and have fun stupid moments like this

Dear teen girls,

Stop abusing your boyfriends and yes what you are doing is abuse.


  • Yelling at him in front of his friends
  • Hitting or slapping him when he does or says something you don’t like
  • Telling him he doesn’t have a choice when it comes to decisions that involve both of you
  • Telling him he can’t hang out with friends because you don’t like him
  • Telling him to not talk to other girls even if they are his friend
  • Forcing him to spend every moment with you
  • Belittling him and pointing out all his flaws
  • Calling him stupid or making fun of him for making a mistake
  • Threatening to break up with him if he doesn’t do what you want
  • Being emotionally manipulative and crying until he does what you want
  • Accusing him of cheating every time he’s not with you
  • Blow up is phone if he doesn’t text you every five minutes
  • Telling him you are the best thing that has ever happened to him and no one else will love
  • Physically attacking him when ever you are mad
  • Forcing him to have sex despite that fact that he said he didn’t want to
  • Invading his privacy by going through his phone
  • Getting mad at him for changing his password and demanding he tell you what it is

If a guy did any of these things to a girl it would be considered abuse but since its the other way around its considered normal. Throughout High school I saw many girl treating their boyfriends like shit. Sometime even physically abusing them in the hallways and no one trying to stop it because its a girl attacking a boy.

Boys: If your girlfriend does anything on this list leave her. It is abuse and you deserve better.

Girls: if you find your self doing anything on this list to your boyfriend you need to knock it off because you are being abusive.

Random NPC in Oblivion: “I hear Daedric worship is becoming more common in the Summerset Isles!”

When we all originally played this, it meant nothing. Nothing. We didn’t care. We barely knew where that even was.

There’s a brutal religious civil war taking place in a province of the Empire, and one of the factions is 200% anti-human. And this is BEFORE the Oblivion crisis.

And then the crisis hits, the Thalmor win, and everything that Skyrim is about happens.

Who the hell does this? Who pays attention to this? Who plots out a universal story arc for every game, like 10 years in advance? They’re still using the barely altered pixel map from Arena, for godsake. ZeniMax didn’t even own them when they came up with the lore for this. They had no way of knowing anyone would care. Kirkbride wrote in beast-man slavery and furry porn, and they kept 98% of it. In a AAA game series, that costs like $50 million to make.

Make fun of Todd and the Gang if you will for all the weird physics and glitches and pointless vampire shit, but Jesus Christ: these stupid nerds have maintained nerd control of a mainstream video game series for like 20 years. Nintendo doesn’t even care about Mario this much. Alduin was first mentioned in the lore in the late 90s. Those were DOS games.

And we whine because we don’t always like how they’ve worked this stuff in. Let’s take a moment and chill. NO ONE ELSE does anything remotely like this. We need to appreciate just how statistically unbelievable this series is.

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hi what does look like each mbti type on average?

INFJ: Generally playful person who cannot ever figure out what is going on in that moment, yet still manages to surprise people with serious flashes of overwhelming depth

ENFJ: Super playful, fun loving individuals who always manage to surprise people with random yet consistent outbursts of moral intolerance

ISFJ: Calm, reserved individual with a large heart and a multitude of hidden, almost shocking quirks

ESFJ: Someone who will always be smiling when you talk to them- high energy and upbeat, but blunt and a tad bit random.

ENFP: Creative thinking, smiling humans who just want everyone to be happy and have fun with the random stream of consciousness their Ne throws out

INFP: Extremely unique, precious flowers with an arsenal of strong, *liberal opinions

ENTP: Random idea people on a never ending search for truth, logic, and a good time.

INTP: Generally sarcastic people with unique interests and a weird obsession with knowledge

ENTJ: Extremely playful, happy people who will literally bite your head off the moment efficiency or logic is violated

INTJ: Laid back, cheerful people who will low key attack when you say something illogical or stupid

ESTJ: Pretty stoic, business-like people who occasionally let loose, but generally find more enjoyment organizing a project than partying with a bunch of ENFPs

ISTJ: Reserved, no-nonsense people who generally prefer a world of repetition, simplicity, and a good sarcastic joke

ESFP: Loud and excited individuals with a short but passionate attention span- generally desire to spread their current emotion around the room and talk

ISFP: Calm, kind of dazed individual with deep convictions that always seems a little high

ESTP: Fun-loving person with little sense of personal space and a million experiences to share

ISTP: A calm individual who knows how to cut loose, hang with friends, and solve practically any puzzle. Also, they can literally climb anything they find whether it be a tree or a roof.


So I can see many people are interested in my analysis of Jikook relationship. Since I have been fan from 2014 and also have been shipping Jikook from that time I will focus it mainly on my opinion about their relantionship from that year. I am also gonna put here my theory about their relationship from the time before I became a fan but it is not going to be as detailed. I think this is going to be really tiring post to read so I decided to split it into several parts because I have a lot to say. ( I might make this as series and talk about all the moments and future moments in the future)

DISCLAIMER: This post is supposed to be just for fun and shipping of Jikook. I am not claiming this is truth and I am not forcing anyone to believe this. These are just my observations throughout the years I have been into BTS and the time I have been into shipping jikook. I don’t want to cause any types of fanwars or stupid “shipwars” by this post and I don’t want other people to use this content for these kind of purposes. Also I am opened to hear about your other opinions. Just if you don’t like my opinion don’t be later on rude in my asks or something. As I said I am opened to listen but I AM NOT GONNA TOLERATE HATE OR PEOPLE BEING RUDE TO ME JUST BECAUSE I HAD FUN WITH THIS.

SO when everything is clear now let’s begin.

