and has matching earrings

art notes to future self for cr art stuff:

everyone:hero’s crest with each of the five dragon scales

grog: has his shoulder tattoo as well as kevdak’s tribal bear tattoo redone onto his back, percy’s ascot and glasses

pike: nothing new tbh??? she’s got a cute ass bakery tho, EDIT: blue streaks going from the center down and one on each side all the way down, which leads to a blue ombre kinda tips

vex: white dragon scale armor, makes her hero’s crest her hair piece

vax: antlers tattooed onto his right bicep

keyleth: her cool ceremonial robe was tattooed on her chest and shoulders

percy: rose gold glasses made by taryon himself

tary: black armor of umbrasyl to match vex’s, long dangling earring on the left ear, haS A BROOM, hero’s crest without any scales

doty: book storage lil slot in left rib cage, weird right arm, vm crest on chest, left hand has a hole in palm for a bullet, can say “tary” exclusively, boots of elven kind

Geralt gives Ciri the emerald necklace Calanthe gave to him in return for saving Duny. It is the same, perfect shade of green as her eyes.

Beronica Disney Date headcanons

Because I’m a genius and we deserve this
- Betty had never actually been to Disney Land or any theme park for that matter and Veronica vows to give her the best experience of all time
- Oh you know Veronica would make them get matching Mickey Mouse ears
- Betty has to stop Veronica after 3 churros because she will never stop eating them
- In their splash mountain picture they’re kissing
- in their picture in front of the castle, they’re kissing
- In their space mountain picture, they’re kissing
- Every single ride, no matter how scary or tame, Veronica holds Betty’s hand
- On Autopia Veronica wants to drive but she can’t reach the pedals so she steers while Betty reaches over and hits the gas
- During the fireworks Betty just holds Veronica close never wanting that moment to end (neither does Veronica)
- Betty gets super competitive on Buzzlightyear and Toy Story and ends up kicking Veronicas ass every single time
- Both of them vow to never propose to each other at Disney because that’s tacky

Moriel baby Headcanons

Moriel baby headcanons!

 This is long overdue and was requested by @fandomtras-h ! Hope this lives up to your expectations xx

 I also have baby headcanons for Feysand, Manorian, Nessian and Rowaelin, more Azriel as an uncle headcanons and and Elucien headcanons if you wanted to check them out!


-Mor wants a baby. And Mor wants a baby now. The only problem is if Azriel deems himself to be ready or not. Mor has seen him with the children or their family, yep, literally everyone else has a child. Cassian has three the selfish bastard. And poor Mor hasn’t got even one.

-She knows Azriel would be an amazing father from the way the he takes care of other peoples children. And she knows that she’s ready to be a mother. This is the perfect time. There’s peace in Prythian, everyone’s happy, and SHE JUST BLOODY WANTS A CHILD OKAY.

-When she approaches Az to talk about it he tenses up and says he doesn’t think he can do it. Mor is emotional and demands why and he looks away from her. It’s just that he can’t look her in the eye and remind her that if they have a child she’ll be stuck with him forever, and she can never move on if she finds someone better, and he doesn’t want that for her. He wants her to be free.

-Mor starts sobbing and calling him an Illyrian idiot because why the fuck would she ever want someone else? When is he ever gonna get it through ridiculously handsome head that he is all she wants, all she’s ever wanted, and there is no such thing as ‘better’.

-He approaches her to comfort her through her tears but she pushes him away because she’s just so mad at him for saying bullshit like that.

-He concedes and says that they’ll leave it to chance. They won’t actively try to have a child, but Mor won’t take any tonic to stop it from happening if it does.

-It just so happens that Mor has a crazy sex drive, and after 10 months, which really isn’t a long time for Fae, Mor is pregnant.

-She is so elated and runs from the healer and winnows to all the places she thinks Az could be. She starts with their home: nope. House of Wind: nope. Their family’s homes: nope. She’s getting seriously impatient as to where he could possibly be.

-It’s not until she frantically runs into Rhys that he tells her he’s gone to Hewn City on unexpected but urgent business. She sighs and rolls her eyes because shouldn’t be be informed of shit like this but goes home anyway to wait for her husband.

-She has to wait 8 excruciating hours for him to come home.

