and have a cup of hot cocoa

Ready for a long ace-centric metaphor about sex? 

Alright, so. Coffee. I don’t drink coffee. I have no desire to drink coffee. I find people who enthusiastically go on about the flavor differences of lattes, espressos, and french press brews, both amusing and mildly baffling. All the coffee ads. Coffee jokes. Bustling coffee shops. To me, all coffee is similarly bitter and unpleasant. I have been through so many “Try this, it’s sweet! You can’t even taste the coffee!”  Alas, I always can. And I’m  sensitive to caffeine anyway. So, I don’t really think about drinking it when I wake up or am tired.

 Yet I love the smell of coffee. I love the idea of coffee. The feeling of a warm cup taking the chill from my fingers, the cozy ritual of having a drink and chat. I might try someone’s coffee. If they ask, if I want to please them and share in something they enjoy. I am also perfectly capable of learning the preferences of those I care about and creating a cup for their pleasure. 

But I don’t want coffee, generally speaking. I will probably make a face after trying their coffee and wash the taste out with something else. They may rush to reassure me that it is an acquired taste. And I’ll have to reply that it’s a taste I don’t particularly care about acquiring in the way they did. ‘Drink it till you like it’ will never work for me.

 But that doesn’t mean I am against coffee or think people shouldn’t drink it. Doesn’t mean I’ve taken a vow to never drink any. And sure, maybe if you get one of those sugar and whipped cream disasters, more of a warm milkshake than a cup of coffee, I’ll probably be happier sipping it with you. But honestly? I’d rather smell someone else’s coffee and not be expected to drink it. I’d really rather have the heat and sweetness of my hot cocoa. 

Laurel’s Easy Sabbat Planning Guide

For all of the witches who struggle with Sabbats sneaking up on them, here is a guide to help whip up an easy celebration so you never have to miss out on Sabbats again!

A Sabbat is a seasonal festival mostly celebrated by Pagans and Witches. Sabbats are like any other holiday, except these are normally celebrations of the changing of the seasons, or the “turning of the wheel.” Each person will celebrate each Sabbat differently, as each season is completely personal to you.

⛤ The First Step

The first step I recommend to planning a Sabbat celebration is to figure out exactly what the Sabbat is to you. Figure out how you feel about the sabbat and what you naturally associate each one with. This can take some time to work through, especially if you are new to sabbats or if you tend to avoid nature at all costs.

⛤ What to ask yourself:

- What does this Sabbat mean to you?
- What is the Earth doing right now? What does it look like outside your window?
- What is in season (this includes foods, herbs, flowers and decor)?
- How do you feel this time of year? How does this particular Sabbat make you feel? Is this normal?
- What sort of things make you feel “witchy” or connected to this Sabbat?
- Why is this day special to you?

⛤ Things to Do:

- Perform a ritual. Rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. Sometimes all you have to work with is a tealight candle and a week old pack of cookies.

- Cook. Some of us feel connected to the world around us when there is food involved. After all, it’s not a party unless there is food. Try out a new recipe with in-season foods, or make your favorite comfort food dish.

- Go outside. The easiest way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is to go outside and experience them. Even if it’s a short walk (because not many people want to go for long strolls in the dead of winter), take a moment to step outside and experience nature and observe what it’s currently doing. If you are able, plan a day trip to somewhere special or new to explore.

- Decorate. Nothing gets me in the holiday (or Sabbat) spirit like decorating. As a child decorating for Christmas was the best because that was the only time we put up decorations. Now, as an adult, I use whatever I have handy to decorate for every Sabbat I can to make me feel more festive.

- Offerings. If you work with spirits of deities, you may wish to put together some sort of offering for them when you celebrate. This can be food, special rocks or flowers from outside, or something you’ve made yourself.

- Spells. Sabbats are prime times to do spells for me. The spells I cast are reflections of the coming season and what I want from them.

- Crafts. There are a ton of different little projects for Sabbats floating around on the internet. Get creative and make something! If you are on a budget, make something with what you have, or modify a craft to include what you have. I like to make something new each year for the Sabbats (it’s an easy way to get “decorations” too!)

- Divination. Nothing says celebration like a good old fashion look into the future. Choose any form of divination that you’d like and do a reading for yourself. 

- Journaling. Sometimes the easiest way to celebrate and connect is to get into your own head. Let the Earth inspire you. Stare out a window (or sit outside if you can) and just watch what happens around you. Let it inspire you to create. Journal about your own feelings, write a freestyle poem or sketch and paint what you see.

⛤ Creating a Ritual

Not all rituals have to be long and elaborate. Some of my favorite rituals are just sitting around in sweatpants with a hot cup of cocoa and my journal, reflecting on the season and my life. Ask yourself these questions to help piece together how a ritual would be best done for you.

- What am I celebrating? How can I celebrate this?
- Who am I worshiping?
- How much space do I have?
- How much time do I have?
- Why am I celebrating this Sabbat?
- What do I/can I buy for my celebrations?

The important thing for Sabbats isn’t how grand your ritual is, it’s all about gaining something from it, whether that be a nice warm fuzzy feeling or a great insight into your life. 

