and has the most beautiful lyrics

one last thing and then i am done for today cause it has been a long day for everyone and i need to rest. 

the most painful, deep and beautiful thing is that Louis turned the pain into a song. He wrote what he felt, his words for his mum or from his mum, he poured all his emotions once again in lyrics and creates a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning. no matter what he goes through, he finds the strength to put everything into a song to give to the public and this is such a great thing to do i am so proud. 

Happy Birthday, Zayn Malik: His 13 Best Vocal Moments

Zayn Malik established himself as a powerhouse singer during his One Direction days, and he has continued to show off his chops in his solo days with Mind of Mine and beyond.

So in celebration of the Bradford, England, native’s 24th birthday Thursday (Jan. 12), we wanted to honor some of his most standout vocal moments, whether it was on a 1D track, his own or someone else’s.


Malik's voice sounds passionate no matter what song he’s singing. But when he’s singing sexually charged lyrics like those of his debut solo single, he reaches a whole new level of vocal vigor.

“It’s You”

While the entire track is hauntingly beautiful, the lead-up to the chorus is definitely the most awe-inspiring – especially when he sings it live.


Although most hard-core Directioners aren’t super appreciative of this One Direction-shading tune, it’s hard to deny that Malik sounds great singing it – particularly the part where Malik softly belts “flashing lights” around 2:15. Swoon.


If this song doesn’t really do it for you, pay close attention to how he sings the line, "I’m tryna f—ing scream, but the words won’t come out.”

“Like I Would”

This track is a bit of a catchier, radio-friendly way for Malik to show off his vocals, but his performance on The Voice (specifically when he belts out "He don’t know your body") really showcased them.

“Fool for You”

One of the only truly balladic songs on Mind of Mine, “Fool for You” reminds fans that he doesn’t need background beats to help display his talent. And the build from the crooning beginning to the powerful chorus? Flawless.

“No Control" 

A song that gives Louis Tomlinson more of a spotlight than many other One Direction tunes, Malik still steals the spotlight with a big moment about three-fourths of the way through.

"Ready to Run”

There seems to be a spot that was manufactured specifically for Malik while he was still in 1D, as he was also given a similar slot in this Four track where he blows us away with his vocal power.

“They Don’t Know About Us”

Malik's impressive moment was still very prevalent on pre-Four albums like Take Me Home. Scroll through to 2:07 and hear him belt over his bandmates as the song finishes.

“Best Song Ever”

Yes, Harry Styles has a pretty killer vocal spot in this Midnight Memories tune, but he’s quickly shown up by Malik's extreme high note (which James Corden emulated on 1D's "Carpool Karaoke" – and impressively so – to fill Malik’s void).

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” (Taylor Swift collaboration for Fifty Shades Darker)

Teaming up with Taylor Swift can be tricky, considering she’s pop music’s sweetheart. But while her whispery vocals sound great, Swift takes a backseat to Malik's dreamy falsetto.

“Back to Sleep REMIX” (Chris Brown/Usher collaboration)

Perhaps the most sexual song in Malik’s repertoire thus far, his use of smooth runs combined with some signature belts makes this feature one of his most striking post-1D vocal moments.

“Cruel” (Snakehips feature)

After the electronic track fades its bouncy beats, the Snakehips song’s finale strips away the beat and allows Malik’s velvety baritone to really shine.

Reasons why I think TS6 will knock me on my ass...

1. Taylor has improved lyrically so much every album and 1989 was the start of something new and fresh, I think Taylor will continue to roll with it and breakdown more barriers.

2. Taylor went through life changing events in the last two years. She’s grown personally and professionally.

3. She had the most magical and longest relationship yet. Not to be insensitive, but the lyrics that have risen and will continue to rise from this will no doubt be her most meaningful and inspired.

4. She had a beautiful summer fling (and received plenty of hate for it)

5. She was betrayed by a famous lying couple, called a snake by friends and foes alike for this wannabe take down, and then received apologies left and right when news spread that it was indeed taken out of context. I hope fire gets spit! Like “better than revenge” 2.0!!

6. She lost friends/support.

7. She’s endured ridicule for the most ridiculous things.

8. She collaborated and worked with new artists, making her more diverse.

9. She’s already explored with new sounds.

10. She tried a new style and rocked it. She got weird!

11. She stopped giving a fuck

12. See 13

13. She’s Taylor Fucking Swift and every single decision she has made in her career has been flawless.

Ladies and gentlemen, TS6 will be my rebirth.

