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Imagine: Making love to Spencer for the very first time.

Make Love to Me//Fluffy smut
Requested by many of you

You roll onto your side, staring at the slightly illuminated patterns on the fancy hotel wall. The soft fabric of the bedsheets tickle your bare skin, and serve as the perfect therapeutic treatment following the particularly exhausting day at work. Your vanilla scented perfume floods your nostrils, and you focus on the nearby sound of running water. As usual, some psychotic individual has sent you hours away from home and you are thereby forced to share a hotel room with one of your fellow colleagues. Under any other circumstances you would have happily roomed with JJ. but she was on vacation with her family. Your options included your boss, Hotch (yikes, no thanks!), the ever flirtatious Derek Morgan, and your wonderful boyfriend, Spencer Reid.  

The sudden silence distracts you from your thoughts, and you close your eyes in a rather desperate attempt to get some rest. Despite everything, you fail. As soon as Spencer opens the bathroom door, your eyes fly open again.

“Are you asleep?” he whispers foolishly.

“No.” you smile, turning on your side to face him. You are taken aback by the sight of Dr. Spencer Reid without his usual formal attire, smiling as you examine his t-shirt and plaid pajama bottoms. The mattress shifts under you as he climbs into bed, catching your eye for a slight second before he licks his lips and turns to face you.

“Are you alright?” he asks, a hint of concern laced within his voice.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” you smile back at him.

“Well, you usually room with JJ. Listen, if you’re uncomfortable with me here I can-”

“Spence, you’re my boyfriend, you idiot. Of course I’m comfortable with you here.” you chuckle, leaning closer to him to place a soft kiss on his lips. The sudden closeness draws something to your immediate attention; you are feeling particularly racy yet romantic tonight.

Testing your boundaries, you move even closer to the handsome profiler, placing your lips back on his as they move together in unison. Spencer responds immediately, returning the kiss as his hands move to caress your face. As you gravitate ontop of him, Spencer breaks away.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“Kissing you.” you reply with a warm smile, placing a soft kiss on his lips once again, “Do you want me to stop?” you pause, anxiously awaiting his response. He stares up at you in awe, his mouth opening and closing as he evaluates his reply. Slightly disappointed, you begin to climb off of him, stopping when his hand catches your leg.

“I’m a virgin.” he blurts out before he can talk himself out of it, “I’m sorry, I should have told you. It’s just embarrassing…”

“I am too.” you smile down at him, your eyes flickering down to his chest for a moment before meeting his eyes once again.

“Are you sure you want to do this..?” he hesitates, “We can wait…”

“Spencer..” you breathe, reaching down to intertwine your fingers with his, “I want this, but if you don’t want to do this, then we won’t do it. Don’t feel pressured by me because I can wait. But…if there’s anyone I trust to lose my virginity to, it’s you.”

He gazes up at you as you speak. With every word that leaves your perfect pink lips, Spencer’s heart flutters faster and faster. Your thumbs move slowly against his knuckles in a soothing motion. He lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when you lean down to kiss him softly on the lips. At first you are unsure, and the very last thing you want to do is force yourself on him. As you are about to pull away, you feel Spencer relax into the kiss, unlinking his hands from yours and placing them around your body. Your own hands drift to his short hair, tangling themselves amidst his soft brown locks. Without breaking the kiss, Spencer shifts upward, into a sitting position with you still in his lap. Your hands drift down to the hem of the gray t-shirt he is wearing, waiting for any sign of discomfort. When he appears unfazed, your trembling hands reach under his shirt, sliding up until they rest on his bare chest. His lips break away from yours, resting his forehead against your own. You open your eyes in confusion, only to be met by Spencer’s relaxed expression. His eyes remain closed as his breath comes slow and steady. You watch as he licks his lips, finally opening his eyes and nodding his head in consent.

Your fingertips drift back down to his waist, tickling the skin as your nails lightly graze him. This time, your fingers grip the hem of his shirt, tugging the fabric up his body and over his head. Your plan does not go as smoothly as you had hoped when the fabric gets caught on his face. Giggling slightly, you untangle the shirt from him, pulling it swiftly off of his body and tossing it to the floor beneath you. He then returns the favour, gripping the hem of the oversized t-shirt you are wearing and pulling it over your head. He pauses to admire your beauty, only to realize that you aren’t wearing a bra.