-When he does he’s utterly exhausted and throws himself beside her on the bed.

-She tells him she’s pregnant with tears in her eyes, and holds his scarred hand over her stomach as though he could feel the life growing in there.

-He goes pale and all he says is ‘okay.’ He leans forward and kisses her forehead and leaves. Just like that.

-He flies to Cassian and Nesta’s home and frantically bangs on the door until his brother answers. When Cassian finally does, all it takes is one look at Azriel’s face for him to summon Rhys as well and usher Azriel into his home.

-When Rhys gets there Az tells them what happened and how he has no idea what to do seriously what the fuck is he going to do??

-Both explain calmly and try to assure the now shaking Azriel but he’s nearly impossible to be consoled.

-“What if the baby is a shadow singer?” He says through gritted teeth while trying not to sob. “I can’t inflict that on a child.”

-Rhys says that they’ll work it through as a family, and if that’s the case, they’ll never expect the baby to do anything that it doesn’t want to, whether as a child or as an adult.

-Azriel is still freaking the hell out when Cassian’s two year old daughter glides down the stairs. Literally glides. She can’t quite fly yet but at least she has that down.

-Cassian mumbles about how they must have woken her up and goes to walk to her to take her back but she sidesteps him, can barely walk and barely reaches his knees but she somehow manages, and heads over to her uncles. More specifically Az.

-Azriel is used to this. It’s been the same with every child in the family. He scoops her up and cradles her to his chest.

-Rhys and Cass give him a pointed look. “You’ve helped us raise our children, why do you think yours will be any different?” Asked Rhys.

-Az doesn’t have an answer, and begrudgingly admits he should probably go home and sort it out with Mor (not before he puts his niece to bed, of course. And gives his brothers/best friends long, thankful hugs).

-Mor’s still in bed when he silently walks back into their home and he is completely heartbroken to see her sobbing in their bed, clutching at her stomach and making small noises because crying alone isn’t enough to convey the pain she’s feeling.

-She looks up at him as he enters and is shaking so hard that when she tells him she didn’t know if he was going to come back it’s barely understandable.

-He crumbles and goes to his knees beside her, so thats she’s sitting up on the bed and he’s kneeling on the ground at her side.

-He’s says of course he came back. He’ll always come back to her. But he expected to have more time before he had to figure out how the hell he’s gonna be a father. He’s never, not once in his life, had a father figure he could look up to. Thank the cauldron he at least had his mother and Rhys’s, otherwise he’s be completely fucked in the parent department.

-Mor grips his hair to pull back his head so he’s looking directly into her eye. “Never, ever leave me again Azriel. Not without giving me some kind of cauldron damned explanation. And especially not when I’m carrying our child. I need you Az. This baby needs you. We need you so for the love of the mother get into bed right now.”

-And that was that. Azriel accepted that he’s going to be a father and helped Mor in any way he could.

-Everything was fine until she was 6 months pregnant and started having contractions. The healers managed to stop it, but poor Mor was ordered to bed rest.

-She huffed and complained about it but did as the healer ordered.

-Luckily she had Feyre come by constantly to entertain her, and her doting husband the rest of the time.

-Azriel was especially good in this time. He always brought her home treats after work, and started the baby shopping. He had to fly all the way to the summer court to get Mor the crib she wanted.

-Mor’s favourite though is when they would take baths together at night. Not even in a sexual way, it was just really nice to have someone she loved wash her hair and massage her back and make her feel beautiful at a time when she really didn’t (added bonus naked Azriel yes pls).

-Then at night he would wrap his arms and wings around her and they would sleep peacefully.

-It was on one of these nights when Mor awoke to sharp stomach pains. She instantly woke up Az too and they pulled back the covers to see that her water had broken.

-They looked at each other with wide eyes before Azriel raced off (like they had pre-planned) to go find their healer. On the way he also got Feyre and by default Rhys.

-By the time he was back at his house with the healer, nearly every member of their family was anxiously waiting in the living room.

-After 4 hours (in which Az fainted) it’s finally over and Azriel and Mor have a little baby girl to call their own. -She has little blonde curls and her mothers eyes to match, but Azriel’s ears and skin.

