and has the maturity of a 12 year old

To the Victuuri account under the blog name Seduce me something something ❤️

Firstly, you have the decency to block me and call me a bitch when I have a rightful argument. You’re honestly just a hypocrite and you’re continuously attacking your own fandom because it’s either your way or the highway, which is very childish to do. Idk if you’re 12 or something BUT THESE TYPE OF RELATIONSHIPS ARE REAL. AND ITS NOT CREEPY. People have personal preference but you’re fucking stupid and arrogant for shaming a ship that is 3 years apart when your main ship is 4 years apart. “He’s a child” He is competing with 27 year old men and has a high maturity level for his age, traveling to Japan alone and doing whatever the fuck he wants. And he’s going to continue to do what he wants to fucking do. How about you quit being a little bitch and think a lil, and quit labeling everything pedophilia when it clearly is not. It is life. This is how shit is outside of the Tumblrverse, and how it always has been. Get over yourself, how about that bitch? @victuuri

anonymous asked:

Is it okay if I asked some personal questions? (Obviously you don't have to answer them) How old are you? And, what's your sexual orientation?

hey friend, sorry if this has been in my inbox for months. i kinda disappeared from the internet without warning due to mental health issues and then was afraid to come back and face my unwritten prompts and unfinished fics. so yeah. im sorry.

i don’t feel comfortable specifying my age but im a perpetually stressed student whose maturity ranges from 12-year-old-boy-making-innuendos to old-cat-lady-that-constantly-complains-about-people-and-ponders-on-the-meaning-of-life. hopefully that gets the important stuff across. and im bi! which is super fun bc it means i get anxiety around boys AND girls. it’s wonderful.

i hope ur having a good day anon <3

Stop Weight Shaming the Flawless Sasha Pieterse

Ok, I guess it’s time for me to weigh in on this because I’ve read the last fucking “Sasha is fat” comment I am going to read today and there are too fucking many of them! I try to stay out of stupid fan comments and pointless banter but I can’t ignore this anymore. I love and respect Sasha too much to just sit by and let fucking idiotic people drag their knuckles on the ground and insult her and call her fat! Sasha Pieterse is not fucking fat! Sasha Pieterse is a goddess, she is flawless, she is beautiful inside and out and if you can’t fucking get past the fact that she has matured as she has grown up, then fucking go run into a wall and stop polluting the human gene pool!

Sasha Pieterse started filming Pretty Little Liars when she was 14 years old (some people suspect it was really 12). She was thin back then, and had the body of a young girl. She was a pretty young girl, and that’s part of why she got the role, but it was also because of her acting ability. Even Troian Bellisario who was much older when she started filming Pretty Little Liars, said that Sasha, who is the youngest of them, made her feel like she was in high school again being bullied and controlled. Sasha was that talented an actress at 14 years old to make someone much older than her feel intimidated by her. More than that, she was able to act completely against her own personality, but I’ll get to that.
Below are pictures from each of the seasons leading up to season 5.

 Somewhere in Season 5b Sasha started to gain some weight. Many people suspected she was pregnant, but the truth was two things. First: She was now 19 years old! She was maturing into a woman. She was no longer the small girl she was when she started the show and yet that was what everyone had come to expect from Sasha and how they expected the flawless Queen Bee to always look. The other reason is; she has a hormone imbalance. This is something she can’t help. It threw her into a depression for a little while, but she had great co-stars who loved her and helped her through it (Including Troian who has dealt with eating disorders before). Many of her fans came to her rescue too, as I am now doing.
This was Sasha in Season 6.

Last Sunday seems to have breathed life into these pigs arguments again after her appearance at the Teen Choice Awards. People are saying that she is fat and that she’s hideous and a bunch of other fucking garbage. GUESS WHAT, SHE’S A FAR BETTER PERSON THAN YOU WILL EVER BE!

Sasha Pieterse is one of the nicest people in Hollywood today! She is beautiful, graceful, smart, and a very talented actress. I do not understand why people feel the need to weight shame her or attack her in any way. It’s usually trolls who have nothing better to do with their lives. If this rant is bugging you or stinging you in any way, you should look at yourself and ask if you’ve ever been guilty of this fucking shit!
Leave Sasha alone if you can’t say anything nice. Sasha is NOT fat, she is beautiful inside and out! She is an amazing actress and a wonderful person. She is beloved by millions, myself included. So if you can’t appreciate her for who she is, then back the fuck off and shut your fucking mouth!

To the underage people that look at my blog:

I know this has been said a lot of times from a lot of different nsfw artists, especially in the sinsworld community, I know. But, really. I need to point out that there are more kids wondering around in the tags. I myself also don’t want 12 year olds (meaning most people under like 15 or smth cause there are A LOT) Wondering around here. Really. Go outside and make some friends, don’t become a shut-in.

