and has the ability to ruin a day

Dents and Bows

Summary: A casual movie night turns upside down when Bucky starts overwhelming you with a numerous amount of questions until suddenly you punch him in his metal arm, creating a huge dent to be imprinted on it.

Word Count: 2,427.

A/N: No new part for โ€œWedding Plannerโ€ this weekend but there will be next week! Anyway, not going to lie, this is probably by far the most favorite Bucky fic Iโ€™ve ever written. This was requested by the lovely @cherryjeans.

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๐™ฐ๐š•๐š˜๐š•๐šŠ๐š— ๐™ณ๐šŽ๐š’๐š๐š’๐šŽ๐šœ

Since Alola is based on Hawaiian tradition, customs and lifestyle, it is safe to assume that there is a form of spirituality and religion that was followed by the indigenous population. While it is not as widespread as it once was due to the colonization and modernization of Alola, those who are a part of the native tribes, or are descendants of them, still pay respects to the deities of their culture.

The following list of deities is based on the Hawaiian pantheon in comparison to the legendaries found in the world of Pokemon; I did my best to compare the two and make a list that is believable and accurate, though, it will be a constant project that will be updated as new ideas come along.

Note: Because many of Hawaiiโ€™s deities have been historically erased, many of them lack lore that I was able to look up. Bits and pieces of certain deities may be merged to make more sense in the Pokemon world.

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wait for the colours to turn to gold

length: 5k

genre: fluff, AU, strangers to lovers

summary: fashion blogger!Dan and movie reviewer!Phil are neighbours, and when Dan sees Phil about to ruin a shirt by hanging it on his balcony, he has to stop him in the name of fashion

notes: thanks to @spacecattle for the great au, @cafephan for threatening me if i made this less than 5k, and @problmemeatic for dragging me via google docs

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demonkidpliz  asked:

Plaid, with regards to the post you reblogged. Who fell in love first, Kirk or Spock? What do you think? I think it would be Jim because he's the kind of person that falls in love with everything. For Spock I think he would be in love for a while but completely oblivious about it. And then one day it would hit him, Oh my Surak, this is what love feels like.

i’m totally with you there. jim strikes me as the kind of person who will love and love and love and keep giving, even if he winds up hurt in the end. i see him as someone who is happy to give and gives freely, but never expects to receive in return. for this reason, i think he falls in love with spock first but doesn’t push or shove himself into spock’s life.

and then we have spock, who perhaps never understood what love is in a romantic context on his own. like he has the example of his parents to follow but seeing and feeling are much different–especially when one is intent on repressing their emotions. spock has every ability to love just as anyone else does; it’s just how he reacts to it that defines him as a vulcan.

but one day, all the small smiles, the half-lidded gazes, the chess matches, the small touches on the bridge, the “ah, yes, mister spock”s, that slap when he admitted shame to feeling friendship…they all become unavoidable to process as logic.

that’s when spock falls and he falls hard.

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please write an essay on your favourite things about Darth "Edgelord" Vader i want to read your ramblings


it’s more of what the character means, though: people fail. we fail badly. one of the most impressive things about anakin is his unparalleled ability to ruin everything he has, each and every time. people fail because they’ve been failed, because they fell through the cracks and somebody, somewhere, missed a sign. people fail because someone didn’t care to extend a hand to pull them up.

love isn’t enough. you can love all damn day long, can throw your heart at everyone you see on the street, but it will mean jack fuckall if you have no compassion. obi-wan loved anakin, but showed him no mercy. anakin loved his son, but he sliced his hand off anyway - because love isn’t enough. love can be selfish and unkind, love can be wrong, but empathy is the one infallible thing. 

compassion changes people. luke, despite everything, gave his father kindness - and anakin, despite everything, returned it. as a professional bleeding heart, as you can see above, that means something to me.

After creating Rebel Artist, I figured, “What’s a superhero without a supervillain?”

This walking nightmare is Monochrome.

Remember that idea I had of Sawyer getting her superpowers after an incident with a superpower juice-infused ink monster? Well, as poor luck would have it, it was on the same day Montego Chrome came to Jerome Horwitz Elementary to expose her as the “rebel artist” that ruined him all those years ago. Unfortunately, he was caught in the crossfire of Captain Underpants rescuing Sawyer from the ink monster.