-The family all comes in to say hello, leaving gifts as they come and go. Nesta and Cass come in first with Cass whistling and then saying “bout bloody time.” He then places a kiss on all of their heads (even Az, the man ain’t ashamed to show affection). Then comes Rhys. Feyre had already been in the room, helping Mor while she was in labour, and who was now cleaning up. Rhys told them that’s she’s beautiful and as Az and Rhys embraced they both had tears in their eyes.

-Others came and went but as the night went on and the couple grew more wary, Rhys and Cass started shooing people away (Cass nearly lost an arm when he jokingly shooed away Nesta). -Everything was perfect. Azriel was no longer afraid, and was the brilliant father Mor knew he would be.

-As a baby their daughter loved to do two things: wriggle and bite things. She was constantly wriggling from the moment she was born. She would never stay still, even when she slept her little arms would flail about. One night Az and Mor were watching her moving in her cot, Mor behind Az with her arms around his waist and head resting on her shoulder. Mor pressed a sweet kiss to his neck and murmured, “She’s going to be dancer.” As for the biting the baby would munch on anything that got close enough to her mouth. Usually this wasn’t a problem until one day, when she was 10 months old, she found a small coin and ended up choking on it. It all ended up fine but poor bby bat Az had a heart attack and Mor refused to let her daughter sit in the ground for a month. She was in someone’s arms or she was asleep.

-The first real hiccup happened when their baby was 5, and Azriel noticed that some of his shadows would cling to his daughter instead of him. He tried to keep it a secret, not because he didn’t trust Rhys but any other High Lord or person in a position of power that heard would undoubtedly try to steal her away from him. The only person he told his fears to was Mor.

-But there was no hiding it by the time she was 7, and has her own shadows dancing around her, there was no doubt that she was a shadowsinger. All it took was for one person to see it, and both the Court of Dreams and the Court of Nightmares knew.

-This created problems on two fronts. Firstly, Mor’s family demanded that she and any offspring she had return to Hewn City so that the baby could be raised with its ‘family’. Mor’s father said that they’ve been lenient with her over the years, but this is something that they will fight for. Truthfully, all they wanted was the power of a shadowsinger to be wielded by them and no one else.

-Of course Mor said no and was given free reign by Rhys to punish them however she wanted, and oh how she punished them. They would likely never speak to her again, not that she minded.

-When it came time for Azriel to set up shop in an Illyrian camp with his daughter when she was 10 (every child had by a member of the inner circle had done the same thing, so that they had the training and skills of the Illyrians) Mor fell pregnant again.

-This made things more difficult for the couple, but in the end they decided that they would just have to half their time between the two for now and wait for the blissful few years when their daughter was old enough and their other child (they have a son and he is Azriel incarnate physically but is as bubbly and charming as Mor) is young enough that they are all living in Velaris.

-But another horrid suggestion was made. Unbeknownst to Azriel, his eldest biological brother has had a few children, centuries older than Azriel’s, who were semi powerful and lords and lady’s of multiple factions of Illyrians. It was suggested by Lord Devlon that Azriel’s biological brother take care of his daughter while he attends to his his wife and duties. As Devlon was saying this, one of the men that had caused Azriel so much pain and left brutal psychological and physical scars on him stepped into the room they were in, a smirk on his face.

-Az immediately ordered Devlon to leave, so that he could talk to his ‘brother’ in private.

-Azriel’s brother started listing the accomplishments of his children and of him but Az interrupted him by slamming his face against the wall behind him. He heard a satisfying crack as his nose shattered the pushed him to the ground and slammed his fist into his face.

-“You will never get your disgusting hands on my family. But I guess there is something I should thank you for,” he snarled, “because of you, I found an actual family and actual happiness. Something you will never have. Something else you will never have is the satisfaction of knowing you can kill anyone you want to and never have to face repercussions. In fact, it would be encouraged for me to do so. Do not forget what happened the last time you encountered the High Lord and I.”

-With that Azriel left and flew back to Velaris, telling Mor that it was no longer an option to have their daughter train there.

-As Mor and Az were talking their 10 year old came to see them with wide eyes filled with tears, and shadows swirling around her. All she knew was that her father got in a fight with another very scary man, and that this mans blood was still on her fathers hand.

