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[TianShan Week]

Day 3: Hunger

…a need for dumplings noodles!

Wow, look at all that dialogues– It’s scattered everywhere lol ^_^; I didn’t have time to draw so many panels so I hope it’s isn’t too confusing to read!

I wasn’t supposed to spend so much time on this but I really wanted to do a good job at it– ”Look ma, cleaner lineart!” XP I have added two extra panels. I was going to skip the “dumplings” part but I thought it was pretty funny so it had to be in there! :P

I haven’t really started Day 4 at all, I’ve only just finished this now! X_x Oh man, I don’t think I can keep up at all lol– I’m feeling very tired, staying up doing these so I’m considering skipping some~ There’s not enough hours in a day… TT_TT

Alec Lightwood Christmas Imagine: Miracle Night


Summary: Reader wants make cookies and Alec offers help even though he has never been nice to reader. They have good time and end up watching movies, which will lead them to something even better.

Word count: 1947

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“By the angel! This is nightmare!” I muttered under my breath as I opened another shelf, but there was no flour. 

I moved to the last one, praying to find it there. As I opened it, I smiled to myself and took out the pocket with flour.

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I’ll show you who makes you feel good.

Genre : Smut (rated M/MA)

Member : Wonho x 3rd person (no name)

Warnings : explicite sexual content, language, oral, (tiny little bit of bondage?), overstimulation…

Word count : 3164

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He had been waiting all night to get her home, during dinner, during the drinks after all he had in mind was her and having his way with her. It didn’t help that she had pulled out that little red dress he simply loved on her and a pair of heels that had his head spinning with all the possibilities. As much as he loved the outfit the looks and stares that came along with it had him clenching his fists to control himself, he didn’t like being overbearing especially when they spent a rare evening out in town, so he took it in strides, tension and possessiveness rising as the night went on. She had been ordering their drinks at the bar, knowing well that she would most likely be served faster than him, when he spotted a guy hitting up conversation with her. It took all his self-control to stay seated and not rush to her side to wrap a possessive arm around her waist and glare at the guy. He saw her smile and was ready to get up when he noticed she was just telling him to back off, in more polite words of course but nonetheless it had the effect that Wonho, getting the male away from her. She came back with drinks soon after and scooted close to her boyfriend who latched onto her immediately. He had pulled her close, his hand resting on her inner thigh, as high as the dress let him and his lips were to her ear. He wanted to go home, immediately.

As the door to their apartment closed behind them, he let her walk in first and followed a smirk painting his lips, he stalked behind her like a feline stalking a prey. He followed quietly as she made her way to their bedroom and as soon as she had walked through the door and passed her vanity he had her pinned to it her back pressing against his chest. He had her locked in place on hand on each side of her leaning on the vanity. He pushed his hands closer to each other as he pushed himself against her, his hips expertly rolling against her ass making her arch her back as she felt his erection pressing against her. She sighed arching her back and leaning her head on his shoulder. This simple move had her already alert and it made Wonho smirk as he finally placed his hands on her body, one wrapping around her waist to rest just below her ass the other settling itself on her shoulder. His lips locked onto her neck and he started kissing and gently biting the skin, occasionally sucking gently until he was satisfied with the mark he left before moving higher and lower. He smirked against her skin and tightened his hold on her already feeling her giving in to him. He felt her struggle to stay up and was fully satisfied with the fact that he was the only one who could make her feel that way with only his mouth.

He pulled away to turn her around pressing her close to him, his hand ghosting on her body leaving fire trails as the other held her up and against him before he pulled down the zipper holding the dress on her body. And there she was, wearing only a pair of lacy red panties and matching strapless bra. He felt himself grow harder if that was even possible at this point. He leaned in to kiss her and as soon as his lips touched her he pulled her up onto the vanity. Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist searching much needed friction, he knew he was driving her mad by dragging it out but he wanted to prove a point, he wanted to reminded her that he was the only one that could make her feel the way she did. Not that she had forgotten but he felt the need to show it after all the stares she had gotten that evening. He pulled away much to her disapproval.