After the monster was destroyed, Chrome, much like Sawyer, got covered in the super ink. And to make matters worse, that was the exact moment a bleach truck crashed spilling its contents all over the street, and ultimately him.

Superpower juice-infused ink + bleach + human being = The unholy hellspawn of Slenderman, Bendy, and The Joker, that has the ability to drain the color and creativity from anything he touches.

Sweet Dreams…

Which BAP member should you fight?

These six Korean boys are no joke, from a sinnamon roll but actual gummy bear to a huge baby built from washboard we need to beat their asses.

Bang Yongguk

Who wins: Bang Yongguk

You might have prepared every deadly moves or weapons or whatever shit you thought you might need to beat this brooding art jazz lover but THAT’S IT, HE’S UNPREDICTABLE, IT’S BLACK AND WHITE, HE’S THE FUCKING BADMAN, BANANA SHAKE SWING SWING Y'ALL WILL NEVER BEAT HIS ASS CAUSE TIGGER HAS HIS BACK. (you’ll also get indigestion.)

Kim Himchan

Who wins: You

He’s the cheese with extra cheese on pizzas, the sappiest, embarrassing ajusshi he’ll probably let you win. (But be careful!!! THIS MAN MIGHT JUST KICK YOUR ASS IF YOU RUB HIM THE WRONG WAY or did something wrong to Jongup or something but if he likes you you can fight him and he’d not announce defeat right away but pretend to fight. THEN HE LETS YOU WIN AND BUYS YOU BEEF, WHAT A PRINCE CHARMING.)

Jung Daehyun

Who wins: Draw

Probably the most sensitive, loving dumbshit in the whole world, he won’t lose cause he has so much love inside him he is immortal. He also can’t beat you because as said before, he’s the most sensitive person (read:gumball, candy kingdom prince) in BAP and has so much nice things to give he’ll probably just hug you when you fight him and IT’LL MAKE YOU SO MAD YOU CAN’T EVEN FIGHT ANYMORE. Holy motherfricking waffles he fights with love for god’s sake.

p.s If you really want to beat him, take away his food or something. But still, don’t fight him, he’s a prince charming who doesn’t want to hurt anyone. You’ll end up feeling your whole being aching at the thought of fighting this sweet little piece of shit. That’d be a suicide mission. Just accept him as he is. Surrender into his arms. That’s it. Go cry now.

Yoo Youngjae

Who wins: Youngjae (He also prepares your coffin)

His glare is the slayer of all babys. He has thought of fighting all of you from day one. Don’t even try to fight him. He might seem like a fucking marshmallow but be deceived not. He’s a knight with a styrofoam sword but HAS ABILITY TO CHANNEL MAGIC SPELLS THAT WILL RUIN YOU IN A SINGLE SECOND. Before you think you can get yourself immuned from his magic spells know that they are aegyos and sarcasm. You can’t beat that. You can’t even touch him.YOU’RE A PEASANT COMPARED TO THIS SUPREME FLUFFY BEING. (You can also bring him to beat Daehyun if you want to. But he’d probably do it alone. And has done so on many occassions probably.)

Moon Jongup

Who wins: Jongup (Perfect Win)

No question. Babys don’t need explanation for this one. He doesn’t have to do anything. You can’t fight him. Give up. He’s real life Saitama. Let it go. Go back into the trash can he has provided for all you fighters. (Rule #1 in fight Jongup club: You don’t talk about fighting Jongup.) Shame on you for even thinking of fighting this kid though.

Choi Zelo

Who wins: Nobody.

You can’t punch him. Even if I help you, you won’t even reach him. And have you even seen his name (and body)??? He’s a fucking greek god don’t even try. (Dude, this boy is so competitive, watch the pepero game, he was killing everybody it was a massacre holy sh–) He really needs to be punched to knock some sense into him, but your punches probably won’t even feel like a thing. You’d go home (read: Trash Can) cause you’ll get so tired fighting this giant baby who has no idea you were even fighting him cause you’re way down there in your hobbit world.

The conclusion is: Even if you really want to fight them, you can’t, cause you have to go through Yongguk first and he’s the boss with million lives that you can’t just beat. Think about it. Will you even make it? Through Himchan and his oh so affectionate pinches? Daehyun’s overwhelming love butplsneverstopweloveyou? What with Jongup being such a puppy and the tall cutiepie? Have you even seen the way Youngjae glares at the cameras?