⛤ Reflection and Meditation

After each Sabbat day, I find it helpful if I reflect upon what I did that day and how my celebration went. This is when I do most of my journaling, but you don’t have to write anything. You can simply sit and rest and meditate on the day if you wish. Use this time to unwind.

- What did I do today? How do I feel about it?
- What ideas do I have for next year?
- What did this year’s Sabbat teach me?
- What was my favorite part of today’s celebration?
- What was my least favorite?

Happy Celebrating!
~L <):)

Taking care of sick avengers

- first off Loki was sick with some Asgard flu and gave it to the rest of the tower
- “Loki are you alright” “you must help me (y/n)! For I will not make it to sunrise” “shut up you drama queen and lay on the couch”
-Thor immediately catches it
-they have bells to ring when they need something…big mistake, constant ringing
- “OHHH WOE IS ME” “I’m coming with your soup right now Loki”
- Thor is a fucking toddler I swear
- “take the medicine Thor” “TIS YOUR MIDGAURDIAN POSION…and it’s cherry, I prefer bubblegum”
- this thing is so powerful that Steve and Bucky catch it
- cuddly!bucky
- “(y/n)? Will you hold me please” puppy dog eyes
- he is eating up all this attention
- Steve won’t it admit it till he passes out and he then gets scolded for not taking care of himself
-after you rub his back one time he immediately acts like Bucky
- then sam gets and Clint get it
- sam lays in bed all day and only ask for soup and hot tea
-Clint wants to be left alone he’s grumpy af
- then nat and tony
- tony treats you like a P.A. The whole time
- nat being the badass she is, trains no matter what but then let’s you make her soup and hot cocoa
-then Bruce gets it and he’s like Clint but always in the lab
-then the twins get it
- Wanda is so sweet my little bean!!!
- vision helps you take care of her
- hot cocoa and cups o noodles
- poor pietro has it the worse cause usually his immune system works supa fast but it’s so powerful he’s miserable
- sleepy!pietro
- cuddly!pietro
- “thank you for taking care of me printessa”
- “printessa may I have some soup”
- “printessa your so warm”
- “what if you get sick printessa” “I don’t really know Piet” “I will take care of you draga”

Angels in the Bunker

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer x Reader (you’ll see *wink wonk*)

Word Count: 1,580

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by @averagegaykid! I loved writing this one, so I hope you all enjoy it! I hope you’ve all enjoyed Satan Sunday this week!! I love you all so much!!

You assembled the four angels, all of them standing together in front of you.  They all towered over you, which was one of the reasons you recruited their help.  While the Winchesters were gone, you were going to decorate the bunker for Christmas.  It was not an easy task to do by yourself.  

You had them each bring along different decorations.  Balthazar was to get the Christmas tree, and the ornaments for it.  Gabriel was supposed to get lights for the tree, along with stockings.  Castiel was sent to get candy for the stockings, along with candy canes for the tree.  You asked Lucifer to bring one thing, garland.  You knew Lucifer was not a fan of Christmas, but he could never say no to you.

“Alright my angels,” you smiled.  “We only have the rest of today and a little bit of tomorrow to decorate the bunker.  Dean and Sam don’t take long on hunts.  They’ll be even quicker when they realize this is just a ruse.”

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“warming up”: or, “in which LAX bros are unintentional wingmen”

When Bittle returned from his run, Jack knew almost immediately that something was wrong.

From the kitchen, he could hear the front door open and close. But where there  normally would have come a cheerful greeting from the hallway there was only silence. When Bittle didn’t come into the kitchen or even pass by the doorway, Jack stood and poked his head into hallway, concern itching at the back of his neck.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw Bittle on the ground. It took a second for Jack to register that Bittle had removed his shoes and socks, and was clutching at his bare feet.

“Hey, Jack,” Bittle said softly, not looking up. Moving closer, Jack could see that the many layers of clothing Bittle had worn for his run were soaked through. Bittle was trembling from the cold, wet hair plastered against his forehead.

“Bittle, what happened?” Jack was almost certain it hadn’t rained in the hour Bittle had been gone.

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Concept: Even standing on their balcony, sipping his tea, when it starts to rain. Because he’s a genius and a true hoe for cliche movie scene, he calls Isak to come out and watch with him. He holds Isak around the middle with one arm and the other to old their arms out together and feel the rain splash their palms. It’s freezing where the rain touches their skin, but warm in the spaces their bodies are lined up. Even flicks water at Isak’s cheek. They end up having a mini water fight; trying to fling rain water at each other. Isak collects water in both his palms and drops into Even’s hair, laughing at his instant annoyance at having his hair messed up. He’s just standing there giggling when Even looks over at him with a sly smile. Isak isn’t ready for Even cupping his cheeks - his breath hitches - and giving him a deep and lingering kiss; warming him up to his toes. They stand there wrapped up in each others’ arms, unaware of the rain hitting their bodies harder, soaking them to the bone. That is, until Even sneezes, and Isak rushes them inside and gathers him up into a fluffy towel. He’s got Even settled in their couch with dry clothes, a blanket and hot cocoa before he starts berating him for being a stupid romantic and getting himself sick. Even just pulls Isak down under the blankets with him, kisses him on the cheek and says that he has an entire list of stupid romantic things that they’re going spend their entire lives getting through.  