-       Hush now baby, he cooed as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

He quickly shook it off his shoulders revealing his toned and muscular body, no matter how many times she had seen it, she still stared at his sculpted chest, no matter how many times she ran her hand over his insane body it still looked unreal. She reached out to touch him but her quickly grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head, clicking his tongue.

-       Tsk, tsk, not tonight baby, tonight I think you need to be reminded of who makes you feel good, he whispered before kissing her hard.

His tongue quickly parted her lips and explored her mouth making her moan into his, she was already putty in his hands and he loved his. She caved in so easily, letting him take control of the kiss, gladly handing over dominance to him as he sucked and nibbled on her lips. He eventually pulled back to kiss along her jaw and down her neck his free hand trailing fire down her stomach and finally between her legs. He ran his fingers over her covered folds and moaned in satisfaction against her skin.

-       So fucking wet for me already baby? He hummed. Is that all for me, hm? He asked running his fingers over her wet core making sure he applied pressure on her clit.

The reaction was instant; she threw her head back and moaned loudly.

-       Sorry, I didn’t quite get that baby girl… Who makes you this wet?

-       You, she managed to breathe out as he ran his fingers over her folds over and over.

She started moving her hips against his hand and that is when he pulled away.

-       Tsk, tsk, not yeah sweetheart, not yet…

He let go of her wrist and her arms immediately dropped to his shoulders before roaming his body. He pulled her closer to the edge of the vanity, her legs wrapped around his waist as her reached around her to unclasp her bra freeing her breasts. His hands slid up her sides, up around her shoulders, ghosting around her neck and sliding down to her boobs. He locked lips with hers in a sloppy kiss as he gently pinched and flicked her nipples making her moan and grind against his still clothed hips creating the friction she was desperate for. The rough fabric of his black jeans against the flimsy lace of her panties along with his ministrations to her breasts and his tongue brushing harshly against hers had her getting closer to the edge. She was already so close and he could feel her wetness through his pants and briefs and wasn’t surprised when she pulled away from the kiss, arching herself further into his hands and hips her head thrown back in pleasure as she rolled her hips erratically, panting, moaning, splurging a thread of incoherent words as he watched her reached her peak.

-       That’s it baby, come for me, he groaned out as he bucked his hips against her.

He rolled his hips into hers his hands resting around hers, him too enjoying the friction she was creating. He hummed in pleasure and bucked his hips one last time before she let out a cry, stilling all movement. He pulled away letting her lean back against the mirror of her vanity as she came down from her high and took the time to pull off his pants and underwear. He watched her chest heave up and down rapidly as her head lolled from side to side pleasure painting her features he couldn’t help but wrap his hand around his hard length as he watched her breathing slow down becoming regular. She finally opened her eyes and locked her gaze with his and slid off the furniture before stalking towards him. She ran her hands over his shoulders, down his chest, his sculpted muscled torso rippling under her fingers as she grazed them down lower and lower until her hand joined his around his hard cock, she started pumping her hand along his shaft kissing and nibbling at his neck leaving her own marks. He leaned his head forward savoring her touch, his hands grabbing onto her ass pushing down her panties and she stepped out of them never pulling her hand away from his shaft or her lips from his neck. She eventually pulled away and started kissing down his body, she bent her knees dropping lower and lower until she got on her knees. She licked him from the base of his hard dick to the tip and gently sucked on him taking a small part of him in her mouth. He clenched his teeth and moaned out her name and pulled way just as she was about to take him in deep. Before she could even register what was happening she was on the bed her legs spread wide and his fingers were running between her wet folds.

-       Mmmh, he hummed running his tongue between her breasts. Tonight, is all about showing you who makes you feel good.