But let’s be real, let’s not fight BAP. Let’s accept our fate as BAP trash together and let them fight each other instead. They’re each other’s worthy opponents after all lmao

Song Mino #53 “Birthday surprise” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

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“So… you aren’t coming” you were on the phone with Mino.

Today is your birthday, and it’s the first one in which he is your boyfriend.

“I’ll try” he says.

(“I’ll try”) how many times he had say that? you thought. 

You were aware that dating him wasn’t going to be easy but still, it hurts to see that he has no time for you. It hurts to see him work 24 hours per day, it hurts to see him tired all the time, it hurts to see him skipping meals, and it hurts to not be with him.

“Yeah… sure” you weren’t even mad, you were sad. Sad that, even in your birthday, you were left behind because of his work.

“Don’t be like that…” he started “… I said I’ll try”

You just stared at the table, watching your now empty plate, and you didn’t answer. You have no words.

“Babe, I know you’re mad but please try to understand”

You looked at the hour on your phone, it was already 1pm, he was supposed to be there since 10am. He was not going to make it, and you already knew that.

“I understand” you said. 

(I understand that I’m the last spot on your list) you wanted to say that but you know that if you do, you would end up in an interminable fight with him. A fight where the results will be the same as always, which is you being the bad one, for not be able to put yourself in his shoes.

Mino didn’t answer, you heard just the sound of his breathing, and you could tell he deeply sighed.

“I have to go” your voice shows no emotions, the perfect reflection of how you were feeling right now… empty. 


You hung up, before he finish whatever he was about to say.

It’s funny how much your day and mood can change within a few seconds, and also with just a few words from someone you care about.

Mino has that power on you, he has the ability to brighten up your darkest day, but also to do totally the opposite… like now.

This morning, you were so happy and excited, you even worked an extra shift that week and finished all your projects from school, to be free today. You did a lot of sacrifices to be with him and you didn’t even had plans to do something or to go somewhere or anything like that. Nothing special, just an entire day by his side. That’s all you really wanted, and now… this.

That call ruined your day. How can he not be with you today? You felt so hurt.

The sound of your phone got your attention when you were scrolling on your phone through all the messages you got congratulating you; it was really sad that even reading all those beautiful words from different people, didn’t make you smile… not at all.

“Yes?” it was a call from the lobby at your building. “Sorry miss, we need you to come down cause we have a problem with your payment”

“My what?” you were starting to feel angry. This day can’t be worse. “Your payment, of your rent” he says, with a polite voice, way too fake though. It was that kind of polite way that sends you to hell with a smile on the face.

“I’ll go down in a minute” you weren’t planning to discuss this through a phone call.

You hung up, took your key, your coat and then left the apartment. When you got to the elevator you took your phone and called your friend, your roomie.

She picked it up pretty quickly, almost like if she was waiting for that call “Don’t get mad at me” she says right away. “Too late I’m already angry” this is not the first time she does this.

“Just tell them that today they’ll have the rest of the money”

This is the problem of sharing rent with someone else, whenever she missed the payment dates, you will have to pay for her.

“Will they?… or I will have to pay?” you were so mad. “They will! I have money Y/N I just couldn’t find the time to pay” she explained.

“Right" you didn’t believe her.

"Sorry” she said. “Mhmm” you hung up.

You got to the lobby and you explained everything to the guy. It took you over fifteen minutes to do so, especially because he kept explaining you the importance of being exact about the dates, about responsibilities and all that shit. To be honest he only got five minutes of your full attention, after that your brain decided to ignore all that he said.

“Thank you and have a nice day” he says as you walked away. “You too” you weren’t being sincere and he noticed it too but to be fair his smile was as fake as his attitude so you didn’t feel guilty at all.

You walked to the elevator once again, feeling like shit, just as earlier. The only difference is that now you were not only angry with Mino but with your friend.

You were about to enter your apartment when you notice a flower on the floor against your door. It was your favorite one. You picked it up and you saw a little note attached to it that says “Happy birthday”.

You looked to both sides of the hallway, looking for someone but nobody was there. “Thanks” you whispered to no one, and then you smiled, for the first time in hours.

You entered and you went directly to the living room, taking off your coat. You wanted to put the flower in water but then, you saw it…

A beautiful cake was placed at the middle of your table with a cute and small envelope beside it.

You leave your coat over the couch, scanning the living room with your eyes, looking for the guilty of this. There was no one there.