Pre-debut years + 2013

I have not much to say to this period of time. But from my observations I got Jikook was totally hyung/dongsaeng relationship. In my opinion Jungkook might have feel something more than just appreciation towards his hyung. You know when you are at that age and you have not much idea what is just adoring someone friendly and what are actually real feelings toward someone. I think Jungkook was really confused at that time because he was realizing that something might be going on but also the social stigma and sudden exposition to cameras and publicity were holding him back to sit down and think about it. From Jimin’s point of view Jungkook was his cute dongsaeng that reminded him of his younger brother. I think him missing his home and sudden change of environment resulted in Jimin really caring for Jungkookie naturally thanks to his personality and attitude towards Bangtan.

Late 2013+early 2014

In my opinion this was the period when Jungkook started to get really confused. He knew he cares for his hyung and he knew he likes him a lot. But I think that he had to feel something more from the beginning and that’s what was confusing him. Even though I think he was confused I still think he wasn’t putting too much mind into it. I think Jimin was just his favourite hyung at that time. This was also the period of so called “clingy Jimin” and “refusing maknae”. In my opinion Jungkook have never despised or hated Jimin. There is just no way of that happening in Bangtan and I think it is really stupid to even joke about it or bringing it up. Jungkook was just simple pubescent boy. The person he liked he teased.He knew how Jimin gets annoyed when people ignore him or how self-conscious he was about his height.

 Also a huge aspect in this played that Jungkook maybe showed his affection towards Jimin behind cameras but it was really hard for him to express himself in front of them. I think the whole jikook bickering might have started by one moment where Jungkook felt uncomfortable to express himself and showing skinship. But maknae acting that way towards his hyung was really hilarious and that’s why it continued. We also know that Jungkook always looks up to his hyungs and when they were teasing Jimin he probably thought it was also OK for him to tease Jimin. From Jimin’s point of view I think it was still the same as before. I don’t think feelings played role in his relationship with Jungkook from the beginning and I would dare to even say he was being kinda obvious to Jungkook for a really long time. To be honest I still like this period of their relationship even though many jikook shippers are trying to forget about it.  You ask me why? The reason is that I found really entertaining to watch fetus Jungkook trying to get attention of his hyung but also trying to act like he is his own boss and that he doesn’t need his hyung at all.  I also could kinda see his inner struggle most of the time. Or on the other hand when he was doing a lot of skinship unconsciously. 

What I also really like about this period was that Jungkook even though he acted like he didn’t care he still found a moments how to show he his appreciation for his hyung. Do you remember the moment during AHL when  Jimin was really pissed at that kid and Jungkook showed total concern with his hyung. That he understands how things like THESE piss Jimin off. This shows how close Jikook have been even though they used to play that “cat and mouse game”.(also shows that Jungkook wasn’t being disrespectful towards Jimin at all) Jungkook joking towards Jimin was ok even though he is younger but some young-blooded kid scolding Jimin was no way go. 



Return The Favor // Na Jaemin

Pt. 1

the prompt: your cuddle best friend jaemin was so cuteeeeee,,, I was wondering if you could do a “follow up” where you get sick and he takes care of you?.??

words: 974

category: fluff

author note: i miss jaemin so much it’s painful man, I hope he’s staying healthy and happy. my little star ✨

- destinee

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The types as people I know(as an INTP)

INTP: (not myself) Super smart, very good at video games, loves to take things apart and put them back together. Loves to troll. Musically talented, mechanically talented.

ENTP: Me but extroverted, likes science, more trolly then INTP, ignores their problems.

INTJ: Literally my best friend, extremely smart, good at designing things, great at art, musically talented, laughs like Palpatine. Evil.

ENTJ: Good at taking charge, also very smart, feisty, loves sports, natural leader, morbid sense of humor, fun to be around, a little scary.

INFP: Cries a lot, super sweet, openly loving, has a lot of friends even though they’re an introvert. Loves to wear black, went through an emo phase, will have lots of tattoos. Literally also my best friend.

ENFP: Loving, has ADD, can be too cuddly, ignores science, drives INTP crazy, cares a lot about personal interest, sweet, doesn’t like to make long term goals, very much an “in the moment” kind of person, intelligent but does stupid things.

ISTP: Great at math, trouble with emotions, not a great cook but they try anyway & sometimes it turns out great, tends to start projects but never finishes them, tries very hard, always tries to improve.

ESTP: I’ve yet to meet a known ESTP.

ISTJ: I’ve yet to meet a known ISTJ.

ESTJ: loves to talk, stresses INTP out, INTP does best to avoid ESTJ.

ISFJ: Plans out their life and sticks to it, always making plans, has to have something to keep them occupied, physically active, without a doubt a judging type, wants to improve and does.

ESFJ: Judgemental but sweet, if you’re intelligent, they’ll likely talk to you, works with numbers, very passionate.

INFJ: Sweet but thinks they’re badass, good taste in music, good taste in fashion, goes out of their way for their friends, a really great friend. Find yourself an INFJ. Absolutely adorable.

ENFJ: Type “A” personality, very assertive, always gets their way, tends to talk to people like they’re stupid, judgmental, really nice once they deem you worthy.

ISFP: I’ve yet to meet a known ISFP.

ESFP: I’ve yet to meet a known ESFP.

Inner Psycho | Jared Leto + Reader

Note: This is a story inspired by a request I saw the wonderfully talented penelopewhisp do, but not an exact copy. This one is lighter and more sexual, rather than angsty/heartbreaking. Also, while I don’t say when this is, apart from being after Suicide Squad, there are some things I’ve changed from the real world, such as him still having neon hair. 
Description: Jared and Y/N have been dating for a while, and one night, she decides she wants some bed time with her boyfriend’s darker alter ego. 
Warning: Smut, BDSM
(GIF isn’t mine)

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Knock, Chapter 4

You have a surprise that you don’t want to share with Simon.