He pulled away from her pulling out a whimper from her lips, he leaned over to the nightstand and pulled out a pair of tacky pink fluffy handcuffs, he smirked at her taking her hands and handcuffing her before tying the chain linking the cuffs to the bed’s headboard with a piece of rope. The sight of him hovering over her as he worked on making sure she wouldn’t be able to mover her hands combined with being restrained had her getting wetter and bringing her thighs together to find a way to get some friction but he quickly pulled them apart. Wonho ran his hands up and down her thighs, each time getting closer to her dripping center, when his fingers finally grazed her wet lips she moaned loudly bucking her hips up.

-       Please, she begged her breath ragged.

-       What do you need baby? The man asked his fingers ghosting over her clit.

-       You, I need you… she panted in anticipation.

He hummed at her answer before placing his hands on the mattress on each side of her head, he rested on his elbows his body barely touching hers as he kissed her lips hard and quick before pulling back up.

-       I’m going to need you to be a bit more specific, he whispered into her ear raising his body as she arched herself trying to feel her on him. What do you want me to do?

-       Anything! Touch me please! She begged.

And those words brought a smug grin to his lips.

-       With pleasure, he responded.

He pulled away and she gasped when she felt his tongue lap her juices, he held her hips down as her eagerly licked her pussy, flattening his tongue as he dragged it between her folds up to her clit. She was reduced to a moaning mess, her back arched and he held her hips down with a strong grip making sure they wouldn’t buck up. She moaned and let out little noises as he wrapped his lips around her swollen bundle of nerves and flicked it with his tongue.

-       Aaah, god, oh god, she panted pulling on the restrains wanting nothing more than to grab onto is hair and push him closer to her hot center.

He smirked against her as he sucked gently and pushed in two fingers into her, causing her to scream out his name. She was close, he could feel her shaking, her walls clenching around his fingers as he pumped them in and out faster and sucked on her clit, within a few pumps of his hand she clenched around them hard as she screamed his name. He quickly pulled them out and liked up all her juices as she came on his face. He lapped at her making her tremor and ride her orgasm longer, he lapped until she almost couldn’t take anymore. He felt himself grow harder at the sight of her once again breathing heavily her legs spread wide for him, he wanted to bury himself deep inside off her when he saw her sprawled like that hair fanned around her blissful face. He reached over to untie her and took of the cuffs and as soon as she was free she pulled him down for a kiss. It was nothing sweet it was urgent and wanting and sloppy but he kissed her back with just as much passion bringing them onto their knees, his cock sliding between her legs and sliding between her folds as they kissed hand roaming everywhere, wanting to touch every part of each other, pressing each other closer and close. Her nails dug into his back dragging down as her sucked on her tongue and squeezed her ass.

He couldn’t wait anymore he needed to be buried inside of her, he had grown so hard that it was almost painful. Both knew they wouldn’t last long once her was inside her. He got her on all her elbows and knees facing the mirror as he lined up his cock with her entrance. She closed her eyes in anticipation but they popped open when his hand came down on her ass. She moaned as the slight sting and the pleasure it brought her knowing he would soon burry himself deep into her. He spanked her a couple of times as he slid his cock between her wet folds coating his with her juices and she kept closing her eyes. His hand came down a fifth time.

-       Open your eyes, he commanded and she obey and it sent a wave of pleasure through him making him groan in satisfaction. Look at us, I want you to see how good I make you feel, I want you to see yourself as you clench around my cock, he told her as he locked eyes with her through the mirror.

And he thrusted into her, making them both moan loudly as he filled her. He stilled for a moment but quickly started to thrust his hips when she bucked her hips back against his. He pushed himself slowly deep into her, pulled out almost completely before pushing back deep into her. Her eyes were locked on his as he threw his head back, teeth clenched as he tried to control his moves.

-       Har-harder, she panted out. F-f-Fuck me ha-h-har-der, f-fast-ter.

He opened his eyes to look at her through the mirror and let go his hold on her hips tightened as he started pushing into her deeper, faster. She felt him hit the right spot with each and every hard thrust of his hips, she was reduced to “oohs” and “aahs” as he grunted, feeling climax closing up on both of them he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and brought her back up against his chest, her head fell back against his shoulder.