You walked towards the table staring at the cake that looks delicious, and then you took the envelope. Inside of it, there was a note that said “How could you believe that I wasn’t going to be with you today? I’m offended… but anyway. Look for me and your gift at the place where we met”

You smiled like a fool as your eyes read the first sentence, and all your anger disappeared in that instant. Again, Mino has that power on you.

The note was written by hand and it has a drawing of the store crossing the street. That’s the place where you guys met.

You were so excited that you didn’t even put your coat again, you just left with your phone and key, and that was only because you already have them in your hand.

You left the building and then you crossed the street to enter the store but Mino wasn’t there. “Y/N ?” a girl younger than you, calls you. “Yes” you answered shocked. “This is for you” she gave you another envelope. “Thank you” you took it, and opened it immediately.

“Here is all you need… go to the place where we had our first date” the drawing was of a small restaurant, and inside the envelope there was some cash too.

“Also…” the girl picked up a package, and gives it to you “… happy birthday” she smiled.

“Thank you so much” you took it, and then you leave, asking for a taxi as soon as you were outside at the street.

You were driving to the restaurant when you realize that you didn’t even open the package. Inside there was a small key. You hold it in your hand and just smiled. (What did you do?) you thought, imaging his face.

In about ten minutes or less you were at the restaurant. “Thanks sir” you said, leaving the taxi.

You entered it expecting to see him but again, he wasn’t there and as soon as you entered a tall guy talked you to “Y/N ?” he has an envelope too, and a plastic bag filled with food.

“Yes” you took both, with a huge smile on your face. “Happy birthday” he says walking away.

You absolutely love the food there, it wasn’t a big fancy restaurant, it was a small one, but it has the best korean food in the world. Mino and you love to eat there.

You opened the envelope and this time it says “You’re almost there babe, now go to the place where we kissed for the first time… that’s where I am”

This time there wasn’t a drawing there, is like if Mino was expecting for you to know what place it was. And you do. It was your apartment. You kissed for the first time at the door.

You ran out of the restaurant and took another taxi to get back home. It was a twenty minutes’ drive now because of the traffic. “Thank you sir” you said opening the door once you arrived. “Have a nice day miss” he says and you walked out. 

You never got that fast to the elevators, you wanted to see him. You want to see that stupid smile. 


When you got to your door he wasn’t there. (Maybe he is inside) you tried to calm yourself. You opened the door and walked in… but there was no signal of him. You started to panicking, thinking that you were wrong, that you got the wrong place.

You were trying to remember if that was indeed your first kiss, but you were sure about it, I mean who would forget the first kiss? 

You took out your phone and decided to call him, just to be sure.

“Where are you?” he says. “Where am I? Where are YOU?… I’m in my apartment!” you answered. “What?! Why?!” he was shocked. “You said our first kiss! It was here, right at my door, remember?" 

"Yeah…” he took his time. He was thinking. “Where are you?” you asked him smiling and shooking your head. “I’m…” he was embarrassed, he was the one who got the wrong place “… I’ll be there in five minutes” he started to laugh and then he hung up. 

You laughed locking at your cellphone. Mino never stops to amaze you, his stupidity is equals as your love for him.

A couple of minutes later and after you set up the table with the food of the restaurant, you were putting your plate on your place when you felt a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. 

“OMG!” you jumped a little bit in his arms.  “I didn’t hear you” you said, hiding your face with your hand.

“Happy birthday babe” Mino kissed your cheek.

You turned around, still in his arms, standing on your tiptoe and wrapping your arms around his neck to kiss him.

“You lied to me” you broke the kiss and let him go. “I wanted to surprise you” he smiled. “So the payment…?”

“She helped me with that, it was all part of the plan to get you out of here” his smile was getting bigger and bigger. He was so proud of himself.

“Congratulations, I’m glad that you’re happy for ruining half of my day” your elbow slightly hit his stomach.

“Did I?” Mino goes at your back and hugs you, kissing the back of your head. You love to be in his arms, there’s no better place in the world for you to be. “No really, I honestly didn’t care” you lied.

“Liar” he said against your ear before letting you go, and walking away.

“I’m not!” you looked at him, wondering where he was going. “Oh! Really? Well… I guess you don’t need this then” he took a huge box and walks in the opposite direction where you were. “Hey! I didn’t go all around the city just for food!” you yelled at him, stopping him from leaving.

