and has the maturity of a 12 year old

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Honestly, you're truly right. The phandom has calmed down so much in the past year? When I got into the phandom in early 2015, I remember people were trying to claim phan is real because of the moment in fnaf 3 where dan scared Phil when really someone just photoshopped a photo. And people thinking that they were gonna come out when really it was the 7SC app. Now everyone is wayy more chill and just takes things as is.

i think that as whole it’s been really interesting to see the phandom (as well as dan and phil) develop over the years. i’ve been a casual viewer since 2011/12 and became more invested around late 2014. dan and phil have matured loads. but so has their audience. it will suffice to say i was the 12 year old watching them when i first started. so llamas and lions were the best thing ever and i wouldn’t stop watching amazingdan or pinof 2 (idk i had some weird obsession with it). but dan and phil have grown so much? it’s startling to watch some of their older videos nowadays because they are the same people but with more developed opinions and ideas about the world. 

and the phandom has grown so much too. it’s weird. even back in early 2015 we relied on shoddy edits of them for “phan proof” and just general fondness between the two. when phil trash #1 happened it was sort of mind blowing how crazy everyone was about it. no one stopped talking about it for weeks. now dan and phil can just go post a video where they call each other daddy the whole time and the next day we sort of forget about it. before content was purely neutral and vague to their personal lives but now they are slowly inviting us into their personal lives and the phandom has matured enough for this to happen without much fanfare. it’s quite gratifying.

i’ve sat back and watched the phandom for quite a while now (i didn’t participate in it for like a year on tumblr after becoming an aesthetic blog but i still followed loads of phan blogs). there has been a constant flow of people in and out of this community which always provides new content. but as dan and phil’s content matures, as does the phandom. 

i can’t put into words how much has changed but there has been a huge shift. dan and phil have so gradually slipped these things in that we haven’t even noticed until we’re just accepting of announcements of dan going with phil up north for his birthday or seaside walks. for the first time in how long dan and phil have casually mentioned the term ‘phan’ without negative connotation. it’s really nice. organic.

i’m so glad we aren’t screaming and banging our fists when anything mildly interesting happens. it’s more like a nod of approval from us as dan and phil live their lives. it’s a much healthier relationship between us and them now and it might be hard to see that but the phandom’s just a lot better an environment now. it’s good.

Have you ever just stopped and thought about how powerful and strong-willed Nico di Angelo actually is?

-He went into Tartarus ALONE OF HIS OWN FREE WILL and came back. Even Percy- who Nico called the most powerful demigod he’s ever met- acknowledged it, and he would’ve literally gone insane if it wasn’t for Annabeth.

-He was so depressed that even the goddess of misery had nothing worse to give him. GODDESS of misery.

-He was almost killed shadow travelling. HADES warned him he could die and he still went on for Camp Halfblood, which never accepted him.( Atleast, that’s what he thought anyway)

-He survived a jar full of poisonous air with just a pomegranate seed per day in coma. And if that’s invalid, he lasted a lot more time than he was supposed to.

-Nico’s agony in Cupid’s palace: Grass around him dying, stones cracking and waves of darkness rolling off him so strong that when they hit Jason, he almost lost consciousness. JUST WAVES.

-He’s scared of Love more than he is of Tartarus. Him coming out of his shell and being able to tell everyone(or at least some people) about his feelings-something that wouldn’t have been accepted AT ALL during his time…

-When Nico got mad at him, Jason wanted to draw his sword just in case and he thought Nico might be MORE THAN HE COULD HANDLE even though he’d met plenty of scary demigods before.

-This may or may not seem to be a very solid argument, but strong willed because when he met Percy at Camp Jupiter, he STILL LOVED HIM, and Percy probably looked so lost and forlorn, wouldn’t you have blurted out even 1 tiny thing that could’ve made him feel a little less helpless?

-How many 12 year olds can achieve the title GHOST KING? Even if they WERE Hades’ kids.

-He radiates death, KRONOS’ ARMY fell back from him.

-He matured so much after ‘The Last Olympian’ no one needs me to explain this point further.


A Friend Of A Friend, These Strangers At The Party Never Paid

summary: “I left phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” AU

words: 12.7k

warnings: smut, mentions of smoking, alcohol/being drunk, lack of imagination as far as fic titles are concerned


Can you believe this was meant to be 3k?? I honeslty don’t know what happened there. all I know is that I have five exams in less than three weeks that I should be revising for and instead did this. yikes I hope this was worth it. (also pray4me that I don’t fail everything) x

Also on the topic of exams the actual reason I wrote this now was bc I’m kinda not gonna be writing for a while because of Lovely responsibilities and school stuff and revision so I’m gonna leave yall with this before I’m off Working and doing fun stuff that adults do.

I hope this is ok!!


Dan’s halfway through skipping History when he does it.

He doesn’t know why he did it – he really doesn’t, he was just kind of bored one afternoon and happened to be carrying a Sharpie and hey, it’d just be a laugh, right? In a school like this, what’s the worst that could come out of leaving his phone number on a cubicle wall?