Simon/You, Mild gore, Mentions of vomiting. 

Words: 1392

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3  

You didn’t need a trip to Doctor Carson’s office to know that you were pregnant. Your body had told you that even if you’d been trying to ignore all the signs. First you’d blamed your missing period on stress. Then, when you’d started to the experience the morning sickness that was never quite contained to only the morning, you’d spent three days convincing yourself it was just a stomach bug. You supposed in a way it was, a baby bug hitching a ride in your womb and right now it felt like it was draining the life right out of you.

You glance at Simon, he’s standing in the middle of the road talking to Negan, even laughing with Negan and you wonder what his reaction would be if he knew the truth. You just don’t wonder it enough to actually tell him. You’ve been avoiding him since your skinny dip and for almost a month he’s let you. Today isn’t going to be any different. You’ll keep trying to force your head into the sand and he’ll remain blissfully unaware, you envy him of that.

“There’s more,” Arat warns and you try not to roll your eyes as you turn to see yet another group of roamers ambling onto the freeway. With a sigh you raise your knife, telling yourself that you can do this, that it will be dark soon and you can make it until then just like all the other times you’ve helped clear the dead. Truthfully, you’ve been ready for bed since you’d gotten out of bed this morning and you’re one kill away from crawling into a truck to take a nap no matter who might see or question it.

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Safe - Negan x Reader - Part 4

Warnings: Alpha!Negan x Omega!reader, language, cheesy romance

A/N: sorry for the leave of absence, i hope the cavities you get from this makes up for it xx

[safe masterlist]

Coming back from Alexandria was like a breath of fresh air. Negan’s mood improved drastically once you returned, which made you feel more comfortable. Once he was back in his element, he was good to go, and even began ordering you around again. Shocker.

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honestly why do some ppl /want/ to have a system i genuinely don’t understand why
sure being a system has some stupid fun moments or whatever the mcfuck but its also suffering ??? when someone’s upset you feel it and when someone takes front and you come back to front its like ?? hella disorienting and if said person did smth to upset someone you have to apologize and feel horrible even if you didnt do it ????
plus if someone fronts thats like time taken out of ur schedule and you have even less time to complete smth and then you stress tf out

so again like sURE it can be literally hilarious as fuck and you have fun with it sometimes but its h a r d
its not jsut smth like some extra buddy pals in ur head to talk to or ur favourite fictional character or w/e

why do ppl want to have a system?????¿¿¿ i am genuinely confused

The Season Finale/Bye, Boys

I know I’m late - I had to work all day yesterday and today, and when I first got those jobs I’d anticipated I’d be frustrated about missing the finale live, but, well - after last week’s episode, I mostly wasn’t interested at all. When I sat down tonight to watch it, I almost didn’t want to. I was highkey convinced I wouldn’t like it, and, yeah, I didn’t. Not particularly. I’ve suspected for a while that Supernatural lost its grandeur and sense of tragedy years ago, and all that’s left is a bunch of occasionally magnificent, but mostly unconnected, monster hunts - that they’re grasping at straws to avoid going down paths that would actually make sense because they don’t want to go there - and this finale confirmed all that with the subtlety of a badly driven tank. 

(Really - I was hoping things would be different, but they’re not. As much as this show held my hand and made me laugh and cry in difficult moments and distracted me when real life was plain unbearable, the magic is no longer there. I watched the finale with that same awful weight in your stomach you feel when faced with that one person you no longer love - when you look and look and you don’t understand how you could ever love them in the first place, and then your eye catches something - they way their mouth curves into a smile, perhaps, or the once beloved lilt in their voice, and you realize that oh, that’s how

But still, it’s over.)

So, what happens next?

The honest answer is, I don’t know. I’ve been mostly off tumblr for a week, and while I missed chatting and talking with you guys, this self-imposed break really brought home just how my world has shrunk. I tend to be very intense in what I like, and over the last year, 90% of my free time has been Supernatural. Writing stories, writing metas, creating the odd graphic, reblogging other people’s posts and ooohing and aaaawing at their creations and insight - that was great, but it also cut my mental landscape into a tiny little postcard. And this past week - I did things. I discovered new stuff, I read real books, I faffed around weird Wikipedia pages, I lost myself in other series, I planted beans and basil and edible flowers. And I liked it - a lot. So whatever I do next, I’ll be on tumblr a lot less, because - I’m sorry - I’ve been fearing for a while that Supernatural simply wasn’t worth this level of devotion, and this finale pretty much confirmed that. So - really - I’ll keep reblogging gifs and I’ll probably write the occasional headcanon and feel free to ask me things and come talk to me and everything else, but please know that I’m not that positive about this show anymore, so if you want rainbows and ponies, my blog’s probably not the best place to get them. I’ll definitely keep writing, and I hope I’ve got enough love left in me to finish my DCBB, but other than that - I think I’m done. It’s likely I’ll watch the show next year, but I’ll certainly not anticipate new episodes and squeal at the screen and bleed my own blood all over it or anything. And maybe this will hurt at some point - God, I loved this show so goddamn much - but for now I’m just numb. 

So, here goes - quite possibly, my last meta. 

Cas: Yes, They Went There

This is what we’re all wondering, isn’t it? Is Cas really dead? 

