”
  • Peter being a jealous little shit when the lost boys would constantly want to know more about you and your culture, him not liking them stealing your attention. 
  • “Why don’t you go back to flirting with your boyfriends?!”
  • “Okay, you’re gonna loose that attitude. I don’t want lost boys, I want a man. I am going to stay loyal to you because I love you. Don’t you ever forget that. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”
  • You being the one to break up fights between lost boys, shutting down the problem real quick.
  • Earning the lost boys respect, and them protecting you whenever Peter wasn’t around.
  • Basically being the mama bear, and if anyone hurt either one of your cubs was bound to be pounced on and mauled to death. 
  • “Y/n, how do you say taco in spanish?”
  • “…Taco.”
  • “HOly shit, are you serious? Pshh your language is so child’s play.” 

Being Muslim/Islamic 

  • “Why won’t you come in the water with us, Y/n?”
  • “I can’t undress in front of you. It’s just…against how I was raised.”
  • You confusing Peter on why you would ALWAYS wear long sleeves, or anything for that matter that covered your skin from anyone.
  • “Love, don’t you get hot?” 
  • “Stop calling me that. I’m fine, you all wear loads of clothing in this weather anyway. Don’t worry about me.”
  • Knowing very well that Peter was evil, but still held great respect for him and his decisions.
  • “I could care less whose heart you rip out. As long as you respect me, I will respect you.” 
  • Him wanting to understand your headscarf, your clothing, EVERYTHING about you.
  • You explaining that you can’t show your most private parts or any parts of the body below your neck unless he is family or the same gender.
  • *Raises eyebrow* “Well at this point, you cover so much to where I am almost positive we are the same sex, love.”
  • Some of the lost boys teasing you about the clothes you wear, making fun of your headscarf.
  • You never wanting to fight with any of them…
  • Until one of them threw a rock at you…that’s when you beat the living shit out of anyone in close range. 
  • Peter having to lock you in the cages for punishment, but being secretly surprised and proud to see you get violent. 
  • “Well, well, well. Looks like little miss respect finally cracked. You really did a number on my lost boys-”
  • “They had it coming to them. Back in history to today, my people were never a violent race. We never fought when we are verbally assaulted, but if we are physically harmed we have every right to fight back.” 
  • Him smirking, as he saw the dark look in your eyes. “Once I let you out, be prepared to have the most respect on this island, sweetheart.”
  •  Most of the lost boys flirting with you, but you never flirted back.
  • Peter never seeing it that way, heightening his jealousy, making him angry at you.
  • “Why must you flirt with everything in sight? Do you like toying with my emotions?”
  • “I barely even have anything to offer them, I’m covered from head to toe. The fact that you think I’m asking for the attention, or ‘playing with your emotions’ sounds like a personal issue. An issue I don’t have the patience for. Now leave my tent, I have to change.”
  • “Anything you have is nothing I haven’t seen before, just change in front of me!”
  • “Exactly, you have seen before, but you won’t see mine. You wanna know what’s underneath these clothes, you’re gonna have to put a ring on this finger.” 
  • Your relationship with Peter being very complicated, you and him never seeing eye to eye, always at each other’s throats.
  • Him loving how strong and independent you are, but it being very difficult for him to get close to you and see the woman underneath all of that clothing.
  • “Why won’t you just show me?”
  • “Why won’t you just drop it?”
  • “Do you not trust my judgement? Are you afraid I might not like what I see, is that it?”