His pen squeaks across the pale blue paint, already tainted with curse words and penis drawings and tipp-ex and “Call _____ for a good time ;)”. He supposes the caretakers have given up with trying to cover up the graffiti – there are still thin layers of paint and chipped plaster coating every inch of the stall walls, at least showing attempted coverage, but people had just written over them, scribbles of song lyrics and “never got caught” tattooing every inch of the previously blank walls. No amount of assemblies or threats of “whoever did this-“, inserts picture of something someone had written about the Maths teacher on the hall projector, “is seriously going to pay” from the head teacher had ever stopped anyone, so, really, what does Dan have to lose? Sure, they could trace the phone number, but that doesn’t prove anything – he could just as easily throw on the ‘innocent’ act and say it was his friend.

07843983276, he writes. He doesn’t sign it off with any comment, nor kisses, not even a smiley face let alone a winking one. He just leaves it there, in a kind-of conspicuous place just above eye-level on the right hand side of the door, eleven digits amidst many others.

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This Seddm situation is so, so disturbing. And seeing so many people harrass an ACTUAL crew member over it is making me realize just how far this shit can go.

Fictional child porn has been very much normalized in fandom spaces. Anyone can say “its just fiction!” and “fiction doesnt affect reality!”, but there is a line. I remember being only 13, reading nsfw fanfiction of a 12 year old and an adult demon, and going over the lines “he was mature for his age”. I remember seeing the hundreds of nsfw fanarts of said couple, drawn by adults, some almost 30. And i remember being confused. ACTUALLY confused, thinking “am I mature for MY age?”. I was uncomfortable. Extremely uncomfortable, but I went along with it anyway, because nobody else seemed to have a problem. It was accepted. It was popular. It was normal.

This may be a different situation, but the topics are similar. Star/co as a ship is fine, and shipping star/co isnt the problem. The problem is the fandom. The disturbingly on-model child porn. The adults in the fandom who enjoy it, talk about it, share it. Is it really okay, just because its fiction?

The lengths people go to defend it make me all the more wary. @arythusa didnt even name anyone, just expressed her opinion, and she was bombarded with hate. How could anyone be more concerned with some guys reputation, over the safety of kids, which was what this was all about in the first place?

There will always be porn of something as long as it exists. I understand that. But to normalize, share and encourage porn of KIDS, cartoon or not? Why are so many people okay with that? Its sad and its sick.

I’m glad this situation was touched upon by a crew member. I’m glad that, despite the overwhelming amount of people defending it, there are also so many people AGAINST it.

These are people that care about their fandom. This is what I NEEDED all those years ago. This is important.

You know what I've decided?

It’s not fandoms that are the problem, its young fandoms.

And I don’t mean all new fandoms are terrible and that older fandoms have never had discourse, because that’s utter baloney. I mean, the doctor who fandom had huge fallouts over Rose leaving and tennant vs Smith when the 11th doctor came around, there were huge turf wars between hetalia and homestuck, The zutara vs kataang ship war is legendary, and even though I wasn’t in the fandom at the time, I know there was plenty of arguments over Edvy, Royed, and Edwin back when the original series came out. And a lot of them still have problems and always will. That’s what happens when you get a large group of people together to talk about a topic: discourse.
But the thing is, those fandoms don’t have as BIG of problems as they used to. I rarely hear about homestuck vs Hetalia anymore and the brotherhood vs 2003 fma argument has mostly boiled down to people arguing over what new members of the fandom should watch first(mostly). And although there is always going to be disagreement when an actor leaves on Doctor who, the time span of “Oh god this new person is going to ruin doctor who” has gotten shorter and shorter. Why? Because the fanbase matured. Literally. The fans that started watching doctor who as 12 and 13 year olds in 2005 are now well out of college. Fullmetal alchemist as an anime has been around for almost fifteen years. The fan base has grown up and gotten used to itself a little. Fandoms like Steven universe, the Voltron reboot, Undertale, and similar fandoms have been around for less than five years and for some, haven’t really been popular for half that time. The fanbases are mostly very young individuals who are still learning to be confident in who they are and use the shows as a way to express themselves. They haven’t let it really sink in yet that uniformity isn’t the only way to be happy in a fandom, and that not everyone has to agree with their head canons or ship their ships.
These fandoms aren’t toxic and need to just disappear. They literally just need to grow up. Admittedly, I don’t like Royed. It bothers me when I see romantic royed. Its ok not to like something, and a few years ago, I might have been really upset about it. But I’ve grow. I’ve accepted that other people ship it, and that’s that. Them enjoying it isn’t an attack directed at my ships or headcanons. It’s ok to be different. That’s just something people have to learn on their own in their own time. One day half tose kids in those newer fandoms are going to look back and think, “Wow. That was really, really petty of me to argue over a ship with this person. I feel stupid now because in the long run, it doesn’t matter. I still don’t like this ship, but it wasn’t worth that gigantic argument.”
Now does that excuse things like people sending death threats or telling people their a piece of shit over something as stupid as ships? No. Never. Keep calling out those people on their actions, because that is harassment and bullying, plain and simple. But don’t feel like its always going to be this way. Things will fizzle out eventually and people will grow up.

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How young do you think a person can be turned before the Volturi get involved in some way? Would it depend on the century? If so, do you think older vampires would worry about newer ones, since modern kids are allowed to be childish for much longer than before?

I think Jane and Alec (at like 12/13) are probably right around the cut-off point. I think if some other coven had created vampires that young, Aro and Caius might cry IMMORTAL CHILDREN!! and destroy them, but when the masters do it, it’s not illegal. Benjamin is only 15 or so, and I think Maggie is about the same age, and no one seems concerned about them being “children.”

