and has so many layers of meaning

Figure Skating Charms and a Wealth of Nuance

Haha…so…*guiltily posts this months later* I had this in my drafts 70% completed since episode 10 came out, but with episode 11 and 12 the fandom exploded on other issues, and I thought it was kind of irrelevant since the rings have so many layers of meaning already. But in PASH magazine’s March issue, Kubo-sensei actually brings this up. 

I ended up cleaning this post and after finding out that @sachiro​ was going to make a similar post, we decided to have “pair posts” to submit for victuuriweek. You can read their yoi meta here , which discusses and connects specific moments throughout the series to the points I’ll lay out in the second half of this post.

About Yuuri’s charm. Yuuri has a figure skating precedent for buying jewelry to act as a charm - it isn’t a blasé “lots of good stuff around here…yeah, rings can make good charms, right? idk, but I’m doing it anyway.” Here’s yet another layer.

Charms are a legitimate THING in figure skating.

You won’t read about this in figure skating intros or on Wikipedia, and you won’t hear commentators talk about it either (if it’s brought up, consider it a stroke of luck and immediately save that video/interview forever). Unless you follow skaters to the point of knowing about their personal lives, then this is one meaningful aspect of figure skating that is easy to miss.

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~just renee walker things~

  • her hair’s too short to really tie back
    • if she uses a band she has to use a lot of clips to keep it even remotely where it should be. and she uses clips of all different shapes and colours
    • if she uses a bandana she is immediately the cutest pirate girl, ever
  • she likes conservative clothing which just means she wears as many layers as she can at all times
    • (cold lesbian grunge)
  • and she really likes jumpers that are too big and fold over her hands
  • she has reading glasses
  • and freckles
  • she’s an unrepentant morning person. she loves mornings and has no problem getting up early in the morning
    • she’ll wake up early just to watch the sunset, no matter how late she goes to bed
    • she schedules all her classes for the morning so “the rest of my day is free!”
    • somehow she can still stay up late with no problem. it’s probably magic tbh
  • she spends her summer breaks volunteering at local schools, shops and charities as well as spending time with her chosen family (the walkers, but her friends, too)
  • once she took a class on astronomy and she researches things in her free time
    • when the foxes are out at night she’ll point at constellations and tell them about them
  • she loves hand-written letters
    • she’ll write them over summer break, but she writes more once the foxes start graduating
    • when she leaves with the peace corps it’s almost like nothing changed
  • she doesn’t believe in boring colours, so she doesn’t use black or blue pens unless she’s forced to for exams
    • the most serious she gets in her later years at palmetto is whenever she talks about having to use black pens. she actually says “fuck the system.” matt goes into cardiac arrest
  • she’s an unrepentant feminist. please. of course she is
  • allison swears up and down that the scariest thing about renee is that she has the most ridiculous tolerance for spicy foods. she doesn’t flinch. ever
  • her hair is naturally dark so when she first bleached it, it went orange. stephanie has photos and takes pleasure in showing every one of the foxes. “it was fate,” she says. dan says she should go ginger again to show fox spirit

this is all i can think of tonight pls talk to me about renee walker the actual light of my life

a totally pointless detail

Carmilla has not worn what we’d consider underwear for the majority of her life

even drawers/pantaloons for women didn’t become a thing until the 1820s and they had an open crotch seam until the 1920s

by modern standards she has spent 245 of her 319 years going commando

I mean there are so many layers of cloth involved what with petticoats and the wide legs of those drawers and a chemise underneath that it’s not really sexy nor liable to cause accidental flashing but still

I just thought about that. wonder if she finds panties annoying or convenient?

Fandom Fic Rec Days

To celebrate the Fandom Fic Rec Days on 10th,11th and 12th(see this), I’ve decided to create my own Adlock Fic Rec.Well I’m not exactly new to Sherlock fandom and adlock yatch in general.But I’m not a veteran either,since I’ve only been in this fandom for a year (since february 2015).Tbh,I’ve been a professional shipper for 4 years in other fandoms,I’m also a fanfic enthusiast.I have to admit,Adlock is one of the ship that has some of the greatest fics that I’ve ever had a chance to read in my fangirl life and some of the best fanfic authors I’ve ever seen.Without further ado,I would like to introduce to my fellow adlockers my Adlock Ficrec

***Warning:this list is based on my personal preference,so there will be a few that are left out.I call this list my adlock fic recommendation.Feel free to add your own favorite ones!

1.There are authors who frequently write about adlock,whether they write ficlets,drabbles or a whole series with the length of a real-life book series.To start,here is authors of adlock ficlets and short fics that I like: @ebdaydreamer, @randombiochemist @sorrowsflower(queen of short fics imo) @i-am-adlocked lyrangalia @throughtheparadox @captnandycalavera (if you want fluff and romantic,sweet adlock) and Del(goddessdel) (if you want to read smut)

2.Must read: The first thing I do when I enter a new ship is search for fanfics about them on ao3 and this list contains fics which I highly recommend you to check out if you’re new to the yacht:

  • Neither A Soldier Nor A Gentleman by  Francesca_Wayland:The very first adlock fic that I read.A closer look at what happened after Sherlock’s rescue in Karachi and what followed.(you can check out the sequel Sui Generis and other fics written by her)
  • Come Attrition,Come Hell by @tales-of-inkinc:Sad,angsty,melancholy,might leave you heartbroken but just read this!It’s worth all the pain if you want to explore this side of their relationship
  • The Price Of Retrouvailles by @akajustmerry:If you want an in -character expression of love and and tenderness between our favorite geniuses and a good mystery then this fic is what you need.
  • What He Likes and sequel The Way the Heavens Go by solojones:Sherlock’s struggle with drug habit through the eyes of Irene.Very detailed and well written but unfortunately,the author haven’t update the sequel for a long time :(
  • The W Hypothesis by @elinorx :I admit,for a historical romance trash like me,this fic is like a dream comes true.I mean,adlock+victorian era+badass female characters+a thrilling case that contains layers of dark secrets?Count me in!And the narrative is so addictive,intriguing,seductive with the secretive and tragic air will leave you wanting for more!
  • Death Takes A Holiday series by @lyrangalia:What happened if Sherlock and Irene met during the two-year-hiatus? A holiday with blood,sex,violence,BDSM mixes with heavy sentiments,lies and constant deny of feelings.A memorable holiday that change both of it participants forever.Super long but extremely satisfying
  • A Very Different Level by SorrowsFlower:A seriesby @sorrowsflower-queen of short fics :) Update when the inspiration hit.For more adlock content,check out her tumblr.