-       Ugh, ah, op-ah-pen your ey-es, he grunted as he held it in until she did.

When her eyes opened to look at the mirror, she saw his pleasure painted face and the sight of them linked was enough to make her clamp down around his cock. As he thrusted a few times before coming, not stopping his moving hips her snaked a hand around to rub circles on her clit making her come harder. He didn’t stop rubbing circles on her sensitive bud as soon as her orgasm was over she was over taken by another on from his never-ending ministration. He pulled out of her and pulled her down onto the mattress over him as she came down from her high.

They laid there for a while panting sweat covered bodies stuck to each other. He smiled as his arm wrapped around her panting form. After a while their breathing had gone back to normal and he thought she had fallen asleep since her breathing was calm. He looked at the ceiling thinking of everything and anything really, feeling unable to fall asleep, his mind going back to the sensations they had shared just moments before. He felt himself grow hard again at the thought of being inside her, her tight wall clenching around his cock as he made her come. He was brought out of his thoughts by a hand wrapping around his hard member. She pushed herself up and looked down at him.

-       Well, it seems we’re not quite done for tonight, are we? She said smirking as she straddled him. You’re already up for round two? She whispered in his ear.

He shot up sitting straight and moved back so he could lean back against the headboard pulling her along with him. He wasted no time, once he could lean back, he lined himself with her entrance and pulled her down on him as he thrusted his hips up. She slid right onto him grabbing onto his shoulders, she rolled her hips and grinded on him arching her back at the feeling of riding him. He closed his eyes savoring the feeling of his cock being deep into her. Wonho guided her hips just the way he wanted her to move, having her rise and drop back down every now and then. Wonho made her rock her hips back and forth, making sure her clit rubbed against him. She changed it up with his cues, following whatever she felt he wanted her to do, as he guided her so he would hit that sweet spot every time she dropped down. Not long after he made her pick up the pace, feeling his and her climax being close, she was practically bouncing on his dick. Before she could realize what he was doing he had her on her back, her legs over his shoulders as he pulled out completely before thrusting into her hard and deep hitting that spot, he repeated the move over and over until he felt her clamp harder than she ever had this evening, feeling her walls tight around him sent him over the edge and once again he didn’t stop his thrusts as she milked him for all he had. His hand went to her clit again as he felt her come down from her high, he had barely touched her overstimulated bud that she was coming again.

He pulled out and gently got her legs off his shoulders, he got them tucked under the blankets.

-       What got into you tonight? She breathed out when she caught her breath.

He had pulled her flush against his chest and was snuggling into her neck.

-       Too many men looking at you, he mumbled against her skin.

She chuckled at his possessiveness.

-       I love you Wonho.

-       I love you too. God I love you so much.

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Ron decides to "accidentally" run into Hermione upon hearing she's engaged to Draco
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Ron:</b> Hermione! Wow, imagine seeing you here of all places.<p/><b>Hermione clearly at a business dinner with colleagues:</b> Hello Ronald, how are you?<p/><b>Ron:</b> Good, I hear you're taking the plunge. That's...great. I just wish you'd have chosen a better ma-<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Listen, now is not the time for this, I'm busy.<p/><b>Ron:</b> sure, sure but I mean why did you choose Draco over me?<p/><b>Hermione to her colleagues:</b> excuse me<p/><b>Hermione stands dragging Ron to out of the restaurant and says silencio after being sure no one saw them walk into an alley:</b> Ronald Weasley! I was in the middle of a very important business meeting! This was extremely disrespectful, and you know exactly why I "chose" Draco over you. Unlike you he knew my worth, he didn't assume I was his, he pursued me as a man should have done. Where you were a coward and a moron he was brave and brooding. I am marrying Draco, you had your chance years back when we were in hogwarts. <p/><b>Ron:</b> I'm so sorr-<p/><b>Hermione:</b> No Ronald, you listen to me, I am marrying this man. I love him, and he loves me. You don't get to just sweep in when you realize someone else noticed me. I am not your back up plan, second choice, or even your friend.<p/></p><p/></p>
Candy Canes (Zen x Mc)

OKAY! This is a little last minute, but I just got the idea for this, this morning! So with that, enjoy!