No, he isn’t. If Misha was leaving the show, we’d know about it. Like, of course they’d keep it under wraps until the last episode, but it’d be out today - no reason it wouldn’t. Plus, from a narrative point of view, Cas’ death doesn’t make any sense. He just died after fucking up - again - and he never got to make his Big Choice between Heaven and *coughs* humanity, plus they’re having so much fun jerking us around with that yeah so maybe he and Dean they’re in love thing, why would they stop now? So, honestly, his ‘death’ was his only good moment during this season finale. Like, he obviously wasn’t brainwashed brainwashed, so it didn’t make any sense he wouldn’t involve Sam and Dean in his overly simplistic scheme, plus he’s been acting stupid and out of character the whole time he was on screen - and, I get Cas is hard to write, but come on. Renting a cabin under the name James Novak when he can hypnotize it out of some guy without leaving a paper trace? Reading books and taking online classes about childbirth? This from a guy who’s not a guy at all and has instinctive knowledge of physics and whatever and knows perfectly well that thing inside Kelly isn’t a human child, anyway, so he might as well take woodworking classes for all the good that would do him? Uh. Not to mention his random snooping into alternate dimensions he knew nothing about when he was supposed to be taking care of Kelly - if AU!Bobby had killed him, or if he’d fallen into a pit or whatever else, Kelly would have remained alone in that cabin basically waiting for Lucifer to find her. Honestly - why do they bother writing Cas at all if they can’t get him right?

Destiel: Still Subtext

And more bad news: five seasons of queerbaiting - and counting. This season finale had to be the one with the least amount of UST or pining or any kind of fuckery between them since, I don’t know, ever? Sure, there were moments, and I could list them, but why should I? Look at Cas doing his own thing, and what does it matter if he was staring at the water (possibly thinking about that fish which started everything, and by everything I mean Cas’ love for humanity, and by humanity I mean Dean), and what does it matter if Dean, as usual, is the one fretting about Cas and worrying about Cas and being all undignified and unmanly? It’s been years, and Dean was unusually chatty during the whole finale, so I’m sure some of us were like, ALERT ALERT THIS IS WHEN IT HAPPENS (not me, because I’m grumpy and disillusioned), and nope, not the time. Better luck next season, guys.

Honestly, at this point there are no good options. 

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Just uploading this because it’s cute and I really like Will Buxton.

And I love how much the drivers seem to like him. How often does anyone crash Martin Brundle’s pieces to camera for a quick hug/photobomb? I love that Dan genuinely cares about what Will’s been up to (he just ran the London Marathon to raise money for the hospice that cared for his dad) and how easily he jokes around.

Will has a sense of humor, doesn’t try to stir up drama for no reason, treats the drivers like people, and doesn’t have an inflated idea of the value of his own opinion due to a mostly-irrelevant racing career several decades ago and try to force it on everyone - and it really shows in the genuine, friendly responses he often gets.

Anyway this was random but it was just a fun moment and reminded me of all the reasons I love Will Buxton.


EDIT: I’m stupid and forgot for a moment that I knew how to photoshop, so I bumped up the saturation on the colors and BOOM now I’m completely happy with it <3 <3 <3 I did leave the original one too, because I like that one as well :D

Drew one of the dresses from this collection! Or, well, was inspired by one, it doesn’t exactly look like the dress itself, haha. But it was so beautiful that I had to try. Maybe I’ll draw more if I have time. Twas a fun distraction from work ^^

Girlfriend Seohyun

What do you mean?? :o Your English is great!! And thank you 💞

She keeps the relationship a secret, knowing that it would ruin her public image if it got out. She’s also afraid of you getting hate. If it were just hate against her, she wouldn’t mind, but because it would be against you too, she can’t bare the thought. She’ll continue to deny dating rumours, show love towards her fans, both normal people and idol alike. She’s virtually the same on camera as before the relationship. The only difference is the sparkle in her eye.

Originally posted by ninthwish

In public, skinship is nonexistent but if the relationship is revealed, then holding hands is acceptable. While around her unnies, she’s more comfortable with sitting close to you, fixing your hair or intimate things like that. But certainly no kissing. That is purely for when you’re alone.

Her kisses are soft and gentle, the kind that makes you crave more. Her perfume lingers in the air, putting you in a trance as you pull her close for more, never getting enough of her lips.

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While starting a family is definitely in your future, right now, you’re both happy with simply raising a dog. You often use your dog as an excuse to get out of socializing, so you can stay in bed cuddling each other until the dogs gets jealous and wants in too.

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Cooking and baking together is your favourite activity well there’s another one too lol. It’s fun and you get to eat afterwards so?? It’s a win-win situation?? She’s so appreciative if you make her dinner after a hard day so she tries her best to return the favour, putting her love into cooking.

“Is it good, jagi?”

Originally posted by mrskimtaeyeon

The relationship has to be revealed, eventually, as she plans on spending her whole life with you. When that happens, she’s very cool and collected when your name is brought up.

“Yes, that person means very much to me. Sometimes, I worry that I focus too much on my job and neglect them. Balancing my public and private life can be stressful. I’m very grateful to the Sones who support us and diligently continue to love Girls Generation.”

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Her eyes sparkle so much when you’re around. All the girls love having you over since they get to see their maknae act like a maknae for once. She’s blushing and giggling, acting cute and wanting to sit close to you. They tease her for it but it makes them so happy to see Seohyun in love. They know you would never hurt her so these interactions are so precious to them.

“Look! Our baby’s blushing!”

“So cute!”

Originally posted by thesoshisone

Other SM employees chime in on the teasing too. Many of them have practically grown up together so it’s like watching their little sister date.

“What is this?” Key wonders, walking in on you and Seohyun kissing. “Is this allowed? Should I ring your parents? Do they know that their daughter is up to this kind of behaviour, Seohyun?”