And finally,I give you my no.1 adlock series:Sherlock & The Woman with its sequel The Good,The Bad and The Woman by Ibaraz:When I first came to Adlock yacht,I only looked for their fics on ao3,but due to the limited number of adlock fics on the site,I move to for more,That’s how I discovered these gems.The first time I read the fics,I was impressed because of how Sherlock-y the narrative was,but back then I kind of didn’t like the way the author wrote Irene.I’m sure some of you would have the same thought like me when you read the 2 fics the first time.But wait!Let me tell you this:we barely know anything about her,are you sure this Irene is OOC? Well to me after at least 10 times re read these two,I can say Irene Adler of this fic is absolutely my favorite.I mean,the reason this series is a true masterpiece to me is not just in the way each chapters is like a Sherlock episode itself (the clever and thrilling plot,smart dialogues,the way the characters act stay so true to their canon versions) but how the author has created,portrayed and explored the love-hate relationship between Sherlock and Irene in a way that will leave you stunned.Ibaraz has describe Sherlock and Irene’s relationship especially with all the odds and heartbroken aspects.With the minimum amount of romantic scenes but maximum the feelings and heartfelt meaning in each line of dialogues,not to mention a tons of well set up details that when everything is uncover is will make you surprise.And last but not least:This series is so so angsty and painful and so so sad that It’s so good.Each time I read It’s each time I discover some new layers behind all the beautifully written words.The emotions hit me everytime.I have like TOO many thing to say about this series but It’s best if you go and read it yourself (maybe I’ll have a post only for this one hell of a fanfic series).Seriously,this series deserves more attention and mentioning from the yacht! (and I’m shamelessly promoting it right now) 

Side notes:she is writing the third part of the series:  A Tale of Three Brothers and The Woman

3.Other mentions:

*ASiB/post ASiB/Hiatus fics

*S3/post S3/canon divergence 

The Empty Hearse and sequel The Sign of Three

For you and for myself and sequel Il M'a Dit, Elle M'a Dit

This is Not a Safe House, Part III

Ships in Glass Bottles

The Conundrum between Fire and Ice (WIP)

A Very Affirming Relationship

 In the Morning Sun

Nero Wolfe Series

*AU fics

A Scandal in Hogwarts (Harry Potter crossover) (WIP)

The caretaker (WIP)

The Broken Tango


Here Be Dragons (in-hiatus)

For the Love of a Queen. Black Sails Episode Seven

In last week’s episode of Black Sails, we witnessed the final moments of Madi Scott, Queen of the Maroons. If episode six was about the cycle of life coming to an end, episode seven centers on the aftermath of  Madi’s “death” and how the people she loved are dealing with it.

We open the episode with the Queen Mother sitting quietly clutching what looks to be a piece of jewelry, Madi’s maybe. It’s immediately obvious that she’s been told of Madi’s death. You can see the grief on her face. After a moment, Silver walks into the room. You hear his crutch before you actually see him, and in that instance the Queen Mother gathers herself. She puts her face back on or at least she attempts to until Silver starts to talk…

~ I wasn’t able to say goodbye to her. So I didn’t know what she would have wanted me to say to you right now, if anything at all. She and I we’ve become close. So I think I have some sense of what it might have been. She was curious and strong and not made to be hidden away from the world. She was able to see it before she died and she was fighting for something she believed in, when she died. ~ Silver

~ You knew her well.~ Queen Mother

~ I loved her. I believe she loved me. I think she would have wanted you to know that, too.~ Silver

You know how you sometimes ask for something and then once you get it, you’re disappointed. This wasn’t one of those times. Since Season three, one of the items on my Black Sails wish-list was a scene between Silver and the Queen Mother. Of course, I wanted it for the obvious reasons, Madi. However, I was also dying to see how these two witty, intelligent, so very different characters would play off each other. I never could have imagined that their first solo scene would be in a room surrounded by Madi’s books and cloaked in heartache.

I adored the fact that Silver, lover of language that he is, was able to give voice to the Queen Mother’s grief. Its appropriate really because when you’ve suffered a lost as great as hers, you don’t have the words to describe it, especially when the pain is so fresh. As she’s sitting there she is probably wondering why this presumptuous pirate is invading the worst moment of her life, but then he starts to speak. I immediately realize it’s his Madi voice. By that I mean, Silver changes his tone and inflection frequently depending on who he is talking to. I tend to think of this voice as the “sincerity” voice and he normally only uses it with Madi. What a strong decision the writers made to essentially have Silver “eulogize” his love. Even more touching was the fact that Madi’s mother recognized the truth in what he was saying. The man clearly knew her child. His description of her showed that. So when he admitted on a broken breath that he loved her, the Queen Mother “knew”. She “knew” that he was speaking the truth and it seemed to give her some comfort that her only child, however briefly, found love and peace in the middle of so much turmoil.