-Az saw her and scooped her up like he did when she was a toddler regardless of her age, and assured her that everything was fine. Mor looked on with her hands clasped in front of her, the love she had for them both was overwhelming sometimes. Both their shadows came together, leaving them in a darkness that is different from Rhysand’s or Feyre’s. She couldn’t help but walk up to the pair and wrap her arms around them, soothing both father and daughter.

  -The decision was made that she would be trained in the Illyrian ways from a combination of Az, Rhys and Cassian, and Cassian’s oldest child and Rhys’s daughter who were in their late 20’s and mid 30’s.

  -This was for the best, in the end.

-Not only did she get to grow up with her family, but also got to be raised with her little brother, both surrounded by people who love them.


Can my elf dude chill with your elf.dude and do elf dude things

of course your elf dude can chill with my son and do elf things. just keep in mind he’s a dragon dude XD his pointy ears are very misleading i know

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Jikook for ceo kook and hybrid lover jimin au pls?

(Man you folks come up with some interesting requests! Everyone meet Koala Jimin the cutest hybrid in the world. This takes place at the very start of their relationship because I really enjoy this idea and would love to come back to it!)


“Aw come on, Kookie! You don’t like your birthday present?”

Jungkook is sitting with Taehyung in his bedroom, talking to each other in hushed tones because.

“You got me a hybrid”


“For my birthday.”

“That’s right!” Taehyung is a little to happy about this for Jungkook’s liking.

Jungkook groans, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Tae. I work a lot of hours at my company, and I live alone. What made you think this was a good idea!”

Taehyung glares, legitimately glares at him. “Alright listen up. Devoting your entire life to work is pathetic. You need a life outside of the board room! Now you’re forced to have one.”

Jungkook growls and stomps out of the bedroom where the hybrid, a Koala mix with grey hair and matching grey little ears (and even Jungkook has to admit that he’s a little cute. A little.) is sitting and waiting for them to finish their conversation. When Jungkook comes power walking into the living room, he hops up and gives a friendly wave.

“Hi! I’m Jimin!” The Hybrid smiles wide, it looks a little forced and it occurs to Jungkook that this Hybrid is probably used to forcing a smile for a lot of people.

Whatever. Not his problem.

“Hi Jimin.” Jungkook says. “Look, I am sure you will be a very nice house companion, but I am just not in a place where I can be adopting any hybrids.”

Jimin’s smile falters and Jungkook doesn’t miss it. “Oh, that’s alright Mr. Jeon! I understand.”

“I can’t believe you.” Taehyung has his arms crossed, looking at Jungkook like he’s some kind of cruel dictator. “How can you look at that little cutie and say you’re going to take him back to the pound.”

“Tae, I swear to god.”

“Okay! How about this!” Taehyung walks around Jungkook to stand with Jimin, placing his large hands on Jimin’s little shoulders. “Give him one week. If he doesn’t win your heart. I’ll take him back to the pound myself.”

Jungkook sighs and closes his eyes for a moment as he thinks. “One week?”

“One week.” Taehyung confirms.

Jimin is silent, biting his lip and looking down at his hands, they’re small and cute, but Jungkook doesn’t care. He doesn’t.

“One week.” Jungkook says, a little irritated by the way both Taehyung and Jimin lighten up.

“Yes! You’re not going to regret this Kookie! Just you wait!”


Having Jimin around is a bit of an adjustment. The hybrid follows him around everywhere, asking questions, even while he’s working and Jungkook can’t wait to get his home back to peace and quiet once Sunday rolls around.

A knock on his door. “Mr. Jeon?”

Jimin has insisted on calling him that the entire time. It makes Jungkook a little uncomfortable because he hears it at work all the time as a CEO, it feels a little impersonal. But he reminds himself that it has to be impersonal, the hybrid is only here for the week. Just a few days to go.

Jungkook sighs, rubbing his eyes. “Come in.”

Jimin opens the door, timid and shy. He’s holding a coffee cup. “Just wanted to bring you this.” He sets it on Jungkook’s desk gently. Jungkook can smell it, Camomile, his favorite.

“You made this?” He asks.

“Well I just boiled some water, but…Taetae told me how you liked your tea so…”

Jungkook looks up at Jimin. The hybrid is still timid around him all the time. He gives him space, and Jungkook wonders if it’s because he’s been returned to the pound before.