Some people may say that they can go through the blog and nsfw tags because “I may be young but I’m mature” For fuck’s sake, your chromosomes are going insane at this rate that make you think that this is all ‘fine’. Now. I’m not one to tell you what to do, but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to even be here. Nor that your parents let you.

This is basically illegal, But i’m taking my stand on here because I don’t wanna be blamed if some kid’s parents find me in their browsing history and try to blame me for any problems that they have. This is just my warning to anyone underage here.
Please Unfollow/ Don’t look at my blog nor the sinsworld community all together. I’m saying this for your sake, trust me.

And if you choose to not listen to my rules, I am in no way shape or form responsible for whatever you chose to ruin your mind. 

Thank you for reading, and please, I care for y’all and I don’t want y’all to make the same mistakes I did as a kid.

Can someone answer this for me?

Why does 15 year old Goku seem to look shorter/younger than 11 year old Gohan? I’m thinking it’s probably because he didn’t have a lot of nutrients as a kid?? Or he’s just those guys that mature late? because then he gets a growth spurt at 18: 

and I think Goten has the same problem as Goku…because isn’t he 12 in DB Super??

I mean standing next to Goku he seems SUPER short. 


So, Derek Landy has just revealed that he’s planning on releasing a whole other series of Skulduggery Pleasant books and I…. I kind of feel like crying right now??

Ive been an enormous fan of the series ever since I was a young and impressionable 12 year old (possibly why I identified with book 1 Valkyrie so much) and the series has travelled with me throughout all of my teen years, some of my fondest memories are of that series, waiting urgently for each new release, how I reacted to each twist and turn, how I devoured each one as fast as my eyes could read.

I LOVED the last few, the series matured so much in its own way in the end, and it had its own beautiful poignancy and depth, the ending had me in tears, to this DAY the series finishing leaves me with this bittersweet sensation because YES the ending was so perfect, but I was still so down that this enormous chunk of my life was just kinda… done?

And now I’m an adult, I’m kinda moving forward in my life in a crazy way, things are so different now, and I’ve barely thought about the series in months, and a week ago, my sister told me that she saw something about a new Skulduggery Book.

IMMEDIATELY I went to Dereks blog, I watched the video, and I s2g i was almost in TEARS with how over the moon I was, how the magic wasn’t over, I could live through it all over again and again and again. (Sounds crazy, i know.)

Dereks latest blog post has really hit home with me. GOD DAMN. This is really happening! What can I say?? I feel like I’m 12 years old again, all of a sudden I’m that little girl in pigtails borrowing book 1 from the library and falling in love with it by the second chapter. I’m so excited for it to be released, never in a million years did I think this would happen!

Thank you Derek Landy, thank you for your hard work and loyalty to the fans, and thank you for not giving up on Skulduggery, your passion is inspiring. (Also, visit Australia some time!)

Iconic Goblin: Squintch

Originally an apprentice to the Iconic Medium, Squintch will now be doing double duty as the Iconic Goblin! 

Name: Squintch
Gender: Nonbinary, (while some goblins who spend a lot of time with humankind take on male or female pronouns, goblin societies don’t have a concept of gender)
Age: 12 (goblins achieve maturity at around 3 years of age and most who live long enough to die of old age get to be around in their 40s)
Race: Goblin
Class: Medium
Favored Spirit: Archmage- Elder Zzrozk, a deceased shaman of the goblin alienage community
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gear: When armored, Squintch has a small chestplate that was fitted to allow them to maintain their mobility and magic-use. They wear a single pauldron on their left arm, which is their dueling hand. Strapped to their side is the only possession Squintch truly holds dear, an heirloom dirk passed down from generation to generation in their family.

Appearance: Short, like most goblins, with pale green skin and ruby red eyes. They have short, black hair that is much to curly/wavy to do anything to.

History: Squintch grew up in the goblin alienage of the Capitol City, which amounted to not much more than the slums. Squintch worked as an ambassador of sorts for the alienage, constantly fighting for equality within the city that barely accepted them.

When their dormant powers emerged, the Elders of the alienage advised Squintch to leave the city. Practicing black magic and communing with spirits was outlawed in the city and they knew Squintch would never truly be safe. This led them to finding the Collective and becoming an apprentice to the Iconic Medium.

Since joining the Collective, Squintch fought valiantly alongside some of the most powerful people in the world and was imbued with the spirits of both an ancient, evil warlock and the Collective’s own Occultist, Adaji. Currently, Squintch operates a business with his master that protects people from malicious spirits and preserves the benevolent ones, as well as selling supplies for those who practice the dark arts.