If the fact Taylor can write songs across different genres in one year, and has albums that can’t solely be classified into one genre, doesn’t serve as an insanely beautiful testament to her creative artistry, and to her incredible ability to pen some of the most complex emotions and powerful metaphors, then I truly don’t know what does.

Shenanigans Grell does with electronics

Takes selfies with practically everything/everyone she sets her eyes on

Edits photos of her crushes (bombards the whole thing with stickers, glitter and hearts, likes adding really ooc speech bubbles)

Snaps really shitty pics of her co-workers while they are not looking and refuses to delete them (possible redmail? 0.0 )

Favorite apps are Pinterest and Instagram 

Never checks her emails. Poor William has to go through the trouble sorting her cluttered inbox out.

Watches the hell out of makeup/beauty/hair tutorials on Youtube. Tries to recreate them but ends up going 1000000% over-board.

Tends to tag William in every single post she makes, even if it has nothing to do with him. 

Loves doing lyric pranks 

Has a whole stash of romantic films downloaded to her red laptop. Cries over most of them for some reason. 

Records herself singing cheesy love songs and sends them to her crushes every 4 hours. Sebastian already blocked her for that…
Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog, a playlist by bekkorr on Spotify
A playlist featuring Elvis Presley, Max Jury, Hozier, and others

Inspired by the story written by Diaryofanarcissisticgayman - This playlist encompasses the emotions and themes of the story. Most are songs that portray Niall’s feelings, but some are songs that seem to portray Harry’s.
There is also one song in there, “Family” by Boyce Avenue is for the little family that Niall has made for himself and I believe the lyrics are what each of the boys feel towards Niall. 
I hope you enjoy it and makes you think of the painfull beautiful, angst filled story that is, Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog. Thank you @narryhadalittleliam for this incredible story!

they are more than this

BTS is not about abs,

long legs in leather pants, ass or arms.

about tongue sticking out and licking lips;

it’s not about body rolls and hip thrusts.

BTS is not about screaming and aegyo machines and awkward dancing.

BTS is not about who has prettier eyes or who has the most defined jawline.

It’s not about the makeup, their clothes or money.

BTS it’s not about who is uglier or more beautiful.


BTS is about 7 boys trying to get their voice heard in a world that cares mostly about looks.

BTS is about 7 boys highly talented in singing, rapping and dancing.

BTS is about a great, golden friendship, about sunshine and caring personalities, about respect, honesty and hard work and love so big for music and for art and this world that the only way they can express it it’s through their lyrics.

BTS is about self sacrifice in order to make the loved ones feel fine. It’s about smiles and happiness and teaching us how to deal with our own problems.

BTS is about passion and fire and love and trust and all that’s beautiful in this world.

BTS is about “trying your best and never giving up your dreams when the whole world is against you”

BTS need to be loved for what they truly are and what they do so they can grow bigger and bigger until they reach the stars!

They are more than their looks. That’s just added bonus.

We should respect them more! And love their music more! And love them for who they are and not for what we want them to be!


I could go on and on, on and on… You were still gone, gone, gone. \ taylorswift // This Love //

(aka the most hauntingly beautiful Taylor Swift song to date.)

Story of Another Us has some of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard like-
‘I got a long-term plan with short-term fixes, And a wasted heart to cast eclipses’ and ‘Memories are pay per view, It costs too much to think of you’

Why is this song only on the physical copy??? Why did they repeat Disconnected?? Will they ever learn???

BTS lines that I could listen to all over again and not get bored of them PART. 3 (ITMFL2 series)

part 1 part 2

Namjoon’s verse that makes me wanna hug him tight and never let him go ever again while telling him everything is fine: I’m a whalien.

That fast part in House of cards where Jimin litereally has the voice of an angel: jigeum naegen nun ape neoreul ppaen modeun ge jidokhi kkamkkamhan eodumiji

Taehyung’s heart breaking Geobna geobna geobna - Afraid, afraid, afraid in Butterfly

Yoongi’s You’re just like a Butterfly (butterfly~butterfly~) sounds really pure and different from what tone he usually uses in his lines 

Hoseok’s nae gachireul Everyday in Whalien52 sounds so smooth, especially when it’s accompanied by the Never end - Neverland a little later on. 