  •  “Why does it always have to be about you? Maybe I just want to have something for myself until I find the right person who loves me for me and not my body! I wear this not only for my religion, but for MY judgment. To see who really loves a woman for who she is, and not for her body! Why do you care so much what’s underneath these clothes? Would it make a difference on how you feel about me, what-?!”
  • Him kissing you strongly to shut you up, you being surprised but slowly kissing him back.
  • Once he pulled away, he would stare deeply into your eyes, taking in every detail of your face. Not like he hasn’t memorized it already.
  • “I’ve already fallen in love with this face, and your fiery personality. I just…I want to see more…I need to see more. My imagination can only go for so long until I snap, love. I will even be satisfied with seeing you without this bloody headscarf.” 
  • With him confessing his love for you,you being relieved that you could finally share the same feelings with him. Nodding your head that he could take your scarf off. 
  • “Peter…if you do want to be with me…you’ll have to ask for my parents permission…” 
  • Him being shocked, and confused. “Y-You’re parents don’t even know that I exist, let alone will they let you be with a demon.”
  • “Well least the permission of someone I’m closest to.”
  • “And who might that be?”
  • “…You, dummy. But,” you put the headscarf back on. “I cannot be rogue of my clothing, until we are married.”
  • “Oh, come on, can’t you break religion and be free? This is Neverland, you can do whatever you want.”
  • “And I want to stick with my beliefs, and wait until marriage. If you care about me, you would wait for me.”
  • Him weighing his options, then sighing. 
  • “I want to hear you say it. Say that you love me…”
  • “…I love you, Peter Pan.” 
  • Him agreeing with your beliefs, then vanishing without another word. Leaving you to stand by yourself, and go over what just happened. You guess you had a boyfriend now.
  • Both of your eyebrow game being ON POINT 
  • You celebrating two holidays with the lost boys: Eid al-Fitr and  Eid al-Adha.
  • “What even are these holidays?” Was the most question asked by the lost boys.
  • “ Eid al-Fitr is a small celebration between friends and family. You guys. And  Eid al-Adha is a HUGE celebration which is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. Ramadan we will start first, which is where we get up real early, eat, and then go the rest of the day until sundown with no food, or water.” 
  • “….”
  • “What?”
  • “Love, we live in the woods. That’s basically how we live most of the time.”
  • You mostly spending time doing your daily five prayers. 
  • “Y/n, must you do this everyday?”
  • “Instead of criticizing, join me for once.”
  • "A demon praying? Yeah, that’s a great idea.” 
  • You coming out on top, being the fierce queen Peter had always wanted, if anyone were to give you lip, he would be there to put them in their place for you.
  • “Respect your mother. You have a problem, then why waste your heart on that kind of nonsense? I will gladly take care of it for you.” 
  • “‘Respect your mother. Heaven is under her feet’. That’s a direct quote from our prophet. In other words, what he said.” 
  • Later on in the couple of years you’ve been on the island, Peter finally swallowed his pride and asked you to marry him. To be his queen forever.
  • And after you were married, as promised, Peter’s imagination could finally come to an end. 
  • “That was not even CLOSE to what I was expecting you to look like underneath all those clothes, love.”
  • You slowly becoming insecure, glaring daggers at him as you raise up from his bed.
  • “Sorry to disappoint you…” you go to get out of his bed, but he stops you, pulling you down to where you were practically laying on top of him.
  • “Disappoint me? Y/n you made the wait so much more worth it by making me work for it. Nothing is more sweeter until you’ve actually waited and made an effort to make it happen. I am honored to be the only man to ever see you this way.” 
  • You being surprised with his response, but smiling at him lovingly, him returning the smile.
  • “Well good. Because you’re going to be seeing it a lot more often.”
  • “Oh, sweetheart…I am counting on it.” 