Originally posted by shineetho

While she is mature, even mature people can have their silly moments. Once alcohol hits her system, Seohyun is the life of the party. She mainly does stupid things, like turn taps on and off or do the robot dance. One time, she sang karaoke and dedicated the song to you.

“This one’s for my jagi! Let’s go!”

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Seohyun has always been seen at the “boring” member. Since she’s very hardworking and studious, it may seem like she’s no fun. But that’s not true at all. She puts her heart and soul into her work and her relationship with you. Maybe she’s not wild and crazy but does that make her boring?

All her moments with you are fun and heart warming, in their own special way. She’s currently thinking of her career but there’s no doubt that she will settle down in the future. Her gentle soul and patience will make her the greatest mommy and life companion you could hope for.

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thirty days of skam fic: day three

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. soft. cans. order. thanks. pink. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


There are two regular presences in Isak and Even’s bed – Isak and Even – but sleep does not always join them.

Some nights, it’s fine. They fall asleep curled around each other within minutes of turning the light off, and don’t wake up until sunlight is blaring through their badly-hung curtains or one of them tries to kiss the other one awake.  But other nights, things don’t run so smoothly.  It’s not always one thing; sometimes, Even’s brain is running just a little bit too fast to keep up with, and it won’t let him lay down for long enough to fall into in unconsciousness, and other times his meds have just been adjusted and are keeping him up, or he’s stressed about how soon he’s finishing school and what he’s gonna do after that ends.  Sometimes his artist’s brain just only floods with inspiration at two AM, and he has to get up and draw portraits or sketch storyboards of movie ideas by the dim light of his phone so as not to wake up Isak.  Sometimes, he’s just too distracted by the beautiful boy in his – their – bed, and he’d rather stay up for hours, watching Isak snuffle into the pillows and curl his fingers around nothing and twist his legs in the duvet, than close his eyes and miss a single second of it.

Then, sometimes, it’s Isak who’s the one left awake.  His insomnia is a lot less frequent these days; he’s out, he’s happy, he’s resolved to not stress about the little dramas of the world and just to focus on living him life.  But still, when Isak does find it impossible to get to sleep, it’s usually because he’s worried. If his mum has sent him a particularly fractured text that day, he worries, and it keeps him awake.  If some people made a few snide comments about him and Even holding hands, he worries, and if keeps him awake.  If he has a test coming up, or an essay he’s not sure he’s done his best on, or just suddenly remembers how much pressure he has put on himself to do well at school – he worries, and it keeps him awake.

Individually, they’re both used to it.  And they can take some comfort from each other, just by lying there, listening to the steady breaths of another sleeping body, having someone warm and loving to curl up against in the darkness, even when their minds won’t leave them alone.

One night, though, Even and Isak’s insomnia happens to coincide.

In a way, it’s amazing it hasn’t happened sooner.  They’ve been living together for months and spending most nights together for longer still; but other than the tremulous beginning of their relationship, they manage to make it until June before one of their sleepless nights lines up.

They’d tumbled into bed early, but that was all hot hands and pulsing kisses and frantic scrambling to get clothes off – not for sleep.  After they’d finished and cleaned up lazily, they lay there, Even’s arm around Isak, Isak’s head on Even’s chest.  They both tried to fall asleep.

But Isak had an exam the next day and he’d drunk a red bull earlier trying to psych himself up for studying, and his brain still hasn’t calmed down.  He finds himself shuffling his legs restlessly under the covers, tapping his fingers against Even’s chest in an uneven rhythm, trying to force himself to take deep breaths.  They’re curled up under the warm duvet, the flat quiet, everything pitch black, and he’s had a long day – he should be tired.

But he’s not.  And as Even shifts underneath him, one of his fingers relentlessly twisting a curl above Isak’s ear, Isak begins to suspect that Even isn’t dropping right off to sleep either.

“My brain is buzzing,” he admits into the darkness, his words a little muffled by Even’s chest.

“Mine too.” Even’s voice is quiet, but sounds a little amused.

“Never let me drink red bull again.”

“Babe, you threatened to shove your pen into my eye if I took the can away from you earlier, remember?”

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anonymous asked:

I seen that you have US Sans be able to drive a motorcycle in your fanfic, so care to share a few headcanons on that? Also, how would Blueberry react to having a crush on a tough biker chick that enjoys racing against him on the open road?

*Sure thing!  Even though Blueberry is a Papyrus-personality, he’s still a Sans to me, so I try to keep some of those Sans quirks with him.  A love of stars/space is one thing, and the motorcycle is basically just Sans’s version of Papyrus’s sports car, since Sans is riding a tricycle on the open road.  Although a fun fact is that I actually headcanon UT!Sans as riding a moped (because I originally mistook the tricycle as one).  

Cars always seemed a bit big for Blueberry.  He likes to be in control, and while the idea of being able to take his friends along as passengers in a car appeals to him, he still prefers something with more maneuverability.  With a motorcycle, he feels like he has total control over it’s movements, be it with the way he leans his body with the bike, or the way he can easily weave between cars on the road.  

Blueberry likes power.  He wants to soar down the highway, and he’s a little bit on the reckless side.  Thankfully, his control of blue magic helps him prevent any wrecks.  

His motorcycle is flashy and expensive.  It’s got blue lights that illuminate the road around him at night.  

He likes to get into impromptu street races.  And by that, I mean he watched a street racing movie once and decided that’s just what humans do.  He’ll shout at the drivers at red lights and attempt to race them, and his efforts double if he sees another motorcyclist.  He won’t use his magic during a race unless it’s to help one of the other drivers or stop himself from potentially wrecking into them.  