Our next scene takes us to a meeting of the Alliance. All the pirates and maroons are there discussing the upcoming war. Silver walks in and Flint asks him “how is she”, meaning the Queen Mother. Silver states simply “breathing”. Who could know that one simple word could be so gut-wrenching and powerful. It’s obviously true though. Madi is dead and the people who loved her best are merely existing.

So… back to the meeting where we now find out that not only does Flint want to invade the entire West Indies, but also Boston. No, you didn’t misread that. Captain Flint now wants to declare war on Boston and even Silver is surprised. Where is Billy when you need him to point out the ridiculousness of this? Well, he’s kind of preoccupied (it’s coming), but Julius steps up to the plate. Julius calls straight bullshit on this plan of Captain Flint.

~ Fools. You’re all fools if you think this road leads to where he says it does. What happens when our enemy realizes that all he has to do to defeat us is to  take away that common cause? Turn one against the other. And when that happens, as it is all but certain to do, which one of us standing here are likely to be the ones who benefit and which the ones sold back into their chains? ~ Julius

I’m absolutely loving the fact that Julius is not here to play anyone’s fool and in the process reminds these emotional pirates that he saved their asses, lest they forget. That said though, Long John didn’t take to kindly to Julius not toeing the line and busted out the Pirate King voice to tell Julius to get the fuck off his Bae’s island if he wasn’t going to support the cause. Every time, I watch this scene I cackle. Mostly, because the Queen Mother has to step in and calm down her son-in-law before all hell breaks loose.

The Queen Mother invites Julius and Ruth to meet with her. The purpose is to smooth some of the feathers that Silver has ruffled and to also explain why she set aside her initial mistrust of the pirates to form the alliance. It’s interesting that Julius has now firmly stepped into the role of the Queen Mother. He is now all for building a wall and saving who you can save. The Queen Mother, on the other hand, has witnessed the death of her husband and her daughter as a result of this. Maybe, just maybe she wants their deaths to have a greater meaning. At the end of the conversation Julius states….

~ No one changes the world. Not like this. Not all at once. The world is too strong for that. ~ Julius

… and in that moment, I realize, not for the first time, that Julius is going to be a true player in this game. So many layers, yet to be revealed.

Flint goes in search of Silver and finds him in Madi’s library, collapsed on the floor and surrounded by her books. So many parallels between him and the Queen Mother in this episode. Both sitting in the library, both clutching Madi’s things and both holding on with both hands to their love for her.

 I loved this scene between Luke and Toby. Luke does that thing where he looks away while delivering most of his monologue. Gawd, does it work. You can feel that Silver is overwhelmed, devastated and raw. You can also feel that he’s bothered by the fact that he can’t pull it together. That’s why he looks away. He doesn’t want Flint to see the pure anguish in his face. Toby’s choice to sit here was masterful and so real. That move said, I’m taking off my Captain hat and I’m just going to sit here and comfort my friend. Ugh…

I say ugh, because watching this I’m so conflicted. Silver has just expressed to Flint that the Resistance has to continue. He can’t deal with the fact that Madi’s death might be in vain. Again…. paralleling the Queen Mother. Flint responds in the most supportive way. He reminds Silver that he saved him from “drowning” before and that he was going to return the favor.

~ Look at me. I will do the same for you. I give you my word. But in order to do that you have to trust my judgement for a little while. While yours is reeling~ Flint

The part of me that wants Silver to have one damn person, still alive, that gives a fuck about him rejoiced. Somebody is going to help my Bae while he’s in the midst of this storm. But… the 4 season watching chick knows better. This is Flint we’re talking about. Flint. Yeah, so it’s still Stranger Danger, we don’t know him and Lawd please send Madi back because it’s Flint.

Speaking of Queen Madi…. We find out from one of Woode Rogers’ men that one of the members of the Pirate Resistance wants to speak with him and only him. I told ya’ll earlier, Billy was busy. Once Billy receives his audience with the Governor, he explains that he himself is actually Long John Silver. He is the one who recruited the pirates, sabotaged the Governor’s supply lines and turned water into wine. He was in full on god-mode. I’m assuming the purpose was to “show” Rogers that he “made” Long John Silver and John Silver was still the useless, one-legged creature that he has always been.

Side note… I really can’t wait until Billy has to eat those words.

Billy has come to broker a deal with the Psycho Guv. He explains that the other Pirates left him to die and therefore he wants his revenge, and he has just the right instrument to accomplish that…

Yep, that’s right. The Queen ain’t dead ya’ll. Evidently, the future Mrs. Silver has just as many lives as her beloved. So, I’m sure by this moment, you’ve figured out Billy’s plan right? Let’s trade the Queen for the cache. That will be the perfect revenge. I’ll just sit back and watch Silver and Flint destroy each other. This shit would be comical, but we’ve seen it before. Remember, when Woode Rogers was bested by Eleanor and decided to sail his ass to Havana? This is that moment. This won’t end well. Oh… the parallels.

So Governor Rogers has Madi moved to her own private cell and heads down to discuss terms with her. Interesting though, the very first thing he does is mention Eleanor. Someone, Billy probably, has informed him that Madi was with Eleanor before she died. He has questions, but the Queen ain’t answering. When he finally realizes that Queen Madi is indeed a Queen (meaning she doesn’t have time for your shenanigans or feelings) he gets down to business. He presents her with a contract or terms, if you will. Basically, he will emancipate all of Madi’s people on two conditions: She turns in all future Runaway slaves and she cuts off all ties to the Pirate’s. Didn’t Julius warn us about the “man”? Didn’t he specifically say these divide and conquer tactics would be forthcoming? Well, that didn’t take long. However, if we don’t know anything else, we know that Madi loves her people. All enslaved people and at the very least one Pirate. So in her regal way she said fuck you and I’ll die fighting, bitch! Oh and by the way, I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. Daddy saw to that. Remember, Queen Madi is well versed on this villain ya’ll.