I think there might be something to the idea that in the past, the idea of ‘child’ might have been a little different. Today we think of adulthood at 18 or 21 or ‘when you finish college’ or whatever. In the past, it might have been 15, 16, or as early as 13.  “Today you are a man,” etc.  While I doubt the actual brain development has changed all that much, I do think it’s a nature+nurture thing, so life experience would be a factor, too. It’s part of the reason I see Jasper more of an adult than a lot of his ‘siblings” who are more teenager-y, because he was already living an adult life, while most of the others will still living under their parents’ roofs. A married 15-year-old in the middle ages is going to be more ‘adult’ than a 15-year-old today if only because society has forced her to be. 

In my head 15 is ‘safe,’ no one will bat an eye at 15+
14 is probably safe but iffy if they look especially small or are especially immature. 
12/13 is about as far as any vampire aware of the rules against immortal children would push it. 
11 maaaaaybe if they are exceptionally mature and/or look older than they are.
10 or below and there’s no talking your way out of it. 

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Hi! I hope you don't mind me asking this but I read your meta about the characters you think are coded as gay and now I'll like to know your opinion on their respective partners' sexuality. I mean, what do you think about Historia, Bert and Erwin?

About this post.

Since nobody’s sexuality was fixed for any of the other characters, I assume they’re bisexual unless proven otherwise, meaning they have a large panel of options. 

When it comes to characters like Grisha, who married women, had kids with them and felt sorrow when they’re gone, it’s safe to assume they’re straight. For a major portion of the characters, you can leave room for interpretation, despite arguments pointing otherwise. In example, according to his crush on Mikasa stated multiple times in multiple universes and him jerking off to an erotic book instead of working (cf. vol 7 fake preview), Jean being straight is valid. However, the counterarguments in there are he’s still young, which leaves enough room to figure out his sexuality. That and if you really take Sasha’s line in chapter 18 to the letter…

Jean and Eren clashing again - Ch. 18

That’d mean Jean’s a sexually confused teen. Unless he openly declares he’s “not interested in guys”, that is. 

In the same vein, literally nothing is revealed about Zeke’s preferences, but the fact he’s born on yaoi day, like Reiner, could hint at him being gay, which nicely contrasts Grisha’s familial lifestyle. I’m really curious whether this is a hint or something connecting him to Reiner… or both.

Besides, I don’t want to exclude possible asexual characters, who have absolutely no interest in dating or marrying.

Not that it prevents shipping to ignore these facts, but that’s not the topic here.

On one side, you have Historia sticking to Ymir which definitely shows her interest towards her, on the other one, she feels completely pointless when she isn’t here, not really showing interest in anybody. As she said it herself…

Historia standing up - Ch. 68

…she’s one of those who get swept along by the flow.

To me it’s hard to say whether or not Historia is homosexual or bisexual, because she hasn’t shown any interest in men. She was more open to Eren than the others after Ymir left but his words weren’t the one who pushed her to refuse to become the next Founding Titan. 

When asked if she had a particular type in the Smartpass AU interview

Krista: Hmm…erm, a kind person… I guess?
Ymir: Like I said, such vague answers is why you’re easily tricked.
Krista: Ugh… But I don’t really know. I don’t see many guys around anyway.
Ymir: They’re all around you and you didn’t even see them, huh… That is truly a sad thing…

She didn’t specify a gender. She was probably too fixated around Ymir because she fits the bill. Those said boys attempted to send her love letters but Ymir…

Krista: No, not really…
Ymir: Yeah, there were guys who wanted me to pass her their love letters, but I tore them up, and threw them away on the spot.
Krista: Ehh?! Those poor thing…
Ymir: Hmph. I ain’t handing my Krista over to spineless losers who lack the courage to even speak to her.

That’s something to witness on the long term (if there is a long term anyway) but it’s impossible for me to conclude on her sexuality so I’ll leave it vague.

Moving on to Erwin. I guess the closest we ever had about his romantic interests was this line:

“More interested in titans than Marie… there’s something wrong with you!”  - Ch. 53

His crush towards Marie happened when he and Nile were trainees (around 12-15 years old). This is the whole interest of letting characters mature before defining their sexuality, because you never know whether or not you have a late-bloomer. Erwin has never been in a romantic relationship after that.

Concerning his interest with Levi, I’ve explained myself here. More evidence is available on this post. Basically, Erwin opens himself to Levi more than his other subordinates and that’s indicative of a certain degree of affection for him. I’m assuming Erwin is bisexual because of the Marie thing, but even then I’m being large because compared to his life as a member of the SC and as a commander who’s facing death when confronting titans, that part was completely irrelevant. 

And then there’s Bertolt.

I’m finding myself with another Historia-like case in the sense where he’s fixated to Reiner but also admires and respects his friends.

He’s constantly seen hanging around Reiner, even in the highschool AU (hell, even his description says he’s Reiner’s shadow!) and when asked if he had a type in the Smartpass AU, he blurted out in front of the journalist:

Oh my, it’s getting pretty heated up all of a sudden, huh. I suppose now is the best time to pose this question. “What’s your type?”

Bertolt: E-EEEHHH?!