Muse (Bill Denbrough/Reader)

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

(A/N: I don’t wanna spoil the request so I’ll list it at the end. Sorry this is short. Also I hope you all appreciate the strength it takes for me to not use the “Old people bother me” gif whenever Bill is involved. Anywayz i hope i did oaky, anon. Not okay but oaky.)

Summary: Reader visit’s Bill’s house on a rainy day and looks through his sketchbook.

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Midnight Snack

It was the summer break and everyone made plans to go on trips or to hang out with friends. Everyone except for Adrien. His father wouldn’t allow it, his father had other things in mind. More modeling. Adrien had the energy to burn, his fencing teacher took a trip to Spain and wouldn’t be back until the end of August. Adrien was bored out of his mind, there were less Akuma attacks in Paris around this time of year. 

Adrien’s father was in a different city for two days along with Nathalie and their driver. Surprisingly Adrien’s father, Gabriel Agreste, allowed Adrien to stay home alone until he comes back. It wasn’t like Adrien could do anything, the house was on lockdown. If the front door were to ever be opened, Mr. Agreste would be alerted immediately and Adrien would never see the sun ever again. But luckily Chat Noir wasn’t on lockdown. 

It was almost three in the morning and Adrien just couldn’t seem to fall asleep. He walked around his house a couple of times, to tired himself out. Of course, Adrien just wanted to move more. He walked to the kitchen and looked around. Everything he found were raw food and Camembert. He sighed and leaned back on the counter. Then he had an idea. Quickly, Adrien ran to his room where Plagg was sleeping and transformed himself to Chat Noir. 

“Wha-ahh!” Plagg cried before being sucked into Adrien’s ring. 

Chat Noir scurried out the nearest window and untransformed in the empty streets. Adrien thought he would’ve been scared, but everything just felt, right. He wondered around the streets he walked in the daylight as Chat Noir, but now he’s just Adrien in the dark and alone. But he didn’t mind, for some reason he felt more himself at night. 

Well, he thought he was the only person his age out walking around Paris. Across the street, he could see a familiar shop glowing bright and a big shadowy figure moving from the table to the stove. As Adrien approach closer, he realized it was Marinette’s father. Tom Dupain turned around and saw Adrien standing outside of his shop’s window. 

Tom walked over and unlocked the door for him. “Come in, it’s cold out.” He told Adrien.

Adrien didn’t realize he was staring, but he also didn’t hesitate to go in. He took a seat at one of the very few tables they had. “Thanks.” 

“You’re one of Marinette’s friends, right? Adrien?” Tom asked, taking off his apron. Adrien nodded. Tom got out two cups and started to make some hot cocoa. “So what are you doing out there in the middle of the night?” He asked, placing the hot drinks on the table.

“I just couldn’t sleep so I decided to take a walk.” Adrien gripped his cup, warming his hands from the cold air outside. “What are you doing still up at this hour?” Adrien asked Mr. Dupain. 

Tom leaned back in his chair, “Oh, same as you. I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to bake a snack instead of walking around outside like you.” Adrien couldn’t help but laugh. He realized how stupid he had been. “How’s your summer break so far?” Tom asked, picking up his cup. 

“Modeling and staying at home most of the time. How is yours?”

Tom sighed, “Baking and paying the bills.” 

They both laughed. 


The mini cookies were done. Tom got a plate and dumped the streaming hot goods on it. He placed the plate on the table. “Help yourself.” Tom offered. Adrien reached and grabbed one but quickly dropped it. Adrien attempted to catch it but accidentally slammed his hand on the table, and once again when he tried to lift his hand. He started blowing his hand, “Sorry.” They both laughed again. 

Then the door started to slowly open. “Dad, it’s past three AM. Why are you still up and making so much noise? I sleep in the loft and I could hear you without any problems.” Marinette said, walking in as she rubbed her eyes to clear her vision.

“It’s the vents! I’m down here because I didn’t want to wake you.” Tom told her as he picks up the cookie Adrien dropped.

“Sorry, it was my fault. I slammed my hand on the table. Multiple times.” Adrien smiled.

Marinette rubbed her eyes again in disbelief. But Adrien was in her family’s bakery. She quickly ran her fingers through her hair. “Ahhh, A-Adrien! H-hi! Why are you here? In my dad’s bakery? At three-thirty? In the morning?” 

“I found him outside in the cold and invited him in. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep.” Tom told Marinette who was still stunned about Adrien being here.


Then the same door Marinette came through opened again. “What is all the fuss?” Marinette’s mother asked in her flowery robe. “Oh! We have a guest!” 

“Why don’t you two grab a chair and join us for hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies?” Tom inviting them, holding two cups out to them. 

Not long after the four of them were huddled around a small table laughing and talking. The cookies were finished in no time. Adrien hasn’t felt this warm fuzzy feeling inside of him in a long time. A little over four years to be exact. 