“I thought you weren’t superficial” he turns around and looks at you, judging you wit that gaze. “I meant you…” you pout “… not the gift”

His expression changed completely, he was so touched by that stupidity. “Awww babe”

You didn’t say a word.

Mino leaves the gift on the couch and walks towards you to hug you. Your lips turned into the shape of a smile as soon as you rested your face against his chest and felt his arms around your waist while his hands rested in the crook of your lower back.

“Are you saying that it wasn’t necessary for me to buy you a gift?”

“Having you here is enough for me” you were being honest. “Great answer” his grab got tighter.

“But…” you smiled still with your face against him “…since you already bought me something, I think I should take a look and see what it is”

Mino started to laughed. 

He took your hand and started to walk to the couch, taking you with him. Both of you sat side by side and he gave you your gift.

“Happy birthday babe”

You opened the gift, trying really hard to hide your excitement, and see a box, a little box. “I hope you kept that key” he smiles. You looked for it in your pockets, in every single one. You felt a hole in your stomach when you didn’t find it.

“Seriously?” Mino’s smile was gone.

You didn’t say anything, you were busy looking for it a second time. It took you awhile until you found it, hiding in the pocket of your jeans. You smiled, feeling relief and Mino just looked at you like saying “lucky girl”. He wouldn’t had forgiven you if you had lost it.

“You got scared, right?” you winked at him. “No, that was you…” he just stared at you, judging you with his gaze “… I was just wondering, what you were planning to do if you had lose that key?”

“Nothing cause I was pretty sure that I had it” you were such a bad liar. “Sure” that’s all he says before he started to laugh against his will.

You opened the box with that key and then you look at the inside. An envelope was there. “Are you gonna make me take a taxi again?” you said as you open it and once you saw the inside you were speechless.

“No, not today…” his arm went around your shoulder, moving himself closer to you “… but in a few days” Mino kissed your cheek.

Inside there was a plane ticket, a plane ticket to your home.

“Mino…” you looked at him and kissed him without hesitations. You were so touched by this. “Are you happy?” he says after the kiss ended it. “HAPPY?! This is the best gift I ever had… the only down side is that I’m gonna miss you”

“Don’t worry about that…” he says, taking out something from his pocket “… I’m coming too” he shows you his ticket.

Lo Siento

Buried beneath the ruins of Zurich they have the chance for one last conversation, but there is too much that has been said and too much that needs to be said, and not enough time. Written for Reaper76 Week 2017. Day 5 Prompt: โ€˜Over the Airwavesโ€™ (Voice/Music).

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters donโ€™t belong to me, Iโ€™m just borrowing them.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: If Frank Ocean has the time to make an entire rant on his blog about the existence of space, why can't he drop his album on time? He told us July 2015, but obviously his worries about the space time continuum affect his ability to look at a calendar and efficiently keep a time oriented promise. If Meek Mill can take a few days and ruin his entire rap career, why can't Frank take the time to heighten his? A single audio post of Frank farting would be sufficient enough for his fan base to survive, yet it's August 2015 and there's nothing to hold Frank's fans over another month. Frank better collaborate with the spirt of Michael Jackson himself on this album, it better include a three hour hologram of him pondering the existence of the universe and a signed sweaty bandana.

Hey, itโ€™s me.

I know itโ€™s been awhile and I know that Iโ€™ve had more opportunities to call, but I wasnโ€™t ready. ย I wasnโ€™t ready because I didnโ€™t know what I was going to say or how I was even going to begin to apologize for what I did, but lately Iโ€™ve been thinking a lot and I think itโ€™s time that I give you the explanation you deserve.

Oh god, you are deserving of more than I ever offered you. ย Those months I spent with you were some of my favorite. ย You stayed through all the bullshit I threw your way, and at first I didnโ€™t understand why you stuck around, but after I left I realized that it was because you loved me. ย You loved me so fucking much, just as much as I loved and still love you, but I threw that all away. ย I wish I had this grand explanation for why, but I donโ€™t, and even if I did it wouldnโ€™t lessen the fact that what I did was wrong.