Reiner: I like girls who are cute and like a goddess!

That’s a bold statement, Reiner. As for Bertolt…

Bertolt: I… I don’t really…

Reiner: What, you haven’t noticed? Nearly everyone realised that, you know?

Could you tell me more about it?

Bertolt: I-I told you, it’s ermm…


Let us now move onto a light-hearted question. “What is your type?” It’s something I asked earlier on…

Bertolt: I-I told you! I-I don’t really h-have anyone I like…

He didn’t mention anything specific and was embarrassed by the question. I want to note he was deliberately keeping secrets with Reiner about their true origins and identity, so everything here was meant to be read with a grain of salt.

There’s that crush thing on Annie that would nail him as bisexual, and while I’d label him as that to be inclusive, I don’t think that “crush” is very relevant as explained in this post.

So yeah, I’d gleefully label those three as bisexual with a strong leaning towards their respective partners. Evaluating sexuality in absence of concrete evidence is hard.

This is a real story that makes my heart sing.

Bwwm stories are my fave so get ready for this.

So the other day I saw my ex on Bumble and I was like lowkey feeling some type of way about it. My best friend and I whipped out the red wine, cookies, popcorn and Fighting Temptations and just sulked. It was Seventeen Magazine advice column worthy. Anyways once I saw him on there I could officially begin to move on, so my friend and I decided to go out in the city last night. We had sulked, and now it was time to rage.

So we’re at this bar with our group of girlfriends and I’m just ready to have a good time. So we’re sitting there drinking and gabbing away and these two guys walk in and immediately I notice one of them. He’s tall with this messy, light brown man bun, wearing a thermal and drinking and old fashioned and I had never seen anything more beautiful. (An old fashioned people. At a tiki bar. Perfection.)

My best friend was like “stop being so obvious about staring at him!” But I couldn’t help it. I was eyeing him. And he was eyeing me. I didn’t know what to do. Every time I looked in his direction he was already looking at me and smirking. I was hardcore trippin I was like there’s no way this guy is checking ME out in my group of all white friends! lolol
My best friend was like “Go talk to him!” And I was like “No way!” That’s not how I roll. I’m not the type to approach. I sit back. And I wait.

So then one of the girls I was with (who I lowkey think was feelin man bun too) confidently invited them over to our table and I was like this is it. What’s going to happen. He introduces himself to all of us and we’re all talking and laughing. He’s very chatty and nice and his friend is funny.

Then he asks what we’re doing afterwards and I was like “I think we’re going to another part of the city” and he was like “okay well can I get your number so if we go down there we can all meet up?”
(My face on the inside 😳😳😳😳) I’m like Yeah sure! So I give him my number and he texts me a few minutes later.

We talked all night and when he asked if I wanted to come by his place, I politely said I don’t actually work like that lol and said “sorry to disappoint.”
He responded, “Far from disappointed. But I will be if I don’t get to see you again.”
“What should we do about that?” I asked.
“I propose an afternoon walk in the park followed by brunch.”
“That sounds lovely!” I replied.


So we’re figuring out the logistics of our date and I’m like oh shoot I wonder how old he is. So I’m like “one more question how old are you?”
But instead I say, “23!” With the exclamation point as if I’m excited about this.

Women are more mature than men at my age anyway and it would be nice to date someone who has their life together, knows what they want, and goes after it. He’s so cute and the attraction was definitely there but 12 years?! I don’t know what to do.

Advice girl is asking for your advice bwwm world.


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As a 19 year old girl that's as tall as a 12 year old I'd just like to say thanks for your pidge height/age post. Somebody has to look out for us little people.

Haha no problem! Personally a know a lot a people who are short enough that people think they’re a lot younger and it drives them nuts! Even if they act very mature too (like Pidge does), people still mis-age them, so yeah it’s definitely a thing. Glad my humble post helped a little :D. My best advice for everyone is to be considerate and realize that your first guess by appearance may not be correct!

On the flip side I’ve seen people who get mistaken for a lot older than they are, simply because they are tall/buff/have deep voice. In high school I knew a 17-year old who was 6 foot 3 and had a voice like a subwoofer, everyone thought he was a lot older. And now I know a 19 year old who’s so buff and mature acting (he’s in the military) that everyone thinks he’s in his mid-20’s. So yeah, I think the mis-aging could easily apply to Shiro too, keep an open mind everyone!

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I'm assuming Susan isn't home schooled? what does Bendy do when she's at school? Does he go with her, or just visit during recess and breaks? I'm guessing Bendy is pretty educated himself, but maybe not?

Nah, Susan’s in fifth grade, in the local school. Her teacher, Ms. Brenda McKinnley, is basically a snarkier Ms. Keane, it’s great. Mr. Roget, the guy across the hall, is not so great, and a target of Bendy’s pranks.

It really depends on Bendy’s mood, really– sometimes she doesn’t see him until she gets to the diner or home, sometimes he visits her during breaks or makes faces outside the window, and sometimes Ms. McKinnley lets him in and he ends up falling asleep on the cubbies in the back after amusing himself with being a brat.

He has been dragged to the Principal’s office, complete with Henry being called to come get him, at least twice.