“It’s okay.” you reassure him, taking his hands and placing them on your breasts, “You can touch me.” Spencer licks his lips, slowly nodding as his hands begin to massage your aching breasts. You let out a small breathy moan, your heartbeat racing as he touches you. Your hands shoot down to the waistband of his pajama bottoms, slightly maneuvering yourself as you pull them down his hips. With nothing but the fabric of your underwear and his boxers separating you, you move your hair to one side before leaning over to kiss your loving boyfriend sweetly on the lips.

“I love kissing you.” he smiles, reaching up to move some stray hair behind your ear with one finger.  

You smile back at him, placing your hands on his naked chest for a moment before moving to kiss his neck. You leave a trail of sweet soft kisses down his chest and stomach, stopping to gaze up at him as you reach the defined v of his pelvic muscles. Your hair tickles him as it follows, covering him like a blanket. You can feel his heart fluttering like a hummingbird in his chest as your fingers grip the waistband of his boxers. You pause for a moment, waiting for any sign of hesitation or doubt. When there is none, you pull his boxers down and wait for Spencer to remove them completely. You take a moment to admire his naked body, the same body that will be completely yours for the night. Realizing how exposed and vulnerable he probably feels, you lean down and catch his lips in a slow and passionate kiss. As your lips move in perfect unison, your hand makes it way up to where his length is pressed against your naked belly, gently grasping it with your soft hands. He moans into the kiss as you slowly stroke him.

“Let’s switch positions.” you suggest,  moving to pull the sheets off of your practically naked bodies and rolling back over to your side of the hotel bed. Spencer complies, straddling your hips and leaning down to kiss you once again. This time, his hands are on your heated center, rubbing you through the thin fabric of your black lace underwear. Your breathing grows slow and uneven as he massages the most sensitive part of you. Then, he gains the courage to grip the hem of the only piece of fabric separating him from you and pull it down your hips and off of your body.

“You’re so beautiful.” he whispers, practically towering over you.

“Touch me.” you beg him, taking his hand and placing it on your wet bundle of nerves. He obeys, softly massaging you for a moment before slipping a finger into your heated center. You moan, your breath suddenly growing short and uneven as he pumps his finger in and out of you. Closing your eyes, you feel an unfamiliar sensation begin to build up in your stomach, and are caught off guard when Spencer’s lips are suddenly back on yours. Your hands are on his back, holding onto him for dear life as you reach your high. Your body begins to twitch as you let out a long stream of moans. Then, Spencer stop, pulling out his finger and examining your gorgeous face, now twisted with pleasure.
He gives you a moment to come down from your high, gently kissing down your neck as you recover.

“I want you, Spence.” you breath through the orgasm, taking your boyfriend completely off guard, He pulls away from your neck, peering down at you in worry. Sensing his nervousness, you bring a hand up to his face, gently stroking his cheek with your fingers.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” he whispers.

“You won’t.” you promise, “Just go slow, and I’ll tell you if it hurts.” Spencer considers this for a moment before lining his length up with your entrance. You nod up at him, your hand slightly shaking as it drops from his face and grabs one of his hands. You take a deep breath as he slowly enters you, pausing for a moment for the okay. Taking another deep breath and giving his hand a gentle squeeze, you nod again, and he pushes a little further. This time you wince slightly, biting your lip for the small amount of pain you feel.

“Are you okay?” Spencer pauses, obviously noticing your discomfort.

“Yes.” you smile, “It’s going to hurt a little at first, but I want to do this. One more push.” He takes your other hand in his, intertwining your fingers against the soft mattress of the bed as he pushes into you once more. This time you cry out in pain, gripping his hands tightly as you take long, deep breaths. Guilt instantly washes over Spencer’s face, and he moves to pull out of you.

“No.” you insist, “Don’t.” He stills, hating the thought of him causing you any pain. As the pain slowly begins to fade, you nod up at him, gesturing for him to slowly move. He obliges, slowly beginning to move in and out of you. Soon enough, the pain passes and is replaced by pleasure. You let out a moan as he begins to quicken his pace, twisting your head to the side as your lips part. Spencer’s eyes shut as your tight walls squeeze around him. “Spence..” you trail off, unable to form a coherent sentence, “I…..I’m gonna…” He buries his head in your neck, the sweet aroma of your vanilla perfume only heightening the sweet sensation he feels. You feel his hot breath on your neck and you let go of his hands, wrapping your arms around his figure and pulling him closer to you as you are both pushed over the edge. Your nails dig into his back as you climax, but not enough to break his skin. The sounds of you and Spencer panting fill the hotel room, and he gives you one last soft kiss before staring directly into your eyes.