It was Christmas, and everyone in the RFA had decided to gather at Jumin’s house for an exclusive RFA members only party. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

Except Zen, who was in the corner, sulking. He wasn’t having a bad time at the party, Per Say, he had a couple conversations with Jaehee and Yoosung, and catching Mc under the mistletoe. But other than that, they had barely spoken at all tonight.

And now she was playing with that stupid trust fund jerk’s cat. Damn him.

Zen let out a sigh, feeling rather lonely.

Eventually, Mc tore her eyes away from Elizabeth the 3rd, to look over at her boyfriend Zen, who looked in desperate need of some company.

She smiled, putting Elizabeth down and brushing the cat fur off herself. Don’t want his allergies acting up now.

Sneaking up on him when he wasn’t looking, Mc wrapped her arms around Zen’s neck from behind him.

“Zenny~” she whispered into his ear.

A bolt of surprise and happiness shot through Zen at the sound of his Mc’s voice, glad she had finally come over to talk to him.

“Hmm? Y-yes, Jagiya?”

“Well, you were sitting over here brooding, so I thought I’d come and keep you company.”

“I wasn’t Brooding!” he said in accusation.

“Pfft, sure.” Mc let her eyes wander, until they landed on the snack table. On said table, were a variety of different striped canes. She gasped, grabbing onto Zen’s hand and leading them over to the snack table

“Zen looked!” Mc said, with enthusiasm.

“What is it?” he chuckled.

“Candy canes!” Mc responded, picking one up, “I haven’t had one of these in forever. They’re sososo good! And they’re the big kind too!”

Zen found it incredibly adorable how Mc reacted to the candy canes. She was like a little kid.

She tore off the plastic covering the cane and gripped onto the hook part.

“My favorite are classic peppermint.”

Zen thought it was Mc at the moment was extremely precious and innocent

…that was, until she started on her cane.

She wrapped her lips around the peppermint flavored cane and started sucking to get some of the flavor into her mouth. Zen watched as she licked the cane and moved it in her mouth.

Must not release the beast.Must not release the beast.Must not release the beast. Zen kept repeating it in his head, like some kind of mantra.

Finally, Mc pulled the candy cane out of her mouth, and licked her lips

“I always like starting from the bottom. Don’t know why. But that was good! My hands are all sticky now though…”

She looked from her Candy cane to her boyfriend, who’s face just so happened to be flushed the same color as his ruby red eyes.

Mc raised an eyebrow at him, puzzled at what he was staring at.

“Are you okay, Zen oppa?”

That’s when his control snapped.

“Come with me.” He said, grabbing Mc by the hand and leading her to the elevator.

“Zen? Where are you and-” Yoosung started, but Zen cut him off.

“Don’t wait up for us.” he said, pressing the button down.

When they finally arrived on there floor, Zen escorted Mc to the closest room possible and locked the door behind him.

“Zen, what’s up?” asked Mc, who was majorly confused.

Zen turned back to her, eyes full of desire before finally answering- “I need you.”

“Hu-?” Before Mc could finish, Zen strode towards her, pinned her to the wall, and smashed his lips into hers.

Every question left Mc’s mind as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

She tasted like peppermint. Sweet, sweet peppermint.

When they’d finally pulled apart, Mc spoke,

“Did I accidentally release the beast?” she panted out.

Zen smirked, gently grabbing Mc’s chin with his thumb and index finger.

“Ooooh~ Definitely. We only have to do this if you’re ok with it though,”

Mc pushed forward, Connecting her lips with Zen in a short, loving kiss, giving him his answer.