“How old are you?” He asks, out of curiosity, and before he can stop himself.

“Twenty five.” Jimin answers.

“You’re older than me!” Jungkook exclaims.

Jimin grins. “Guess you have to call me hyung!”

“I am not calling you hyung.”

“Aww…it was worth a shot. Anyway, enjoy your tea and don’t stay up too late! You need to rest for your health!”

“Jimin.” Jungkook says as the hybrid turns to leave.

“Yes Mr. Jeon?”

“Goodnight. Sleep well.”

Jimin smiles, a real one, that isn’t so forced. “Thank you! I will!”

And he’s gone, the door shutting gently behind him. Jungkook finds himself staring at the closed door for a while, head tilted to the side. He takes a sip of the tea, it’s perfect, just the way he likes it.


Downsizing is always difficult, but Jeon corp had been growing for the past three years. It was only because of a recent market decline and a loss of profits that the board voted unanimously to lay off staff. It was a tough decision, but it was for the good of the company. Maybe if Jungkook kept repeating it to himself he would actually believe it.

He laid off the staff personally, inviting each one in to tell them the news and deliver a severance package, as well as offer any references they might need.  It was awful and draining and Jungkook left work on time for the first time in so many years.

He gets home feeling brittle and remembers that he’s not coming home alone, but that someone is waiting for him. He takes a breath and steels himself, then unlocks the door.

The apartment smells fantastic, like some kind of food is being cooked. There’s some music playing, symphonic and relaxing. Jungkook makes his way to the kitchen and finds Jimin there, humming along to the music.

“What’s all this?” He asks. His voice sounds raw and tired, he hopes Jimin isn’t observant enough to notice.

“Mr. Jeon!” Jimin turns to him and smiles. He’d just pulled something out of the oven. Some kind of bread. “I wasn’t expecting you for another few hours!”

“I went home on time today.” Jungkook says, by way of explanation.

Jimin ushers him over to the couch. “Sit down! I’ll call you when it’s ready!” He’s gone before Jungkook can even open his mouth to reply.

He dozes on the couch for an hour or so, until Jimin wakens him.

“It’s ready!” He says softly.

Jungkook’s stomach rumbles and Jimin giggles.

“I’m starved.” Jungkook admits. Jimin takes him by the hands and pulls him to his feet. The hybrid is a little bit shorter than him, the top of his head just reaching Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook notices, not for the first time, that Jimin is very pretty.

“Come on, don’t want it to get cold!” Jimin walks over to the dining room table where he has lasagna, salad, and fresh bread on the table.

“You did all this?” Jungkook asks.

“Got the recipe from Jin! Tae said you liked Lasagna…so…” Jimin blushes, looking down at his hands. “Wanted to do something special for our last meal together!”

“Last meal?” Jungkook asks.

“Yes… tomorrow I go back, remember?”

No, Jungkook had actually forgotten. The revelation has him stunned. “Oh. Yes…that’s right.”

Jungkook eats mostly in silence, listening to Jimin talk about his day. He spent it with Tae and Tae’s hybrid as it turns out. Jin had taught him how to make the lasagna, and Jimin is glad it comes out well. The hybrid is babbling, trying to fill the silence. Jungkook’s head is spinning.

“Are you all done?” Jimin asks, interrupting Jungkook’s swirling thoughts.

“Y-yes. Thank you, Jimin.”

Jimin smiles and cleans up the table. He fills the sink with water and dish soap and starts to wash the dishes.

“I’m pretty excited for tomorrow.” Jimin explains as he rinses a dish and puts it on the dish rack. “I’m going to go back to the pound and see all my friends there! It’ll be good, I was missing them so. It will be nice to see them, and the staff is really friendly and nice. It’s going to be great. Just great!” His voice is a little to high when he speaks, and Jungkook catches a sniffle here and there when the hybrid takes a breath.

Before he realizes what he’s doing, Jungkook has risen to his feet, walked to Jimin, and hugs him from behind.

“Oh!” Jimin says, soft and surprised. “M-Mr. Jeon?”

“Stay with me.” Jungkook buries his face in Jimin’s neck. He smells a little like the lasagna he just cooked.

Jimin is silent for a few moments and Jungkook fears that he’s going to say no, but the hybrid puts his hands on Jungkook’s forearms, stroking them gently.