So now that we know that Queen Madi is alive, all we need is for her favorite people to find out and go get her, right? If only it were so simple. The Queen Mother receives a letter from Rogers informing her that Madi is alive, and he’s holding her hostage for the cache. Silver is relieved and more than happy to turn over the treasure, but Flint and even the Queen Mother are hesitant to do that. The Queen Mother through tears tells Silver that “my daughter is everything to me as I believe she is to you, but that cache is critical to the success of the war…”. Flint chimes in to tell Silver that they can pay the ransom or have the war, but they can’t have both and that’s when things go left…..

~ A week ago, you were willing to trade this money for a fucking fort and now its too important to trade for Madi’s life? ~ Silver

~ Things have changed~ Flint

~ Nothing has changed that justifies trading her life for YOUR war. ~ Silver

~ No one is saying that we let her die. ~ Flint

~ No? Because that is certainly what it sounds like. ~ Silver

~ We will find a way to get her back. We just cannot sacrifice the cache in order to do that. ~ Flint

~ Is this war more important than her life? Answer the question. I wanna hear you say it. Is this war more important than her life? ~ Silver

~ Right now with what’s at stake, yes it is more important.~ Flint

~ Oh, fuck you! ~ Silver

There was quite a bit more dialogue after the FUCK YOU heard around the world. Flint made promises to save Madi and kill anyone who stood in their way. The Queen Mother looked distraught as hell, and Silver appeared to be managed. If just for a moment, you could be led to believe that he’s okay with following Flint’s plan. Until this….

Israel Hand’s once told Flint “ how long do you think he can suffer it before he decides he can do better than you.” Well, judging from that look, I think we’re about to find out.

Something that really struck me about Ward was that there was no history of partners- romantic / sexual. Maybe there was and I just missed it, but Ward also had a lack of friendship. His relationship with Danny is too turbulant and on and off for it to be considered a stable relationship. Ward’s not exactly ‘Best Friends Forever’ material. 

And it makes sense, because alot of abused people feel cautious about entering relationships- not only out of fear of being like their abuser, but also the risk of being hurt again. Also, work occupied his life significantly and keeping a secret as big as his father didn’t really die would have taken a toll on Ward.   

So no one ever really told Ward how to make friends, how to communicate well with others, how to control his anger. Because he was born in such a cutthroat environment, full of work, and was getting abused. So yeah- Ward can be childish, bitter and hurtful. But I liked the finale because Ward’s turn is for the best- he really does help Danny and removing the picture of Harold suggests a new, better start not just for Rand but for himself.

The Meachum’s are completely destructive, but Ward’s figuring out that doesn’t mean he has to be. And I like that. He’s a character that demands analyzing, and was a highlight of Iron Fist for me. First I dismissed him as nefarious, but there are many layers to him.

anonymous asked:

What your opinion on krillen and android 18

I love everything about it and it is pure and it is wonderful and it has so many layers of depth to it that no one wants to look into which is frankly a crime…


When you get right down to it, the progression (stated progression at least) of their relationship is easily one of the healthiest in comparison to an irl relationship and would, therefore, be one of the stronger bonds in the show. On her part, it’s simultaneously easier to see, yet harder perhaps to understand, what it means for her to choose him. He’s not what most would consider a conventionally attractive man, he’s not as comparably strong, he’s not very exotic or wealthy, etc. and the last bit there is actually pretty sacrificial on her part. While 18 isn’t necessarily what I’d call materialistic, she does have a love for the finer things in life, likely both due to her delinquent lifestyle and being used to taking what she wanted, and also likely due to simply never having had them. Whether it’s residual memories of childhood, or simply the lack of memories of these things, I can’t say. But she gave that up, or at least put it on the back burner, when she married him. 

As for why she married him… it was because he wasn’t like anyone she’d ever met before. He wasn’t two-faced, he didn’t really serve any ulterior motives, he didn’t try to act tough to impress her, didn’t change himself to be more like what he’d assume she’d like him to be. He was just himself, he was honest and straightforward with her, he was a nice guy and not wild or “bad” at all. And that attracted her to him, she wanted more of that. He represented a normal, happy, decent future for her with someone who only wanted to see her happy, and she wanted that, and him, more than anything.

As for his POV, it’s easy to see why he’d like her, but also harder to see what he had to overlook. On the one hand, let’s get real: she’s one of the few women who ever showed any kind of interest in or paid attention to him. She was the first one to ever even so much as kiss him on the dang cheek, so far as we ever saw in canon at least. And that did endear her to him. Is that sad and kinda pathetic? Yes, it honestly is to an extent, and he himself recognized that. But at the same time, as he learned more about her and even her brother, his outlook changed. These were two kids who, in the prime of their lives, had them stolen away, turned into weapons by some madman obsessed with revenge, who’d then decided they were outmoded, defective, and had tried to simply put them into storage like some kind of toy. He also noted, as Kami had, that the two really hadn’t done anything wrong. They’d killed Gero and had intended to be on their way until Vegeta had pressed a fight with the two, and the sole reason they were looking for Goku was so 16 could fulfill his prime directive and they could go live their lives however they wanted. 

He saw they wanted a semblance of normalcy, a chance to live. It’s part of why he smashed that remote rather than deactivate her, take away her personhood and reduce her to a thing again. It’s why he used a wish to try to restore her and her brother back to being completely human, but at least removed the explosives planted within them. He did this without thinking he’d get any benefit from it; hell, he was sure that her brother was her boyfriend at the time, that as attractive as she was she had to have someone, that he had no chance in hell of having any relationship with her at all, but… he still genuinely cared, wanted her to be able to have her life back, or at least some semblance of it.