Stretch is adamantly against the races and whoever let Blueberry watch the movie is in for a Bad Time.

US!Sans–Blueberry the Biker:

She always seemed the most beautiful to him when she was leaned over her bike and wearing a smirk.

On one of the days when Blueberry was trying to engage the drivers around him in a friendly street race (how else was he supposed to make friends with the human drivers?), she pulled up next to him on a motorcycle.  There was a part of him that was intimidated; after all, she looked tough in her leather jacket, tight jeans, and knee-high black boots.  He couldn’t see her eyes behind her sunglasses, but an amused smile was curving her lips.  “Sure, I’ll take you up on that, Bones.”

Of course, she thoroughly beat Blueberry, but he gave her a run for her money.  After expressing his admiration for her racing prowess, Blueberry set about trying to beat her.  Day after day, he’d meet her at the same spot and demand a rematch.  On days that she didn’t show up, he felt antsy.  On the days that she did, it felt like his SOUL was thrumming in his chest.  What was once the desire to push himself to be the best motorcycle racer he could be had slowly shifted to him just wanting to grab her attention.  He bought his own leather jacket, and when she didn’t comment, he went to Red for help.  

The next day, he appeared wearing the arm costume tattoo arm sleeves over his bones, thick-soled combat boots, huge sunglasses, chaps over his pants with chains hanging down from the sides, fingerless gloves, a skull-and-crossbone shirt, and the leather jacket with spiked studs all over the shoulders. 
….Yeah, Edge may have walked in and decided to lend his expertise, too.

The biker chick started laughing, and Blueberry looked crestfallen.  “Oh, Bones, what… haha, dude, what’re you wearing?”

His cheeks magically puffed out in a pout.  “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  THIS IS WHAT ALL BIKERS WEAR!  AND I’M CLEARLY A BIKER, SO I SHOULD DRESS MORE APPROPRIATELY!”  His cheekbones are dusted a light blue, and he’s gripping the handlebars of his bike tight to keep himself from bolting.  Ugh, she’s laughing at him!  He never should have consulted those two.  

“Bones, you’re not a biker–”

“MY NAME I-ISN’T BONES!  IT’S THE MAGNIFICENT SANS!”  Oh, stars, his voice cracked a little, but if she’s going to make fun of him, then she doesn’t get to use a nickname.  

“Okay, Sans.  There’s nothing wrong with what you were wearing before.  So why the sudden change?”

“I JUST WANTED TO LOOK COOL LIKE YOU!” He suddenly admits, feeling stupid.  His eyesockets are burning, but he’s not a babybones; he’s not going to cry.   

She looks taken aback and stares at him for a moment.  A slow smile curves her lips, and she steps over to him and pulls his sunglasses off.  How did he–oh, it was taped on with duct tape, the manliest of tapes.  It takes an awkward couple of seconds longer than it should have because of this, but she finally manages to wiggle his glasses free of the tape.  His eyelights are wide as he stares up at her, and she tips her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose to meet his gaze.  “I already think you look cool.”

“Y..YOU DO?”  His eyelights instantly shift into stars.  She grins, nodding.

“Dude, you’re a literal skeleton on a motorcycle.  It doesn’t get much cooler than that.”

Huh.  He never thought of it like that, but now that she’s mentioned it.. that does sound super cool!  His confidence is back, and he mweh heh’s a couple of times, squaring his shoulders.  “WELL, I CAN’T ARGUE WITH THAT LOGIC!  AND.. I DO KINDA MISS MY BANDANNA.”

“Well, why don’t you go change, and then we can race?”

He blinks, his head tilting.  “WHY DO I NEED TO CHANGE TO RACE?”

The biker chick grins, sliding a finger across his jaw, before she hooks the end of his sunglasses through the collar of his shirt.  “Because we’re not going to race here.”  He looks confused, and she smirks. “We’re going to race to dinner.”

And that’s how Blueberry scored a date with a smokin’ hot biker chick.  Red and Edge take all the credit for scoring him that date.  

Dating Fred Weasley would include…

  • Everything started with a prank.
  • You hated the way he was always so childish.
  • And he loved to see how your face got red every time he made a stupid joke about you.
  • That was accually what brought you together : a prank war !
  • He made a bet with George that he can make your face even redder and you made a bet with your best friend that you can be fun like him.
  • When it came to making pranks on each other you were quite different.
  • He would have done everything to get a good prank.
  • And you were kind of afraid to not hurt someone.
  • One prank led to another , and you two got stuck in a room together.
  • That was the moment when he told you that those pranks were just a pretext to see you and to make you talk to him.
  • You were speechless , so you decided that the best way to show him what you feel is to kiss him. And you did it.
  • - the perfect sweetest boyfriend
  • - hand holding
  • - cute forest dates
  • - back hugs
  • - pouty kisses
  • - playing with your hair
  • - making kissy faces at him
  • - his laugh is the purest thing
  • - he can totally get away with calling you babe/baby
  • - when he’s spooning you and you’re trying to get up
  • - deep sleepy voice
  • - his smile could bring world peace
  • - and he’ll kiss your cheek
  • - when you’re sad he’ll just listen and be there
  • - and two minutes later just smother you in kisses and hugs 
  • - he’ll make you feel so wanted and you’ll never feel alone
  • - playing with your hair
  • - resting his chin on your shoulder
  • - trying different kinds of sweets
  • - you’re his chocolate chip
  • - he’s your gummy bear
  • - he just loves you so much
  • - sometimes you’ll have your days, and other times he’ll have his days
  • - but you know how to make each other happy and honestly I think that’s what makes you two so perfect 
jikook au!bowling

ok some of you request me an AU jikook at bowling so here we go! 