“I love you.” he whispers just loud enough for you to hear him.

“I love you too.” you reply.

He pulls out of you, reaching over to grab the mess of bed sheets and pull them over your bodies. You lie on your side and he lies next to you, wrapping his arms around you, and burying his face in your neck. You can feel his slowing heartbeat against your back as you drift off to sleep in his loving arms.

Derek Luh- Friends with Benefits?

Derek’s POV

My fingers ran through YN’s hair as she slept on my bare chest; she fell asleep a while ago tracing my tattoos. I looked down a her somber face studying every detail like I have a million times before. She looks so beautiful but she’s prettier when she smiles. Though when she’s laughing and she snorts,that’s my favorite; it’s even better when I’m the one making her laugh. I let out a husky groan. What are you doing to yourself, Derek? Torturing yourself that’s what. Unfortunately, this is the only option. Here in my arms is currently the only thing I want right now.
But she doesn’t want me and if I told her I liked her she wouldn’t want to have sex with me anymore; she might not even want to talk to me anymore. I’ve seen her do it before, multiple times. Hell that’s why I’m in this position. We were chilling at one of Nate’s kick backs and she was complaining about having to break things off with her friend with benefits because he caught feelings for her and we bonded over that whole process and how it sucks to have to break off a good thing because the other party liked you. Then, Sam made a joke that we should just be friends with benefits and we took him up on that. That was 7 months ago and now we’re here.

I felt YN moving and looked down at her.

“Round 2?” YN question as she sat up making me laugh.

I looked over her body taking in her curves. The beauty of her frame that couldn’t be replicated. This was one of the moments I regret not taking art in high school; I want to draw her and paint her and sculpt her because she is a work of art and I want to be memorialized in something classier than the pictures she’s sent me. Her body wasn’t one you’d see in a Victoria’s Secret catalog but her body made me a very happy man. Her giggle brought me out of my thoughts as I combed my fingers through my hair.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She smiled putting her hands on my chest bringing her body down to kiss me.

“YN stop.” I said before she could kiss me. I pushed her off of me. “I have to take a shower; I told the boys I would meet them later.” I lied then swinging my legs over the bed causing YN to hug my from behind.

“We can shower together.” I could feel the smile in her voice.

I brushed her arms off of me. “No, we would be in there for hours.” I reminisced in our previous showers together.

“True, well can I come and hang out with you guys?” She questioned.

“No, it’s just guy time.” I shortly replied walking into my bathroom.

I hated being cold like that but I guess that was my way of keeping my distance. I turned on the shower and put my playlist on. Showers always helped me sort things out but I can’t count how many showers I’ve thought about YN.

The warm water washed over my body making my newly tensed muscles. I wrapped to the current song knowing every word. I have to get in the studio soon; but everything I’ve written has a line or two about YN and she’d figure it out no doubt. I let a couple more songs play as I washed the smell of YN off of me. I turned off the shower faucet and continued to sing to Company by Justin Bieber. Rubbing the towel against my hair I tied a towel around my waist to catch the water droplets I missed. I walked into my room to grab clean underwear.

“You ain’t gotta be my lover for you to call me baby.” I sang.

“Okay, baby.” My eyes widened when I saw YN sitting in on the bed in my shirt.

“Hey, you’re still here.”

“I’m sorry,did you want me to leave?” YN raised an eye brow.

“No I was just in there for a while and I thought you might have left.”

“Sam,” She paused.“Do you want to stop having sex with me?”

Yes I want to make love to you. “No.”

“Well, do you want to have sex with other people?”

“What? No!” I said a little to eager making her eyes wide. I didn’t want to have sex with anyone else and I definitely didn’t want to even think about YN having sex with anyone else but me.

“Sam what are we?” YN continued to give me the fourth degree.

“What do you mean?” I rubbed the back of my neck.

“Like I get that we’re friends with benefits but are we exclusive are we not? Are you board of me Sam because you seem like you’re board of me?” YN rambled on.