They didn’t stop talking until the sun came up. 

Super Shallurklance

@syeriane @shallurklancentric as promised, some cute Shallurklance, but with a cute cliffhanger ;3

“Is everyone in my apartment building a superhero?”
More like Lance is the normal guy who usually ends up taking care of his neighbors after they go out to fight crime and befriends them all, but has a pining crush on three of his neighbors bc fuck he’s too poly and bi to function-

Anyways, Pidge has plant powers and hacking skills, Hunk is basically an earth bender, Keith is a fucking dragon, Shiro can fly and use super strength, Allura is Wonder Woman but has cats, and Coran is the landlord of the building.

There are Major powers and Minor powers. Those with Major powers are usually in the Hero or Villain business. Those with Minor powers are generally sidekicks or civilians. Lance and Coran have Minor powers. Lance can pull water from the air or from anywhere within ten feet. It’s not very strong but it helps to clean wounds. Coran has the ability to bend metals. Enjoy ;3


"Is everyone in my apartment building a superhero?” Lance groaned, eying the pretty new girl moving in.

"No, not everyone. You aren’t. I think she’s the Hero Altea though. The hair certainly matches.” Lance’s above floor neighbor, Pidge, yawned from her spot leaning against the railing next to him.

“As in the city female favorite, Altea? Great. Let me guess, you guys are gonna show her the best place to patch up after a fight?” Lance asked defeatedly, narrowing cold blue eyes at the grinning superhero girl.

“You know it, Lance! I’m not taking chances! Also, do you have any more tea? I’m out of green leaf and I know you have an extra stock somewhere.” Pidge poked him in the side.

Lance sighed. “Yeah yeah, I bought a new box yesterday. Come on, I’ll make you a cup.”

Hours later, an explosion rocked the city and sure enough, as Lance calmly drank his hot cocoa in front of the TV, the news coverage showed the Voltron team plus Altea herself fighting against a massive metal monster.

The Voltron team, aka Lance’s neighbors in the Lion Apartments.

Black, a powerful hero with indestructibility and the gift of flight, his powers mostly originating in his prosthetic arm.

Olkari, a small hero with the ability to manipulate plants to her will, no matter the size. She could also hack anything, which was what she was currently doing to the monster’s mainframe.

Balmeran, the bulky hero with extreme strength. He was known for using the ground and environment to his advantage.

Red, the original partner of Black’s and gifted with extreme, nearly uncontrollable power. His flames could melt anything, as well as change him into a dragon if he felt like it.

And Altea, a woman with super strength, speed, and energy manipulation. Usually sending it out in the form of lightning or beams, usually white or pink, sometimes blue.

The creature went down after a short while, and the camera followed the heroes launching away in different directions.

But Lance knew where they would all end up eventually.

He came back from a quick trip to the supermarket and groaned when he found the lock picked and half open from a cute little vine, seemingly innocent.

“Pidge! What have I told you about breaking into my house through the front door?! The balcony sliding door is always unlocked you know!” The irritated Cuban called as he entered his home, noting the dirty tracks on the carpet.

“And Hunk! I trusted you to keep Keith in line during that fight, and now half the city is rubble! Keith, did you even shower properly before you came here?! Hi Shiro, Miss Altea. Pidge! Get out of the tea cabinet! I just gave you a box yesterday!”

Lance set his bags on the coffee table in front of both Shiro and the startled Altea before marching over to yank Pidge away from his tea storage, a small whip of water putting out a small fire left on Keith’s head.

Lance ushered everyone to a seat on the various couches in the main room. “Okay, who’s first? I got extra gauze this time, and special disinfectant for rust bacteria.”

Lance pulled water from a nearby cup and wrapped it around a particularly nasty burn on Shiro’s arm, the hero Altea looking on in fascination as the water slowly started massaging impurities from the blood and skin.

“So, miss Altea, I’m Lance. I usually patch these guys up after a fight, so I’m guessing they decided to bring you around too?” Said male asked the white haired heroine, raising an eyebrow and using another small water whip to clean up the blood on her cheek.

“Ah, well, Olkari insisted, since you are very trustworthy and she mentioned you keep a wide variety of tea?” Altea admitted, Pidge piping up from her seat trying to wrangle Keith into using an ice pack.

“Call me Pidge! We all live in the same building anyways, and Lance here knows us all on first name basis so we might as well use it ourselves!” The tiny plant hero chirped triumphantly as she managed to headlock Keith and press the ice against the nasty bruise on his back.

“I’m Keith, Shiro’s boyfriend and partner in heroism.” The man wheezed from where his friend was currently crushing his back as she ‘tended’ to him.

Shiro waved with his prosthetic arm. “I’m Shiro, nice to be working with you, Miss Altea.”

Hunk came back from the kitchen, stirring what looked to be a bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough. “Sorry Lance, I borrowed some stuff for cookies. Also, hi, I’m Hunk and I’m usually the one to feed these people because somehow none of them know how to cook.”

The bulky man leveled a glare at his three teammates, each glancing away with a sheepish smile or a nervous chuckle.