When he pulled away from her, he licked his lips and chuckled.

“That candy cane was sweet, but I think you’ll taste much sweeter.” he slipped one hand under your sweater before saying,

“Merry Christmas, Babe~”

Okay, I keep telling myself I’ll end with actually smut, but it’s late and I got lazy. So I’ll right it later~ Merry Sin-mas!(I hope this didn’t ruin candy canes for you…)


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holding everything i have like it was broken

rating: m

a/n: the angsty pregnancy fic nobody asked for! this is another everybody lives type thing, because it KILLS me that jyn and cassian don’t actually get to experience this. title ripped from “gimme something good” from cassian’s playlist (i still die). shoutout to @madiiisonclark for screaming with me last night while i was writing this :) enjoy!


“Where is she?” Cassian thunders, pushing past the men keeping watch at the entrance to their ship. No one answers. 

“Where is my wife?” he asks, rage cutting through the concern in his voice. He spots Bodhi in the cockpit and stares him down. “I swear to everything living in this galaxy,” Cassian starts, “if you don’t tell me where Jyn is right now, I’m going to – ”

Honey, you’re home.” Jyn’s voice cuts through the tension growing in the ship like a lightsaber. He turns to see his wife, standing against a wall with a rag pressed to the gash in her abdomen. She’s smiling in an effort to distract from the way her other hand clutches at a railing, white-knuckled. “This looks…worse than it is.”

Cassian exhales harshly, then presses his palm to his eyes. “You,” he starts, “ should be lying down. And you – ” he gestures to everyone watching, “ – should have been watching her! I gave you express orders.”

“Okay, I think you’re overreacting a little,” Jyn says, then hisses when the rag slips and air hits her open wound. 

“We are going to have a talk,” he replies, taking Jyn by the elbow to help her into their bunk. Cassian eases her onto the bed and goes to the tiny bathroom to collect more rags and some alcohol. 

“It’s really nothing, Cassian,” Jyn calls from their bed. “The blaster grazed me, and I shot him down right after.”

He rounds the corner, supplies in hand, and shoots her a look. It’s half you’re going to be the death of me and half I love you more than anything in the world – it makes Jyn drop her shoulders and sigh softly. 

“I know you were worried. I know you told me to stay on the ship. I know that, but I had the shot, and I took it.”

Cassian sits beside her and takes the bloody rag from her calloused hands. He looks up at her and works at disinfecting her wound. Jyn clenches her jaw when the alcohol touches bloody skin. “I was doing my job,” she offers, quieter this time. 

He doesn’t respond, just reaches for gauze to clean her up. 

“So now you’re not gonna talk to me? Cassian, I’m sorry, but – ”

“Jyn. You’re pregnant,” Cassian breathes, voice breaking on the last word. “You’re having a baby.”

She told him three weeks ago, just after they returned from a mission. Lying in bed together, Jyn reached for his hand and placed it atop her stomach. Cassian looked over with wide eyes, and she just nodded, biting her lip. 

Terror and excitement coursed through his veins then, just like they do now, looking down at his injured wife. (And child.)

“Cassian, I’m well aware that I’m – “

“Do you know,” he starts, not meeting her eyes. “Do you know what it would do to me if something happened to…either one of you?”

Jyn says nothing. They’re both silent for a long minute. Cassian knows they have jobs; the Alliance counts on both of them, and this, this feeling of complete and utter devotion, is why they shouldn’t be where they are right now. He would leave the rebels in a heartbeat if it meant saving his wife and child. 

Cassian feels Jyn’s hand come up to grip his arm, finally making him look at her again. Something in her green eyes shines so intensely it makes another part of his heart break off into her hands. When she leans in to kiss him, he meets her halfway. 

It starts as nothing: a brush of lips just to mend what was a little rocky. But then, gods help him, Jyn opens her mouth and sinks her teeth into his bottom lip, gripping his arm just a little too tight. Her nails must be leaving marks on his skin, but Cassian can’t bring himself to care. Not with her pulling her back so he’s hovering above her. 