Being Indian/Native American 

  • You feeling like the elder of the group, if Peter or Felix wasn’t around, and treating the lost boys like your own children.
  • “Now, look up, and you see that star? That’s the North Star. Whenever you are lost, you won’t need a compass. Just follow that star to find your way home.”
  • “Love, that’s completely nonsense. We have compasses, we don’t need silly stars.” 
  • Showing the lost boys that ‘silly stars’ are just as useful as compasses, when you take them on spirit walks, journeying far into the woods, then safely making your way back without any trouble. 
  • Peter not believing it, but is impressed that you didn’t lose anybody, and still made it back safely.
  • “Luck seems to be on your side, love.”
  • “The only luck I need are the trees and the stars.”
  • Being able to outsmart Peter, actually knowing the island better than he ever could, and that ending up with him being furious. 
  • Him locking you up in the cages until you know your place, but keeping your composure the entire time, not giving in to his childish game. 
  • “Y/n, it’s been three days since you’ve eaten or drank anything! Just stop being so stubborn, so I can let you out! I don’t like seeing my lost girl like this.”
  • “The island is more angry with you, than I am.”
  • “ARH! Stop with ‘the island is saying this’ and ‘the island says that’!” 
  • Him being confused with the little accessories you wear some times (or all the time)
  • “What is this red dot on your forehead.” *licks his thumb, about to wipe it off*
  • “No! It is my bindi, you cannot wipe it off!”
  • “???Why not??”
  • You blushing a little, forgetting that you forgot to acknowledge him about him or ask his permission.
  • “It…it signifies that I am..married..”
  • “MARRIED? To who?! When were you ever going to tell me? What’s the bloody bastard’s name? I swear I will rip his heart out and he will watch me crush it, right after I-”
  • You start laughing at his rant, confusing him even more and making him angrier.
  • “Oh you think this is funny, do you?”
  • “YOU’RE funny. I am married to you, Peter.”
  • His eyes widening, then he chuckles himself, slowly hugging you to his side
  • “I don’t recall me ever asking you to, love.” 
  • “You have to? I thought anything on this island belonged to Peter Pan. So if that was the case, why not marry myself to you and make it official?” 
  • You bringing the music, and exotic food to the camp, making all the lost boys either cheer with joy, or groan from eating too much and facing the consequences.
  • “Come on, you guys, it’s not that spicy.”
  • “I for one thinks this is quite delicious, my love.” *kiss to your forehead*
  •   “Leave it to the demon to not think it’s too hot.” 
  • Teaching them the art of Bollywood. 
  • Being able to keep up with Peter, matching him in his wit and mind games, actually beating him a couple of times. 
  • “Peter Pan never fails-”
  • “Except against me, of course!” 
  • Him rolling his eyes every time you would add that in. 
  • Being confident in yourself, but whenever Wendy was around and kept staring at you, you would start to feel uncomfortably small.
  • “What is that red mark on your forehead?” *she goes to touch it*
  • *You smacking her hand away* It’s none of your business, the only thing you need to know about it is that it notifies that Peter belongs to me.”
  • “I don’t see the same on his forehead.” 
  • Peter making sure that you felt loved 24/7, that no matter what, you would always be his #1 Bollywood dancer, or his Eternal Blossom. 
  • “What is a king without his queen?”
  • “A sad, lonely man with a failed kingdom?” 
  • Him looking at you with a raised eyebrow, but the shaking his head. 
  • “Lucky guess…”
  • Both of your eyebrow game being STRONG.
  • “Mine are better, love.”
  • “You wish, I was born with perfect eyebrows. Yours took time to look like perfection, instead of caterpillars on your face.” 
  • Peter introducing you to Tiger Lily, both of you hitting it off the minute you realized you were the same. 
  • “My sister, I knew that some day Pan would trade that forsaken Wendy for a real woman. Welcome home.”

Being Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Filipino/etc. 

