and have beautiful cyborg babies

Amnesia Part 4

A little bit of and Genji one on one

Gency. Hurt/Comfort. 

Soft padding of feet echo nearly silently before reaching his side. He doesn’t look up, focusing on breathing evenly and settling his heart beat.

“Reinhardt and Ana have been talking with her all night. Mostly Reinhardt, but you know.” says lightly. As if her information doesn’t affect his being.

“She thinks she’s twenty years old, but her memory is still spotty at best.” She continues on easily. “Just recently she asked about Tracer, but when Reinhardt mentioned McCree she had no idea who he was.”            

Genji tilts his head, finally opening his eyes to gaze at her from his visor. Her head tilts upwards to the stars, her hands resting loosely on her hips. Whatever expression she wears is shown only to the night sky.

“She’s known McCree longer then Tracer, so Ana and Lucio are worried. They’ll keep watching her closely.” She shifts, lifting her hands to rub her arms at the coolness of the night. Her gaze unshifting from the stars as her voice keeps steady.

“If she gets anymore distressed, we’ll have Zenyatta come in and assist. That’s only if she panics again. Until then, we’ll try and keep the visitors down to a minimum.” finally lowers her head, staring right through Genji’s visor. He turns away, letting his hands drop on top of his thighs as he stops focusing on his breathing pattern.

“Thank you, Hana.” He quietly says, his voice dismissal but her presence settles down next to him in a cross legged position.

“Hey, Genji,” She speaks, holding her chin high and strong as she tries to peer into his averted gaze. “She’ll remember, she just needs to keep resting.”

But how long will it take a mind to recover? How many times will others have to fill in the holes of her memory? Who has she forgotten?

His chest is restless, a dark knot tying his insides together in bunched knots. Mercy’s startled expression, her body pulling away. Staining the inside of his eyelids.

Will she only remember him as a thing?

“Hey,” she demands his attention, and he finally gives it with a slow turn of his head. “Stop it.”

His head tilts in confusion, stunned silence before he finds his tongue.

“Stop what?”

“She doesn’t remember you now, but she will.” Her eyes glow fierce and bright. “And when she does, she’ll reach for you. You guys will kiss and hug and say all those sweet pet names to each other. You’ll wake up in the morning and only know how much she loves you. She’ll make you forgot that this incident ever happened. So stop thinking about all of the terrible things that could happen and just focus on the beautiful angel cyborg ninja babies you and Mercy will have together.”

He faces her now, thankful for the mask for it hides slight redness at the mention of babies. Her reassuring words have reached him though, and he holds onto them tightly.

“Hana,” he mumbles now, lighter.

“Beautiful angel cyborg ninja babies.” She presses, a smug smile on her pink painted cheeks.

“Hana,” He nearly shouts, furiously flustered behind his mask.

She stands up, grin still present.

“Come on, Genji. Mercy’s been asking for you.” She says easily, turning to the door.

He stands up, facing her but not following after her. The lightness in his chest cut in half by the thick dark ropes in his lungs.

“She’s been asking for me?” He breathes out, not taking in her words. looks over her shoulder, the same determined glow in her eyes but something uncertain flickers in her brown irises for a moment.

“She wants to know… who you are.”