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I saw that you were asking for FrUK headcanons and I have a few so here: Although Francis prefers coffee he knows how to make the perfect cup of tea for Arthur, both are insomniacs but there are some nights one of them may sleep, but is woken up by the other to cuddle or sit up, and lastly Arthur was a writer and used to get most of his inspiration from Francis.

And although Arthur prefers tea he knows how to make the perfect cup of coffee for Francis despite his dislike for the bitter drink. 

Sometimes when they’re not together and the other can’t sleep, they’ll call each other and have lengthy night time conversations that sometimes even drag out until morning or until one of them falls asleep. Not about anything in particular, just about whatever comes to mind, life, problems, funny stories and things that have happened to them throughout the day, anything really.

When they are together and one or both of them can’t sleep they’ll cuddle, watch movies, and sometimes even go for midnight walks.

Arthur is still a writer and a huge fan of literature(fuckin nerd) he still writes to this day and has a room full of books filling bookshelf after bookshelf, a lot of which are books ranging from black magic and wizarding to shakespeare and even modern novels.

Francis writes as well, but is more of a fan of poetry.

my favorite part of “Do It for Her” is…well, from “On the battlefield…” to “…that’s how you know you can win…”. particularly the latter. and it’s not just because “…you just think about the life you’ll have together after the war…!” never fails to make me emotional. (though that is a big part of it, admittedly.)

the way Pearl’s tone shifts…throughout, really…but particularly on “And then you do it for her…that’s how you know you can win!” is just…perfect, really, and I have to applaud the musical direction+Deedee Magno Hall’s talent & understanding of Pearl, because it feels like the best possible demonstration of how…multifaceted, and three-dimensional the episode’s themes are.

it’s all in the tonal shifts in Pearl’s singing. 

we immediately locked on to the conclusion that Pearl’s behavior and conception of knighthood–both toward Connie and herself–are harmful and unhealthy, and that’s driven in by the harsher, more unsettling vocal shifts in DMH’s delivery of “Concentrate! Don’t you want him to live!?” and “…when you live for someone you’re prepared to die”…

…but, man, those shifts in the “On the battlefield…” verse, especially in “…and then you do it for her, that’s how you know you can win”…they’re so honest, so genuine, so heartfelt. and when you look at her body language–how confidently, gracefully, and proudly Pearl dispatches the Holo Pearl–and the kids’ reactions throughout that verse–Steven getting emotional over the holo-flashback; Connie’s and Steven’s awe at Pearl’s skill–it seems clear that it isn’t wholly negative.

on Homeworld, Pearl and gems like Pearl had their duties and functions–the reasons for their existences–determined by their model. Homeworld deemed Pearl “defective” for failing to live up to the standards expected of her model. after the first few thousand years of her life, living in Homeworld gem society, Pearl internalized the stigma of “defective” to the extent that, even when Rose Quartz looked upon her and saw beauty and loved her wholly and unconditionally–not just for her “virtues,” but for everything about her, every part of her–Pearl never stopped seeing herself as nothing, even though Rose made her feel like she was everything at the same time.

it’s extremely difficult to examine and root out internalized discrimination–especially those instilled in us by oppressive power and societal structures. Rose’s love inspired devotion and loyalty and bravery in Pearl, but it wasn’t until Pearl began to fashion something different for herself that she could begin to deal with that internalized defectiveness.

humanity’s concept of knighthood was what allowed Pearl to reinvent herself into something she could derive pride and confidence from. and for a marginalized/oppressed person whose terms for self-reference were always determined by the society and power structures that marginalized and oppressed her, that is extremely significant and absolutely not to be discounted.

Pearl decided to become “Rose’s knight”–not because Homeworld mandated it, or because that was what was expected of her model, or because Rose asked that of her. Pearl’s decision was as much of an act of love and self-determination as she could muster for herself at that point. 

while that reinvention was colored by the wounds Homeworld inflicted upon her soul (her low self-worth; her willingness to sacrifice herself for the person she loves; her inability to approach Rose as an equal yet)…it is also a source of power, and pride, and confidence. a flawed step forward, of course, but a first step Pearl took on terms she determined for herself.

ngl, the need to firmly categorize any and all instances of behavior and personality as either “good” or “bad/harmful/problematic” strike me as extremely reductive. character traits are seldom uniformly “good” or “bad,” imo. they can feed into both “positive” and “negative” behaviors in different situations! for example, prioritizing someone over yourself to the extreme that you believe yourself to be worthless relative to them is undoubtedly “negative,” but the ability to sometimes prioritize others’ needs above your own and assume responsibility for your relationships is often integral to building positive relationships–and that’s a big part of what makes Pearl a good parent and mentor to Steven, and often shows up positively/benignly in her interactions with Garnet, Amethyst, and Greg, even.