  • Spending a lot of time with Peter and the lost boys.
  • Literally making it your everyday mission to be around them, no matter the situation.
  • “Good morning, Peter, do you need me for anything?”
  • “Hey, Slightly, let me help you with that!”
  • “Aw, you got a cut on your knee? Allow me to use this ancient secret, my mother once taught me.” *pulls out a bandaid*
  • You sharing new holidays with the boys, having lots of food, and decorations aimed for your traditions, and FOOD. 
  • “Happy Chinese New Year!”
  • “It’s March Equinox!”
  • “Spring Equinox!”
  • “Sea Day!”
  • “Love, how many of these holidays are we celebrating???”
  • Sharing lots of foods from your home.
  • “So all this is basically raw fish, animals, and noodles?” 
  • “Yeah, great way to dumb it down…”
  • You kinda wanting to go home, due to your strong love and loyalty to your family, and feeling ashamed that you just disappeared without a goodbye. 
  • “Peter…I’d like to go home and see my family…please.” 
  • Him with eyebrows raised high to the sky, confused beyond belief.
  • “You can’t leave. This is your home, we are your family now.”
  • You not going with that response, and keep on trying to persuade him, only making him angrier. 
  • That anger leading into a huge argument, which leads to rage (or tears) and storming away from him without another word. 
  • Peter feeling awful that he yelled at you and you were just worried about your family. He went looking for you, and found you sleeping by a tree, traces of tears upon your pale(or non-pale) face. 
  • Making up later on after he took you back to his tent, him not being able to stay mad at your adorable face (visa versa) 
  • “You’re just too…what’s that word you used earlier?”
  • “Kawaii?”
  • “No the other one, the cuter sounding one. The one where it sounds like you sneezed.”
  • “B-…Baka?” 
  • “Yeah that one! You’re just too baka.”
  • “????”
  • Being like a mother to the lost boys, them being your many many children you love looking after.
  • Whenever Peter wasn’t around, they would go to you, unless they came to Felix first.
  • Felix, even though he was much older than you, saw you as a big sister or a role model, on the account of how loving you are one second, and then inhumanly strict on the next. 
  • “Jacob! Feet off the table!” *smacks with a stick* 
  • 5 seconds after he put his feet down…
  • Kamsa-hamnida, dasom!” *cute smile*
  • Peter loving how motherly you are, almost making him wonder how you would mother your own son or daughter
  • Knowing he wants to have a child with you, but the idea not really sitting with you in the right way.
  • “I just don’t think we’re ready, Peter. A baby is a big responsibly, and you’re just not in the right position for one. Neither am I.”
  • “Y/n, what do you mean? Of course I’m in the right position, what does that even mean? Do you just not want to have a baby with me? Is that it?” 
  • Instead of that thought making him mad, it actually makes him really upset.
  • You immediately rushing over to him, hugging him tightly.
  • “Peter no, of course not. I do want to have a child with you, some day, but…for right now, I like taking care of boys who won’t ever grow up. And picture that being a new born. You wanna stay changing diapers forever?” 
  • Even though Peter is the leader, you make him participate in the chores the lost boys have to do.
  • “Peter, you can help wash the laundry, since you’re not doing anything.”
  • Him scoffing “This is my island, I don’t have to-”
  • “Love-”
  • “Y/n-”
  • “ALRIGHT! I’ll do the stupid laundry..” 
  • You actually being the dominant one, and him having a love/hate feeling on that.
  • “I’m gonna make a man out of you, Peter Pan.”
  • Y/n-”
  • “I’m going to take you to a whole new world!”
  • “ENOUGH with the puns, or I swear to God-”
  • “Anime? Manga-what are these words you are saying to me? Why is this book backwards?? Why the bloody hell is their… EVERYTHING so big!”
  • “Look at the bloody boobs on these girls! What kind of book is this???”
  • You and him having weird conversations, involving where you come from, and what your life was like, and sometimes it leads to your flaws.
  • “Who is this ‘Godzilla’?”
  • “What is this ‘Karate Kid’? Is it a type of snack?”
  • “Why are your boobs so tiny? You are just a load of tiny aren’t you? You know Wendy-”
  • “I’M gonna stop you right there, you jackass! Sorry my breasts aren’t at the size of your liking, maybe you should start looking at my eyes once in a while! But I’ll be damned if you start comparing me to that blonde, bubbled-headed,  busuyariman,  warugaki ,  kuchikitanai ,  kusomajime-”
  • Peter taking every ounce of your foreign curse words, with an amused smirk, actually writing some of them down. 
  • Him having to kiss you deeply to stop your ranting, leaving you a blushing mess.
  • “…You gotta warn me when you’re going to do that…”
  • “Aw, but where’s the fun in that? You’re bloody adorable when you’re embarrassed.”
  • No matter how much you and Peter annoy each other 24/7, you two can’t deny that you love each other unconditionally. 
  • Teasing and trolling Peter when you would speak in your other language, because he’d have no idea what you were saying.
  •  “我那麼愛你,彼得Wǒ nàme ài nǐ, bǐdé.”
  • “What did you say?”
  • “私はあなたのように、多くのピーターを愛しWatashi wa anata no yō ni, ōku no pītā o aishi.”
  • “What??”
  • Finally a few of the lost boys who you’ve taught, or knew how to speak your language finally informs him on what you’ve been saying to him.
  • “She says she loves you.”
  • “THAT’S IT? She’s been doing this for weeks, and THAT’S all she’s been saying??”