On the flipside, this is also why 18 snapped at him and accused him of saving her and expecting her to just fall at his feet in gratitude, why she tried to accuse him of making that wish to “win her heart”. It was how everyone had treated her. People were only nice to her when they expecting to get something in return, or helped her seeking some form of gratuity. But this man, this weird, funny little man who’d tried to reason with her instead of assuming she was a monster… he hadn’t. He treated her like a person and gave her a chance to live expecting absolutely nothing from her in return.

That’s what sparked off their relationship, that’s what bloomed into love, a marriage, a family. And that is why I do feel they are objectively among the most underrated fictional couples of all time in ANY series.

Gruvia and how to fix it


Okay, as you all should know, Gruvia is my former OTP die hard ship. In recent months, I’ve realized that it’s not that great after all. I realized that the gruvia I love is not the one in Fairy Tail, but rather the one depicted in fanfics and fanart. I realized that the ship in canon is extremely one sided, damages ½ of the characters involved and is very forced.  A part of me will probably take this ship to the grave since I still can’t keep a straight face whenever they have a moment.

See, about 80% of Juvia’s current character is developed to gruvia or Gray in general which is not good for such a major character. Levy can get by with being attached to Gajeel because she’s not a major character, but not Juvia. AND practically all of the ship seems to favor her and only her in story. There isn’t any indication that Gray is getting anything from their close companionship besides discomfort in story for a long while. All of that equals a forced ship.

Before you read further, keep in mind that I’m not trying to bash gruvia or its supporters. I’m bashing Mashima’s writing and stating what I think would have made the progression of this ship smoother. In no way is this trying to disregard what happened in canon, I already know its too late to change anything. 

Now about how to improve it.

  • Give Juvia back her personality, relationships and character from Fantasia and Tower of Heaven arc. Have her function without Gray being in the equation somewhere. Show her having close relationships besides Gray, so that her crush on him is more of a character quirk rather than most of her character. (I would say that she has Meredy, but they get so little screen time together I don’t even know what their relationship is. ESPECIALLY Meredy because Mashima dedicated like 150 pages to jerza but couldn’t have more than 2 panels of Meredy and Juvia interacting??? Ditto for Gajeel. This is an element of Mashima’s poor writing style, unfortunately. It’s like how Lucy and Levy are supposedly best friends but almost never talk.) In turn, this will scale back the creep factor that’s ever present in this ship and will balance it out with character weight. You know when she was all shy and embarrassed to give him that lunch she made for him? That was the perfect balance. 
  • Scale down the obsessiveness and have it develop more like a relationship upgrade rather than Gray just giving up and settling because Juvia won’t leave him alone. If it’s supposed to be that Gray is slowly warming up to Juvia, then show it. Have him go from a blunt “no thanks, not interested” to a more tsundere attitude. Him bluntly telling her no then her persisting anyway is just her not having enough respect to listen to his opinions despite being in love which makes her affection seem a whole lot more shallow and ,surprise, one sided.
  • Go into detail about the relationship. Have them reflect on how the other person has helped them. Here, I’ll even give an example on the fly; Juvia loves and appreciates Gray for being her prince charming for taking her rain away because it made her depressed and isolated for the rest of her life. Gray appreciates Juvia because he knows she’s one of the people he can fall back on, she can lighten his mood when his thoughts get too morbid or he’s going through a tough time and generally makes him more cheerful/quirky. Seeing as Mashima has put so much effort into the ball of sexual tension and angst that is Jerza, he’s clearly capable of developing these things for relationships. He just…doesn’t for his other pairings.
  • Just let them talk. Have Juvia chill out for like 5 minutes and genuinely listen to what Gray thinks of her and her tendencies. And have Juvia explain exactly why she’s so devoted to Gray and how much it means to her. Because he has no idea what her thought process is and to him she’s just been this creepy stalker who won’t leave him alone and “loves” him. If she would do this, then that would explain why he could grow more receptive towards her affection.
  • When she starts getting close to him (say, Tenrou), have Juvia calm down with her obsession. Seriously. Tone it down from “obsessive and unable to function without him in her life” to “clingy” .
  • Honestly, Juvia’s character is like 75% of the problem with this ship. She’s like Sakura Haruno gone horribly wrong. Yes, Sakura chased Sasuke to the ends of the Earth despite him literally trying to kill her, but at least she 1) grew out of the puppy love stage and eventually genuinely wanted to save him from himself like Naruto and it showed 2) Had her own personality and relationships and was able to function without him there 3) Made an effort to search for him when he went missing //cough cough did it ever occur to her to go to sabertooth and ask for help? or to look for any of her former FT guildmates at all to help her?? like, a group manhunt is the next logical step up from looking by yourself, cmon-
  • I mean, she’s not even a yandere. At least yanderes are known for the badass and crazy lengths they go to for their love. At least yanderes has psychological layers and depth that many authors explore. Yet she’s not the love sick puppy character either. I wish she was one or the other instead of being stuck in this barely thicker than cardboard state.
  • Gruvia just seems to be an unfortunate victim of bad writing of all things. I’m not sure if there are major ft ships that are safe from this tho. 

EDIT: OK, so it seems that my passiveness for Levy has been taken the wrong way. And yikes this post has blown up. 

If you must know, no I don’t support the way Levy’s character has gone because of Gajevy. As opposed to Juvia who’s character seemed to become more revolved around her ship, Levy just kinda…slowly merges her existence with her ship. This problem is just a product of Mashima’s bad writing more than anything else tbh. It’s like…she keeps her personality and all that but now all of her major appearances come with Gajeel like they’re a pair set? I also noticed the strange, unintentional implication that she seems to be actively rejecting her own team in favor of Gajeel? (Why didn’t she go with them during the one year timeskip? They just had 7 years apart too?? And how much screentime does she spent with them vs with Gajeel?) The whole thing is really weird, especially since all the ship tease for gajevy came way before the fact that their first meeting was Gajeel kicking her ass and pinning her to a tree(?) was addressed. I like that it was addressed, but it really should have been so WAY earlier. That said, I don’t have many fucks to give about Levy, so other than those obvious faults, I don’t really care. 