“I don’t want to…” Cassian trails, glancing at her stomach and the barely-patched up gash below her ribs. But then Jyn’s tugging him down so their hips meet and he gasps, forgetting any concerns he had. 

He gets the rest of her tunic up and off and starts working at the button of her pants. Cassian’s never been particularly good with undressing Jyn in the heat of the moment – he gets too ahead of himself, too lost in her warm skin and bright eyes. She laughs at his fumbling and swats his hand away. Before he can protest, her pants are on the floor.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Jyn says with a slow smile. Cassian flashes her a smirk before disrobing and tossing his shirt and pants near the door. He crawls back on top of her, lets his fingers dip under the waistband of her panties and tease at her clit until she’s moaning and whimpering into the open air. 

When he sinks to his knees at the base of the bed, Jyn quirks a brow at him. Cassian drags her underwear down and presses kisses up her thighs until he’s right there, and flicks his tongue at her clit for all he’s worth. He pours everything – every thought, every worry, all of his feelings – into it, concentrating on showing Jyn just how much she, just how much they, really mean to him. She’ writhing on the bed, hands fisted in his hair, to an almost painful degree, but it doesn’t matter.

She comes just as he’s whispering, “Mi vida, mi alma,” into this junction at her hip. 

Jyn, with a sated smile, says, “Te queremos,” and Cassian’s entire heart threatens to shatter with the amount of love he feels.

Dangerous or not, he belongs, wholly and completely to this tiny, forged-family. 

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
The Holidaze

(x) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - The Holidaze 

Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low), Ashton Irwin (5SOS), Joel Madden (Good Charlotte), Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) and John Feldmann (Goldfinger)

I figured Xenoblade X’s anniversary was a good time to finish this! (even though i missed it by a few days oops…) My brother @facial-reef‘s cross and mine chillin’ with our favorite xeno on the ma-non ship~

It started out as a screenshot redraw of this, which we loved too much to pass up:

Anyways, I absolutely adore this game and have spent a decent amount of my free time just exploring Mira. <3


[Hisses in pain] “Shit… Damn it!”
“What’s going on here?”
“Oh… ma'am… It’s nothing… You need anything? Just give me a second…”
“Are you bleeding?”
“It’s just scratch… was chopping meat for the dogs and my hand slipped.”
“A pass to hell is paved with good intentions…”
“C'mon, let me fix it for you.”
“It’s really not a big deal… no need to get your hands dirty.”
“I don’t even want to hear about that. C'mon, it’s an order. Can’t have my people bleeding out to death on my watch.”

Ghost Reveries [a letter from Sarya Lavellan to Solas]

Ma Vhenan,

You once told me, “harden your heart to a cutting edge and put the pain I have caused you to good use.”

But I cannot.

If anything, I have let it become softer…more moldable, like supple clay, beneath your experienced hands. Though you are gone, I know that you have not washed your hands clean of this broken vessel.

You see, I have a mind of my own, and where darkness would shroud me in its cloak of despair…I would be as veilfire, reflecting what light remains of this torch of memories. Where pain would chain me to the ground…I would break its bonds with the strength of my shining silver wings. Where you would have me offer disdain and scorn…I would shower you with kisses and forgiveness.

You have left me, Solas, and I am broken.

But I must say this: not all is hopeless. For I will put myself back together, piece by piece, until I have reconstructed my hollowed out crystal carapace. Then, I will search for you and I will find you…even if only in my phantom reveries.

A flicker of a flame that dances like the curve of your lip…the sparkle in your eye. 

A whispering wind that blows with the same breath that used to falter at the nape of my neck and breathe my name.

A gentle rapping at my door reminding me of our synchronized beating hearts.

A breeze making the icicles clink against one another like your gentle laugh in my ear.

Even your scent still lingers in my sheets when I pull them close against me at night.

And so tell me, Solas, how could I make myself forget you? How could I simply let us be?