Bendy’s…not stupid but I’m not sure how much formal education one gets in the realm of cartoons, so. Squiggly and I figure at his oldest and most mature mentally he’s about 20, and usually he behaves like a dorky 12-14 year old. He’s a fucking musical/dance prodigy though, I’ll tell you what

aang literally tries to help everyone in the show but this fandom pays him dust?

i aint gonna stand for this shit

he! is! the! purest! character!
he tries to understand everyone who’s attacking him. he even understands why zuko is attacking him yet he doesnt hold it against him. hes just thankful zuko saved him from zhao, no questions asked. his thinking is so pure because hes not out here like “NO U MUST HAVE SOME ULTERIOR MOTIVE!”

he gives zuko a chance EVEN AFTER ZUKO HAS TRIED TO CAPTURE HIM and even wonders if they couldve been friends under different circumstances

he doesnt even hold a grudge against the fire nation. how fucking mature is that??? like hes a 12 year old boy who lost his entire civilization to the fire nation yet hes out here legit wondering if he couldve been friends with the PRINCE OF THE FIRE NATION

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hey... your post about seventeen made me laugh and i've been wanting to get to know them for the past few days. could you give me information on each member? if you want to i mean !! aa

i’ll just talk about the members here lol if u want anything else related to seventeen u can message me again


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Do you think Harry's promo strategy is also somewhere implying that he's target audience isn't 1d fan base anymore and he don't want anything to do with them? He needs mature audience because you know all of us never aged and are exactly 12 years old since forever.

Hi anon! I think he’s targeting men who think they’re too good for 1D. I think what’s especially interesting is that he’s doing it by essentially ignoring his largely female fan base (does he think we’re all “young girls,” his words in Rolling Stone?), but then making them think he’s really grateful for them by marketing a tour (based only on liking his old band’s music and expectations–since nobody has actually heard his album) only to them. 

In today’s society,
There is a very small box,
That both women and men live by.
Inside this box are things we have been told since the day we started breathing on our own.
How to look, how to act, how to be happy.  
And in order for society to work you either have to have both feet firmly planted inside of this box,
Or be shamed for tip toeing out of it.  
For men, the constant weight of needing to find a nice wife and supporting your family both financially And emotionally is almost unbearable.
For women, however, the expectation is much more unrealistic.
The expectation is much more than just being feminine,
And allowing everything to be done for you.
You have to be thin, but must have curves, you need to be kind and soft yet hard and independent, you should want to be unique yet act and look like everyone else.
You have to obey every single rule society makes up for you.
Wear makeup,
If you don’t you’ll seem like a lazy slob.
Wear makeup,
But not a lot, you don’t want to seem too insecure.
You must wear provocative clothing, but not because you want to.
Constantly having a male tell you you’re beautiful,
Is the only way you’ll ever actually be happy.
Being shy and wanting to stay in makes you the boring friend,
Being loud and going out makes you the immature rebellious teen.
And all of these expectations make’s young girls look at magazines and decide that they no longer want dinner.
Or lunch.
Or breakfast.
All of these expectations make older girls walk down a dark street with keys in between fingers,
For the fear of a man deciding she is good enough,
But not in the way she wants to be.
I will speak until my voice is hoarse, and I will type until my fingers bleed,
To let young boys know that they can wear pink and be a stay at home dad if they want.
I will speak until my voice is hoarse, and I will type until my fingers bleed,
to let young girls know that they don’t need makeup, or a man to tell them that they are beautiful to believe that they are.

Remember the whole box idea?
I want to completely demolish it.
I want the box to completely disappear, to vanish in a matter of seconds.
Because inside that box,
Are things that won’t make everybody happy.
To some people,
Happiness isn’t in a lover,
Or their family,
Or money.
And to others,
Happiness is in a lover,
In their family,
Or in money.
To some people,
Happiness is helping others,
Or traveling around the world,
Or even working a bit more than they should.
This box is driving people to have insecurities,
In the places only happiness should be.
Inside that box lays judgment
Inside that box are things that not everyone wants, or needs.
Some people don’t need to find happiness in the ideal perfect boyfriend or girlfriend,
Some people have already found it inside of themselves.
Little boys and girls don’t need to be taught how to be happy,
They need to figure out what happiness is to them,
On their own.
Teenage girls don’t need to miss meals,
They need to know that their body is the only thing that will ever truly be theirs,
And it’s beautiful.
Teenage boys don’t need to worry about doing sports all year round,
And always paying for their date,
Because they need to take some time for themselves,
And know that they don’t need to do sports to make their parents happy.
They need to know that they can spend their money on more important things than a girl.
And because adults don’t need to compete about who has more money.
Whose child is the most talented,
And who goes to better golf clubs.
Because money doesn’t equal happiness.
Because the number in your bank account doesn’t define who you are.
I’m so tired of hearing the notion that numbers define who we are as people.
Your weight, your age, your GPA, are all just numbers.
Numbers that decide if you’re are in good health.
Numbers that decide if you are capable of being mature or not.
Numbers that decide your future.
Reality is,
Olympians with gold metals can weigh 300 pounds,
12 year olds can be smarter than college kids,
And the happiest person in the world, Walt Disney, didn’t even graduate High School.  
Numbers can’t tell you how kind you are,
Or describe the look in your eyes when you talk about something you’re passionate about.
You don’t need these numbers constantly on top of you,
Life doesn’t need to feel that exhausting.
Once this box is perished,
The world will be able to breathe a little easier,
Fall asleep more soundly,
And be able to smile in their own shoes,
Instead of attempting to fit into someone else’s.
Once it is known to make kind judgments instead of harsh assumptions,
I’ll be able to breathe a little easier,
And fall asleep more soundly.
I hope one day,
People will have enough acceptance to know,
That it is okay for two people of the same sex to be happily in love,
That it is okay for girls to feel confident,
And it is okay for boys to feel insecure.
I hope people will soon learn,
That what makes someone else happy is none of their concern,
I hope people know that it is okay,
To pick their mental health over you,
And to want to be alone sometimes.
That it is okay to be selfish when necessary.
Because once the world is this accepting of people who are different,
And start working with them instead of against them,
We can accomplish wonderful things.
Things that people in today’s world can’t even comprehend.
If this box can disappear,
Kids will be able to be kids for a little longer,
And adults can enjoy being an adult a little more,
People should enjoy being people a little bit more than they do right now.
The bottom line is,
People shouldn’t feel the need to impress unimportant people with things that don’t make them happy.