“I kind of know how to cook!” Keith replied defensively, pouting.

“Keith, charred lumps of god knows what does not equal cooking.” Lance deadpanned, finishing his task of bandaging Altea’s arm.

The heroine snorted out a half giggle half wheeze, and Lance had to mentally stomp on the growing attraction in his heart. He already had two impossible crushes, he didn’t need a third…

“Well, my name is Allura. It is nice to meet all of you!” She introduced herself, and the others all grinned back.

“Well now that all the introductions are out of the way, who wants tea? I also have hot chocolate and coffee.” Lance asked, standing up and moving towards the kitchen.

He was sweating from the effort of holding up five separate threads of water. The ones that were currently cooling and healing the burn wounds on the 5 heroes.

Shiro wanted black coffee, Pidge wanted green tea with extra sugar, Hunk wanted a specific amount of sugar and cream in his coffee, Keith demanded chamomile tea, and Allura politely requested juniberry petal tea.

He didn’t notice Keith intently watching him serve their drinks, didn’t see Allura narrow her eyes when Lance swayed slightly, didn’t realize he was collapsing until Shiro practically vaulted over the couch to catch him on his way back to the kitchen.

He did, however, notice the worried voices whispering near him as he slowly woke up to someone stroking his hair. It felt nice, nothing like the stress his job had been putting him through lately or the strain of using his Power too much recently.

He sighed and rolled over to fall back asleep, the stroking in his hair never faltering.

Meanwhile, Allura frowned as she watched Red, Keith, pet Lance’s hair as he kept vigil over the man on the couch.

“It’s strange, normally he doesn’t collapse like that. I always tell him to rest after he uses his Power and take a break now and then, but today must have been a bad day to ask for help.” Shiro murmured, gazing at Lance in concerned fondness.

“For someone who exercises his Power so much, I wouldn’t think something so small as purifying wounds on five people would cause him to collapse. Perhaps he has been working too hard lately?” Allura asked, placing a comforting hand on Shiro’s shoulder.

“He isn’t home as much, actually. I’ve seen him come home real late at night and leave at really early hours.” Keith piped up, quiet so as not to wake Lance up.

Shiro sighed. “He has a communication problem, which is surprising for someone who’s so talkative.”

Allura giggled lightly. “I find it quite endearing. You were right to bring me here and convince me to move into this building. I believe Lance will prove to become a large part of our lives. I just hope he accepts us when the time comes.”

She moved over to crouch next to Keith, her fingers joining the Fire Hero’s tangling through Lance’s soft, silky hair. Keith hummed lightly and tipped his head onto Allura’s shoulder.

Shiro folded his arms over his chest and smiled as his girlfriend and boyfriend watched hopefully over the object of their affections.

After all, it was a secret that Black, Red and Altea were not friends, but instead a trio of polyamorous lovers. Not even Pidge or Hunk knew that Shiro and Keith knew Allura a lot more intimately than they’d acted like today.

One day, Shiro hoped, Lance would make it a group of four.

He wished for that day to come soon.


What do you think? Sequel, maybe? :3


anonymous asked:

could you do some nap time scenarios for the adultrio and their s/o?

I’m gonna do headcanons for this just so I can do it for you. :/ sorry about that.


  • He’s fond of holding hands while napping. He loves how tender it feels.
  • Naps with his s/o are an escape from the Phantom Troupe. Every nap starts with a cup of tea or hot cocoa and a book in bed with his s/o.
  • He tends to push away from his s/o during sleep, not used to having to share a bed.


  • Sleeps with his eyes open. Yes, it’s creepy. Yes, he stares directly at you.
  • He may not even be sleeping but you’ll never be able to tell.
  • Doesn’t fully understand the concept of napping. He does it to make you happy.


  • Does not behave during naps. There’s always groping.
  • If you can get him to sleep, he has a vice grip on you. No such thing as space.
  • You can’t escape a quickie after you wake up.
Casual and Comfortable (AU)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3604

A/N – This is for @deansleather Madeline’s 31 Days of Halloween Challenge, with the prompt: Hot Cocoa and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ’s Seasons of Love - Colors of Fall Challenge and the gif is below the cut.

Originally posted by sweet-cider

Fall. The time when crisp leaves fall, the temperature drops, it’s time to pull out the oversized hoodies and get the warmer beverages.

Oh yes, it was sweater weather.

The leaves danced and crunched under your fuzzy sock and boot covered feet. The sound sending thrills and tingles up your spine.

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pillow talk

summary: Virgil talks in his sleep, the others find it hilarious

characters: virgil, patton, roman, logan

pairings: none

When Virgil opened his eyes fully, he found that his nap on the couch had lasted longer than he’d intended: It was completely dark, with the only source of light coming from the TV, where an old action movie was playing, the volume down low.

“This is ridiculous. Why doesn’t he just pull out a sword and defeat this enemy once and for all?”

“The probability of a single man with a sword taking down an entire horde of enemies, all of whom are equipped with modern, technologically advanced weapons, is-”

“Well, I still think he could have trained a dragon to set them all on fire, or something.”