Also, I don’t think this is anti gruvia…? I’m not hating on it or anything? It’s more like constructive criticism which DOES NOT equal hate. 

Ok this scene from 1x01 bothers me so much

 where did it come from and what does it mean???

Usually in Legion they don’t shy away from showing future scenes from future episodes in 2 or 3 or 5 episodes earlier, disguising it in flashes of edits and whatnot throughout the show. But this particular moment where he’s dreaming of Syd in the mental hospital bothers me because 

1) We never actually see these scenes in any of the future episodes which is so unlike the pattern (believe it or not there is a pattern here) of this show. We never see Syd tying on her orange scarf in front of David and we never see David standing behind- and possibly holding- Syd while she’s in her orange jacket

2) It begs the question, is David clairvoyant? He was dreaming of Sydney in clothes we don’t get to see her in until later in the show. It’s also impossible to tell what location they’re in in these scenes. Is it David’s childhood home? Or the home he lived in with Philly? It doesn’t look like Summerland. It’s not as if Legion doesn’t put in artistic shots that can either mean something or nothing at all, just a way of furthering a metaphor. But this doesn’t quite seem to be that. How could David possibly see Syd in those clothes- this specific outfit: 

Is seeing the future another ability he has that he has yet to learn of? Did he unknowingly foresee switching bodies with Syd? Did he unknowingly foresee leaving Clockworks with Syd? There’s so many intricate layers to his powers, the show has barely tapped the surface of it. Nothing is a mistake on Legion and this wracks my brain 

wow great timing emma

after roughly two weeks, 300-400 layers, and many breaks, i’m done. i’m so happy it’s done it looks nice i’m

of course it’s also available on redbubble and soon enough there’s gonna be a speedpaint

I read the Handmaid’s Tale in grade 9 English in highschool. It’s canon reading for many a Canadian highschool. It is brilliant literature, layers of meaning, politically resonant - It made a mark on me at the time. 

We watched the movie of it after we had read the book (not great) and my strongest memory of the movie was my English teacher turning the television around during the “sex” scene because there were boobs (it’s not a sex scene at all - It’s a man having programmed not really consensual intercourse with his handmaid for the purpose of procreation).

So the new mini-series - which has had rave reviews - is so terrifying that I can’t even get through the previews. Elisabeth Moss is genius as Offred (triple meaning to that name…Of Fred, Off Red, offered -  I remember 25 years later!) - so fierce and strong. But the context is so incredibly real and upsetting. I remember that rape circle of the rape victim being blamed for her rape and then on my twitter REAL LIFE “law in Arkansas allows rapists to sue victim’s who have an abortion” and I just feel like throwing up.

I don’t get Bravo so I don’t think I can watch it anyways. But if I could, I’m not sure I could. But it’s gonna be brilliant. 

The Public Policy Experience

Here we are my last couple of days in Brussels and enjoying the last few coffees and brunches. It has indeed been an experience unlike any other. A massive thanks to EPHA for letting me take part in what they do and the contribution they make to our health. Their efforts are far reaching and their tasks are very challenging. Here is a little recap; Advocating for the health of our countries and the continent is not an easy task. There are so many layers to passing a policy that it takes much effort and discipline to stay and fight against the system. I have written other blogs that recaps my learnings and understanding of the policy making system.  

I have learnt: 

- What it means to advertise junk food and even alcohol to children. The implications this has on their health and lives later on. 

- How food banks and food vouchers don’t really help us bring people out of poverty but rather can have the opposite effect since it is not looked at from a health perspective but rather an economic one. 

- How the lack of education on healthy diets creates inequalities and the link between inequality and the enormous drain on public health care is ever so obvious. 

- I have learnt that public funding of research and development for new medicines are not required to show evidence of findings, and how the pharmaceutical companies are being seen in the wide ranging eye of the NGO’s. Their influence and the advantage they take of their influence and the many misunderstanding of the industry and its regulations.

- There is genuine concern across all related professionals in the access to medicine when it comes to the new “Adaptive Pathways” that allows for faster approval of new medicine without adequate time given to see any side effects and issues new medicines could carry. 

- Anti microbial resistance is a real threat to our lives and the lack of innovation in medicine will make this an even bigger problem for our children in the future.

- Industries have a lot of power and although we would like to believe that the interest of the public is always a priority the reality is that this is not the case and we need to hold governments more accountable for passing off policies that benefit Private organisations and hinder the health of our society. 

- I have also learnt the severe lack of health care provided in the eastern countries and the huge concern this is for the EU as whole as a sick population often means a very unhealthy economy also. 

- The global implications on trade agreements and the consequences to us all of Brexit. In particular, the consequences to the people of the United Kingdom.- The passionate people that are working hard to ensure that our health remains to be a priority and that we do not forget how far we have gotten over the last century and the diseases which we have managed to tame or even cure.   

I have also learnt about THE SYSTEM: Policy making system has been built on complexity. Rightly so its trying to ensure policies that cater for 28 of the most diverse countries you can imagine to exist. Its complex trying to create a standard in vastly different economic and cultural circumstances. I enjoyed learning how the actually policy process works which was my blog on the EU structure. It was also very fascinating learning who makes suggestions and who makes decisions. In the system you have the government, the industries, the NGO’s and civil societies, you have various agencies acting on behalf of various industries and regulators, you have the public and you have the member states. Everyone acting within their own interest and what they believe should be the priority. It is complex but also powerful. I enjoyed being in the centre of change and how it all takes place. Its surreal to believe that you are part of this and that some suggestions you may have made have made it across the board of influence. Unlike any other conventional job you actually make a difference to people across Europe and not just in your industry or just your area of interest. This was definitely the highlight. 