Her … jétés and pirouettes juxtapose self-containment with a sort of reckless abandon. But it is her face … that truly captivates her audience thanks to the tantalizing allure of catharsis through art. [Ziegler’s] work ethic, not to mention her evident love for the art, has made her relentlessly relevant. She has something to say with her performances, whether in a music video for Sia or in a solo at nationals. Her technique is lovely, especially for a 12-year-old. She has stretched knees, pointed feet, and arms that float on clouds, her fingers perfectly placed. But still more important is her virtuosity, her connection with the public. She tells a narrative that resonates with the viewer, whether portraying a scorned lover or a werewolf. This maturity is astounding for a preteen – she just gets it. She’s meant to perform, meant to communicate with people. She has defied the odds of Generation Z’s competitive, egocentric mentality to make her career about the work, not the celebrity
—  The Huffington Post praised Ziegler’s artistry:

No listen I try to not get involved with actor drama bc I don’t personally know them, but Rowan is literally 14 years old. She’s barely a year older than my baby cousin, who just today was so overcome with a storm of hormones she almost cried when we ran out of French fries, legitimately questioned if there was a way to sue the sea for retribution of hurting another cousin, tried to punch her 12 year old brother when he made a period joke, took 90 selfies on an “ancient camera” (IT WAS DIGITAL) and asked if there was anyway she could get them on her phone, and no one had the heart to tell her to stop with the camera bc she was giggling so much and that’s the most solid positive emotion Ms. Pouty has shown in a month. SHE IS A LITTLE KID. ROWAN BLANCHARD IS VERY MATURE AND TALL AND WELL INFORMED ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUES, BUT SHE IS LITERALLY A CHILD.  Even if she’s not as close to everyone as she lets on??? Literally who fucking cares??? Even if every rumor is true she is still just a little kid trying to figure life out while dealing with constantly being in a spotlight. You don’t get to attack her and say anything to make her cry. Why would you get off on a 14 year old little kid crying. You don’t know her personally, she’s literally never done anything asshole-ish publicly or to any of her fans, leave her alone???? Let kids live???? Like oh my God I fucking remember being 14 it’s literally the worst and if I was in her spot I would’ve had a breakdown by this point. Leave her alone.

*SU Spoiler* Growing Up

Has anybody notice an important message besides that is not related to the show from “Steven’s Brithday?” It’s the fact that not everyone grows up or has to grow up at a set time. In this world people expect you go become mature and to grow up when you are a certain age. A lot do grow up but what defines someone growing up or mature? I am a college student but I always get mistaken for a high schooler because I look young and act it. Well this show has finally sent a message that not everyone needs to grow up to grow up.

In the beginning, we are all shocked to find out Steven is fourteen because he doesn’t look or act like a teenager. Even Connie is shocked to find out she is younger than Steven. At first you think he must have been the same by at least age 12.

It seems he has been the same since 8 years old. To a lot of people that is odd. Most people usually start growing or change by adolescence. Connie starts feeling a bit worried only because she fears Steven will not grow up with her.

Connie thinks the reason is because he is Gem. However, Greg isn’t sure what will happen because he has seen the Crystal Gems stay the same for a long time. Steven is half human and half Gem so it is unsure how he will age or grow.

Steven starts to worry because he wants to grow up. He wants to grow up with Connie and be a human like everyone else. Many people feel saddened or alone because everyone is growing up except them. Growing up is hard and takes time but is often rushed and forced. Instead of acting yourself you have to mature.

So Steven decides to change.

Everyone is quite surprised that Steven suddenly grew. At first Pearl thought something was wrong. Garnet said Steven looked nice and Amethyst is surprised. However, everyone started to accept Steven’s sudden growth spurt and the party continued. When someone suddenly matures, it’s accepted and everyone is happy.

Except staying in this form puts a lot of strain on Steven. He hides from Connie and shrinks. Amethyst and Greg saw and wonder what he is doing. He tells them the truth and Amethyst warns him it is dangerous to be stretched for a long period of time. The fact that Amethyst tells him this shocks people because she is usually laid back and goofy. The same goes with Greg.

Amethyst and Greg accept their childish nature and worry that Steven is forcing himself to grow up. He is worried that he will be left behind while Connie is growing up. Hence why he is trying to look older and hiding his childish self. Many people think that if they don’t grow up everyone will leave them behind or ridicule childish antics. Forcing one to grow up, mentally and physically, is the only way to keep everyone else.