  • “come with uuuus” “No Tae, i have literally many things to do”. Taehyung was disappointed. He knew that Jimin didn’t say the truth. The only reason why his bestfriend didn’t want to go at bowling with all of them it was because of course if there’s Yoongi, there’s Jungkook too, Yoongi’s younger brother. And when you just put Jimin and Jungkook into a sentences together, all you can have it’s just a looong competitive argued from all the teases that the younger gives to the elder. “Is because there will be Jungkook too?” “Of course not.” 
  • Night was going well. At the end Taehyung managed to convince his bestfriend. Well…convince is such a big word. For half an hour Taehyung teased Jimin because “I can’t believe Jiminie is avoiding Jungkook-ah because he’s afraid to lose”. It didn’t take too much but Jimin was already ready in 2 minutes.”Jiminie you brat, we still have to go in 5 hours”. 
  • Night was going well. After an hour Jungkook and Yoongi finally arrived. “Why are you two late??” asked Tae holding his lucky BBB (as he likes to call lucky black bowling ball)  “Ask to this idiot” Yoongi just rolled his eyes looking at his brother who didn’t say nothing yet. 
  • “I thought Jiminie is not coming” “I am hyung for you, Jungkook-ah!” “Yeah, whatever” “at least i’m not the one who arrived late!” “but now i’m here. I’d never lose the chance to see you, i mean your bowling skill” Jungkook teased with a smirk on his face. “okay okay, you two stop acting like child and come to play!”
  • Jimin can’t help but still think of the i’d never lose the chance to see you’s Jungkook. He thought what the hell was supposed to mean. It wasn’t the first time that the younger said something like that. Jimin’s face became totally red just with one though and Taehyung looked at him asking with a glance, as if they were telepathic, if he was okay. Of course Jimin wasn’t okay, just the though of that makes him wanna scream like hell no.
  • Everyone was having fun. Hoseok’s scream echoed into the whole room, Namjoon and Yoongi laughing at the stupidity of Taehyung and Jin was busy taking pictures of his precious friends with his lovely polaroid.
  • Jungkook’s score was already 135. Jimin’s score was still 35. Okay maybe it wasn’t his lucky night or maybe it was just the fact that he was never lucky with bowling and stuff.
  • Jimin was so confused. When he failed to strikes he could see the smirk on Jungkook’s face, oh that brat, he’s probably enjoying this moment. And when Jungkook strikes, Jimin could see the taller boy turning around to look at him for a minute with a smile-not-smirk on his face like he dedicated the strikes for him, how absurd was that situation. 
  • Jimin sucks at bowling and things get worse when he started to focus on Jungkook’s body. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING YOU IDIOT LORD IS WATCHING YOU, he said to himself but oh, those pair of skinny jeans fits so well Jungkook’s thighs, that plan white shirt where Jimin could even see his abs and the sweats scrolling slowly on his forehead..Jimin bit his lips. 
  • Jungkook caught the shorty boy starring him. He smiled at him again, like it was the 374923 times and then winked at him. He didn’t even know why he winked at him and he swear, he saw Jimin’s checks totally covered by a red color. It was cute tho. Jimin was cute.
  • It was Jimin turn again and how he predicted, the first strike just hit 4 skittles. It wasn’t his fault, his concentration really flew away and he was tensed, literally tensed. “Jiminie!” he could hear Jungkook’s voice from his behind as the boy walked over Jimin’s position. “Jungkook-ah is gonna make fun of him, mark those words” Hoseok and Taehyung said at the same time laughing. Jimin was ready to scolded them turning in his face but he felt a hand on his wrist and another hand on his hip and suddenly blocked himself when he smell Jungkook’s scent from his back. 
  • It took 5 minutes for Jimin to realize that Jungkook was holding him, teaching him how to pose and how to move. It took literally 5 minutes for Jimin to realize that Jungkook just whispered into his ears with a calm and deep voice that it took all his strengths to not collapse in front of everyone.  
  • “..and then you just let go your hands. Get it?” Jungkook whispered with a calm voice. Jimin really tried to focus, indeed he finally strikes all the skittles. The only problem was that “it’s getting hot, don’t you think Tae?” “no, actually i feel cold..brrrrrr” Taehyung said rubbing his hands on his arms to warm himself. 
  • Night was going well, it was late and everyone was tired ready to return to their home. But before Jimin could walk away, a strong hand hold his arms. “Don’t ever think that i smirked for all this time just because you suck at bowling. It was good having a nice view of your ass in front of my eyes” Jungkook whispered into his ears so no one could listen. “Goodnight Jiminie!” and then Jungkook walked over him to make his way at home with his brother Yoongi.
  • Jimin froze for a moment incapable to say something and blinked twice. “….I’M HYUNG FOR YOU!” he screamed literally red all over his face, blushing like no one. 
  • Jimin and Taehyung walked to their apartment  that they share together. The short one was feeling so hot that he refused to put his jacket on. The tall one was feeling cold..but not cold at all. “Is that Yoongi-hyung jacket? Why have you got his jacket?” Jimin asked after noticed the black jacket that his bestfriend was wearing. “What Jungkook whispered to you before?” Taehyung asked avoiding his bestfriend question. They didn’t say anything but just blushed because oh is the two bestfriends start having a crush for the two hot brothers?


  • “Are you come with me or not?” Yoongi asked to Jungkook. “Taehyung said that Jiminie won’t come so i guess no?” he said obviously. “But look, Taehyung just texted me and say that Jimin will come” Yoongi walked into Jungkook’s bed showing his conversation with Taehyung. Jungkook frown “Did you just really saved Tae’s contact with a heart, hyung?” 
Beginner’s Edition: YOU

“ Create a post with positive message for someone going through a tough time. Make a text post, a video post, use stickers, make a GIF—whatever feels right to you.”