But BRUSSELS, I have spoken a lot about the different issues on the side of policy making and EPHA but living in Brussels has also opened my eyes to Europe and what an amazing continent this is. The city it self is always vibing and has so many interesting cafes, restaurants and markets that can keep you busy all year round. The city is full of internationals and what I found most interesting is the diversity that Brussels loves to embrace. Although from my perspective Brussels is a small city it has everything one would need for entertainment. There are so many events that are related to the EU and policy making and almost every large organisation will have a base here to ensure they are close to all the action. Employers find individual diversity very positive so you have people form all over the world working here. Brussels is close to many of the major cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and London and has a small yet various population. It’s a happening city and definitely a place I could see myself coming back to. I have attached some of my favourite pictures that show a bit about how amazing this city is… even in the worst winter season 😃 

Of course I cannot finish this blog without mentioning the two most important aspects of my internship. Marta and Sofie! I am so grateful to have made such strong friendships with these girls that I hope will carry us on for many many years to come. I have learnt so much from them both and have truly felt their support in the ups and downs. This experience really would not have been the same if it weren’t for the two of them and the laughs and tears we shared. Thank you for everyone who has read these blogs and hope you found them insightful. I enjoyed writing it and hopefully when I near my education I will have more insight I could talk about and share.   

Love spells and parallels and nobody having a good time: Sola and Grainne

(Pictured above: men with defined foreheads and the girls they want to get with)

I woke up the other morning and said to myself “You know what I haven’t done in a while? Nitpicked the narrative flaws of Fate/Zero. I should make a post.”

Actually that’s a lie—but I was doing some reading and got to thinking about the story of Diarmuid and Grainne, which led me to think about how it folds into the story of Fate/Zero. There are two things that Fate loves to do but also doesn’t do nearly as much as I’d like it to: explore the parallels between Masters and their Servants (and between the legends/history of the past and the current world), and explore the fact that the fantasy society of the mages is a messed up and terrible place. Also give its female characters like, actual individual storylines and general respect, but that’s usually more a Zero-specific gripe, which goodness knows I’ve made before and probably will not stop making until I’m 102 and made mostly of cybernetics. All this and more under the cut!

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Weirdly I quite enjoyed watching Robert be a complete dick to Rebecca and let’s face it he was. I think Ryan excels in these scenes and have to admit I wouldn’t want Robert to loose this edge, it’s part of who he is. Rebecca really isn’t in a position to play the victim. In this day and age can’t understand why she wouldn’t be on the pill or went and got the morning after pill. Contraception isn’t exclusively down to men!
Aaron is vulnerable right now and needs his husband hence why Robert will do everything in his power to protect him from the heartache the truth will cause.
I thought the way Robert is trying to handle the situation is in keeping with his character. He has many layers to his personality and will lie and cheat to protect those he loves. Aaron means the world to him so it’s obvious he will turn nasty if his relationship is threatened.
Both Ryan and Danny were once again outstanding tonight and they are the sole reason I am sticking with this SL

Ok, Guys - We Need to Talk:

This is something that has been bothering me for a long time – probably since I’ve joined this kpop community – and I really want to get it across to some of you because honestly, it’s gotten out of hand at this point.


You can’t judge an idols’ personality based on what you see in interviews, variety shows, on stage, etc.

Did you know that some companies assign roles to members? They are literally given a persona/image that they have to portray to the public. There’s always a happy virus, a mood maker, a “bad boy”, and so on. They have to withstand these archetypes that they’re assigned to – however, that does not mean they are like this all of the time. If someone who is categorized as happy is shown being mad or upset, that’s okay. In case you haven’t noticed (or if you’re one of those people who put idols on pedestals) they’re human too. We, as humans, have a shit ton of emotions that are constantly brewing throughout our bodies and minds. If the so called “happy virus” is having a bad day, let them. Don’t bombard them with questions like “OMG! Are you okay?!” “Who hurt my oppa/unnie?!?!” “Is something wrong with him/her?!” Everyone has a bad day every now and again, it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows – that’s not realistic.

You don’t know their stories, you don’t know where they came from; you can’t judge someone based on what they choose to show to the world. Everyone has more than one layer; stop judging based on the surface.

Another thing that’s been bothering me a lot is the gross entitlement/claim that fans think they have over the idols.

In case you didn’t know, THEY DO NOT BELONG TO YOU. They are artists/performers. I understand that fans are the general reason why groups/idols are successful, but that does not mean you are entitled to dictate every single decision they make. Again, they are human beings! So many people lose track on the fine line between being a straight up fan and a crazed fangirl. I understand the passion behind the devotion for an idol, believe me I do, but there comes a time where you have to step back and realize that it’s not realistic. When an idol is seen with someone of the opposite gender, there’s instantly an uproar – and unfortunately, it’s mostly when it involves a male idol. They’re allowed to hang out with girls, you know. They can’t be surrounded by their members and staff all day every day; they deserve to go out and have fun with their friends and be able to actually act normal for once. Like it’s gotten to a point where there are people hating on the idols’ own family members – and that is NOT okay.

It’s also not okay for people to disregard these actions because they were “jealous”. Honestly, what gives you the right to be jealous? Are you dating them? No! Like, I’m sorry but this mentality has to stop. Jealousy/Possessive attitudes towards an idol is not healthy and it does, in fact, promote the thought that you have some sort of claim over them – which you don’t.