“Be quiet, you guys, you’ll wake Virgil!”

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  • Velvet: Brr, it's so cold today! *hugs herself and shivers*
  • Yatsuhashi: I know- I'm going to make some tea to help me warm up. Would you like a cup?
  • Velvet: Actually, I could really use some hot cocoa, if we have some.
  • Coco: *bursts into the room and slides in front of Velvet, lowering her sunglasses while she cocks an eyebrow* Did someone call me?
  • Velvet: *laughs* I meant the drink, Coco- it's freezing in here.
  • Coco: Oh, don't worry, Vel- I could heat things right up. *winks at Velvet* If you know what I'm talking about.
  • Velvet: *turns bright red and hides her face in the blanket she has draped over herself* ... Put the kettle on, Yatsu.
  • Yatsuhashi: *shakes his head and chuckles as Coco makes obscene hand/mouth gestures* Sure thing.
Anxiety Attacks (Outlaws x Reader)

Request: Hey, I’ve been super stressed abut going back to school, could you write something where he helps you feel better after a panic attack? Please?

Request: Could you do a cute fix about The Outlaws (From Red Hood and the Outlaws)?

Trigger Warning: Serious mentions of Anxiety

One more Note, if you ever want to talk about anxiety, stress depression, my inbox is always open. I totally understand, I think I have had a anxiety attack the last three days because of school, so I can (hopefully) relate you you and try to help. Please know you are not suffering alone. 

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

It had been building up all night, but none of them saw it, they just chalked your quieter than usual behavior up to being tired. None of them stopped to think about the black hole that eat away at your nerves and sucked in your chest everyday. Sometimes they forgot someone like you could have such bad anxiety.

None of them expected a sob to escape your lips mid rant about their newest job. None of your partner’s expected you to stand from the couch so quickly the Chinese takeout you were eating spilled across the floor. Jason Todd, Roy Harper and Koriand’r did not expect you to race across the small apartment you all shared and lock yourself in the bathroom, where they could hear your panicked sobs, but couldn’t get into help you.

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The Marauders Being Fathers Would Include...

A/N: a tad late because i was busy but yesterday was father’s day and i thought this was necessary lol. happy father’s day to all the father’s out there! i hope you guys enjoy this :) some are longer than others oops

Originally posted by potter-imagines-here

J A M E S  P O T T E R : 

- Does tricks (like the classic dad ‘i can balance my baby on my hand above my head’ trick™) with your baby that scare the hell out of you and everyone around you

- Always gets up in the middle of the night in the first few months so you don’t have to because, “Love, please, you carried her/him for nine months. Get some rest. It’s my turn now.” 

- Piggy back rides 

- Turning your child into a sarcastic little shit that acts just like him

- Makes tons of dad jokes

- Very protective of his family, and maybe sometimes a little over protective of your child 

- Has a handshake with your child 

- Makes sure your child has all the newest toys and games (mostly because he wants to play with them) 

- Freaks out when he/she is sick

- Always apologizes first after fights 

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R E M U S  L U P I N : 

- Definitely dances with your toddler in the living room, her/him standing on Remus’ feet as he waddles around to muggle Christmas music in front of a warm fire while you watch from the couch with your cup of hot cocoa 

- Bedtime stories 

- Making breakfast in bed for mummy every Sunday 

- He’s the one your child goes to for advice

- “Y/N, do you think I’m a good dad?” 

- Thinks chocolate solves everything 

- Making your child think he/she is actual royalty, making for some very difficult teenage years 

- Sharing the same music taste and having jam sessions all the time 

- “You’re not allowed to have a boyfriend/girlfriend until you’re 36.”

- Establishing lots of trust with your child

- Being the favorite parent

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S I R I U S  B L A C K :

- Cool dad™

- “No! Sirius, stop! Our newborn baby is not leaving this hospital in a leather jacket and you’re not attaching his/her car seat to your bike!” 

- Butterfly kisses 

- Sends Howlers to boys/girls that hurt his baby and raises hell 

- He’d never let you forget that your child’s first word was ‘daddy’ and not ‘mummy’ 

- Extreme birthday parties because Sirius is still such a kid at heart

- Getting a tattoo of his/her name 

- Scarring your child for life with all his perverted comments

- Writing your child all the time while they were away at Hogwarts 

- Hella laid back

- Deciding nightlights are too mainstream, and casts patronuses until your child is asleep

- Making sure his child spends lots of time with their uncles 

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voltron au where the paladins are the cheerleading squad and allura is captain of the football team and quarterback. coran is the cheer coach


I’ve been seeing a lot of high school au posts floating around where Shiro is a football player and Allura is a cheerleader but c’mon… C’mon. Why would Allura cheer when she could get in on that action like??