Jin’s Please don’t fall Please don’t collapse in Dead leaves is just……. *cries* 

Jungkook being such a cutie asdfghjkl in the beginning of Whalien52 with his I’m a whale~ intro

Teddy Lupin with scruffy blue hair the consistency of feathers, and freckles that splatter his features. He tries to get rid of them but as soon as his concentration lapses they return, dappled across his cheeks and nose in a haphazard perfection. Teddy Lupin who wears leather jackets, pierces his lip and listens to Green Day and the Ramones. Yet he is gentle and kind and loves playing with his baby cousins more than anything. Teddy Lupin who jumps up and down enthusiastically, speaks really fast, laughs louder than most and is overly tactile, throwing his arms round his friend’s shoulders  as they walk through the corridors. Teddy Lupin who collects vinyl and doodles song lyrics on his hands. Teddy Lupin who is adored by all, not only because he is just about the nicest person you could ever meet, but also because he is so undeniably hot. Teddy Lupin, who despite this, only has eyes for the witty Ravenclaw girl he grew up with, because she is funny and beautiful and spontaneous and always teaches him how to swear in french. Teddy Lupin who pretends to a punk rock rebel but really, his deepest desire in this world, is to become a teacher, just like his Dad.

Musical instruments

A violin plays a symphony that touches the most depressing soul

The intoxicating sounds of a drum solo is how my heart feels when your standing next me, hear it beat of out control

your sweet and smooth voice can uplift the spirit of this lifeless troll

Your irreplaceable to my heart, the funky bass can uplift any spirit so the dance starts

You are my amazing adorable super attractive beautiful kind loving outgoing gorgeous person

Music and alcohol has been extremely nice and caring to me when situations in life worsen

But now your beauty is my diversion
My hearts content use to be bourbon
Your fruity face gives this kid purpose

Together we can write greatest song of this I am certain, compose the most incredible lyrics for your soothing voice to sing inedible


The Book of Harlan follows the life of a young man born in the early twentieth century in Georgia and his encounters with the historical events both in the US and abroad.

Lyrical and evocative, the novel reads more like interconnected short stories, introducing a wide range of amazing characters and their own beautiful stories.

The book is billed as a WWII novel, but in reality it covers a wide range of events that black Americans were part of and witness to in the most turbulent century the world has endured. The best thing you can take away from the novel is the sense of history doing much deeper and nuanced than is taught in America and a desire to know more. It will make you want to take a plunge into NYC real estate politics, the Korean War, and how POC were treated after serving in WWII.

fifthharmony DELUXE EDITION • Track twelve… No Way • It’s insane how much we have been through with “No Way”. It actually was recorded about 2 years ago when we were starting to record the first album, Reflection. The second we got this song I remember listening to it over and over and over and over again with Victoria Monét singing the demo on it (who has one of the most beautiful voices ever) and I just connected so intensely with the lyrics. They were so raw and honest about a relationship that was just toxic but from everyone else’s perspective and about how they know that they’re made for each other and to love each other and to heal each other..but how that love is tricky to keep and have and hold. I just love the way the song takes you on an emotional journey and how you feel the pain of these people’s indecision to love or let go. We were able to emote in a way we hadn’t ever done before in our music and I think that was why it is my favorite because I felt at the time and every time I hear it now the emotion behind the words; and I hadn’t felt that connected to any of the songs in that way before. I love the vulnerability and the reality of the situation. -Lauren


⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫WHO IS GRAY ?⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

Gray is an artist , someone who is able to compose a song in one minute , a warm hearted  guy with a beautiful sense of humor , a person who represents the real meaning of the hardworker man , a  sincere intimidating man with a breathtaking smile , Someone who offered art in different ways ; lyrics , compositions, arrangements, rhythms …Gray who got the most creative fingers which suit every piano on this earth …
BUT ….
Before the artist Gray , comes the human Lee Sung Hwa , someone who could fall in love , someone who has all the rights to live peacefully …

What I’m saying that we should respect his private life with whoever he chose …



Who translated it to “If it’s not too late can we get back together” because that is the most ridiculous thing - it isn’t it at all.

Okay I’m going to try to convey what the Chinese translation actually said in English because I think it’s a closer translation to the original Korean. I will put connotations not found in the English translation in brackets after the lyrics.


She has left me (”left” as in abandoned and not relationship-wise)

And I am helpless (”helpless” here is phrase meaning desperate-powerless-hopeless)

Love has left me (as in abandoned, again)

And like an idiot I am standing here (”here” as in our point of origin, unchanging, while she has move on)


My eyes silently watch her slowly growing distant (separation, leaving)

Gradually becoming a spot (also meaning point, mark) in my field of vision, finally disappearing

This separation is not something that will dilute with the running of time

I still remember the times of before - I still remember you.