You offered me more than I deserve and I didnโ€™t know how to handle that. ย I loved you, but that didnโ€™t matter because the distance was never going to work for me and I didnโ€™t know how to tell you that. ย I didnโ€™t know how to break your heart and pretend that mine was okay, so I did what was easy for me and left without a reason. ย My absence is a reflection of me, not you. ย I know youโ€™ve beaten yourself up over this and for that Iโ€™m sorry. ย Iโ€™m so sorry. ย Youโ€™ve always been so hard on yourself and I donโ€™t even want to think of the type of thoughts that have been going through your head, but please know that you were more than enough for me.

You are a beautiful person in every way and I am so thankful that I got to see sides of you no one has ever witnessed. ย I know that someday you will find someone and again share all the secrets you once told me, and I promise that he will love you better than I ever did. ย He will love you the way I wanted to, and I hope to god you let him. ย I hope when that days comes you understand that this is where youโ€™re supposed to be and you accept the love he offers you. ย Donโ€™t let the things I destroyed ruin your ability to love with all your heart.

Our love was always going to be limited, there were things that screamed this was never going to work, and despite knowing that you still gave me everything you had. ย Iโ€™m sorry I didnโ€™t give you the same in return. ย Iโ€™m sorry I threw that all away.

—  An old voicemail you left- minus the awkward pauses, ums, and voice cracks- that I listened to for the first time in months.  I keep telling myself to delete this knowing that I probably won’t // mistakenharmony

I find it funny how many people don’t get that Mettaton calling Dr Alphys “brilliant” and his constant praising of her abilities wasn’t genuine. It was part of the act, Mettaton constantly had to improvise to keep the “show” going. When Alphys stutters and can’t remember her lines Mettaton will step in and say how she will use her superb hacking abilities. Mettaton saves the day when Alphys messes up and says souls shouldn’t be use in a recipe incase someone is vegan, when the main ingredients already introduced include milk and eggs. Mettaton says it’s a brilliant idea quickly and goes with it.

The whole point of the act is to make Frisk think Alphys is a hero, it’s for her self esteem and so she can feel like she is part of the adventure. Mettaton is acting, and gets ticked off whenever Alphys ruins his show, such as when he asks the unplanned question about who she has a crush on when she points out the answers to you during the quiz, ruining the suspense and cheating. He also gets upset when the suspense is ruined because there is no real threat and sets up his own plot twist.

Mettaton tells you his real opinion of what Alphys is doing when you meet him in the core while he is off the air, before the battle. Mettaton explains how she orchestrated all this so she could “save the day” and feel like a hero and make you think she is such a great friend that you don’t want to leave her. She put you in real danger when she realized that the Core was not following the script, that actual mercenaries were attacking you, and that the danger was no longer controlled. She still kept the act up and kept pushing you to continue. She had no clue if you would actually destroy Mettaton believing that he is just a replaceable robot like she was pretending he was.

In the “Mettaton is the ruler” ending, you find out that Mettaton felt bad for how he treated Alphys and that he wasn’t the greatest of friends, which is understandable seeing as Alphys was claiming she created a robot with a soul and made Mettatons soul, and how she basically held his promised final body hostage by not completing it because she was afraid he wouldn’t need her anymore and would stop being her friend, resulting in Mettaton sweeping his bangs over the unfinished half of his face and using the body when it wasn’t finished, resulting in the limbs falling off because it hadn’t been tested or properly finished. Mettaton is friends with Alphys, but they have had a tumultuous relationship. He does express grief and regret at her disappearance which is strongly hinted as being suicide.

In the genocide route, the narration/ Chara is not praising Alphys when the check text for Mettaton Neo is “Dr. Alphys greatest invention”, it’s mocking her because Mettaton Neo was supposed to be a human destroying mode to impress Asgore, and in that mode he can’t even attack and dies on the first hit no matter how weak you attack. Even her greatest invention backfires.

She is good at programming and mechanical engineering, but because she doesn’t properly test or think things through or err on the side of caution with safety settings, she ends up creating and doing a lot of horrible things. This is why the scientific method and understanding science is so important, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are at inventing and building, if you don’t research and follow the method and regulations you’ll end up hurting yourself or others. It’s why in lab we have so many safety protocol and checks and why you have to know what you are doing and do tests to make sure it’s safe before you start injecting stuff or releasing it out of quarantine.