I know shitall about football so bear with me:

  • Allura is the captain and starting quarterback of her high school’s football team. She tried out her freshman year and all the guys laughed at her, but then she took off her jacket to reveal her TOTALLY JACKED arms and she was immediately put on the team.
  • Allura is responsible for 90% of the gay awakenings at her school lol
  • Allura has gone to school dances with black eyes because of rough games but she still looks good. She always looks good.
  • Lance is the cheer captain because he gets to cheer on hot guys and Allura, wear a uniform that makes his ass look amazing, and he lives for the Attention™. Lance became cheer captain his sophomore year and immediately tried asking Allura out to fulfill the stereotype that the QB and head cheerleader are always a power couple. Now it’s become more of an inside joke between them lol.
  • Shiro is a photographer for the school newspaper and he is an absolute LEGEND because he always gets the most amazing photographs. He can perfectly capture the football spinning in midair, a player jumping to catch an overhead ball, the victory dance of someone who just scored a touchdown, that sort of thing.
    • His best photos always involve Allura though so everyone is lowkey like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Also Shiro wears glasses lol can you imagine him like… Standing a few dozen feet behind the goalpost, camera constantly raised to his eye, wearing this ugly and baggy old sweater, camera pouch slung across his shoulders and back… He’s a hot nerd. This is so cliche I love it.
  • Coran is a science teacher who also coaches football because idk, Coran seems quirky enough to do that. When Allura told him she was trying out, Coran immediately bought little personalized flags with her name printed on them and gave them to all her friends. Coran claims he doesn’t have one because it would be unfair to show so much favoritism, but he cheers the loudest whenever Allura makes an amazing throw.
  • Hunk and Pidge are part of the radio station and responsible for setting up the sound equipment at games. They’re also the sports commentators for the school’s radio channel. They’re actually fairly popular because they both know absolutely nothing about football, so their commentary is like 25% actual sports content and 75% gossip.
  • Keith is the dead soul who mans the concession tent and is only doing this because he needs the money. Shiro is his ride home, but Shiro looooves staying after every game to take pictures of the team (GEE, I WONDER WHY) so Keith resignedly tags along and usually ends up going with Shiro to the aftergame dinners the football players and cheerleaders have. He always ends up sitting next to Lance and the two spend the entire night just bitching at each other.
    • Keith also has a habit of just… Leaving the concession stand at random points to go hang out with Hunk and Pidge in the radio booth. When it’s cold he likes to bring a cup of hot cocoa with him down to where the cheerleaders sit and drink it right in front of a freezing Lance.
44335557! (29- Finale)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
The final chapter to this series, Enjoy :)

A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 3,194

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Part 27 Part 28

Thanks for reading this ridiculously long series which was originally only supposed to have 20 parts. I hope you enjoyed it, please leave you comments behind :)

“Chanyeol’s house now!”

A message came through as you stared angrily down at your phone; you were currently sitting on your bed, a warm blanket draped over your body whilst drinking an extremely hot cup of cocoa after receiving an ear full from your mother for an hour straight. You were in no mood to get up from your bed and go to the toilet, let alone go to Chanyeol’s house. You had so many thoughts buzzing through your head, so many things had happened to you, things you had never imagined to be possible yet here you were quivering on your bed from shock and anxiety, you were sure that after the semester you had you were going to need help. Your phone buzzed again as you looked down at it once more.

“It’s urgent, we all need to clear shit up. Baekhyun video call us.”

You sighed as you placed your mug of cocoa down on the table beside you and slowly rose from your bed. You weren’t ready to face everyone now, or step inside Chanyeol’s house for that matter but it was better to get all of this out of the way so that you could properly focus on healing. You slipped into your trainers and pulled an old coat over your tracksuit before slipping silently out of the house.

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Like an Angel ~ An Oh Sehun Series

An Oh Sehun We Got Married series

Not Requested

Genre: Romance // Angst // Smut (later on)

Summary: (of this series) Two idols, one show, one marriage. Can you and Sehun fake your marriage for the fans? Or will that fake marriage start something between the two of you?

Word Count: 3,500 words

A/N: Yay you guys correctly guessed the member! Like an Angel takes place in the same universe as Strangers, but Yixing’s version does not. Yixing’s version (which is coming soon) is in its own universe.

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four, coming soon}

You look down at the very first mission card.

Your husband’s favorite colors are white and black. Make sure to dress in those colors!

Your eyes move to look at your choice of wardrobe. Everything they gave to you was either black, white, or both. Not caring about what you wear, you settle on a pure white blouse with black leggings. Looking at the shoes, you randomly pick up a pair of mary jane heels.

It was time. It was finally the time you got to find out who your husband was going to be for the next few months of filming. Well, fake husband. You had wondered about this show long enough. Was the hand holding real? Were the hugs real? Was the affection itself real? People had different opinions, yet you yourself had never really had one. Some people said everything was scripted, and others said everything was real. But what if it was in the middle? What if it was both scripted and real? You wanted to find out for yourself. So, after pestering your agent and manager begging them to get you a part in this show, they finally caved.