so Pearl’s devotion? yes, it’s unhealthy in that it was initially predicated on and often still feeds back into her low self-worth, which propels her toward extreme self-sacrifice; it’s especially and unquestionably harmful when she uncritically projects it onto Connie; it’s difficult to watch how it feeds into her grief over Rose’s loss…

…but it’s also positive in that it impelled Pearl to take the first step in her self-determination and self-actualization! her confident body language and heartfelt articulation about her relationship with Rose…the image of Pearl, glowing with a confidence and love she’d never known before, following Rose into battle and fighting alongside her, thinking of the life they’d have and did have together after the war, and the years and years they spent, healing and moving forward together–that’s beautiful, and I think we’re supposed to perceive it as beautiful and affecting.

so, like, I don’t know what the point of this post is anymore, haha…. something can be positive/beautiful and negative/harmful at the same time, for the same or different reasons, I guess? “Do It for Her” is certainly both for me, at least.

Do you know what inspires me? YOU. You girls inspire me. The before and after photos, the JOURNEY and the struggles that you have gone through along the way and SURVIVED. You girls don’t understand how amazing you are! Take me for example…. I’m not perfect …I don’t have the ‘perfect’ body, I don’t live a life with no problems. And to be honest, it’s YOU girls, it’s this community, it’s this journey that we are all on together that INSPIRES ME! You don’t NEED to be perfect. Be YOU and LOVE who YOU are…. and you WILL be beautiful …and you will inspire other women all over the world to love themselves too. And THAT, that is amazing 💛
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Hey Tumblr

If you’re gonna be rude, condescending and insulting to someone, and shit on their choices and try to shove your ideology down their throat even thought they’ve literally done nothing to deserve your crap because they’re

  • non vegan
  • vegan
  • non feminist
  • feminist
  • pro-choice 
  • pro-life
  • straight
  • gay
  • trans
  • cis
  • non-white
  • white
  • generally different than you

then congrats, your actions are bad, you should feel bad, and need to do some serious soul searching. stop trying to mold other people into some perfect vision that you have just so you can feel accepted and good about yourself. it’s not some stranger’s obligation or responsibility. get your shit together and be decent human beings.

me... w/ gun:

living a happy married life together. Gun, you are the perfect husband, I love you and all our gun kids,  I can’t believe I’ve been so blessed to have you at my side

So here is an idea

Dean and Cas adopting kids that lost their parents because of monsters!!!

And raising them up knowing that monster exist and how to defend themselves but not taking them everywhere to go on hunts. Instead they help them have a normal life while at the same time making sure to keep them save.

Dean cooks and they all eat together as a big family.

The kids love each others as brothers and sisters.

And they call Dean and Cas their dads, Sam is their uncle. And when they adopted the first one Sam made a bunch of jokes about “My two dads” until he gets that maybe it’s not really that much like “My two dads”…

The kids call themselves the Winchesters.

They call Jody their aunt and Alex is their cousin.

Cas reassuring Dean that he thinks he is a good father.

The kids buying them presents for father’s day.

Clair is probably one of them too but won’t admit it until she accidentally calls one of them “dad” and Dean and Cas just look so happy and go like: “Yes?”

As they grow old some of the kids become hunters, some don’t. And it’s fine because it’s their choice. 

Cas and Dean having a family of mini hunters that love them.

Cas and Dean being dads.

every single day.

A Perfect Mix

TITLE: A Perfect Mix


AUTHOR: Caw-Caw-Mothercluckers

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you and Loki have a son together and even though you are both separated, you make sure that Loki is involved with his son’s life. One day you and Loki take him out to the park and as you watch your son play you thank Loki for giving you the most important person, your son.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I did write this in a rush, all I had was twenty minutes, but I still enjoyed it. I hope you like it!

“Daddy! Come play with me!”

Little Draven run as fast as his little legs could carry him, leaping into Loki’s open arms and squealing with delight.

“Daddy, daddy! Look it! I got a new tooth out!”

Draven used his sand covered fingers to pull his lips back in order to show his father the new gap where his tooth had once been this morning. Loki chuckled at this, his face lighting up brightly.

“I see! And what did you do with your tooth?”