This probably sounds incredibly harsh but in all honesty, some of you deserve this wake-up call.

Now the last thing I want to talk about is the gross isolation/hate of a particular member from a group.

Realistically, everyone has a preference. There’s always going to be one member that people bias over another. HOWEVER – that DOES NOT give you the right to hate on the remaining members. Just because a particular member doesn’t fit your own personal taste doesn’t mean you have the right to hate on them for it. While you don’t stan someone, I can tell you that there are so many other people who do – and you best believe that they will 100% call you out on your bullshit too. When you stan a group, you stan the WHOLE group. Not just one member, all of them. You can absolutely stan a single person and not like the group, that’s your prerogative. But you cannot call yourself a fan of a group when you blatantly hate a single member; that’s not how it works.

And while we’re on this topic, I would also like to point out the wondrous life called shipping.

It’s perfectly okay to like the friendship between two members. Everyone dotes on someone sooner or later in their life, and it’s nice to see idols reaching out to other members or other idols. But lately it seems like the whole shipping thing has gotten out of hand.

Everyone has their set ship, I know I sure do, but what I’ve been noticing a lot lately is that there are people who are fans of a certain ship going out of their way to hate on another. The reason why I said this goes hand-in-hand with hating a member is because there are people who are, in fact, hating a certain member because they “interfere” with their ship – and that, in itself, is fucking disgusting. I’m trying really hard not to offend anyone with this but realistically speaking… I view shipping as a fictional thing. It’s fun to imagine it and it’s fun to write for the ships… But you have to come to realize the fine line between fiction and reality. Even if the two members were dating, how is that any of your business? What right do you have to make them “come out” and admit it? Like, honestly? It’s not okay, guys. Ship them in private, write all the fanfiction, draw your favorite ship; but DO NOT bombard them with questions asking if they’re really dating or attacking other members because they interfere or even other people because they don’t ship your otp.

There is a dangerous toxic mindset in the kpop fandom nowadays and it really needs to stop.

girl!everyone is the au where i live but i cannot stop thinking about the au where everything is the same except gansey is a girl

  • girl gansey can bend the sun to her will, nobody bats an eye at the fact that she goes to a boy’s school and is rowing captain and stuff nobody questions her Magic
  • blue’s prophecy said “if she were to kiss her true love, they would die” and she was like, ok, thanks, very helpful
  • helen loves her younger sister but wishes she would stop being the way she is and help run the wedding planning business. gansey’s mom smoothing the wrinkles away from her forehead when she frowns takes on new meaning here. gansey not wanting to bother people as she’s literally getting killed takes on new meaning.
  • ronan’s relief at having feelings for a girl– haha wow!! close one phew!!!!– until he realizes he doesn’t want to kiss her, he just wants to die for her, that’s all. they find people’s assumptions that they’re together incredibly funny
  • at the beginning of trb she and adam kinda straddle the line between friends and lovers and siblings. it’s weird for everyone. ronan is basically drunk the entire time rip my son
  • so tbh in this au maybe blue and adam never date, it’s just that gansey and adam are dating sort of at the beginning, and gansey is trying to be his mom as well as his gf and neither of them see each other clearly and it’s just kind of a mess. Bi Disaster Blue Sargent ™ thinks everyone in this friend group is hot and it’s terrible but she’s not about to go after someone in a relationship. tbh i don’t know if adam and gansey would even be Officially in a relationship but it would read like that to blue
  • so when blue meets them all she’s like haha shit, this boy doesn’t know i’m gonna steal his girl. but wait i don’t want to steal his girl, i don’t like her. wait…… do i want to steal his girl??
  • spoiler alert: she steals his girl

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Binding Safety for Trans Folk - Abridged Version

Safety tips for chest binding for trans people here!  This is the shorter, easier to read version of my post here.  A lot of people were finding it hard to read.  If you’re up for more words, that version has a lot more details.

Binding badly can cause you permanent, life-threatening damage.  Like rush-you-to-the-hospital-in-an-ambulance, still-there-when-you’re-eighty damage.  It’s really, really important to bind safely.

Do nots:

  • Don’t bind with Ace bandages or duct tape
  • Don’t sleep while binding
  • Don’t do hard or long exercise while binding
  • Don’t bind for more than 8 hours a day
  • Don’t get a binder smaller than the seller recommends for your size
  • Don’t put on so many layers you get heat stroke
  • Don’t think that using a sports bra instead of a binder means you don’t have to follow these rules


  • Give your chest time to rest any time you can, even just a few minutes of break helps
  • Loosen up your binding if you feel pain or have difficulty breathing
  • Cough hard every time you take your binding stuff off
  • Cough hard every so often while binding
  • Immediately take off your binding and cough if you start wheezing or your breath starts rattling
  • Stand up straight (actually important)
  • Every so often pull your shoulders back and breathe deeply
  • Carry around a more gentle sort of binding than you normally use to switch into if you have problems during the day

batninja02  asked:

Hey, could you rate my blog please :) I love your blog btw

A hardcore fellow Sprousehart and Bughead shipper? Your blog is my wonderlandddddd <3 and thank you so much, that’s so sweet <3

I actually really like that your blog isn’t confined to one theme, you do post whatever you want, and that’s so nice, to get a sense of what you like as a whole, not on one narrow subject. So, I’d say that your blog is most likely synonymous with the multitalented Archie Andrews. 

And I mean this in the sense that he has many interests, and he doesn’t feel the need to conceal these from anyone. He sings, he plays the guitar, he writes music, poetry, plays in the football team, works for his dad building things… he’s got so many layers, and so do you! I love your blog and your personality, and this is why i rated you the multitalented and versatile Archie Andrews!

Originally posted by archic-andrews

Much love <3