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Careless Speech

fandom: ducktales
characters: donald duck, scrooge mcduck, launchpad mcquack, huey louie and dewey, mrs. beakley, webby vanderquack
genre: angst, hurt/comfort, family
words: 1000
Chapter One: Slip of the Tongue
Scrooge slapped his hands to his bill with a gasp, eyes widening almost comically behind his pince-nez spectacles. The triplets, alongside their joint best friend, Webby, collectively gasped. Even Launchpad stared in shock mouth agape and shoulders slackened, gawking like an idiot. Mrs. Beakley let out a stunned, “well I never!” with her hand by her heart. Quick glances were exchanged between the ducks, then they all waited in anxious silence for Donald’s reaction. He had been in the same position from before the comment, hands raised and mid tantrum. He blinked, lowered his foot, put his arms down, and closed his mouth, blinking twice. He seemed to have trouble swallowing.

“Donald,” Scrooge swallowed roughly, “no, I didn’t mean ta sa-”

“Save it Scrooge,” his nephew snapped with a sharp slicing motion with his arm, effectively metaphorically and literally cutting him off. He suddenly dropped his shoulders, exhaling sorely, looking up to the heavens with eyebrows knitting together, sadness emanating. He looked deflated and defeated. “You’re right.”

Glances and looks were furiously exchanged, and Scrooge suddenly felt a great pit of fear and despair grow in his gut, the likes of which he hasn’t felt in a good many years. Donald couldn’t be admitting this, it was just a slip of the tongue, it wasn’t meant to be said, no no no….

“U-Uncle Donald?” Huey said nervously, looking between his two uncles. Neither seemed to notice his cry for peace. Tears were forming in Donald’s blue eyes, blinking rapidly, furiously, to make them stop, failing. “Oh, no.”

“You’re right Scrooge… as usual,” he quietly mumbled, blinking all the faster, hands trembling by his sides, head dropping ashamedly. Donald rarely expressed shame, thus making this upsetting gesture of bashfulness so much more disconcerting. “It would have been so much better for everyone… the kids would know her better, you’d still have a competent pilot and adventure partner… unlike me. She wouldn’t have gone broke every holiday, or lost every job she got. She… she was so much better… than I’ll ever be.”

He lowered his head, eyes squeezed shut and teeth gritting together, fists forming by his sides. Scrooge took a step forward, hand extended. He gently set it on Donald’s shoulder, but his nephew flinched back, eyes snapping open. All Scrooge could see in his eyes was sadness and acceptance. The bad kind. Acceptance that means you’ve accepted yourself as a…

“Sometimes I wish that, too,” Donald hiccuped with a sob and laugh escaping his constricted throat. He took a step back from Scrooge, then another. He turned around and walked to the exit with his head drooping, passing all the kids and staff of Scrooge, then paused by the door, turning to face Scrooge with tears dripping into his feathers. “I wish it was me, not Della, that got lost… then none of you would have to deal with a failure around.”

The door closed quietly, but it sounded like a bang. Scrooge’s hand was still raised, resting in the place his nephew once had his shoulder.

It was raining, genteel pit pats onto the window. Mrs. Beakley poured some hot cocoa for Huey, Dewey, Launchpad and Webby, then gave Louie and Scrooge nice hot cups of coffee. The kids took mini marshmallows and put them in their drinks, even Louie. They all tried to and pretended to ignore the mug of tea sitting untouched and getting cold. It had been nearly fourteen hours since the fight, and no one had seen Donald since. Sure, he may have been temperamental and overprotective, but there was a certain thing endearing about it. Donald was just so… Donald. It wasn’t like you could just up and replace him. And while the quietness and rain outside began seeping into the family’s bones, cold and mocking, Louie felt like he wanted to scream, but it lodged in his throats like a pill. So he resorted to glaring at the white marshmallows in his drink, their white foam and white… the white reminded him of feathers, and he closed his eyes, reminiscing nostalgic memories of sitting by a log fire in a house boat, laughing while telling tales of adventure. Were the stories Donald told about Paperink about himself? Or his sister? Dewey noticed his green clad triplet in what seemed like distress. He edged a little closer to him, and wrapped his arm around him. Huey sniffed, suddenly looking like he might cry. He rushed to his brothers, joining the cuddle pile. Webby waddled over shyly, and they opened their arms to let her in. Launchpad scooped them all up, lumping in Scrooge as well into a tight embrace. He surprisingly did not resist, and sighed and relaxed into the hug, gently squeezing back. He didn’t want to admit it, but he missed Donald. He always did, ever since that day ten years ago. These little ducklings were merely twelve. They were two… but it doesn’t matter. Well. it does, but it just makes the wound more painful. Scrooge shut his eyes tightly, regretted ever saying those cursed words, wishing he could delete them from ever being spoken.

“Well, maybe I wish it had been ye, Donald, ta vanish inta the abyss!”

Why did he say those vicious words, why did he make such a terrible accusation? It was bad enough to even think of those things, but to say in not only in Donald’s face, but in front of the boys, Webby, Mrs. Beakley, and Launchpad made it all the so much worse. And to think Donald actual felt that way? It crushed his spirit to know that. He was his nephew, and very nearly a son to him. He practically raised Donald, and he didn’t notice or even speak to his practical son. His dear nephew, who he went on so many treasured adventures with, whom he bickered and bothered and argued with, whom he truly and dearly loved as his son and partner in a thrilling adventure known as life.