—  Ellie F.

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Aloha loves ❤ I absolutely adore your work and always enjoy reading your recommendations! I wanted to know if it'd be possible to rec some fics about stiles being secretly BAMF? Like he has powers or can change into sth but doesn't tell the pack?

Thank you, @outtoreality! Here’s more for you to read - Anastasia

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Chase Me Through The Trees, Mister Wolf by MissDizzyD

(1/1 I 2,116 I General I Sterek)

“Stiles was… happy. Really happy. Happy in a way that had the forest singing to him, urging him to go and play and frolic and let his fox have some fun for once.”

Real as the Sea by prodigaldaughter13

(1/1 I 3,826 I General I Sterek)

Stiles is a selkie, not that the pack knows, but when his pelt goes missing, Derek arrives to help him find it.

Three Can Keep A Secret by ladyblahblah, umbralillium

(1/1 I 5,245 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek discovers that Stiles has been living with a demon inside of him for most of his life. What starts as a confrontation turns into something else altogether.

Suddenly you’re standing still by gottalovev

(1/1 I 7,669 I Explicit I Sterek)

A long time ago, Stiles promised his mom that he’d never cross the Hale property lines. He has kept his word even if there hasn’t been a Hale in Beacon Hills for years, not since the fire. But suddenly Scott gets turned into a werewolf, Derek Hale is back, and Stiles has to share his biggest secret. (AU set in S1+ where Stiles is a born werefox)

Secret hoard by Nival_Vixen

(1/1 I 9,741 I Teen I Sterek)

Everyone knows that a dragon needs a hoard, and without one, the dragon will die. None of Stiles’ friends know what his hoard is, and they’re all worried that he doesn’t have one.

In the village below the dragons’ mountains, werewolves live with humans, and Derek Hale is curious to know more about the dragons. He just doesn’t expect one to fall from the sky.

Feline Purrfect. by halelujah

(1/1 I 10,006 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek tries to get Stiles to Shift. Or bug Scott into telling him what exactly his best friend is. Neither one is any closer in actually happening, but he’s nothing but persistent.

The fact he’s standing in a teenager’s room at fuck o'clock says so.

“’m not tellin’ you, Derek.” Scott mumbles into his pillow. “No matter ‘ow early you come ov'r.”

“But why?” He hopes he doesn’t sound like a petulant child stamping their foot.

“'cause not my secret to tell,” is the muffled reply, before he’s dismissed with a back turned his way.

He doesn’t go home to sulk, he doesn’t.

[Or the one where Stiles is also an animal Shifter, but for the life of him, Derek can’t seem to find out what exactly Stiles Shifts into, until all the clues come together.]

Drowning Anchors by Sharkseye

(2/2 I 11,684 I Teen I Sterek)

An alternate version of Abomination, in which Scott doesn’t come and Stiles isn’t as human as he’s always pretended to be. Just as Derek’s lost all hope that they’re going to get out of the pool alive, Stiles comes up with an alternative. Either a beginning or an end.

“Afterwards, I promise you can attack me, get angry, do whatever, but you need to listen to me on this, or none of it will have been worth it. I’m not really sure that it was in the first place, but hey, we’ll figure it out as we go.” Here he pauses and grins. “It’ll be our little secret Derek. Of fangs, claws, blood, and eyes colored by the universe. I’ll have to trust you, and you’ll have to trust me.”

He’s…something by countrygirlsfun

(2/2 I 22,894 I General I Sterek)

Stiles has to admit, keeping his secret under wraps is easier than he expected around his new-found werewolf friends.

Except for the Alpha that is never where he should be.

Keep It Together by ravingrevolution

(1/1 I 23,129 I Teen I Sterek)

“What if I guess what you are?” Derek asked.

Stiles sighed. “Why do you even think there’s something to guess?”

Derek cocked an eyebrow at him. “You’re taking a cold bath and showing no signs of being chilled. A normal human would be shivering by now and your body temperature hasn’t dropped at all.”

Which, okay, fair point.

Saturday Night Wrist by whokilledcodyosmond

(12/12 I 48,655 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles has an unfortunate encounter with a vampire and becomes infected. Side effects may include emotional turmoil, dick friends, sudden romance, and an obsession with the red stuff.
(This sucky summary appears light-hearted and fun, but this story is not for the most part. Beware!)