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How about ppl just straight up asking them, "So.........ever had the thought for having kids?" And Zelda just spits out a drink she was drinking and Link just being completely red. (At this point, they may or may not even be together yet) ;)

I love this bc it really works either way. Someone is like “wow you’d have gorgeous children” and they’re like “WHAT, with him/her???? Omg never” and even when they are dating they try to keep it low key and they have to play it off everytime and when Zelda finally has their first child (I headcanon a daughter) the person who originally said that was like “I FUCKIN KNEW IT”


Sil. XXI; a reason to live.



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teuvo teräväinen gets a shaving cream pie in his face courtesy of jarkko ruutu.

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When Clint returned home from work, Elizabeth was on the couch, holding their newborn twins in her arms as she sang to them. “Look, daddy’s home.” she cooed softly to them before grinning up at Clint. “Hey, babe. How was your day?” She felt like the luckiest woman in the world to have such a wonderful man in her life, and to have two gorgeous children with him.  

At first, when you watch the movie, Bog isn’t that good looking — he’s not hard to look at, for sure, but handsome, he’s not — but by the time you get to the end of the movie, you realize you’d probably kiss him, too.

Then you stare at him for hours on end (two days to take the screencaps and I don’t even know how many hours of clean-up), you come to terms with the fact that he’s become so gorgeous you’d have his pinecone children.

“Do you have a crush on someone?”

“I don’t have a crush on any humans. Or anyone who exists in real life. But I’d die happy with a blue-skinned alien or a blue-eyed pinecone king.”

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>MPHFPC movie:</b> *another change is added*<p/><b>MPHFPC fandom:</b> well...this can't get worse<p/><b>Tim Burton:</b> LMAOOOOOOOO<p/></p><p/></p>

A girl once asked me if I would ever forgive a man who cheated on me with another woman. 

Well, my answer was and still is this: it would depend on how much money he has. And I’m not even sorry about being so blunt, “shallow” and honest. The more money he has, the better the chances of me forgiving him. Provided that he comes crawling back to me and begging me to take him back, of course.

Men are bound to cheat sooner or later anyway. I’m not sounding too optimistic, I know. But I’d rather be prepared than being blind and naïve.

Just think when David Beckham cheated on VB. She took him back, made a serious name for herself as fashion designer, they have gorgeous children together & they’re inseperable now.

I do believe that everyone does indeed deserve a second chance. 
Just no salty fuckboys :)))

On the Line- Part 8

It was a silly dare, a fun game at your best friend’s bachelorette party. It was late, and you were all drunk and tired. None of you were thinking straight when you started playing truth or dare, and that’s how you ended up calling a local phone sex hotline. It was stupid and silly.

But what happens when you hear that voice one night, out in public? What happens when you meet the man you’ve been talking to? When you meet Sam?

Part 1  , Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.

Summary of Part 8: Dean fills you in on the real reason why Sam broke up with you.

Warning: none

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: So much smut in the next chapter!

Falling into bed, you glanced at your phone. One text from Donna, and that was it. With heavy lids, you responded quickly, then let the phone fall next to your pillow as you fell asleep almost instantly.

It had simultaneously been the best and worst two weeks of your life.

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