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If you think you can only do this job by having a perfectly rounded acceptance of all the shit in your life and also a complete understanding of the pain of your patients before you can help them with theirs, then dream on

Professor Tanya Byron, ‘The Skeleton Cupboard’

A reminder from an excellent book I’m reading at the moment: you don’t have to have the perfect life and have all your shit together to be able to help people. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of being these invincible, omnipotent super-beings - can’t stop, can’t fail, can’t make mistakes. But it’s okay to be vulnerable, to be imperfect, to take time for yourself. It doesn’t make you a failure. We are only human.

The thing about Umineko that both saddens me and chills me to the bone is that it is all completely plausible. It very well could have happened.The way Ryukishi wrote it with such attention to detail, and a very well thought out plan for how the story should unfold, lead to the creation of such a great work of literature. Umineko has the strongest cast of characters I’ve ever seen, an extremely complex yet believable plot, and the perfect balance of leaving things up to interpretation and explaining things, which all mesh together to create an amazing story, one which changed my life as well as my outlook on the world. Umineko is without a doubt one of the most beautiful things I have ever read, or ever will read. These reasons are what lead me to call Umineko my favorite piece of literature, as well as one that should be more widespread. Umineko is unequivocally a masterpiece, and it is a story I will never forget.

I’m not even worried about Haleb. Things have been too perfect for too long, so it’s time for the obligatory angst to make things interesting. I know someone said that not all the high school couples are going to be together after the time jump, but doesn’t that imply that at least one of them will? Emily’s love life is a freaking hot mess, Ezria can’t really be considered a high school relationship lbr, Spoby is already hanging by a thread… and Haleb?? Hanna is hardly going to end things for good just because Caleb cares too much. 

Put yourself in her shoes though. Caleb literally is with her every second, and when he’s not he’s tracking her location and waiting up at the kitchen table like a pissed off concerned parent. I’d want space too. I completely get where Caleb is coming form, and I think his reaction is normal but he really was smothering her and I don’t blame her for wanting him to back down a little. 

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Why did you have to be so rude with that babies post ? Omfg now i cant stop thinking about them having kids together and living a happy life Omg stttoooooopppppp ittttt Can they like come out NOW?

:(( in my head their perfect life would be living in the suburbs with a huge backyard and a pool and every sunday harry wakes up inside louis’ arms to their kids jumping on the bed saying they’re hungry and then they get up to make breakfast and when they’re done they clean up and take them for a little walk around the neighborhood and then in the afternoon harry fixes a pb&j lunch for them and then they have like a little tournament in their yard playing football and it’s louis and kid vs harry and kid and then the kids get tired and then they make dinner and then get the kids cleaned up ready for bed and then harry lays right back down inside louis’ arms and says ‘this is everything i’ve always wanted - i love you’ and louis smiles down at harry and says 'me too - i love you’ and louis kisses harry’s cheek and they go to sleep

I really just want to make this post.

I am very thankful for the people I have in my life. All the friends I have, all the new people I’ve come across, all the people I’ve known throughout my life. Just thank you. Thank all of you.

I feel so blessed to have all the friends that I do.

I’m not perfect by any means. Hell, I’m far from it. I see so many people having so many different thoughts and viewpoints on so many different things and I worry a lot about what people think about me. I know that there’s people out there who wither don’t like me or flat out hate me but I need to remember that it doesn’t matter. I have those who love me in my life and with them, I can accomplish anything because we’re all in this together.

Life can get tough some times but it’s never good to give up. Sometimes it might be hard to keep pushing forward and keep going but you just do your best and everything will turn out alright eventually.


My brother and his fiancé are getting married in September. Full out camo theme. Adorable little ranch house. THEYRE ALSO GETTING A PUPPY THIS MONTH. (They might name him Medic cause I was making, “COME HERE, MEDIC!” jabs with the name and yeah it was cute and Jennifer loved it), and then yeah they will have their life together all started and I’m insanely happy.

Stydia Rant

You know what really grinds my gears? The fact that stydia was literally set up sooooo perfectly at the end of 3b. Like the writers could have created quite possibly the smoothest friends-to-lovers transition in all TV history. It was perfect! PERFECT. I remember watching the end of 3b and thinking “this is our time babes. After this mindfuck of a season, our babies will confess their undying love for each other in season 4.”

Then Jeff Davis flushed my hopes down the figurative toilet. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against malia (malia is my precious baby angel and I will protect her with my life)…but…ugh…I will never get over the fact that Stiles and Lydia had this perfect opportunity to get together and the writers chose to ignore it and pretend three seasons of development never happened. It doesn’t make sense to me. 

Fast forward two seasons and I’m still watching Stalia makeouts and Marrish doing whatever the hell it’s doing. 

At this point 60% of the reason I ship Stydia is because I actually like them and the other 40% is in pure spite of the writers.