It seems like all is great and Connie enjoys Steven’s new look. However, Steven is suddenly turned into a baby. He stretched himself too long and has regressed into a baby. This would be similar to someone having a mental breakdown or falling into depression. Suddenly acting or looking mature is not easy and can cause problems later on. Forcing to be something you are not is harmful.

Connie is my favorite in this episode. Yes she accepted Steven’s sudden growth but noticed something was wrong. She and the Gems else didn’t know what to do. It was only Greg who tried to help, even if it wasn’t working. He offers to take Connie home but she decides to stay because she realizes she would be friends with Steven no matter what age he seems like or acts like. Many people can’t fully understand others like Steven because they have grown up. However, there are many like Connie who accept the immaturity and faults of others. Why? Because growing up doesn’t have to be rushed. Not everyone matures at a set time and it takes time to grow. Even if someone doesn’t grow up it does not change who you are.

Luckily Steven reverts to his original self and Connie rushes to him. He asks if Connie is really okay with him growing up differently. She says she doesn’t care as long as they can still hang out.

In short, there is no rush in growing up. Some do not look or act the age they are and that is fine. I am 21 yet many believe I am 13-15 because I look young and act immature. Just because someone does not grow up at a set date doesn’t mean something is wrong. Think of people who are obsessed with shows, movies, sports, games, animals, books, etc. Everyone should just act themselves no matter what others think. There are people who will accept your childish faults, whether they understand or not. Forcing yourself to grow up doesn’t have to be an option. Just be yourself and don’t let anyone else say otherwise.


Since tomorrow is Maria Josepha of Austria’s birthday (She was the 12th child and 9th daughter of Maria Theresa and Francis I) I figured I’d repost this again and remind everyone that this portrait IS indeed Maria Josepha and not Marie Antoinette.

I repeat: MARIA JOSEPHA and NOT Marie Antoinette.

The nameplate has been changed at Schonbrunn to reflect this fact, and it’s been confirmed by someone who has been there that yes it HAS been changed.

It was painted in 1767 by Martin van Meytens, when Antoinette would only have been a young girl of about 12 years old. Josepha would have been 16 at the time, a young woman due to be married soon and looking much more mature, as the subject of the painting does. Antoinette was often said to look much, much younger than her years, something that was often remarked upon during her early years at the French Court.

When you look at closeups of other portraits of Maria Josepha, the facial similarity becomes even more striking. There’s a distinctive deep dimple in her chin that you can see in the portrait, a feature not shared by her younger sister Antoinette.

Another portrait, seen at the bottom was done by Francesco Liani, is confirmed as Josepha as well and is for all intents and purposes identical to the van Meytens one, and was likely a copy done of it.


Okay but with this whole Episode happening. We realize that Dipper and Mabel are really kids. They are innocent kids being dragged into something they shouldn’t. Dipper and Mabel are 12 years old. 12. They’re staying in this town full of monsters and demons.. Dipper however is pretty mature, but even so, he’s still a child. Who has experienced so many things, and Mabel, she chooses to still be a child and enjoy the little things she has. In this scene she’s going through a life changing experience which requires sacrifice, and trust. Dipper is acting so strange about it to, and a lot of people believe that this may be because of Bill’s influence, which I believe, to a point. Dipper should understand that Mabel is going through something that will change the fate of nearly everyone. Mabel is choosing to either choose to trust her Brother, or her Great Uncle. Both outcomes would be bad for the opposite party. This scene was filled with so much. And kids were the ones who would choose the fate of the universe. 12 year old kids.

someone has to come right out and say it blatantly...

I’m sorry (but not really) to be so blunt as to say that if you are one of the antis sending threats to Daisy and threatening to burn their merch because they dislike the Reylo ship or at ALL slamming the ship or it’s fans…

You have no life.

You cannot prove to me otherwise because normal, mature adults with things to do can handle not foaming at the mouth over a fictional ship.

Your actions are that of a spoiled little 12 year old brat throwing a tantrum because things aren’t going your way and you don’t like the ship.

Stop it. You are literally embarrassing yourself.

And if anyone thinks to counter this with “well you must have no life if you pour all your time into obsessing over fictional characters!” 

You are wrong again.

Because all the Reylo fans I’ve seen make wonderful art, fanfictions and posts made with nothing but love, care and adoration for the characters.

An extreme amount of time spent creating art and making things fueled by positivity and enjoyment will never be wrong.

Spending a ridiculous amount of time attacking fans and actors, hating respective characters and trying to tear down what makes others happy is not  and never will be okay.

It doesn’t matter what fandom you are in and I don’t care how much you hate the ship; you’re being a dick.

Hate me and the Reylo fandom all you want but I know for a fact that spending all my time loving something that doesn’t exist is way less pathetic than spending all my time hating something that doesn’t exist.