This one goes out to each and every one of my followers! 

This is a little bit embarrassing but I wrote this initially to myself when I was feeling pretty down when I was 16 (hence the somewhat juvenile language of it as 16 wasn’t yesterday for me) but I like that it is genuine. 

On some of my shittiest days I just go back to read this little reminder from my past self.

I’d like you guys to have it, too.

For starters, let me get this one out of the way.
It’s a little obvious.
Stop staring at your face that way!
I see you doing it again.
You have no idea what it means to the people who know you well.
They read it to know when to make you laugh, or when to ask you “is something up?”
Your face is a welcome sign for your friends when they scan over a room full of strangers, so stop thinking up ways to carve it up - to adjust it to your liking.
They just mightn’t recognize you anymore.

Now, take a good look at your hands.
I mean it now! Look at those poor slaves, and give them the gratitude they deserve. Think of everything they’ve done for you!
They’ve gotten you through every test, endured your nibbling, written each of your friends those forbidden notes in class.
They hold your door open for you, hell they even get that food to your mouth.
If you lost one FINGER on one of those suckers, you’d be sour then.
So give credit where it’s due.

While we’re at it, lets not forget your other permanent lackeys, your feet.
Those bad boys pick it up when you’re late, they’re your best friends before a drivers license.
They took you out of some gnarly places you wanted to get out of - FAST.
Or, they happily carried you to a convenience store for a treat without question.

Here’s another easy one.
Those things that make you happy?
Be it drawing horses, reggae, chocolate milk, pizza day at lunch, Sonic or Mario, maybe your dog or your cat. I’m talkin’ bubble baths so quiet you can hear the bubbles pop. I’m talkin’ just sitting on the couch with a friend you’re so comfortable with that the house is a mess, so are you, and it actually doesn’t matter. Please don’t let go of and forget those moments. They can happen and go and once they’re gone you’re going to miss them. 
And be damn proud of them. You hear me?
Don’t let someone tell you they’re ‘uncool’ or 'stupid’ or you’re 'too old’ or that bullshit. Tell those people to take a walk.

Listen. If you’re 35, 85, 105 and you still want to dress like a Ninja Turtle on Halloween, or if you’re feeling like a loser on a Friday but you still want to have fun and the only company you have to have a dance party with are your cats, frig it.
Do it.
You only live once, guys.
It’s time to start saying yes and having more laughs.
This life you’re living is for YOU, not anyone else.

I’m almost done, but this one is HUGE.
That body of yours.
You’ll try to cram it into the latest jeans, pump it up with protein powders and weights, test it with tattoo needles and piercings, force it into too small shoes, criticize it for not being able to accommodate labels such as 'xxs’. 
Whatever it is you’re doing it for, just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons – do it for you, and not because you don’t like yourself, or wish someone else did. Be exactly who you want to be, and don’t apologize for it.
Clothes rip and fall apart, or they end up at the Salvation Army.
Beauty has a time limit. LIMITED TIME ONLY, FOLKS.
Those models who flaunt their naturally God given features and their airbrushed bodies and power to them for doing it but some days just seeing them makes you want to fucking scream because your own boobs are two different sizes and you’re gap-toothed and the damn muffin top is a constant and no matter what you do your hair is always. Frizzy. 

Well, if it’s any comfort about the models, gravity will get them, too.
Their boobs will fall, crows feet, gray hair, varicose veins …
Yes, even the models.
No matter what amount of plastic a person fills themselves with, THEY ARE GOING TO GET OLD.
They WILL be wrinkled, toothless, but happy grandma’s and grandpa’s.
And I mean, lets think about grandma’s and grandpa’s for a second.
Those motherfuckers are BOSS. They’re basically the best people on the planet.
And when you’re old you get away with whatever the fuck you want because you’ve seen it all and done it all and who the hell doesn’t love a granny or grampy? We all know they are the ones that know everything.
Is that really that scary? Because that sounds awesome to me. 
So why not start making friends with your poor body? Treat it better!
Make friends with it.
You’ve got ONE, that’s it. No matter what experiment you unleash on it,
it’ll still be there when Angie & Brad start looking like California Raisins.
Now be reasonable, people.
Get some good mileage out of that body, instead of just staring at it already.

For my grand finale … let me be frank.
Friends may certainly come and go. Your boyfriend/girlfriend may become a fiancee and later a wife or hubby, but they may also become the reason for your next tantrum, breakdown, or smashing rampage. This goes for all kinds of love – friends, family, lovers, what have you. 
My biggest slice of heaping advice to offer you … 
Please. I’m BEGGING you now, PLEASE.
Never lose sight of who you really are.
Only YOU know all of your shames, your hopes, your needs, what you take on your burger-
See?! You might be vegan. You might hate burgers. (I find that hard to believe.)
It’s best left to you to list what does and doesn’t count to you.
All I can tell you is, YOU, are the most important asset you can possess, and for a limited time only.
Life is short, so strike while the iron is hot!

You are timeless, you are going to see things unique to where you are, who you know, what you want - wherever your mind wants to take you.
Nobody will ever see the world the way you do. 
Even when you don’t feel valuable yourself, I am guaranteeing you now, there is one person who would cry like a bitch at your funeral.
So don’t take it for granted, don’t take YOU for granted, not for anything, not for ANYONE.
I’ll finish it off with my favorite quote from Mr. John Lennon:
“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”
Now get out of here and start giving yourself a bit of credit.