*seeing people complain about the fact that the Combiner Wars art is CGI instead of 2d animation*

*deep breath*

ok I know. I kNOW. I absolutely  LOVE 2d animation and worship it from the ground up. however. the designs are too complex for a fully 2d animated series. Yes, the art style is attempting to follow for a more 2d look, which Transformers: Devastation also did [in their own style] and it still managed to look good. That does not mean it won’t be good. If you can get passed someone’s art style and stay for the story, then you’re going to have a great time. If you’re so bloody picky that a slightly different style is going to ruin your day/ability to enjoy the story, then uh.. why you in the transformers fandom?? 

Transformers has quite a large amount of expanding its territory into art styles/techniques that haven’t been used in previous series: 

g1 - straightup 2d fbf animation, not very good but it was the baby of TF
beast wars - 3d cgi malarky, back when it was a new thing,
armada - 2d animation but better looking/heavily detailed robots,
energon - we do not speak of it it was so bad,
cybertron - 2d animation mixed with 3d animation,
Animated - a brand new art style/storyline in 2d but you can straight up tell it’s a new generation of transformers,
Prime - 3d animation but good, also playing with new art style as well, cost 89 fortunes jesus christ
MTMTE - comic style, a new art style of transformers and storyline
RID2015 - coming closer to full circle, Cel-shaded CGI. it’s trying. the storytelling makes it hard [i’m not allowed to say bad things at the moment :b] but the art style isn’t actually that bad. If anything, it’s closer to TF:A in terms of art direction than previous CGI shows. 

cgi is not a crutch, people. CGI is an art style that you WILL need to accept in order to fully enjoy new Transformers shows being put out in the future. There is potential for 2d animated series in the future, but it’s going to be a while. TFA was a great show, would love to see more like that, but would also love to see how our glorious Hasbro friends push the boundaries for new styles in CGI. Please, give Combiner Wars a chance in terms of art and story. it is hard work, and dedication that makes this stuff come together after money. Please, don’t mock the style just because it’s 3D. 

Drinking in Fiction AU

Character A is a bit of a magical mixologist and has the ability to be transported into any fictional bar through the mixing of peculiar drinks, from a “Shaken, Not Stirred” Bond Martini to a Groundhog Day Sweet Vermouth on the Rocks with a Twist. This leads to many strange adventures until they happen upon the striking Character B, who is in reality their favorite character. Will they continue on their trip through famous watering holes, or will they stop to smell the fictional roses and potentially ruin their favorite story?

So Imagine Pokemon Teams

For Papyrus, Sans, and Gaster. I’m specifically thinking of @maximum-overboner‘s versions of those three. I’m not sure if Overboner is into Pokemon or not, so this may not be appropriate, but I had a blast making this. And I’m compelled to post it in hopes that other Pokemon nerds who also enjoy Overboner’s skeleton porn might get a kick out of this too.  


PAPYRUS (The Great)

Main Team:


Aegislash: He stubbornly refuses to remove Aegislash from his team even though he has no idea how to use its ability.

Scrafty: It was caught during his teenage years. At the time it was, 'HELLA COOL, DON’T YOU TRY AND STOP ME SANS!’

Braviary: Papyrus decides he needs a giant eagle to enter any/every event after watching an episode of ‘rap battles of history.’ He doesn’t know who Abe Lincoln is, but he’s declared him his role model in all things ‘COOL AND HIP.’

Arcanine: He was instantly sold when he glimpsed the word 'legendary,’ in association.

Gyarados: The Magikarp salesman thought he had tricked Papyrus when in reality, Papyrus just really wanted a Magikarp. It was because he thought they looked like those ‘COOL JAPANESE TATTOOS – WHY CAN’T I GET ONE AGAIN, SANS? So he treasured his Magikarp, and came up with a 'low stress’ training regimen. When it finally evolves it ends up being his strongest Pokemon. But because Papyrus raised it he hates using it in battle. He acts like he’s sending his child off to war.

Other Pokemon:

Jirachi: It’s always asleep in his bag - he doesn’t even know it’s a Pokemon; he just thinks it’s a cute plush toy that he secretly has in case of snuggle emergencies.

Stoutland: It was caught in hopes of learning its ‘WAYS OF THE MUSTACHE.’

Ninjask: As a kid Papyrus found a 'hurt’ Nincada in the forest and took it home to fix it. But it was just evolving into a Ninjask. The newly evolved Ninjask fell in love with Papyrus for being so sweet, and it has unintentionally haunted him ever since, just like the annoying dog. It remains as an unofficial member of his team – he never actually catches it.