“No I-”

“Really,Sam because we rarely even talk or hangout outside of this. Now, you’ll hit me up and then you’ll want me to leave right after or you’ll jet out of my house. We used to hangout after sex and actually talk to eachother when we saw eachother at parties. I noticed you avoiding me last week at Jack’s party. Sam, is there someone else because it’s cool if you want to fuck other people or you have a girl you want so you want to keep us on the DL-”

“There’s no other girl!” I yelled fed up with all of YN’s questions. “I promise, I don’t want another girl. I just want you.” YN looked at me kinda confused. “I like you,YN.” I groaned.“I know I’m sorry I ruined this whole thing. I’ve caught feelings for you and I hate it. That’s why I’ve been so distant; because when I see you I get butterflies in my stomach and not those kind the like grade school crush kind and I hate it. I wish I didn’t like you but I do and I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to stop talking to me. And you were right I do want to stop having sex with you because I want to make love to you. Well not quite love but I want to show you that I care about you.” I slid down with my back to the wall. There I did it. A weight felt like it was lifted off my shoulder but another on was put right back on when I realized the possible consequences of my actions. I sat with my back pressing against the cold wall in defeat. I didn’t know what YN was thinking; her face was unreadable. She just sat there looking down lips pursed as her fingers fiddled with the sheets around her. “YN,please say something.”

“Sam I-”

“It’s okay I get it you don’t feel the same way.” I finished her sentence for her because I couldn’t hear the words of rejection come from her mouth.

“But I do. Atleast I think I do. I don’t know. I’ve started to feel like I like you recently but I don’t know. I just don’t want to hurt you or for you to get your hopes up. The truth is I don’t know how I feel and I need time to sort things out I guess.” YN explained going back and forth from me to the sheets she continued to play with in her hands.

“And until then what?”

“Until then we can still do what we’ve been doing and just keep it exclusive.” She decided smiling at her decision.

“I’m good with that.” I walked over to the bed and kissed her grabbing the back of her face deepening the kiss. She pulled away making me pout.

“What about the boys?” YN said reminding me of my lie.

“They’ll understand.” I smiled pushing her back on the bed,taking my towel off.

AN: I’m going to start writing more often than I have and I’m going to finish some request I have from over a year ago 😁 XO

Ava along with her brother is the only other kid that was born a mortal and later on had the immortality serum in their DNA activate without killing them. She was separated from her brother when they reached their teens years, to apparently be kept safe and away from Cosima. Though she doesn’t know and or understands this yet - she has accepted this. Ava joined the rebellion in a attempt to be able to help others like she had been helped. Not truly believing that killing others is the option - but simply helping them choose the right side.

  • Axel Callaghan: Her twin and younger brother. Axel is one of the reason she has kept her promise and has taken as many mission as she had. Though she despise having to hurt anyone, she’d do anything in order to keep her brother safe and alive.
  • Derek Avery: He is like a father figure to her and while she now doesn’t hold the best relation with the man, ever since he decided that Ava and her brother should be kept apart - Ava cares deeply for the man. He was the one who took after her and brother since they were kids and if it wasn’t for Derek they wouldn’t have been able to make it.
  • Noah: Noah is nothing but another mission to her. At first Ava didn’t want to accept it but when she was threaten to be kicked out of the rebellion and have her brother killed - she had no other option but to accept the mission. She doesn’t how important or why the man its so important, she wasn’t given any details. She was simply told to pretend to be his wife when he woke up and make sure he never finds out he is a clone. Though it is very intriguing and she wishes to know what its so special about this one, Ava just stopped asking questions and took on the mission. Hopeful that she could find out why and what he was.

Ava Callaghan is an immortal and rebel. She is portrayed by Sophia Bush and she is Available.

The decision to have the character die was not a difficult one. What were the options? Derek was going to walk out on Meredith and leave her high and dry and what was that going to mean? That was going to suggest that their love was not true, that the thing we said for 11 years was a lie, and McDreamy wasn’t McDreamy. For me, that was untenable. Meredith and Derek’s love had to remain Meredith and Derek’s love. So as painful as that was for me as a storyteller, the only way to preserve what felt true to me was that Derek was going to have to die in order for that to remain honest. I really couldn’t have the idea that he turned out to be a bad guy who walked out on his wife and his kids, [and have that turn] out to be a true story. To me, that was the only way to make Meredith and Derek’s magic remain true and remain frozen in time.
—  Shonda Rhimes