and hate us

yousef who plays mikael is literally on a show where his character’s best friend is being called the f slur in a schoolyard and yet hes out there on snapchat 
“im here with this f*****” disgusting 

If fifteen year old James Potter was sketching Lily Evans’ initials on his schoolwork because he fancied her, you can bet your arse he was etching “L.E. + J.P.” onto every available surface when he was seventeen and in love with her.

For the people asking how I’m going to refer to Ciel from now on well… Still Ciel.
The new twin shall be referred to as “Cecil”, “Tommy” (cause I misread that -who stole the candy from my tummy-) and/or “oh that guy, yeah we don’t invite him over anymore and pretend he doesn’t exist because he reminds us of our dead dad”.

why is this his quote at the top of his page god damn it


@ilikeyoshi it does lots of neat things!!!!

i started an anonymous meme account where i post memes dedicated to my school and i have never been this respected in my life. people are treating me like an actual human being and giving me compliments and starting conversations. it’s fucking wild

a soft boy