“Okay.” He says.

Send me a pairing and an au and I’ll write a short fic!

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Imagine Steve accidentally saying "I love you" at the end of a conversation- and not to the person he's interested in

It was out there, now.  It was out there and he and Fury were staring at each other.  

He had only gone in for a debrief and it wasn’t supposed to take long but here they were in some stare-off because Steve had been in a rush to leave and he’d opened his big fat mouth and said Bye, I love you without thinking and now here they were.

It was pretty terrible, and not only because Fury would tell Natasha and Natasha would never let him forget it.  

It was also terrible because it had been almost a full minute (there was a part of Steve’s brain keeping a calm count in the silence while the rest of him panicked), and neither of them had said anything.   

Steve had faced down Nazis and HYDRA and crashed a plane into the arctic and kissed Peggy Carter and so he summoned his courage and broke the silence. “Can we just—“

“-No takesies-backsies.”  Fury smiled, slow and Cheshire, and dismissed Steve from his office.

I honestly don’t know what kind of girl i am. i’m not that cute girl who wears her hair up and has earrings to match their outfits. i’m not that athletic girl who only wears sweats and tshirts. i’m not the hippie girl who dresses like she could live in the mountains and wears a ring on every finger. i’m not the skater girl whose shoes prove she can shred the bowl. i’m just a girl, i’m just there

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I feel like as a hc, Yuri has a pair of matching cat ears, paws, and a clip on tail that he wears when Otabek has a bad day and wants to make him happy. He might even dance a start making up random songs with just 'meow' in it. This is what I live for 💙.

D’aahww, bless you, Anon, for having this head canon.It’s adorable.

The Yuri from my head canons is waaaayy too much of an edge lord to do this. I do see him draped across the table after dinner time, or coming up to Otabek sitting on the couch in the evening and loudly meow. Not even cutely, just in his regular deep voice, to tick Otabek off or get his attention. 


Double date yes? I want to believe Guang Hong has a cute fashion sense, and he happens to find matching rilakkuma ears at the festival :’)) Has anyone been to 626 Night Market? I missed a chance to go one time, it looked extremely fun.  I don’t think Guang Hong will show up anymore, but I really love thinking of drawing scenarios of him and Phichit.

Please leave credit/do not repost without my permission!

Ok so I am in love with @cindersart ‘s Big brother to Piper! Percy AU (I seriously need to think of a shorter name for it) and I’ve been thinking about it non-stop so I just wanted to post some thoughts I had on it.

Percy introducing Annabeth to his family for the first time and at first Piper is really suspicious of her like ‘who the hell are you and why are you holding my brother’s hand that’s what I do’ but then Annabeth keeps pulling funny faces at her when no one is looking and handing  her cookies and Piper goes all starry eyed like Percy never let this girl go she is amazing and they bond and Annabeth does her hair and Piper does her’s and Percy is just standing in the door way smiling because ‘holy shit I have two super cute girls in my life and I love them more than anything’ but he’s also like ‘I think they love each other more than me oh’ but I just went totally off topic of Percy and Piper and threw Annabeth in there mkay let me get back to Piper and Percy.

Percy skateboarding and Piper being amazed and wanting to give it a try. Percy trying to teach her but Piper being really independent like Percy I got this let go so he does and she realises how hard it is to actually balance on one of those things and she falls off and Percy rushes to help her up but by the time he gets to her (which is like 2 seconds) she’s already stood back up with her eyes /shining/ cause that was amazing and she must try again immediately 

I don’t know what I love more the idea of Piper styling Percy’s hair or Percy styling Piper’s

Ok wait they both style each others at the same time. Cross legged.


No but can you imagine Percy’s expression when Piper brings home her first boyfriend?? HE WILL BE //SO// PROTECTIVE LIKE HE GOES UP TO THE GUY WHEN EVERYONE ELSE HAS LEFT THE TABLE AND HE DOES THE ‘Hurt my sister and I will end you’ TALK BUT THEN HER BOYFRIEND IS LIKE ‘If I hurt your sister I’m pretty sure she’ll end me first.’ 



I’ve gone so far away from little Piper and Big bro Percy I’m so sorry

(little) Piper designing a tattoo for Percy with crayons.