If you, if you

If time now is still not too late (really it means something along the lines ofif it hasn’t run too long), can we return to the past? (”past” here also means memory of previous times)

If you, if you

If you and I are both imprisoned in our memories together, could we not let everything become simpler?

I would treat you better, much better than when I still had you.


Do you feel (phrased as both a statement and a question of what do you think/feel)

Do you really feel good? (Good as in both you feel good and this whole situation is good)

Just like this, we have separated

I think I should forget you, but this is really very difficult


My eyes silently watch her slowly growing distant (separation, leaving)

Gradually becoming a spot (also meaning point, mark) in my field of vision, finally disappearing

This separation is not something that will dilute with the running of time

I still remember the times of before - I still remember you.


If you, if you

If time now is still not too late (really it means something along the lines ofif it hasn’t run too long), can we return to the past? (”past” here also means memory of previous times)

If you, if you

If you and I are both imprisoned in our memories together, could we not let everything become simpler?

I would treat you better, much better than when I still had you.


The rain on that day when it rained is the same as today’s

Your silhouette is still etched (scarred and imprinted) in my mind (more like a metaphor such as wastes/waters of my mind)


The memories that I have carefully stored (hidden) away

I still take them out from time to time, to carefully reminisce (taste and recall) on my own

The deep, aching agony and suffering of separation-

How did I not know about this then?

GD and Taeyang:

If you, if you

If time now is still not too late (really it means something along the lines of if it hasn’t run too long), can we return to the past? (”past” here also means memory of previous times)

If you, if you

If you and I are both imprisoned in our memories together, could we not let everything become simpler?

I would treat you better, much better than when I still had you.

The English translation made everything seem a lot less than what it really was - even this translation I did pales in comparison to the chinese translation - and I’m sure the Korean original conveys far more. I hope this helped you understand the meaning of If You more deeply.

  • Up
  • Jason Mraz
  • Life is Good - EP

“Up was written in a Sunday, in about an hour. I had written most of the lyrics on the airplane ride over to London. Just feeling good on the plane. And then when I got to the studio,  it was already kinda vibe in these descending chords. It was kinda a nice moment of synchronicity. It was all started because I heard a young woman talking about how beautiful relationship is when it has no ceiling on it. But sometimes when you’re in a relationship, you can get the sense that it’s limited, there are some things you won’t do, there are some things you won’t say, there’s boundaries. So I love the line… "We’re taking the ceiling out”
(source) #Current_Song

[Trans] Yixing Lose Control Press Con - Monologue parts

Source and organized by 某年某月七日 

I’m always making music 

I want the people of the world to know the musician Zhang Yixing 

I want to use the world’s most beautiful language and melody to represent my inner world 

In the world of music I want to find resonance with everyone
Music can infiltrate our lives, infiltrate every person
I think every person, in his own space, in his own area, in his own place, has an OST that belongs to himself; sometimes it’s a simple one, or an arrogant one, or a sad one, or a cool one, or awesome. 

Actually, Lose Control, for me It is my first album, the album I produced

I love it very much, really love it 

Also, the lyrics section we just saw, I actually designed it so because I have a lot of international fans. I hope they can listen to Chinese music so I added translations. There is Chinese, Japanese and English. Why isn’t there a Thai translation? It’s because the Thai fans, their English are also good so they can read the English. 

I hope that via the listening process, they can understand the significance and meaning. Sometimes the fans perhaps get tired of translating so I took over this time. Let me help them translate this time. 

However… Yesterday, after the entire album making process is finished 

When I was reviewing myself making this album I made a reflection 

Here I want to evaluate my self because 

Right now I’m very very arrogant I’m arrogant to the point that I feel I can be a producer 

Acting as the producer this time I didn’t see clearly my current power of knowledge, my decision making abilities and my ability to execute…

I did something so stupid

Myself at this moment, I feel I’m very much in danger. I’m afraid of losing myself, because I have always been very smooth (meaning his career has been smooth) and I have always received good achievements. 

I’m afraid due to this album I’ll lose my sense of direction, that I can’t find the most accurate place for my music so…um… 

Yet because this is what I love the most 

This is what I most want to persist in 

So, please forgive me this time for my recklessness, my presumptuous decision making 

Yet today I want to make a promise with every friend at this press conference: 

From now on, on the path of future albums and producing process 

I will keep the lowest profile and earnestly listen and to everyone else’s opinions 

To make the most perfect and most beautiful album 

And to display it to you

Thank you