Trivia: Papyrus goes all out and EV trains the crap out of his Pokemon. But he forgets all about type matchups, and monotypes his teams’ moves just for the STAB bonuses. He thinks his strong and well-built Pokemon ARE a strategy.



Main Team:

Shedinja: What was a hurt Nincada that Papyrus brought home was actually an evolving Nincada. They were left with a Ninjask and its discarded outer shell ‘Shedinja.’ While Papyrus was blessed/cursed with the Ninjasks affections, Sans and the Shedinja looked deep into each other’s eyes and understood one another. It’s been on his main team ever since.

Sylveon: His secret pride and joy. He says he was hoping for a Jolteon but didn’t manage to snag a thunder stone before he had accidently overfed his Eevee in Pokemon Amie. But that’s just an excuse. In reality, cute Pokemon make him melt inside and he just really wanted a Sylveon. It fucks people up while looking adorable and Sans laughs his ass off at the irony.

Reuniclus: It’s literally a metaphor for cell division and that makes his inner nerd happy. He also enjoys the fact that its giant hands can fit giant whoopee cushions.

Purugly: He loves it because of and in spite of everyone else hating it. It’s his quietest Pokemon, and tanks like a motherfucker. It has a face only he could love.

Mamoswine: Sans just kind of likes to disappear into its fur sometimes. If you can’t find him anywhere else, check there. And he likes to store things – need extra socks? Mamoswine. Ketchup? Mamoswine. Bottled hydrogen sulfide? Mamoswine. Condoms? Mamoswine.

Registeel: No one is quite sure where he got it or why it listens to him but whenever they ask, Sans reflects their inquiry with puns. Typical.

Other Pokemon:

Dusknoir: It’s a giant softy that only wants to give children balloons. It can’t, obviously, so it gives balloons to everyone it knows to fill the void. No one knows why. And sometimes Sans likes to use Dusknoir’s giant arms as a makeshift bed, which confuses everyone else because Dusknoir is non-corporeal, so how…?

Porygon 2: He just sort of found it one day in the space between glitches. He snagged it for further research and quickly realized it’s passive nature and uselessness, so it just hangs out in his lab while he works. When Sans seems down it’ll try to cheer him up by pretending to be one of those ‘drinking’ water birds.

Wooper: It was a gift from papyrus: ‘I CAN’T QUITE PUT MY FINGER ON IT… THERE’S JUST SOMETHING ABOUT THIS POKEMON THAT REMINDS ME OF YOU…’ Anything given to Sans by Papyrus is treasured, so he takes it everywhere with him, which works out fine. It’s always chillin in his hood, sleepin’ the day away.

Trivia: An Absol just sort of follows him around because he’s a walking disaster, ayooo.



Main Team:

Ditto: The first time he saw one he whispered, ‘Same.’

Rotom: The bane of his existence; he only caught it to research it’s possessing abilities and now LOOK it has RUinED his LIFE. It is also his strongest Pokemon, much to his chagrin.

Seviper: When asked ‘why Seviper,’ Gaster just said, 'I like snakes.’

Mawile: ‘No, I didn’t capture it because it was cute, I captured it because have you seen its jaws??? Fucking savage. …What do you mean 'if that’s what I want to tell myself!?’

Parasect: He needs to understand the fungus that controls Parasect for… reasons.

Zoroark: Gaster constantly berates Zoroark for not being useful. He overestimated its cloaking abilities and is still bitter about it. But it’s still pretty strong so he keeps it on his team. He also uses it as his emotional punching bag. Everyone feels sorry for Zoroark.

Other Pokemon:

Joltik: It always gets lost in his goop. He usually finds it a couple months later, but then decides it isn’t worth doing anything about it. It’s still in there somewhere.

Spoink: He is morbidly fascinated by its cardiovascular system. Papyrus is the only thing keeping him from putting Spoink into a vacuum.

Magnezone: He is kept up nightly with questions of, ‘How is it alive!? It’s not made of magic; it has no internal organs. It isn’t scientifically possible! Magnezone WHY must you HUM incessantly BESIDE MY BED when I’m trying to SLEEP!?’ And when heavily sleep deprived he starts questioning whether or not it’s impossibility means it’s transcended into some sort of godhood.

Trivia: He lowkey wants a Goodra but refuses to get one as long as he lives with Sans and his weird pink monstrosity.