He gets it.

Accidental matching flannel shirts anyone?

*cough* Piper coming out and Percy being extremely supportive *cough* Percy then later realising Piper is literally gonna steal his girlfriend one day

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May I request headcannons for Mattsun and Makki with their s/o please?


• they scout out perfect places where they can’t be seen in school just to take naps together or chill so that no one can ruin their perfect little moment together

• has matching earrings, like they buy a pair and mattsun gets one of them and s/o gets the other yeah

• if someone say that they are so lovey dovey it’s nasty mattsun just starts to bullshit and be like “Oh s/o, the love of my life- the sun in my universe- the LO to my VE and-” and just go on like that 


• he’d call them like 2AM to ask them if the s/o believed that pigeons could be bullies to other pigeons and in the end both had a deep conversation about pigeon bullies 

• 100% would share food, sweets and such together and he’d like to feed them snacks once in a while


Perlia Headcanons

So I’ve noticed that one of my favorite Heroes of Olympus ships has, what?…Eleven posts? Yeah. I want to fix that a little. So here are some headcanons for this by-the-way awesome ship:

(This is in an AU were Annabeth became the Lieutenant of Artemis and Thalia stayed at camp, so she didn’t break her oath or quit for Percy because that is just rude to her character to be honest.)

1. Percy was literally the only person who could say Thalia’s last name without being hit. Even Zeus didn’t have that privilege. After she meets Jason again she slowly started using her last name to be connected with him and Percy is a little sad he doesn’t have that anymore but glad Thalia’s opening up.

2. He likes calling her ‘Miss Jackson’ because that’s his favorite song. Thalia act’s like it annoys her but she actually likes the nickname and the song.

3. Thalia is actually naturally blonde like her brother. She died it black for a long time since she thought the light hair made her look like her mother. Percy found out because he caught her dying it one time but kept it secret and helped her dye it every now and then. After a while, much like her name, she started slowly letting it grow out because her mom is long gone and the only person it connects her to is Jason which she likes. Percy thinks she looks great with either hair color.

4. They cut each others hair for eachother because there basically the same and they like the choppy look they get from being messy with the scissors.

5. They have several matching ear piercings. Thalia has many on her face because of her puckishness and Percy has several on his ears because he likes playing with them. 

6. Thalia drags Percy to concerts of singers he has never even heard of but he likes it anyway because Thalia looks so cute when she’s that excited.

7. When they ever absolutely have to take a plane or other air transport they hold onto eachother for dear life.

8. Thalia calls Sally mom because she slipped up once and Sally insisted she was okay with it so she kept it up. She calls her birth mom beryl.

9. Percy has become immune to Thalia’s shield due to him being around it for so long.

10. Thalia is just barley half a centimeter taller than Percy. It’s more noticeable in her combat boots and Percy makes a point of buying thick shoes just to avoid her teasing.

Seriously this website needs more Perlia…so here you go.

One Other Minor Character Bio

Nahro-Nahro’s parents are a rare non-anthro/anthro couple and were able to have a daughter with the help of magic.  Nahro appears mostly human, except has the tail, massive ears, and keen senses of a fennec fox.  She’s short and has sandy blonde hair that matches the color of her ears and tail as well as hazel eyes.  After discovering her lovely singing voice, talent at instruments, and innate magic reserve, she started studying at Duriel University to become a bard, though is far less outgoing than you think a bard would be.  She grew up being bullied for both her stature and being a hybrid; for instance, she was pushed into a puddle of mud and kicked while being called a “freak of nature.”  This was far from the only occasion she was bullied, and as such developed some form of social anxiety.  To many she comes across as shy and quite, and has trouble forming relationships, but while on her own or with the few people she’s truly comfortable around is a completely different person.  Nahro can be quite excitable and perky under the right circumstances, and luckily for her no-one treats her quite so poorly at Duriel.  Nahro adores small animals and gets along with them incredibly well.

th4nkyoub3n  asked:

leo's hood has cat ear bumps on it? now they're almost matching

tbh Kay probably ironically makes cat themed clothing for Leo all the time and doesn’t really expect him to wear it but Leo will always wear it without fail. 70% of Leo’s wardrobe is stuff Kay has made for him and it makes them both happy that he wears it all