and have a good night~

This was a good weekend, and a sorely needed one. We went to a state legislative forum on Saturday to let the Republicans know we were angry about the evisceration of collective bargaining (and the Democrats know we appreciated their efforts to delay), and hundreds of other people who were angry about the same things were also there, which was weirdly empowering. I actually wrote and posted something, which has been a struggle lately, and I played a new computer game for the first time since last March (The Stanley Parable) and started another (Bioshock Infinite). (New here means that I haven’t played them before, not that they didn’t come out years ago.)

After a week that featured two close-to-breakdown evenings, it’s good to feel a sense of calm. Don’t know that it will last - the world still sucks - but I’ll take it while I can get it.

Also, I have a backlog of stuff I’ve been meaning to post about and failing to get around to, and I’d like to resolve that. So, mostly for my own accountability, here’s my plan for posting stuff this week:

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daily-nidoran  asked:

hello friend! here is a lavender just for you!

Ahhh thank you friend!! This sweet pea is especially for you, I hope you like it!

Alright, I got my zombie fix for the night and now I can’t get to bed. 🙄 Perfect time to test out some pens and doodle or try to write tonight. 😊✍I just ordered these new pens so I figured I should break mine in 😜 If you want to get a hold of these I put some up on I have three designs to choose from! 🖋

But hope you guys and gals had a great weekend. 💖 Have a good night everyone! 😙

anonymous asked:

i am quietly laughing because i feel like you literally just uploaded an analysis of their last video and then bam new content. what a strange but wonderful world 2017 is :) i hope you're having a good day/night <3

literally,,,,, yes. i was in like a no-tech cave of writing/editing and then i posted it only to find there was a new video immediately after. called HORSE BOYFRIEND SIMULATOR. i actually questioned my existence for a brief moment. 

we are blessed but also my eyes and fingers are decaying rapidly 

(read the impossible quiz review i posted today bc i’m too slow to keep up with dnp’s current upload sched fuck my life)


Sona: …and, we’re gone. Jefferson, you be good for Grandpa Taz and Miss Charity, all right? You too, ladybug, I see you trying to – no, ma’am, you put that down right now – 

Taz [off]: I’ve got her.

Sona: [sigh] Thank you for helping out, Charity, their Nana usually comes to help Grandpa but–

Charity: Not a problem, really! Here, I’ll take Jefferson, and you and Buck can get on your way.

Sona: Thanks again. We’ll see you guys in a few hours. Have a good night, call if you need anything–

Charity: I think we’ve got it under control. You’d better get going or you’ll be late!

anonymous asked:

I am so sorry I had to ask that-.. Uh.. Here's some ice cream to make up for it, and some duct tape in case Saeyoung gets hyper later. Have a good night! ^_^

Saeran: H̶uh̢. ̛Well at le͟a͠s͢t̶ ̕y̡ou҉ ̕m̨àd̨e̕ ̧u̵p ͡f͟o͢r i̷t.
Ice ̛c͞r͠eam̶..͟.I ҉wo̧n͞d͠er ̷i̡f I c͡a͡n ea̸t̸ i̸t lik̀e ̷thi͠s?
And thańk̸s ̧f̧or̶ ̧thè d͞u҉ct ͝tąp̷e͠. ͞I҉ w̶ìll ͞defini̷t̛el̸y ͞need̀ it ̡l̀ater.

impala-moose  asked:

reminder that you're super great and deserve all the goodness and love the universe has to offer 💕 (I send these types of asks occasionally to you I hope they're not bothersome, have a good night!)

i love them! they’re so sweet! you deserve all the good things in this life too. thank you for being such a sweetheart! have a good night as well! 💛

anonymous asked:

That post with the cishet ace really did a number on me :'> I kinda broke down and started crying because I've read so much shit that these ace folk have said and they belittle us and say shit like we deserve what happened to us during the aids crisis or demanding to be including in the pulse shooting shit like please stop this is so fucking hurtful and disrespectful start your own community just leave us alone please?

I’m really, really sorry anon :(

A lot of ace people really are openly homophobic and really… god I hate saying it like this but they really enjoy milking their own victim complexes

I’m really sorry you got that upset and I hope something nice happens to you and you have a good night