Under the Surface by 1jet2unknown

(20/? I 99,633 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles had been warned several times by his father to never go near a werewolf. But the 12 year old kid just couldn’t resist its curiousity and even though the wounded wolf he found near the woods should have been terrifying, he brought him home, trying to help him heal. Little did he know that this encounter would bring out a side of him he never knew and would have to hide forever, even with the world around him changing over the years and werewolf turning from mystic legends to open members of the community.
When Stiles enters College and his life gets more and more entangled with Derek Hale, it gets harder and harder for him to hide his true self from the world…


Eddy is ready to admit defeat, but Rolf explains to Eddy what the definition of a duel is. Two contestants are fighting. Both of those two people need to fight.

This is very selfless of Rolf. Here he has been attacking Eddy with one whack after another. Eddy has not had a chance to hit Rolf, mainly because he doesn’t want to.

Rolf gives Eddy a free shot.

Looking at Rolf and Eddy side by side in this shot I don’t believe Rolf is supposed to be 12 years old like the other characters. He looks the most mature out of all the guy characters. I head canon that Rolf is almost 14 until the school season begins. He was held back due to the differing school system from his culture.

Rolf doesn’t know anyone else. These are the kids who he has grown up with since he moved to America and he has learned from them. Rolf doesn’t care who he befriends as long as they understand him.

Eddy winds up his swing.

Only for Rolf to go back on his free shot and hit Eddy off the log.

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GW2 Charr Lore - Aging, Maturity and Lifespan

Age has always been a subject of debate within roleplay communities when fantasy races are introduced. When you explore beyond the scope of humanity and the familiarity of what make us, well, us, finding that creative balance of new and exciting and what we already know is certainly a challenge. People love new and shiny things. They also need something they can relate to. Felid races are not a new concept in the fantasy world. From the Khajiit in Elder Scrolls, Saberon in World of Warcraft and the Ronso from Final Fantasy there are more than your fair share of feline-race concepts with varying degrees of humanoid features and behavior patterns. Then there are the Charr. Unique to the lore of Guild Wars and the world of Tyria that we’ve come to love. 

 The question posed by many people within the roleplay community remains, “Do Charr age like humans?” Charr are not humans. Their lifestyle and their physiology, obviously, are drastically different. Like many areas of non-existent or barely touched upon racial lore, the community is decisively split on whether or not Charr age and mature as humans do or if they mature at a much faster rate. What we consider to be official lore, based off of a no longer accessible interview states that “Charr mature at about the same rate as humans.” I consider this to be both a true and false statement. We know that Charr cubs develop rapidly as they are “born fully furred, with open eyes and functional limbs” and “within a few days, cubs can follow their mothers over even the harshest terrain. They eat meat within a month of birth, and are fully independent several months later.” Even with a gestation period of 9 months, human babies are helpless and completely dependent on their parents for survival. Despite this relatively lengthy gestational period, human babies on average don’t begin teething until 4-7 months. Of course this varies depending on the individual. If Charr aged anything like humans early in their growth, you might find, to our horror, month old human babies tearing into a steak like it was nobodies business. There’s some nightmare fuel for you. It’s an entirely possible concept that Charr females may have a longer gestational period much like equids who produce highly developed young after an 11-12 month gestation. It’s something to consider given the similarity in physical development with Charr cubs being able to follow their mothers within such a short span of time after birth along with being able to effectively eat and digest meat within a month.

Early, rapid development is more akin to big cats found in the wild rather than that of our own species. Cub survival rate in real life is horrifically low. In 2009 the mortality rate for lion cubs was a whopping 67%. Tyria is a dangerous place. The rising of the Elder Dragons did not lessen the level of danger. Humans typically spend the first 18 years nurturing and protecting their developing children. This protective instinct, in most cases, is a lifelong support system. Charr on the other hand, or paw in this case, only have the protection of their parent until the time in which they are sent to the Fahrar. Their warband is their family. Their education in unification and defining their own hierarchy under the watchful eye of their Primus is their protection. A warband that doesn’t work together, dies together.

It’s proven in game that Charr cubs are independent. The Crush Warband in the Plains of Ashford at the Old Duke’s Estate are a great example of this. While it’s a silly and childish dare to prove their courage, and even with the assistance of the players, they are independent enough to make the decision to leave Smokestead into ghost and harpy territory and make their way back to the village on their own successfully after the event ends. With Centaur’s basically knocking on the door of Divinity’s Reach you would be hard pressed to find any decent mother letting her child wander too far out of her sight beyond the walls of the city. Human children beyond the safety of The Reach however might even share the independent nature of Charr cubs but would not possess the technical skill and know-how of a Fahrar trained cub like our favorite lost child Kari. (May she remain forever trapped in a cave full of Destroyers. By the Six child what were you even doing that far from Mom because you definitely can not run faster than a Centaur.)

While human children are play-fighting and being shepherded away from danger, a Charr cub in the same age range has likely already cut their teeth in combat several times over. The Fahrar system is not unlike that of the Spartan Agoge with 7 year old boys being removed from their families to be taught in the arts of warfare. Hazing and fighting were encouraged. By the age of 12 they were expected to be able to survive on their own wearing nothing but a cloak. One could logically presume that Charr mature physically and mayhaps even mentally at a much faster rate than humans in their early years before balancing out to a “human” like aging process late in their “teen” years. Spartans completed the main phase of the Agoge roughly around the age of 21 but with the way Charr rapidly develop as young it could be theorized that this age of combat readiness could be closer to that of 15 or even younger depending on the effectiveness of the Warband. With modern science, even the age of mental maturity in humans has been widely debated upon with many arguing that our brains aren’t fully developed until our mid 20s to even our early 30s.

As for the topic of lifespan. Like the Norn, Charr are part of a warrior culture and the longevity of an individual who is more often than not placing their person in harms way on a regular basis isn’t exactly going to be record breaking. Encouraging the official stance that Charr do age similarly to humans, Tygor Mindflayer is a Charr found in the Black Citadel Memorial Quadrant who states that he lost track of his age “after ninety” and that he’s “younger than dirt and older than you.” That’s pretty impressive as a lot has happened in Tyria in the last 100 and some odd years alone. The Founding of Divinity’s Reach, the rising of Zhaitan and the establishment of the Dominion of Winds are just a few events that come to find within that rough time frame. 

As it stands, exact ages for Charr physical and mental maturity is incredibly difficult to pin down as there are so many factors to consider. You can only theorize so much before the whole fantasy aspect comes into play and how much those exact details matter in the bigger picture. Even within the roleplay sphere with developing character backstories, subjects like exact ages can safely be left vague because they aren’t generally topics that are going to be brought up or matter in the long run! Variations of “I was a cub when…”, “I was just a cub…” and so on are quite effective without having to go through the struggle of listing out your characters technical specs like they’re a piece of machinery. I think it’s safe to say that Charr do age similarly to humans as per official lore but it’s a fact that shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Thanks for reading! Have a subject you would like me to cover or just want to discuss Charr lore? Feel free to send me a direct message or an ask with your request, I will be posting Charr Lore articles every week on Monday and Friday respectively!

a bit sad and nervous about the red carpet of BBMAs

half asleep i woke up this morning and checked the twitter notification which was jimin.

i mumbled:
-You look good babe!
then 2 secs lateri was like:
-Wait? What?
the what has 2 meanings. why did i called him babe?i never did that ever. second why is he having back his old hairstlye from 2013.
i was like nevermind!

when i saw their outfits.pls tell me they wont hit the red carpet with those clothes! it;s the typical sweet bf looking that kpop idols usually use.this is a westen award so smth more masculine cool and more mature looking is more apropiate in my opinion like show those damm forheads,wear a simple plain suit.that is all i am asking!
but jimin looks like he is a 12 year old kid and i dont want that.i want him to look what he is a grown up man,not a child.
will i be disappointed?

we will know in few hours.

to be continued!

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hi! sorry if this has been asked before but how old is mojito currently in mandarin orange?? I was thinking that he's closer to hazel's age than the kids but I really don't know...

he’s 12 years old! so he’s one year closer to aphen & scaer’s age than hazel’s!!
He tend to try to act mature though! sometimes i even mix things up and think he’s 15 kgdfl

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The fact that U would condone sexual interest in children and minors simply because /somewhere/ in the world 12 year olds can consent to sex because they might be mature enough to know what it is, makes U a pedophile supporter. Also, just because 12 y/os can consent doesn't mean those 18 and older can do any kind of sexual or romantic shit with them. Still illegal. U fucktards don't understand what age of consent really is, and ignore the laws that still forbid such relationships cuz fujoshi BS.


Originally posted by explosivecumberbatch

Yeah I’m totally a pedophile supporter anon you got me good. I have no idea what consent or age of consent actually means since they don’t teach it to us in the fifth grade of school or your parents have the duty to clarify their children about it. Alsoo in Germany where I live it is illegal to have sex with a 12-year old it is sexual abuse of a minor. So no no that’s not legal here sorry to disappoint. And the last time I checked my ships there aren’t any character who are under 15-16. Btw my fanfics contains mostly platonic relationships (without sexual contend, just kissing, hugging and cuddles) okay there are exceptions but those are also both are over the age of 15 or 15 and their partner isn’t older than 18. But I would say you didn’t know that and aren’t a fan of mine who actually read one of these. But you should they’re actually good. I’m really proud of them :D
Anywaaaay I believe you here because of the whole “Otayuri is a pedo-ship and everyone who ships them is a pedophile too!”- thingy? Well than I must disappoint you my friend. There is an age gap of maybe two and a half years between Otabek and Yuri. Yuri is 16. That makes him a teenager. Pedophiles have a thing for prepubertal children. Sorry if I may tell you something you didn’t know before buuut - If you’re 16 you’re not a prepubertal. You’re a teenager. Short info by the way the age of consent in Kazakhstan and Russian is 16. So Otabek’s and Yuri’s relationships it’s perfectly legal.

Oh yeah before I forget it; calling other people “fucktards “ (lol that word) doesn’t really do you a favor to be taken seriously :)

PS just for you anon: I’m not actually a pedophile supporter, that was a joke. Sorry if you didn’t get that it was meant to be sarcastic. Maybe I should’t have used sarcasm it can be pretty hard to understand. Sorry anon didn’t mean to be mean :D

Hope you learned something today <3 I was pleased to help you out darling :D